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Brenda Isn’t A Sheep

Posted on November 09, 2020 by

A reader alerted us to this. (You can skip the first minute.)

It’s a book currently being given to P1 children in Scotland, via the Scottish Book Trust. (We’re sure that by Christmas it’ll be getting read to them in class by drag queens.) And it’s something that people should probably be concerned about.

(If you’re not watching the video, click all the pics to enlarge and read the text.)

You can already see where this is going, can’t you?

According to the back cover blurb, the book is “a very funny story of mistaken identity and acceptance”. It’s also described as a “hilarious story of a wolf in sheep’s clothing with a surprise twist”. For most of its length it runs like a variant on the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood, with a big bad wolf disguising itself in order to eat its prey.

In other words, like a standard sort of cautionary fable for young kids – “Beware, there are predators out to harm you”, depicted in a gentle, not-too-frightening way. Because, y’know, there ARE predators, and teaching children basic safeguarding is one of the most essential acts of parenting/education.

So let’s just skip ahead to the end. Because when Brenda wakes up from dreaming about mouth-watering roast lamb in mint sauce, there’s an unexpected development!

Presented with a banquet of delicious grass in mint sauce, Brenda decides not to eat the sheep after all. After all, they’ve been so kind! But it’s not just that – apparently overnight, Brenda has literally become a sheep. Or rather, in fact, we’re informed that Brenda has always been a sheep all along.

We hope we don’t have to spell out how astonishingly irresponsible and sinister this book is. It is itself ironically a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a charming and sweet delivery mechanism for the stupendously dangerous message that people who appear to be predators – and who indeed ARE predators with clearly-stated predatory intent – won’t harm you as long as you’re kind to them. Or put another way, just play along with the lie and you won’t get hurt, kids.

(There’s also, incidentally, a familiar subtext, namely that wolves are simply better at being sheep than boring old “cis” sheep are – “the sheep think Brenda is probably the best sheep they have ever met… all the sheep want to be just like Brenda”.)

But Brenda isn’t a sheep, readers. Brenda is a wolf. You know it and we know it and Brenda knows it. Leopards can’t change their spots, wolves can’t change their species and neither of them can live on grass, whether it comes with mint sauce or not. Wolves are carnivores. If you offer a hungry one a grass pie and a cuddle it’s still going to eat you, no matter how moving it finds the gesture.

This isn’t a book about “mistaken identity”. It’s a book about the vulnerable identifying a danger entirely correctly, but being gaslit into believing it’s a mistake and rejecting all their natural protective instincts, brainwashed into accepting and welcoming predators into their midst. Sound like anything we know?

(Horrifyingly, the man reading the story is a “Safeguarding Lead” at a primary school.)

We tried to convince ourselves – as we think some reviewers may have done – that the book was actually a very clever warning about the plausibility of predators, but that level of subtlety would be asking an awful lot of five-year-olds. If Brenda had winked to camera in the last frame we’d just about buy it, but that doesn’t happen.

As it is, the book ends, but nobody’s living happily ever after. Later that evening, or the next day or the day after, Brenda’s carnivorous wolf stomach is going to be grumbling and churning, because grass just won’t quell Brenda’s craving, and someone’s going to have a grisly job picking up the bloody wreckage of what happens next.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. Don’t say nobody told you.



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182 to “Brenda Isn’t A Sheep”

  1. Dorothy Devine

    Good grief. What in the name of the wee man have we become?

    What are the teachers thinking? Surely they have alarm bells ringing , surely they are or should be concerned by this kind of misleading guff?

  2. Kenny

    The thing about fairytales is that they are SUPPOSED to, and traditionally have been used, as a clever way to ensure children do NOT let themselves get in situations of danger.

    This is the exact opposite. It is like putting the Childcatcher from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang in charge of primary school education.

    As for putting LGBT+ history in the curriculum (once again, ministers who do not “get it” at home find themselves compulsively introducing sex elsewhere, because they cannot help themselves and have no other outlet)… I always think we would be better off teaching economics as a compulsory subject. [*] Or, maybe, “not telling lies”… maybe the latter, Nicola?

  3. G H Graham

    It’s always a bloke, isn’t it?

    Now, why would that be?

  4. kapelmeister

    Author/illustrator Morag Hood’s previous children’s book was about two gay aardvarks. But she’s really crossed the line with this one.

  5. Johnny McNeill

    Just watched it. What a mini mind-f**k! But then it’s meant to be, complete with symbolism for the normalisation of the sexualisation of children. Acknowledge it or not (and we will eventually – but possibly too late) we still refuse to process our reality enveloped within this global #GenderAgenda & #MeTooMatrix…

    “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in shapes of your own choosing”. Orwell.

    ‘The #MeToo Truth* of Nr5 #RampantSexism’ by #GaslightingGilligan;

    *And which is why, in part, militarisation is *inevitable* on both sides of the ‘Atlantic Bridge‘ – and beyond.

  6. Dave Beveridge

    What happened to the good old days of Janet and John?

    I suppose now they’d have to add another 76 (and counting) names to the title to make sure they hadn’t left out any of the gender id’s claimed by miniscule parts of the population. The world is going stark, raving mad.

  7. Beaker


  8. Breeks

    Err, just before we do anything hasty and all rush about burning copies of this book, a wee heads up that today 9th November is the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht. Just sayin… 😉 It’s just a coincidence, obviously, but I thought I’d just mention it.

    Gotta say, never mind the sinister sub texts, as kiddies books go, “Brenda isn’t a sheep” looks spectacularly dull and boring, and if I was in class, I must confess there would be a very high chance of “little Breeks” starting to misbehave and ping things at people because he was bored shitless and dreadfully uninspired, not least by the crappy artwork.

  9. susanXX

    Makes the case for homeschooling, previously the realm of the religious fruitloops. What a terrible, boundary destroying book. I despair.

  10. kapelmeister

    Brenda is a sheep! No she isn’t.

    Nicola is a nationalist! No she isn’t.

  11. dramfineday

    Wow, just fired a red flare in the direction of the daughter in law. Our little grand daughter is in P1.

    Who on behalf of the education department signs off on this guff, do they not read it first or worse, do they read it and agree with it?

  12. Hatuey

    So, it’s basically a sort of toddlers’ version of “tinker, tailor, soldier, spy”. Brenda is the mole in this version, well, actually a wolf pretending to be a sheep. But Brenda isn’t simply trying infiltrate the flock of real sheep to promote communism, Brenda wants to eat the real sheep.

    It’s assumed that eating sheep is some sort of metaphor though, maybe, or something like that. It’s possible at least. Maybe Brenda is some sort of sexual predator, a wolf that has a thing for sheep.

    To tell the truth, I don’t know what the fuck is going on in this story. And that’s exactly how I felt reading “Tinker, Tailor”. My advice is just to act like you get it, and if you need to say anything just say “genius” over and over.

    In other news they have a vaccine for corona and we aren’t all going to die after all.

  13. witchy

    The sheep love Brenda so much that they agree Brenda can take a group of little lambs on a weeks camping holiday. Brenda turns up two weeks later saying the lambs got lost and couldn’t be found anywhere. Brenda looks hale and hearty and smelling of mint sauce with a little bone stuck in ‘her’ front teeth. They all cry, but smile and agree when Brenda suggests another camping trip for the little lambs that missed out…Some sheep were wary, but in a massive exercise in self-delusion, betraying their own intellectual capacity for rational thought they followed the herd.
    The sheep never learned to distrust a wolf in sheep’s clothing…or the farmer!

  14. Balaaargh

    Good grief! This shit is dark and insidious!

  15. Paul


    It’s a far cry from the messages we used to get on the telly (dodgy man in a dirty coat handing bon bons out of his car window – probably a Ford Cortina. In the park with Charlie…)

    It’s just weird.

    Also, the chap in the video is creepy. At the risk of sounding like an old fart, why do we feel the need to speak to kids like that?

    Is this normal? Is this what happens to everyone when they get older? Heck, I’m not even that old…

  16. Graham

    The male (my best guess) reader in this video seems to have issues. I don’t mean just issues of this book. But that too.
    None of it good. If I had children, I wouldn’t let him or it anywhere near them.

  17. robertknight

    Wolves in sheep’s clothes don’t come to mind after reading this, but Trojan Horses do…

    Sturgeon’s SNP is simply a Trojan Horse, built to obtain enough votes on the back of support for Indy to enable her Wokerati carpetbaggers to get their gender woo-woo and hate speech nonsense through the front door unnoticed.

    Well, some of us have noticed, and the votes will not be forthcoming.

  18. Ian Brotherhood

    Feels sometimes like there’s nothing we can do about this pish, but we can at least report blatant grooming like this:

  19. newburghgowfer

    Doesn’t the Head of Education in Scotland look like the Childcatcher in Chitty Chittybang bang so this isn’t any surprise

  20. P

    Might as well face it, with the so called “progressive” New SNP in charge of things, there’ll no be a Scottish passport anytime soon.
    And as for replacing Sturgeon, there’s a cupboard full of clones waiting to take up her mad ideas.

  21. Lorna Campbell

    We have reached a point where madness is now sanity – where we are all invited to believe in each other’s deluded fantasies, where a carnivorous wolf or lion or tiger can be a herbivore, where wearing a woollen jumper makes you a sheep, where a penis is, in reality, a vagina? In some ways that might even be true, because a pulled out vagina can be made to look like a penis and a pushed in penis can be made to look like a vagina, but both involve painful and radical surgery and life-long medication afterwards. Even if that is done, the person’s genetic markers, chromosomes, skeleton structure will remain in whichever biological sex he/she is because sex itself is immutable. Politicians, doctors, etc. are all colluding in a scandal of such epic proportions that, when the dam does finally burst, the fall-out litigation will be absolutely stupendous.

    That would be bad enough in itself if the reality of male violence against women and children was just another delusion and didn’t actually exist, but it does. It is why sex-based safe spaces were created, and because women’s and girls’s oppression all over the globe in every era of history since we emerged from the primordial soup, has been as a result of their sex, and nothing else.

    Male violence exists against gay people and trans people, too, but toxic masculinity and patriarchy simply cannot face up to what needs to be done. So much of the hatred pouring out of the trans lobby is misogynistic and it is so obvious that most of these men are either gay and in utter denial or are cross-dressers and fetishists. When the feel and touch of a natal woman’s body makes you feel nauseated, you are gay. Why can’t these vicious, nasty men accept it? What’s the big deal? Likewise with people with body dysphoria, what is so wrong with having a proper diagnosis before embarking on hormones and surgery? If then, you would feel more comfortable in a female-created body, then that is your choice and you should be helped (but no hormones and surgery for children under 18).

    Body dysphoria exists, and it must be a horribly distressing condition, just as living your life believing that you would be better having a limb amputated is a hugely distressing, but real-life condition that does afflict a tiny minority of people who require specialist help. If you are genuinely body dysphoric, you know you are not a natal women and can never BE a women. How can you transition on the one hand and claim to be born the sex into which you are transitioning? Many transitioned people agree. The two are logically impossible to reconcile. So, science, biology and logic must all give way to delusion because many men, not body dysphoric in any sense, have jumped on the bandwagon?

    Something else is driving this stuff. Jealous rage? Sure, women have so much to be jealous about, don’t they? Yet that is also manifested in many tweets. What do some men want? Everything on the planet? All the oxygen from the air? Women to be voiceless, utterly passive receptacles of their narcissistic sexual fantasies where they are actually in love with themselves? Don’t they ever look in a mirror and ask themselves: why am I doing this? Then, answer their reflection honestly. The Emperor really has no clothes on. Unless they do, our society is going to be turned upside-down and the backlash will be horrendous.

    Women and girls, in most societies and in most eras have been raised to be relatively passive and nurturing, caring and supportive, although we also know from history (the Soviets, Dahomey female squadrons, the female Zulu squadrons, etc., that women can make terrifying and relentless enemies). If this stuff is allowed a free rein, I believe that the opposite of passive acceptance will occur, and natal women and girls will become something very different out of pure darwinian necessity. Every positive has a negative, and vice versa. Politicians always forget that simple scientific truth, just as they are forgetting willingly that sex is immutable.

  22. Stan Broadwood

    Regards Pfizer Biontech vaccine, it seems to be an EU American project.

    Can you imagine if the english vaccine had been first to come up with this.

    It would have been worse than getting reminded of their 1966 world cup win.

    Thank you Pfizer Biontech,,,thank you very much indeed.

  23. Cuphook

    It’s all about Brenda being the centre of attention. The sheep are just sheep and their only purpose is to validate Brenda; whose given name is probably Barry the Ripper.

    You cannot be born in the wrong body. We are not empty vessels filled with gendered souls by an increasingly hapless courier. Humans cannot change sex and sex is not a spectrum.

    Too many of our politicians have bought into this dangerous neoliberal ideology and want to legislate for metaphysical concepts.

    You cannot impose a belief system on the people. This is not what democracies do.

  24. Alison

    There really is no end to this crap, I suspect the ScotGov has now gone too far down the rainbow road to turn back & we’re just going to have to put up with it until a few women & children are seriously hurt or actually die at the hands of perverted men. At that point there will be endless lawsuits & prosecutions of hundreds of organisations as well as individuals. Backpedaling on this shit will tangle up the ScotGov in court for years.

  25. Sharny Dubs

    Jez and someone gets paid for this crap

  26. Stuart MacKay

    I notice there was no mention of the sheep that wanted to be wolves.

    I also notice there were no sheep that had misgivings about the whole enterprise. Maybe they were sent to the re-education field where Brenda had a quiet word, in private, with extra mint sauce.

  27. kapelmeister

    It’s “delightfully deadpan” says The Guardian.

  28. Nell G

    Something is happening globally with this nonsense and it’s sinister beyond belief and obviously well financed. I’d say Epstein’s former clients are pulling the strings in the background.
    I don’t believe Sturgeon has the brains or the resources to pull this off on her own but she is complicit, no question about that and the buck stops with her in terms of the influence in Scotland. Total Weirdo. When is the right time to take down a government anyway?

  29. Dan

    I guess the straightforward messages conveyed by the sensible (if a bit wild looking and sounding) ginger cat in the “Charley Says” adverts are no longer considered PC.

  30. William Wallace

    Thanks for drawing attention to that absolute beast on here. As you know I have already reported him (it) for grooming children online and if anybody who uses twitter could give Ians link a view and report it too, that would be rare. I can’t believe twitter have not acted yet. It’s as plain a case of grooming in plain sight as I have ever seen. It’s absolutely disgusting.

    @Lorna Campbell.

    Absolutely nailed that and that is pretty much my own view on the matter too. Well said.

  31. Robert graham

    Remember a few years ago there seemed to be a outbreak of dubious people pushing adult themed clothing ranges into the children’s clothing section of unwitting department stores this was aimed at little girls , It wasn’t highlighted until various women started pointing it out to the management of these shops , once it was highlighted more and more people started looking closely and they were finding this was just the tip of a very big iceberg , I don’t know if this drive to make children into little adults not just little adults very suggestive little adults, it’s like wack a mole they never give up and always operate in secret I wonder why, the same perverted mindset is behind this WOKE infiltration into the SNP again all in Secret because once people find out they are out , FFS I grew up in the 50s and we didn’t hold back in calling them out then without some bloody HATE legislation that protected them Christ turn your back and they are in there ,disgusting

  32. somerled

    the teacher in the video Simon Mcloughlin from Lanchester EP Primary school is also a safeguarding lead so you would think he would know better

  33. stonefree

    It’s hard to be rational when viewing the video, My first instinct is “pervert” that may or not be the case.
    The next was Who organized this shit?
    The NEC ? Folk in the SNP HQ?……I go for Sturgeon!!!
    The lot of them seriously want to get a grip

    If that is acceptable to SNP MPs and MSPs who have kids and grand kids you sit there and say nothing , have no reaction to this , there is something just not wired up right in your heads
    I also question bloggers that even attempt to polish this up

    Scottish National P wonder what the P stands for?

  34. Andrew F

    Stories now acceptable:

    “There was once a person. They were born, they lived and then they died. The end.”

  35. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    BTW if you want to see a brilliant twist on a kids’ fable:

  36. ClanDonald

    Tune in next week, kids, for the story of how all the children followed the pied(ophile) piper all the way home and lived happily ever after.

  37. Andrew F

    Seriously though….

    When he said: “Can you guess what happens next?”

    I thought: “Yep, the sheep decide they’d really like to have a go as cannibalistic carnivores and feast on a treat like Brenda, with grass pie and mint sauce on the side of course.”

    Totally floored by the actual ending.

  38. Ian Brotherhood


    John Swinney has written to the harassment committee, complaining about its treatment of civil servants.

  39. Ian McCubbin

    As a former guidance teacher this is no surprise.
    My biggest task in most of my 20 plus years as a PT Guidance was protecting and wising up teenagers about teachers like him.

  40. Grey gull

    Ian B @2.38
    Unbelievable! So it’s “inappropriate” for members of the committee to ask questions?! What’s the point of the inquiry then? Rhetorical question.

  41. Stan Broadwood

    I think the so called “minority groups” and the most “selfish and unforgiving” of all the groups in our modern society.

    For instance, if I call out men who want to dress as females and enter women’s changing rooms and say they are perverts, then that group of people want to send me to jail for Hate Crimes.

    Or,,,if a black guy tells me that black lives matter, and I say I don’t agree with that statement, because I think ALL lives matter, then they go on to call me a racist.

    That is what I mean when I say these minority groups are very “selfish and unforgiving”.

    They seem to think their feelings should be understood,,,and mines shouldn’t.

  42. A Person

    I can’t actually bear to watch this video. I don’t know if my spirit can actually take much more of this institutionalised insanity.

    We can only keep faith that this madness faces a reckoning one day.

  43. David Ferguson

    Well I’m going to write a kiddies book about how a species of verminous parasites infest the intestines of a flock of sheep and devour them from within. And instead of some smirking wrong’un, I’m going to get someone who looks and acts like a normal human being to read it to primary school children.

  44. lothianlad

    Yep, Nature deniers are among the biggest risk’s to safety.

    So much for safe guarding.!

    Shame on the SNP SG

  45. Famous15

    Stan was someone of your ethnic group choked to death by a police officer?

    Do not sneak in your racism under cover of offensive attacks on women’s rights. Apples and pears.

  46. rob

    They are gaslighting our kids.

    Psychologists use the term “gaslighting” to refer to a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is trying to get someone else (or a group of people) to question their own reality, memory or perceptions. And it’s always a serious problem, according to psychologists.

  47. CameronB Brodie

    I suppose it is acceptable to groom kids if you’ve not been registered as a threat, and your practice isn’t recognised as grooming. The Scottish Book Trust apparently thinks so, as does the Scottish government. Which is determined to reject liberal science in order to undermine the existing framework of legal protection for women and children.

    Surely this is ultimately down to the moral incompetence of the Lord Advocate’s legal practice? Which would not appear to be capable of supporting democracy.

  48. Ian Brotherhood

    @Grey Gull –

    You’ll already know this, but for those who don’t, The Dangerfield Files are becoming quite the trove of information.

    Some really interesting comments btl, and it’s getting busier all the time.

    He still hasn’t commented on Swinney’s latest firefighting efforts, but very much looking forward to his take on it all.

    With every day that passes we get closer to Alex Salmond’s appearance – canny wait!

  49. Stan Broadwood


    Get off my case

    Liz g
    Pig Sty

    Your only contribution to Wings is “Stan is bad”

    STILL waiting on your “Nikla Bad” post.

    I know that will never be done by you or any of the other Numpties in the Gang of Four

  50. wee monkey

    Right listen up.

    I am one of the MANY you have to convince over independence.

    I see what has happened and is happening in the world around us and I yearn, at times, for Scotland to be able to hold her own in the worlds stage.

    BUT. Everything the current snp government touches turns to shit.

    Seriously these wanks couldn’t make a profit in an fucking off licence.

    Through Sturgeons aims of grabbing every minorities votes, whilst turning Scotland into East Germany and “failing” in the most basic of ways in the “management” of the covid crisis [and I’m being really “careful” there] means that if you want to convince me [us] then you have to really sort this “government” out.

    Good Luck. Scotland needs this.

  51. HandandShrimp

    Is it not “leopards can’t change their shorts”?

  52. Sensibledave

    Stan Broadwood 1.28

    It never ceases to amaze me just how ingrained the feelings are towards “the english” by some on here.

    Again Stan, try replacing the word “English” with say, “Pakistani”.

    What type of person would write something like that Stan?

  53. Stoker

    BREAKING: Morag Murrell Pens Brenda Sturgeon Blockbuster

  54. Republicofscotland

    “Ian Brotherhood says:
    9 November, 2020 at 2:38 pm

    John Swinney has written to the harassment committee, complaining about its treatment of civil servants.”


    This will be the response to the parliamentary defeat last week, when Swinney said, something to the effect that he’d take onboard the decision by the parliament and get back to them.

    Remember every avenue will be explored by Sturgeon and her acolytes, except the one that leads to the truth.

  55. Stan Broadwood


    Was it something I said???

  56. HandandShrimp

    Bit of an aside but have people seen this?

  57. CameronB Brodie

    Given our legal Establishment’s obvious inability to protect Scottish culture from expansionist English Torydum, it should come as no surprise they are institutionally incapable of respecting the social boundaries that biology defines. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that whoever instructed ‘our’ civil service to stop following a gender-critical approach to law and public policy, must be considered as being hostile to open democracy. As well as the capacity for Scots to govern themselves.

    Though it would appear that the Scottish Book Trust supports such wanton violence inflicted on Scotland’s public consciousness.

  58. Famous15

    No Stan ,I just do not like racists.

    Your constant reference to your Russian bride Nikla is curious. I have no interest in her,thanks.

    What I do care about is a safe world for my grandchildren and all the weirdos who try to dilute the message of being alert to their insidious infiltration of our education system AND political institutions.

    I would also warn the LBG community that anti science support for T endangers their rights. Rights hard fought for can be endangered by irrational actions. T needs to examine their motives. Peace and joy to all.

  59. Republicofscotland

    Ian Brotherhood @3.07pm.


    Thanks for the link, I had some doubts about Fabiana after she let Mackinnon give evidence without appearing, this however could be a game changer.

  60. Skip_NC

    HandandShrimp, what an awfully strange question from a parody account. At least, I assume it is a parody account.

    In case anyone is remotely interested, the answer is found in the twenty-fifth amendment to the United States Constitution:

    If President-Elect Biden resigns or dies, the Vice-President Elect would become President (sec 1). This would leave a vacancy for Vice-President, which would be filled by nomination by the new President and agreed to by a majority in both houses of Congress (sec 2).

    It is amazing what DuckDuckGo can tell one, if one takes a minute or two to ask.

  61. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    Stan Broadwood: dial it down a bit, pal. I’m getting fed up of having to delete your comments for excessive attacks on others.

  62. Mr B

    You may wish to take a look at questions around the new Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood syllabus also.

  63. Effijy

    We have been fleeced!

    This sheep doesn’t want to be like Brenda!
    Brenda can go alone on any bender.

    FFS If someone in government is responsible for this
    They should be sacked immediately and put out to graze.

    So if someone is a predator go alone with them and be nice?
    Absolute insanity.
    If I had a child of that certain age I’d be in the headmaster’s office first
    Thing warning that this dangerous book should never be in the same room as my child.

    If we’re still an SNP member, I’d tell them that book goes or I do.

    No harm to trans. If they want to dress up as the opposite sex fine but don’t
    Bring innocent others into it.

    A friend told me a story about a party we’re a guy got and attractive girl into a
    Bedroom and then all hell broke out when he discovered they both had the
    Same genitalia.
    Neighbours called police the fight was so bad and the police said the person
    Was a regular due to carry out this ploy so often.

    Lies and deceit is no start to a relationship.
    Male genitalia should not be in women’s toilets or changing
    Rooms as well documented offences show very bad things happen too frequently.

    Get your bits chopped off if you want to join the club!

  64. Effijy

    Just read a WhatsApp where President Biden it seems Brexit
    was an ill conceived act by a demagogue.

    You don’t think Wishy Washy Pete is writing Biden’s speeches.

    Bojo must go next!

  65. Mist001

    In France, the wolf is the ‘go to’ character in virtually every kids book and they’re ALWAYS presented as being the funny, kind character.

    Mainland Europe is full of this kind of stuff, always dangerous animals or predators if you like, that are presented as the funny, likeable figures in the books and this seems to be it making its influence felt in Britain now.

  66. Breeks

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    9 November, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    …He still hasn’t commented on Swinney’s latest firefighting efforts, but very much looking forward to his take on it all.

    Do you mean Swinney writing to complain about the Civil Servants being bullied?

    Ha Ha. Just wait until there’s wee chap on the door and somebody presenting them with a summons to appear… or better yet, inviting them for a wee ride in their taxi with the blue light on top.

    Let it never be forgotten these ‘delicate snowflakes’ who are now feeling bullied (and still cannot be named), were conspiring to put Alex Salmond away, locked up as a sex offender when they knew the accusations were false.

    Bully them??? Lucky it isn’t me in charge, because I’d have them thrown in a freezing cold medieval dungeon with the thumbscrews on, until I found out who the ring leaders were.

  67. Cenchos

    Dame Esther Rantzen (founder of Childline) was on the panel which adjudged this book the winner of the Teach Primary Book Awards 2020 (Early Years section).

  68. Ian Brotherhood

    @Breeks –

    The committee had asked a dude called Somers, Liz Lloyd, and an unnamed other to write to them by the 6th of this month.

    Instead, the committee got that nippy letter from Swinney.

    Can’t imagine the convenor will be overly impressed.

  69. robert Hughes

    Lorna Campbell . 100% . Until fairly recently I had been entertaining the thought/s ” maybe all this ” Trans stuff ” angst is getting blown-up beyond it’s actual impact , only a tiny minority , we’re exaggerating it’s import , causing division in our ranks out of proportion to it’s significance etc ” and that maybe my – instinctive – suspicion of the politicisation of Trans issues was a product of my class , gender and culture – working class , Glasgow born and raised white man – not now , via Stuart’s articles on the subject and your posts drawing out ( brilliantly ) the sheer insanity of much related to the issue and the implications for women in particular and our societies in general I think it’s impossible to exaggerate the risks it poses and the sheer folly of our Government – though they’re hardly alone in this – either through naivety , misplaced lip-service to ” Progressive Politics ” or , even worse , actually believing in this deeply concerning gibberish , supporting and facilitating it’s advocates , to the point of favouring them over , let’s say , ” conventional” potential candidates for positions within the SNP

  70. PB

    My 5 year old brought this back from school a few weeks ago, I read it to her ONCE without previewing it and it’ll be the last time I’ll be reading anything to my kid from the school without properly vetting it first!

    I’m so sick of this sh*t, the SNP need to get this phony ideology out of the schools now (as with every other facet of society it’s been infiltrating) or the backlash they will face from parents will be their complete undoing.

    And what is it with the current trend of cautionary tales being retconned into backward blueprints for society? Is this the end result of the ‘every one’s a winner’ participation award generation?

    What an education fail this is – the teachers I know from that generation are a bunch of social media addicts that simply live in a fantasy world of convenience and spent lockdown gatekeeping clapping for the NHS like good obedient blinkered idiots.

    I used to think the world would be a better place without the ‘established’ religions but now starting to think as that influence dissapates the vacuum left behind is being filled by something much worse.

    I’d rather my kid was being taught about xenu, thetans and volcanos or something just as ridiculous than this crap, at least those c**ts only try to ruin you and there’s a chance to recover once you escape – I wonder how Scientologists feel now about being out-culted by a bunch of pharma powered incels?

  71. Craig P

    Shit like this is why we need sheepdogs.

  72. Stan Broadwood


    Your posts get fuckin more confusing by the day.

    Why mention you are a granny.

    Not fuckin interested.

    All that tells me is you are a bi-sexual granny who is infatuated with a wee weirdo called Nikla.

    Still waiting on your “Nikla Bad” posts.

    And it is YOUR Nikla who will put grandchildren at risk all over Scotland.

    With her GRA Bill.

  73. Lulu Bells

    Ian Brotherhood @ 2:38 pm

    The civil servants below SCS level are not being protected by ministers, I love the way JS and others make it sound like that. They are being kept back and out of the way because they know such an awful lot that would blow the whole inquiry sky high and blast Evans, Allison, Richards, MacKinnon and maybe even Davidson out of the water. And we know who is next after that!

    Lorna Campbell – well said that woman!

  74. Lorna Campbell

    Alison: I tend to agree. Either we will have women and children injured or killed before ordinary people are prepared to put their heads above the parapet, or we will have a woman killing (or several women killing) one or more of those men out of sheer survival instinct. We might, of course, have a man kill a trans woman because ‘she’ has been dishonest. That is what I meant in my post. Whatever happens, I believe we will see deaths involved: through sporting injury (a female boxer was seriously injured by a trans woman and she did not know that her opponent was trans or she would not have agreed to the fight, she said afterwards); through a rape-murder of a woman or child; or even through medical services for women being denied natal women in favour of trans women who actually require male medical services. I believe that these men think that women can just be pushed out of the way, but I also believe that they are very mistaken. They will come to deeply regret the day they started this whole anti science, anti women thing off. It will devour them whole eventually. When you create a monster, it has a tendency to go out of your control.

    You can tell by reading the tweets of many of these so-called trans people that they are gay, male fetishists or heterosexual male fetishists who get their rocks off by dressing up as women. They are utterly self-centred. That is not trans. Sympathy and empathy are natural for body dysphoric people, but many of these cross-dressing men, who are sheltered by the trans umbrella, choose, and luxuriate in, their own fetishistic behaviour. They might have sexual desires that are difficult to assuage, and I suppose that might be a burden as well, but opening up women and girls’ safe spaces to them, and eliminating natal women from public life in favour of these men, is insane. I can only surmise that either there are a lot of very rich and powerful ‘trans women’ (men) who want this normalized or Big Tech and Big Pharma see a way of making money out of it, or a combination of both, which is the most likely scenario.

  75. Stan Broadwood

    Regards this new vaccine from Pfizer Biontech;-

    “If the trial is successful, the enterprises hope to seek regulatory review in October 2020 and (subject to approval) plan to supply up to 100 million doses worldwide by the end of 2020 and approximately 1.3 billion doses by the end of 2021. To meet these milestones, the companies have completed production for 30,000 participant clinical trial and have begun to produce and stockpile their pandemic supply.”

    1.3 Billion vaccines made by the end of 2021.

    Do the sums,,, that is going to leave an awful lot of people around the world with no vaccine by the end of next year.

  76. holymacmoses

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    9 November, 2020 at 2:38 pm

    John Swinney has written to the harassment committee, complaining about its treatment of civil servants.

    Thanks for the link Ian:

    That is the most feeble response to being walloped in Holyrood last week. How pathetic can they be. The committee are being very circumspect and careful as far as I can see. There is a problem for John Swinney, and that is that everyone can see the behaviour of the committee at all times AND see how the ‘Civil’ servants respond to them on many occasions. It won’t stop him having to produce the papers . He’s proving to be an utter idiot.

  77. Baronesssamedi

    If I know anything about kids and books – and I read faithfully to my two every night for at least ten years – this boring-looking and humourless effort will be forgotten as soon as it’s closed.
    So calm down, everybody.

    It seems it was chosen by the Scottish Book Trust, not anyone in the SNP. Does the Book Trust have a trans ideology?

    I simply don’t know.

  78. Bob Mack

    Very concerning. Estimates say around 1 in 20 children experience sexual abuse in the UK.

    Now we not only downplay the warnings to children about potential risks, but we simultaneously give out a message to abusers that our kids have been told that “Wolves” can sometimes be nice. That may help embolden them.

    As a rather and grandfather this is not acceptable. I have spent many years protecting my family ,only to have it watered down by dim witted educators and their fantasy Nirvana where everyone is seen as being acceptable..

    Kids do get hurt as well as adults. They are also less able to protect themselves or understand where they are being led.

    I find this whole thing grotesque.

  79. twathater

    Ian B I used to think John Swinney was a reasonable though weak guy , by feck he certainly is stepping up as the GATEKEEPER, what a load of waffling bullshit trying to BULLY the committee to go soft on the puir wee souls

    As Lulu Bells says there is even more panic in the ranks now, because let’s face it when you are on the basic salary and you are privy to what’s been going on but NOT a part of it, your allegiance and motivation is somewhat lesser than those with the big bucks and high positions, and as such your GUB may remember things that the hierarchy would prefer remain unremembered
    It’s a truism that if 2 people commit a murder one of the partners would have to kill the other for it to remain a secret

  80. Stan Broadwood

    The vaccine will be produced at sites in Germany and Belgium.

    So just as we leave the EU, they will start producing vaccines for their citizens.

    If only we weren’t dragged out of the EU against our will, Mr Blackford.

  81. Famous15

    Stan calling a man a granny feeds into the view that you are not comfortable with your own sexuality.I am comfortable with my heterosexuality but not fefuddled by gay people ,having friends and relations who are gay is not something that confuses me. You are different.

    As for your Russian bride Nikla ,well I cannot help you because I do not understand your thoughts.

    Your repeated question is one we were warned about in law school. EG “Have you stopped beating your wife?” Is not a fair question if you never did beat your wife. So Stan do you follow my kindly explanation in very simple words so that you realise that being a simpleton is something to embrace and enjoy.

  82. Muscleguy

    And compulsory Biology with extra emphasis on sex determination and how the different embryonic ducts get matured or atrophied very differently depending on which SEX the embryo is. We can skip the very important stage and gastrulation (perhaps the most essential part of vertebrate development) but we are on more serious business.

    Starring role goes to SRY the Master (sex determination gene). Normall sits on the Y chromosome but if put elsewhere it still works to make male bodies even if you are XX or even XXX. Mutate it on the Y and even if you are XYY you won’t get to be male.

    Biology is a hard and strict task mistress. There are NO free lunches (see the known and manifest dangers of taking cross sex hormones).

  83. Scot Finlayson

    Great start for Biden being the leader of the nation that produced a viable vaccine for a world pandemic,

    wonder if they delayed announcing the potential of the vaccine till after the election,

    Big Pharma were no friend of Trump.

  84. Stan Broadwood

    Bob Mack says:
    9 November, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    “Very concerning. Estimates say around 1 in 20 children experience sexual abuse in the UK”.

    That sentence is so very BBC Scotland.

    We don’t want UK figures, we stay in fuckin Scotland.

  85. Bob Mack

    @Stan Broadwood,

    You think paedophiles don’t travel?

    Your a bit lippy for your own good bud.

  86. Beaker

    There seems to be a lot of targetting Primary schools lately – Flowjob, the STV “thank you Nicola for saving us” video and now this book.

    What’s next? All pupils to wear facemasks with the SNP logo on it?

  87. crazycat

    @ Skip_NC at 4.13

    John Taylor’s twitter account is, alas, not a parody.

    He previously referred to Leo Vardkar as “the Indian” as well.

  88. Stan Broadwood


    WTF has the word granny got to do with somebody’s sexuality???

    You are as weird as that weirdo Nikla you admire so much.

    Famous,,,I don’t think you went to school Famous, nevermind Law School.

    I am Scotland’s leading scientist on female infatuations, and you are clearly infatuated with the wee Dreghorn wierdo.

    So howz about some “Nikla Bad” Famous.

    I’m sure your grand weans will still love you, even if you do prefer the women.

  89. twathater

    Once again WHY are the other parties NOT HIGHLIGHTING Brenda the wolf and ALL the other PISH that is being foisted on our young children in schools, eg flow job and his abominable tweets, are THEY ALSO unconcerned or in agreement with this LUNACY
    THEY are also HR parliamentarians tasked with PROTECTING and EDUCATING our children, are THEY happy that this abomination is being forced on our children , are non of them parents or grandparents who are willing to stand up to this brainwashing or are they all CAPTURED and believers in the WOKE MANTRA

    Do we have to sack every one of them and elect sane rational caring people who have the balls to stand up against this science denying hogwash and to confront these deviants

  90. Stan Broadwood


    So what are the figures for Scotland?

    “1 in 20 in the UK”

    What is that when it comes to Scotland???

    Dying to know.

    And what is your point regarding these uk figures???

    This is a Scottish forum full of Scots.


    The crazy man Trump has just fired his defense secretary . Jeez o

  92. ahundredthidiot

    From serving on a childrens panel I couldn’t help but be surprised of just how well child sex offenders always happened to have a way with words.

    They can be very convincing and come across as quite intelligent. Great story tellers.

    Still evil little c*nts though.

  93. Dan

    The concept of instilling in young children that they have to be kind and accepting to all is flawed, and potentially leaves them extremely vulnerable and ill-equipped for when they find themselves in the rare circumstances that require a different approach.

    I was brought up in the 70s with the likes of the Charley Says adverts on the TV warning of the various dangers a child may find in life.
    I can still vividly recall when I had to rely on instinct based on what I had been told and learnt to escape a situation.
    I was walking home from primary school through Inverleith Park in Edinburgh. Was carrying my schoolbag and a model of a clay anteater I had made at art class over past lessons.
    I stopped to go for a pee in the park buildings. I didn’t see anybody around but once in the toilets I was cornered by a man who tried to trap me into one of cubicles. I knew something wasn’t right and somehow managed to jink my way past him, he grabbed my bag but I managed to shed the strap off my shoulder and scramble out of the door and run off shouting to get the attention of the parky or other passerby as to the strange man in the toilets.
    Goodness only knows what he was going to do to me should I not have had the instinct to get out of that situation.
    The parky did call the police and they did catch him, but I was too young to get told of what happened to him.
    I still recall I broke the long nose off my clay anteater in the process of escaping. 🙁

  94. CameronB Brodie

    From the perspective of critical legal theory, it simply isn’t possible to make effective claims to legal rights, if you are unable to defend your legal identity. So it would appear that Scotland’s culture and the legal identity of natal women, are under concerted attack from ‘our’ legal Establishment. Who appear determined to force Scots law to reject medical philosophy and law, as well as the epistemic integrity of Scottish justice. Which is legal practice that is compatible with standing under the unsubstantial authority of Westminster, rather than the Moral law. Though it is not compatible with supporting democracy and public health.

  95. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Dame Esther Rantzen (founder of Childline) @Cenchos says at 4:41 pm

    The same Dame Esther Rantzen that knew what Jimmy Savile was up to but did nothing about it at the time?

  96. Famous15

    Stan, who is Nikla and why should I repudiate her or him.? What has Dreghorn got to do with Clyde Navigation?

    Your offensiveness is wearying and no longer as amusing as it was

    Talking of law school reminds me of some wonderful lectures by my late Jurisprudence teacher,Professor McCormick on the relevance of confusing morality and criminality. I must dig out my old notes as that subject is still causing confusion particularly in pushing “hate” crime.

  97. Bob Mack

    @Stan Broadwood,

    No complete figures in Scotland. However we do know around 1000 sexual assaults on under 16 takes place per year as well as physical abuse.

    In the East end of Glasgow just a few years ago it was estimated that one female in every five-
    experienced sexual abuse. This was Greater Easterhouse only. There are many other areas.

  98. Heaver

    Mist001 says:

    “In France, the wolf is the ‘go to’ character in virtually every kids book and they’re ALWAYS presented as being the funny, kind character.

    Mainland Europe is full of this kind of stuff, always dangerous animals or predators if you like, that are presented as the funny, likeable figures in the books and this seems to be it making its influence felt in Britain now. ”

    Christ you are one slithery troll.

  99. Bob Mack

    @Jockanese Wind talker,

    That’s not everything. Rantzen also went out with Nicholas Fairbairn for a few years, and also kept quiet about a teacher who was abusing boys in his care. I think his name was Standish if I remember. Rantzen had set up a branch of childline in his school.

  100. JGedd

    Lorna Campbell@1.28pm

    Excellent post again by you. I agree with most of what you say but I have to say that I very much doubt that many women will find in themselves that warrior spirit to defend their own interests.

    Throughout the history of women there have always been women willing to comply with society’s demands of them & to police other women to maintain the status quo. For all the men who were adamant that women were trapped by ‘gender’ to be virtual clones made by nature to defer to men, to be compliant domestic helpmeets, there were women equally adamant in their acquiescence. ( The irony always was that these termagants for the patriarchy were often very strong-minded & loud in their declaration that women were by nature compliant & submissive!)

    Witness today’s termagants, the latest wave of young women graduates, strident in their support for an activism that would set the women’s movement & the cause of women’s rights back decades. I’ve always viewed that history of women to be instructive as to how the ruling elites have always managed to dominate the far greater numbers of the ruled, as Marx observed. ( No doubt someone will decry any mention of Marx as if I were advocating the Communist Manifesto, Stalinism, Maoism etc. If so, you are missing the point.}

    Who taught me that elites cannot govern without the willing collaboration of a significant proportion of the ruled? Well, that was women I’m afraid, long before I’d ever read anything about Marx. Women are, after all, firstly human beings & aren’t driven by some secret feminine force to feel or react differently from other humans. In fact, anything that can observed about the gradual demotion of the status of women can be observed in the social mechanisms of any human group. Elites have taken advantage of this through the ages. They are wise wen who can recognize that the cause of women is their cause too.

  101. Hatuey

    Scot: “wonder if they delayed announcing the potential of the vaccine till after the election,..”

    We can only speculate. Lolz if true.

    So, now that we have the vaccine, new questions arise as to who may and who may not be immunised as a priority.

    As a sort of olive branch to people like Alf and others who think culture intrinsically defines us as an exceptional people, I would propose that we vaccinate all members of the Orange Order first.

    As for those who I think should automatically go to the end of the queue, and again I think this is in keeping with their expressed views and values, I’d propose that all those who doubted the seriousness and authenticity of the virus ought to be vaccinated last. You know who you are.

    Between those two fabulous bookends, the rest of us can of course celebrate in our usual unimpressive ways as we wait to be saved.

    Rejoice. Rejoice.

  102. Jockanese Wind Talker

    FFS @Bob Mack says at 6:27 pm didn’t know that!

    I assume it was Prince Andrew who presented her with her Damehood.

  103. Terry

    Best comment on the whole Brenda sheep book debacle

    “ When’s “Fred is a patio layer” out?”

  104. A Person

    Re: Esther Rantzen-

    So that’s Epstein, Fairbairn and Saville who were all pally with the royal family… if you were mates with Bonnie, Clyde and Ronnie Biggs some might suspect you of being a bank robber yourself or at least not having a problem with robbing people.

  105. Scot Finlayson

    Better Together,

    `Priti Patel, (twitter)

    After many years of campaigning, I am delighted the Immigration Bill which will end free movement on 31st December has today passed through Parliament.

    We are delivering on the will of the British people.`

    all No voters should hang their fricken heads in shame.

  106. Chris Downie

    This is the kind of filth that Peter Tatchell and his paedophilic ilk have been promoting for years. I can’t believe Alex Salmond invited that man on his show and parroted the “human rights activist” nonsense. These are dangerous times and I’m horrified at the world I’m raising my two young children in.

  107. Mist001

    @ Dan,

    I almost got murdered by a paedo when I was about 10 years old. It happened in the woods running alongside the road when they were building the then new Castlebrae High School.

    Of course, it wasn’t until I was much older that it dawned on me what had happened but seriously, it was a close escape. I went to hospital and got stitches in my head and to this day, I can still vividly recall the guy who did it. I could even describe him to police.

    Strangely, neither my parents nor any other adults at the time seemed to have put two and two together and went hunting for the guy.

  108. Robert graham

    Aye yer right it’s o/t
    What’s the betting over the next 3 or 4 weeks we are going to be sold this vacation by eminent Chemists Virologists and every scientist under the Sun , the test results will be massaged beyond belief. It’s been reported but not by the MSM of the failures and halting of trials because of adverse affects on test subjects obviously this is being glossed over just like the millions paid out in compensation to damaged patients who the Pharmaceutical Company’s wish would go away .
    Slowly so as not to scare the horses firstly we will be invited to partake in the further Trials of this Vaccine because that’s what it will be , further trials because the original ones were rushed we will all become the experiment, next will be the suggestion in order to keep up the good work we will be invited to display verifiable proof we have been inoculated in order to enter shops and join in normal activities of society in general,
    Mr Microsoft Gates has taken out patents over the ownership of bodily functions that could be traded in crypto currency if the body generates energy they want to own it , he made a remark about adding a trace element to Vaccines to simplify and reduce the verification process just like the RF Chips attached to items in all stores now ,The world is in the middle of a change we ain’t going to like , a relative made a observation about this 2 meter distance rule , he said that looks exactly like the distance required to single out individual targets because less than that tends to confuse instruments and subjects merge into one so they can’t be identified as how many in any particular area at one time , Tin Foil Hat Time ? Who knows .

  109. Gregor

    Truly sinister.

  110. mike cassidy

    On what would have been his 86th birthday

    One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth

    The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back

    Carl Sagan

  111. Gregor

    What would a predatory paedophile’s ‘children’s book’ look like…


    Robert Graham.

    Did you get all the other vaccinations as a kid , measles, polio etc etc .Did the do you any harm?

    More importantly your still here and maybe not in calipers or sumit. I remember a school friend of mine getting polio, he still wears calipers to a degree even now, 40+ years on.

    Being against vaccines is ridiculous. They’ve saved millions of people worldwide over the last 60-70 years.

  113. Mags

    i am so glad my kids are adults now, its honestly all getting a bit Brave New World with the grooming of children

  114. dakk

    @ Misty @7.29

    ‘I almost got murdered’

    Did ye aye?

    Nice one Mist.

    Aff yer heid on the Absynth again is it?

  115. holymacmoses

    Sadly, the world we’re living in today is little different to that of seventy to 100 years ago. The only difference is communication, class attitudes and situations of assault. I know someone who was raped between the age of 3 and 5 years of age and it was the foundation of the welfare state that saved her as an orphan from being further abused. The storybook here is particularly dangerous because it is written by someone who is silly enough not to understand the dangers inherent in the message. . It is written in naivety and that’s what makes it attractive to adults who, let’s face it, choose children’s books for the,m.

  116. Scot Finlayson

    O/T but should be alarming to any Leithers out there,

    From City of Edinburgh Council,

    `Climate Central, predicts which sections of Edinburgh’s coastline MAY BE UNDER WATER by 2050 if action isn’t taken to mitigate and address climate change.

    It shows that Musselburgh along with large parts of Leith, Portobello, Newhaven and the coastline along to Crammond will be impacted by the rising sea levels.`

    that`s only 30 years away.

  117. CameronB Brodie

    “Mainland Europe is full of this kind of stuff….”

    I have my doubts as to the truthfulness of this claim, as legal semiotics draws heavily on European legal philosophy. Without respect for semiotics, law tends towards arbitrary authoritarianism. Which is an approach to the law that appears to be acceptable to ‘our’ legal Establishment.

    So here’s a look at the “2019 Seminar – Update on CJEU case law, Positive action in gender equality and non-discrimination, Racial discrimination in education and EU equality law, Strategic litigation in gender equality and non-discrimination, Religious ethos in employment”.

  118. Dan

    @ Scot Finlayson

    In Scotland by 2050 we’ll be able to simply Self ID as fish so it’s a non issue.

  119. William Wallace

    Not sure what I did to trigger the modbot in my last message so posting this as a test.

  120. William Wallace

    Strange that.

    It’s like a wee puzzle in itself trying to work out which combo of words or letters has triggered Stu’s modbot.

  121. Famous15

    William wallace

    Certain words like rap@ trigger moderation.

  122. Una-Jane Winfield

    I have written the first review on Goodreads and a review on Waterstones with the title “gas-lighting” – if I can get away with that word. We will see. Publisher is Pan Macmillan. What a steep descent for the children’s editor who commissioned this dangerous (but as someone said above) boring rubbish.

  123. cirsium

    @robert Graham, 7.33
    Agree it is a bit O/T but the theme is still the wolf and the sheep. I’ve also heard talk of social distancing being a beta test for face recognition software.

    It takes years of research and testing to develop a safe vaccine. There has never been a vaccine for an RNA virus. Yet Pfizer has developed a vaccine for this RNA virus in the space of 6-8 months. Wow.

    It puts me in mind of the Swine Flu “pandemic”. That also had inexact mathematical models from Imperial College. The WHO’s declaration triggered billions of dollars of work for the pharmaceutical companies and there was a fast-track vaccine called Pandemrix (now withdrawn). Some relevant links-

    Pandemrix – why was public not told of early warning signs?

  124. ben madigan

    From No, No, Never to IndyRef2 to two IndyRefs2

    “The Westminster Government could agree for an Independence Referendum to take place, on the basis of two referenda. The first to vote upon the principle of negotiations, and the second upon the outcome of them.

    The purpose of the second referendum would be that Scottish electors would know what they were voting for, and be able to compare it to what they now have.” John Major, former Conservative PM

  125. cynicalHighlander

    @Dan says:
    9 November, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    @ Scot Finlayson

    In Scotland by 2050 we’ll be able to simply Self ID as fish so it’s a non issue.

    Hopefully not a sturgeon!

  126. Davie Oga

    cynicalHighlander says:
    @ Scot Finlayson

    In Scotland by 2050 we’ll be able to simply Self ID as fish so it’s a non issue.

    “Hopefully not a sturgeon!”

    Any sturgeon that turns up in Scotland is the personal property of the monarch under the royal prerogative. Sturgeon belongs to the Crown.

  127. Stan Broadwood

    Thick Editor of Sheffield Post, on Sky News paper review rejoices that “england” is getting a vaccine and they will all be able to visit each other to Party at Xmas.

    What a thick stupid bitch.

    How the fuck did she get to be editor of any newspaper???

    She was like an excited 6 year old waiting for Santa.

    They’ll be lucky if anybody is vaccinated by Xmas, nevermind the whole of england.

    And notice how the rest of the UK is left out of her plans for the vaccine.

    And what is it about the english and Xmas???

  128. Graf Midgehunter

    cirsium says:
    “It takes years of research and testing to develop a safe vaccine. There has never been a vaccine for an RNA virus. Yet Pfizer has developed a vaccine for this RNA virus in the space of 6-8 months. Wow.”

    It wasn’t actually Pfizer that developed it but the german company BioNTech that did the heavy work for the development, they’ve worked a lot with mRNA in the past few years. It’s a company with a very good international reputation.They also work together with a whole row of other international companies.

    Pfizer is part of the manufacturing group cooperation for the end-product which will be mainly produced in Germany and another location(s) in mainland Europe. click on EN for the English version. (German version) (English)

  129. boris

    Swinney takes the investigating committee to task over its questioning of three civil servants who may be in possession of information relevant to the inquiry. His assertion that civil servants report to Scottish Government Ministers and as such all questions relating to their work should be addressed to their political masters is for students of the Law to discuss

  130. Craig Murray


    He writes about John Sommers, Nicola’s Private Secretary and Liz Lloyd, Nicola’s Chief of Staff. If they testify under oath about what Nicola knew when, it is game over for the committee. He is desperate to stop them being questioned.

    Especially Sommers, who is a career civil servant and may tell the truth. The chances of Lloyd doing that are remote, but she is so far into a tangled web she can’t possibly stand interrogation.

  131. Veritas

    It’s now crystal clear; the whole sorry Salmond affair started with Sturgeon’s personal desire to neutralise him.

    It didn’t start with complainers or a change of procedure, it wasn’t a British Government or Civil Service conspiracy, all of that came later; it started with an ugly twisted idea in Sturgeon’s mind.

    Nobody with a conscience could possibly vote for someone that does stuff like that. I don’t care what they think is on offer, vote for that and you are tainted.

  132. CameronB Brodie

    Retrospective criminal law is difficult to justify at the best of times, though simply dangerous when drafted by those who are hostile towards a respect for the Natural law.

    “Is it possible to break a law that has not yet been made?

    In Australia the answer is yes.

    Both State and Federal Parliaments have the power to create retrospective legislation: laws that are made ex post facto – after the fact – so that they apply to events in the past.

    This power sits uneasily with the Rule of Law principle, which requires that:

    The law is capable of being known to everyone, so that everyone can comply.

    A law with retrospective application seems by its nature incapable of being known and complied with. In addition a person cannot know of and comply with a law that does not yet exist. But that may not always be the case. This article explains why Australian Parliaments can validly enact retrospective laws, identifies some common situations where retrospective laws are used, and digs deeper into whether or not such laws can coexist with the rule of law.”

  133. Beaker

    @CameronB Brodie says:
    10 November, 2020 at 1:21 am
    “Retrospective criminal law is difficult to justify at the best of times, though simply dangerous when drafted by those who are hostile towards a respect for the Natural law.
    “Is it possible to break a law that has not yet been made?”

    Is that not what happened with the Nuremberg Trials? Although to be fair they were rather unique circumstances.

  134. James Barr Gardner

    Brenda = Madge (for English viewers) = Betty the Last (for Scottish viewers) !

  135. CameronB Brodie

    Beaker @1:52am
    Yes, criminal law was created to act retrospectively, in light of the severity of the Nazi crimes conducted against humanity, though it was guided by a respect for the Natural law. Which together with a legal respect for the human genome, provide the legal foundations that support international human rights law. Though that is something Scots will never enjoy the benefits of, while bound under British ‘justice’.

    “The right to protection from retroactive criminal law”, acknowledges “protection from retroactive criminal law has generally been accepted without argument. Literature on the justification for the principle is scarce. Yet, it has become well accepted that individuals have such a right. The principle has been enunciated in various declarations of human rights from 1789 until the present. Nevertheless, there are several examples in international, Australian and British law where the principle has been ignored or (at the very least) circumvented.”

  136. William Wallace


    It looks like it was censored. It was awaiting moderation for some time and now even that’s gone.

    It was a response to Ayrshire Rob that basically said I won’t be taking any rushed to market vaccine and that concerns around vaccines would probably be a lot less if the manufacturers did not insist on immunity from prosecution. I also said I will be relying on my immune system where Covid is concerned and if my time is up then my time is up.

    Didn’t think that point of view would have been censored by Stu tbh (even if he strongly disagrees with it). Especially in light of all the other shite that goes on BTL. It’s his site I suppose but if that’s the direction of travel I guess it’s time to call it a day here. I think I might do the same with all my social media accounts too for good measure.

    Take care folks and hope to see you all at some of the marches and gatherings in 2021. All the best.

  137. Willie

    Think of the wolf as Sir Jimmy Saville OBE.

    Wasn’t Jimmy a lovely friendly gentle man. Someone who you could trust. Someone who would look after your children.

    Think Saville and the message in this book becomes clear.

  138. David F

    @ Craig Murray says:
    10 November, 2020 at 12:31 am

    Craig, if John Somers gives evidence he is going to be on a very sticky wicket whether he wants to tell the truth or not.

    Some simple and obvious questions to him:

    1. You had no line responsibility; you were not responsible in any way for investigating this type of complaint; you were not involved in redrafting the complaints procedure. Why did Ms A want to talk to you? What did she want to talk to you about?
    2. Who set up this meeting and what was its purpose?

  139. Breeks

    So Theresa May would agree to a Referendum if the time was right, (it just wasn’t.)
    Boris Johnson won’t agree to a Referendum until Hell freezes over.
    Alistair Jack would agree to a Referendum in 40 years, (or over his dead body).
    John Major will agree to a Referendum if we give them two chances to rig the vote.
    And the SNP will give us a Referendum on condition we give free access to women’s private changing rooms for men who wear a frock, and let men compete to destroy women’s sport, oh, and put us all in jail if we complain about it.

    I hate to say it, I can kinda see where the first four options have their reasoning, at least, as tactics of the enemy who would see Scotland subjugated, but it’s SNP’s option 5 which seems the downright sleaziest… and they’re meant to be on our side.

    Why don’t we give Mike Brewer on Wheeler Dealers a quick call? It might cost us a wee bit cash, but he’ll find an old beaten up referendum, tidy it up, fix the broken bits, and have it gleaming in the condition it left the factory. Bish, bash, bosh.

  140. Ruglonian

    As others have said about Brenda, she’s dull and won’t remain in any kid’s head for more than a minute after the book is closed.

    Much prefer this 🙂

    The Walrus and the Carpenter
    Lewis Carroll – 1832-1898

    The sun was shining on the sea,
    Shining with all his might:
    He did his very best to make
    The billows smooth and bright—
    And this was odd, because it was
    The middle of the night.

    The moon was shining sulkily,
    Because she thought the sun
    Had got no business to be there
    After the day was done—
    “It’s very rude of him,” she said,
    “To come and spoil the fun!”

    The sea was wet as wet could be,
    The sands were dry as dry.
    You could not see a cloud because
    No cloud was in the sky:
    No birds were flying overhead—
    There were no birds to fly.

    The Walrus and the Carpenter
    Were walking close at hand:
    They wept like anything to see
    Such quantities of sand:
    “If this were only cleared away,”
    They said, “it would be grand!”

    “If seven maids with seven mops
    Swept it for half a year,
    Do you suppose,” the Walrus said,
    “That they could get it clear?”
    “I doubt it,” said the Carpenter,
    And shed a bitter tear.

    “0 Oysters, come and walk with us!”
    The Walrus did beseech.
    “A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk,
    Along the briny beach:
    We cannot do with more than four,
    To give a hand to each.”

    The eldest Oyster looked at him,
    But never a word he said;
    The eldest Oyster winked his eye,
    And shook his heavy head—
    Meaning to say he did not choose
    To leave the oyster-bed.

    But four young Oysters hurried up,
    All eager for the treat:
    Their coats were brushed, their faces washed,
    Their shoes were clean and neat—
    And this was odd, because, you know,
    They hadn’t any feet.

    Four other Oysters followed them,
    And yet another four;
    And thick and fast they came at last,
    And more and more and more—
    All hopping through the frothy waves,
    And scrambling to the shore.

    The Walrus and the Carpenter
    Walked on a mile or so,
    And then they rested on a rock
    Conveniently low:
    And all the little Oysters stood
    And waited in a row.

    “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
    Of cabbages—and kings—
    And why the sea is boiling hot—
    And whether pigs have wings.”

    “But wait a bit,” the Oysters cried,
    “Before we have our chat;
    For some of us are out of breath,
    And all of us are fat!”
    “No hurry!” said the Carpenter.
    They thanked him much for that.

    “A loaf of bread,” the Walrus said,
    “Is what we chiefly need:
    Pepper and vinegar besides
    Are very good indeed—
    Now, if you’re ready, Oysters dear,
    We can begin to feed.”

    “But not on us!” the Oysters cried,
    Turning a little blue.
    “After such kindness, that would be
    A dismal thing to do!”
    “The night is fine,” the Walrus said,
    “Do you admire the view?

    “It was so kind of you to come!
    And you are very nice!”
    The Carpenter said nothing but
    “Cut us another slice.
    I wish you were not quite so deaf—
    I’ve had to ask you twice!”

    “It seems a shame,” the Walrus said,
    “To play them such a trick.
    After we’ve brought them out so far,
    And made them trot so quick!”
    The Carpenter said nothing but
    “The butter’s spread too thick!”

    “I weep for you,” the Walrus said:
    “I deeply sympathize.”
    With sobs and tears he sorted out
    Those of the largest size,
    Holding his pocket-handkerchief
    Before his streaming eyes.

    “0 Oysters,” said the Carpenter,
    “You’ve had a pleasant run!
    Shall we be trotting home again?”
    But answer came there none—
    And this was scarcely odd, because
    They’d eaten every one.

  141. Effijy

    This new vaccine is a bit of bother for Boris.
    It’s supposed to be found by his Tory chums
    at Cambridge. After all he has given them fortunes
    to develop it and placed a very large order for something
    That doesn’t exist. A bit like Graylings non existent ships
    or oven ready great deal signed Brexit.

    How dare the inferior Germans produce a vaccine!
    They already show that you are 5 times more likely to die
    Of Covid in the UK than Germany, they have a much stronger economy,
    they have more compassion taking in over a million refugees running away
    from English bombs.

    Just isn’t Cricket!
    Could we please have some of your vaccine Fritz and then we don’t want to have anything to
    do with you lot
    Before we know it there won’t be any money laundering or tax avoidance in Germany.
    What use would that be in Tory UK.

    I think the German royal family will be writing to Angela Merkel to see if they can come back.

    Look for the Hun in the Sun!

  142. ahundredthidiot

    William Wallace

    We probably all get a comment moderated at some point – keep the faith. Although, on other and any social media sites, I would advise being very careful now about what we say now.

    We live in interesting and dangerous times. Anyone leaning toward any sort of revolutionary undertones will not go unnoticed – for example, stating that one would refuse a vax may well be considered revolutionary/against the common interest in ‘this day and age’.

    If anything – remember this – Sir William Wallace was one of the first to ‘raise his head’ and paid dearly with his life. It was the The Bruce who rode out from under a long cover to secure Scotland.

    London (and by extension the IMF) will not make it easy, they never have.

  143. Mac

    It says it all they pick a wolf dressing up as a sheep.

    A blatant predator trying to pretend it is it’s prey. Could have picked any animals for this story but no it has to be a wolf and sheep.

    We have the expression ” a wolf in sheep’s clothing” for a reason. Children can grasp that concept very easily. Because it communicates wisdom. Sometimes we encounter people who pretend to be one thing that is safe in order to hurt you.

    Now they are literally teaching 5 year olds the opposite. It is a way of disarming them, of unprotecting them. Very deliberate and calculated.

    These people are disgusting degenerates. Vile perverted weirdos who should be nowhere near children.

  144. Effijy

    England will buy the vaccine, England will lie about the
    quantity and the split going to the local colonies.

    Remember the don’t sell PPE kit to Scotland warning from
    Westminster to the English manufacturers!

    How pleased Bojo would be if the gab between our Civid Death rates
    shrank and took a few independence supporters out!

    Westminster knows no depths!

  145. Ottomanboi

    AyrshireRob 07:54
    Vaccines are indeed effective for the measles and polio viruses. Such vaccines are preventative.
    ‘Flu’ vaccines are not. Just as there is no preventative vaccine for the 200+ ‘common cold’ viruses rhino, corona, influenza etc it is unlikely there will be one for Covid-19 influenza type.
    Seasonal flu vaccines do not stop individuals catching flu, at best they mitigate certain symptoms for the more vulnerable but, depending on state of health, not always.
    No golden bullet then, despite the unscientific stuff coming from gov. the media and the hallucinatory $$$ induced ravings of global pharmaceutical enterprises.
    The question posed by trials and events in Africa is what exactly do such novel vaccines contain? Abortifacients have been detected. Modern eugenicists are great fans of chemical cocktails, for others.

  146. Ottomanboi

    Eugenics and Immigration.
    Chilling reminder of how acceptable such ideas were.
    And how American.

  147. ahundredthidiot

    I do find Bob Dylans ‘False Prophet’ album cover interesting.

    and anyone who’s ever watched the CBS 60 minutes interview, might think our Bobby Boy is well informed.

  148. Dan

    Ach, maybe there’s a Plan A v2.0

    Long read from early last year but will tag this article on by a guy seemingly fascinated by genetics. (contains “SNP gene sequencing) 🙂
    The twat with the bald gene should be careful what he wishes for though.
    After years of his party’s austerity agenda, he’ll struggle to promote the advantages of having a folically challenged napper when one considers that every other remaining shop on the high street is a barbers or hair stylists.
    Plus big pharma shampoo makers like L’Oréal may suggest he ain’t worth it!

  149. SOG

    Returning to the wolf story, at some time childeren will learn about herbivores and carnivores in school. So if they remember this garbage, they will think ‘that was a heap of crap you told us’.

    I wonder how many years later the curriculum will undo the damage. Meanwhile there’s still ‘What big teeth you have Grandma’.

  150. Dan

    A good response to Major’s two referendum yarn.

  151. Mac

    I came to the conclusion a while ago that we are in the midst of a war that has been waging a long time now. And it really is Good versus Evil.

    What convinced me was not anyone making the case for Good.

    It was that so many powerful people seem to believe in and work for Evil. You know the tree by the fruit it bears. Just in my lifetime I have watched ‘them’ destroy people’s beliefs in God. Scotland is crammed full of empty churches. Turn women against men, destroy the family unit (both still a work in progress, but well advanced). Turn races against each other and with a particular anti-white slant. Now they are going after our kids… It is a non-stop assault on everything ‘decent’.

    Evil rules the world. Who is behind it, I don’t know, it is very well hidden. But I do know that Hollywood is very much an arm of it, as is the BBC, and the mainstream media.

    And another organization at the very vanguard of promoting all this toxic ideological poison into our societal wells is Nicola Sturgeon and her coterie of woke psychos. Look at what they did to Alex Salmond for fucks sake… Was this not ‘evil’ personified.

    I think this is why we can sense there is something much more to the GRA stuff and the Hate Bill. These are trojan horses for you know what.

    Unfortunately we are in a much bigger battle than just for our independence.

    And the SNP (at least currently) ARE the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Maybe the devil’s greatest trick really was to convince you it does not exist.

  152. Hatuey

    I wondered when the anti-vaxxer loons would make an appearance.

    Everybody is sick of conspiracy theorist crap. Bored with it. We’ve had about 20 years of them clogging up the internet with their demented negative poison.

    It all started with 911. Like magic, 500 million retards were transformed into structural engineers and demolitions experts.

    Every time something shit happens they’re right there with their expertise telling us what’s really going on. Now they’re all epidemiologists. And as always, we are all thick…

    Bilderberg, no-planers, truthers, anti-vaxxers, new world order, aliens, the illuminati, 5G pish, the list is endless.

    What’s fat Alex Jones selling today, seeds? Iodine? Quinine? Gold? Snake oil? Tinfoil hats?

    Here’s a conspiracy theory: a bunch of underachieving mugs have been getting fleeced and brainwashed online for 20 years. It’s like a cult of gullible dimwits.

    Is there a 20 minute YouTube video on that subject that’ll make you an expert? I wish i had the time to make that video, it’d be massive.

  153. Stuart MacKay

    ban madigan @10:56pm

    So with indyref3: “here’s the deal do you still want it”, the previous post on defence and trident makes a lot more sense.

    It’s clearly a trap as there is a little too much coordination going on between the journalists feeding us this.

    Here’s the relevant article from the Conservative and Unionist Party correspondent, Laura Kuenssberg,

    So, Sir David Omand should be fired for not only not spying on the Yes movement but also ham-fistedly letting the cat out of the bag.

  154. Alec Lomax

    Mac: the devil doesn’t exist. He’s a prop to scare kids and impressionable types.
    PS Santa Claus doesn’t exist either.

  155. ahundredthidiot

    Alec Lomax

    Whether the devil exists is actually neither here nor there, the issue at hand is plenty of people do believe he exists and some them actually worship him. You don’t have to like that, but it is a fact of life.

    Regardless of even that, if you are surrounded by what can be categorised as evil – what’s the difference?

    …..and leave Santa Claus out of it!

  156. Breeks

    Looks like Angus MacNeil and Chris McEleny are admitting defeat for their Plan B.

    Disapponted, but not surprised. The SNP has gone too far down the path of Kamikaze to listen to reason.

    Looks like need new champions to further the cause of Independence. The corrupt benchwarmers of the SNP are finished. The frogs have all been boiled.

  157. Cenchos

    Hmm, Scotland’s unemployment rate lower than the rUK, but BBC headline reads ‘Unemployment in Scotland higher for men’. How surprising.

  158. ahundredthidiot

    You can say what you like about Scottish Labour – but it took them an awful lot longer to go doon the pan than it took the SNP.

  159. robertknight

    Alex Lomax…

    The biggest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he didn’t exist.

    Much like NS, whose biggest trick was to convince the electorate and the SNP faithful that she was actually pro-Indy.

  160. Sarah

    @ Ruglonian at 08.15: are you saying that Scots are the oysters? It looks like it – we are trusting, friendly and blue – ideal victims for unscrupulous and greedy people.

  161. Lorna Campbell

    JGedd: absolutely agree with you that it is young women who have been ‘turned’ first (more inexperienced and suggestible) than the old boilers like me. I also agree that it is usually matriarchs that stand in the way of female ‘progress’ (female genital mutilation is a good example). However, in this case, I don’t believe they will triumph over nature. While we do appear to be moving ever so slowly towards a kind of androgyny, and we might even, some day, have a melding of human and machine (think the Borg, but much nicer), even that cannot work without the presence of women.

    Yes, nature has given us a very bad hand right across the board, but nature has also provided women with a degree of implacability in defence of our children, and I used the examples of female regiments for a reason. Recently, it has been the Kurds, one of the most conservative Islamic groups, who have armed and trained women to great effect. The American army now places them on the front-line, as do other countries. I have read testimony from German troops who came up against the Soviet battalions of women fighters. I think you underestimate us. I think that the worst elements of the ‘trans’ lobby – which is not trans at all, underestimates us. If our children become the casualties in this war on women, we will defend them, whatever it takes. I also believe that toxic masculinity and patriarchy are on the wane – not fatally wounded yet, but wounded – and that Mother Nature has a trick or two up HER sleeve.

    Ruglonian: yes, I, too, love that nonsense poetry by Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear. They ca be very instructive as well as highly amusing and enjoyable. That one is particularly apt for this issue and for Scottish independence. It is a telling tale of learning that trust cannot ever be a matter of course if you are to stay safe and achieve what you want to achieve, and that ‘propaganda’, no matter how well-hidden, must be flushed out and dismembered to get to the truth. I believe that Eileen Spence, who campaigns against this stuff in our schools, and who was interviewed by Barrhead Boy recently, warned that the pseudo ‘woke’ in the Scottish government had already decided that very young children would be exposed to trans ideology, and we are seeing the results of that decision. Apparently, Rhiannon Spear/s smirked at her when she challenged it at a meeting, saying that we can’t stop them. This needs men to be stand up and be counted, too, so we should thank the Rev, BB, Iain Lawson and others for their blogs that have taken up the torch on our behalf.

  162. Karmanaut

    FFS. Why would anyone trying to persuade children to trust a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” despite clear signs of sinister intent? Talk about grooming 101.

    I expect volume two of this book is the plot to the film “Trust”, in which Clive Owen plays the father of one of the sheep, who goes after the wolf.

  163. Annie 621

    What are they doing to our children?

    This creepy man is employed by the Scottish govt to enter our children’s/grandchildren’s school.
    ..teaching 5 year olds that as long as Snow white is ‘kind’ to the wicked witch dressed up as a poor, old decrepit lady, then she won’t be poisoned by the apple.
    …Snow White ‘was’ kind.
    How dare they muck with children’s minds.
    This is cruel dangerous stuff where no clear boundary is made between good and not good(danger.)
    Grimms fairy tales were scary because they had to show that distinction.
    ..don’t talk to strangers, get in their car and so on.

    Stuart, you are like the huntsman who came to the rescue of little red riding hood and granny by calling to attention all These wicked wrong doings.
    Thank you,
    As Always.

  164. Annie 621

    Ahundredthidiot..Yes, Bob knows a thing or too.,
    It’s a beautiful album,
    Rough and Rowdy Ways.
    Murder most foul to finish?

  165. Alec Lomax

    A hundredidiot. Evil exists, why apply a supernatural cause to it? They used to use such reasoning to kill women conveniently labelled as witches. Mumbo jumbo.

  166. Nally Anders

    Big thanks from another auld boiler for articulating the GRA issues far more succinctly than I.
    Unless the SG drop pursuing their anti-women, social engineering policies I shall not be voting SNP at the forthcoming election given that I thought ‘S’ stood for Scotland and not Stonewall. Instead,I will be lending my support to another Indy party.
    Can’t quite get my head around the situation where supposing my 14yr old niece is standing at a bus stop and some pervert gets his ‘tackle out, she can then make a Police complaint. But next day is forced to undress in the school changing room alongside some wee guy claiming to feel he’s actually a lassie. So much for schools providing safe spaces and dignity for all.
    Some gents have been asking me and others to ‘hold our nose’ vote SNP and sort it out after independence. At their current performance that could be some years away yet. The problem with allowing the erosion if not removal of womens rights is simply once they’re gone, there is no putting the genie back in the bottle.
    No wonder Alex Salmond had to be removed. Sincerely doubt he’d have given the wokies the time of day.

  167. Annie 621

    ..without that question mark.

  168. Saffron Robe

    So the moral of this story is not to be afraid of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but to embrace them? However, imagine what would happen in reality if a wolf did manage to enter a sheep-pen in disguise? The consequences would be horrific. The story is therefore an attempt to imply that people who claim to be what they are not pose no threat e.g. that a man with a penis can safely enter a woman & child’s safe space.

    It really comes as no surprise though that the SNP have been taken over by the Wokerati. Are the SNP leadership not experts in pretending to be what they are not? Incidentally, the original biblical reference to wolves in sheep’s clothing warns us to beware of false prophets. Remind you of anyone?

    There is one further point which struck me in regards to this story. In the West we put a great deal of emphasis on words and their meanings. However in many countries and cultures it is common to replace words with symbols for those who are illiterate. For instance, every political party in India is represented by a symbol so that illiterate voters can identify who they are voting for. Let us therefore extend this to male and female toilets. The traditional symbol is a man and a woman in a skirt but in current times any man can wear a skirt. The most accurate symbols to represent male and female would therefore be stylised symbols of male and female genitalia. Female toilets and safe spaces can then be properly protected in law by making it a crime for any adult with a male appendage to enter them.

  169. wee monkey

    Cenchos says:
    10 November, 2020 at 10:58 am
    Hmm, Scotland’s unemployment rate lower than the rUK, but BBC headline reads ‘Unemployment in Scotland higher for men’. How surprising.

    Why? is it wrong?

  170. JGedd

    Lorna Campbell @ !2.02pm

    I hope that I do underestimate women. Human beings can often surprise. However, the demotion of women from early in human history seems intractable.

    It is the willingness of women to internalize this constant indoctrination that makes it so successful. So much so, that those so conditioned will earnestly deny that such indoctrination exists & that the behaviours defined by conservative society are in fact, their true nature. So much of what is read or viewed by women & especially young girls, seems like an oestrogen cult that they are avid to join.

    Strangely enough (or not so strangely) many of the trans people emphasise their claimed ‘femaleness’ by dressing & presenting themselves according to conservative views of women. It is another way in which the struggles of women not to be straitjacketed by these old-fashioned definitions are being undermined by trans people maintaining that these superficial ways of presenting themselves as women are intrinsic to how they ‘feel’.

    I have often seen women ask those who declare that they always knew themselves to be female, how does that actually feel, because as natal women they don’t know what that means. As far as I can ascertain, they were never answered.

    It is now outlawed apparently, for young girls to be defined as tomboys, once an entirely acceptable stage that many adventurous girls experienced on their way to puberty. Now, seemingly, it has to be re-defined as a desire to actually be male & these girls are persuaded that their ‘confusion’ will be cured by using puberty blockers (dangerous in themselves) before most of them transition using hormones & perhaps even surgery.

    Behind it all seems a desire to control & funnily enough, to use the same methodology that has been used through the ages to control & define women. What is also disappointing is how many female politicians, such as the dreadful Rhiannon Spear, actually appear to have very little empathy with working class women. They seem to be willing to abandon women while working their ticket through the ranks of their party by engaging entirely with the trans community. It’s sheer opportunism & careerism.

    Unfortunately, these female advocates of ‘wokeism’ represent exactly what I was trying to say about how women have been subverted and yes, betrayed by other women, through the centuries.

  171. Lolly

    All you have to do is take a look at these websites to see
    what is already happening to women and children re this
    warped and perverted ideology.

    And much much more of the same.

  172. Christian Schmidt

    The weird thing is that the story doesn’t fit with the claim that transmen are men and transwomen are women. Because Brenda is obviously still a wolf, and not a sheep, while the story clearly tries to show that transwomen are just like other women, what it really shows is that this is not the case.

    Note that basis of the case that transmen are men and transwomen are women is that gender is a social construct. Personally I think that on its own is just not true. But this book goes one step further and argues that species is a social construct, which I think makes even less sense…

  173. Grendel

    Looks like YouTube have blocked the video due to a “defamation” complaint.

  174. Jockanese Wind Talker

    “Looks like YouTube have blocked the video due to a “defamation” complaint.”

    I wonder if this is a “defamation complaint” against Rev Stu @Grendel says at 8:21 am?

  175. barrie gadgie

    @rev stu:
    excellent analysis stu. we underestimate the power of these narratives at our peril.
    ‘fairy stories’ have long had a role in transmitting either vital folk knowledge, or hegemonic values: life can be Grimm..

  176. Gregory Beekman

    What about The Tiger Who Came to Tea?
    You can hardly call that a safeguarding lesson but it was made into a short animated film and is widely loved. Though, in fairness, maybe it was a safeguarding lesson about domestic abuse – do whatever the nasty says and you won’t get hurt.

    Perhaps a better comparison is Star Wars: Return of the Jedi?
    “I can sense the good in you, Father.” See, you can change evil into good!

    And how about Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks?
    “Have I that right?”
    “To destroy the Daleks? You can’t doubt it.”
    “Well, I do.”

    Kids stories also have a “be nice to each other” theme to try and help them not be the little monsters they are, lol!

    Can this be wolf-sheep story be seen as pro-trans? Not sure. But if that was the authors intention, the narrator ruined it by constantly referring to the wolf as a wolf! Which I imagine most narrators would do.

    So not sure if this is anything to be worried about or not. At least it’s narratively better than The Tiger Who Came to Tea, which is simply horrible from start to finish and is the worst anti-feminist nonsense I’ve seen. But I don’t have kids, so what the hell do I know?

  177. LeggyPeggy

    Missed this yesterday from the daily record, So Renfrewshire Council are refusing to publish the report into this,

    * Scots drag queen Flow Job’s visit to Scots primary school sparks more controversy as council refuse to publish report *

  178. Dean Clark

    Fir fucks sakes, just lay off Brenda will you.

  179. Ronnie

    This is a terrible book that corrupts the minds of children

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