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Bottom of the remedial class

Posted on November 10, 2018 by

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    1. 10 11 18 07:56

      Bottom of the remedial class | speymouth

    57 to “Bottom of the remedial class”

    1. jimnarlene says:

      It’d be like musical chairs if all the eejits took their turn.

    2. starlaw says:

      Needs more stools and caps, nice one Chris.

    3. Giving Goose says:

      I find it difficult to believe that Mr Kelly can be this stupid.
      Is it a front and a deliberate attempt to dumb down Scottish politics?
      Is he playing a clown as some greater strategy?
      Or is it none of these and Mr Kelly is just a typical Labour British Nationalist idiot?

    4. Morgatron says:

      A work of art Chris, these two thick muppets display the very reason we need to change the electoral system. Politico Thickos , Annie canny hold my ain pish & sleekit brain dead Kelly. Both an embarrassment to our parliment and a stain on the pants of PR.

    5. Bob Mack says:

      Mr Kelly is not a stupid man ,but he is a deceptive one.
      Mr Kelly is gambling you see. He is putting issues of football, sectarianism and all the paraphernalia of Glasgow front and centre of his campaign. In doing so he wishes to be seen as a friend of all football fans, playing the even handed “Joe” to your club no matter what side of the divide they play on

      It is playing to both sides of sectarianism, allowing you to sing your songs and chant your bile without concern.

      OBFA will be his banner during elections,reminding us of what he achieved as his political mark.

      I think Mr Kelly has made a miscalculation,which is concerning as he is a Chartered Accountant and Computer Programmer to trade.
      People will remember him,but not necessarily for the reasons he hopes. Scotland wants and needs to move on from bigotry,whilst the Kellys and Davidsons of this world need it to remain and to grow to keep them in office.

    6. Truth says:

      The look on Annie’s face is priceless.

      I saw James at Motherwell train station a few months ago. I’ve never seen someone look so sheepish in public.

      I thought then that maybe he isn’t an idiot. Maybe he knows exactly what he is doing and is simply a treacherous bastard.

    7. Ken500 says:

      The loser wins. D’Hond’t. The unionists illegal electoral system. Throws up a bunch of useless bastards. Paid from London HQ’s to try to ruin the Scottish economy, A bunch of ignorant total liars and hypocrites. Depraved of any responsibility. Useless half wits dragged in off the streets. Lining they’re pockets on other people’s misery. The unionist warmongers. The Brexit shambles, Totally clueless. Honest to goodness are they supposed to be a government? Losing £Billions of taxpayers money on complete and utter nonsense and starving people. What a shower.

      Those who can do, those who can’t join unionist Parties. People join the SNP for what they can give. They join Unionists Parties for what they can get, especially in Scotland. The Westminster incompetents are still taking £Billions illegally out of Scotland. Stagnating the economy with Westminster centralist economic policies.

      The Brexit mess of totally incompetent ignorance. They do not know what to do next to cause trouble. Killing millions of people, worldwide. It would be funny if it was not so tragic. Dangerous, desperate people. They do not care who they harm as long as they are their associates are making money out of it. Usually illegally.

    8. Fred says:

      Kelly’s goal is to cling onto that nice little earner as a Slab list MSP.

    9. Capella says:

      You’ve captured the wit and wisdom of Ms Wells and Mr Kelly very well, Chris. We certainly can’t accuse the Labour and Tory opposition of not being “inclusive”.

    10. robertknight says:

      The original “Heid the baw”. Is there any discernible difference between how he sounds whether pissed or sober?

      Scottish Labour – More donkeys than Blackpool beach!

    11. winifred mccartney says:

      Better together.

      How NS kept her cool when he complained about wanting SG to do something about sectarianism and bigotry was amazing. What a leader she is, but the rest of us can only gasp in horror at his idiocy. Can I nominate him for the list of thickos.

    12. Ian Mccubbin says:

      It looks more chairs needed. What a pair lol s

    13. wull2 says:

      As it is Saturday.
      A song that could be sung at every Scottish football ground, to the same tune as the Darts use.
      Say YES if you love Scottish Football.

    14. Muscleguy says:

      i suspect we underestimate him, he just has no shame and unbelievable cheek. He knows what he does but does it anyway. Annie Wells otoh is truly deficient in the smarts dept.

    15. Rick H Johnston says:

      Brilliant Chris, But after watching Kelly’s plea that something needs to be done anent sectarianism in football, the FM showed her class by not throwing the scrapping of the OBFA back in his face. Even the dugs in the street were chuckling at this man’s sheer brass neck.
      Annie Wells possesses the dunce’s cap for now but Michele (I’m keepin ma mooth shut)
      Ballantine is in the queue to take it off her.

    16. British Labour,British Conservative and Unionist and British Broadcasting Corporation trying to stir the sh@t in Scotland,

      trying to manufacture division,discord and conflict,

      the oldest establishment trick,

      divide and rule.

    17. Brian Cahill says:

      No shame,no intelligence a perfect combination of idiocy.Therefore eligible as a list candidate for either the Labour or the Tory party.

    18. Breeks says:

      It’s awfully forgiving of us to put Kelly’s sanctimonious and malevolent shit stirring down to the mere lack of intelligence.

    19. frogesque says:

      @ Brian Cargill: 9.43

      There’s a difference?

    20. galamcennalath says:

      Great image as usual.

      I think we are seeing two things here.

      Firstly, genuinely third division politicians who are completely out of their depth.

      Secondly, politicians who believe many voters aren’t engaged and aren’t aware of the twists and turns of politics. They think they can say what they want and voters won’t notice or will quickly forget. The sad reality is such attitudes have been born out of experience – too many voters in the past didn’t care. Those days are gone now.

      This is a much watch OT video. I don’t think you will be disappointed 🙂

    21. Josef Ó Luain says:

      Re: speculation concerning Kelly. He’s a typical, Glaswegian fly-man of the type that has historically hung around Parkhead, Ibrox and Glasgow City Council. Like his counterparts his central concerns are his bank-account and his status within that narrow world. Jimmy is doing well for himself, folks.

    22. Golfnut says:

      @ galamcennalath.

      Brill, thanks for posting that video.

    23. Capella says:

      I check the BBC website most days to see what they are presenting as newsworthy to their beleaguered subjects. It is striking how often the top story is about some event in another country. How international, you might think. But no. It is always the same country, the USA. It’s about Trump, or the Mid Terms, or the invading migrants, or a mass shooting or forest fires.

      I would prefer news from Canada or Australia. I have relatives there. Obviously, nothing ever happens in the Rest of the World and European news is entirely consumed by BREXIT.

      R Scotland currently discussing the Mid Terms in detail with media pundits remarking on how fascinated they are.

    24. Golfnut says:


      Kelly’s question, he knows what he’s doing. Basically showing the finger at the over 60% of every demographic of the voters in Scotland who wanted OBFA retained.

    25. McBoxheid says:

      Probably a reason for it, but as long as anyone can become a politician, you will get the like of what we get these days.

      Maybe, after indy they should need to be qualified in politics and economics, or whatever its called today.

      Anybody can become a doctor, after all. They just have to qualify. LOLZ When you get the finance minister, or shadow minister that hasn’t got the ability mathematically or economically, then they cannot hope to be inspirational or even basically adept, (see JB’s abacus).

      Trades men and women have be qualified, or have someone on the books to start their own company in Germany, but sales people or politicians do not need that requirement.

      I wonder if this is because it was the only requirement that they used to need to own anything was being a member of the ruling classes in the old feudalism days? That is important and another reason for the Union to break up the clan system.

      I’m starting to ramble now, so I’ll stop.

    26. starlaw says:

      Kelly knows what he is doing, he’s an exhibitionist anything to get his mug on telly is the height of his ambition, and he does not care how he does it no thought is given to repercusions of his actions or who might get hurt or even killed, just to get his mug on the telly.

    27. Robert Peffers says:

      Ah! Chris! You have outdone yourself with this one.

      That is, to date, your best yet.

    28. McBoxheid says:

      These politicians don’t do joined up thinking. They follow the party line. That party line is directed from Westminster and a knee jerk hatred and desire to undo anything that the Scottish Government achieves. They don’t care if it makes sense or not.

      They don’t care if the majority of their constituents or regional list area support the policies that they oppose. These people have never thought for themselves. The UK Goverment want the Scottish Parliament to fail at any cost, and the Unionist party, whatever colour variation, care only for their own personal gain.

      Profit before party, party before country. Anything to end their career with a bit of ermine and a place in that retirement home.

    29. Thepnr says:

      It’s Kelly’s turn in the corner again since Annie’s been put out the door for being naughty.

      Very good video and I like the idea.

    30. Gullane No4 says:

      The only people who objected to OBFA seemed to me to be a few thousand Old Firm supporters and folk who maid hay by promoting their sectarian divide.
      Press/TV, scarf/kit manufactures, Churches etc.

      The vast majority of Scottish voters were very much in favour of it.
      Mr Kelly’s party will be reminded of that come the next election.

    31. call me dave says:

      Captured the essence of the opposition there. 🙂


      Struck a chord with me there about radio shortbread on Saturdays where they discuss the minutiae of all that is happening in places that are not Scotland.

      Scottish affairs is taboo the noo…Oh wait!

    32. Chick McGregor says:

      And once again, an electron runs along the SLAB front bench looking for a neuron to fire on.

    33. Luigi says:

      Sigh, here we go again. Sometimes the “dumb” BritNat politicians like to play extra thick for personal or party advantage. Not sure about James this time – surely not that thick?

      Annie, on the other hand, seems to be, beyond any reasonable doubt, the genuine article. 🙂

    34. Dan Huil says:

      Tractors both. Dunces? Well, they’ve both got a [dis]honours degree in hatred for Scotland.

    35. Macart says:

      Oh, that’s good. 🙂

    36. Colin Alexander says:

      Nice sums up the third rate importance of WM devolution politics administered by third rate politicians. For those that are interested, nice cartoon by Chris.

      Personally, I’m more interested in how we are able to exercise our sovereignty and achieve independence, when led by an SNP that have prioritised Brexit and their SNP devolution policies for the last few years.

    37. Cubby says:

      Bob Mack@8.10am

      Nope disagree. You can be both stupid and try to be deceptive. Are you sure he is a qualified CA? Maybe he has been deceptive about his qualifications and abilities?

      If he is not stupid then he is a bloody good actor. Either way he is an odious creature pretty much in line with most of the Labour MSPs. Old style Labour dinosaurs who thought Scotland was their own personal fiefdom to rule. I’ll bet he is just another list MSP thinking he has a job for life.

      Standing up at First Ministers and rabbitting on about Neil Lennon being attacked and asking the Scottish gov to do something about it. What a chancer/hypocrite. He offers no solutions himself but fails to recognise the increase in violence since he orchestrated the removal of the Scotgov Offensive Behaviour at Football Act. The worst type of politician imaginable. It’s about time the SNP starting celebrating the 100 year anniversary of all the Labour party’s promises that they have still to deliver on. Starting with the Home Rule they promised to Scotland prior to the start of WW1.

      The Labour Party did nothing for Scotland. Just another Britnat party subservient to London.

    38. defo says:

      Firm, but fair.

      You’ve done good holiday boy.

    39. winifred mccartney says:

      galamcennalath thank you for that utube catch – Its great to see teens portrayed the way the vast majority really are.

      They must be just as sick as indy folk about the way they are portrayed in media. The msm just can’t help themselves with their divide and rule agenda.

    40. Thepnr says:

      O/T Brexit again and a good piece by robert Peston.

      And just in case you – or May – harbours residual hopes that Labour will bail her out (which is not completely bonkers following Corbyn’s statement yesterday that he can’t “stop” Brexit), I can tell you now categorically that it won’t.

      Labour will vote against the deal. “It’s impossible for us to vote for a May deal” a very influential member of the party tells me…

      In the end MPs will get their way – because ultimately power resides with them. But what you may have noticed is that although MPs are united on hating May’s Brexit, they are not on what comes after, which could be referendum, or general election, or Brexit renegotiation, or negotiation to join the European Economic Area, or no-deal Brexit (there are supporters in parliament for each of these outcomes).

      It’s the mother of all flippin’ messes.

    41. Macart says:


      They’re catching up then in the meeja. 🙂

    42. Ottomanboi says:

      The Brexit mess is a once in a million years golden opportunity for the banner carrier of Scottish Nationalism to make productive mischief. We’ll have to make do with the fuzzy Peoples Vote and Scotland, gayest country in the cosmos instead.
      We need a serious, independence driven party that is not away in socially virtuous, cloud cuckoo land.

    43. Artyhetty says:


      Absolutely correct Bob, Kelly is not stupid or thick. These people are not thick, they are taking orders from their masters to undermine the Scottish parliament, and particularly to create disorder in any which way in Scotland ( they know it’s a cinch with football) so that they can shout very loudly at the SNP, that they are doing nothing to stop bad things happening in Scottish society.

      Imagine, wanting and actively working to create violent situations in your own country for political gain, and so you can keep taking your huge payment from the public purse for doing so. It happens the world over, the powerful use the small guy to do their dirty work. You just have to look at what’s happened and is happening in Latin America and in Africa to see that malarky going on.

      You have to divide people in order to keep control and to keep them fighting amongst themselves. Then you can take their resources all the while calling them a rogue state or whatever, portrayed as dysfunctional with an out of control government ( even though democratically elected ). You can even plant troublemakers if no one takes the drugs, drink, or cash you are offering to them to cause havoc.

      The Britnats are desperate, this kind of deception by those happy to do the Britnats at the top dirty work, will only get worse.

      They are by and large not stupid or thick, deceitful, but not daft. Well except that Annie what’s her name, the less savvy ones get caught!

    44. Artyhetty says:


      They might be not the brightest for sure, but they take their orders and very lucrative wage to do the dirty work for those at the top. Be in no doubt, these people don’t work alone. Kelly and his Labour branch in Scotland have a hatred for the SNP that is irrational, how convenient for their masters in the Britnat Labour party, they are playing on that, using it.

      You can imagine their meetings, what’s it called, when they try to think up ideas for adverts, but Labour spend their time thinking up ways to undermine the SNP, ( or rather it’s done for them) even to the detriment of Scotland, Scotland’s people and Scotland’s economy. They are a disgrace to Scotland!!

    45. geeo says:

      What can you say about a Chris Cairns cartoon ?

      Every Saturday is his best ever, until next Saturday !

      That takes genuine talent.

    46. HandandShrimp says:



    47. Cactus says:

      “He sings himself to sleep, a song frae the darkest hour… oh sit down, oh sit down, oh sit down, sit down next to Annie, in sympathy”

      Ye may have lost yer seat JK, but ye still get yer pokey hat.

      Yer punishment exercise will be along shortly.

      Face the walls, Wells!

      D for dolt.

    48. Macjim says:

      A real gem… priceless

    49. HandandShrimp says:

      I said when they repealed the OBFA that Kelly et al would own the problem if trouble re-emerged. Of course I never expected them to take ownership. They simply don’t have the skills to exhibit that sort of leadership.

    50. Ghillie says:

      Galamcennalath @ 10.07 am

      That made my day 🙂

      An act of kindness for St Andrew’s day =)

      I can aspire to that!

    51. susan says:

      Kelly isn’t stupid, it’s all planned to keep the divisions nicely stoked. Labour: shit stirring bastards.

    52. Grouse Beater says:

      Sometimes, Chris, enjoying your cartoons, I’m aware events move so swiftly we need a new one immediately faced by relentless Westminster shenanigans and Holyrood’s pantomime. Anyhow …

      Your essential weekend reading:

      A Declaration of Independence:
      A terrific heist movie:

    53. Robert Peffers says:

      @Colin Alexander says: 10 November, 2018 at 11:47 am:

      ” … Personally, I’m more interested in how we are able to exercise our sovereignty and achieve independence, when led by an SNP that have prioritised Brexit and their SNP devolution policies for the last few years.”

      Well, Colin, I’m sure Nicola will bow to your superior intellect and defer her obviously flawed plans to implement whatever it is you recommend.

      Mind you, you will need to ask her nicely while you explain how your plans are superior to hers. she is, after all a reasonable lady.

    54. Alba woman says:

      Saw James making his way into Morrison’s with his neat shopping bag. He did not look in the best of moods…he looked as if someone had stolen his baw ….

      Mr. Kelly haunts his old area with a face like fizz….he really believes he is entitled to the vote in this area…..born and bred in the Labour family….the Sopranos would understand the connections…….

      there is the hierarchy of maledom in the Labour lot and being defeated in his own area, born and bred, just lowers his status in the jungle that is the Labour Party.

      He has to beat his chest and do something, anything ,to improve his status…, where else would he get that kind of dosh ?

    55. Malky says:

      Another wonderful graphical depiction of how our fate is in the hands of idiots in Scotland.

    56. Josef Ó Luain says:

      @ Malky

      If that truly were the case, Malky, then surely we could’ve dumped the same idiots years ago. We’re actually “in the hands of” idiots in Westminster, and have been for a very long time.

    57. Chick McGregor says:

      I’m picking up on a meme crossover here.

      Ned Kelly and the Tin man without a brain, both apparently from Oz????

      Could this really just be coincidence?

      I can hear the mashup refrain ‘Follow the Red Brick road, Follow the Red Brick road, if I only had a brain.’

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