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Are you being served?

Posted on October 19, 2019 by

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    1. 19 10 19 08:56

      Are you being served? | speymouth

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    1. Socrates MacSporran says:

      No use smashing the window, it would only upset Mine Host.

      Better to start a better, more-welcoming bar next door

    2. jimnarlene says:


    3. Gary45% says:

      Chris, Genius
      Nice One.

    4. Fergus Green says:

      Would you actually want a pint of blond bitter?

    5. John says:

      Poor Hamish , always on the outside looking in .

    6. Capella says:

      That sums up my feelings exactly. Outside, looking in with disdain at the fools paradise called Westminster. Let’s just walk away.

    7. Harry mcaye says:

      Can anyone explain this third possibility, the new amendment that will probably be allowed to go before parliament? It’s partly to avoid a No Deal scenario in the event of the deal being voted through. Eh?

    8. Ian McCubbin says:

      I would rather be outside a bar like and definitely start my own with ??????? and inside the ????????

    9. Ian McCubbin says:

      Ah no flags allowed ?

    10. starlaw says:

      Well done yet again Chris Not a pub I’d go near.

    11. manandboy says:

      Brilliant once again, Chris!

      Somewhere, over the rainbow, PMJohnson will become an honest man. Till then, his constant effort is to deceive both the EU and the UK, as he promises today, with brazen insincerity, to uphold EU employment laws in the latest manifestation of Tory treachery.

      Perfidious Albion marches on.

    12. Shug says:

      I see the BBC is bigging up the story the catalans are violent and attacking police and not violent police are attacking peaceful people wanting avote

    13. Terry callachan says:

      England wants brexit but it also wants to keep control of S NI W

      They will do anything to active that aim
      And I do mean anything

      A long way til the last page is turned in this book

      It’s not the 31st October yet

      Once that date is reached we will see what the SNP is about

      You have to keep faith especially when the going gets tough

    14. Terry callachan says:

      England wants brexit but it also wants to keep control of S NI W

      They will do anything to achieve that aim
      And I do mean anything

      A long way til the last page is turned in this book

      It’s not the 31st October yet

      Once that date is reached we will see what the SNP is made of

      You have to keep faith especially when the going gets tough

    15. MaggieC says:

      Well done Chris this is great ,
      To be honest we don’t really want to be in this pub being served by a BArSTewARD like that , hope their pint of blond bitter chokes the lot of them .

    16. Fergus Green says:

      How about we build our own bar where everyone is welcome and we serve more than one kind of beer?

    17. manandboy says:

      Adam Bienkov on Twitter :
      “Boris Johnson told an audience of Northern Irish Conservative party members in July this year that “under no circumstances, whatever happens, will I allow the EU or anyone else to create any kind of division down the Irish Sea”

      Yet changing your mind is disallowed in Brexit.

      The UK electorate has changed its mind on leaving the EU, but the English Establishment has to be saved, and to that end, the will of the electorate must be re-written through the repeated insistence on going back in time to June 23rd 2016 to the crooked Brexit result. This is time forced to stand still in this fantasy for the few.

      As a result, the MPs in the House of Commons are effectively on trial. Are they guilty, as charged, of betraying those whom they are elected to represent, or do they have the courage and integrity to stand with the majority.

      Ultimately, it is England which is on trial. When it’s over, England will be a place where truth, justice and the rule of law prevails, or a place where lies, corruption and unlawful governance holds sway.

      On the charge of lies & corruption, we already know the UK media is guilty, the Tory Party is guilty, the Johnson government is guilty, the Establishment is guilty. What’s left? Not the Labour Party or the LibDems. The electorate? Yes, and those who are still connected to the electorate in an authentic way.

      There’s a lot more at stake than meets the merely Brexit eye.

    18. Capella says:

      Jo Maugham QC on Boris Johnston’s promise to respect workers’ rights.

      These commitments cannot be legally embedded. They will last only as long as it is convenient to the Government for them to last. They have all the continuing force of a promise from your date you’ll still be respected in the morning

      Which is exactly how he would treat any promise to provide a S30.

    19. galamcennalath says:

      Ouch, Hamish, yer no missin oor much. The Blonde Bitter tastes like pish. Awa an hae a decent pint next door at the EU Arms!

    20. mumsyhugs says:

      Actually it’s kind of sad because not all of our celtic friends want to sup with the devil. They’re trapped in a lock-in after hours. We at least have a chance of a drink in Hamish’s beer garden out in the fresh air.

    21. Dan says:

      Reuters reports… Scots found in unusual territory… where for once they would actually be happy to be thrown out of a pub.

      Hey there Welsh dragon. Don’t you be drinking that yellow pishwater yer neighbour is selling and let it dampen down your Indy fire.

    22. They didn’t call him John Bull for nothing.

    23. Abulhaq says:

      Get a life Nicola! There’s is a world beyond boring Brexit. Let the English and Welsh go if that is their wish.
      We are not our neighbours’ minder and who cares about the almost defunct unionist Labour party.
      Turn the page, we grow weary of this narrative.

    24. Dod says:

      Loving Arlene’s new haircut .

    25. Breeks says:

      Tremendous. A cartoon where everybody gets what they asked for, including Scotland who apparently wanted to be left out in the cold all along.

      Knighthood for Sturgeon.

    26. John H. says:

      I wonder when Plan A comes in to effect. I think it has to be soon now, as the doors are starting to close on us, and I fear we will never get another chance at independence for a very long time.

      These people are crazy, and their intentions toward, not just Scotland, but the whole of the UK are not good. Dominic Raab and Priti patel co-authored a book in which they stated that British workers are the laziest in the world, overpaid and with too much protection.

      Once we are out of the EU leave voters are in for a shock when they find out what they have done.

    27. Bob Mack says:

      @John H,

      Everhbody is in for a shock whether they voted leave or remain.

      As for Hamish, be was ejdcted from the bar without a fight.

    28. Col.Blimp IV says:

      I fear Boris is going to win the Battle of Brexit and the SNP will have wasted three years trying to save the English from their selves.

      Thre is perhaps still a chance of pinning Scotland to the Northern Irish exception but I don’t think the Brexitiers will actually need the 30 odd votes.

      So we are left hoping that the Scots are more outraged than they are wearied and disillusioned by this marathon parlor game.

      Can you not hear the cries of “We can’t afford to waste any more time on constitutional squabbling” “We need to start dealing with the things that matter” etc etc…?

    29. Bob Mack says:

      Blackford makes an impassioned speech then laughs at the Prime Ministers jokes

      Ask yourself this. Would you be?

    30. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Ian Blackford :
      “Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU against its will!”

      I fear this is in danger of becoming the SNP’s epitaph.

      We boast, then we cower
      We beg
      For a piece of
      What’s already ours…

    31. Muscleguy says:

      @Terry Callachan
      “You have to keep faith especially when the going gets tough”

      Faith is what you use when you have no information, no evidence and not a clue and are being fed ‘jam tomorrow’ promises by preachers with no more idea than you keen to lead you down the garden path for their own self aggrandisement.

      I’m an Atheist Scientist, I don’t do faith, I do information, evidence and analysis. I also object strenuously to my intelligence being mocked.

      I’ve had two emails from ‘The First Minister’ of late trying to sell me snake oil. I have replied respectfully and poltely to both making logical and evidence led arguments. I have not been dignified with a reply.

      So this is a snake oil salesperson and not any sort of dialogue and my vote is being taken for granted while I show ‘faith’.

      Like on Sturgeon’s carelessness over GRA utilising her middle class privilege to say she cannot see any issues for her. I have three sisters, two daughters, 5 nieces of my own and two more of my wife’s. I get to worry about them in the brave new world of unisex changing rooms and toilets, of sex pests in women’s shelters and prisons, of prurient boys perving girls having their first periods in school loos.

      Already in some places which have made the change down in England girls are missing school when they have their periods and Ms Sturgeon wants me to have faith that this will be alright here?

      Feck that.

    32. McDuff says:

      After brexit when we will hopefully have a swift indy 2 we will have to be seriously prepared for more scare tactics.
      We must have answers for the “independence will be catastrophic for Scotland in the aftermath of brexit being out of the union and the EU”.
      We must have the answers and solutions as the thought of losing Indy 2 would be unbearable.

    33. Chris, I have to say this, your toons are the best, ever.

    34. John says:

      Thirteen times NI mention in Bojo’s speech , Scotland not once , what does that tell you .
      Boris being very amiable to all parties , no harsh words , HOC are lapping him and his jokes up , he is riding high , he thinks he is the Master of the Universe and so do the Tories in Scotland , Stephen Kerr can hardly contain himself !.

    35. Col.Blimp IV says:


      Unfortunately, these answers will be by necessity, remarkably similar to the ones the SNP have been poo-pooing for the last three years.

      And the points the Unionists will be making will be almost identical to what the SNP have been saying for those same three years.

      My nightmare is that The SNP will become with every fibre of its collectively responsible, led from the top, being … A party of The European Union.

      Independence being nothing more than a pre-requisite to returning to the fold.

      “Rule Europa!

      Raspberries and Jam

      Four Chinese crackers up your arse-hole

      Bang! bangety bang! bang! bang!

    36. kapelmeister says:

      Blackford emphasises at the end of his speech that England is getting what it voted for, Wales is getting what it voted for, Northern Ireland is getting a special deal but Scotland is getting a disaster it voted against.

      How does Johnson answer that historic injustice?

      He crows about the England rugby result.

    37. Colin Alexander says:

      If Hamish the lion was wearing an SNP rosette he would be on its knees anaw, begging to save the Union.

      The Evil Empire’s colonial Scotland Act waving proudly in his paw, with the sovereign Scotland Declaration of Arbroath and Claim of Right 1689 trampled over by his muddy paws.

    38. ben madigan says:

      @ John who said
      “Thirteen times NI mention in Bojo’s speech , Scotland not once , what does that tell you”

      It tells me that Mr Johnson clearly understood the message Dr Varadkar delivered to him during their meeting in the Wirral

    39. stuart mctavish says:

      On bright side, today’s debate could be a cracker depending how many were seduced by the benign label on the snake oil and got tricked into downing a double round of elephant beer every time England scored.

    40. Welsh Sion says:

      From other parts of this Disunited Kingdumb:

      Dear friend,

      Today, the House of Commons will be asked to take a decision on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. This is a decision that will have serious consequences for the lives of the people of Wales for years to come.

      Sign Wales’ Declaration against the Deal [Link]

      You will know that Plaid Cymru took a stand against the damaging deal negotiated by Theresa May, to protect our country.

      Today, Plaid Cymru will once again vote against this so-called ‘new deal’. The reality is that it is nothing more than a worse version of the old deal with the addition of a hard border in the Irish Sea.

      We cannot in good faith vote for a deal that will devastate our agricultural and manufacturing industries, deny us of our rights to live, study and work across Europe and make our communities poorer.

      Stand with us to make sure that Boris Johnson knows that we oppose his deal by signing our Declaration against the Deal.

      Sign Wales’ Declaration against the Deal [Link]

      This deal is manifestly unfair to the people of Wales. While it provides Northern Ireland with a ‘soft Brexit’ cushion, no such provisions have been made for our country.

      Instead, Wales will face the full brace of challenges associated with a ‘hard Brexit’. This will allow an empowered Tory government to slash environmental protections, strip workers’ rights, and flood the market with cheap, poor quality imports.

      If Northern Ireland can have a special arrangement that provides them with access to the single market, Wales should be given the same option. We should be allowed to decide whether we want a partnership with our European friends and allies, or a weaker trade deal negotiated by the British State.

      My Plaid Cymru colleagues and I are clear in our message to Johnson. If the British Government is so convinced of the merits of this deal, they should put it before the people in a Final Say Referendum.

      There is no doubt in my mind that this deal disadvantages Wales and I assure you that the Plaid Cymru group in Westminster will be resolute in our defence of Wales’ interests. Join us, sign the Declaration.

      Sign Wales’ Declaration against the Deal [Link]

      For Wales,

      Liz Saville Roberts MP

      Leader, Plaid Cymru @ Westminster

    41. Breeks says:

      McDuff says:
      19 October, 2019 at 10:27 am
      After brexit when we will hopefully have a swift indy 2 we will have to be seriously prepared for more scare tactics….


    42. Bibbit says:

      Wow. One of the very best. Drink yourself silly, to celebrate.

    43. Grouse Beater says:

      That’ll be a scene from the old Union Inn pub, Chris.

      What a hellish state we are in, the whole UK, not just Scotland’s predicament. I think of Gibraltar and its 98% for Remain vote and how that true blue Brit place has been told to lump it.

      Your essential weekend reading:

      Time for a Scottish Republic:
      An Excess of Democracy:

    44. Colin Alexander says:

      The SNP cannot serve two masters. They must choose now:

      British Union administrators with their British Empire colonial powers s30 referendum


      the representatives of the sovereign people of Scotland and leaders of the independence movement.

    45. Phronesis says:

      Take back control you say, make Britain great again, get Brexit done and move onto other priorities like the NHS. Ah yes that old ruse, appealing to the emotional attachment to our last great testament to the Welfare State to sway belief in your Brexit deal. From the party that has gradually dismantled the NHS and the Welfare State with very little opposition and whose modus operandi is to exploit any financial opportunity that benefits the few. Brexit – that clusterbourach that Scotland the country did not vote for- will finally push the NHS over a cliff edge into the coffers of Trump HealthCare Inc.

      Scotland will leave the crumbling platform of the UK and take back control. It’s time.

      ‘In 2018/19, the total cost of tackling the backlog of maintenance issues in NHS trusts rose by 8.4 per cent to £6.5 billion. And of this over half, £3.4 billion, was for issues that present a high or significant risk to patients and staff…High-risk issues are identified where repairing or replacing NHS facilities or equipment ‘must be addressed with urgent priority in order to prevent catastrophic failure, major disruption to clinical services or deficiencies in safety liable to cause serious injury and/or prosecution’…We are not talking then about carpets that are looking a little shabby, or letting a building become run down when it is scheduled for closure. We are talking instead about facilities and equipment that are so outdated they no longer comply with statutory safety standards…One director of an NHS trust told me that broken gutters in his hospital lead to water seeping through the walls when it rains heavily. This happens so frequently that nurses now give ‘water updates’ in their shift handovers, so incoming team members know when they will have to start unplugging electrical equipment – including incubators for newborn babies – from the wall. This is clearly distressing for patients, carers and staff…And in the interim, as long as these questions remain unanswered, the NHS estate will continue to deteriorate and fall into disrepair. People often talk about the need to create a ‘burning platform’ for change. The platform under the NHS isn’t just burning, it’s crumbling’

    46. manandboy says:


      The DUP – the political arm of NI Loyalist paramilitaries, in alliance with the Conservative government, to support and maintain in power. And to be paid handsomely for the privilege.

      The UDA and the UVF are of course volunteers and are not given any share of the £billions from Westminster.


      “THE DUP has defended its leader’s decision to meet loyalist paramilitaries to discuss the implications of a mooted Brexit deal that could see a so-called border in the Irish Sea.

      Arlene Foster and other senior party figures are reported to have held talks in recent days with high-ranking figures from the UVF and UDA – including south Belfast’s Jackie McDonald.

      The meetings follow weekend reports of potential loyalist protests if the Northern Ireland’s status in the UK is “diluted” after the UK leaves the EU.”

    47. Karmanaut says:

      Cartoon sums it up. Just had to switch off parliament TV before I threw something at Steven Barclay’s gob. I can’t recall the last time I was *this* angry at the shitstorm that is UK politics. We voted for the Tories to piss all over us and they’re doing it now and really enjoying it.

    48. mike cassidy says:

      What a pub!

      The Last Chancers’ Saloon!

      And Kevin McKenna didnae get served either.

    49. McDuff says:

      Breaks 11.17
      If you have something to say then say it.
      Of course I can’t stop you being childish if you want to.

    50. Roger says:

      Keir Stamer has now gone full unionist – all that was missing was the phrase ‘our precious union’

    51. Clapper57 says:

      Alun Cairns Welsh Sec of State…says that MP’s from ‘Leave’ areas will not be able to look their voters in the eye if they vote down Theresa May’s Bojo’d deal….so from the opposite perspective I take it he extends the same sentiment to the MP’s from areas that voted ‘Remain’….

      Cairns like Mundell and Jack….cares not for the impact on ‘their’ respective countries should this deal be implemented but instead bow down to the party that favours but one part of this union (non)….the part that ‘wants Brexit done’…in return they hope that part will elect their party in the forthcoming GE by a majority.

      The Scottish Tories will vote for this deal…as for some reason they have decided to, unwisely, en masse insist this is what Scottish people want…to get Brexit done……though in reality they know this is sheeite…for being Tory party ‘YES’ men they will surely lose their seats….

      Ross Thomson , as an honourary NI Representative is delighted with the benefit NI has been given…as NI was a big issue for Ross…the potential impact on Scotland not so much…NI backstop was a major stumbling block for him with the Theresa May deal….where as Scotland voting remain and indeed his own respective area…well that somehow, in Ross’s head , was not and still is not an issue worth defending…bet Ruth is glad he was put up for election in 2017….he’s helped f**k her political career as leader of Scottish Tories….Ross was not so much answering to Ruth more answering back…Lol

      As Chris’s cartoon above depicts…everyone is being served up the very thing they voted for in Brexit except Scotland…once again we are on the outside….on the periphery…looking in from the outside and never considered worthy to be included or consulted…indeed never considered at all… it is time , if Scots want that to change, to take charge and say if now is not the time then it may as well be never….because if we condone this as being acceptable for us then we truly deserve to be treated this way…….and it will get worse for us all in Scotland if some of us do not open our eyes to this because then we are telling those who oppress us that we will continue to be subservient and comply with anything they wish to subject upon us…..

      Alternatively …………we have a choice……and that is why we elected a party whose last manifesto stated they would go for independence….if there was any material change , like being taken out of the EU against our will…which it appears is going to happen….so it’s over to you SNP…..we would like the light switched off on the UK (non) Union not kept on indefinitely…see Alyn Smith MEP he knows about lights….well that is keeping a light on for Scotland in the EU at least..

    52. kapelmeister says:

      A majority of the people of England appear largely unaware of the dark metamorphosis taking place in their country.

    53. kapelmeister says:

      Are You Being Served?

      No. And unlike Mr Humphries Scotland isn’t free.

      The UK is Disgrace Bros. department store.

    54. callmedave says:


      Very good! 🙂

    55. galamcennalath says:

      kapelmeister says:

      A majority of the people of England appear largely unaware of the dark metamorphosis taking place in their country.


      Too many people focusing on Strictly Dancing and Got Talent while ignoring the political landscape.

      A media biased towards a right wing agenda and reporting a narrow range of topics.

      Plus a metropolitan bubble which thinks nothing happens nor matters beyond the M25.

      Well, let’s just leave them to it, we can chart another course.

      The big question is of course ….. by accident or design?

    56. Terry callachan says:

      Michael Gove says in Westminster parliament right now , live on BBC
      “ we respect brexit and remain choices , but more than that we respect democracy”


    57. Terry callachan says:

      Muscleguy, you said you are a scientist and an atheist , then immediately bring religion to the conversation ?

      Faith means confidence , that what I have

    58. Clapper57 says:

      Ian Dunt one of those liberal minded prominent remainers, has been tweeting a running commentary on events in HOC today so he tweeted the following on Ian Blackford’s contributions :

      “Blackford has been talking for a very, very long time”

      “He has also said the word “shafted” a lot. Like, a lot. At least eight times more than was strictly necessary”.

      “Blackford is now moving his amendment for the SNP, which basically says we should just revoke the whole thing. Not much to concern yourself with here, it won’t pass”.

      Dunt quoted Blackford as saying “Scotland has been totally and utterly shafted.”

      Then tweeted :

      “Fair to say there is a significantly difference between Letwin and Blackford’s approach”.

      “Right, I’m going to take a quick vape break”

      Yeh Ian it’s only one of Scotland’s elected representatives going on and on about Scotland….best time to go and have a vape and then get back…and not miss important speeches to what really matters for YOUR country …..from an English perspective…poor you having to tolerate listening to how Scotland been shafted….not your concern though…more about how YOUR country can try and find a way to avoid leaving the EU… know YOUR country that VOTED to LEAVE….as opposed to Scotland that voted to REMAIN.

      Seems it’s not only politicians from Unionist parties that dismiss us and our concerns at being shafted….those liberal minded prominent remainers are pretty good at it too….would loved to have shafted people like Dunt by NOT voting in HIS precious so called ‘People’s vote’…see how he would like feeling shafted ….or alternatively………

      Realise there is a reason people’s Surnames can rhyme with a rude word….because it fits perfectly with who they are by how they act and what they say…does it not…Lol

      Dunt may be a remainer but he also never fails to present his Unionist side….twas ever thus and ever thus shall be…sigh.

    59. Terry callachan says:

      SNP standing firm , biding their time , once the brexit vote result is in SNP will determine their next move.
      We cannot do anything or make an announcement until the brexit vote is in.

    60. schrodingers cat says:

      hoc passes letwin amendment

      an extension is now certain.

      we wont leave on 31st oct

    61. Clapper57 says:

      Poor Bojo….he no happy chappy.

      Guess that’s what happens when you try to DUPe the DUP….Lol

      To be sure..To be sure…

    62. Roger says:

      I bet Boris won’t write that letter…

    63. HYUFD says:

      Now the SNP have refused again to respect the Leave vote Boris will rightly refuse any indyyref2. If Spain can block an Independence referendum so can we!

    64. callmedave says:

      Cherry asks if Bercow would write and sign the letter to the EU if Boris doesn’t and the Scottish Court demands it.

      Curiouser and curiouser. 🙂 and 🙁

    65. kapelmeister says:


      Going fascist are you?

    66. Liz g says:

      kapelmsister @ 3.22
      Naw…. He’s just looking for an argument!

    67. Liz g says:

      Well that all got seriously strange at the end,can’t shame the feeling that amendment was exactly what Johnston wanted?

    68. Liz g says:

      Me @ 3.29
      Shake the feeling…. Duh…

    69. callmedave says:

      J. R. Mogg being a bit cagey there about what is the business of the house on Monday. Seems that the Conservatives are not too sure about how to proceed in the face of not winning the vote.

      Bercow earning his money this afternoon…in uncharted waters. 🙂

    70. Proud Cybernat says:

      SNP MPs helping keep Scotland in EU as is the wish of the majority of people. (Ooooops – England get kept in too. Ah well – maybe they should have their own IndyRef to quit the UK and achieve their promised land of Brexit).

      “Take Back Control” – MagaLolz!!!!! :))))

    71. kapelmeister says:

      Donald Tusk has just been heard to say that the UK has more extensions than Anglian Homes.

      Naw, he didn’t.

      But he might have.

    72. Capella says:

      Ian Blackford’s first speech was quite mild in tone but his second speech flung down the gauntlet. Due notice given that an independence referendum will be held. The Tories staged their pantomime walk out as soon as Joanna Cherry got up to speak, so she noted that it would make good footage for the SNP PPB.

      Nobody seems to know what is happening on Monday. Jacob Rees Mogg seemed to be planning to bring s13 of the EU leave bill back on Monday. No idea what that means. I think they are losing the plot.

      I also thought Keir Starmer was excellent on skewering the government case for leaving the EU, specifically on workers’ rights, environment and animal welfare. We can exceed the EU standards any time we want. The only reason to leave, therefore, is to reduce protections. Cold logic.

      Boris Johnston clearly said that he would not write the letter he is required to write for the Benn Act. The Speaker was a bit taken aback by this and doesn’t know how to cope. But Joanna Cherry asked him to write it if BJ won’t. He said he would if required.

    73. Proud Cybernat says:

      Johnson refusing to sign Brexit extension letter to EU in defiance of Benn Act. Bercow will sign.

      Entire Tory benches clear as Joanna Cherry rises to make point of order:


    74. Liz g says:

      Clapper 57 @ 3.03
      Aye… But look at him a few minutes later,when the Tory who brought the amendment assured him of his and others support going forward with his deal!
      Then even the Speaker is sayin that the government didn’t use the usual method of announcing their next move on Monday while they could quite easily have done so!
      This stinks a bit more than rancid Westminster normally does?

    75. Proud Cybernat says:

      PS – Tories running away from SNP in HoC. More MegaLolz :))))

    76. defo says:

      Liz g
      It only works for those daft enough to bite.

      Superb ‘toon CC. Thanks.

      Today’s vote is a dress rehearsal for the vote proper.
      I stand by the Norwegian blue prediction.

      And by a 3 yo prediction. No deal, or no Brexit.
      There was never a deal to be had, with so many conflicting interests & ‘red lines’.

      I’ll eat the humble pie if wrong .

    77. Liz g says:

      I’m not sure that he’s refusing to write the letter?
      What he said was he wouldn’t negotiate with the EU!

    78. HYUFD says:

      Kapelmeister No just fair is fair, if the SNP refuse to respect democracy and the Leave vote so we Tories will now refuse you any indyref2.

    79. Proud Cybernat says:

      Hey HYFUD – SNP own you. If you want your Brexshit, all you have to do is hold your own IndyRef and bugger off out of UK. There. Sorted. That was easy. MegaLolz :)))))

    80. callmedave says:

      J. R. Mogg has left the building so nobody can get a handle on what’s happening on Monday.

      Bercow repeats that the Gov cannot return and re-vote on the same amd that was defeated today. Even Bercow doesn’t know whats happening and ticks (Gov) off basically for being… arses.

      He expresses his unhappiness at the way things have gone due to the business executive wing of the Gov.

    81. schrodingers cat says:

      HYUFD says:
      19 October, 2019 at 3:09 pm
      Now the SNP have refused again to respect the Leave vote Boris will rightly refuse any indyyref2. If Spain can block an Independence referendum so can we!

      snigger, what you gonna do HYUFD, bleed all over us?

      better start saving up yer cigarette coupons to buy a daktari gun cos thats the only way you will stop us 🙂

    82. kapelmeister says:


      The SNP have never refused to acknowledge England’s Leave vote. But they don’t acknowledge England having the power to decide about Scotland.

      Your logic is hopelessly flawed.

    83. HYUFD says:

      Kapelmeister In 2014 Scotland voted to stay in the UK, in 2016 the UK voted to Leave the EU, the SNP have respected neither vote.

      Just be grateful we are only blocking indyref2 not putting nationalist leaders in jail as the Spanish government is with Catalan nationalists

    84. Capella says:

      It looks to me that the Tories are hugely annoyed at not getting their way today, probably some very large bets are placed on this.
      Also, if there is to be an actual debate on the withdrawal bill – a 500 page half baked document which MPs only got sight of this morning – then it will be impossible to maintain the fiction that this is a good deal for ALL the union.

      Back to the drawing board for Dominic Cummings I think. More catch phrases, “get it done” etc required.

    85. Proud cybernat

      Watch almost the entire tory party get up and walk out as Joanna Cherry rises to speak after the Government defeat this afternoon.

      As Joanna says : I look forward to seeing the episode on the next SNP election bulletin.

      Boris blustering on and bullishly refusing to ask for a delay – so the Court of Session can now see exactly how dishonest the current PM is.

    86. John says:

      Proud of the SNP today , feet being held to the fire instigated by the SNP , the Tories they hate it , they are walking out in droves when the SNP speak , the speaker however is all ears !

    87. cirsium says:

      @Col Blimp IV, 10.21

      Ian Blackford :
      “Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU against its will!”

      I fear this is in danger of becoming the SNP’s epitaph.

      Not necessarily, if the Scottish Government/Parliament would now do what Norway did in 1905 and use this position to end the Union. See Peter A Bell’s latest post on gaining independence.

    88. callmedave says:

      Aye it’s a one man Bercow show now that all the Tories have run away to think again.

      The HoC is a shambles now that the Boris gang is trying to run roughshod over rules and conventions and basic courtesy!

      Will Boris be reaching for quill and ink… we all want to know.


    89. kapelmeister says:


      Be grateful you’re not in jail for your beliefs!

      Well there’s a nice modern argument.

    90. defo says:

      Another Fud & Coco (alex bell) day ffs
      G’day all. Have ‘fun’.

    91. Terry callachan says:


      Respect had to be earned.
      We have respected the 2014 Scot independence ref, it was earned , by a majority of votes that’s why we are not yet independent.

      The EU ref result we do respect as well but Westminster can not agree on how to implement it

      Once Westminster decides , Scotland will declare its next dependence referendum date

      Just be grateful we won’t be coming to look for you HYUFD

    92. dadsarmy says:

      So BoJo is in a ha-ha!

    93. Terry callachan says:


      Scotland can hold a Scottish independence referendum anytime it wants to
      There is nothing the tories in Scotland or England can do to stop it

      There is nothing england can do to stop it

      If you live in Scotland and vote no to Scottish independence we will not arrest you and put you in prison for thirteen years

    94. @HYUFD,

      `Just be grateful we are only blocking indyref2 not putting nationalist leaders in jail as the Spanish government is with Catalan nationalists`

      true colours,you and your party are borderline fascists always have been.

      Fascism – is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.

    95. North chiel says:

      Yes “ proud cybernat at 0332 pm “ SNP acting on behalf of the people of Scotland ( 62percent ) has every right ( as “ supposed” equal partners in the union ) to fight with everything they have got ( politically & legally) to keep our people in the EU . If the Tories don’t like it , then they can “ lump it” . If they want their “ English Brexit” they can grant themselves a section 30 and vote for Independence .

    96. dadsarmy says:

      Mmm, as for the cartoon:

      “All beer has been passed by the management”

    97. Proud Cybernat says:

      Apparently Macron set to veto extension request.

    98. Welsh Sion says:

      So BoJo is in the doo-doo. (He was always la-la. And going ga-ga.) Bye-bye! Ha-ha! Hee-hee! Ho-ho!

      (Thanks to dadsarmy @ 4.20pm for the idea.)

      Meanwhile, in the real world SNP and Plaid Cymru supporters and members should be proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with each other:

    99. jfngw says:


      I know this must go against all your instincts as a Conservative, even if you are a failed one, but try to stop lying. Boris Johnson is not a role model, even if you might think he is.

    100. Cubby says:

      If there is a ditch nearby I guess we should check to see if some big fat blonde guy is lying there.

      Perhaps the FUD should consider joining him.

    101. Al-Stuart says:

      Disgusting disrespect by Tories to Scotland as Joanna Cherry QC, MP, stands up to speak.



    102. dadsarmy says:

      Poor HYUFD is having a tantrum.

      Mummy! Those 35 SNP aren’t fair to us 300 Tories, they’re bullying us!

      And as for the PC, help! They outnumber us 1,000 to 1.

    103. jfngw says:


      Don’t worry, the word just got around that it was happy hour in the members bar. Ross Thomson was off the mark quick as he wanted to be the first to get his hand in a pocket.

    104. Heart of Galloway says:

      Nobile officium pencil being sharpened by the clerk at the Court of Session as we speak.

      Having treated Scotland like a chained dog for 3 years the British Nationalist Gov and its current incumbent leader now face the ultimate humiliation of the CoS writing to the EU on his behalf because he’s in a wee boay’s huff. Heh heh.

      Jeezo, that’ll stick in their craw.

    105. dadsarmy says:

      Yes indeed, with any luck Bozo will refuse and the Court of Session will have his NobOff.


    106. Proud Cybernat says:

      Anyone know what the penalty is in Scotland for Contempt of Court?

    107. Proud Cybernat says:

      Found it.

      Max 2 years imprisonment and a fine unless the judge decides the accused has a mental disorder:

      Not looking good for BawJaws.

    108. jfngw says:

      @Proud Cybernat

      I think you are obliged to attend a Gordon Brown seminar in the first instance, then an evening out with the Scottish Tories. with Willie Rennie as guest speaker. Most opt for a time behind bars as a better alternative.

    109. ahundredthidiot says:

      HYUFD @3:55

      ‘Just be grateful we are only blocking indyref2 not putting nationalist leaders in jail as the Spanish government is with Catalan nationalists’

      Just be honest… would like to put us ALL in jail…….and then maybe gas us.

      Keep posting though, mate, you’re fucking hilarious.

    110. callmedave says:

      Torquil Crichton there on big Auntie tv telling us how close the vote was and on Monday Boris will be carried shoulder high when he gets the WA (bill) through…(always the optimist). 🙂

      Sarah Smith in Glagow reminding big Auntie and all folk darn Sarf that the Scottish Court won’t allow a Boris wheeze like sending ‘two’ letters… he has to send a letter and carry out what it says. He has to ‘mean’ it. Aye!

      Another crowd of ‘ordinary folk’ getting interviewed in Bury with no idea of what Brexit is about but like the cut of the PMs jib and want to leave no matter what because they trust him. 🙁

    111. dadsarmy says:

      Sarah Smith was refereshingly honest.

    112. callmedave says:


      Yup! But I didn’t raise an eyebrow she’s Labour.

      It’s just the SNP up with she will not put!

    113. Colin Alexander says:

      So, will the EU now give the UK an extension to A50 just to please Nicola?

      If they won’t willingly, she should DEMAND it. Apparently demanding is a guarantee to getting what you want, especially when it comes to a S30.

    114. callmedave says:

      Colin A = lincoa = Nicola.

      Are you on the 18:00 to 00:00 shift
      After HYFUD slips away.

      Demand it!…Strongly demand it. 🙂

    115. Effijy says:

      Westminster refused to include the Sovereign Nation in any meaningful Brexit Discussion.
      The Tories even managed to stop anyone from Scotland taking part in some Brexit related debates.
      The English are to get their mindless Brexit
      The Welsh with the weight of their English settlers vote are to get their Brexit.

      The Northern Irish wanted to be in the Customs Union and Single Market.

      Scotland is not special like N Ireland, it’s overwhelming vote to remain is to be ignored, its wish for at least the Customs Union and Single Market access is not to be considered.

      Today we see the Westminster Tories in their entirety walk out to further insult Scotland and declare that. They will not listen to a word spoken by our elected SNP politicians.

      Westminster can do no more to show complete contempt for Scotland.

      They own Scotland they control Scotland they don’t give a damn what our nation wants or needs.
      Scotland is now the 3rd class region of the English Tory Empire.

      Never will I accept this situation for me, my family, my friends nor my country.

    116. Effijy says:

      Just heard reporter Robert Peston, who is well connected in Parliament ,
      Say that he feels enough Labour MP’s will go with Boris on Monday and
      Brexit is done.

      FFS Labour MP’s.

    117. callmedave says:

      Nigel Dodds:

      DUP suggesting that they will vote on all WA amds including 2nd EU Ref with the votes to bring Gov down.

    118. Effijy says:

      Only 9 Labour MP’s required to change their vote on Monday
      And drive the UK over an economic cliff, have workers rights
      Dissolved, cost a million jobs and add a million people to the bread line.

      Trump will be salivating for our NHS

    119. Col.Blimp IV says:


      There are very few opinions expressed in print by Peter A Bell that I do not more or less agree with.

      Yesterday’s offering is no exception and I would be favourable to his “Norway Solution”.

      “Section 30’s? – We don’ need no steenkeeng section 30’s”

      I would give my life to hear Nicola Sturgeon say that (with or without the Mexican accent).

      But I think it is alas true, that we are a Nation of fearties with a tendency to behave like slowly “Boiled Frogs”.

      My own view on constitutional referenda has not changed since before the last one, when my position was that the question should be…

      Do you believe the Constitution, Laws and Government of Scotland should be determined and administered by:

      1) The UK Parliament

      2) The Scottish Parliament

    120. callmedave says:

      Murray wins 2 – 1 in sets. Now in final!

    121. mr thms says:

      Effijy @ 6:23 pm

      “Trump will be salivating for our NHS”

      Only the version in England is at risk.

    122. Bob Mack says:


      Just let them try go imprison the leaders.Scots dont take kindly to such actions.

    123. RM says:

      Col.Blimp IV yes The Scottish Parliament.

    124. Contrary says:

      With the Letwin Amendment passing in the HoC, they now debate legislative motions, or some such, regarding the bill, they will not vote on the WA bill itself on Monday, or rather, it is very unlikely the speaker would allow the executive to put the same bill to the vote again. The Letwin amendment means parliament gets to scrutinise the WA, and only after that will there be a vote. In the meantime an extension request has to be put to the EU in case the WA vote has not been concluded by the 31st of October.

      The leader of the house has pissed off the speaker, by not putting forward a business motion as he said he would, so Monday’s business is uncertain at the moment, but the speaker will not be giving any quarter, by the sounds of it, for unreasonable behaviour.

      So, there will not in any likelihood be another vote on the WA for at least a week – not one without significant amendments anyway. Monday is not a crunch day, just more manoeuvring and bullshitting.

    125. Effijy says:

      My thms

      Our NHS gets funding in relation to NHS England’s expenditure.

      The more they privatise sections, which I believe is around 10% right now
      The less we get.

    126. Confused says:

      the kevin mc kenna article is not bad, some uncomfortable home truths there – and yet here is the problem – BTL you get all the yoon idiots, pencils up the nostrils, howling at the moon saying :


      – and then a lot of unsupported rubbish about how the SNP are ruining the country …

      Giving ammunition to the enemy, during wartime?

      You have to be careful what you nail to doors, especially in this neck of the woods – unsophisticated people don’t do nuance, they are absolutists; they don’t “get it”, they don’t do the balanced perspective.

      The SNP are great at winning elections and running the country.

      But they seem to have taken their eye off the ball with the – main thing …
      – and become obsessed with a number of irrelevant side issues.

      In particular, we seem to have, in our lap, a great opportunity to secure independence due to a huge error by our opponents.

      – they should be taking it, really pushing hard; and using any means possible to do it.

      I think that is legitimate and is not SNP bashing or concern trolling.

      I could provide a good list of “stupid shit the SNP have done recently” – but it wouldn’t mean I would vote for anyone else, or it provides the slightest argument for unionism – I want the SNP to be simply MORE_SNP

      – kevin mc kenna might find himself getting a lot of slaps in the back from people saying

      – god save he queen … derry’s walls … the sash

      all before KK can say “that’s not really what I am saying”

      one of the most unintentionally funny things I heard was from a posh english historian on the telly years ago – she said

      “if remains something of a mystery as to why the reformation was so specifically devastating to Scotland”

      – really?!

      and Bill Shankly once said about his teams – he liked to have “3 or 4 Scots – then you had a chance of winning something … ”

      – wait for the punchline … wait for it …

      “more than that – yir in trouble”

      – which neatly sums up the state of our national football team, and our independence movement … fratricidal herds of cats comes to mind, a country where your main concern was the wanker in the next glen …

    127. Sinky says:

      The only way to sort the Brexit shambles is to have a general election but Labour are fears.

      You can’t Trust the Tories or the mini me Tories under Jo Swinson

    128. Sinky says:

      The only way to sort the Brexit shambles is to have a general election but Labour are feart

      You can’t Trust the Tories or the mini me Tories under Jo Swinson

    129. Famous15 says:

      I think the SNP is too damned popular for its own good

      AND they are doing it intentionally.

    130. Essexexile says:

      Confused @7.33pm
      That’s a particularly solid bit of BTL commentary.
      On a different point, but one which McKenna covers in his article, the youth driven trans cult in the SNP is potentially a hindrance to the Yes movement. Particularly ironic, as it was the much talked about change in demographics which was supposed to lead to indy.
      But you can never predict how the next generation are going to act.
      An interesting poll question among 16-25s might be ‘If you had to make a choice, and were only guaranteed the option you chose, would you have an independent Scotland or a devolved government which introduced a social revolution enhancing the rights of minority groups?

    131. Colin Alexander says:

      Outnumbered Comic Relief sketch with Andy Murray:

      Karen to Andy Murray: Are you British or Scottish?

      Andy Murray: That depends if I win.

    132. Bobp says:

      HYUFD. 3.55PM ” just be grateful you are not putting us in jail”. Do you feel lucky?

    133. callmedave says:

      EU sources say Boris’ letter in the post! BBC.

    134. dadsarmy says:

      It’s ironic really that the term “reinforcement syndrome” is more used about prehistory, but is totally relevant to modern day human psychology, where any event reinforces someone’s personal beliefs no matter how relveant or not, and is twisted if neccessary to accord with that belief. In some severe cases even events that totally contradict the belief system actually reinforce the belief.

    135. Lots of people in Ireland nonplussed to find themselves cheering on Boris ‘cos he is proposing a short to medium-term death sentence for Unionism in NI

      Demographics dictate there will never be another Unionist majority in Stormont. Folk happy to see the DUP rage against the loss of their veto as their vote declines below 30% and the total Unionist vote below 40%

      I suspect that the Scottish public will find it unacceptable that NI gets to decide it’s fate vis-a-vis the EU and Scotland does not. And repeatedly every 4 years

      Even the most pro-Union commentators allow the inevitability of a boarder poll over the next 5 years.

      All of this will be watched by a shackled Scotland if the 3 English Tory parties deny another referendum. Not even the BBC will be able to justify such an abomination.

      The only danger I see is the drip drip drip of the BBC pretending that Scottish public services are not better on almost every measure than their E&W equivalents That they are riddled with made-up crises to make Scottish people doubt their own ability to rule themselves.

      For the BBC to be challenged, the Cybernat community need to understand their true mission – shining a light on Britnat propaganda and exposing it for what its is.

      Division and internecine warfare are the only tools the UK can use to delay or deny the inevitable.

      Those that practice these Britnat skills will be known by their own actions

    136. galamcennalath says:

      callmedave says:

      Boris’ letter in the post!

      Resignation letter!?

      Nah, that would be too much to hope for.

    137. john from Fife says:

      I can’t understand why most posters BTL seem to be supporting Labour’s stance on Brexit. Whatever you may think, of the Withdrawal agreement our best chance of Independence is if the UK leaves the EU as the REV has continually said.

    138. callmedave says:

      @john from Fife

      I’m sure Brexit will happen leading to a united Ireland and an Indi Ref2, but as my chess programme says, after I get beaten in a close game.

      ” You had me worried for a moment but it was fun while it lasted”

    139. Old Pete says:

      Poor old Boris, guess he lied about finding a ditch then 🙂
      Maybe he will do the honourable thing and resign, but then again Boris and honourable have never gone well together.
      Never trust a Tory, any Tory.
      SNP, now is the time so do something and go for it.

    140. Capella says:

      @ john from Fife – I think the SNP are taking the high moral ground of being democrats and demanding Westminster deliver what we voted for. At the same time, it is clear that the Tories have to deliver BREXIT in England, otherwise they will find the pitchforks coming after them.

      There is absolutely no danger of the Tory Government in Westminster letting Scotland have our place in the EU. We have to take that ourselves through independence. It’s just a matter of timing.

      As Ken500 always said – the best time to have a referendum is when it can be won.

      Where is Ken500 BTW? I hope he hasn’t been banned.

    141. Effijy says:

      I’m wondering if the letter that Boris legally has to send the EU
      is a letter. Is it call on a dedicated phone, or an e-mail ?

      Receipt of the notice would be required by the EU
      as we are dealing with a serial liar in the party of lies and deceit.

      I’m think Bojo would tell that Royal Mail doesn’t work on Sundays
      and that they just don’t work as efficiently since they were sold off
      To Boris’s Eton chums with a £Billion discount.
      Letter lost in the post, under stamped and returned .
      it’s Johnny Foreigners postMen’s fault it never got there.

    142. galamcennalath says:

      Jeez, he’s sent two letters.

      First, as legally required, asking for an extension. He hasn’t signed that.

      Second, a letter to EU leaders saying he doesn’t really want an extension. He has signed this one.

    143. call me dave says:

      Jings! Boris has written two letters

      1. Unsigned and asking for an extension photocopy of Benn Act
      2. Signed says he thinks it was a mistake (Yaboo sucks!)

      Bold but gallus (fit for the gallows) 🙁

      Gauntlet thrown.

    144. Bill McDermott says:

      Boris is sending the letter without his signature and a separate letter asking the EU not to extend. This is directly contrary to the spirit of the legislation and I am sure that the Inner Court will declare this move as illegal.

      We live in interesting times.

    145. call me dave says:

      Too many lawyers on radio 5 where it’s all kicking off! 🙂

    146. galamcennalath says:

      So, will some burly big polis be feeling Boris’ collar before next week ends?

      Probably not!

    147. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Capella @ 22:00

      As Ken500 always said – the best time to have a referendum is when it can be won

      It is a self-evident truism with which no supporter can possibly disagree, but alas it’s also code (as in that particular case) for wishing to remain imprisoned in self-imposed passivity for the forseeable future, with no hope of relief.

      And thereby the proverbial Shakespearean tide we currently enjoy, not taken at the (damned obvious) flood, and thus “omitted, all the voyage of […] life, is bound in shallows and in miseries”.

    148. Tam Fae somewhere says:

      Would the courts consider the unsigned letter to the EU as effectively the letter NOT being sent?

    149. Heart of Galloway says:

      BawJaws playing with fire here. Their Scottish lordships will no be best pleased. Help ma boab – whaur’s ma popcorn?

    150. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Bill McDermott @ 22:10,

      The English media have been reporting that the CoS case “was dismissed”, so it may come as a nasty surprise both to them and to BoJo on Monday if the court refuses take this utterly typical breach of promise lightly.

    151. call me dave says:

      I should think that Geoffrey Cox (Att Gen) is suffering from loose bowel symptom tonight.

      He got his advice wrong in court last time.
      Annoying the Scottish Court is dicey. Roll on Monday.

      Oh wait! Christine Jardine MP says he’s no complying with the law!
      That settles it then… The Leith Police proceedeth then 🙂

    152. mr thms says:

      The moment a WA is agreed it is the beginning of the end of the Union.

      The Boris Johnson WA not only has a ‘transitional arrangement’ till the 31st December, it also has the ‘option’ of a two year extension, taking the ‘transitional arrangement’ up to 31st December 2022!

      Presumably, the first ‘transitional arrangement’ till the 31st December 2020 is to facilitate a second Scottish independence referendum, and the extension to the ‘transitional arrangement’ is to accommodate Article 50 part 5? An independent Scotland rejoining the EU under Article 49?

    153. Capella says:

      @ RJS – It is a self-evident truism with which no supporter can possibly disagree, but alas it’s also code (as in that particular case) for wishing to remain imprisoned in self-imposed passivity for the forseeable future, with no hope of relief.

      That may well be true. But Ken500 is entitled to his opinion like everyone else. I didn’t agree with him on the TRA issue but there we go.

      If the SNP are campaigning on the issue of being dragged out of EU against our will then we really need to be dragged out of the EU against our will to make the charge stick.
      Failing that, the complete mess of Westminster would also be a good reason to leave, along with a string of other complaints.

    154. Arthur Thomson says:

      A good cartoon. I reckon Hamish is shaking his head and saying ‘FFS’.

      So what happens next? Nobody knows and that is good. There is a very useful balance of power in Britland which ensures that it’s downward spiral will continue indefinitely.

      And where does that leave Scotland? Scotland has virtually zero control over events in the game of Brexit. But if my life has taught me anything it is that luck – good and bad – trumps everything else. And what is Brexit but a stroke of good luck for our independence movement? Every day it exposes to our fellow Scots that the Brits are nothing but incompetent, deceitful chancers. And it isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

      Time is on our side to grow support for Scottish independence and it is that and only that which will achieve our goal.

      Of course I would rather it could all be achieved with a master stroke but despite being incredibly lucky in my life, I am not daft enough to base my hopes for the future of Scotland on the fervent hope of the equivalent to winning the lottery. Resolve, patience and an objective appreciation of our good fortune are what we need, to take full advantage of our Brexit windfall. And who knows, Scotland may indeed be lucky enough to win the equivalent of the lottery against all the odds while we are busily soldiering on to our goal. After all, who could have predicted the shambles of Brexit.

    155. Heart of Galloway says:

      Aye Robert,

      it’s the stamp o the man that he refuses to sign the letter the CoS trusted him to sign and instead signs an accompanying letter stating clearly he an extension “would damage the interests of the UK and our European partners”.

      In other words, nudge nudge, wink wink Europe, this can all be over on October 31. Honest.

      And we would trust this self-entitled moron to grant a S30?? (Not that we will need such a thing anyway).

    156. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Capella @ 22:42,

      (All true, but personally I prefer that people come out straight with what they mean, not hide behind empty banalities. But maybe that’s just me! =grin=.)

    157. Joe says:

      All feeling let down by the SNP are we? This gender nonsense and inaction dragging you all down?

      Well, just wait till you find out your beloved EU is all about the same agenda. Hopefully you are all a little fkng more aeare than you have been you utter fools

    158. call me dave says:

      A@gela Herg@rty (Herald says radio 5) I thought she resigned?

      Anyhoo! she’ll be telling us her thoughts in a minute. 🙂

      Is A@ngela Herg@rty a banned name?? 🙁

    159. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Not that it’s likely to happen somehow, but still, I’m currently savouring the prospect of the Inner Court issuing an arrest warrant for a certain resident of Downing St. SW1A in a couple of days’ time…

    160. Bob Mack says:


      Thsnks for the deep insight there. You opening Chinese fortune cookies or something ?

    161. Terry callachan says:

      The letter BJ has sent asking for an extension doesn’t carry much weight unless it is backed by a promise to the EU that progress and a solution is imminent .
      BJ will not give such an assurance.
      All he will do is sit quietly on his hands til 31st October.

      In the meantime he may well win the vote on Monday because many Labour MPs from LEAVE constituencies will indeed vote for his deal and the rebel tories including those who had the Tory whip withdrawn will vote for it too.

      SNP know how the Westminster game is played out they know it better than most this is not the first time SNP have been insulted by that parliament.

      SNP have done a magnificent job.
      Ian Blackford is as strong as they come wow he can handle himself in those fiery circumstances without flinching, he’s a tough one okay.
      That’s why they walk out , they can’t win if they debate with him.

      Come on all Scottish independence supporters all under one banner trust the SNP today has shown once again they were correct not to vote with the tories because the small print of BJ,s deal says that if the EU and U.K. cannot agree on a trade deal within one year of brexit then U.K. will crash out with NO DEAL thereafter.

    162. Colin Alexander says:

      Nicola is gonnae have a busy few days sooking up to the EU members and EU Commission to save the UK from no deal Brexit.

      Just as well she’s so well practised at grovelling subservience with her policy of:

      Scottish independence can only come when the British Empire gives permission.

      (That will be never): But that suits the lifetime career opportunities of the Empire’s best ever colonial administrators: The SNP.

      No MSP needs the House of Lords when you have Holyrood, where it’s extremely hard to vote out any gravy train political parasite colonial administrator, if they go on the constituency and the list vote.

    163. Joe says:

      @ Bob Mack

      Nope just watching my countrymen turn into sheep rather simply molesting them

    164. One_Scot says:

      Lol, the Yoon trolls are out tonight.

    165. Liz g says:

      Joe @ 11.13
      Naw Joe,half of us are studying Google maps to see if we can find the British Nationalists Pretendy Prime minister’s Ditch of choice.
      The other half are looking into how Scotland’s Courts could butt fuck him one more time…. How ye feeling Yerself?

    166. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Joe @ 23:13,

      Feeling just a teenzy bit let down by circumstances at the moment, eh, and needing to relieve frustration with another spat of frothing on WoS? But you know what they say: “if you don’t realise who’s being conned, it’s you who is the mark”.

      For an explanation of how you have been caught in the bind of this rather sad condition, I refer you back to the posting of dadsarmy @ 21:01, where an initial insight into your problem is offered:

    167. Bob Mack says:


      Thats a very baaa d thing to say See ewe !!.

    168. K1 says:

      Paul’s nailing it as usual:

      ‘This Commons defeat also happened partly because this is a Prime Minister who can’t be trusted not to use his deal to crash out of the EU without a deal anyway. According to this deal, the UK and the EU have a year in which to negotiate a free trade deal, and if that can’t be achieved then the UK crashes out without a deal. This is not a Prime Minister who can be trusted to negotiate in good faith, any more than you could trust Dracula to look after your prize winning collection of garlic plants.

      And that, by the way, is one very good reason why it would have been double plus folly for the SNP to have supported it in return for an agreement on an independence referendum. If he’d got his deal through, this Prime Minister would have his early General Election, he’d be posing as the deliverer of Brexit and would win an absolute majority. Then he’d have no brakes on him making unreasonable and unrealistic demands on the EU, and would just take the UK out of the EU without a deal in a year’s time. It was the prospect of that happening which allowed him to get the Brextremists of the ERG on board. Then in the meantime the SNP would have been hammered in the General Election because they facilitated Brexit, which in turn would allow Johnson to say that Scotland didn’t want an indy referendum and go back on his promise to allow one.’

    169. Liz g says:

      Seen a few reports across the web that the DUP are threatening to vote to revoke article 50.
      Wonder if they’ll thank Joanna Cherry for proving they could.
      It makes a fair bit of sense for them to do it to.
      Brexit could mean trouble on the street’s of N.Ireland and that won’t really phase Westminster.
      But revoking would mean trouble on the street’s of England and that would be a problem for Westminster!

    170. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Colin Alexander @ 23:20,

      I honestly don’t know why you persist, Lord Hee Haw.

      “Britnatia calling, Britnatia calling…”

      No-one takes you seriously any more. Though with that proviso, like your predecessors in infamy, you are an amusement of sorts.

    171. dadsarmy says:

      If BoJo really is “frustrating” the Benn Act, then being an idiot he might sleep the sleep of the fool. But the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox whose actual title is Attorney General for England and Wales (i.e. NOT the UK or Britain), but also the Advocate General for Northern Ireland, and the Advocate General for Scotland Richard Keen will be burning the midnight oil you’d think.

      Keen at least is an Officer of the Court, not sure about Cox. Both have represented BoJo as intending not just to send the letter, but not frustrate its purpose of applying for an extension.

      Cox on the other hand, one of his duties is this: “bringing proceedings for contempt of court” though perhaps it’s Keen would have to do this for the Court of Session.

      it might be though that Cherry and Co have to do nothing, the UK Government’s own court officers would need to take action.

      Totally my own opinion.

    172. dadsarmy says:

      And here’s a recent interesting thing@

      Lord Keen of Elie QC, the Advocate General for Scotland, has been accused of professional misconduct and will be the subject of disciplinary proceedings later this month.

      On 29 October, Lord Keen, who represented the government in the recent Scottish Brexit litigation, will appear before the Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service, the Bar Standards Board has confirmed.

      It doesn’t say what it’s about.

    173. ScotsRenewables says:

      Fuck off Colin Alexander, you driveling little shit

    174. dadsarmy says:

      A thought that just occurs to me, is that since apparently the EU has been sent a copy of the Benn Act, and since A50 has to be done in terms of the UK’s Constitution, they’re totally entitled to ignore any communication that isn’t in accord with the UK’s Constitution – i.e. the second letter saying “I didn’t mean it”. Though they might need a hasty ruling at the ECJ …

      You gorra laff!

    175. dadsarmy says:

      Do you think Chris Cairns knows Dutch?

      “Heb hem succes gewenst met de volgende stappen in het Britse Lagerhuis”. Lagerhuis is lower house – the house of commons!

    176. Heart of Galloway says:

      Anent BawJaws’ jiggery-pokery, he actually said in the HoC today that he would not be negotiating a delay.

      His unsigned letter seeking an extension until January 2020 bears witness to that. If Jock Tamson fae Bargeddie had pulled this stunt he would be hauled before the beaks for contempt.

      The same could happen to yer man whose English exceptionalism does not allow him to comprehend that the Scottish (i.e. colonial) Court of Session can hold him to account, let alone have the power to compel him – the embodiment of imperial power – to do something he swore he would never do.

      His upbringing, education and spoiled rich boy mores have not equipped him to comprehend a simple fact: that what he always believed was an annoying northern annex of England in reality possesses a legal system of its own – and one with sufficient clout to pull his political fingernails out should he break his pledge.

      Johnson told the CoS he would send the extension letter by October 31. He now seems to think that leaving the request unsigned fulfills his obligation to the court.

      Such sleekitness is born out of arrogance and ignorance – dangerous handmaidens those two – and his actions could see the CoS judges hand Johnson his head on a plate.

      The big blond wean has failed to heed Joanna Cherry’s prescient warning that “nobody, neither the monarch nor the prime minister, is above the law”.

    177. dadsarmy says:

      BoJo is part of the why the SNP are hodling their fire, and here’s a sample. From a (previous?) NO voter: “Fingers crossed he does refuse, at least four cabinet ministers have said they couldn’t tolerate such a move and would resign including Cox.

      This is unifying moderate YES voters and NO voters, apart from the extreme of the Leave voters. And where there’s common ground, there’s fertile ground. That wouldn’t happen if the SNP didn’t fight Brexit every inch of the way, even at the apparent disadvantage to Indy.

      The “High Command” will have been gaming BoJo for years, as a likely successor to May. Much of this will not have surprised them at all.

    178. Liz g says:

      Dadsarmy @ 12.20
      Laugh, I’m howling 🙂 🙂
      Boris Bent Over… He sent the letter and looked like a big kid not signing it,he’s still alive and ditches got a reprieve… Soo funny 🙂
      It’s a win win…. He’s either in big trouble with the Scottish Court’s.
      If he’s somehow allowed to disrespect, them, too.
      Then it’s a full house … The People,Our Parliament,Our Institutions,Our MPs and then the Courts.
      It would take hours to explain on the door step and Johnson and his Tory’s give us the footage….

    179. mike cassidy says:


      It’s Sunday.

      A day of rest and contemplation.

      Seek refuge from brexitmania here.

    180. Liz g says:

      We’ve more footage from the others too.
      We don’t need to claim the NHS is at risk from Trump, or explain about chlorinated chicken Corbin’s done that for us.
      They can’t claim the mic’s at Ian Blacford’s and the SNP end of the chamber “simply” pick up more background chatter.
      Anna Soubry,Jo Swinson and the DUP demonstrate that’s not the case at all….

    181. Liz g says:

      Mike Cassidy @ 12.46
      Nice One.. 🙂

    182. defo says:

      “The “High Command” will have been gaming BoJo for years, as a likely successor to May. Much of this will not have surprised them at all.”

      Let’s hope so.
      But whilst they’ve been busy, a whole bunch of creepy crawlies seem to have snuck in under the door.

    183. Liz g says:

      Defo @ 12.52
      True, but the Yes Movement is growing…
      And the Unions arguments have been demolished

    184. mr thms says:

      The extension would keep the UK in the EU until the Boris Johnson WA Act achieves Royal Assent. If the Bill is passed on Tuesday it might be early November before it becomes law. Not clear if the opposition parties will be keen on a GE.
      The polls might show a surge of support for the Tories should Boris Johnson succeeds so a GE is not guaranteed.

      The opposition parties should take the opportunity to keep this minority Tory government in power, but use their majority to devolve more reserved powers to Scotland, and also remove reserved powers from the Scotland Act 2016 about the Act of Union that prevents the Scottish Parliament from mitigating the effects of the WA.

    185. dadsarmy says:

      @Liz g
      “The Surrender Letter” as it might become known.

      Arguably they’ve served a useful fool’s errand in providing distraction. Otherwise maybe BoJo would have looked before throwing himself in a ha-ha like the one at Hopetoun House 🙂

    186. Effijy says:

      Bojo was told to send the letter and any letter used in a legal or binding context must have
      A signature on it validate it.

      The letter must express the democratic decision of the UK parliament to the EU.

      If his 2nd letter tries to trump the first letter I would suggest he has broken the law.
      If he signed the 2nd letter and not the 1st, I’d suggest the 1st letter has no authority
      and must be ignored.

      Again that would be breaking the law passed In parliament in front of him.

      Bojo suggest he cannot go back to the EU and negotiate.
      May said that before she went back.
      May said her deal was the only deal and now we have a second one worse than the first.
      86 Times May said we Brexit on 30 March, we are still in the EU.
      Bojo has said 100 times we Brexit on 31st October, well looks like he is going to
      Make a fool of himself yet again in the same fashion as May.

    187. jockmcx says:

      Two lassies visiting Scotland,…nice vid

    188. Liz g says:

      Ye know,I just watched the Conservative bail out on Joanna Cherry again.
      Trying to work out who on the other side joined in,as there’s clearly a statement being made here..

      And as usual the camera pans away to the Speaker ( who to be fair tried to keep speaking ) the same thing happens in Holyrood.
      Who Decides this?
      While I’d always thought ( political Anorak as I am ) the irritation with this was just my own noseyness.
      While there may be rules about it,and I’m pretty sure there are,I’d bet they come from the Thatcher Government?
      She was very resistant to TV in Parliament ( I remember it from my pram 🙂 ) and thought Parliament should stay only on the radio… you can imagine listening to that rabble,it was not good… As I said Anorak…

      Anyhoo… The point being that not only have the arrangements not been ( to my knowledge ) revisited.
      We now have the ability to look through our own lenses on the net!
      Why can’t ( obviously it will have to be Holyrood going forward ) we know which cameras point where and choose which “feed” we watch?

    189. Gerry says:

      @dadsarmy 1208

      I looked up the charge sheet.

      Professional misconduct contrary to Core Duty 5 of thr bar standards code handbook.

      “Behaving in a way likely to diminish the trust and confidence that the public places in a barrister or in the profession.”

    190. Breeks says:

      I think there’s a credible possibility the EU will decline to grant an extension. Juncker seemed at pains to say there would be no extension, and there are rumours France might veto. However, denying an extension becomes much more problematic if Johnson’s actions are declared unlawful and Johnson himself is charged with contempt. Johnson might try to shrug it off, but I don’t think Europe will be so flippant.

      I cannot however reconcile the balance here. On the one hand, if Boris “wins”, Brexit happens, the UK is out, Ireland is reunified in all but name, Scotland is royally shafted, those selling short the UK profit by billions, and the US muscles in to asset strip UK resources and deregulate across the board. But on the other hand, if Boris “loses”, we have merely secured a delay of a few days until Boris wins.

      A General Election will likely see Boris Johnson canonised as a saint on a populist ticket, or part of a hung parliament where Brexiteers achieve a critical mass for Brexit between Tory’s, Brexit Party, and Labour Brexiteers ‘rebels’. A GE in Scotland might remove our Tories, but we already know returning 53 out of 56 Nationalist MP’s achieves virtually nothing for Scotland. What would be different next time?

      A Euro referendum, if it happens, will be a car crash, because Brexiteers will NEVER accept overturning Leave in order to Remain, since same mandate delivered by the same process has been ignored. Sauce for the goose and all that…

      I do not see a progressive way out of this mess for Scotland on our current trajectory. Worse still, I think this has been so badly handled that the emergence of a revitalised push for Independence will be slaughtered in the media, and it is equally likely to be adjudged as an unhelpful and timely layer of complexity on an already over complicated mess by Europe.

      I am deeply troubled that we are investing so much life force into dead-end ticket to nowhere Brexit technicalities that we will have nothing left in the tank after Brexit to shake up enthusiasm for a referendum on a population weary and punch drunk with political fatigue. It is a big mistake to misjudge how demoralised people feel about Scotland’s self imposed invisibility and failure to avoid Brexit.

      Scotland is missing from the whole Brexit agenda, and I’m sorry, I cannot see that any other way than being a shocking and dismal indictment of our own Government.

      What numbs my head in particular is that Scotland scores success with Joanna Cherry. It was Joanna and Scots Law which established Article 50 could be revoked, and it was Joanna Cherry and Scots Law which overturned the unlawful prorogation, and it may yet be Joanna Cherry and Scots Law which brings down an errant Prime Minister for contempt, and forces the UK Government’s legal advisors to resign. These are game changing benchmark rulings.

      Joanna Cherry has been successful in establishing precedent in the “UK” Constitution, which in other words, is the UK Constitution conceding it has been bound over by a superior Principle of Scots Law. It just doesn’t want to publicly admit it because there are profound and far reaching ramifications if it does. WE WANT THOSE RAMIFICATIONS REALISED!

      Take a step back and look at the process.

      Politically, we have no potency. They ignore us. They belittle us. They shun us. The pan away when Scotland speaks. They airbrush Scotland whenever they can, and trumpet minor failings in Scotland as withering catastrophes. We are impotent in reply, and go round in circles.

      But legally, in Law, in Scots Law, Scotland has secured EU Adjudications which Westminster is bound by. In Scots Law, Scotland has secured Court of Session Adjudications which Westminster is bound by. Also in Scots Law, Scotland may be about to bring down Boris Johnson himself for criminal contempt of a Scottish Judgement.

      Why the difference? Easy to answer. Scottish politics shuns the very existence of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and it thus flounders for lack of clout. Scots Law however puts Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty at it’s heart as the source of its legal authority, and it rattles the foundations of Westminster.

      Scotland MUST defeat Scotland’s Brexit and prevent our removal from Europe on Constitutional Sovereign arguments backed by the potency of Law. To throw away that omnipotent Sovereign advantage in the name of a pseudo “legal” referendum with its legitimacy enshrined in some poxy Section 30 Agreement conceded to us by Westminster is a gross dereliction of responsibility which betrays a criminal lack of understanding of Scotland’s latent strength and Constitutional legitimacy.

      Scotland MUST use its constitutional sovereignty to opt out of Brexit. Revoke Article 50 unilaterally, dispute Brexit as Westminster exceeding its non-Sovereign authority, condemn Scotland’s Brexit as an exercise in anti democratic aggressive Colonial Subjugation contrary to International Law. Bring the bloody house down if that is what it takes. Do NOT bend over for another shafting by Westminster on the promise of a jam-tomorrow referendum you don’t even know how to win.

    191. wull says:

      I have a vague memory of some story about Keen, the Tory government’s advocate, lurking somewhere in my cloudy memory from the distant past. I think the story was taken up by the Press, but only briefly, before it was quickly pulled. And if he is up before an enquiry for conduct unbecoming of an advocate, maybe it’s something new, other than this old and long-killed-off story.

      But I may have it all wrong, in which case please correct me. Anyway, here is what I vaguely recall …

      Did our (or rather the Tories’) Keen not at one point have a shotgun problem? Something to do with having unlicensed hardware of the shotgun variety on his premises, in Edinburgh, or somewhere? The police may have discovered the offending objects somewhere at his domicile – in a cellar maybe? – but, if so, I don’t think they pursued the matter. To my knowledge, there was never a prosecution.

      All above board, no doubt. But it does make you wonder: if the offending objects had been in my cellar, or yours, would the matter have been so easily dropped? (Not really possible in my case, however, since I do not have a cellar, and I hate all forms of hunting and shotguns, and have no use for them).

      On another point, having watched the debate in the House of Commons yesterday, I would like to be able to say that the most impressive contribution came from one of the SNP members. In fact, I have to admit that I thought Keir Starmer did better than anyone else. By far.

      Starmer had actually begun to analyse Johnson’s deal, looking carefully at some of the detail, and comparing it (unfavourably) even with May’s deal. Paying careful attention to the texts – and to various differences between them – he was able to indicate what had changed, and how the Boris deal was even worse on a number of highly significant points. He did this very deliberately, very calmly, and very politely, and very fairly, often giving way in order to allow both opponents and colleagues into the conversation. All of which made his points sink home all the better.

      This was impressive, given that Starmer, like the rest of the Commons, only received the 500+ pages of the document on Saturday morning. He must have gone straight to work on it, maybe with a team, but he was the best informed man in the house.

      It seems to me that Starmer really is Prime Ministerial material, and if he succeeds to Corbyn as leader any time soon, there could well be a genuine Labour revival. I suppose he is also a Unionist, but I think a reasonable one, to whom it will be possible to talk.

      If Starmer does get the top job in Labour, it will be both a threat to the SNP and, perhaps, a good thing too. Up against a politician of real calibre they will have to be on their toes. He will be no walk-over. At the same time, if he is (as I suspect, not only from watching him on this occasion, but previously as well) no mere opportunist, but someone with a more-than-usual measure of integrity, there is hope of a more reasonable approach to Scotland and her aspirations, and even to the SNP.

      Yesterday, besides carefully indicating some major flaws in Boris’s botched deal, he was able to expose the probable – indeed, almost certain – long-term intentions that lie behind it. Doing so not just as a matter of suspicion or rhetoric, but arguing from the actual text of the document, pointing out some of the glaring concessions that Johnson has so carelessly made.

      These include, among other things, the very real threat of ultimately achieving the hardest of hard No-Deal Brexits on 31 December 2020. Just 14 months away. This is not No-Deal avoided, but No-Deal postponed. And postponed for a very limited time indeed.

      This means that Spring (March or April) 2021 does indeed look like the best time for IndyRef2.

    192. Robert Louis says:

      Look, England decided it wanted to shoot itself in the head. England also decided that Scotland MUST also be shot in the head too. Scotland has tried reasonably and calmly for the last three years to reason with England. In return, England has repeatedly insulted Scotland, shouted Scotland down and generally ignored Scotland.

      Now Scotland needs to save itself. England is hell bent on shooting itself in the head, and Scotland too. So, let England shoot itself in the head. We tried, but they do not want our point of view. They cannot be reasoned with. Time for Scotland to get the f*** away from England, and back to normality in the real world.

      Time for independence. Time for the Scottish Government to stop p*ssing against the wind down in England. Call the freaking indy referendum. Get on with it. England is totally f***ed, Scotland needs to break free. Not ‘next year’, not ‘sometime soon’, but NOW.

      The First Minister really needs to get a f***ing grip and show some decisive leadership. Procrastination is NOT leadership.. Seriously, what the f*** are we waiting for????????

    193. Kangaroo says:

      I just sent a Tweet to Donald Tusk

      “Please grant the extension n full, without conditions as this will facilitate suitable action by the opposition. It will also ensure the UK has to comply with the Tax Haven legislation. Popcorn time.”

      Maybe Wingers could join in with suitable comments, I’m sure the EU will want to hear from people that want to stay in the EU.

    194. John says:

      Perfect summing up Breeks .

    195. Kangaroo says:

      Agreed Breeks makes some very good points. He is however IMHO without wishing to cast aspurtions, keen to bolt, like a young horse galloping out of the barrier way ahead of the pack when it’s a ten mile race. Needs to be like the tortoise on this one and wait for the hare to go to sleep.

      We had a guy “Cliff Young” aged 61 who won the Sydney Melbourne ultra marathon because it was not a sprint and he out thought the much younger opposition. Google it.

      It’s a marathon and we are winning, slowly but surely, step by step, Steady as she goes. The Tories keep making mistakes, let them.

    196. starlaw says:

      Back to the cartoon. . John Bull the barman is the only person who actually has a drink, the rest are just standing hoping that they will get the next one . .

    197. Famous15 says:

      My weary eyesight just read a tweet from Scottish Labour as:

      “For the MONEY , not the few”


    198. galamcennalath says:

      Johnson had his plans derailed by the DUP yesterday.

      In the context of NI I can see why the DUP are rupset by what was offered.

      Set aside the fact that the DUP are a bunch of bigoted shit heads, and consider that they are the largest representatives of the Unionist community. Peace in NI was achieved by power sharing and cooperation. The political set up is designed to give both sides of the sectarian divide a say. The intention is that a majority should not be able to lord it over a minority.

      Historically the Unionists were in the majority, now that has changed.

      Johnson’s first stab at a backstop replacement involved voting every four years on a cross community consent basis, like many things in NI.

      His second stab, agreed with the EU, was consent voting on a majority only basis. That means the minority Unionists will no longer have guaranteed influence.

      Ok, most things do operate by simple majority, as they should. However, the peace in NI has been achieved by different style of representation. Maybe things should just shift to majority rule. However, Johnson is playing silly buggers with the GFA and I do wonder if he understands this. Or, is England just playing fast and loose with Ireland as usual?

    199. RM says:

      The Tory MPs stormed out when Joanna Cherry was speaking what an arrogant bunch, the SNP MPs should leave Westminster until they receive an apology go back to Hollyrood and govern Scotland from there dissolve the union for lack of respect, if anything it could be front page news and get the ball rolling get some guts get into action get our legal system involved be different.

    200. Bob Mack says:


      I totally agree. If we on here and the Scottish gkvernment believe in the sovereignty of the Scotgish people,then we must now show that belief.

    201. auld highlander says:

      The antics of the tory trash walking out when Ian B got up to speak yesterday just shows the rest of the not so united uk what a bunch of ignoramuses the tories really are and as for that spoilt brat of a pm and his unsigned letter, it’s oh so childish.

    202. McBoxheid says:

      2 thing happened yesterday that sums up the ukok media:

      After the tories walked out of parliament when the points of order started after they lost the vote, the video feed died.

      The BBC London 6 o’clock new said there we thousands of protestors one of whom was arrested for trying to enter the Palace of Westminster.

      No mention on the news of a tory walk out, especially Rees Mogg when points of of order were still being raised.

      The thousands of protestors were a million protestors.

      Nothing to see here citizens, nothing to see here.

    203. McBoxheid says:

      The BBC London 6 o’clock new said there WERE thousands of protestors

    204. manandboy says:

      Ask no questions…
      Is the press holding our new PM to account? With one or two exceptions, writes Liz Gerard, the answer is ‘no’.

      “A free press is absolutely entitled to decide which stories to print and which to ignore, to take a view on the big issues of the day, to pronounce on what it believes to be the best thing for the country. But it ignores counter views to its peril. We are in turbulent times. The Conservatives know they are fighting for their lives, fearing punishment from voters on both sides of the Brexit divide. Newspapers that are found to have lied or misled their readers – by commission or omission – are juste as likely as the politicians to suffer retribution.”

      This article was first published in InPublishing magazine.

    205. Bobp says:

      Breeks 4.33am. Absolutely well said, in 100% agreement. The time for pussyfooting about is long gone.time to put these arrogant ignorant Scottish hating barstewards in their place.

    206. Breeks says:

      Another possibility is Europe reciprocates this ‘muddy’ request for an extension with a conditional response. Something along the lines of “We will only grant an extension if there is either an imminent referendum or General Election with potential to alter the whole UK Political landscape”.

      If the forces opposing Brexit cannot coalesce around a concerted progressive initiative, their resistance to Brexit looks like forlorn filibustering, and Europe might play hard ball with Johnson’s Deal. When Europe says take it or leave it, it’s end game rhetoric.

      Part of my soul soars to the heavens just to imagine Scotland might choose this eleventh hour brinkmanship to introduce a new player to the tournament. The Black Knight has arrived at the joust.

      “Actually Europe, you better had brace yourselves for a further delay, because Scotland the Nation has now seen enough. Brexit is unlawful, unconstitutional, and proposed without the required consent, indeed proposed in spite of withheld consent, and thus Europe will be in breach of it’s own Treaties if it accedes. Without Scotland’s consent, Brexit is dead in the water, and any perception of movement is a consequence of unlawful colonialism attempting to coerce a sovereign Nation into subjugation”.

      I believe Scotland detaching itself from Brexit will sink the very concept of Brexit, and the shoe will be on the other foot. Instead of Scotland’s rejection of Brexit being swept aside on a ‘UK – wide’ ticket, it will be Brexit swept aside because it purports to be a UK-wide initiative but is actually no such thing.

      Brexit while Scotland objects to it can never be resolved. If England wants Brexit, it will need a case specific English Euro-referendum. They will have no right to treat the Brexit mandate as a Continuer State. They will need a new mandate.

      Thus, we can call their bluff about Brexit. If we genuinely do want to provide the UK with an opportunity to step back from the brink, Scotland can exercise it’s sovereign right to step away from Brexit, and take with it the integrity of any “UK” mandate. The Brexit mandate will cease to exist, and Brexit, or Engexit, will be at ground zero requiring a new referendum.

    207. Colin Alexander says:

      The SNiPers believe the SNP are the centre of our universe and everything revolves around their s30 indyref policy. The SNP believe Westminster is the centre of their universe and everything revolves around the mad Emperor Bojo and Empress Eliabeth.

      The words of the sacred Leader are sacrosanct.

      SNipers are a faith-based movement. Reason is anathema to them. Belief is everything.

      There is no salvation except through Westminster’s s30. This is the only way.

      Wings has a Copernicus; it has a Galileo.

      They point out by logic and law that our liberation revolves around our sovereignty. Universal laws of sovereignty and self-determination are greater than Empire laws of: “you must obtain British Empire permission to be free”.

      “Heretics!” “Unbelievers!” “Unionists!” “77th Brigade” cry the believers of the “true” faith; those faithful sheep of Holy(rood) colonial devolution.

      The true believers will denounce any criticism of the high priestess of colonial servitude: The Holy(rood) First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her Holy(rood) word: The Scotland Act 1998 / 2016 and her scripture of salvation: a Westminter s30.

      So mote it be.

    208. Effijy says:

      Many firsts now fill the house of Westminster.
      As Tory Plant Labour MP’s and Rebel Tories who have some degree of morality fall
      The parliamentary majority restraining Boris’s fascist future for the UK
      I appeal to the Sien Fein MPs to step into butchers playground for the first time and vote for Ireland and against England’s Empire of corruption.

      I fear without them N Ireland and Scotland will have Bojo the Clown degrade
      Their standards of living for the next 10 years.

      They will have empathy and support for their Celtic cousins.

    209. Effijy says:

      Just watched Tory Brewer interrupt SNP’s Ian Blackford
      In a mock interview.

      Ian, why on earth don’t you mark his card and explain that he
      Is wasting your time and the viewers time by not giving me the floor to
      Answer your questions.
      If you don’t want to hear my thoughts don’t bother asking me to appear.

      On Brewer again, Scottish Tory, with a posh English accent, Luke Graham
      Claiming that Bertie Armstrong fully supports the new deal where all of Gove
      and Bojo’s promises about regaining full control of fishing is completely sunk.

      Could Bertie and the 5 families who are stinking rich controlling most of our fishing fleet
      Buy some brain cells for their employees

    210. Effijy says:

      Blackford on Brewer again.
      What a missed opportunity to highlight the disgraceful walk out by the Tories
      Who walked out refusing to listen to SNP’s point of order.

      They make it clear they don’t give a damn about Scotland .
      It is theirs to use and abuse and as things stand we can do
      Nothing to change it.

    211. Davie Oga says:


      Sinn Féin are not going are not going to take up their seats. Complete fantasy every time people mention it.

      They are also broadly supportive of the deal, as are the vast majority of politicians in the Republic.

      Scotland is on its own.

      Until there is a date for a referendum announced, or other steps are taken to dissolve the union, the current effete inertia will continue.

    212. Dan says:

      @starlaw at 8:30 am

      I took another look at the are you being served cartoon this morning.
      I believe Chris Cairns was channeling his (correct pronoun?) inner Kim Carnes whilst drawing the dragon, as it appears to have Kenneth Williams Eyes…

    213. Effijy says:

      The First Minister’s Independence Petition seems to
      Have ground to a halt. Not one signature in the last 12 Hours.

      It’s months old now and stuck on 289,350 signatures
      With a target of 300,000.

      With all the insults and stitch ups around us how on earth
      Can apathy be the leading emotion in Scots hearts.

    214. Breeks says:


      I cannot get inside the head of trans-athletes who demand the right to compete in women’s sports at the very top level, and excel by virtue of their male strength and physique.

      Not withstanding the utter destruction and invalidation of women’s sport this represents, as a competitor, and presumably ‘sporting’ competitor, what value is there in ANY of the sporting trophies on the mantelpiece? They are surely worthless. It isn’t sport, it’s the very antithesis of sport.

      If you don’t accept the fundamental concept of sport, where some grotesque advantage is allowed unchecked, maybe it’s time we allowed biological females to carry tasers whenever they compete, and trust to Women’s intuition to decide who it was got tazered.

      But seriously, who picks these players for selection? Stop this shit right now. Imagine Liz McColgan’s gritty determination to win being airbrushed from history had she been defeated by some run-of-the-mill male non-entity who wouldn’t rank in the global top 100,000 if running against biological equals.

      Women’s sport needs to be defended from this madness. If you want to be a successful trans-athlete, then I’m sorry, ya gotta defeat other trans-athletes to do it. Boxer’s have to box by weight classifications, weightlifters need to lift in classifications. If they don’t, people get hurt. Defeating women with your male muscles and stature is really just misogynistic abuse and a gross injustice to half of our species. Sport? Oh get lost. Go and look it up.

    215. Roger says:

      So does ANYBODY know if Macron will or will not OK an extension – and if you DO know, share the link to the sources please…

    216. Pete says:

      Just accept, Brexit is happening on 31st October.
      On Blackford, he must be the most boring person at Westminster.
      Whenever my wife hears his voice she puts the tv off.

    217. Dorothy Devine says:

      Pete your wife must be very shallow.

    218. jfngw says:

      @Famous 15

      It’s typical Labour, stolen comment, unless it was posted before the 18th.

      Here’s one I spotted earlier.

    219. Capella says:

      @ Wull – I agree about Keir Starmer. He was calm and deliberate in taking apart the WA. He is a barrister and it shows. You can, of course, get software to analyse text and show changes. But you have to have the intelligence to analyse and sift the important facts and then present your case.

      One thing most people don’t have is the training in making your case that an Oxford education gives students of PPE or Law. It’s not enough to be right or good. You have to be able to convince.

    220. Dan says:

      @Breeks at 11.27am

      As a practically minded individual that builds and fixes things there’s loads I can’t get my head around these days.
      I recall you previously mentioning the trade skills required to maintain our vast array of historic buildings.
      These days it seems like a niche pastime being able to use physical hand tools to accomplish a task, rather than swiping away on a fuckin smartphone, or talking about, or imagining doing the job, thinking that will somehow replace the actual hours of hard graft repairing the lime mortar pointing on a building, or stripping and rebuilding a gearbox with tolerances down to a few thou.
      I don’t know where this lack of motivation or understanding of our real world environs is borne.
      Could it be down to excessive internet use or vid gaming in a virtual world that has ultimately altered folks’ comprehension of the general everyday tasks of what our society is built on and requires to function. Is it an “It’s other people that do that sort thing and of no interest to me” mentality.
      Could it be since school sports made everyone a winner so as to pamper to and not hurt the feelings of those that were so un-athletic it took them half an hour to get into the hessian bag for the sack race.
      In my younger formative and developmental years I learnt the boundaries of what is right and wrong, and also began to understand as an individual what my strengths and weaknesses were.
      If I pushed my luck over a line my erse got a wee disciplinary skelp to highlight to me that I had erred over the limit of acceptable behaviour.
      NB: This erse smack was not about the physical violence of a smack per se, it was in my mind a way of my parents making a point that would create an emotional reaction in me so I’d learn where the boundary was.
      They say that emotional violence can be worse than physical violence so how does that fit in with smacking ban if we remove the ability to discipline and teach boundaries in the formative years. Do we just let young uns do as they want then when they are older they have to adapt their behaviour to confirm to be within the laws.

      May be some of the above is why we find ourselves in scenarios where certain people seem to have little comprehension of how their personal reality doesn’t align perfectly with wider society, but they are unable as individuals to deal with this situation.

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