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Anas Sarwar Fact Check

Posted on October 19, 2017 by

Quite a few remarkable things were said on last night’s STV debate between the two prospective leaders of the Labour Party branch office in Scotland. This one, though, was especially striking.

That’s Anas Sarwar denying three times that he was a part of the “Better Together” campaign with the Tories. A startled Colin Mackay claims to have seen photographs of Sarwar campaigning with BT, at which point Sarwar insists no, he merely appeared on TV debates which happened to also have Tory guests.

It seemed like it’d be an easy thing to check.

And it was.

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    Anas Sarwar Fact Check | speymouth

83 to “Anas Sarwar Fact Check”

  1. Dorothy Devine says:

    Rev, I am so glad you are there.

    I was looking for the ‘Top Secret” debate with Ms Sturgeon – it was a personal favourite which showed the utter idiocy of the man.

  2. ascotintheworld says:

    It’s a source of continued astonishment to me that these clowns constantly say “I was never at (x)” when they themselves have posted pictures of them being exactly there.

    How they must long for the days pre-internet where a complicit media would just ‘lose’ the photos for them.

  3. Macart says:

    Oh, for the love of…

    He’s aware that there is an internet out there, right? Politicians cannot escape public record, or indeed a lens and a social meeja account.

    On the other hand, he’ll make an ideal branch manager.

  4. Alan Laird says:

    While not a habitual bible quoter, this came to mind straight away…

    Jesus said, “Before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.”

    While avoiding any references to being a cock, and crowing just too much about his ‘victories’, I will mention the ‘thirty pieces of silver’

    Did tractors ever get mentined in the Bible?

  5. Davie says:

    Is Sarwar as stupid as he seems. He was a dentist. I appreciate the best of private schooling and associated networks can produce educated morons able to hog top positions regardless of lack of talent, but these tend not to become dentists.

    I’m trying to be objective and not let my distaste for him cloud my judgement. But he speaks like he is genuinely thick.

  6. Desimond says:

    I was gonna write that the debate was a farce, which it ultimately was, but now I just feel sorry for poor Colin Mackay.

    Colin actually did pretty good at the start, picking out lies, accusations and dodgy past actions and just as it was looking actually worth watching, it then went into “Cross Examination” which Richard Leonard took to mean “Giggle like a wee idiot and be dead nice to Anas”.

    Then we had an excruciating “Supporters Questions” where the strangest group of “political activists” ever were seated asking the most inane questions, we had the obligatory old NHS nurse wanting attacks on the SNP but she was topped with the one the Rev highlighted who asked “Will you both pledge to back workers!”

    Without latching onto Corbyn, there is no future for Scottish Labour, its just “No No No No”, no sense of vision whatsoever.

  7. One_Scot says:

    Lying is a fundamental trait for unionists and it is the glue that holds the union together.

    Hopefully Scotland can make the correct decision in the next couple of years and make these people become an irrelevance.

  8. Marcia says:

    You would think the chap had more sense. In this day of social media your statements on TV are checked by thousands of private detectives who inhabit the world of Twitter.

  9. bobajock says:

    Its essential doublespeak gets a word in here.

    I will not will smoke the juicy cigarillo of truth.

    Oh – branch office will do well with the sub_yoon_Tory for sure.

  10. Kiereann Mac GhillieMhoire says:

    following on from Alan Laird’s comment above: Jesus said, “Before the COCK crows, you will deny me three times.”

    I couldn’t help but recall that he is running against a Richard (Dick)

    [coat … hat … door]

  11. Neil Cook says:

    How can you tell its him and not a tailors dummy. Tbey both are inanimate objects

  12. JPJ2 says:

    Shouldn’t we be campaigning to get this idiot elected to lead the British Labour branch (twig) in Scotland?

    On the other hand if I bothered to find out much about Leonard, I would probably find out he is even more of a loser 🙂

  13. heedtracker says:

    Why on earth is Anas denying it all? BetterTogether won, Anas really helped them a lot, its been really great ever since, everything they promised Scots if we voted NO, they’ve delivered…The Vow, devo max, federal UK, don’t leave the UK lead the UK, keep your EU citizenship, Clyde shipbuilding will boom again, viewers may have their own personal favorites, we still get all the great beeb gimp network tv etc.

    Fast forward a couple of BetterTogether years, UK gov to cut 10% Scottish MP’s next year, all SNP.

    “Stewart Hosie would see his Dundee East constituency take in swathes of Tory-held Angus under Boundary Commission proposals to redraw the Westminster map in Scotland.”

    Good old Anas.

  14. Welsh Sion says:

    O/T I take no joy in having to report this as a Welshy living in exile in England. However, and apologies for the BBC link (someone here can do better), I thought my good friends the Scots might like to use this as further good news for their country (and compare it with England and Wales).

    Crime levels in Scotland
    DOWN 3%

    Crime levels in England and Wales
    UP 13%

  15. dunks says:

    “Did tractors ever get mentined in the Bible?”

    No, but the apostles drove cars apparently.

    “The Apostles were in one Accord. – Acts 5:12”

  16. Richardinho says:

    Is that the same blue tent that Neil Findlay was caught underneath? It does weirdly seem to be a magnet for liars.

  17. heedtracker says:

    Neil Cook says:
    19 October, 2017 at 10:55 am
    How can you tell its him and not a tailors dummy. Tbey both are inanimate objects

    He is hopeless on telly like this. He needs to take a leaf out of the greatest red tory ever, Sir Jim Murphy.

    Jim spent a lot of time and money on acting lessons, mostly how to build up a big stage projecting voice. It works too, if you’re into public speaking. Sir Jim went totally overboard on the ham actor thing, but its certainly an idea for Anas there.

    A lot of MP’s do this, get actor lessons. One of the most famous ofcourse was Snatcher Thatcher, who suddenly flipped talking common to frightfully poash, overnight.

    Think on Anas. BetterTogether 2.0 needs you dude.

  18. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Either his father has already bought him the job, or he has realised what a poisoned chalice it is and is deliberately trying to lose.

    I refuse to believe anyone who has the brains and work ethic to qualify as a dentist can be as stupid as Anas is making himself out to be.

  19. Proud Cybernat says:

    So, Sarwar, what happened to your Truth Team?

  20. heedtracker says:

    I refuse to believe anyone who has the brains and work ethic to qualify as a dentist can be as stupid as Anas is making himself out to be.

    Indeed. De scaling teeth day in day out does require exceptionally large brains and ethics.

    UK dentistry a loony bin too. How come they can charge a fortune for all treatment and a GP can’t?

    Oh wait… here come the britnat tories.

  21. Clootie says:

    Anas still lives in the world in which Labour lies are always ignored by the MSM. In a sense he is right because it will not see the light of day…except for certain internet sites. Unfortunately for Anas the circulation is quite wide…and read by a few of “Dick’s team”

  22. David says:

    Not saying that money is his only motivation, but you could easily have titled this –
    Anas Sarwar Fat Cheque


  23. Robert says:

    Remember Duncs that Moses was a motorcyclist as the roar of his Triumph was heard throughout the land. Damned ton up kids.

  24. galamcennalath says:

    Labour politicians have very fluid principles.
    Labour politicians cosy up to the Tories when it suits their needs.
    Labour politicians lie, habitually.
    Labour politicians think they can U Turn and no one will notice.
    Anas Sarwar is a Labour politician.

    Quod erat demonstrandum

  25. iheartScotland says:

    @Proud Cybernat,
    Well spotted 🙂

  26. Artyhetty says:

    What a liar Sarwar is, no one can question the fact the guy has no integrity at all. He will be perfect for leader of the UKOK Labour branch in Scotland.


    Thanks that gave me a laugh, is that a Ford? The Labour branch members could fit into an old fashioned mini.

    Heedtracker, so right, being as Anas was such a great activist for BT1, he would be an asset. No doubt he knows a thing or three about assets, and as you say, every single promise was honoured, post 2014. Bonny Scotland, where would you be without the strong arms of your neighbours eh, so lucky, so ungrateful.

  27. mogabee says:

    If he’s gonna lie big time about something as obvious as this..

    Makes you wonder.

  28. rob gray says:

    Same as Dugdale she lied as well about Better Together

  29. ronnie anderson says:

    1st post of the day Into the Ether

  30. galamcennalath says:

    Some Labour politicians did distance themselves from BT, the most obvious being Gordon Federal Brown.

    Even at the time I thought this was just a con. It allowed those outside BT to make claims and promises which were a step removed from the WM government.

    BT was quite rightly seen as the official voice of WM and therefore promises made in haste were best delivered by someone outside that umbrella … enter Brown. All to plan. All on cue.

    Clearly even being outside BT still associated them with the Tories, WM, and their game plan. However, Sarwar was one step closer and with BT.

  31. heedtracker says:


    He is interesting though, Glasgow red tory wise. People from sub continent India began emigrating to Scotland in the 60’s following this,

    Its an extraordinary period of emigration as hundreds of thousands of Scots left Scotland, the £10 ticket to Australia for example.

    Glasgow south side is an incredible socio economic example of how people like Anas’s parents moved to Glasgow, worked incredibly hard, and now Anas’s generation are mostly high earning upper middle class Brits, or are they Scots, just like Anas here.

    Beeb Scotland gimp network did have a look at south side Glasgow in their Project Fear 1 campaigning, Govanhill, but they were only looking for immigrants to say on camera, “if they do get independence, they wont give jobs to incomers, like us.”

    They’re a sneaky creepy crew in Pacific Quay ofcourse, so its likely they were not hearing the right UKOK stuff from Anas’s generation, even in leafy Pollokshields for example, where we happily vote for,

  32. Scott says:

    Sarwar is a Liar has been said so how about this.


    You claim Universal Credit on 1st March and you have a 7 day waiting period applied to you. Your first date of entitlement will be 8th March and your first month’s assessment period will end on 7th April. You will probably receive your payment on 14th April. In other words the waiting period until you get your first payment will usually be 6 to 7 weeks.

    Ruth Davidson on the Marr show said this had been scraped so she must be a liar as well I have emailed the Marr show if they will invite her back to correct what she said I don’t hold out much hope for that happening.

  33. Ot I was listening to lbc a while ago they were talking about the extorshinate rates of interest you have to pay on pay day loans how it was criminal I phoned in and asked if they thought that was bad what about the interest rates you have to pay on PFI and of course I did not get on air

  34. heedtracker says:

    Anyone for some more quintessentially English? any takers:D

    A lovely dream, British dream, for Anas.

  35. Fairliered says:

    Maybe Anas thought he was on the BBC and would get away with it.
    He wouldn’t have been expecting Colin Mackay to pick up his untruths.

  36. I still want him to win as he will be an absolute gift to independence, he is also universally disliked amongst all of my SLab voting friends who see him as nothing more than an opportunist.

  37. dramfineday says:

    Dear oh, dear oh, dear……leadership material? Hardley. The words Hoist and Petard, come to mind.

    Much embarrassment all round for his supporters I would think.

  38. Bob Costello says:

    Well it must have been a mirage I debated with in Dundee City square. When he came to Dundee ( twice) with the Labour big red bus, during the campaign. By the way he did not have clue what he was talking about and finally broke off the conversation to pet a wee girl that was standing near by. The second time he was there was when we paraded right through them ,again in the city Square, behind our piper ,Ian. He scuttled back inside the labour bus rather than engage with us .

  39. ronnie anderson says:


    Thanks for your £100 donation to
    Battle BBC Bias in Scotland

    Donated on Behalf of the WoS stall Team

  40. Jimbo says:

    Sarwar is well aware of the Internet.

    Sarwar is well aware of Social Media.

    Sarwar’s problem is, he can’t stop lying instinctively.

  41. Richard McHarg says:

    Neil Findlay is another who had nothing to do with Better Together, apparently. He was part of Labour in Union, or something like that. Anyway, he campaigned against Scottish self-determination, just like the rest of the rats, trying to sell his brand of servile socialism, which includes accepting WMD. Good to see that serial liar Sarwar has been caught out lying again. Labour in Scotland is a party that just cannot help making an arse of everything.

  42. Next he’ll be telling us that it was his twin brother that was part of the bettertogether campaign .

  43. Macart says:

    Just a thought like, but what must the folk who campaigned with Mr Sarwar think? Wonder what they think of his denial?

  44. Bob Costello says:

    This is Sarwar in the City Square of Dundee during the campaign., Take note of what he has in his hand.

  45. David McCann says:

    The question I have is why this was a TV debate at all.
    I dont recall one when the SNP had an election for either FM OR deputy leader.

  46. Muscleguy says:

    Dear Universe, please, please make Anas Sarwar sue the Rev Stu for libel over this.

    I expect this to feature in the MSM in 3, 2, 1 . . .

  47. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Muscleguy Sarwars no that daft wie his money , daft wie the mooth certainly but no wie money .

  48. fketch49er says:

    Was his defence:”That’s no me. It might look like me, but it’s no me.”
    Very similar to: “Honest doctor I tripped on the stairs and my knob got stuck in the vacuum nozzle.”

  49. CameronB Brodie says:

    Anas Sarwar has the appearance of a totally unprincipled machine politician, and shows a complete disregard for the principles of democratic discourse and, subsequently, the electorate.

    The man’s a complete embarrassment but that’s Yoon norms of practice for you.

    Why Be Honest If Honesty Doesn’t Pay
    We bet on the rational case for trust. Economists, ethicists, and business sages had persuaded us that honesty is the best policy, but their evidence seemed weak. Through extensive interviews we hoped to find data that would support their theories and thus, perhaps, encourage higher standards of business behavior.

    To our surprise, our pet theories failed to stand up. Treachery, we found, can pay. There is no compelling economic reason to tell the truth or keep one’s word—punishment for the treacherous in the real world is neither swift nor sure.

    Words Matter: The Importance of Discourse

    Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL)
    Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms

  50. Andy-B says:

    I really, really, really hope Sarwar wins the race to be branch manager. He’s Frank Spencer, Some Mothers do Ave Them type character.

    He’ll be good for the independence movement.

  51. ronnie anderson says:

    @ bob costello .

    If anybody can find photo’s of Sarwar being better together Nowhere would they please post them up all the previous photo’s show him Somewhere but Anas would deny he was there somewhere anywhere being better together . lol

    Nice to see you posting Bob.

  52. HandandShrimp says:

    How many will vote? 10,000?

    Anas just needs 5,001 to not read websites. That might actually be an entirely realistic hope on Anas’ part given the nature of SLab’s membership.

  53. Graeme says:

    David McCann says:
    19 October, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    “The question I have is why this was a TV debate at all.
    I dont recall one when the SNP had an election for either FM OR deputy leader.”

    To be fair I’m sure Nicola was elected leader uncontested so no debate required, and I do remember a deputy leaders debate on TV, but you’re right in as much as who cares who’s the next irrelevant lying branch manager of an irrelevant lying political party

  54. heedtracker says:

    I couldnt be bothered to watch these guys lie for their union but STV want you to see,

    Poor Kez.

    And if only the yoons would mention their precious precious union now and again too. It is dropping off yoon culture agenda in their Scotland region too.

  55. Gaelstorm says:

    Headlines on STV about his lies. No mention on BBC. Strange. …

  56. CameronB Brodie says:

    Yoon norms of practice and grubby self-interest, kind of go together, frankly.

    The Truth About Lying
    “Just to be clear, the prevalent theory of dishonesty from a legal perspective is the idea of cost–benefit analysis,” said Ariely. “It says that when people think about being dishonest, they think about ‘What can I gain? What can I lose?’ and figure out if this is a worthwhile act of dishonesty. If there’s a big cost, we’re not going to be dishonest.” – Dan Ariely

    Corruption Corrupts
    A psychological study spanning 23 countries links tax evasion and political fraud to individual truth-stretching.

    In February 2014, the European Union published its first ever anti-corruption report. Over 41 pages, it concluded that bribery, tax evasion, cronyism, embezzlement, political fraud, and the like, cost the European economy 120 billion euros a year, just short of the EU’s annual budget. Corruption costs, clearly, but it deprives citizens of more than money. It’s also tied to a shortfall in honesty.

    Professional Identity and Dishonest Behavior

    This essay discusses the fraud triangle, or how factors such as opportunity to cheat, motivation to cheat or ability to rationalize or justify dishonest behavior lead to dishonesty. The fraud triangle is applied on behavior of professionals active in fields such as medicine, education, research and science or clergy. Evidence shows that even in these fields, which attract more altruistic individuals, the fraud triangle factors predicts emergence of behavior in breach of ethical standards. In the conclusion several measures for reducing dishonesty are discussed. Disciplines such as forensic economics or behavioral ethics are emphasized to provide wider variety of tools to detect and reduce dishonest behavior.

  57. heedtracker says:

    I didn’t realise Leonard was a Yorkshireman. That will be the ultimate triumph of red tory unionism in their Scotland region, a Yorkshireman Scottish First Minister in Holyrood.

    Lets face it again, this is the target for massed ranks of beeb Scotland vote SLab propaganda gimps.

    It could well happen.

  58. frogesque says:

    Red, Yellow or blue Tory; apart from the label, what’s the difference?

  59. Petra says:

    In other words he’s an out and out liar. That trait seems to be a prerequisite for acquiring the job of leader of the English Labour Party Branch Office in Scotland.

    Will Leonard managed to triumph by telling more lies than him?

  60. heedtracker says:

    frogesque says:
    19 October, 2017 at 2:26 pm
    Red, Yellow or blue Tory; apart from the label, what’s the difference?

    Bare face lying, to camera?

    Shrinks might call this ability to blatantly to shame free lie to millions of people, psychopathology. Orkney likes it though.

  61. heedtracker says:

    Is this The Vow, EU style?


    As we bomb out of the EU, are they actually going to make big changes, make the EU even richer, happier, fairer, safer, stronger, better together? Heyho, the English will look after us Brexit wise. Just ask your Clyde side shipyard workers today.

  62. winifred mccartney says:

    It would seem to me if ‘labour’ is in the title there will be lies, more lies, etc. They have been doing it for so long that even now when it is easy to disprove they still do it. Think KD with her ‘I listened and listened again’ and she still got it wrong, JB with her one thing to a public meeting and another in Parliament and even JC with his so against Trident but we will still have it anyway.

    If Anas Sarwar can seriously consider himself worthy of leading labour with his no living wage and no union business then they really have lost the plot completely and he has no integrity or morality worth having and neither does anyone who would consider backing him.

  63. CameronB Brodie says:

    @Anas Sarwar
    Were you not introduced to the concept of ethics while training to become a dentist?

    Intro to Behavioral Ethics
    Behavioral ethics investigates why people make the ethical (and unethical) decisions that they do in order to gain insights into how people can improve their ethical decision-making and behavior.

    Behavioral Ethics: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Moral Judgment and Dishonesty

    On Understanding Ethical Behavior and Decision Making:
    A Behavioral Ethics Approach,%20Mayer,%20&%20Schminke.pdf

  64. Effijy says:

    Sarwar is part of UK Labour.

    Labour McCrone Report Top Secret as Scots don’t need to know.

    Labour Stole 6,000 Square Miles of Scottish Waters to gift England

    Labour Covered up their politicians involvement with the Dunblane
    massacre. Cover up as top Secret for 100 years. Really!

    Labour who wasted £100’s Millions on the Scottish Parliament over budget costs that helped their contacts in the construction industry.

    Labour who wouldn’t amend the anti-union measures put in place by Thatcher.

    Labour who wasted £100’s Million on the Edinburgh Trams Fiasco.

    Labour who refuse to reveal how many members that they don’t have

    Labour who endangered our children and wasted £Billions on PFI Schools and Hospitals.

    Labour who took the UK into Illegal wars to get Tony Blair in with the Bush family investments.

    Labour’s Gordon Brown who swore that there could be no pensions, NHS, Blood Transfusions, or Transplant list in an independent Scotland-Bollocks the lot of it.

    How Dumb can the UK Electorate be to spend the last 100 years swapping Tory for Labour and Labour for Tory and each filling their own pockets and making the rich richer and the poor and working classes poorer.

    Scotland it time to stand up for yourself and walk away from the corrupt that controls Westminster.

  65. BLMac says:

    Heedtracker – you’re right, there’s no way anyone who got through a dentistry degree is stupid.

    What we are seeing here is his total contempt for our intelligence. We’re peasants and can’t be expected to remember what happened yesterday, therefore he can lie as much as he likes.

    Folks, don’t vote for him, he reckons you’re thick and dumb.

  66. Liam says:

    I think Cybernat has something. Down at the bottom of the link he posted above

    Sarwar says:

    “…it’s hard to tell fact from fiction…”

    Hard for him maybe.

  67. Morgatron says:

    Please remind me? What one of the Muppets was Sarwar ? A total car crash of a politician. Arse.

  68. davisbsb says:

    Re comments above viz New Scots.

    During the first IR campaign the local restaurant owners frequently sent free food in to our operational HQ. The community was very supportive, and my experiences speaking to people, and from the polling station feedback on the day were quite humbling. I have canvassed doors since and found continued support, especially from young people.

    I can assure you that in suburban west central Scotland the support for Scottish Independence is strong among Scots from Indian and Pakistani ancestry. Sarwar’s father is from an older tradition. I was told by people who had been at the mosque in 2014 when he was speaking, that they told him they were going to vote No, but voted Yes with us anyway.

    We are one Scotland.

  69. donald anderson says:

    Better Liars Together.

  70. Marker Post says:

    I see what you did there with the Peter No-Principles. In Anas Sarwar’s case, it works either with or without the No.

  71. Ian Brotherhood says:

    He’s either lying, or has one properly fucked-up memory.

    (Widny let him near ma gub if he paid me…)

  72. Glenn Miller says:

    The chap in the second picture down in the grey suit standing next to the woman with the headscarf looks very much like Matt Zarb-Cousin, who was Jeremy Corbyn’s official spokesman til recently though he’s still closely connected to Momentum.

    He also did this in 2012.

  73. Iron man says:

    Lying little scumbag. Nuff said

  74. Graham Niven says:

    I’m a trade union member and got an email from Anas recently in which he wrote this: “The Labour Party I lead will never, ever, support independence or a second independence referendum.”

  75. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Desimond @ 10:42:

    Without latching onto Corbyn, there is no future for Scottish Labour, its just “No No No No”

    Not sure what you’re trying to say there, but if you think that NorthBritLab choosing Corbyn sockpuppet Leonard instead of that other nonentity, you are surely mistaken.

    Corbyn has in the past made some vaguely positive murmurings about graciously allowing the people of Scotland to have another say on their future, but then the Islington Saviour has been on a loudhailer time after time after time in the past opposing Trident, and what is Labour’s policy on that these days?

    If you have any doubt as to the difference between the two claimants for Chief Numpty, here’s this leading quote from the STV article kindly linked by heedtracker @ 13:56:

    Scottish Labour under former leader Kezia Dugdale was not strongly enough in favour of the union, the two candidates vying to replace her have said.

    Both Richard Leonard and Anas Sarwar said the party under Dugdale’s leadership had been “ambiguous” and “not firm enough” in its support of the UK and opposition to Scottish independence.

    So be warned: not a ciggy paper difference between them on that score, independistas.

    What a choice: Glasgow BritNat dummy or London BritNat apparatchik. Neither is worth a toss to Scotland, but the latter is probably more dangerous.

  76. Davie Oga says:

    I think that it was in 2004 that I ran into Mohammed Sarwar and Pauline McNeill campaigning outside the Argyle St. Marks & Spencer. I explained to them that I would never consider voting Labour for the reason that I thought that Scotland should be a normal, independent country. Sarwar stated that Scotland didn’t want independence. The reason being that there had already been a referendum in 1999, and it had been rejected. He was adamant that the matter had already been settled. Bold faced, shameless, lying charlatan. Apples falling from trees. Incidentally, McNeill said that Scotland would never be independent because ” the orange order would never allow it.” Crackpot.

  77. Cactus says:


    “Ah-na-na-na-nah; na-na-nah; na-na-na-na-na-na-nah’s”

    Edna Rocks.

  78. auld highlander says:

    Plain and simple, just a lying *******e

  79. David Caledonia says:

    I could never take this guy seriously, he is just a career poltician with not much to him at all, why would anyone take people like him seriously, is beyond me, but that’s life boy, if you want to remain a sheep, then vote for his type, its your choice, and the best of luck to you, cause you will need it

  80. Austin Flynn says:

    People lie to get attention as very few people are prepared to listen to the truth.

  81. Foonurt says:

    Anas spewin shite, adds tae global-warming.

    Alang wae awe, thae shitey-ersed coos in yeows.

  82. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Please leave Anas alone…. go Anas go Anas.

  83. Dr Ew says:

    To b fair to Colin MacKay, he was probably stunned to see such Trumpiqn levels of brassmecked barefaced lying.

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