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An uncertain future

Posted on February 12, 2019 by

Another slow news day, so here’s one from the archives:

Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you try to read it that size.

In 2019, six weeks from a no-deal Brexit, suddenly “insignificance in Europe” and “an uncertain future in the EU” for Scotland don’t sound quite so bad, do they?

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      An uncertain future | speymouth

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    1. jimnarlene says:

      Unionists still use these tired old tropes, even though they have been debunked umpteen times.

    2. Ian Miller says:

      Remember when a “slow news day” didn’t involve the leader of the SNP in Westminster calling the PM a liar? We should have more of them, but not so many that it delays Independence.

    3. Malky says:

      Same ol’ same ol’…

    4. Dr Jim says:

      Insignificance in Europe eh?

      Tell that to the Republic of Ireland who has 27 other European countries making sure they’re pretty damn significant and positively certain of their future

      Go the Irish

    5. Abulhaq says:

      Scottish Unionism is the genuine separatism, a kind of mental castration occasioning delusional interludes.

    6. Walking On Sunshine says:

      It’s bye bye UK.
      And it’s the red carpet for Scotland.
      Come right this way, sir.
      Those days of Cook and his cronies are long gone.
      They will not be missed.

    7. Tam the Bam. says:

      So are you going to accept their invitation to appear on the new ‘debate’ show Rev?

      Hope you do….’gie em’ laldy!’

    8. Craig P says:

      And Cook was one of the better ones, from what I recall.

    9. galamcennalath says:

      It could all have been so different. We could be an independent country in the EU just like Ireland.

      We could be looking across the Border wondering what has got into our southern neighbours as they vote for EngExit. However, we would have the resources and clout of the EU looking after our interests.

      It would be a worrying time, with an EngExit, but far less damaging than what Scotland is about to be forced to endure.

      Oh to be a normal European country with friends we can trust to watch our backs!

    10. mogabee says:

      I’ll take that, thank you very much!!!

      How utterly predictable that Labour have to resort to same old guff regurgitated in an endless loop of…

      Scotland – Ye cannae
      Scotland – Ye won’t
      Scotland – Yer useless…

      Fuck off Labour, we see you clearly now and we don’t need you.

    11. auld highlander says:

      Twenty years later they are still telling us the same monotonous old drivel. Just like a badly scratched old record with the stylus stuck in the groove, repeat repeat repeat.

    12. yesindyref2 says:

      insignificance in Europe

      This is such a false claim by the Unionists and anti-EU people. They talk about QMV and Scotland’s low relative population.

      But QMV is a double majority rule which requires both a majority of at least 55% of member states (16 out of 28), and a population majority of 65% or more. So for the first part, Scotland is totally equal to Germany, Italy or France.

      In addition some votes are taken by unanimous vote, and Scotland would, on our own lonesome, be able to prevent any legislation we don’t want.

    13. yesindyref2 says:

      I said “So for the first part, Scotland is totally equal to Germany, Italy or France.” but neglected to say that if legislation fails the first part of QMV, the second part isn’t even counted, so the population matters diddly-squit nothing nada zip zilch not at all.

    14. yesindyref2 says:

      So if for instance (with populations, and the UK out but Scotland in)

      Bulgaria 7,101,900
      Austria 8,772,900
      Hungary 9,797,600
      Sweden 9,995,200
      Portugal 10,309,600
      Czech Republic 10,578,800
      Greece 10,757,300
      Belgium 11,365,800
      Netherlands 17,081,500
      Romania 19,638,300
      Poland 37,973,000
      Spain 46,529,000
      Italy 60,589,400
      France 67,024,500
      Germany 82,800,000

      with a total population of 410 million, wanted to pass legislation that the smaller EU members should become slaves to the larger member states, washing their cars, cleaning their houses and scrubbing their gardens for no pay and no food, for some odd reason, the 13 smallest states could block it, tell them to get lost, on their bikes, even with QMV, let alone a veto. The smaller states would be:

      Malta 440,400
      Luxembourg 590,700
      Cyprus 854,800
      Estonia 1,315,600
      Latvia 1,950,100
      Slovenia 2,065,900
      Lithuania 2,847,900
      Croatia 4,154,200
      Ireland 4,774,800
      Scotland 5,404,700
      Slovakia 5,435,300
      Finland 5,503,300
      Denmark 5,707,300

      for a total population of just 41 million – 10% of the EU population.

      The EU democracy actually favours smaller states.

    15. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      What we need here is a serious case of re-framing.

      What Reform Scotland should be considering is putting to people the following proposition:

      “If Scotland were currently a sovereign country and full member in its own right of the UN and EU like Ireland [hint, hint], would you be willing to unite with England and leave the EU with it?”

      That might awake quite a few switherers to the realities of our best interests.

    16. Breeks says:

      galamcennalath says:
      12 February, 2019 at 5:35 pm
      It could all have been so different. We could be an independent country in the EU just like Ireland.

      It still can be.

      Challenge the Sovereignty whereby May overrules the will of Scotland’s sovereign people. Sadly it looks the SNP are too wet to do it, but I don’t see why a Constitutional Lawyer shouldn’t try, just like the Article 50 case. Dispute UK Sovereignty and render Brexit ultra vires, and Westminster’s spell over Scotland is broken forever.

      45 days though. We need to move fast.

    17. mike cassidy says:

      And just think.

      The previous decade Labour intended to take us out of Europe without a referendum.

      It was in their ‘suicide note’ manifesto of 1983.

    18. Effijy says:

      There are only 2 certainties:

      The Red and Blue Tories are going to destroy Scotland’s economy with a disastrous Brexit pretense of a deal.


      Scotland would be much better off without robbing, corrupt Westminster controlling our own finances.

    19. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      mike cassidy @ 18:02,

      Seems then that under Corbyn, Labour have come full circle.

      And going round and round in ever diminishing ones at that. With another split looming as they head down the plughole.

    20. mike cassidy says:

      Ironically. Corbyn first became an MP in that ‘suicide note’ election of 1983.

      The manifesto specifically said: “On taking office we will open preliminary negotiations with the other EEC member states to establish a timetable for withdrawal; and we will publish the results of these negotiations in a White Paper.”

      (from 2010)

    21. Scottish Steve says:

      I’ll take insignificance in Europe over membership of the “precious, precious” UK union any day.

    22. wull says:

      ‘Scotland in Europe’, as an independent country and full member state of the EU, has been SNP policy for decades. It still IS SNP policy. And the WHOLE of the SNP should be backing their policy to the hilt.

      There should be no wavering, no compromises, no political games and no uncertainty whatsoever about the matter. What was written on the can is what we should get, and everyone in the whole of Scotland should by now be 100% aware of it.

      Let doubters and deniers LEAVE the SNP, and start another party. ‘Independence in Europe’ is the only sensible and viable future for the pro-European country that Scotland long has been, still is and will REMAIN.

      We need clear leadership on this, with clearly defined and easily understood lines. If we get that, it won’t take 5 years – it won’t even take half of five years – to achieve the goal. Let’s get on with it … All it needs is a bit of courage, and having the conviction to stand by what have for long and weary been clearly stated principles.

      People respond to leadership, not to hesitation. They need and deserve clarity. When they see hesitation, or fudge, they simply drift away …

      Let’s go for it! And if by doing so we lose a few – well, those whom we gain will far outnumber them.

      I wish the SNP, and the whole of the Yes movement, well. As for those who are anti-THIS and anti-THAT, the only anti-MOVEMENT I would support is ANTI-DITHER!

      We are citizens of the EU. We voted very clearly to retain our citizenship. No one has the right to deprive us of it, or take it from us. The EU is not just an economic issue – it’s about being a modern nation, which belongs properly to the modern world, in conjunction and alliance and friendship with other nations.

    23. Robert Peffers says:

      @Scottish Steve says: 12 February, 2019 at 6:40 pm:

      ” … I’ll take insignificance in Europe over membership of the “precious, precious” UK union any day.”

      But, Scottish Steve , it certainly IS a,”precious, precious union”.

      Just not precious for none of the union partners but very precious indeed for the other – and it shows.

      The Kingdom of England is desperate for it to continue while the Kingdom of Scotland gets mode desperate to leave with every day that goes by.

    24. Clachangowk says:

      Think of this: very rich countries of similar size as Scotland like Singapore, Luxembourg, Qatar and Norway have either strong Financial Services or Oil. Scotland has both!

    25. Scottish Steve says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Only time will tell. I’m pessimistic to be honest. Even if we do get another indyref, my gut tells me we’re going to lose it.

    26. Petra says:


      Looks as though an extension could be on the cards. Big mouth Olly will be in the bad books, lol.

      ‘Exclusive: UK chief Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins warns MPs the choice is May’s deal or extension.’

    27. Giving Goose says:

      To the tune of “Daisy, Daisy”
      – Billy, Billy play on your diddle-do
      You’re half crazy. Oh at the sight of you!
      You won’t be a Nigel Farage.
      You can’t afford his carriage.
      But you look sweet upon his sheet
      While you’re both playing his diddle-do.

    28. Capella says:

      So much for Robin “Ethical Foreign Policy” Cook RIP. He did have some principles though. He was opposed to the Iraq war which was why he had to resign from Tony Blair’s cabinet.

    29. Rick H Johnston says:

      @ scottish Steve, there’s something wrong with your gut. See a doctor.
      When you’re in a fix it’s better to have 27 reliable allies at your back as Ireland has than the bully boy Brits who think they can dictate to the rest.
      Delusional and heading the same way as the Soviet Union.

    30. Vestas says:

      Nobody else seems to have spotted a connection in the original title.

      My thoughts are with the Catalans who face trial.

      Watch and learn how its going to be inside the EU with those charges & imagine that without the “brakes” on. Worse still with Tories and “secondary legislation” powers they already have.

      Tempus fugit SNP…..

    31. Petra says:


      ‘Reporting Scotland editor apologises for Jackie Bird being wrong and ‘has a word with her’.’


      ‘The Scotsman’s trolls strike back against its massive 68% for independence poll result.’

    32. Effijy says:

      Former Nurse, Wife and Mother Julie O’Conner
      Needlessly suffered and died due to negligence
      At NHS Tory England’s Southmead Hospital, Bristol.

      They had 6, Yes Six, attempts at spotting her Cervical Cancer
      And missed All of them over a period of 5 years.

      Finally, in desperation, a private Consultant proved her suspicions.
      He couldn’t believe the size of the tumour NHS England missed.
      Unfortunately it was all too late to save her.

      Now knowing their pathetic testing was worthless, yet another Tory cover up
      Will be required as obviously many other women will have died due to negligence
      And many more suffering and facing certain death.

      I want a cross party enquiry lead by the SNP as they operate the most successful NHS in the UK.

      I hear the most shocking stories like this every few days from Tory England and Labour Wales
      And yet the stories fade immediately and covered up with shallow promises.

      All UK media outlets, TV, Radio, and I see someone’s Evening Times still shouting SNP bad
      Due to birds gaining access to a new ventilation system which MAY have played some small
      In the demise of 2 premature and very sick babies.

      Wish I had archived the multitude of NHS Westminster scandles that have killed and are killing across the boarder!

    33. findlay farquaharson says:

      aye, he wizny keen on independence,might have fucked up his knighthood as well

    34. Ahundredthidiot says:

      we all know what side Cooks bread was buttered.

      still respect him over Iraq though and not entirely convinced his death was not a house-tidy, him and the good Doctor.

    35. Dr Jim says:

      In this crappy wee poky England union we get nae say and we’ve got nae pals
      In the big Europy union we get the same say as everybody else plus 500 million pals

      You know one of the things I despise about this Union, people have to walk up a control fenced intimidating armed guarded street to a door like they’re going to the Great Ozz’s stronghold to be reprimanded, it just does not smack of a place of collegiate equality and sharing now does it

      Contrast and compare with the offices of the EU, armed officers yes, but open welcoming modern buildings with glass you can see out of and through and the flag of your country proudly taking its place fluttering alongside everyone else’s country, and they send folk out to shake your hand and accompany you in

      Now that’s how you run co-operational politics and not the dictatorial shit we put up with

    36. PacMan says:

      Was flicking through the papers at the local supermarket and one of them had a headline ‘Death to Theresa May’. I thought it was from the Tory party conference but it was from a protest in Iran.

      TBH, I’m not sure sure what the Iranians are on as May is too hopeless and impotent to be worth the effort to get that worked up about.

    37. Pete Barton says:

      Labour resemble Grima Wormtongue.

      Scratch below the surface, there’s nothing there but malevolence.

      Is our country..Scotland so worth hating the SNP for?

    38. Roughian says:

      6.00 o’clock BBC news. Headline item death of Gordon Banks given 7 mins. OK I’m sorry he died served his country and teams well as a keeper. But this is English news not national. Give it 7 mins in the English news and maybe a minute as national because he was an international figure. The cancer victim got considerably less coverage.

    39. Macart says:

      We are where we are because a bunch of people believed the wrong narrative.

      They were made to feel afraid. They were made to feel intimidated. Their trust in the Scottish government, our institutions, our services, (if they thought about politics at all), was constantly undermined. Still is and on a daily basis.

      Now I’m not talking about yer average Britnat believer here. So far as they’re concerned? It’s Westminster and Great Britnatland right or wrong (invariably wrong). No, I’m talking about your soft no. Your indy someday, but not yet. Your new Scot who hadn’t couldn’t quite bring themselves to believe just what the so called ‘mother of parliaments’ was capable of.

      Well? If they’re paying attention at all over the past four and a bit years. They know now. They should also know it can get a lot worse.

      Something else they should know.

      No recriminations. No scolding. They had their reasons and they were betrayed by those who abused their vote and their rights. Their votes were used to underwrite the current shit show that is Brexit/Austerity UK.

      With their help? We CAN make it a whole lot better.

    40. galamcennalath says:

      A tale of two Unions.

      One Union invests and promotes local business throughout Scotland. It gives a huge single market plus superb trade deals with dozens of other countries. It offers continent wide protection against crime and terrorism. It facilitates product safely standards and consumer rights. It protects our regional food specialities and ensures all food is fit for human consumption. It pays subsidies to ensure farming in the harsh conditions of the Highlands and Island remains viable.

      The other Union does absolutely nothing positive for Scotland. It sucks out wealth and concentrates it where it isn’t needed. It imposes austerity economics. It has increased inequality and poverty. It drags us into illegal wars. It houses all its WMDs on Scottish soil. And now it threatens to remove Scotland against its will from all the benefits of the other Union.

      Dumping one ASAP and hanging in with the other seems a total no brainer!

    41. Pete Barton says:

      Thankyou, Sam.

      Scotland calling..can you help?

    42. velofello says:

      Heading can be reworded post-Brixit – “insignificant in the UK and an uncertain future”.

      As demonstrated by May, politically Scotland is presently insignificant within the UK. There will be much worse to come post-Brexit.

      Our membership and rights as EU citizens surely is a challenge ahead. And our sense of self-esteem, personal and as a nation,are we really meekly going to allow EU citizens , and other nationalities to be despatched from Scotland by Westminster?

    43. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Another poll…

      “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

      Sitting at 64% YES, 36% NO, at the moment.

      Votes cast: 4960

    44. uno mas says:

      Ian Blackford called Theresa May a liar in HOC today I believe.

      NOW were cooking by gas 🙂

    45. Colin Alexander says:

      “An independent Scotland could join the EU…after completing some formalities”.

      There must be regulatory alignment with the EU to join the EU /EEA.

      It’s no rocket science to anticipate that WM will legislate to ensure Scotland is no longer in regulatory alignment with the EU, so that WM would then have prevented an indy-Scotland from quickly rejoining.

      Out of the UK and out of the EU was one of the 2014 Project Fear themes and it’s a proven winner.

      Also, after all the upheaval of Brexit and its aftermath, voters may simply be too scunnered or scared to vote indy, knowing this would mean more upheaval changing Scottish laws and regulations back again into alignment with EU regulations.

      If the SNP don’t take court action to stop Brexit, Brexit could be a game changer: A winner for the Union.

      50 days and counting down to Brexit day.

      There’s still time for an Interim Interdict to halt Brexit and uphold Scotland’s right to Remain in the EU for as long as Scotland’s sovereign people want to remain in the EU.

      Who will stand up and fight for Scotland’s sovereignty in court?

      The SNP?
      Craig Murray?
      Stu Campbell?
      Ronnie Anderson?
      Dave McEwan Hill?
      Robert Peffers?


      No. Didn’t think so.

    46. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “Colin Alexander” – you’re becoming tedious and predictable now.

      Time for one of your workmates to take over using that name.

    47. Robert Kerr says:

      I had forgotten the “Man at C and A”

      Oh dear. He is back.

    48. AlbertaScot says:

      Stu may want to do a little cut and paste on Leapy Leonard’s piece in the Scotsman today.

      Mostly crazy old class warfare stuff sounding like a poli-sci class from my University of Alberta days somewhere in the 70s.

      But Bouncy Castle Boy did go over the top in his apparent sudden conversion to what sounds like a constitutionally guaranteed devo-max. Even though that parade has moved on.

      I’d say cut and keep. So you can rub his face in it like an overnight diaper when the opportunity arrives.

    49. robert menzies says:

      Word of warning. EU law states that the opinions of the Commission have no status legally. The Commission therefore cannot decide Scotland’s position in applying to join the EU, regardless of what Señor Barroso thought and said during the independence referendum.
      It’s solely the preserve for the European Council and Parliament to vote on.

    50. ScottieDog says:

      In my book this is all playing out in our favour.

      The longer it drags on the worse the U.K. establishment looks.

      The BBC presence is diminishing – in part due to overt bias but also due to it just being shit.
      There’s too much competition out there for folk to pay to watch the garbage they produce..
      “Oh.. the blue plant..”. The BBC have held back the truth on climate change for starters so they can shove the blue planet.

      A hard brexit brings chaos, pain and fear and I would imagine the folk in NS circle have plan A, B, C etc laid out.
      They can’t put any of these into play unless there is a clear move over brexit.

      A transition period just means two more years of them looking very stupid, the BBC diminishing further and of course the further shafting of Scotland.

      Meanwhile scotgov, although restricted, puts in place a SNIB, power company etc and just makes the country look 10 times more competent than the chaos in the south.
      The alt media continues to flourish – the campaign never ends.
      We provide a taste of what could be and show what will be stripped away if we remain part of the lunacy of WM

    51. yesindyref2 says:

      OK, ignoring that faint whiff of sulphurous gas, Brexit on 29th March can be affected by a) revoked, b) delayed, c) a People’s Vote, d) general erection. But presuming 29th March is Brexit day, with or without any sort of transition, I’d say people are generally the following

      1). not too bothered, as long as we get Indy some time
      2). don’t care about the EU
      3). trust Sturgeon, trust the SNP, they have a plan to keep us in the EU, transition, holding pen, until we get in on our own account
      4). kind of trust the FM, some in the SNP seem to be flying kites and getting wet, but there is probably a plan, and they might be doing it deliberately (running interference) to fool the unionists and keep them running around in circles biting their own tails
      5). kind of trust the FM, don’t trust the SNP too many of them are flying kites and getting wet, but there is probably a plan
      6). don’t trust any of them, what’s going on, but something will happen to keep us in the EU (transition the lot)
      7). don’t trust any of them, help we’re desperate cos we want to stay in the EU

      BUT, and this is a big BUT the message from 3 to 7 is basically the same, and that is that we – we – want something to happen so that Scotland is NOT dragged out of the EU with the rest of the UK.

      For me, it’s not the format of the messages we give out, it’s the substance, which is that we want someone, somewhere, to do something to stop us being dragged out of the EU.

      I’m a 4.

    52. defo says:

      Scottish steve.
      Bad gut?
      Try those little PRO-biotic Yakulty things 🙂

      And some positive thinking. Negativity gets hee haw, whereas a positive outlook, self delusional or not, gies us a fighting chance.

    53. Scottish Steve says:

      @Rick H Johnston

      Like I said, time will tell. Scots didn’t have the spine for independence in 2014. My gut tells me they still wont next time.

    54. Keith fae Leith says:

      That latest soliloquy by the much skipped CA had the hallmarks of classic Rock.

      Make self congratulatory point. Check

      Faux outrage. Check

      Challenge a list of contributors. Check

      (Please note that I’ve not gone back to compare the lists)

      PS only poll that matters is when we actually vote as a Sovereign people.

      I’m signed up with YouGov & Panelbase but have had significantly fewer political polls since October.

      Am I not being selected as I don’t fit their desired outcome, or, perhaps more ludicrously given the state of Politics in this “Union” are parties & others simply not commissioning them?

    55. ronnie anderson says:

      As is the way from the man at C&A its 45days ya feking Britnat clown

    56. jezza says:

      Champions league latest:-

      English Brexit team 0
      French EU team 2

      C’mon the EU.


      Wee spring in the step now.

    57. mike cassidy says:


      Whatever the situation in Venezuela

      The BBC’s coverage currently being broadcast is staggeringly and openly propaganda.

      The would be president is being compared to Barack Obama.

    58. Colin Alexander says:

      Ronnie Anderson

      Thank you for the correction: 45 days to Brexit.

      But, I’m no a Colonialist. I don’t administer Colonialism for the Britnats; that’s the SNP’s joab.

      12 years in power and what have we got to show for it?

      An incompetent indy-lite indyref campaign, Second-class MPs, devolution ripped up and 45 days to Brexit.

      Hooray for the SNP.

    59. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Keith fae Leith @ 21:50,

      Well spotted there. (I wonder if they go to classes for it?)

      And I’m shattered. No mention of Liz or me, though we have crossed swords with the devious fecker more than anyone, I reckon.

      The ingrate.

    60. Colin Alexander says:


      a People’s Vote???

      Are you being sarcastic again?

      Rock, where are you? Tell him aboot Nicola wasting two years floggin a deid cuddy.

    61. Heart of Galloway says:

      Good coverage on Channel 4 of Ian Blackford exposing Theresa May’s latest effrontery of suggesting her Withdrawal Deal could have been sorted out in December – conveniently forgetting that she herself deliberately delayed the meaningful vote for a month.

      Significantly, IB reiterated that Scotland belongs as an independent member of the EU and will not be pulled out of Europe “against our will”.

      This has been the SNP’s consistent line for some time now. It is no idle boast and Theresa May knows that it isn’t.

      Consequently, her entire Brexit startegy is predicated on two things – getting her deal passed by MPs and, like a latter-day Edward Longshanks, bringing Scotland to heel by whatever means necessary.

      Securing the first, she believes, will strengthen her hand in trying to achieve the second.

      To give her baleful deal a prayer she will use time – if necessary almost all of what remains before March 29 – in the hope of blackmailing enough MPs into supporting the Withdrawl Agreement.

      It is not beyond the bounds of possibility she will succeed, to the unfettered joy of a Ukanian media desperate to portray her brinkmanship as a masterstroke.

      The colossus of time has already snuffed the life out of a second EURef, not that it ever was a realistic prospect.

      The chances of no deal may also be being deliberately overplayed so May can be garlanded with laurels if she gets her way. Such a suggestion may appear fanciful, but we would do well to remind ourselves that nothing is beyond these people. They will ruthlessly utilise the media in their mission to bind Scotland fast inside a unitary British state.

      They will fail and we shall win if we remain resolute and united.

      I said some time ago that I believe the Scottish Government will lodge some kind of declaratin of intent with the EU before Brexit Day. Such a move would allow Scotland a fast route back to EU membership following a ‘yes’ vote in IndyRef 2.

      Therefore, to defeat the Ukanians and win we must hold tight for a little longer until they show their Brexit hand. To do otherwise at this stage would be folly. Once the UK is out of the EU Scotland will be free to make its case.

      As for those who weep and wail with frustration – genuine or otherwise – save your energy for the battle ahead. We will need all the strength we can muster.

    62. Briandoonthetoun

      Poll sitting on 65% YES and 35% NO now after 5,106 votes

    63. Cubby says:


      What on earth is option d). LOL

    64. Les Wilson says:

      Saw a newsflash I think it was via microsoft, i could not access it as I won’t sign up.
      Anyhoo,it said May will leave in the summer.

    65. geeo says:

      Coco at 9.21pm

      I stood up for Scotland when i voted SNP into government and gave them a Sovereign mandate for an indyref to be held.

      You on the other hand, coco, voted for an undisclosed unionist party to fight against Scotland.

      Pretendy indy supporter, such as you are.

      You even have ‘themed’ weeks these days, it was Colonial Devolution gibberish last week, and it’s ‘regulatory alignment’ reduction thiszweek.

      You really miss your chum rock, since you are trying to emulate his gibbering pish huh ?

    66. Daisy Walker says:

      Mrs May’s latest seems to be her terrible deal (in some form) or an extension to A50.

      Heaven help us. And the Cooper amendment to extend A50 seems to be gaining approval.

      I actually hope the EU turn round and say enough.

      That leaves a cancelation. For English MP’s this would be deemed selling out the ‘will of the people’. I would suggest that even if it goes ahead – WM will be back at this very same point, champing at the bit either by GE or new Ref, within 2 years, and I don’t think their Remain people are competent enough to run the country well in difficult circumstances, even if they could get near the levers of power, which would likely lead to an even bigger English vote to leave.

      We really need out of this crazy toxic union.

    67. yesindyref2 says:

      A geniune typo that was too good to correct.

    68. chicmac says:

      OT re the impending new BBC Scottish channel, notwithstanding the much anticipated and leaked ‘Billy Mitchell Show’, you know it makes sense:

    69. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Heart of Galloway @ 22:40,

      Agree with everything you said except that “once we are out of the EU” throwaway at the end. As you yourself observed, Dis-May’s plan of action is to get the UK out, lock, stock and barrel, that’s the critical step. And for good reason. After that, we will have missed the boat, and she will be able to turn all the resources of an unfetttered UK State, Henry VIII powers and all, to suppress us.

      This is not going to be 2014 repeated. They know that. A UKGE after exit to cement the dirty deed, what for her is likely a triumph, but whoever wins, it won’t be us.

      Whatever the cold calculation may be, we have to do something decisive before E-Day, or we’ll bitterly regret the fumble for years to come. Soon it will be now or never.

    70. Colin Alexander says:


      I was tempted to respond about party politics but that’s divisive when Scotland has to pull together. We need the support of all in Scotland no matter what domestic party politics they prefer or none.

      If the SNP stop the pretty speeches and start the real action to defend and uphold Scotland’s sovereignty, I’ll be singing their praises like a lintie.

      44 days to Brexit.

    71. ronnie anderson says:

      Couldn’t put it better myself believe me i’ve tried .

    72. AndyMcKangry says:

      To Mr Alexander
      If you feel so strongly that Nicola and theSNP are failing you so badly, why don’t you as an eloquent, educated patriotic Scotsman and EU citizen petition the European Parliament personally to recognise your sovereignty as a Scot and protect your European status.
      Go to Brussels and chain yourself to a face with slogans round your neck. You don’t need a constitutional lawyer, you just need the ooomph!!
      Thought not! I expect your too busy compiling clever criticisms of the people who set themselves up daily to fight our corner.
      I would go myself but being an angry bugger who works on the premis that”One good punch is worth a thousand words” I’d likely get the jail and put our cause back years.
      I’ll leave the hard work to the committed diplomats that have been fighting our corner for most of their lives and who are prepared to come out from behind their keyboards.
      I’m sure you’ll be someone I won’t see on the barricades if it ever comes to that!!!

    73. Famous15 says:

      Colin Alexander’s appearances on this site bear a direct relationship to the size of support for independence.

      Indy going well, wall to wall Colin Alexander negativity.

      Much as I would like the contemptible British Nationalist little shite to clear orf you can see my dilemma.

    74. Craig P says:
      @ 5:29 pm
      And Cook was one of the better ones, from what I recall.

      He sure became one of the better ones. It happened when he died!

    75. geeo says:

      Coco dribbled@11.34pm.

      “was tempted to respond about party politics but that’s divisive when Scotland has to pull together”

      Coco’s notion of “pulling together” is to continually bad mouth the ONLY HOPE of Scots gaining an indyref/dissolution of the Treaty of Union, the SNP.

      Fooling absolutely nobody. Desperate as feck.

    76. Colin Alexander says:


      The pen is mightier than the gubbing and all that, so as a self- appointed guardian of Scotland’s sovereignty..

      Several weeks ago I wrote to Labour MEP David Martin at his constituency and EU offices, asking him to present my complaint to the EU Commission that Scotland’s sovereignty has not been respected and so Brexit should be cancelled.

      No reply.

      I also made the complaint directly to the EU Commission. The EU Commission guidance says:

      “We aim to deal with your complaint within A YEAR”.

    77. CameronB Brodie says:

      An independent Scotland would have a voice in One Union, but clearly has none in the other YoonYawn.

    78. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      auld highlander @ 00:27,

      The chief honcho of Siemens was on Euronews the other day stating bluntly that business doesn’t invest in uncertainties. Couldn’t be clearer, and the conclusions obvious. Your example is just one of many, much of which will go unreported. And decisions taken now won’t be reversed, whatever happens.

      Meanwhile, another hot-air day in the HoC, another round of competing fantasies. Criminally irresponsible.

    79. Benhope says:

      Agree with your post “wull at 7.01”

      When the time to strike arrives; 100% for full EU membership, clarity and leadership.

    80. CameronB Brodie says:

      Scottish Steve
      Have you taken account of the material change in circumstance between 2014 an today? Brexit changes the entire dynamic of the debate. Scots were asked to choose between DevoMax on steroids or a ‘leap of faith into a bottomless chasm of nationalist fantasy’. This time Scots will be asked to choose between Scotland in the EU a leap of faith into a bottomless chasm of nationalist fantasy. Do you not think the public in Scotland might suss this difference, despite the BBC et al?

    81. Liz g says:

      Yesindyref2 @ 9.40
      If it’s option (d) do you anticipate Ross Thompson “ahem” standing 😉

    82. K1 says:

      Mair smiley lessons tae practice:

      Sad wee face:

      Colon : dash – left hand bracket (
      Altogether 🙁


      Colon : the word roll colon :
      Altogether 🙄

    83. yesindyref2 says:

      @Liz g
      I’d rather not!

    84. Liz g says:

      K1 @ 1.34
      Ok 🙁 🙄

    85. Liz g says:

      Yay 🙂

    86. geeo says:

      Coco @12.21am

      “Did Ye, Aye”?

      Nah, ye didnae.

      If you said it was wednesday today, everyone on Wings would double check.

      Thats how much gish ye gallop.

    87. Nana says:

      This language has no place in a modern, inclusive society.

      Canadian newspaper article
      Ivison: Scottish leader warns no-deal Brexit could lead to Scots’ independence

    88. Nana says:

      Ford told Britain’s May it is preparing alternative production sites – The Times

      Bank of England governor Mark Carney says a no-deal #Brexit would create a shock to the economy.

      Farm leaders: UK brand on food exports ‘is disadvantage’

    89. Nana says:

      MPs demand Health Secretary stops backing firms which exploit NHS shortages

      Carles Puigdemont says
      Prosecuting these peaceful advocates of the ballot box marks yet more of the authoritarianism we saw on referendum day

      This is what your fake patriotism, table thumping jingoism, arrogant nationalism, othering of remainers, foreigners, the poor and the sick and disabled, the hostile environment, and the constant mantra of will of the people gets you.

    90. Nana says:

      Dark money is pushing for a no-deal Brexit. Who is behind it?

      MickeyBradySF of @sinnfeinireland slams Theresa May’s government on the Irish border issue!

      Article from 2018 on the benefits of drug rooms. Westminster will not ‘allow’ Scotland to open them

      Brexit: No-deal plan for Channel Tunnel operations

    91. Nana says:

      A huge 9,000km trade route is being built right across Europe from Finland to Malta. It’s one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever constructed and will capitalise on the benefits of free trade in the EU single market.

      B Fowler says
      OK, I’ve now read the transcript of today’s debate & since the Constitutional Reform & Governance Act 2010 (CRaG Act) seems to have hit the headlines & there’s a degree of confusion around, a thread just to clarify (I hope): 1/

    92. Nana says:

      Farm leaders: UK brand on food exports ‘is disadvantage’

      The best outcome of this hearing is that they get permission for a judicial review of the PM’s decision to leave the EU. If that review finds the decision unlawful, then the A50 notice was never valid… ”

    93. Undeadshuan says:

      Mays Drunk brexit negotiator gives game away in front of ITV reporters at hotel bar the reporters were staying in..

      “My way or the long way”

      This shocking and a complete disregard for busineses and peoples jobs by May.
      There really should be crminial charges for what she and the torys are doing.

    94. robert alexander harrison says:

      That poll for the evening times is closed and the results are

      Yes 65%
      No 35%
      Total votes around 5126 so if 1000 vote poll from the likes of yougov can be considered a nation voice of 5 million why can’t a poll of over 5000 votes in a newspaper website as that clearly showed more votes for independence than the union.

    95. Breeks says:

      yesindyref2 says:
      12 February, 2019 at 9:40 pm
      OK, ignoring that faint whiff of sulphurous gas, Brexit on 29th March can be affected by a) revoked, b) delayed, c) a People’s Vote, d) general erection. But presuming 29th March is Brexit day, with or without any sort of transition, I’d say people are generally the following…

      a) Could be revoked, should be revoked, but absolutely won’t be.
      b) Delayed. Prospect of EU extending Article 50 is extremely remote.
      c) People’s Vote entirely dependent upon a) or b). It’s too little, too late.
      d) General Election doesn’t alter a) or b).

      Extension of Article 50 would need to be “bought”. I don’t imply anything improper, but the EU will require material incentive even to consider renegotiating with the UK, otherwise I believe extending Article 50 will be seen as constituting “renegotiation”.

      In short, anything short of a real option that Brexit is halted, then I firmly believe the EU will be unmoved. The Article 50 protocol will run it’s course, and the deadline will formally expire on 29th March. The EU will shrug its shoulders at the UK’s unforced self harm.

      Even IF Westminster was currently contrite and sincere about rethinking Brexit, there would be precious little room to manoeuvre. But the UK is a million miles away from contrite and penitent, and careering headlong in the opposite direction. I feel sure the EU regard March 29th as a long awaited blessing. Extend the deadline? Whit??? Are you mad???

      If Scotland wishes to put itself on any different trajectory from the UK’s rank stupidity of a cliff edge, cold turkey Brexit, then we have 44 days to do it. You can sing and dance all you like, but that’s the bottom line. This, right here, right now, this is the time to pull our emergency brake.

      Here’s a thought too… Let’s suppose our demon international negotiator Nicola had a discreet summit with Barnier, Juncker or Verhofstadt, and afterwards, publicly “enquired” of the EU what benchmark they would wish to see before formally recognising Scotland…. the EU themselves could dig Nicola out of the hole she’s been digging for over two years, and give her fresh and renewed impetus to hold an emergency referendum.

      “Well Nicola, we would like to respect the will of Scotland to remain, but we need Constitutional and lawful excuse to do it…. can you provide us with a democratic mandate?

      Emergency summit by this Friday, combined Indy/EU ref announced Monday to be completed ahead of the March deadline, , and 40 days and 40 nights of fighting for the life of Scotland. Scotland “trumps” May’s emergency protocols with Scotland’s own state of emergency protocols, and we can finally make a stand for what we believe in and actually save our Nation from catastrophe.

      If Nicola is busy visiting America or China, or Outer Mongolia, then let’s conspire to keep her there, and have a nice wee surprise for her when she gets back to an Independent EU Nation.

      Or Option B… we sit on our thumbs and let the clock run out, giggling like imbeciles about the next UK general election which we can’t fight of course until we know the details of who will win it.

    96. Nana says:

      Sad to read this, the site has been terrific at shining a light on the biased bbc

      Reality versus May’s fantasy lies

      Oily Robbins walked into a bar

      Posting this for any new readers

    97. manandboy says:

      Sunday 7 May 2017 Article by Carol Cadwalladr

      The content of this article has been effectively buried by the British government, but it remains at the heart of what Brexit is. It is because Westminster is so involved that it is being ignored.

      It also indicates that extreme levels of naivety is required to believe that the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 was conducted on an exclusively democratic basis and without any form of interference involving data mining or the techniques of psychological operations, orchestrated by Westminster.

      But hey, we’ve covered all that already and moved on, as the media have instructed us.

    98. Breeks says:

      “Just a wee notice to let you folks know that the Indyref2 site will be wound up shortly. It’s unlikely we’ll endure beyond February. Nothing sinister, it’s just that we feel we’ve done all we can. The BBC issue in particular seems now to be much more mainstream.”

      No, no, no, keep going guys. Our new Scotland will need its own media regulators.

      I know it’s been slim pickings, but we’ll need you more than ever in these next few weeks.

      This is a body blow for all of us.

    99. Muscleguy says:

      And periodically the rotating Presidency of the EU will come to iScotland. We will get to set the agenda in areas we choose. Malta has recently held the Presidency. If they can, we can.

      I don’t call that insignificant. Also on Independence Edinburgh becomes an international capital with a significant increase in the number and status of the foreign diplomatic corps. Consulates will get upgraded to Embassies or High Commissions. Countries without consulates in Scotland, operating from England will be in search of suitable properties.

      Diplomats are great eaters out and buyers in of catering which will be a huge boost to those sectors. The restaurant trade is currently in difficulties. If you or a loved one works in that industry you must vote Yes.

    100. manandboy says:

      Just more everyday mundane Tory Government skullduggery which no one seemingly can be bothered to do anything about, principal among whom is Jeremy Corbyn, tje great white hope of Labour voters in Scotland.

    101. Robert Peffers says:


      I’m just listening to a BBC Jockland about the over 75’s TV Licence. During which I heard a person who was supposed to be against the removal of free TV Licences for over 75s used this phrase, “The life expectancy figure for Scotland is lower than any other area of the United Kingdom”.

      Now this is a very common way of stating things but it exposes something I’ve been attempting to highlight for a while now. How the supporters of an independent Scotland do not realise how much they are effectively brainwashed by the United Kingdom/British media.

      Now here is the truth – there are only two areas in the, “United Kingdom”, for Wales, Northern Ireland and England are all parts of the Kingdom of England. The correct phrase, in the context of the United Kingdom, should be that, “The life expectancy of the Kingdom of Scotland is lower than that of the Kingdom of England”.

      The reason being that the terms Britain, Great Britain and the United Kingdom all refer to different geographic areas but the Westminster Establishment, and their propaganda wing, “Don’t want you to know that”.

      They consistently use such terms as Britain, Great Britain, The Country, The Whole Country and British as if they all mean the same thing but they do not.

      For a perfect example, “The British Broadcasting Corporation”, is a misnomer. The BBC, a Westminster financed, (from general Taxation), private corporation, that propagates the lie that Licence Payers fund BBC Programmes. TV licences are permission to receive live broadcasts granted by the United Kingdom Government and they, not the BBC, get the licence fees and then make an annual grant to the BBC from general taxation.

      However, The United Kingdom Government do not govern the Crown Protectorates or the Republic of Ireland and these can tune into United Kingdom broadcasts but Westminster cannot charge them for doing so.

      Then we have the use of such propaganda as, The British Army, Navy and Air Force – they are indeed British but so are the forces of The Republic of Ireland. They do exist – here is a picture of a Republic of Ireland Naval Vessel:-

      But, “They Don’t want you to know that”. It’s all just Westminster propaganda and, whether we like it or not, most of us have been affected by it all our lives and our abuse of the correct terms shows we have.

    102. manandboy says:

      Tokyo Rose, dressed in trousers, on the morning shift today. All part of the craic – like air pollution, it’s regrettable, but what can you do, except ignore it and get on with life. Better together, so much better.

    103. manandboy says:

      So true, Robert. And soon to be reinforced by our shiny new brainwashing channel, BBC 2.

    104. Nation Libre says:

      Jeez, actual journalism in those days

    105. Breeks says:

      manandboy says:
      13 February, 2019 at 9:13 am
      Tokyo Rose, dressed in trousers, on the morning shift today. All part of the craic – like air pollution, it’s regrettable, but what can you do, except ignore it and get on with life. Better together, so much…

      Just like Brexit eh? Ignore it until March 30th and it will all go away. Is that all you’ve got manandboy? What a disappointment.

      “First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Council-er or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.

      Martin Luther King, from Birmingham jail 1963.

    106. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says

      Dark money is pushing for a no-deal Brexit. Who is behind it?

      ” Since mid-January an organisation called Britain’s Future has spent £125,000 on Facebook ads demanding a hard or no-deal Brexit. …. As openDemocracy points out, it has no published address and releases no information about who founded it, who controls it and who has been paying for these advertisements. “

      Pathetic fines have been imposed for other infringements of electoral law, but the message the government is giving out is …. you can continue to undermine democracy, we won’t stop you.

      Why? Could it be because they know they will need to deploy the same techniques in an attempt to save their Union in the inevitable IndyRef2?

    107. Nana says:

      MaryLouMcDonald on @GMB:

      Macwhirter writes

      Hope over fear says
      Tax on whisky is currently 74%. That means for every £4.00 spent, £3.00 goes to the U.K. Treasury.
      Now read this and figure out what would happen if we had a Scottish Treasury.
      HMRC data shows Scotch exports hit record high in 2018

      That’s all folks

    108. Contrary says:

      My (conspiracy) theory, that the driving force behind Brexit is the threat the EU poses to the petrodollar – lots of dark money and big funds behind the oil and gas industry:

    109. Colin Alexander says:

      “The UK is an indivisible unitary state as the Supreme Court ruled last year.”

      Can someone point me to that ruling please? If Mr McWhirter is referring to the Continuity Bill case, he’s mistaken, in my humble opinion.

      In The UK Withdrawal from the European Union Legal Continuity (Scotland) Bill case,

      The Supreme Court only mentions unitary once:

      29. (1)” In the eyes of the outside world a state is a subject of international law and as such a unitary entity.

      That’s a comment on how the UK is perceived and treated in international law, eg when dealing with the EU.

      It’s not a legal ruling on whether domestically the Union is in reality a partnership of sovereign equals or a unitary state The above case was NEVER about that.

      The Supreme Court could have said concisely and authorititively: The UK IS a unitary state, if it were a legal certainty.

      They clearly skirted around that, only referring to how the UK is regarded in international law (when dealing with the EU etc).

      Anyway, whether the UK is a unitary state or not, is not the same issue as whether as part of the UK, Scotland’s people remain ultimately sovereign OVER the Crown.

      As in the Claim of Right 1689, Scotland’s people sacked the Crown, James vII, by the legal constitutional power of the popular sovereignty of the people.

      That constitutional law has never been revoked as it’s the legal basis for the legitimacy of the current monarch of the Kingdom of Scotland.

      Scotland’s people voted Remain and yet are being dragged out of the EU against their sovereign will.

      In 2014 the people voted in favour of Devo to the Max, or maximum home rule. That wasn’t respected either as it didn’t happen. Instead the devolution agreement has been blown apart by the EU withdrawal Act power grab.

      i would argue UK Parliament are already the ones guilty of treason to the people of Scotland.

      James vII was deposed for his treason to the people. It’s time Scotland’s people removed operational sovereignty from UK Parliament and asked Holyrood to exercise their sovereignty as the Supreme Parliament of Scotland. NOT A SOVEREIGN PARLIAMENT – THE PEOPLE WOULD REMAIN SOVEREIGN.

      As a first step that Supreme Parliament of Scotland should order Scotland Remains in the EU until Scotland decides to leave, as the sovereign people voted 63% to remain.

    110. Macart says:


      Good spread of opinion there Nana. And yeah, plenty of folk getting fearful. Who knew(?) and QED all rolled into one.

      As I alluded to above, if folk didn’t know what the consequences of a no vote in 2014 were back then? They do now. Wonder how many folk feel strong and stable in their better togetherness about now?

      Safe to say that the believer and their… ill informed… support/voter base have no problem with their actions back then and they’re probably none too bothered with the epic fibbery which brought us to this pass. A win’s a win after all etc.

      The folk they conned into supporting this omnishambles at the time though? I’m guessing they’re less than chuffed.

    111. geeo says:

      Note to coco, when you write even longer posts than usual, all you do is post more utter dribble than usual.

      Scots voted NO to independence in 2014.

      Yes and No to indy were the only options on the ballot to vote for.

      Some Scots being influenced by lies and false promises of Jam tomorrow is NOT Scots voting FOR such lies and false promises.

      And it was 62% Remain, not 63%.

      Nobody will ever take you serious when you cannot even get the most basic of things right.

      Actually, scrub that, nobody will take you serious while you continually post utter drivel.

    112. Cactus says:

      This comment is about Indy Live Radio.

      It’s a Wednesday… that means that the Norrie Hunter Show will be airing shortly on Indy Live Radio at 11am.

      Ye can tell Norrie is in the studio already as there have been random sheep noises appearing in between tracks baaah hehe. Also they have a surprise for the listeners today, TuneIN to find out all about it and more 🙂

      Liking yer new musical additions (and jingles) that made me go… awe fur Frank’s sake, they played Zappa!

      Like iScotland, the future of Indy Live Radio is certain:

      Listen in with yer lunch Lovelies.


    113. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says:

      MaryLouMcDonald on @GMB:

      There’s another attempt to interrupt and shut her down as soon as she mentions Scotland.

      Obvious official line …. How dare she suggest Scotland is getting a bum deal at and from Westminster!

      We should be in no doubt that there is a cross-media policy of not giving Scotland or anything Scottish air-time unless it’s thoroughly negative.

    114. Petra says:

      Thanks for the links Nana.

      Centuries of experience of subjugating others using every dirty deed in the book … the one that they wrote that is.

      ‘Major General Sir Charles E. Callwell stated: ”the people over whom they dominate must be made to feel a moral inferiority and recognise that there’s nothing they can do against the powers who colonise them.”


      It’ll be interesting to see how this develops in Court next week (21st).

      ”The best outcome of this hearing is that they get permission for a judicial review of the PM’s decision to leave the EU. If that review finds the decision unlawful, then the A50 notice was never valid… ”

    115. Petra says:

      You can see how Nicola is walking a tightrope. She calls for IndyRef2 and Big T calls for an extension.

      ”The comments also appeared to confirm that Ms May, as a cabinet minister hinted yesterday, plans to delay the critical decision until the eve of the scheduled departure day on 29 March.”


      ‘Brexit: Tory MPs furious as Theresa May aide Olly Robbins overheard discussing long Article 50 delay.’

      ”Anti-EU Tories reacted angrily after Olly Robbins appeared to reveal the strategy – contradicting the prime minister’s insistence that she is ready to crash out of the EU without a deal if necessary. “Extension [of Article 50] is possible but if they don’t vote for the deal then the extension is a long one,” he was heard saying, by an ITV News journalist. “The issue is whether Brussels is clear on the terms of extension. In the end they will probably just give us an extension.”

    116. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT. re. the Scotsman and the Alistair Stewart piece about stripping Churchill of his Brutishness. This is all the yoons have in the face of ethical morality and international law, appeals to nostalgia and the narcissism of the “OLD-FASHIONED PERSONALITY”.

      P.S. Churchill didn’t think the Palestinians were meritorious of their lands, as they had not followed western patterns of development and social progress. The man was both a racist and a colonialist. Or to put it another way, a member of the British ruling class.

    117. Scottish Steve says:

      @CameronB Brodie

      I think plenty in Scotland will suss the difference and many will change their minds based on the material change in circumstances. Whether or not enough Scots will do so remains to be seen.

      I’m a pessimistic person by nature but I was hopeful in 2014. Now I’m much more cautious, even with the debacle of Brexit and monumental incompetence of the UK government. Some Scots may still prefer all this to standing on their own two feet.

      Three centuries of rule from a foreign country certainly crushes a people’s self-confidence. But if Ireland can break away from the BS after 800 years, I’m sure we could do after just 300.

    118. Petra says:

      Oooops … the link to my last post.


      Reality has no bearing on the cold, callous Tories that live in a bl**dy fantasy world.

      ‘Irish TV host tears up as she lists Troubles victims from this day in history to warn of hard border return.’

    119. CameronB Brodie says:

      Scottish Steve
      I’m not arguing with you, I share your anxiety. Anxiety is a killer though, as it blocks action. It’s not an easy trick dealing with this, but it is possible to act positively in the absence of certainty.

    120. galamcennalath says:

      Petra says:

      You can see how Nicola is walking a tightrope. She calls for IndyRef2 and Big T calls for an extension.

      Indeed. I’ve always believed that for May et al, Brexit is important but maintaining the integrity of the UK is a higher priority.

      When Nicola calls IndyRef2 we can expect actions to try to thwart it. IMO that would include changing direction and policy on Brexit.

      That gives Nicola extra complexity to timing. Not only does she have to choose time and circumstances which give the best chance of winning, she needs to consider what counter actions could be deployed.

    121. ScottieDog says:

      “You can see how Nicola is walking a tightrope. She calls for IndyRef2 and Big T calls for an extension.”

      We have to make sure that NICOLA BATS LAST!!

    122. Scottish Steve says:

      @CameronB Brodie

      I have promised myself that if we do lose the second indyref, I wont let my bitterness turn me off politics. That’s exactly what the UK establishment wants; an apathetic Scottish electorate that passively accepts London rule.

      I’ll keep voting in every election to do all I can to keep unionists out of power up here and ensure the SNP represent us down there.

      But hopefully we wont need representation down south in the future because we’ll be independent!

    123. ScottieDog says:

      By batting last I mean it’s almost like we have to be in the cage with the door about to shut before we stick our size 10 in it.

    124. jezza says:

      Brexit is so fluid at the moment that the options and outcomes for it literally change by the minute.

      So anything that was doing the rounds yesterday has already been consigned to the rubbish heap.

    125. ScotsRenewables says:

      {rant mode}

      IndyLiveRadio says 29 people listening – surely that is wrong?

      The content is great, but there are so many things wrong with the way the station is presenting itself at the moment.

      ~ No programme listings

      ~ Link to closed crowdfunder opens in same window cutting the broadcaast off

      ~ People Listening number gives the impression n o-one is listening. If there really are only 29 people listening, GET RID OF THIS NUMBER until audiences pick up

      ~ Cannot listen to the station on my Roberts internet radio as it is not on the Vtuner list. (I am in discussion with Roberts trying to remedy this at the moment)

      I have emailed the station on the crowdfunder link issue and had a response (two weeks ago) but they have not done anything about it – something that would take all of two minutes to rectify.

      I am getting SO SICK OF THE HALF-ASSED WAY SO MUCH OF THE INDY MOVEMENT APPROACHES THE WEB – it makes us look like enthusiastic amateurs with no real idea. (Stu – you are the exception – to keep this site running at full chat in spite of the undoubted endless DDoS attacks is no mean feat, even if you are using a very out of date version of WordPress)

      Another example – I created at the behest of a person I met at a Wings stall last year and not only have they failed to run the site properly and keep it up to date, the Calendar has now also lapsed and the site is just a pretty but empty window which I will be taking down shortly unless someone is prepared to run it properly. The person in question has not responded to any of my last four emails on the subject, and a post on the group’s FB page has elicited no response.

      I am a web designer and developer of some 22 years experience, and can knock up attractive and highly functional WordPress sites in fairly short order. I have offered my services in the past to my 6,000 Twitter followers and on here, completely free, but had no response.

      Similarly, I offered a few years ago to do a campaign website for my local SNP branch – with no takers and no alternative offering appearing.

      On a more positive note, the site at is refreshingly modern and functional, though even here there are issues. For example, it is not immediately obvious that there is more than one ‘No to Yes’ person in the Stories section on the home page. A simple ‘click to see more stories’ instruction, or a more prominent sideways arrow, or a video gallery . . . a lot of ways to fix this issue and keep some people on the site longer.

      Committed YES supporters are happy to rattle around in poorly designed echo chambers or rant at each other on closed FB groups, but to reach out to the uncommitted and the wider world we need to do better than that. We are competing with conventional media that have millions of establishment money behind them. Every website needs to look good, work well and be connected to others. The time for enthusiastic amateurism is over.

      Now, if someone reading this knows the guys running IndyLiveRadio can they please pass my comments on, as a couple of tiny points are spoiling what should be a great asset to the movement. (Listening to it now while typing this, love the music, love the guest presenters!)

      {/rant mode}

    126. Petra says:

      @ ScottieDog says at 11:36 am …. ”Petra – “You can see how Nicola is walking a tightrope. She calls for IndyRef2 and Big T calls for an extension.”

      ”We have to make sure that NICOLA BATS LAST!!”

      That’ll take some fancy footwork from Nicola, ScottieDog, when the article suggests that Big T will wait until the eve of the 29th.

    127. Dr Jim says:

      @Robert Peffers

      The precious Union which is NOT a Union

      See, we live in Scotland which is not part of or indeed A part of the United Kindom until England informs us we are,(note they never say member of) they however live in Britain and Great Britain AND England which is not a part of any of these places but is and are those places ergo *the owners* of all that is surveyed by them

      Given that they bought Scotland with money in the first place maybe they’d consider selling us to the EU instead of selling us out to anyone with a deal to offer when the England United Kingdom Great Britain part needs some cash

      You just have to be amazed at the convolutions of the English mind where on the one hand they say we’re all one together friends brothers and allies, but on the other hand they say *but we own you* and we’re in charge of all decisions

      The only thing missing in this relationship is the colour of Scotland’s skin and the words *Yassum Massa*

      And Joe and Joany England still don’t know they’re doing it and if you suggest such a thing to them their faces fill with bewilderment

      A bit like a scolded dog who doesn’t realise he’s done wrong

    128. jfngw says:

      I still see those that because the SNP has backed a second EU vote this would then require another indyref vote to confirm the negotiation. These are two separate entities, once you decide to end the Treaty of Union there is no going back. Any second vote after indy will be purely on the agreed trade deal, not on independence itself. We may have to choose between numerous outcomes after indy that could require another referendum.

      Those that conflate the UK Union and the European Union as being the same are just lying in the hope the obfuscation will be enough to deter us.

    129. Petra says:

      I wish ”moderation” would highlight what you’ve actually done wrong!


      That’s her special relationship over and out plus a massive drop in one of the few ”things” that England has to export, LOL.

      ‘Theresa May admits she scrapes mould off jam and eats what’s underneath.’

      …”May is said to enjoy cooking, and has a particular penchant for jam, even giving a jar to Melania Trump as part of a hamper in 2017.”….

    130. Petra says:

      I wish ”moderation” would highlight what you’ve actually done wrong!


      Off with their heads say Verhofstatd followed by eternal d*mnation in h*ll says Tusk. Good enough for them.

      ‘Brexit: Guy Verhofstadt suggests Leave campaigners could ‘end up on the guillotine’.’

      …”The politicians pushing Brexit should be careful not follow in the footsteps of revolutionary leaders who “ended up on the guillotine”, the European Parliament’s Brexit chief has said.”..

    131. auld highlander says:

      Of course the union is precious to them, they have been bleeding us dry for hundreds of years.

    132. CameronB Brodie says:

      Individual self-determination depends largely on maintaining a positive personal psychology. That’s why the BBC in Scotland makes you want to self-harm. Achieving a sense of positive emotions not only strengthens our cognitive abilities, it improves our ability to cope with change. Once again, this all boils down to the architecture of our brains.

      Upward Spirals of Positive Emotions Counter Downward Spirals of Negativity: Insights from the Broaden-and-Build Theory and Affective Neuroscience on The Treatment of Emotion Dysfunctions and Deficits in Psychopathology

    133. Dr Jim says:

      Look around folks all the Unionists have left in regard to an argument is *no surrender* *UK Vote* *all one country* *fact*

      There is no argument to discuss anymore, because that’s all they’ve got, a big shouty noise!

    134. Davie Oga says:

      Colin Alexander

      If you and Breeks are correct in your legal assertions, then you can seek a temporary interdict in order to prevent the UK government from Brexiting you and other sovereign people of Scotland against your expressed will. Costs around £800. The substantive case will cost significantly more.

    135. sinky says:

      Theresa May has just lied again at PMQs when she told Ian Blackford that the SNP had no plan for independence.

      The 670 page Scotland’s Future can be read or downloaded here:

    136. Capella says:

      Once more, Guy Verhofstadt sums up the current impasse (thx Nana):

      Despite meetings w/ UK reps, incl PM May, Lidington & Barclay I’m yet to hear of a proposal to break Brexit deadlock. I ask myself what are these negotiations at a “crucial state” raised in the HoC? The way forward is cross-party, not kicking the can towards a disastrous no deal.

      The whole of the UK, 65 million people, are held hostage by the bickering Tory Party trying to have their cake and eat it. It is an outrageous situation for any electorate to be in. It is also entirely thanks to the NO vote in 2014 that we in Scotland are suffering this utter farce of a shambles. Time to vote again.

    137. Cactus says:

      Afternoon ScotsRenewables, yeah Indy Live Radio is a great independent Scottish internet radio station with excellent music, presenters and guests.

      As we know the station is still in TEST mode (whilst finding its feet) and aye agree with you though that it’s now appropriate to remove the link to the previous successful crowdfunder, with just the TEST header remaining in place at the top in the meantime.

      Once Indy Live Radio are officially GO, the banner will be removed and no doubt show schedules etc will follow… 🙂

      Cheers also for designing the excellent website, aye have used it for reference many times in the past. A lot of time and effort would have been put in to the making of it and it must be annoying that it has not been maintained by the persons handed the reins to it.

    138. galamcennalath says:

      ” State of the Economy report, published by Scotland’s Chief Economist Gary Gillespie, says intensifying Brexit uncertainty is causing concern and already impacting on key economic indicators. In particular, a no-deal scenario is seen as a significant risk that would lead to a ‘major dislocation’ to the Scottish economy. “

    139. Petra says:

      That’s her special relationship over and out plus a massive drop in one of the few ”things” that England has to export, LOL.

      ‘Theresa May admits she scr*pes mould off jam and eats what’s underneath.’

      …”May is said to enjoy cooking, and has a particular penchant for jam, even giving a jar to Melania Trump as part of a hamper in 2017.”….

    140. Ahundredthidiot says:

      not condoning any sort of cruelty here of course, bit maybe an indyref2 campaign should have a frog swimming round in circles in a big deep pan, while the gas is applied (all fancy cgi of course) and while the water heats to boil and cook/kill our wee frog the Narrator could talk thru all the shit we’ve put up with and the Lies.

      Some No voters are frogs (as opposed to those rightwing tory scorpions), but they need to be shown the way out of the Pot before it’s too late!

    141. CameronB Brodie says:

      Cough. I’m pretty sure I’ve described Brexit as trauma, dislocation and marginalisation for Scotland, regardless of deal. Remember, the heart of England is receiving a massive overhaul thanks to HS2. Does Scottish business really fancy it’s competitive chances outside the EU? If so, give me some of what they’re smoking as it looks like it’s pure dynamite.

    142. geeo says:

      Petra says:

      13 February, 2019 at 11:20 am

      You can see how Nicola is walking a tightrope. She calls for IndyRef2 and Big T calls for an extension.

      Nicola said, during her statement when she said that indy plans will be released “in the next few weeks” that she will STILL release the Indy plans EVEN IF Article 50 is extended beyond March 29th.

      An extension to Article 50 need not affect indy timing.

      If we announce indyref2 and seek a S.30 agreement, and the WM tory gov’s response is to call a GE or EU referendum (the ONLY 2 ways available that the EU will have no option but to grant an A.50 extension as per ECJ court case on the matter) then that is up to them, as either will have to be run alongside each other.

      That would suit Scotland and the indy cause, rather than WM and BT 2.

      With that in mind, an interesting question needing asked is more this:

      Can Article 50 be unilaterally revoked by WM DURING any extention of Article 50 ?

      The Successful revocation case by Scots politicians was about Unilateral revocation up until March 29th 2019, and no ruling was made as far as i can see, for the right to revoke A.50 beyond that date.

    143. geeo says:

      Petra@12.42 : “Theresa May admits she scr*pes mould off jam and eats what’s underneath.’

      That will be the bit she keeps for Scotland as our ‘jam tomorrow’ offering.

    144. Cactus says:

      Afternoon geeo ~

      Can Article 50 be unilaterally revoked by WM DURING any extention of Article 50 ? “

      That’s an excellent question.

      New waters.

    145. CameronB Brodie says:

      Back to uncertainty and how to deal with it through taking care of our emotions. Here’s some psycho-babble.

      Emotion, rationality, and decision-making: how to link affective and social neuroscience with social theory


      In this paper, we argue for a stronger engagement between concepts in affective and social neuroscience on the one hand, and theories from the fields of anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology on the other. Affective and social neuroscience could provide an additional assessment of social theories. We argue that some of the most influential social theories of the last four decades—rational choice theory, behavioral economics, and post-structuralism—contain assumptions that are inconsistent with key findings in affective and social neuroscience. We also show that another approach from the social sciences—plural rationality theory—shows greater compatibility with these findings.

      We further claim that, in their turn, social theories can strengthen affective and social neuroscience. The former can provide more precise formulations of the social phenomena that neuroscientific models have targeted, can help neuroscientists who build these models become more aware of their social and cultural biases, and can even improve the models themselves. To illustrate, we show how plural rationality theory can be used to further specify and test the somatic marker hypothesis. Thus, we aim to accelerate the much-needed merger of social theories with affective and social neuroscience.

      Keywords: affective and social neuroscience, social and political theory, somatic marker hypothesis, plural rationality

    146. Colin Alexander says:

      1. Is an “advisory” referendum vote ( or indeed any vote such as a democratic mandate for indyref2) then LEGALLY binding on Govts, if the decision is made by sovereign people?

      It’s a basic question. In Brexit context:

      The sovereign people were asked their will and voted Remain

      The “sovereign” UK Parliament voted Leave.

      We could face the same with Indyref2: sovereign people vote YES, UK Parliament votes NO.

      We could prevent Brexit and get the answer for indyref2 as well, if we challenged Brexit in court.

      We could get the answer as to how the current law interprets Scotland’s popular sovereignty of the people, NOT SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT power,


      UK Parliament “sovereignty”

      Just who is ULTIMATELY sovereign?

      The sovereign people or the sovereign UK parliament?

      It’s a question the 2014 White Paper dodged. The UK Supreme Court in it’s recent rulings have gone out of their way to avoid answering it, as it was not directly asked.

      I would contribute to any crowdfunder for this to be answered in court.

      Stu Campbell or Craig Murray?

      Someone people like and trust, so that rules me out haha.

    147. gus1940 says:

      Re yesterday’s proceedings at The WM Swamp it appears that even if it is obvious that a PM or any MP is lying it is not permissible to say so.

      While this is patently ridiculous there is nothing to stop anybody calling them liars from outside The Swamp and if they care to sue let them.

    148. Gerry says:

      The Lisbon Treaty does not apply after 29th. At that point A50 has run it’s course.

    149. CameronB Brodie says:

      Those of you who dismiss “empathy” as psycho-babble, look away. For everyone else, here’s a business ethics study explaining why the government of Scotland stands a better chance of being ethical, if done IN Scotland and BY Scotland’s own government.

      N.B. The Westminster bubble couldn’t give a stuff about Scotland as we are both small and far away, from their perspective. Down with this sort of thing.

      The Effects of Proximity and Empathy on Ethical Decision-Making: An Exploratory Investigation

    150. Colin Alexander says:

      The UK Govt represent us in Brexit. Scottish Parliament has no role – legally.

      UK Govt and UK parliament are going ahead with Brexit ( till now).

      But are their actions lawful? That is a question in itself that needs to be answered,

      When Scotland – with popular sovereignty of the people – voted Remain.

      Gina Miller challenged the Henry VIII Crown power and won.

      Why won’t we challenge UK parliament’s power?

      Is there no Gina Miller type person in Scotland?

      44 days left.

    151. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I wish ”moderation” would highlight what you’ve actually done wrong!”

      The word “scrapes” contains the word “rape”, which is filtered. There’s no way of stipulating spaces before and after those four letters in the filter, so just don’t use words like “scrape” or “grape”. The alternative is to remove the filter on the word, which is extremely open to abuse.

    152. Cactus says:

      “Droopy drawers”



    153. gus1940 says:

      Is it possible that YouGov and the other polling companies are applying the same selection criteria as BBC QT when it comes to selecting those invited to complete any of their political polls?

    154. Petra says:

      @ Rev at 1.40pm …”Moderation.”

      I realized eventually where I had gone wrong and rectified it, Stu, however I’ve noticed a couple of posts recently containing the word r*ape, in full, which managed to get through. Maybe that particular individual removed the filter?

    155. Breeks says:

      ScottieDog says:
      13 February, 2019 at 11:36 am
      “You can see how Nicola is walking a tightrope. She calls for IndyRef2 and Big T calls for an extension.”

      We have to make sure that NICOLA BATS LAST!!

      Yeah, unfortunately that tightrope only exists in your head.

    156. sandycraig says:

      Is there anybody who disny take the mould off the top of the homemade jam. Done it all my life and I’m at the three score and ten bit.

    157. gus1940 says:

      I see that BBC4 is showing a tribute to Rik Mayall tonight.

      I wonder why we never see repeats of The New Statesman with Alan B’Stard as a typical caring Tory.

      Neither are we treated to repeats of the editions of HIGNFY featuring our beloved Boris J.

      I don’t suppose for a minute that our wonderful Tory colonial masters exert any influence on what content The BBC shows.

    158. CameronB Brodie says:

      I know folk don’t click links so here’s a snippet from earlier on. Look away Colin, this will be nothing but psycho-babble to offer you.

      Emotion, rationality, and decision-making: how to link affective and social neuroscience with social theory

      Key insights from affective and social neuroscience
      A first point of agreement is that people are deeply concerned with, and influenced by, their social relations. The human brain enables, makes use of, and is partly shaped by a wide array of social interactions (Turner, 2001; Cacioppo and Patrick, 2008; Gazzaniga, 2008; Fouragnan et al., 2013; Lieberman, 2013). This is compatible with the social brain-hypothesis, the leading explanation of the expansion of the human brain during the course of evolution. According to this hypothesis (Dunbar and Shultz, 2007), among primates, the size of the neocortex (as compared to the whole brain) correlates with many indices of social complexity, including social group size, grooming clique size, the frequency of coalitions, male mating strategies, the prevalence of social play, the rate of tactical deception, and the frequency of social learning. Hence, we are “wired to be social” (Castiello et al., 2010).

      Fourth, emotions, and especially social emotions (such as empathy, admiration, spite, and jealousy), are pivotal to social decision-making (LeDoux, 1998; Panksepp, 1998). An emotion can be defined as “the process by which the brain determines or computes the value of a stimulus” (LeDoux, 2002). Emotions do not necessarily determine our social choices, and can even be deliberately reappraised (Ochsner et al., 2002), but at a minimum they limit and bias our decisions. Neurologically impaired patients, who display flat emotions, often find it hard to take personally beneficial, and socially appropriate, decisions (Damasio, 2005).

      Fifth, emotions can be distinguished from feelings (or affects). The latter are the consequence of emotions sufficiently intense to be noted consciously (Damasio, 1999; Panksepp, 2005; LeDoux, 2008). From this follows that not every time a person has a social emotion, it will reach his or her awareness (i.e., give rise to a feeling). As a result, social decision-making is to a significant degree non-deliberate (Purves, 2010).

      Sixth, although social emotions can in principle be separated from social cognition, in practice they are highly intertwined and mutually dependent (Phelps et al., 2014; Inzlicht et al., 2015). After a comprehensive review of current empirical evidence, Pessoa (2013) concludes that “labels such as ‘perception,’ ‘cognition,’ and ‘emotion’ are useful linguistic categories, but only in the limited sense of providing placeholders for descriptive purposes – they do not map onto behavior or the brain.”

    159. Cubby says:


      My understanding was that if there is an extension it rules out a future revocation of article 50. In other words an extension will mean UKexit ( got to keep a certain gentleman happy) will happen.

    160. yesindyref2 says:

      Good rant.

      SIC are bad, there’s this floating banner saying wayhay we got over £90,000 that’s been there since November, but the crowdfunder went to £105,000 in December (and is stuck). Same for their facebook. It’s amateur. Just noticed there’s an update looking for board members applications have to be in by 15th Feb – that’s the first update since November.

    161. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, unfortunately that tightrope only exists in your head.

      Well you’d better put my head down for that as well Breeks.

      Having your views is fine, but why attack people for having different views to yours?

    162. Colin Alexander says:

      CameronB Brodie

      I’ve no objection to you posting your stuff.

      Just don’t be rude about me, I won’t be rude about you.

      It’s called mutual respect. Live and let live etc.

      There’s no need for all the viciousness on Wings.

    163. CameronB Brodie says:

      Colin Alexander
      Our initial interactions were mutually respectful Colin, though I can be a tease at times. The thing is, you’ve proven yourself to have a rather inconsistent perspective and can often be partial in the information you present. BTW, what viciousness? I’ve simply stated I don’t think you’re trustworthy and possibly taken the piss a little. Are you so thin skinned or is it something in particular about me?

    164. Colin Alexander says:

      CameronB Brodie

      The comment about viciousness wasn’t meant about you. I apologise, if it reads that way.

      I don’t pretend to be a neutral poster. I’m a very pro-independence, ex-SNP member who is cheesed off with the SNP for being too pro-devolution and not enough pro-independence.

    165. Cactus says:

      Ra greypes of wrath lady.



    166. CameronB Brodie says:

      Colin Alexander
      Thanks for being so concisely candid. I must admit I had missed you sharing that information, as I’d probably tuned out by then. I’ll continue to leave you alone but please re-think your attitude towards “pycho-babble”, or science as we call it in the trade.

    167. Cactus says:

      Howde CameronB, how ye doin’ bud?

      Ahm on a location…

      Vacation ’19.

    168. Petra says:

      @ Geeo at 12:51pm …… “Indyref2 going ahead even if Big T asks for an extension.”

      Oh I’ve just noticed your post Geeo and also missed (or forgot as it gets crazier by the minute) NS saying that, duh. Will Nicola however set a date after Big T has has called her last shot? Use a GE as Indyref2 or whatever? Good point about A 50. I see that Gerry says it won’t apply. And yes she thinks we’ll continue to put up with the mould. Sad to say, for her, these days are over.

    169. CameronB Brodie says:

      Evening Cactus, hope it’s vacation weather wherever you are.

    170. Cactus says:

      Fine fine fine CameronB.

      Tis almost Thursday.

      Tis dynamite.

      Dude. 😉

    171. Daisy Walker says:

      Thanks for all the links Nana and all.

      I’m not buying Olly’s loose lipped ‘slip’ – I still think No Deal is the real goal. His ‘slip’ is more likely to re-assure MP’s that there can or will be an extension.

      Really interesting the censorship being deployed on Another Angry Voice blog site, and all because he was impressed with Ian Blackford’s parliamentary speech and tried to put the video of it on Facebook!

      Its almost as if they don’t want the English public to see Scottish MPs’ speaking sense in parliament – so much harder to demonise them and Scotland thereafter.

      I was well aware of their censorship and bias up here in Scotland, but clearly they’ve been very actively erasing all things Scottish down south too. The ‘othering’ of Scotland begins.

      I am getting frightened, and I don’t mind admitting it.

    172. Cactus says:

      IF you have never watched Prison Break B4…

      U shood watch Prison Break like baby like.

      PB is Scotland.

      Don Self!

    173. geeo says:

      Coco says:

      “I don’t pretend to be a neutral poster. I’m a very pro-independence”.


      Comedy Gold !!

    174. geeo says:

      Coco @1.11pm

      Which sovereign uk parliament would that be then, coco ?

      Scots are 100% legally Sovereign. That’s not up for debate.

      So with that fact, WM simply cannot be legally sovereign over already legally Sovereign Scots.

      It can PRETEND it is, but that would be laughed out of court.

      And that is why the WM SC construct kept well away from the sovereignty question.

    175. Davosa says:

      FFS I never thought I would see that Fat Clown Baillie desired as ‘wee’ (above – about 210 posts ago) .

    176. Golfnut says:

      Has there been a party political broadcast by the SNP this week, I seem to remember someone mentioning Mike Russel being in it.

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