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An economy with the truth

Posted on December 19, 2014 by

By now readers will probably be familiar with STV News reporter Stephen Daisley’s superbly withering review of Alan Cochrane’s referendum diaries. One quote from the book aroused particular interest:

“There are one or two interesting tidbits. He shares a story that Bank of England governor Mark Carney fired a warning shot at Alex Salmond when he came to Edinburgh for their landmark meeting. 

According to Cochrane, the Canadian economist told the First Minister: ‘I’m only here for one day, Alex, but don’t f— with me or I’ll be up here a lot more often.’

But did that really happen?

From: Enquiries <>
Date: Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 11:59 AM
Subject: RE: Comments credited to Mark Carney by Alan Cochrane

Thank you for your email to the Bank of England.

While we do not, as a rule, comment on private conversations between Bank officials and Government ministers, we can categorically say that the Governor did not use the remarks attributed to him in the book you refer to.

The Governor has enormous respect for the former First Minister of Scotland and always found him to be professional, respectful and constructive in their interactions. We would like to thank you again for raising this issue with us on this occasion.

Yours sincerely

Julienne Laliberté

Public Information & Enquiries Group

Bank of England | Threadneedle St | London EC2R 8AH

All emphasis ours. We’ll leave it at that.

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139 to “An economy with the truth”

  1. Bob Sinclair says:

    K aboot, well done Stu

  2. Bob Sinclair says:

    *Kaboom* – Sorry for typo.

  3. Brotyboy says:

    I saw that and didn’t think it sounded like Carney. I think he has too much class and the letter illustrates this.

  4. heedtracker says:

    How did we lose to clowns like him:-(

  5. iain taylor (not that one) says:

    why let the truth get in the way of a good story – especially when there’s money to be made from booksales

  6. Croompenstein says:

    Mad Cochers has the BoE governor down as some Travis Bickle character don’t f*ck with me, you lookin at me.. the man is delusional

  7. poster1 says:

    Like shooting fish in a barrel…

  8. cadgers says:

    Does Cochrane live in La La Land?

  9. Wee Jonny says:

    I was speaking to a friend about Cockroaches book today and wondered why someone could have so much hate for someone for no reason. It must be affy tiring. And the name of the book………FFS. It just screams “I’M AN ARSEHOLE!!!!” to me.

  10. Alex Clark says:

    I very much doubt that Mark Carney was not made aware of this “inquiry” as to the authenticity of Cochrane’s statement.

    If so then we can be sure that he personally approved the reply the Rev received.

    Shows the class of the man in comparison to Cochrane.

  11. joe kane says:

    All that’s needed now for The Cochrane Diaries to become a useful, genuine, honest and trustworthy source of history for later generations is for some arch-Unionist historian to give them his seal of approval, such as Baron Dacre of Glanton, Hugh Trevor-Roper.

    Hitler Diaries

  12. Mark Coburn says:

    Despicable is when you have to deliver copies of said ‘book’.

    Aye ho-ho-ho Merry Christmas indeed.

  13. grahamlive says:

    Who the hell would buy this arsewipe’s book anyway? Apart from the odd psychiatrist, who might use it as a research manual.

  14. Martin McDonald says:

    Cochrane is obviously a fantasist, an arch-moron and a crass, clueless buffoon but now we know he’s a an sociopathic liar as well.

    Sucks to be Alan! 🙂

    Although, I’m sure the BBC will continue to give him a platform at every opportunity.

  15. joe kane says:

    Cochrant obviously had one too many as usual and, somewhere along the line, has confused a story about the polished and mannered Mr Carney with a story about Labour toilet brush bacterium John McTernan.

  16. Grouse Beater says:

    I knew the remark was not his, otherwise we are dealing with a seriously Jekyll and Hyde character.

    Had he done so, Salmond, a man who does NOT suffer fools gladly, would have turfed out on his ear!

    (I see Carney brought his Canadian secretary with him.)

  17. No no no...Yes says:

    Shock horror, Cochrane found out telling pork pies, as well as eating them. What a fool.

    I note that the letter is signed by a Julienne Laliberté.
    A French Canadian perhaps, whose surname is freedom?

  18. Les Wilson says:

    I remember he said in an interview outside Holyrood, that he loved Nat bashing. Said it all for me,never listened or read his trash again. Hope he enjoyed the bonus for helping the Union win their case.( with the help of many arseholes just like him!)

  19. Chic McGregor says:

    @Wee Jonny

    “And the name of the book………FFS. It just screams “I’M AN ARSEHOLE!!!!” to me.”

    TBF to Mr Cochrane, I think he was possibly paraphrasing from Spike Milligan’s book of WWII memoirs “Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall”. Thereby invoking Godwin by proxy (oh what a surprise!).

    However, Spike Milligan was an intentional comedian and his book is a good read, so the allusion does not get past the title page.

  20. Valerie says:

    Confirmation that Cockers is a fantacist, and fanatical about hating Salmond. Its an illness.

  21. izzie says:

    We need to ignore the silly wee man he has no influence no
    understanding of his fellow countrymen and no class

  22. heedtracker says:

    His sign off in the Torygraph is also rather creepy gibberish. They were delighted though, red and blue tory UKOKers weeping with BetterTogether joy, future First Minister/Lord Jim Murphy cuddling whatsherface Lady Goldie, one HoL trougher for life, stands out.

    “I’m delighted that separation was comprehensively defeated and that my family and I are to be allowed to remain British. That, for me, was what this battle has been all about. It wasn’t about politics, it wasn’t about journalism. It was about who I am.”

    Thanks again proud Scot buts.

  23. Dr Jim says:

    Alan Cochrane, you’re a liar, and not only that, a bad liar.
    Name, address and email supplied, Sue Me, “Please”..I am Alex Salmond…

  24. crisiscult says:

    Some people are using the word arsehole to refer to Cochrane. As has been demonstrated in the case of M Dailly, this word is not insulting or offensive. Could people try to find something that IS insulting and offensive?

  25. Lesely-Anne says:

    I sincerely hope that anyone who has read, is reading or is intending to read this *ahem* book at some point in the future is suitably immunised. Failure to be properly immunised will lead to hallucinations, garbling thoughts, extremely confused state of mind, confusion, slaverings, rabid attacks of insanity and many other mental illnesses too many to list here. 😛

  26. BornOptimist says:

    Cohrane’s book will soon be 1p plus postage on Amazon. Best wait until you can get it in yuour local charity shop for less. It isn’t even worth that in cash but its certainly worth a laugh.

  27. bookie from hell says:


    For those asking, our next Scottish poll covering the new Scottish Labour leader environment will be out in Monday’s @Daily_Record
    3:54pm – 19 Dec 14

  28. No no no...Yes says:

    “An economy with the truth”, what a great headline. Here is a follow up story for Stephen Daisley:

    Cochrane is full of remorse and plans to consult several faith leaders about his version of events. Suggested headline, “Cochrane ecumenical with the truth”
    Okay, I’ll get my coat…

  29. Democracy Reborn says:

    A Coch & Bull story.

    Cochers is a legend in his own mind. I hear the book is heading to the top of the Fiction best-sellers…

  30. Macart says:


    Yep, we’ll call that an ooft. 🙂

  31. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    i agree with izzie, ignore the cappdoffing sycophant. he accepts he has masters and it will never change.

  32. Lesley-Anne says:

    Please can folks stop calling Cochrane an arsehole. An arsehole is a useful thing, neither Cochrane or any of his gutter mutterings are useful for anything … oh except perhaps one thing! 😉 😛

  33. Clootie says:

    😀 now that cheered me up!

  34. One_Scot says:

    Alan Cochrane is probably one of the worlds finest examples of why humans should not live forever.

  35. jimnarlene says:

    Cochrane is but one egotist, among the many. He is an empty vessel, making as much noise as the wind he blows allows. Do not buy his works, he will wither and die as he is just a whore.
    I really am uncomfortable about personal posts but, he is an arse.

  36. AuldA says:

    That was a curteous denial.

    “Julienne Laliberté”. The guy is Canadian and his PR officer French? (or Quebecer?). 🙂

  37. David Stevenson says:

    Bookie from Hell: Think I may have contributed to that Survation poll. Online job with the invitation to contribute via maximiles. Did another one on similar lines for a different outfit. Usual stuff about trust and whether Murphy will improve Labour standing or not and a load of lead–up questions about how you voted in indyref and previous elections as well as voting intention for GE2015. I have very rarely been polled on anything political, then two come along within minutes of each other…

  38. Taranaich says:

    That line also caught me out. It didn’t sound anything like Mark Carney from what I read, from various sources. It, like a lot of Mr Cochrane’s pronouncements, reads increasingly more like a satire than anything else.

    If he hadn’t so “comprehensively defeated” independence due to his complete rejection of journalistic integrity and his mindboggling character assassinations on a man who’s standing in Westminster with the ultimate goal of putting himself out of a job, well, I’d almost be hailing him as the next Chris Morris.

    But as it is, I’m delighted he’s happy that he is “allowed to remain British.” It fills me with joy that he actively campaigned by lying, cheating and covering for the creatures in parliament – at least he still gets to remain British. It doesn’t matter what was lost in this deal with the devil – that thousands of Scots are going hungry, the environment being threatened by fracking 99% of Scots reject, that Scots oil money is going to fund more wars and guns and tanks and austerity – Alan Cochrane gets to remain British.

    Even though he still would have been British in the event of a Yes vote. Even though you cannot retroactively strip someone of their nationality. Even though this would have changed NOTHING for him and his family.

    Very much looking forward to the day his book is viewed with the same mockery and disdain as “Dewey Beats Truman” and “The End of History and the Last Man.”

  39. joe kane says:

    Well done to all the 79 Amazon website reviewers (so far) of The Cochrane Diaries.

    The last time I was this impressed with reviews were those for DiGaetani’s Penetrating Wagner’s Ring and the ground-breaking reviews by Hamilton Richardson of the Mr Men books from a sociological perspective.

  40. jimnarlene says:

    thanx for the link, just read the first dozen or so, my sides and jaws are aching.

  41. Democracy Reborn says:

    Take a look also at Stephen Daisley’s “28 quotes from the Alan Cochrane diaries we genuinely did not make up”. It’s on Stu’s link to the piece quoted.

    Cochrane’s loathing of his fellow Scots is truly a joy to behold. We’d become a “third rate” country if independent. It’s not difficult to detect the colonial mindset; the “natives” (his word) can only be civilised by Union with mother England.

    On a more light-hearted note, he refers to Douglas Alexander as “Rain Man” : no-one knows what he’s talking about.

  42. Swami Backverandah says:

    Maybe Cochrane had a deal with a ghost writer to ‘mock up’ his diaries for him, and he just sent an electronic signature across.

  43. Valerie says:

    Came across this on the NHS Yes FB page – very interesting piece on a Blog about the postal votes.

    off topic, but fits with the theme of truthfulness!

  44. galamcennalath says:

    While I haven’t read Cochrane’s book, and won’t, but it does rather sound like a 21stC update of El ingenioso hidalgo don Quixote de la Mancha!

  45. ClanDonald says:

    Another self-confessed British Nationalist, of the blood and soil variety, who has just made sure he has utterly no credibility when indyref 2 comes along. Honestly, they’re doing our work for us the fools.

  46. CameronB Brodie says:

    Bet his publisher sues to get a refund on any advance provided to AC. 🙂

  47. Nana Smith says:

    O/T latest Scottish news…

  48. Wee Jonny says:

    Chic McGregor – you lost me at “TBF to Cochrane”. Go and wash yir mooth oot.

  49. caledonia says:

    Also i believe in todays sun twitter top 10 msp followers are nearly all SNP

    Does anyone have a link or totals as i have not seen the paper

  50. Jock Ledug says:

    I just read the reviews on Amazon. A certain Mr Bremner says @one of the greatest tales ever told, up there with Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter and Mein Kamp<
    Well said that man. The reviews are all brilliant. Especially the ones with 5 starts.

  51. Alex Clark says:

    Mr Cochranes wife Jenny Hjul also wrote for the Telegraph on referendum issues. Not surprisingly they appear to be cut from the same cloth:

    Cybernat viciousness has crossed the line

    “The woman beside me whispered: “At last we can see what the cybernats look like.” And I nodded. But I wasn’t sure. Which of the angry Nats around us was most likely to spew unprintable online venom when they returned to the anonymous comfort of their homes?
    Maybe one of the two scruffs in the front row, who were raging at the Daily Mail and anyone who had a private pension. They certainly matched the stereotype: noisy, unkempt Lefties with a grudge against the mainstream.”

    Or her final article published on 19th Sep no less:

    Now that Scotland’s said No, can we go back normal please?

    “What a relief to remove the politics from our daily exchanges, and go back to judging people by their appearance, age or accent rather than their affiliations.”

  52. Fireproofjim says:

    Has anyone got an email address for Cochrane or the Telegraph?
    At the very least they should be aggressively bombarded with complaints about this lie.

  53. John Moss says:

    Julienne Laliberté of the Public Information & Enquiries Group…

    …is he another loud mouthed Canadian? Just asking?

    Bullies always are rude up front.

    Carney is a lachie and we pay his wages. Time we told him that we pay his wages and to toe the line! Ottherwise the hired help will get ideas above thier station.

  54. Wee Jonny says:

    Ha. A belter o a review from Amazon on Union Cochranes “book” –
    “I predict big things from this exciting new author, shines a light on the dark and twisted mind of one of the most egotistical narcissistic individuals around in Britain today. Also has a few mentions of Alex Salmond. Not suitable for the feeble minded, animals, children or those easily offended by dull, vapid prose.
    An ideal gift for those that have a door to wedge open or have a wobbly table leg.”

    Oof and Oof!!!

  55. Brian MacLeod says:

    This business of calling people like Cochrane “arseholes” seems entirely appropriate to me.

    After all, is that not what they call themselves? eg

    “I’m a proud Scot butt….”

  56. farrochie says:

    Cochrane will be issuing an erratum? No, I didn’t think so.

  57. fred blogger says:

    i’ve never met such a bunch of sore winners in my life.

  58. ewen says:


    Thanks for pointing me to the Amazon reviews. I wouldn’t have found them as I was hunting for the book under Fantasy.

    My favourite was:

    ” This is not a memoir to be tossed aside lightly……. it should be flung with full force, preferably at a passing rat.”

    I would probably compare Cock rain’s book to a discworld novel. Westminster has always hit me as an alternative Ahnk Morpork.

  59. Croompenstein says:

    A cracker from Greg, you might recognise someone on the TV in the background…

  60. Ken500 says:

    Can he write, there is no evidence. Alan Cochane is a repulsive liar. The discount counter or recycles trash awaits.

    Alex Salmond is writing a book. It will be a best seller, and anaccurate historical record. A hero.

  61. cearc says:

    Alex Clark,

    First quote- So Ronnie and yourself were there?

  62. bjsalba says:

    When I looked on the Amazon site, what caught my was under the Frequently Bought Together line.

    Paired with The Cochrane Diaries by Alan Cochrane Hardcover £12.91
    Disunited Kingdom: How Westminster Won A Referendum But Lost Scotland by Iain Macwhirter Paperback £6.29

    I wonder if some smart professor is getting students to compare and contrast these two books.

  63. Fireproofjim says:

    Answering my own question- Alan Cochrane email address is:

  64. Fireproofjim says:

    Sorry. That email address of Alan Cochrane was rejected.
    Will try again.

  65. Harry McAye says:

    What is the point in contacting Cochrane? Even if everyone is perfectly polite, from what we already know about his adherence to the truth, he will likely complain of monstering from vile cybernats.

  66. Alex Clark says:


    Wasn’t me there, honest. Wouldn’t have worried me if I was, I’d rather be identified as a “scruff” than someone who believes that the world must revolve around their view of it.

    Hatred, bile, ignorance and arrogance doesn’t begin to describe the thought process shown by so many Unionist journalists in their campaign of convincing the masses to their point of view.

    I think that can only get traction if their “target audience” is already most of the way there, and they say Wings readers live in a bubble?

  67. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Cearc How I dress left or right is between me and my tailor & Jenny Hjul,s no ma tailor & I doupt if she,s Alex,s tailor.
    Merry Christmas to You & the wee chookie,s.

  68. ronnie anderson says:

    @ cearc there,s a lot of mucky minds on here the wee chookie,s as you know are your hens Merry Christmas xxx.

  69. heedtracker says:

    Poor tragicomic Cockers. He’s made the Daily Telegraph a historic laughing stock and he’s a historic UKOK Scottish clown for all ages, cometh the hour, cometh the Cockers, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them Cockers. As one of Scotland’s endless supply of proud Scotch but cringers, he’d like that Twelfth Night reference and he’s perfect as Malvolio.

    Why is this Carnie blighter not suing anyway?

  70. HandandShrimp says:

    Hating Salmond is some sort of Unionist disease. Like syphilis, it is a disease that rots the mind.

  71. Mrs Grimble says:

    It looks like Cochrane’s publishers didn’t have the manuscript lawyered before publication – a legal beagle would certainly have advised them to remove that line, just to be on the safe side. Perhaps Mr Carney’s lawyers are preparing a letter as we speak? One can hope…..

  72. bookie from hell says:

    Alan Cochrane & Andrew Neil drooling over his book.daily politics


  73. Macart says:


    Outstanding. 😀

    And fame at last for a weel kent fella. You know you’ve made it when you appear in a cartoon. 😀


    Considering the advanced nature of the symptoms, would that make Mr Cochrane subject zero?

  74. Marga says:

    OT, but I’ve just read in the Catalan press that LibDem John Ross Scott has joined the SNP – here’s the SNP’s welcome.

    The news doesn’t seem to have hit the Scottish press yet.

  75. DavidDesu says:

    So.. so isn’t this slander of some sort, fabricating nonsense like this? Book gets pulled, idiot is out of pocket… we can only hope.

  76. Feil Gype says:

    I guess its only idiots that buy the Telegraph onywye …may as well hae idiots writing the articles ana.

  77. Looking for that last minute Christmas present for someone you find particularly tiresome/irksome?………..

  78. Croompenstein says:

    Deputy Dawg making the news on BBC Scotlandshire.. I wonder who could be Muskie…

  79. Bob Mack says:

    Manufacturing rubbish like this is called politics. It is a dirty game when you are in it for your own ends, and therefore scribbling stuff from the gutter becomes the norm. It is essential to compete with the lowest denominator, and all pretentions at quality journalism have to be kicked into touch to advance You will see this in all the other nefarious publications at the newsagent. The problem they have is that the become so accustomed to the gutter, it is all they know. Deceit ,lies, treachery, self promotion become a way of life rather than the means to an end. It is a slow self destruct and that is why many of the hacks take to drink, to help them live with themselves, and end up with physical problems. Cheers! Mr Cochrane. Drink up you,ve earned it.

  80. Grazer says:

    As per point above, why doesn’t Carney sue or take action to have this lie removed / corrected?

  81. heedtracker says:

    Jim Murphy: ‘The SNP know they’re up against someone who isn’t crap’ Massive rancid Guardian fluff job on Jim Murphy but Libby Carrel etc successfully convinced everyone that Johann Lamont was the greatest Labour in Scotland leader since ever.

    TeamGB propaganda machine certainly knows how to confuse people with Torygraph cringers making monumental fools of themselves lying about the Gov of the Bank of England and now red Tory creepshow airbrushes away poor old “crap” Johann. Another day, another very British fraud skitters over Scotland.

  82. Bob Mack says:

    Yes, I saw the article on the internet. What was more interesting was the comments section underneath, where Murphy was panned by not just snp supporters, but by numerous ex Labour voters

  83. Robert Peffers says:

    @Martin McDonald says: 19 December, 2014 at 4:28 pm:

    ” … Although, I’m sure the BBC will continue to give him a platform at every opportunity.”

    I’m all for that BBC platform, Martin. Provided the BBC equip it with a rope above and a trapdoor beneath the platform.

    I’m kidding of course – for what would we do without the comic effect of the numptie’s writings?

  84. Andrew Walker says:

    Just read the guardian piece.

    Seems like it will be up to ‘Wings’ and letters in the national to ask any proper questions. Maybe someone will man up on tv but I am a bit doubtful.

  85. Edulis says:

    I have got news for everybody. The Sony cyber attack was planned and executed by Old Cockers. How else can I explain going onto the Amazon site to read the reviews (now at 85) and keep getting cast of with a message saying my ‘Internet Explorer is not working’.

    I have to say the reviews are one of the best reads I have had in a while. ‘The Cochrane Diaries’? Absolute rubbish by all accounts, but what can you expect from the bearded one.

  86. robertknight says:

    The man is truly a purveyor of quality bovine manure. In other words, a first-class bullsh*t merchant.

  87. liz says:

    The one good thing about Cochers ranting is that having outed her Madge, he will be in deep shit.

    No award for him, he might even get deported to the colonies.

    Whatever his reputation is toast.

  88. heedtracker says:

    @ Bob Mack, all the usual miserable UKOK vote Labour or else grot. Severin’s doing his classic, Scots oil is such a massive problem for Scotland but its all lovely when England takes control. Severin was a huge fan of “crap” Lamont too. They’re such sneaky bunch though as in, Jim where do you stand on Scottish student tuition fees? nothing. Murphy says, Blairism is now history, is it hell but are there enough Project Fear believers in Scotland ready to be frightened into voting Murphy?

  89. monzievaird says:

    I hope he has to watch when all the remaining copies of Bouncing Back or whatever its called gets pulped. Pure Partridge as they say.

  90. Alex Clark says:

    The Rev got a great result today with his inquiry.

    How many journalists get a response from the Governor of The Bank of England? Unless they are puppets of the government, very few would be my guess.

    Well done Rev, keep knocking on their door and asking the awkward questions.

    Their response whether giving an answer or not tells you a lot about the attitude of those being asked the question.

    I have little respect for the BoE as an institution being an integrated part of the Westminster establishment but the fact Mark Carney answered your email speaks volumes for him as a person.

    Just don’t expect your next email to get the dignity of a response, I’m sure he’s had his backside skelped by now.

  91. Gary says:

    So, is everything they say a lie? (Yes, everything). He was depending on no one asking the question, and perhaps further, BoE not breaking their policy of discussing these matters.

  92. tombee says:

    Mark Carney doesn’t seem to me the kind of man who would allow anyone to get away with attempting to ‘kick his arse’.
    I only have his appearances on TV to arrive at my opinion, but when considering the dross who are about him, Cameron, Osbourne and their like,. Naw they are not up to it. He’s well up to taking care of that lot.
    As for Cochrane, well, it’s all been said above already.

  93. Dr Jim says:

    What a real embarrassment to Scotland this man Cochrane is, whilst i, like all of us enjoy a good laugh at his ridiculous writings why do the TV executives allow a drunk like this, in the Rab C Nesbitt style to disgrace our great Nation this way, as if it’s not difficult enough finding the correct role models for our young people today without parading this unsavoury sort of character on National TV.I believe he has a wife and family, are they not ashamed at such performances on our screens? It would seem to justify the non payment of the licence fee many in our country today have embarked upon…PROFESSIONALLY OUTRAGED, an average person from the great sober city of Glasgow///

  94. Bob Sinclair says:

    Absolutely staggered by Mrs Cockroach’s comment about preferring to judge people by their appearance, accent etc. rather than their affiliations. Sounds like she would have got along well with those smartly turned out well mannered German Officers in the late 1930s.

  95. westie7 says:

    You know we can say Cochers this and Cochers that, he can lie through his teeth it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day. Just like Darling, Murphy, Crichton, Doogie Alexander, Bird, Campbell and all those other tossers, the result vindicated them as much as we hate it. And we have to start all over again.

  96. Efijy says:

    As long as the Cochroache’s book is indexed under Puerile Fantasy,
    I can’t see any problem with it.
    The North British Labour Party could by 6,000 of them and give every one of their members a copy for Xmas.
    It would keep them off the streets and out of harms way.

  97. Mealer says:

    Westie 7 ,
    Aye,but we’re starting with about half the people on our side now.

  98. Joemcg says:

    £175 million big ones for a BRIDGE in London folks! Is that what they meant by pooling and sharing?

  99. Bob Mack says:

    Slightly o/t,
    Kenny May Labour Party from East Renfrewshire on S.N.P. Facebook tonight telling someone who was he was deluded for supporting S.N.P. and that Murphy worried us. Why the hell would he be on such a site when he could go to a Labour one? They are worried.

  100. Alex Clark says:


    Don’t despair!

    As Mealer said we are starting again but from a better base. We are still recovering but it’s from a good place to start.

    Personally I had a month of feeling sorry for myself, another month of doubt and a final month of thinking that brings me to where I am now.

    I’m not lying down, just the opposite and getting to my feet. It feels good to stand on your own two feet.

  101. Bob Mack says:

    Now!Now !lets not be silly. She is Labour after all, and has probably had been brought on board by Blair middle class values. Not for this lady to identify with obvious working class scruffiness. Paints it,s own picture does it not?

  102. Chitterinlicht says:


  103. Lesley-Anne says:

    Joemcg says:

    £175 million big ones for a BRIDGE in London folks! Is that what they meant by pooling and sharing?

    That certainly IS what pooling and sharing is all about Joe. 😉

    WE pay our 10% towards this £175 million bridge because … we ALL benefit from this new bridge hence it does not fall under the jurisdiction of Barnett. Go figure!

    Personally I’m at a loss as to how a bridge that crosses the Thames will be a benefit to ALL of us, particularly those of us now stuffed back into our wee boxes. 😛

  104. CameronB Brodie says:

    Jess Willard – I’m Still Standing 🙂

  105. Joemcg says:

    Lesley-Anne-do you think Scotland would EVER get an amount like that for a similar project? Would we Fxxx.

  106. Cadogan Enright says:

    Its a bit embarrassing for the likes of me with all these very odd unionists having Irish names like Murphy, Cochrane, Donohoe, Doyle, Healy, McCann, O’Donnell, Sheridan and so many other Slabber types.

    All I can say is sorry from the rest of us . . . . we will try and make it up to you

    I know from canvassing in the referendum that most other immigrant groups were pretty pro yes, but I kept running into 2nd or 3rd generation Irish who were rabidly unionist. Puzzling.

    There is probably some socio economic problem to be analysed here, given that most of these sorts of names would have been very un-unionist in Ireland.

    Given the size of this group in Scotland – probably akin to English Scots – it would be useful to figure out ways of how to reach out to them.

    That being said, my canvassing team was dominated by English Scots for Independence and had several Irish born people on it besides myself as well as 5 or 6 other nationalities – so there is hope.

  107. Bob Sinclair says:

    Leslie Anne
    If you can build that bridge for £175 mill, the jobs yours. That’s more likely to be the Scottish contribution to the cost.

  108. Joemcg says:

    Wonder how many of these English infrastructure vanity projects would have been shelved if we voted yes?

  109. Chic McGregor says:

    Wee Jonny
    “Chic McGregor – you lost me at “TBF to Cochrane”. Go and wash yir mooth oot.”

    OK But I’d rather wash <ihis oot. Unfortunately, tsunami’s are not a to order item.

  110. Chic McGregor says:

    Wee Jonny
    “Chic McGregor – you lost me at “TBF to Cochrane”. Go and wash yir mooth oot.”

    OK But I’d rather wash his oot. Unfortunately, tsunami’s are not a to order item.

  111. Lesley-Anne says:

    Joemcg says:

    Lesley-Anne-do you think Scotland would EVER get an amount like that for a similar project? Would we Fxxx.

    But surely you are wrong Joe 😉 I mean are we not joined together in this *ahem* united union in order that we can pool and share? 😀

    Bob Sinclair says:

    Leslie Anne
    If you can build that bridge for £175 mill, the jobs yours. That’s more likely to be the Scottish contribution to the cost.

    To be honest Bob I’m not certain but this £175 Million bridge that Joe was talking about sounds an awful lot like the *ahem* bike friendly bridge I read about some time ago. The only problem is that back then it was supposed to be costing £160 Million. Ah inflation good old inflation. you just got to love that inflation fella don’t you? 😛

  112. crazycat says:

    @ Cadogan Enright

    It may have something to do with the SNP’s having been portrayed for years as anti-Catholic (though Donohoe’s a Protestant, I assume, since he’s secretary of the Rangers’ Supporters Club), something George Galloway made much of during the campaign.

    I’ve also noticed, alas, that prominent members of English far-right groupings have names like Carroll, Driscoll, Griffin and Lennon. Perhaps in their cases it is an extreme over-reaction to having been originally “other”; trying too hard to fit in.

    I’ve not explained that very well!

  113. Patrick Roden says:

    Mr Cockring didn’t half message his ego with this book.

    He must have felt as though the world was at his feet, while he waited with baited breath for all those approving glances from his adoring fans.

    Now..Big Eck as back, the SNP has almost 100,000 members…and
    ‘COCKRING’ has a new nick-name and…

    (this must hurt)is now a figure of fun and ridicule.

    Anal Cockring, my part in his ridicule!

  114. bugsbunny says:

    Got up for a wee while and went online. Trawling through cyberspace I found this about Eggs McMurphy. What do you folks think? Please read it and tell me this guy doesn’t have a Messiah Complex?


  115. Malcolm says:

    Has anyone contacted Mr Cockroach to ask for clarification?
    Who is lying? The Govenor of BOE or honest Alan?
    Maybe he “misspoke”.
    WOS should do an end of 2014 awards presentation.
    I would like to start the ball rolling by nominating the lovely Mr C for Bawbag o’ the Year.
    And, Christ knows, he has had some stiff competition.

  116. Mealer says:

    Cadogan Enright,
    No disrespect,but I think we have to be much more ambitious.I don’t think its enough to look at large “ethnic groupings” and wonder why they voted as they did.We have a very good idea of who voted what in the referendum.That gives us the opportunity to be much more precise in our targeting,canvassing,leafleting etc and with over 100,000 members the pro Indy parties have the ability to do this work.

  117. john king says:

    and the reviews just keep coming,
    I noticed Rev Stu put up one about it should be in the fiction section,
    but this one really made me laugh

    “We are having such fun reading this book every night to our boys (8 and 5). The illustrations are lovely and there are just enough of them to help with imagination, however still allowing the boys to listen and create their own world. A few pages per night are all that’s needed and we are amazed at their continued enthusiasm even though its been weeks….Oh…wait a minute…that’s the Hobbit..

    To paraphrase AC, Has he tamed Alex Salmond? Or is he just strutting around his own living room in a frock? I’ll go with the frock, and really tottery shoes.”

    Maybe he thinks he’s Edgar J Hoover?
    Ah’ll eh just pick up ma badge and ma gun on my wye oot the door> 🙂

  118. john king says:

    OH no heres anither wan
    “The Cochrane Diaries is now being rightly hailed as one of the greatest works of fiction of the modern era – though, sadly, the author claims it is factual. Walter Mitty could not have come up with a better draft of a man whose imagination is only matched by his sense of ego and whose sycophantic grovelling to the Westminster elite is unrivaled. Reading some of Cochrane’s thoughts gave me the dry boak.”


    W’ere rich,
    rich I tells ya
    (while spilling gold doubloons through fingers)

    Oh wait!
    Theres more
    “Alan Cochrane or “That heid the baw aff o newsnicht Stoneybridge edition” as most of Scotland call him tells of his struggles as professor xavier as he likes to think of himself against just about everyone else.
    He details how he engaged in a team up with captain darling and crash gordon as the no men, with some help from ming (Campbell) the hapless and dave (trigger)camoron against the massed forces of salmoneto and his band of yes men.

    Not since Robert ranking Brentford trilogy has there been such well written satire, hopefully this is the first in a trilogy.

    Expect north Sea oil, my part in its downfall and rise of the red skeletor my part in his ascent to follow.”

    We’re rich,
    rich beyond our wildest dreams

    Triggers ma favourite 🙂
    bit whaurs jaffa?

    I,I I dont know what to say,
    you wait all your life for great comedy moments like this and then you freeze,

    I feel such a failure, I think I’ll move to Australia and live out the rest of my life as a recluse. 🙁

    Ah ha got you, only kidding 🙂

    I’m rolling around in this like a pig in shit

    Its the bestest fun EVER cumon in.

  119. john king says:

    I sincerely hope Mark Carney sues his sorry ass.
    I would help to crowdfund his costs I really would!

  120. Ken500 says:

    Mark Carney works in favour of Westminster. He is in Westminster’s pocket. He is appointed by Osbourne (Westminster Unionists) and paid a vast salary by them. He is a Westminster stooge. The Bank of England is controlled by Unionists. Westminster always tries to put the rest of the UK economy, especially London S/E (secretly) before the Scottish economy, taking funds from
    Scotland historically (unfairly, secretly) to do so. Westminster Unionist MP’s do not honour the terms of the Act of Union that people in Scotland would be treated equally. They break them.

    The people in Scotland are treated as second class citizens within the Union. Their votes do not count in Westminster. Outvoted 10 to 1. People in Scotland’s votes only count in Holyrood. The only way people in Scotland’s votes will count in Westminster is if they vote for the SNP. Full fiscal autonomy/Independence. Westminster Unionist MP’s waste Scottish revenues, unlawfully.(often secretly) No taxation without representation. Scotland has little rights over it’s own economy. Carney would have made a currency Union work in the interest of the British economy. That is what he said. He also stated his respect for Alex Salmond and the Scottish Gov, he would have worked along side.

  121. Ken500 says:

    Alan Cochrane is truly a conceited, self interested ignorant, arrogant repulsive liar. The lowest of the low, he would do anything for cheap publicity. Deluded. He would do anything for money, with absolutely no principles or morals.

  122. john king says:

    Croompenstien says
    “A cracker from Greg, you might recognise someone on the TV in the background…”

    What, splutter, is that you in the Ebola frame?
    how did you do that ya jammy Ba—–
    mind yer a better lookin laddie than a thoucht,
    I had ye pictured mair like this

    Of course you’ll recognise me

  123. john king says:

    Mark Carney,
    My part in Scotland’s betrayal,

    No that’s a book I WOULD BUY!

    Anyone get the feeling if anyone were to stitch up the Tories, it would be him?

  124. Author_al says:

    O/T headline in some greasy rag says today a treasury minister (with muppet-like features) has announced ‘How wise we were to choose to keep the United Kingdom together.” Because oil is getting cheaper and the SNP would be in deep trouble…Using the personal pronoun ‘we’ to show what snidy side he is on, he conveniently forgets that Independence would not actually have taken place til 2016, that oil prices go up and down, that his tax scuppered oil investment, that his desire for No meant Scotland wastes billions on trident, illegal wars, propping up English transport systems, that his own treasury advisers are getting awards for -ahem- impartially supporting the deviousness of the BT campaign, that…. Still, he will be irrelevant come the next election…

  125. john king says:

    Stop press
    Ive just found what could be the biggest diamond of all time
    not even close,
    bigger! much bigger
    get a load o this! 🙂

    “This is a very interesting read. Worth buying. It looks as though some of the other reviews are being written by the Typewriter Battalion of the Tartan Taliban.
    Don’t let them put you off.”


  126. Rolf says:

    Project Fear rumbles on: BBC Jockland just spent the past 15 minutes using low oil prices as an excuse to trash the case for Scottish independence. Haven’t we had the referendum?

  127. john king says:

    They just keep coming
    oh GOD thank you thank you

    “I haven’t bought a ‘real’ paper book since switching to ebooks almost four years ago, but I’ll make an exception for this providing the paper is soft enough.”

    And who could forget.
    “Steamy tale about one mans introduction to public masturbation set against a backdrop of political intrigue in the fast paced world of right wing journalism.”
    But special mention has to go to this one for sheer unadulterated comedy

    “Alan Cochrane’s book serves as a timely reminder that despite all of the posturing and promises the SNP lost the referendum vote. Let me repeat that. The SNP lost the Referendum vote.

    The delusion and sheer nastiness of the SNP core support is evidenced in the other reviews of Cochrane’s book. I am sure there are many emails being sent round ordering frenzied CyberNats to climb on board and make sure they monster Cochrane, the book and to try and do so in the most foul manner possible. Some SNP anorak somewhere is no doubt hitting the alarm button that a positive review has just come in.

    What Cochrane quite sensibly points out in the book is that the SNP – throughout the referendum campaign – set about underplaying the risks and overplaying the benefits (has anyone noticed the price of oil recently?). They did so in a cynical, manipulative and dishonest manner. The Scottish people may have a problem with Labour but the result confirmed they had an even bigger dislike of the SNP and what they stood for. The individuals reviewing the book in these pages provide plenty of evidence of what life under the SNP would have been like had they won. Mean, vindictive, unpleasant and deluded.

    Cochrane wore his unionist colours proudly, laid out his arguments fairly and it seemed the majority of the Scottish people agreed with him. Cochrane’s book merely provides a contemporary account of a referendum that………….oh yes the SNP lost.

    There is more humour in Cochrane’s book title than all of these supposed SNP loser reviews. Keep it up Alan. Just say YES to the Union”

  128. john king says:

    Cumon guys
    these reviews are just a bit TOO funny to be your average Joe/Hen/Horace writing them, its you lot isn’t it,

    “Very poor – my dog hates it ! Spend your money on the Broons instead”

    “Oh dear, what can i say … I bought this as a present for my dog to chew on but as yet he has just turned his nose up at it, kinda the same way as he does when he turns round to sniff his ass after he’s had a dump”

    Im guessing this one was Ian
    It has all the hallmarks of a Brotherhood quote
    tell me I’m wrong.

    Gee thanks for not letting ME in on it guys.
    does Major Bloodnock know?

  129. davidb says:

    @ John King

    Aye, but the guy who wrote the positive review had no history. Click on his profile.

    I notice quite often on web sites/ comment pages that people who are gung ho for the nawbag side often have no history. And then theres the curious “wings” google search. I got WOS top of the list last weekend, but the band all week. Do fans of Mr McCartney only google him at work? I read last year about the ability of the security services to manipulate google searches.

    There is a propaganda war being waged. We should do our best to counter it. Most of the snide anti indy comments are ill informed. Even if its troll feed perhaps we should shoot them down.

  130. Croompenstein says:

    @johnking – I had ye pictured mair like this

    LOL john that’s what I’ll look like later on when I’ve had a few swallies 🙂

  131. Muscleguy says:


    I once threw several volumes of Winston Churchill’s A History of the Second World War at a rat. They sat on a shelf above my bed so were at hand. I was 17 and alone in the house at the time. Said uninvited rodent scarped out the door and I leapt up and closed it firmly. I then got a good night’s sleep.

  132. cearc says:

    John King,

    No secret John, I put the link up several times and I am not the only one.

    The reviews are excellent and clear rival to the ‘Veet for Men’ reviews. A product which you must have discovered judging by the ‘before’ image of yourself @7.42!

  133. cearc, ah “Veet for Men”. The people who wrote the reviews for that should be writing sit coms for the BBC.

  134. joe kane says:

    The jocko-hating English Democrats Party wouldn’t mind Cochrane being charged by the police with conspiracy –
    Media collusion at the heart of the British political Establishment.
    04 Dec 2014

  135. Cadogan Enright says:


    Yes. trying too hard to fit in I suppose – just realized that Carney is Irish too

    Their ancestors must be turning in their graves.

  136. Dr Jim says:

    @Joe Kane,
    Absolutely Great link,let’s hope all who need to see this do,having said that poor old drunken deluded Cochrane is about to lose a lot more than his Britishness He may find even the dogs in the street will soon be avoiding him, we all knew he was a raving idiot but now he’s a famous raving public idiot, he might think that’s a good thing to move up any slimy ladder that may be proffered but it’s more likely those hopeful ladders will be getting kicked away and his family might start to think a little less of their crusading husband and father when their circle of aquaintances dwindle and the odd TV job doesn’t appear I know the media game quite well and there’s the right kind of popular and the wrong kind and he’s far from the former he’s turned himself into an undesirable gastro intestinal disorder you know the type, when you see him you move away mumbling to your fellows “God not him again” thing is, nobody will even feel sorry for him..I am Alex Salmond…DOWNFALL?

  137. Fred says:

    @Joe Kane, I notice that no UKIP,pers have troubled themselves by responding to Cochers dismal drivel.

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