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All the right people

Posted on September 12, 2021 by

…appear to be absolutely raging tonight about this:

Folk used to accuse Wings of being divisive. But look who we’ve united!

Dim young Mr Kiehlmann of the Twitler Youth there has in fact quite spectacularly misunderstood the judgement in our defamation case against Kezia Dugdale. But that aside, SNP, Greens, Labour, Tories, and desperately-failed old would-be intellectual commentators all screaming from the same charge sheet is a heartwarming sight to see. Although our favourite of all was probably this Lib Dem blogger:

Which would have been an absolute zinger if not for the slightly inconvenient detail that the (in)famous Cardi B song is in fact called “WAP”, not “WAB”. Such a fickle mistress, the old cultural awareness.

(Warning: contains imagery and language that’d make even Janey Godley blush.)

Out of me and Robin McAlpine I’m not sure which is Goebbels and which is Himmler, but if I find out I’ll let you know.

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721 to “All the right people”

  1. Bob Costello says:

    This is a whose who of unionist collaborators. They are really funny. So just in case you had any doubts about it Stuart , they have all confirmed that it a fantastic idea

  2. McLaurin says:

    Keep shoving it right up their hurty feelz

  3. Alison Ross says:

    Must be doing something right!

  4. Cath says:

    Good on all three of you for forcing them to make it so fucking obvious how in lockstep they all are now.

  5. Sharny Dubs says:

    Touched a nerve there Stu (and Alex).

    Ye must be on the right track haha

  6. Henry Wood says:

    Although I do not have the money to buy a ‘Smell-O-Vision’ monitor, I can honestly smell the fear *and* loathing emanating from those listed above as I read their messages.

    Woo-hoo! I can also smell something else as certain parties are sh1t-scared of an investigative reporter, such as the likes of our gracious host, the Rev Stuart, casting his gimlet-eye over many things now happening in Scottish politics.

    I am so happy to read this latest missive from the Rev that I shall once again open my wee sporran, hunt out a few bawbies and send them in his direction.

    I *knew* you would not let us down, Stuart! Please promise that you will continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  7. Intractable Potsherd says:

    How wonderful! If it’s made this bunch of roasters squeal, then it’s definitely the right thing to do. Congratulations, Rev – you deserve this recognition of your unfailing support for Scotland’s independence.

  8. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    What is wrong with these folk other than they are anti independence.

    I have confidence that the Wee Alba Book will be more superior than the SNP independence book, oh wait they don’t have one, because they don’t actually want independence

  9. Bob Costello says:

    While you are at it Stuart, years ago when I was in business for Scotland I pushed Gordon McIntire Kemp to produce a book which went into detail of the finances of Scotland and I likened it to the wee blue book. He eventually did just that and called it Scotland the Brief. Now before he takes up my next idea , you might want to give it some consideration
    I asked him to produce a projected set of accounts for an independent Scotland. Together with a balance sheet which of course would include the assets that would fall due to an independent Scotland. Just a thought

  10. BuggerlePanda says:

    We are moving forwards, TGF that.

    Let loose the dogs of prey.

    I smell something good.

    B le P

  11. tarisgal says:

    All the right unionist people getting absolutely bent out of shape! You’d almost think they were WORRIED the way the whole pack of them have come popping out at the same time!

    They thought they were home & dry & unionism here to stay forever, with Sturgeon at the wheel. Well… we’ve got news for them. It’s not happening. We’ve more than done unionism & it’s time for Independence, with a nice new Wee Alba Book to keep people right!

    And it seems all these unionists don’t like the idea of a W.A.B.! It must be JUST WHAT WE NEED then! Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  12. Lollysmum says:

    Loving it Stuart. You’ve not lost your touch you or Alex ??

  13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Now before he takes up my next idea , you might want to give it some consideration”

    I’m retired. In truth I expect my role in the WAB to actually be a pretty minor one – Robin is a highly intelligent and skilled communicator and I doubt his work will require much editing. But I couldn’t let this slip past, it’s too funny.

  14. twathater says:

    Noting that this GREAT news is getting these arseholes in a panic is even greater news ,Fu++ every last one of them especially WET PISHFART

  15. Johnny says:

    If this cast and crew are against it, then I’m very much for it.

    Good luck Stu and Robin.

    I’m having not the best time these days but this news cheers me up in a world seemingly otherwise flooded with mediocrity and shite.

  16. sarah says:

    What is it about truth and justice that these people don’t like?

    Because that is all that the Wee Blue Book and independence is about – undoing the lie since 1707 and restoring Scotland to its true status.

  17. Scott says:

    So when’s the fundraiser? I’ll happily contribute!

  18. I feel we’re back on track. So happy we have a political strategist back on the case, and that you’re involved. Missed you x

  19. Black Joan says:

    Pure joy, Rev. Such good news about the new project, and now all these hugely inspiring pre-publication endorsements to be proud of.

    Shouldn’t that read “desperately-failed would-be intellectual commentators AND BETTING CHEATS”

  20. Kenny says:

    Hahah, loving it, seeing all those ‘pro-indy’ luvvies hating on genuine pro-indy – sheer class.

  21. Nordic Labrador says:

    Fantastic- pissing off all the right people ??

  22. Val brown says:

    Back in the game. Brilliant.??????

  23. James Carroll says:

    A good days work by the look of it. Loving the bumbling rage from the balloons. ?

  24. Val brown says:

    Don’t know where the ? came from

  25. Heaver says:

    Brilliant, love it.

    But they control the guvmnt, the polis, the courts, the newspapers, + all media outlets.

    The only way a Wee Blue anything is going to be delivered is by grunt on the ground. I delivered 600 leaflets for Alba. It was hard work, and they were relatively weightless.

    What’s the plan for delivery, and at the right moment?

    Or is the plan to just gradually flood Scottish households with a, well basically a reference book, and watch the dial swing?

  26. Monica Worley says:

    This is absolutely the best news ever. We all remember what the Wee Blue Book did to boost indy the first time around. Thanks guys!

  27. Westviews says:

    You must feel so loved with all of those tweets. If they’re this worried now, they must know it’s going to be a great resource for persuading folk to vote for Indy. Nice to see that you’ve riled the failed keyboard player again too. That’s another bonus as far as I’m concerned. Time for another crowdfunder.

  28. Henry Wood says:

    And just a wee follow-up comment: I’m getting on a bit and enjoy my afternoon naps. I got up tonight feeling quite “down” for a few reasons – family circumstances; personal circumstances; the state of the World; *and* the state of Scottish Politics at the moment.

    Eventually, after ploughing through a few emails etc., I cam across an email from WoS about Craig Murray’s speech to Alba which cheered me up quite a bit.
    Then shortly afterwards, I found *another* WoS email in my Inbox. “Funny,” I thought, “[strange] “funny”, I thought again as I opened it.

    Not a word of a lie! This latest post has lifted my heart, my spirits *AND* my mind which seemed to have settled into a dark place lately.

    Thank you for your post, Rev Stuart Campbell. It is truly appreciated

  29. Iain mhor says:

    A quick footer of the trouser area should help resolve the Himmler, or Goebbels question.

    My auld Granny was fond of the word ‘footer’ – I take great delight in working out that it probably comes from the French ‘Foutre’ – to fuck.
    So many generations telling weans to stop fucking about.

    Anyway, I hadn’t come across a ‘debunking’ of the WBB before and I’m not going footer about K*** H**** posts to find out.
    Anyone got a good link for the ‘debugging’? – Entirely in the interest of research of course.

  30. Geoff Anderson says:

    When the Unionist loyal get into such a hizzy fit like this you know it was a winning idea!

    Seeing Wishart going into meltdown has made my day?

  31. Henry Wood says:

    BuggerlePanda says:
    12 September, 2021 at 9:44 pm

    “We are moving forwards, TGF that.
    Let loose the dogs of prey.”

    “Let loose the dogs of war!”

    Fixed it for you. 🙂

  32. Jim Tadgercock says:

    Stu I have been in the all hope is lost camp since the election,maybe there is a wee glimmer now anyhoo your imput is most welcome.

  33. Maureen says:

    Glad to see you back in the game with Alex & Robin Mc lpine come out swinging. Can’t wait to read the Wee Alba Book!

  34. Maureen says:

    Glad to see you back in the game with Alex & Robin Mc alpine come out swinging. Can’t wait to read the Wee Alba Book!

  35. greyskies says:

    I’m a proud owner of an autographed (yes!) copy of the Wee Blue Book and I’m delighted that you’re going to edit the Wee Alba Book. We shall overcome!

  36. Grey Gull says:

    Iain Mhor @ 10.08
    That made me laugh out loud!

    Great news about the Wee Alba Book. Delighted your work has been acknowledged, Stu.

  37. Alf Baird says:

    The ‘fundamental’ case for independence has already been published:

  38. fran says:

    Brilliant news, so many roasters spitting feathers

  39. Ian McCubbin says:

    Good to see you have been endorsed to revitalise the Indy movement.
    Let’s hope Alba and ISP make inroads to SNP seats on councils, then Holyrood. The tide will turn.

  40. Derick fae Yell says:

    Retired my erse

    If it’s annoying that twat Kiehlmann, I’m in.


  41. Karen says:

    Wot no mention of demagogues?

  42. And spouse says:

    Thankyou Stu

  43. Dorothy Devine says:

    I am a proud owner of the Wee Blue Book – I can’t wait to own the update.

    Delighted to see your biggest fan(ny) is spluttering with indignation and so willing to make himself look a prat in the process.

  44. Dorothy Devine says:

    P.S Did G.Hassan ever pay that tenner????

  45. Dinny Vote SNP says:

    Crawl out from under your stones wee closet yoons, we see you!!

  46. 100%Yes says:

    The SNP has become the rainbow warriors for preserving the Union. They’re going to haemorrhage members after 2023 when they don’t delivery a referendum and the likes of Pete Wishart wished he’d kept his gob such, Westminster election isn’t that far off and I personally can’t wait for it, to bring and end to the SNP once and for all and the idea they’re the only party who can deliever.

  47. Liz says:

    Bloody ace. Hahaha.
    Brilliant news.
    Comfy slippers obv never read the 1st one, full of expletives!, Pete, give it a rest you moron

  48. Ruby says:

    Who are all these guys?

    Who the fuck is Rosa Zamboni?

    No apologies for the expletive. I love expletives and I look forward to reading ‘The Wee Alba Book’.

    Hopefully it has more fuckin’ expletives than ‘The Wee Blue Book’. No idea where the ‘Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland’ member found the expletives.

    Do members of the ‘Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland’ have words that they consider to be expletives that us heathens don’t?

    I’ve got it!

    It’s blue that is the bad word.

    Blue as in blue movie.

  49. dramfineday says:

    Oh good, where do I send the money?

  50. Hugh Jarse says:

    Just the tonic.
    Is this hope of hope?
    See Ecks address to conference for reassurance.

  51. Lothianlad says:

    So proud to hear Alex Salmond speech. Also to mention stu. Tge cherry from the hall speaks liuderctgan all the frightened derision from the weak pathetic yoons and SNP careerists

  52. ronald anderson says:

    What ah day ah day makes On a high all weekend culminating in ah great speech by Alex Well done Stuart back to the fore as I never believed U would fold Wings .

    Let’s get the Alba Crowdfunder up and running time its of the essence to show what WoS can achieve .

  53. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Good to see you see a future for yourself in the struggle for Scottish independence, Rev Stu.

    Hopefully, that means that WOS won’t disappear in November?

    We NEED you!

  54. PhilM says:

    The responses got me thinking…and after the smoke cleared…the assholes tweeting above, many of them journalists, are not interested in ‘the news’ but love more than anything ‘the olds’. They hate change. They hate something fresh. Anything that upsets their little chess game, where every play is utterly played out, is condemned because it’s too tiring to think about. The little tiny scrap of knowledge that they use every day to analyse the status quo is where their beta male feeling of power comes from. Does anyone care what someone like Gerry Hassan has to say about anything anymore? They have one function only which is to stop ordinary people becoming educated about the society in which they live. It is truly a national embarrassment to behold the pitiful level of press interest in holding the powerful to account in Scotland. Scandal after scandal is simmering under the surface of Scottish society but the press cannot be bothered to pull the finger out of their collective arses.
    What a fucking shower of clueless twats…

  55. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I think this video is appropriate.

    We can feel change is coming… Filmed in Camperdown Park, Dundee…

  56. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    And this should cause Pishfart to choke on his porridge…

    Our time will come…

  57. BrianW says:

    There will be lots of angry sour pus’s at that news, and it didn’t take long for them to take to social media to vent that anger.

    I don’t understand why they’d be angry at the announcement of a positive tool in the advancement of independence? They do want an Independent Scotland don’t they?

    Got to love the response at the announcement too. Very well received. I’m applauding the news from afar.

    Look forward to it’s publication.

  58. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    And while on this Scottish music theme… how about a bit of Wolfstone from Aberdeen Music Hall in 1992, as broadcast by Grampian TV?

  59. Morgatron says:

    Eeee by gum. Some of those tweets are just comedy gold. ?

  60. Derek says:

    I mind an expression from the Blair Atholl scout jamboree in 1982(I think); “Calm self, ya wab.”
    I don’t think that it was a keeper…

  61. Liz g says:

    OT sorry ment to slip this in last night.

    There was one young guy ( Andrew , I think ) who came up to the stage at the conference in silence.
    He gave an articulate account of why he believed that Trident was our biggest baiganing chip and Alba shouldn’t be so quick to give it away.
    ( A position that as I understand it, may be very close to the Revs )
    The Hall was in no mood to listen, and, some who came after took the position that Trident *uniquely * wasn’t to be traded like “a record collection ” was I believe the quip.
    So ultimately his ” remit back ” was voted down.

    While I don’t agree…. mainly because I think that the 5 eyes project is the real bargaining chip and it’s not being discussed and Trident the distraction.
    Not to mention that I believe it has to Go too.
    Nevertheless ..
    I would like to point out that… that young man made his point well , in a room which was already hostile to what he had to say, before he opened his mouth.
    And at the time I thought the Rev would have been proud of what he did.
    I don’t know if he or his will read here but … I’d just like to say .
    Well Done Him and I’m glad he’s on our side.

  62. crazycat says:

    @ Liz at 11.04

    Mr Slippers maybe forgets that it is possible to still see his opinions from a few years ago:

  63. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Ah, the predictability of it all. Ye cannae fix daft, though.

  64. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    This whole thing is beginning to feel like a strange trolling episode, to be honest. No idea what to make of it anymore.

    Go on, Stu, delete this too. Thanks. Good luck with…whatever.

  65. holymacmoses says:


    I see that Mr Russell’s dream of unity is well on the way:-)

  66. holymacmoses says:

    WhoRattledYourCage says:
    13 September, 2021 at 12:42 am
    This whole thing is beginning to feel like a strange trolling episode, to be honest. No idea what to make of it anymore

    What’s the matter?

  67. Bill Fraser says:

    Well done

  68. Scott says:

    Is that the Member for Wanting to be the Speaker acknowledging that the SNP aren’t going to design anything…sanctimonious fucking arsehole that he is.

  69. Kevin Cargill says:

    While Alba is still welcoming former SNP and Greens to the party it does my heart glad to see that these particular Loons, Yoons, Baloons and Goons have now completely burned their bridges!

    It was quite nostalgic seeing all the old faces I’ve blocked or been blocked by though!

  70. Eddie Munster says:

    A few of the people on twitter are unhinged and block when presented with facts. Its a waste of time taking to them, best to add the facts to their twitter fuming and walk away. You’re going to be blocked.

  71. Willie says:

    Delighted to see the Alba conference such as resounding success. Great to feel the energy of what the SNP was before it became a bloated assembly of lush and lushes gorging themselves at the trough of pay and perks.

    And inconsequential as he is I couldn’t help but smile at the Sqeaker Pishfart filling his nappy in a tizzy. He sure is bag of toilet tailings. An absolute Bunny Boiler his demented ranting is exquisite. The guy’s an absolute toss pot.

    Toss pots like Wishart aside, it’s great to know that Alba is on the March, gaining strength, and that the bloated SNP troughers know it.

  72. Welcome back, you have been sadly missed.

  73. David Caledonia says:

    I don’t care who is in charge, or who does what in political terms, as long as the message is true and gets out there to the people of scotland
    As Mr Jones used to say, they don’t like it uppem, good

    Cause that’s what they are getting from Alba

  74. David Caledonia says:

    There are a lot of great people in the scottish political scene, I have never been a fan of all this hero worshipping stuff, it actually detracts from the good work that is being done by a lot of people
    Give a person respect and thanks for what they do, but never think anyone is better than the collective, that’s when you get all that cultish stalinist ideology coming to the fore
    We can meet a lot of talented people as we go through life, we can admire their talent for what is is, but worshipping another human being is never advisable no matter how talented you think they are

  75. David Holden says:

    Glad to see citizen Tommy getting an honourable mention in the above meltdown though not sure which Nazi they will liken him to. For a party that is supposed to be finished after the last Scottish election Alba does seem to occupy a lot of the limited space in the minds of rogues gallery above. Getting you in as an editor is maybe a good thing other than as a wind up as Robin is a very clever man and knows a hell of a lot of words and is not afraid to use them. I wonder how the SNP pamphlet they raised funds to produce is coming along.

  76. Breeks says:

    It’s very sobering to think of all the damage to YES and the Independence Campaign that’s been caused by this Ragman Roll of sanctimonious, pribbling, sheep-biting, canker-blossoms, (thanks William Shakespeare insult kit 😉 ), and not one of them has done anything to advance the cause of Scottish Independence.

    In salary alone, just think of the ways Scotland’s Independence purse might have been better spent.

    Enjoy your revenge Rev Stu, but don’t let it consume you. These people are nobodies, empty vessels which history will try hard to forget, and the best revenge of all will be for ALBA’s Wee Blue Book to be as decisive and influential as the first WBB, and that this Wee Book proves decisive getting Scotland over the line and fully Independent.

    It will need to be good for the lightning to strike twice. No pressure obviously, lol.

    Is 100,000 copies all we can manage? It doesn’t seem very many. What’s the cost of that beside the twenty year waste of Pete Wishart’s salary?

  77. Alastair Wright says:

    Thanks for reminding me why I voluntarily stopped using twitter. The sense of self awareness is still extremely lacking.

  78. Bros. says:

    The Lib Dem Blogger was always my favourite CATS character.

  79. Daisy Walker says:

    Best news ever. And boy do you deserve that cheer.

    Cosy Feet has a very ropey memory. I was at the first SNP Scone branch meet for years in the aftermath of 2014 Ref.

    Pete spoke. Scotland has changed and changed for ever, we now have our own voice, our own bloggers, ‘Wings Over Scotland’, etc, etc.’

    Useless, ungrateful, incompetent wee shite that he is. I hope karma gets him.

    Looks like Alba have found the bus, put the wheels back on, set it on the right road and pointing in the right direction. time to fuel up and put the seat belts on. All Aboard for Indy.

  80. Jan Cowan says:

    Great way to start the day. Thanks, fellas.

  81. Mac says:

    Dealing with such an endless stream of hate from borderline morons and fully fledged ones must get seriously boring after a short while never mind ten years… Amazed you (SC) lasted as long as you did. Even penning this must have made you realize just how boring it had become dealing with the cretin wave that rears up every time you say or do anything.

    One thing I would say is they seem to really hate you for a reason. The same one they really hate Alex for I think. You are both very good at what you do and they really don’t like what you do. They hate you almost as much as Alex and that is high praise indeed in my book.

    I’d try to reposition yourself so that you can do what you do best and simply not have to deal with all the haters. I’d say it could even just be a change of approach.

    You don’t need to respond to these arseholes or even read what they say. They are beneath you.

    There is a wise saying along the lines of…’don’t fight the darkness, just be the light.’ Well we are surrounded by a lot of darkness in these dark times that is for sure and you cant hope to fight it all (look what they did to a former FM).

    So just be the light. People read you, they don’t read them. No one cares what these arseholes think outside their own vacuous and horrendous echo chamber.

  82. Breeks says:

    The ALBA effect in motion…

    Comedy gold, “in the spirit of cooperation” she says without even blushing.

  83. Mac says:

    All my family voted YES on my father’s side.

    When ALBA was launched I spoke to them about it and I detected a very luke warm response.

    Alex Salmond has been subjected to an intensive smear campaign orchestrated by the SNP leadership and the unionist mainstream media (so ALL of it), COPFS and Police Scotland. I never thought I would witness anything as bad in Scotland.

    By only reporting the case for the prosecution in sensationalized detail and then completely ignoring the case for the defense the media stamped on the public consciousness that AS must be guilty. It was a disgrace what they did to AS and the excuse they used about the risk of jigsaw identification was of course total bullshit.

    People who read this blog know the truth but they have a done a number on the Scottish public and of course Alex himself.

    The truth is not getting out there. They have it buttoned up with the life time anonymity excuse and the unionist mainstream media are fully on board with the SNP. Like it or not most people still get their news from these liars and it has taken a heavy toll on Alex’s reputation.

    The whole project was a character assassination and it has to some extent worked.

    Wings is retired and Craig Murray is in jail.

    Anyone seeing a pattern here.

  84. Iain Lawson says:

    I can smell their fear from here. And I am in Greece.

  85. Great news about the new edition of the WBB, but I must admit I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to change its name. When I handed it out to voters seven years ago, one of its great attractions was that it wasn’t published by a political party, and so the switherers gave it the benefit of the doubt.

  86. Linda McFarlane says:

    Watched the Alba conference online with my husband. It was uplifting to see. I found myself crying when Gareth was honoured and Moira made me proud. Nadira – I have no words – but I write to Craig.
    Stu, the biggest cheer, (in our home,) came when Alex spoke of you, Robin and The Wee Alba Book.
    We all know that those supposed journalists, bloggers, and politicians read Wings. They know we see them. They are desperate not to be found out. But they will be.

    Now, Where’s the crowdfunder for this fabulous new missive?

  87. Contrary says:

    I think Alex Salmond made excellent choices here – in planning to produce such a book in the first place, and the choices of writer and editor. I’m sure the editor will have his work cut out for him, cutting down on verbosity and making the text accessible to all members of the general public – but that’s definitely where the editor’s skills lie. In fact, I was impressed enough to make a donation to the Alba party to kick start their promised Crowdfunder for this, but there is nowhere to comment on what the donation might be in relation to, so probably an empty gesture – they could do with the crowdfunder getting set up quick to take advantage of the enthusiasm?

  88. Ruby says:

    Alex Salmond said something along the lines of

    ‘The performance of the government should not affect independence’

    The performance of the SNP starting from when Mark MacDonald was fired for sending a text made me question if I even want to live in Scotland so yes I would say the performance of the SNP & their supporters has most definitely affected independence.

    I’m searching for a word to describe the exact opposite of a ‘A Truly Inspirational Leader’

    For the moment I’m just going to use ‘A Nicola’

    Do you think this could catch on and be one of those new words that enters the dictionary in the New Year?

  89. Geoff Anderson says:

    @ Linda McFarland 8:36a

    Great to hear the input from someone watching from outside the hall. It sounds like it had the same impact as it did for those in the hall. I was a little concerned that it wasn’t getting out there your post has reassured me that it did.

    Sadly those under the spell of the cult leader will not experience this view of democracy.

    I did not realise how diluted and happy clappy the SNP conferences had become until I experienced real people debating real issues once again.

    Debating Child poverty instead of pronouns. ‘THAT” is where the debate should be.

  90. Breeks says:

    Contrary says:
    13 September, 2021 at 8:56 am

    – they could do with the crowdfunder getting set up quick to take advantage of the enthusiasm?

    Agreed. 🙂

  91. Patricia Spencer says:

    I was thrilled to hear Mr Salmond yesterday and the announcement of the wee Alba book. It is absolutely the right thing to do – as the wee blue book gained more folk to indy than anything else -thank you.

  92. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Nicola Sturgeon will ask the UK government to agree to another Scottish independence referendum “in the spirit of co-operation”.

    Coming after the burst of positive energy generated by the ALBA Conference, reading the above feeble kidology from HRH The Fraud is like going back to work after a two week holiday in the sun

    Fortunately , it’s an absolutely beautiful cloudless blue sky morning and I have no work commitment today , so even having to gaze upon the face of the mediocre medusa and read her pathetic burblings will not dent the sense of renewed optimism the weekend has brought

  93. Geoff Anderson says:


    Tell Alex to get that fund raiser started. ( you must have his number?)

    a) we need to get the project moving
    b) it will really piss off Wishart and Co.

  94. Republicofscotland says:

    Well it looks like the they are shitting themselves that you are back and along with Robin McAlpine, they fear that between both of you, that some very good work and info will be in the Wee Book.

    If this lot has stayed schtum then, I’d have been a bit more worried, however they fear Alba and the Rev working together, for Alba has become what the SNP used to be a independence minded party.

    Anyone who has Scottish independence at heart will be onboard with Robin and you penning a new Wee Book, those that are not are either jealous or they don’t really want Scottish independence.

  95. Geoff Anderson says:

    “The Spirit of cooperation”

    A house slave pleading with the field slaves not to upset the “massah”

  96. dodecostanza says:

    Delighted to see you back Stu and looking forward to helping getting the Wee Alba Book out there.

    Can I ask what has happened to change your mind since your Ship Song post after the May election?

    “The party intends to carry on, which with the deepest respect and regret I consider a futility. We learned last week that Sturgeon has simply done too effective a job of poisoning its name and in particular that of its leader. ”

    “No matter how much passion, energy, reason, decency and dignity Alba continue to campaign with, I don’t think they can overcome that ugly collaboration of smearing between the SNP and the Unionist media.”

    At the time I sadly and reluctantly agreed with your appraisal of the situation and despite the good vibes coming out of the Alba conference I’m still in a pessimistic mood and I don’t think that will change for me until Nicola is gone after the whole truth comes out.

  97. Patsy Millar says:

    Ya beauty! And wasn’t that cheer great? Hope that makes you realise how much you’re appreciated Stu.

  98. Mark Boyle says:

    Ruby says:
    12 September, 2021 at 11:04 pm

    Who the fuck is Rosa Zamboni?

    Rosa Zambonini aka Rosa The Clype is a North Lanarkshire councillor who was parachuted ahead of long servers into a safe-ish seat because party high heid-yins said so, got too big for her boots and fell out with them, and now sits as an independent spending all her time picking faults with her former besties and alienating her voter base.

    Before you ask Ruby, it’s some sort of North Lanarkshire tradition.

  99. Mark Boyle says:

    Whoops, sorry, WAS a councillor, but got the heave ho.

  100. Patsy Millar says:

    @Thomas Widdman I’m inclined to agree about the name. The WBB not being aligned with a party was a great ‘selling’ point.

  101. Tinto Chiel says:

    Some good news at last.

    Just to emphasise how stagnant and self-defeating the SNP’s “strategy” for a future referendum is, Swinney was on Radio 4 this morning saying a Scottish Government would retain the pound for a period after winning independence.

    A re-run of a failed currency policy can only have one result.

  102. susanXX says:

    Alba now needs to be very wary of wokes infiltrating it. They really are parasites.

  103. Craig P says:

    One bloke in Bath, a crowd of willing donors, and a small army of volunteer distrubutors with the Wee Blue Book, did more for the independence movement than the several hundred thousands pounds worth of civil servants who produced the Scotland’s Future white paper.

    Just think what *two* blokes could manage!

  104. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Further proof, should it be required: they don’t like it up ’em Captain Mainwaring.

    A WBB-type Wee ALBA Book, laying-out the case clearly and without Unionist/SNP spin, could well be the breakthrough ALBA needs.

  105. Craig P says:

    Do you know Allen Carr’s ‘easy way’ guides, like the Easy Way to Stop Smoking? It works on mindset. Really taste and feel the cigarette, the smoke in your lungs. It feels nasty, doesn’t it?

    Why do you do it? You have been brainwashed by your addiction into thinking that you need the nicotine, that it is your friend and crutch. But it is actually a thief, stealing your money and health.

    If that doesn’t sound like ‘you are too poor to afford to live without the union’ then I don’t know what does.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have something similar, an ‘easy way to independence’ if you will, that could finally help move us on from dependence on something that does not serve us.

  106. crisiscult says:

    Just popping in to add my own voice of support to this development.

    I hope Stuart has more involvement than he’s currently implying, but regardless of that, it’s very satisfying to see all the twitter virtue signallers who do sfa for the indy cause having fits:

    You know the ones who say “oh, no, I’m not going on an indy march because AUOB are organising it”; “oh no, I’m not going to indy event X because Tommy Sheridan or Denise Findlay are gonna be there” and so sit around on their fat arses at home. If they actually went “Oh no, Stu Campbell is gonna do a new WBB and I hate him, so I’m gonna do something better and beat him”, that would actually be fine. However, remember Pishart said he was gonna do a blog and it had as much of an impact as his song-writing (I’m no Runrig expert but I didn’t notice him being credited on songwriting)

  107. Craig P says:

    In the meantime, there’s a decent up-to-date pamphlet at:

  108. Another_Ian_Blackford_Speech says:

    It was definitely worth it for the reaction. Glad to see the Wings oar still stuck in to the Cause, and the craw of those morons.

  109. Captain Yossarian says:

    In the twenty-odd years since Holyrood, it has been an unmitigated foul-up for Scotland and we have regressed faster in that time than we have in centuries. It is full of liars….full-stop. Those who are complaining just now have their pockets full of your money and they don’t want that to stop. They have done nothing in the past and they will do nothing in the future.

    If anyone is going to lay the ground for saving Holyrood, it may well be Salmond and Campbell. Good luck to them both. They have a mighty big job on their hands.

  110. Effigy says:

    I don’t recall the Wee book being discredited in any way.

    I do know the unionist mob controlling Scotland made a lot
    of painful sounds but absolutely no dialogue about the facts
    and statistics in it.

    Funny who quite they are when the leader of the English Party, the
    one the Scots have never voted for in 70 years proves the be a pathological
    Liar, racist, womaniser who has declared his hatred of the Scottish race.

    If anything was ever discredited it’s the clown that doesn’t know what a comb is
    for or what size he takes in a suit.

    Well deserved credit Mr Campbell.

  111. SilverDarling says:

    The absolute cheek of that lot. A more sanctimonious bunch would be hard to assemble anywhere even on a Sunday.

    What have any of them ever actually done to further independence? The honourable exceptions are Kevverage (is he still a thing?) and Duncan Hothersall who continue to demonstrate the futility of Unionism.

    As for the rest, well if pearl-clutching was an Olympic sport. Seriously, though, Keihlmann and co are frothing with hatred and are an example of what the SNP is becoming.

    So, sane members of the SNP, get out while can, you don’t want to be tainted by association with people like that…

  112. Hatuey says:

    I like the idea that Alba is to the SNP what the SNP once was to Scottish Labour, as Salmond suggested, holding feet to the fire and generating positive pressure, but the situation is different in a very important way.

    The British establishment and media will do much more to protect and bolster the SNP under Sturgeon than it done to protect all of Scottish Labour’s leaders put together.

    And that will continue to be the case as long as Sturgeon is committed to the section 30 process (which everyone knows leads nowhere and is in fact a surrender process) and talks of cooperation rather than confrontation.

    She knows that’s the reason BBC Scotland and the rest protect her, and she knows that everything turns to dust without the ‘bodyguard of lies’ and protection they provide.

    When Sturgeon decided to destroy resistance to her “strategy” within the ranks of the party, she took a life-form that was once full of energy, direction, and vitality and killed it. What’s left is the party political equivalent of a soulless spam-bot, a hollowed-out lifeless corpse.

    Wheeling that corpse to the window of the psycho house whenever someone asks about indyref2 isn’t a strategy for independence. More and more people are starting to see through the scam.

  113. Robert Louis says:

    Haha. If this upsets some so-called indy supporters, then it is abundantly clear, they do not really support independence. Nothing was more effective in the last indyref than the wee blue book.

    Upsetting the wokeists and gender cultists. Good. As somebody else pointed out above, the ALBA party needs to watch our for them, as they will in time, try to invade and take over, just like they have done with the SNP.

    Yet again, ALBA showing in action (not words) that they intend pushing for indy ASAP. By comparison, let’s just see if Sturgeon names the date of indyref2 today. She could if she was serious about it. Anything less is just empty, vague pseudo promises. Again.

  114. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Ronnie Anderson is right – what a difference a day makes!

    If Sturgeon has done anything positive for our cause in the past six years, it is the exposure of the careerists, fearties and jobsworths who would’ve been in SLab twenty years ago. She has drawn them close to protect herself, and they willingly formed her defence. Now, they are in plain sight.

    Some of them will be discerning the writing on the proverbial and preparing their excuses: ‘It was that Nikla led me astray’, ‘I didn’t realise what I was doing…’ etc.

    They knew exactly what they were doing, and they were well warned – and that was *before* she revealed herself to be a vindictive liar.

    Hell mend them, each and every one.

  115. Ron Maclean says:

    I’d expected a token crossover idler from the SNP to be unveiled. The WAB was a pleasant surprise.

  116. Breeks says:

    Craig P says:
    13 September, 2021 at 10:19 am
    One bloke in Bath, a crowd of willing donors, and a small army of volunteer distrubutors with the Wee Blue Book, did more for the independence movement than the several hundred thousands pounds worth of civil servants who produced the Scotland’s Future white paper.

    I was going to comment something similar, but focussed upon Alex Salmond, from a standing start and smeared by the entire hostile establishment, he has built a new Political Party from scratch, and achieved more in six months against all odds, than Nicola Sturgeon has achieved in 7 years after inheriting a rampant SNP, flourishing 125k membership, a near majority on Independence, a Brexit Constitutional outrage, and a BritNat Press happy to telegraph her smears and innuendo about Alex Salmond.

    She should be embarrassed to show her face, nevermind posturing as a champion of Scottish Independence and “liberties”.

    Resign you fraud! Clear out your desk, clear out your crooks, pervs, and weirdos, and let the people who care about the SNP and Scottish Independence resume control, resurrect the old style SNP and embrace ALBA’s initiative and momentum, and thereby prevent an SNP catastrophe.

    Failure to do so will result in political oblivion, derision and ignominy for yourself, and the hollowed out wreck you’ve made of the SNP.

    Resign and #&!% off, and thereby optimise the chances for ALBA and the real SNP to rattle home a resolution on Independence that is so emphatic it breaks the back of the net and makes Westminster’s head spin and eye’s water as they wave goodbye to Scotland and Scotland’s resources.

    Get out the f%#!ng way.

  117. Graeme Hampton says:

    A few points.
    1) looking forward to reading & distributing the WAB.
    2) The number of people on here responding to a “retired” blogger is truly heartening
    3) after hearing Craig Murray’s wife deliver his speech to conference i finally got round to emailing him. Please, if you can spare a few minutes drop him a line. Snail & email addresses are in one if Stus recent blogs

  118. Robert says:

    Craig Murray address also here:

    which gives:
    157095 C Murray
    H M Prison Edinburgh
    33 Stenhouse Road
    EH11 3LN

  119. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks . To paraphrase the old Glesga joke and continue your fitbaw metaphor

    ” Sturgeon saves , Salmond scores with the rebound ”

    Typically great comment from you above . Likewise from my sometime protagonist Hatuey further upthread .

    I’m happy to put aside differences on other issues to focus on those on which we agree

  120. Flower of Scotland says:

    Got back late from the AlbaParty Conference feeling so elated!

    The venue erupted in pure pleasure when Alex announced the Wee Alba Book! It is so exciting and I’m so glad that Alex sees through the vicious SNP folk that have tried to take you down.

    Looking forward to it all. I still have a couple of Wee Blue Books and Wee Black Books. They are a wonderful resource. Well done Stu!

  121. robbo says:

    Stop press!

    Just when you think we can crack on this clown comes out with this shite.

    Fucking unbelievable . Look Swinney Scotland has no time to wait on clowns like you.

  122. sarah says:

    @ Thomas Widmann at 8.35 and Patsy Millar re title of the Wee book.

    I agree that keeping a party name off the book is better for bringing over the cautious types.

    On the other hand Alba party needs to raise its profile…

  123. SilverDarling says:

    On Sky earlier, openly talking of what she does if she cannot deliver Indy. She has that air of Thatcher in the days before the open plotting started. She is starting to get a taint about her. Her procrastination is being noticed by Westminster.

    She will have failed, won’t she? Not just badly, but spectacularly. Her legacy will be a lesson in the attempted destruction of a party and a movement.

    So we must not leave it up to her to deliver Indy because we have seen she cannot. She can take the flak NOW for her failure and the rest of us can get on with it.

  124. Patsy Millar says:

    Sarah, good point about Alba party profile, but even so, I stil think keep its name away from a book that could be used as an independence bible.

  125. Geoff Anderson says:

    “I go to jail with a clean conscience after a Kafkaesque trial. I genuinely do not know who I am supposed to have identified or which phrases I published are said to have identified them”

    Remember Craig Murray is in jail in Sturgeon’s Scotland
    Alex Salmond almost went to jail in Sturgeon’s Scotland.
    Another case is currently ongoing against a Woman in Sturgeon’s Scotland.

    It is time to remind her that it is NOT HER Scotland.

  126. Pixywine says:

    And life expectancy has dropped in Sturgeons Scotland but happy clappy wokery is alive and thriving. Yaaaayy.

  127. sarah says:

    @ Patsy Millar: perhaps the new Wee Book could have an Alba flyer with it instead of the party name on the book itself?

    I hope Stu is taking notes!

  128. Ottomanboi says:

    from SkyNews.
    “Nicola Sturgeon to ask UK government to agree to second Scottish independence referendum
    Nicola Sturgeon has called for a second referendum by the end of 2023, at a time when it’s hoped the coronavirus pandemic is “under control”, and wants to adopt an approach of “co-operation not confrontation»
    Sturgeon & co like «to tell» the Scottish people what they must do. Might she not tell the UK gov. what it must do, or else?
    Honestly, is the Brit establishment going to grant anyone the right to dismember its territory? Hanging waiting for the virus to get «under control», effectively never, is tragi-farce.
    Hoping Alba is the radical nat. force the SNP is def. not.

  129. robbo says:

    Sturgeon, Swinney, Pishfart and the Fat controller will be up clapping away at the end of the SNP conference today singing along to this.

  130. Ron Maclean says:

    From: The Wee Blue Book

    ‘Independence isn’t about policies or parties. Those are questions which will be decided at elections, not the referendum. All you have to decide on the 18th of September is who should choose the future governments of Scotland: the people of Scotland, or the people of England?’


    From: The Wee Black Book

    ‘The case for Scottish independence is as strong as ever. And what we’ve shown you in this book is that the last time the debate was held, almost everything the Unionist side said subsequently turned out to be a lie.’

    In the future, that might be a useful thing to remember.’

  131. Wulls says:

    Oh Man…….
    What a way to come out of retirement (in as small a way as you please)
    If it causes this wankfest of absolute rage from that bunch it was well worth it.

    If the announcement caused that kind of meltdown christ only knows what the Book will do….

    Better set up a crowdfunder for adult nappies for Keihlmann 🙂

  132. Geoff Anderson says:

    Ottomanboi @ 12:50

    All those Nations around the World who gained their Independence must look back in distress that so many had to fight and die for Independence when they could just have asked nicely.

    The Irish, Indian/Pakistan and Americans only had to ask in a polite respectful manner

    Aye that would have worked!

    I need to read more into how Australia, Canada, New Zealand escaped. Perhaps they were really,really nice.

  133. James Che. says:

    Nobody in Scotland thought that our oldest friend and acquaintance the Snp would set up and turn on a fm that got us so far on independence and previous referendum in such a viperious manner.

    Nobody thought that our highest Scots law would be diabolically demolished to take political prisoners like the old Soviet Union, or China.

    Nobody in Scotland thought the snp would try brainwashing our children in maths or English classroom lessons with transgender or drag artists.

    Nobody would have thought that our old friend and alliance the snp would tell little children not to talk to their parents in Scotland.

    Nobody thought that our legal private rights to home and family in Scotland would be intruded upon by our very own snp old friends.with a hate crime bill against the Scottish people.

    Nobody would believe that the Sovereignty of the Scots would actually be overruled by our old allegiance to the snp on mandatory lockup’s of only Scottish people, while not closing the borders of Scotland or stop immigrants to Scotland or tourist spreading the virus during Covid, why be so bias towards the Scots?

    Nobody would have believed only certain sections of society would be allowed to march, but independence marches for Scottish people were banned.

    Who would have thought that the snp leaders hubby would get rid of the grassroots members of the snp and attack others of steady standing and reputation.

    Who would have thought that the old friendly snp could not account for our independence money disappearing

    Who would have thought we voted in the greens to take parliamentary seats after an election.

    Who would have thought that our old allegiance of snp friends would turn sensible climate issues into extremism under global dictatorship, without a realistic backup plan for employment,

    Our old allies the snp and greens have made us the Scottish sovereign people turn our backs.


  134. Astonished says:

    Brilliant !

    I am proud to say – I was there. And you were cheered to the rafters !

    I do not know who is goebbels or himmler. But I do know those folk who are now terrified and hunkering in a bunker.

    Their downfall will be soon.

    P.S. To the cowardly SNP MPs and MSPs : Do not think you will be forgiven – you will not.

  135. Breeks says:

    sarah says:
    13 September, 2021 at 12:40 pm
    @ Patsy Millar: perhaps the new Wee Book could have an Alba flyer with it instead of the party name on the book itself?

    I hope Stu is taking notes!

    IF my reading of Alex Salmond is correct, I think “ALBA” will be the new “YES”. A vote for ALBA won’t be for a political party, because ALBA will have swelled into a pro-Independence Movement, with new and fresh Constitutional Irons in the fire, not just the old political ones.

    “YES” was open to everybody, all across the spectrum, and I think that’s what Alex Salmond will have in mind for ALBA. Whether it’s successful or not depends on how much toxin can be purged out the acrimonious division caused by the Sturgeon Allstars, but for their part, ALBA is good hands.

    Actually, I think, (hope) Sturgeon will be gone, her Trans Tragedy aborted, and the SNP will be unrecognisable, and under new management before the Council Elections next year, and with luck, be in full co-operation mode with ALBA. Either that, or ‘content’ to keep it’s loose cannons in check and be peripheral to main events. OK, maybe that is too optimistic, but a week’s a long time in politics as they say…

  136. James Che. says:

    Best wishes and warmth to Alba and all its members, To a new Scotland to a kinder all inclusive, Scotland.
    Where women, mothers and children get to have free speech. And are not told to keep quite.

    Where every man and women has the right to sovereignty, self determination and freedom of speech,

    Well done alba, stu, and all involved, thumbs up to all of Scotland and its people.

  137. Stuart MacKay says:

    Better make sure lots of copies are printed because the SNP will be having a few book burning parties – their loathing is so great they won’t be able to stop themselves.

  138. Ruby says:

    Just spotted someone in Holyrood Park who had a novel way of protesting. He/She had a massive placard attached to the roof of his/her car.

    The placard read ‘Scottish Government ignores Rachman landlords’

    Not able to protest outside parliament then people will think of other ways of protesting.

    Is there any law that says you can’t drive past the parliament?

    What about cycling? Cycling in a rickshaw with a loudspeaker?

  139. robertknight says:

    Somebody must have fired up the Twitterati Stormtroopers over at Quisling HQ.

    Now, who could that be, I wonder…

    All the cozy-feet Devolutionists will be bricking it that Westmonster might no longer have a use for such bench-warmers. God forbid SNP politicians abroad might have to get a proper job.

  140. Jamie says:

    Fine form young Rev, fine form or is it Goebbels????? ???

  141. Ottomanboi says:

    Geoff Anderson
    Get them to be polite and ask nicely then the refusal will sting all the more.
    [The art of British oneupmanship]

  142. JGedd says:

    What a pleasure it is to smell fear in the morning. An explosion of middle class rage & entitlement unites them.( Horsestall, Wishart, Hassan & other assorted nobodies?) Let them fulminate and show us their true alliances. Something like a book circulating outside their controlling media stranglehold could be the pin to burst their fragile wee bubble.

    And this time Salmond will be the wiser in fighting for independence? The SNP campaign in 2014 was milk-and water stuff compared to what was happening on the ground and despite official SNP froideur towards the WBB, I found, personally, that it had quite an effect on the formerly politically unengaged. This time as part of a more robust and savvy approach, knowing how our enemies work, with Robin McAlpine’s and Stu Campbell’s communication skills, the book could fulfil the worst fears of that anti-independence pack. (Aagh! Information and a plan.)

  143. Patsy Millar says:

    @Sarah good idea!

  144. Captain Yossarian says:

    I think that Lady Dorian should consider a career change…perhaps an HGV driver or something like that. There may be limited opportunities to jail writers and out of favour politicians soon.

    I speak as a Unionist and so I have no skin in the game so to speak. But, I’ll be glad to see the back of her.

  145. Breeks says:

    JGedd says:
    13 September, 2021 at 2:16 pm

    …. This time as part of a more robust and savvy approach, knowing how our enemies work, with Robin McAlpine’s and Stu Campbell’s communication skills, the book could fulfil the worst fears of that anti-independence pack. (Aagh! Information and a plan.

    When I bang on and on about Sovereignty, and adopting a Constitutional approach to Independence, one that isn’t predicated by Democracy, there is one component I tend to understate, and that is a Constitutional approach to defend Scottish Sovereignty can be as ill tempered and acrimonious as you like, and it won’t alter the legality of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty by one iota. It doesn’t have to please the people. It’s the law.

    An Independence campaign which walks soft with a smile on it’s face is great, but an Independence campaign which walks soft with a smile on it’s face and carries a big Constitutional stick , seems to promise a much more certain outcome.

  146. I think as someone who is not SNP or ALBA and who is not interested in insults or name calling .I would like to see this Blue Book delivered to every home in Scotland ASAP.I would like to know does Alec Salmond think an INDY REF should be held during the Pandemic. If not when If he was still FM how would he handle the Pandemic. And remember David Cameron agreed to a ref what are the details of the conversations that must have gone on behind the scenes that led to that agreement. Then I think Brexit is wrong and bad for the UK including Scotland. So say within 1 year of Indy why not commit now to holding a referendum to ask if we want to join EUROPE as an Independent nation.

  147. David Caledonia says:

    R O T H S A Y

    Over the sea to skive…… heh heh heh

  148. Merganser says:

    Can Alba devise and register a Tartan – only a couple of colours needed possibly

    And perhaps one could be registered for Marion Millar using suffragette colours.

    I believe it only costs £70.00 to register a new design. Happy to make a decent contribution to either but I have no knowledge of how to go about it.

  149. David Caledonia says:

    Poland are being victimised by an unelected gabble of twats, they will leave the monster raving looney union, of that I am sure

    And I hope hungary does the same, thank goodness for brexit

  150. wullie says:

    The Scottish peoples sovereignty was usurped in 1707, it is this sovereignty that places the Scottish people above all institutions and requires all institutions in Scotland to seek permission to do anything before they can act

    Therefore may I suggest that the the union is in actual fact illegal.

  151. Pixywine says:

    Pete Wishardt is a a terribly nice man with a wonderfully engaging personality and when he speaks every listens not only for the pearls of wisdom that issue from his blessed lips like bread from Heaven but also the meliflous sonority of his pleasing voice. He would never defame anyone oh no such a nice man.
    There you go Pete some balanced reporting you cunt.

  152. Dave J says:

    These people don’t even want Independence, that is blatantly obvious.
    Running scared is what they are, NS and her clingons are in for a shock. .
    Cry Wolf springs to mind.
    Mon the ALBA Party!

  153. James Che. says:

    I think Alba were right in suggesting EFTA is a good starting point for trade, and voting on wether we want to join the EU at a slightly later date, as Eu is having a few teething problems at the moment, with other countries an especially after Britain’s Brexit,

    It’s a good breathing space for all concerned.

  154. Ottomanboi says:

    Not antivax yet?
    Not so much conspiracy, more «told you so».
    BigPharma government KILLS.
    Eugenics à gogo.

  155. James Che. says:


    And they did not have the right to sell Scotland in a treaty trade deal,

    As Scotland belonged to the sovereign Scots.

    Not a few men,
    : – )

  156. ahundredthidiot says:

    Is that a Warrant I hear…….

  157. James Che. says:

    Suddenly the snp are talking about independence at the end of 2023,

    Did something put the heebee jeebies up their berhookey all of a sudden,

    Nicola trying to steal Alba,s thunder?

  158. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon must be running scared of the Alba party and Alex, for she said on the radio today that Scotland is in a voluntary union, and that democracy must prevail.

    However as someone said on Iain Lawson’s blog those attending the Alba conference, were once the hard grafters who did the donkey work for the SNP party, but they are now disillusioned with the SNP and the direction it has taken and see Alba as the new real party of Scottish independence, and are willing to do the donkey work for it. That is a big loss for the SNP, but a real gain for Alba and Scottish independence.

  159. Betty Boop says:

    Hi folks,

    Marion Millar had a new crowdfunder, one they can’t take down. So, if you wish to donate:

  160. Brian Cahill says:

    Simply,good news,looking forward to the unvarnished truth.

  161. Republicofscotland says:

    It was a nice wee touch that Grousebeater received an honorary membership from the Alba party presented to him by Alex Salmond.

  162. Tannadice Boy says:

    @James Che 3:35pm
    I would agree with that. A sensible approach needed.

  163. Republicofscotland says:

    Fifty front pages from the SNP fanzine aka the National newspaper, which said an indyref under sturgeon was just around the corner. More will come as Sturgeon gave the media a £3million taxpayers bung, is it any wonder then that the National and other news rags in Scotland that pass for the Scottish press, are now almost Sturgeon friendly.

  164. Mia says:

    “she said on the radio today that Scotland is in a voluntary union”

    Did she now? Yet, the same “erudite” woman has been totally undermining for 7 years our popular sovereignty and forcing Scotland to remain in the union

    – by deliberately letting our democratic mandates to exercise our self-determination to expire

    – by handing free vetos of our legitimate exercise in self determination to England Mps

    – by awarding herself other manufactured vetos, like using brexit or covid as an excuse to avoid delivering indyref

    – by using our pro indy majorities to legitimise Westminster against our will, to legitimise England’s ruling over Scotland, its theft of our rights, theft of Scotland’s power and assets

    – by fooling SNP voters by asking them, if not demanding them to waste their second vote knowing very well that doing so would hand back Holyrood seats to colonial parties against the will of the people of Scotland

    It looks to me that this woman loses all her strength by the mouth. All talk and no walk. Honesty, integrity democracy and respect for Scotland never entered her equation, of course. I don’t think they enter her dictionary.

  165. Mia says:

    “she said on the radio today that Scotland is in a voluntary union”

    Did she now? Yet, the same “erudite” woman has been totally undermining for 7 years our popular sovereignty and forcing Scotland to remain in the union

    – by deliberately letting our democratic mandates to exercise our self-determination to expire

    – by handing free vetos of our legitimate exercise in self determination to England Mps

    – by awarding herself other manufactured vetos, like using brexit or covid as an excuse to avoid delivering indyref

    – by using our pro indy majorities to legitimise Westminster against our will, to legitimise England’s ruling over Scotland, its theft of our rights, theft of Scotland’s power and assets

    – by fooling SNP voters by asking them, if not demanding them to waste their second vote knowing very well that doing so would hand back Holyrood seats to colonial parties against the will of the people of Scotland

    It looks to me that this woman loses all her strength by the mouth. All talk and no walk. Honesty, integrity democracy and respect for Scotland never entered her equation, of course. I don’t think they ever entered her dictionary.

  166. sarah says:

    FAO Margaret ELEFTHERIOU: Craig Murray says by email to me today that he saw your book parcel being unwrapped! He is very grateful and looks forward to receiving them as arranged. The system is rather slow – after all your books were delivered to the prison in August!

    So far he has only had two books – he got them yesterday, “Dissolution” by C J Sansom and “Wars of Asia” by S C Paine, and is already half-way through “Dissolution”. He doesn’t know who sent them so if it was anyone on here please write to him or tell me and I can email Craig.

    @ REV: I asked Craig if he agrees with you that Scot Gov has no power to hold a referendum. He does agree [to my chagrin!] BUT says international opinion is the decisive factor, and that is based on what is in the interest of other countries. Craig thinks that European nations want Scotland back in.

  167. Republicofscotland says:

    Judge Sillars, aka Jim Sillars, speaking to folk from Greenock town hall at the Alba conference.

  168. Luigi says:

    The SNP has morphed into a yellow Scottish Labour.

    Promises, Promises – remember how long we had to beg Labour-LibDems and wait for a Scottish Parliament? Same again, I fear we will wait years if not decades if we rely on the SNP-Greens to deliver Scottish independence.

    The important question is not whether the SNP leadership really want independence. I’m prepared to give em the benefit of the doubt on that.

    The real question is how badly do they want it? I remember Labour politicians telling us they wanted devolution – it took years and years (as well as a fair bit of external pressure) before they got off their backsides and actually did something. We really need a fire under the SNP backsides before they get too comfy in their ways. Something to make them move. Make it too hot for them to sit down.

    The rise of Alba and a few Wee Alba Books in circulation might just provide the heat required. 🙂

  169. Republicofscotland says:

    A good turn out at Stirling yesterday for the AUOB march.

    Edinburgh’s AUOB march is on the 25th of September.

  170. Republicofscotland says:

    “More folk attended in person the ALBA CONFERENCE than tuned in to vote at the SNP Conference. Why? Because the activists who used to attend SNP Conferences are now members of Alba!”

    From Iain Lawson’s blog.

    Meanwhile Grousebeater points out how money grabbing the current SNP are.

  171. wullie says:

    Mia says:
    she said on the radio today that Scotland is in a voluntary. union
    Well that takes the biscuit. What planet is she on.

  172. Republicofscotland says:

    This is interesting.


    POLICE are set to seize documents from SNP auditors as the probe into a missing £600,000 takes a major step forward this week.

    Prosecutors have confirmed that warrants will be issued, allowing police to demand accounts and any other material from Johnston Carmichael, a firm hired by the party.

    It is a huge embarrassment for Nicola Sturgeon as she prepares to address the SNP conference tomorrow.

    Her husband, SNP chief executive Peter Murrell, is also expected to be interviewed by police.
    Officers are investigating a spiralling number of complaints relating to the ‘missing money’ scandal.
    The party promised that the money, raised from independence supporters, would be ring-fenced and spent on another campaign to split the UK.

    However, the war chest apparently disappeared from published accounts and several donors complained to police. A number have been interviewed while the party has refunded some donations.
    Now, the Crown Office has confirmed that police will receive a warrant to obtain documents from the party’s auditors. Further warrants could then be sought.

    A source close to the inquiry said: ‘Police have waited almost four weeks for the Crown Office to approve this warrant, so there has been a frustrating wait.”

  173. Skip_NC says:

    RepublicofScotland, Thirty-six quid and no voting rights? That’s insane. Alba charged twenty-five quid for some voting rights and nothing to be able to see it on YouTube.

    I remember canvassing for the SNP before I emigrated and wondering why anyone would support Labour (a bit like the Democratic Party over here). Now I have to wonder why anyone would support the SNP, for I see no difference between Labour and them.

  174. robbo says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    13 September, 2021 at 5:03 pm
    This is interesting.


    Well I hope the 600,000 that they have received recently by two 300k donations left to them by deceased people/members doesn’t get mixed up- that would be kinda convenient eh!

  175. Captain Yossarian says:

    How is it when Salmond and Campbell team-up at Greenock Town Hall and promise independence, everyone sits-up and takes notice? Everyone is full of beans and re-energized? Many old posters come back to WoS to read what the action is. Something is going to happen and that is for sure. No more writers in jail….one’s enough….things are going to change.

    When Sturgeon talks about Independence on Radio 4, everyone dismisses it? Is it because they know that nothing is ever going to happen?

  176. robbo says:

    South African widow-


    An elderly South African woman who lived in Scotland for six years has left the SNP £300,000 in her will.

    Details of the cash boost come at a time when the party’s finances are under scrutiny as income from membership fees dropped during the pandemic.

    Estelle Brownrigg was born in South Africa but later worked as a pharmacist in London, where she met her husband Thomas Brownrigg.

    The couple lived in ­Johannesburg, Brussels and Canada before settling in ­Scotland around 2012.

    Read More
    Related Articles
    Neither Estelle nor her late husband had any children and it’s not known if they have any living relatives.

    Estelle died in a care home in Quarriers Village, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, in March 2018 at the age of 73.

    With the exception of money left to a close friend, the rest of her £1,349,000 estate went to the SNP and three charities.

    Euro lottery winners Christine Weir and her late ex-husband Colin
    Details of the bequest emerged last week at a hearing at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

    One of the three charities named in the will was the Nelson Mandela Educational Fund in South Africa.

    ­However, lawyers could find no record of the organisation and had asked that the money be given to a charity of a similar name, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

    Estelle’s bequest to the SNP is one of the biggest single donations since Euro lottery winners Christine Weir and her late ex-husband Colin each donated £250,000 in 2017.

    The SNP also received £300,000 from Edinburgh woman Morven Polson this ­February in her will.

  177. twathater says:

    The ingenuity of Stuart Campbell has been proven time and time again , The WEE blue book , The WEE black book and hopefully a WEE Blue (ALBA SCOTLAND) Book ,

    Stuart even though semi retired (he better not fully retire or we could be fu**ed) came back and BLEW THE BLOODY DOORS OFF with his post (The last ten seconds of life) EXPOSING , RIDICULING and totally highlighting Sturgeon’s lies , duplicity and hypocrisy by showing in satirical comedic form a montage of her failed indy ref promises promulgated and promoted by her accomplice fanzine in numerous front page assertions designed and deliberately used to entice and encourage their readership that Sturgeon could be trusted

    NOW EVERYONE is using that montage to highlight and expose NOT only Sturgeon’s lies but also her willing and paid for allies in the MSM for the fraudulent promotion of those lies

  178. Sara@4.30
    Thank you very much for the new info. It also helps to know that one can use other online booksellers than Amazon – I used The Guardian Bookshop (newspaper not much appreciated by some on this site). I also chose books which could not possibly be misconstrued, even by hostile prison warders. I’ll certainly try again later on in the month.
    Great to see all the old posters on this site, definitely cheers one up!

  179. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Captain Yossarian 5:37pm
    There has been a sea change in the political outlook. Ordinary Scots are fed up with the yolk of the Sturgeon Government and their policies. Back to the 2 Rangers Supporters in 2014. We all have different skill sets. I don’t like going on big marches. I stood on the street and tried to persuade passing folk to vote Independence. I was heckled for 45 minutes by these 2 Rangers guys. It was time to go home but I fancied a pint. I walked into the nearest bar and the 2 guys were there. Did I persuade them? An emphatic No. But we got sloshed over the next 4 hours talking about Rangers and United matches. At the end of the session they had run out of money so I give them 20 quid for a taxi. They said we will give it back to you the next we see you. Still waiting. What changed the dynamic? One of them served in the Paras. It always surprises Unionists when an Independence supporter has been active service as well. I liked those guys. But their recall of football matches was rubbish. Rangers played better than United in the 1994 Cup Final?

  180. James Che. says:

    Tannadice boy.

    A sensible Down to earth approach is needed for every subject in Scotland,
    The extremists and Witch hunts need to end,
    Those that escaped from the asylum need to be back where they belong, instead of trying to lock up the innocent and vulnerable.

    Captain yossarian.

    It was always obvious that the old posters had not gone away, but we’re in the background observing the madness,
    even I sometimes felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall on here,
    But I must be one of those to wee, to poor, to stupid Scots to give way to the screams of abuse from the insane, 🙂

  181. Captain Yossarian says:

    I don’t think you would persuade me either, by the way. One thing we can agree on however is that Salmond and Campbell are a step-up from Swinney and Yousaf….or Sturgeon and Somerville….or Robison and Constance. I could go-on….

    I’m watching with great interest and good luck to the pair of them. They don’t have to do this but they are obviously committed to the independence movement and the independence movement is re-energized by that.

  182. Republicofscotland says:

    So we’re in a voluntary union, as Sturgeon said today, so we should be able to leave this union as easily as the UK left the EU.

    However even before Sturgeon was finishing her indy speech at the SNP conference Boris Johnson was rejecting any notion of an indyref. For Sturgeon this will be her get-out clause on holding one.

    However I doubt there’s a union in the world where one party can force the other party to stay.

  183. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Captain Yossarian 6:23pm
    I know I won’t persuade you but you are part of the Scottish community and deserve your say. That’s what I like about Alba. They have introduced a respectful narrative in stark contrast to Sturgeon and the SNP. Things can only get better for everyone. You may win out but allow me my space. We can agree that getting rid of Sturgeon will benefit everyone in Scotland.

  184. Captain Yossarian says:

    @James Che – I would say that in terms of honesty and the capacity to process and summarize complex information quickly, either Campbell of Salmond alone probably has more horsepower than the whole platoon of Ministers put together. That’s including the Greens. Would that be fair? Anyway, I doubt if there will be any more summary prosecutions and imprisonments of writers in Scotland now. I understand Lady Dorian is re-training to be a hairdresser.

  185. Tannadice Boy says:

    @James Che 6:23pm
    Agreed James.

  186. Geoff Anderson says:

    How will Sturgeon respond to the rejection by Boris for a Referendum.

    Howls of injustice ( fake of course). It plays to her hand to blame London for Independence stalling . It was not her!

    Ian Blackford will make a few changes to his Brexit speeches “ Scotland will not accept this….”

    Pete’s pension continues to build.

    The Cult have never care. A Stonewall Region is fine for the.

    Remember the feeble 50…..What has changed? Apart from Party name?

  187. sarah says:

    @ Breeks at 1.32: “ALBA is the new YES”.

    I would like to share your optimism – I certainly do feel more cheerful having watched a lot of the conference – but my experience delivering Alba leaflets in April/May leads me to think that Alba is identified as Alex, and the smearing seems to have worked in my very small neck of the woods, sadly.

    I shall be at a Yes gathering locally on Saturday 18th along with local SNP stalwarts so may get a flavour of current feelings.

  188. James Che. says:

    Captain yossarian,

    Yes writers, journalists and bloggers may be more save and that is godsend for them and free speech, and a possibility of a new media in general.

    However I do not agree to locking down sovereign citizens en masse without individual consent.
    Otherwise freedom is false,

    Being locked up with a elaborate switch of title to being locked down,
    is still an open prison is it not…..? a place where citizens whom have not committed any crime are held by the state or government against their will, often without medical care, ( nhs ) is a crime against humanity too is it not…….?

  189. James Che. says:

    Locking down citizens of Scotland, while allowing tourists, and immigrants to enter Scotland.
    Planes to land at airports and borders left without any testing done on individuals was bias and racist.

  190. `I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.`

    -Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    “You have no enemies, you say?

    Alas, my friend, the boast is poor.

    He who has mingled in the fray of duty that the brave endure, must have made foes.

    If you have none, small is the work that you have done.

    You’ve hit no ("Tractor" - Ed) on the hip.

    You’ve dashed no cup from perjured lip.

    You’ve never turned the wrong to right.

    You’ve been a coward in the fight.”

    ? Charles Mackay ,Scottish poet/writer.

  191. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon is making a lot of noise on holding an indyref in late 2023, but she’s on record saying that an indyref might not be held till 2024 or beyond.

    We know from past experience with Alex Salmond’s fit up, and the unjust imprisoning of Craig Murray that Sturgeon cannot be trusted. I think it would be reasonable to assume that Sturgeon will stretch out Covid for as long as humanly possible, post-Autumn 2023 takes us into 2024, and that year is a GE year so 2024 is out of the question for an indyref.

    We are being played as usual by Sturgeon.

    If Sturgeon can hold out until late 2022 early 2023, then she’s clear of holding an indyref until 2025 or beyond

    “A second referendum on Scottish independence may have to be delayed until 2024 or beyond if the coronavirus pandemic makes holding one earlier impossible, Nicola Sturgeon has said.”

  192. Ron Maclean says:

    @Scot Finlayson 7:50pm

    We could learn a lot from that.

  193. Geoff Anderson says:

    Sturgeon has adopted the famous quote from Homer, Homer Simpson that is;
    “Trying is the first step towards failure”

  194. Stoker says:

    To those 2 or 3 on here going on about keeping the Alba Party name off the ‘Wee Book’ i would just like to clarify a point or two.

    The book Salmond talks of is an Alba Party production. Granted, the idea is taken from WOS’ successful ‘Wee Books’ but other than getting Stuart to “edit” it, it has nothing to do with WOS.

    It will be an Alba Party promotion with, rightly, their name on it. Just like all the material other political parties produce with their own name on it. It’s not supposed to be a “neutral” venture. It’s all about presenting the case for independence and what ALBA are all about. To get folk to come over to and support ALBA.

    And as Stuart points out himself further up the thread, McAlpine is a skilled writer who will need very little editing. That tells me Stuart will be involved, as a bit part player, but his inclusion is more about trolling all the right folk. And look, it worked a treat, Wet Pishfart’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. LOL!

    Either way, regardless of how much input Stuart has/gives, the whole production is an Alba Party promotion. And what a way to introduce themselves to a wider audience. That’s how i’ve interpreted everything i’ve read or heard on the matter.

    Also, i’m seriously disappointed at the 100,000 target, a lot more than that is required to make a good impact. Can’t remember the numbers but WOS produced three times that amount (i think?) and look at the impact that made. Hopefully they will increase the numbers greatly depending on the success of the crowdfunder.

    And on that note, one final point from me, i sincerely hope the crowdfunder is not done through the same company who took down and banned Marion Miller’s crowdfunder. We should not be giving Woo Woo supporters our money or business. And it will deter a lot of folk, who would be willing to support ALBA against Sturgeon, from contributing. So any ALBA members reading this please make sure those responsible for arranging the crowdfunder are aware of this.

    Well, the thought of Wet Pishfart & The Murrell’s hyperventilating into brown paper bags tonight is sending me to my bunk with a huge grin on my puss. Sleep well Troops!

  195. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    There were over 320,000 copies of the WBB produced by WOS and independents. There were around 800,000 downloads of the digital version on the web.

    If a digital version is, once again, available, there could be many more copies printed in small quantities by committed Yessers/Albanists for distribution.

  196. sarah says:

    @ Stoker: fair points.

    But so is the one that we are discussing – not “going on about” but pondering. 🙂 It is a valid point – if I received a Wee book with a party name on it, and a party that I didn’t care for, I would bin it. Wouldn’t you?

  197. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    How about…

    “A Wee Book For Scots”?

  198. Geoff Anderson says:

    It’s the wee Alba book! Give it a rest.

  199. Duncan Clark says:

    I hope there will be a special edition published which retains the editing comments and notes. I get the feeling the Rev will be an excellent and challenging foil to Robin.

    Hopefully, the beginning of a productive partnership that can be compared, in the future, to Lennon and McCartney.

  200. President Xiden says:

    “Hopefully, the beginning of a productive partnership that can be compared, in the future, to Lennon and McCartney.“

    And that ended well.

  201. sarah says:

    @ BDTT ” A Wee Book for Scots”.

    Good idea. Or “..for Scotland” which in the Gaelic version would be “…Alba”.

    What’s all this impatience about discussing the Wee book title? It’s nothing like the type of threads that have been running for months in some cases! 🙂

  202. Dave M says:

    A very heartening development, particularly if it unites all of Scotland’s Unionist parties. I’ve included the SNP in that description.

  203. J.o.e says:

    “A Wee Book For Scots”?

    Depends what sub-brand of Scot mind you. Maybe just to be inclusive it should be ‘A Wee Book For People’? Maybe get it translated into the 40 most common world languages with an apology for those languages that are not covered.

    We can make sure to mention how apologetic we are if any hint of us thinking of ourselves as an actual people is given while we have bowed and scraped to every other one.

  204. Hatuey says:

    Yossarian: “When Sturgeon talks about Independence on Radio 4, everyone dismisses it… Is it because they know that nothing is ever going to happen?”

    Worse than nothing has happened under Sturgeon. She accepted, and in doing so gave legitimacy to, the spurious idea that Scotland needs Westminster’s permission to decide if it can leave the UK Union.

    It’s worth pointing out that the supposed requirement of a Section 30 order was never considered set in stone until Sturgeon surrendered and acceded to it — it was discussed, but never in the concrete terms we see today.

    The damage she has done to the Independence movement with that alone is immeasurable.

  205. Geoff Anderson says:

    “ Nicola Sturgeon has issued a direct plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to end the Universal Credit uplift.”

    Please, please, please….get off your knees and get a backbone!

    He has managed to establish the ranking quite easily!

    She took down the Saltires at Bute House for his first visit and has been grovelling to the boss ever since( he obviously needs to sign off on her next job)

  206. Robert Hughes says:

    Geoff Anderson says:
    13 September, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    “ Nicola Sturgeon has issued a direct plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to end the Universal Credit uplift.”

    It’s for this reason the Sturgeon Fuck You Old Scots- Welcome Rainbow Flavoured New Scots Party is more aptly named an Independence Pleadership

    The next 3/4 years will be taken-up by a type of Anglo/Jock Noh Theatre production wherein Sturgeon and Johnson act out the leading roles of an opaque drama , all exaggerated gesture and clashing cymbals/symbols signifying – in this case – nothing .

    NSNP/Sturgeon’s new found adoption of the word they’ve seemingly misplaced for 7 years – Independence – is obviously a response to the threat posed by ALBA and a sop to the faithful that this time ” we really mean it , honest , look , here’s us asking in a slightly louder voice for that which requires no permission ” Note * When ( we’ve decided ) the Pandemonium is over *

  207. David Holden says:

    Not sure what the new book will end up being called but in my head it is already Blue 2 which is short and snappy. The important bit will be the content which with luck will also be short and snappy.

  208. Nick Bowes says:

    I am an English free thinker but support your efforts to be rid of the reptiles in Westminster (Scotland s great and of course it can go on its own if it chooses) but we all face the same battle right now.
    In my local town on Saturday we had a massive anti jabs for kids protest outside the Town Hall, this was led by that great Scotsman and public orator David Clews. They will be coming after under 12`s very soon. It is time to wake up.
    This is the battle we all face at hand right now or the future is bleak.

  209. auld highlander says:

    Boris Johnson’s plan for a tunnel across the sea to Ireland dead in the water now. The treasury says no. So that will be it forgotten about for another few years until they need more lies for us to swallow.

  210. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Nick Bowes (9.01) –

    Hear hear.

    The link below is to a tweet which contains 13 reasons why we should be resisting.

    Here’s one of them:

    ‘It may surprise you to know that GP’s were already being incentivised to inject the adult population with the Covid-19 vaccine with a payment of £12.58 for every dose administered.

    So it may surprise you further to know that GP’s are being offered an additional payment of £10 on top of the £12.58 already offered for every injection administered to a child in the United Kingdom. All of this is documented in an official NHS document found here.

    According to the last count made in 2020 there are approximately 3,154,459 children between the ages of 12 and 15 in the United Kingdom. Therefore GP’s across the UK could stand to make a combined £142.45 million if every child is injected with a Covid-19 vaccine.’

  211. Breeks says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    13 September, 2021 at 9:13 pm
    There were over 320,000 copies of the WBB produced by WOS and independents. There were around 800,000 downloads of the digital version on the web.

    If a digital version is, once again, available, there could be many more copies printed in small quantities by committed Yessers/Albanists for distribution.

    I couldn’t remember the numbers, but 100k seemed to be aiming low.

    Need to remember people, the first Wee Blue Book was a tremendous boost to the YES Campaign, but don’t take your eyes off the ball. There was a dynamic YES Campaign there to be boosted. We have a lot of work to do, and a lot of stagnant inertia to overcome, and momentum to build from scratch.

    We can anticipate the added wind drag of the Sturgeon’s Whiners bemoaning everything we do, but make no mistake, a Constitutionally based approach to Scottish Independence WILL carry the day and deliver Independence.

    It’s not “if” but “when” this boils down to a binary dispute whether Scotland’s people are sovereign or the Westminster Parliament is sovereign, Scotland’s people win the day. Even if there’s no democratic mandate for Independence, Sovereignty is an absolute and binary condition, and thus if Scotland is sovereign, that means Westminster is NOT.

    While I hope for much more, I hope for an emphatic democratic ratification through a referendum or plebiscite General Election, the UK Government will be thrown into Constitutional turmoil once it is established in law and recognised Internationally that Westminster is NOT sovereign over Scotland.

    It’s not even the Treaty of Union we need to break. Once the myriad of unwritten Conventions which the Westminster Government relies upon to get it’s way in government is forced to address the awkward truth that Scotland’s people are sovereign, then those Conventions will be undone.

    That’s what people mean when they say Westminster rules by consent. Scotland’s consent is deemed to be given by default. It is “presumed” that Scotland nods in agreement with everything Westminster decides. That’s just one of those unwritten conventions which circumvents the unworkable truth by replacing it with a workable fallacy.

    Scotland has only to exercise a fingertip of sovereign entitlement to dispute that consent by default, then every piece of UK Legislation will require the specific consent and ratification from the Scottish people. That alone will make the UK ungovernable.

    But the truth is, the Union is already in far more jeopardy than than that, because Westminster has already overruled the emphatic democratic will of Scotland’s Sovereign people over Brexit. Scotland’s consent wasn’t merely “presumed given by convention”, it was expressly and unambiguously denied. Thus the “lie” of Government by Consent was exposed, and the Treaty of Union irremediably breached. Scotland’s Brexit was / is a Constitutional outrage.

    If we’d had anybody except that fucking useless, feckless idiot Sturgeon representing Scotland’s Interests, Scotland would have been Independent in 2016, and likely still in Europe too. No ifs, no buts. The Treaty of Union was breached by one Nations attempted subjugation of it’s constitutional and sovereign “equal”. Game Over.

    The UK is the proverbial dinosaur. It’s already dead but the message still hasn’t reached it’s brain yet. It is my firm conviction, that ALBA will strike those very nerves.

  212. David Caledonia says:

    Pop goes the weazels,

    Or is it the wurzels lol

  213. David Caledonia says:

    Somebody above me wrote a book, I have about 40 to read before adding any more, life is to short to spend time reading the bloody obvious

  214. David Caledonia says:

    Ofc your child should not be given a vaccine for covid without your permission, in scotland you should be 16 years of age to get it without parents consent

    Its as plain as a tanner on an elephants bum lol

  215. Breastplate says:

    Ian B,
    Yes, the inevitable and unsurprising mission creep regarding who should get the Covid vaccinations.
    At the outset, it was to be the immunocompromised who were to be offered the vaccine, these were the people who had underlying health conditions and the elderly.

    We have gotten to the stage where the risk reward ratio may have benefited people who may have needed help with their weakened immune systems to inoculating healthy children were there is minimal to no risk from the virus and may be in greater danger from the vaccine.

    Unfortunately, the position we find ourselves in is of our own doing with the fervent help of the cheerleaders, people who don’t seem to comprehend the concept of the thin end of the wedge.

    Hell skelp it into us, I suppose.

  216. Breastplate says:


  217. Geoff Anderson says:

    I’ll come back when the anti-Vaxxers take a break.

  218. Hatuey says:

    The thing about 12 to 15 year olds is that they are actually legally entitled to make their own decisions on vaccines; parental consent isn’t a requirement.

    The JCVI report on 12 to 15 year olds, delivered just last week, makes it clear that there’s no medical or scientific argument for vaccinating this age group and reveals high levels of concern in regards to myocardial and other long term problems;

    “…there is considerable uncertainty regarding the magnitude of the potential harms. The margin of benefit, based primarily on a health perspective, is considered too small to support advice on a universal programme of vaccination of otherwise healthy 12 to 15-year-old children…”

    When a group of government experts says things like “substantial uncertainty remains regarding the health risks” and advises against vaccination, you should assume that they believe there are real, present, and known dangers involved. High level health experts and planners are the most diplomatic people you are ever likely to meet — when it comes to framing and word choice they are as capable as politicians.

    So, why ignore this group of assembled experts whose advice on this very subject is supposed to be sacrosanct and above that of all others?

    The answer is quite simple; Boris and Nicola want to use children to suppress levels of infection and the spread in society as a whole, despite the fact that the children themselves aren’t likely to benefit from the vaccine and face very little risk from covid-19, regardless of the “magnitude of the potential harms” and long term health effects.

    This is another callous and despicable decision by a group of people who since the very start with the “herd immunity” suicide pact have demonstrated that they put economic normality above everything else, including the lives of the old and the young. Nicola and Jason have been singing from that hymn sheet since day one.

    There are other ways of suppressing the spread of the virus that don’t involve putting children at risk. That’s the damning fact of the situation.

  219. willie says:

    Talking about Sturgeon she says she wants to introduce Digital ID that will be required for folks to access public places that he initially says will be restricted to football matches or theatres.

    However own in London, and probably recognising the backlash from people being required to carry Digital ID that can be linked to every data base in the land, be it medical records, tax records, social security records, criminal records, driving licence, bank records, our BOJO has backed off saying digital ID, or at least vaccine passports will not go ahead.

    So what gives with wee Sturgeon who had previous difficulty with using National Health Records some three or four years ago to be used as a digital identifier linked to every school school child so that there could be a track on every one of these children. At that time the Supreme Court ruled Sturgeon’s proposals unlawful and illegal.

    However, four years on, Sturgeon is undeterred as her government once again seek to introduce ID tracking.

    This does indeed illuminate the absolute authoritarian nature of the wee, and I use this offensive word carefully, he wee c*nt that inhabits Fortress Hollyrood.

    This is all going to end in tears for her and her clique. Nobody should be under any illusion about that. And, as was recently touted, arming the police with hand guns isn’t going to protect her from getting kicked out by the people.

  220. Breastplate says:

    Geoff Anderson,
    I’m absolutely positive you have no idea what the term anti-vaxxer means, so unless you are able to articulate the meaning, you should take an even longer break than you currently envisage.

  221. Breastplate says:


  222. Breeks says:

    Wondering how you’d go about improving on the first Wee Blue Book. First one hit the sweet spot, but the Wee ALBA book in 2021/22 could be even more important than the WBB 2014.

    Tossing ideas around, but while the wee books needs to self contained obviously as a stand-alone thing, maybe it could be augmented with a bespoke website, featuring Phantom Power expansions / in depth articles that can only be touched on in the wee book. The wee book’s “Big Brother” kind of thing.

    That bespoke website might also host something like an Indy-Live news “broadcast”, so that we’re not dependent on mainstream outlets to get ALBA statements and content broadcast. Incorporate the Voices for Indy page too, and see about generating more online traffic for everybody.

    It could tag crowdfunds needing a boost, help coordinate marches and protests, give people notice of what’s coming…

    Actively give priority to Scotland’s alternative media – press releases, scoops, interviews etc. The people are already there, they’re already doing what they’re doing, but maybe a tweak in the coordination will pull a few strands together and create something more substantial.

    If we work towards getting a visitor number to rival Rev Stu’s Wings, that’s an awful lot of people we can reach and interact with.

    You could have links abroad to Europe, and all the YES groups we had over there. Interactions with Catalonia maybe..

    If ALBA’s promoting EFTA, maybe we have an EFTA information hub, with input from Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Lichtenstein governments. Questions and Answers / debates. Maybe do the same with the EU. Make it educational so people can find out what EFTA is.

    Don’t leave it to one fella to do all the heavy lifting, get a wee team together and share the workload. Get people freed up to do what they’re good at, and let support take care of the donkey work. I mean there’s Roddy Barrheadboy with a weekly Scottish Prism podcast which is pretty good, but maybe he needs more tech, more equipment, I dunno, but if he doesn’t maybe somebody else does. Maybe it’s the other way round and it’s Roddy who supplies the advice. Have a wee “hit-squad” of people who can jump in a car and get any potential new bloggers or content creators up and running quickly and efficiently without having to re-invent the wheel every time.

    Get a good website up, and I mean a GOOD one, one that’s slick and managed professionally. One that’s good enough to be a substitute TV station.

    Get a who’s who sorted out so that we know what people we have, what skills they have, and canvas them to establish what further skills they think we need.

    Of our burgeoning new media, what do they need? What can we help them with? Premises? Equipment? Manpower? Transport? … What?

  223. James Che. says:

    Well locking up sovereign Scottish people only……..while tourist travel into Scotland, planes deliver passengers from around the globe into Scottish airports,
    Borders are left wide open with no testing done to those travelling by sea from abroad with cargo boats, then I meet them in the shops,

    Fresh air and freedom to Exercise blows lockdowns out the water, as it is found that people overweight are more likely to die from covid according to doctors in Britain and around the world.

    While doctors are paid to inject as many as possible is a great incentive for local doctors to go along with the mainstream media,

    Injections are ground to have a risk effect on children, perhaps on others too

    Vaccinated people can still spread the virus. What? Yep for real.

    This is one of those other jigsaws that medically does not fit together.

  224. Robert Graham says:

    Always good to have a laugh to start the day .

    The National headline ” Westminster is terrified by Independence ”

    Or back on Earth the real headline should have been

    Nicola Sturgeons version of the SNP are not just terrified but totally shit scared of a Independence vote the very thing she has been trying to avoid and made great efforts to avoid is gaining some kind of traction and despite her trying to save her Arse her loyal supporters are pushing her against her will into attempting to go for one , Christ that’s the last thing she wants because she’s going to be found out .

    Indyref2 ring fenced fund GONE , A viable plan for a new Scotland Hasn’t even been started yet ,the army of grass route volunteers who were represented by a lot of women now so pissed off with what she has been doing they’re hardly likely to help her out when she totally ignores them , I just wonder how many good people have left what was once our party ? and the ones that are left seem happy to dance to her and the fkn weirdos she has attracted .

    AYE ITS NOT WESTMINSTER that are shittin themselves it’s the SNP or to be strictly correct her version of a once trusted party that she has left a hollowed out husk .Who are having palpitations

  225. James Che. says:

    The policies for covid are incompatible, and not logical.

    While your local doctor gets on board with a get rich quick scheme.

    I wonder how much money is made from masks and throwaway masks, I would like to see the new lining of investors pockets


  226. Liz g says:

    Breaks @ 11.55
    Good thinking Breeks , we should be exploring ways to max the impact of the Wee Alba Book.
    We know it’s being released and roughly when so time to get plotting.
    All those who intend to copy and print it for their hub and stalls should start thinking about supplies to do so too.
    We don’t want to be caught short of something so basic as ink and paper when it matters and with Brexit who knows ….

  227. James Che. says:

    Locking down old people into care home was illegal,

    It went against the law in Scotland of privacy rights, ( the right to see and visit family)
    And against ageism laws.

    Imposed covid laws broke and ignored other laws in Scotland of long standing.

    The new Scottish constitution must be wiser than NS and the SNP.

  228. James Che. says:

    The hate crime bill passed in Scotland is also contentious to privacy laws in Scotland.

    The Scottish government has inflicted much illegal damage onto Scottish people by slapping new laws over old laws without much thought, or perhaps with great deliberation.

    A new written constitution is very important,

    And just as important is the novel idea of following laws that protect people from overreaching governments in the future

  229. James Che. says:

    Err hatuey you aren’t in the medical profession by any chance are you? 🙂

  230. Pixywine says:
    Just a quikcy this one with a punchline worth your effort.

  231. Pixywine says:

    A quikcy? That could become a thing maybe

  232. Hatuey says:

    No, James, I’m in the bullshit profession.

    Nothing I have said on vaccinating 12 to 15 year olds or children has changed over the last few months.

    The raw data, which I trust above all else, tells you everything you need to know.

  233. Pixywine says:

    Sturgeon the “Renfield” of UK politics.

  234. Geoff Anderson says:


    It appears my description was clear enough for you two to identify with!

  235. Ottomanboi says:

    Next time you use PayPal or Facebook etc consider this.
    The first link is preCovid Guardian.
    The NHS & data insecurity.
    Independence also means cutting the throat of globalism.

  236. Breastplate says:

    Geoff Anderson,
    No, it is not clear at all so could you explain your meaning of anti-vaxxer to us all or are you lazily calling people names because you are unable to defend your stance logically?

  237. James Che. says:


    Sooo, I am presuming that you are in the medical profession judging by you’re two opposing answers in the same sentence, one being more explanatory.

    Just to be clear,

  238. Breastplate says:

    Hatuey has often voiced his opinion against vaccinating children, he has been quite consistent in this regard, I also agree with him on this.

  239. Cherrybank says:

    I see the National has a ‘National Extra’ by Caitlin Logan attacking the Alba party and its members as reactionaries.I wonder if the editor will commission a right of reply to explore the delusions of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

  240. Surely the only thing we should be concentrating on is the Pandemic and the effect it is having on the NHS and all of us.

  241. Pixywine says:

    James Che. We can actually travel. No vaccination required it’s more of a hassle now requiring PCR testing and hotel quarantine.

  242. James Che. says:

    That goes without saying,

    But if his or his partner or both are doctors,
    They have a financial vested interest in promoting lockdowns on here if you do not have a vaccine,
    If it is correct what Ian Brotherhood has provided a link too, £10 an injection as an incentive is a lot of money for doctors and or partners.

    So you need to check with Ian brotherhood,

  243. Pixywine says:

    According to the SNP and the bogus National Alba are “reactionaries” doesn’t that remind us of the New Labour Party and its propensity for Marxist infighting and other fuckwittery?

  244. James Che. says:

    It also brings to light perhaps why most medical and other doctors might be encouraging by enforcement of lockdowns to become vaccinated.

    They have skin in the game,

  245. James Che. says:


    Thanks for info,
    I maybe didn’t make myself to clear, sorry,
    I was referring to when lockdowns were imposed.

  246. Ron Maclean says:

    But what currency will you use? – The Quick Guide to the new Scottish Currency’

  247. Republicofscotland says:

    Another 722 Scottish deaths in Scotland from drug abuse from January to June this year. Scottish Drug Minister Angela Constance, is yet again full of apologies over the deaths, but real action must be taken regardless of drug laws being a reserved matter.

    Then again the current SNP party are only catering to the woke and corporate bodies in Scotland, with the odd competent policy for the poorer masses.

  248. Geoff Anderson says:

    Still buying the National?
    Do you really want to help support that?

  249. Republicofscotland says:

    An emergency question at Holyrood to day will be asked over why the SPCB wants to ban demos outside Holyrood.

    “Scottish Parliament Corporate Body (SCPB) have been asked to reveal the private papers behind the law change set to come into force next month.”

    This is the question.

    “To ask the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body for what reason it applied for designated status for the Scottish Parliament under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, and whether it will publish the background paper upon which this decision was based.”

  250. James Che. says:

    Apologies to you I did not start with you’re title at 1: 31 pm.
    That’s what I get for hurrying with dislexia,

    Sincere apologies.

  251. Geoff Anderson says:

    Now the National article makes sense!

    Written by Caitlin Logan | LGBTQIA

  252. Republicofscotland says:

    This from Logan’s attack only the only independence party in Scotland.

    “A quick perusal of the “highlights” of the Alba conference will confirm that the former First Minister is in good company too – ‘twas a veritable who’s who (or, more aptly, “who the f***’s that?”) of the cancelled and cannae get in anywhere else.
    The entire thing came across like the last vestiges of a dying era, the final gasp of yesterday’s men as they cling, white-knuckled, to the past at the expense of a future they claim to care so deeply about.”

    “Even the announcement that Alex Salmond will commission an updated version of the “Wee Blue Book”, now the “Wee Alba Book”, written by Robin McAlpine and edited by Stuart Campbell (Wings Over Scotland), evoked second-hand embarrassment so severe that Salmond is probably liable to pay for private counselling for everyone who heard it.”

    From her Twitter account its looks like Logan covets the SNP woke Twitler Youth movement.

  253. Robert Hughes says:

    David Ritchie says:
    14 September, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    ” Surely the only thing we should be concentrating on is the Pandemic and the effect it is having on the NHS and all of us.”

    Christ Almighty ! Surely the ONLY thing we should be concentrating on is how to achieve Independence , y’know the opposite of Dependence .

    As for the NHS maybe we should be asking why the Covid hysteria is taking-up so much resources to the extreme detriment of those which much more serious and urgently required treatment .

    My own brother has been referred to a neuro-vascular consultant , waiting time 25 weeks , almost half a year to wait nervously for the diagnosis/prognosis during which time his condition will only deteriorate .

  254. Robert Hughes says:

    ” with “

  255. Ron Maclean says:

    ‘Topic dilution is not only effective in forum sliding it is also very useful in keeping the forum readers on unrelated and non-productive issues. This is a critical and useful technique to cause a ‘Resource Burn’. By implementing continual and non-related postings that distract and disrupt (trolling ) the forum readers they are more effectively stopped from anything of any real productivity.’

    From ‘The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies’

  256. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Geoff Anderson.

    That article has a brazen rewriting of recent history in it.

    “This should be all too apparent looking at the results of the Scottish Parliament election in May, in which Alba secured only 1.7% of the regional vote and returned exactly zero MSPs, despite being headed by the former First Minister and garnering considerable media attention.”

    My memory of that period was that there was no media attention. Alba was not included in any of the TV debates and had little exposure in the MSM.

  257. Robert Graham says:

    Looked at a few comments about The plague and the NHS capacity.

    Anyone been to a hospital outpatient department recently ?

    I attended a Hospital yesterday for a appointment that has been on 5 occasions been changed each time to a Telephone consultation , this was the first time I have had a face to face discussion with my consultant in sixteen months I haven’t been in my local surgery since early 2020 these appointments are supposed to prevent worsening of a life threatening condition .

    Anyway to the point the first thing I noticed was being able to park without any difficulty I imagined it was just the time of day anyway I went to reception to let them know I was there so I took a seat in what was usually a busy waiting area , I counted 8 patients and 22 Nurses or hospital staff over a period of 2 hours that’s why I started to count the blue uniforms in relation to the number of patients it was so obvious .

    This Our NHS is struggling to cope with the numbers story isn’t making sense I noticed this when I was trying to book a simple blood test that’s usually essential before any appointment it’s usually none available the recent numbers released showing a ever increasing number of people waiting for surgery doesn’t tally with my recent experience of our NHS as far as I see the NHS has effectively been shut down and is far from operating normally I guess you wouldn’t notice if you haven’t had any personal experience of trying to access any Service .

  258. Ron Maclean says:

    @Breeks 11:55am

    An interesting post, thank you.

    Unfortunately it’s probably already lost amongst the diversions. As you say there are independence blogs of relevance. Most appear to be moderated. As a long time independence devotee and follower of this site I understand why, but these sites don’t have the exposure and btl candour of this one.

    I hope, along with the rise of Alba, we can find a middle way.

  259. Breastplate says:

    All these people railing against Alba are only interested in shooting the messenger, they couldn’t care less about the message.

    If Alba can force them out of their paralysis over independence then it will be a job well done or if they remain petrified, it will focus a light on their inaction.

  260. Hatuey says:

    Geoff Anderson, the idea that I identify as an anti-vaxxer is one of the funniest I’ve ever read on here.

    The only reason they want to vaccinate kids is to reduce the R number for society as a whole and keep the economy open. However, as the JCVI points out;

    “There is increasingly robust evidence of an association between vaccination with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and myocarditis.”

    So, I ask you, who here is willing to gamble with the life and health of their own child in order to keep the economy open when there are other ways of keeping infection rates down that don’t involve child sacrifice?

    Remember, the science is indisputable as far as vaccinating children is concerned. In the words of the JCVI report;

    “The margin of benefit, based primarily on a health perspective, is considered too small to support advice on a universal programme of vaccination of otherwise healthy 12 to 15-year-old children at this time.”

  261. Republicofscotland says:

    Robert Hughes @2.21pm.

    Yes Robert I agree 100% with you there, 95% of Scots were happy with the way May’s Scottish elections were run and they happened during the pandemic, as have many elections around the globe and one or two plebiscites as well, why should it be any different in Scotland, it shouldn’t and it wouldn’t be.

    However, Sturgeon is in my opinion is/was only making noises on independence because the Alba party, and its conference, which actually wants to see an indy Scotland were discussing how Scotland could become independent, and to a degree the media reported on that.

    As of today I fully expect Sturgeon to dial down on the indy talk, no concrete date will be named for an indyref, for a number of reasons, one, no ground work has been done on currency or a central bank or a multitude of other things that needs to be done before a 2023 indyref date can be named.

    Secondly Sturgeon has said no movement will be forthcoming until Covid has passed, and with Sturgeon currently on tv as I type this on Covid updates, which are claimed that Covid cases are up, its unlikely that any indy progress will be made. Also Sturgeon won’t budge on any indyref until Westminster agrees that one can be held, Westminster will not agree on one being held period.

    Some folk think we have years and years to hold an indyref so there’s no rush to do so, I disagree, Westminster is always looking for ways to roll back devolution no matter the circumstances, Scotland being forced out of the EU via Brexit only enforces that, so the longer we leave it the less likely Scotland is to become an independent nation.

    “Anecdotal evidence suggests another 500,000 Non Scots have arrived in Scotland since the referendum. In 2014, 72% of English born ‘New Scots’ voted against Scotland and in favour of rule from England. Nothing in the intervening years suggests that this % is likely to diminish in favour of Scotland’s self-determination.”

  262. Geoff Anderson says:

    Help if you can

  263. Breeks says:

    Jesus wept. Don’t know about Groundhog Day, but I thought we’d got past the basics a few years ago. Seems not.

    “British” is the name of the “British” Archipelago… the family of island’s known collectively as the British Isles. British is an adjective in the same way the Greek islands are Greek.

    “Great” Britain, is simply “Great Britain” because it is the largest island in the archipelago.

    Scotland and England are BOTH British Nations. They did not become British because of the Treaty of Union, and an Independent Scotland will remain every inch as British as Scotland in the Union.

    Scotland will not become less British after Independence.

  264. Hugh Jarse says:

    EU citizens resident in the UK didn’t get any say in the Brexit vote.

  265. stuart mctavish says:


    JCVI declares itself incompetent to approve vaccine for 12-15 year olds so Javid invokes Gillick competence.. apparently he (and his SNP lapdogs for that matter) accept in full the Witty argument about the extraordinary quality of education the kids might be forced to miss in event one or other of them catches seasonal flu.

  266. Dan says:

    Hugh Jarse says: at 3:06 pm

    EU citizens resident in the UK didn’t get any say in the Brexit vote.

    Neither did 16 and 17 year olds. Not very civic! Makes you wonder how the international community can accept the result of such a gerrymandered vote…

  267. Geoff Anderson says:

    Does anyone know if Keith Brown ever responded to this plea?

    The only civil case prisoner in jail.
    The only person in the World in jail on jigsaw identification (with no explanation of what he did
    To unwell for a community sentence.

    This is Sturgeon’s Government in action.

    Perhaps Keith will post an update!

  268. Republicofscotland says:

    The Lancet Journal, rates Russia’s Sputnik V Covid vaccine as high across all subgroups. San Marino has used sputnik V to combat Covid, as have a number of countries.

    Meanwhile as the unionist media lauds the young Canadian born tennis player and US Women’s Open champion, Emma Raducanu, Russia’s Daniil Medvedev, defeats number one seed Novak Djokovic in the men’s US Open tennis final.

  269. Republicofscotland says:

    Geoff @3.40pm.

    Geoff, I haven’t seen or read any movement on it from Keith Brown, its likely any movement would be posted on here.

    One or two commentors on Craig’s blog have said that Saughton prison bosses have given him his oximeter back, batteries and all.

  270. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Here’s the link again – 13 reasons why 12-15 yr olds should NOT be getting the jag.

    If anyone has a problem with me posting this here, speak to Rev Stu about it.

    If anyone has a problem with any of the content, please quote from the data and sources available, then we can check if it’s accurate or not.

    But if you’re using it as an excuse to have a go at me or anyone else who’s concerned about what’s happening, take a good look at yourself. Our weans are going to be damaged by this. Some will die, others will suffer serious consequences for the rest of their lives. And the responsibility for that lies with everyone who stays quiet, not just the parents who permit it to happen.

    And your words are archived here, time-stamped and forever visible. So think about it.

  271. Republicofscotland says:

    The predictability of Pete Wishart.

    “Incredible that any political party could turn to the absolute vileness of Wings Over Scotland to write its prospectus for independence. It’s going to be an expletive ridden, hatred laden Scotland if Alba are going to design it…”

  272. Republicofscotland says:

    On our friend Pete Wishart, it would appear that anyone who mentions that he was quite happy to support Wings and Stu Campbell’s Wee Blue Book last time around, they are instantly getting blocked on his Twitter account.

    “I’m blocking on site anybody who thinks it is in the least bit unusual that I would change my opinion about someone after seeing what they have subsequently become. You are now in that category.”

  273. Ruby says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    14 September, 2021 at 1:52 pm

    This is the question.

    “To ask the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body for what reason it applied for designated status for the Scottish Parliament under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, and whether it will publish the background paper upon which this decision was based.”


    The chances of getting a truthful answer is zero.

    I’m guessing this is all to show how ‘woke’ the members of SPCB are and the measures they are prepared to take to prevent hurt feelings. They were probably advised by Stonewall & The Rape Crisis Centre.

    Maggie Chapman obviously didn’t get the memo or perhaps she’s been having too many coffees with Andy Wightman.

    Cole Hamilton is just a total **** who jumps on any bandwagon that he thinks will bring him attention. NB He did not call for it to be scrapped.

    However much of a **** Cole Hamilton is at least he said something whereas She/Her has said absolutely nothing.

  274. Republicofscotland says:

    Ruby @4.20pm.

    Ruby, as far as I’m aware the question is to be asked in the chamber after Sturgeon’s Covid update in the chamber today, I’m not sure if the question was televised or not.

  275. Ruby says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    14 September, 2021 at 4:30 pm
    Ruby @4.20pm.

    Ruby, as far as I’m aware the question is to be asked in the chamber after Sturgeon’s Covid update in the chamber today, I’m not sure if the question was televised or not.


  276. Ruby says:


    Did Claire Baker clears things up for you?

  277. Hugh Jarse says:

    Wtf with “waiting on moderation” with every second (inoffensive) comment?

  278. Stuart MacKay says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    Thanks for that link. Not sure how the numbers stack up but brownie points to The Expose for at least presenting the numbers and citing their sources.

    We got our eldest vaccinated but reason #10 was the main reason we hesitated.

    I think in general the reasons for vaccinating kids are poorly presented. It certainly looks like a convenience thing with the financial incentives making a bad situation worse, see reason #12. That sound you hear is just more trust being flushed down the toilet.

    Having said that I think the covid story is changing. The virus is here to stay so every opportunity to build lifetime immunity should be grasped. For kids the vaccine presents little risk so getting their immune system “off to a good start” might be a significant benefit in 20-30 years.

    Interesting stuff all the same. It’s amazing how the medical and political landscape have changed in the past year. Thanks.

  279. Ruby says:

    According to Claire Baker it was the police who gave the order.

    Perhaps I was wrong about ‘Stonewall & Mridul Wadhwa’ but then again it might have been ‘The Rainbow Police’

  280. James Che. says:

    Independence and the way forward with a good health system with the NHS.

    I too have had hospital appoints cancelled many times, However when you do eventually get in,
    Yes the waiting rooms are empty except for a few stray patients.
    Plenty of room for self distancing.

    Then you realise doctors are not concerned with patients dying in reality. of any other illness.
    Because they are being paid incentives to vaccine everyone.

    Robert Hughes and Robert Graham where I go to hospital if a door happens to open and by chance you are looking in the right direction at the time, as I was, the medical staff were not wearing any masks while they were all chatting together in a corridor, nor were they self distancing,

    And the receptionist had a clear screen over her desk with vents in it for you to speak through, but she was not wearing a mask either.
    Only the nurses that collected the patients and took them into a room were wearing masks.

    Now I have been suggesting ways to get independence by other methods for a long long time on here on this site, ways to get out of the rut the snp have placed us in.

    I want independence yesterday.

    But I also want a good health service for everyone,
    An honest one,
    Not one where doctors are payed to prioritise nhs covid patients above all others.

    A second issue that relates to independence.
    NS has and will use lockdowns and covid politically to stop, and delay independence like a waiting game, as she did with Brexit. Just as Alba gains a foothold.

    It is not above their dirty games to try subdue the yes movement any way legally or illegally. Ask Craig Murray and Alex Salmond. And all the others,

    If Scotland had already been independent when covid happened we could have approached this virus differently,

    Our views on political use of lockdowns has to change with or without vaccines.

    Most are vaccined, so they should by logic not hold much fear,
    However if we are to continue lockdowns out of fear, then we must remember that the vaccinated are carriers of the virus as well, and continue to spread the virus, this does not give protection to others.

    So we either let NS use it against the rise in independence or we use a more common sense approach. Without fear,

    Funnily enough FEAR was used in 2014 campaign by better together.

  281. Ruby says:

    Kids are due to get the flu jab soon!

    Is this good/bad?

  282. Ruby says:

    Flu jabs delayed due to Brexit!

    “Many practices will have spent the last few days and weeks meticulously planning for their flu vaccination programme, inviting and booking patients in for their jabs, only now to have to contact them all again to cancel or reschedule appointments.

    “This causes a huge increase in staff’s already unsustainable workloads, and inconvenience and unneeded anxiety for patients who will be keen to be protected ahead of winter.’

  283. Geoff Anderson says:

    Clair Baker should hang her head in shame. To suggest the Police needed these additional powers is offensive. Scottish Law provides ample powers to deal with any situation at Holyrood.

    If a peaceful group protesting about Religious bigotry, Women’s Rights, Racism etc and are attacked by a violent group could all be arrested? How would the Police use this Law. How would they use it?

    This is now Law and a Court will decide if it applies and that is the deterrent to any future protest that they hope for.
    Clair Bakers statement will be meaningless when the ruling is made.

    This is not my vision of the People are Sovereign. Scotland is not England.

  284. twathater says:

    @ Dan 3.20pm yes Dan how uncivic of Cameron and his NATIVIST moon howling, deranged ,blood and soil ,fascist, hitler loving government , the WORLD should have been outraged and ostracised them from civic nationalism , how very dare they

    BTW sorry for late response to the link you supplied re my comment about DF Concerts and TRANSMIT I was wrong it wasn’t £90,000 the SG donated it was a measly £150,000 and it wasn’t Cunningham wot done it it was Hyslop , what I did notice in the article that there was a female called Jennifer Dempsie employed by DF Concerts in some kind of admin role and the article states that Dempsie had previously been employed by the SG in some kind of role to do with the FM Alex Salmond, eh what a small world we inhabit

  285. Robert Hughes says:

    RoS @ 2.42 .

    That’s the really concerning aspect , the UK State will not be wasting time while Sturgeon fannies about extending her amateur dramatics group performance as the Mother Teresa of Covid at the expense of ANY serious effort on Independence

    It’s almost as if she’s been tasked with a holding mission on Independence while the Movement and any significant pro-Independence players is fragmented in the first case and harrassed/threatened/jailed in the second

  286. Ruby says:

    Ms Chapman revealed she was the only one of the five MSPs on the cross-party Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) to oppose the decision.

    Yet Claire Baker says decision was “unanimous”

    Which one is telling the truth?

  287. Grouser says:

    Geoff Anderson, 14/9 at 3.40

    I haven’t seen any comment from Keith Brown regarding Craig Murray.
    I also haven’t had an acknowledgement to any of my emails to my MSP, Humza Yousaf on the matter of Craig Brown. Likewise to my MP, Chris Stephens. I got the automated reply from him but nothing else.
    I am a constituent; I am a voter; I am entitled to a response from people elected to represent me.
    We now have an absentee MSP in that Mr Yousaf appears to now live on the east coast with his family.
    The Scottish Government has told us that it will not tell us why it is giving itself the power to stop demonstrations outside our Parliament building. All I can say is that this law WILL be used and abused by the Scottish government.
    “What a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation.”

  288. J.o.e says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Thanks for that and all the additions you’ve made to this.

    Im using this issue as a filter now.

    Those who until now wanted to paint themselves as some opponent of corporate and government greed and over reach, those proponents of freedom and liberty, those who would care for the rights of people – if they are quiet now then nothing they have said or worked towards up to this point counts at all. It is all just air.

    But im not a scientist. Yep. But we aren’t lawyers, politicians and economists either and we sure know how to wax lyrical when the obvious legal, political or economic facts nudge up against official narratives.

    Never before has the health of an entire generation of young people, been placed up against an official narrative that crumbles under the smallest amount of investigation or critical thinking.

    Yet here we are.

    And the silence (complicity) from those who would lead us politically is deafening.

    Here we are at an inflection point that sorts out who is who.

    Im taking notes and so should everyone else.

  289. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Stuart MacKay (5.21) –

    You’re very welcome, and thanks for being a voice of calm in this whole fractious mess.

    The jagging of weans is the red line for me. I’ll be joining whatever local protest takes place, probably outside the school my own weans used to attend. The fact that they’re not 12-15 right now is purely an accident of birth.

    I had a novel published, ooft, fifteen years ago, and the publisher, a cracking guy called Ed Handyside, told me (over a few jars in a pub in Morpeth) he’d go to jail before he’d let his family be tagged like livestock (i.e. with ID cards). I wasn’t that bothered about it at the time as my weans were just too wee for it to be an issue, so I didn’t really ‘get’ why he was so het-up about it all. But I do now.

  290. Breeks says:

    Ruby says:
    14 September, 2021 at 5:48 pm

    Ms Chapman revealed she was the only one of the five MSPs on the cross-party Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) to oppose the decision.

    Well, being a cynic, I recognise that Sturgeon’s Conference defeat over a National Renewables Company, and the evidence of protest against the ahem, “ring-fencing” of Holyrood, could both be orchestrated “rebellions” designed to kid on that the SNP’s a thriving democracy and listens to it’s members, but the other way to interpret it is that Sturgeon is beginning to hear grumbles of mutiny in the ranks.

  291. Robert Hughes says:

    Ian B @ 6.15

    That’s an interesting wee snippet you let fall there re having had a book published .

    Can I ask if it was published under the name you use here ?

    Agree 100% with your comment re vaxxing 12-15 year olds and I think you already know I’m aligned generally with your views on the issue , likewise with J.O.E’s .

  292. Ruby says:

    Breeks says:

    Well, being a cynic, I recognise that Sturgeon’s Conference defeat over a National Renewables Company, and the evidence of protest against the ahem, “ring-fencing” of Holyrood, could both be orchestrated “rebellions” designed to kid on that the SNP’s a thriving democracy and listens to it’s members, but the other way to interpret it is that Sturgeon is beginning to hear grumbles of mutiny in the ranks.


    We’ll have to watch out for all her tricks especially if she is beginning to feel ‘ring-fenced’

    You know what they say about cornered/injured animals.

  293. Republicofscotland says:

    Ruby @4.41pm.

    Ruby, many thanks for the link I’ve just watched it there.

    As for Claire Baker she made it clear as mud as to why this law is needed, she couldn’t even provide an example as to why the law is needed when prompted by an MSP asking why. Also MSP’s and the public had no vote on this anti-protest law, that could see Police Scotland come down heavy on protesters, for no other reason than protesting peacefully outside the sovereign people’s parliament.

    Claire Baker provided absolutely no justification for this freedom infringing law, other than the SPCB thought it a good idea. Its a sad day for Scotland that a handful of people on the SPCB can stifle a whole nation when it comes to our God given right to protest peacefully, I might add outside our parliament, that’s only between resumed for around twenty-years, after such a lengthy lay off.

    Now that the law will stand, I fear it will only be strengthened over the coming years, until like Westminster they throw a cordon around it, and Holyrood will become a far away sight where protestors voices are only dimly heard to those of whom the protests are aimed.

    A sad day indeed.

  294. ronald anderson says:

    Now that i have my Email back Iv just sent a message to Neil Gray my Msp withdrawing all support for the Snp & as a ALIPA member I will direct my support & monies to AlIPA.

    I told him to stand up & be counted & speak out in support of the Sovereing People of Scotland .

    All being well I will be at Holyrood this Thursday at 11am & the 2nd Oct as well with my personal Nurse & good friend Suzanne Henderson Cram . hope to see some of yous there suitably Masked up as I will be Take Care abudy .

    Wee Thanks to BDTT for supplying a Projector for the Craig Murray campaign .

  295. Ron Maclean says:

    If people are genuinely concerned about health matters, including the health of their children, then surely they should be using more appropriate channels and forums than this site. There are many available. Not drawing the right attention to topics of such vital importance, especially if they can be properly substantiated, seems strange, at best.

    From: About us
    The site advocates Scottish independence, but is not affiliated or connected in any way to the SNP, and neither gives to or receives money from the party, nor indeed any other party. We have an inquiring mind, and welcome intelligent contributions from all sides of the political debate.
    Got something worthwhile to say about Scotland’s future? Try us.

  296. James Che. says:


    Independence I my first priority. When achieved it may be sudden,

    But we need to make sure in the transition for looking after our citizens from being in a union to independence is relatively smooth, otherwise the jibe from unionist will be echoing in our ears for a long time to come.

    This must include DVLA, NHS, TAXES and home or LAND TAX, ECONOMY, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, making larger GREEN AREAS! PARKS and PONDS, GARDENS, SPORT ACCESS as part of the NHS package, for well being with a holistic attitude to health, INCENTIVES to start up new small BUSINESSES,

    Of COUNCILS, POLICE, ELECTRIC COMPANIES, big SHOPPING COOPERATIONS that cause the death of towns and villages, and the community as a whole. Access to BANKING ? etc need to be more localised.

    How realistic are the immediate use of electric cars if you live on the west coast of Scotland for access and power to climb hills, when you do you’re weekly shop,

    I know the bigger issues are being looked at by Alba and many many others,
    but the smaller everyday issues for people in their daily lives need a smooth transition too.

  297. Republicofscotland says:

    Scottish state owned CALMAC, sells out what’s left of Scottish shipbuilding.

  298. sarah says:

    @ Geoff Anderson at 3.40 “any response to this plea” to Keith Brown to release Craig Murray on compassionate grounds?

    It was my plea, Geoff, and the answer is “No” not to my knowledge. Brown never replied to my emails that preceded the article.

    My MSP Maree Todd’s office only said “they can’t interfere with the courts” i.e. failed to address the point that Justice Sec has the power to release prisoners.

    That is good news from Republicofscotland at 3.50 that Craig has his oximeter back. I’d love to know what prompted that!

  299. Hatuey says:

    Ron Maclean, that’s all well and good but this is an independence issue.

    In case you didn’t notice, Sturgeon’s role through this whole covid debacle has been to impose the British government’s disgraceful policy on us whilst pretending it’s her own.

    Thousands of Scottish people have needlessly died. She could, for example, have opposed the deadly “herd immunity” strategy that effectively seeded the disease in our lives and took months of lockdown to recover from.

    Opposition to Westminster’s disgraceful strategy could have been a huge boon in terms of generating support for independence. Instead we got ten thousand dead and the usual theatrical crap.

  300. Ron Maclean says:


    I agree it is an important independence issue. Mostly on this site it is not being portrayed as such. In addition to what you’ve said I think the borders should have been closed at the start of the pandemic.

  301. J.o.e says:

    ‘Got something worthwhile to say about Scotland’s future? ‘

    What about the health implications of a vaccine that still hasn’t concluded clinical trials, for which the WHO says their is no need to use on children and which is to stem a problem that is questionable anyway due to our governments not following the guidelines of the WHO and other public health bodies on the use of PCR on an entire generation of Scots?

    It takes quite a lengthy sentence to adequately hold up the mirror to your outstanding, jaw dropping dumbfuckery.

  302. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Robert Hughes (6.39) –

    Yes, it was.

    ‘Bulletproof Suzy’, Myrmidon Press, 2006.


  303. Ron Maclean says:


    ‘Got something worthwhile to say about Scotland’s future? ‘

    You obviously haven’t. Being a twat isn’t compulsory, even here.

  304. Betty Boop says:

    Re Marion Millar…

    Yesterday, I shared a link on this page to a new crowdfunder for Marion. Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE.
    The site has refused to collect monies for Marion and although they say they are agreeing to return any donations made, they will keep any fees and donate to a Trans rights charity! I don’t see how they can do that since they removed Marion’s funder from their site. It seems women are to be persecuted for standing up for their protected rights.

    Here is the Twitter link to what is happening:

  305. John Main says:

    Good to see that a few here are starting to make the link between the ongoing and never-ending Covid “emergency” and the lack of movement on Scots Indy.

    Shame it has taken so long for people to realise that a cowed, subservient population, shitting themselves every time a stranger comes near in-case they haven’t got evidence that they were injected with a poorly-tested substance 6 months ago, is not the population that is going to boldly seize the challenge and opportunity of Scots Indy.

    Still, never too late.

    Regarding the noise over loss of the “right” to peacefully demonstrate near Hollyrood. When the right to roam was unilaterally withdrawn in March 2020, I don’t remember even a peep of protest. I thought at the time, surely a right is just that? It is irrevocable. Undeniable. Fundamental.

    But we let that one go, cos it was easier to believe it was all for our own good, or we were scared, or we couldn’t be bothered. Now we are surprised that the established precedent is being used?

    Anyways, lots of Alba members and supporters here. So lets hear Alba make a start on listing those SNP/Green policies that they will reverse when they get into power. If these policies are as unpopular as is claimed, Alba support amongst the general population will surely surge.

  306. Republicofscotland says:

    Betty Boop, it doesn’t sound as though they will be returning the donations to the donors, isn’t that illegal? Isn’t that theft?

    “Today we put that into action by removing our services from Marion Millar, and we’re donating any fees we received from her fundraising to a Trans-rights charity in the UK.”

  307. David says:

    A Wee Book for a Big Scotland.

    A Wee Book with a Huge Impact.

    Nice one!

  308. Skip_NC says:

    Isn’t there a fundraising website that sends money only to lawyers? Or are they taking a similar stance?

    Heck, I’d offer to set up a website here in the Land of the Free, but that would require an enormous amount of trust in me.

  309. John Main says:

    @Joe – 7:42 pm

    Good post.

  310. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    RE: Marion Millar.

    Couldn’t she set up a simple web site, with a “Donate via PayPal” button?

    Or give bank details, as on Craig Murray’s blog, for direct bank transfer?

  311. Republicofscotland says:

    On Marion Millar’s fund raiser cruelly shutdown by the hosting site that has the chutzpah to take it fees after cancelling her fundraiser that folk have kindly donated to, someone on Twitter had this lightbulb moment.

    “I’d suggest everyone does a credit card charge back and donates the money directly.”

  312. Ottomanboi says:

    Covid 19.
    A disease with >99.6% chance of recovery cripples the planet.

    «If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State»

  313. @Betty Boop,

    looks like the fundraising company GiveWP has decided Marion is guilty of Humza`s Hate Speech,(GiveWP have probably broken the law by publicly condemning someone during a live trial/case)

    looks like the transcult have got at them,

    `drop Marion or we will accuse your site of transphobia`,

    the transcult is part of the Stonewall `protection racket`.

  314. `English athlete Chijindu Ujah has been provisionally suspended from competing after testing positive for two banned substances, which could mean Team GB losing a silver medal won at the 2020/1 Olympic Games.`

    why would they think they could get away with doping,

    you wonder if the Team GB need for medals forces some athletes to take drugs,

    is it the athlete to blame or the pressure from Team GB to get medals for continued funding.

  315. Hatuey says:

    That’s right, Ron, a different leader might have considered putting a hard border between England and Scotland. We know now it would have helped. And at the UK level they let the delta variant stroll right in. Sturgeon done nothing about any of this.

    I think at some point though we need to make an effort to focus more directly on indyref2 and independence, thereby putting maximum pressure on Sturgeon and the SNP. That’s the one subject that the BBC and MSM won’t protect her on, which means we can potentially use it to drive a wedge between them.

    I wish Salmond would do more. His involvement at the weekend seemed to really lift people. Alba should be doing live shows regularly on YouTube (something you could facilitate with an average smart phone), at least once per week, and ramping up engagement generally using social media.

  316. I donated what was for me quite a large sum. I noticed that one anonymous donor donated £1000. Surely the site CANNOT simply donate our money to another cause? Can anyone help? This was money I had donated to the SNP ring-fenced referendum fund, which was refunded by the SNP CEO (at least he was the one who signed it off).

  317. Republicofscotland says:

    For those unsure on how to do a credit card charge back on getting your donation back from the Marion Millar site.

    Through a chargeback, your bank can try to get your money back from the seller on your behalf. It isn’t a legal right, but your bank is committed to helping you, and will treat any claim fairly.

    You can do this if you paid by credit, debit or pre-paid card and:

    • your order didn’t arrive or the service was not provided

    • your order is faulty or doesn’t match the description

    • the seller has gone out of business

    You’ll find more information about what to do next below.,payment%20on%20your%20credit%20card%20was%20under%20%C2%A3100.

  318. robert graham says:

    A guy phones into Ian Dale’s show on LBC the topic being the wonderful serum I say that because this chemical dose not and never will qualify as a Vaccine knowing that the CDC in America changed the definition of what a Vaccine is .

    Anyway his simple question was why are 8000 thousand people in hospital this week in 2021 after the roll out of the game changing serum when in the exact same week in 2000 there were 800 don’t quote me on the exact figures but from memory they are close enough

    What the panel on his show said one after the other was waffle waffle waffle pish pish waffle totally disregarding the very straightforward question and that is why I don’t trust a fkn word that any of their experts say because the one’s who answer are scared of telling the truth because their jobs and careers depend on giving the approved answer

  319. Stoker says:

    @ sarah on 13 September, 2021 at 9:20 pm

    Just to clarify, my words were not meant in the way you have interpreted and presented them. I write as i speak and think. I’ve no problem whatsoever about the discussion on ALBA’s ‘Wee Book’ plans. After-all, that’s what the threads article is all about.

    As my post clearly states, i was making clear the book idea is an ALBA production and nothing to do with WOS. It’s about promoting ALBA to a wider audience and their take on pro-indy issues. Comments were coming across as if it was a WOS production, it’s not.

    I was actually participating in the discussion so i do hope your other comment to BDTT (@10:45pm) wasn’t made with me in mind because i don’t see anything “impatient” in what i’ve wrote/said. There was no malice intended whatsoever by my comment. Apologies if you thought there was. There wasn’t!

    @ Brian Doonthetoon on 13 September, 2021 at 9:13 pm

    Thanks for the confirmation on the figures, Brian, re: The WBB. I’d forgot all about the digital success side of things.

    As for Stuart’s article at the top of this thread and at least one cretinous c@nt spouting the “discredited” line.

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times i’ve read BritNats spouting that line since 2014, i truly have. And here’s another fact, every single time i’ve challenged the claim with who? why? what? where? when? how? etc etc etc the silence has been deafening. I have *never* once even had any of them put in a pathetic attempt at a reply.

    My conclusion? Like everything else the BritNats do or say, it’s bullshit and designed to create as much doubt as they possibly can for the lazy out there who will not look into such claims and who just need a mantra or excuse served to them.

    My challenge still stands to any BritNat reading this, if you’re one of the ‘Mantra Minions’ who claim the Wee Blue Book has been “discredited” the floor is all yours. Nobody will stop you putting your “evidence” on these threads but do be aware, you are extremely highly likely to have any bullshit openly challenged. But you also do not have to respond to anyone. So, please, let’s see your “evidence”.

    Goodnight, Troops!

  320. Stoker says:

    @ Margaret Eleftheriou on 14 September, 2021 at 9:19 pm

    Hi Margaret, just caught your post as about to switch off. As far as i take it, from what i’ve read from the culprits own twitter, i think his intention is to refund everyone their donations but he’s still going to take his “fees” from the set-up and donate them to some “Trans” charity or something.

    Marion Millar, and many others, are not very happy about this and she has told him so. She’s told him to pay everyone back and put her own house up for sale to get the money to pay his fees etc. Hope this is accurate and helps put your mind at ease?

  321. My bank has just advised me that if the said organisation takes myh donation, which is presently in a pending transaction file, after I have requested a refund, then I should consider reporting them for fraud. Which I will certainly do.
    Is there no law in the land any more? How in the name of all that is sacred, can ANY organisation, take money donated for one cause and simply give it to another cause of its choosing? If that isn’t fraud, I don’t know what is. I am beside myself with rage and disgust.

  322. crazycat says:

    @ Betty Boop at 7.58

    I just tried to follow the link you posted, and was told the account “did not exist”.

    Then I found this, which contains important information:

    (Summary – don’t donate to any PayPal account claiming to be Marion!!!)

  323. Stoker
    I am not sure as to how the organisation will be able to refund my donation. I will have to wait and see if the money is taken out and then refunded. There were very many small donations to £5 to £10 pounds, obviously from people who were doing their level best to show help and solidarity. Is the organisation going to demand a percentage of all these small donations?
    I get more disgusted with the state of Sturgeon’s Scotland every day. It isn’t just the SNP,it’s all those who allow this kind of thing to happen and don’t even raise their voices

  324. Republicofscotland says:

    This an interesting thread on Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.

    “Am in a meeting with Mridul Wadwha. Already want to scream at the things being said by organisers”

    “Wadwha is talking about “cleansing” the women’s movement.”

  325. crazycat says:

    @ Margaret Eleftheriou at 9.53

    “There has been a misunderstanding. Give have no power to shut a fundraiser down on that site or to stop donations.

    Please ignore their virtue signalling. This got out of hand and we’ll have a pause for reflection overnight and let people know tomorrow what the situation is.”

  326. Ruby says:

    This so called ‘transcult’ is one very powerful group.

    I believe these new security measure at Holyrood & the cancelling of Marion Miller’s fund raiser are the work of a very powerful very rich group of misogynists.

    This has nothing to do with transgenderism.

    How could such a small number of the most stigmatised group in our society be so influential?

    Why would this highly influential group of men suddenly care so much about transgender people?

    Where have they been since 2004?

  327. Skip_NC says:

    By branding Marion Millar as a very un-nice person during a live court case, has the (ahem) fundraising company committed contempt? I believe it is an American-based company but presumably they have a presence in the UK.

    Rules are much more lax over here. You can say pretty much what you like during a court case. However, if they have over-stepped the mark under Scots law, shouldn’t they be held to account?

  328. Ron Maclean says:


    I prefer reading to writing and have probably said enough for one day. I have no worthwhile medical knowledge but do try to understand the difficulties faced by decision makers through my own experience of serious illness.

    I hope Salmond immediately focuses attention on Sturgeon’s inadequacies. If he can bring her down then he should and the sooner the better. He’s got plenty reasons for that .But there’s more he can attack and publicise. Establishment corruption, malicious and political prosecutions, poor transport, inadequate health service and so on.

    I agree we have to keep the pressure on Alba. It’s our only hope. We know the consequences of grovelling obsequiousness. I won’t mention secret plans.

    They work for us.

  329. Gfaetheblock says:

    Oh dear, Ian brotherstone has found another disinformation website to misrepresent data to conspiracy theorists.

    Too dull to break it all down, but 1 – 3, tell us that a tiny number of kids had a reaction to a jab, but that COVID kills kids. So good, it has been tested and you might have a bad day and sore arm to protect you from a killer disease.

    4, thousands of kids have been hospitalised by COVID.

    5, we know, ‘experimental’

    6, statistically small cherry picked samples.

    7, statically illiterate, 90% are vaccinated with a bias to the older population, so this is to be expected is it not?

    8, that is not how MHRA data work, as the link in the article clearly explains.


    But 12 is the best, doctors are getting paid to deliver healthcare!

    This in a big question, but pish like this does harm to intellectual debate.

  330. Hatuey says:

    I have no idea what Lorelei means or what she’s saying, but I think it’s important.

  331. holymacmoses says:

    I’m really beginning to think that the transcult business is being led by the left-over Nazis of WW2 with their desire to create the ‘perfect’ human. If you eradicate the boundaries of sexuality then you open up the gates for ‘model ‘ humans to be created.

  332. Robert Hughes says:

    Good shout Hatuey .

    You might agree the word cocktail of LF was never about making sense in any conventional way .

    That voice though , swooping n diving in the Cocteau fuzzy logic


  333. Pixywine says:

    A woke University in Ontario has burned 5000 books in a book burning ceremony. Today they burn books Tomorrow they will burn people. Can’t you see it yet?

  334. Hatuey says:

    That’s right, Robert, I understand the words were just really noises… good Scottish band.

    Everybody I knew in the whole world was skint back then, including me. Life revolved around little pieces of hash. I’m not saying we were skint but happy, but life was simpler.

  335. Robert Hughes says:


    c’mon man it was a – get this – ” purification by fire ” . Words matter . HA !

    Don’t know about ” burning people ” , I think that might be , well , murder , but burning anything resembling a sane society , aye , these evangelists of Wokeism are well on the way

  336. Robert Hughes says:


    Likewise and agree n haha aye the getting n consuming of a bit of hash occupied considerable time n effort . Worth it though

  337. Hatuey says:

    I was in a book shop last week, pixy. I’d happily watch 90% of the crap they sell burn. That doesn’t mean I’m ever likely to start burning people.

    The only thing I’ve bought to read in the last 5 years that I’d say was value for money was Viz. Funny that, isn’t it.

  338. ronald anderson says:


    08000234567 CLAIM BACK

  339. Breeks says:

    I wouldn’t waste your time on the Financial Ombudsman Service. Go straight to the small claims court.

    The Ombudsman will string you along for as long as humanly possible, hoping you give up, and all the while he will try to dilute your complaint to stalemate.

    The Ombudsman exists to bring complaints to a conclusion, not dispense justice.

    If you can, investigate how many complaints the Ombudsman receives, how many adjudications find in favour of the complainer, and then check how paltry the compensations are.

    In my case, the Ombudsman even withheld material evidence my complaint was legitimate, and found against me. I only got the evidence after threatening to prosecute the FOS. They are crooks.

  340. robbo says:

    Two new ferries won’t be built in Scotland despite SNP Government owning shipyard.

    More ammo for the unionists- well who’d of thought it eh! SNP are useless.

    On the daily Ranger rag.

    Two new ferries which will serve Islay and Jura will not be built in Scotland despite the SNP Government owning a shipyard.

    Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) is tasked with procuring ships for Scotland’s ferry fleet on behalf of the Scottish Government.

    The body announced yesterday (Tuesday) that tenders had been invited by two shipyards in Turkey, one in Romania and one in Poland.

    The Scottish Government took Ferguson Marine in Port Glasgow into public ownership in 2019 to avoid its collapse, but uncovered a number of failures in the construction of two ferries.

    A total of 35 yards expressed interest and the final contract will be awarded before March next year.

    But the decision to look outwith Scotland has proven controversial, with Scottish Labour transport spokesman Neil Bibby saying: “This news will come as a hammer-blow to Scotland’s shipbuilders and demonstrates the SNP’s complete lack of an industrial strategy.

    “This announcement means more jobs and more money going overseas at a time of economic crisis.

    “The modernisation of the ferry network can help secure the future of Ferguson’s and drive the economic renewal of the Lower Clyde.

    “For the Scottish Government to keep missing these opportunities or making a complete mess of them is a damning indictment of the SNP.”

    He added: “Catastrophic failures in the Scottish Government’s procurement of two new ferries are at the heart of the Ferguson’s ferry debacle.

    “Ministers should take personal responsibility for turning things around and filling Ferguson’s order books with work that can transform the ferry network and support good, skilled, local jobs.

    “Scotland’s shipbuilders are being left on the shelf while more public money goes into the coffers of foreign businesses.

    “This is simply not good enough. The people of Scotland deserve better.”

    Alba MP Kenny MacAskill – whose party members voted at their first conference last weekend to support the direct awarding of any future ferries to Ferguson Marine – said the decision was a “kick in the teeth” to workers at the Port Glasgow yard.

    CMAL director Jim Anderson said: “We received interest from many shipyards across the world, and carried out robust assessment of their technical and financial suitability to take on this project.

    “Four shipyards scored the highest across both criteria and have now been issued an invitation to tender (ITT) for the contract.

    “This stage of the procurement process will take around six months, and we hope to award the contract to the winning shipyard at the end of March 2022.

    “The ITT stage marks an important step forward in bringing a new vessel to Islay and Jura.

    “It is one of several new vessel and harbour upgrade projects we are currently progressing to improve the resilience of ferry services for island communities.”

    Tory MSP Graham Simpson said: “It’s humiliating for the SNP that ships which could be built in the West Coast of Scotland are instead going to be welded together in Eastern Europe.

    “The SNP let down our shipyards so badly that they are missing out on work to Romania, Poland and Turkey.

    “Ferguson shipyard was nationalised to much fanfare by the SNP but their catastrophic failures have left the yard unable to compete for work on their own doorstep.

    “The announcement that Ferguson Marine isn’t even going to bid for such a large contract raises serious questions about the SNP’s mismanagement.

    “The SNP never got to grips with securing the future of the shipyards beyond nationalisation. This is a direct consequence of their disastrous lack of planning.”

  341. Breeks says:

    Yeayyyy… Texas back on the playlist. Tremendous disappointment back in 2013, but anybody can make a mistake.

    Truth be told, I always wonder about celebs and pop stars, and try to cut them a little slack. They’ve built their careers in a UK Industry, and it isn’t difficult to see how that can make things complicated.

  342. Breeks says:

    Regarding the ferries fiasco, this seems to be a failure akin to failing to organise a piss up in a brewery.

    Beneath all the finger pointing and blame game, I honestly don’t know what the root cause of the problem is, and why there hasn’t been a troubleshooter dropped in by parachute to crack heads together.

    You seem to have all the necessary components in place to make a staggering success of a high profile, (‘scuse the pun), flagship project that’s a credit to our Nation, but it’s been so badly mishandled you have to wonder if it’s sabotage or staggering incompetence.

  343. stuart mctavish says:

    Gfaetheblock @10:40 pm

    Regardless of whether medics are better paid for their integrity or lack of it these days you may still want to reflect on “pish” like this

    No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. [Article 12, Declaration of Human Rights]

    and compare it with next Monday’s advertised reality, despite Gillick competence being applicable only in the matter of access to contraception for underage lovers, etc., that:

    12-15 year olds risk being encouraged, en masse and by employees of the state, to believe their parents should, could, and would, be overruled in the event of any dispute arising over the possibility that purveyors of experimental medicine* to treat asymptomatic flu were demonstrably incompetent and not acting with the interest of the child first and foremost.

    (fully developed in 6 months yet needing boosters every 3 thereafter without improving the formula)

  344. robertknight says:

    Sharleen Spiteri…

    “As far as I’m concerned, I’m British. And, yeah, I’m Scottish but I feel I’m part of the UK.”

    Apparently now, because of Brexit, her and her band want Indy?

    What ‘No’ voters wanted and got in 2014 was to place Scotland’s future firmly in the hands of the electorate in England who, numbering ten times their equivalent in Scotland, would ensure that if Scotland wanted ‘X’ and England wanted ‘Y’, well, we all know how that turned out.

    If Sharleen and her band were ‘Leavers’, as opposed to ‘Remainers’, would they be supporters of Indy? If the UK miraculously rejoined the EU, after three years of empty supermarket shelves and fruit and veg rotting in the fields, would they still be supports of Indy?

    Nah… they’d still be up there with the other weel kent ‘Proud Scots, but…’ a.k.a the too wee, too puir, too stupi’ brigade. The House Jocks who queue up to denounce the ambition and vision of their supposedly fellow countrymen and women, for the possibility of a gong from Her Maj or another chance to appear on a BBC daytime chat show.

    That quote above would best be reworked…

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m European. And, yeah, I’m British but I feel I’m still part of the EU. If it means having to be Scottish and not British to get back into the EU then, yeah, I’d go along with that…

    I’ve absolutely no time for ‘No’ voters in Scotland who carp on about Brexit. You signed up for that sh1t in 2014 – own it!

    Happy listening Breeks.

  345. robbo says:

    Breeks says:
    15 September, 2021 at 7:39 am
    Regarding the ferries fiasco, this seems to be a failure akin to failing to organise a piss up in a brewery.

    Beneath all the finger pointing and blame game, I honestly don’t know what the root cause of the problem is, and why there hasn’t been a troubleshooter dropped in by parachute to crack heads together.

    You seem to have all the necessary components in place to make a staggering success of a high profile, (‘scuse the pun), flagship project that’s a credit to our Nation, but it’s been so badly mishandled you have to wonder if it’s sabotage or staggering incompetence.


    It’s sabotage and staggering incompetence as they haven’t a clue this new SNP mob.

    Also, “they’re doing it deliberately” as auld pishy trousers would say!

  346. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Gfaetheblock (10.40) –

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr
    According to a new pre-print study, boys between the ages of 12 and 15, with no underlying medical conditions, were four to six times more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine-related myocarditis than they were to be hospitalized with COVID.

    How many 12-15yr old boys (or their parents/carers)will find this information for themselves, or be able to interpret it amidst the tsunami of propaganda we get 24/7?

    Seriously – you would sign the consent form to have your teenaged son get jagged after reading that?

  347. Dan says:

    @ robbo at 7.04am

    Waiting for Stewart McDonald to describe this blow to Scots shipbuilding plans as “utterly shocking”…

    From 2018

  348. Ottomanboi says:

    Viz…small wonder you have a prob with «culture».
    Take it it was raining when you penetrated that book emporium. ?
    The destruction of books is cancel culture little different to the antics of Islamic State or the Nazis. Both finished up burning people. A fate that your namesake himself met.
    Arrogating to yourself the right to make universal and injurious categorical judgments is the besetting sin of this post enlightenment age.
    Remember the maxim. Primum non nocere!

  349. J.o.e says:

    Bit of historical accuracy for Holymacmoses and ottomanboi:

    The Institute of Sex Research which was involved in transgenderism was closed down by the National Socialists.

    They also publicly burned the books of this institute which is where the famous footage of Nazi book burning comes from but is never given its accurate description or context.

    You can blame a people for being intolerant to ‘alternative’ sexual lifestyles but you cannot blame them for pushing the trans agenda at the same time.

    The people who pushed transgenderism were the declared enemies of the National Socialists.

  350. Captain Yossarian says:

    There is a troubleshooter at Fergusons. In terms of daily rate, he probably gets paid more than any other ship-yard boss in the world.

    Successful ship-yards tend to be much bigger than Fergusons. Some work 24-hours a day. They can handle many big deliveries per day and have several cranes to off-load, store, move around and many workers to assemble the parts and get things done in dry conditions.

    They have designers who know what works and experience at every level that Fergusons just didn’t have.

    When Jim McColl took over Fergusons it would take time and money to put all that in place. Did he not make that clear at the time….I’m sure he did. The SNP don’t understand industry and I don’t think anyone else at Holyrood does. They didn’t give him the time and they took cold-feet.

    Getting rid of Jim McColl was always going to end badly. That’s just my opinion.

  351. Breeks says:

    robbo says:
    15 September, 2021 at 7:56 am

    It’s sabotage and staggering incompetence as they haven’t a clue this new SNP mob.

    Also, “they’re doing it deliberately” as auld pishy trousers would say!

    Agreed, but what I was fishing for is whether there’s a Salmond factor. If I recall correctly, I think it was Alex Salmond’s idea to save Ferguson Marine from closure, and it was done. I can’t help but wonder whether the New SNP under Sturgeon are just hopelessly incompetent, and/ or see Ferguson Marine as Alex Salmond’s project which they’d take pleasure in wrecking as part of their wider conspiracy to destroy all he stands for.

    Your turn of phrase “they’re doing it deliberately” might have much deeper significance.

    When you stand back and look at it, the SNP post 2014 under Sturgeons doesn’t bear any resemblance to the SNP before 2014 under Salmond. Talk about a sea change. How can something so good turn so bad, and so quickly? …Now ask your question, are they doing it deliberately?

  352. Ottomanboi says:

    Chemical Nicci strikes again.
    You gotta hand it to her… you don’t!
    And Big Chemy Daddy there to assist.×1024.png

  353. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Is it worth it , a new winter coat and shoes for the wife
    And a bicycle on the boys birthday ……

    A telegram or a picture postcard
    Within weeks they ( won’t ) be opening the shipyards

    ( nor ) notifying the next of kin

    Soon we ( won’t ) be shipbuilding ”

    * apologies to Elvis Costello *

  354. Breeks says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    15 September, 2021 at 9:28 am

    When Jim McColl took over Fergusons it would take time and money to put all that in place. Did he not make that clear at the time….I’m sure he did. The SNP don’t understand industry and I don’t think anyone else at Holyrood does. They didn’t give him the time and they took cold-feet.

    But isn’t that the whole point of Independence? To abandon the Thatcheresque philosophy of throwing Scotland’s industry on the scrap heap when what it actually needs is strategic planning and investment?

    Doesn’t that mean there’s an implicit recognition that the industry needs help to consolidate itself and grow organically? You can’t jump to being the equal of foreign yards, you need time and investment to catch up. Investment which should have been done in the ‘80s and paid for with Scotland’s oil, and surprise, surprise, we’re back at Thatcher’s treacherous Tory philosophy and every decade since where Scotland has been robbed blind and starved of investment.

  355. Ottomanboi says:

    Come n ged it, ya know ya wan it..
    The vax, stoopid!

  356. Gfaetheblock says:

    Ian b

    I wouldn’t take medical advice from Kennedy, who has social media accounts suspended for pushing debunked anti vax nonsense. A quick read of another odd website highlights data based on second doses and we are only offering single doses, so a false equivalence.

  357. Dan says:

    Might the cost and ability to actually obtain the not insignificant amount of materials required to build a ferry in “wonderful” new out of the EU Blighty be a factor?

    If you tender and win a contract to build something, then can’t produce the product because of various factors, you’d get bad press and potentially be liable for penalties.

  358. Republicofscotland says:

    So the two new ferries to service Islay and Jura will be more than likely be built in Poland, Romania or Turkey according to (CMAL), thirty-five yards expressed interest, and the final contract will be awarded before March next year.

    The Scottish government took over Ferguson Marine in 2019 to avoid its collapse and to save jobs, now these jobs and the taxpayers money to build the two new ferries will head overseas, in a similar fashion to the jobs (BIFAB) in our renewables industry have.

    This Scottish government under Sturgeon’s tenure is in my opinion, vindictive, spiteful, grudge holding, and most of all incompetent, and they care not that Scottish jobs will be lost because they cannot communicate with with bosses at Ferguson Marine in Port Glasgow for the benefit of Scottish shipbuilding workers.

    Just how much damage this Scottish government does to Scotland before we vote them out is very worrying indeed.

    Jimmy Reid, and Jimmy Airlie will be burlin in their graves.

  359. Republicofscotland says:

    Waiting time figures at Scotland’s A&E services have yet again risen to the highest waiting times under the guidance of Health secretary Humza Yousaf, who had no such difficulties in producing the hated HCB bill.

    On top of surpassing the the longest waiting times at A&E in Scotland (four hours is seen as the max) 293 Scots waited an eye watering twelve-hours or more to be seen at A&E, (week ending September 5th).

    Of course the incompetent Humza Yousaf has once again came out with the usual BS of how Scotland’s NHS is the best performing in the UK, that doesn’t help those folk who need medical attention within the allotted times stipulated in our NHS charter.

    Meanwhile Clair Baker who defended the SPCB’s decision to allow Police Scotland to remove peaceful protestors from our outside parliament, has refused to disclose the papers behind the decision to change the law to stop demos outside Holyrood.

    If the SPCB has nothing to hide why refuse to disclose the papers on the why they took this decision.

  360. Captain Yossarian says:

    Breeks – the point I was making was that if we had just left Jim McColl in charge, we would have had a different outcome. He has turned around several engineering companies already and he could have done the same for Fergusons. It would have taken time and money but he wasn’t given that. The point you make about independence is irrelevant. Fergusons could have been modernized in the 80’s to service the oil industry, or to make ferries, but that didn’t happen. The folk you have at Holyrood just now couldn’t boil an egg and so handing Fergusons over to them was always going to end badly. They don’t even want to talk about Fergusons at Holyrood. They will talk for a fortnight about Covid, but not about Fergusons. So, you’re argument should be with them, not with me.

  361. Geoff Anderson says:

    @RepublicofScotland 10:02 and 10:22

    My exact thoughts contained in both posts!

  362. James Che. says:

    Scottish independence,


    Obviously it worked in Scotland in 2014, why not apply it across Britain to gain a satisfactory result for control of outcome.

    The Guardian, Tuesday, 14 September, 2021.

    Memories of a bbq in Cornwall come to mind,
    Memories of someone testing their eyesight come to mind.
    Memories of the upper class rulers in America
    Going to the hairdressers and gymnasium anyone?
    I bet NS is the same when she think there is no cameras around.

    It’s a case of them and us,

    So how fooled are we, some of us, are easily fooled by fake stats rather than believe their own eyes,



  363. Breastplate says:

    I doubt you would contemplate any advice that didn’t fit your world view.

    Tell us again why you think kids need to be jabbed with a Covid vaccine and which of the many vaccines they should be encouraged to get?
    Which vaccine is the best for them?
    Do all the different vaccines have the same side effects?
    Which vaccine is the best one?
    Which boosters should they be encouraged to take?
    How often should they get the boosters?
    Should there be public records of who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t?
    Should there be punishment for people who refuse to be vaccinated?
    Should there be punishment for those who don’t keep up to date with their boosters?
    If you believe people should be punished for refusing vaccinations or boosters, which punishments should we expect?
    When will they start paying for boosters?
    Do they still need to get vaccinated if they have already had the virus?
    What are the chances of negative health issues for a 12 year old taking the vaccine and not taking the vaccine?
    Are all the short term, mid term and long term side effects known?
    Should we force people who don’t want to be vaccinated to get vaccinated?
    Can a vaccination be undone?

    I’m sure you have thought extensively of everything I have mentioned and more but I would have to say I disagree with your stance regarding vaccinations, for what seems to be approaching everyone.

  364. James Che. says:

    You will find those pushing the agenda of passports or vaccines under the following headings,

    Those whom fear = Fear,
    Those whom will gain = finances from sales.
    Those whom gain = power.
    Those whom gain = mass control.

    What you won’t find under passports and vaccines headings are statistics on the following.

    Those whom died of influenza = 2020/ 2021.
    autopsies of those whom died in care homes = 2020/ 2021.
    Autopsies on those whom had heart conditions that died of/with = Covid?
    Autopsies of cancer patients that died of/ with = Covid?
    Suicide comparison statistic of people whom died = 2017/ 2018 to those during Covid?
    Statistics of patients that died = due to missed NHS appointments and treatments.


  365. Hatuey says:

    RoS: “This Scottish government under Sturgeon’s tenure is in my opinion, vindictive, spiteful, grudge holding, and most of all incompetent…”

    We tend to focus on the other stuff, but it’s the inability to deliver almost anything policy-wise that is the most telling aspect of Sturgeon’s leadership. She really is absolutely hopeless at policy.

    I suspect it’s down to a combination of things, primarily stacking jobs with people that are loyal to her but don’t actually have skills, and a culture of fear whereby decision-makers are scared to make decisions for fear of getting on the wrong side of her.

    Tyranny isn’t a very good management model, when you get right into it.

    What then is Sturgeon good at? Well, she’s a woman, she can waffle on insincerely for hours, and she operates in a small pond that is really lacking in talent which means she doesn’t have much competition. She also inherited a massive support base from Salmond, gifted to her on a plate free of charge, and that’s something she showed no signs of being able to create herself.

    Basically, John, Paul, and George left the band and Ringo is going around pretending he’s The Beatles. It’s been about 7 years and he’s yet to come up with a single fucking tune.

    She loves you, though, yeah, yeah, yeah…

  366. Robert Graham says:

    Just to clarify

    This Chemical is not a Vaccine

    The definition of a Vaccine has been changed by the CDC in America because the wonder serum can’t and never will meet the requirements in order to be called a Vaccine

    Vaccine a game changer

    Just to make sure the game changer shot is really effective a second Jab should be taken

    And to make sure the shot is really really really effective a third shot should be taken

    Again back to the CDC in the States people who haven’t had a third shot will be counted as being UNVACCINATED that’s right go and check the website the information is there

    This fairy tale has changed and taken so many twists and turns the perpetrators can’t remember the shite they advised last week contradicts the shite they are talking this week and most people are to fkn dumb to notice the never ending shite they are being subjected to a total deluge of complete rubbish

    Quite simple Hospital numbers this week with the Plague this week in England are 10 times higher than they were exactly a year ago when we didn’t have the wonder serum and our trusted media are not asking questions but they keep saying this delta one changes everything , ok the Chemical being administered right now was apparently developed in order to counter the original Plague

    SO WHY ARE PEOPLE BEING GIVEN A CHEMICAL THAT HAS PROVEN TO BE USELESS ? Flu shots are being offered against what exactly ? Flu has mysteriously disappeared so what do they want to inject people with and what strain of Flu are they being protected against ?

  367. J.o.e says:

    For the slow of wit and the hard of thinking-

    Sturgeon is not incompetent. She didn’t fail. She is simply doing what all the other woke neoliberal governments and parties are doing (left wing, center and right wing).

    You were told what the game was.

    Now you have seen what the game is.

    You have no excuse for being this utterly fucking stupid.

  368. James says:

    Red Tory: “This news will come as a hammer-blow to Scotland’s shipbuilders and demonstrates the SNP’s complete lack of an industrial strategy. This announcement means more jobs and more money going overseas at a time of economic crisis”.
    Blue Tory: “It’s humiliating for the SNP that ships which could be built in the West Coast of Scotland are instead going to be welded together in Eastern Europe. The SNP let down our shipyards so badly that they are missing out on work to Romania, Poland and Turkey”.

    These fcucking hypocrites make my stomach turn.

  369. Republicofscotland says:

    Should this be classed as a hate crime, as it appears to be, yes vandalism should not be tolerated, but is this a hate crime.

    If Police Scotland are going to proceed with this as a hate crime, should the thirty-odd Orange walk marches scheduled to take place this Saturday in Glasgow also be described as hate crime, and ergo stopped.

    Incidentally this Saturday is the 18th of September, does that date ring any bells.

  370. Sensible Dave says:

    Robert Graham

    I have avoided engaging with anti-vaxxers … until this point.


    Proven to be useless? By Whom? How?

    This was a recent news headline: “Fully vaccinated people made up just 1% of coronavirus deaths in England in first half of 2021”

    So, either the news broadcasters are part of an international conspiracy of lies and deception – or you are a nut job.

    I’m going with the latter.

  371. Robert Graham says:

    Meanwhile over in La La Land these fkn idiots are having a party look at princess Nicolas approval ratings and her end of conference speech has been translated into every language possible ,

    Aye I suppose shite doesn’t take much time or effort to translate its a universal waste product .

    We are on the march we are on our way it’s happening , oh fk they really are removed from reality , listen you fkn dummies as shown on here a few articles ago a montage of The Nationals headlines

    I lost count of how many times we were on the march , this is it , just round the corner , almost there,one more push ,so many that they are running out of descriptions of what in the end is total pish a never ending stream of pish and these clowns are heralding the new messiah who will lead them out of the wilderness and on too the promised land ffs honesty

  372. James Che. says:


    You’re ideology on general citizens is sometimes not quite all it seems to be,
    in between the lines we have heard you vouching for taking the rights away of sovereign people, by locking them up as happened during WW2.

    And you just abused everything women are fighting for, To be treated equally.

    At 11: 22 am
    To quote you.

    Well, she is a woman, She can waffle on insincerely for hours.

    Really? Are all women like that, or is that how you think of women. Insincere.

  373. J.o.e says:

    ‘So, either the news broadcasters are part of an international conspiracy of lies and deception – or you are a nut job’

    Well. At least you have boiled it down to 2 possibilities. Why don’t you explore both and see what comes up?

  374. Breastplate says:

    What percentage of people counted in that report were considered fully vaccinated?

    If 100% of them were fully vaccinated and 1% died this would be considered a great success.

    If 2% of the people counted in this report were fully vaccinated and 1% of the people that died were fully vaccinated, this would mean that half of the fully vaccinated people died, this would not be considered a success.

    The information isn’t really informative without knowing the ratio of fully vaccinated to not fully vaccinated.

    As ever Dave, I would guess the truth is somewhere in the middle and as we’ve seen with your previous posts, you’re not very good with numbers, are you?

  375. James Che. says:

    John main,

    There is now and will be in the future, the instruments put ready in place to lock down citizens from protesting or marching

    Wether by Priti Patel or NS

    Covid will be the Alba parties undoing and numb the yes movement to inertia once again,
    It was politically selective in its use as to whom marched in the last lockdowns and whom did not,

    I agree that there are an awful lot yet of people here in Scotland that do not see it yet.

    I have never once mentioned that people should not get the vaccine if that is their choice, or have I ever debated the quality of the vaccines.

    equally I would not suggest blackmailing enforcement of threats, coercion and being in a prison within your own home for the rest of you’re life if for one reason or another you do not have the vaccine.

    Extremism is dangerous to the Scottish citizen,
    And creates divides in Scottish society and communities.

    Logic, balance, honesty and well informed citizens is what we need at this moment if we are to approach independence with common sense.

  376. stuart mctavish says:

    RepublicofScotland @12:12

    Given the observation from Gfaetheblock @9:55 am (that the kiddie vaccine will comprise a single dose, honest) and the conflation between that, and what the ONS uses to identify a vaccinated person for purposes of the performance monitoring the brought us to this juncture, I’d venture its as likely to be the winning entry for the WAB cover design as a bona fide hate crime..

  377. Geoff Anderson says:

    James Che

    Why will COVID be the Alba Parties undoing???

  378. Ottomanboi says:

    The Covid 19 scam is set to run and run in the tight little, insular Yook. The usual coven of «experts» predicting we’ll all be dead by Christmas unless we do as we’re told.
    The Brits seem to like nursie smacking their collective bot bot and feeding them brimstone and treacle.
    Le vice anglais is masochism….so figures.
    Surprised, though, that so many Scots, the land of common sense philosophy, are excited by it too.

  379. Republicofscotland says:

    “Sturgeon is not incompetent. She didn’t fail”


    Sturgeon has failed in the eyes of many Scots, she might have achieved, or is in the process of achieving HER goals, if that’s what you mean.

  380. J.o.e says:

    ‘Why will COVID be the Alba Parties undoing’

    James will have a reason. But for me this rings true because they have played politics when leadership is necessary.

    As the truth emerges they will be shown to be either too weak to challenge official narratives that could adversely affect the health of an entire generation or are part of the game.

    But then I suppose if we go by Alex Salmond and others who are, shall we say, less than hostile to globalist narratives that wouldn’t matter because we have billions more potential Scots we can just import en masse while studiously ignoring the adverse effects to the poor and working class for which they indulge in the usual liberal middle class hobby of slotting calculated concern for into select policies but are happy to ignore on others.

  381. J.o.e says:

    ‘Sturgeon has failed in the eyes of many Scots, she might have achieved, or is in the process of achieving HER goals, if that’s what you mean.’

    The major policies Sturgeon has pushed are similar to other woke neo liberal governments policies or desired policies.

    Its not a coincidence.

  382. Well the UK Government reshuffle is underway the Education Secretary is out .The Pantomine stuff at PMQS today puts me right off it.

  383. Republicofscotland says:

    “The major policies Sturgeon has pushed are similar to other woke neo liberal governments policies or desired policies.

    Its not a coincidence.”


    I never said there was any sort of coincidence, I said Sturgeon has failed in the eyes of many Scots, and you said she hasn’t failed.

    You are specifically referring to (HER) neoliberal agenda, I’m referring to her failures towards the people of Scotland as FM.

  384. Republicofscotland says:

    Covid won’t be the Alba party’s undoing, if anything it will be the SNP’s undoing once an inquiry is set up and questions are asked over the way the SNP handled the pandemic in the early to middle stages, which saw many deaths in Scotland.

    Indeed Alex Salmond specifically said prior to launching the Alba party, and just after his trial, that more facts would see the light of day but only after the pandemic is over, indeed Alba’s policy on the pandemic is this.

    “No let up in the fight against Covid, informed by a powerful independent inquiry to find out what Scotland must learn from its successes and mistakes.”

    No as more and more folk, begin to realise that Sturgeon has no intentions of holding an indyref, and that she’s intent on pushing her own agenda, HCB, GRA, etc those who seek Scottish independence and are oppose to the continued erosion of women’s rights will shift loyalties from the SNP to the Alba party.

    The malice and spite oozing from Sturgeon loyal clique towards Salmond and the Alba party, is sure sign of fear.

  385. Ron Maclean says:

    Interesting guest post on – ‘Covid-19 vaccine – Should I, or should I not, subscribe to it? A follow-up’

    Today’s Conference Reviews good too.

  386. J.o.e says:

    For anybody who thinks what im saying about Alba is over the top consider that all any of them has to say publicly is what the WHO has stated regarding the covid vaccines and children.

    That’s all.

    They could maintain their sensible credentials and buff up their international image by doing so.

    They are either clueless, spineless or the SOS.

    If they have done so then I have already asked to be pointed towards it and I will retract what ive said.

    Otherwise I will remain not fucking impressed.

  387. J.o.e says:

    A further point – ‘waiting til the pandemic is over’ isn’t doing anything to help civil rights or protect children from medical technologies the WHO has stated they should be kept away from.

    Its more politicking, procrastinating bullshit.

    Ive had a read of the ALBA health and care section and it is exactly what I have described

  388. Bernard de Linton says:

    Interesting that just now ,the BBC Scotland newspage has no mention of the nationalised Scottish ferry builders,loosing the contract to build the Jura ferry.You would think that would be a more newsworthy story than a Seal pup being found off of Aberdeen.One for the “Sturgeon gets an easy time” from Msm brigade to ponder?

  389. Republicofscotland says:

    “A further point – ‘waiting til the pandemic is over’ isn’t doing anything to help civil rights or protect children from medical technologies the WHO has stated they should be kept away from.”


    This is information from the WHO’s website (eight weeks old) and WHO doesn’t entirely rule out vaccinating children.

    “WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) has concluded that the Pfizer/BionTech vaccine is suitable for use by people aged 12 years and above.”

    I agree that WHO’s information on child vaccinations can change regularly but you haven’t provided any credible to the contrary.

    Incidentally Cuba’ whose health service I admire has started vaccinating toddlers.

  390. Luigi says:

    Perpetual war with Eastasia Covid-19

    Highly convenient, eh. 🙂

  391. sarah says:

    @ Stoker at 9.34 p.m. re discussion about the Wee Alba book: no worries. Thanks for your explanation. 🙂

  392. Dan says:

    The Tory backbenches for #PMQs, and not a mask in sight

    Mind when some Scottish Greens went tae the pub…

  393. Sensible Dave says:

    Breastplate 1.12

    Errr.. the headline I quoted read: “Fully vaccinated people made up just 1% of coronavirus deaths in England in first half of 2021”

    … or, to restate for the hard of thinking like you Breastplate, of ALL the Coronavirus deaths in England in the 6 month period January to June – just 1 in every 100 had been fully vaccinated.

    Now, perhaps you would like to re-think your comment?

  394. Captain Yossarian says:

    Bernard de Linton – I reckon the ferries that are on the order books just now will finish £220m or so over budget. If that money had been used to expand the Ferguson facility, add cranes, plant, workshops, offices and facilities for dry working, then they would have been in with a fighting chance against overseas yards. Give them ferries to build at that point when optimism is high. It’s too late to give them orders now. You can modernize a yard like Fergusons for £220m, but it’s too late now. No strategic thinking at Holyrood – they’ve let us down again.

  395. J.o.e says:


    Lets take a couple of quotes that are include with this:

    ‘More evidence is needed on the use of the different COVID-19 vaccines in children to be able to make general recommendations on vaccinating children against COVID-19.’

    ‘Vaccine trials for children are ongoing and WHO will update its recommendations when the evidence or epidemiological situation warrants a change in policy.’

    THAT would be enough.

    Giving us NOTHING except empty rhetoric (politicking) is simply not good enough when parents and kids are in the middle.

    Besides – this does nothing to address vaccine passports, the misuse of PCR, etc

    Wait a minute. What the fuck am I doing?

    Have a good day.

  396. J.o.e says:

    Actually I missed the most important quote:

    ‘Children aged between 12 and 15 who are at HIGH RISK may be offered this vaccine alongside other priority groups for vaccination.’

    Lets get that straight.

  397. Republicofscotland says:



    I provided the link whereas you’ve provided nothing but empty rhetoric, as I said the WHO’s advice can and might change from one stance to another.

    I am neither 100% right nor wrong, and neither are you, however you think that you are correct.

  398. Ottomanboi says:

    The notion that because authorities propose an initiative and people are compliant it must be for the good is not born out by 20th century history.
    The concept of «the good», the «greater good» has been a tool of every authoritarian régime that has brought subsequent despair and ruin to citizens. The name of «science» is often invoked to lend legitimacy too.
    Despair and depression are the true symptoms of Covidism, societal atomization we already have, breakdown and ruin cannot be far away. The elected and their functionaries, the self proclaimed experts and their media hosts and the dollarati funding the whole thing should not be allowed to go scot free when breakdown begins.

  399. Geoff Anderson says:


    I get it now. You are James as well and couldn’t be arsed logging out and in again.
    Not surprising then that you and James think alike. That you know what he was saying. That you had exactly the same thought.

    COVID will be Alba end!

    A true space cadet level troll.

  400. Mark Boyle says:

    David Ritchie says:
    15 September, 2021 at 1:52 pm

    The Pantomine stuff at PMQS today puts me right off it.

    Oh no it doesn’t!

  401. James Che. says:

    The actual point I was making is as follows.

    The choice of vaccination into ones physical body in a country where we recognise we are sovereign,
    Deflates immediately when a governmental instrument imposes its will on the sovereignty of the body, the mind and freedom of choice,
    It erodes our sovereignty as Scots, in the same manner that no choice in freedom of speech does,
    Ask journalists that at present as Scotland takes that sovereignty away,

    Some are suggesting here that people whom do not wish or can’t have a vaccine should have their sovereignty taken away, become imprisoned.
    Until they bend to the will of others whom shout loudest or more aggressively.

    Anything a government does to withdraw or erode individual rights, family rights or parents rights, or women’s rights by impositition is totalitarian.
    That is not sovereignty.

    As to my comment regarding Alba, and the yes movement.

    It does not need an “eyes wide open” moment to see covid has already been moved to a political status by NS.

    So far it has delayed independence, stopped AUOB marches in the open air, just as the wait an see what happens with Brexit mantra did,
    The snp are not running scared of the YES movement, it just curtails them under covid .
    It will do it again if it has to.
    It has passed laws so Scots cannot go anywhere near their own parliament if the topic is not to their liking.
    It has shunned the hand of friendship that Alex offered in the last election.
    It has been compliant with management of law to try imprison him.
    It has watched and encouraged other more volatile marches.
    And has encouraged political prisoners in Scotland,

    If the YES movement and Alba cannot see how they will behave in the future from past history, and cannot see covid as a political weapon will be used by NS to subdue, with power at her fingertips,
    Then it is innocents being led to the slaughter.


  402. ronald anderson says:

    Breeks Don’t talk a lot of rubbish I put £50 some yrs ago in my account and the bank snaffled it to pay a standing charge that they didn’t pay to Talk Talk as for a payment 2 in one month One phone call to FSO & they put me right I went to the bank & told them I had contacted the FSO hey ho my $50 was put back into my account

  403. Breastplate says:

    I understand the headline and read the article.
    Let me make this simpler for you.

    As an example:
    1000 people die with Covid in the first half of 2021, this means that 990 people died that were not fully vaccinated and 10 people died that were fully vaccinated.

    Now pay attention Dave.
    If only 10 of the 1000 people have been fully vaccinated, it means that everyone who was fully vaccinated died.

    I’m sorry if this is confusing for you but we do not have enough information.
    How many of those people had received 1 vaccination?
    How many people received 2 vaccinations?
    How many people received no vaccinations?

    The Devil is in the details, Dave.

  404. James Che. says:

    Joining up the dots is sometimes difficult, some can’t see that far ahead,

    But this present cliche that are ruling us now are No pussy cats, they go for the jugular.

    It’s time to stop the frothy minds , face facts and stop being naive and innocent.

    NS bends the rules to suit,

  405. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breastplate (4.47) –

    Aye, added to which…

    The definition of ‘vaccinated’ is constantly shifting. In Israel right now, are you still considered ‘vaccinated’ if you haven’t yet had your third shot?

    And what about here? Will the booster for over 50’s count towards ‘full’ vaccination? If so, the hospitals will be packed with, er, ‘unvaccinated’ folk, even if they’re double-jagged.

    It’s the ball-and-cups trick, constantly, as recently illustrated by Dave Lukewarm.

    And it’s all so fuckin predictable.

    We were blasted as ‘tinfoil-hat’ wearers and heaven knows what else for even daring to suggest, just a few months back, that children would be targeted.

    And here we are…


  406. ronald anderson says:

    Gove new Minister of HOUSING & the Union

    Lets get down n Boogie LoL

  407. James Che. says:

    Geoff Anderson,

    Are you referring to this James, (myself)

    The one who has more contact with Alex than joe,

    Are you attempting tarry brush methods, (no offence meant to anyone else or joe)
    Shit slinging is the lowest form of intelligence.

    Be careful in who you slander under a wide umbrella of not winning arguments, keep it civil.

  408. Sensible Dave says:

    Breastplate 4.47

    Please forgive me.

    I made a huge mistake.

    I made a big assumption.

    I assumed you caught the news every now and again where every night they tell us the percentage of adults that have been double jabbed etc.

    The mistake I made was that I assumed you see those numbers.

    Note to self: Remember, Breastplate doesn’t ever watch the news and is therefore completely out of touch. Assume you are communicating with an ill informed hermit in future.

  409. James Che. says:

    Ronald Anderson,

    Correct me if I am wrong.
    Didn’t Gove have something to do with trying to hold the cracks of the union together once before?

  410. James Che. says:

    Sovereignty of the Scots must come equal to independence.

    And it should be wrote into the new Scottish constitution.
    Should anything go wrong 40 or 100 years after independence is achieved, in a power grab, the like of which we never expected to see from the snp,

    There has to be a safeguard for the Scots.

  411. Geoff Anderson says:

    Well “James” why will COVID end Alba as you posted earlier. I know you answered in another identity but what is “James’s” rationale?

  412. twathater says:

    @ Robert Knight 7.50am i’m with you Robert regarding Texas Sharlene Spitteri and the rest of the no voters,her supposed statements of Scotland having NO oil or gas indicates either stupidity or rank laziness to find out the truth, another proud Scotland BUT ,knee bender

    @ Ronnie Anderson 4.35pm i’m with Breeks on the competence and usefulness of the ombudsman ,I have had reason to approach them on 2 occasions for two different reasons ,one was a boiler maintenance and repair dispute with Scottish Power a shower of #^*$#€ , I approached 4, that is 4 different ombudsman services who couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me who was the responsible group to approach , one of them EVENTUALLY informed me that it was them you had to appeal to but they could do nothing to help because boiler maintenance contracts were unregulated, that was after 14 months of futility
    Another time was a well known opticians in Paisley another shower of #$^&* the ombudsman advised contacting the franchiser, The ombudsman services are as useful as tits on a bull, a waste of time ,for decoration only

    All that was actioned in conjunction with the Resolver network

  413. Dan says:

    How exciting, Scotland in the race to being Net Zero…
    Although I’d say it’s blatant cheating when we let our industries collapse, and other countries then have to increase their carbon footprint by building all the stuff we actually need to exist here, like ships, wind turbines, cheap tat imported from afar, etc.

    But fuck it, who needs ferries when you’ve got pronouns.

  414. twathater says:

    Re shipbuilding the SG are not interested in preserving or expanding dirty industry in Scotland it would mean they would have to compete with their middle class business owning profit driven friends just like liebour and the tories

    I worked as an outside contractor in most of the shipyards in Scotland ,Fairfields ,Stephens ,Yarrows,James Watt Docks, Robb Caledon , Hall Russell and others and they ALL suffered from the same thing UNDER INVESTMENT, greedy bosses who wouldn’t upgrade or renew anything, tooling or machinery, they stuck rigidly with the old methods and manpower, but then the wages rose and the more men you employed the less profit the bosses made , but in Asia the wages stagnated and the workers multiplied so they got the business and ships

  415. J.o.e says:

    @Geoff Anderson

    How many times do I have to tell you? IM NOT JOE

  416. J.o.e says:

    No, I mean James. Im not James.

  417. Breastplate says:

    Ian B,
    Yes, the goalposts have been shifting constantly since the lockdown to flatten the curve a year and a half ago.
    So yes, the term fully vaccinated will have to mean different things going forward to keep up with each and every booster.

    As you say, it is entirely predictable.

  418. Dan says:

    @ twathater at 6.04pm

    Aye. A while back for an experiment I suggested folk open two tabs on their browser. Search “Scotland Shipbuilding” in one, and “Norway Shipbuilding” in the other, then click “Images” on both pages and the results say it all.
    Half the pics for Scotland are black and white from the old days, whilst for Norway they are pretty much all colour highlighting the ongoing production of modern vessels.

    Having been tossed about in boats during rough seas in the North and Atlantic Seas, there are actually quite specific design characteristics for boats depending on their operating conditions and intended duties.
    The company I worked for had a flat bottomed boat that had been designed to work in the relatively calm Fjords, but it was an uncomfortable nightmare to be on when in rough open water. An issue confirmed by there being an incredibly large drum stocked with antacid tablets on the bridge you could munch as and when required, and there were also regular performances by “The Galley Band” when a big swell was encountered, which basically sounded like a session from The Fast Show Jazz Club sketch, as all the pots, pans, plates, cutlery, and condiments got thrown off the shelves and tables and started crashing around the floor as the boat rock n rolled on the waves… Nice! 😉

  419. Geoff Anderson says:

    James hasn’t answered though!

  420. Captain Yossarian says:

    Dan – The Gourock to Dunoon ferries are Norwegian aren’t they; the red ones? I heard they were bought second hand from Norway years ago and we have been using them ever since.

  421. Dan says:

    @ Cptn Yossa

    I don’t know the origins of, or the hull designs of those particular boats. Maybe Lenny H if he’s reading could answer that.
    Pretty sure shipbuilders from anywhere on the planet could build hulls to any specified design if asked. It may require some tooling or dry dock modifications for a bespoke design, but that’s all part of the engineering task.

    The point I was making is that a boat isn’t just a boat, and the procurement of a vessel for a specific task means its design should follow certain specific applicable criteria.
    Err from that and there may be issues. A bit like yon school foundation. It may have been an adequate design on many sites, but possibly less so in the specific location in Brimmond due to the ground characteristics there.

    Anyway, Gourock to Dunoon is not exactly what you could class as open water though. It’s almost Fjord like…
    Try a hundred miles east or west of Shetland when the weather gets up.

  422. Hatuey says:

    Breastplate: “Yes, the goalposts have been shifting constantly since the lockdown to flatten the curve a year and a half ago.”

    Interesting that you took the lockdown as your starting point when policy on coronavirus started with the “herd immunity” strategy which, at the time, was heralded as a way of keeping the economy, society, and the beaches open.

    The only reason they dumped the herd strategy and moved to lockdown was because they realised the virus was much more serious and deadly than anyone had predicted.

  423. Hatuey says:

    What the hell is going on with all the birds dying and the east coast?

    Fucking scandalous.

    The SNP used to stand for something. Scotland is being raped and turned into a toxic lifeless wasteland as those bastards sit and discuss their precious sexuality.

    In other news, it turns out they’ve been pumping much more oil out of the a North Sea than they admitted. Caught.

    Meanwhile the people’s paedo is up in Balmoral hosting shooting parties when he should be at court in the US.

    Scotland the free for all.

  424. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Dan – I reckon the way modern shipbuilding is going is towards pre-fabrication where the main thing the shipyard does is design and assemble the parts.

    Things like plates get cut precisely and bent off site and are then called forward, lifted off a lorry and welded into place.

    I personally think that Fergusons was a good idea and that revitalizing the yard was a good initiative, but spend the money first and get the place properly established so that it can compete.

    Maybe Jim McColl was the best man to do that but he needs to be given the money and the time.

  425. Robert graham says:

    World Health Organisation

    The WHO who’s main funding is from most western governments and

    The Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation

    No conflict of interest there ? The Gates Foundation has majority shareholding in most Fact Checking companies and extensive involvement and investment in many Pharmaceutical company’s again no conflict of interest. .

    Bill Gates has predicted the next pandemic will have serious effects on the whole worlds population , he predicted in 2017 a major pandemic was on the horizon , shortly afterwards 2019 to be exact the first production started on a Covid19 Vaccine this is because the original vials were not all destroyed after use and they clearly show manufacturer date and expiration date ,

    YEP MISSED THAT LITTLE TELL TALE BIT OF EVIDENCE manufacturer started in 2019 of this never before seen Plague that so far has attracted 4000 Patents , remember a naturally occurring substance cannot be Patented so who or what is producing it ? .

  426. Pixywine says:
    Sturgeon commands us to ” desist” from disagreeing with Government covid disinformation and propaganda. Who the hell is she to tell the opposition-me–I shouldn’t make any objection to government narrative. All these puppet “leaders” Sturgeon Biden the New Zealand goat crackhead are following orders. They are running to their masters timetable. Sturgeon sounds more and more like an Enemy Occupier every day. Her psychologists are giving the fool bad advice.

  427. Scott says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    15 September, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    I personally think that Fergusons was a good idea and that revitalizing the yard was a good initiative, but spend the money first and get the place properly established so that it can compete.

    Maybe Jim McColl was the best man to do that but he needs to be given the money and the time.

    Do you always just open yer mooth n let yer belly rumble?

    Jim McColl bought Ferguson out of admin for £600k in 2014 then walked away after placing it back into administration in 2019. His personal worth was estimated at £1bn in 2017.

    Scottish Government wrote off £50m in loans.

    Aye, he’s all the heroes right enough.

  428. Captain Yossarian says:

    @ Scott – What’s you plan then Scott? Is it the same plan as Laura Slater? Just wipe Scotland’s billionaires off the face of the earth? Who needs them? You have that in common with Lorna Slater….anything else in common?

  429. Scott says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    15 September, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    @ Scott – What’s you plan then Scott? Is it the same plan as Laura Slater? Just wipe Scotland’s billionaires off the face of the earth? Who needs them? You have that in common with Lorna Slater….anything else in common?

    My plan is to continue to call out bullshit.

    And to continue to wear specs and not pay back a student loan.

  430. Captain Yossarian says:

    Scott – OK, Should we build ferries? Should we just buy all of ferries from Turkey? Should we dispense with Jim McColl because he’s a Scottish billionaire? If the Scottish Government gave Jim McColl £50million and he hasn’t given it back, should they not take Jim McColl to Court? Why do you think Jim McColl is taking the Scottish Government to Court? Maybe it’s because the Scottish Government owe Jim McColl money?

    My plan is to continue to call out bullshit.” On you go, Scott – I’m all ears, as they say.

  431. Robert Hughes says:

    Sturgeon ” No referendum until the pandemic is over ”

    Johnson ” No possibility of ” allowing ” a referendum until the pandemic is over ”

    Holyminster just loves the pandemic that keeps on giving

  432. James Che. says:

    I was around the west coast just before Maggie thatcher started demolishing the ship yards,
    It was a busy place,

    My fathers fishing mates came from Clydebank at the weekends, and they gave us a good insight to how busy it was,
    The last ship they worked on was Queen Elizabeth 2.

  433. James Che. says:

    Robert Graham,

    A long studious look behind the scenes to follow the money and foundations can reveal an awful lot of information,

  434. Scott says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    15 September, 2021 at 10:16 pm

    Scott – OK, Should we build ferries? Should we just buy all of ferries from Turkey?

    Until Scotland is independent there’s a multitude of issues with procurement being predominantly ‘in-house’, but the reality is what it is.

    Having operational ferries is vital to Scotland’s way of life, and foreign built ferries aren’t a new thing.

    Even your idols in London are happy to consider foreign companies to build for the Royal Navy.

    Enjoy the rest of your rumbling, but best to stay away from any buildings that are liable to collapse….real or imagined.

  435. James Che. says:

    Robert Hughes.

    Who would have thought it,
    That politics and covid would combine to be a used in this way in the future to cause delays on referendums and independence and marches,?

    With half the population locked up or locked down, only a fraction of Scotland would be mobile,
    And the other half would have to work from home an Skype.

    That will be an effective comeback,

    Who says covid is not connected to politics for the union lovers like NS and BJ.

  436. Benhope says:

    The US and UK are to send nuclear powered submarines to Australia in a new defence arrangement.

    Obviously only to annoy China. Have they learned nothing after being chased out of Afghanistan?

    Boris thinks the UK is still a world power. What are we doing interfering in Asian politics?

    This can only end badly AGAIN !!!!

  437. twathater says:

    @ Dan all those shipyards that I mentioned above all had the capacity to build worldwide shipping,it only highlights the total incompetence of the Sturgeon troughsuppers, buying ,BIFAB , Prestwick Airport , Fergusons and then NOT knowing what to do with them TBH when you promote a failed drama student to a legal position whilst excluding a professional it highlights the severity of their stupidity or the determination to sabotage what should be the ultimate aim

  438. David Caledonia says:

    I go past fergusons shipyard almost every day, believe me its a top class unit.
    It has a lot of foreign workers there, mainly poles I think, I have a friend that works there, he worked in aberdeen for a few years
    He moved into Port Glasgow town, got a job in fergusons and is not impressed with the calibre of a lot of the workers there in the yard
    As I said the yard is a world class facility now, the men who worked in the yard with very poor facilities for years are all gone, thatchers government killed the clyde and a lot of the skills where lost when men where thrown on to the dole when the yards closed down all over the clyde
    Now, I know very little about shipbuilding as I have never worked there, my skills where in the housebuilding game, my father was a top class finishing joiner so he never worked on ships, but he did work on the QE2 in 1967, went to southampton with that ship, but he left the ship there to go back into the building trade
    I remember round about 1963 my father having to go to england to work as there was very little work in inverclyde for joiners under councils that had so much debt they could not build houses, we have always had labour councils here, so no new houses got built, then in the last few years River Clyde Homes got hold of the housing stock without any of the debt the labour run Inverclyde council had run up, now we have had a massive amount of houses built

    Fergusons marine

    I don’t know what the real problem is in that yard, but I would certainly not blame the owner as it was in his interests to have a world class facility which he made it into
    A ferguson bid for ferries was not even considered worth looking at by the management of cal/mac, and so ferry orders have been given to Turkey, a country I have a lot of time for, but I have never come across a shipbuilding company there that can match fergusons
    Mr McColl has done a great job there with what was available to him, the money spent on upgrading that yard can be seen from the street outside, he can be very proud of what he has done there
    Why the present ferries are late seems to be a complicated matter, but a lot of the real reasons seem to be hidden from view
    They do need more workers as the workforce does not seem to be at full strengh at the present time, and a lot of what they do have, especially the management do not seem to be of the calibre needed to run such a great facility
    Cal/mac should hold its head in shame, their decision not to even look at the ferguson bid could kill off the yard in the future, who are the people running the show at cal/mac, and why have they disregarded fergusons bid, that’s an interesting question question, and I wonder if the SNP are going to look into it, don’t forget cal/mac gets taxpayers money to help build their ferries, do we want public money going to help build scottish ferries in Turkey with the loss of scottish jobs, would the germans or the french allow that to happen to them, I very much doubt it
    In my opinion, there should be an independent investigation into a lot of the stuff I have written about here, we have got to get to the bottom of all this, as far as I can see, Jim McColl has put a lot of blame onto the SNP and he is an Independence supporter btw
    Sometimes, there are people who would rather line their own pockets than do the right thing for the people they are supposed to represent
    For myself, I really can’t understand the modern world and the people in charge of things, when we have a shipyard on the clyde and a company sends the work to Turkey instead of the clyde then we have a serious problem with the people that are managing that company

    Do they care about Scotland, and if not, why not

  439. David Caledonia says:

    I am not the greatest of writers, I write it down, grammar mistakes and all

  440. David Caledonia says:

    I did not go to the Alba shindig, I had something very important to do, but it seemed to go well, all the hotels and stuff where all booked for the weekend, good for the local economy
    I do hope my area becomes the centre of Alba or at least a big part of it, we need something here in Inverclyde to get the message out to the people that the SNP and all the other unionists they seem to be in cahoots with are not what scotland needs to get independence
    And btw, Mr McLeney’s father left the SNP at the weekend and he was an SNP guy on the council………….. well done to him

  441. Captain Yossarian says:

    Scott – Shipbuilding on the Clyde and elsewhere in Scotland is kept alive by the MOD. Calmac have already decided to go elsewhere and Lorna Slater wants rid of all billionaires from our shores. So, upon independence, the MOD will relocate to England and shipbuilding in Scotland will be dead within a few years.

    As far as the school goes, it is being checked by the final group of experts. All the experts until now have agreed with me. I just wonder what the final group will say? Mind-you, both Scott from WoS and the Deputy First Minister are sure that I am wrong.

  442. Hugh Jarse says:

    Gorgon Broon rambling on the Today programme, apparently he knows what Scots want.
    Utterly delusional.

  443. holymacmoses says:

    David Caledonia says:
    16 September, 2021 at 2:48 am
    I am not the greatest of writers, I write it down, grammar mistakes and all

    Good to read your posts first thing this morning. Thanks!

  444. Robert Hughes says:

    ” The US and UK are to send nuclear powered submarines to Australia in a new defence arrangement.”

    What is this about I wonder ?

    A massive ” ALERT ! a giant Red ( ” Communist ” ) Squirrel , look over THERE , not over HERE ” where there is growing domestic unrest

    In the UK with the unravelling of the Brexit ” Taking Back Control ” fictions , Covid incoherence/lunacy etc ?

    In the U.S.A where the Biden Gerontocracy has achieved deep levels of dissatisfaction in record time ?

    Australia where the economic effects of it’s new hostile- to- China policy is having severe impacts and protests against the Lockdown Lockstep are growing in size and frequency and the State’s response is one of increasing authoritarian repression ?

    All this and the added bonus of pissing-off that bastion of freedom and fellow globalist France ( Liberte Egalite Hypocrisie )

    What’s not to like ?

  445. Republicofscotland says:

    Captain Yossarian@6.28am.

    “ECONOMY Secretary Kate Forbes has said ferries must be completed at a Scottish Government-owned shipyard, saying she will accept “no ifs, no buts”.”

    We’ll see how this pans out.

    I”d also say the failure to have the two ferries at the Ferguson built on time, is partly down to poor communication between Ferguson, CMAL, and the Scottish government, bearing in mind the design of the MV Glen Sannox was said to have been changed on several occasions by the Scottish government which inturn upped the cost and the time delay.

    The Ferguson shipyard can and should be a great success story for Scottish shipbuilding now, and in the future, if all parties involved in its future can get around the table and communicate with each other.

  446. Grouse Beater says:

    Your essential reading – SNP versus ALBA, the case for freedom

    ‘The Fundamental Case for Freedom’:

  447. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Reiner Fuellmich’s summary of his committee’s findings so far:

  448. Captain Yossarian says:

    The current nuclear submarines were built at Barrow and, before they were started, the yard was transformed with new dry docks, cranes and design offices. It was a few years work and the whole place didn’t look anything like it did before. That work cost tens of millions but, do that first, and then you know you have a modern facility with everything it needs to succeed and people want to work there because they can see a long term future. That work was paid for by the MOD. Until Kate Forbes gets to grips with that strategic way of thinking she can say what she likes as it is meaningless. Calmac need reliability on price and delivery date and that is all that matters to them. They would rather give the work to Fergusons, but just now they can’t.

  449. J.o.e says:

    @Robert Hughes

    I think you kind of hit on the simplest way of visualising and understanding the situation.

    Labels such as communism, democracy, theocracy, left wing, right wing or anything else no longer give us any real clue as where any particular government stands.

    Stalin and Chavez were both communist. They were worlds apart in their treatment of their people.

    The underlying factor in all of this is whether a government is in league with corporate globalism or are supportive of their own nation. Globalism v nationalism. Although very simplistic it is a far better predictor of the direction any government will take than whatever political label they seem to have on them.

    Corporate globalism:
    – the reduction of power in individual nation states, especially those states with strong institutions and with historically alert and aware people
    – taking power out of local communities and government
    – mass demographic changing migration
    – the end of sovereign peoples or ‘natives’
    – increasingly centralised control of wealth by gathering real assets and keeping the masses on fiat currency (and soon digital currency)
    – increasing power to global organisations and multi-national blocs
    – the use of fractious issues (coupled with immigration) to maintain populations unable to achieve political cohesion (think rainbow flag)
    – use of disaster narratives to achieve political ends and centralised political power (global warming, covid etc).
    – the one nation state in all of this who is allowed ethnic and political cohesion is Israel.
    – ultimately the usurpation of the worlds peoples and installation of a corporate technocratic elite.
    – through it all paint everyone who points any of it out as fascist, bigoted or backward and continually misrepresent the creep of corporate globalist power as inclusive, forward thinking and progressive
    – if in doubt go to war.
    – propaganda should know no limits

    This is why I can’t be arsed with ‘nationalist’ parties or individual ‘nationalists’ who fall for any of these points or fail to reasonably address them.

  450. Robert Hughes says:


    Agree with all of that .

    I’d only add the death of the Nation State as a unifying entity has been predicted for some time

    It stubbornly refuses to comply

  451. J.o.e says:

    @Robert Hughes


    My conviction is that the only means of organisation ordinary people have that can resist the continued growth of corporate power (which now financially greater than many nations combined) is the nation state.

    A nation state formed mainly of people who share common bonds of heritage and culture and thus cannot be undermined by twisting the democratic franchise for purposes of inclusivity and anti-racism

  452. Geoff Anderson says:

    Grouse Beater @ 10:28

    An excellent article thank you for the link.

    Refreshing to see Independence being raised on this site which has been taken over by it’s on small clique who shout “squirrel” and rant on every issue except Independence.

    Oh well back to the JOE, James, Robert show….!

  453. J.o.e says:

    @Geoff Anderson

    If what I have just said does not seem to you to be on the general subject of independence for sovereign peoples then you have a very weak ability to comprehend what you read.

    Don’t worry – I wont be on here for very much longer. There’s very little to give or gain now in terms of conversation. We have the bulk of people jumping to 2015 mentality while passively accepting the most obvious corporate and government fraud ever perpetuated, and indeed often arguing in its defense.

    Possibly the greatest crime ever committed is in action, backed up by a paper-thin narrative and a lot of the people I used to have at least some respect for are incapable of bringing even the most basic critical thinking to it.

    Sickened is probably the best way to describe it.

    This struggle is for the younger generation who are currently affected by the world we now have. Not those who can’t see past their TV, nor even try unless it can be considered ‘Unionist propaganda’.

    Not that you care. You probably think im talking about banana’s or something now.

  454. Grouse Beater says:

    Refreshing to see Independence raised on this site taken over by a small clique who shout “squirrel” and rant on every issue except Indy. Geoff Anderson 11.52am

    This is why I limit appearance here to alerting readers to new articles or essays.

  455. James Che. says:

    Aye a few of us here have been aware of the deterring and the forestalling of Scottish independence for a while,
    Through one route or another

    For some here we also realise that the covid war turns into a independence fight for survival politically when one is used to curtail the other by NS,
    We see that sooner or later there be a collision between the two,

    It not a case for or against vaccines,

    It is wether it stops or delays or clashes in our way forward for Scottish independence,

    Most people are fed up waiting while others take the go slow method,

  456. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon calls in the army to help the Scottish ambulance service after pensioner dies whilst waiting forty-hours for an ambulance.

    Instead of giving the unionist media a £3 million bung of Scottish taxpayers money, the cash could’ve went to the Scottish ambulance service.

  457. Robert graham says:

    Ian Brotherhood .

    Thanks for posting the link

    I doubt if people defending the indefensible Government line have ever seen the other side of this Fairy Tale .

    The BBC online News has changes to woman’s period cycle alongside M&S closing European stores and the English cricket team moving up the world rankings that’s how serious they consider this story to be .

    The link is revealing but what really people should see is Irish doctors risking their careers and livelihoods in order to warn parents who are being coerced by peer pressure and government pressure to have perfectly healthy children with something that offers absolutely no benefit none.

    As for people who are complaining about anything and anyone raising this subject when the purpose of this site is Independence , Well lets face it a Indyref2 vote is so far in the distance with this administration that there is no point in pushing it because the SNP have blocked it ,

    The Single most important item that affects everyone and when only one side of the story is being presented , as Walter White said in Breaking Bad ” NOTHING STOPS THIS TRAIN ” who ever is behind this dystopian nightmare ain’t stopping and are being helped by people complying unquestionably this will stop if we stop it , because then it all falls apart

  458. Hatuey says:

    “ECONOMY Secretary Kate Forbes has said ferries must be completed at a Scottish Government-owned shipyard, saying she will accept “no ifs, no buts”.”

    I’m sure they will be. Replace a lightbulb at a Scottish yard before putting them into service and you’ve technically “completed” them there.

    I see they’re about to bring the British army in to help with the expected surge in covid cases. Based on the current numbers and some reasonable expectations, I don’t see how we avoid another lockdown by the end of October.

    There’s a pattern. Pretend everything’s fine and open everything up, slowly realise you jumped the gun, close everything down again with blame directed at peasants, anti-vaxxers, the young, etc. It’s the third time they’ve done this.

    He Boris & Nicola show rolls on. They’re a team. Believe it.

  459. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Robert Graham (1.07) –

    Yeah, I think I know the one you mean. It was from the Irish council on Human Rights.

    Powerful stuff.

  460. Ottomanboi says:

    The process of deskilling in the anglophone world and reliance on tertiary service industries in great measure precipitated the rise of China, S Korea and Japan as manufacturing countries. The other factor was a Confucianism which valued self reliance ie autarky and a reticence regarding foreign intervention. The history of all three indicates an ability to learn how to make things, improve them and keep on making them. City of London quick buck, casino capitalism this is not.
    Japan is the proto model. The rapid development of rail transport in the country is totemic. Initiated by a Scottish engineer.
    A Scottish state that just rubber stamps the anglosaxon model would not be truly independent.
    A dram of Japanese whisky anyone? A shot of Scottish sake?

  461. Pixywine says:

    In the face of the great Evil which is sweeping across the world Independence is a bone to distract your attention and blunt your critical faculties by banging your head against a political wall. Let us free ourselves from Tyranny first.

  462. James Che. says:

    If I am reading the article accurately,

    I am assuming that the way forward is through the Un.

    After we decolonise the Scottish manner in which we see ourselves.

    I am up for that,

    It means I haven’t been wasting my breath and time on hear trying to change of whom they are as people and a country,

    For instance Scottish language in all its facets is being subsumed into British language.

    I asked twice over a long period of time what the Scottish word “Tint” meant
    Not sure I have had any response.
    Yet this is a word that is seldom heard and my spouse is one of the last generation I hear using it,

    When natural culture and language is lost is, it is gone forever.

    And colonism is complete.

  463. Geoff Anderson says:

    I forgot about Pixywine!

    A Unionist shouting “Independence is a bone to distract you”

    Amazing how many urgent issues we have more important than Independence.
    One of a long list of posters screaming “look over here”

  464. James Che. says:

    Ian brotherhood.

    Thanks for the link to bitchute, Irish doctors speaking out,
    Interesting to hear voices that are usually suppressed.

  465. Robert Hughes says:

    Geoff @ 11.52

    Too bad that’s your perception Geoff : I’ve noticed similar comments on other pro-Indy blogs , not naming myself or the others people you mention above , but the same comments that WOS BLT has been * taken over* by ……fill-in derogatory label of choice .

    As J.O.E said , everything we talk about relates in one way or another to Independence .

    I’m not an authority on Constitutional or Sovereignty matters , like Breeks for example , my interest in Party Politics and the personalities therein is limited and while I’ve been as critical of Sturgeon/NSNP as anyone here there’s only so much one can say without stultifying repetition renders it meaningless .

    Is that not what’s happened to blogs like WGD ? only in his/their case the critical monomania is reserved for Johnson/Tories , as if there is any meaningful difference between Sturgeon and Johnson – clue , there isn’t

    It’s my conviction the impositions being wrought by the disastrous * handling * of Covid is the defining issue of our time and will effect calamitous changes in our societies . We really can’t afford to ignore it .

    J.O.E I was thinking along the same lines . If the general perception is that the things we talk about here are causing people to abandon WOS , fair enough , I’ll remove myself , at least from commenting .

    If people find the subject – Covid – distracting so be it .Lets see where we are vis Independence and our personal liberty in 6 months or so

  466. Ruby says:

    Robert Hughes says:

    J.O.E I was thinking along the same lines . If the general perception is that the things we talk about here are causing people to abandon WOS , fair enough , I’ll remove myself , at least from commenting .

    If people find the subject – Covid – distracting so be it .Lets see where we are vis Independence and our personal liberty in 6 months or so


    Why not set up a forum uniquely for discussing Covid issues?

    As it stands you look like a bunch of Unionist trolls who have hijacked Wings.

    PS It’s not a good look for the main protagonist of your group to refer to female posters on Wings as ‘fuckin’ thick twats’

  467. Pixywine says:

    Geof Anderson. What exactly is going on for Independence except stagnation and political dog fighting among Independence parties?

  468. Pixywine says:

    Ruby. You’re not talking about a “group” you’re referring to individuals who read the politics around covid 19 differently from you. If you read closely you would see that I and I think other covid dissenters are favourable to Independence or at least used to be until the low quality of our political class became so evident that I don’t think I’ll ever cast a vote again. While we are bounced into ” emergency” legislation whenever it suits pharma companies you can’t say we live in a democracy.

  469. Breastplate says:

    Geoff Anderson,
    The Manic Street Preachers had a greatest hits album that puts me in mind of Scottish Independence.

  470. Rogueslr says:

    Oh dear, I’m sure we all wish him a swift recovery as he’d never get an ambulance soon.

  471. Breastplate says:

    I will always be for Scottish self determination, no matter what party, clique or f#ckwit is in charge.
    We will have problems or challenges regardless of who is in the driving seat.

  472. Ruby says:


    You are not talking sense just your usual drivel.

  473. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Why not set up a forum uniquely for discussing Covid issues? ”

    There are plenty of groups already doing that .

    My interest has been how the enforcing of the , at best * partial * , Governmental Covid narrative is impacting on everything of value , including Independence . Maybe you’ve not noticed Ruby .

    As long as people accept the Sturgeon narrative on this they have no credible defence against how that narrative is affecting our aspiration .

    Over and out .

  474. Just a thought do you think the Tories abstained in the Universal credit vote yesterday because they knew the PM was going to sack some of them. And would the seventeen thousand they got in severance pay be taken into account .If they were that bad WHO APPOINTED THEM IT WAS THE SAME GUY WHO SACKED THEM.

  475. Breastplate says:

    Well done to Kenny MacAskill.

  476. Republicofscotland says:

    Now you hunt down Margaret Thatcher in the 10th Circle of Hell.

    “Faced with the return of one of humanity’s greatest threats, you have no choice but to head to the tenth circle of Hell: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,”

    In this new computer game simulated to look like Doom, Thatcher and all she stands for is your target, sounds like a good game to me, as did that wonderful song that made it to No.1 in the charts (Ding Dong the Witch is Dead), ah, the good old days.

  477. Ottomanboi says:

    Sturgeon is just one of the many weaponizing «the virus» for their own particular ends. It has been a godsend to Johnson, veiling the post brexit mess.
    The really disturbing factor is the reaction of the populace. Everywhere there appears to have been compliance with government diktat. The hyping of SarsCov-2 as the same or worse than the so-called Spanish flu pandemic was a good ploy. It put the fear of imminent death by touch, breath, proximity into everybody. Got the people to «stay safe» by not socializing and later offered the miraculous «cure», the blessed vaccine, which, as if in a bad gothic novel, turns out to be nothing of the kind.
    But, the populace has been well programmed so they eagerly await the next round of bio chemistry.
    Independence is a state of mind. Should you not possess the faculty for freedom, when offered its significance fails to register. Some may just enjoy subordinacy and being treated like morons.

  478. Ian Brotherhood says:

    For those who want to contact their MPs about the imminent jagging of children, this is a great way of doing it:

  479. Republicofscotland says:

    Many folk were calling for May’s Scottish elections to be a plebiscite of which the Scottish government ignored. Looking ahead to the proposed indyref in Autumn 2023 by Sturgeon, would it not be prudent by us, those who want Scottish independence, to further back Sturgeon into a corner by calling on the 2024 General Elections to be used as a plebiscite for Scottish independence, if Sturgeon fails to deliver on her 2023 promise of holding an indyref, which see undoubtably will.

    We wouldn’t even have to lay the foundations of the 2024 plebiscite in 2023 nor would we require the consent of the Westminster government controlled Electoral Commission, nor would we require the cooperation of unionist ran councils to organise voting booths, who would surely obstruct the process in anyway they could.

    For all we would require is that a majority of independence minded MP’s were elected to Westminster from Scotland to carry the day. From there we would recall the MP’s and confirm the vote at our own parliament Holyrood, from there we declare independence, and begin negotiations with Westminster to dissolve this awful onesided union.

    We have three-year to organise this and to constantly remind Scots that this is a viable route to independence after Sturgeon reneges on her Autumn 2023 indyref promise, Covid should be well and truly under control by then.

  480. Peter N says:

    To those arguing that people that have their doubts on this Covid (so-called) ‘vaccine’ are just a bunch of anti-vax nutters I would point to the following two videos which just go to show what is really happening with ‘protecting’ us from Covid:

    W.H.O. Whistleblower, Dr. Astrid Stuckelburger, Breaks Down The Corruption Between WHO, GAVI & Gov


    Dr Michael Yeadon: “An Urgent Warning to the World”

    I would think that the folks that are advocating (in effect) that vaccination should be compulsory really need to watch those videos before they comment any further. Doubly so for for that agent of compulsion, Andy Ellis.

  481. Republicofscotland says:

    Another route to Scottish independence that backs Sturgeon into a corner, is one of, if she asks Johnson for a S30 and he refuses to comply with our wish, thus snubbing democracy in the process, and the will of the Scottish people. Again we call back our MP’s from Westminster to Holyrood a democratic vote of all MP’s and MSP’s takes place in our parliaments chamber and if a independence majority is recorded we declare independence there and then, again we inform Westminster and negotiate our way out of this God awful union.

    Scotland public will not have been disenfranchised by this route to independence for those MSP’s MP’s who vote yes or no to independence will have been democratically elected by the Scottish public ergo their will is represented no matter the outcome of the vote.

    The benefits of this route is that as soon as Sturgeon’s request is rejected (S30) by the UK PM, we can set a date to call our MP’s back from Westminster and begin the process.

  482. Robert graham says:

    Oops I guess Humza never really got the how to ride a 4 wheel Scooter not 2 fkn 4 wheels .

    He has been quoted as being angry with the BBC for showing a clip of him ending up on his arse

    Surprised that when I went to the BBC Scotland website there is nothing yep nothing to see I guess it takes a while for it to update eh , apparently he injured himself playing I think it was squash or some other pointless fkn game I am surprised he has the time when the same BBC headlines Army to be brought in to assist a stretched to breaking point Ambulance Service.

    Not a good look Humza you getting injured playing games , while one of the services in your brief is resorting to calling in the military .

    And ffs a 4 wheeler as well I mean and he’s in charge of something when he can’t competently be in charge of a fkn Scooter

  483. Robert graham says:

    Anyone confident Sturgeon will ever call Indyref2

    I mean ever ?

    The reason I ask is from there own mouths THE PLAN HASENT BEEN STARTED YET fk they are going to have to get a move on if you ask me times a wasting .

  484. James Che. says:

    Peter N.

    The sad thing is they seem happy not to search out All information.
    And are actually content to slogan and push only one view point.

    That is sad if we want to escape colonism here in Scotland Never mind the ideology of globalism.

  485. stuart mctavish says:

    Robert Hughes @9:05am

    Re: AUKUS, What’s not to like (apart from the acronym had France joined)

    Is it my wife’s imagination or did UK Government order an urgent recall of parliament recently, such was the (alleged?) dismay at the danger US command and control had caused for British civilians and troops operating in joint security missions elsewhere in the region?

  486. Fred says:

    “Surprised that when I went to the BBC Scotland website there is nothing yep nothing to see I guess it takes a while for it to update eh , ”

    Glenn Campbell’s posted it on his twitter – and, of course, the indignant Yousaf’s went on the attack already, comparing it to someone falling out of a wheelchair! Give me strength.
    Actually, what’s appalling is his little gopher running behind him trying to keep up – with a notebook in one hand and Yousaf’s crutches in the other.

  487. Hatuey says:

    I’m starting to think Ruby isn’t a team player.

  488. Dan says:

    Good to see Humza “Send It” Yousaf getting in some practice for the next X Games / Nitro Circus.

  489. Republicofscotland says:

    The Claim of Right could also be used to exit this absurd union, in that Westminster recognises it, and even if it didn’t the Scottish people do.

    The Claim of Right, it is for the people of Scotland to choose the form of governance best suited to their needs, and the best form of governance requires ALL the levers of government and this can only be achieved with full independence.

    Again using the Claim of Right our MP’s could be called back from Westminster and a vote held at Holyrood, along with our MSP’s of whether or not to stay or leave this rancid union, if the people of Scotland are sovereign and we are in my opinion, then so are our politicians, and they represent the Scottish public, so a vote at Holyrood on independence would be legitimate in my opinion.

    Lets not forget the power of a Claim of Right the 1989 Claim of Right led to Scottish devolution. Back then all the Labour and Lib/Dem were in favour of devolution, including Allistair Darling, Charles Kennedy, Menzies Campbell and Gordon Brown.

    Imagine what our parliament could achieve if SLAB and the Lib/Dems actually had Scots interests at heart today, instead of the interests of a foreign country’s government, namely Westminster.

  490. Ruby says:

    James Che. says:
    16 September, 2021 at 5:55 pm
    Peter N.

    The sad thing is they seem happy not to search out All information.


    How are they?

    The thing is James one can search out all information & watch ever ‘You Tube’ video Pixywine posts but in the end how do you decide who is right & who is wrong?

    The feeling I get from those posting information about Covid on this website is that they are saying we are right and you are wrong ‘cos you are too stupid & in your case ‘cos you are too lazy.

  491. Luigi says:

    “Ambulance for Humza!”

    Wot a Plonker. 🙂

  492. robbo says:

    Humza Yousaf

    He was speeding in that corridor the tumshie so it’s his ain fault.. Can’t believe he’s winging aboot it cos he got caught on film.

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