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Alistair Darling Lie Bingo

Posted on August 25, 2014 by

We’ve been so busy with the Wee Blue Book for the past week or so that we only just got round to listening to last Tuesday’s interview with Alistair Darling on Good Morning Scotland in time, before it vanished from the iPlayer. The former Chancellor gets a quite uncomfortable ride from presenter Gary Robertson, and flaps angrily for much of the ten-and-a-half minutes trying to turn every question into one on currency.


Mr Darling also makes some startlingly and empirically false statements throughout the interview, and we thought it’d be worth noting a few of them and seeing if they crop up on tonight’s BBC1 debate with the First Minister.

 2m 01s

DARLING: “Scotland’s budget is increasing and has increased.”

ROBERTSON:“The block grant hasn’t.”

DARLING:“The amount of money that the Scottish Government is getting to spend has been going up all the time.”

This is a lie. While it’s surprisingly hard to pin down, we know the size of the Scottish Government’s block grant from a Freedom of Information response issued by the UK government in May 2012 and a September 2013 report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (table 8, page 52).

2010-11: £27.274bn

2011-12: £26.985bn

2012-13: ???

2013-14: £26.388bn

2015-16: £25.559bn

The IFS notes that that’s a 6.9% decrease from 2011 to 2016. In cash terms it’s a cut of £1.72 billion from the 2011 level, which is no small beer. It’s enough, for example, to pay for free university tuition (£590m), free prescriptions (£60m), free bus passes for pensioners (£180m) and free personal care for the elderly (£200m), with £685m (almost enough for the Edinburgh trams) left over.

3m 18s

DARLING: “The health budget has increased right through the 13 years of the Labour government, it is carrying on increasing and is increasing again.”

This is a lie. In 2012, the Labour shadow health secretary Andy Burnham lodged a complaint with the UK Statistics Authority about Conservative claims that spending on the NHS (in England) had increased. The complaint was upheld.

“David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt have been ordered to stop claiming that NHS spending has increased after the official statistics watchdog found health funds had fallen.

Andy Burnham, Labour’s shadow health secretary, demanded that Mr Cameron appear in the Commons to correct his ‘misleading boasts’.

‘David Cameron famously promised he would cut the deficit, not the NHS,’ Mr Burnham said. ‘We now have it in black and white: he has cut the NHS, not the deficit. The Prime Minister must come to the House of Commons at the earliest opportunity and correct the record.’”

6m 19s

DARLING: “[Salmond is] hinting yesterday that he’d have the Panama solution, you know, using the pound, the one thing that his panel of experts – you know, that he keeps saying, with the two Nobel laureates on it – ruled out, the one thing they ruled out, and no wonder, because you’ve got no backup.”

This is a lie. The Fiscal Commission Working Group’s report on currency alternatives DID NOT “rule out” the so-called “sterlingisation” option. In fact they very explicitly ruled it in, but only as a short-term transitional option.


That much is blindingly obvious. Sterlingisation would be an unsatisfactory long-term option for an independent Scotland because of the lack of monetary control, and would only be used for a period while the country established a credit history before moving to its own currency. Nevertheless, during that period it would be perfectly feasible (many economists actually consider it preferable to a currency union), and the FCWG absolutely did not rule it out for that purpose.

6m 34s

DARLING: “[with sterlingisation] you have to run a surplus, that’s what they do in Panama.”

This is a lie. According to the CIA World Factbook, Panama runs a deficit of 2.6% of GDP, only slightly lower than the same source’s figure for the UK (3.6%).


7m 45s

DARLING: “I know from my own experience as Chancellor, the Bank of England doesn’t actually have that much money.”

We can’t actually say what Alistair Darling considers to be a lot of money, of course. But according to its last annual report the BoE has reserves of £403 billion, which seems like quite a useful wedge to us.

By a different measure, again from the CIA World Factbook, the UK’s central bank reserves are the fifth-highest in the EU. And measured per head of population they come to $1,389 per person, almost three times as high as the USA’s $479.

10m 22s

DARLING: “It’s not just [tax powers], there’s also additional devolution of powers in relation to welfare [in the event of a No vote], of Housing Benefit.”

As the question Robertson had asked was “What new powers can you guarantee will follow” a No vote, this is a lie. Darling absolutely cannot “guarantee” devolution of Housing Benefit, and not just because he’s a powerless backbencher with no authority to promise anyone anything.

(Darling hasn’t even committed himself to stand as an MP in 2015.)

Labour hasn’t the faintest idea how it would go about extricating housing benefits from Universal Credit – its devolution document makes only a vague aspiration towards the notion, while noting the many difficulties that would arise. The Conservatives’ effort, the Strathclyde Commission report, is even more woolly on the “how” and even more explicit on the problems:

“Under the Welfare Reform Act 2012, housing benefit is to become one component of the new Universal Credit (‘UC’).

It is likely to be administratively highly complex (and expensive) to disentangle the housing benefit element of UC for Scottish recipients in order to devolve responsibility for that one component of UC to the Scottish Parliament. None the less, if it can be done there is a case for devolving housing benefit.” (page 17)

Our emphases. And the Liberal Democrat “more powers” mini-pamphlet doesn’t mention housing benefit at all (or very much of anything). So Darling’s “guarantee” of housing benefit powers amounts to two heavily-disclaimered “maybe”s and a nothing.

It’s not bad going for 10 minutes. Let’s see how many we can spot tonight.

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134 to “Alistair Darling Lie Bingo”

  1. muttley79 says:

    The usual lies from Darling.

  2. Proud Cybernat says:

    Yet ANOTHER BT/Project Fear liar. Of course we already know Darling is a liar after he claimed in his 2010 general election campaign that a Tory Westminster Govt would slash spending on schools and hospitals in Scotland. He now argues the precise opposite. Was he lying in 2010 or is he lying now?

  3. MajorBloodnok says:

    Could do with some Darling’s-Lies Bingo cards for tonight, like. Anyone got any?

  4. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Why does Darling lie?

    Because he can.

    Like the fable about the scorpion and crocodile.

    This is how Darling operates.

  5. Brotyboy says:

    So in the last 5 days, we’ve had articles showing up 3 liars and 1 idiot, all from the Labour Party.

    Tick tock Labour, tick tock.

  6. KillieBoab says:

    Got my Wee Blue Book yesterday and handed out many others during on the ‘mass canvass’ of the Bellfield area of Kilmarnock yesterday by over 40 members of Yes East Ayrshire and Yes North Ayrshire. Just what we need to assist us move the undecided to YES.

    Well done Rev!

  7. Macart says:


    And a poor one at that.

  8. Wee_monsieur says:

    CIA are for YES? Now that’s worrying!

  9. Alan McHarg says:

    Maybe we need a “Wee Red Book” for all liebours lies throughout the campaign. Then again it wouldn’t be very wee!

    Could be described as the “Big Red Book”…entitled “This is your lie”!…see what I did there!

    Huhaw, huhaw…tonight Alistair Darling…you thought you were coming here to debate with Alex Salmond…but how wrong you were…for tonight Alistair Darling…This is your LIE!(presented with his BRB)…I’ll get ma coat!

  10. Murray McCallum says:

    Flipper was maybe referring to a balance of trade surplus regards “sterlingisation”. A condition which Scotland comfortably meets.

    If we get on to Lender of Last Resort and Central Bank etc, I see it as a positive step if Scotland rebalances its economy by having global investment banking businesses formally registered in the City of London (i.e. where they are operationally run from).

    These activities can be contrasted with the traditional fee-based asset / wealth / pension management businesses as well as retail banking. These activities invest client funds and their success or failure is built on decades of experience in dealing with risk and not failing because of a lax attitude to it.

  11. geeo says:

    The script has been set, oil is running out, must be true, ian woods has said so (just ignore the huge change of opinion).


    If all else fails, get every conversation onto currency.

    Job done, victory for Darling, Darling saves the union!!

    Yes on 18th September is going to be one big bloody shock to them.

    But not really ??

  12. Desimond says:

    Sadly after seeing the vox-pop adverts for tonights debate, i reckon you could have a “Headslap” Bingo Card for folk who continue to claim they arent given enough information or “The both or them still arent giving the facts(on pensions etc)”.

    As my daughter says “No one has any excuse for such a claim…if you want information, GO AND GET IT!”

    Scotland…spoon fed so long, some folk dont know how to find a knife and fork!

  13. dennis mclaughlin says:

    After the Wee Blue Book and the referendum’s YES verdict,when does the ‘Cultural Revolution’ start in Scotland?.

    We have a lot of ‘pseudo-intellectuals’ and other lying spin doctors to “re-educate”.

    Pol Pot & Co got away with it for years ,just like Britain’s Labour Party.

  14. Thepnr says:

    Rev, great work. Anytime you have a conversation with people and they tell you “Darling said…” then just tell them it’s a lie.

    Use the Dugdale line, look it up on Google. Nicy Nicy has been fine up till now, however it’s gloves off time. You must combat their lies with facts at every opportunity.

    Don’t be shy, this is our offspring’s future we are voting to ensure.

  15. muttley79 says:

    @Rev Stu

    The thing that intrigued me before the first debate was how Darling would keep a lid on his temper.

    He can barely contain his rage that we’re having a referendum at all – you need only watch him in Michael Portillo’s BBC documentary about the 2011 election to see how furious he was about it long before he was head of “Better Together”.

    He handled the problem by embracing it, and acting like a ranting, finger-pointing night-bus loony from the starting bell.

    Haha, a genuine LoL moment with that last line you managed to sneak in there. 😀 😀

  16. Ian Russell says:

    When Darling opens his mouth to answer a question he does one of the following two things

    1. He has a dose of verbal diarrhea which he finds hard to control and therefore speaks a load of gobbledegook


    2 He is a liar

  17. G H Graham says:

    Just look at the productivity required to debunk a blatant lie.

    That’s why NO use so many preposterous lies. They know very well that each & every one of their comic story headlines takes many times more work to debunk it & most folks neither have the skills, energy or resource.

    Yes, coming to pages here helps but despite the millions of hits it get’s, it’s still hard to negate the insidious daily diet of puerile propaganda, delivered with sneering ease by Gary Robertson or Jackie Bird right into folk’s cars & living rooms.

  18. JGedd says:

    @Bugger(the Panda)1.16pm

    Is that anything like the fable of the scorpion and the frog? Because in that fable the scorpion tells the dying frog which had been ferrying them both across the river, that the frog shouldn’t have believed that he wouldn’t sting since, as the scorpion tells the frog, before they both drown, he couldn’t help it because it was in his nature even if he, too, perished by his own act of treachery.

    Mind you, that could equally apply to Darling. Some people just lie because it’s in their nature, with no thought of the consequences – the stinging is all.

  19. Hewitt83 says:

    Problem being, apart from websites like this, these lies are not being exposed.

  20. Snowy bottles says:

    He also mentioned that, john swinney advisor had moved from a yes to a no postion. Does anyone have any evidence for this statement?

  21. moujick says:

    @ KillieBoab – who are you in real life? I was on Bellfield Mass Canvass duty yesterday as well? 😉 (Gary btw)

  22. Jim says:

    The NHS isn’t free, we pay for it with our taxes, also, I am registered with an NHS dentist and I still have to pay a certain amount towards the cost because me and my partner are both working.

  23. tartanfever says:

    Hewitt83 says:

    ‘Problem being, apart from websites like this, these lies are not being exposed.’

    Eh ? Do you ever read the stats that Rev Stu posts about the readership of this site ?

  24. PeeGee says:

    Shame they let that revolting bigot C Lindsay on STV. Does drunken Duncan Hovercraft moan about her disgusting beliefs being given publicity?

  25. Jim says:

    If Scotland gets the power to raise or lower it’s own taxes, do they get to keep the money or does it still go to the treasury? It’s a bit of a crap offer anyway, why would the Scottish Government raise taxes above what they are in the rest of the UK, sure recipe for people leaving the country is it not?

  26. heraldnomore says:

    Why do I have Doris Day as an ear worm every time Darling’s on the telly?

  27. Capella says:

    “When a politician tells you something in confidence, always ask yourself Why is this lying bastard lying to me?” (Louis Heren)
    That’s Gordon Brown, Kezia Dugdale and Alistair Darling all in one week. A hat trick as well as Bingo.

  28. Gary says:

    Is EVERYTHING they say a lie? Do I say this EVERY day? Yes and yes…

  29. HandandShrimp says:

    Darling simply makes stuff up as he goes along. Of course his assertions can be countered after the event but he is not a minister and cannot be held to account for them. He has free rein to spoof as much as he likes and the media never seem to bother checking his factoids afterwards.

    That said most so called journalists in this debate seem well short of any professional integrity or, indeed, ability.

  30. Jack Murphy says:

    Jim Sillars has written a letter to Alistair Darling today:

  31. Hewitt83 says:


    That’s why I said – apart from websites like this!

  32. IcySpark says:


    It is true but he was an advisor well over 10 years ago left the SNP in 2004.

  33. fred blogger says:

    Jack Murphy
    thanks for posting that, i was feeling hollowed out with all of their lies.
    i feel better now.
    deep respect to jim for standing up for us all.

  34. Michael McCabe says:

    Alistair Darling Lie Bingo. Must have a go at that I thought. Ticking the Lies off one by one. Doing pretty well here. Just ticked off another two. Just need one more and up pops two blinking Eye Brows. Yes Yes I have won. House House House House. I have not won. Just found out Alistair Flipped the Houses. Vote Yes.

  35. Clootie says:

    Darling/Brown and Blair are set for life and nothing will be allowed to get in the way.

    All three lied about Iraq and still deny the impact of their actions. All make vast sums from the connections they made while towing the line in protecting the money market people.

    Wake up people!

    Follow the money – look at the people funding the union.
    Give them a shock and vote YES.
    They think because they can buy Darling and Co that is all they need to do.

  36. Beanstalk says:

    Alistair Darling – “both governments the nationalists and the coalition government are increasing the amount of money they are spending on private contractors.”

    Although its technically true, it is deliberately misleading.

    Scottish NHS private contractor spending has increased from 68M to 83M. This is a jump from 0.6% to 0.7% of NHS Scotland spending. Compared with 7Billion of private contracts in England.

  37. Nana Smith says:


    Jim Murphy Kilmarnock 4pm. Anyone want to go along and listen?

  38. YESGUY says:

    It would be fair to say they are gonna ramp up the scares up to and including Ref day. It’s a constant supply of shite and to be fair even though we knew it would be like this , it’s still rankles many.

    We go into the final stages stronger than we have been before. Polls , even the squinty ones from Yougov etc , have shown that YES is on the increase. If the MSM say we are close and even politicians saying it will be close, take it as a fact that they are running scared.

    Currency, EU, NATO etc scares. Nothing more .

    The biggest problem for unionists is giving us the benefits of better together. Something they have failed to do since day one.

    Keep the heed folks. We are winning. YESSERS are everywhere. We are loud and proud, positive and able to answer questions with sincerity and it HAS worked.

    Most folk now have big doubts about the decisions thrown at us from MSM. We have made folk sit up and question the powers at be for their authenticity. And folk are fed up listening to scare after scare every time they read the rags or switch on the telly.

    Scotland the only country that canny do anything right.


    Keep positive, Leave the Salmond/Darling interview to itself. Wee Eck is a clever tactical man. He’s learned from his last episode and we can expect a different man this time.

    Wee PS.

    Thanks to all at Leith Festival. Rain and smiles aplenty.
    How can we lose with good folk like that.( Got my photo taken with the blue fire engine. Brilliant)Stocked up on posters/stickers and the like.

  39. Colin says:

    While we are on the subject of lies, has anyone seen the Press and Journal’s 16 page pullout, all you need to know, referendum guide.

    According to them we can’t use the pound if we leave the UK.

  40. les Wilson says:

    The MSM will have already constructed two outcomes for tonight.
    1. Salmond gets another trashing ( in the event of the First Minister shading it!)

    2. Salmond’s true nature comes out and denies Darling to speak! His bulling ways are unacceptable to the electorate! (Alex gives him an obvious to all,verbal thumping!)

    But, you can fool some of the people som……….

  41. les Wilson says:

    Murray McCallum says:

    I would keep away from Financial stuff via London, they will not do us ANY favours.

  42. Nana Smith says:

    Heaven help anyone who decides Yes is the true path.
    Mary Scanlon another lib dem liar…

  43. fred blogger says:

    have decided yet what currency they will be using?

  44. fred blogger says:

    Nana Smith
    my hope is that jim sillars turns up with his pa!

  45. Walking on Sunshine says:

    How do you know when Gordon Brown, Kezia Dugdale or Alistair Darling are telling lies?

    Their lips start moving.

  46. David Anderson says:

    O/T that’s four BTUKNOTHANKS publications in two days, every one of them asking people to vote by post. Now I ain’t paranoid I am just realistic, that just worries me.They are really ramping it up with all this correspondence which is fine but the heavy focus on getting people to vote by post is worrying. If they send out the forms they naturally know who intends to vote by post, it doesn’t take a huge jump of the imagination to see what they could potentially do with that information. Me no likey!

  47. Proud Cybernat says:

    O/T Apologies.

    I’ve been looking at the Scottish voting population figures and something struck me as rather peculiar. (Figures from Wiki).

    tVP=Total Voting Population

    1997 Ref – 2,389,445 (60.4 %) (3,956,035 tvp)
    2010 GE – 2,465,722 (63.8%) (3,864,768 tvp) (-91,267 on 1997 tvp)
    2011 SE – 1,989,222 (50%) (3,978,444 vp(+113,676 on 2010 tvp)

    Anyone know why there was such a substantial increase in the tvp from 2010 GE to 2011 SE (an increase of 113,676 voters)?

    Also, does anyone know how many voters are registered for the Indy Ref?

  48. Colin says:

    @fred blogger

    “have decided yet what currency they will be using”

    Disney dollars after they loose Scotland from its GDP.

  49. MajorBloodnok says:

    If there is a big turnout on the day (and I think there will be) then all of the attempts to skew things with postal votes and rigged opinion polls will come to naught and it will be YES.

    Fer instance, on our Meadows stall on Saturday there were people who turned up, who did not look like habitual voters, keen to sign the declaration, get badges and to vote.

    I think that the turnout will be huge and it won’t help the NO vote.

  50. Colin says:

    Or even “lose”, oops.

  51. fred blogger says:

    so the scottish £ it will be then!

  52. Muscleguy says:


    So, how was the mood on the doorsteps of Kilmarnock? My birthplace for what it’s worth.

  53. Macart says:


    That’s my reading. I suspect a large turnout won’t favour BTs chances at all. Let’s face it, they’ve pulled everything out in attempt to turn people off the referendum and there’s only one possible reason for that. Their problem now though is that registration is at near record levels. I’d put a couple of quid on the odds that those who are registering haven’t voted for quite some time and the reason they are doing so now is to make their feelings known about Westminster’s track record in charge.

  54. liz says:

    O/T – daily record monstering Phillippa Whitford over ‘lying’ about danger to Scottish NHS – poll on there 33% Yes and 67% No.

    Get voting even though you are giving them traffic as it won’t be for much longer – hopefully.

  55. Free at 63! says:

    Agree, Major Bloodnok.

    At our Yes stall in Clydebank on Saturday there were at least 6 people filled in voter registration forms and this is normal for us.

    More people come to the stalls or the shop for stickers, flags, badges, etc. Sometimes people ask for leaflets to give family members and/or workmates to persuade them to Yes.

    It’s not official canvassing alone which will win but people talking to family/friends as others have said.

  56. IcySpark says:


    From Joan McAlpine’s (Daily Record) FB page:

    My Q & A The Truth about Scotland’s Oil has just gone online today on Daily Record site. Please try to share as widely as possible. The UK government have had TWO ministers complain to the editor already and are clearly rattled.

    linked to her Daily Record story here:

  57. Luigi says:

    If there is a big turnout on the day (and I think there will be) then all of the attempts to skew things with postal votes and rigged opinion polls will come to naught and it will be YES.

    Agreed. Dirty tricks and Black Ops will only be effective if it is a very, very close vote (unless we are living in Zimbabwe). To be honest, a narrow YES win is only slightly more desirable than a narrow NO win.

    Either side needs to need to win convincingly, otherwise Johann’s “War” just goes on and on.

  58. Jim Marshall says:

    heraldnomore 2.06

    “Why do I have Doris Day as an ear worm every time Darling’s on the telly?”

    This Doris Day song is more appropriate for Henry McLeish…Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.

  59. Luigi says:

    It’s a constant supply of shite and to be fair even though we knew it would be like this , it’s still rankles many.

    Unfortunately for BT, they have been throwing the same old brown, smelly stuff at us for more than two years. It’s no longer effective.

  60. Harry McAye says:

    I wonder where in Edinburgh Sky’s James Matthews will be tonight and tomorrow. It’s always Edinburgh but maybe he should have a look for all the Yes signs in windows in Morningside.

    Record poll seems to have been stuck on 33% for hours. Strange, as all their recent polls have shown overwhelming support for Yes.

  61. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Yes, frog, croc, same fable.

  62. Meindevon says:

    Sorry O/T but just read on STV website that 30 ministers in the Church of Scotland have signed a pledge to vote Yes.

    ‘Peter Macdonald, the leader of the ecumenical Iona Community said: “I no longer believe the Westminster Government is capable of delivering the socially just and equitable society in which I want to live.

    “The British state no longer serves the needs of all its people. Economic policies pursued have favoured the wealthy who have grown richer and stigmatised the poor and vulnerable who are paying for the failures of the private financial sector.”‘

    Let’s hope that number rises.

  63. ronnie anderson says:

    Not long in from canvasing Glenmavis, WBB given out to DKs as much as I could spare needing more for this weeks events.

  64. pussy nancy says:

    Just thought I would pop this in here to let you all see that Gordon is still dishing out the dirt!
    I ‘phoned the contact number and got a recorded message asking for my name, address and party something or other which I couldn’t make out. I was then told that I would be contacted later.
    We can’t have Gordie heckled now, can we?

  65. When SLAB Voters see their own daughters and grandchildren reliant upon handouts from FOODBANKS, do they recognise that it was they who put their ain folk in dire poverty when they elected Bliar,Krash and Flipper.?

    “Incompetents R Us”.

    SLAB Voters are Voting “NO” to extend abject Poverty further forward into future generations yet to be born.?
    Inter-generation Idiocy.

    By deluding themselves SLAB voters who still “Believe” Krash Gordon and Kipper Flipper refuse to see this blighted Scotland.

    In the Glasgow East constituency of SLAB scab MP margaret curran the AVERAGE MALE LIFESPAN is a sickening 54 years.

    FOODBANKS do not improve – “LIFESPANS”.

  66. No no no...Yes says:

    We all know Darling is not to be trusted.The press rarely give him a hard time, the naive voters fall for it. We have our work cut out folks.

    With regard to the Electoral Roll, are we sure all application forms in the last few months have made it into the latest roll?

    Are we confident that there are enough Electoral Registration office staff to cope with the late surge to ensure the final roll is fully complete?

  67. les Wilson says:

    IcySpark says:

    Looks like McAlpine’s article has been removed from the Record, anyone know where to get it?

    If poss then it needs tweeted as the Unionist abviously do not want it seen.

  68. Nana Smith says:

    Well I’m not watching the ‘debate’ I don’t think my blood pressure can stand it.

    It’s probably rigged before it even begins,just like the last one filled with No people from down south who have no vote and primed to boo and heckle. This is after all the bbc running tonights one and lets face it they will make sure Blinky gets a nice easy ride.

    I don’t know why the FM ever agreed to debate with Blinky the clown.

  69. Edward says:

    That poll on the Daily Retard is being ‘fixed’
    its been exactly that result ALL day

  70. IcySpark says:

    @Les Wilson

    Story is still up on the Daily Record site. You might need to answer a survey question to get the article.

  71. Hewitt83 says:

    The resident right wing nutjob at my work keeps banging on about how taxes will rise immediately in an independent Scotland to fund those out of work.

    I have pointed out to him that there are no plans to change anything about the current tax system and that Scotland’s finances are healthier than that of the rUK but he’s not listening.

    Does anyone have anything else I can source to blow this pish out of the water?

    Not that I think he’ll listen, just for my own satisfaction 🙂

  72. EdinScot says:

    Woke up for work to a sky news headline saying its ‘last chance saloon’for Salmond and his last chance to win. Eh naw its no. The people will decide that on the 18th of september!

    The unionist msm and the nay saying politicians just cant quite get their heads round the fact that it’ll be the people that will have the final say, regardless of any of their rigged debates. The people will be sovereign for fifteen hours on the 18th and on a yes vote will remain sovereign. That seems to scare them witless.

    There has been no real debate and instead its just been a witchhunt against Salmond and the yes side. The naysayers are crashing bores and have been like a stuck record for so long. Wouldnt it be karma if nobody watched their stitch up of a rigged debate tonight and their viewing figures were a record low. Shut them out of our living rooms and carry on leafletting, canvassing and engaging as many people as we can in these final weeks. Then they really would have nowhere left to go. Their lies just harden my resolve even further.

    Good for Jim Sillars on his questions to Darling. Wont be holding my breath on flipper answering any time soon though.

  73. Quentin Quale says:

    I’m still reeling after engaging with NoThanks in Blair Atholl. I politely asked the chap (my badges not on show) if he could explain Best of Both Worlds. He thrust a leaflet towards me – erm, no, I would like you to explain the slogan to me. Told me to ‘stop playing silly beggars’ and to move away from his sign as the car drivers couldn’t see it. He then turned his back on me. Sweetly told him he might want to brush up on his campaign material. Further along and another stall. At least this person tried to put forward a case. ‘Too small, periphery of Europe, oil running out’ and all the usual. Countered all her points (getting easier, admittedly) but here is a new one on me. What do you do when you are told Scotland ISN’T A COUNTRY?. I kid you not, it seems we gave that country thing away with the Union. Made me late for coffee and a bacon roll but I just had to spend time with her. Will it do any good? Maybe for the onlookers.

  74. creag an tuirc says:

    What makes me laugh about Mr Darling is his dismissal of the Fiscal Commission’s CU recommendation, then he goes on to say even the fiscal commission is against Sterlingisation (even though this is a lie). So what is it Darling are they correct on Sterligisation and wrong on CU. Oh well, I suppose Mr Darling’s economic prowess as chancellor negates Mr Stiglitz expertise and Nobel credentials 🙂

  75. Edward says:

    Article still there have clicked on the link twice

    I notice the unionists are well and truly rattled on both McAlpines article and the Records article on Phillipa Whitford

  76. liz says:

    @Edward,Yes I’m starting to realise that.
    Tried to get on to see their ‘poll’ and it won’t load – also there are zero comments – yeh right!

    Phillippa Whitford – we are with you,

  77. TJenny says:

    Les Wilson – this link’s working for me. (If I’ve posted it correctly) Joan’s stated that 2 WM ministers had phoned DR to complain about it.

  78. bald eagle says:

    les wilson

    just sit on the link it will load thats what i did

    last time i looked only three comments downed 1&3

  79. TJenny says:

    I also tied the poll = YES = 33% and there were 6 comments too.

  80. fred blogger says:

    the counter needs a bang it’s stuck @ 33%.

  81. TJenny says:

    fred blogger – aye, which probably means the true figs for Yes + No are reversed. 😉

  82. Karmanaut says:

    @Les Wilson

    I’m still seeing Joan McAlpine’s article there at the moment. However I backed it up.

  83. les Wilson says:

    Karmanaut says:

    Thanks, that is a good thing to do. I did eventually get it, I voted too but stuck at 33% YES, definitely being fiddled.

    Still think it would be great to get it out there with twitter as I do not do that myself, not on twitter.

  84. les Wilson says:

    Thanks Tjenny


  85. Glass Girl says:

    O/T The lastest survey includes a request for audience members to take part in the STV debate in Edinburgh on 2nd September. Might be good if some folk from here could get in there and put some points across.

  86. TJenny says:

    PT – just noticed that the Up blue arrow has morphed into a sqiggle filled square ? with 2 black lines top and left. Still works as an Up button, but looks weird.

  87. TJenny says:

    Ot, Ot Ot OT!

  88. Indy_Scot says:

    Not sure if it’s just me, but I saw that the BBC had a HYS on the debate tonight, so I logged in and it’s gone.

  89. gerry parker says:

    @ Quentin Quale.
    ” it seems we gave that country thing away with the Union.”

    Well, we want it back now.

  90. Ian Brotherhood says:

    How many mins/secs of his time will pass before Darling mentions ‘Plan B’?

  91. TJenny says:

    IB – in the blink of an eye. 😉

  92. gordoz says:

    O/T Phillippa Whitford v Daily Record Hack

    Ahh the one sided investigative journalism that is super snoop, Torquil ‘the snorkel’ Chrichton.

    One man Crusade to save ‘Gaelic Britain’. Yes and a proud patriotic No voting Labourite Scot to boot!

    No ordinary members of the public here then ?, lets get into the nitty gritty of YES central & politicians (???)

    The guy only ever covers what BT/ LABOUR dictate. No coverage of Kezia’s lies; or Woods politicking; wouldn’t know what proper journalism was if he worked at a newspaper, (wait a minute ? No right enough he works for the record).

  93. Robert Louis says:


    I was having a wee think about the currency nonsense from London, and a staggering thought hit me. it goes like this.

    The pound belongs to Scotland as it does England or rUK. Upon Scottish independence, Scotland will continue using its pound as it does now. It MIGHT let England use it, but then again it might not.

    The point being, neither rUK OR iScotland has total dibs on the pound. If London can say ‘you are not using the pound’, then by the same logic, Scotland too could start saying that iScotland will not let rUK keep the pound, as we are taking it with us.

    It belongs to both parties, and is not a possession of England or London.

    Ditto the UK taxpayer owned UK central bank, still called by its historic, but misleading name ‘Bank of England’.

  94. Blair paterson says:

    I was surprised to see a.s. With a black watch tee shirt on at that ice bucket thing ,the black watch were formed to guard the highland line for the English and to police their fellow scots a lot of these so called Scottish regiments were in fact anti Scottish if you care to look at their foundings sorry I do not wish to offend or be rude to anyone but facts are facts even the ones we don’t like vote yes

  95. Robert Louis says:

    Nana Smith,

    The only problem with such nonsense, is that Scotland is already in the EU – or are all those Spanish fishing boats in Scotland operating illegally?

    Somebody needs to ask Rajoy.

    Oh, and then there is this;

  96. Dan Huil says:

    Is it true ComRes has been in charge of choosing tonight’s debate audience?

  97. Robert Louis says:


    I don’t doubt the FM knows the origins of the Black Watch. The modern regiment doesn’t have the same role, as that they had much earlier in history.

    One of the most popular hire tartans for kilts in Scotland is the Black Watch tartan.

  98. Robert Louis says:

    Just to clarify, the point I was trying to make in my post above regarding currency, is simply that it is easy to sink into a ‘London is in charge’ mindset, and forget that with independence, that no longer applies. Turning the argument around is often useful.

  99. TD says:

    Robert Louis

    You are absloutely right. I was posting recently on the comments section of an FT article making exactly the same point. Most of the other commenters were gobsmacked that I should have the audacity to suggest such a thing – their arrogance is such that the just don’t get it that Scotland is a full partner in the UK and that we don’t just get to play with their toys if we behave ourselves – the toys are ours every bit as much as they are theirs. And if we leave the UK (please please make it so) then we are as entitled to take the toys as they are.

    However trying to convince people – including many in Scotland – of this is like head, wall, hitting, brick, your, off, a – rearrange to suit.

  100. Robert Louis says:

    Could we have an Ali Darling Lie bingo card, which we can all print out, and keep tally – maybe with live updating here?

  101. Harry McAye says:

    Flooplepoop – that’s now a different poll and a slightly different article. The previous poll was just yes or no to independence. Just voted and it’s now 72% think NHS is better served in an independent Scotland.

  102. Edward says:

    Dan Huil
    Yes true, ComRes are n charge of picking the audience
    so don’t hold out much hope for any balance

  103. Blair paterson says:

    Sorry to go of topic but I have just been told that the u.k. Government are going to renew their funding for trident at Coalport so they must be going to force Scotland to keep it in our waters even if we vote yes ,if this is true it must surely be a boost for the yes side ,as I say I have only just heard this does anyone out there know any thing about this? Vote yes

  104. les Wilson says:

    Robert Louis says

    Aye well, that’s that one debunked, again. Darling will still quote Borosso though, a leopard and all that!

  105. galamcennalath says:

    I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking in advance that the last Salmond/Darling debate would have been a big win for Salmond! Alas, Darling was better than expected, the pound thing went on too long and the format didn’t help.

    I believe Salmond won, just.

    This time?

    Yes, Salmond will be more prepared!

  106. Robert Louis says:


    I know, it just keeps coming up and getting debunked. If anything, regardless of what political leaders think, the idea of pushing Scotland out of the EU is absurd on every level. You have EU students here, people working here from the EU, and vice versa, so it really will not happen, unless the EU decides it wants to create an EU wide problem of monumental proportions. You have EU funding (both ways) and transport, airline routes and logistics problems, which would impact heavily across the EU. The whole idea of Scotland being forcibly pushed out is frankly absurd on every level. Sadly the media chooses to give it a credibility which it really doesn’t possess.

    Iceland chose to leave the EU a few years ago, and it took some two years for the EU to make it happen.

    In addition, I as a Scot have been a citizen of the EU for forty years. No mechanism exists to forcibly strip me (or Scotland) of that. None.

  107. Grouse Beater says:

    Quintin Quale: What do you do when you’re told Scotland isn’t a nation?

    First, you point out that the slogan, ‘best of both worlds’ tacitly admits there are two nations.

    Secondly, you add the obvious that England did not sign a treaty with itself, a treaty in operation uyntil 18th September.

    Neither nation signed a declaration of dissolution.

    Both nations still exist but under a decrepit, glorified trade agreement that became all-encompassing by default.

    And if he rejects all reason tell him there is no motorway sign saying ‘Welcome to North England,’ or in the opposite direction a sign, ‘You are entering South Scotland,’ as you cross the border.

  108. Robert Louis says:


    I regard these debates as a big waste of time. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for something important to happen. The media likes to ‘big these things up ‘it’s a must win for Salmond’ etc.

    It is especially useless to have such debates when there are loaded audiences, and one of the participants (Darling) can lie at will. Salmond’s behaviour as First Minister is governed by the ministerial code – and Darling knows this.

    With Glenn Campbell chairing, I expect very little indeed. It is the blatantly biased, anti independence BBC who are hosting this, don’t forget. They dance to a London tune.

  109. Robert Louis says:

    Grouse beater,

    I noticed the BBC were showing some Labour guy from York earlier, trying to argue that if Scotland has devolution, so should other ‘regions’. Of course the BBC presenter completely failed to point out that Scotland is NOT A FREAKING REGION, IT IS A COUNTRY.

    Strangely the Labour guy was arguing that a more local government means better decisions and better spending plans, and money used more effectively – but he of course made it very clear he did NOT mean that to apply for Scotland. Of course.

  110. Brotyboy says:

    @Blair paterson

    This is the 21st Century, Blair. I think the majority of us are trying to look forward, not backwards.

  111. Caroline Corfield says:

    Robert Louis:

    I think you mean Greenland which was in as part of Denmark but left following it getting it’s own autonomy from Denmark which did indeed take two years.

    Iceland it appears nearly joined but has put it on hold for the moment:

    What’s also useful in these kinds of discussion is the fact that East Germany which was in no way economically ready was simply allowed in because of the re-unification of Germany. The economic problems of that was seen to be an internal German problem.

  112. Grouse Beater says:

    Robert: Of course the BBC presenter completely failed to point out that Scotland is NOT A FREAKING REGION, IT IS A COUNTRY.

    I share you frustration and anger every time I hear that moronic comment. It has a tinge of the colonial mind about it – all these lands are ours, Scotland a mere province but with more rain.

    England has a government. If it isn’t working for them – fix it. Why should scotland be expected to sacrifice its future to remedy theirs?

    Either English are empowered or they are not.

    If not, same answer – fix it!

  113. It is sickening when only a couple of hundred reporters and journalists repeat and extend the self-serving LIES from the institutional owners of MSM.

    One wonders where the other 699,000 Plus Unionists are, who will FLIT south in Sept AFTER the IndyRef is won by us.?

    Will property prices in England – BUBBLE.

    Were I one of those treacherous bastards, I would fuck off south BEFORE the IndyRef.
    Before I lost money on property in Scotland – and BEFORE it cost an arm and a leg MORE in England.
    But that pre-supposes an intellect is present in Unionism.?

    Of course those 200 plus “Luvvies” – who signed their Declaration of luv last week – will throw open their doors to ("Tractor" - Ed)ous scots and HOUSE them – FREE.

    Welcomed like a foreign fart in a sleeping bag.

  114. Carol Jardine says:

    Slightly o/t.
    Popped into YES shop in Easter Road today, looking for two or three WBBs for No voters of my acquaintance. Lady in shop had requested 100 of same. To date she’s heard nothing. Can anyone out there help? Please? The shop would happily accept a smaller number if that’s what’s available….
    Ta 🙂

  115. Franariod says:

    The way he was talking about the BoE was that it was nothing without the government as with the dollar, everyone likes the dollar because its backed by the US government. So whats all this talk about needing a central bank as lender of last resort when its the governments that are the lenders of last resort.

  116. McTim says:

    Had a blast at the Leith mini-festival on Saturday. Reassured a black lady with her two boys about the currency and that the No campaign is just bluffing and why they can’t afford to reject a CU for real after a Yes vote. Filmed Chris Law and his Spirit of Independence fire engine (what a beautiful thing it is) and the interview is on my youtube channel Reekie Auld. There you’ll also find videos of the Calton Centre panel from the same afternoon and part of the Q&A before my camcorder’s battery ran out. I also filmed the fantastic panel presentation and discussion at the Minto Hotel last night. If you missed Independence Live’s livestream yesterday, most of my videos will be up by tomorrow lunchtime. Michelle Thomson’s speech is already on there, and I’ll uploading Philippa Whitford’s speech (all 25 mins of it!) tonight. Got her husband to take a picture of me and her with our Yes signs as well, very chuffed with that. I’ll be in Morningside tomorrow eve for the panel with Robin McAlpine, Patrick Harvie, Dennis Canavan, and I think, the author who was with Nicola Sturgeon at the Women’s Event in Leith last week.
    Glen Campbell presiding over the debate tonight: I’d love Alex to hand him the White Paper and ask him if he’d like to tear it up in front of the cameras like he did with the SNP manifesto years ago, and watch Campbell’s reaction!

  117. TJenny says:

    Carol Jardine – Stu has tweeted that he’ll announce where + when the next delivery will be. I think maybe the first 20k have been delivered and the next umpteen thousand are rolling off the presses as we speak.

    He also tweeted probs with Royal Mail delivering.

    I’m glad that the YES shop have ordered some as they hadn’t heard about it when I was in last week, but I met them at the Yestival on Saturday and showed them a copy – I think they were impressed. 🙂

  118. BrianW says:

    Well done Gary on letting him rant away and spew his bile. When he says “No hold on a minute” when your asking a question and you then pause to let him carry on, you’ve lost the Interview, you’re no longer in control of that interview – they are pulling the strings. Gary just let him carry right on – might have well have taken Gary out the equation and given Alistair a microphone to rant away.

    Makes me kind of ashamed to be from the same place as Gary. We’re not all like that up there.

    I will say though, it is funny as hell listening to Alistair stutter away. It’s like his mouth can’t keep with the lies and rants the numbskulls in his tiny brain are churning out at a furious pace.. Love it.

    I think Alistair has two brain cells (I know, I know, I’m being generous). Only one at a time has the knowledge and control, then when it suits (like his residence) he flips from cell to cell.

  119. CameronB Brodie says:

    The proposition is that Alistair Darling is a LIAR.

    I am sure there will be some who might still not have sufficient information to base their decision on.

    Why don’t they ask SLabour’s ‘Truth Team’? 🙂

    Generations of Scots are waking up to the fact that they have been robbed of their life opportunities, in order to sustain one of the most centralised and unequal societies in the developed world. Scotland is waking up to the fact that this robbery has been enabled largely through Labour lies.

    Tic Tock indeed.

  120. CameronB Brodie says:

    dennis mclaughlin
    KATORGA! 🙂

  121. Stevie says:

    Darling’s voice is a migraine inducing wet fart

  122. Robert Peffers says:

    As I said about Dugdale –
    Q – How do you know Darling is Lying?
    A – Because he is there!
    He’s so good at it he doesn’t even move his lips.

  123. goldenayr says:

    Maybe you could tell C4 and get them to be more analytical?

  124. Robert Peffers says:

    @Jim says: 25 August, 2014 at 2:05 pm:

    “If Scotland gets the power to raise or lower it’s own taxes, do they get to keep the money or does it still go to the treasury?”.

    It doesn’t matter either way, Jim, for whatever the Scottish Parliament raise by new taxation powers is taken from the Block Grant. So Scotland is no better off but in fact is worse off for Scotland then has to spend money to set-up and maintain a government department to collect the tax and another one to police it to make sure the tax dodgers are caught and the tax recovered.

  125. Robert Peffers says:

    Luigi says:25 August, 2014 at 3:58 pm :
    “It’s a constant supply of shite and to be fair even though we knew it would be like this , it’s still rankles many. Unfortunately for BT, they have been throwing the same old brown, smelly stuff at us for more than two years. It’s no longer effective.”

    One thing about shite, Luigi, it is a great fertilizer. It is lying shite and has been growing YES vote every time another lie is exposed. I’m expecting that when we collect the harvest after the referendum we will get a bumper crop.

  126. crazycat says:

    @ Proud Cybernat, if you are still reading after your question at 3.28:

    The difference in voter numbers between 2010 and 2011 is probably nothing more than a consequence of the fact that EU nationals can vote for Holyrood, but not for Westminster. They are also eligible to vote in the referendum.

  127. Jim says:

    @Robert Peffers
    It doesn’t matter either way, Jim, for whatever the Scottish Parliament raise by new taxation powers is taken from the Block Grant. So Scotland is no better off but in fact is worse off for Scotland then has to spend money to set-up and maintain a government department to collect the tax and another one to police it to make sure the tax dodgers are caught and the tax recovered.
    Thank you for explaining that to me.

  128. Lewis MacKenzie says:

    “DARLING: “I know from my own experience as Chancellor, the Bank of England doesn’t actually have that much money.”

    The Bank of England has INFINITE CAPACITY to create reserves. Bank reserves are electronic balance sheet entries. They are not mined from the ground, they are created on a computer keyboard. Darling knows this. The deliberate mystification of finance is a MAJOR impediment to our democracy and here he is propagating it.

  129. Lewis MacKenzie says:

    I mean, FFS – that’s basically what your central bank’s for! It creates the money!

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