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A very long time in politics

Posted on February 05, 2017 by

Five minutes and 51 seconds, to be precise, is how long David Mundell, Secretary of State for Scotland, spent frantically quacking out meaningless noise on this morning’s Sunday Politics Scotland in order to avoid answering a simple Yes/No question until the interview ran out of airtime.

We could quibble with presenter Gordon Brewer making the assertion that a Section 30 order would in fact be necessary for a second referendum (something which has never been established in law or conceded by the Scottish Government, with strong and genuine legal opinion on both sides of the argument), and with him letting Mundell get away with the blatant falsehood that an overwhelming majority of Scots don’t want another referendum – in fact, 50% want one within the next two years.

But sometimes you have to let some smaller things slide to avoid distraction and stay focused on your main point, and in our view this was one of those occasions.

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    1. Mike says:

      I aint going to click to listen to that interview I honestly cant bear to listen to that mans voice.
      Every word out of it makes me cringe spit rage and swear all at the same time and its getting bad for my health.

    2. Ian McCubbin says:

      Ok Stu will agree to that given Gordon nearly got as far as questioning him on legality of refusing a referendum. To be honest I wish they would just say no to it.
      Then the Atlantic Charter and Charter 1541 of UN can be brought in. Both of these supported by UK government’s. They are so short sighted.

    3. jim Thomson says:

      I did try, honestly, I did.

      I had to give up at Mundell’s 2 minute point.

      Pretty sure listening for another 3 mins 51 secs wouldn’t add anything.

      Unusually, I even felt sorry for young Mr Brewer.

    4. Itchybiscuit says:

      I keep getting him mixed up with that comedian guy – what’s his name?

      Oh yes, Johnny Vague Arse.

    5. David Mooney says:

      Yep it was painful to watch.

      Annoyed at Brewer for not questioning his assertion that there was no demand for a second independence referendum. It would have killed the only argument (however false) that Fluffy had.

    6. heedtracker says:

      50% want one in 2 years, looks like 50/50 YES/NO now, The Vow was historic fraud, Brexit wreaks havoc on our lives, EU says welcome back Scotland…how ever will Scotland react?

    7. Mislein says:

      He’s like an A.I. whose processors are malfunctioning. Someone please press reset and restore factory settings. It’s the only way you’ll get a sensible answer.

    8. That man is the SoS, good God, what an embarrassment.

    9. Johnny says:

      I’ve heard of sticking doggedly to the script but that was ridiculous.

      Droning on and on over the interviewer with the things he was clearly determined to say, no matter what he was actually asked.

      That interview could have been 4m 30s shorter because the rest of it was essentially worthless reiteration (though actually the whole interview didn’t tell us anything we wouldn’t already know about his stance anyway).

    10. Alan Stirlong says:

      As I’ve said before, I’m glad you sit through this shite so that I don’t have to.

    11. Betty Boop says:

      That interview would have been much better if, whenever Mundy went off on his script instead of answering either yes/no, his mike was switched off.

      I now have to go and lie down as I have never before put up with Mundy for so long. Ma heid hurts!

    12. bobajock says:

      Oh dear.

      Fear. Its amazing what 3 years does.

    13. David Mills says:

      So we have one senior Tory be inequitable about the position and the one, that should know, chasing his tail to avoid giving a definitive response that feels like he does know but would much rather not spell it our to the people of Scotland who are “too stupid” to read between the lines.
      It is insulting
      (sorry about the s rev’ but it felt import)

    14. Joemcg says:

      A quick OT brillo heid is going off on one yet again on twitter his £9 billion subsidy mantra, becoming more and more offensive.

    15. annie says:

      Sorry, caught this first time around on SP, couldn’t put myself through it again.

    16. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Fluffy will have his feet up right now, reflecting on a job well done.

      Even the most ardent yoons must, in their quiet moments, know that the ball is well and truly on the slates.

      Quelle dommage, eh?

    17. Shagpile says:

      Meanwhile back at the funny farm… Fluffy disguised as a door with his knob shot off…

    18. Arbroath1320 says:

      As I hinted at in the previous thread this excuse of a politician is my M.P., although he got no help from me!

      All I can say, on behalf of everyone in D&G who fought extremely hard For Emma Harper is that we are deeply upset that this TWAT won in 2015. He is a complete and utter embarrassment to the constituency.

      I would never let him lick my boots clean far less represent me in parliament. If I did in fact do this then obviously I am DEID!

    19. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      I suspect Mundell couldn’t answer the question because TMay hasn’t told him what the answer is yet.

      Secretary of State AGAINST Scotland aka The Last Governer General of Scotland.

      Patently obvious that Fluffy is both kept out of the loop by the Right Wing English Conservative Government and hopelessly out of his depth even with the compliant State Broadcaster.

    20. Kenny says:

      Somebody should tell Nick Robinson THAT is what it looks like when somebody refuses to answer.

    21. Breeks says:

      We could quibble?

      Then let’s… because everything said beyond that assertion errs on the propaganda side of conjecture.

      It suits the BBC’s narrative that a Section 30 order is required, it plants that false idea in your head, then distracts you with dramatic license so your critical mind doesn’t stop and ask itself the questions that it properly should, as in “wasn’t that bullshit I just heard?”

      We do not require the permission of a foreign country to hold a referendum of our sovereign people. This entire segment of BBC footage claims otherwise. It suits their agenda to imply “We have a pretendy wee parliament which needs written permission from a responsible adult to do an important thing”…

      It’s fake news, nothing more, with the dancing monkey thrown in for free.

    22. rongorongo says:

      Viewers in Scotland now have a choice: an extended edition of “Mundell’s loop” with sound or hit ‘mute’ to enjoy the 4 static screensavers we’ve thoughtfully placed behind him.

    23. Roughian says:

      I watched this on SP and thought, it would be great if you could still “run somebody out of town.” Imagine taking him south of the border, it’s not far and he’s not very big, and telling him never to come back north.
      Whit! What! I must have nodded off and had a dream.!!!

    24. Roboscot says:

      It seems indyref2 is another facet of Brexit the UK Government hasn’t got a settled policy on. Winging it is the Westminster way.

    25. dakk says:

      A masterclass in Uncle Jock Yoonspeak !Magnificent cameo.

      They really are a breed apart our Scottish unionists.

      A dying one hopefully for all our sakes.

    26. HandandShrimp says:

      Mundell is just a glove puppet for the Tory Cabinet his ramblings are just to buy time until he gets his next set of instructions. He knows perfectly well that if a referendum is laid before Holyrood it will pass and there will then be a constitutional crisis. To deny one would be a brave call…bravery is not something I seen much of from the Tories.

    27. Graf Midgehunter says:

      If there is anybody, anywhere, who would fully deserve the title “Tractor” and “Kwizling” then it has to be this digusting person. Full stop.

      But there are some near runners up..!

    28. Artyhetty says:

      He is paid well, to fudge fudge fudge. Disgraceful really, these people are awarded status that they just do not deserve. They answer only to their wishy washy masters in london.

      Brewer was very soft on him, imagine if an SNP MP waffled incessantly for 5mins on the bbc, it just would not be allowed, the interviewer would start saying what they thought, and giving their own opinion as gospel. Why anyone who doesn’t have to, (ie other than for the sake of exposing their lies) watch bbc lies is beyond me.

    29. Meg merrilees says:

      Well, I don’t think Fluffy did himself any favours there. He completely avoided the question on live TV…

      Theresa May fails to answer Andrew Marr 4(5?) times on live TV when asked about Trident misfire.

      Theresa May doesn’t speak out against Trump’s ban on live TV – because she hadn’t been briefed on it.

      Dominic Raab on live TV says that there would be no hard border between Scotland and England – it would be impractical and too hard to enforce.

      Tory MSP on live Parliament TV says Scotland is – the most expensive place in the UK to live and work

      Fallon in an interview says there will be no 2nd indy ref, ‘forget it’ then back-pedals like crazy 10 hours later on live radio.

      Any number of examples for (t)Ruthless Harridan-Davidson.

      For those who can’t bear to listen to the above clip…

      Fluffy on live TV fails to answer the question from Gordon Brewer 8 times, furthermore, Brewer tries to interrupt him 41 times but Fluffy continues to talk over him – (maybe his ear-piece was switched off?) spouting the prepared answer to the question he’d rather have been asked.

      Twice he told Brewer – (you’re asking me the wrong question) the question is not whether there ‘could’ be but whether there ‘should’ be another referendum, when in fact Brewer did ask him whether there‘ could’ be. i.e. ‘Should/will/could the UK government withhold authorisation for a second indyref?’

      So looking at the above list they are not performing well on live TV, are they?

      Personally I think it was an android version of Fluffy with a tape recorded message that was put out on live TV today ‘cos if not, the only message you can take from this performance is that Tory policy is to blatantly ignore anything to do with Scotland, and if they can be seen to do it frequently enough then maybe the problem will go away.

    30. Gary45% says:

      Some of us of a certain age still remember Bungle and Zippy?

    31. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      The sheer effrontery of Snackbeard “We must respect the wish of the Scottish people in 2014” but somehow we must equally forget all about the expressed wish of the Scottish people in 2016 re the EU.

      The Tories have a strangely selective view of respecting Scotland. All too reminiscent of the “equal partners” guff on the 17th Sept. 2014 and “EVEL” on the 19th.

      Now they’re fighting a desperate rearguard action, bending the facts trying to persuade everyone that there is no demand for indyref2 ever.

      Fat chance. They’re afraid, and they have every right to be. All those BT lies are queuing up to come home, and pathetic blethering from the likes of Mundell is not going to make them vanish.

      A tsunami is coming, and will sweep all this foolishness away, once and for all. God speed the day!

    32. Calum McKay says:

      Mundell would be sacked if he wasn’t the only tory in the country!

      This is what colonial rule looked like in the forties in Africa and India, it has a sorry and humiliating end for England.

      The read and blue tories entire raison d’être is the union.

      We have had nearly ten years of austerity post labour crash and can expect another ten years of tory austerity in the run up and post brexit. We stat at 50% this time round, in the words of Wendy – bring it on!

    33. Auld Rock says:

      How much longer are we going to put up with this crap?

      Auld Rock

    34. handclapping says:

      And to think this is the representative of the Ruth Harrison for a strong opposition party at Westminster! Add in Murdo on the money, the part time prof and even Ruth herself and you have to wonder what dream their voters were complicit in when they supported this bunch of incompetents.

      If you were in a care home, would you let them run your bath?

    35. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Come on – answering meaningful questions is above Fluffy’s pay grade.

      As the token “Sweatie” in the Cabinet, he can be side-lined or ignored as our Imperial Masters see fit.

      Down in that there Lunnun, the powers that be still think we are subservient colonials, who they can continue to disparage. Boy, are they in for a shock, and soon.

    36. John Walsh says:

      What about FOI on how much the Scottish office costs.We know it comes out of general WM expenditure, so are we paying for it twice with Barnett consequentials ? And why is the SO acting for WM against the wishes of majority of Scotland MP’s MSP’s ? Is it necessary . don’t know why @scotgov don’t fight fire with fire and have economists pull GERS apart. Discuss Barnett not as a “grant”

    37. Herpderpmerp says:

      heedtracker: “50% want one in 2 years, looks like 50/50 YES/NO now”

      You got a source for the 50/50 Yes/No? That would be nice!

    38. Kevin says:

      Great interview for Indy.
      Only people who are remotely interested in Scotland’s political landscape would be tuning-in to this, and will be well accustomed to straight-to-the-point, clear talking from pro-Indy politicians with nothing to hide. This stuttering, non-convincing performance will have those handful of unionists groaning, and those ‘seeking clarity before casting vote’ types leaning towards Scottish independence.

      Get the guy on again, quick – he just gave us a few thousand Yes votes

    39. scottieDog says:

      “We do not require the permission of a foreign country to hold a referendum of our sovereign people.”

      Completely agree and we should be shouting it from the rooftops

    40. Dan Huil says:

      Fluffy Mundane : a Tractor. The bbc loves him of course.

    41. Scott says:

      Sorry I listened to the program and I could not go through that again he is a waste of space as far as I’m concerned I’m just sorry that Brewer did not say to him as you are not going to answer the question good bye.

      On a different thread speaking to my son who has been in Australia for many years now he said that many of the older Aussies are saying seeing that UK dumped them to get into the CM years ago they don’t think they should run and help the UK out now its their problem.

    42. yesindyref2 says:

      I believe David Mundell is one of the default answers on Pointless.

    43. Dr Jim says:

      Maybe he gets paid by the word

      What I mean is …..different words….not all the same word….endlessly…droning on and on and on and…

      Shona Robison should slap a health warning on him for causing depression or better still quarantine him ….in another country….far away….forever

      Falklands! that’s British!….for the moment

    44. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      You can readily understand the Tories’ aversion to another indyref. Their incessant use of “divisive” is just code for “we’re in a minority”. Gove’s recent boosting of “Ruthless Harridan-Davidson”(t) -love it, Meg!- as FM is just empty rhetoric, it just ain’t gonna happen in a month of Sundays, and they know it. So they are desperate for us to stay in the UK so they can have the backing of Big Nanny Theresa in London.

      What I find much harder to understand is the position of the remaining Unionist left, as for example mentioned by Gary45% in yesterday’s thread, soi-disant socialists who strangely (to me anyway) seem to share this unhealthy dependence on imperial UK Inc. As if their peers across the Channel somehow only qualify for second-class comradeship. (Merely because they speak a different language, or what?)

      It is surely the prospect of a lost decade or more of a Tory-run UK veering off to the populist right that has finally convinced people like Mike Dailly that the game is truly up, and the only progressive way forward is independence for Scotland.

    45. Clapper57 says:

      Mundell speaks with fcuked tongue…..nae style nae substance.

      Tory party in Scotland not so much the party for the union more the party for the U-turn.

      The Unionist political formula :

      Scottish Tories say one thing.

      Then HQ Tories say opposite.

      Then Scottish Tories say what HQ Tories say.

      Pretty much same formula for Labour.

      Lib Dems however more confusing formula eg. Brexit :

      Lib Dem HQ say one thing on single Market

      Lib Dems in Scotland agree with HQ but vote opposite way in Scottish parliament.

      Conclusion = Union uber alles…….fcuking simples innit…..unless you are of a unionist inclination….obvs.

      Please refer any negative comments on my simplistic observations …….to my Uncle DontGiveaFcuk……..only joking……or am I ?

    46. alexicon says:

      That was a painful experience watching Mundell make a right fool of himself.
      You could see from the first time of asking that he was just flannelling to play for time to run out on his slot.
      Brewer should have just told him to shut the fuck up and answer the question or cut the links to him.

      Don’t know if any of you clocked this the other day.

      Well worth getting this message out on social media about people in their 20s not getting a pension until they’re 74.

      “Britons in their 20s can expect to work until they’re 74”

    47. The man’s no’ very bright. But in his ‘no’ very brightness’ he reveals more than his handlers meant him to reveal.
      The pre Better Together Project Fear 2 trailer, is attempt
      to hold another one the Red Blue and Yellow Tories ‘will pit Scot against Scot, it will get nasty, and ‘Ulsterised’.
      Ruth Harrison or has she reverted to her stage name again, was preaching civil war the other day, if ‘the SNP’ attempt to exercise democracy by holding another Independence vote.
      This quivering little wreck of a man actually believes that he is Grand Panjandrum of the Northern Colony, and that when he speaks, we all listen and do as we’re told.
      No, he actually believes that Scotland is not a country.
      Blair Mc Dougall went all Nigel Farage the other day ‘warning’ that immigration would become an issue (in Project Fear 2 presumably) if ‘the SNP’ held another referendum which nobody in Scotland wants.
      They’ll terrify pensioners any way they can, these sleazy wee toe jams.
      Vote No, or there will be blood?
      Seriously, Mundell is a blithering fool; then again that must have been one of the ‘qualities’ needed to strut about the Northern Colony as though you actually won an election.
      Torrance, McDougall, Davidson, Mundell; warmongers and rabble rousers.
      Lovin’ the death rattle of Unionism.

    48. Ken500 says:

      Wonder what the viewing figures are? Waste of space, time and money.

    49. ScottishPsyche says:

      The Tories cannot believe Mundell or Fallon have come out of this episode well. Everything people loathe about waffling evasive politicians is encapsulated in that clip.

      This is a man desperately trying to avoid saying that he knows the Tories could try to block IndyRef2 but that it would be political suicide if they did. He is the perfect example of someone who finds himself in a position he is neither suited to nor fit for. I find I get uncomfortable watching or listening to him as he seems so anxious. This would normally elicit empathy or concern on a human level were it not for his wholly obnoxious politics which demonstrate neither.

      I agree the repeated notion that the polls show little support really grates. The SNP rightly have a mandate and should push that at every opportunity.

    50. Macart says:

      I wonder if he actually thought that went well? 🙄

    51. Croompenstein says:


      Torrance, McDougall, Davidson, Mundell; warmongers and rabble rousers

      Who is this Davidson of whom you speak Jack?

      Could it be you mean Ruth Harrison 🙂

    52. Valerie says:

      @Arbroath 1320

      We know how hard you guys worked, and it was a close run thing. Keep the faith.


      Pathetic, painful, puerile pish.


    53. heedtracker says:

      Quite like the Brewster’s new hair do, if it is new. Vile seps like me hardly ever watch BBC vote Lab Scotland these days.

      At the very very least, future Sir Gordon is not dying his hair, unlike that endlessly ridiculous Andrew Neil. Bloody hell what a state. From an orange clown in the White House, to his idiot hair dyed Liggers on Broadcasting House, rule Britannia.

    54. Orri says:

      The truth that Mundell desperately wants to avoid is that all a Section 30 does is officially transfer the power to legislate on Constitutional matters from Westminster to Holyrood. Otherwise Holyrood could hold a referendum that Westminster MPs might decide not to act upon. Obviously we’d then be justified in a declaration of UDI which would undoubtedly be recognised at a international as being the result of our excercise of the very rights the UK signed up to both in joining the UN and when adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    55. LabRat says:

      Did I hear right? Did Mundell refer to Brewer as Michael, right at the start?

    56. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Off-topic, and about sport

      I see from the Rev’s twitter feed, he re-tweeted Tom English’s assertion that football needs a Rugby Union-style TMO to adjudicate of decisions such as that which gave Celtic their penalty at St Johnstone today.

      That decision would not have come within the remit of a RU TMO, it didn’t involve “score or no score” or “serious foul play”, som it would still be the match referee’s call.

      And English is the font of all knowledge in the BBC Sport Scotland team!!

    57. Brian Powell says:

      I know people who will do lots of charity work but don’t seem to be able to take the political decision to stop charity being so much a part of our society.

      Same when dealing with the likes of Mundell: criticising him, opposing his politics, but only in words. A substantial number want to wait for some miracle to happen and Labour to gain power in England, so removing the Tory control.

      They are not going to, and even should it happen at some point, at some other point the Tories will get back in to continue where they left off.

      One way to help those against Tory rule is to show how it can be done. All those thousands who joined the Labour party for Corbyn were looking for dramatic leadership, they didn’t get it. It didn’t give them political power.

      We have the the political power in the SG, 56 SNP MPs, more MSPs than LAbCoLibs combined, and leadership in FM N Sturgeon. Tories don’t want it , the remnants of Slab don’t want it, but that is no reason for those who give their votes not to grab it.

    58. Ian says:

      His teleprompter clearly got stuck. Cue deer in headlights look. I just wonder what the undecided folk think when they see stuff like this.

    59. Socrates MacSporran says:

      You could almost, if it wasn’t for the fact they are Tories, feel sorry for the Tories as regards Fluffy.

      They HAD to appoint him SoSfS, since he was the only Scottish MP they had left. The alternative was to appoint a Scots-born English MP and take the flak – mind you, that could well be a “poisoned chalice” for the likes of Gove.

      So, they either stick with Fluffy, or, enoble Ruth Harrison and make her SoSfS, with a seat in the House of Lords; with Fluffy as her mouthpiece in the House of Commons.

      Either way, they would be fucked in the face of the massed ranks of SNP MPs in the HoC.

      When Fluffy is the least of a few evils, you know you’ve got problems.

    60. HandandShrimp says:


      I think Mundell is just grateful if he comes out of a TV interview with all of his extremities still attached. Looking good doesn’t even enter into the equation.

    61. Roger Hyam says:

      He should have put words in his mouth for him to deny. I.e. I take it from that that you would allow one to take place.

    62. chris kilby says:

      Ah, Fluffy. Only a mother could love him. On payday.

    63. Flower of Scotland says:

      I thought it was really funny! I’m sure all the British Tories will be very proud of him.

      I wonder who took the battery out after the programme?

    64. Macart says:


      Don’t think I’ve ever seen the fella give an interview where he didn’t look as if he’d desperately want to be anywhere else but there.

      He has this perennially uncomfortable look as if he’s constantly haunted or hunted. You get the feeling that if someone said BOO! at just the right moment he’d faint on the spot.

    65. Iain says:

      Excruciating. Mundell should be a contestant on ‘Just a Minute’.

    66. HandandShrimp says:

      I think all one could draw from Mundell’s witterings was that he doesn’t want another referendum (quelle surprise) and that if there was one (which he really, really doesn’t want) there would need to be a section 30.

      It just was like drawing teeth from a hen trying to get there.

    67. Alba woman says:

      Watched this little man trying to talk big….he failed. I did not like his tone particularly his hinting at trouble during a potential indyref 2. Scenario building Fluffy?

    68. scunnered says:

      on the polls thing that hes goin on about
      its probably already been mentioned a few times on here but not long after the referendum in 2014 I done a poll online
      1 of the questions was would you vote yes again if there was another referendum…my answer yes…and another question was is this opinion likely to change in the answer no…I have not received another poll on independence since

    69. Kevin Evans says:

      Streak of pish

    70. Iron Man says:

      What a waffling buffoon. It is a pity the interviewer did not have a mute button and muted that clown until he answered the question. He had his speel to recite and nothing was going to stop him. Pathetic.

    71. Clapper57 says:

      Why was Mundell’s arms constantly moving throughout the interview.

      Was he massaging Michael Fallon’s back, who was under the desk, feeding Mundell lines from the book ‘The Art of Tory Politics’ via the chapter on ‘How to pontificate clear as Mud arguments’.

      Mundell the Porky Pig of politics ….Th-Th-Th-Th-That’s all folks.

    72. yesindyref2 says:

      I just watched it, now the rugby’s over (I paused it a few times. the rugby that is).

      YES 2 should put that interview on an endless loop and have it on billboards with sound.

      The result of Indy Ref 2 would be YES 3,600,000, NO 5 – Mundell, Harrison, Torrance and Fraser + perhaps Mundell Junior though I know nothing about him.

    73. mike d says:

      Mike at 1.41pm same as that,i don’t watch/listen to that a**e hole mundells lying pish.

    74. Breeks says:

      The difference between riveting political discourse and banal propaganda:

      “Let’s do some roll play. Imagine I’m Nicola Sturgeon, and I come to you and said, look David, I know you don’t want another referendum, but we have decided as a Scottish Government that we’re going to have one. We need the permission of the UK Government to have one. Is your answer yes or no?”


      “Let’s do some roll play. Imagine I’m Nicola Sturgeon, and I come to you and said, look David, I know you don’t want another referendum, but we have decided as a Scottish Government that we’re going to have one. As a sovereign people, we don’t need the permission of the UK Government to have one. Will you contest the referendum and respect the result, yes or no?”

    75. galamcennalath says:

      Thrawn not turned up to defend Mundell? Or, is he beyond defence.

      Mundell is completely out of his depth attempting to think in his feet. He can regurgitate the party line when needed, but stringing his own words together is a challenge!

      Still, better to have him rather than someone who was competent!

    76. Jimbo says:

      FFS, talk about mealy-mouthed.

      It took Mundell almost six minutes to say feck all.

    77. X_Sticks says:

      Can’t help noticing this push to try and delay indyref2 until after brexit.

      I think that would be disastrous. We’d have the whole british establishment arraigned against us and they’d be answerable to nobody. We’d have nowhere to appeal against any dirty tricks except the UN. We’d get royally screwed.

      Indyref2 has to be before the UK leave the EU while we can still call for oversight and have some chance of a fair referendum.

    78. Meg merrilees says:

      so, tis week we’ve had (t)Ruthless Harrison-Davidson threatening ‘Fratricidal conflict ”

      Fluffy saying ‘it will be seriously unpleasant, there will be Scot against Scot’

      and Fallon saying ‘there are other voices in Scotland, not least (t)Ruthless harrison’

      people on this site suggesting violence and

      Torrance saluting the ‘Ulsterisation’ of Scotland’s politics

      4 threats and counting!

      Just what are they planning?

    79. Meg merrilees says:

      PS don’t forget the slashing of the Ad-van!

    80. Gary45% says:

      The Fluffster gets found out yet again, the most embarrassing thing is, he is Westminster’s official for Scotland, I watched the link and as someone has already mentioned why did Brewery not just tell him to go and “DO WAN”,
      his “every interview” inability to do what he is elected?! to do, really makes you sick. There are people who are treated as nobody’s in Scotland, who would show up Fluffy as a thick, useless inbred.
      He does show up Mooth Harrison right enough, which tells you how good she is!!

      Alba woman@4.58
      Aye this wee idle threat about the “trouble scenario” its what the empire will champion in the build up to Indy2, it’s all they have, lets scare the “empire believing” voters, that’s why Northern Ireland is getting highlighted as becoming a trouble spot again, (probably the wishes of the Empire,) but the Northern Irish are way smarter than that, they have been there and won’t go back, but all the empire needs is a few wee headline stories about defiance against the Union and Scotnats will get targeted as baddies,
      but then again we too are way smarter than that.
      So with all that’s going on, it looks like it will be Angerland that will be fighting itself, Fluffy will be looking for refuge in the utopia that is an Indy Scotland, will we let him in? NAW.
      Fluff and Ms Harrison can go and contemplate at the edge of the “white cliffs” whilst listening to Vera.

    81. Ian Sanderson says:

      Brewer must considering either

      A) suicide

      B) voting ‘yes’ in Indyref2

      C) Murder

      After that lot…!

    82. Conan the Librarian says:


      He “retired undefeated” Apparently.

      I don’t think even Thrawn would as daft as to try to defend Mundell.

      Although I could be wrong 😉

    83. msean says:

      Tories fear another indyref,they haven’t forgotten 56 out of 59,with the other 3 only escaping by the skin of their teeth,or that there exists,despite their efforts,a majority for independence in Holyrood. Feart.

    84. Macart says:

      @ X_Sticks

      They need any indyref to happen outside of the A50 triggering period, either before or after. After, the deed is done and tentatively with our consent. Before and legally Scotland hasn’t been taken out of anything against its will.

      During or shortly after triggering… their tea is oot. 🙂

    85. Bob MACK says:

      Quack, quack, quack, quack ,quack. I hope that is clear enough.

    86. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      X_Sticks @ 17:37,

      Interesting. I hadn’t thought of it like that.

      The Tories really don’t want to have to “fight on two fronts”, to take on Scotland and the EU at the same time.

      Which is precisely why we should press on.

    87. clan rossy says:

      Mundell just FOUR words for you

    88. Robert Peffers says:

      @Mislein says: 5 February, 2017 at 1:50 pm:

      “He’s like an A.I. whose processors are malfunctioning. Someone please press reset and restore factory settings. It’s the only way you’ll get a sensible answer.”

      ‘Fraid not, Mislein, the firmware is flawed, the machine is still running CP/M and involved Gary Kildall:-

      “blockquote>”Gary Arlen Kildall (May 19, 1942 – July 11, 1994) was an American computer scientist and microcomputer entrepreneur who created the CP/M operating system and founded Digital Research, Inc. (DRI).

      Kildall was one of the first people to see microprocessors as fully capable computers rather than just equipment controllers. He organised his company on that concept.

      He co-hosted a USA TV show, “The Computer Chronicles”. His computing career lasted more than 20 years but he is mainly noted for IBM’s failed attempt to license CP/M in 1980. He then sold out for a song to Bill Gates and the rest is computer history”

    89. galamcennalath says:

      X_Sticks says:

      Can’t help noticing this push to try and delay indyref2 until after brexit. I think that would be disastrous. …. Indyref2 has to be before the UK leave the EU while we can still call for oversight and have some chance of a fair referendum.

      Agree completely. I think their strategy is to delay IR2 until after Brexit.

      As you say, there are obvious reasons…… a free hand, unbridled by the EU is the obvious.

      Also, think what a Brexit UK ruled by ruthless sub fascist nutters will be like! They can fight as dirty as the need! Worse, they can change everything to make it almost impossible to secede.

      We need to get this done and dusted within the next two years.

      After that, it will be very difficult. Anyone suggesting ’after the next GE’ etc, is either not thinking it through, or trolling.

    90. Robert Peffers says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker says: 5 February, 2017 at 2:04 pm:

      ” Patently obvious that Fluffy is both kept out of the loop by the Right Wing English Conservative Government and hopelessly out of his depth even with the compliant State Broadcaster.”

      Fluffy would be out of his depth in a Nursery School paddling pool while standing on stilts.

    91. Meg merrilees says:


      Just read that the UK is spending £178bn on Defence!!!!!!!

    92. Stoker says:

      WOS archive links now over on O/T.

    93. yesindyref2 says:

      This is the current tactic. Making people think Indy Ref 2 AFTER Brexit has happened rather than after the negotiations are finished – there’s going to be a 6 months gap according to Barnier, the EU negotiatior, while the EU-27 ratify the Brexit agreement.

      So that makes it 2018 after the negotiations are complete, but 2019 after Brexit itself. But they go one further by making that 2020 hoping nobody will notice, then making it after the General Election in 2020. They do this by repetition, a standard tactic of misinformation.

      By which time it’s too late as the “material change” has happened and is irreversible.

      They’e trying to be deceitfully cunning – hoping nobody will notice theyre cunning stunt.

    94. galamcennalath says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:

      The Tories really don’t want to have to “fight on two fronts”, to take on Scotland and the EU at the same time.

      Which is precisely why we should press on.

      Very true. After Brexit gives them huge advantages, but during the negotiating period definitely suits us!

      Timing is crucial. We need to go as soon as it is absolutely clear Brexit means hard, and no Scottish special arrangements. That can still be well short of the final agreement.

      This, of course, assume there is an agreement. I keep thinking it may not get beyond the divorce settlement stage where the EU demand €40-60 billion just to leave!

    95. Cactus says:

      David Mundell is a can’t.

    96. westie says:

      and how many green voters do we have to thank for enforcing this balloon upon us?

    97. Glamaig says:

      Iain says:
      5 February, 2017 at 4:55 pm
      Excruciating. Mundell should be a contestant on ‘Just a Minute’.

      No chance. He repeats himself every 5 seconds.

      I only managed about a minute before I had to stop. Life is too short, and I would never get the other 4 min 51 sec back. Brewer should have been sitting with his head in his hands rocking backwards and forwards by the end of that interview.

    98. Robert Peffers says:

      @scottieDog says: 5 February, 2017 at 2:59 pm:

      “Completely agree and we should be shouting it from the rooftops”

      Aye! scottiedog, and some of we old guys and gals have been shouting it now going on 70 odd years.

      One day the echo of it will reverberate round the corridors of Westminster Palace. You have to admit that it is louder this sitting of Parliament and that’s why they are in abject terror these days in Westminster.

      One of these days our wee First Minister will be saying to the likes of Fluffy – “You mistake what I’ve just said – I’m not asking you if we can run a referendum – I’m telling you we are running a referendum.

      I could be wrong but I got the same feeling watching Fluffy as when there is a fluffy bunny caught in the motor’s headlights.

    99. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      westie @ 18:20,

      Whit? Whit??


    100. Liz g says:

      The broadcast interview was clearly a disaster,but the written report of it on the BBC Scotland web page reads very differently.
      The message has been put out and you can see when you read it that was the intended outcome.
      His delivery is shit but his mantra,and the Holyrood needs permission narrative was able to be reported,as serious news.
      Probably the whole point of the exercise!

    101. stewartb says:

      Choosing the timing of an Indyref2 relative to Brexit gets even more ‘sensitive’ if – and its a big if – the Tory Government agrees, or is forced by Parliament to agree, a UK-wide referendum on Brexit terms, whenever these terms are known.

      Alternative scenario: Indyref2 is called and only then, during the campaign, the Tory Government ‘vows’ to allow another UK-wide referendum on Brexit terms when these are known.

      Just as my support for Scotland independence holds firm regardless of the party of government in Westminster now and in the future, it holds regardless of the formal nature of Scotland’s relationship with the EU.

    102. James Lamb says:

      That interview epitomises everything that’s wrong with this god forsaken union.

      The disdain in which the Tory party (with 1 elected MP) trolls Scotland, is akin to GIRFUY ya sweaty socks!!!

      If our people are willing to accept this charade, then we get what we deserve.

    103. yesindyref2 says:

      One Mundell is worth more than one extra SNP MP for the cause of Independence. Every time he opens his mouth to yap his mistress’s voice is worth converts from NO.

    104. robertknight says:

      As our Irish cousins would say…


      Thanks be to whoever voted for him – best advert for Scottish Independence there is.

    105. North chiel says:

      ” meg merrilees@0541 ” as a last resort ,if they thought
      Independence was imminent, the establishment are capable of
      absolutely anything ( by fair means or foul) to attempt to destabilise and undermine the Scottish government.
      Be assured that whatever “events” they have planned in the last resort will be
      backed up to the hilt via the propaganda channel & London owned ” Scottish” press. Hardliner
      Fallon the ” defence secretary” will be in the vanguard ( as he has already indicated last week).
      It is imperative that our ” friends in Europe” are fully aware of entirely everything that is going on
      as events play out over the next 1-2 years. This time we need them on side and fully aware of
      what the Tory establishment and state propaganda cronies are capable of.

    106. heedtracker says:

      Neo fascist Voice of The North stokes the Fluffsters project fearing, is the tory take on that Fluffie display.

      Archive is, not working

      NO to ref 2, for your own safety, is all they have left now.

    107. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Liz g:

      …the “Holyrood needs permission” narrative

      Actually, I’m not sure that’s quite right. The Fluffster was ultra-careful not to go that far to the Brewster, hence his tortuous round-the-bushes prevarications. He knows fine that even saying out loud that London just might have a problem would itself be taken as HMGov arrogance and invite an immediate backlash.

      So he desperately tries to hint (“nod-nod, wink wink, know what I mean squire?”) that it just possibly might be a tad awkward to arrange, but that’s as far as he dare take it. And in the meantime try to sell the Tory party line that we don’t really want indyref2.

      What a poker player. He’s visibly bluffing with a totally dud hand.


    108. Davy says:

      That was funny, you could even see Gordon Brewer getting more and more frustrated as fuddley Mundley refused to stop talking drivel.

      That is the level of Tory political correctness in Scotland.

    109. McBoxheid says:

      That little excercise was more about feeding the public the lie that we need Westminster approval in an Edinburgh-esqe agreement before we can ask for a referendum. Brewer was making the point over and over again that a section 30 agreement is required by law before the Scottish Government can proceed with a referendum.

      He knew that Fluffy, who was grinning part of the time, was going to fail to answer that question directly, so the whole point of the interview was to plant the seed that such an agreement is necessary before a referendum can be called.

      Brewer was also trying to look as if he is supportive of the the idea that Scotland was entitled to have a referendum, but if it was an SNP MP or MSP being questioned, he would not have allowed the interview to continue in the same way and he would have changed the question, then interrupt the answer with another pro union lie.

    110. This seems to be the Tories new tactic of spouting complete nonsense in order to avoid providing an answer to a straight question.

    111. Jack Murphy says:

      Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Scotland.
      A glimpse into the Ruth Davidson’s Tory Party in Scotland—-and May’s at Westminster.
      Enough said,before I say something I may regret later.

    112. fletch49er says:

      Thick as shit or a huge weasel. You decide!

    113. Fred says:

      Munnell spouting pish that Indyref2 will be catastrophically divisive in Scotland while the Tory Brexit has sundered Britain in two.

    114. Paul Devlin says:

      This man is merely an apologist for the Tory elite in London. He does as his told and gets a pat on the back from his master. He has never answered a question without consulting his handbook first to see what the party line is. I wish I was up for a job where there was only one candidate.

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