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A significant debate

Posted on August 02, 2018 by

For those of you who didn’t catch the media review section of today’s John Beattie show on Radio Scotland, where the Wings/YouTube copyright case was discussed at length, here’s a compilation of the relevant sections. It’s quite the listen.

(John Beattie, BBC Radio Scotland, 2 August 2018)

The BBC’s official statement is below in full.

“As we have said throughout, whenever we receive complaints about our material being posted or used without authorisation we look to take action to protect our copyright. This action is normally limited to asking for individual videos to be removed and the BBC did not ask or demand for these whole channels to be taken down – that was a decision for YouTube alone.

We act irrespective of the political views of the infringing YouTube channels and have taken action against the use of our material by individuals or organisations from across the political spectrum.

“However, we are aware of the significant debate around our approach to removing content, and will be carrying out a review of our practice in relation to ‘political’ content to ensure it is appropriate for today’s social media environment.

While we carry out our review, the BBC will not be taking any further action in relation to the Wings Of Scotland videos, which we understand should be re-instated by YouTube. We note that the rest of the channel has already been restored by YouTube.

Until the review is complete, we will also not be seeking the removal of similar content from accounts unless it is used in a substantially misleading manner or we need to act to protect our commercial or brand interests.”

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    A significant debate. For those of you who didn’t catch the media review section of today’s John Beattie show on Radio Scotland, where the Wings/YouTube copyright case was discussed at length, here’s a compilation of the relevant sections. It’s qu

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  1. Ryan McAllister says:

    Great success! Great publicity for Wings!

  2. Ken says:


  3. Thepnr says:

    As far as the Scottish Independence movements relationship with the BBC is concerned, Wings has just won the World Cup.

    This decision will have ramifications for news reporting in Scotland well beyond any issues over copyright of clips from News channels.

  4. Petra says:

    Anybody ever thought that someone at the BBC might be on our side? Bringing us all this publicity, lol.

    A conspiracy theory too far gone, lol?

  5. ScotsRenewables says:

    ‘Political news content could be made available on a different basis’

    Crawling, utterly defeated . . . . and BBC Scotland having a go at BBC Central.

    This is one of the best things that has ever happened in terms of waking the public up to media manipulation of the news.

  6. John Boyes says:

    The John Beattie interview – did anyone else feel that it was fortunate that it was timed to to place just before a news-bulletin. Talk about “saved by the bell”‘ just when things were warming up. Or am I being a touch cynical?

  7. Scott says:

    Quote from Scott Arthur.

    I have been in touch with BBC legal and asked that they issue a statement making clear I have not complained to them about anyone’s Youtube channel.

    Who is telling porkies then.

  8. Nation Libre says:

    This is the best thing on the BBC for ages.

    Well done Rev, WoS and all who sail in her

  9. Alison Rollo says:

    Another few thousand Wings users!! Yes!!

  10. JLT says:

    This has just been posted on the BBC section for Scotland. It portrays a picture of Stuart that is not really flattering …if anything, it gives the impression of aggressive behaviour. As they say …a picture paints a 1000 words.

    So …one hand, it appears that they are apologising for their behaviour, but then within that same breath over the last hour or so, invoke an image on their webpage that could be deemed off-putting – in other words, this is the face of Scottish nationalism. There are plenty of pictures of Stuart …why that one?

    Did we expect anything less from the BBC?

  11. Douglas says:

    It would suit the British Nationalists if this material is removed from both Pro and Anti Independence sites.

    It would allow them to influence the public with a lie and then have the evidence removed.

    No great loss to them if it disappears everywhere and the lies cannot be dissected.

  12. Chris says:

    When the BBC are alerted to these sites ????,as if they aren’t monitoring Wings daily ..lie after lie after lie

  13. Clootie says:

    An incredible development. I suspect some idiot thought it a clever move to pull some strings at the BBC to test if such tactics could work and be further developed later.( could they get away with it!)

    I cannot see any downside to this incident and on the plus side a great piece of publicity for Wings and a significant highlighting of BBC bias AND that BBC Scotland is a token label branch not even worthy of consultation by head office.

    🙂 thank goodness for the Internet enabling Wings and other independence supporting sites.
    The fake news is that tprovided by the so called MSM.

  14. Oor Steve says:

    The rule of unintended consequences. Publicly funded organisation denying public access to discourse about their output. Interfering and diminishing free speech is a minefield. Glad to see normality restored. Disgusted by those who think this is ammunition for ‘separatists’. I recall unionists talking about standing up for free speech but now they consider free speech ammunition for Independence. If the shoe was on the other foot!

  15. Mark Harper says:

    That was sooo good.

  16. misteralz says:

    This has been a blast from the start. I hadn’t trusted the BBC since sometime in 2014 when I read something in One of Douglas Fraser’s articles. Now, though? I’d sooner place my trust in a babysitting service run by the McCanns.

  17. Bob Mack says:

    Why are Unionists always like little boys ?. They do something nasty then deny it when they are found out. I’m beginning to think it is a character trait of Unionism.

    Dr Scott story holds no water at all. I believe he used his BBC connections to attack the Rev,after he privatised his own cache of videos. Labour in Scotland and the BBC are joined at the hip. Siamese cats more than twins.They colluded

    This has gone wrong ,but the public will never get the full truth, because that would leave a bad taste in the mouth.

  18. misteralz says:

    This has been a blast from the start. I hadn’t trusted the BBC since sometime in 2014 when I read something in One of Douglas Fraser’s articles that I knew to be demonstrably false. Now, though? I’d sooner place my trust in a babysitting service run by the McCanns.

  19. While this was an astonishing, even gobsmacking piece, we shouldn’t be too exultant yet. Brilliant so far for Stu and WoS but we need to keep the heat up on behalf of Peter Curran/Moridura too. Only when they are both fully restored should we be cheering.

    Meantime, from the defensiveness in teh interview, let’s keep complaining to the BBC about every single pro-unionist site which has *any* BBC content on it.

  20. Proud Cybernat says:

    BBC totally and utterly BUSTED!

    Never again can they claim to be an impartial broadcaster in the constitutional debate after this blatant attempt at censorship of the Scottish independence movement. After this shameful debacle, they will, forever more, be branded, along with the London BritNat Regime they serve, as a suppressor of truth and a manipulator of facts. And rightly so. The evidence is now there for any reasonable-mided person to assess for themselves.

  21. Mark Harper says:

    This is disgraceful! I an click the link on your website and listen to a clip from BBC radio!!! Me, a non-licence fee payer! I don’t have to go on the iplayer website and register all my details, I can circumvent the BBC! Thanks Stu ???

  22. Proud Cybernat says:

    BBC totally and utterly BUSTED!

    Never again can they claim to be an impartial broadcaster in the constitutional debate after this blatant attempt at censorship of the Scottish independence movement. After this shameful debacle, they will, forever more, be branded, along with the London BritNat Regime they serve, as a suppressor of truth and a manipulator of facts. And rightly so. The evidence is now there for any reasonable-minded person to assess for themselves.

  23. Blackhack says:

    Best bit of “Journalism” I’ve seen or heard from the BBC in a long long time….As ma auld da used to say “Yiv won a watch there Pal”

  24. Ali says:

    “A section of the community”. Half the country. BBC and its presenters still think that “the section” who want independence represent a few dribbling mentalists in a pub corner – that’s the problem they have.

  25. Jimmy says:

    BBC guy talking about websites when it was only YouTube which is the only web site involved speaks a lot. The BBC were the ones who got the ball rolling without any thinking about how this would be perceived, are we really expected to believe that? It might not of worked out how they thought it would have but then again what was the thinking behind this? It wasn’t BBC Scotland sounds pretty lame. Kind of a familiar argument as well. Stick Scottish in front of the name and keep them in the dark. The BBC where ever or what ever are all just the BBC (Biased Beyond Comprehension) now.

  26. Martin says:

    This was brilliantly handled again by John Beattie and guests. Actually fairly impressed by BBC Scotland response to this ovr past 48h.

  27. Proud Cybernat says:

    BBC totally and utterly BUSTED!

    Never again can they claim to be an impartial broadcaster in the constitutional debate after this blatant attempt at censorship of the Scottish independence movement. After this shameful debacle, they will, forever more, be branded, along with the London BritNat Regime they serve, as a suppressor of truth and a manipulator of facts. And rightly so. The evidence is now there for any reasonable-minded person to assess for themselves.

    (Aside: don;t know if anyone else has noticed this but in posting on this article, I am getting 504 errors – and very slow response. DDOS attack now, Rev?)

  28. Geordie says:

    It was oh so glorious to witness them squirm in agony on a hook of their own making. The media commentators were brutal, even the lass from the Daily Redcoat (although she still managed a dig at Alex). Pity Stuart Cosgrove wasn’t there to deliver the lethal blow.

  29. auld highlander says:

    Massive portions of humble pie for the slime at the bbc and i hope they choke on every crumb.

  30. One thing needs clarified, why those particular 13 videos?

  31. Robert Peffers says:

    @Scott says: 2 August, 2018 at 2:57 pm:

    ” … Who is telling porkies then.”

    Probably, ‘technically’, not Scott Arthur. He is probably now claiming he only complained about the use of BBC copyright recordings but did not complain about their use being on YouTube. He is, after all a devious ba … Er! (cough!) Bloke.

  32. Breeks says:

    Very enjoyable listen, but “made Alex Salmond look like a Statesman???”

    Just can’t help themselves, can they? Petty and small minded.

  33. vlad (not that one) says:

    I can’t exactly say why, but the audio above made me think of the time when I watched (on TV) the Berlin Wall being torn down.

  34. Dan Huil says:

    Well done, Rev. This is why WoS has such a strong following and why these followers are willing to back you all the way.

  35. Andrew Gallacher says:

    While the John Beattie interview is to be welcomed, the BBC are still fudging the issue with regard to their blatant attempt at political censorship and their obvious bias against Scottish independence. Radio Scotland only reaches a limited audience. Please take a minute to sign this petition.
    It might not do much, but if you sign and share it at least some people who aren’t aware of the actions of the BBC might get to know what they are up to. Every little helps. Thanks.

  36. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    So BBC Lawyer says Councillor Dr Scott Arthur complained to them and initiated the takedown of WoS YouTube Channel.

    Councillor Dr Scott Arthur says it wisnae him.

    I don’t know who is telling the truth, (and am sure it’ll aw come oot in the wash) but maybe this is why Dr Scott had his videos marked as ‘private’ and avoided his YouTube Channel being ‘killed’ in the way WoS was?

    Maybe it was BBC ‘London Calling’ who instigated this, but there is the smell of a Blairite/West End Champagne Socialist ploy to this IMHO.

    What and whoever the Truth will out.

    Well played Stu.

  37. Betty Boop says:

    Ha, for Anna Burnside’s information, the BBC in London treats Scotland in exactly the same way as their bosses at the Westminster administration in London! Why does she think Scots want to get away from them? They treat Scotland as subservient. BBC Scotland, you, like the rest of us, know your place!

    This John Beattie programme contains some of the most honest comment about the BBC (from the guy from the Record and John Beattie) that I have heard broadcast by Westminster’s state mouthpiece. It’s damning. No amount of waffle and story-bending/spinning is going to convince anyone that there isn’t more than a whiff of collusion.

    Stu, I don’t know how you have the patience, but, I’m glad you do.

  38. Joseph says:

    Review, 14 Days, this may not be over for a long time.

    Odd that the bbc claim they would challenge every time including episodes of still game which if you search for it you can get all the episodes on You Tube. Nah they targeted Wings and now they are squirming big time.

  39. schrodingers cat says:

    ian small said the bbc contacted stu about all of this before your youtube channel was pulled ?


  40. Welsh Sion says:

    The BBC Scotland minion (small by name, small in stature, small with regards to importance according to his Londonian masters) has been thrown to true Scottish lions. He’s obviously carrying the can for their incompetence and of deliberating keeping him in the dark (in the true nature of the Raj of not trusting “the natives”).

    ‘Tis the usual story of Britcentric imperial arrogance and hubris leading to utter destruction at a local (i.e. Scottish) level. (A nation weeps to the accompaniment of the tiniest of violins).

    Still, if it opens more eyes to the political bias (and also delivers more ‘ayes’ to the independence cause), I don’t think we should complain.

    What with their previous, this summer’s “our boys Ingerlund” fest at the football and this attempted power grab blowing up in their faces, the BBC are making a habit of scoring own goals.

    They’re doomed, I tell ye! Doomed!

  41. Thomas Valentine says:

    I think I can see the bones of a legal defense being tried out on the public. That is in it’s self political. Since it is obvious that the BBC works hand in glove with unionist parties such “notifications” are easily manufactured and directed against opponents to an eagerly waiting BBC. It might be interesting to see what happens when independence supporters flood the BBC with their own “notifications”. Will it be treated as separatists trying to silence unionists? Yes definitely. But they can manufacture that themselves and likely already are if these comments about a Labour Councillor are to be believed.
    Since Yes people are going to be accused any way just open the flood gates.

  42. Thepnr says:

    A good day, the BBC bias cat is out of the bag.

  43. bobajock says:

    So effectively they are biased, mostly promoted via London, and they are happy to leave BBC Scot in the lurch over this.

    From the above audio you can take only one thing. There is bias in the BBC, and sticking ‘Scotland’ onto their name does not change that.

  44. Marcia says:

    The Yes side voice is much louder in 2018 than 2014. BBC shaken by its volume. Good publicity that will do you no harm at all.

  45. cctxt says:

    Rev Stu, you have my utmost respect – I think BBC Scotland have just shat themselves.

  46. And big John Beattie still doesn’t think that it was a hit job.
    He questioned whether the London ‘lawyer’ even knew what WoS was.
    Aye, right.
    Want to buy the Queensferry Bridge,John?

    Surely they realise how stupid they sound with comments like that.
    It was a hit job.

    MI5/6 and GCHQ know who the Rev is, Mr Beattie.
    I have no doubt at all that the BBC and GCHQ have ‘flags’ on many of our fellow citizens. I have no doubt at all that the BBC knew fine well what it was doing.
    I have no doubt at all that Donalda MacKinnon knew all about this.
    The nervous quiver in their Policy Spokesman’s voice (name escapes me) was a definite ‘tell’.

    So as it stands I need only contact Youtube and complain about every Brit Nat site which uses BBC clips and they will shut it down?
    Aye, and it would happen immediately without contacting the site owner?
    I don’t think so.
    A bid boy didn’t do it and ran away.
    BBC Scotland did it.
    Lovin’ this.
    Well done,Stu.
    I’ve checked in the mirror, and no, my head is not buttoned up the back.

  47. Flower of Scotland says:

    An amazing listen! I did listen to the piece on the radio but great to hear it all again.

    Someone, somewhere at the Beeb is plotting against Wings and other Indy sites.

    What’s the chance the Beeb will take this to court to try and shut you up, Stu?

  48. Proud Cybernat says:

    Well, when the post-indy ScotGov ‘Truth & Reconciliation Committee’ takes evidence, at least John Beattie and Gary Robertson have one interview each where they can point to and genuinely say, “Under the circumstances back then, we tried our best.” They’ll mibbees get to hold onto their jobs.

    Not so sure about the rest of them at Pravda Quay.

  49. Betty Boop says:

    @Tree of Liberty, 3:24pm
    @ vlad (not that one), 3:26

    Yes, attempted justification for reporting those 13 videos would make another highly enjoyable programme.

    I had been feeling a bit depressed earlier, but, listening to those radio clips also gave me a “Berlin wall being torn down” feeling too. Glorious (at least for today!). No doubt normal service will be resumed 🙁

  50. Patrick Roden says:

    The Rev just posted on his twitter feed that, the Wings web-site was down for a while, because of the ‘huge volume of traffic’

    The rule of unintended consequences eh!


  51. Bill Hume says:

    I don’t like popcorn. Would some cheese and biscuits accompanied with a nice bottle of red wine be an acceptable alternative?
    Only asking ‘cos I don’t want thrown out of the ‘Wings Club’

    On second thoughts, the way this is going I might be better ordering a crate of wine.

  52. Capella says:

    So if Scott Arthur didn’t complain to the BBC why did they say that he did? Who did authorise the legal notice (using US Copyright law)? Quite a few pieces still missing in this jigsaw.

    Perhaps a court case would be a good idea, or a public inquiry, where witnesses testify under oath.

  53. Robert Alexander Harrison says:

    And calling anyone who backs independence is a stone sucking nat they hate us you can hear it when some of them speak.

  54. ROBBO says:

    Like many comments before I find it implausible that the BBC (legal) would take this action based on apparently a single complaint by a Labour politician. However if that is indeed the case it is a damning indictment of the BBC that they are oblivious to the influences and popularity that Social Media hold (esp WOS one of most popular in the UK let alone Scot. Given their history on this and until proven otherwise I guess it was very much intentional to sede what the reaction would be but clearly they underestimated the reaction. Again it is simply Londoners making decisions for the rest of us.

    That aside I have just flagged the fact with my Local council that I object to the blue bins used by my neighbour so expect all blue bins to be withdrawn soon.

  55. Hoddles says:

    BBC Scotland left in the dark by BBC London.

    John Beattie asked the right questions and hardly disguised his own disapproval of London actions.

    So was it Scott Arthur or wasn’t it?

  56. Mr Phillip says:

    It’s a good bit of radio right enough. It’s a bit weasely of Ian Small to claim though that the BBC has no political motivation in removing content once it’s been alerted to a potential copyright infringement. That suggests the BBC has no political agenda, but is happy to be weaponised by those that do? I’m sure we’re all happy to believe that an alert made against, say, the official Ukip channel would be treated in the same unthinking way as the one made against Wings, aye?

  57. jfngw says:

    Poor old Labour in Scotland, thrown to the wolves by someone they thought would cover their tracks (must have thought he was Ruth Davidson). If the U.S. want someone to plan their next Bay of Pigs endeavour, we have a candidate here that fits the bill pretty well.

    Possibly sneaked under our radar with all this BBC stuff, I’m hoping to see a particular LibDem MSP on Rep Scot tonight congratulating everyone involved in the Queensferry Crossing for delivering such a well run project.

  58. mumsyhugs says:

    The usual BBC response – “A big boy did it and ran away!” Aye that’ll be right!!!

    Well done Rev – and I reckon they’ve shown their hand too early in using this tactic, got busted, and won’t be able to use it during the next referendum as everyone now knows they have ‘form’. 🙂 🙂

  59. Robert Louis says:

    What comes out loud and clear from all of this, is that just like the Labour party with its ACTUAL managers based in London, BBC at pacific quay, is merely a ‘branch office’.

    Nobody at pathetic quay seems to have been consulted at all. Indeed London BBC management wouldn’t even respond to their questions, as highlighted by Gary Robertson.

    Somebody needs to break it to Donalda MacKinnon, that she is not the director of BBC Scotland, rather she is merely the BBC Scottish ‘branch office’ manager.
    Now we see what the BBC really is; UK government controlled controlled, London run, for the benefit of England. Decisions are made in London and Scotland can just shut the f*** up.

  60. Corrado Mella says:

    Keep chipping at the dam, people.

    When that falls down, the blast of fresh water will wipe out every last vestige of BritNazi rule.

    Don’t put down the pickax yet.

  61. Sarah says:

    I was getting anxious about this blatant censorship from the BBC,see how fast they backpeddled ? they realised they had no leg to stand on or perhaps mindful of the planned demo at PQ this weekend.

    Best publicity ever for exposing their bias and stupidity. Well done, Well done indeed.

  62. ahundredthidiot says:

    I would be guessing a few of those soft No’s working for BBC Scotland might just be starting to review their positions.

    This carry on must surely be uppermost in their thoughts

  63. Scott Arthur to smart for his own good,

    thought he was smarter than Stu,(thinks he is smarter than everybody in politics, bit like that other clown Tomkins)

    he even had his own BBC You Tube videos suspended to try and make it look like he was also a victim and it wasn`t just pro Independence sites,

    hubris – pompous with excessive pride or self confidence,

    he should be drummed out of politics and education and Scotland.

  64. Petra says:

    Meanwhile they’re still churning out ”immigration news” in Scotland geared to put the ”terrorist” fear of death into people. I’m just waiting for the Establishment’s follow up ”activity”.

    Donalda MacKinnon just another wee BBC London lackey …. ………………………… like Gillian McGregor.

    Keep your eye on the ball, folks.

  65. ScottieDog says:

    So anyone from the SNP been onto this in an official capacity or is it too much of a hot potato?
    I guess sometimes it’s best just to let your adversary make a complete horse’s arse of it..

  66. Proud Cybernat says:

    Blatant BBC Scotland News manipulation:

    Hey BBC Scotland – it’s on YouTube. I dare you to take it down.

  67. mumsyhugs says:

    Btw Wee Ginger Dug at his blazing, shooting from the hip best! Wow! Have a look! 🙂

  68. Arbroath1320 says:

    So we now know for certain that Alex Salmond appears Statesman like! (Thanks Anna Burnside from the DR)

    We now have it confirmed by a unionist, probably, that Wings has become a Martyr! (again thanks Anna Burnside from the DR)

    Can the world of being a Scottish independence supporter get any better than this? 😉

    The BBC Scotland overlords in London thought they were being smart in calling for You Tube to shut down Stu’s You Tube channel. As per usual they forgot that the SOVEREIGN people of Scotland are wise to such moves these days and we take action!

    The BBC must be spitting blood that there is something called the internet out there these days. 😀

    As was said in the interview … what the BBC has done over Wings YT channel has done wonders for the independence movement and I reckon boosted the distrust, that already exists in Scotland, of the BBC.

    I very seldom compliment Pacific Quay but in this case I do think a small round of applause should go out to Gary Robertson and John Beattie in their coverage of this story.

  69. Robert Peffers says:

    @Mark Harper says: 2 August, 2018 at 3:17 pm:

    “This is disgraceful! I an click the link on your website and listen to a clip from BBC radio!!! Me, a non-licence fee payer! I don’t have to go on the iplayer website and register all my details, I can circumvent the BBC! Thanks Stu ???”

    Aiblins yon micht be because, “The TV Licence”, is the paid for permission, (a.k.a. licence), of the United Kingdom Government for the household of the purchaser, (a.k.a. Licence Holder), to watch any kind of. “Live”, (a.k.a. as it happens), from any broadcaster on any medium, including cable and internet.

    What is about to happen now will open a very large can of worms.

    In the first place the iPlayer is not technically a live broadcast. However, the present problem is nothing to do with the TV licence. It is to do with copyright and is about to question the copyrighting of items of news – which, by their very nature place their contents into the public domain. Which beggars the obvious question – can something deliberately placed, (i.e. broadcast), into the Public domain be copyrighted?

    Here’s a wee prediction – the newscasters will collude to let the debate die and slide into the background for that question has repercussions for each and every news provider.

    Anyone know who is the best popcorn provider in the West/Central Fife area?

  70. heraldnomore says:

    And of course there’s only one name that’s consistently come into play these past few days; the man with the permanent seat at QT in Jockland. Step forward Scott Arthur. Brought into the GMS interview the other morning, and now stated as being the original complainant. So just a coincidence that Gary Robertson had him one when he spoke to Stu?

  71. Training Day says:

    Well done Rev. This is why you are invaluable to the independence movement.

    But was it Anna ‘my friend calls herself a stone sucking nat (really?)’ Burnside who also said that ‘finally this gives THEM something concrete to hold onto’ i.e THEM who believe the BBC is inherently, intrinsically corrupt and nothing more than a Brit propaganda channel?

    Can a so-called journalist be unaware of Nick Robinson’s public lie when his interview with Alec Salmond just prior to the indyref was so blatantly and obviously edited? Can a so called journalist be unaware of the contentions made in Ponsonby’s London Calling or on sites like Towards Indy ref 2? Are so called journalists really that insulated in their wee bubble? (no need to answer that question).

    Once again, well done Rev.

  72. Tartan Tory says:

    Just listened to the whole thing and had a smirk on my face for most of the time. I have to say, in defence of one or two Scottish journo’s, they certainly seemed to be just as disgruntled with their employers as we were! There is hope….

  73. Robert Louis says:

    While you are all here, this guy really needs funding to carry on his pro indy work. Just short of target, so just a few more donations needed. We can do it. 🙂

    The fight is on, we need people like Marky Booth.

  74. Robert Thomas says:

    A very revealing piece an Radio Scotland this afternoon.

    BBC Scotland Journalists and Editors were kept totally in the dark. It definitely came from British Central Control.

    The BBC representative repeatedly said that the BBC only act if they are ‘ALERTED’, to potential copyright breaches, his words, being used in YouTube Videos.

    He also repeated their impartiality mantra with respect to political stance.

    Ok, so now we have to start an ‘Alerting the BBC’ campaign about every Unionist YouTube channe; which hosts BBC clips!

    It’s only fair after all! Sauce for the goose etc.
    If they can do it to the Indy Channels we can do it to the Unionist channels and we should!

    I think that would be a great and revealing exeperiment.

    Who wants to take on the bet that the BBC do not act in the same way toward Pro-Union YouTube pages as they have toward the Pro-Indy Channels? LOL!

    I say let’s find out! 🙂

  75. Robert Peffers says:

    @Proud Cybernat says: 2 August, 2018 at 3:21 pm:

    ” … (Aside: don;t know if anyone else has noticed this but in posting on this article, I am getting 504 errors – and very slow response. DDOS attack now, Rev?)”

    Hopefully it is more likely to be a very sudden, and very welcome, increase in readers of the Rev Stu’s blog.

    Hi! All new readers – (Waves with the hand not doing the typing), don’t just sit there – comment something and become real Wingers.

  76. Legerwood says:

    At one point in the interview I think Mr Small, BBC spokesperson on this occasion, said something along the lines of: ‘When the BBC receives a complaint it has to act on it’
    Is Mr Smalll’s comment in anyway believable? Given the number of times people on here have complained to the BBC about various matters and got nowhere yet one complaint and, apparently without investigating any other sites for similar alleged infringements,just two sites are taken down pdq.

    Both pro- independence ones.

    The BBC has really messed up.

    Now let’s get Moridura back

  77. ahundredthidiot says:

    I am also guessing ‘that section’ is in reference to THE ONES WHO ACTUALLY GIVE A SH*T ABOUT SCOTLANDS POLITICS

  78. David Wood says:

    Stuart, I often read your pages, but rarely comment. But this time WELL DONE to you. It is already clear to me that that not only did the BBC arse this up, but simply adds to the growing view in Scotland of just how biased the BBC are against anything or anyone supporting Scottish Independence. It is time that we ALL became a bit more vocal in telling the BBC in particular about how we feel. But it goes much deeper than that with the BBC and other MSM these days. Thanks Again. Rgds. David

  79. Doug_Bryce says:

    wow – that interview is incredible. quietly reassured that much of BBC Scotland seem equally miffed about not being consulted over this…

    BBC Scotland being unable to get BBC London to comment is not a good look.

  80. Clapper57 says:

    Scott Arthur tweeted 100% honestly wisnae him.

    So who to believe….Mr 100% honestly Arthur or BBC….conundrum!

    Perhaps BBC should have said 100% honestly it was him.

    Frankly when you get into the realm of combining percentages with words it is tricky territory….I mean add a percentage AND not just ANY percentage but 100% and well you would be a right lying low life if you were lying….how could ANYONE believe anything you said EVER AGAIN.

    Mind you he did choose right percentage cause we all know 100% is the top percent to use as categorical proof of innocence.

    Could this be a new Unionist political ploy …the use of the top percentage in statements…has it come to this that words alone do not suffice one needs to use the top percentage to reinforce one’s point. In the name of the wee man what the Hell is this world coming too …..cause I am 99.9% positive that this will not end well….what next mixed metaphors ????

  81. Such a relief that it swamped Willie Rennie rabbiting on about the LibDems latest FOI request list.
    Happily this had already been totally rubbished by Jamie McIver.

  82. @Andrew Sinclair:

    “…let’s keep complaining to the BBC about every single pro-unionist site which has *any* BBC content on it.”

    @Thomas Valentine:

    “It might be interesting to see what happens when independence supporters flood the BBC with their own “notifications”.”

    No, this is what you don’t do. You do not provide the Greater England Broadcorping Castration with any cover or excuse for the possibility of further attacks like this in the future. The GEBC would then be able to claim that – just like their coverage of politics in general – they were being ‘even-handed’, because they were now going after (in however half-arsed a way) both ‘sides’ equally.

    This is apart from the fact that – as you say, Thomas – anything like that will be spun as “Nasty Nats oppressing fearless Unionists!”, just as it was with Crazy Daisy and Mr Intolerance.

    Let all schools of thought contend. If you have the one that is right, it will triumph.

    Now, let’s see if we can help Peter get his channel back!

  83. susan says:

    All I can say is well done Stu!

  84. Jack Murphy says:

    Calm down dears.

    Normal service will be resumed on your BBC Scotland telly at 6:30pm. 🙁

    I can’t wait…

  85. … Plays the ball to Campbell, whose made a good run from midfield. Edge of the box, Campbell shoots… back of the net, top corner. What a goal!

  86. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Aye you’re right about these “so-called journalists” @Training Day says at 4:04 pm

    I’d also add should a so-called journalist in Scotland not be unaware of the BBCs attempt to discredit and destroy the reputation and career of Professor John Robertson (late of the University of the West of Scotland) when he highlighted their bias?

    I think not.

    Therefore the individual in question is either:

    1. Piss poor at their job and masquerading as a journalist


    2. Is a British Nationalist Propagandist for the Union

    Bearing in mind it is the Daily Record she works for, I’d go with 2.

    Wee plug for Johns site “Talking Up Scotland” especially for the New Wingers who may not be aware of it (thanks for the free publicity BritNat Broadcasting Corporation) 🙂

  87. Clapper57 says:

    @ Nigel Stapley @ 4.30pm

    100% agree…no tit for tat….would erase the deed that has been done and deflect …of that I am 100% sure.

    “When they go low we go higher”…I am 55% sure that is the correct quote from Michelle Obama….though not 100% sure.

  88. ahundredthidiot says:


    Ian Small introduced, background noise is him squirming in his chair, haha, who says radio isn’t visual

  89. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Let all schools of thought contend. If you have the one that is right, it will triumph.”

    100% agree with you @Nigel Stapley says at 4:30 pm

    It is imperative that the BritNats are given free reign to make the case for Scotland’s continuing membership of the Union.

    Don’t give them and excuse.

    Don’t let them off the hook.


    Why is the Union better than Independence for Scotland in ALL areas of life, finance etc. etc. etc.?

    Bet they can’t do so without bullshitting mightily.


  90. jfngw says:

    I think the BBC claim that when someone makes a complaint they have to act is just playing with words. They should respond but there is no requirement to force someone to take down material or shut down a youtube channel, that is the BBC’s choice about how it responds to a complaint.

    If it was true I assume if I complained about QT they would just take it off air, it is just too ludicrous claim to even be considered.

    I suspect someone in London thought were doing right by taking action to support the union, as defined in their charter, when in fact they have undermined the BBC once again as a neutral arbriter of news.

  91. ScottieDog says:

    An interesting discussion followed on the John beattie show. That subject was Jeremy Corbyn and anti-semitism. I think a lot of the debate was accurate in that they observed that ‘the media’ are going after JC big time.
    What was interesting though is the constant referral to the media in the third person. I was in the car yelling at the radio “yous are the effin media!”

  92. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “ian small said the bbc contacted stu about all of this before your youtube channel was pulled ?


    No, that’s absolutely untrue. It’s very weird that the BBC appear to have contacted Scott Arthur in person, but bypassed me and went straight to YouTube.

  93. Old Pete says:

    Wings 10 BBC O
    Superb and great publicity for the site.

  94. Big Jock says:

    :”Among other possibilities, money was invented to make it possible for a foolish man to control wise men”

    Rich man 0 – Wise Man 1

  95. Chas says:

    That would almost have been worth paying the licence fee for, just to hear that live broadcast.

    I hope it’s not covered by copyright. Haha!

  96. Eddie Woods says:

    I enjoyed the John Beattie show and most of the comment. I don’t understand why the female on the show gets free dig at Alex Salmond for nuffin. Maybe when she achieves all Eck has, she would be entitled to. However, I thought it was unnecessary and dislike when people take sneaky pot shots without the right of reply.

  97. Petra says:


    Worth watching, if you haven’t seen it before.

    ‘Dispatches – inside Britain’s Israel Lobby.’

  98. Robert Peffers says:

    @jfngw says: 2 August, 2018 at 3:50 pm:

    ” … O/T: Possibly sneaked under our radar with all this BBC stuff, I’m hoping to see a particular LibDem MSP on Rep Scot tonight congratulating everyone involved in the Queensferry Crossing for delivering such a well run project.”

    Oh! Dear! I fear you are about to suffer a grave disappointment.

  99. ahundredthidiot says:


    aaahh, the sound of the BBC squirming in it’s seat

    music to the ears

  100. CapnAndy says:

    Interesting that they tell us, that in the event of any complaint, they will pull the videos. Time to start complaining to the BBC about all those other copyrighted videos on You Tube.

  101. Andrew Scott says:

    Eamonn O’Neil (sp?) was quite excellent putting his points.

  102. Referendum1707 says:

    And just think about this, was talking to guy day before yesterday, about 60 yo, no internet access and he’s never even HEARD of WoS.

    At one point I asked him if there was a referendum tomorrow should Scotland be independent Yes or No how would he vote.

    Without a trace of hesitation or whataboutery he said –

    I’d vote Yes.

  103. schrodingers cat says:


    I thought that

    anyway you can get ian small to retract his comment?

  104. Art1001 says:

    Just listened to the clip. They claim they are not biased but they have a couple of ‘stone sucking’ unionists on to comment allowed to have a free, unchallenged hit on Alex Salmond. Are they crazy?

  105. louis.b.argyll says:

    ..Freedom’s Sword Wins Over Scotland..

    Reinstated résistance to their hegemony must grate the British Broadcasting Corporation. Great.

  106. Nicola Wood says:

    Great result Stu, pressure brings justice. British Broadcasting Climbdown!

  107. robertknight says:

    Rev. says @4:43…

    No, that’s absolutely untrue. It’s very weird that the BBC appear to have contacted Scott Arthur in person, but bypassed me and went straight to YouTube.”

    I don’t think it’s “weird”. What do expect from a pig, if not a grunt? The MO of the BBC is clear for all to see…

    SNP (& all Indy associates) BAD!

  108. Proud Cybernat says:

    For any newbie here wondering what all the stooshie about the BBC is all about then what you have witnessed over the last day or so is just the latest episode in the BBC’s long litany of propaganda, manipulation and censorship of the Scottish constitutional debate:

    Have a look for yourself:


    BBC Bias During Scotland’s Independence Referendum

  109. Michael says:

    I thought John Beattie did well.
    He didn’t bat for our side and he didn’t really bat for the BBC or unionist side either, even though they pay his wages.
    Sure, some indy supporters might come up with a few snippets he said and have an issue with things, but it wasn’t his job to be on our side.
    There will be plenty bealin’ in the unionist side that Big John let the conversation run and didn’t close down the commentators when getting close to the bone.
    He trod a neutral line and we should always encourage and thank anyone in the media who sets out to achieve this.
    To criticise because he wasn’t as hard as we might like or completely take our side is wrong.
    We want a free unbiased media and if all the coverage was like this show was today, then we’d be in a better place.

  110. Proud Cybernat says:

    Interesting that they tell us, that in the event of any complaint, they will pull the videos. Time to start complaining to the BBC about all those other copyrighted videos on You Tube.

    NO – that is precisely what the indy movement DOES NOT do. We complain about how the BritNat MSM ignore, censor and spin news against the indy movement and you want us to now go and do the very thing we are complaining of?

    Really? As is REALLY don’t think so.

  111. Ken500 says:

    BBC total and absolute nonsense. Trying to cover up. A whitewash.

    A snivelling little councillor. Controls the BBC?

    Go for damages.

    Still BBC biased nonsense. They do not give a damn. Disgraceful.

    The Christmas tree whitewash.

    Alex Salmond is a Statesman. BBC nonsense.

  112. “The Wings of Scotland videos”! PMSL, it’s like when your gran talks about “The U2″… Or maybe even… your “auntie”?

  113. Macart says:

    You can feel the Karma doing its thing. Getting its groove on. 🙂

  114. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    All this State Sponsored Propaganda and Censorship has put me in mind of the following lyrics.

    Just substitute British, British Nationalist or BritNat in place of American and Britain or UK in place of America.

    Quite apt when you consider it is a 14 year old song.

    American Idiot

    Green Day

    Don’t wanna be an American idiot
    Don’t want a nation under the new media
    And can you hear the sound of hysteria?
    The subliminal mind-fuck America

    Welcome to a new kind of tension
    All across the alien nation
    Where everything isn’t meant to be okay
    Television dreams of tomorrow
    We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow
    For that’s enough to argue

    Well maybe I’m the faggot America
    I’m not a part of a redneck agenda
    Now everybody do the propaganda
    And sing along to the age of paranoia

    Welcome to a new kind of tension
    All across the alien nation
    Where everything isn’t meant to be okay
    Television dreams of tomorrow
    We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow
    For that’s enough to argue

    Don’t wanna be an American idiot
    One nation controlled by the media
    Information Age of hysteria
    It’s calling out to idiot America

    Welcome to a new kind of tension
    All across the alien nation
    Where everything isn’t meant to be okay
    Television dreams of tomorrow
    We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow
    For that’s enough to argue

    Songwriters: Billie Joe Armstrong / Frank E. / Iii Wright / Michael Pritchard
    American Idiot lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

  115. Josef Ó Luain says:

    [A lot of questions being opened up and not being answered.]

    [A political hit-job.]

    And still nobody from London has been put-up to answer for this decision. The P.Q. lot are in no position to answer anything regarding the issue as they were in total ignorance of the action taken by London. You couldn’t make it up.

    One thing is for sure: we’ll never know who lodged the complaint against Wings.

  116. Muscleguy says:

    The idea that the BBC will take down someone’s channel as soon as a complaint is made irregardless of the merits is both dangerous and pretty much silly if we are to take it seriously.

    As the program says the publicity about this pretty much invites people to to tit for tat. I would urge people to not do that. We have to be better than them.

  117. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Andrew Kerr just providing ‘updated’ report on it all where the spin now appears to be that the BBC is gamely tackling weighty issues of intellectual property rights etc etc…

    No mention of the ire expressed (in very different ways) by Burnside and O’Neill, the latter explicitly calling this a political ‘hit’ from London.

    They’re drowning, not waving…

  118. manandboy says:

    “Turkmenistan and North Korea are so extreme in their hostility towards journalists that they are black holes for news, with state broadcasters controlling what people see.

    “According to scores compiled by Freedom House, a think-tank, the muzzling of journalists and independent news media is at its worst point in 13 years.”

    No mention of Scotland and its 99% anti-independence MSM, or of the Biased British Brainwashing Corporation.

  119. Proud Cybernat says:

    After the Rev booted Goliath in the stones, I can feel it in my watter that Chris Cairns is gonnae have us a cracker of a ‘toon at the weekend!!

  120. harry mcaye says:

    Apologies if I’ve got this wrong, but did this not all start with someone making a complaint to the BBC about the content on Scott Arthur’s YouTube channel, to which councillor Scott said, “aye but, whit aboot that Wings guy, he’s goat pure hunners o’ clips on his site fae the beeb” or words to that effect?

  121. manandboy says:

    A simple ‘compare and contrast’ test of the three guests on the John Beattie show is enough to show that Ian Small, the Head of Public Policy for BBC Scotland, used all the usual evasive techniques which are the stock-in-trade of politicians. Put simply, he lied his way through the interview – in an attempt to show the BBC is innocent of any political motivation.

    Donalda Mackinnon is going to need a cloak of invisibility if she is to emerge untouched by CampbellGate.

  122. Juan says:

    “Nationalist debate” there’s the problem. Our debate isn’t about Nationalism, it’s about DEMOCRACY. The BBC are an obstacle to DEMOCRACY and FREE SPEECH in Scotland and ALWAYS have been. This is nothing new. The debate we should be having isn’t a “Nationalist debate” but a debate about COLONIALIST attitudes of London towards an “EQUAL PARTNER IN A UNION”. WHY IS BROADCASTING RESERVED? Why doesn’t Scotland have it’s own NATIONAL BROADCASTER free from colonialist, Westminster’s interference? When will we have our own media?
    The BBC isn’t just an obstacle to democracy and free speech in Scotland, which we can prove it definitely is, it’s fundamentally ANTI Scottish, ANTI Democracy and ANTI Free speech.

    Winning the return of Wings YouTube channel is a small victory (I’ve been a subscriber for years and use it regularly with links to convince BRITNATS of their ANTI Scottishness Colonialist ways). Big thing for Stu and those of us who’ve relied upon it for it’s resources of clips and vids, but it cannot be a victory to be back where we were last week, with the BBC as the single biggest obstacle to democracy in Scotland.

    The demo outside BBC /STV shouldn’t just be about their undeniable bias, but about our NEED and determination to have our own broadcaster in Scotland FREE from COLONIALIST interference. This isn’t a Nationalist debate it’s about COLONIALISM and DEMOCRACY.

    We are an EQUAL PARTNER in a UNION or we are a COLONY? It’s one or the other, we cannot be both. If we cannot have our own broadcaster, we are definitely a COLONY. Time for the Scottish PARLIAMENT to step into this debate and flex their muscles. The Treaty of Union trumps devolution surely?

  123. One_Scot says:

    I am not sure if I understand the BBC statement fully, but to me it comes across as, ‘We tried to shut you down, but you were just far too clever for us, so you can carry on as you were’.

    Is that about the size of it?

  124. Ken says:

    “…..whenever we receive complaints…”
    I don’t know if anyone else has commented on this but, is the BBC implying that the lawyer acted on his own account, a pro bono lawyer scanning YouTube for copywrite violations. Probably not.
    So who is the unnamed principal in this affair. Presumably the lawyer was acting at the behest of the BBC. So, who complained if it wasn’t the BBC?

  125. Truth says:

    Good result, but in my opinion only John Beattie, and at a stretch the Eamon chap come out of that well.

    The other talking heads come across as dishonest and in the case of Anna, extremely petty.

    So we have the BBC talking childishly and dishonestly about their own childishness and dishonesty. Thanks, but I’ll continue to withhold my payment and educate others as to your treachery.

  126. CmonIndy says:

    Puffing and exasperation by Eamonn on that clip. Never mind you work in BBC. You work in Scotland so bogoff.

  127. Thepnr says:

    Going by what Ian Small said today in relation to the BBC reviewing their policies with regard to copyright issues and in particular those clips relating to news or politics.

    It looks like there is every chance that all such clips will be deemed as fair dealing and that any site will be allowed to host them in future.

    That was maybe the BBC’s problem in this case as it would open the floodgates for complaints as some have suggested and the even the political parties would have had to comply without specific permission and you can’t give them permission and not the licence fee payer or any member of the public.

    All clips will staying up now looks to be the likely result.

  128. schrodingers cat says:

    you have got them on the run stu

    also, a lot of inconsistancies and unanswered questions by ian small.

    1. did the bbc contact stu before his youtube chanel was pulled?
    2. did the bbc ask youtube to pull stus channel because of labour councillor complaints?
    3. did bbc london inform bbc scotland about this? if so, who informed who?

    this is like a scab which is trashing the bbc’s reputation in scotland.
    keep picking at it stu

    can you sue the bbc for loss of earnings, loss of your time, your reputation, defamation, pedaling untruths etc, or all of them.

    i would have thought that a full and public apology by the director general and donalda would be the minimum requirement.


  129. Roland Smith says:

    Scott Arthur denies that he is responsible. We should accept that on face value because that allows us to keep digging until we find the real censor. His denial and the misinformation on the BBC contacting Rev to let him know it was happening keeps it all very much alive.
    Scotland’s Watergate.

  130. Ghillie says:

    In the event that alot more of this willful censorship and erasing of history could still lie ahead,

    would it mibee be wise to make ‘hard copies’ of all the U Tube, news clips etc by old fashioned recording onto DVD?

  131. William Wallace says:

    Can’t stop smiling today. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  132. Clydebuilt says:

    The smaller dinner time audience heard the full debate, the much larger audience heard Andrew Kerrs version of events.

  133. galamcennalath says:

    Juan says:

    our NEED and determination to have our own broadcaster in Scotland FREE from COLONIALIST interference


    The BritNats always make the mistake of thinking we are like them, except with the opposite view on nationhood and sovereignty.

    They assume when we want a Scottish media, we are intent on creating the opposite of what is there now ie anti UK pro Scotland instead of the current vice versa. We are not like them, we want a balanced fair media free from political interference and bias.

    We want a free media playing a constructive role in our fledgling democracy. They want an externally controlled media which suppresses democracy and does the bidding of the old order.

    We don’t want to mimic all that is bad about the UK and simply create a Scottish branded version of it.

    I accept that I find it very difficult to think like a BritNat, and it seems very clear that they just can’t think like us.

  134. Morgatron says:

    Stu, what a guy you are. So proud of the dignified fight. The JB show was a real knockout today, O’Neill was superb just a pity Cosgrove was missing or the roof would have came off PQ. Fair play to Anna Burnside and JB today too – but you and the wings squad are the stars of the show. Fat Tuba player spotted hanging from a tree by his bollocks in Rouken Glen Park.

  135. David Gray says:

    Why was someone from the Daily Record on this when that publication hasn’t even mentioned the story?

  136. Clydebuilt says:

    Just heard The Rev. On the 6pm Radio Shortbread news, no mention about Peter’s Youtube Channel . . . . Missed the 5pm news so can’t say whether the interview was played then . . . . Would be surprised if they had played it then. . . As they never put out anything Good for Yessers, or bad for Yoons between 5 and 6 pm. (Peak audience ).

  137. Pete Barton says:

    @ Juan 5:42pm

    I’d say you have pretty much nailed it there friend.


    In a Nation.

  138. Thepnr says:

    I don’t believe we are “back where we were last week” with regard to the BBC. I think they have been damaged by this episode and we might start to see signs of that. The last thing BBC Scotland would want in the current environment is stir up more controversy.

    Maybe that’s just wishful thinking but this hasn’t gone unnoticed and for a time at least we might expect to see something that much more resembles “balance”.

  139. caledonia says:

    Hmm Dr Scott says his videos were removed so why no outcry from Labour
    Maybe its because he thinks it cant be bias as tories/labour in Scotland are same party
    Or it could be he made it up

  140. Iain mhor says:

    Another interesting clip.
    I also caught the claim that the Rev was contacted and noted a lot of “Them” phrases.
    What interested me most was the gist. If all the shrapnel is removed I’m left with “This has made us look like idiots with no control and has given Independence supporters a media boost and credibility, this is unacceptable”
    The real issues (though they were raised) were swamped by “This is terrible for “Us” – “The ramifications for Us vs Them”
    No, the issue at its core is censorship, free speech and access to a public broadcasters political archives.
    Of course I have my own bias and may be interpreting the conversations through the lenses of a “Stone Sucking Nat”
    And by all the auld gods, if that phrase isn’t on a t-shirt by the weekend my faith in humanity will take a dent haha! 😀

  141. Expat_Nat says:

    This was an intelligence services slip-up born of arrogance and a bit of desperation.
    Make no mistake, Westminster will never ever allow an independent Scotland.
    If the intelligence services and propaganda fail then tanks and troops will be deployed.

  142. Footsoldier says:

    Nothing on STV as far as I can see, mind you they don’t really do full news as it is usually necessary to look elsewhere to get all news.

  143. jfngw says:

    If there was ever an example of why broadcasting should be devolved this encapsulates it. A centralised organisation that has no regard or real interest in a countries political balance. They make the decisions in London regarding what is politically acceptable in Scotland, the local branch is not even consulted.

    It pretty much the same with the political parties, London decides the Scottish branches must abide.

    P.S. I don’t actually want anything devolved, I want everything decided by the people of Scotland.

  144. Robert Peffers says:

    @Juan says: 2 August, 2018 at 5:42 pm:

    “Nationalist debate” there’s the problem. Our debate isn’t about Nationalism, it’s about DEMOCRACY.”“.

    Are you sure of that, Juan?

    There has never been democracy throughout the entire history of Westminster. Scotland didn’t even have a democracy when the Rule of Law of Scotland changed dramatically in 1320 by the Declaration of Arbroath.

    The law said then that the people of Scotland were legally sovereign, (and legally they still are), but only the Scottish aristocracy were landowners and only landowners were enfranchised. Even now we have no democracy although the people are enfranchised.

    The reason we have no democracy now is because, when the Treaty of Union was signed in 1706/7, the people were not enfranchised and Westminster had made the landowners/parliamentarians bankrupt with illegal means and forced them to sell our birth right for English gold, and Westminster has operated as if the United Kingdom were the Kingdom of England parliament renamed as the United Kingdom Parliament on 1 May 1707 and that the Kingdom of Scotland had been extinguished. A total illegal lie.

    So how can a parliament that holds that the Queen of England is legally sovereign and has unelected aristocracy hereditary peers as part of the government be democratic?

    That is the problem – not either Scottish or British/English nationalism and not democracy but sovereignty legally belonging to the legally enfranchised people of Scotland.

    The BBC are part of the Establishment and they always have been. Lords & Ladies on the BBC Trust and when that was done away with Lords & Ladies on the Ofcom board. What is more, under English Law the person who creates those lords & ladies is the legally sovereign Queen of England.

    Now here’s a wee question for you. Who is that person in the House of Commons who sits close by, but physically higher, than the speaker? That person is never mentioned and seems not to tale part in the running of the United Kingdom?

    Here’s a clue – They call him, “The Remembrancer”:-



  145. Naina Tal says:

    Just how it looks to me. No a conspiracy theorist by any means. I think councillor Arthur, British Nationalist expert own everything made aw his posts of Britnat broadcasting videos private prior to complaining to some heed honcho at the said Britnat corporation aboot The Rev’s YouTube channel. Might have been some prior collusion. “Put in a complaint but make yir ain clips private first.”

    If it looks like shite and it smells like shite etc.

    And as the said Councillor finished his diatribes on QT sae often “It’s a disgrace.”

  146. hackalumpoff says:

    Been out all day at the Black Isle show, passed a bit close to the Tory tent with UJs and had to run to the Yes tent for an anti-cringe jab.

    I asked some machinery suppliers about the effect of Brexit on their businesses and if they will be there next year. To a man, the opinions were – very unlikely.

    Just listened to the John Beattie excerpt above and I thought Professor O’Neil sounded very well balanced, so he is one to follow.

  147. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Why is anyone surprised at Anna Burnside using “them” and being somewhat disparaging about Alex Salmond.

    Burnside is a Daily Record veteran, “SNP Bad,” Alex Salmond worse has been their stock-in-trade for well over a decade.

    And, over that decade, the Record’s circulation has steadily fallen. You’d think they might learn.

  148. Maria says:

    Mr Small claims in that clip that as he understands it, “there was a breach of copyright”. Shouldn’t he have said really an “alleged” breach of copyright? This has not been proved in court. At this moment in time, there is a dispute about this and it is the word of that BBC legal team in London against the word of Mr Campbell. I think this should be corrected, because Mr Small appears to already be judging Wings as guilty before any trial. Mr small is not the average porter in the BBC, but the Head of Public Policy and Corporate Affairs in BBC Scotland, so he should be more careful about his choice of words when addressing the public.

    If I understand correctly, Mr Small appears to suggest that a notification was sent by BBC legal to Mr Campbell about this BEFORE the videos were taken down and the channel closed. Is this the case Stu? I didn’t realise this was the case. I thought the channel was simply closed without any prior notification and Stu had not even been informed about what “offending” videos has caused the channel to be closed.

    The other thing that I find unconvincing is that allegedly the legal team is sending this afternoon a letter to Mr Campbell indicating that they are “undertaking a review” of their “work in this area, particularly in relation to videos with political content”. Well, what use exactly is this information to the current case, where arguably this legal team proceeded to censor 13 videos and with that had the entire channel closed down? Is this an admission that they made a mistake? and if not, what is the purpose of this information? Because what they will do in the future or not is completely irrelevant to this case. But what is relevant to this current case is the circumstances in which they did what they did that led to unfairly and selectively closing those two pro-independence channels. This seems to me like weasel words, attempting again to unfold a screen over the fact that this legal team actually have shot themselves in the foot for going further and beyond those copyright laws to deliberately target 2 pro-independence channels leaving untouched many anti-independence ones with the same kind of alleged “breach”, exposing bare their stupendous political bias. Or even worse, they may be preparing themselves to deflect on the spot a massive influx of notifications of copyright breaches related to pro-union sites and others on the back of their actions against the pro-indy sites. After conducting themselves in the way they have done with Wings and Peter Curran’s channels, in my view the only way they can now hide their bias and get away with denying acting against those pro-union sites or others after they themselves set up a precedent is if they quickly claim that “they have changed their policies”.

    What is clear here is that whoever instigated this deliberate targeting of Stu and Peter Curran’s channels has in true British Nationalist style, completed walked over BBC Scotland, demonstrating once again that BBC Scotland is nothing but a puppet branch from the “big boys” in London.

  149. John says:

    Phase 1 complete – get the scumbags to back down.

    Phase 2 – Get stuck into Youtube to find out exactly how they were played.

    Someone mentioned getting Alex Thompson at C4 onto the case – I bet if the digging were thorough enough it would lead back to BBC London with Donalda in the colony office marking the targets.

  150. Tam the Bam. says:

    Now there’s a first (I think)….The Rev actually makes it onto Misreporting Scotland…interview n’all!

  151. Tinto Chiel says:

    A wonderful day today and all because of The Rev.

    After listening to a peevish and snide Ms Burnside though, I’m have a slight concern. I haven’t sucked a stone since I was about four so am I a real “nat”?

    (Signed) Worried of Tannochbrae.

  152. Fireproofjuim says:

    Just saw Reporting Scotland on the Wings saga.
    Pretty fair I thought and Stuart got his say.
    Well done

  153. Ghillie says:

    I find it impossible to believe that the BBC ‘legal team’ didn’t know that requiring that more than 3 ‘copyrighted’ clips be removed would result in the whole channel being taken down.

    The BBC’s clumsy spite has blown back in their faces.

    And Anna, wee bit education for you pet, Alex Salmond IS a Statesman.

  154. call me dave says:

    Court of Session bid to stop asylum seeker evictions 5 minutes ago

  155. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ghillie says: 2 August, 2018 at 5:57 pm:

    ” … would it mibee be wise to make ‘hard copies’ of all the U Tube, news clips etc by old fashioned recording onto DVD?”

    Because, Ghillie, like floppy disks those DVDs and even Blu-ray disks are going the same way. BTW: DVDs can, and do deteriorate. Memory Sticks, Solid State Drives and even Hard disks are the way to go.

    For example I have a 4 TB USB drive I can plug into my computer – that’s a lot of storage, and there is no limit to the number of drives you can have.

  156. mogabee says:

    Macart 😀

    Aye Sam, it’s truly a wonder to behold!!

  157. louis.b.argyll says:

    Thepnr, aye, damage is done but should there be an inquiry?

    Somewhere at the BBC.. ‘Someone’s not going to get an MBE or that promotion over this. At least til next round, or even until we’ve somehow scuppered the hopes and dreams of the other half the Scottish how can we defeat the will of the people..?’

  158. Paul says:

    Fair play, a decent discussion, are the BBC finally starting to get it? You may not agree with independence but a large part of the people who pay your fee in Scotland do, so they at least deserve a fair hearing!

  159. Highland Wifie says:

    Just WOW.
    Who’d have thunk it? That’s the best thing I’ve listened to in a while.
    All those peeps who’d never heard of Wings have heard of it now and will be curious to know more.
    And then there’s all the new traffic on the youtube channel to find out what all the fuss is about.
    Whoever said it was right, you can’t buy that kind of publicity.
    A slam dunk as they say on the other side of the pond. 🙂

  160. Ruby says:

    This is a cracker of a news story. A big thank-you to Scott Arthur for making this happen. 🙂

  161. Meindevon says:

    @ DrJim

    C’mon now Jim, is all this not getting the loins stirring? We need you. I loved your posts. If we all packed it in where would we be? I felt so low after that HoC debate last week but we can’t give up ever.

    Remember that old Scottish king and the spider and his web? (It could be worse you could be down here with folk who haven’t got a clue about anything politically Scottish. It’s trying some days,really, it is)

    It’s only a matter of time… we’ll get there.

  162. Capella says:

    Anna Burnside loathes Alex Salmond. She hates the Alex Salmond Show. It’s on RT – Putin’s channel – and she doesn’t like his suits. She told us this when the Media Show reviewed it.

    Why she is invited onto the Media Show is a mystery. She is inarticulate, hums and haws and sniffs all the time, and has the most boring middle of the road attiudes to every subject that comes up, except Independence which she clearly hates.

    I was surprised she grudgingly acknowledged that the BBC had created the most appalling mess. Which goes some way to rating this stooshie as a number 9 on the Richter scale.

    Massive damage is caused. Heavy objects are thrown into the air and cracks appear on the ground, as well as visible shockwaves. Overhead highways may be destroyed, and buildings are toppled.

  163. Thepnr says:

    I’m sure the intervention of Alex Salmond sped up the process of having the BBC back down over this. They probably would have anyway in time now that the decision to go to court was back with them and not with the Rev.

    Although he is no longer an MP he is still in the SNP and I’m sure he must have let Nicola Sturgeon know what his intentions were with regards writing to the Director General of the BBC on behalf of Wings. So this intervention was a big deal for the SNP I think.

    Job well done Alex, enjoy a dram tonight from all of us 🙂

  164. Ann Rayner says:

    Glad to see that at least one person mntioned Peter Curran, Moridura. His website and archive should be reinstated too. It’s a valuable resource that he has taken years to assemble.

  165. manandboy says:


    “The Electoral Commission has said it will not investigate allegations made in a BBC Spotlight programme about the Democratic Unionist Party’s (DUP) campaign in the EU referendum.”

    For May’s government, the DUP are untouchable, indispensable, and waiting in the wings.

  166. K1 says:

    If the BBC are saying Scott Arthur is the instigator and Scott Arthur is saying he isn’t, then the BBC just through him under a bus to protect the true instigator?

    So will Scott Arthur fight for his reputation (nae sniggerin’ in the back) and now tell the whole story to clear his name?

    If he just accepts this whilst claiming the ‘BBC are lying’, he’s no gonnae get an invite back oan tae QT fae his guy at the BBC, who the BBC are now protecting obviously…as they’ve just thrown him under a bus to do so!

  167. ronnie anderson says:

    I can see Marmite & Marmite appearing on RT Salmond show , cumoan Alex don’t miss this opportunity to further git intae the Beep , the Rev awaits your call .

  168. Big Bill says:

    ALERT – “If we are alerted to BBC videos being used….. now watch and see if all the political parties that use BBC material, get a letter telling them that their channel has been closed down

  169. mike cassidy says:

    This idea of complaining about others using BBC clips.

    I suggested this early in the wingsgate postings –

    but only if the Rev lost the battle

    and there was a need to call the BBC’s bluff on being ‘fair…’

    Looks like that won’t be necessary now.

    BBC holed below the water.

  170. Louise says:

    Have read you quite a bit but this is my first comment.

    Has anyone (such as the academic from Strathclyde) tried FOI requests to the BBC on:

    1. Where and when they have asked for You Tube material to be removed? This could show up various biases, political and otherwise, in their policy.

    2. The link between complaints received and actions taken? This could show up more willingness to act in some situations than in others.

    Also FOI requests to You Tube/Google about when they have taken down whole channels rather than offending videos? This might also showup bias.

    Is there a website/charity dedicated to pursuing this sort of FOI as I’d be willing to contribute but am not up to doing all these FOI requests myself?

  171. Valerie says:

    Fair play to John Beattie.

    He’s posted up the segment, and asked for views. Everyone is obliging.

    The responses are clean, and mostly positive.

    Saw Stu’s recorded clip on Reporting Shortbread. I think he came over well, and not at all vile. Perfectly reasonable, and welcomed the progress.

  172. Legerwood says:

    manandboy @ 7.14pm

    DUP and Electoral Commission investigation

    You just beat me to it. Saw the story on the Guardian web site.

    Tories protecting their majority. Just as they did before the 2017 GE when they announced that the police investigation into election spending in some constituencies in 2015 would stop thus allowing the MPs under investigation to stand again.

  173. Schrodingers cat says:

    Update about slab councillor denial.

    So from bbc legal team just replied to his tweet say. Yes it was
    Snigger. Best Thursday night entertainment in ages

  174. Ghillie says:

    Robert Peffers @ 6.54 pm

    See, that’s cos you are so much more modern than me =)

    Glad to know someone (lots of folk probably) are on it.

    Can’t help thinking about ‘Fahrenheit 451’…

  175. Haggishunter says:

    Looks like Branch office BBC Scotland had nothing to do with this.
    London calls the shots and this is proof.

    The payments made to English football, while Scotland doesn’t even get crumbs shows how this ‘union’ of ‘nations’ works. If Scotland got the Barnet formula for football we would have huge investment here, they are trying to choke us, like they did by moving our industries south, including Youngs seafood factory, I never buy Young’s products anymore and now get Swankies of Arbroath, who state on the packaging they are proud to support Scottish fishermen, their products taste better anyway, the Lemon Sole is pure quality!

  176. Andrew Gallacher says:

    I started a petition on around midday not expecting to get any more than a handful of signatures. I did it thinking that if one person who didn’t know what the BBC was up to saw it then it was worth it. I don’t have many Facebook friends (restricted to family and close friends) so I was surprised to see more than 100 people have signed the petition so far. Because of that I’ve chipped in a few quid to have it promoted a bit. It’s great that Wings You Tube channel is back up and the interview on John Beattie’s show today was great, but the BBC is still trying to fudge the issue as nothing more than a legal response to a complaint. Not good enough. If you’ve got a minute please go and sign and share the petition. Thanks.

  177. galamcennalath says:

    Capella says:

    Why she is invited onto the Media Show is a mystery. … except Independence which she clearly hates.

    I suspect you have solved the mystery there.

    At a UK level the BBC love having far right English Nationalists on any sort of discussion. They are complicit in the shift in attitudes to the far right and Brexit itself. They have given the far right way too much exposure over the last decade. The BBC made a no hope far right loony Farage a success and familiar face.

    In a Scottish context the BBC prefers BritNats, from anywhere on the left-right spectrum. They just need to be irrationally loyal to the notion of a United Kingdom and anti Scotland breaking ranks. In discussion type programmes related to Scottish current affairs and politics the ‘guests’ should be 50:50 pro:anti Indy. The BBC has never come close.

    Truth be told, this has always been the way with the BBC. British/English nationalism good, others seeking self determination bad. Also, the extremes of the right have always been more greatly tolerated than any equivalent on the left.

  178. Petra says:

    @ Call me Dave at 6:54pm …….. “Asylum seekers case taken to the Court of Session.”

    Great news Call me Dave. Let’s hope that they can get this resolved for these poor asylum seekers.

    I see that Rupert Soames is the CEO of SERCO. Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill and we know what his track record was like in relation to “foreigners.” Winston who looked forward to “a lot of little wars with barbarous people.” Maybe that same trait runs in the family!?

    Don’t forget folks that Alex is on RT tonight (11:30pm – I think), so tune in and give him some support. Show our appreciation.

  179. Petra says:

    I see that RT will be covering the Wings / BBC / Alex Salmond story shortly. How many viewers does RT have, lol? Stu you’re world renowned now!

  180. Juan says:

    Robert Peffers says:
    2 August, 2018 at 6:35 pm
    @Juan says: 2 August, 2018 at 5:42 pm:
    “Nationalist debate” there’s the problem. Our debate isn’t about Nationalism, it’s about DEMOCRACY.”“.
    Are you sure of that, Juan?
    “There has never been democracy throughout the entire history of Westminster. Scotland didn’t even have a democracy when the Rule of Law of Scotland changed dramatically in 1320 by the Declaration of Arbroath.”

    I’m sure that’s what I want is democracy. I’m not looking to replicate a tartanised Westminster for Scotland. I want a free, fair country with a government elected by the people of Scotland, not our neighbours government forced upon us. That is not Nationalism, it’s NORMAL. It’s democracy.

    I know what you’re saying regarding us never having had democracy, but that doesn’t mean we should settle for less or similar to what “democracy” we have now. I want more democracy.

    I’d go further in that I think iScotland should have MONEY not currency. I’ve stayed out of these debates before on here, because it’d make independence improbable due to the international forces that would rage against us. I’m as idealistic now as when I was a teenager, but I’m realistic enough to realise how difficult the fight for just having a NORMAL country, has and will continue to be. Some talk on here about renationalising Rail, Electricity, Gas and Telecoms which I’d agree with. It makes no sense to have PRIVATE monopolies, yet nobody has ever argued for nationalising the money supply. To take away private companies ability to produce “money” (it’s not money but currency) I.e. Banks ability to produce money from thin air, then add interest is the biggest con perpetrated on people’s worldwide. This is an obstacle to ever having a fair or truly free society, in my view. Only the Central Bank should have the power to create money. 97% of all currency is created by Banks, with interest added means there’s more debt than “money”. It’s a crazy system, but now is not the time to change it, unfortunately. Independence first, we can argue about the details once WE have the power to effect real change.

    Robert, I’ll settle for democracy. To have our own government elected by all who live here, is fundamentally about DEMOCRACY, not Nationalism. It’s NORMALISM not Nationalism.

    I remember when this blog used to be about dissecting the “news”, now it is the news.
    Well done Stu, you and wings have came a long way since then. You’re not alone and have powerful friends even if they’re no longer in high places. More power to you.

  181. Effijy says:

    I smell shite, I hear Shite, It must be the BBC.

    Westminster Tory Government has instructed the only BBC, the one in London to start up warp factor 4 in fighting Scottish Independence and all things connected.

    Smart knew nothing other than he isn’t a lawyer.
    I say he does know something and he is a liar.

    Could they say what the last site was that the coerced You Tube to shut down. No!

    Can we have some fun and each of us identify 10 web sites each with a least 13 BBC Clips on it and report it to the BCC as individuals, or would it be better to send 1,000 such sites to the BBC and You Tube demanding that they are wiped out without reason or warning.

    The BBC are completely and utterly anti Scottish Independence I have never had any doubt as I hear and see it Every Day.
    This action just helps the hard of understanding to grasp it.

    I also thought it hysterical that Smart didn’t seem to know that millions around the world watch and record Still Game?

    Does a half hour show count as a short clip?
    They never did say what time constitutes an excessively long clip?

    The So called BBC Scotland, just like Scottish Labour and Scottish Tories are entirely under control of Westminster and the old school network from Ox-Bridge.

    Their minions are very well paid but its only a fraction of what they steal from Scotland.

    The sooner Horrific Quay becomes the HQ of the Scottish Government Bank the better.

    We should consider established currency names such as the Chinese Yuan as we all yawn when hearing UK Currency is English.

    How about the Brazilian Real- I’ll be doing a Reel when we are free.

    Armenia uses the Dram. I’ll be having plenty of them on Independence night.

  182. Famous15 says:

    Copyright is not breached if you are portraying the errors in intellectual property. You are not “using “BBC videos if your purpose is for example exposing the fact that they are telling lies or distorting reality. That is fair dealing.

  183. Petra says:

    Ha, ha, ha! The BBC / Wings story on RT. Alex and Stu! RT with millions of viewers worldwide. Let’s hope that our ex-pats start tuning in en-masse.

    Talk about a blessing in disguise, lol.

  184. Effijy says:

    Rev you advised us that you had no prior warning from the BBC and here we are with a Copy of the BBC stating that they did contact you.

    Shouldn’t we be chipping in to help you with your defamation
    of character case in a Scottish Court?

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    2 August, 2018 at 4:43 pm
    “ian small said the bbc contacted stu about all of this before your youtube channel was pulled ?
    No, that’s absolutely untrue. It’s very weird that the BBC appear to have contacted Scott Arthur in person, but bypassed me and went straight to YouTube.

  185. louis.b.argyll says:

    Robert Louis,
    ‘..just like the Labour party with its ACTUAL managers based in London, BBC at pacific quay, is merely a ‘branch office’

    I know, independence will transform the broadcasting and film industries. Yet our media plays down even their own potential.

    Just shows how ‘controlled’ everything is.

  186. Capella says:

    @ Petra – do you have a link for the RT show?

  187. Albaman says:

    I’ve always likes John Beattie, and his “don’t even try to give me the runaround” attitude,
    In the time allowed, I thought he was very fair in the discussion.
    It confirms that the B.B.C. is nothing more than an political extension of the Westminster’s establishment. (Irrespective of the government of the day).

  188. Patrick Roden says:

    Below is the response from the BBC legal team to the Nutty Professor:

    1h1 hour ago

    Replying to @ProfScottThinks
    Hi, I work in the BBC legal department and we have you on record as the complainer, you were sent a copy of your complaint as well.

    Looks like the professor is has been found out.

  189. Luigi says:

    Haggishunter says:
    2 August, 2018 at 7:46 pm
    Looks like Branch office BBC Scotland had nothing to do with this.
    London calls the shots and this is proof

    An ever so wee tear has appeared in the BBC, between London HQ and its branch office in Glasgow. Could be the reason why it was given a decent coverage on Radio Scotland this lunchtime. Someone in the branch office is rather miffed.

    Now that the wee London-Glasgow gap has appeared, how do wee exploit it and make it bigger? Before they kiss and make up and close ranks again? Manage that, and we just might get some decent coverage during IndyRef 2.

  190. stewartb says:

    Yes, a very good day for Wings and for the Indy movement in its relationship with the media, especially the BBC. I trust that Peter Curran also benefits too.

    However, whilst acknowledging the merits of John Beattie’s hosting of his Radio Scotland’s programme coverage today, let’s not get carried away with praise. The plaudits for Beattie on Twitter surely say more about the low level of our past experience and our expectations for BBC Scotland. So acknowledgment of doing better is OK but ‘one swallow does not a summer make’!

    I wonder how much more will emerge on the Dr/Professor/Councillor/Elder’s (have I missed out anything?) involvement in the affair? Will we find that there is a ‘nice’ distinction being made between ‘alerting’ and ‘complaining’?

  191. Pete Barton says:

    @ Andrew Gallagher:

    Another 3 strings to the bow just signed your petition.

    I think it is very important for us all, of

    whichever political hue we wear that our

    media reflect our views, and are responding to that.

    No taxation without representation!

    Whether via a parliament,on our tellies,

    radio etc. we deserve better.

    Thankyou all who make a difference!

  192. Welsh Sion says:

    Apologies for being o/t (again!) and also for using BBC material. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to archive the following.

    You all remember the furore over the “dangers of Scottish baby boxes” some time ago? Well, apparently, the latest fashion is for the (UK) Royal College of Midwives to come out in favour of them -indeed that all new mums in the whole UK should receive one.

  193. Scott says:

    Fantastic news, Stuart. Well done!

  194. remo says:

    It is as if the BBC in London pulled the pin on a grenade then held on to it and expected it not to go off. Tubes.

  195. Rock says:

    Be warned that Pravda GB will seek revenge – through the Black Arts department of the British Establishment.

    Alex Salmond knows to strike when the iron is hot.

    Unlike cautious Establishment lawyer Nicola who spectacularly squandered a once in a 1000 years golden opportunity by wasting more than a year flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

    And then stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Saint Theresa and the “ghastly” Boris Johnson as they declared war on Russia after a false flag operation.

    The Novichok false flag operation was to compromise Nicola and it succeeded.

    If Alex Salmond had been SNP leader at the time of the Brexit referendum, Scotland would be on course to becoming independent in March next year.

  196. K1 says:

    In that case, where the legal department at the BBC have actually responded to Scott Arthur’s denials, and outed him as the instigator of the complaint against Wings YT Channel. (Thanks Patrick Roden) It would appear that Mr Arthur is an out and out liar as well as a *conniving sneaky wee shitebag.

    *all views expressed are my own

  197. jfngw says:

    We should remember that Farage, Johnson, Rees-Mogg would have been a small side show without the BBC exposure. Johnson & Farage in particular are almost BBC inventions. Farage was initially given media coverage way above any level of support, Johnson as the loveable bumbling eccentric with his finger on the pulse of ‘the people’.

  198. Thepnr says:

    @Welsh Sion

    The article you linked too about the Royal College of Midwives welcoming Baby Boxes across the UK was archived 2 hours ago. Not by me but here it is.

  199. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The most significant thing about all of this is not who did this or who did that but that BBC Scotland knew nothing of it.

  200. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Below is the response from the BBC legal team to the Nutty Professor”

    Any chance of a link? @Patrick Roden says at 8:33 pm

  201. Ghillie says:

    Luigi @ 8.36 pm

    How to work on the wee tear now torn between BBC headoffice and BBC Scotland?

    At the PQ protest: signs and leaflets for the Scotland staff – ‘BBC Scotland ignored by London masters’, BBC Scotland kept out the loop’, BBC Scotland left to take rap for HQ gaffe’?

    Someone will have much better ideas.

    And there will already be folk in PQ who support Independence and who will have already had bad experiences at the hands of their HQ masters.

  202. Ghillie says:

    Welsh Sion,

    Our Scottish Government leading the way 🙂

  203. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Andrew Gallacher (7.53) –

    Nice one!

    Have signed and shared on Twitter.


  204. remo says:

    I don’t think Scottish independence activists should be trying or wanting to take down any other sites. It is not the wise thing to do. As somebody famously said “I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. It is very unfortunate that the other side don’t think that way.

  205. Welsh Sion says:

    Ta, Thepnr (apologies for repetition).

  206. Rubbie Barns says:

    Garry and John have done us pwoud
    They took a stand and made us loud
    The Beeb in London is the crook
    The coats in Scotland on a shoogly hook
    Here’s a thocht, is shortbread changing
    The words from London, rearranging
    We have a chance to stand on high ground
    Let’s grab it now with hearts abound
    Pacific quay my destination
    No fear now of hesitation
    Let’s keep it quiet, pleasant and sweet
    The britnats will to London retreat
    I love you Scotland, I love you fine
    I have no fear, independence is mine!

  207. jfngw says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill

    It is quite believable, the arrogance of the BBC in London is astounding. They would not consult any Nation or Region regarding anything they consider UK wide corporate decision.

    The Nations and Regions will of course not be able to comment on these decision, they will be given the official corporate position and be told to repeat it. Hence you end up with Rep Scot still churning out the copyright breach claim.

  208. Proud Cybernat says:

    At around 9:00am this morning, the number of WoS YT channel subscribers stood at 3077. As of now (9:26pm), it stands at 3783. That is 706 new YT subscribers in a little over 12 hours. Thank you BBC.

    But let us keep up the momentum. To subscribe to WoS YT channel, click on the RED ‘subscribe’ button here:

    (Note: you will need a gmail account).

  209. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Have been walking about with a daft grin all day and it’s still sinking-in, just how significant this ‘debate’ may turn out to be.

    I can’t remember feeling this good since the results for GE2015 were coming in and wee Dougie Alexander got his jotters.

    Come to think of it, when was the last time we had a day as good as this?

  210. Effijy says:

    The Royal College of Midwives call for Universal Roll out of Baby Boxes!!!!!!!

    Now these people who have specialised in the wellbeing of Mothers and Babies since 1881 don’t seen to know that the Baby Boxes can catch fire if you apply a blow torch to them for several minutes or that and articulated lorry running over one would squash it flat?

    How Strange that the UK Media who have had a prolonged attack on the SNP Government for saving lives with these Baby Boxes
    have not demanded that The Royal Mid-Wives College is closed down and all Mid-Wives in favour of these boxes should be sacked.

    Why these people have even been known to help disabled Mothers,
    Immigrant Mothers, Unemployed Mothers, Mothers who have rejected Zero Hours jobs, even Non Tory Mothers for goodness sake.

    Can’t wait to see the UK media give them the old SNP treatment.

  211. Petra says:

    @ Capella at 8:32pm ….”RT Programme.”

    Sorry Capella, I don’t. It was on around 8:15pm. Maybe some clever clogs on here could access it or Stu may have done so already?

    It covered the story, showed us on a march waving the saltires, showed part of Alex’s video and also Stu’s (full I think?). Great coverage.

    Little did the BBC, keep us all in the dark, know that this would be viewed worldwide. They’d (all) better watch their step now. Leave Stu and this site alone. Hands off as we’ve got “hauners”.


    Don’t forget folks that Alex is on RT at 11:30pm. Tune in to show your appreciation.

  212. HandandShrimp says:

    This debacle is spectacularly misfiring. As I said earlier, Stu could not have bought this sort of advertising. The support and sympathy of concerned bloggers and political commentators who might not necessarily support Wings is just an added bonus.

    Dr Arthur seems to be suggesting that he is being done up like a kipper but who knows. Is this the dark arts of Mundell’s office who left Carmichael holding the baby or has Dr Von Scott shot himself in both feet with a knife?

  213. Petra says:

    Capella I sent you a message (not ignoring you), but it hasn’t appeared. I’m having to rush out now. It may turn up later.

  214. Johnny says:


    Interesting to watch Henry McLeish today.

    Politicians are always telling us they deal in ‘the art of the possible’.

    Now I know he isn’t still involved day-to-day but it still makes no sense that he hasn’t realised that federalism isn’t ‘possible’, for all sorts of reasons (but mainly because English politicians at Westminster cannot countenance Scotland as an ‘equal’).

    Henry, off the fence, and support one of the possible options, sir!

  215. call me dave says:

    All in all a good day all round except for my shares..LOL


    Jings! Extra time the Rev will be up to high doh. 🙂

  216. Petra says:

    Oops, it’s there, lol!

  217. Valerie says:


    Fluffy won’t deign to be interviewed when he is in the UK, when there’s a stink about Dark Money, but happy for Nick Robinson to interview him in New Zealand.

    You really have to listen. Derek Bateman shredded it, so I had to listen.

    I know some of you have grandchildren, and I have no doubt, they could do this better. It’s gob smacking.

  218. Valerie says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood

    Today is up there with the SNP walkout, imo.

  219. Legerwood says:

    The Herald on-line has an item about an SNP councillor and some Twitter spat between her and Peter Bell.

    In the course of what is a very slight article they manage to give a wee bit of publicity for the PQ gathering on Aug 11.

    From the article:
    “”An SNP councillor has been the recipient of an expletive-laden tirade during an online row over sexism at a ‘BBC bias’ protest.

    Rhiannon Spear was also branded as pompous, purse-lipped and self-righteous by Peter Bell, who will be speaking at the rally, organised by pro-independence campaigners, on August 11.””

    I think the Herald from the prominence they are giving to the article are trying to take the gloss off the WOS success.

    Hasnae worked.

  220. Patrick Roden says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker says:
    “Below is the response from the BBC legal team to the Nutty Professor”

    Any chance of a link? @Patrick Roden says at 8:33 pm

    It’s on Councillor Scot Arthurs twitter feed mate.

  221. heraldnomore says:

    If PQ were in the dark throughout this farce I’d still like to know why Scott Arthur was their go to man when GMS had Stu on the other morning. Why not Hotherstall or Harris or any number of the usual suspects. Why Arthur, and why for that interview? Who called who, and when?

  222. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “It’s on Councillor Scot Arthurs twitter feed mate.”

    I don’t do twitter @Patrick Roden says at 9:55 pm normally see these things via Revs twitter bar on WoS.

  223. Capella says:

    Hi Petra – no problem. I did find it on the regular RT News program. Unfortunately, someone skyped just as the item came on so I didn’t hear it! Will catch it later. Thanks

  224. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Rock at 8.58

    “Unlike cautious Establishment lawyer Nicola who spectacularly squandered a once in a 1000 years golden opportunity by wasting more than a year flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.”

    I’ll say it again. Either you are stupid or you think we are all stupid -or most likely – both.

    Nicola was entirely aware we were never going to get a separate deal for Scotland. That was the whole bloody point.

  225. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    K1 @ 21:00:

    *all views expressed are my own

    In this case they also happen to coincide with mine. =laugh=

    Ian Brotherhood @ 21:31:

    I can’t remember feeling this good since the results for GE2015 were coming in and wee Dougie Alexander got his jotters.

    Both of the “Alexander Brothers”, in my case, actually. =wide grin=

    What I still don’t get, though, is how the BBC came to (re)act the way it did. It’s not like the complainant here was reacting to a presumed transgression of the BBC, to which the BBC would necessarily be obliged to respond as the alleged transgressor of someone else’s rights. The BBC itself is the the rights owner here, not Scott Arthur or anyone else.

    So on the face of it, some legal type was “shooting from the hip” here and asking questons afterwards. It beggars belief to think that whoever was on watch at the BBC wouldn’t have thought through the likely consequences for its own reputation. Did they really think they could shut down WoS on Youtube on the say-so of some third party, and if necessary take WoS to court over it and escape severe reputational damage?

    It seems to indicate a level of arrogance, ignorance and plain stupidity from the metropolitain types at the BBC. Aided and abetted, it would seem thus far, by the metropolitain so-called liberal media, whose claimed reputation for upholding the principle of free speech for all, irrespective of view, has also taken a big hit over this farrago.

    In sharp contrast to Alex Salmond, who recognised straight off the fundamental implications, and duly raised the heat a notch or two with his own welcome intervention.

    We’re clearly too wee to be worth a whit to anyone in the London metro bubble. As some of us already knew, of course, but surely after all this wonderful free publicity many more will.

  226. Luigi says:

    Is Dr Arthur still digging? He must be half-way to Australia by now.

  227. Proud Cybernat says:


    BBC drowning in their web of lies.

  228. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Valerie –


    Aye, that was a great day too.

    But there’s something seismic about this. For one thing, it can’t be dismissed as a ‘stunt’.

    Listening to the Beattie Show today, you could sense the anger and embarrassment pulsing from all of them, perhaps for different reasons but it was there. They knew *we* knew and there was no point trying to excuse or conceal it any longer. (The fact that Stuart Cosgrove wasn’t present somehow made it all the more compelling and convincing – he’ll surely be very impressed when he hears the recording, if he didn’t actually catch it ‘live’ online, raising a fantastical cocktail to his colleagues!)

    The best analogy I can think of is the Emperor’s New Clothes, when the wee boy observes, honestly, that the deluded posturing ruler is actually bollock-naked. That’s what it felt like today, for me anyway. “Cat out of the bag…baw’s up on the slates…the cock has crowed…” and heaven only knows how many other idioms spring to mind. I haven’t felt so optimistic and just plain chuffed for a very long time.

    Well done Rev Stu, Peter Curran and all of us too, for showing remarkable restraint in the face of quite extraordinary intimidation, condescension and outright ignorance.

    Bravo tae us all!!!


    🙂 🙂 🙂

  229. Calum McKay says:

    bbc in Scotland can not be trusted!

    bbc in uk can not be trusted!

    bbc full stop can not be trusted!

    People at face value have looked at this and thought, I pay for bbc, bbc are preventing me / others from seeing politicians being held to account for what they have said on bbb and why is this action being taken by bbc only against supporters of Scottish independence?

    bbc realised they could not bury this and retreated laying a trail of hazey misinformation.

    Back where I started, bbc can not be trusted, watch your back Stuart, the bbc will try to find some way of silencing you and others that shine a light on the crooked state broadcaster and media the uk state uses to misinform and lie to Scotland!

  230. galamcennalath says:

    What the BBC fail to appreciate is that a lot of people in Scotland have been waiting for a totally unambiguous example of bias and malice to arise, so they can wade and have a go at them!

    And they have handed it over on a plate.

    To make this storm even more perfect, it appears to have been London who acted without reference to Scotland. A paradigm of their so called ‘Union’ gift wrapped with bows.

    Needs milked for all it’s worth!

  231. Patrick Roden says:

    @ jockanese Wind Talker,

    Ok mate, go on to the Wings Twitter feed and in the ‘Search Twitter’ box on the top bar menu, type ‘scot arthur’ it will show a list and you will see councillor Scott Arthur in the list.

    You will notice that he mentions in one tweet that he has contacted the BBC because he is denying that he was the one who reported Wings.

    After a number of replies you will see the response from another professor that mentions he is involved in the BBC legal team.

    He pointedly adds that the BBC sent Scott Arthur a copy of his original complaint.

  232. Inverisla says:

    I didn’t hear any mention by the BBC PR buddy about “fair use” of copyrighted material. He conflated WoS channel excerpts of politics with BBC entertainment and tried to say WoS was “social media”, implying WoS does not have a serious purpose.

  233. galamcennalath says:

    Posts take forever to appear. I think WoS’s server is working hard coping with extra visitors! 🙂

  234. jfngw says:

    Anybody recently asked the BBC Scotland controller how the trust rebuilding of the BBC in Scotland is coming along. Looks like it’s still going down the youtube from my perspective.

  235. ScottieDog says:

    So imagine, before all this happened, I emailed the BBC and complained about Ian Murray’s YouTube content. Does anyone think this somehow would simply trigger a ‘process’ as Ian Smart referred to it.?
    Absolutely not. It would not have been entertained and I’d have received a polite email telling me to foxtrot Osca.

    I’m sure the bbc in London are well aware of the power of this blog.

  236. Thepnr says:

    Dr Scott Arthur at it again with sleikitness.

    “More #FakeNews. I have *never* been on #BBCQT.”

    Of course he has never been on the panel of Question Time but he has certainly *been* on Question Time.

  237. remo says:

    Has anybody got any idea how the other indy-supporting Youtube channel is getting on? It does not seem to be back.

  238. Proud Cybernat says:

    Wings Over Scotland were the innocent victim of a “political hit-job by the BBC”.

    Just let that sink.

    And then ask yourself – who is trying to get the truth ‘out there’ and who is trying to prevent you from knowing the truth?

    Trust in the BBC will surely hit an all time low after their actions in this affront to our democracy.

    And they thoroughly deserve it.

    Wake up Scotland. The BBC is NOT your friend.

  239. jfngw says:

    I’ll never again be able to read a Cllr Scott Arthur comment without thinking youtube.

  240. Thepnr says:

    I’m going senile or maybe just all the excitement, my link to the Wings article on Dr Scott Arthur is NOT from Question Time. Damn.

  241. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Actually, having finally got round to listening to the (legitimately quoted!) radio montage and hearing the incredulity of the studio journos and the very evident embarrassment of the BBC Scotland folks, my immediate reaction was:

    “Donalda, where’s yer troosers?!”

  242. ScottieDog says:

    Here’s vintage bbc in the aftermath of the interest rate rise..

    Older people tend to save more and in the future, that will provide a greater pool of savings for lending to households and industry and help prevent the economy from overheating.”

    Err, no actually banks lend by creating new deposits. The bank of england made this public 4 years ago.

    This misinformation I believe is deliberate and has allowed the banks to continue their dominance without reform..

  243. Jim says:

    Just one complaint, then?! From someone actively involved in politics! So much for the ‘we always act this way when we receive “A HIGH VOLUME OF COMPLAINTS”‘!? Methinks they doth protest too much.

  244. Proud Cybernat says:

    Okay – so we have to keep the pressure up on the BBC. Time to get active.

    I still have a batch of these in reserve:

    If you want me to send you a batch to distribute in suitable places around Scotland, then contact me at:


    Give me your delivery address and I’ll send you a pack.

    (Note: these are the leftovers from a faulty batch that Wingers crowd-funded a while back. The paper doesn’t come off the back easily and so the printer redid the job but allowed us to keep these ‘faulty’ ones).

    Let’s get these out all over the country. Strike when the iron’s hot.

  245. lumilumi says:

    My language has a saying about poking an anthill with a stick. All kinds of frenetic activity ensues.

    It now seems (London) BBC is trying to back pedal when they realise what an own goal this has been. It seems BBC Scotland aren’t too pleased about how their masters have treated them, going behind their back.

    All this is thanks to Rev Stu’s dogged determination of not being intimidated or silenced by big companies like the BBC or YouTube/Google.

    As it happens, my country’s public broadcaster YLE ran a piece on worries about free speech and human rights now that Google is apparently trying to break into the big, lucrative Chinese market, and has apparently dropped some of their human rights/free speech stances to comply with the Chinese government.

    I wrote a fairly lengthy comment about (tinfoily) apparent Google/YouTube and government collusion even in Europe, with the public broadcaster as a willing patsy, thereby crossing the line into state propagandists.

    Finished with a warning for YLE to not be so in thrall to the BBC, or they’d lose their credibility like the BBC is doing.

    I realise all the serious YLE journalist have been on summer holidays in July (our traditional holiday time because it’s the warmest month – and it’s been warm, high 20s, even 30s temperatures for weeks now) and it’s run by a skeleton crew of less experienced staff. None of Brexit shambles stories have been picked up, and certainly not this story critical of the BBC.

    The reason why I think it should be picked up is about freedom of speech and apparent state oppression of dissenting voices.

    You know, like a slippery slide into fascism.

  246. Danny says:

    Scott Arthur, you tube, you great big fuckin tube.

  247. BJ says:

    C’mon folks don’t blame JR Moggs children for his failings. Some really nasty comments!

  248. lumilumi says:

    Uuh… I wrote a really smart and considered comment that seems to have dissappeared into cyberspace. Oh well, maybe it wasn’t that important…

    But it was. It was about freedom of speech and govermnets/public organs/big companies trying to suppress dissident voices.

    Our public broadcaster YLE ran a piece today about worries about Google trying to break into the lucrative Chinese market and dropping some human rights and freedom of speech thingys along the way to do so.

    I wrote a comment that you don’t have to go to China to find such dodgy practices. Look no further than the UK and your glorious BBC! (YLE is mostly a big BBC fan.)

    This thing sure has backfired, even BBC Scotland seem a bit put out.

  249. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Proud Cybernat –

    Classic stickers!

    I’ve still got some too. Not many, but if anyone wants a small amount (anything up to 50-ish) I can post them, just send your address and the number you want to


  250. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ghillie says: 2 August, 2018 at 7:45 pm@

    Robert Peffers @ 6.54 pm:

    ” … See, that’s cos you are so much more modern than me =)”

    Nah! Not really, it’s because I started an apprenticeship in the early 1950s with the MOD and then spent 50 years at the cutting edge of electronics.

    I was into electronics when decent audio amplifiers had a minimum of a matched pair of glass cased thermionic output valves the size of half-pint milk bottles and a massive output transformer.

    Believe it or not I did a spell, (close to where they cracked the German code in WWII), working on a top secret computer.

    It was actually not as powerful as a modern mobile phone and the valve heaters alone used as much electric power as would have supplied a city the size that Edinburgh was in the 1950s.

    It was built into two massive aircraft hanger buildings built together and you could get lost among the ranks after rank of tall metal cabinets.

  251. Patrick Roden says:

    Just did a little bit of sniffing around, to see how much the Labour types are backing/supporting Dr Scott,

    Oh dear, looks like it’s not just the BBC who have thrown him under a bus!

    Richard Leonard – no comment on the matter!
    Ian Murray – no comment on the matter!
    Duncan Hothersall – no support.
    Kezia – no comment.
    James Kelly – no comment.


  252. Valerie says:

    Hi lumilumi

    Always good to see you posting. That’s really interesting about YLE. Hard to believe there is no Brexit reporting, it is a world event, as the UK cowboys have made their first steps into the WTO arena.

    Amazing you are getting high temperatures. I certainly can’t remember a summer like this for a very long time. We have had rain all week, so no danger of hosepipe ban here!

  253. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Inverisla @ 22:29,

    Aye, there was a fair bit of obvious arm-waving and smokescreening going on there, though to give credit where it is due, at least someone was willing to give some kind of attempt at a response. The real culprits in London did a Ruth Davidson.

    If there is a genuine issue about length or volume of extracts of political material (of public interest and produced at public expense, after all), as Ian Smart seems to be suggesting, why is it only now that the Beeb is starting – in a panic – to get round to thinking about maybe producing clear guidelines about what is – and what is not – acceptable usage? Some well-defined criteria by which the Beeb’s much-claimed “fair dealing” can be judged?

    I still find it highly suspicious that it just “happens” to have been two pro-indy sites that have been heavily targeted in this way. Someone somewhere is clearly getting nervous. It’s not as if the BBC could possibly have been utterly ignorant hitherto about the activities of some England-based political websites, for example. I mean, some of the people behind these sites have even appeared in BBC discussion programmes…

  254. Jock Scot says:

    The thing which has stuck with me after listening, John Beattie seemed to be ashamed to be associated with what has happened. The ramifications of this may be interesting.

  255. yesindyref2 says:

    There definitely are people working within the BBC who are pro-Indy, there to work their wiles in mysterious ways.

  256. lumilumi says:

    @ BJ (above)

    I agree, keep the kids out of it. But it’s fair game to criticise William Reese-Mogg’s kid, Jacob Reese-Mogg.

    Jacob R-M’s father advocated a new world order where nation states don’t matter, the new upper class consists of the rich and the “smart”, who live a life detached from the ordinary toils of “little people”. He wrote several books about this ideology. They’re not difficult to find on the internet.

    Is it any wonder Jacob Rees-Mogg, priviledged at birth, follows his father’s political ideas?

    Jacob Reese-Mogg looked and sounded so mild and inept that you were easily mistaken into discounting him as some eccentric tory boffoon, but for me, he is the scary face of modern day fascism.

    The scariest thing is that there are people who agree with his political ideology. Even I know one, a friend of my brother’s. Nice enough guy, we both were all excited about the cute, fat puffins flapping away from our boat in the Barents Sea, tried to learn to identify more birds, he was better than my brother (the skipper) in teaching sailing stuff. And then he drops klangers like “the vote should be according to the taxes you pay”. So poor people should have less (or no) say, middle income… nyeaah, maybe some say, but the high income earners shoud have the most say.

    Repulsive, but I’ve learned to bite my tongue, or let it go in one ear, oot the other because a sailboat is a small environment and you just have to get along for safety reasons if you’re doing watches. You have to trust each other, there’s no space for political disagreements or tantrums.

  257. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Valerie @ 00:03,

    O/T Well, I’m in France right now, and in all the time I’ve been here I haven’t seen much, if any, Brexit coverage on the common TV news channels. (What a blessed relief, actually!) People here have moved on. Not their problem. A complete disaster, but for the Brits. Maybe not the Scots, if they split. End of. Move on.

    (May was meeting Macron today, so maybe that featured, but I didn’t watch TV today. Also moved on. Normal life in a normal country. One that is even willing and able to say pleasant things about itself. What a change.)

  258. Liam says:

    Just wanted to add my congratulations. Well done, Rev!.

  259. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    lumilumi @ 00:21,

    O/T Seems this friend of your bro’s doesn’t share your courtesy or sensitivity. (Not untypical of the type, perhaps.) There’s a time and a place for everything. So it may seem odd to say this on a website like this, but maybe someone – the captain, properly – should lay down the firm rule: no politics on board. Then every crew member is equal, just as it should be.

  260. yesindyref2 says:

    Oh yeah, thumbs up thingy Rev. Yawn, again.

    Too many successes really, it gets so boring.

  261. Gary says:

    On the one hand this looks like a great success for Wings. ie the BBC have been ‘caught’ and hoisted by their own petard by in fact publicising their actions using the radio, TV and printed media (honourable mention to ‘Another Angry Voice as well)

    But, what concerns me is the section

    “However, we are aware of the significant debate around our approach to removing content, and will be carrying out a review of our practice in relation to ‘political’ content to ensure it is appropriate for today’s social media environment.”

    I am particularly concerned about that last bit “to ensure it is appropriate for today’s social media environment.”

    This feeds into what I had commented before about the BBC, and other organisations such as Facebook, having a push on ‘fake news’ The BBC have a section dedicated to it, they are, apparently even doing outreach in schools (NB where else in the world would a state broadcaster go to schools to tell kids what news to believe and NOT be accused of trying to either brainwash them or suppress news??) This may be the tip of a very nasty and dirty iceberg where someone on high will decide who is fit to tell you ‘the facts’ and who isn’t.

    I could see the BBC severely limiting access to their content and quoting their new ‘fake news policy’ to do so. I have seen action taken against other bloggers in the cruellest of fashions. One particular blogger (who’s views I do NOT concur with) had his computers seized, threats made to take his child away, wild & unfounded accusations of child pornography were used to withhold his equipment for MONTHS. In the meantime, whilst waiting for his case he was court ordered not to update his blog. And while I don’t agree with most of what he wrote, I DO agree that he should be ABLE to write it without interference.

    I fear that this is NOT the end on this particular subject, only the beginning. I also fear that they may begin to get serious now. Both GCHQ and the Army’s Online Warfare Unit have people like Stu in their sights, our dear leader has had enough of democracy I fear.

    But good luck with this. I’m sure you have back ups of your back ups and store both physical and cloud copies in your own name, in the names of others and offsite anonymously too – just in case. Sadly in times like these you can’t be too paranoid.

    They started small with low readership blogs saying things they didn’t like, now they’ve moved up a rung to more recognisable and well read blogs…

  262. Robert Peffers says:

    @Juan says: 2 August, 2018 at 8:14 pm:

    ” … I’m sure that’s what I want is democracy. I’m not looking to replicate a tartanised Westminster for Scotland. I want a free, fair country with a government elected by the people of Scotland”

    Yes, Juan, but that’s my point exactly. Under the Scots Rule of Law the people are legally sovereign. So when they elect an MP to a Scottish Parliament that elected person is being delegated to exercise the legal sovereignty of the people of Scotland.

    Under English law the Queen of England is sovereign but under English law the Queen has delegated her sovereignty so that makes the English MPs the Queen of England’s delegates and they outvote the rest Scots and remember also that English law applies to both Wales and N.I. and that makes their majority even bigger. That is what Westminster uses to claim to be sovereign over Scotland.

    Not only that but under Scots law the people, being legally sovereign obviously have the right to recall their MPs if they do not like how they are representing them – and that, Juan, is real democracy. Never forget that under English law everything belongs to the crown and the crown legally has delegated everything to Parliament so legally the Queen owns everything including Her Majesty’s subjects but Scots cannot legally be anyone’s subjects and that means the Queen of Scots is actually our subject as, of course anyone we legally elect.

    The other point is that from 1320 when the common people didn’t have the franchise they were legally sovereign under the Declaration of Arbroath changes but, not having the vote, were unable to assert their legal sovereignty and that is how the landed Gentry/parliamentarians got away with signing the Treaty of Union.

    Since getting the vote the people can use their legal sovereignty but Holyrood is being run as if it were subservient to Westminster but legally it is not – when there is a majority for independence then Holyrood can legally just tell the United Kingdom Government that the sovereign people of Scotland have chosen to end the union and there hasn’t been a legally elected government of the Kingdom of England since 1 May 1707.

    Their claims that if Scotland leaves they are leaving the United Kingdom is utter balderdash. The Treaty of Union that formed the Union only has two Kingdom partners and it is called the United Kingdom – not the united countries of Britain.

    So there you go – when a majority of Scots want independence there is no legal way for anyone to stop then being independent.

  263. lumilumi says:

    Valerie says:
    3 August, 2018 at 12:03 am

    Hi lumilumi

    Always good to see you posting. That’s really interesting about YLE. Hard to believe there is no Brexit reporting, it is a world event, as the UK cowboys have made their first steps into the WTO arena.

    Amazing you are getting high temperatures. I certainly can’t remember a summer like this for a very long time. We have had rain all week, so no danger of hosepipe ban here!

    Well, our YLE doesn’t follow every twist and turn of UK internal politics, but not reporting on the Brexit shambles is more down to summer holidays than to any insidious conspiracy.

    However, the problem that I see is that YLE gets most of its British “news” from the BBC, the only YLE correspondents are stationed in London… So you see where it leads.

    As to summer temperatures, I’d like to point out to long temperature statistics, Finnish summers are, on average, warmer than English/Scottish summers, so there! 🙂

    However, our summer this year has been exceptional. Even May was hot, with three weeks of mid 20s, high 20s temperatures. June continued the trend, though a bit more unsettled and a dip around midsummer. Since early July it’s consistently been mid to high 20s, even low 30s. Very dry, except where thunderstorms unload their water. Not here, my garden is suffering. Just yesterday I could only watch and listen to the thunders and rains passing by just east and west of my place. Bummer. Have to water the garden.

    This July was the hottest on record in my country. Even hotter than the hot summer of 2010.

    Weather =/= climate, but when you start getting hot summers and mild winters more and more frequently… I might have to move north and east to have proper snowy winters.

  264. yesindyref2 says:

    The Winds of Change maybe, this sort of thing (down with it) makes an impression on more open-minded people giving them a sense of unease, and watchfulness.

  265. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Gary @ 00:58:

    Sadly in times like these you can’t be too paranoid.

    Which means that you are definitely one of them and are just trying to put an OTT damper on what was otherwise a wonderful day… =wink=

  266. Gary says:

    Now listening to the radio interview, they are rather twisty turny on this, aren’t they?

    It was the councillor wot grassed you, then, I can’t say for certain who reported this. Doesn’t even HE have a right to anonymity when reporting something, if indeed he did?

    And, “we knew about it ‘as it happened'” but then later “we were told the reasons they had taken the actions were…”

    It confirms EVERY suspicion, even on their OWN PROGRAMME, they can’t defend themselves…

  267. lumilumi says:

    @ Gary, above

    It’s like poking an anthill with a stick. Confusion, frenetic activity for a while, but soon settled into business as usual.

  268. lumilumi says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    3 August, 2018 at 12:46 am

    O/T Seems this friend of your bro’s doesn’t share your courtesy or sensitivity. (Not untypical of the type, perhaps.) There’s a time and a place for everything. So it may seem odd to say this on a website like this, but maybe someone – the captain, properly – should lay down the firm rule: no politics on board. Then every crew member is equal, just as it should be.

    Thanks for the sentiment, the support, but I actually disagree. Every crew member is not equal, and shouldn’t be. I am more than happy to defer to the skipper and others who know better than I how to navigate, work the sails etc. My ego doesn’t get in the way of safety. When I’m on lone watch, the others sleeping below, and I’m not quite sure… I’ll wake up a more experienced and knowledgeable sailor. Their political leanings don’t come into it. I only roll my eyes at their political ideas when we’re ashore, it’s usually the only time they express them, anyway.

    Oh, yeah, and my brother (the skipper) is pretty liberal right-wing as well, but maybe we, the rest of the family, keep him a bit more grounded. Anyway, shore and sea are very different.

  269. Neil Anderson says:

    Great progress, but BBC still have a lot of questions to answer about who decided what & when, on whose orders, & who was consulted? Was it all ‘in house’? Who knew & didn’t stop it, & why?
    Hopefully their review will identify the elements of the current system & fix them. I’m not holding my breath.
    I felt sorry for the guy they sent to take the flak, without even briefing him properly.
    When will we see the people who know those answers (maybe even those that took the decisions) answering to what happened? Does this mean we’ll also see BBC Scotland having to allow comments on its site?
    Will your You Tube channel be reset to zero strikes too?

    And now everyone can see the clear evidence of bias, is all journalistic output of BBC Scotland about to crash & burn for good?

  270. Scottish Steve says:

    Anna Burnside using “they” and “them” and speaking so condescendingly about a “section” of the Scottish community. What an arrogant woman. I’m surprised she’s even got pro-indy pals. Why would she want to associate with Nnnnationalists? (haughty sniff.)

  271. K1 says:

    Does May really think wi her cronies getting scattered aboot the planet right now to beg for trade deals that are worse than we already have, that this typical English/Empire ‘divide and conquer’ pish is going to succeed?

    These people are delusional, irrational and downright dangerous.

    A right wing coup is underway in the UK. We know it, the media are the handmaidens of its delivery and the enablers of these Tory bastards.

    We’ll get out soon enough…if they think they are going to ‘divide’ the EU, they are seriously fucking deranged at this point.

    rant end.

  272. Liz g says:

    K1 @ 2.57
    Well….It’s late….and after the last few days ma tinfoil hat has been on stand by…. So
    I think, that “they” ( the 1%/) think,or rather dream of joining up with the U.S.
    But not in the way we see it,as in, becoming the 52nd, or is it the 53rd state ? But rather that they can run/rule it “again”.
    They probably think they are smarter than the Washington elites and on some level America is and always has been theirs!!!
    Just like with Bush and Blair when in the US Blair was looked at as giving credence to Bush, so that he wasn’t mad otherwise the British Prime Minister wouldn’t have supported him…. Thatcher and Regan where she was seen as the smart one,whos advice kept their Presidential strong.
    Ever closer “Union” would I think, be fine and dandy o’ if it was with the U.S.
    Moving toward some sort of Political control in Washington as an aim…. Would certainly explain a lot,something that they couldn’t do in Europe…. They probably see their future as part of the American Establishment and are arrogant enough to think that they could quietly get into positions of real power….. and be a world power once again…

    jist sayin…..
    Because I cannae use ma last theory that the BBC are out to get Wing’s anymore..LOL

  273. Breeks says:

    lumilumi says:
    3 August, 2018 at 2:00 am
    @ Gary, above

    It’s like poking an anthill with a stick. Confusion, frenetic activity for a while, but soon settled into business as usual.

    Correct. It might however be an opportune moment to re-raise the issue of why the BBC doesn’t allow have-your-say comments on its Scottish Political “stories”.

    But beware the BBC. I don’t want it fixed, let us fester in its misery. Leave it be, in all its slimy infidelity, to suffer the abject humiliation of true and proper Scottish Broadcasting Service taking away its monopoly, its influence, and its Scottish audience.

  274. Mike says:

    The BBC keep saying It gives the perception of a hit job. The reality is the sequence of events and the BBCs side of the story PROVES it was a Hit job.
    A “Labour Councillor” was named by the BBC to be the first port of call for a copyright complaint yet his site wasn’t taken down by You tube Why not? Why was he allowed to KEEP the content under a Private block STILL AVAILABLE and STILL ONLINE at HIS DISPOSAL.
    He has a lot more than 13 instances of BBC copyright material so the excuse that its all based on the AMOUNT of copyright material is also bullshit. This is further born out by the fact that the Spectator has far more than 13 instances of Copyright infringement relative to the BBC interpretation as do the Political parties.
    Every excuse and reason the BBC has given doesn’t hold water at all.
    The Labour Councillor is denying he contacted the BBC and made the complaint so clearly somebody is lying outright.
    If the Labour Councillor was the first to be approached by the BBC about his copyright material and was allowed to keep it under a Private block why isn’t this councillor telling us that? Surely that’s what he would be saying now but he isn’t. The councillor actually claimed the BBC closed him down as well. Stupid levels of lying easily disproven.

    The ONLY sequence of events that fits is one of collusion between a Labour Councillor the BBC and YouTube in a conspiracy to suppress Pro Independence content on You tube channels.

    Had this gone unchallenged who else would have been taken down? The SNP perhaps?
    This is despotic levels of media suppression you only get within despotic states run by rogue Governments.

  275. Stewart says:

    The BBC seems to be implying that it removed youtube content simply on the strength of a simple copyright complaint, no questions asked. But this is surely nonsense. Are we expected to believe that its executives have been sitting on their hands for years until they received a complaint at which point they leaped into action and removed only the items named in the complaint, with no consideration of their content? This smacks of “policy on the hoof”. We should be asking for precedent where BBC have previously removed items from Youtube sites simply on the strength of a single complaint. We shouls also be asking for situations where complaints heve been made by individuals about copyright breaches which have not led to immediate removal.

  276. Maria F says:

    Mike says:
    3 August, 2018 at 6:52 am

    “The ONLY sequence of events that fits is one of collusion between a Labour Councillor the BBC and YouTube in a conspiracy to suppress Pro Independence content on You tube channels”

    I have a different interpretation for this, Mike:

    a collusion between tories and the BBC that has carefully left a false trail attempting to ping the blame of this on Labour. Did anybody from the tories come out to say something about this? In normal circumstances Ruth Davidson would have jumped up at the opportunity to kick the wounded when they are in the ground, in this case labour. But we saw nothing of that. The tories are very silent, as attempting to keep attention away from themselves. Why?

    Isn’t it a coincidence that several of those videos are from labour people and from long time ago as to trying to indicate that it was labour who started this? And what about leaving the “smoking gun” in the form of the account of that councilor opened with the videos deleted? Doesn’t this look like “staged”?

    This was instigated from London, not Scotland. Do you seriously think BBC HQ are going to jump at one labour councilor known in his constituency and not really anywhere else, saying that those youtube channels, which “coincidentally” are the biggest pro-independence channels around, are breaching copyright?

    No, I don’t bite it. This comes from somebody with far more power over the BBC and to me stinks at tory deep crap.
    What escapes me is the real reason why they have done this, besides the obvious attack on the independence movement. What is what they are trying to hide or to achieve with this is what I would like to know:

    Is a GE looming and the tories are already positioning themselves to hoover up the Labour No vote in Scotland to keep the 13 seats by quashing labour even more and portraying them as the ones who did this?

    Is this a smokescreen in preparation to cover something really nasty the tories are attempting to pass under the table – is the Supreme Court getting ready for a verdict on the Continuity bill?

  277. MJT says:

    This is, for me, an outlier. There’s a lot to digest and unpack and learn from moving forwards. We’re all one in the Indy Movement, at our best we are anyway. But this shows me we have some real big game players.

    Stu came across really well on his BBC Scotland interview. Calm, professional, well researched and informed. For me, that’s the scary Stu. That’s the Stu that’s gonna get more broadcast airtime moving forwards.

    The Salmond intervention: Who saw that coming? Full marks to those that did, i didnae. We had Craig Murray, Wee Ginger Dug, and others highlight the youtube take down, and Salmond does a great ‘to camera’ bit, The National and other dailies cover it, and we have the above BBC Radio Scotland spot.

    Wings Youtube Channel gets reinstated, Wings gets more readers and YT subscribers. A battle won and we gain reach.
    A lot to learn from this folks. I’m glad a lot of folk got a kick out of this. I’m thinking, what’s next, what can we do next? We’ve increased our coefficient.

  278. heraldnomore says:

    No doubt Scott fae Edinburgh will manage to get through on the phone in this morning. But I’ll no be listening; never do these days.

  279. schrodingers cat says:

    Patrick Roden says:
    2 August, 2018 at 9:55 pm
    Jockanese Wind Talker says:
    “Below is the response from the BBC legal team to the Nutty Professor”

    Any chance of a link? @Patrick Roden says at 8:33 pm

    It’s on Councillor Scot Arthurs twitter feed mate

    caution, this reply to scott arthur by the bbc legal team isnt a verified account. It might be fake

  280. Maolbeatha says:

    I agree it was a fair interview, good by past BBC performance.
    John Beattie appeared impartial and fair.
    That’s two recently, Gary Robertsons interview was fair.

    The petty pot shots at Alex Salmond were unnecessary and revealed the prejudice’s of the person speaking them. Hardly ideal or confidence inspiring from a Journalist.

    I saw a post elsewhere regarding the BBC and the coverage of the AUOB march where the person said “don’t assume all BBC employees are anti indy”.
    The impression was that there are supporters in there who do support indy but for whatever reason are not heard.

    Does BBC management policy make it “career suicide” to appear pro indy?

    Why have the BBC been unable to see any media bias in previous reporting of independence activities? QT audience selection etc.
    Is that because of ignorance? Or policy? Dictated by head office?

    Are they only reacting to this because it makes them look bad in a way that is difficult to ignore?
    I guess so, but the feeling of anger at the cackhanded decision making apparently from another place was palpable.
    Is there a split in unity between head office and the colonial reporting branch? Maybe.

    What are the chances of greater fairness and impartiality after this?
    I am hopeful but I doubt it.
    If London issue orders in a draconian ignorant manner such as this they will soon re-establish control and ignore this so that it goes away.
    Still that might frustrate enough more open minded employees enough to stir some into action?

  281. Abulhaq says:

    BofE chief Carney indicates post-Brexit tough times ahead.

  282. paul gerard mccormack says:

    i have to say i felt like dr. jim the other night, and have followed this ‘story’ right from the start. I have scanned the comments and i daresay it’d be a bit pointless (but have to say the obvious in any case) but what if the BBC were inundated with ALERT ALERT ALERTs to cover all the political postings on youtube as outlined by the rev and see what happens. no doubt it’d be pointless and some one already will have suggested it. Anyway, rejoice! – the cheatin lyin bastards. Do they even ever stop to ‘consider’ their ‘tone’ of their edicts? WE decided this, WE decided THAT? WTF?

  283. Luigi says:

    Maolbeatha says:

    3 August, 2018 at 8:17 am

    “don’t assume all BBC employees are anti indy”.

    That’s a very good point.

    There are of course quite a few rabid BritNat BBC reporters (no need to name) but there are also others that you think, mmm I wonder? They obviously have to operate in a hostile environment, and on a very tight (state-control) leash, but they do what they can to get the message across in a subtle way. There a few wee signs here and there – not difficult to pick up if you look for them.

    This is why, if you do pick a fight with the BBC, pick your targets carefully and avoid collateral damage. We know who the real Bad Un’s are. 🙂

  284. Ian McCubbin says:

    Great success. Now who set them up to make the complaint.
    As I raised on Twitter, I am sure some Tory MP was behind this, maybe David Mandela or one of his 13, or even higher up in the chain?

  285. Luigi says:

    Maria F says:

    3 August, 2018 at 7:58 am

    Is this a smokescreen in preparation to cover something really nasty the tories are attempting to pass under the table – is the Supreme Court getting ready for a verdict on the Continuity bill?

    Aye, they are up to something. The British Establishment is sneaky, but I think panic has now set in and they may do something stupid (again). With BREXIT and serious restlessness in the English and Celtic nations, anything they try to do will have serious implications and unforeseen consequences. The attempt to shut down the WoS YouTube channel was a clumsy effort to test the waters. It has backfired spectacularly but they will keep trying.

    The Supreme Court verdict is not due out until October. Whatever the verdict, it does not bode well for them. They are stalling for time at the mo, because they are afraid and they do not have a clue what to do, about the EU, N.Ireland or Scotland IMO. PANIC. 🙂

  286. Footsoldier says:

    Still nothing showing on STV, yet it is a major news item and Scottish, what are they playing at? Maybe all the STV news journalists have already been sacked.

    BBC mention it in the Scottish section but not deemed important enough for UK politics section.

    I always thought the purpose of the BBC was to inform the whole of the UK not just bits of it as it suits them to manipulate, and especially as London BBC appears to be the source of this mischief.

    Bottom line is the BBC lost it ages ago on UK constitutional matters and are not fit for purpose. They need to get out and about a bit more.

  287. Clootie says:

    Journalism in Scotland – Anna Burnside (DR) – demonstrated the quality problem in the clip.
    All others demonstrated a logical balanced assessment of the facts available. She had to get personal and attempted to throw in her imaginary SNP friend to prove her street cred. She is not a journalist by any stretch of the definition available.

    If you run a blog such as Wings or Guido Fawkes you have made it clear what your views are and are therefore entitled to show favour. It is also the case that you do not pay or need to visit the sites. This does not apply to the BBC who demand payment from the half of Scotland who seek Independence and are therefore entitled to balance.

    Returning to Anna Burnside – why is she on so many political shows. It is obviously not for the quality of her political assessment so it must be her unionist attack dog qualities. If we do not get rid of that low level propaganda then the media deserve their fate.

  288. Capella says:

    I see the Royal College of Midwives is recommending all newborns get a baby box.

    What do these people know about babies? Annie Wells and The Sun have already assessed them and found them to be dangerous.

    Vanity Project. The RCM should stick to their day job etc etc.

  289. Scott says:

    David Mundell’s election campaign financed by Tory ‘dark money’ fund

    Maybe this is why the Tories are very quite at the moment.

    SCOTTISH Secretary David Mundell directly benefitted from the group at the heart of row over so-called Tory ‘dark money’, electoral records have revealed.

    The secretive Scottish Unionist Association Trust (SUAT) helped pay the salary of Mr Mundell’s campaign managers at the last two general elections.

  290. Shug says:

    ‘Makes Alex salmon look statesman like’ !!!!!!

    There is good balance. That was clearly a mistake

    These people ate instutionally bias

  291. izzie says:

    ‘Peace in our time’ maybe but don,t lets get lulled into a false sense of security my own family don’t believe the BBC shows bias despite my protestations. We have a mountain to climb.

  292. Fred says:

    The Mundell, New Zealand interview is a disgrace, time this two-bit toss-pot was sacked. A chillingly incompetent & waffling display of stupidity. What they made of this in NZ one can only wonder at?

  293. gus1940 says:

    I have a dream – albeit an impossible one.

    A BBC debate on Scottish Indpendence with a panel of 8:-


    Alex Salmond
    Stu Campbell
    Lesley Riddoch


    Ruth The Muth
    Wee Willie Rennie
    Uncle Tom Tractor Gordon.

    I can’t think of a suitable chair but it wouldn’t really matter how anti Indy the chair was as it would be a slaughter of the British Nationalists.

  294. Glamaig says:

    Maria F says:
    3 August, 2018 at 7:58 am

    ‘In normal circumstances Ruth Davidson would have jumped up at the opportunity to kick the wounded when they are in the ground, in this case labour.’

    I’m not sure about this, I cant recall one single instance of the Scottish tories having a go at Scottish Labour, or vice versa.

    o/t the last few weeks I’ve been aware on Windows 10, that when I hit the start menu button in the bottom left of the screen, and lots of tiles come up, Theresa May’s mugshot seems to constantly appear in the news tile.

  295. galamcennalath says:

    gus1940 says:

    I have a dream – albeit an impossible one.

    A BBC debate on Scottish Indpendence with a panel of 8

    Now that would be a BBC current affairs prog actually worth watching!

    I agree with you choice of panellists. An observation …

    On the Indy side, only one is a member of a political party. The other three are ‘free agents’. Of the BritNats, three are party branch leaders and therefore mouthpieces with an official line to follow. I think my point here is that the public face of the pro Indy campaign is open and versatile. The BritNat face is closed and tightly controlled.

    The panellists are a perfect mirror of the two wider sides, ideals, and objectives. They are quite disparate beasts. Not opposites, but tangentially and comprehensively different in so many ways.

  296. Proud Cybernat says:

    “don’t assume all BBC employees are anti indy”

    Statistically, around half of BBC Scotland employees will be indy supporters. Their jobs, however, involve keeping a tight lip and their head down.

    But let’s fast-forward to post-indy Scotland (cos it IS coming). What will these ‘heads down’ indy supporters at BBC Scotland tell the post-indy ‘Truth & Reconcilliation Committee’?

    If I were those BBCS indy supporters, I’d be thinking about how I could disrupt the news & political output of the BBC in the last month or so of IndyRef2 campaign. Using all legal means, of course.

    It would certainly help their case to hold onto their job post-indy when questioned by the T&R Committee.

  297. galamcennalath says:

    Glamaig says:

    I cant recall one single instance of the Scottish tories having a go at Scottish Labour, or vice versa

    Me neither. Not since chumming up as BetterTogether anyway.

    BT has never really gone away. Not surprisingly, really. It’s needed now more than ever … from a BritNat perspective.

    The chumminess of Tory-Labour hasn’t really sunk in with many Labour voters in Scotland IMO. It should.

  298. Capella says:

    Carole Cadwalladr has flagged up interesting research results:

    data from January 2004 to April 2017, provides new evidence consistent with a model in which media coverage drives party support, but not vice versa. The article identifies key periods in which stagnating or declining support for UKIP is followed by increases in media coverage and subsequent increases in public support. The findings show that media coverage may drive public support for right-wing populist parties in a substantively non-trivial fashion that is irreducible to previous levels of public support, even in a national institutional environment least supportive of such an effect.

    It demolishes the BBC excuse that they are simply reflecting public opinion. The media create public opinion. Delibrately, it seems.

    Also, it confirms that no matter how popular a Party, such as the SNP, or a policy, such as Independence, that does not result in increased media covereage. Something we in Scotland already know.

    Link to abstract from Cambridge University research – Does Media Coverage Drive Public Support for UKIP or does Public Support for UKIP Drive Media Coverage?

  299. manandboy says:

    If you are new here,

    Scotland is in a Propaganda War, waged against it by the British State.
    In this war, the BBC is a major part of the Government’s campaign of deception and fear mongering.

    Why this war? Because Scotland has the most natural assets of any country in Europe. England has control over those assets, makes eye-watering amounts of money from them and wants to keep it that way.

    Much of Scotland’s electorate are not aware of that, while many deny it, believing instead the propaganda from London which says that Scotland is poor and depends on rich England to support it with a handout called ‘The Block Grant’.

    Without its huge daily propaganda operation on TV & Radio, in the Press & Internet, the British Establishment would collapse through loss of faith and support.

    Nearly everyone on Wings already knows all this which is why the above is for newcomers and visitors.

    Hail Alba (Free Scotland)

  300. Hamish100 says:

    Maria F

    agree with you. The tories will be involved in this somewhere. Blanket silence from the tory politicians in Scotland and England. They have been told to stay stum. Even the dumber ones have kept quiet.
    Labour are cack-handed and are patsy’s be it over Israel or the Brexit/EU. They have enough “soft” tories in their ranks attacking Corbyn as it is.

    The right wing are the ones involved pressuring the BBC. Many are the BBC.

    BBC Scotland your masters in London have spoken. A bit like mamaw and pater agreeing to send you to boarding school. No consultation no discussion. Yir telt wits happening.Nae rights.

    Surely you realise that Donalda. Of course you do. You kept silent as well.

  301. Graf Midgehunter says:

    “The EU Whispers Sweet Nothings to Theresa May”

    The Maybot wants everything for the chosen folk of Engerland but wants it for nothing.

    Two years on and London’s still no wiser.

    Time’s running out – how sad… 🙂

  302. Abulhaq says:

    Raheem Kassam was given significant airtime on BBC R4 to publicise his support for a rightist, racist thug and for the creation of a pan-European ultra-nationalist league.
    This Uncle Tom of South Asian origin is a disgrace to his ancestry.
    He’s the one who enjoys insulting women, including rather sinisterly Nicola Sturgeon and who hangs out with the likes of Farage, Bannon and Bolton.
    He’s supposed to ‘know stuff’ about the Middle East. Being a Muslim hating ex Ismaili Muslim of Gujarati ancestry he would wouldn’t he?

  303. Socrates MacSporran says:


    I note The Hootsmon is giving big licks to the attacks on Ian Blackford, over the sad final campaign and later death of Charlie Kennedy.

    First up was the Scottish Labour branch office attack dog Brian Wilson. Now today, Ming Campbell has joined in.

    Wilson weighing-in I could understand, reprising his “SNP Bad” set piece is all this failure, who went from Not Very Much to Has-Been in record time, has left.

    But Campbell, former leader of the party of Cyril Smith and Jeremy Thorpe, or Alistair “Liar Liar Pants On Fire” Carmichael, of Wee Wullie Rennie and Alex Cole-Hamilton – FFS, don’t they do self-knowledge or irony.

  304. robertknight says:

    Rest assured that the BritNat Brainwashing Channel will be off to lick its wounds, whilst simultaneously plotting the next steps required to protect the British State from ‘the enemy within’.

    I wouldn’t point the finger at a Labour Party member for having got the ball rolling with YT. They’re not that bright. The appropriately named 5th Column of 77th BDE however…

  305. Rick H Johnston says:

    Even folk who aren’t online are now aware of BBC bias. Well done Stuart, You’re the hero of the moment.
    Strange though that some so-called newspapers don’t
    think it’s worth reporting.

  306. galamcennalath says:

    Graf Midgehunter says:

    The Maybot wants everything for the chosen folk of Engerland but wants it for nothing. Two years on and London’s still no wiser.

    The EU will not compromise its system just to accommodate TMay. Thing is, all this was laid out in crystal clear terms by the Tory government themselves before EURef. Everybody knew (or should have know) before they voted what would happen. There should be no surprises.

    If TMay wants a Norway deal, she can have it. If she wants a Canada deal, she can have it. This is not a negotiation, it never was intended to be one. It’s about choosing a pre determined functioning option.

    From a UKGov publication pre EURef ….

    ” No other country has managed to secure significant access to the single market, without having to:

    – follow EU rules over which they have no real say
    – pay into the EU
    – accept EU citizens living and working in their country “

    The puzzle is why TMay continues on a road which was always going to lead nowhere? And why does the entire MSM go along with the charade?

  307. Breeks says:

    Has Peter Curran’s YouTube channel been restored?

  308. Jock McDonnell says:

    Did the bbc legal team really contact you as Small suggests in his opening comment ?
    Did bbc Scotland only find out last weekend – this take down was weeks ago.
    They are a shambles

  309. Highland Wifie says:

    Couldn’t get a National in the local Co-op this morning at 10.55. All sold out apparently.
    Unusual that.

  310. Hamish100 says:

    bbc scotland – the issue continues

  311. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Ye can buy really huge bags of popcorn in B&M.

    Just sayin…


  312. Hamish100 says:

    bbc tories shafting labour and independence supporters at the same time.

    Give credit to them. they are good.

  313. Graf Midgehunter says:

    galamcennalath says:

    “The puzzle is why TMay continues on a road which was always going to lead nowhere? And why does the entire MSM go along with the charade?”

    No normal human being can really understand what goes through the head of an English Tory/British Nationalist, let alone one of their Scottish political servants.

    Centuries of incestuous inbreeding and Empire world mindset have created a mentality that the English, represented by their MPs and Government in Westminster, are of a superior Being and thus of course naturally eligable for better conditions should someone be lucky enough to wish to trade with them.

    It hasn’t properly gotten into their brains(?) that the world has changed, that the EU is now a block of 27 countries with 450 people and is now the biggest trading entity on the planet.

    It has power..!

    Could it be that London is jealous of the EU, the modern form of 21st century Empire that London would dearly like to recreate for itself?

    The financial Sparta of the world..!

    As for the Brit. Nat. media – Those who live in the bubble, will die in the bubble.

  314. Graf Midgehunter says:

    …that the EU is now a block of 27 countries with 450 million people…

  315. Jock McDonnell says:

    @Socrates MacSporran
    This feeds in to the theory of an upcoming election
    Otherwise, why now?

  316. Juan says:

    By trying to silence WoS and prevent us from using the superb archive of proof of continual BBC bias contained on Wings YouTube channel, the BBC are attempting to pervert democracy. Anna Burnside from the Daily Redcoat, the producer of the con of “The Vow” has no credibility, but still clings to her BRITNAT view that the BBC has only once tried to pervert truth, and democracy. This is not the only time. There’s many examples and even academic studies proving BBC bias against democracy in Scotland. She’s full of mince. WoS You Tube channel has numerous such manoeuvres by the BBC. In fact WoS articles are full of BBC bias. It’s this media bias “fake news” and deliberate manipulation of the “news”, either by lies or omission, that’s been the basis of WoS success. Anna should be reminded of this, the ultimate smack down delivered by Alex Salmond, in front of the worlds media. (viewed 516,595 times)
    Nick Robinson’s lie on that evenings BBC news bulletin promoted the biggest demonstration against BBC bias outside their office in Plantation Quay. The BBC reported this demo as “Anti BBC”! It wasn’t. I was there. See for yourself: (viewed 586 times)
    We were protesting BBC BIAS. If the BBC cannot report a demonstration outside their own office accurately then they cannot be trusted to report anything.

    The BBC isn’t fit for purpose. Surely as an “EQUAL PARTNER IN A UNION” we should have our own broadcasting service out with the control of Westminster? Why is broadcasting not devolved? Either we are an equal partner or we are a colony of England. It’s impossible to be both simultaneously.

    It’s time we had our own National TV broadcaster with numerous stations in Scotland answerable to Scots.

    In the meantime, now we have access again to WoS material again, we should be accessing it and spreading it far and wide. This is our armoury. The TRUTH is our bullets. Let’s arm ourselves in this propaganda battle.

  317. Fred says:

    Is this the Ming Campbell who charged the taxpayer for Georgian bedside chanty cabinets for his Edinburgh townhouse & burst oot greetin when fun oot? That Ming Campbell, the former gas-board clerk!

  318. stu mac says:

    @Graf Midgehunter says:
    3 August, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    They can get their heads around it perfectly well. It’s not the heads, it’s the hearts. This mucking around with phoney deal offers is nothing to do with discussions with the EU it’s all about internal Tory politics and positioning themselves for power after Brexit. The country could go to hell in a handcart for all they care – after all none of them will be affected by Brexit the way everyone else would.

  319. Foonurt says:

    John Boyes (2.56pm) – happens regular. Leez ye cursin.

    Fred – foarmurr gas-board clerk. Bet that pit him, ett ah peep.

    Ming, gas bored.

  320. Rock says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:
    2 August, 2018 at 10:13 pm

    “I’ll say it again. Either you are stupid or you think we are all stupid -or most likely – both.

    Nicola was entirely aware we were never going to get a separate deal for Scotland. That was the whole bloody point.”

    So she was knowingly being dishonest with the people of Scotland?

    When she should have grasped the golden opportunity to prepare Scots for independence.

    We will soon see who is stupid when Nicola declares that it is not the right time to call an independence referendum before Brexit has been completed.

  321. Hamish100 says:

    Rock -your constant berating of the FM is bordering on paranoia.

    We are preparing. You are trying to stop it.

  322. Cubby says:

    The BBC is the British States propaganda channel. BBC Scotland just another branch office of the BBC that does what its hold when they remember or can be bothered to to tell them what’s going on. Anna Burnside – what a joke – she actually says that this is the only example of BBC bias. There are thousands – it happens on a daily basis- only Britnats and the deaf and blind cannot see it.

    How’s the vow coming along Anna? Daily Record – more lies and propaganda.

    One clear example of a benefit of independence is a decent media in Scotland that is not controlled from down south – pumping out lies and propaganda.

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