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A request for clarification

Posted on January 02, 2018 by

Below is a letter that we sent this week to the Electoral Commission.

We thought you might be interested in it.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I wonder if you could clarify some matters for me with regard to the political campaign group “Scotland In Union”, specifically in regard to the registration of large donations.

According to press reports, the group was specifically formed in order to influence UK elections, beginning with the UK general election in May 2015.

An article in the Financial Times in March of that year, for example, stated:

“Opponents of Scottish independence are launching a campaign group to make a positive case for the UK and help people vote tactically against resurgent nationalists in May’s general election.

The creation of the group Scotland in Union reflects dismay at what opinion polls suggest could be significant gains by the Scottish National party in May despite voters’ 55-45 per cent rejection of independence in last year’s referendum.”

The article also explicitly notes that the group intends to raise and spend significant sums of money through donations to this end.

“Scotland in Union will be formally launched on Friday after a fundraising dinner on Thursday night and organisers hope to be able to pay for pro-UK advertising and opinion polls that would let voters know which local candidate is most likely to defeat the SNP in their constituency.”

A similar article in the Telegraph notes that:

“It has already received donations that it plans to use for research and polls in constituencies, and has a particular interest in Gordon, where Alex Salmond is the favourite to defeat Christine Jardine, the Lib Dem candidate who hopes to defend the seat formerly held by Sir Malcolm Bruce.”

The group did indeed commission polling prior to the 2015 election, for example in April of that year via YouGov, as reported by The Scotsman newspaper. The group made its intention to affect the outcome of the election clear in that report:

“Alastair Cameron, from Scotland in Union, said:

“These figures are from across Scotland, so the proportion could be significantly higher in key constituencies. We’re hearing examples of intended tactical voting in many constituencies, as people look closely at the realistic options available to them. People are realising that without tactical voting, they could accidentally hand victory to divisive candidates who won’t work positively for Scotland and the UK.””

The group was duly registered as a non-party campaigner with the Commission for the 2015 election and recorded spending of at least £13,387.98.

The group continued to campaign at the 2016 Scottish Parliament election, securing the signatures of 75 candidates from anti-SNP parties on a “charter” calling on politicians to oppose Scottish independence and a second referendum. It held events, such as hustings, and it commissioned opinion polls prior to that election, including one from YouGov in February 2016, detailed in this report in the Herald newspaper:

The group was again registered with the Commission for the 2016 Scottish election, listing spending of £25,670.

The group has continued to spend money on campaigning and opinion polls targeting the SNP and independence movement since the 2016 election, including via YouGov in July 2016, reported here, and most recently via YouGov in Sep/Oct 2017.

The poll was reported in the media as being critical of the SNP and independence, including in The Herald.

Yet despite all of this declared spending, the group does not appear to have registered a single declarable donation with the Commission since its inception.

Information which has come into my hands – whose veracity is confirmed by Scotland In Union and which I would be able to provide to the Commission subject to data protection laws – indicates that the group has received numerous very large donations over this period, including dozens over £500 and at least nine in excess of £7500.

The precise dates of the donations are largely unclear but it seems highly likely that at least some were made during the regulated periods for the 2015 and 2016 elections.

I wonder if you could offer an explanation as to why none have been recorded with the Commission, or if necessary conduct an investigation to establish any relevant facts.

Stuart Campbell

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    1. 02 01 18 17:56

      A request for clarification | speymouth

    161 to “A request for clarification”

    1. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      A text book example of the Law of Unexpected Consequences about to bite SiU on their collective erchie.

      Nice start to 2018

    2. jimnarlene says:

      I await the reply, should be interesting.
      If its not pure squirrel obfuscation, that is.

    3. Capella says:

      We are on the edge of our seats. PS it’s a public holiday in Scotland so they won’t be able to reply till tomorrow. But the reply will be worth waiting for.

    4. Skip_NC says:

      Did you wear miner’s boots whilst writing that?

    5. Brian says:

      Gonna guess Operation Whitewash will swing into place very soon. Good work Rev.

    6. Thepnr says:

      SiU are toast. Happy New Year.

    7. Dan Huil says:

      Brilliant work, as always, from the Rev. Keep the presure on these britnat scum.

    8. Cris Thacker says:

      Good Work Rev Stu.

    9. Do keep us posted on any replies. Thank God there is someone with the knowledge, time and energy to pursue this. Thank you, Stu.

    10. Steve Bowers says:

      Oooft, sair een for SiU

      We await their response

    11. winifred mccartney says:

      All these leaks could be deliberate to get rid of certain individuals but just keep a look out for them popping up in another guise. In the meantime though expose them for all their dirty dealings and dirty associations.

      Howall been busy in Sunday Herald – editors obviously don’t care and are just as biased. I am very cautious about calling the Sunday Herald an indy supporting paper and wonder what others think.

    12. cearc says:

      Admin and legal compliance don’t seem to be their strong points.

    13. maureen says:

      Going to need a bigger bag of popcorn!

    14. Vronsky says:

      The Electoral Commission was introduced as a buffer between professional politicians and the law. What used to be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service or Procurator Fiscal now goes first to the EC, who decide if there is a case to answer (there never is).
      You may get an answer from them but freely translated it will say ‘fuck off, pleb’.

    15. Thepnr says:

      Remember this from more than 2 years ago?

      The Electoral Commission has fined influential but controversial pro-independence blogger, Wings Over Scotland £750 for failing to file complete spending returns for last year’s referendum.

      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander I’d say.

    16. liz says:

      Great work. This will give the EC the chance to prove their impartiality

    17. bobajock says:

      Dog bites tail.

      Covered in Scotland in Union shite.

    18. Foxy Lindy says:

      Thank you xxx

    19. call me dave says:

      Excellent Stu but I suspect there will be a collect shuffling of Electoral Commission feet and staring eyes gazing skywards looking for that ubiquitous squirrel to distract from the real answer.

      How very dare you 🙂

      Good try… but no cigar this time which is a pity.

    20. Fergus Green says:

      Maybe the documents got lost. Failing that they have suddenly become ‘not in the public interest’ and subject to a 30 year non-disclosure thingy.

    21. CmonIndy says:

      But surely SiU is a figment of our imagination and does not really exist? If it did exist, they would already have ‘purchased’ a decision from EC. And of course that decision will be guided by Westminster. Easy.

    22. Maria F says:


    23. PictAtRandom says:

      A sometimes dissident reader urges you to press on with this.

      Scotland And No Quarter.

    24. Colin Alexander says:

      Good work, Stu.

      It will be interesting to see what they say.

      But, following the Electoral Commission’s handling of the Tory MPs expenses scandal I have no trust in the Electoral Commission.

      Also, we should remember, even if SIU gets into some trouble, the people behind it are already continuing their anti-independence propaganda campaign by other means.

      Our political opponents are in no way defeated. But their temporary discomfort is a good result.

    25. Helpmaboab says:

      That’s a fine letter filled with incriminating evidence about Scotland In Union’s murky dealings. Well done.

      Unfortunately, even if it wanted to, the Electoral Commission can’t take any effective action. It’s only punitive power is to levy a fine. And the maximum fine is 20,000 pounds, no matter how serious the offence against democracy.

      Scotland In Union could cover such a punishment with a single donation from one of its wealthy donors, either the titled, landowning sort or the untitled childrens’-story-writing sort.

      The Electoral Commission’s sole role is to allow British pseudo-democracy to continue, corrupt and opaque, as ever.

    26. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      I may be wrong, I suspect however that

      ” Thank you for contacting us there has been a minor oversight on the part of Scotland in Union, they have written to us to correct the matter etc”.

      Sally send copy of this to the Centre thank you.

    27. Jock Scot says:

      It’s as if the universe is lining up for something. Here’s to a guid New Year to all of us.

    28. Dan Huil says:

      British nationalists know that the Yes movement in Scotland relies on the internet for ammunition to fight the biased britnat media that festers in newspapers, on television and in organizations like SiU. We will see more attempts by britnats in 2018 to poison pro-indy sites like this one. I feel confident, however, that the vast majority of pro-indy web visitors will easily suss out the britnat poisoners. It’s getting easier to spot “concerned” input: faint praise and all that.

    29. Donald anderson says:

      winifred mccartney says:

      ,,, Howall been busy in Sunday Herald – editors obviously don’t care and are just as biased. I am very cautious about calling the Sunday Herald an indy supporting paper and wonder what others think.

      I tink so too. Since day one it still sounded like a piece of commercial opportunism.

      I would report them to the Electrical Commission,if I thought it would do any good.

    30. galamcennalath says:

      The EC can issue multiple fines for multiple offences. If SiU transgressed during multiple regulated voting periods, multiple fines can be issued. My understanding, anyway.,000-following-investigation-into-election-campaign-expenses

      I doubt any fine will match the size of the donation/spend. Election ‘crime’ pays. But we shall see.

      Keep harrying them, Stu! SiU attracts the kind of people who believe they are above and beyond rules. For them, rules exist to keep the plebs in their place.

    31. velofello says:

      Wrong address pal, just hope the postie correctly delivers to the Electoral Convolution.

      Now let’s review; Lib Dem Swinson’s spending; Lib Dem Cole-Hamilton’s spending; how many Tory MPs spending ruses were to be investigated before the snap GE election? Are their cases now dropped? All forgotten/forgiven? Banned from campaigning?

      Electoral Commission/Convolution/Corruption…take your pick.Whatever the issue, whatever the “rules”, Westminster must win. That is the challenge for Scotland.

      One party, just one party has never been found to break electioneering funding rules. The SNP, naturally.

    32. John Moss says:

      Oh, this will be good.

      I just can’t wait to hear what the response will be.

      Assuming that the Electoral Commission is indeed neutral, independent and openly objective in its dealings.

    33. Ianmc says:

      I would argue that their insistence that they are non party is undermimed by their entire focus and purpose being to campaign against one party.

    34. Valerie says:


      Sometimes it’s not the outcome, but the exhibition, and how your stall is set out.

      Good to see this on the most popular pro Indy site.

    35. K1 says:

      It doesn’t matter what the response is from the electoral commission, what matters is that half of Scotland get to see exactly what this bunch of arselicking wannabes are up to. How they break every rule and how they get away with all of it.

      We also know who they are, who some of the donors are and can now easily detect when they are given prominence in the rags and media in general. The shills who protect them by not asking the right questions about their astroturfing ventures and presenting them as ‘sane’ players in the political arena in Scotland, will now be very obvious.

      The letters/opinion pages from all Scottish rags who are openly giving this pathetic buffoonish organisation a platfrom will lose influence as they are revealed as the lying cheating sneaky little shitbags that they are.

      They will not survive this exposure and anyone who thinks they will is a fucking idiot. Why? Because the reality is there are not that many of them and given the scoop that proves this why anyone would think they’ll bounce back is either a fucking idiot or wishes to limit the seriousness of these revelations by lessening the import and impact of their lost credibility due to the ‘data dump’ and Stu’s anonymous sources.

      Gotta wonder why a fucking idiot would wish to lessen the importance of these revelations.

      They are significant. They will lose all credibility. They have nothing left for the campaign ahead. Coco the pricktster is the fucking idiot I am referring to, for the avoidance of doubt.

      It took them 2 and a half years to get as far as they did…and they were already breaking at the seams, this finishes them off. The Unionists, the Tory/Lab unionist ‘unity’ is shot tae fuck.


    36. geeo says:

      SIU could be found guilty of murdering puppies or junior members of the royal family, and the electoral commission would hand them a fine of 2 penny dainty’s and a sherbet dip.

      Nice to make them squirm though. Go get ’em Rev..!

    37. Betsy says:

      Have a look at the SiU registration date on the EC website

      Did they forget to register in 15/16 or have they registered and unregistered for some strange reason that I couldn’t possibly imagine?

    38. Thepnr says:


      Very interesting, I note their address is just a few closes up from Labour in Scotland’s party headquarters LOL.

      Wee bit off topic but a short reminder of Labour in Scotland from 2014

      Don’t let me put you off your leftover steakpie 🙂

    39. heedtracker says:

      Good job! All hands to pump at SiU, as they go glug glug under. Are they just very thick and or over confident.

    40. Bill says:

      Alastair Cameron’s ar*e will be making buttons,Ha Ha

    41. galamcennalath says:

      Betsy says:

      Have a look at the SiU registration date on the EC website

      Date registered 26/05/2017

      Very odd. And yet they have their first spend on …

      Date incurred:24/03/2015
      Date paid:25/03/2015

    42. yesindyref2 says:

      I daresay the result could be a fine not exceeding £330,000.

    43. PictAtRandom says:

      Maybe this is a variation on what happened to Jim Murphy and Wee Dougie Alexander in 2015. Some people who are used to being promoted and self-promoted don’t look half as good without an army at their back.

    44. Black Joan says:

      The state of this from SiU’s gissa donation page:

      “Independence is not inevitable, but we need people to stand up and play their part. The nationalists are able to use the resources of the Scottish Government; they have determined supporters, some of whom use unprincipled tactics, and even lottery winners who fund their independence dream

      However; you, the silent majority can be silent no more by making a valued contribution to Scotland In Union”

      Note the implication that the resources of the elected Scottish Government are being used unfairly (in a way that disadvantages all those Lords and Ladies and Lt.Cols).

      Note the accusation of, and ascending opprobrium for, “unprincipled tactics” and “EVEN LOTTERY WINNERS” (how very plebeian).

      It’s just not cricket, is it.

      Thank goodness we have an Electoral Commission to guarantee a level playing field (Etonian, natch.)

    45. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Donald Anderson and Winifred Mccartney at 5.46

      Sunday Herald
      To be fair they published two anti Howell letters alongside

      I think the Sunday Herald is trying to appeal to a wider audience than indy supporters. Can’t think that this is a particularly successful project. They are probably trying to sell to the daily Herald readers.

    46. Ken500 says:

      Another example held up for the total attempts to thwart Democracy and democratic Law in Scotland by those who disobey the Law and gerrymandering. LibDems, Labour Tories, unionists etc breaking electoral Law in the UK, it is about tine the Police started upholding the Law and charging some of these crooks. Even as a deterrent. Putting them on trial and being giving appropriate prison sentences for gerrymandering, according to the Law. Instead of people trying to illegally buy elections. The Police spent plenty of time putting people in cells on malicious ‘charges’ that can never come to court in the general population. Wasting time and money. One Law fur some. Other Laws for others.

      If there activities were legal why was it necessary to keep it secret. Another total embarrassment for the unionist crooks. It is just not good enough. Polling organisation (led by Prof) are breaking guidelines with poor data collection, methodology and statistical analysis. Getting it wrong. For large sums and public and private money. Influencing elections. Gerrymandering even during Purdah periods. The association they head getting censored and fined several times. The unprincipled behaviour just being repeatedly ignored. Agzinst the recognised legal code of conduct of professional bodies.

      Gerrymandering is supposed to warrant a jail sentence. Why is this swept under the carpet and allowed to continue. Time and time again. Allowing wealthy people to try and illegally influence elections. Or buy elections or political influence. Against the Law. Not following legal guidelines. Is there any way a civil court action could be considered to remedy this illegal action?

      Why is the legal system not taking any action against this repeated attack on the democracatic system. Is illegal influence being exerted? Can legal action be taken again the electoral commission for their collusion? The majority of people are sick of the political corruption and repeated criminal activities. Including illegal political actions being kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Undemocratic. Unequal and unjust.

      If any civil legal action that can be taken. There could be a fund raiser? If the expertise came forward. Could they not be sued for breaking the Law. Such action has been taken by citizens ie bring a private prosecution. Surely the legal system could take action to stop these crooks.

    47. yesindyref2 says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill
      Yes, I think they’re trying to put their own stable back together. Seems to me Saturday is a better day for Indy than Sunday, could be wrong!

    48. S,H,T says:

      Gona need a bigger bag of popcorn. This could get interesting.

    49. Ken500 says:

      Another Prof? Or another kid on? What are some of the academic community thinking of. Funded by Scottish taxpayers. Breaking electoral Law, impartiality and professional code of conduct. Giving creditability to people illegally breaking the Law.They should be censored. Ignorance is no excuse.

    50. Effijy says:

      If the Corrupt United Kingdom had an Electoral Commission, they would be honour bound to have read these National News
      Items and investigated these matters to the nth degree.

      I have every confidence that they will be equally as corrupt as their comrades in the BBC and IPSOS.

      The SiU undeclared money will be spent on a very large consignment of White Wash and a giant blanket that they can all crawl under.

      Watch your feet on all those loop holes Rev!

      Cruel Britnatia
      Britnatia makes you slaves
      Britain never, never, never will be saved.

    51. mark says:

      Solid, solid stuff. May not get a lot out of this because of who you’re dealing with but wring it dry.

    52. Simon Curran says:

      Black Joan @ 6.32
      Oh the irony of SIU complaining about lottery winners when many of their rich potential donors inherited that wealth through the lottery of birth!

    53. Flower of Scotland says:

      Awww! Well done Rev! Let’s see how neutral the Electoral Commission really is.

      While the MSM goes on and on about too much sugar in our diets, we concentrate on the things that really matter to the people of Scotland. I.e. the Stolen resources of Scotland by the English state. The BritNats who try to undermine Scotland at every opportunity.

      Thank you.

    54. jdenham says:

      Erudite, informed and articulate commentators on this WoS site never fail to raise the spirits. An education in itself . If only we’d had access to this forensic analysis years ago………..salutations.

    55. Andy-B says:

      Lets see if the EC does its job.

    56. Ken500 says:

      It is obviously some get rich scheme for some lazy, useless incompetents, for personal remuneration. About as dedicted as a cold fish. Lazy days and a few boost nights? That is not the point.

      This is happening time and time again. The electoral rules are being broken Massive illegal donations. They try to keep secret. Tax evaded as well. DUP £1/2Billion in the EU Ref. Still no record of account or explanation, illegal behaviour. No serious deterrent. They know they will get away with it. Protected by unionists Parties. Just not good enough.

    57. mogabee says:

      Absobloodylutely peachy… 😀

    58. Another Union Dividend says:

      Good luck with this Stu as The electoral Commission is as useful as a chocolate teapot when it fails to use sanctions against the Lib Dem scam to attribute constituency spending as “Regional” expenses. To the best of my knowledge the SNP abides strictly by the Electoral Commission rules and has NEVER allocated any Constituency spending as “Regional” as two were always supposed to be separate campaigns for spending purposes.

      Remember how the EC failed to fine the CBI for failing to register as a political party and still allows the fiction of non existent “Scottish” Labour and “Scottish” Tory descriptions to appear on ballot papers.

      A proper election watch dog would also prohibit money from English addresses being used to influence Scottish elections.

    59. brian says:

      The old adage goes that a good lawyer doesn’t ask a question unless he/she already knows the answer. I’m guessing you are in the same position.

    60. Another Union Dividend says:

      The NO campaign broke the law by sending out 300,000 illegal spamming emails AFTER receiving a warning about this from the IOC.

      But no mention of this by the BBC. Just imagine the three day coverage and hysterical outrage if Yes had done it.

      Of course the supine Electoral Commission will take no action just as they did when the NO Scotland campaign accepted two donations totalling over £600,000 from two Tory donors living outside Scotland which was contrary to the agreed protocol that only donations up to £500 could be accepted from those living outside Scotland.

      However why should the anti Scottish independence Unionists abide with rules and regulations when they have the MSM media and state broadcaster BBC on their side thus avoiding any criticism or examination of their false prospectus that everything will be OK with the UK.

    61. Jason Smoothpiece says:


      You have put me off my food. Went well for the shipbuilders.

      The poor old couple just using the souls who just don’t know what is going on.

    62. Thepnr says:

      Well done Rev Stuart Campbell, bigger Cojones than everyone in the Tory and Labour party put together,

      “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength your indefatigability.”

      Just kidding.

      To paraphrase a well known Scottish Labour MP of the time. Thing is he never did say indefatigability what he actually said was indefakitability. Nitpicking I know, stickler for accuracy like the Rev despite my own spelling mistakes LOL. Doughnut!

    63. heedtracker says:

      The old adage goes that a good lawyer doesn’t ask a question unless he/she already knows the answer. I’m guessing you are in the same position

      The tory thing is to know the “rules” very well, and then bend them. They bend them so hard, it looks like they’re breaking them, yet somehow, they never get held to account.

      The big one of the last couple of years, tory rule bending wise,

      Mind how at least 20 tory gov majority threatening by-elections were going to be needed, to right the tory wrongs? nothing.

      “The investigation by the Electoral Commission found the Conservative Party’s national spending return for the 2015 General Election was missing at least £104,765 of payments, while a further £118,124 of payments were either incorrectly reported or not reported at all.”

      Its a toryboy world…

    64. Hamish100 says:

      Maybe a letter to Tompkins MSP and his tacit boss Ruth Davidson will clear the air. No doubt they would wish to comment. They do for everything else.

      After all the tories tried to benefit as they undermined Scottish Democracy by their right wink links both here and abroad.

      Questions in the Scots Parliament and the Westminster would help. Maybe our elected members could also set up an investigation into the alleged links with Northern Ireland and possible para militaries?

    65. carjamtic says:

      This pleases me ????????

    66. crazycat says:

      @ Another Union Dividend

      I agree with you about the general uselessness of the Electoral Commission (though the SNP is the only party they have never fined), but

      Remember how the EC … still allows the fiction of non existent “Scottish” Labour and “Scottish” Tory descriptions to appear on ballot papers.

      as an emblem and a description on a ballot paper, the words “Scottish Labour” (and Welsh Labour) are explicitly allowed (

      The same will be true for the Tories and LibDems. It’s only a fiction that they are complete separate, all the time.

    67. Ian Foulds says:

      Rev. Campbell,


      You, my good man, have ended 2017 on ‘fire’ and continue to do so in the New Year.

      My heartfelt congratulations.

      You have the gratitude and support of many and I truly hope you have the capability to continue.

      We all know you have the commitment to do so.

      Certainly there are many who would be willing to give you support as needed to achieve such an honourable goal.



    68. Thepnr says:

      @Jason Smoothpiece

      Apologies for putting you off your tea but when you listen to that old couple and even the shop stewards from the shipyards you get to see exactly what your up against with the media and Labour propaganda.

      I don’t in any way blame them instead I blame myself for failing to do more to counteract the lies.

      I’ll be working a lot harder next time to combat this rubbish, that is certain.

      We are NOT better together, that’s the message I’ll be sending.

    69. Mike d says:

      The electoral commission neutral? Hahahaaaaaa.

    70. galamcennalath says:

      Thepnr says:

      We are NOT better together, that’s the message I’ll be sending.

      Indeed! While Brexit will probably play a big part in triggering IndyRef2, I think the main thrusts of YES2 should be …

      – Have we been Better Together? The evidence is there for all to see … NO!

      – Isolation with UK, or Independence close to the EU. Which is the safest and best protects our futures, old and young?

      … and we set the agenda, not anyone else. The word I’ve seen other use is ‘frame’. Our frame, not the UKOK/BBC one.

      2018 and I’m ready to get on with it. 🙂

    71. Meg merrilees says:

      Goodness me Stu, You’ve come out of the starting blocks in fine style – obviously not letting any grass grow anywhere near your feet this year!
      ‘Nemo Stu Impune Lacessit’

    72. Sinky says:

      Crazycat says @ 7.28

      “as an emblem and a description on a ballot paper, the words “Scottish Labour” (and Welsh Labour) are explicitly allowed (”.

      Indeed but only after Labour and Tory parties pressurised the Electoral Commission into making this exception to the rules.

    73. Capella says:

      Whilst we are on the subject of electoral crimes – I notice that SiU say that Unionist political parties will be collaborating in order to get the SNP out. I believe that is an offence in Electoral Law. Maybe they could look into that too.

    74. Albaman says:

      That’s a stonewaller, we don’t know how you can collect such data, but it’s very effective, and may you continue to be so, we await the outcome with bated breath, even though it could take a year or so, (“they’ll leave plenty of time for interest in this case to die, I say again, to die down)
      only thing is your up against “the establishment ” !, of which the E.C.M. is part of it, it’s the buffer betwixt the enquirers and Westminster, witness how channel 4’s exposures of the Conservatives election expenses was brushed aside.

    75. crazycat says:

      @ Sinky at 8.18

      Do you know when that happened? i.e. when was the last time they weren’t allowed to use it? I’ve drawn a blank – clearly I’ve chosen the wrong search terms.

      (In trying to find out, I came across SLab’s own history of itself – – which is hilariously self-congratulatory and selective, nearly drying up when they ceased to be the administration at Holyrood for reasons unspecified.)

    76. Ghillie says:

      SIU are not an impressive bunch at all…

      Good letter Rev Stu =)

      Keep their feet to the fire, hold them to account.

    77. johnj says:

      A wee story.

      In the pub where I drink (on an only too regular basis) and during the run-up to September 2014, a wee baldy chap appeared.

      Now, this is a very lively and popular pub in which political debate around left wing and Scottish independence topics is common.

      The said Wee Baldy didn’t engage much but would sit with his tablet surfing the net (apparently) and often sitting quite near to the noisy debaters.

      Baldy was around for a couple of years, i.e. until after the brexit referendum and possibly up to early last year, but here’s the odd thing – he disappeared as abruptly as he appeared but nobody can say exactly when.

      As I said, he didn’t engage much with anyone so pinpointing the time of his departure is difficult.

      I remember wondering what he was up to, and being a suspicious type I assumed he was a kind of listening post for the Better Together campaign (or others) noting topics that were gaining leverage -using the pub as a focus group in effect.

      Call me paranoid if you like but I wonder who was funding him?

    78. stu mac says:

      @winifred mccartney says:
      2 January, 2018 at 5:16 pm
      Howall been busy in Sunday Herald – editors obviously don’t care and are just as biased. I am very cautious about calling the Sunday Herald an indy supporting paper

      I believe someone posted here a while back that the editor of that paper had changed to someone less sympathetic to independence. I know it does still claim to be pro-independence (probably to hang on to pro-indy readers) but it is pretty lukewarm at best these days and occasionally seems anti-indy.

    79. Truth says:

      I must admit I always feel a bit of schadenfreude when their own system is used against them.

      Well done Stu. Be safe.

    80. Ken500 says:

      Westminster political Parties often gave considerable public money to spend. They are subsidised see. They get an allowance of public (generous) as per the number of MP!s they get elected. (Pro rata). It is supposed to be to aid costs and exoenses of each political Party, This allocation is separate from Individual expenses of each MP, remuneration/salary. It goes to each political Party as a % of how many MP’s they have pro rata,

      Farage UKIP were getting about a collosal sum for have one or two MP’s. (£300K + or £million+?) it was reported as a colossal sum. They can use it to fund researcher admin staff who can get up to anything on their behalf. Farague tried to get the money from Carwell to four into UKIP Party funds. Ie give it to him, Carswell refused it could be deemed illegal. They fell out about it big time. Public money is not supposed to be used to fund political Partues. (Except for this money for parliamentary research etc. Supposed to be). Political Parties are supposed to get their money from donors strictly documented on annual audited report/accounts. Otherwsevtgey are supposed to be censored and desolved.

      That is considerable

    81. yesindyref2 says:

      In 1979 after the winter of discontent (which nearly killed me by the way – more lives than a cat even then), I used to argue with a shop steward Bathgate way, even over a pint or two, about devolution. He supported devo, and even Indy but “it’s a bad Act” and was not only going to vote NO but was telling everyone to vote NO “there’ll be a better Bill and a better deal”. My line was take what you can, and work on it later.

      Nice guy, taken in by the propaganda, which was mostly Tory of course. There were a lot like that, serious and dedicated, but just plain taken in. It was another 18 years.

    82. Ian McCubbin says:

      Lovely piece of new year work. I await the reply with patience lol.
      Its great to see you active already.

    83. Rock says:

      “I wonder if you could offer an explanation as to why none have been recorded with the Commission, or if necessary conduct an investigation to establish any relevant facts.”

      Rock (15th August 2014 – “When is a pot not a pot?”):

      “The Electoral Commission is itself peddling lies on behalf of Better Together who don’t have the manpower to deliver them themselves.

      The system is rotten to the core.”

    84. Ken500 says:

      Political Parties are not supposed to campaign for other Parties. There are rules about that as well. Not supposed to collaborate. For obvious reasons.!! i.e. The offence to democracy happening now. As political parties collude with each other to starve and maim their own citizens and others. Appalling behaviour. Making things as hard as possible for people. In order that unionist politicians to line their own and their accomplices pockets.

      Political Parties officials (elected?) are forbidden from telling supporters of their Parties to vote for another political Party. That is illegal. Deary Dugdale did it frequently. There is documated evidence it was done wholesale in elections and Referendum in Scotland. A Referendum that was supposed to be conducted under GE rules (+ 16 years), without outside interference. That was the agreement. Totally reneged upon.

      There is documentary evidence of their behaviour in GE telling their supporters and members to vote for other Parties and even join funding campaigns, evidence of illegal collusion. They changed the electoral system totally without any permission or mandate from the electorate, To favour their own colluding unionist Parties. Appalling.

    85. Macjim says:

      If SiU are having charity events to raise funds, I’d like to know what the charity is and, if this isn’t an actual charity then why is the charity commission not dealing with them. Surely having a charity event when you are not one, and the money isn’t going to a registered charity, that is… well, not right to say the least

    86. wull2 says:

      I was told to keep putting the drops in the eyes, and the eyes open, you will see better if you keep coming back to this site.

    87. yesindyref2 says:

      The system is rotten to the core

      Well stop eating that turkey, it’s over a week old!

    88. Ken500 says:

      Farague – Carswell The disputed money. ‘Short Money’ £650,000. For one or two? MP’s. Each Westminster political Party gets this per MP. A considerable sum to get up to no good, if so desired. Separate from all other personal expenses, salary and remuneration, Westminster office occommodstion and expense. That comes separately. Extra earning etc.

    89. BrianW says:

      I hope that the Electoral Commission apply full legal due process re SiU not submitting any donation figures. They can’t not in my view. They’d be declaring themselves as a useless organisation if they didn’t

      I remember the Unionist presses glee re your experience with the Electoral Commission. Will they also apply the same vigorous reporting now?

    90. Ken500 says:

      Charitable status means they don’t pay tax. Company tax. It is registered as a company.

      Do they pay tax on salaries or remuneration? They are keeping that hidden as a small company. Not declaring fees? Or expenses.or alleged income. A HMRC matter. Report them to them. They could be committing tax offences by not declared alleged income. They would go after them. More than electoral commission. False accounting and non declared income. They would be more diligent.

    91. Marcia says:

      Johnj is pointing out that listening to what the general public is voicing is often not taken on board during election campaigns. Too true.

    92. Sinky says:

      Crazycat @ 8.37
      Sorry for confusion, To clarify the “Scottish” and Welsh designations were put into original Act by London Labour and Tory parties when the Registration of Political Parties Act 1998 was passing through Parliament.

      This was an Act to make provision about the registration of political parties”, is an act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom to set up a register of political parties in the United Kingdom. Previously there had been no such register, and political parties were not specially recognised. Additionally, various pieces of legislation needed to refer to parties and so were using ad hoc definitions, which might have been incompatible.

      The legislation therefore introduced a register of political parties; and included provisions to prohibit “confusion” with already-existing parties, names that were “more than six words”, or were “obscene or offensive”.

      As the act also permitted logos on ballot papers, the act also introduced a similar register for emblems.Parties may register more than one emblem, or none at all; most have two or three.

      The act was amended by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (2000 c. 41) to change the registration authority to the Electoral Commission.

    93. Sunniva says:

      Good work and good luck with it Stu. But the Electoral Commission is bought and sold.

    94. Kes Smith says:

      Great. Need to follow up so that the letter of the law is implemented.

    95. Macart says:

      Oh, that’ll leave a mark. 🙂

    96. Clootie says:

      …unfortunately I have little confidence regarding the electoral commission.
      All organisations are “controlled” by the state via a range of methods. The most basic being that chat at the club asking for a favour followed by name dropping. If required the promise of recognition later…!

    97. Thepnr says:

      @ronnie anderson

      Haha that counts as funny.

    98. ronnie anderson says:

      Thepnr only funny ok we’ll hiv ah straw poll lol

    99. Fireproofjim says:

      All the English papers are headlining the “meltdown”in the English NHS.
      12 hour waits in A&E. All routine operations cancelled until end January.
      No doubt BBC Scotland will comment on how much better things are in Scotland. Where is Eleanor Bradford when we need her?

    100. Aonghus says:

      So – now, for real, Scotland has only 2 political alternatives: Scottish nationalist; or British nationalist.

      Looks a bit more honest than before.

      Therefore, no more ‘4 versus 1’ [these numbers include the BBC journalist] in studio debates on BBC Smellysock? it can now be 1 versus 1.

      What d’yi think of that, Jackie?

    101. Big Phil says:

      Cheers @ ronnie anderson.
      that made me smile. 😉

    102. Ken500 says:

      Everyone of the MP’s at Westminster could be racking in possibly, eventually easily £1Million a year. The Cabinet gets £Millions in perks each. May PM gets about £2Million in perks a year. Housing costs flights, cars etc. Plus the pay remuneration/salary clothes allowance clothes etc. It must costs £Millions to keep her in the luxury.

      The husband is a multimillionaire tax evader hedge fund adviser. Illegally taking money that should be funding essential service. These are the people and their associates who policy is to sanction and starve their fellow citizens to death. Cut taxes for the wealthy. Syphon off £Billions of taxpayers for them and their associates, HS2, Hinkley Point etc, a total waste of money. There are much cheaper cost affective safer alternative. The Tories and their associates illegal slush fund of public money going illegally right into their pockets. Cutting essential services of £Billions of funding. Illegally killing people off. An act of criminal indifference and total callousness

      Grayling jollying in Qatar on a nice wee public expeses break. Has just given a redemption of £2Billion over 3 years to Stagecoach/Virgin Branson. who is supposed to be in Necker as a non Dom taxpayer. Dodging taxes. Rewarded for their inefficiency and under bid train franchise.They lied. A bidding offence under EU rules. Train fares go up 3.4%. Higher than the inflation rate,. which is supposed to be adhered to for any public Gov controlled price rises. It costs more than £2Billion for the Westminster administration. The House of Lords costs could have been cut years ago. To cut costs. Stuffed full of unelected criminals. On vast pension provision. They are party to starving people to death, unnecessarily. Causing distress and pain to so many people. Absolutely appalling.

      Indy2 can’t come soon enough to get rid of these offensive psycho bastards.

    103. crazycat says:

      @ Sinky at 9.59

      Thanks – so the EC inherited the definitions/descriptions.

      It wouldn’t be their remit to complain about what was passed on to them; they’ll just have made sure the rules were followed, and so it’s not their fault we have the “Scottish” ballot papers etc.

      As ever, the parties are facing both ways at once; playing up the distinction between HQ and the Branch Office, while failing to separate devolved and reserved issues, where that suits them.

      We just need to keep pointing out their duplicity/slopiniess.

    104. Les Wilson says:

      Nice one Stu, maybe will see the real collusion between Westminster and the electoral commission, finally.

      If they pussy foot around this without heavy action being taken it will stink to high heaven and confirm finally,that they are in fact a tool of the state. Squirm, squirm!

    105. Thepnr says:

      I hope all of you Wings readers have at least an idea of the risks and pitfalls that Rev Campbell takes on our behalf. He is well aware of them.

      Just hoping that you all appreciate that as much as I do.

      It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom.

      Where might I have heard that before?

    106. Thepnr says:

      I often can get carried away, but anyway I always mean what I say.

    107. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT from Rev.’s twitter. Re Toby Young, eugenics and his father’s input to the 1945 Labour manifesto. There is a difference between positive and negative eugenics, though they both stem from social Darwinism and degeneration theory. Indeed, many of British Labour’s leading lights were openly supporters of eugenics, as late as the mid-1950’s. Positive eugenics is not without controversy, e.g. the ethical challenges involved in selective reproduction.

      Eugenics and Feminism

      ….Galton was of the opinion that “women tend in all their capacities to be inferior to men”. He viewed the woman as a “breeder”, central to the healthy development of the species. Many public figures adhered to this movement, including early feminists. Caleb Saleeby was an advocate for feminists in the eugenics movement, viewing feminism without eugenics as potentially “ruinous to the race”. He expanded on Galton’s concepts in the early 20th century, discarding Galton’s notion of women as “breeders” preferring to position the woman as “nature’s supreme organ of the future”, in this Saleeby hoped that women could become agents of reproduction and would be able to develop what he termed “eugenic feminism”.

      Indeed his wishes were granted, and early feminists took easily to ideas of ‘rational reproduction’ that were in keeping with social and racial thinking at the time, this provided a consistent narrative around which they could begin to position themselves as citizens. For unlike other rights which could be compared and contrasted with those of men, reproductive and sexual rights were the easy argument back into the kitchen, and as such, for many early feminists it was an imperative to find a narrative that regulated women’s sexual and reproductive rights as well. In this way eugenics came to find itself entangled in women’s views on reproduction, motherhood, and the state, and narratives of strength, weakness, and worthiness came to enter the feminist sphere….

      Post Darwin: social Darwinism, degeneration, eugenics

      Eugenics and the Ethics of Selective Reproduction

    108. Clwyd Griffiths says:

      Brilliant forensic work by Wings. Thank you for all your hard work.

    109. CameronB Brodie says:

      Eugenics does not easily fit a rights-based approach to public policy. The Tories don’t generally care to respect human rights though, so I suppose that’s not a problem then.

    110. Ken500 says:

      It was the LibDems who caused the Brexit farce. They could have stopped it. They agreed with Cameron to sanction it. In return for agreement on a AV (PR) Referendum. That no one was the slightly interested in. They thought it would give them more power and control The fecking stupid idiots totally out of touch. The AV Ref totally tanked as it was totally obvious that it would.

      The most popular electoral system favoured by the voters is FPTP by a majority. It is quick easy,understood. It gives a larger majority to the one’s the electorate chooses which ultimately leads to stronger, stable government of a majority Gov. More can get done quicker and easier. If that Gov sticks to it’s promises. The AV Ref result had a 30/40% turnout and totally tanked. Totally lost. An embarrassment. They are now crying cricodile tears about Brexit and receiving ‘honours’ for their part in the Brexit scandal. They were supposed to want the House of Lords abolished. Another lying promise. The lying hypocrites.

      Miliband would have blocked a EU Ref as well. Not supported it. For obvious reasons EU membership is so important to the UK economy and every other EU members. As the bampot Tories are starting to find out. Corbyn is a useless waster who is facilitating the Tory failure because he is a total failure as well. The biggest useless article that has ever been put on the Planet, hasn’t got a clue. Along with his useless ‘Party’ of criminals. He is facilitating May’s destruction of the UK economy. Abstaining, colluding. Letting her walk all over him. A total embarrassment. Ineffectual Absolutely useless along with May. Corbyn and his useless colleagues could have taken May down easily on 12th Sept 2017 Evil vote. Along with others but the useless Labour hypocrites refused to take that action. They kept her in Office, She would have been gone now if they were any form of credible opposition. As for Dugdale, Leonard and the rest of them forget it. They are just pathetic.

      Intimately the LibDems are responsible for this total farce. In order to try and increase their troughing. The useless bastards. Responsible for being party to the Tories causing hardship in society, killing and maiming people. Bring down the economy causing chaos. The LibDems politicans are totally despicable. Not fit for public office. Appalling people.

    111. Ken500 says:

      The Tories only held a EU Ref facilitated by the LibDems, to stop UKIP who were going down the tubes anyway. All this carry on because Unionist politicians wanted to keep troughing. What a bunch of conceited, arrogant , useless greedy, nasty bastards. Enough is never enough for them. Not fit for public office. Killing and maining people deliberately to line them and their associates pockets. Squandering and wasting £Billions of public money. £Trillions in debt.

    112. CameronB Brodie says:

      Positive eugenics fits well into a utilitarian approach to public policy, so has natural attraction for Tories and British Labour.

      What is immoral about eugenics?

      It is a “given” in discussions of genetic engineering that no sensible person can be in favour of eugenics. The main reason for this presumption is that so much horror, misery, and mayhem have been carried out in the name of eugenics in the 20th century that no person with any moral sense could think otherwise.1–3 In fact, the abysmal history of murder and sterilisation undertaken in the name of race hygiene and the “improvement” of the human species again and again in this century is so overpowering that the risk of reoccurrence, sliding down what has proved time and time again to be an extremely slick, slippery slope, does seem enough to bring all ethical argument in favour of eugenics to an end.

      However, before dismissing any favourable stance towards eugenics it is important to distinguish what has happened in the past under the banner of eugenics and what might happen in the future. It is important to distinguish between genetic changes undertaken with respect to improving a group or population and genetic change that takes a single individual as its focus….


      Why Was Eugenics Wrong? Five Theses

      We now consider five answers to the question, Why was eugenics wrong? Each goes beyond the movements poor science and evident prejudice to attempt to locate errors of moral wrongs inherent in any eugenic program. We endorse the fifth, the lack of a concern for the fair distribution of burdens and benefits; but several of the others come close to the mark.

      Thesis 1: Replacement, not Therapy….
      Thesis 2: Value Pluralism….
      Thesis 3: Violations of Reproductive Freedoms….
      Thesis 4: Statism….
      Thesis 5: Justice….

      The Public Health and Personal Service Models

      It is tempting, in trying to guard against a reversion to bad eugenic policies, to draw a bright line between eugenics as an intervention on behalf of public health and welfare, versus clinical genetics, in service to the individual. We called these the Public Health Model and the Personal Service Model, respectively, in Chapter One. The bright line would distinguish indefensible eugenics from defensible genetics, even if the latter faces moral problems of its own. In our view, the distinction is not as clear as it is alleged to be, nor is the moral difference as sharp as with other “ethical firebreaks” examined in this book, this alleged distinction is not an appropriate substitute for moral analysis.

      From Chance to Choice
      Genetics and Justice

      This book, written by four internationally renowned bioethicists and first published in 2000, was the first systematic treatment of the fundamental ethical issues underlying the application of genetic technologies to human beings. Probing the implications of the remarkable advances in genetics, the authors ask how should these affect our understanding of distributive justice, equality of opportunity, the rights and obligations as parents, the meaning of disability, and the role of the concept of human nature in ethical theory and practice. The book offers a historical context to contemporary debate over the use of these technologies by examining the eugenics movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The questions raised in this book will be of interest to any reflective reader concerned about science and society and the rapid development of biotechnology, as well as to professionals in such areas as philosophy, bioethics, medical ethics, health management, law, and political science.

    113. crazycat says:

      @ Ken500

      The quid pro quo for the AV referendum was Lords reform/reduction in the number of constituencies, which the LDs then scuppered because they were denied a referendum on full PR and lost the one on AV.

      The EU referendum was in the Conservative manifesto for the 2015 Westminster election, at which the LDs were wiped out.

    114. Petra says:

      Keep up the good, no GREAT, work Stu. You must have them ALL spinning around in a right tizzy like dog’s suffering from distemper. No doubt they’ll (SiU et al) get into a huddle, contact their control centre in London (and further afield), regroup, consult their lawyers and move on to using their next corrupt Unionist ploy / s. Whatever the case you’re putting the wind up them because they don’t know what’s going to happen next. More than anything they don’t know who they can trust anymore.

      I don’t have any faith in the Electoral Commission between one thing and another. Too many examples to list right now (at this time in the morning), but THEY and WE know what they are. Like the BBC their impartiality and credibility is going right down the stank.

      If anything I’m becoming more and more ‘paranoid’, or enlightened, as time goes on, as I reckon the Unionist network is akin to a spider’s web weaving it’s way right across Scotland. Listening to the news alone informs me that the Scots are no longer in control: no longer holding most key positions across the country.

      And as you work your (brave) butt off, Westminster governance is proving to be totally shambolic. Disastrous. Hand in hand (well you know what I mean!) you work effectively together in what must be one of the most critical periods in Scotland’s history. You doing a great job whilst they botchup on a daily basis.

      The English NHS is in meltdown again with 12 hour waits in A&E, routine operations cancelled until the end of the month and with one doctor apologising for ”Third World conditions being experienced in his hospital.” It’s the plight of our Scottish NHS that could swing the vote of the elderly, infirm, hardcore (No) electorate. In particular the 72% that we are aware of.

      Whatever the case, NHS or not, I can hear the Union’s death rattle loud and clear. It’s over and out. Hallelujah.

    115. twathater says:

      Stu brilliant as usual , do you have a big enough tinfoil hat for us all to get under , Lets be careful out there , and let’s do it to them before they do it to us

      Seriously mon watch yir back

    116. Graeme McAllan says:

      Rev Stu, I hope I will be welcomed into your flock;)

    117. heedtracker says:

      Rev Stu, I hope I will be welcomed into your flock;)

      Pack, more like. wolf pack:D

      Do you want to win, this time?

    118. sinky says:

      Union Jacket Ian Murray in Hootsman newspaper telling Snp to stop grievance politics and mitigate all of the Tory Welfare policies.. just like Labour in Wales?

    119. Phydaux says:

      Another exciting wee chapter in the big SIU story. Stuart’s exquisitely written letter to the Electoral Commision should screw things up for them for a while and I look forward to the next instalment. Thank you Stuart for exposing and ridiculing the pompous and arrogant toffs and tossers, getting even for the rest of us.

    120. Cactus says:


    121. Ken500 says:

      The Libdem fscilitated the the EU Ref by keeping the Tories/Cameron in power in the Coalition. They did his dirty work for him. They could have brought Cameron down and didn’t. They allowed to keep in Gov to regroup. Stab them in the back and then go on to put the EU Ref in their manifesto to see off UKIP. They saw as a threat to usurping Tories power.

      Gluepot Cameron thought he would win instead of it seeing both him and UKIP off. Oh the irony.One of the conditions of the lying LibDem to go into coalition with the Tories was the AV Ref. Which no one was interested in, For obvious reasons. The ground was still laid in the Coalition by the LibDem to enable Cameron to regroup stab them in the back and come back to put the EU Ref in the manifesto, which he knew was a bad decision for the economy. To valuable to be left to chance. Or to gain votes, In a irrelevant partisan contest.

      By the way. How many election promises are ever honoured by these hypocrites. The Tories could not have done so without the LibDem support. The LibDem could have brought him down and none of this would have happened.

      Cameron is still there in the shadows milking the public purse of £Bilions in dubious (Chinese) contracts which are totally overpriced on groteque projects of no value. The Chinese- British consortium. The Tory slush fund. Ripping off the public purse of £Billion in contract of no value. Bad investments that can’t be honoured in most cases. Hinkley Point, HS2 etc. These snakes never go away. Once they have a taste on sinking their lazy fangs into troughing on public money. These useless reprobates. They never go away, Despicable creatures,

      Public money which should have been used support essential service funding to aid the economy which has been cut. It is in the unionist DNA to ruin the public funding allocation to line their and their associates pockets while people are dying in the streets because of their policies. Not just in the UK but all over the world.

      They have cut (UK) NHS funding £4Billion a year from 2015 to 2020 (Cameron/Osbourne) Education £6Billion a year. In real terms £3Billion. They will not get £3Billion back. It will be just hung around young folks necks. Possibly all their lives damaging the economy. They have cut welfare spending (the vulnerable) £3Billion a year since 2015. Until 2020. Total £13Billion plus of essential services cuts a year.

      They are spending £30Billion?a year on Hinkley Point, HS2 Heathrow, Trident. etc Contracts of no value e.g. that should never have been implemented. There are cheaper safer, feasible alternative. The Tories and their cronies are ripping off £Billions of public money in these contracts going to their buddies in the private sector. The Tories are getting £Millions/Billions in donations etc which are being skimmed off these extortionate contracts to line their own pockets. Ripping off the public purse. This public funding should have been used to support essential services now collapsing daily in England.

      The Scottish Gov has had to mitigate these cuts. while the unionists (council coalition). Useless bastards in Scotland are spending public money on groteque monstrosity projects no one wants of no value and cutting public money they have been given/allocated to be spent in essential services.

      Killing off and maiming million of innocent, vulnerable people in the UK and all around the world. Brexit is another example of their gross, appalling behaviour,

      The only thing stopping them from completely devastating Scotland is that wee person Nicola and her mates who are standing up for Scotland and area having to constant mitigate the unionist politicans crass behaviour. Interesting according to the Polls (even questionable) with major support from women. Doing it successfully

      Now that’s a first which has come out from Stu’s polling data. Women 65/35% support, Men 50/50. That is interesting. The women coming to the fore to support Nicola and the SNP Scottish Gov. That’s a first and has strong implications for Independence support of which it is assumed that women are more reluctant. Also women are more reluctant on the whole to engage in political activity and join political parties. 10 to 1?

      Maybe that is changing, with more women coming to the fore and engaging, leading by example. More equal participation. That is a good thing and may be a turning point on the path to Independence. Get the women on board and Independence is won.

      Wonder what women will think of the new non descript Labour ‘leader’. The ‘old school’. Same old, same old. Not much to be sure. That can be a reasonable conclusion. The next one for the ‘poison chalice’, that will not last long. Not an engaging personality. Boring just like the last one. They could bore for Britain and do. Just a bloody, embarrassing nuisance. Labour support going down further. Get Labour out of the way, They are useless in any case. Take the fight to the Tories, which the SNP would win, in any circumstances.

      Labour/LibDem just get in the way of a just, equal happy society in Scotland with their unionist affiliation. Everything is really lining up well with the women not just onboard but leading the skirmish. That is the tipping point that Independence wants and needs. Hold on to the Independence express the juggernaut finally coming through to the end destination. A fair and just more equal, healthy and happy society. Wait with anticipation. A guid New Year. The women are finally coming through. Independence is definitely in the bag. The turning tipping point has finally arrived. Any more of the Eton mess. Women are coming onboard Independence is in the bag.

      Just keep on voting SNP/SNP Vote for Independence. £Billions from Scottish revenues and resources are still going down to be misspent, mismanaged, squandered and wasted by these unionist imbeciles and their cronies which could/should be better spent in Scotland. £Billlions more is being lost to Scotland because of blatant mismanagement of the Scottish economy by these unionist imbeciles in Westminster who haven’t got a clue.

      The LibDem coalition started all this mess. They can!t count or read a balance sheet and are so naive and stupid it is incredible. Now the false, fake crocodile tears of indignation.Along with the rest of them unionist twerps. Along with the unionist press which should be calling them out instead of getting their back.

      Anyone who tries to bring Rev Stu down or do him harm. There are millions of supporters at his back. Many in very influential positions. Think on. Or turn around and go homewards to think again.

      The Tory Coalition with the lying LibDems facilitated all this. . While they shead their crocodile tears abiout the lose of EU membership, increasing mental health etc. They have caused. Their coalition with Cameron facilitated all of that. Even though the despicable Tories stabbed them in the back. They should have aware of that. Sold the economy out for a bit of dead ponging ermine. The reprobates. The reason they are getting ‘honours’ for their dubious, behaviour and service to the British state. Those nappies on expense really worked well. The greedy bastards.

      The Tories are now making up there polling data which is subject to suspicion. Withiutb credible authentication. SIU etc. More illegal behaviour. The corrupt Press are just publishing it as fact with no proper authentication of the source or the data. Illegal under Press regulation which they all ignore in any case.

      More illegal behaviour by the corrupt Press and the Unionists. It is never ending. More illegal data and analysis by polling companies professional bodies, ignoring guidelines, Some dubious Prof fessional people who always get it wrong, but get cash for ‘honours’ . Funded by the Scottish Gov and taxpayers trying to bring the Scottish/UK economy down. Total ignorance of monumental importance. They should be censored properly through the Court (Uni) procedure and held to account for their criminal activity not covered in rotten animal skin. Pigs at the trough should have had their bacon. Even more waste of public money funding their dubvious criminal behaviour.

      Hope there are no spelling, punction mistakes. Throughly checked. Still highly likely on Apple devices. Unfortunately. Par for the coarse. Sorry it has been like writing a book. Dissertation. On and on and on. Etc. To try and take up less space. Less space for more. Or it will come back to haunt. Here goes to post.

      Just like Brexit. More money for less rights and decisions. The unionist politicans pycho bastards. Making all the wrong decisions on the economy, despite £Billions of expert advice. Useless bastards.

    122. Ken500 says:

      Feck sake it has worked

    123. David Caledonia says:

      If someone killed your dog, what would be your response, would you walk up to them and say, why did you kill my dog, would you really expect them to admit doing it, so why ask in the first place, we all know what we would do, and i can assure anyone i would not be going to see them to wish them happy birthday
      So much energy is wasted asking why, it takes less energy to just do what has to be done

    124. Ken500 says:

      Just mention illegal wars, £Trillions and debt and Labour and Blair his mate to Ian Murray. That should hold his wis’t. Lying nicompoop. He must think folk are half daft and as forgetful as him. The’re not.

    125. Famous15 says:

      @David Caledonia.

      You are not Davie Crocket and this is not the Alamo!

    126. yesindyref2 says:

      @David Caledonia
      Sorry to hear about your dog, I suggest you call the police as whoever killed your dog probably committed a criminal offence.

    127. David Caledonia says:

      Does anyone actually read some of the long winded posts here, i just see the names of some of the people and know i can’t be bothered, life’s to short and time is precious
      I have never used anything like twitter, but at least what i know of it, the posts are short and sweet

    128. Bob Mack says:

      @David Caledonia,

      I presume you don’t do books then ? Amazing what you can indulge in long winded posts. Your choice though.

    129. Footsoldier says:

      Thank goodness for Wings. Thanks to the The National. I’m not sure about the Sunday Herald.

      Where is the fire and drive in the SNP these days? It has become bland and almost moribund in promoting the cause of independence. SNP members and branches are drifting and if not dormant are certainly heading in the wrong direction. Nothing contentious is said lest it be taken the wrong way, Unionists get free reign and no rebuttals.

      The SNP are too busy governing which is great for Unionists. More devolution of powers takes up valuable time and reduces the resources to gain independence.

      It’s time for the SNP to create a campaigning division within the party to harness resources and separate from government. Resources are now spread too thinly.

      It is no surprise Scotland in Union have organised a group of writers on a letters to the press campaign. Well done them on the initiative. Where is our letter writing campaign, and results co-ordination; it would cost almost nothing to set up? I have noticed quite a few independence correspondents have disappeared from newspapers or are writing fewer letters. As part of a group they would be inspired.

      It will be the same in industry, commerce and the media. High level dinner parties and meetings for the captains of industry are bound to have occurred at UK government level exhorting all in favour of the Union to criticise independence and the SNP.

      This explains Union flags on food produce, the willingness of letters editors to publish pro-union propaganda and so on.

      Time for more action.

    130. Les Wilson says:

      Interesting that Trump is making the most corrupt media of the year awards, surely that is an idea for Scotland to do?
      We are spoilt for choice, fun could be had! Truth could be the result for Scotland to see.

      We could have a dinner ceremony!, and raise funds too.

    131. Cactus says:

      With a Brexit beneath you and a bridge before you…:

      What are you gonna do?

      Don’t look back.

      Or down.


    132. HandandShrimp says:


      Is Ian Murray still there? I thought Corbyn sent him to the salt mines.

      SiU look to be in a perilous place. Done in by disgruntled Tories? The UKU crowd look to be a considerably nuttier UKIP reinvention not sure they will be any more welcome by the Tories…we live in interesting times.

      Still think May 2019 is a more probable IR2 date but who knows?

    133. ronnie anderson says:

      Famous 15 Ah know ah wee wummin who hiz a Davy Crockett hat , she diznae weld ah bowie knife but she’s ah deft hand wie ah Chainsaw.

      calling cearc ur you there Big Hugs .

    134. galamcennalath says:

      HandandShrimp says:

      Done in by disgruntled Tories?

      Looks like classic Nacht der langen Messer (night of the long knives) stuff from the ‘mainstream’ right. If so, it won’t have worked out quite as they hoped because it has opened opportunities to expose the way Unionists operate and what they stand for.

      It highlights the Scottish constitutional issue as one not just about self determination but elite rich versus ordinary folks. Which is good.

      It tarnishes anyone associated with them, which is also a good thing. It will hopefully make donors think twice about who give to.

    135. Brian Allan says:

      Footsoldier 9:20

      Just pick up your pen and get on with it. We’ll just be like SiU Central masquerading as a grass roots movement if guided to write by SNP or any other body. Now where did I leave that pen – seriously I’m away to write to my local paper in response to article with Tory comments on hospital waiting times.

    136. stu mac says:

      @Bob Mack says:
      3 January, 2018 at 9:18 am
      @David Caledonia,
      I presume you don’t do books then ?

      Long winded is not the same as long. Long posts can be pithy, readable and informative. Some posts here are self-indulgent and repetitive. I too scroll past them – you can tell within a sentence or two whether it’s worth the read. You can’t expect every post (even by posters who are generally good) to hit the mark but one or two go over the score.

      Besides this is BTL conversation: one looks to get a variety of points in a short period and I’m not sitting down to read a novel. If I open a book of short stories I don’t expect one of them to be the length of War and Peace.

    137. Gary says:

      Nothing will happen, of course. But it’s nice to have to make them shift uncomfortably in their seats until they find a form of weasel words that will allow them to do nothing about it. Just a pity we won’t see this reported in the newspapers. Once again proving that a) we have nothing approaching democracy and b) nothing approaching a free and fair press either…

    138. Al Dossary says:

      Do we read the “long posts”?

      Sometimes, depending how it opens and if the topic is interesting enough. I will say that certain posters I will read he entire post, long or short. Certain posters I may or may not read depending how the post opens and gathers my interest.

      There are however certain posters in general who I will see their name and skip the entire post (long or short) because I know it is 95% guarenteed to be SNPbaaaad or just plain shit-stirring.

      That includes seeing the name of a “shit stirrer” in any reply to them. More often or not I will ignore the reply to the troll.

      I how that answers your question lol.

    139. Old Pete says:

      Watching the BBC coverage of disastrous NHS England, 10 minutes gone by still no mention of the Tories or Jeremy Hunt, strange that?

    140. Robert Peffers says:

      @David Caledonia says: 3 January, 2018 at 9:10 am:

      “Does anyone actually read some of the long winded posts here,”

      One thing for sure, David, is that you will never find out an answer to your question as you won’t read the replies.

      “i just see the names of some of the people and know i can’t be bothered, life’s to short and time is precious”

      Indeed and some of us see certain names and know it is a waste of time communicating with that commenter.

      I would have thus scrolled past YOUR post if I hadn’t gone to make a cuppa and came back with your comment just sitting there.

      Let me put it this way – Rev Stu has Wings as a blog for the more in depth topics but on the right of hid blog page he has his tweets on twitter. You forget Wings and stick with twitter which seems more your style.

    141. Bob Mack says:

      @Stu Mac.

      Knowledge is fine. Knowledge teaches us how to light a fire. Wisdom teaches us not to light a fire in certain places.

      Only by reading good or bad can we acquire both.

      Know your opponent better than your friends.

    142. One_Scot says:

      I’ve just heard that the Electoral Commission are very busy at the moment and that they may not be able to respond to recent enquiries.

      Apparently they are having to deal with a large number of squirrels that can be seen loitering in the distance.

    143. HandandShrimp says:

      Old Pete

      On the BBC website there must be a dozen UK/England Health stories, I doubt a single one mention Hunt or the Conservatives or seek quotes from opposition Health shadows. No story on the Scottish NHS goes by without giving every opposition party an SNPbaaad paragraph.

      I can’t decide if the BBC are corruptly protecting Hunt and May in England or are corruptly waging an anti-SNP campaign in Scotland…or both 🙂

      The beauty of such a contrast and compare is that their duplicity is laid bare.

    144. TheItalianJob says:

      @Al Dossary at 10.08 am

      Al I skip past the posts of the “well kent” spoilers here on Wings btl.

      I do however read the “true Wingers” replies to these spoilers and I personally never make any comments myself.

      I leave that to our more erudite posters such as Robert Peffers, Heedtracker et al to supply the correct response to these well known spoilers.

    145. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Usual Hypocritical BritNat Labour in Scotland given a platform to spout ‘Jackie Baillie’ unchallenged then? @Sinky says at 7:25 am

      “Union Jacket Ian Murray in Hootsman newspaper telling Snp to stop grievance politics and mitigate all of the Tory Welfare policies”

      That’ll be the same Ian Murray of Red Morningside who enabled all these UN Criticised UK Welfare policies either by voting with the Tories or Abstaining.

    146. Ken500 says:

      Why don’t some people do something themselves. Instead of expecting others (SNP members) to do all things for them. Sitting in the sideline moaning and criticising. Like lazing little ‘Red Hens’. Won’t get up and do anything but lie (there). Hypocrites. Par for the coarse.

      For everyone else of some initiative. Come on board join up, campaign and donate. Do everything possible you can. It will not be regretted. Don’t give up or regret. Non regrets. It is too important in the strife to build a better, fairer, more equal prosperous country and world. Make the world a better place and have your say. Scotland can easily pay it’s way. The accounts and balance sheet prove it. With good governance and policies to suit the economy. .

      Or keep it simple just vote SNPSNP. Vote for Independence. Simple really. Do not have doubts or regrets. Of building a better place and world. There is really no need to be despondent. To build a better place Everything is going in the right direction to contain Westminster corruption and illegality Finally the rump to the finish is in sight. Don’t give up now or they will have you stuck for longer. Maybe forever.

      A final push to the finish, victory and congratulation. People can almost smell it. The decay of neglect swept aside. Decades of neglect, C’mon you can do it. It will be totally worthwhile. The stars are aligning. 2018 or 19 could be the year. An historical decision of monumental importance. Scotland gains it’s Independence. After years of illegal secret domination and lack of democracy.

      Rejoice in anticipation. Happy New Year. Let’s make it a guid one. The power is in the people’s hand. Grasp it in every way you can. Do not be disappointed. Or disappoint the 40 million disporia who can give much needed support. Or the support and allies of friends in the EU. Or friends in the south.

      C’mon, it can be done. One last push ahead. A new reborn or born again Scotland. Just like other Independent in the EU – nations. The majority of happy, equal, peaceful co operative prosperous nations. Join the world of equality. Cast away the shackles with confidence and anticipation. It has been long enough and taken up much time. Finally it can be done. Excited and exciting, intoxicating. Heavy with success. Do not be afraid. Come onboard and join the strife. Do not have any regrets. Or it will be regretted.

    147. Footsoldier says:

      Brain Allan at 10.00am

      I already do write quite a lot of letters and 80% get published. There is no doubt in my mind that a co-ordinated effort would produce a better result.

    148. Footsoldier says:

      Brian Allan @ 10AM

      Sorry my post of 2 minutes ago describing you as Brain Allan was a typo not Freudian.

    149. Ken500 says:

      Don’t worrying about the Press disreports. You can be sure the Tory -unionists MP’s e-Mail addresses will be filling up and overflowing with compliant. On oh, so many topics. A guid New Year for them to face. Putting the sh’t up them fearing for their seats. From their own constituencies. The only thing that bothers. Panic in every direction. Giving them a right wee kick up the rear end. Of the pantomime donkeys’. Of the Tory/Unionist farce. May will be face with more revolt. From the revolting reprobates. Expect the wall of Jerico to come down soon in complete disarray. The total Westminster Eton mess. The dam is bursting the wall are coming down. Be prepared. Getborganised. The wheels are coming off the donkey’s cart. Carting them finally to oblivion. Hopefully. Unfortunately they always come back to haunt.

    150. Annie Coll says:

      Absolutely great work Stuart. Keep on keeping on!

    151. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Any reportage yet on BritNat Propaganda TV about ENHS Crisis and the knock-on effect of The Health and Social Care Act 2012 pushed through when the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were in power at Westminster??


      “Balfour Beatty is the largest contributor to a building and facilities management consortium, Consort Healthcare”

      “Consort earns £60m a year for running, cleaning and maintaining Edinburgh Royal Infirmary alone, under a contract estimated to be worth £1.26bn by 2028. Under the terms of the PFI deal, agreed in 1997”


      “The replacement hospital had been built on a mostly green field site in the south-east of the city, with the contract signed in August 1998.”

      Now if the Scots Gov was reconvened on 1st July 1999 this PFI was the responsibility of an Edinburgh Council BLiS Administration with overall control at the same time as a Labour under BLiar (no typo) held sway at Westminster.

      As someone else posted BTL recently (Apologies as I forget who and the exact wording) but they basically said:

      A BritNat Holyrood Administration would ensure alignment with the rest of the UK to erase any sign of divergence in Policy, standard of living, ideology etc.

      In other words they’d do what they’ve always done fuck over the people, line their own pockets (and those of their friends) to ensure Scotland looked like it couldn’t survive outside the UK Union.

    152. wull2 says:

      Is the NHS thing a squirrel that has just fallen out a tree with a reality bump to the ground.

    153. Ken500 says:

      It might be better to do a bit of letter writing right to the horse!s mouth. No Ten Downing Street. Feck up their administration will have more success of getting points across it. That will already be happening. With devastating results. When will she go? Take bets on it. Another greetingperformance as another greedy, cheating lying crook leaves 10 Downing Street. After illegally killing and maiming millions. So they can pocket £Millions. Enough is never enough for these bastards. Most of who should be in jail.

      Too much (Press) letter writing can come across as being a bit deranged. Counter productive.’There goes that nutter again’. Is often the response. Not highly expected. It can be spotted a mile off. The interesting thing in the SIU case. Is they expected mugs to letter write. Plastering their name address and detail all over the Press for main publicity but they wanted to keep it secret. Totally illogical and irrational. Along with most of the rest of their activities.

      Why did they want their activities which in the main were not illegal. Kept secret unless they were ashamed or embarrassed of their activities. They want publicity but want to keep it secret. Totally illogical. Or of irrational thought. Like most of their activities Just a bunch of totally amateurs doing their side and campaign no favours. In fact the opposite.

      What is unusual and interesting is that Tory – unionist support is now in such disarray, they are now prepared to leak to Rev Stu and Wings. Their own stated enemy who they profess to dislike with a vengeance. To settle internal dispute that they want kept secret. Get the drift – totally illogical. Expect more juicy disclosures to be on the way. The dams are finally opening. Expect the flood of tears to follow on from wets.

    154. Brian Allan says:


      That’s my very first letter done. I hope I get as many as 80% published. You’re most likely right about a co-ordinated effort being more effective but I am concerned about the attacks we’d be open to if it was the message that was being driven (co-ordinated) from a central position. Ok for SNP or other body to be clear about a message and then grass roots free to be ‘on message’ or not.

      As an aside – I did once get a parcel addressed to Brain Alien. I wouldn’t aspire to such a moniker as evidenced by me not noticing the error until you pointed it out.

    155. Jack Murphy says:

      From Main Article:”……The group continued to campaign at the 2016 Scottish Parliament election, securing the signatures of 75 candidates from anti-SNP parties on a “charter”…….”

      There are an awful lot of Labour names on that list alongside the Tories and the LibDems!

      Supping with the Tories!

    156. ronnie anderson says:

      Scottish daily mail headlines today People being told to stay away from Hospitals in Scotland ect ect .

    157. Merkin Scot says:

      How does ‘long grass’ translate into Catalonian?

    158. Hamish100 says:

      For Tom Gordon to claim an “exclusive” he is hoping that no one has read Wings over Scotland or latterly the National.

      You must ask yourself if he talks to his cousins in The National or are they person non grata. Has Ruth Davidson stop giving him press releases or is beginning to see at last the lies and deceipt of the unionists at work?

      More probably he has realised how foolish the Scots press look for trying to suppress the news in the world of web sites and blogs. He must tell his pals in the bbc as they haven’t quite grasped that yet,

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