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A Portuguese Laddie

Posted on January 23, 2019 by

Last month the Tory government published its white paper on EU migration post-Brexit. As a result, I spent my day arguing positively for immigration on social media, sharing fact-based articles showing that EU migration has had a very positive impact on the UK’s economy in the last decade.

However, one of my tweets was particularly popular, in which I specifically mentioned my personal experience with Scottish attitudes towards immigration.

Twitter is meant to be short and fleeting, leaving little room for telling long, nuanced stories. But the story behind this tweet is one I find worth telling, and I think it reflects incredibly well on the fact that there’s a bright, open future ahead of Scotland. I hope you find what follows to be worthwhile.

I was born in 1991, in Faro, the largest city of the Algarve – Portugal’s southernmost region. Like many people my age, I faced the blunt of the 2008 financial crisis when I went to university the following year, and when the Portuguese right-wing government adopted increasingly destructive austerity measures, little hope was left for middle-aged people, let alone us young ones trying to make a life of our own.

I was determined that I would emigrate after I finished my Master’s Degree in Medieval History of the Islamic Mediterranean, especially because in 2012 I had started dating the most wonderful man in the world. He was studying to become a dentist, and he too had no real prospects of staying in Portugal.

In 2014 I finished my Master’s and he finished his Dentistry Degree, and so we moved from Lisbon back to the Algarve, to live with my mother. She owned a wee restaurant in Tavira, and my partner got an offer of work at a local practice, so we packed our bags and in early 2015 started saving up money to go abroad.

It wasn’t easy. Working with my mother, despite the love between us, was incredibly stressful. I was earning about €100 (around £75) a week, because I didn’t want to take wages from her as she was struggling at the time; I chose to rely exclusively on tips. My partner was working 5 days a week, full-time, as a dentist, and earning about €600 (£450) A MONTH. That is the Portuguese reality, with a minimum monthly wage at the time of €550, a lot of people survived however they had to.

The upside of staying with my mother was that we didn’t pay a rent. We helped out with bills and food, but could put the rest apart and save up for the big move. Emigration was the light at the end of a dark, hopeless tunnel.

At my mother’s restaurant, 95% of our customers were tourists visiting the Algarve, or people born in another country who now resided there. And from those, about 60% were from the UK & Ireland, with the rest coming mainly from the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavian countries.

Given that my mother speaks very basic English, she was quite happy to have me as a front-of-house waiter – I can hold a conversation in a few languages besides Portuguese and English, including Dutch. And I will tell you why that is relevant.

From a very young age, I had thought about moving abroad (the reasons for that merit its own blog post, but let’s just say that I never felt like I fitted in Portugal). I always thought it was either going to be the UK or a Scandinavian country (Yes, I hate hot weather). But my partner wasn’t so keen about the idea of a cold country, and so we compromised on somewhere a bit less extreme – the Netherlands.

We started teaching ourselves Dutch with apps like Duolingo, my partner prepared the paperwork to register on their General Dental Council equivalent, and we started preparing mentally for the move, reading about the country and all of that.

Now, on one particular evening, we had a couple of customers who had flown in from Amsterdam. I proudly practised my Dutch, and they were interested in knowing why the hell had a Portuguese waiter learned to speak Dutch. I told them I intended to move there. I will never forget their response. They exchanged a quick glance, and then the lady said to me, in English: “We have a small country. Not everyone has to go there, you know. The sky is blue everywhere.”

Yes, she sounded that much like a c*nt. I was lost for words, telling my partner what had happened, and for the rest of the evening I was ruminating on how horrible she’d been. (She’d also left me a €1 tip on a €60 bill, to top it all off)

Because life finds a way of spicing things up, and as I grew increasingly depressed about the idea of the Netherlands, we had a table of three magnificent Scottish folks later that week. They were our only clients that night – a middle-aged couple with a female friend of theirs. Since it was a small and very intimate restaurant, they warmly started making conversation with me.

It started being about food and how they liked their steaks cooked, and me telling them about how we typically cooked them in Portugal, developing to them asking more and more questions about myself, why I spoke English fluently, my degree, and all of that. My mother was in the kitchen, cooking, but my partner was behind the bar that evening, and he joined in too.

One of the ladies had a niece who was a dentist in Scotland, and as we became more familiar with each other, they started asking my partner a lot of questions about being a dentist in Portugal, including wages and work conditions, and were quite shocked to hear the truth.

That’s when they started telling us how Scotland needed young folk like us, how I would love Edinburgh and maybe even go to Uni there, and how my partner could lead a much more dignified life with wages that reflected the skill required for his work. I cannot tell you how lovely they were.

The warmest, friendliest group of people, who were genuinely interested in hearing our stories and wanting us to have a better future. Before they left, they actually made a reservation for the night prior to leaving Portugal, so I got the name of one of them: Mrs. Pamela Speirs, from Glasgow.

(I haven’t spoken to her since, but I would love her to know the impact she’s had on our life, so if you have any idea who this might be, do tell).

When we got home that evening, me and my partner looked at each other, and we didn’t need to say much. The Netherlands’ plan had died – Scotland it would be.

Now, this didn’t all happen in a vacuum. As I said before, we worked with a lot of UK & Ireland folk, and I had already began forming a few impressions. While our English & Welsh clientele tended to be more reserved, less generous in tipping, Scottish and Irish customers were the absolute opposite. They were always incredibly polite, very appreciative of my dedication to good service, complimentary about my mother’s food, and deeply generous when it came to tipping.

(As with any generalisation, there were exceptions to all of this, I’m just outlining my overall impressions)

After that night with the Speirs and their friend, I started telling Scottish folks who came to the restaurant that I was planning to move to Scotland, and not once did I hear a negative comment. To the contrary. Mrs. Speirs’ attitude seemed to be replicated, as if all the Scots had been passed the same memo – telling me how Scotland needed young folk like me and my partner, that I would love the country.

Some joked that I should take a picture of the sun with me, however, lest I forget what it looks like amidst the constant dreich weather. They talked to me about their own sons and daughters, nieces and nephews and how they were all doing so well back home, and how they already had so many foreign friends who had moved there and were happy.

A few more months of work until we felt like we had a financially robust safety net for the move, and on the 10th of November 2015, we took a plane from Faro and landed in Edinburgh.

Some of you might say that I couldn’t have chosen a worse time to come, due to the Brexit shitestorm. But I disagree . As the Brexit campaign exposed the terrible winds of xenophobia taking over England & Wales, it also showed how Scotland was a very different country. Of course, I am a white European, so I am still very much a privileged immigrant – Black and Asian people may have different experiences to tell from mine, especially since Scotland is a very white country.

But the thing is that I felt like the vast majority of Scottish folks didn’t swallow the anti-immigration rhetoric coming from down south, and that was confirmed with the overwhelming vote for Remain.

While some of my friends in England despaired at the result (I admit that, in the morning of the referendum result, I felt genuine grief for how small and self-centred the UK had just become), I was energised by Scotland’s adamant rejection of that kind of nationalism that wants to put up impassable border and scapegoats the “other” for faults that aren’t theirs.

In these three years, I have joined the Scottish National Party (and recently Plaid Cymru, the biggest Welsh pro-indy party), I have marched amongst my new Scottish brothers and sisters, I have voted in Holyrood & council elections. I have worked, I have lived, I have adopted two beautiful cats, and with every day, Scotland has seeped deeper into my bones.

I have travelled widely across “this wee country of oors“, as I like to call it, met many a different folk, visited countless historical sites via my Historic Scotland membership. Staple Scottish foods have become part of my diet, and I’ve fused many elements of my Portuguese roots with my newfound Scottish ones – I assure you that my Cranachan recipe with a hint of Port wine is to die for.

None of this would have happened if I didn’t feel like I had the Scottish people behind my back in these troubled times. Xenophobia is sweeping all over the West, but somehow Scotland has shone a light against that darkness. Our nationalism, if it can even be called that, comes from a place of acceptance, of a want for justice, of seeking a better future for the young folk that can do better without the cruelty of countless Tory governments we never voted for.

Of course, Scotland is not a place of exception. It has plenty of numpties and bawbags walking around, it has profound issues with alcohol and drugs, sectarianism, obesity, and I wish it were less white and more diverse, but that’s just a reflection of its history. And I love Scotland with all of these things to – for it wouldn’t be this beacon of light without the dark side, and I hope that I can contribute to strike another match, to make it all a bit better.

I can’t vote in UK elections, but I can’t separate myself from this sense of belonging to Scotland any more – I always talk about our country, our people, our voice. Sure, I open my mouth with my Portuguese accent and it is clear that I wasn’t born here – and I don’t mind that people ask and are interested about where I come from.

I’m always happy to tell all the good things about Portugal, about the food and the wonderful places to visit, and all of that. But it doesn’t feel like I’m talking about home, like it feels when I talk about Scotland.

At the risk of sounding really corny, and bear in mind that this comes from an atheist with no time for superstitious silliness, I do think that I was born with a Scottish soul. Its flame just brightens up at the sound of the bagpipes (or the Proclaimers, for that matter), its spirit is lifted when I smell the freshness of our cold winter mornings, and it is fuelled by the affection and love of the many folks I have crossed paths with here.

Nowhere else on earth do I feel the peace I do when walking around the Trossachs, or setting my sights on the majesty of the Highlands, or when I’m walking around the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, which is my favourite museum in the world after London’s Tate Modern. I love the historical atmosphere of Edinburgh, as I love the working-class spirit of Glasgow, and how genuine Glaswegians can be (especially compared with some Edinburgh folk who come off as slightly… stiffer, but they’re sweethearts once you get to crack their shell).

And there’s still so much about Scotland that I don’t know, and I look forward to it all – as long as the nasty Government from Westminster doesn’t try to get rid of me post-Brexit. Regardless, I’ll be fighting the good fight for this country to be independent, a sovereign nation within the European Union, which is a true equal union, not this little, narcissistic, inward-looking United Kingdom that is becoming increasingly less United with each day its glaring injustices are exposed.

What matters is that we’re human beings, all one clan. We’re all Jock Tamson’s Bairns.


Miguel writes as “WG Saraband”. This piece originally appeared on his blog, and is reproduced here with permission.

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663 to “A Portuguese Laddie”

  1. Dr Jim

    Never in my life have I heard of anyone being charged with breach of the peace retrospectively in a historic case going back umpteen years

    How does one collect evidence of such a breach of the peace if police officers were never called to a scene at the time of an alledged offence, I though such a charge had to be made by on the spot officers then later decided whether to proceed by the procurators fiscal office

    I’m no lawyer but I’m well puzzled by that one

    People say don’t discuss this, that puzzles me too, why not, everybody else is and will plus I’m nobody so nobody cares
    You only get hauled over the coals if you’re somebody from medium status up, I’ve got no status and I’m a pensioner so I practically don’t exist at all so if I get shot in the head overnight and don’t post on WOS anymore all that’ll happen is somebody might say *anybody seen that Dr Jim fella he hasn’t posted in a while*

    What’s worse is there won’t be any answer

  2. yesindyref2

    As far as the breach of the peace is concerned seems to me, if John Scrote was being done for aggravated assault they’re not going to bother adding BoP, who cares. But if one single charge against Salmond was missed off like waste of police time for signing his first statement Donald Duck, the media would be all over it.

  3. donnywho

    We do know that the special branch infiltrated green activists in Scotland. Going as far as to sleep with their “marks”.

    Now who do you think is more of a threat to this sceptred isle, bunny rabbit liberators or the loss of a third of their landmass.

    The SNP is a massive threat to the continued stability of the UK and will be treated as such!

    So no paranoia, they will be watching us… of course they would!

  4. stewartb

    McDuff @ 9:13 pm

    You wrote: “How do you know MI5 is not involved.Scotland must be kept in the Union at all costs so do you seriously believe that MI5 wouldn’t be used by these London Tories to infiltrate/disrupt the independence movement especially the SNP.”

    I can conceive of all sorts of ‘theories’ and can speculate (endlessly) without a shred of evidence. May be entertaining for some or may help some in letting off steam. But helpful? No!

    In my view, too many posts BTL here today on conspiracies that have the potential to make the Wings ‘community’ look plain daft given complete lack of supporting evidence – remember the Wings community is one that purports to be characterised by critical thinking, by ‘alert readers’.

    I’m in agreement with Craig P @ 7:13 pm who wrote:
    “I’d recommend everyone head over to wee ginger dug and absorb his take on the matter.”

    And this from PeatWorrier on Twitter is also worth a read:

    “I don’t mind telling you I found today’s charges against Alex Salmond unsettling. They are utterly serious. There are folk who really want to believe & disbelieve them. I get that. But anyone handing out exonerations or convictions at this stage needs their head examined.”
    Posted at 1:20 pm – 24 Jan 2019

    One could add in too: ‘anyone handing out conspiracy theories’!

  5. geeo

    @uno mas.

    Interesting post, and the idea that such a smear campaign/charges brought now, on the verge of indyref2/indy, rather than at the height of Alex’s personal fame/political potency, does look odd on the face of it

    However, and this may play out or not, but if, as many seem to think, and the Yes movement strengthens around these events with Alex, for a perceived attack on us, then that would indicate why the British establishment never went after Alex or any other high profile Indy folk in 2014.

    They were very close to losing in 2014, can you imagine the reaction of Scots if this happened 2 months before the indyref vote, for example ?

    I expect Yes would have absolutely walked it, with thousands and thousands of disgruntled folk who thought of voting No, and latterly did, changing to Yes, as the vast majority of Scots in my opinion do not like a perception of injustice.

    My wife utterly hates politics, but even she says it beggars belief that the most high profile person, possible on earth in 2014, would not be outed by his enemies if these things were supposedly known about back then.

    Of course, the real prize is guilty by association, to smear Nicola Sturgeon.

    “Is Alex Salmond still your friend” the other day, looks, with hindsight, to hint at a set up attempt.

    Remember folks, it is only paranoia if they are NOT out to get you…

  6. yesindyref2

    Sorry, I meant Joe Scrote. John Scrote is of course, no relation.

  7. Phil

    McDuff says: 24 January, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    “Craig p
    How do you know MI5 is not involved.Scotland must be kept in the Union at all costs so do you seriously believe that MI5 wouldn’t be used by these London Tories to infiltrate/disrupt the independence movement especially the SNP.”

    Always remember what this is worth to England / London. Almost no price is too high to de-rail, stop, Scottish independence. The minimimum worth tops £ 2 trillion or whatever the UK debt now is. Scotland is the asset that England borrows against.

    We are nothing more to them.

  8. Jockanese Wind Talker

    “just wondering – there arent any controversials bills being enacted in westminster/lords today or in next few days is there?” @Fionan says at 7:53 pm

    Probably be something to do with this one:

    Also see this recent debate in the Lords

    Lord Lisvane and his Act of Union Bill.

    Note the usual suspects amongst the British Nationalist former Scottish MPs/MSPs Ermine Vermin.

  9. Daisy Walker

    Well done SNP office – and I bet you feel GOOD, about time too. Superb poster in the window.

    Re AS – but not! if you know what I mean – imagine a drunk driver, drives dangerously, gets in an accident and causes a death, gets caught, gets arrested and charged… and just for good luck the polis do I’m, wi no wearing his seatbelt too. I mean really… a Breach of the Peace?

    And another thing… what is the difference between sexual assault, and indecent assault?


  10. Capella

    Iain Macwhirter on 13th Jan:

    Alex Salmond is the most investigated politician in Britain. Every cheque-book hack, intelligence spook, disgruntled senior cop, political party spin-doctor…has been trying to pin something on him since 1990. BBC set up a unit into his “gambling debts” in late 90s. Nada.

  11. Dr Jim

    ITN news first words

    “The man who told Scotland to vote YES”

    Then they poured it on in great quantities

    If you weren’t convinced it was a stitch up you should be now

  12. yesindyref2

    Once again, from the Scottish Government website, that’s the Scottish Government that has its Parliament in Holyrood, the SNP Government that runs Scotland. The Scottish Government that is formed with a majority after elections are held in Scotland, and only Scotland, called commonly the “Holyrood Elections”. The last one being in 2016. In Scotland, the election being controlled in Scotland, by Scotland. With the SNP having won, as a minority Government:

    That’s a webpage, with being the domain totally controlled by the Scottish Governmewnt – see first paragraph above:

    The Cabinet Secretary is responsible for:

    courts, sentencing
    justice system and criminal law procedure
    violence reduction
    criminal justice social work, victims, witnesses, female offenders
    human rights
    prisons and prisoners
    reducing reoffending
    youth justice

    courts, sentencing
    justice system and criminal law procedure

  13. boris

    An interesting update on the civil servant Leslie Evans

  14. Dave McEwan Hill

    As has been said by many already this in no way effects the case for independence and this provides an opportunity for the SNP and wider YES movement to demonstrate its strength.

    Let’s get into the real business and let the other matter play out. It is out of our control so the less we agonize about it the better. Huge and obvious public support for our present leader would stick one up our enemy.

  15. Abulhaq

    Feeding frenzy on Brit broadcast media…..and we are all ‘the game’.

  16. yesindyref2

    Humza Yousaf was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Justice in June 2018.

    Humza Yousaf is a member of the SNP.

  17. yesindyref2

    It’s relatively unlikely Humza Yousaf is employed by MI5.

  18. tom

    Well said Mr Hill

  19. manandboy

    Serial – long term, repeated, continuous, uninterrupted, unchanging, willful, deliberate.

    The English Ruling classes, aka The Establishment, whose political wing is the Conservative and Unionist Party, recently allied to the DUP, whose military wing is the UDA.

    The British Empire, built on the military acquisition of underdeveloped countries which were unable to withstand invasion by a stronger foreign force, and titled ‘Colonies’.

    The Colonies quickly became, then, what Scotland’s oil fields are today. A resource of a subjugated country, to be taken, for the enrichment of the English Ruling classes. Leaving the original population of the ‘colony’ impoverished.

    The English Establishment, superior, entitled, contemptuous, predatorial, avaricious, thieving, lying, corrupt, dishonest, exploitative, cruel, heartless, uncaring. Infinitely self obsessed, self-interested and self-serving.

    These are the people who are trying to bring down Alex Salmond, and thereby inflict damage on Scotland’s Independence Campaign. The English Establishment attempting to thwart the legitimate aspirations of yet another colony to regain its independence, and escape from English oppression and exploitation.

    Wake up, brainwashed No voters. Hundreds of oil wells and still poor. And you believe that!

  20. Lenny Hartley

    I wish I had bought share in Alcan.

  21. Petra

    @ Dr Jim ….. “Breach of the Peace.”

    Dr Jim the Breach of the Peace charge may have been more recent, for example you can get charged with Breach of the Peace for swearing. Maybe in this instance when Alex was informed of 13 charges he said, “aw naw fur f*** sake”, followed by the Police saying, “that’s it you’ve just notched up another one.” Just joking of course, but then again nothing would surprise me.

  22. Stravaiger

    I realise there’s a bit of a stooshie going on that’s taking a lot of folks’ attention, but I read something of interest today about Brexit. It seems that there may not longer be enough time left to pass all the legislation required before the 29th of March. Some commentators say that this means a No Deal is all but inevitable. Others say that it means Brexit can’t happen at all. I’m curious as to which, if either, interpretation is correct.

  23. dakk

    Ah,I think I do remember when Alex Salmond might have breached breached the peace.

    Didn’t he hold up the flag of Andy Murray’s country at Wimbledon a few years ago.

    Book him!

  24. Bob Mack

    Just to remind everyone that Senior Police Officers were sworn in often more than 20-30 years ago, and have risen through the ranks,often by serving in other forces in England and N Ireland.

    Without exception they have all taken an oath to serve the Queen. This only changed in Scotland around 2012 I believe when new Constables took the oath that was created for Scottish Police.

    That is an important issue if you believe that Scottish Police are impartial.

  25. jezza

    BBC Scotland launching a new channel in February.

    I wish they would launch it right into the Clyde, along with the rest of Pacific Quay.

  26. geeo

    Now now jezza, why should the fish of the Clyde have to suffer from such vile levels of pollutants?

  27. Petra

    @ jezza …..”BBC launching a new channel next month.”

    And one of the first programmes (2 parts) that they’re going to broadcast is coverage of IndyRef1. Make of that what you will.

  28. Meg merrilees

    Jockanese Windtalker

    I was listening to something about parliament in the very wee sma’ hours about 5 days ago when i couldn’t sleep and they were discussing yet another Lord Lisvane bill ( not the New Act of Union)

    Seems in his pre-Lords life, Lord Lisvane was a Clerk to the House of Commons responsible for amongst other things, drafting bills for about 40 years.
    He is on the steering committee for the Constitutional Reform Group led by the Marquess of Salisbury.

  29. jezza


    BBC Scotland have lost all sense of being a fair and unbiased media outlet.

    It is now pure unadulterated BritNat propaganda.

  30. Effijy

    We must like Alex have faith that the Scottish Justice system will come good.

    We cannot and should not stop this process or we would appear to be as corrupt as the Westminster Mafia.

    SNP’s William McRae was without doubt killed by Westminster who’s minions repeatedly botched the cover up.

    We know that Scotland was not allowed to see the McCrone Report.
    We know we have been lied to about the oil running out in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.00’s.and still today.

    We know 6,000 square miles of Scottish waters was stolen from us and the story buried.

    We know that a Labour Government illegally requested that MI5 and the Civil Service to go “Find” Dirt on SNP Leaders.

    We know that Senior Gov Minister and at least some senior Police officials were linked to the Dunblane Killer and suspected Paedo but the details have been made Top Secret
    for 100 years.

    Why would you do that unless the truth stinks and the corrupt
    officials all cover each others sins while making hay?

    We know Carmichael and a Senior Civil Servant concocted French Gate and wasted £1,000,000 of Public money on an enquiry, got himself elected through lies and Westminster Standards could see no wrong doing? These criminals got off Scott Free.

    We saw the leaked memo from Tory Ian Laing were he boasted of how the new GERS reports gives them the power to corrupt the Scottish economic figures.

    We heard on live TV how wee Ruth boasted of knowing how the postal votes were being cast as she seen them before the Indy Ref ballot boxes were opened.

    Please remember that the Westminster Government was in place as the indigenous peoples of Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia, Kenya, India, etc, etc were killed and robbed of their rights and possessions over hundreds of years.

    They have been responsible for over 10,000,000 deaths.

    Highland Clearances, Irish Famine, Starved and deliberately given deadly diseased blankets to kill thousands of women and children in the Boar war in South Africa.

    More recently we know they instructed the killing of suspected
    Irish Independence supporters in the Republic and N.Ireland during the Troubles.

    The people who control Westminster are the most evil mafia that the world has ever known.

    There is nothing that they will not do to keep the money rolling in from their Scottish Colony. NOTHING!

  31. Meg merrilees


    sorry i can;t answer your question but it seems to me that Rees-mogg has the perfect solution for his preferred outcome;

    He has suggested that T.May could shut down Parliament until April Fool’s Day!

    That’s the sum of an Eton education for you. Don’t try and resolve it, just stick your head in the ground until it goes away.

  32. Meg merrilees


    sorry – I do know that there are 5 bills that have to get through Parliament before Brexit and unless they sit 24/7 they will not get through them in time.

    Whether that means it can’t happen, I don’t know

  33. Meg merrilees


    Spot on !

    Chilling implications

  34. yesindyref2

    In other news:

    SUPPORTERS of a People’s Vote on Brexit have dropped plans to table an amendment calling for a second EU referendum, blaming Jeremy Corbyn for failing to offer Labour’s backing.

    Make of that what you will. There were 3 things before IR2 could be called: 1). GE 2). Brexit cancelled 3). EURef2.

    Now it seems there are only 2.

  35. sandy

    Given up watching QT. 50% so far is a garbled mess, unable to understand what is being said, the fat bloke on the end & the three women being the worst.

    Reminiscent of WM.

  36. Dr Jim

    I’m a fair minded and non bias person, I despise all unionists equally

  37. Pete

    You are a star,sir.
    Amongst all the delusional morons who live and breathe on this site, you are the only one with a modicum of reality.
    I salute you.
    God help us if we get independence and this lot are anywhere near the levers of power.

  38. Jason Smoothpiece


    You missed a bit.

    Westminster Government attempted to have an Irish PM Charles Haughey murdered around 1985.

    So basically nice folk.

  39. Petra

    Great post Effijy (11:03pm) and they wonder why we don’t trust Westminster and much of the Establishment. And by the way what you have just posted is probably just the tip of the iceberg as we’ll never know what they’ve been getting up to / covering up over the decades / centuries. It doesn’t help either that we know as fact that they’ve been shredding records / documents or conveniently “losing” them.


    @ jezza at 11:02pm …. “BBC BritNat propaganda.”

    Well it’s clear that more and more people are seeing right through them jezza, especially since they started targetting Corbyn. They don’t seem to realise either that millions of people in Scotland have knowledge of our NHS as patients, relatives of patients, staff and so on. Their experiences are in the main very positive which leads to them wondering what the h*ll is going on. Or in fact as the media goes over the top, know exactly what’s going on. They should have stuck to subjects that bamboozle people, not those that actually involve the populace. Big mistake, imo.

  40. Achnababan

    A question to all lawyers

    How can anyone have a fair trial following a work based investigation that found you guilty? Surely if someone wants to have charges brought should eschew the work place process?


  41. dakk

    Police Scotland and the Scottish judiciary are duty bound to follow due procedures to investigate all allegations.

    That includes (initially at least) any from potentially spurious sources.

    That will include any who may have been coached by agents of the british state.

    God help us if an independent or even a colonised Scotland ever allowed such as the like of paedophile rings and war criminals in it’s Parliament to go unpunished.

  42. Cubby


    Best post of the day by far.

  43. Big Del

    Well… don’t know about you…..

    But Me and my wife are still voting YES…..

    Country before anything…

    Brit yoon NAT gits…..

  44. dakk

    Aw,and g’night Pete,ya wee yoon capon,roaster, gammon or whatever ii is we call your types.

  45. Sunniva

    I’ve just read through the Leslie Evans piece by Pete Gregson posted by Boris @ 10.12pm. There must be more dirt can be dug up on Evans after her long career in local government. Pete describes how as an officer of Edinburgh Council Evans took a dislike to one struggling but worthy and productive community arts group which she thought had muffed the political correctness criteria and doctored a report to starve them of funding. He also describes how he rumbled her and took it up with Steve Cardownie an Edinburgh Councillor, now SNP (but no longer a Councillor I believe). He further describes a process whereby despite Cardownie taking it up with the relevant Committee, she was neither censured nor were her actions checked in progressively starving this group of finding. It’s a sad tale of how unaccountable Council officers are, and how they are the real unelected power in local government and how unaccountable they are. They can act with a certain impunity. So it’s likely they get kack handed and there must be other incidences of her using her position to further her brand of politics. The article also describes how there was a whole wave of council officers came to Scotland from London after the Greater London Council was abolished and they lost their jobs. Many colonised Edinburgh and brought their London politics here especially in the arts.

  46. Maria F

    stewartb says:
    24 January, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    “But helpful? No!”
    Well, speak for yourself. I actually find helpful to know that I am not the only one that sees something seriously wrong with this farce.

    “In my view, too many posts BTL here today on conspiracies that have the potential to make the Wings ‘community’ look plain daft given complete lack of supporting evidence – remember the Wings community is one that purports to be characterised by critical thinking, by ‘alert readers’.”

    That is right, “in your view”. In my view, however, there is nothing wrong with speaking up if you feel that something is wrong. And I feel that something is wrong about this. Something is very wrong in the way Mr Salmond is being treated. Something is very wrong in finding all the sudden nothing less than 14 historical charges of the man most observed, hated and criticised in British politics. Actually not just wrong. It stinks at establishment stitch up and reeks at desperation. And frankly, I don’t give a darn if that makes me look daft. Because I feel that it will make me look even more stupid to not say what I think because some “british nationalist” is going to question my “critical thinking”. That would denote insecurity, and insecurity is what I do not have.

    I think the yes movement has been threatened enough, intimidated enough, silenced enough and questioned enough. It is time we stop walking over egg shells just to avoid “some british nationalist” questioning our critical thinking skills or our “evidence”. If every decision we made in this world was based in “evidence” and not gut instinct many of us would not even be here. I much rather somebody questions my critical thinking skills than think I am a coward because I turn a blind eye and bite my tongue when something is wrong instead of speaking up.

  47. yesindyref2

    Mmm, happiness is being damned by praise from trolls 🙂

  48. Dr Jim

    The people who read this site who report back to the people who run stuff have to know we’re no happy and we’re no daft and we’ll still vote SNP no matter what happens and we’ll still vote YES and whether a particular politician is good bad or indifferent has nothing to do with wanting our own country back, and the more pressure that’s put on us the stronger we’ll get and we won’t stop till we make it happen and if that irritates Unionists we’re even happier

    See how that works

  49. yesindyref2

    @Maria F
    No harm in speaking up Maria, and even those who might not believe in “conspiracy theories” should read and think about them. Same goes for the likes of me who provide counters to parts of the theories or comments. These might help provide focus and direction, and should in my not so humble opinion, also be read.

    The end aim is to try to get as near the truth as we can, with the realisation we might never know.

    From what I’ve seen, doubts about “Salmondgate” are across the Indy divide.

  50. ben madigan

    “we’ll still vote YES and whether a particular politician is good bad or indifferent has nothing to do with wanting our own country back, and the more pressure that’s put on us the stronger we’ll get and we won’t stop till we make it happen”

    Well said DR JIM

  51. Dr Jim

    Ya gotta laugh at all this don’t talk about it stuff when the newspapers are doing nothing but talk about it but at the same time telling us to shut up

    What’s going on is the right to free speech getting hammered along with the thought control laws we’re getting, I read a piece earlier where a cop was warning someone to have a good think about what he was thinking, what the hell! Jeez it’s mind reading police now, you used to have to actually do something wrong before you got in trouble now they’re claiming they can read our minds and that’s enough

    Well I’ll think what I want and say it if I want and to hell with the kumquats and Theresa Jong Mays regime

    The drink’s kicked in *Doc out*

  52. Breeks

    I don’t believe a word of these allegations about Salmond, and it’s frustrating that dismissing it out of hand can apparently prejudice a defence in court, so that what needs to be said needs held back and discussion suppressed.

    Isn’t that the whole malign objective?

    We all know where the real disgrace oozes from, and it isn’t Alex Salmond.

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down Mr Salmond, and Mrs Salmond. When their assertions seem preposterous, just be alert and careful that they’re not orchestrating some other despicable narrative to make the absurd seem rational. Look after yourselves. Stay strong. Stay sane. Preserve a healthy state of mind.

    I can only speak for one, but the one I do speak for has unshakable faith in you, and that’s a pretty novel phenomenon for a cynical cantankerous auld bastard like me.

  53. William Wallace

    @ Breeks

    Metoo movement right here 😉

  54. Capella

    @ Breeks – #metoo too. 🙂

  55. Shinty

    Needs a fresh airing.

    For over 50 years the British State and their dirty tricks trying to undermine Scotland and it’s aspirations to being a normal independent country.

  56. Undeadshuan

    This will be the next thing they will throw at us when independence campaign starts.

    24billion hit to tax payers for decomissioning north sea oil rigs..

  57. Petra

    ‘UK Intelligence Spycop Illegal.’

  58. Kangaroo

    Maybe we need to make loads of Alex Salmond masks and wear them on another March. That would get it right up them.

  59. Tatu3

    @ Breaks – me too

  60. Kangaroo


    As a defence buff the latest postings from Anonymous would probably interest you.

    There are two on Echelon and “A story, Pelosi, Brennan, the Deep State and a submarine “

  61. Shinty

    “24billion hit to tax payers for decomissioning north sea oil rigs.”
    Correct me if I’m wrong here. Is it not the case that decommissioning charges are supposed to be factored into the original licence fees (issued by WM).

    If so, what happened to the money? All gone, eh?

  62. robbo

    Seriously did anyone see that absolute fool last night on the “This Week”
    How is it possible this man could be so thick as mince to actually sit there and speak such absolute balderdash ???

  63. robbo

    James Delingpole- thickest man I’ve ever seen on telly and that says a lot when we have Murdo Fraser in the Scottish Parliament .

  64. Iain

    Someone has obviously told the bbc that they have kickef s sleeping tiger.

  65. Golfnut

    @ Meg Merrilees

    No, he said that the Queen could be asked to close Parliament. How’s that Westminster Sovereignty thing looking now. See any post post by RP.

    @Breeks and Dr Jim.

    Well said both of you.

    @ Petra.

    And we supposed to be delusional for suspecting SNP infiltration.

    @ Shinty.

    They started this decommissioning Bill shut just before the last indyref, still on the bright side, the oil companies have the inevitable tax giveaway to look forward to, just so the msm can report Scotland’s oil revenue as Zero.

  66. Giving Goose

    An English Tory MP on twitter commented that in his constituency, when doorstepping, book cases were quite obviously not in evidence in Brexit households.
    The same applies in British Nationalist households in Scotland. The uneducated voting for the unprincipled.

  67. Dorothy Devine

    Breeks , metotootooo!

  68. Nana

    I questioned @DExEUgov Minister about the ridiculous statement from @ScotTories that they will block any attempts to include @scotgov from future negotiations with the EU, and got almost as ridiculous an answer from him…

    The biased BBC news claims Scotland’s not building houses fast enough to meet current demand.
    But it’s building 18,000 a year faster and more frequently, than useless Labour did in 70 years when the UK party built a tiny 6 houses.

    What Peter says

  69. Nana

    Breaking: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says in a No Deal scenario the UK wd have to agree to full regulatory and customs alignment in NI if it were to honour its obligations to the GFA and the peace process.

    Article from a few days ago
    In the event of a no-deal Brexit, ministers will declare a “critical incident” and Whitehall will be “required to work 24/7”, according to a secret National Crime Agency (NCA) document.

  70. Nana

    BBC considers setting up international base in Belgium after Brexit

    James Delingpole just tried to argue for a WTO/No-Deal Brexit on #BBCtw. It doesn’t go well for him..

    This is true

  71. McBoxheid

    Giving Goose says:
    25 January, 2019 at 7:50 am

    An English Tory MP on twitter commented that in his constituency, when doorstepping, book cases were quite obviously not in evidence in Brexit households.
    The same applies in British Nationalist households in Scotland. The uneducated voting for the unprincipled.

    I had over 1000 books, but I was running out of room to store them. I gave most of them to a charity car boot sale and bought an ebook. I now have just downloaded my 1002nd ebook.

    People also use public libraries. I have seen people with whole collections of Encylopedia Brittanica and other such books which are never used. Lots of people used to by paperbacks and pass them on once read.

    You are talking out your arse, as is that Tory MP. People have families and not enough space for books. Has mr tory twat gone upstairs to the bedrooms? Some people have bookshelves there due to a shortage of space downstairs.

    Don’t generalise

  72. Macart


    Good spread to start the day Nana. Standout from Alyn Smith and Peter Arnott. The Spice link is a must read as is the politics UK piece.

    Ta much. 🙂

  73. Les Wilson

    The House of Lords “Act of Union” Bill in that place is a threat to Scotland. While other parts of the UK will probably just bow to these wishes. For Scotland it means further containment where many of our expectations will be washed away.
    A couple are, The Westminster Parliament will be where all decisions will take place and will be above all others.

    The Supreme Court will be at the top of all UK courts, which of course will incluse our Court of Sessions, so it will always be able for them to superceed any decision that court makes by use of the Supreme court.

    However there is also a lot of fluff in the bill trying to give us a good impression of the idea.
    Truth is, that once more they are trying to contain Scotland and remove any chance of our Independence, which we would surely give away by signing this.

    However, take this seriously, here is the PDF of the bill itself. We may laugh and say never, but never dismiss what they are attempting to do.

  74. wull2

    In the case of AS (another squirrel) do not feed them, even as they appear to move people to YES.

    Tell all your friends to vote YES next time and drive the squirrels south of the border.

  75. Nana

    Morning Macart,

    Here’s another one

    Labour’s Ian Murray arriving for his SIU supper

  76. gus1940

    Today’s Daily Record on line has 6 stories about yesterday’s arrest – only 6.

  77. Macart


    Whoddathunk? 😎

  78. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Agreed @Les Wilson says at 8:41 am perfidious Albion at its worst.

    The Hansard records are quite revealing with sellouts like Jack McConnell and Jim Wallace.

    I would assume if it’s ever given Royal Assent it would have to have been ratified by Holyrood.

    I also wonder if it is an amendment to 1707 rather than a replacement (either way some of the caveats like UK Supreme Court etc.) would breach current Treaty of Union.

  79. Scot Finlayson

    Just heard,

    there has been a massive infestation of STV hacks at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow,

    symptoms of the contagion are,

    frothing at the mouth,
    delusions that you are relevant,
    a pathological hatred of your country
    and an ability to accept you are a lying hack fake news turd and still think this is an acceptable means of employment.

  80. Dave McEwan Hill

    Dr Jim at 1.39 pm

    This is when we show how strong we are and how the case for independence has nothing to do with this affair.

  81. Ken500

    The decommissions is over. 20+ years. It is tax free but bring in a lot if work into the economy. Oil sector is tax at 40% since Jan 2016. 30% corporation tax and 10% supplementary. Westminster taxed it to high when the price had fallen. Ruining the industry. Losing 120,000 jobs in Scotland. Scotland would have had full employment,

    Trident costs more and is useless. Scotland has to pay for that and Hinkley Point/HS2. The biggest waste of money. Scotland does not have the funds to invest in CCS and wave technology which could earn Scotland £Billions, because of Westminster mismanagement.

    Brexit will cost Scotland £Billions. More Westminster mismanagement. There will an IndyRef within the next two years. The unionists can be voted out in 2+ years.

    Still raging about the way Alex Salmond has been treated. Appallingly. The unionists will be voted out because of it. Alex Salmond had done more for Scotland than any other politician. The charges will be thrown out and heads will roll.

  82. Cubby


    Aw Pete loves you. A new bromance on Burns day.

  83. mountain shadow

    If anyone needed any evidence as to why we can’t run a 2nd independence referendum whilst Alex’s case is ongoing, need look no further than today’s Yoon press.

  84. Luigi

    As many have already said, something really stinks about the AS case. The British Establishment are desperate, they know the Indyref (and possibly a big YES result) are just round the corner, and so they take their dirty tricks down to a new low level. Did anyone expect this to be a clean fight? Come on – this is Perfidious Albion were are talking about (and boy there’s a fair bit of history to enlighten us about the kind of mischief they can create (out of very little, sometimes out of nothing)).

    My advice to all Independenistas is – do not be distracted by this. AS is well able to fight his corner and can take care of himself. Some moral support is always welcome of course, but let us stay focussed on the main prize – Independence. This desperate manouver by the British Establishment is a clear sign that things are about to go absolutely crazy. The good news is that they have (as usual) gone too early and completely over-played their hand. They are running out of ammo – all we have to do is stay in the fight, bide our time, ignore these obvious distractions and go for the BritNat jugular when it is well and truly exposed. The AS case should have no affect whatsoever on Nicola’s plan or timing.

    However, there will now be a serious attempt by the MSM to smear Nicola (by association) IMO, so I hope the SNP have a backup just in case (Mike Russell?).

    Stay united and stay focussed on independence – believe me this is exactly the opposite of what our enemies want. 🙂

  85. Socrates MacSporran

    Anent this House of Lords new Act of Union bill.

    For this to become law, it will have to, at some point, be referred to the House of Commons. When this happens, the SNP MUST get the Scottish Grand Committee convened to consider its implications for Scotland and the existing Treaty of Union.

    I woud then expect, with the in-built SNP majority on the SGC, they could take-out those sections which threaten Scotland.

    Then, when it returned to the full HoC, I would expect the English majority to prevail and all the SGC amendments be voted down.

    At that point, surely even the stupidest Proud Scots, But would realise, we are being held as England’s last colony.

    Of course, calling Indyref2,winning it and being free would nulify this embryo bill – another reason for Nicola and the Scottish Government to extract the digit and get cracking.

  86. Luigi

    mountain shadow says:

    25 January, 2019 at 9:36 am

    If anyone needed any evidence as to why we can’t run a 2nd independence referendum whilst Alex’s case is ongoing, need look no further than today’s Yoon press.

    Nope – this would be a perfect time to go for it.

    I hope Nicola sticks to her plan and doen’t get cold feet – this is what the Brit Nats are aiming for. Stall stall stall. The AS news would be quickly dropped once IndyRef 2 is underway and they realise that people’s decision to vote YES or NO is completely unaffected by this (which will be the case IMO).

    We go in our time, we do not allow the BritNats to set the agenda, no matter how dirty they fight.

  87. Scott

    Just read this one. TALKING-UP SCOTLAND

    Who requested it???

  88. Sharny Dubs

    Miguel, just in case you think your story was lost in this hailstorm of “Salmond” incident posts.
    Great story!!!
    Welcome to Scotland!!

  89. galamcennalath

    Pete Wishart …

    I agree with a lot of what he says about Brexit versus Indy. The SNP and SG’s constitutional priority should always be Indy. Indy is the solution to Brexit which should be promoted.

    I don’t agree that we should wait until polls rise. IMO they are unlikely to rise until ordinary folks have their minds focused. Support went from 30-45% over he last campaign. I expect it to rise again by 10-15% during the next campaign. But we need a target and a shortish timescale.

    Never will we find WM so distracted and chaotic again. NOW, or shortly, is the time to strike. Why wait until WM begins to get its act together again?

  90. Fairliered

    There is an infestation of squirrels at the moment. We are told that the grey ones (Sciurus carolinensis) are vermin. However the greatest vermin in Scotland are the blue squirrel (sciurus toryus) the red squirrel (sciurus labourus) and the orange squirrel (sciurus libdemus). Some of these varieties are able to camouflage themselves by appearing to be blue and white. Infestations of these are commonly found on blogsites, but are generally easily recognised by alert readers. Pest controllers have so far been unable to eradicate squirrels from their largest colonies, in Pacific Quay, Glasgow.

  91. tom

    A britnat asked me what I thought of Alex Salmond being arrested. I told him I don’t watch or follow BritNat media and didn’t know much about it.

    He was expecting a full blown conversation on the downfall of Alex Salmond and by association, our prospects of Independence.

    I cut him very short by playing the dummie.

    My point being don’t get drawn into a gloating fest with any BritNats.

    Keep it short and act in complete ignorance of any facts regarding AS.

  92. Iain mhor

    @Mcboxheid 8:23am

    The thing with generalisations is they are are generally accurate, not wholly accurate, but generally.
    On that note, following a house-breaking the polis did say to me: “Ah a bookcase… good place for your valuables, books are like kryptonite to them”
    I had my flat completely cleaned out, except for the valuables placed there, not a book out of place. Not even the fishing rods on top of it were lifted.

  93. callmedave

    Strange is it not to hear on radio shortbread that architect trashing our award winning hospital in Glasgow in a few short sentences….well thanks for that..says the interviewer.

    Channel hopped to radio 4 immediately only to hear dear old retired special correspondent Jim Naughtie tell England that the SNP is finished because of the feud between the FM and the exFM and the war between factions among the members.

    Worry not the Realm is safe again.

    Then the Record headlines as I bought The National.

    But a cup of coffee later in the cafe and i;m alright now.

    Just another day in Scotland. 🙂

  94. Capella

    @ Iain mohr – apparently during the English riots every shop got raided except bookshops. Safe as houses.

  95. Ian Brotherhood

    @Nana (9.09) –

    Thanks for putting up the link to last night. You would’ve enjoyed it I’m sure, catching up with our old faces.

    It was incredibly quiet compared to last year. We were there an hour before the ‘supper’ was meant to start and we counted between 20 and 30 obvious SIU guests. So unless a whole stack of them arrived very early or used a rear entrance, the thing must’ve been a flop.

    Still haven’t seen any official SIU images of the night. They did post them on their site last year but I’ve a feeling they may not bother this time round. In all honesty I can’t see them doing the whole Burns Supper thing again – certainly not if Ian Murray’s demeanour is anything to go by!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  96. Peter McCulloch

    @Meg merrilees 24 January, 2019 at 3:49 pm
    First of all let me say to Meg I’m sorry if I misunderstood what you meant in your post of
    24 January, 2019 at 11:53 am.
    In regard to Natalie McGarry.

    Meanwhile don’t you just love British nationalist democracy, Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mogg suggests the government should “prorogue”,shut down the Westminster parliament, if MPs are successful with an attempt to make a “no-deal” departure from the EU impossible.

    It makes me wonder what his next step will be, suggesting parliament remain closed until 2022 therefore preventing any further government defeats or a snap general election.

    The mother of parliaments it is not!

  97. Ken500

    The is no problem with EU Ref and Indy aref.

    Remain support and Ibdependrnce support is increasing . EU support is beneficial to Independence. It was EU principles that led to Devolution and will increase support for Independence. The EU has helped many countries (Eastern bloc) to Independence. German reunification etc.

    The EU was formed to stop starvation and war in Europe after the 11WW. Successful. It helps smaller countries and gives support. The US/UK and France have caused illegal wars, devastation and the worst migration crisis in Europe since the 11WW. UK/US are the most unequal countries in the world with the highest debt.

  98. hackalumpoff

    Ian Brotherhood 10:35 am

    If you had had troops at the rear entrance you would certainly have seen Mundell mincing in.

  99. Bobp

    Book burning would be more suited for brexiteers down here .

  100. Breeks

    Just a wee point that feels worth saying…

    Putting 2 and 2 together to get maybe 5, but if the UK does sink to a No Deal Brexit, but wants to adopt the typically British Imperialist mindset and blame transference that if Europe insists on having a hard border in Northern Ireland, then that is up to Europe to suffer the consequences… but that absolutely isn’t going to wash.

    That might be how Westminster would like Northern Ireland to “resolve” itself, an uneasy equilibrium of tense stand-off, but that is the dangerously delusional thinking at which Westminster excels. This isn’t a spat with a tin pot dictator who fills their breeks the moment they’re taken seriously, the guy over the fence is the global powerhouse institution of the European Union.

    If the UK Government, by its own unforced volition renders the terms of Northern Ireland Peace Treaty unsustainable, then long before those consequences become manifest in Northern Ireland, the UK will suffer a devastating collapse in international status and forfeiture of integrity. Talk about a fall from Grace? If you want a metaphor for what will happen to the UK, I’d recommend you watch Lord of the Rings when Eowyn sticks her sword in the face of the Nazgul King. “Ouch, wait a wee minute!”doesn’t quite cover it.

    There will follow international sanctions over and above the “self imposed” trade sanctions of Brexit, and a reduction of status which will fall somewhere between failed Nation status and rogue Nation status, and all investment in the UK will cease. All status and privileges, such as a permanent seat on the UN Security Council will be suspended if not permanently revoked. Exports and foreign assets will be frozen. If the UK still doesn’t come to its senses, there is no floor or safety net to arrest the fall from grace.

    There will be similar ramifications if the UK defaults on the famous £38 billion it owes the EU. The UK’s capacity to trade and borrow, and the interest rates such borrowing will attract will make your eyes water, because the default sum will stay at £38 billion for about 0.01 minutes. Unless it has an urgent rethink, the UK will be a bankrupt pariah state seeing its assets summarily liquidated to pay off its creditors.

    Not only is Brexit farce alone an absolute catastrophe for Scotland, a No Deal Brexit is so mindlessly reckless and self destructive that we really, really do need to be seeking international power of attorney over Scotland’s interests and doing it NOW.

    We urgently need to detach Scotland from the consequences of this utter lunacy. We MUST say no to ALL of this, and make CERTAIN that no is both heard and respected as the sovereign edict of a recognised Nation.

    We’ve warned about it, we’ve condemned it, we’ve sought and and promoted alternatives, we’ve appealed for reason, we’ve urged discussion, we have fished for compromises which simply are not coming. Enough is enough. This is where we stand. This is where stop it. This is our end game. This is our all or nothing stake. Stop the Brexit of Scotland.

    There is no realistic or practical alternative. Now is the time put all sharp objects beyond the reach of Westminster, and limit its capacity to hurt us. Westminster… You are NOT sovereign over Scotland. Scotland is a nation outside your jurisdiction and control… If you proceed with your Brexit folly, as is your sovereign prerogative, then understand that you Brexit alone and terminate all union between us, as is our sovereign prerogative and the constitutional default of the Union.

  101. Shinty

    @ mountain shaddow, the sole purpose of the British Nationalists and their press is to preserve their ‘precious union’, by undermining Scotland and all in the Yes movement.

    Nicola has stated a million times, when the outcome of Brexit is known. This latest debacle will not influence her decision on when to start the firing pistol.

  102. ronnie anderson

    Ian Brotherhood good nite last nite , i’ll leave it to U to inform Wingers as to change of venue for the Wings nite out 2nd Mar

  103. Republicofscotland

    So it would appear that the Scottish Tories are far more against Scottish independence than their UK counterparts.

    Tory MP stephen Kerr stood up a PMQ’s and virtually demanded that Scotland shouldn’t be given the chance of a second indyref. Mr Kerr won his Stirling seat by just 148 votes.

    Mr Kerr and his ilk are actively working against the interests of Scotland.

  104. Ian Brotherhood

    @ronnie anderson –

    Twas a braw nicht indeed.

    I got a nippy tweet from Ian Murray last night, describing me an an ’employee’ of The National, perhaps trying to insinuate that I’m a reporter or suchlike. He didn’t like us welcoming him. Last time I checked, the clip we shot has over 15k views on Twitter, so that’s a lot of other people who don’t like it either.

    Aye, the change of venue for March 2nd…I’ll put full details on OT, but for those who already have the Counting House in their diaries, please scrub it and put in ‘Sammy Dow’s’ instead. We’ve got the function room upstairs booked.


  105. Nana

    Last for now

    Reporting Scotland’s pigeon poo woman again

    Hardline Brexiteers are misreading history

    @Ian 10.35am
    It’s best I stay away from these ‘events’ as I wouldn’t be able to control my temper especially as my pitchfork has a mind of it’s own 🙂

  106. Meg merrilees

    Socrates Mc Sporran

    it is some months since I read the new Act of Union proposals but my understanding is that they intend the final proposed bill to be voted on in each nation of the union and would, supposedly, need to receive a majority in each nation before it can be ratified.

    Of course, that could be changed by amendments at the reading stages.

    Nevertheless, it contains the statement that the UK Parliament would retain superiority over all the other nations.

    I guess what they have done is written out how it all works just now, tidied up a few grey areas and then decided how they can totally twist it to make it all under their control then drawn this all together into a bill.

    Stitch-up is the word that comes to mind.

  107. Iain mhor

    @Shinty 10:46am

    Not to negate the valid point you were making; but as the final terms of Brexit can never be known it is too nebulous to hang a hat on.
    It will take a while to extricate the UK from the EU and may never truly occur, unless anyone believes it’s some kind of clinical excising and next morning planes won’t fly, trucks won’t roll and all trade and movement grinds to a halt in perpetuity etc.
    The UK may be insane but the EU isn’t. Money must flow. If there can be anything held onto it will until it absolutely can’t be. Which is why I’ve always maintained the final terms of Brexit can never be known, it will always be a process well into the far future negotiating the minutiae of trade deals – there never will be a final ‘Agreement, treaty or signed paper to be waved at the populace’

    A ‘Material change’ is enough, up to and including the attack on Holyrood and revoking devolved powers.

  108. Ian Brotherhood

    @Robert J. Sutherland –

    If you see this mister, just a swift one to say it was great meeting you last night and hope you can make it on March 2nd.


  109. Meg merrilees


    Alex is a very experienced politician. He is also a very experienced leader and as such knows that he is a major’ target’ in any attempt to control Indy .

    When he won his court case two weeks ago, it would have got up the noses of those working to prevent indyref2. He knew they would try again hence his phrase that Nicola should concentrate on Independence now.

    No matter who falls, the flag has to carried on and history is calling us.

  110. Phronesis

    The Brexit vote excluded many citizens who should have been included with evident fraud and degradation of democratic principles to uphold the outcome. The only way to save democracy is to let Scotland go – the constitutional crises have been bubbling along for decades and Scotland can do much better under its own terms and conditions of self governance. The ignored outcome of Scotland’s, the country, democratically expressed preference has added an accelerant to a flickering flame.

    ‘EU citizens residing in the UK are a special case. Many migrated and settled because of free-movement entitlements within the EU and may now move to other member states. They should have been included in the franchise… The Referendum Act reduced the electorate in a less justifiable way, however, by excluding EU citizens resident in the UK. This meant that 2.15 million adult EU citizens, most of whom paid taxes in the UK, were denied universal and equal suffrage… referenda in general, and in particular in democracies where they are used rarely, should be complementary to representative democracy and not substitute for it. Cameron’s decision to hold a referendum on EU membership was driven by party-political goals’

    ‘By failing to collect the revenue that is being lost through tax avoidance schemes by multinationals, governments are failing in their obligation to mobilise all available resources towards the realisation of human rights and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and thereby condemning millions of people across the developing world to poverty, lack of opportunity and lower living standards. The current system encourages a race to the bottom in tax rates and incentives and permits multimillionaires and multinationals to hold 10% of global GDP untaxed and inaccessible to authorities in tax havens…

    Inequality is the result of the institutions and policies that we adopt as a society. If inequality is the result of our actions, then we can restructure our economy to restore more equitable conditions for all. This can only happen when such actions are driven by inclusive institutions and policies, including progressive taxation on income and wealth…The EU Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (“EU CCCTB”) proposal, which is based on formulary apportionment, shows that a move at regional level is possible. Unsurprisingly this move is currently opposed by the tax havens within the EU, which are likely to see their current share of profits of multinationals disappear’

  111. Robert J. Sutherland

    galamcennalath @ 10:02

    I don’t agree that we should wait until polls rise. […]

    Never will we find WM so distracted and chaotic again. NOW, or shortly, is the time to strike

    Couldn’t agree more. There are a lot of former No voters out there who are currently detached because of Brexit and who are ripe for conversion, but the way things are, the only way we can reach them is via a full-on campaign.

  112. Robert Peffers

    @Dr Jim says: 25 January, 2019 at 1:58 am:

    ” … I read a piece earlier where a cop was warning someone to have a good think about what he was thinking, what the hell! Jeez it’s mind reading police now, … “

    Bang on the money, Dr Jim. I’ve told this one before on Wings but it is absolutely true.

    I had an old workmate. He liked a pint or ten, but he certainly knew how many beans made five beans.

    Old Sam had been out for a drink, or ten, on a Sunday. This was when the only way to get a drink on a Sunday was to travel to another town.

    As Old Sam left the out of town hotel, where he had drank his usual pint or ten, who should be going into the hotel but Sam’s local councillor. Sam, being Sam and three sheets to the wind, told the councillor exactly what Sam thought of him.

    Namely, “A dirty, rotten, corrupt. money grabbing, scumbag.”
    Then Sam carried on to the bus to go home. Next thing Sam knew a, “Panda Car”, (who remembers them), stopped the bus and lifted Sam to the Local copshop and banged him up to appear before the beak on the Monday morning.

    Now be aware there was no claims made of violence or even swearing in the court case. The report in the local rag went along these lines, (and I paraphrase).

    Beak to Sam: “You cannot go around verbally abusing people as you did. Freedom of speech is one thing but there are limits, and you crossed those limits.

    Sam to Beak:“Sorry yer honour but I only told him what I honestly thought of him. I didn’t know it was against any law to think that was what he was … “

    At this the beak interrupted Sam and said, “It isn’t against the law to think what you like but it is against the law to say so”.

    Sam To Beak, “Well, your honour, then I’ll jist hae tae still think he is A dirty, rotten, corrupt. money grabbing, scumbag”.

    There was, as reported in the local rag, laughter in court.

  113. Davo

    Nigel West’s book “Molehunt” has a chart on p12 showing the breakdown of F Division of the UK wartime security service. Section F3 was responsible for “Right Wing Nationalist Movements; British Union; Scottish Nationalists; …etc”.

    I wonder if F3 was ever disbanded? If not, what does it get up to now?

  114. Robert J. Sutherland

    Ian Brotherhood @ 11:10,

    It was a pleasure and a privilege, Ian, and long overdue. (This one in part thanks to my dentist!) I’ll update the details of the next meet and hopefully catch up with folks again then…

    Attendance at the SIU old pals’ reunion was pathetic, or a lot sneaked in the back way. Not-so-proud Scot Buts, it would seem. Not least Back Door Sneak Mundell – how apposite of the man – assuming he even attended.

    There was a police van at the ready on Buchanan St. as I left. Couldn’t see how many of Glasgow’s finest were insude, but it must have been their easiest gig of the month. =laugh=

  115. Cubby

    Robert Peffers@11.27am

    Great story.

  116. Wull

    Two 64-year-old men were arrested yesterday and accused of various sexual offences, one in Aberdeen and the other ‘somewhere in the Central Belt’. Both of them have, or have had an involvement in front-line for many years.

    In the Aberdonian case, the man arrested is a currently serving elected representative of the people, having been elected on the Conservative Party ticket. At the moment of his arrest yesterday he was a long-standing holder of public office. He may have stood down from that office as a consequence of his arrest, and the Conservative Party may have withdraw the whip from him for the same reason, but he is still a currently serving politician.

    The 64-year-old arrested in the Central Belt, by contrast, is not an elected representative of any kind. He is not currently occupying any public office; he is not a declared candidate for any such office and he is no longer a member of any political party. He is working as an independent journalist, hosting a television programme.

    The case against the serving Conservative Party politician in Aberdeen concerns an incident which occurred in November 2018, and was reported to the police in January 2019. No doubt in view of the seriousness of the allegations, Police Scotland investigated and acted quickly, making the arrest that very same month, on the 24th January.

    By contrast, the case in the Central Belt against the former and no longer serving politician who is now working as a journalist, seems to concern several different incidents or allegations of incidents. Through the Press it is known

    a) that the first two of these alleged incidents date back to 2013 and,
    b) that these two cases were investigated internally by the Scottish Civil Service, at public expense, for eight months between January 2018 and August 2018, and
    c) that those responsible for the internal investigation eventually reported these two matters to Police Scotland eight months after the two complaints were first made, in August 2018, presumably handing over all the information that they had gathered, and
    d) that a court of law ruled in January 2018 that the procedures of that inquiry, at least in the manner in which the Scottish Civil Service had enacted them, were inherently unjust and flawed to the point of invalidity, and
    e) that, only two weeks later, following that court verdict with regard to the Civil Service inquiry which had initiated the whole business (in the flawed manner referred to), the police concluded their own 5-6-month long investigation into the person concerned and arrested him and, finally,
    f) that the allegations against the accused seemed to have grown from two counts to fourteen.

    Point ‘f’ seems a good enough place to stop. In order to highlight the contrast with the Aberdeen case, although more contrasts could be added. We could question the Press. For instance, asking why it highlights so strongly the case of the 64-year-old who no longer serves in any political office or holds any political function, while the case of the currently serving 64-year-old politician virtually disappears from their pages, or is at least given comparatively little coverage. We know the reasons, of course, or can guess them, and we do understand that newspapers want to sell their product. They ‘produce’ the news in order to ‘sell’ it.

    But in real terms, serving politicians ought to be of greater public interest than ‘has-been’ politicians. And when two similar stories break, just by chance, on the same day … well, it’s the editors of newspapers who decide which one flies and is brought face-on to the public, and which one pretty much sinks without trace … As I said, ‘just by chance’ that the two things – basically the same story, but about different persons – coincide, so that one becomes big news and the other doesn’t. They could both have been run together of course, equally on the front page, but I don’t suppose any editor thought of that (though I haven’t checked it out) …

    However, my point is not the Press: it’s Police Scotland. The difference in the procedures is clear, and could have been explained in the old days by the fact that different police forces were involved. Police Aberdeen, or North-East or Grampian or whatever it was called could have had different procedures fo different crimes from those in place for Strathclyde or Lothian Police, or indeed the old Constabularies in the Central Belt.

    But Police Scotland is supposed to be one thing. Why the apparently impressive speed with which it acted in the case of the 64-year-old in Aberdeen? And why the long delay with regard to the one in the Central Belt? Is it really just a coincidence that both arrests occurred on the same day? Does the left hand of such organisations really not know what their left hand is doing, and when it is doing it. Or was one of these investigations speeded up, while the other was slowed down? Who knows?

    More seriously, it looks as if deliberate efforts were made to take all the time needed to ‘grow’ the accusations against one of these men – perhaps with perfectly justifiable reasons – while this does not appear to have been the case with the other. If it is said in defence that the longer process was more thorough, which may be true, it raises the question that the shorter process may not have been sufficiently serious.

    Police Scotland now being a unified organisation, surely there ought to be unified procedures and a consistent approach to similar-style crimes or accusations of crime. Why the seeming divergences?

    Of course, we know that each case is different. But some explanation about what seem to be procedural differences in two apparently similar cases does seem to be called for. Whether we are politicians or not, we are all citizens. And every citizen ought to be treated equally before the law. It is a matter of natural justice that the officers of the law treat us all in the same way, even – or especially – when anyone raises criminal accusations against us.

    None of the above pre-judges the outcome in either of the two cases involved, nor is it in any way supportive or unsupportive of either of the two accused. The concern is simply that both be treated with equal fairness. In all justice, the law and its officers must neither favour nor disfavour either of them. Nor should they be influenced by any positions which the accused either once did or presently does hold. It is very important that the justice system provides justice for all, on an equal basis, and, with all due respect to those who may have been wronged and who may quite rightly be bringing accusations, that all are considered innocent until proved otherwise.

    Now, wishing true justice to all concerned, let’s turn the page on all distractions, and get back to the real business of winning Scotland’s independence.

  117. Cubby

    Queen Elizabeth the second intervenes to tell everybody to be nice to each other and be less divisive.

    Well you cannot get more divisive than her title. There has never been a previous Queen Elizabeth of the Kingdom of Scotland. There has never been a previous Queen Elizabeth of the UK either for those who think the UK is a Kingdom/ country.

    The only previous Queen was a Queen of England.

    Conclusion: her title says England rules get use to it Jocks, Taffies and Micks. You don’t get much more divisive than her own actual title. A monumental insult to all but England.

  118. Wull

    On that previous post, just in case anybody ever reads it, I seem to have got my left hand and my right hand mixed up. Or rather, I seem to have lost the ‘right hand’ altogether, and ended up with two left hands instead.
    A bit like when I used to play football, many moons ago. Tried hard … but they told me I had two left feet.
    I just wished I had been a left-footer.

  119. Meg merrilees


    Brilliant article .
    I hope you will send it to all the newspapers and see if any of them print it ((possibly without the last sentence).


  120. call me dave


    Excellent comment.

  121. Maolbeatha

    Strong opinions brought up by what has happened to one of our leaders.
    One of the people we admire and hoped would lead us to Independence.

    We know very little of the facts and circumstances, there’s no way we could.
    We don’t know who the accusers are.

    Yet we talk of conspiracies and false allegations.
    That is what we hope happened. That is what we want to have happened because a man we place so much faith in and that has done so much for the movement cannot have done what he is accused of.

    But just consider, just for a moment what if he did do as he was accused?
    What if there are genuine victims behind this?
    What then?

    Does it change the movements goal?
    Does it alter the timescale, make it harder?
    Maybe a little.

    What I am saying is to keep an open mind and maintain perspective.
    Yes be aware of Westminsters historical behaviour by all means but stating that “this or that happened” and it was all orchestrated by Westminster or MI5 is a hope, a speculation and you may even be right in the end. But for now it is just that, a hope.

    I am in the same camp. I want it to be true that Westminster is pulling every dirty trick in the book.
    I want it to be true that Alex is innocent and will be proved so quickly.
    Even better that underhanded behaviour by Westminster is proven to be behind this because that would be a gift to us!
    I want the fact that this is coming up now to prove that this is fabricated and timed to cause maximum damage.
    I want the fact that they tried so hard for so long to find something on him and failed to mean this is fabricated.

    But just because I want it doesn’t make it so.
    I cannot say for sure if Alex is Innocent or Guilty because I don’t know. Respectfully neither do any of us.

    Moses never got to enter the promised land, but the Israelites would never have reached there without him.

    But they still made it to the promised land.

  122. Craig P

    There is no doubt that the Westminster establishment will make hay with this now it is out, but for them to have generated it as some kind of secret service plot in 2013 – and then sat on it all this time? Do you not think that 2014 would have been a more effective time to bring Alex Salmond down, when he was FM and we were ba’ deep in an indy ref campaign?

    Use your common sense, people. I don’t know what actually happened between Alex and his accusers, but to see it as a UK government plot is laughable.

  123. Dr Jim

    It’s so difficult to inform Unionists when information is concealed within books

  124. Cubby


    Brilliant post but I think we all know why there is a difference in the treatment:

    One of the 64 year olds is a British Nationalist and the other 64 year old is a Scottish Nationalist.

  125. fillofficer

    HRH GSTQ now gettin in on the act
    wonder if she purred as she kicked our continuity bill into the bin
    good old blighty
    we are so screwed

  126. fillofficer

    they knew they would win in 2014
    not so now

  127. Capella

    @ Craig P – the other possibile explanation is that there were no complaints about sexual harassment in 2013.

  128. admiral

    tom says:
    25 January, 2019 at 10:14 am

    My point being don’t get drawn into a gloating fest with any BritNats.

    Or gloat back by throwing in the two Labour convicted criminals Foulkes and watson who were “elevated” to the House of Lords. Or teh two MPs who were denied Conservative whip because of sex offence allegations and then were hurriedly allowed back in when Theresa needed their votes in the vote of confidence.

    Or the Lib Dem lord who they knew was a sex offender but did not suspend him. Or knowing of the activities of Cyril Smith and doing nowt.

    Or the numerous Yoon party MPs who have criminal convictions for expenses fraud.

    Or the hundreds of sex offender files that Theresa May’s Home Office conveniently “lost”.

    Or Thatcher’s knowing about Savile’s vile activities and doing nothing because he was a celebrity Tory supporter. Or her knowing about other sex offender MPs in her party and doing nowt because “boys will be boys”.

    You get the picture…

  129. galamcennalath

    Whether we like it or not, the route of referendum with S30 is the established precedent for dissolving the Union. It could be done in other ways, I have no doubt, however S30 etc has to be pursued first.

    At the issuing of S30 and the subsequent run up to 2014, WM/Establishment believed they were certain to win.

    (Similarly, Cameron incorrectly believed Remain for a certainty in 2016)

    They have learned their lesson on certainty. Combine that with the high probability that they would no lose an IndyRef2 with S30.

    Attitudes from the BritNats of WM/Establishment are now quite different!

    This will effect everything from their willingness to allow EURef2, IndyRef2 with S30 and a whole lot more besides! They will avoid democratic means and will play dirty. Fake news will be the least if it! False flags, historic crime accusations, divide and conquer, etc etc are their tried and proven end-of-empire methods.

  130. ronnie anderson

    Craig P Yes it is laughable , what started of as 2 allegations in 2013 & dismissed by Lord Pentland as a bias investigation now manifested into 14 charges ( notice no specific dates ) i’ve never known the Police/Procurator Fiscal to bank charges for those rainy days lol .

    Never discount the british security services hand in anything or People/Persons who are a threat to the union & Alex/Nicola are a definite threat to their precious union .

  131. Cubby


    You are correct to say that we do not know whether or not Salmond has committed a crime but innocent until proven guilty is still what should be upheld in Scotland. Not trial by media. A fair trial.

    What DO we know? Well we know that Salmond won his case not on some procedural mistake ( as is reported by the Britnat media ) but by unlawful actions tainted by bias. Members of the civil service (one recently transferred from Police Scotland ) willing to bend and introduce new rules to get him. What was their motivation? An ex senior woman police officer would be in no doubt that what she was doing was wrong. In addition there are other cases where trumped up charges have been raised to smear SNP politicians. So a healthy skepticism is not unreasonable.

    In summary your comment/ opinion is no more balanced than those who say it is definitely a UK plot. Plots can be organised by all sorts of people who hate Salmond.

  132. Gfaetheblock

    Cubby, I don’t think you have the right understanding of what happened in court a fortnight ago.

    Lallands peat worrier summarised well Via his twitter and the national. Apparent bias and bias are different things.

  133. Jack Murphy

    Off Topic. From The Scottish Parliament Facebook Page today:

    “Have a great Burns Night tonight everyone!

    We’ve dipped back into the archives to bring you this fantastic performance of A Man’s a Man for a’ That by Sheena Wellington
    – Singer at the opening ceremony of the Scottish Parliament 20 years ago #ScotParl20….”


  134. The Isolator

    Craig P @12.10
    The Westminster establishment as you put did not think they would need to use such events in 2014.They never saw the Yes train coming at all and when they did it was too late.Westminster cannot make hay when this remains live in a court.

    Think back to the bizarre intervention by. Certain Rock Star at the Brit Awards.

    That was without doubt a completely staged event to allow a historical drugs charge (pure conjecture on my part)probably kept in the locker for such an occasion.

    He was after all living in New York with no UK ties and had already snubbed the establishment by refusing a knighthood as he probably knew what had gone on.

    Alex Salmond may or may not be guilty but he will have his day in court.I don’t think they really thought this through properly.They are literally shitting themselves.

  135. Robert Peffers

    @Macart says: 25 January, 2019 at 8:28 am:

    ” … Good spread to start the day Nana. Standout from Alyn Smith and Peter Arnott. The Spice link is a must read as is the politics UK piece.”

    Wee further note on Nana’s Links, Macart. Several of the links about the oil revenues used the term, “Unknown Territory”, this is an error. This is what I’ve been posting for years.

    The United Kingdom government, right from day one, classed all oil & gas revenues as being from, “Extra Regio Territory”, but the definition of, “Extra Regio”, means, from no specific region. However this is simply a lie for up to 98% of that oil & gas is extracted from very well defined waters under Scottish legal jurisdiction as defined under the International Law of the Seas.

    So there is no truth in the several replies on social media that it depends upon other factors. Every single drop of oil and whiff of gas is categorised by Westminster as being United Kingdom revenue from Extra Regio Territory. It doesn’t matter how or where the product is landed or if it goes out of Scottish waters by pipe or tanker. It is up to 98% from Scottish Waters, (that up to BTW), is not because the figures are not precise. It is because, at any given time, a percentage of oil & gas installations are either broken down or under routine maintenance.

  136. yesindyref2

    Aye well, slept on it all after sad yesterday, so Happy Burns Night to all the night! Looking forward to my tea and dram.

  137. Cubby


    You are correct to say that the court said apparent bias and did not prove bias but the main thrust of the post is still correct.

    The case was conceded because they did not want the bias and basic unfairness of what happened and their motivation to be shown in more detail under the spotlight of legal proceedings.
    That is without a doubt what we do know. They were out to get Salmond. If they weren’t then they are so obviously incapable of doing their jobs they should have been removed by now from senior positions in the Civil Service.

    So in summary I am happy with my understanding of what has been going on. I am not happy that the media and the Civil Service seem to be ignoring Evans/MacKinnons actions.

  138. wull2

    How dare the Scottish Parliament allow the disease carriers to fly free, I am sure I saw one of them on the George Square Web Cam.

  139. Gfaetheblock

    Cubby, I am afraid you are wrong. All the court case prove was that process was not followed. This could be ‘out to get him’ but more realistically, it could be incompetence. If they were out to get him, they would have made sure that followed process surely?

  140. Essexexile

    Perhaps a good stance for AS to take now would be a stirring public address to reaffirm his passion for indy and his belief that iref2 should be called asap. Then say that for obvious reasons he must stand back from public life for the duration of the ref.
    Tell the press he will not be commenting until further notice. Distancing himself from iref2 would be the helpful thing to do now.

  141. Maria F

    Craig P says:
    25 January, 2019 at 12:10 pm
    “but for them to have generated it as some kind of secret service plot in 2013 – and then sat on it all this time?”

    Bigger walls have fallen, to be frank. So many questions remain unanswered regarding the first case:

    1. how and when did the complainants found out about the change in the Civil Service complaint procedure that would allow them to complain? Were they informed directly by the Civil Service?

    2. The previous court case indicates that Judith McKinnon had contact with the complainants. Was this contact BEFORE, AFTER they placed their complaints under the new procedure or both?

    3. Why didn’t these complainants came forward before?

    4. When did Evans and McKinnon find out about the complainants?

    5. ARe there any other links between Evans, McKinnon and the complainants?

    6. Why is it only now, at the cusp of the worse possible political moment for the English establishment in recent political history, at the time when the treaty of union, democracy and actually credibility and trust in the union are collapsing under the weight of the systematic abuse of power and abuse of Scotland by the UK government, these historical charges, 5 years old, come to light?

    7. How exactly 2 counts of harassment evolved into 14 charges of serious sexual offences? Do sexual offences now self multiply and transform spontaneously like poorly evolved virus do?

    8. Why did the civil service settled so quickly Salmond’s previous court case? What information were they trying to hide? Why is the public not allowed to see the email/letter exchanges between those 2 senior civil servants and the complainants BEFORE they placed the complaints to assess if this is indeed credible? We are being fed crap by the pro-union press and broadcasters and the waffle from labour, tories and libdem politicians. Those documents would provide an accurate perspective. The case is over, so why those documents have not been released?

    9. When and Who came up with the idea of the change in complaint procedure? Was it from Leslie Evans or from her UK civil service boss? What was the role of McKinnon in such change?

    “Do you not think that 2014 would have been a more effective time to bring Alex Salmond down, when he was FM and we were ba’ deep in an indy ref campaign?”

    No more effective because the arrogant and self-entitled establishment never for a second entertained the idea that they would lose that referendum. The role of the postal votes in that result is still unsettled.

    Now, considering that Mr Salmond is quite possibly the most hated and most watched man in British politics because he is outspoken, refuses to toe the line of the English establishment, is knowledgeable and resourceful and managed to dodge the ridiculous election system in Scotland specifically designed to keep the SNP out of power and it is indeed the man mostly responsible for where the support for independence is stubbornly today, ANY opportunity to bring his character down and ensure England continues sucking happily and for the forseeable future from Scotland’s revenues and assets would have been taken. This and the timing of it leads to question marks the size of the EVerest about the veracity, credibility and of course convenience of those accusations. Follow the money, they say. Who benefits the most from Mr Salmond being out of the game?

    “Use your common sense, people”
    And We indeed ARE, thank you. Nothing in this farce meets the threshold for rationality or common sense. This stinks at a desperate stitch up for political purposes.

    “I don’t know what actually happened between Alex and his accusers”
    Nor you or any of us here need to. That is none of our business.

    “but to see it as a UK government plot is laughable”
    I, on the other hand, consider it laughable and naive to see it as anything else, when during 5 years nobody knew about these cases, that incidentally, appear to have spontaneously multiplied in number and virulence since those 2 senior UK civil servants were caught with their hands in the kitty attempting to taint the system.

    Now, what is really laughable is that the smokescreen of Mr Salmond keeps growing and growing to cover up, what for me is a far more important matter:

    The fact that the UK civil service is unfit for purpose in Scotland and it is time, like it is in NI, it passes to be under the control of Holyrood because:

    1. it is unable to keep confidential information of a sensitive nature protected and has now breached the Data Protection Act by releasing/allowing to release confidential information to a pro-union rag
    2. it has breached its code of conduct with regards to political impartiality, allowing private information to be leaked for the purpose of tarnishing the political reputation of an individual for the benefit of British nationalism
    3. it has breached its own procedures by establishing contact with complainants during the investigation in a high profile case involving a politician.

    This is very serious because it completely portrays the civil service as totally corrupt, untrustworthy, unreliable and as being used to the UK gov of the day’s disposal just as another pathetic political tool. Yet, no investigation to this day has been announced. The public is expected to suck it all up. Well I refuse.

    Questions remain unanswered:

    1. who leaked that confidential, personal information from the guts of the civil service to a pro-union rag?
    2. who authorised the leak?
    3. Was the data controller from the Civil Service aware of the leak? When did they become aware?
    4. What about the data controller of the newspaper? When exactly did they become aware of the newspaper/newspaper reporter being in possession of illegitimately acquired personal, confidential information?
    5. Who authorised the use of that illegitimately acquired confidential information for the article?

    As I said before, with so many unanswered questions, the miraculous spontaneous multiplication of historical charges, the spontaneous growth and transformation of those charges from “harassment” into something far more politically toxic, the laughable inclusion of a historic charge of “breach of the peace”, the really dubious coincidences and politically convenient leaks of confidential information to pro-union rags that precede the release of the charges preparing the public in anticipation for the charges, considering this anything other than a political stitch up and active manipulation of public opinion is, quite frankly, hilarious.

  142. Maria F

    Gfaetheblock says:
    25 January, 2019 at 2:27 pm
    “This could be ‘out to get him’ but more realistically, it could be incompetence”

    Would you consider also incompetence by the Civil Service the unlawful leak of confidential information to the pro-union rag and the breach of the code of conduct regarding political impartiality? Sorry, I don’t. I consider it deliberate.

    Isn’t it a marvelous coincidence that the info was leaked, Mr Salmond took the civil service to court and it is then when we all found out about “their incompetence” and unlawful procedure?

    The question here is: did they ever expected that Mr Salmond was going to take them to court? My guess is not. They were not prepared for that.

    These are some of the most senior civil servants in Scotland. Considering the super high political profile of Mr Salmond it would be unforgivable such level of amateur incompetence. No, I am of the opinion these people never expected to be caught.

    Why the reluctance in releasing the communications between those 2 civil servants and the complainants for the court case? What did they were trying to hide?

  143. Robert Peffers

    @ Craig P says: 25 January, 2019 at 12:10 pm:

    ” … I don’t know what actually happened between Alex and his accusers, but to see it as a UK government plot is laughable.”

    You find it laughable do you?

    Well get this :-

    In May 1941, Arthur Donaldson’s home was raided by Scottish Police and the UK security’s MI5. These claimed they suspected him, and a number of other SNP figures, of “subversive activities”. This was supposedly due to their support for the Scottish Neutrality League.

    They claimed that an un-named informant walked into an MI5 building and told the desk officer, “Richard Brooman-White”, that in the event of a Nazi invasion of Britain Donaldson intended to set up a puppet government akin to that of Vidkun Quisling.

    As a result of this alleged information, Donaldson was arrested and interned under Defence Regulation 18B. Then interred in Kilmarnock Prison before transfer to Barlinnie Prison where he was held for six weeks.

    Thing is that MI5 claim they had found subversive literature and a cache of arms in Donaldson’s home. Yet eventually Donaldson was released without charge and none of the evidence claimed by MI5 has ever been produced by them.

    Yet to this day Yoons still claim the SNP are a NAZI supporting party.

    Now just for a moment consider a wee bit of reasoned thinking – it is 1941 and two years into World War II, and just one year after the Dunkirk evacuation with Britain fearing a NAZI invasion and during the Blitz.

    So MI5 have a load of subversive papers, a cache of weapons and an apparent witness that Donaldson and the SNP are planning a NAZI supporting Scottish/British government – and they release him without charge?

    For God’s sake they were rounding up British people of German, and German allied countries descent and incarcerating them for no other reason they had relatives in the enemy countries.

    This is not a fairy story it is stone cold fact. If ever there was a trumped up charge that was one. Westminster has lots of form in such actions. Did I mention Willie MacRay?

  144. Shinty

    Maria F – well said (both at 2.34pm & 2.58pm

  145. Cubby

    Maria F@2.58pm

    Thanks for your post. Saves me replying to getfaetheblock. I am amazed at anyone other than Britnats pushing the line it was only a procedural mistake. It’s bloody obvious it was way more than that.

    Getfaetheblock if you are reading this – no you are wrong.

    Maria F I have enjoyed reading many of your recent posts.

  146. Cubby

    Robert Peffers@3.19pm

    Another great story Mr Peffers. Keep them coming.

  147. Cubby

    Getfaetheblock followed by Dr Doom Essexexile. Hope I spelled it ok for you Doom.

    The Britnat wishlist laid out on Wings.

  148. Gfaetheblock

    Cubby, I am saying that no one knows what happened yet, as the inquiries and due process has not been completed. I am able to understand what happened at court the other week (and importantly, what didn’t)

    You seem to have mystic powers that allow you to understand the motivations of others and state them as fact. I would suggest that you have a wee read of the wee ginger dug post about the usefulness odd such tin foil hattery at the current time.

  149. Reluctant Commenter

    Thank you for sharing your uplifting and inspiring story, Miguel!

    (And given that it took about a full day from “first post” before anyone actually commented on it, with everyone else deciding to engage in the usual punditry and cloak-and-dagger commentary, maybe those people might like to show the author some respect and wait for an appropriate article to come along instead.)

  150. Cubby

    Reluctant Commenter@5.23pm

    I think you got your facts wrong. Article posts 23 Jan first comment made 23rd Jan 1.23pm.

    IMO plenty of kind words and respect shown to Miguel.

  151. Nana

    @Reluctant Commenter

    I think you have missed the first page of comments. If you look just under the last comment on the thread you will see the link for ‘older comments’

  152. Dave McEwan Hill

    The Yes Forward Shop in Dunoon was busier today than it has been in a long time.This was an act of defiance.In their limited understanding of where Scotland is now politically our enemies imagine they are damaging the case for independence.

    At this point we wear our hearts on our sleeves. And we make no comment about Salmonds present position except perhaps to point out that it has nothing to do with the case for independence.

    BTW STV news is getting worse than BBC news.

  153. Cactus

    A NEW and truly independent Scottish radio station has just been launched on-line… Fleetwood Mac with Dreams was playing earlier on there, as was Iron Maiden and many others. NOW playing trad… check it out…

    …that is, if you are interested, in, Scotland.

    See here too if YOU believe in the above:

    Have a great weekend Wingers y’all!

    The clock is tic talking…

  154. geeo

    Reluctant Commenter not apologised for jumping in feet first and making rather a fool of himself yet?

    In the words of RC himself, to show respect.

  155. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi geeo.

    IF, ‘Reluctant Commenter’ is a new commenter btl on WOS, I feel it would be wise to wait and see whether he/she comes back in here and admits they made a mistake, being new to the site.

    There’s no point in alienating a new btl contributor by referring to them as ‘rather a fool of himself’.

    Not everyone is familiar with the protocols of making comments btl on a blog.

    A wee bit of slack (like like at least 24 hours) should be extended to new btl commenters to let them see what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

  156. geeo


    I hear you, but when you jump in slating all and sundry as he/she did, wrongly, then i would suggest you need to apologise pretty quickly, common courtesy in such circumstances.

  157. yesindyref2

    Two previous postings, seems reasonable postings, once on two different threads. Probably doesn’t go back through the threads like us obsessvies do!

    Probably a genuine mistake.

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