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A Portuguese Laddie

Posted on January 23, 2019 by

Last month the Tory government published its white paper on EU migration post-Brexit. As a result, I spent my day arguing positively for immigration on social media, sharing fact-based articles showing that EU migration has had a very positive impact on the UK’s economy in the last decade.

However, one of my tweets was particularly popular, in which I specifically mentioned my personal experience with Scottish attitudes towards immigration.

Twitter is meant to be short and fleeting, leaving little room for telling long, nuanced stories. But the story behind this tweet is one I find worth telling, and I think it reflects incredibly well on the fact that there’s a bright, open future ahead of Scotland. I hope you find what follows to be worthwhile.

I was born in 1991, in Faro, the largest city of the Algarve – Portugal’s southernmost region. Like many people my age, I faced the blunt of the 2008 financial crisis when I went to university the following year, and when the Portuguese right-wing government adopted increasingly destructive austerity measures, little hope was left for middle-aged people, let alone us young ones trying to make a life of our own.

I was determined that I would emigrate after I finished my Master’s Degree in Medieval History of the Islamic Mediterranean, especially because in 2012 I had started dating the most wonderful man in the world. He was studying to become a dentist, and he too had no real prospects of staying in Portugal.

In 2014 I finished my Master’s and he finished his Dentistry Degree, and so we moved from Lisbon back to the Algarve, to live with my mother. She owned a wee restaurant in Tavira, and my partner got an offer of work at a local practice, so we packed our bags and in early 2015 started saving up money to go abroad.

It wasn’t easy. Working with my mother, despite the love between us, was incredibly stressful. I was earning about €100 (around £75) a week, because I didn’t want to take wages from her as she was struggling at the time; I chose to rely exclusively on tips. My partner was working 5 days a week, full-time, as a dentist, and earning about €600 (£450) A MONTH. That is the Portuguese reality, with a minimum monthly wage at the time of €550, a lot of people survived however they had to.

The upside of staying with my mother was that we didn’t pay a rent. We helped out with bills and food, but could put the rest apart and save up for the big move. Emigration was the light at the end of a dark, hopeless tunnel.

At my mother’s restaurant, 95% of our customers were tourists visiting the Algarve, or people born in another country who now resided there. And from those, about 60% were from the UK & Ireland, with the rest coming mainly from the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavian countries.

Given that my mother speaks very basic English, she was quite happy to have me as a front-of-house waiter – I can hold a conversation in a few languages besides Portuguese and English, including Dutch. And I will tell you why that is relevant.

From a very young age, I had thought about moving abroad (the reasons for that merit its own blog post, but let’s just say that I never felt like I fitted in Portugal). I always thought it was either going to be the UK or a Scandinavian country (Yes, I hate hot weather). But my partner wasn’t so keen about the idea of a cold country, and so we compromised on somewhere a bit less extreme – the Netherlands.

We started teaching ourselves Dutch with apps like Duolingo, my partner prepared the paperwork to register on their General Dental Council equivalent, and we started preparing mentally for the move, reading about the country and all of that.

Now, on one particular evening, we had a couple of customers who had flown in from Amsterdam. I proudly practised my Dutch, and they were interested in knowing why the hell had a Portuguese waiter learned to speak Dutch. I told them I intended to move there. I will never forget their response. They exchanged a quick glance, and then the lady said to me, in English: “We have a small country. Not everyone has to go there, you know. The sky is blue everywhere.”

Yes, she sounded that much like a c*nt. I was lost for words, telling my partner what had happened, and for the rest of the evening I was ruminating on how horrible she’d been. (She’d also left me a €1 tip on a €60 bill, to top it all off)

Because life finds a way of spicing things up, and as I grew increasingly depressed about the idea of the Netherlands, we had a table of three magnificent Scottish folks later that week. They were our only clients that night – a middle-aged couple with a female friend of theirs. Since it was a small and very intimate restaurant, they warmly started making conversation with me.

It started being about food and how they liked their steaks cooked, and me telling them about how we typically cooked them in Portugal, developing to them asking more and more questions about myself, why I spoke English fluently, my degree, and all of that. My mother was in the kitchen, cooking, but my partner was behind the bar that evening, and he joined in too.

One of the ladies had a niece who was a dentist in Scotland, and as we became more familiar with each other, they started asking my partner a lot of questions about being a dentist in Portugal, including wages and work conditions, and were quite shocked to hear the truth.

That’s when they started telling us how Scotland needed young folk like us, how I would love Edinburgh and maybe even go to Uni there, and how my partner could lead a much more dignified life with wages that reflected the skill required for his work. I cannot tell you how lovely they were.

The warmest, friendliest group of people, who were genuinely interested in hearing our stories and wanting us to have a better future. Before they left, they actually made a reservation for the night prior to leaving Portugal, so I got the name of one of them: Mrs. Pamela Speirs, from Glasgow.

(I haven’t spoken to her since, but I would love her to know the impact she’s had on our life, so if you have any idea who this might be, do tell).

When we got home that evening, me and my partner looked at each other, and we didn’t need to say much. The Netherlands’ plan had died – Scotland it would be.

Now, this didn’t all happen in a vacuum. As I said before, we worked with a lot of UK & Ireland folk, and I had already began forming a few impressions. While our English & Welsh clientele tended to be more reserved, less generous in tipping, Scottish and Irish customers were the absolute opposite. They were always incredibly polite, very appreciative of my dedication to good service, complimentary about my mother’s food, and deeply generous when it came to tipping.

(As with any generalisation, there were exceptions to all of this, I’m just outlining my overall impressions)

After that night with the Speirs and their friend, I started telling Scottish folks who came to the restaurant that I was planning to move to Scotland, and not once did I hear a negative comment. To the contrary. Mrs. Speirs’ attitude seemed to be replicated, as if all the Scots had been passed the same memo – telling me how Scotland needed young folk like me and my partner, that I would love the country.

Some joked that I should take a picture of the sun with me, however, lest I forget what it looks like amidst the constant dreich weather. They talked to me about their own sons and daughters, nieces and nephews and how they were all doing so well back home, and how they already had so many foreign friends who had moved there and were happy.

A few more months of work until we felt like we had a financially robust safety net for the move, and on the 10th of November 2015, we took a plane from Faro and landed in Edinburgh.

Some of you might say that I couldn’t have chosen a worse time to come, due to the Brexit shitestorm. But I disagree . As the Brexit campaign exposed the terrible winds of xenophobia taking over England & Wales, it also showed how Scotland was a very different country. Of course, I am a white European, so I am still very much a privileged immigrant – Black and Asian people may have different experiences to tell from mine, especially since Scotland is a very white country.

But the thing is that I felt like the vast majority of Scottish folks didn’t swallow the anti-immigration rhetoric coming from down south, and that was confirmed with the overwhelming vote for Remain.

While some of my friends in England despaired at the result (I admit that, in the morning of the referendum result, I felt genuine grief for how small and self-centred the UK had just become), I was energised by Scotland’s adamant rejection of that kind of nationalism that wants to put up impassable border and scapegoats the “other” for faults that aren’t theirs.

In these three years, I have joined the Scottish National Party (and recently Plaid Cymru, the biggest Welsh pro-indy party), I have marched amongst my new Scottish brothers and sisters, I have voted in Holyrood & council elections. I have worked, I have lived, I have adopted two beautiful cats, and with every day, Scotland has seeped deeper into my bones.

I have travelled widely across “this wee country of oors“, as I like to call it, met many a different folk, visited countless historical sites via my Historic Scotland membership. Staple Scottish foods have become part of my diet, and I’ve fused many elements of my Portuguese roots with my newfound Scottish ones – I assure you that my Cranachan recipe with a hint of Port wine is to die for.

None of this would have happened if I didn’t feel like I had the Scottish people behind my back in these troubled times. Xenophobia is sweeping all over the West, but somehow Scotland has shone a light against that darkness. Our nationalism, if it can even be called that, comes from a place of acceptance, of a want for justice, of seeking a better future for the young folk that can do better without the cruelty of countless Tory governments we never voted for.

Of course, Scotland is not a place of exception. It has plenty of numpties and bawbags walking around, it has profound issues with alcohol and drugs, sectarianism, obesity, and I wish it were less white and more diverse, but that’s just a reflection of its history. And I love Scotland with all of these things to – for it wouldn’t be this beacon of light without the dark side, and I hope that I can contribute to strike another match, to make it all a bit better.

I can’t vote in UK elections, but I can’t separate myself from this sense of belonging to Scotland any more – I always talk about our country, our people, our voice. Sure, I open my mouth with my Portuguese accent and it is clear that I wasn’t born here – and I don’t mind that people ask and are interested about where I come from.

I’m always happy to tell all the good things about Portugal, about the food and the wonderful places to visit, and all of that. But it doesn’t feel like I’m talking about home, like it feels when I talk about Scotland.

At the risk of sounding really corny, and bear in mind that this comes from an atheist with no time for superstitious silliness, I do think that I was born with a Scottish soul. Its flame just brightens up at the sound of the bagpipes (or the Proclaimers, for that matter), its spirit is lifted when I smell the freshness of our cold winter mornings, and it is fuelled by the affection and love of the many folks I have crossed paths with here.

Nowhere else on earth do I feel the peace I do when walking around the Trossachs, or setting my sights on the majesty of the Highlands, or when I’m walking around the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, which is my favourite museum in the world after London’s Tate Modern. I love the historical atmosphere of Edinburgh, as I love the working-class spirit of Glasgow, and how genuine Glaswegians can be (especially compared with some Edinburgh folk who come off as slightly… stiffer, but they’re sweethearts once you get to crack their shell).

And there’s still so much about Scotland that I don’t know, and I look forward to it all – as long as the nasty Government from Westminster doesn’t try to get rid of me post-Brexit. Regardless, I’ll be fighting the good fight for this country to be independent, a sovereign nation within the European Union, which is a true equal union, not this little, narcissistic, inward-looking United Kingdom that is becoming increasingly less United with each day its glaring injustices are exposed.

What matters is that we’re human beings, all one clan. We’re all Jock Tamson’s Bairns.


Miguel writes as “WG Saraband”. This piece originally appeared on his blog, and is reproduced here with permission.

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    1. 23 01 19 13:56

      A Portugese Laddie | speymouth

    663 to “A Portuguese Laddie”

    1. WG Saraband says:

      I am glad that you find my love letter to Scotland worth sharing on Wings. As a longtime follower of the work and contribution to the indy movement from this website, I am honoured to be featured here.

      Also, many thanks to all the lovely messages coming my way as a consequence of that blog post. It all just reinforces that Scotland is only the best country in the world, because it is lucky to have the best people.

    2. jimnarlene says:

      I loved reading this, on his blog, glad it’ll reach a wider audience here.

    3. panda paws says:

      what a wonderful piece. You and your partner are a most welcome addition to Scotland. Thank you for your contributions to our wee country. And I hope the people of Scotland stand up for you and other EU nationals against the Westminster government. Look forward to the day when both you two and I get our Scottish passport.

    4. David Heriot says:

      I’m sure you’ll get many ‘welcome to Scotland’ comments here, Miguel, but let me add my Welcome to Scotland to you and your partner. And just as well you met these weird Dutch people, otherwise you might be in the Netherlands right now! Their loss, our gain.

      See you in the forthcoming campaign!

    5. dunks says:

      Wow…Just Wow. That brought a tear o’ pride tae ma’ glass ee’

    6. Duncan Lundie says:

      Welcome, and thank you for your very kind words. Always means more when someone has chosen to make Scotland their home.

    7. annraynerj says:

      Great piece, and Miguel and his partner sound like lovely people who will be real assets to our country.
      I had a great week walking in the E Algarve a couple of years ago and we stayed in Tavira going to different local restaurants every evening. Good memories of a beautiful place, amazing food and friendly people.

    8. CageyBee says:

      A ray of portuguese/Scottish sunshine to nicely counter the utter toxic other news doing the rounds. I (and we) are glad you chose to come here. Lang may yer lum reek

    9. WG Saraband says:

      Thank you all – I’m extremely humbled by the cheer amount of lovely messages I’ve been getting because of this. Happy to do my bit for a better Scotland 😉

    10. Adrian Kent says:

      The EU & it’s Single Market is built on Four Freedoms – only one of which is free movment of people.

      FoM of Capital is by far the most pernicious and destructive and restricting it is the reason why we must leave the EU. It’s as simple as that.

    11. Alistair Robertson says:

      I’m so pleased you decided to come and build a home here and so glad it has been so positive for you. As you say, we have our numpties and bawbags like any other place, but we seem to have an inbuilt sense of fairness, of looking out for ourselves and others in equal measure – most of the time anyway. I’m glad that has been so obvious to you as we can lose sight of ourselves at times.
      I’m going to nip over and visit the blog. If your writing is as good as here You’ll have another follower.
      Cheers and a’ the best to you both for a great life here in an independent Scotland.

    12. Iain says:


    13. Socrates MacSporran says:

      You’re welcome here Son.

      Great story, and glad to have you on-board.

    14. Millsy says:

      ‘VisitScotland’ should use this as a marketing tool . Brillliaaant !

    15. Iain mhor says:

      Portugal to Scotland, in winter, in a recession, during Brexit?
      In the name o the wee man that’s mental.
      Then again, mental is a prerequisite for being truly Scottish right enough…

    16. Republicofscotland says:

      What a wonderful and touching story Miguel, I’m glad you and your partner have made Scotland your home.

    17. Frenchie says:

      Oh my oh my. I read this twice, I cried, I shared it widely by email, messenger and Facebook. Oh my. You are spot on. I have a Scottish soul too. Unique place, unique people.

    18. Merkin Scot says:

      Orrabest to the both of you.

    19. Fraser A Reid says:

      Well….what can you say…..looks like the proclaimers have broken the 100 fans mark 🙂 ….but apart from that an awfy fanfukkintastic story! Who is the real Scot? One that moved to Scotland to be part of that Brilliant Land (Miguel) or one that was born there but now lives in Germany (me) ? ….Dead easy ! Both of them ! Hey Miguel! maybe you can convince your English friends to move further north too? The more the merrier !

    20. Iain says:

      A great story that lifts the soul of the reader.
      Welcome to Scotland.

    21. Capella says:

      Welcome home Miguel and thank you for your kind observations about Scotland. I hope you and your partner have a long and happy life here. You’ll need a good warm jumper though.

    22. yesindyref2 says:

      Most excellent.

    23. Macart says:

      That has put a big smile on my face. 🙂

      Welcome and well said Miguel.

    24. Liz g says:

      Aw, Miguel,a bright educated hard working couple picked us!
      Out of the whole wide world you two have chosen to be Scottish..Wow…thank you so much.
      It really gives ye a boost tae know it.
      I’m so glad you shared your story,just what we all needed to read right now..xx

    25. findlay farquaharson says:

      aw ra best boys

    26. Arbroath1320 says:

      You Miguel and thousands like you and your partner are just one of the many reasons why the people of Scotland voted so massively for remaining in the E.U.

      WE should be so proud to have people like you wanting to come to “oor we country” who are so full of positivity and belief in the future.

    27. Patsy Millar says:

      Saw this on his blog and found it totally uplifting.

    28. Bobp says:

      If I lived back home in Scotland, I’d rather have you as my next door neighbour miguel , than any proudscotbut.

    29. McBoxheid says:

      Fraser A Reid says:
      23 January, 2019 at 2:06 pm

      One that moved to Scotland to be part of that Brilliant Land (Miguel) or one that was born there but now lives in Germany (me) ? ….Dead easy ! Both of them !
      Me too, a result of another (s)tory: M. Thatcher.
      I hope you will be happy in Scotland and I hope the Home Office don’t ruin your perception of Scottish hospitality and inclusiveness, Miguel.
      This is part and parcel of being an active European country. Another reason, if one was even needed for Scotland’s independence from the UK and staying in the EU.

    30. Bobp says:

      I’d rather have you as a neighbour down here than some that I have, but it would be a yes vote wasted. So good on you.

    31. Ghillie says:

      Hey there Saraband =)

      Welcome home.

    32. Liz g says:

      Arbroath 1320 @ 2.23
      Exactly….I don’t think it gets pointed out enough,that Scotland could quite comfortably double it’s population..
      And therefore double it’s tax base.
      We were at the time of the 1706 union 20% of the Islands population,now we are only 8% of Great Britain.
      Just imagine what kind of Health Service and Pensions we could have if we doubled the tax base to 16%.
      Not to mention all the new cultures new people bring!!!
      Blend it all with Scottishness and we’d have quite a Country going on!!
      We have the space and the resources to build the required infrastructure.
      It all starts with Indy,bring our Government within slapping distance and we can get all of it and more.
      Even the numpties and bawbags will thank their lucky stars one day if we pull it off!

    33. Tony O"neill says:

      A guid Scottish welcome to you and your partner, aw the best.

    34. misteralz says:

      Great post. We left Scotland for the Netherlands post Brexit, and our reception here has been pretty similar to yours in Scotland. Sorry to hear that your experience of Dutch folk wasn’t the best – I can honestly say that I’ve never been made to feel unwelcome! Like you, all I’ve got is genuine interest as to why we came here. The media on the island love to talk up Geert Wilders, but he’s nothing other than a fucking meme. A Nedermeme…
      The tipping thing is cultural and shared with Germany and much of Scandinavia – these places ensure a living wage so tipping is usually just a case of rounding up to the next 5€. It’s easy to forget that other places don’t.
      Hoping that you guys get to stay- Nicola’s letter post Brexit said you would. Hopefully she stands by it.

    35. Robert Louis says:

      This is a wonderful story. Hard to believe that Scotland was the second last place in the UK to make Same sex legal (1982), and since then has literally zoomed into position of being one of the best places for gay and lesbian rights. Glad to read this story, it speaks volumes about the clear gulf between how most folks in England are thinking and most Scots.


      Today in the HoC at PM questions, you could literally smell the absolute terror of unionists, when the very first placed question was to condemn the Scottish government for seeking normality, where Scotland will run its own affairs, instead of another country (England). In many ways, by placing that question, the Tories have given the game away. They are feart, absolutely terrified of the Scottish Government calling an independence referendum.

      And here’s the point, they would not be so very terrified, if it were not the case that they know (and their own private polling will be telling them) that Scotland will definitely vote for independence this time.

      I had to laugh, though, about the bit where Theresa should;d refuse permission, like it is hers to give. We will hold the referendum with or without a section 30 (which btw, is NOT permission) – and their are some serious downsides for Westminster, if we proceed without section 30, so it is best they do. Either way, they cannot stop the referendum.

      I have to say, the minute I heard that question, my first thoughts were, YES!!, even the Tories now know we will win this time. The end of this terrible, unwanted, undemocratic ‘union’, which allows England to control and STEAL from Scotland, is coming to an end. It cannot happen too soon.

    36. Muscleguy says:

      Unfortunately whilst we are part of the UK and Immigration is Reserved to Westminster there is little Nicola can do other than protest each individual case. Which is why we need Independence stat so you and he can stay without a problem. I cannot see it being a problem. Pretty well all parties other than the extremist fringes of the Tories recognise Scotland needs immigration. So regardless of the makeup of Holyrood post Indy I’m sure you will be okay.

    37. yesindyref2 says:

      I’ve worked in Holland 3 times, once with wife and baby and they were great, really friendly people, plus met a lot of Dutch tourists in Scotland. All lovely people.

      Oh, wait.

      No, the Dutch are terrible, so are the Germans, the Belgians, the rest of them apart from the Portugese of course, you definitely wouldn’t to go there, in the whole wide world only the people of Scotland are great, friendly welcoming people 😎

      (I think I got away with that)

    38. Davy says:

      ” Jock Tamson’s” bairns just grew by two.

      A thousand welcomes.

    39. TJenny says:

      Miguel – that was just so heartwarming to read how you feel about being in oor wee country. Seeing as how you are now a Winger, I really hope that you and your partner (and any friends) will come along to one of our WOS soirees. The next one’s in Glasgow (tbc) although there will probably be one in Edinburgh too at sometime after that. It would be a pure delight to meet you both. 🙂

    40. Muscleguy says:

      @Robert Louis
      The lateness in Scotland was because back then the Churches had greater sway and there was no devolution and the Scottish Grand Committee in Westminster was sclerotic and sometimes even moribund.

      Remember it took the re-establishment of the Scottish Parliament for bloody feudal landholding to be scrapped. When we bought this place back in ’99 the deeds stated who the feu was held by. In our case the benign Dundee City Council. But other folk were not so lucky. That should have been scrapped well more than a century or two ago, but not relying on Westminster.

    41. Robert Louis says:

      Muscleguy at 317,

      Oh I know too well the whole history of gay rights in Scotland. The point I was making, is the revolution that has happened since then, making Scotland a place with some of the best lesbian and gay rights.

    42. King Boab says:

      I’ve said it for many a year now, you don’t have to born in Scotland to be Scottish. Many people who I know who have moved here and settled have said that they do not know why they wanted to come to Scotland but just that they felt they had to. Also a lot of people who have come from abroad now say when they return to visit family that they are going on holidays instead of going home for a week or two. Scotland is now a country of many languages and cultures that all melt into being Scottish. As the auther wrote there is also the negative that not everyone born in Scotland is Scottish. Politically and religously motivated throwbacks to the English policy of breed them out still exist but thankfully they are but a boil on Scotlands rosey red arse cheek and will eventually burst and dissapear. Come one and all if Scotlands for you as Scotland is open for you all.

    43. Gullaneno4 says:

      That wee story has really brightened by day. Thank you Miguel.

      My wife is English and she feels exactly as you do.
      Sadly some numpties on hear think that she should be denied a vote in Indyref 2.

    44. frogesque says:

      Thank you and welcome!

    45. Nation Libre says:

      Great read, made me proud to be Scottish

      For me, it’s as simple as treating people how you wish to be treated. Best of luck to you both

    46. twathater says:

      Welcome Miguel and partner , I read your blog recently through a link I think supplied by the sooper dooper Nana she of the endless links , it is heartwarming to be reminded that the compassion and empathy for folk is still flourishing and is recognised in our little country

    47. robert alexander harrison says:

      Even 1 person like that is worth more than a thousand useless Mundells anyday of the week.

    48. Bob Mack says:

      Your story made me feel suddenly very proud. Our Nationalism is one that holds out a hand to those who need it rather than turn them away

      Thank you so much for your story and may you be happy whatever you do.

    49. Dorothy Devine says:

      How lovely! Though I have to say the weather in Portugal is better and the Portuguese people are very welcoming too!

    50. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Great stuff!

      Do we know if Mrs Speirs has seen this yet?


    51. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Miguel : I was at opticians today [yeah….should have gone to SS 8 years ago]…stingy eye drops made my tears flow a bit. You made those tears flow again, but ones of joy and happiness for you and your partner.

      Present yourselves at the next WOS get together so we can meet and greet.

      Thankyou for choosing Scotland as your 2nd home. It’s our honour to make you welcome.

    52. Lollysmum says:

      Remember talking to Miguel on Twitter last year when he was sounding rather down because he thought they would have to leave & go back to Portugal. There was so many of us jumping onto the thread to say he couldn’t go back as he had too many friends here. Before I knew it there were hundreds of comments urging him to stay & offering help if needed. Everyone saying the same-you’re one of us now- you belong here with us.

      Brings a lump to the throat & a tear to the eye to know that WG Saraband (as I know him) is not going anywhere.

    53. Adam Bell says:

      Weel said, Cutty Sark! (To paraphrase our great bard in this, his week). I visited Portugal for the first time last year and my partner and I loved it and the people and it’s not surprising you feel an affinity for Scotland’s soul.

      Welcome to the best wee country in the world! 🙂

    54. yesindyref2 says:

      @Gullaneno4 “My wife is English and she feels exactly as you do. Sadly some numpties on hear think that she should be denied a vote in Indyref 2

      Most if not all of those aren’t genuine Indy supporters, they were flag trolls. Then there’s just one or two extremists. Sigh.

    55. Ken500 says:

      Makes yer want to greet. Brings a tear to the ean. Love it.

      Aye, Aye, Aye.

      Scotland has been depopulated by Westminster unionists. People from Scotland have (had to) migrated all around the world. A 40million diaporia.

      Soon the unionists can be voted out of power.

      Just vote SNP/SNP Vote fior Independence. Make Scotland and the world a better place to be.

    56. yesindyref2 says:

      Of course, the fact that Miguel’s partner is a dentist has nothing to do with the welcome at all. Cough:

      I can vouch for that a bit, I know people in the Highlands who have or at least had to, travel up to 100 miles to find a dentist.

    57. Ken500 says:

      You will soon get a UK vote to vote the Tory/unionists out. Including migrant Johnstone et al.

    58. Ken500 says:

      There was a shortage of dentists in the NE. Queues out the door to register. The Polish/EU dentists filled the vacancies. A new dental clinic was established (Alex Salmond).

    59. Marie Clark says:

      what an uplifting story. You’re very welcome here lads, nice to hear that folk appreciate this country of ours, especially our newer Scots.

    60. Craig P says:

      I love the way c*** is used in such a casual manner.

      Miguel, you are a true Scot!

    61. Ken500 says:

      Germany (2million) and other EU countries have taken in millions of migrants. Including those who have had to flee because of the illegal wars caused by U.K./US/France. They want to shirk their responsibilities of the carnage they have caused. Leave people to die. In the UK sanctionig and starving people is the UK Gov policy.

      Germany 82Million pop has 20% migrant workers. The unemployment rate is 3.4%, the lowest since German unification. A successful economy, in surplus.

      Brexit is about tax evasion.

    62. Nation Libre says:

      Mrs Speirs perhaps. There’s a profile pic to check Miguel

    63. geeo says:

      Meanwhile, we in Scotland are stuck with a WM gov trying to throw good folk like Miguel, out the uk.

      Lets keep miguel and co, and punt WM.

      Seems a better deal !

    64. Tom says:

      Wonderful post

    65. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Adrian Kent @ 13:49,

      Oh, there just had to be some sorry miserabilist who couldn’t resist bringing their own little raincloud to try to dampen all the sunshine. One of those Leaver isolationists of the Nirvana persuasion, it would seem. A minority of a minority, but nothing if not predictable.

    66. Luigi says:

      Brilliant – makes me so proud of our genuine Scottish warmth and hospitality to people of all shape, size and colour (a few numpties excepted, but hey all countries have these).

      Makes me think – how’s this for an idea: A companion set of videos to the “Journey to Yes” series for former NO voters, featuring “new scots” like Miguel talking about their experience in Scotland, thoughts on Brexit and Independence:

      “Journey to Scotland” or “Welcome to Scotland”

      Now that would really stick in the craw of the BritNats.

      Just sayin. 🙂

    67. Heaver says:

      Thankyou for choosing Scotland, Miguel. Now, come to the northeast, and you’ll have a whole new language to learn !

    68. WG Saraband says:

      Honestly, I am almost numb from the amount of incredibly kind and loving messages I’ve been getting all day, from all kinds of people. You lot are really trying to rub it in that there’s no finer folk in the whole world 😛

      Many thanks to all, I’ll keep responding individually on Twitter but I won’t spam the Wings comment box.

    69. robin says:

      I raise a glass to you sir
      you are truly welcome in our country

    70. Monica Worley says:

      The first time I set foot in Scotland, it felt like I was finally home. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? Welcome!

    71. Anne Marie D says:

      What a lovely post Miguel as others have said, just what we needed to hear just now. This endless Brexit dominance of politics imposed on us is soul sapping but we need to keep fighting the good fight for you, me, us and everyone who lives here.

      I recently moved out of Edinburgh but it is indeed a beautiful city and I hope you will have many happy years there.

      For my sins I now live in the prime bawbag’s constituency, the one and only Ross (cringe personafied) Thomson. GOD help me. At least it is an incentive to keep climbing those tenement stairs.

    72. Ann says:

      That is a fabulous story
      May you continue to enjoy and contribute to your adopted country, a nicer, more open and forward looking country, you would struggle to find anywhere else.

    73. Cod says:

      Lovely story, and Scotland is all the better for having you in it. Fàilte gu Alba my friend 😀

    74. call me dave says:

      Welcome to Scotland.
      Best wishes for the future.


      Soldier’s daughter in Kenya denied visa to live in UK
      33 minutes ago. 🙁

    75. Cod says:

      Fàilte gu Alba that should’ve said. Dunno what happened when I posted the comment to change it to “Caesar!”


    76. Cod says:

      What the hell? Why does A-L-B-A (I’m typing it like that so it doesn’t change) keep changing to “Caesar!”?

    77. Bob Mack says:

      Im delighted to say my wife’s eyes filled with tears of joy reading your story. I am directed to pass on her fondest wishes to Miguel and his partner Two of our own ,as she has dubbed you.

    78. Hugh says:

      What a fantastic post, thank you for coming to Scotland to be one of us. ?

    79. Lenny Hartley says:

      Welcome and if you ever come to Arran give us a shout and ill show you round.

    80. TheItalianJob says:

      Lovely story and you are both welcome to our loving Scotland.

    81. yesindyref2 says:

      It’s very difficult to stop myself from goading unionist activists in other forums, as they’re such an easy target. Very trying, very trying indeed.

      So I’ve stopped trying for a while 🙂

    82. Effijy says:


    83. Legerwood says:

      Welcome to Scotland. Delighted you have both settled here.

    84. Matt McCallum says:

      Welcome to Scotland buddy. I wish more were like you. Great blog post and also a great wee story

    85. Derick fae Yell says:

      OK. Reduced to tears by that.

    86. ronnie anderson says:

      Miguel as I said to a young copper in Gibraltar he must be mental moving to Edinburgh from the sun drenched Gib . Did he listen NAW , nice to see a chance positive meeting with Mrs Speirs changed you & your Partners lives .

      Wings night oot 2nd Mar Counting House , hoping you and your partner can make it .

    87. Mark Russell says:

      Ceud mìle fàilte! Lovely story.

    88. Macjim says:

      Well, what can I say… a really good read that’s from the heart… you’re very welcome here in Scotland.
      Yes, we Glaswegians are a friendly lot, more so the those edinbuggers… we let you pick your windae first… those edinbuggers expect you to have had your tea before arriving ?

    89. Undeadshuan says:

      Glad you have moved to and feel welcome in Scotland.

      I have visited Maderia and would say that its my favourite holiday destination. I find the people there so friendly and helpful. I also really enjoy the Portuguese nata cakes.(egg, custard and cinamon)

    90. Stravaiger says:

      @ Cod, the word A-l-b-a is filtered and replaced in an effort to stop the appearance of the phrase S-a-o-r A-l-b-a.

      Slightly insulting, given that A… is the Gaelic name for this fine country, and a name with a much longer history too. One of the wee quirks of this site.

    91. Heidstaethefire says:

      Welcome M, but could ye no have brough a wee bit mair sunshine? Ma vitamin D deficiency is playin up.

    92. Great read. Glad you made Scotland your home.

    93. Colin Alexander says:

      Here’s hoping they and the rest of us will have the chance to live in an independent Scotland.

      Has the FM made a formal request for an S30 during her talks with Mrs May?

      Has S30 been refused? The SNP need to give a forthright answer ASAP.

    94. The travels of the Scots from Scythia to `Scotland` brought them to the coast of the Iberian peninsula,

      Portugal comes from the place name `Port of Cala`

      Scotland was and is still called `Cale donia`

      the Scots spent a long time in Iberia before travelling to Hibernia and then crossing the sea to the promised land defeating the Picts and Britons,

      the Galician gaita is a form of bagpipe,

      you could well be more Scots than most of the citizens of Scotland 🙂

    95. geeo says:

      I’m sure Nicola has your number, coco, and you will be on her speed dial as first to know.

      You are more desperate by the day.

    96. Shinty says:

      Miguel, I hope you and your partner are made as welcome in Scotland as I was working in the Algarve (many years ago)

    97. Shinty says:

      “Has the FM made a formal request for an S30 during her talks with Mrs May?”

      Frankly, I couldn’t care less if she has or not.

    98. Cyber-corroboree says:

      I don’t suppose either of you take a good free kick? Asking for a Scouse friend.

    99. Liam says:

      Oh crap. I just bawled my eyes out. What a wonderful piece. Thank you.

    100. Colin Alexander says:

      @ Geeo

      This is my and other people’s future and the future of our nation we are talking about, so aye, I am desperate to know the situation.

      The cloak and dagger stuff from the UK Govt masters and Colonial Scottish Govt is a rubbish way to treat the electorate.

    101. Cod

      this website is programmed to restrict certain words:

      You will find that you cannot accuse someone of betraying their country or they will be called tractors

      Also, it is difficult to discuss the tory grape clause minus the first letter ‘g’ because it will probably not allow the posting.

      Unfortunately you’ve discovered for yourself that it prints Hail Caesar instead of ‘say’ or
      and the four letter word you tried to post beginning with ‘a’ followed by an ‘l’ then a ‘b’ and another ‘a’.

      apart from this it is a slight eccentricity of the proprietor ( risking the hammers now, sorry Rev.)

    102. Colin Alexander says:

      Shinty said:
      23 January, 2019 at 7:38 pm

      ” “Has the FM made a formal request for an S30 during her talks with Mrs May?”

      Frankly, I couldn’t care less if she has or not.”

      How no? Do you no care whether the Scot Govt plan to hold indyref2 or no?

    103. ScottishPsyche says:

      I love this Miguel. Especially that you haven’t been disappointed by your decision and that folk want you to stay as much as they wanted you to come here in the first place.

      I dream of this country being able to welcome many more folk from all over to live, love and work here.

    104. HandandShrimp says:


      I think May was pretty clear she was still against issuing a section 30. Nicole’s accusation that May is running scared would seem to confirm it.

      However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be a vote. May is anything but strong and stable. If we fall out of the EU on no deal then the runes seem favourable for Scotland to follow her own path. May could very possibly no longer be PM.

    105. Shinty says:

      “How no? Do you no care whether the Scot Govt plan to hold indyref2 or no?’

      I care not a jot about S30 -(which if you’d been paying attention, has already been done to death here on wings).

    106. Republicofscotland says:

      As some have previously stated, why don’t we hold an advisory independence referendum bypassing Theresa May (like Brexit) and on yes winning, hope the EU and the UN recognise it.

    107. McBoxheid says:

      The travels of the Scots from Scythia to `Scotland` brought them to the coast of the Iberian peninsula,

      Portugal comes from the place name `Port of Cala`

      Scotland was and is still called `Cale donia`

      the Scots spent a long time in Iberia before travelling to Hibernia and then crossing the sea to the promised land defeating the Picts and Britons,

      the Galician gaita is a form of bagpipe,

      you could well be more Scots than most of the citizens of Scotland ?
      I know very little of the Scythians, but I reckon the Sith settled in the London basin and slowly formed what was to become the Tory party.

      They had a custom amongst their people. It to send the weakest and most purile as far away by foot as possible, affording them no funds or means to enter Europa Major. Their rejects settled in Scotia, but while they got the same welcome as many others who became fully integrated in that northern realm, they thought they were better and more entitled than the good folk of Scotia and hankered after the power that their old masters commanded far to the south. In an attempt to gain some of the glory, the exiles formed various poltical groups, which although in modern times still work in harmony with each other, didn’t have what it takes to succeed.

      These exile’s descendants still to this day, hanker after privelege and power, but, sadly they have no real hope of achieving anything and will never be accepted by their original tribes and at best are considered amongst the Sith as useful idiots.

      Oh! I have to go as the nurse is bringing my meds soon.

    108. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Welcome, Miguel.

    109. Stef nimmo says:

      Beautiful words… Welcome to YOUR Scotland. We are all Scotland’s story and we are all worth the same. thank you. Hail Alba.

    110. Haggishunter says:

      What an incredibly touching story.
      Fàilte Miguel, get that Portuguese flag flying at the next march

    111. call me dave says:

      @ronnie anderson

      Thanks for that link Mr A.

      Went much as everyone expected. 🙂

    112. ronnie anderson says:

      Todays meeting wie May only confirms what Nicola has long since known .

      we’re gon awa teae bide awa an no be back tae see ya .

    113. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Last shout to those who fancy meeting for a pint in Glasgow tomorrow – Courtyard on West Nile St approx 4ish, or The Social, Royal Exch Sq approx 6ish.


    114. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Honoured, humbled and proud that out of every country in the world, you and your partner chose ours to make your lives in and enrich with your presence.

      Your kind words also highlight the difference between Scotlands Civic Nationalism and England’s Blood and Soil Nationalism.

      Reminds me of the words of a former First Minister of Scotland who said “Our progressive nationalism goes hand-in-hand with a commitment to internationalism.”

      Bom trabalho, e muito obrigado Miguel.

    115. ronnie anderson says:

      Len McGluskey was at downing st today , ( by the back door ) must be his fitting appointment fur his Stoat Cloak lol.

    116. Craig says:

      This was wonderful to read, I am glad that you and your partner have made Scotland your home and you feel Scottish in your soul.

      I wish you both the very best for the future and will have a very happy and contented life in an independent Scotland.

      Thank you for choosing Scotland as your home.

    117. jezza says:

      Turned Sky News on to see how Nicola got on in Downing St.

      Not a peep.

      Heard somethin about Venezuela
      Heard somethin about a missing football player
      Heard somethin about England playin Rounders against somebody

      But never heard a thing about Nicola meeting Treeza.

      A Union of equals my arse.

    118. schrodingers cat says:

      welcome to scotland saraband, lang may yer lum reek


      getting a bit miffed with all of this “no is not the time” stuff, a comment in the hoc or to the bbc is not, IS NOT, an official response

      when nicola tabled an official request in 2016, ratified by holyrood, treeza did the exact same thing, but before the deadline for an official and legal document was returned to wm, treeza called an election. nicola delayed chasing up the request, went into election mode, where we lost a lot of support, forcing nicola to take the request “off the table” . It made us look weak and indyref2 began to look more like a hokeykokey.

      the tories are goading us table another request and are planning to do the same again. nicola wont rise to the bait, the tories will own all of this fiasco, and when this ge is called and we know what brexit means, then nicola will make the request for a s30.
      then treeza will need to make an official reply, yes or no, only then can we consider legal action. a comment in an interview to the bbc isnt worth the paper it isnt printed on

    119. ronnie anderson says:

      Ian Brotherhood Courtyard or ah wee bitty culture we could go an see the Dippylaydoris lol naw Courtyard it is , who interested in ah pile of auld bones other than Flounce Bounce an Go .

    120. Lenny Hartley says:

      Queens eleven gubbed 🙂

    121. call me dave says:

      Jam tarts gubbed! 🙁

    122. manandboy says:

      A very warm welcome to Scotland, Miguel. Loved your story about choosing Scotland for you and your partner. Scotland isn’t perfect yet, but I hope you will both be very happy here, just as we are so happy to have you. With very best wishes.

    123. jezza says:


      Good news,,,keep those Union Jacks in the bottom drawer.

      The last thing we need is the Queens Eleven on a roll.

    124. Rodric Selbie says:

      You will never know how much your story gives us strength to keep fighting against Westminster Rule Thank you so much 🙂

    125. jfngw says:

      Doesn’t look like this thread is going the way STV hoped.

      STV, looking for stories using the ‘Better Call Saul’ technique.

    126. Robert Peffers says:

      @Colin Alexander says: 23 January, 2019 at 7:26 pm:

      ” … Has the FM made a formal request for an S30 during her talks with Mrs May?
      Has S30 been refused? The SNP need to give a forthright answer ASAP.”

      The Kingdom of Scotland and her legally sovereign people need no permission from anyone to hold a referendum on any subject we choose, when we want it ran or how we want it ran.

      There is only one real reason The First Minister will ask for a Section 30 and that is in the sure and certain knowledge that the Queen of England’s Prime Minister will feel compelled to refuse to agree to one.

      In the first place a section 30 is not Westminster’s permission to hold a referendum. It is Westminster’s agreement to abide by the result – what ever that result may be. Scotland doesn’t want a section 30 and doesn’t need one but no matter what May decides after formally being asked for one will be to wrong foot herself.

      If she refuses it will act against her and if she grants one and then loses the repercussions from the Britnats will be something very satisfying to sit back and watch. A section 30 will see May damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t agree and that has been stated here on Wings many times and has been stated elsewhere by senior political figures.

      The question is, Colin, why are you so ready to take whatever Westminster says as if it were true and factual?

      The People of Scotland are legally sovereign – it has been the basis of Scots law since long before the Treaty of Union and it is stated as such in the Treaty of Union.

      When you are sovereign your word is law and international law has long ago accepted it as fact. The International Law of the Seas acknowledges that Scotland has jurisdiction over both the 12 Mile Limit and the 200 Continental shelf limit.

      International law also acknowledges that Scotland has her own independent rule of Law and it was proven that Scotland’s territory is her own and no one else’s when both the USA and Westminster tried to highjack the Lockerbie Bomber Trial. Washington claimed the trial because the crime was committed of a USA aircraft and the UK claimed it was committed in United Kingdom airspace.

      Both Washington and Westminster were rule against when they attempted to claim to use their Rule Of Law to try the suspected person.

      Both failed and the trial was conducted under the independent Scottish rule of law on what was designated as being temporary Scottish territory in a foreign, (neutral), country but which neutral country had no part in the trial.

      Not only was the accused found guilty under Scots Law but Scotland imprisoned him in a Scottish Prison and The Scottish Government freed him on compassionate grounds against the very bitter wishes of both Washington and Westminster.

      What more proof do you need, Colin? Not only does the World acknowledge Scots law is independent and her people are thus legally sovereign? If you are sovereign you need no one’s permission. The only problem is getting a majority of the legally sovereign people to agree. So why are you so set upon putting down your own country?

      So Nicola will request a Section 30 but will not give a damn whether she gets one or not for it is win/win and May, and Westminster, knows it.

    127. Clootie says:

      Welcome to Scotland (both of you).
      This is the Scotland we aim for.

    128. call me dave says:


      Jings! Ordinary folk telling them how it is eh.

      Good for them.

      Thanks for the link… good end to the day. 🙂

    129. manandboy says:

      Met an old acquaintance today who is very intelligent and well adjusted in every way. Except for believing that Scotland is too poor to be able to afford its hospitals, schools and other public services, – and the oil & gas doesn’t amount to much. Yes, the BBC/MSM remain a formidable and effective enemy among the educated classes. Independence per se, is of little.value seemingly.

    130. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Miguel.

      Thumbs up! See you at the Counting House in Glasgow on 2nd March?


    131. Lenny Hartley says:

      Jfngw sent this to Stv
      Your looking for feedback on the QE2 Hospital in Glasgow.
      i was a patient there for six weeks from mid june to end july 2015 , in fact the Queen officially opened it when I was a Patient.
      I had two major operations, first one 6 hours long 2nd one 7 hours long, i spent a week in an induced coma, i spend 10 days in Critical Care, 20 days between 2 different Intensive care Wards and the rest in an Ensuite ward where the facilities, comfort and food would put many a hotel to shame. The staff from Catering to surgeon were incredible, i have been told by a relative who is a senior NHS worker at another hospital with forty years experience at hospitals in Glasgow and Ayrshire that if
      I was anywhere else I would not have survived.
      I am only writing this because of the expertise and facilities available at the qe2 Hospital
      It sickens me to see a so called reputable News Organisation trolling for dirt on an amazing World Class Facility. I will no longer watch STV.
      lenny Hartley
      Isle of Arran

    132. Dorothy Devine says:

      jfngw, that was good for a laugh!

      I wish I did twitter so that I could add my several pennies worth on behalf of three members of my family – suffice to say I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the staff.

      I do hope that the disgusting media feel suitably embarrassed by their attacks on the Scottish NHS and their attempts to use those to discredit the SNP.

      It will always be the New Southern General to me as the expense of the name change rankles with me to this day.

      Pointed out by a neighbour this week was a mysterious plaque naming our wee local park as Queen Elizabeth Field as of 2010 , I was singularly unimpressed by this sleekit act.

    133. mike cassidy says:

      jfngw 9.56

      Thanks for that link.

      Ambulance-chasing STV ripped a new one!

      The good side of twitter.

    134. drawdeaddave says:

      People make Glasgow
      People make Edinburgh
      People make Scotland
      People like Miguel
      Make Scotland better…

    135. Benhope says:

      A very moving story.You and your partner, Miguel, are just the people Scotland needs.

      Dons win, Gers lose and coupon up. What`s not to like!

    136. yesindyref2 says:

      I wonder if those tweets full of praise about the QE hospital will make it onto whatever it is STV were hoping to do?

      The media is sick. Leave our NHS alone.

    137. Colin Alexander says:

      @Robert Peffers

      I’ve already said I’ve written to the EU asserting Scotland’s people are sovereign and asking them to cancel Art.50. on the basis the process failed to obtain democratic consent from the sovereign people of Scotland.

      That in the EU-Ref, despite EU-Ref being regarded as advisory, Scotland voted Remain. So, either Scotland has decided to Remain in the EU or were not consulted at all. Either way, such failure violates the integrity of the persons of Scotland and so violates the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and is maladministration by the UK State and EU Commmission etc and Scotland should not be dragged / kicked out the EU against the will of the sovereign people of that Kingdom.

      So, will Art. 50 be cancelled by the EU Commission now that I’ve asserted Scotland’s sovereignty and cited the Claim of Right 1689 as legal evidence?

      I’ve received an acknowledgement from them that my complaint was received. I will let you know of their reply, if I ever get one.

    138. mike cassidy says:

      The Brexiteers are calling up the big hitters now.

      Must have missed the lecture that mentioned the EU during my Religious Studies degree.

    139. K1 says:

      Just catching up for first time today.

      Literally brought tears to my eyes reading this. Thank you so much for coming to live here, makes me feel heart proud to see mair soul Scots arriving hame for the battle. 😉

    140. Capella says:

      fngw says:
      23 January, 2019 at 9:56 pm
      Doesn’t look like this thread is going the way STV hoped.

      STV, looking for stories using the ‘Better Call Saul’ technique.

      Brilliant 🙂

    141. mike cassidy says:

      And in case I forget the post above

      Any foreigner who can write this about Scotland

      “It has plenty of numpties and bawbags walking around”

      is more than welcome.

    142. K1 says:

      Oh that Stv thread is just fantastic!


    143. Dr Jim says:


      Scotland is a voluntary member of the United Kingdom and as such may leave that membership by choice by a free and fair plebiscite on the right of self determination as laid down in United Nations charters

      Antonio Guterres Sec Gen UN

      Then a whole load of stuff about not commenting on specifics of domestic politics and resolutions and non interference of states in referendums

    144. t42 says:

      A traveler came upon an old farmer hoeing in his field beside the road. Eager to rest his feet, the wanderer hailed the countryman, who seemed happy enough to straighten his back and talk for a moment.
      “What sort of people live in the next town?” asked the stranger.

      “What were the people like where you’ve come from?” replied the farmer, answering the question with another question.

      “They were a bad lot. Troublemakers all, and lazy too. The most selfish people in the world, and not a one of them to be trusted. I’m happy to be leaving the scoundrels.”

      “Is that so?” replied the old farmer. “Well, I’m afraid that you’ll find the same sort in the next town.

      Disappointed, the traveler trudged on his way, and the farmer returned to his work.

      Some time later another stranger, coming from the same direction, hailed the farmer, and they stopped to talk. “What sort of people live in the next town?” he asked.

      “What were the people like where you’ve come from?” replied the farmer once again.

      “They were the best people in the world. Hard working, honest, and friendly. I’m sorry to be leaving them.”

      “Fear not,” said the farmer. “You’ll find the same sort in the next town.”

    145. Thepnr says:


      Never heard that before but very good.

    146. Great story. So nice to read in a world gone mad – what with Trump, Brexit and Cosgrove scoring for fun.

    147. cearc says:

      Nice of you to join us, Miguel.

      PS. The Netherlands are way colder (but drier) in the winter.

    148. Still Positive says:

      A very warm welcome to you Miguel and your partner. Lang may yer lum reek.

    149. Col says:

      I have worked in the catering industry for 24 years and I have met people from all over the world who come to live and work in Scotland. I have made many friends in that time and so many of them have said how much they love Scotland.
      I think for a while I couldn’t really understand why they would think it was good and praised it so much but the thing they say most is that the people are generally warm, friendly and welcoming.
      I felt strongly during the brexit debate that the arguments I was hearing just didn’t even apply to Scotland. In that respect I suppose it must have highlighted to many folk here that England’s wants or needs simply don’t match Scotland’s.
      Since that shameful campaign I can only hope that Scotland remains a distinctive nation in a lot of ways and chooses to forge it’s own path while always striving to improve our lot. I hope choosing independence is just the start of a massive boost to our aspirations seeing as they are constantly managed downwards as part of the so called union with our neighbours. We have true friends to be made in Europe, ones that won’t put us down at every step.

    150. Thepnr says:

      Interesting but since they put the chances of a no deal at just 5% I’ll take this analysis with a pinch of salt.

      The likelihood of a second Brexit referendum being held to break the political deadlock over the issue has “risen sharply”, data has suggested.

      Forecasting group the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) put the probability of another poll at 50 per cent, up from 30 per cent following similar analysis two weeks ago.

      Sorry tried archiving the article but didn’t work.

    151. jockmcx says:

      great post!
      here’s a song for you

    152. K1 says:

      Anyone any idea what the actual point was of Nicolas meeting May?

      Are the Tories just doing ‘optics’?

    153. K1 says:

      You all know it’s a typo, but I’ll correct it anyway…Nicola not Nicolas

    154. cearc says:

      Ian B, Ronnie, sorry can’t make it. I’m in Inverness tomorrow night. Have a great time.

    155. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      schrodingers cat @ 21:18:

      the tories are goading us table [sic] another request and are planning to do the same [ie. call a UKGE] again. nicola wont rise to the bait, the tories will own all of this fiasco, and when this ge is called and we know what brexit means, then nicola will make the request for a s30.

      Ah, I see. Because as soon as Nicola makes a formal S.30 request (which BTW she has never yet done), May will call a UKGE to thwart it. So instead we have to wait until the Tories decide to call a UKGE all by themselves for their own reasons sometime in the next 3 years, then Nicola gets “permission” to make her call for an S.30. Because we will be in control then (?) and the call will inevitably be granted and succeed. (??)

      Oh my giddy aunt. Paralysed by fear, bereft of initiative, waiting passively for the Tories to call the shots and control the timing when it best suits them, sometime after Brexit is a done deal and become the new normal. That’s a strategy??!

      I just hope this kind of defeatist thinking isn’t in any way typical of the leadership of the SNP, or we are royally stuffed, and 2017 will come to be seen as a roaring success compared to the plummet in support to come.

      Thankfully, I believe Nicola has more spirit and sounder thinking than this.

    156. ScotsCanuck says:

      an ACE post Miguel … your most Welcome !!

    157. ian murray says:

      Kin yis play fitba?

    158. sandy says:

      Bearing in mind that May called for a meeting with Nicola after she had already decided what was going to happen & was to tell her such, here is just a thought regarding S30.

      Nicola decides, after all is said & done, maybe just after Brexshit, to publicly declare a date for Indyref AND THEN INFORM MAY. Out of politeness, Nicola would then ask her to sign S30.
      As Mr Peffers has already informed us, as the people of Scotland, in the eyes of the world (except perhaps England) are sovereign, this is not a legal requirement. This is just to endorse the integrity, the transparent goodwill to be expected from a Nation that is known worldwide for it’s warm welcoming outlook on life.

      Somehow, I feel that May would realise she is on a hiding to nothing. Should the above suggestion be adopted, we should make sure that the rest of the world is watching, Our political, economic, & inventive history to the things people take for granted, telephone, TV, tyres, etc. would become known.

      I don’t think the industrial nations of this world would look favourably in doing much business with an introvert rUK. They are unaware of the morals of life, TTR, Truth, Trust, Respect.

    159. Cyber-Corroboree says:

      @4:13 I already asked if either could take a free kick (in homage to their fellow countryman Cristiano Ronaldo) but it was ignored by all and sundry. Was I asking too much?

    160. Big G says:

      Cant say ive felt much pride in being Scottish over the last few years. Ill blame the yoons for that. However reading articles such as this sparks it right back into you. Cheers & Welcome!

    161. ronnie anderson says:

      cearc nae worries its only for a few hours we wouldn’t like you to end up with pneumonia, take care of yourself .

      Big Hugs XX.

    162. jockmcx says:

      cannae sleep?
      great play from 1975

    163. jockmcx says:


    164. Iain says:

      Off, topic the bbc is going to look very silly with their downbeat down market too wee, too poor and too stupid programs when Scotland becomes independant and one off the richest countries in the world.

    165. Nana says:

      WATCH: Denis is a serving soldier in the British Army and his daughter is being denied a visa because the Home Office don’t consider he has spent enough time with her.

      Constitutional opportunity coming up fast.

    166. Nana says:

      This is worth watching
      What has got into the English? Lesley Riddoch asks why have they vented their spleen on Europe instead of Westminster. A discussion with Anthony Barnett and Fintan O’Toole. Chair: Lesley Riddoch.

      Also at the convention – James O’Brien and Jonathan Coe discussing Brexit
      Fact, Fiction and Brexit

    167. Nana says:

      Remember when BT told us the banks would all leave if we voted YES

      The Integrity Initiative, a registered Scottish charity, which has received more than £2m in funding from @foreignoffice has locked its twitter account and erased all content from its website.

    168. Nana says:

      Nick Timothy fails at politics so walks straight into British sport’s blazer class

      Astonishing. Updated MPs register of interests reveals that ex-Brexit Secretary David Davis has landed a job advising JCB (Tory donor Anthony Bamford’s firm) for £3000 AN HOUR. Nice work if you can get it

      EU readies support for fishermen if hit by no-deal Brexit

    169. Nana says:

      Welcome to Scotland guys. If you watched The outlaw King you might like this

      Exclusive: Outlaw King River Chase Deleted Scene

    170. Giving Goose says:

      According to Guardian person on Twitter Nigel Farage says “better to go for second referendum than this deal and says will end up with “biggest Anglosaxon” fingers up”

      Proves Brexit is an English project.
      I don’t do Anglosaxon and neither should any real Scot.

    171. Cactus says:

      Aweright Miguel, cheers for sharing yer positive vibes with Scotland.

      Lookin’ forward to seeing ye’s all later this evening Wingers…

      Gonna pop into Tam’s shop fur some water-pistols for the SiU crue.

      Let’s soak em hehe… it would certainly beat eggs!

    172. Cactus says:

      Do you like radio interviews…

      Have you ever heard this one?

      It’s just a ride!

    173. Robert Peffers says:

      @K1 says: 24 January, 2019 at 12:38 am:

      ” … Anyone any idea what the actual point was of Nicolas meeting May?”

      It was for Nicola to tell May that Scotland will hold an indyref2 referendum and/or otherwise end the United Kingdom.

      Ignoring the English exceptionalism that claims that, “Britain”, will exit the European Union when the fact is that, “Britain”, is not an EU state so Britain cannot exit the European Union.

      However, that exposes another little anomaly so here’s a wee thought for you.

      If Scotland’s legally sovereign people decide that the legally bipartite United Kingdom union is over then there is not even a United Kingdom to make an exit from the European union.

      This obviously bounces the ball right into the European Union’s court. They can play with it as they choose. After all, if the United Kingdom ends with one of the only two member kingdoms declaring the agreement made by the Treaty of Union has ended, there is no remaining United Kingdom member state either in or out of the European Union.

      That leaves the individual kingdoms, now BOTH again independent, and the EU has to decide which, or neither, is the successor member state. Here though is the irony – Westminster is not legally the parliament of the country of England for there has been no parliament of either the kingdom or the country of England since 1 May 1707 when, “The United Kingdom”, parliament first sat at Westminster.

      Just who can the European Parliament legally negotiate with?

      Westminster legally represents both partner member kingdoms – it does not thus legally represent either the country or the kingdom of England alone.

      The English nationalism and exceptionalism has blinded them to the real fact that Westminster is not the actual parliament of England but is the two partner United Kingdom parliament.

      Anyone care to prove any of the above to not be the true legal standing of the Westminster parliament?

      It boils down to a very simple fact. The independent rule of Law of the two United Kingdom partners in the United Kingdom have remained, as is guaranteed in the Treaty of Union, independent from the 1 May 1707 until the present day.

      That being so there is no legal way for the parliament of the two member kingdoms to claim its sovereignty overrules one or other of the member kingdoms. It cannot assume to be the parliament of only one member kingdom. which is exactly what Westminster has done. It set itself up as the de facto parliament of England and proceeded to devolve a few English powers unequally down to only three of the United Kingdoms four countries but there is no actual parliament of England.

      In any case the union is a union of kingdoms and only three of the four United Kingdom countries are parts of the kingdom of England and everything about that devolution is illegal.

    174. Macart says:


      Mornin’ Nana. Great crop as usual. 🙂

      Standout on the Convention vids and yes, the Mirror piece on business flight is no shocker.

      On yesterday’s staged drama by May and the baker’s dozen? Saw that coming a mile off and pretty certain the SG did too. Yesterday was a ‘put you in your place’ kinda statement and it reeks. A mixture of arrogance, ignorance, false entitlement and… desperation.

      One what I writ at the tail end of last year:

      No. Mainly I won’t be respecting the result of 2014 anymore. If those who won that ballot can’t be arsed respecting their pledges, their assurance and their ‘vows’? I’m really struggling to see why we should. (shrugs)

    175. Robert Peffers says:

      Ooops! Sorry about mucking up the bolding in my last comment. That’s the second time I’ve done so recently. I need to be more careful with the HTML tags

    176. fletch49er says:


    177. Nana says:

      Morning Macart, glad you found something of interest in the links.

      As for ‘respecting’ the 2014 vote, I feel my blood pressure rising.

      Ta for this Sam

    178. Luigi says:

      Robert Peffers,

      What is your take on the UK Supreme Court?

      It was set up to retain some judicial control over the independent Scottish system. How legal was that? Can they really legislate over Scotland in this way?

      I appreciate the people of Scotland are sovereign, and our legal system has been independent for centuries (if not forever). However, the recent shenanigans about the Article 50 ruling (moving the goalposts after the event) should be a wake up call. I expect the SC to be fully utilised by the BritNats in a serious attempt to thwart coming Scottish legislation on referendums, Scottish EU membership etc. Can we deal with this Kangaroo effectively?

    179. Robert Peffers says:

      @Robert J. Sutherland says: 24 January, 2019 at 3:20 am:

      Stop posting utter pish, Robert.

      Neither Nicola, or the SG, nor anyone else for that matter, needs Westminster or May’s permission to hold a referendum.

      A section 30 is not, in any case, permission to hold a referendum. It is all parties concerned agreeing to legally abide by the result of a particular referendum. In any case Westminster has set a precedent with the EU referendum in that there was no agreement the results were enforceable upon the Westminster Government but Theresa has since always claimed that she must carry out the results.

      As there were no prior agreements for Westminster to abide by the EU referendum result then it remains the norm that all referendum to be purely advisory unless by prior commitment to abide by the result. No such commitment was made so May chooses to make the result ironclad and not advisory.

      That now changes the goal posts and Nicola can hold a referendum and make it stick if she chooses to do so. Even a child can see the open goal Theresa has provided.

      When Nicola calls Indyref2 she now has the option to call it advisory if the result is not a majority to leave but can insist, like May, that the result must be carried out if a majority is achieved.

      May’s stupidity has already been her downfall and there is no signs that she is about to become less stupid in the foreseeable future. She is like a zombie, dead but hasn’t the sense to lie down yet.

    180. Ken500 says:

      Nicola & Co/SNP won the elections in Scotland.

      May and the Tories lost the election in the UK. Propped up by criminals in the DUP.

      The Tories could not make a bigger mess. A complete shambles. It is disgraceful.

      May is a malicious liar. A nasty person. The unionists can be voted out of Scotland in 2+ years. An IndyRef.

    181. mike cassidy says:

      Alex Salmond arrested claim Herald website

    182. Nana says:

      Former First Minister @AlexSalmond was arrested by Police Scotland and is expected to appear in court this afternoon

    183. admiral says:

      Alex Salmond – all news outlets breaking news at the same time.

      Just sayin’.

    184. Pete says:

      AS arrested.

    185. Tam the Bam. says:


      Sky News reporting Alex Salmond has been arrested and will appear in court this afternoon.

    186. One_Scot says:

      Lol, it looks like it is going to be wall to wall SNP Bad for the next few years.

      Well if nothing else it will make a change from Brexshit.

    187. Bob Mack says:

      Remember folks,it is an offence to write anything at all about an ongoing court case. You can and will be prosecuted, because sites like this will be under scrutiny.

    188. Stravaiger says:

      If AS has been arrested it means Westminster expects indyref2 to be called very shortly.

    189. K1 says:


    190. Ken500 says:

      What the hell is going on

      @ Guardian ‘Alex Salmond arrested’.

      An absolute disgrace. The unionists are at it again.

      Evans will have to be arrested. For her illegal actions,

      When Alex wins again. False allegations will be thrown out.

      Another unionist plot. Psycho bastards. Losers. They will pay at the ballot box.

    191. admiral says:

      One_Scot says:
      24 January, 2019 at 9:43 am
      Lol, it looks like it is going to be wall to wall SNP Bad for the next few years.
      Well if nothing else it will make a convenient diversion from Brexshit.

      Corrected that for you, one_Scot. Hope you don’t mind!

    192. Ken500 says:

      May will pay for this.

    193. jfngw says:

      Place your bets, Indyref or General Election imminent?

    194. Ken500 says:

      Dirty lying pigs

    195. K1 says:

      I’m going to bold your comment Bob, just for those who are tempted to ‘leap’ into any kind of speculation about this.

      ‘Remember folks,it is an offence to write anything at all about an ongoing court case. You can and will be prosecuted, because sites like this will be under scrutiny.’

    196. IZZIE says:

      AS is not the SNP nor the Independence movement don’t let this provoke unsolicited comments and give the powers that be an excuse to shut down sites like this.

    197. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says

      That article leads to another ….

      Basically, REAL unemployment is about 20%. Which is something we knew, just look around you!

      If unemplyment really was ~5% then we would see skilled employees calling the shots and wages rising. The demand would be for people to fill jobs, not the other way round. There SHOULD be wage inflation, there isn’t.

      So next time a BritNat numpty tells you unemployment is low, destroy their assertion with ease!

    198. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Wee Eck’s inocence or guilt will be demonstrated in court – but, I see his arrest, at this time, as being a pointer to the Establishment being very-worried about what will happen in the upcoming Indyref2.

      To conspiracy theorists of an Independence mind, the timing seems very suspicious – as if they want Eck out of the game during the Indyref2 campaign and afterwards.

      I wonder if Paddy Power is offering odds on a “Not Proven” verdict – should it ever come to court.

      Legal experts might be able to tell me. I know, once Eck is charged, the case becomes “Live”, and comment is banned, but, does the 110-day rule apply – or was this scrapped?

    199. Ken500 says:

      Stinking civil servant bastards.

    200. One_Scot says:

      Lol, that’s actually what I meant to type. 🙂

    201. Nana says:

      Barnier says time-limited Irish backstop not possible

      Aberdeen’s deputy provost charged over alleged sexual assault

      The old ex regio con trick
      see here

      That’s all for now.

      Do not bet distracted folks. Indyref is coming soon so we need to focus on the ultimate prize.

    202. Ken500 says:

      Absolutely furious. Beyond rage

    203. Ken500 says:

      SKy stinking lies

    204. Dorothy Devine says:

      Socrates, comment may be banned but I am willing to bet it won’t stop innuendo and speculation by the MSM ad nauseam.

    205. jezza says:

      And with no Brexit vote until January 29th, it looks like the Alex Salmond story is going to be the only game in town.

      James Matthews of Sky News (the little Scots BritNat bastard reporter) last seen cummin in his pants in the middle of Princes St on hearing this breaking news.

    206. call me dave says:

      Aye! It has started this fear of Independence.

      Scotland such a poor wee country with no resources needs looking after. 🙁

    207. TonyH says:

      An update on the Parnell opening gambit?

    208. Ken500 says:

      Unionist plants trying to destroy Scotland. Killing off the population.

      SKy wee naff.

    209. grafter says:

      Time for Indyref2 now. The Salmond smear tactic is the final straw from this vile UK Establishment.

    210. Doug_Bryce says:

      Salmond arrested…

      But seems the press cant report why ?

      Very odd given most of the details of his case already been printed in Daily Record.

    211. ScotsRenewables says:

      Weirdly, Aberdeen’s depute provost Alan Donnelly has been charged with sexual assault today.

      He’s been a very lucky boy with the timing, hasn’t he?

    212. Reluctant Nationalist says:


    213. Cubby says:


      A coarse comment by a coarse person.

      Why do you think it is acceptable to post a comment saying that a border guard is a legitimate target for gunmen? What was your motivation for posting this comment on the previous thread ?Trying to tarnish Wings with comments inciting violence?

    214. Breastplate says:

      Their rattled about Scotland giving them the boot.

      Can anyone remember which American politician spread the rumour that his opponent had sex with his pigs, from the 50s or 60s?

    215. Breastplate says:

      This is an obvious attempt to derail independence

    216. TheBuchanLoony says:

      Sky news report that Alex has been arrested for CONTEMPT OF COURT and NOT the sexual allegations which he vehemently denies.

    217. Doug_Bryce says:

      > Sky news report that Alex has been arrested for CONTEMPT OF COURT

      Ironic – given Daily Record already published all details of the case!

      Anyone smell a rat ?

    218. haudonthenoo says:

      Seriously this should be the last straw (though I sadly doubt it will be).

      STOP playing Westminster’s game as its one they will never let us win.Ever. As May had made clear in every utterance it is a fear of losing Scotland and all that entails is the thing that scares them most.

      Why the hell do we ask for permission ? Eh give me a break please.

    219. Pete says:

      I think you’ve forgotten to take your meds today
      Try a lie down.

    220. jezza says:

      Harassing me again.

      The comment about the border post guards being targets came from interviews I heard on the news yesterday.

      What’s your point caller???

    221. H Scott says:

      Interesting timing.

    222. admiral says:

      TheBuchanLoony says:
      24 January, 2019 at 10:25 am
      Sky news report that Alex has been arrested for CONTEMPT OF COURT and NOT the sexual allegations which he vehemently denies.

      Well, there’s a few media outlets that are going to be facing defamation suits, if that’s the case, as they are reporting his arrest as relating to sex offences!

    223. As some imply in order to deflect the publics attention away from Brexit to try and undermine the leaders of Scottish independence.

      We will get wall to wall coverage from the British nationalist media, not just over Alex Salmond, there’s also Natalie McGarry case as well.

    224. Cubby says:


      In your previous post

      YOU said border guards were a LEGITIMATE target for gunmen. You never mentioned media reports.

      YOU never said that the media was wrong to make that comment. You said it – own it and retract it.

      I think I have made my point Jezza.

      You have personally abused me on approx 15 posts and you make the pathetic claim that I am harassing you. Pathetic. Your comment was coarse.

    225. Doug_Bryce says:

      > Sky news report that Alex has been arrested for CONTEMPT OF COURT

      Is that true ? Or can media simply not report what he has been arrested for “under contempt of court act” ?

    226. Dorothy Devine says:

      Peter , they will dig them all up and hint ,imply and smear away , however I think that there are more and more people aware of the inaccuracies , lies and general spinning .

    227. One_Scot says:

      Lol, the BBC News website main story, ‘Alex Salmond has been arrested but we don’t know what for’.

      You could not make this shit up. Can the BBC make it any more obvious that they are nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the British State.

    228. Luigi says:

      The BritNat Establishment (WM, Judiciary, Police, MSM, Royals) seems to be in meltdown.

      For decades, they have gotten away with their dirty business in the shadows. Well, well, now the constitutional situation has become so bad (and so exposed due to social media), they have been forced to play dirty in the open, for all to see. Over-playing their hand badly. At least half of Scotland (and the rUK for that matter) are now on to them.

      Not a pretty sight.

    229. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Alex Salmond – Contempt of Court and not sexual misconduct.

      This stinks to high heaven of an Establishment stitch-up.

      I can just see the “Sir Humphreys” in secret conclave – “Just get that fat Sweatie shut-up for the duration of this Independence Referendum campaign – stuck a charge, any bloody charge on him, but, he must be silenced.”

      Still, it will be nice if the Record, the Sun, the Herald, the Daily Mail, the Scotsman, BBC Shortbread, Sky etc., all end-up contributing to his defence costs.

    230. Luigi says:

      Somethings about to break.

      If Alex Salmond needs to be taken out beforehand, it must be big. 🙂

    231. Fergus Green says:

      Alex, if you need another crowd funder – I’m in.

    232. hackalumpoff says:

      Contempt of Court – the letter of the Law from the Fiscal’s Office

    233. jezza says:

      Cubby my old sunshine,,,,,let it go.

      You are only torturing yourself.

      I think they call it “self harming”.

      IMO you need medical attention.

      Have you tried phoning the Samaritans???

    234. robbo says:

      Does this not mean that FMQ’s today now can be about something relevant to Scotland’s politics -Like brexit and stuff, so Carlaw and Leonard better be careful with questions!?

    235. admiral says:

      Guardian now also putting out the line “don’t know what he has been arrested for” but still highlighting being investigated for alleged sex offences, so that the reader is led to draw the conclusion that he has been arrested for sex offences.


    236. Cubby says:



      I note you did not deny that it was YOU who said that border guards were legitimate targets. Inciting violence is a serious matter. Own it and retract it.

      Your comments are just an attempt at deflection.

    237. Ken500 says:

      Contempt of court? What the hell have the Masonic liars copped up now. Putting innocent people in cells overnight on ‘charges’ that cannot go to court. Wasting £Billions. Trying to criminalise the whole population. No wonder they never get a weekend off.

      How much damages will Alex get this time. More than the £1/2Million+ back.

      May and the unionists will pay for this big time. It will backfire massively.

      Westminster the biggest crooks in the world get away with murder.

    238. @Dorothy Devine 24 January, 2019 at 10:46 am

      I hope you are right Dorothy, though I suspect we will always get numpties such as the two in the letters page of my local newspaper who responded to my letter of the previous week, and have used Alex Salmond taking the Scottish government to court.

      To attack the Scottish Government.

    239. A. Bruce says:

      @ admiral
      The Guardian is not printing any posts if you mention “contempt of Court” Two of my posts didn’t appear. Trust that rat Severin to write that shit.

    240. jezza says:

      Airbus are threatening to move their whole UK enterprise to other EU countries,,,and Sky News and the BBC think that a man appearing in court in Edinburgh is more important news.

    241. Fionan says:

      ‘Dorothy Devine says:
      24 January, 2019 at 10:05 am
      Socrates, comment may be banned but I am willing to bet it won’t stop innuendo and speculation by the MSM ad nauseam’.

      yes I agree, this is what will happen. Thank goodness I dont have tv and dont buy newspapers other than National online. Dont think my blood pressure would stand it.

      Thinking of Moira at this sad time.

    242. Abulhaq says:

      The martyrdom of Roger Casement, a post 1916 Easter Rising, UK government intelligence initiative that totally failed.

    243. Breeks says:

      Please be very careful Mr Salmond.

      If Scotland has a safe house, the powers that be should immediately put it at your disposal, or perhaps even secure temporary exile in Europe… (though) maybe not Spain.

      I don’t want to see our great international statesman slumped against a tree with his trousers round his ankles, or sat in his car in a ditch with some other cock and bull Establishment story about a bogus and alleged suicide. Take note MI5. Not a single living soul will believe it and our country will be free of you forever within the week.

      As for the British Establishment not being that stupid… just look at them. They are rewriting the book on “stupid”.

    244. jezza says:

      Alex Salmond was not held overnight.

    245. Fionan says:

      and ceud mille failte, Miguel. Glad you are enjoying Scotland, and even more glad that you are supporting our fight to regain our independence.

    246. K1 says:

      Imv The guardian’s now top story online is in contempt with that piece. Fucking disgrace.

    247. galamcennalath says:

      I suspect what is actually happening in the AS case is that the essential English MSM are having difficulties coming to terms with Scotland’s Contempt of Court Act 1981.

      “Contempt of Court exists to protect the integrity of proceedings, preserve access to justice for victims and to secure the rights of the accused. Any published information which creates a substantial risk that the course of justice will be seriously impeded or prejudiced is contempt where a case is ‘live’. “

      They simply can’t publish all the shit they normally do in England once a case goes ‘live’ in Scotland.

      All the publications of dubious assertions and innuendo, which are their normal practice, can only be released prior to “live” status.

      It does make them be very careful what they say and does reduce the trial by media we see in England.

    248. jezza says:


      You come across as one of the same bastards who are trying to fabricate a story against Alex Salmond.

      You are repeating bullshit after bullshit hoping some of it sticks.

      Very similar to the way the establishment are hounding Alex Salmond.

      Let it go sunshine.

      Try valium or something similar to calm your nerves.

    249. admiral says:

      A. Bruce says:
      24 January, 2019 at 11:04 am
      @ admiral
      The Guardian is not printing any posts if you mention “contempt of Court” Two of my posts didn’t appear. Trust that rat Severin to write that shit.

      The piece under Sev’s byline is quite straightforward for him., a statement of what has happened but heavy on the sex offences allegations.

      Obviously had the lawyer looking over his shoulder when he wrote it.

    250. Bob Mack says:


      Losing your freedom and being charged is a live case in anybodys language I believe.

      The issue is that anything said outwith court could hamper police investigations, and they will charge you with that offence

    251. Proud Cybernat says:

      The pair of you let it go. Or is this just the latest disruption strategy?

      It’s no’ working.

    252. Les Wilson says:

      Is it a coincidence that bad news related to Scotland in any way seems to be before FMO’s?
      This is just another step in the demonisation of Alex Salmond and by proxy the Indy2 movement and at the same time deflect the Brexit mess.
      Let’s give those uppity Scots something to distract them kinda thing!

      Remember May’s comments yesterday at PMO’s after Nicola brought the matter of Indy2 up with her.

      It all smells folks, and who exactly do Police Scotland take their instructions from ultimately? Just asking!

      Remember their refusal to re open the Willie McCrae case!

    253. Legerwood says:

      Les Wilson @ 11.28am
      “”Remember May’s comments yesterday at PMO’s after Nicola brought the matter of Indy2 up with her.””

      I think I am correct in saying that Ms Sturgeon met Mrs May after Prime Minister’s Questions had taken place.

      The whole charade of Mr Kerr’s question to Mrs May at PMQs was to put down a marker ahead of her meeting with Ms Sturgeon.

    254. former vegan god says:

      And I am a long time nationalist but right of centre small c conservative (still compassionate and despise everything about the Scottish tories), middle aged, straight, white guy but am actually greetin reading this. Reminds me that much of the anti immigrant rhetoric is dangerous and mean spirited. Good luck and welcome lads

    255. Bobp says:

      Independence is not about individuals, independence is about Scotland making it’s own rules and laws in a just caring society. And not having decisions we didn’t vote for foisted upon us by the sociopaths of Westminster. Vote SNP.

    256. Bobp says:

      I think we all know police Scotland take their orders from Westminster.

    257. Cubby says:

      Proud Cybernat@11.27am

      No it is not as far as I am concerned. I am not trying to disrupt anything. You have your ” I see you ” approach. I tackle inappropriate/unacceptable comments/abuse head on.

      I am not the one posting abuse and I am not the one inciting violence on Wings. Perhaps I should just say ” i see you” to Jezza. Is that what you advise?

    258. Cubby says:

      Jezza @11.18am

      I see you.

    259. HandandShrimp says:

      A bit concerned about the somewhat rapid move on Alex. The charges may go nowhere but they could now take a long time to go nowhere. Natalie McGarry still hasn’t had her day in court and that has been years. I am concerned because I would have seen Alex as a prime mover in Indyref2 but not with charges hanging over him.

      It may be coincidental but it does rather look like taking out a political opponent before things get difficult. However, we are in this to win it. Once battle commences this may not prove to be as pivotal as the staunch unionists, like Severin, clearly hope it is and their masturbatory frenzy will be little more than a flush in the pan. Also, should there be substance to the allegations, it is much better this happens now rather than mid campaign.

    260. Golfnut says:

      We will obviously have to wait till this afternoon to find out what the charge actually relates too, it may well be paper thin, the best that they could come up with considering the length of time they have been investigating AS.

    261. Fairliered says:

      Aberdeen’s tory depute provost Alan Donnelly has quit his role after being charged with sexual assault. Doesthis mean there is no longer any case for remaining in the union?

    262. Republicofscotland says:

      So Fluffy Mundell wrote to the PM imploring her not to under any circumstances grant a S30 order.

      Meanwhile LibDem MSP Mike Rumbles attempted to quiz the Ord Advocate James Woolfe, asking is there any way in which NS could hold a second indyref without s S30 order.

      Thankfully the Lord Advocate refused to respond to Rumbles request, telling the MSP that information is confidential.

      Tory Tomkins asked a similar question but was also told the info is confidential.

      Looks like the Yoon MSP’s are attempting to thwart Scotland’s exit from this dysfunctional union by blocking indyref 2 before its up and running.

    263. Bill Hume says:

      If I was a SNP MP or MSP or MEP….I’d be becoming a bit paranoid by now.
      As a simple ‘Winger’……….I’ve been paranoid for some years.

      But not without reason.

    264. Robert Louis says:

      On days like this, I think of Former head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss Kahn, and anti government-spying and privacy defender, Julian Assange.

      You don’t need to shoot troublesome people nowadays, just trash their reputation. The internet does the rest.

    265. Peter Mc Culloch

      Thankfully I am not the only person to find it incredible that all these SNP court cases are being brought at the same time i.e. just before Brexit when any numpty would have realised that Scotland would be trying hard to get out of this clusterbourach.

      They have all being hanging around in the legal system for a long time, many months, and so we have Alex – cleared on a technical matter – leaves it all open to further speculation and now today;
      Tasmina – fined but cleared of improper conduct – but mud sticks;
      Natalie Mc Garry being brought from nowhere almost (sorry Natalie) but honestly, has their been a single mention of her in the media this year.

      Not just all in the same year, all in the same month and in fact almost simultaneously!
      Not a subtle move from the establishment.

      And we know that the opposition are not squeaky clean!

      Can Alex can have a ‘fair trial’ now and incidentally, have you noticed how the words ‘harassment’ or ‘misconduct’ are used depending on who is reporting all this.

      I feel sorry for all those on the side lines whose lives are being destroyed and hope Moira has good friends.

    266. jezza says:


      What do you mean by “I see you” ???

      Very sinister and creepy statement.

      A bit like you Cubby,,,,ver sinister and creepy.

    267. Dr Jim says:

      Are you now or have you ever been a member of the SNP

    268. Apartheid was defeated by a leader who was in jail for a long time.
      The Catalan leaders are in jail or in exile.
      Alex is under arrest.

      Desperate governments will use desperate measures when they are losing.

      ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’.

      And remember Alex’s own words :-

      ‘The dream will never die.”

      Independence will win.

    269. alistair x says:

      The last time they went for Alec I rejoined the SNP.
      Today I ordered a indyref t shirt and gave myself a mission to sign up three of my apathetic pals for postal votes.
      They just don’t get us do they.

    270. Robert Louis says:

      Republic of Scotland at 1148am,

      Very interesting. I think ALL the signs and things happening, point to London and their ‘scottishy’ puppets, being feart of indyref2. It is almost like they are in panic mode about it.

      Good. My message to unionists is this, indyref2 IS coming and you can’t stop it, be afraid, be very afraid.

      And NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING motivates me for independence, as much as things happening today. If anything, my resolve is even greater, my determination is even stronger. Let’s channel our anger into securing independence for Scotland.

    271. jezza says:


      If it’s not the Forth Road Bridge, it’s the fuckin Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow.

      This is what the BritNats in the Scottish Parliament are reduced to, along with their allies at BBC Scotland.

    272. Ken500 says:

      The crooks on Aberdeen City still had the deputy in place. Will he still be there now he has been charged. If not they have lost control of the Council. After ruining the City for years. A bunch of corrupt imbeciles kept in place by a two job Tory. Lying sychophants. Destroyed the City. £1.2Billion in debt.

    273. Pete says:

      Arrested and charged just like AS.
      They’re all the same, Ken

    274. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Robert Peffers @ 09:31,

      I really wish you would read properly and think before launching into your usual gratuitous insulting little starters. It makes you look like a dimwit ranter on a hair-trigger. (Not a good look.) I know that sarcasm in cold print isn’t always readily apparent, but in this case anyone with more than a couple of brain cells who had the decency to actually read through my posting to the end would have twigged, I think.

      If you believe the strategy in question is “pish”, RP – and you could well be right – then take it up with its proponent, schrodingers cat, not me.

    275. Ghillie says:

      Bob Mack @ 9.46 am and K1

      Useful comment: ‘Remember folks, it is an offense to write anything at all about an ongoing court case. You can and will be prosecuted because sites like this will be under scrutiny.’

      Nana @ 10.02 am

      Wise words =)

      Thanks for all the links, again 🙂

    276. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Pity that Police Scotland cannot arrest Willie Rennie and charge him with being a quarter-wit. Then he could be stopped from making an absolute erse of himself every Thursday at FMQs.

      The man is a total embarrassment.

    277. Terry says:

      Alex is smart. Plus he’s had excellent legal advice and support from his team. This is getting more desperate from Westminster by the day. They’re worried. And so they should be.

      Meanwhile radio scotland, just before FMQ s said Alex had been arrested. Not why. And they knew! A unionist just announced to me Alex arrest. I Took the wind out of his sails by saying it was for contempt of court.

      Parnell indeed. We are with you Alex. But more importantly than that – we are with Scotland.

    278. robbo says:

      Socrates MacSporran says:
      24 January, 2019 at 12:29 pm
      Pity that Police Scotland cannot arrest Willie Rennie and charge him with being a quarter-wit. Then he could be stopped from making an absolute erse of himself every Thursday at FMQs.

      The man is a total embarrassment.

      Don’t forget Murdo or Annie for being thick as mince will you! lol

    279. Famous15 says:

      Haw Willie Rennie yer calling out the SG on human rights is absurd.

      The effective age of criminal responsibility in Scotland is 16 because of the Childrens panel system.

      Only in very serious crimes is the current age of any significance. Make it 12 or 14 or whatever.

    280. Pete says:

      I think you’ll find that he was NOT arrested and charged for ‘contempt of court’ but that the authorities advised that the Contempt of Court Act was now in operation.
      Please check.

    281. Luigi says:

      Robert Louis says:

      24 January, 2019 at 12:00 pm

      Republic of Scotland at 1148am,

      Very interesting. I think ALL the signs and things happening, point to London and their ‘scottishy’ puppets, being feart of indyref2. It is almost like they are in panic mode about it.

      Aye, they have been faffing with BREXIT, doing nothing for two years (whilst Nicola and her team have been working quietly away). Now suddenly they realise that IndyRef 2 is imminent (and they have very little ammo left).

      To be a fly on the WM bunker walls last week, the look on their little BritNat faces, when someone mentioned “Scotland” and they had their “Oh Shit!” rabbit in the headlight moment. 🙂

      “Don’t panic, Don’t panic!”. 🙂

    282. Robert Louis says:

      Given all the hysteria from unionists and Westminster regarding the Scottish independence referendum, I do sometimes wonder if they do actually know the full facts. What I mean by that is, do they rely on the likes of Tompkins, with his highly distrorted view of the union?

      Time and again, we see unionists utter nonsense about section 30 or the nature of the union treaty and other associated things. My question is this, do people in Number 10 actually believe such things, and is this part of the reason they think they have a magic ‘power’ to stop a referendum?

      Judging from what I have seen, many in the HoC, do actually believe they ‘own’ Scotland, and that it is a part of England. Is this the reason for all the recent hysteria from unionists, has somebody just pointed out to them the truth? Did somebody sit down with Thersa May and explain to her that most of what unionists belive is hubris designed to ‘keep them on side’ so to speak, and continue their support for English rule over Scotland??

      Given that many in Scotland don’t know such things, would it be such a surprise if almost all in Downing street didn’t know the truth of the nature of the Union treaty and acts?

    283. Capella says:

      Craig Murray post on Alex Salmond: Why Does the State Hate Alex Salmond?

      Good question.

    284. Hamish100 says:


      Violent Crime in England up by 19% in England.

      What are Police Scotland doing about it, the Scottish Government?

      Disgraceful! lol

    285. Cubby says:

      FMQs at the SCOTTISH parliament. The FM is questioned by 3 BRITISH parties and only one SCOTTISH party.

    286. Jeff says:

      Spain Lite?

    287. Marie Clark says:

      Re this mornings news, jeezo. I know that we cannot comment on the issue as it is now live, I will just say that to me, I smell shite.

      Somebody, somewhere is getting terrified of Indyref 2.

    288. Ghillie says:

      Whoa! Just received unsolicited junk mail that I’ve never seen before.


      In which Mr Wetherspoon himself, Tim Martin, he of the towering political acumen and darling of QT, speaks out on:

      ‘How the metropolitan elite tried to con the British public about the need for a ‘deal’ with the EU – and about food prices post Brexit’

      Interestingly, in small print, the editor of this wee free mag, writes a disclaimer (page 5) that, Tim the Chairman, does not speak for them all, that there are comments from Carolyn Fairbairn of the CBI for example, printed in full on page 23, more on pages 25 and 27.

      Looks like the ed realises Mike’s use of their promotional mag might just lose Wetherspoon’s more than half of their clients!

      Naturally, nothing about Scotland choosing the Road to Independence and staying close to our trading partners in the EU 🙂

      Is this worth your looking over Rev Stu?

    289. Dr Jim says:

      Following FMQs Toodle oo the Noo informed us of the position on NOT talking about the Alex Salmond case and it took him a minute and a half NOT to talk about it

      In Television time that’s an eternity

    290. Shinty says:

      “Somebody, somewhere is getting terrified of Indyref 2.”

      And so they should. Brexit England is absolutely F.U.C.K.E.D without Scotland’s resources.

    291. Welsh Sion says:

      Bom dia!

      As another exiled “Scot of the soul”, I can fully relate to Miguel and his partner’s comments and the pleasant experiences enjoined by Scots to us “others”. (I have yet to take up the kind offers made on here and on other sites inviting me to take up residence in your country.)

      Of course, I have allegiance to my home country, too – and to that end have recently been promoting Cymru in an international Expo in Paris, France. So, I was sad to hear of your experiences with some of my compatriots in your mum’s restaurant. Perhaps these were Proud Welshies But … or those who have been (over-) anglicised or even immigrants (unlike yourself and your partner) who have *not* adapted to nor adopted their new country.

      However, your membership of Plaid Cymru is most welcome – I can (almost) forgive you, Ronaldo and the Portuguese football team for putting us out of the Euros in 2016 for that! 😉 I also feel a little envious that you did not make my country your new home – but that is both your and Scotland’s gain.

      It sounds as if you both will not suffer much from ‘saudade’ (Welsh: ‘hiraeth’). Most certainly, you are already ‘at home’ in Scotland, as all us ‘exiles of the soul’ are. I count myself lucky in having a Portuguese cousin-in-law who feels the same about Cymru, and is even learning the language.

      At this uncertain time it pays to know and recognise one’s allies. Portugal is supposed to be ‘England’s oldest ally’. Not Scotland or Wales, you will notice. However, it seems that England is forging ahead over the cliff of Brexit to self-destruction. My own countries numpties seem assured of joining them. Salvation, as you have already seen and recognised, comes via Scottish independence.

      May I therefore wish you a pleasant and fruitful life for yourself and your partner in Scotland and obtain all you could wish for and good health?

      Kind regards and adeus.

    292. Dr Jim says:

      Forgot to mention, Ken Mackintosh also stating the obvious on the Alex Salmond case before FMQs but waiting till he was live on air to do it instead of when this mornings session began

      Couldn’t possibly have been deliberate though, Naw! Never! Gosh do you think so? well I never

    293. Astonished says:

      The unalloyed glee of the media regarding Mr Salmond is difficult to take. It will not stop independence.

      When the dust settles I will be very interested in the investigators.

    294. Robert Louis says:


      If anything, this will strengthen support for the SNP and independence.

    295. Petra says:

      Welcome to Scotland guys. A big, warm welcome. As you can see we really need you.


      Alex Salmond the number one story … ‘tale’ … on the BBC.

      If Alex Salmond is going to be charged with Contempt of Court has anyone heard if Clegg of the Daily Record will be / has been too?


      Meanwhile all we can do now is show support for the Independence Cause such as by joining the SNP. If you haven’t done so already PLEASE think of doing so now, as it’ll send a clear message to the Westminster Establishment: That is that taking out one man won’t be holding us back.

    296. Shinty says:

      “If anything, this will strengthen support for the SNP and independence”

      Totally agree – don’t get angry – get indy.

    297. Shinty says:

      “If Alex Salmond is going to be charged with Contempt of Court has anyone heard if Clegg of the Daily Record will be / has been too?”

      My thoughts too Petra, as soon as the story broke this morning.

    298. Marie Clark says:

      Well if the MSM are feeling gleeful at what has happened, they should remember the words that yer man likes to quote. ” So tremble false whigs, in the midst o’ yer glee, fur you’ve no seen the last o’ my bonnets and me”.

      They seem to forget, we’re no like the auld cowboy movies, where they would take oot the Indian chief and the rest would run away. The independence movement is much, much more than just one person, or party for that matter. Like I said, somebody, somewhere is terrified of Indyref 2.

      We as a movement, will not be deterred. It’s for us to decide when and if we go. Hence the questions today at FMQ’s.They have no arguments left and they know it.

    299. Undeadshuan says:

      “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” – Mahatma Gandhi.

      Still appropriate especially today.

    300. Terry says:

      Thanks for advice

    301. Robert Louis says:

      Marie Clark,

      Totally agree. They cut off one arm, we grow another two. At least half the voters of Scotland support independence. It is not a one man band.

    302. Ghillie says:

      Aye Astonished, Robert Louis, Petra and Marie Clark and especially Shinty:

      ‘Don’t get angry – get Indy!’ 🙂

    303. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Wonder what The FM said to T May in private yesterday that caused the BritNats to go full Thermonuclear wi the Salmond thing?

    304. Robert Louis says:

      Petra at 115pm,

      Despite sometimes not agreeing with them, I agree with you regarding joining the SNP today. If you have been waiting for a reason, then today is that day. Show your support.

      This makes us stronger.

    305. Robert Louis says:

      Like that slogan,

      ‘Don’t get angry -get indy’.

    306. Ghillie says:

      Wee OT/

      Welsh Sion @ 1.06 pm

      Does ‘Bom Dia’ mean ‘good day’?

      I loved the suggestion that someone on twitter (I think) made that it would be good practice to use greetings from around the World to each other =)

      So, Bonjour to you!

    307. Robert Louis says:

      Just an observation.

      Timing is everything.

    308. Dr Jim says:

      If you’re a Unionist that’s a fair and reasonable position to take if that’s your belief system, and you don’t have to justify that position if you don’t want to because it’s based on who or what you are

      The only thing I would say to Unionists holding this position is what do you think is going to be in the future because at some time in the future there will be a referendum on Scottish Independence from the UK and whatever the result of that referendum is it the Unionist belief that those people who desire Independence for Scotland are somehow going to cease that desire if they don’t win it

      Will the desire for self determination fade away, well no it won’t so the discontent would remain for the people who feel they are trapped in their own country by people who owe their allegiance to another country and that outcome will be unacceptable for all leading to a forever split country just like Northern Ireland, minus the violence one hopes, but of course not guaranteed

      Unionists feel that with Independence for Scotland that somehow they would lose their country but I would argue the opposite is true, they will actually gain something new while still retaining the identity of the old should they so choose

      In the current system there will be nothing new to try ever it will always be the same and again I would argue to Unionists life’s not like that the world constantly changes and we adapt to conditions

      Being a Unionist is rejecting change even when that change is inevitable, David Attenborough would tell you that’s an unsustainable position, the world is falling down because we’re not changing, Brexit being an example of really not changing but rejecting change to go backwards to before things changed and you can’t make the world time travel backwards

      It’s time for Unionists to change for the future before everything falls down in the present

    309. Capella says:

      I am reminded of a John Smith joke that whenever the Tories search about for a weapon they invariably pick up a boomerang.

    310. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Dr Jim @ 1.08pm

      Haud yer hoarses Sur, just because we are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get us. Believe me, they are.

      Just before FMQs was, I believe the proper time for the Presiding Officer to make that statement regarding the Salmond case.

      MacKintosh might be a tube, but, in this instance, I thought he got it right.

    311. Fireproofjim says:

      Yesterday at Prime Minister’s questions a Scottish Tory lapdog set up a pre-ordered question so that Theresa May could launch into a prepared tirade against Scottish Independence,, just before her meeting with Nicola.
      Then less than 24 hours later Alex Salmond is charged.
      A coordinated attack if ever I saw one, and no doubt the Unionists and their press will have a field day in trying to destroy Nicola by association.
      It just makes me more determined than ever to get out of this foul Union.

    312. yesindyref2 says:

      I mentioned this to my basically non-political wife though she does come from Ireland, an independent country. She was shocked, so I pointed out after reading here, we don’t even know what the charge is. Even if it was contempt of court, that too would mean the contempt of court act was live – on it. So, we just don’t know and should indeed, not speculate.

      I could be wrong, but I think there’s maybe 48 hours the actual charges have to be announced. IANAL.

    313. yesindyref2 says:

      Or released. It could be “taken in for questionning”.

      Yes, I’m speculating too 🙁

    314. Robert Louis says:

      In other news..

      The United States Government are yet again interfering in the internal affairs of a Latin American country. Yet again, trying to interfere and impose their own puppet president in Venezuela, who just so happens to firmly believe in free market capitalism. Oh, and just like Iraq, Venezuela has lots of oil.

      Given who the present United States President is, this really is a case of ‘ah wid some power the gift tae gie us, tae see ourselves as others see us’.

      If only TRUMP took a look in the mirror.

    315. yesindyref2 says:

      Right. When something like this happens you always get silly comments that “Police Scotland is a tool of Westminster” or some such. Same as you get thos who say our legal system and all who work in it are corrupt (see Rock). This is not correct.

      25. The SPA is responsible for the governance, oversight, and administration of the Police Service of Scotland and the provision of forensic services. [1] The creation of the SPA ensured that the Chief Constable is free from undue political influence in making decisions about the investigation of crime, while also providing strong governance arrangements and clear accountability.


      21. The Scottish Government made senior appointments in advance of the start of the new service. The Chair of the SPA was appointed on 31 August 2012, the Chief Constable was in post on 1 October 2012, SPA Board members were appointed on 17 October 2012, with the first public SPA Board meeting held on 3 December 2012.

      The SPA and Police Scotland are under arms length control of the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament NOT Westminster.

      Paranoia is sometimes wrong.

    316. @Meg merrilees
      24 January, 2019 at 11:53 am

      I agree with every thing you have said with exception in regards to Natalie McGarry.

      Natalie in a sense wasn’t brought from no where, I campaigned for her during the Dunfermline by election, I know her who mother is an SNP councillor in Fife and her aunt who was the presiding officer in the Scottish parliament.

      So in my opinion that made her a prime target for the British nationalist media to goafter

    317. Petra says:

      @ Marie Clark at 1:21pm ….”They seem to forget, we’re no like the auld cowboy movies, where they would take oot the Indian chief and the rest would run away.”..

      Ha, ha, ha! Spot on Marie. This has been a tactic used Worldwide for centuries now. Take out the leaders and their armies will fall into disarray, hence them going after Nicola too.

      However this is just another example of how little they know the Scots. Understand us. We’re a thrawn Nation of highly intelligent people, in the main, who can’t stand unfairness and injustice …. and can clearly see what’s going on. All this does is gets us riled, pull together and makes us even more determined to achieve our objective. This will see us really closing ranks now, just as Alex would want us to do. I’m also sure that many potential No voters, or sitting on the fence types, will also be questioning what’s going on now. They’ve just poked the bear with their wee flimsy stick, imo. Hell mend them.

    318. Baldeagle58 says:

      alistair x says:

      24 January, 2019 at 12:00 pm

      The last time they went for Alec I rejoined the SNP.
      Today I ordered a indyref t shirt and gave myself a mission to sign up three of my apathetic pals for postal votes.
      They just don’t get us do they

      ‘POSTAL VOTE’? Seriously?
      The last thing I would be doing when IndyRef2 comes round is using a Postal Vote…….
      These things have been known to ‘go missing’. Just check out the number of reportedly missing ones from the EU Referendum.

    319. wull2 says:

      Does that mean, the Media cannot tell lies or talk about the case.
      Hope so. YES

      If anyone on here says any thing different, don’t engage.
      Insolent till Proven Guilty, sometimes.

    320. Gfaetheblock says:

      Peter and Meg re mcgarry

      It was women for independence that called the police in, that has led to mcgarry going to court next month. The media have reported what WFI raised.

    321. I heard someone say that ruling by fooling is a great British art with great Scottish fools to practise on how true vote snp

    322. @Gfaetheblock 24 January, 2019 at 2:09 pm

      Yes I am well aware that it was WFI that called the police, however that doesn’t mean the media weren’t out trying to dig for dirt on her.

      Just look at how they went after other SNP MPs

    323. Dr Jim says:

      @Socrates MacSporran

      The presiding officer chose to make his announcement live on air when he knew proceedings were being televised, the correct time to make such an announcement would be when the chamber begins for the day in order to avert any other members from asking questions of other ministers on the subject before FMQs even begins almost 3 hours later into the proceedings (first order of business)

      Ken Mackintosh timed deliberately the statement of NOT talking about a topic publicly whilst talking about it publicly

    324. Fairliered says:

      Would today be a good day to announce Indyref2? While the yoons can’t drag Alex into their rants?

    325. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Dr Jim @ 2.21pm

      I am sorry, but, I disagree with your reading of the situation.

      Questions to other ministers have to be about matters within that minister’s remit. FMQs is “anything goes” time, when members can raise any point they wish – the only time when anyone daft enough (and we ken there are dafties in all three branches of the Tory Party at Holyrood) could have raised the matter of Eck’s arrest.

      So, right before FMQs was the best time for Macintosh to fire his warning shot across the bows of the members.

    326. Pete says:

      Thanks for putting out the facts.
      Hope Ken500 reads it but maybe he’s just too far gone.
      Some of the paranoia on here would drive any sensible person to unionism.

    327. geeo says:

      Sorry, Socrates, but if MSP’s were stupid enough to need told not to mention the AS situation at FMQ’s then it is natural to assume, that they would need reminded not to mention it at the start of the days business.

      Therefore, there was no reason to mention it just as the cameras rolled.

    328. Dr Jim says:

      @ Socrates MacSporran

      We’ll have to disagree I think but I do believe it was exactly the same tactic as used by Toodle oo the Noo making a public announcement about not making a public annoucement in much the same way as you and I going into a German pub for a pint and either one of us saying *don’t mention the war* before either of us puts our foot in it

      A bit Basil Fawltyish but y’know

    329. Ken500 says:

      May and the unionists will pay for this at the Ballot Box. Every Unionist could be voted out in the next 2+ years. Another IndyRef.

    330. Ken500 says:

      The facts?

      Some folk can’t even get their wives nationality right. Sometimes they are Irish. Sometime they are English. Unless they are committing bigamy.

      Another crime. Boring folk all the time

    331. Wee Alex says:

      Baldeagle58 says: POSTAL VOTES GO MISSING.

      Sorry, where is the evidence, in any case its the opposition who use Postal votes most. It would be mostly opposition votes that go missing if this argument were true.

      Political parties can attend when the envelope is opened, the signature is checked for validity and the papers are registered. This is all done by the returning officers staff. The box with voting papers is sealed and recorded, the votes aren’t split into parties at this stage, this takes place at the count on the evening of the election.

      If boxes go missing, it can be checked on the night by party tellers.

      If you mistrust postal voting, then vote in person or arrange a proxy vote.

      How many people missed out because of holidays and the likes who could have voted.

    332. yesindyref2 says:

      @Ken500 “Some folk can’t even get their wives nationality right. Sometimes they are Irish. Sometime they are English. Unless they are committing bigamy.

      If that’s directed at me for my 1.44 pm posting then you’re barking mad. My wife has always been Irish, is Irish, and always will be. Call her British and you’d regret it.

    333. frogesque says:

      Charges relate to breach of peace, sexual offences and one of attempted tape.

      Alex will vigerously defend himself and denies all charges

      Info from BBC. I’ve no further comment to make until due process is complete.

      Please remove this post if deemed inappropriate.

    334. ronnie anderson says:


      Alex Salmond’s time spend as a MP down in the corrupt city of London and not one whisper of impropriety [ did the Mi 5/6 slip up in their spying on Alex I dont think so ] . Harold Wilson/James Callahan were the subjects of spying by Mi5/6 , and its a certainty that Alex given his stance on Independence was to .


      Why now & in Scotland allegations are being made against Alex HE’S ALL THE MORE DANGERIOUS TO THE UNION IN SCOTLAND amongst his own people [ remember there is no Leader of the Yes Movement that could also be a factor so they have to discredit him ].

      14 charges their employing the scatter gun approach .

      MY Wallet stands ready Alex .

    335. schrodingers cat says:

      take care

    336. mountain shadow says:


      Given the severe nature of the allegations it’s hard to see how we could hold a second independence referendum until it’s completed.

      Further, given the mass hysteria this will create in the Yoon media whether he is guilty or not could spell the end of his career.

    337. Calum McKay says:

      Something smells round the timing of this!

    338. Ghillie says:

      mountain shadow,

      In your dreams.

    339. Capella says:

      Wish I had a shilling for every time Alex Salmond’s career has been “ended”.

    340. Undeadshaun says:

      Whilst this may be to prevent Alex leading yes movement in indy ref.

      There are other able people, lesley riddoch springs to mind as one more than capable of handling the media. And motivate people.

    341. Sarah says:

      @mountain shadow – that is exactly the reaction they want.
      In truth the exact opposite is what we should do – and I am writing to all Green and SNP MPs/MSPs to say so. And letting the moths out of my purse….

    342. wull2 says:

      Insolent till Proven Guilty, While the Media cant talk about it, we will just have to say,
      Vote YES next time.

    343. TonyH says:

      These will be difficult days for the former FM and the movement as a whole……I could weep I really could.

    344. Bob Mack says:

      All I would say is that if I were Alex Salmonds solicitor , I would be looking forward to this immensely.

      I do not say that lightly.

    345. Al-Stuart says:

      I am furious with the SNP after Fiona Hyslop treated our registered charity with contempt. So I did NOT vote SNP in the last election. Felt rotten not voting at all because brave people have died to allow people to vote.

      However, this $hite abuse of the judicial system to silence Alex Salmond will GUARANTEE MY VOTE GOES TO THE SNP.

      Theresa May and her secret squirrel brigade utterl fail to understand the thrawn nature of the Scottish psyche.

      Alex Salmond stands head and shoulders as a political giant with forensic skills to match the best QC/Advocate. I believe this WM excrement will backfire spectacularly on the Tory Sir Humphreys.

      Gaun yersel’ Eck. GIRFUT.

    346. mountain shadow says:

      Sarah Says:
      @mountain shadow – that is exactly the reaction they want.
      In truth the exact opposite is what we should do


      Imagine that Indy Ref 2 is ongoing and perhaps a few days before the vote, that Alex is found guilty. Does anyone really want to take the risk on what impact that could have on the vote?

    347. Shinty says:

      Ronnie Anderson says
      “[did the Mi 5/6 slip up in their spying on Alex I dont think so]

      Was it not also discovered that the BBC set up a ‘unit’ to investigate Alex ?

    348. haudonthenoo says:

      @mountain shadow ..

      If its not Salmond they will find someone/something else.

      (They will do that anyway).

      Not seem a single person comment elsewhere who believes a word of this. Not one.

    349. Famous15 says:

      I will support Independence for Scotland whatever events unold.

      Scotland is more important than any individual within it or any single policy or service.

      Some social and health policies annoy me but that does not change the bigger picture of being part of the international community and making our own democratic choices. These choices will rarely result in the present Tory policies foisted on us.

    350. Essexexile says:

      Mountain Shadow@3.34pm
      Has this been on NS mind? Would indyref2 have been called in the last few weeks / months if today’s charges (and what will follow) hadn’t been on the horizon?
      Speculating here of course. I’ve no idea.

    351. Sarah says:

      mountain shadow..

      regaining Scotland’s position as a nation state is not based on one person’s behaviour. The vote will not be affected by the outcome of any case, except to increase in favour of Scotland not being subject any longer to the press and establishment of another country.

    352. grafter says:

      Shinty…Did the BBC set up a unit to investigate Jimmy Saville ?

    353. Abulhaq says:

      No finer sight than the Brit media in one of its episodes of prurient, puritanical self-righteousness.

    354. mountain shadow says:

      arah says:
      24 January, 2019 at 3:43 pm
      mountain shadow..

      regaining Scotland’s position as a nation state is not based on one person’s behaviour. The vote will not be affected by the outcome of any case, except to increase in favour of Scotland not being subject any longer to the press and establishment of another country.
      Well Sarah. You know that, I know that and the majority of independence supporters know that, but we need to persuade 2.55% of the population to know that, and this case makes it a hell of a lot difficult.

    355. jfngw says:

      Good luck finding an impartial jury, or anyone that has not been tainted by the media coverage of the Salmond affair. Probably best excluding anyone with a TV licence or that takes a Scottish paper regularly.

    356. Peter Mc Culloch


      I don’t mean that Natalie has ‘come from nowhere’ I mean that the resurrection of her case has ‘come from nowhere’.

      In fact my first reaction to reading about the up coming case was puzzlement. Having heard nothing, nor read anything recently, I had almost forgotten it was still ‘live’ ; in fact I thought it had been resolved ages ago.
      My comment was on the seeming coincidence of so many cases all arriving like ‘London buses’ and that they had sat on her case for so long that it was almost obsolete.

      I note now the reported sentence that ‘no date is fixed for a further hearing’ for AS.

      This will not stop independence.

    357. Undeadshaun says:

      @mountain shadow
      I think omnibrexitshambles will influence people’s votes far more.
      Companies bailing hq from UK, hundreds of thousands jobs at risk.

      Scotland has a life raft to escape it all, the media’s sideshow reporting on 1 person will not affect everyone choosing to board the lifeboat.

    358. sassenach says:

      I smell loads of $hite, but keep repeating Ghandi’s famous words to myself – we are getting very close to the “….. AND THEN WE WIN”.

      Best wishes Alex.

    359. Al-Stuart says:

      The BBC are now in raptures of media meltdown reporting on it’s Unionist website that Alex Salmond has been cautioned and charged with serious sexual offences (and not apparently Contempt of Court).

      This stinks of a political takedown by the Establishment.

      Alex is now completely silenced because of the Contempt of Court rules.

      QED there will be no ability to defend “trial by MSM” and months of drip, drip abuse of our former First Minister by the nuckle dragging Twitter Yoon roaches.

      For the first time ever, I now fear real violence as the State has gone too far in an amateur stitch up from it’s arsenal of dirty tricks.

      I hope more than ever that Scotand manages to stave off the powderkeg of Public Order breakdown caused by utter frustration at these inexorbable democratic insults by the Westminster bullies.

    360. yesindyref2 says:

      Quote from Alex Salmond:

      I’ve got great faith in the court system of Scotland. I’ve got recent cause to have great faith in the court system of Scotland. That is where I’ll state my case.

    361. geeo says:

      Essexexile says:

      24 January, 2019 at 3:42 pm

      Mountain Shadow@3.34pm
      Has this been on NS mind? Would indyref2 have been called in the last few weeks / months if today’s charges (and what will follow) hadn’t been on the horizon?
      Speculating here of course. I’ve no idea.

      No idea, but float the ‘no idea’ anyway huh ?

      You are correct however, you have ‘no idea’ about anything, except your clear agenda aginst independence/SNP.

      You are fooling nobody.

    362. Ghillie

      Briliant ! you may have just coined a perfect slogan inadvertently :

      Don’t get angry, get Indy!

      Love it.

    363. geeo says:


      That post looks more like someone trying to stir up violence than ‘hoping’ it doesn’t.

      Scots are not stupid enough to fall for such pathetic, agenda driven nonsense.

      Must try harder….

    364. McDuff says:

      As we all know Westminster cannot let Scotland go as we are the cash cow,the ovetspill for England and the jewel of their colonies. To that end they will do everything and anything to keep us.
      MI5 will be on overtime.

    365. Marie Clark says:

      I need to be careful here in what I say. Now that we have been made aware of the charges against Alex Salmond, to me they are a load of rubbish. Do you not think, that,if the establishment had anything at all on him that it would not have been dragged out before now. Especially during the first indyref.

      Naw, this stinks to high heaven. If they hope to derail indyref 2, then they’re up a gum tree.

      They’re crapping themselves, that’s what this is about.

      Good luck Alex, say the word if you need a crowdfunder.

      Rev, if I have overstepped the mark here, I will apologise and understand the post being removed.

    366. Ghillie says:


      ‘Don’t get angry – get Indy!’

      Belongs to Shinty @ 1.18 pm!!

      Wish I was that clever with words 🙂

    367. Cubby says:


      “I’ve no idea.” Some self awareness at last. You have no idea of what an independence supporter thinks because you are a Britnat.

    368. Essexexile says:

      Fair question though geeo, regardless of your incorrectly cast aspersions. Plenty around who’ve been hoping and pushing for a second referendum to be announced asap since last autumn.
      Personally, I think she’s been right to wait until the Brexit picture is clear but there’s a fair chance Salmond’s case has influenced her decision on timing.

    369. Well said Shinty!!!

      Don’t get angry, get Indy!

    370. Shinty says:

      “but there’s a fair chance Salmond’s case has influenced her decision on timing”

      Not a chance IMHO.

    371. Anti bbc says:

      And all this happened on the run up to the 2014 referendum. They should have raised it then and we would all have voted no.
      Aye f****n right

    372. Welsh Sion says:

      O/T Trying to post and then getting message that connection is not secure and thereby losing message.

      Any help, please? Thanks.

    373. geeo says:

      Hilarious post of the day award…


      mountain shadow says:

      24 January, 2019 at 3:16 pm


      Given the severe nature of the allegations it’s hard to see how we could hold a second independence referendum until it’s completed.

      Further, given the mass hysteria this will create in the Yoon media whether he is guilty or not could spell the end of his career.

      “Boaby smith, a painter and decorater from brigadoon, has been arrested for stealing paint, Boaby, a Yes supporter, has vowed to fight the allegations, indyref2 cannot possibly go ahead after this startling revelation against a Yes supporter”.

      Given the mass hysteria this will create in the yoon media, whether Boaby is guilty of not, this could be the end of his career.


      The difference between the 2 cases is, of course, that Boaby HAS a career painting.

      Alex Salmond is NOT a serving politician any more than Boaby is, and NOT even a member of any political party, therefore has no career to ‘end’, especially given that no elections are scheduled for quite some years meaning not on this side of indyref2.

      If and when Alex is found innocent or the case is dropped quietly later, there is NOTHING to stop him standing for election.

      Whether the public vote for him is another matter, he did after all, lose his seat in 2017 when there were no such media hysteria over allegations such as levelled against him today.

      The good thing about such a case as AS today, is it outs those elements who have quietly pretended to be indy supporters while sleekitly trying to undermine indy online.

      Not just on here either.

      As i write this, Nicola Sturgeon has expertly shut down the media scrum at Holyrood, saying it is now inapproptiate for her to comment on a live investigation and she hopes the media and public respects that position.

      Whatever story they print, will not be coming from NS or the SNP.

      Good job Nicola.

    374. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Whether guilty or innocent this will take Salmond out of the running in a potential ‘snap’ GE as well as tarnishing him in advance of IndyRef2.

    375. Jim McIntosh says:

      @shrodingers cat

      As usual WGD hits the nail directly on the head.

      From the blog you linked to:

      “That case remains the exact same today as it did yesterday. That is why no matter what happens with respect to Alex Salmond’s legal issues, the reasons for independence will remain unchanged.”

      We’d all be advised to remember and pass this on in the coming days/weeks.

    376. Proud Cybernat says:

      I’m pretty sure the question on the IndyRef2 ballot paper (coming soon to a polling station near you) won’t be ‘Alex Salmond’. In fact, I’m certain of it.

    377. geeo says:

      Essexmissile says:

      “but there’s a fair chance Salmond’s case has influenced her decision on timing”

      Essexmissile says 5 minutes earlier:

      “I’ve no idea”

      ‘Nuff said.

    378. admiral says:

      grafter says:
      24 January, 2019 at 3:45 pm
      Shinty…Did the BBC set up a unit to investigate Jimmy Saville ?

      Didn’t need to – they knew all about his nefarious activities and chose to do nowt. As did Thatcher re Savile and other of her supporters, ministers and MPs.

      And it was under Theresa May’s control of the Home Office that hundreds of files on historical sex abuse by parliamentarians and others in public office went missing in circumstances that have never been fully investigated, far less explained and accounted for.

    379. Dr Jim says:

      Remember when the attempt was made on former FM Alex Salmonds life there seemed to be almost zero media coverage of an attempted murder on a First Minister of Scotlands, the media’s avoidance of the story was tangible like it was a small incident because he was alive so what’s all the fuss about

      Or what about the threats to the current FMs life I bet there’s folk out there who didn’t even hear of it at the time, and still don’t know it happened

      There was more publicity and media coverage over Jim Murphy’s egg, that nonsense went on for weeks as though Scotland was descending into civil war

      But here we are today with another push for Independence coming and we have enormous amounts of publicity telling us we shouldn’t talk about the enormous amounts of publicity about a man who who so far has been found guilty of nothing about distant historical charges that only came to light at the exact time when Brexit caused the whole of the UK to go into meltdown making Scottish Independence a high priority

      Well blow me down with coincidences that happen just exactly when the UK needs them to happen, what an amazing turn of events eh

      And you know what just like Michelle Thompson and others this’ll likely be drawn out for as long as possible past the point where it becomes relevant to todays position (dust settling) and then it will quietly disappear just like Michelle Thompson did, but Hey! she’s back and the media are showering her with apologies for the witch hunt they carried out on her, NOT!

      If Alex Salmond’s case is of such importance for truth and justice in the world according to the not talking about it media who keep telling us they’ve not to talk about it
      why isn’t any trial or hearing being conducted right now surely they can move some other case back about someone we never heard of about a crime we don’t know of if Alex Salmond’s case is Soooo important

      I mean if this case is years old in the making surely all the relevant information to each side is and has been made available for proceeding

    380. geeo says:


      Alex could not stand as a GE candidate anyway, he is not a member of the SNP.

      Unless he planned to stand against the SNP as an independent candidate.

      Not sure the Party would be happy at having the indy vote split and losing the seat to a unionist party.

    381. Ken500 says:

      Aye right?

    382. Ghillie says:

      Good article by Wee Ginger Dug =)

      Link : Shrodinger’s cat @ 3.53 pm

      And from that article I am borrowing words for my toast to Scotland:

      Here’s to ‘a kinder, gentler, better land’, Independent Scotland 🙂

      Our flame of hope will always burn bright in the midst of the storm.

    383. yesindyref2 says:

      The timing I think is perfect, gets it out of the way before Indy Ref 2, plus slaps a “Contempt of Court” restraint on speculation. All that can now be reported is straight facts, not prejudicial innuendo.

      Yousaf has no direct control over the procurator fiscals, the court, the police, but he may well have requested (not demanded because he can’t) that the proceedings be expedited – and Salmond’s legal team who would be party to such a request, agreed. That’s speculation but OK I think as it’s not prejudicial in any way.

    384. Juteman says:

      Salmond charged with sexual offences.
      Mmm. I wanted Scotland to vote for Indy and stay in the EU.
      I will now vote No in any future ref.
      Eh, that will be right!
      British State attack is too obvious.

    385. yesindyref2 says:

      That should be “Youasf has no direct contril but DOES have responsibility”. Full responsibility since justice was fully devolved in 1998, and was held separate before (Scotland Office), with all Scotland Office functions being handed over in 1999.

    386. One_Scot says:

      It has all the hallmarks of a British State carefully planned pre-timed Which hunt.

    387. Cubby says:

      The lying deceitful Britnats are trying to turn Scotland into the same hateful divide that is N. Ireland.

      The old divide, conquer and rule playbook that has worked well for the Britnats all over the world.

      Cast your mind back to the Wings video post from the Glasgow AUOB march. Two young Rangers fans shouting f……..g Catholics at the marchers in union st. Using sectarianism to divide Scotland.

    388. One_Scot says:

      I know, I think I must be dilexic 🙂

    389. Ghillie says:

      Have a wee read of Wee Ginger Dug =)

    390. Daisy Walker says:

      Deeply gutted for Alex. Incredibly stressful time for him and a real double dunt after his recent victory in court.

      Worthy of note, in general terms, criminal proceedings go first and work related accusations of breaches of working conditions come after.

      Interesting the order of events for AS.

      He is a very able and brave man. Hand in pockets for the next fund raiser.

      For those looking for a leader for IndyRef2… can I suggest its all of us and no-one. I’m one of Alex’s biggest admirers, but I reckon his contribution in IndyRef2 is in his expertise behind the scenes this time, not out in front. And if I’m right on this, and if the above is WM attempt to neuter him… then in a way they’ve just thrown Brer Rabbit into the brambles.

      Its coming yet – fir aw that.

    391. Marie Clark says:

      Well said Dr Jim.

    392. Dorothy Devine says:

      If someone was being set up by the establishment surely a whistleblower would emerge , someone with integrity and a moral compass , a journalist perhaps or policeman or judge or procurator fiscal .

      I would like to think that there was such an honest person whose only interest would be justice.

    393. Albert Herring says:

      Dear Rev sub-editor:


    394. Iain says:

      It’s a strange thing that the bbc can go into such raptures over the Alex Slamonds case yet actively cover up and assist Jimmy Saville.
      The low levels that the brittish state reaches to save their subsidiary from Scotland amaze me.

    395. Referendum1707 says:

      Mountain Shadow 3.16

      As Ghillie said, in your dreams pal.

      It’s possible that this AS thing will end up backfiring on them somehow. Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve tried to pull something like this and it just didn’t work out for them the way they wanted it to. Poor things, eh?

    396. IZZIE says:

      Gutted for Salmond’s wife who has always been a lady with quiet dignity. Years ago the Unionist taunt was the SNP was a one man band the talent that emerges from the ranks belies that. AS is not the SNP and not the Indy movement. We need to be ‘strong and stable’ err maybe not.

    397. Shinty says:

      Would 14 charges mean 14 separate hearings? (ie drag on for years)

    398. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Now is when the strength and the good sense of the SNP will be exhibited. Any party figure making any comment on this matter is doing us a disservice.
      We are fortunate indeed to have a remarkable leader whose behaviour over this has been exactly right.

      We know nothing about the actual facts and that should be understood. AS is innocent until proven guilty

      Whatever the outcome it has nothing to say about our independence case.

      The UK establishment does not understand how strong we are.

    399. Proud Cybernat says:

      It’s getting windy cuz we’re nearing indy!

    400. geeo says:

      Still waiting on Sky News to report on thon Aberdeen Tory lord provost being charged with sex offences…

      Any minute now i’m sure…

    401. ALANM says:

      London Calling…

      Pay attention you lot at the back. Dae as yer telt or you’ll be next. Just remember what happened to Mary Queen of Scots. Now shut up and eat yer porridge.

      end of message

    402. Petra says:

      If the attempted *ape charge relates to the “story” outlined by Clegg in the Daily Record last year it’ll be laughed out of Court. So c’mon get a move on and don’t be thinking of dragging this out. Let’s get everyone on the stand, ASAP, and hear what they’ve got to say.

      Meanwhile the many friends that Alex has Worldwide and politicians / the media abroad must be shaking their heads in disbelief or rather were waiting to see what Westminster would come up with next. Well there you go.

      And what’s happened to the 70 odd complaints, no doubt the tip of the iceberg, in relation to Westminster politicians? Is the Met currently rounding them up?

      Anyway a big hug for Alex and of course for Moira too XX And Nicola X Keep your chins up and hang on in there. Know that you’ve got support from hundreds of thousands of Scots and from people all over the World.

    403. Bobp says:

      Meg merrilees 3.56pm. With a slight adjustment if i may. Good on billboards ‘ Dont get angry Scotland.Get indy.

    404. boris says:

      The Tory Party was almost wiped out in Scotland, a consequence of the appalling behaviour of many of their MP’s. Scots would no longer tolerate the underhand betrayal of values, held dear by many voters. The suffering, abuse and excesses inflicted upon Scots by a group of individuals whose morals and actions mirrored that of a snake, was at an end.

      The voters of Eastwood had been betrayed and abused more so than in some other constituencies. Family values had been ditched by the incumbent Tory MP Alan Stewart, his drunken affair with a married woman and an attack on a constituent with a pickaxe handle.

      And, “rubbing salt into raw wounds” the Tory candidate Sir Michael Hirst, who replaced him was then revealed to be a “chancer” who betrayed his wife and family, engaging with Party colleagues in a number of secret homosexual affairs over many years.

    405. Gary45% says:

      I posted this months ago.
      “Planet Oil” second episode, this will give you an insight into what the “establishment/empire” will get up to.
      I watched it when you could still get the BBC I-player without the “Matrix” tax.
      I think its available on yatube.
      Must be a GE coming.

    406. Gary45% says:

      Don’t vote Angry.
      Vote Indy.

    407. Maria F says:

      I did not think this was possible, but my trust in this union’s democratic, moral, civic and ethic values has hit today a new low.

      I am sorry but I cannot see what is being done to Mr Salmond as anything other than a disgusting and deliberate set up. A pathetic maneuver from the English establishment to desperately slow down the pro indy movement by tarnishing Mr Salmond’s reputation. No matter what this man is charged of, I am afraid I will simply not change my mind. Timing is all, and the timing of this has been carefully selected, that bit is obvious.

      In addition, this man is and has been for months all over the press, yet, all those disgusting child molesters and abusers linked to the tory, labour and libdem political arms of the English establishment for decades have been and are protected as if they were the crown jewels, even going to the lengths of “miraculously” making disappear dossiers with a wealth of information. I find this discrepancy morally repugnant and abhorrent.

      Frankly, when the English establishment feels that it has to go so deep in the moral and ethical sewers of this union to find a way of rendering Mr Salmond “unelectable”, it is blatantly obvious to me that their confidence on the abilities of the tory empty vessel currently holding the Gordon seat to actually retain the seat are clearly, how can we put this mildly, non existent?

      So, the obvious question here is:
      are we to expect the English establishment having to submerge themselves deep into the political, ethical and moral sewers of the union 12 more times, to “ensure” the useless 13 tory empty vessels’ backsides remain in the seats?

      Because one really has to wonder.

    408. yesindyref2 says:

      If your opponent has sharp pointy metal weapons it’s always handy if you can sneak in first and replace them with round plastic ones.

      Indy Ref 2 is in the air. Won’t be long now.

    409. AlbertaScot says:

      Well, that’s a lot of friggin’ charges.

      Likely trying to panic him into a plea deal. I guess that didn’t work.

      But so far not one sliver of evidence.

      So far just a big smear.

      But it’s no longer greasy politics and immoral “journalism.” It’s in court where reasonable doubt rules.

      OK, they’ve had the big build up. They hate AS. Got it.

      Now show us the money.

      Betcha that’s when this old clunker starts leaking oil.

      What do you reckon the old publication ban dodge comes next.

    410. Gary45% says:

      Journalism!!, Churnalism is the new accepted norm for the gutter press.

    411. Pacman says:

      Alex Salmond’s arrest was discussed in at work today.

      What surprised me was how sympathetic work colleagues were towards him, the reasons being that these allegations were known for years and now is only being acted on and that the press has convicted him even before he has been tried in a court of law. What surprised me even more was that these sentiments were echoed by one who was vehemently anti-indy and had expressed their opinions in no uncertain terms during the campaign.

      There is no doubt political in motive and the British establishment have totally miscalculated it. They are totally out of touch with the common Scot and more importantly, those Scot’s that are naturally against indy. By this, they have created a martyr out of AS and it legitimises claims that this is part of a witch-hunt against in.

      It also exposes how grubby and vindictive the British establishment are. People who are against indy do so for valid reasons but do they really want to associate and ally themselves with such a vile lot?

    412. Morgatron says:

      The Record and Clegg should not be forgotten in all of this.

    413. Pete says:

      If this is a Westminster MI5 set up, it doesn’t say a lot for NS and the SG who are quietly letting this all happen without any response.
      I think most of the posters on here, with the honourable exception of yesindyref2, are living in cloud cuckoo land.
      Not a good advert for an independent Scotland.
      It certainly makes for hilarious reading.
      Maybe Elvis will come out shortly?

    414. Cubby says:

      Boris@5.22 pm

      Re Allan Stewart you forgot about when Stewart drunkenly took his son and his sons friend to the m77 protestors location with a loaded rifle. The polis were not impressed. Nasty Britnats right enough.

    415. yesindyref2 says:

      Interesting to see the Rev’s comments on Twitter about AS. Here they all are:


      I’d say that’s an ongoing good example to copy.

    416. admiral says:

      IZZIE says:
      24 January, 2019 at 4:54 pm
      Gutted for Salmond’s wife who has always been a lady with quiet dignity. Years ago the Unionist taunt was the SNP was a one man band the talent that emerges from the ranks belies that. AS is not the SNP and not the Indy movement. We need to be ‘strong and stable’ err maybe not.

      Hear! Hear!

      Moira has been a wonderful support to Alex and the wider movement. A lady of great dignity.

      Also a very smart cookie, a former senior civil servant, a successful career she gave up to support Alex in his political crusade. She’ll ken what they’re like!

    417. Jock McDonnell says:

      Just simply refusing to increase the hitcount on any yoon media today.
      The most persecuted Scot in a long time.

      My line to casual acquaintances will be ‘aye, I’m sure they’ll find something to get him somehow, they’ve been trying long enough’

    418. Dr Jim says:

      There are two kinds of people who can say what they like with zero repercussions

      1 Tory and Westminster elite because well it’s them isn’t it
      2 Poor people because nobody listens to them

    419. Douglas Mitchell says:

      Desperately saddened by these events, and hope to God that AS will be cleared of any wrong doing. Just glad that RD is still on maternity leave, couldn’t put up with that snarling face ruminating over every twist and turn of the case.

    420. ALANM says:

      I’m hearing that a decision was taken at the highest level to wheel out Big Bertha (the woman in charge of the typing pool).

    421. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I would love it if the London Establishment’s unfamiliarity with Scots Law, plus the already rabid reportage of the tabloids back-fired on them.

      Regardless of Alex’s guilt or innocence, which I am confident will be strenuously tested by the Scottish legal system and Scots Law, I just wonder if the media’s already frenetic comments on these allegations might prevent him ever getting a fair trial.

      Of course, the Establishment does not need a guilty verdict – although that would undoubtedly suit them – a sufficiently serious blackening of Alex’s character and reputation would suffice, if they can take one of the giants of the Independence movement out of the equation.

    422. Maria F says:

      Pete says:
      24 January, 2019 at 5:49 pm
      “If this is a Westminster MI5 set up, it doesn’t say a lot for NS and the SG who are quietly letting this all happen without any response”

      What exactly do you mean? You cannot possibly be suggesting that the courts should not be let to do their work, can you? Because letting the courts do their work is, quite rightly, what NS and SG are doing. Anything else could seriously compromise the case. You cannot be seriously asking for that, can you?

      Vultures are big but coward birds. They do not kill the pray themselves, they capitalise and feast on what other animals kill.

      I compare the useless Scottish branches of the English establishment political arms to vultures: they tend to circle around the wounded character of an SNP politician waiting for the dark hand of the English establishment to finish them off politically because the vultures are simply incapable to beat them by their own means and in fair terms, so they can only beat them when they are already down.

    423. Petra says:

      BBC News: Alex Salmond accused of 2 attempted r*pes, 9 sexual assaults, 2 indecent assaults and 1 Breach of the Peace.

      Alex vehemently denies any criminality.

    424. Ken500 says:

      Suspended AlanDonnelly remains part of the Tory group on ACC.

    425. Pete says:

      Maria F 6.07
      What do I mean?
      I agree entirely with what you say – let the Scottish Courts do their job.
      I just don’t see what Westminster, the English establishment,MI5 et al has got anything to do with it.
      He was arrested by Police Scotland, was put before the Scottish justice system, all controlled by the SG.
      Why the conspiracy theories?
      Plus, if there were, surely someone in the SG or SNP would be doing something about it.
      Take a pill and lie down for a bit.

    426. Famous15 says:

      I cannot help thinking someone has overdone this.

    427. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Here’s the deal. We are going for independence. Alex Salmond is no longer the leader of the independence campaign. So if we waste our energies agonising over an issue we can do nothing about we are doing exactly what our opponents would like us to do.

      We wish Alex Salmond well but his advice to us would be to get on with the political battle.

      We have a leader now who is universally respected whose strength will be enhanced by our support and our commitment to our aim.

      That is our best reaction to the present circumstance and one our enemy cannot swallow.

    428. Famous15 says:

      Pete,can I tell you that Special Branch is not controlled by theScottish Government. It is controlled by Box . Shhhhhhhh I let that slip out.

    429. Maybe we should make a hybrid :

      Don’t get angry, vote Indy

    430. Golfnut says:

      A sad day for the Indy movement, not. These clowns forget what happened when they murdered Wallace.

      They act with impunity, believing they have severely weakened the Indy movement or even delayed the referendum.
      I believe that is a mistake, delusional even, certainly desperate. AS will be the weapon they use because they have nothing else.

      When the referendum is called, the Yes movements campaign should include a petition to the Scottish Parliament demanding a Judicial review on which charges can be brought against Politicians, media, civil service regarding their actions during the constitutional process. It should be retrospective.

    431. Well said Dave Mc Ewan Hill

    432. HandandShrimp says:

      These are exceptionally serious charges. I cannot understand why the Civil Service were treating it as a grievance process and it was months (years possibly in one of the two cases) before the police were involved.

      Something doesn’t hang right here.

    433. aLurker says:

      Boris@5.22 pm

      Thanks for your timely reminder of the scandalous conduct of Tories past. 😉

      I do feel however that no such mention of Jim Murphy “Savior of the Union” [1] should ever be allowed to pass without refreshing th memories of his shameless self-promotion into any position in which he could attempt to exploit for his own enrichment, such as
      chairman of the Labour Friends of Israel”
      which many will equate with a racist warmongering psycopathic regime of modern day apartite?

      and while we are remembering, what about connection with despicable CIA funded warmongering neo-cons the Henry Jackson society ?

      Memories fade, but some links remain. 😉

      Thankyou for all your great links 😉


    434. DerekM says:

      Jings they must have really not liked us digging into their latest smear.
      Though kind of not unexpected for them to shut it down.

      Ach the lad can look after himself been fighting them most of his life you know.

      But you know how it will go,the next battle they will make about him,they still think feudal take down the leaders and the serfs will fall into place a bit silly really since the SNP only work for us.

      They need a focal point of distraction from how shite being in this UK union is,because there is no positive case for being in this UK union if we leave the EU.

      We are playing the very British game of who will jump first but one of us does not need to jump because soon the other is going to fall off when the timer holding their platform up stops.

      The EU card is the key always has been.

    435. Shinty says:

      “I just don’t see what Westminster, the English establishment,MI5 et al has got anything to do with it.”

      Because it’s their favourite box of tricks. History should teach you that.

      The Empire is most dangerous in it’s dying breath.

    436. Essexexile says:

      Golf nut @6.28pm
      Isn’t that what they did? Hence the charges of historical sexual misconduct AS is facing.
      As others have said, none of it will put a dent in my support for indy. I was never much of a fan of Salmond the politician and these charges have nothing to do with politics and are his to face alone.
      NS has the luxury of being able avoid the subject completely when questioned by the media by rightly saying it’s not appropriate to talk about a live case. Whether or not she decides it will influence the chances of an indyref2 any time soon, is for her to judge and the rest of us to speculate.
      Will be interesting to see how much (if any) distance AS puts between himself and an indyref2 campaign if it’s called very shortly.

    437. jfngw says:

      Nothing we can do about the Salmond case except wait for the outcome.

      The important thing we should be focusing on is Scotland’s future, I’ll put Mr Salmond on the back burner for now and get back to what is important, extracting us from the Westminster disaster of Brexit. The Brit Nats will be delighted if we end up talking endlessly about this subject and loosing focus on independence.

    438. Robert Louis says:

      Dave McEwan Hill at 621pm,

      Totally agree. Events must play out, but in the meantime, channel our anger/frustration into winning independence.

      You can’t just smell London’s fear, you can actually taste it. Our time is soon.

      Personally speaking, my resolve to help get independence when the referendum is called by our First Minister, is even stronger after today. Westminster can go f*** itself.

    439. Maria F says:

      Pete says:
      24 January, 2019 at 6:20 pm

      “I just don’t see what Westminster, the English establishment,MI5 et al has got anything to do with it”

      I guess we will have to agree to strongly disagree on that. To me when something smells fake, feels fake, tastes fake and looks fake, it is fake and that is exactly how this set up on Mr Salmond feels: fake.

      “He was arrested by Police Scotland, was put before the Scottish justice system, all controlled by the SG”

      Was Judith McKinnon not in Police Scotland at some point or another? Are you perhaps suggesting that the secret services so incompetent that they are wearing baseball cups and black t-shirts outfits with big, white MI5 written on them so they can be spotted easily to the untrained eye and be evicted? You are being ridiculous.

      “Why the conspiracy theories?”
      I don’t see them as conspiracy theories, to be frank. I see them as an obvious, predictable, vulgar and totally desperate attempt by the English establishment to thwart Scotland’s independence. I see them as an embarrassing public acceptance that the English establishment is finally aware that it does not longer stand a chance of winning on “fair” terms.

      “If there were, surely someone in the SG or SNP would be doing something about it”
      What tells you they are not?

      “Take a pill and lie down for a bit”
      What for? To look the other way and become more receptive of the propaganda broadcasts of the BBC?

      Not a chance.

    440. Petra says:

      Does anyone know if this will shut the Unionists, who take their orders from London, UP at FMQ’s.

    441. jfngw says:

      Now on day six of pigeongeddon, so far one death to which it was a contributing factor. Meanwhile the record of MRSA deaths in Scottish hospital when under Brit Nat governments would make your eyes water, hundreds every year, only showing significant decline after SNP took over.

    442. TheBuchanLoony says:

      Is this Alex Salmond case going to have the same effect as the execution of James Connolly in Ireland in 1916 where it turned Irish public opinion forever against the UK government and overwhelmingly in favour of independence for Ireland ?

    443. Davie Oga says:

      The best way to ensure Alex Salmond’s court case doesn’t dominate the media and undermine the independence movement is getting it off the front page through the fighting of a sharp, short, victorious referendum campaign.

    444. Dr Jim says:

      There is an emergency at another hospital STV can reveal where a pest conrol company was called out to a car park, we’ll keep you updated with the latest on that now back to you in the studio John

      Seriously really emergency call out to a car park for pigeons

      BBC went with *There is another unrelated incident of a fungal infection which we’ll keep you up to date on*

      *Unrelated* has now been redefined in the dictionary as *the same as* according to the BBC

      The delving into the realms of the ludicrous now

    445. schrodingers cat says:

      next they will tell you that willy macrae commited suicide by shooting himself in the head, twice, and then throwing away the gun

    446. Iain mhor says:

      Deary me, just caught the news and canny stop laughing!
      Alex “Tuco” Salmond – the tears were blinding me.

      Wanted in fourteen counties of this State, the condemned is found guilty of murder, armed robbery of citizens, state banks, and post offices; the theft of sacred objects, arson in a state prison, perjury, bigamy, deserting his wife and children, inciting prostitution, kidnapping, extortion, receiving stolen goods, selling stolen goods, passing counterfeit money, and contrary to the laws of this State the condemned is guilty of using marked cards and loaded dice..”

      Aye it’s a sin obviously, but oh ma ribs!

    447. Shinty says:

      “Will be interesting to see how much (if any) distance AS puts between himself and an indyref2 campaign if it’s called very shortly”

      Will Theresa May distance herself from a no deal Brexit?

    448. Craig P says:

      A lot of pish about MI5 on here. I’d recommend everyone head over to wee ginger dug and absorb his take on the matter.

    449. starlaw says:

      Wonder what the great John McLean would have made of all this, he was jailed on false charges in the 1920’s and we sing about him to this day.

    450. Shinty says:

      “next they will tell you that willy macrae commited suicide by shooting himself in the head, twice, and then throwing away the gun”

      And Heath was on board Battenberg ‘Mountbattens’ boat for the sailing.

    451. Cubby says:

      For those who think the police are without corruption please remind yourself of the two IRA bombing stitch ups of innocent Irish and the Hillsborough scandal.

    452. DerekM says:

      Oh and magnificent article Miguel hopefully soon we will be a normal nation again that can welcome people from all over the world to help build a new Scotland.

      Only fitting since everywhere in the world you go you find one of us Scots lol

    453. Essexexile says:

      Shinty @7.13pm
      Typed out a response to you but deleted it as although it didn’t cross any lines, I’m accutely aware that discussing any details of the case (other than those made public) is rightly forbidden.
      And I don’t want to go anywhere near doing that.

    454. Ahundredthidiot says:

      Empire in meltdown, fucking brilliant.

      I am not a mob person, so innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. british MSM embarrassing itself as usual.

      and Miguel…….you’re a bastard, i was sneaking a peak at Wings today at my desk and you almost had me in tears as my boss walked in………but thank you nonetheless, that is exactly why our ‘form’ of nationalism needs to win out over the other kind of nationalism.

    455. frogesque says:

      Courtesy of my partner. Previous NO is now a garded YES. She’s not sure about being in the EU but on balance she is with us.

      This from my other who herself was a previous NO!

      We are on our way!

    456. ephemeraldeception says:

      What makes me confident this is a stichup is based on several elements. Nevertheless the accusers also need to be heard in court.

      What strikes me as relevant is:
      a) Seriousness of the allegations yet the huge delay in this reaching a charge. Police must have enough information now to justify pressing charges, why not before?

      b) AS is keenly aware that he is a thorn in the establishment side abd constantly monitored. If he did attempt multiple sexual assaults then he knew this would come out. Any victim would also know that they would get a lot of support from many sources to take them seriously.

      It does not seem credible that AS is some sort of serial sexual deviant and yet only these two have come forward despite many months of publicity. There should have been many such occurances of his alleged criminal acts.

      c) Alexs’ wife has stood by him 100% afaik.

      d) Why did the accusers not come forward as part of the ‘mee too’ campaign, or before or since. Maybe didnt want the publicity but its sure their identities and publicity will come out if it goes to trial.

      e) Timing. Also relevations of what occured during the SGs internal complaint process.

      I also believe that there is 1 of 2 major reasons for NS. postion she has taken on the process in the last months:
      a) AS and she is aware that this is a stich up and NS has distanced herself to protect the SNP and indy movement from the fallout.
      b) AS has confessed at least in part to some of the charges against him (given his strong denial I seriously doubt it) and has distanced herself as a result.

    457. Fionan says:

      just wondering – there arent any controversials bills being enacted in westminster/lords today or in next few days is there? Or more bad news about brexit about to come out? Given the sudden appearance of a multi-coloured all-singing, all-dancing squirrel.

    458. sandy says:

      Just imagine if Nicola gave much as a whisper supporting AS, Media would be out with all guns firing.

      Changed days, tho’. Willie MacRae was physically get rid of.

    459. tom says:

      Yes, innocent until proven guilty.

      That sounds simple enough to understand.

    460. Fionan

      Snap! just been checking exactly that on the parliament timetable in the last few minutes.

      Only interesting one I could see was about t the lack of a devolved government in Stormont.

      Set me a wondering what would happen if the Sinn Fein politicians suddenly decided that emergency situations require desperate action and turn up at WM to take up their seats thus enabling them to vote against the DUP and T May’s government.

      Would love to see the look on the faces of the ERG and T May herself, to say nothing of the baker’s dozen of Scottish Tories.

      I know that they won’t swear allegiance to HM Queen, BUT it would have one heck of an effect!

      Jist like the ‘Sma’ Folk’ coming o’er Gillies Hill at the Battle of Bannockburn…

    461. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      We still don’t know the time frame of these 14 charges. We do know that at least a couple of them relate to 2013.

      Why I raise my left eyebrow is that 2013 was bang in the middle of the indyref1 campaign. Were these complaints flagged up then?

      If they were, why were they not acted upon by the relevant authorities at the time? Could it be that they were held back, with the permission of the complainants, “for future use”?

      They weren’t required in September 2014, because the referendum vote went the wrong way, from our point of view, but the British establishment breathed an EVEL sigh of relief and stucck the box flies of accusations in the lobby press.

      As others have suggested, private polling by “the establishment” could now be showing a majority in Scotland in favour of independence so, time to rake in the press to see what dirt can be spread.


      Only my opinion.

    462. jezza says:

      Would the Alex Salmond case really put anyone off voting for independence?

      After all the IndyRef2 vote will be a straight fight between staying with Brexit England or an independent Scotland within the EU.

      Alex Salmond’s name will not be on the ballot paper.

    463. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “stucck the box flies” = stuck the box files.


    464. jfngw says:

      Missed FMQ’s today, but I expect Richard Leonard had a sad tale in a fake emotional voice as he exploited someone’s grief to score a cheap political point for Labour. I bet I’m not wrong, anybody going to contradict me here?

    465. Bob Mack says:

      Think about it folks. In addition to charging Alex with very serious offences, they also tagged on “Breach of the Peace”.

      In Glasgow at least this is the charge most used to get a conviction of any sort when they can’t get you for anything else.

      It’s like charging somebody for armed robbery then saying you also committed a breach. In all my years experience dealing with offenders I have never seen a serious offender charged with Breach along with his very serious offences. Something stinks.

    466. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Bob Mack.

      In the olden days, when I read ‘The Tully’ (Dundee Evening Telegraph) of an evening, in the court roundup, there was usually at least one person charged with “alarming the lieges”.

      That charge seemed to be leveled when nothing else would stick. All it needed was a couple of “the lieges” to say, “Eh wiz alarmed at his behaviour, an’ thah'”, followed by a fine of a few quid.

    467. North chiel says:

      Interesting comment from “ Scottish Skier” on “Scot goes pop blog” today. He speculates how Westminster will counter any Indyref 2 campaign. Possibly , they will again attempt a “ frenchgate type smear “ against our FM or similar once she calls for Indyref 2? They will undoubtedly be desperate and nothing can be ruled out . The usual Britnat state propagandists will be primed and ready to launch a second “ propaganda blitz” and possibly as they have lost the arguments they “ will go for the man( or woman)” .

    468. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Bob Mack.

      Actually, this is quite interesting. Go to the link, then scroll back a wee bit to “breach of the peace”.

      (Sorry for the space-hoggin’ link but just click anywhere on it.)

    469. SCOTROCK says:

      Cubby and Jezza GTF of this site you boring runts

    470. YESINDYREF2 says:

      Just testing to see if names are case sensitive.

    471. Yesindyref2 says:

      I guess they’re not!

    472. Bob Mack says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon

      I used to examine offenders for pre trial assessment so I have some insight into the way police charges work,

      This is an alleged scheduled offence and as such carries severe penalties. To tag on breach of the peace which in all honesty has a minimal tariff (unless of course you are a multi repeat offender) “such as a small fine, seems very odd indeed.

      I remember in Glasgow that every second teenager you met had been done with a Breach at some point.

      I strongly suspect their case may not hold water.

    473. jezza says:



      This site has some serious mental cases.

    474. Wont comment on the pending case against Mr Salmond, however like many folk suspected a surprise would occur at some point.

      Odd business.

      Nuff said.

    475. jezza says:

      Scotrock and yesindyref2.


    476. Petra says:

      Posting again. Well worth a read.


      I was just thinking that Alex and Moira would really appreciate receiving a wee card of support from us right now. Nicola too. What about it?

    477. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Yi’ ken, I’m now gettin’ really bored of contributors on here accusing other contributors of having medical or mental issues.

      It’s not particularly conducive to getting others to see your point of view, if you’re expressing the opinion that some of them are lacking in some mental or physical faculty.

      Wind it in…

    478. Glamaig says:

      jfngw says:
      24 January, 2019 at 8:09 pm

      You are correct. I had to switch off as soon as his greetin’ ‘concern’ voice started. He was actually quavering. I cant listen to FMQ any more, he is doing my napper in.

    479. Elizabeth Stanley says:


      14 from none to lots really quickly!

      The really good one is breach of the peace.

      We are determined to get you on one count.

      Under consideration was a fake golf handicap & wearing a ridiculous kilt causing a rift between Trump & Treeza but we thought that wouldn’t stick.

    480. cearc says:

      From yesterday’s Politico news email.

      …’Quote of the morning: An unnamed Tory minister tells Tom Newton Dunn the Tories are hemorrhaging votes in pro-Remain middle-class suburbs. “I walk down smarter streets in my constituency these days that were once strongholds, and don’t want anything to do with us now,” the minister says. “If you knock on a door and they have books on their shelves, you can be pretty sure these days they’re not voting Tory.” …

    481. Al-Stuart says:


      I understand your point, but you misspeak. I grew up at the beginning of the Irish troubles and lost a friend in Antrim. His family never got over it and that raw pain has echoed for decades. My apologies if being immersed in that and having scars of loss that colour views and opinion in threads such as this. You see something that you then miscall. That is not my wish and it is upsetting you think that.

      There is a lot of paranoia in SNP circles. A great deal legitimate because of the inexorable SNP-baaaad stuff trying to grind down ordinary voters.

      With respect, Geeo, you are closer to the paranoia than what you interpret as my meaning.

      This turn of events with Alex Salmond is genuinely worrying. You must surely see there is a significant step change in the British State raising the stakes in a highly damaging way.

      The fact I have deja vu from what has plagued Eire and Northern Ireland is legitimate.

      No point in continuing this dialogue as I have little wish being labelled a fifth columnist or whatever. I am merely an ex-Labour voter who used to have a membership card for the SNP and used to vote SNP. This disturbing turn of events with Alex Salmond being cautioned and charged with such serious matters has such an aroma of rodent that I intend voting SNP again.

      I don’t expect you to agree. But I do assert the right to voice my concerns.

    482. uno mas says:

      In the last 20 to 30 years the British establishment and their agents have been following Alex Salmond closer than your next breath so if they had anything concrete against him it seems to me they would have used it at a more oportune time from their point of view.

      For examle when he was first Minister in Holyrood or Member of Parliament and leader of SNP in Westminster or when he was leading the Indy14 referendum that was rapidly closing the lead on the Better Together team or even when he was at least a member of the Scottish National Party F.F.S.

      Naw this is a wild haymaker thrown by a boxer in the last round of a fight they know they have lost.

      This is vindictive, spiteful and personal.

      As to whether it will adversly affect our campaign in Indy ref 2 I don´t believe so.

      Alex was the man of the moment last time round and he lost and lost in some part because of some bad judgement mistakes of his own and although his guidance and expertise (which will still be available ) will be welcome and extremely helpful the driving force of the next Ref. is going to be the Yes Movement.


      I actually believe that this will backfire on the establishment and will galvanise further those ready to for the campaign.

      Bring it on.

      Soon please!!!!

    483. McDuff says:

      Craig p
      How do you know MI5 is not involved.Scotland must be kept in the Union at all costs so do you seriously believe that MI5 wouldn’t be used by these London Tories to infiltrate/disrupt the independence movement especially the SNP.

    484. Dan says:

      That’s a braw read Miguel.
      Glad you both decided to make the physical journey to live here in Scotland and that you are now assisting with our political journey too.

      From Rev’s twitter feed. A message for you and your fellow EU Nationals. (And Daisy may also be chuffed to see that window finally being used.)

      I spent a lot of my younger years traveling and working all across Europe. Those years were filled with so many positive and life enriching experiences.
      I find it difficult to comprehend all the implications that the path Scotland is now being dragged down could restrict future generations from having the freedoms and choice to live, work, and love across our European continent.

    485. dakk says:

      Has anyone in the history of any legal system anywhere ever been charged with a ‘breach of the peace’ from several years ago.

      FFS only in desperate britnat land.

    486. Elizabeth Stanley says:

      Al. So sorry about your friend.

      We never want to go back to that.

      Seems some in Westminster have forgotten or really don’t care about recent events.

    487. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Suspecting, from the scatter gun approach to the charges levelled, a possible Establishment stitch-up on Wee Eck, I had a look at the Police Scotland top management.

      The majority, including the Chief Constable, come across as honest – rising through the ranks Scottish policemen, mostly drawn from the ranks of the Strathclyde and Lothians and Borders forces.

      However, among the others, we have a couple who were with the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) or the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland), one who formerly served in the British Army, in that classic oxymoron “Military Intelligence”; one who is ex Royal Navy and West Midlands Police an one who was with the Lincolnshire Police and the Metropolitan Police.

      So, while they might well not have been involved – we have top polis in Scotland, who served in forces and organisations whose past is far from pure.

      It is now down to the Procurators Fiscal service to determine how many of the charges will be taken forward to court – this may well take months, but, I will be amazed if all 14 charges are levelled, when the case is finally called.

      This whole case screams Establishment stitch-up.

    488. Famous15 says:

      Absurdly Scotland narrowly voted NO.

      See all these HQ movements to mainland Europe they would logically have gone to Scotland but the yoon nutters won by cheating and lies. I had four phone calls on referendum day saying my pension was in danger. Took time to interrogate these people and one was Tory in London,one was Labour in London ,one was Libdem in London and the fourth was SIU and they had the same hymn sheet. One lady phoning eventually apologised tearfully but said she was paid by the Libdms to spout the lies.

      Some Libdems are good people but the likes of Rennie and Tavish Scott and Alec COal-Hamilton are so spaced with their own ego that they vomit on their own people.

      Voting YES is good for the soul.

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