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A list of nothing

Posted on September 09, 2014 by

The Daily Record today outlines what it’s pushing hard as a triumphant intervention from Gordon Brown which justifies a No vote in the referendum. (It also claims the credit, comically suggesting its Monday front page drove Brown’s announcement.)


It lists “12 new powers” in Brown’s plan. Let’s take a look.


“1. New powers for Job creation

Full devolution of Work Programme to Scottish local authorities to meet the needs of jobs market”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 21 of Labour’s devo proposals from March 2014.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? No. The Work Programme is a waste of money. Putting it in the inept hands of a bunch of Labour councillors won’t magically transform it.

2. New powers in areas of transport

Devolution of railway powers to facilitate a “not for profit” option for ScotRail franchise.”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 37 of the March devolution document.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? Couldn’t hurt. But it would also be delivered by a Yes.

3. New borrowing powers for economic and social investment

Scottish Government to issue its own bonds to finance investment in infrastructure and borrow £22 billion for capital investment.”

IS IT NEW? Well, sort of – page 59 of the March devolution document notes that there are £2.2bn of borrowing powers coming anyway due to the Scotland Act 2012. Either Labour have suddenly proposed a massive 900% increase in borrowing for Holyrood, or some monkey at the Record can’t type properly. We suspect the latter.

(Though of course, Labour has some recent history of spuriously multiplying things by 10 for effect.)

IS IT WORTHWHILE? It’s happening anyway.

4. New powers over land use

Full devolution to local councils of the Crown Estate’s responsibility for the seabed and foreshore to local authorities.”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 22 of the March devolution document.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? Yes. But the Scottish Government asked for devolution of Crown Estates back in 2011. It was refused. So any chance of it being devolved after a No vote would appear to depend on the election of a Labour UK government, and then that government keeping its promise.

5. New powers over social care

Attendance Allowance for severely disabled people or those aged 65 or over who need help to be devolved. Over 140,000 people receive Attendance Allowance in Scotland worth £0.48 billion.”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 41 of the March devolution document.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? It would certainly be welcome to have the damage done by the last Labour government reversed. Given that history, readers may be sceptical of Labour’s intentions.

6. New powers over housing benefits

Housing benefit to be devolved Over 400,000 households in Scotland get Housing Benefit, with expenditure amounting to £1.7 billion, representing 12.3 per cent of DWP benefits expenditure in Scotland.”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 18 of the March devolution document.

IS IT WORTHWHILE: It’s a moot point, as there’s no realistic chance of housing benefit actually being extricated from Universal Credit in just one part of the UK. Labour’s own devolution document is very vague on how such a difficult task could be achieved, and the Conservative one more or less says it’s impossible (page 17).

7. New Employment rights

Bolster workers’ rights responsibility for administration of employment tribunals, including charging arrangements.”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 201 of the March devolution document.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? Well, it’s probably not harmful. But we’re not aware of it being a thing anyone has ever cried out in anguish to have devolved. Labour’s devolution document notes that “their statutory origin means that there is little/no difference between employment law in England and Wales and Scotland”.

8. New Health and safety powers

Establish a Scottish Health & Safety Executive to set enforcement priorities, goals and objectives.”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 195 of the March devolution document.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? No. The devolution document is dismissive of the idea of any serious devolution of health and safety, noting that “full devolution of health & safety on the Northern Irish model would not be appropriate for Scotland”. The new “executive” would be a talking shop.

9. New equality powers

Enforcement of equalities legislation devolved to ensuring women are fairly represented on Scotland’s public boards and in other public appointments.”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 213 of the March devolution document.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? Hard to say. The devolution report offers no explanation of why such powers would need to be devolved. Of course, we back ALL powers being at Holyrood, so ANY being transferred is good, but the practical difference it would make to anyone’s life in this case is difficult to ascertain.

10. New Constitional powers

Confirming the Scottish Parliament as a permanent, irreversible part of our constitution.”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 82 of the March devolution document.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? No. It’s totally meaningless. No government can ever bind the hands of its successors. If a subsequent UK government wanted to overturn the decision it could do so at will.

11. New powers for elections

Administration of elections and related order-making powers. UK Parliament will remain responsible for UK General Elections and European Elections.”

IS IT NEW? No. It’s on page 14 of the March devolution document.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? We don’t have that already?

12. New powers in relation to income tax

Further devolution of tax powers, particularly in the sphere of income tax. The biggest transfer of fiscal power in the history of the UK.”

IS IT NEW? No. We’ve been covering it in depth for months, and it’s all over the March devolution document, starting on page 15.

IS IT WORTHWHILE? No. It’s a massive trap that will cost Scotland billions. And Labour knows it, which is why it’s so feeble compared to the more extensive Tory offer.


So what the Record calls “12 new powers” are in fact 12 old ones we’ve known about since March. They’re being offered by a man who didn’t implement them when he had the power to do so, and who is unlikely to even be an MP after the next election. The Times observes this morning that:

“Mr Brown will try to force Labour to expand the list of powers that it will promise to devolve to Scotland, a move that is likely to pitch him into a confrontation with Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor.”

So even if Brown IS still in Parliament (which he probably won’t be), and Labour DOES win the election (which it probably won’t), he’ll be slapped down by the Chancellor.

On the basis of this wafer-thin and tissue-fragile premise, the paper wants Scots to vote No and then cross their fingers and hope for the best. We can think of something else readers might want to do with those two fingers.

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    259 to “A list of nothing”

    1. horacesaysyes says:

      I presume what you are suggesting folk might do with those two fingers is use them to hold a pen, and put a cross in the Yes box, ensuring we get all of those powers, plus a whole lot more.

      Isn’t that right, Rev? 🙂

    2. msean says:

      Pointless powers,vote yes – get everything,vote no – get nothing,because that is what these amount to.

    3. Les Wilson says:

      Here is my two finger “V” ( best I could manage!)

    4. Les Wilson says:

      I sincerely hope NONE of these people have anything to do with our NEW SCOTLAND” duplicitous scum.

    5. manandboy says:

      12 new powers – written on a steamed-up window.

    6. Doug Daniel says:

      “We can think of something else readers might want to do with those two fingers.”

      I can also think of more useful purposes for the Daily Record.

    7. dmw42 says:

      A wee reminder

      Before any further taxes are devolved, under the Scotland Act 2012, Scotland will be responsible for collecting 16% of all taxes raised in Scotland, with Westminster collecting the remaining 84%.

      The Conservatives proposals would see just 28.3% of taxation controlled by Scotland, and 71.7% controlled by Westminster.

      The Labour proposals would result in 20% of taxation controlled by Scotland, and 80% controlled by Westminster.

      The Lib Dem proposals would result in 40% of taxation controlled by Scotland, and 60% controlled by Westminster.

      a) If these ‘new’ devolved powers(?) are what Gordon Brown et al are what they think we need, why weren’t they included in the Scotland Act? After all, it’s only two years old.
      b) Wouldn’t it be better to ask what we think are in our best interests and not have our best interests decided for us?

      Let’s vote YES and keep 100% of our income and decide how, when, where and why we want to spend it.

    8. cearc says:

      Neatly dissected.

    9. Thepnr says:

      A full set of Joke proposals from the Joker himself!

      A Yes vote will let him know what we think of his promises of “new” powers.

    10. Kenny strain says:

      Thankfully the BBC has been banging the drum for there’s great new powers so I’m sure no one will be mislead about their true nature

    11. desimond says:

      12. New powers in relation to income tax

      Shouldnt this be number 1 or is the fact it isnt an admission it means nothing.

    12. heedtracker says:

      So we’re so in love with Scotland, we won’t let use our pound, makes as much sense as whatever the hell kind of con Laboir in Scotland think they’re trying to pull.

    13. Proud Cybernat says:

      Vote No for empty promises.
      Vote Yes for full powers.

    14. Nana Smith says:

      Tripe tripe and more tripe. Plenty for Blair McDougal to feast on.

    15. Illy says:

      Did anyone else notice that a lot of these are new powers for *Local councils*?

      ie, cutting Hollyrood out.

    16. Robert Louis says:

      The anti independence campaign really is getting tied in knots, telling some people one thing, whilst offering different things to others. It is full panic mode in Westminster right now, so much so, that we will have Ed Miliband and David Cameron flying up to Scotland tomorrow, to campaign together (thought they apparently won’t share a platform).

      Take a look Scottish Labour voters, YOUR leader of the Labour party is campaigning with the leader of the Tory party. Still think they are socialists?

      Bottom line is, that all we now have is a timetable for some meetings and reports. Why would anybody in the media take that seriously? It’s a joke.

    17. Quentin Quale says:

      Morecameron & Unwise – they think they have the right points, just not necessarily in the right order.

    18. Clootie says:

      All – Forward far and wide. We must not let any such nonsense gain any traction.

      Send it to everyone you know. I don’t care if I get in 10 times as long as everyone gets it once.

    19. Marcia says:

      Is the visit from the Westminster leaders to Scotland being funded by the taxpayers or by the No campaign?

    20. heedtracker says:

      Also note how there is not a chance in hell of Scotland getting anywhere near Scots oil devo, no way. They need Scots oil for giant infrastructure spends in England and London.

    21. Sinky says:

      It is impossible for anyone to guarantee these non new powers will be implemented in the timetable outlined as the House of Lords can refuse to implement them or delay them or water them down.

    22. Les Wilson says:

      BBC News says “another momentous day in Scotland”
      We will get all the news soon from Westminster!

      Says it all really.

    23. gillie says:

      12 old proposals dressed up as new.

      Even a memory deficient goldfish could suss that.

    24. donald anderson says:

      Three Stooges Head Norf.

    25. Colin Church says:

      Angus Robertson currently stellar on Radio Scotland.

    26. Not to forget that all of said ‘powers’ can be removed at the whim of even the un-elected HoL, as was the case with Scottish Renewable Energy powers in Dec 2013.

    27. Don't Guess, YES says:

      Kermit the Frog explains the ‘new powers’ offer.

    28. I’ve just written to the problem page of the Daily Record. I can’t find the zip up the back of my head to allow me to enjoy the contents of their newspaper.

    29. Marcia says:

      Best thing we can do is ignore them and just get on with it. Now lunch over and back to campaigning.

    30. “DODGY DOSSIER” on flimsy EMANCIPATION for Scots.?

      Lest we forget –

      We all remember the other DODGY DOSSIER that murdered millions in SLAB`s Illegal War in Iraq in 2003.

      Krash Gordon fails to understand that a fake promise of Devo-Max Plus was REJECTED by SLAB,mibbeland,BamCAM and Clegg only two years ago.
      Struck from the Indy Ref – by all of them.

      Now Krash is asking the dim and dumb to vote for a proposal that all Unionist Leaders Rejected – a proposal that is strategically MISSING from the Indy Ref Ballot.?

      TRUST Krash with supplying maybe 10 per cent of EMANCIPATION for Scots – AFTER – he and his fellow SLAB scabs awarded 6,250 square miles of Scotland`s Ancient Inshore Fishery – to England.

      TRUST Krash after he and his SLAB scab MP`s Shifted Passport Processing from Glasgow to Belfast in 2007 – ON the 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union of 1707.

      NO-ONE,repeat, NO-ONE Votes for 10 per cent of EMANCIPATION.

    31. paul gerard mccormack says:

      NEW as in NEW LABOUR! NEW FUTURE! NEW! NEW! NEW! what a load of shite. shite. shite. shite. This plutocracy has to be told to GTF! NFI’D! They are beyond a disgrace. I feel completely abused being spoken to by all these creeps as if I am a complete idiot. YES.

    32. Robert Louis says:


      Agreed. This is all just one distraction, of no consequence at all. It just takes people away from the winning of voters for YES.

    33. manandboy says:

      DCam & Milli are only coming

      for the aged and the infirm of mind;

      for mindless Labour voters

      and the one or two undecided Loyalists;

      for the hopelessly gullible,

      and for any family up here and close personal friends.

      May Dave & Ed enjoy their trip.

      Two Unionists together – one blue, the other red.

      They’ll both be red when it’s over.

    34. Christian Schmidt says:

      “2. New powers in areas of transport

      Devolution of railway powers to facilitate a “not for profit” option for ScotRail franchise.”

      IS IT WORTHWHILE? It’s pointless as you would still have the current disjointed structure. And im practical – the Scottish Government would have to create a new not-for-profit body which would then need to spend £10m on a bid for the rail franchise. And completely missing the point – teh Scottish Government already has the power to use concessions instead of franchises (though one has to admit that their deicision to continue with a franchise, while risky, has so far worked out well).

    35. Macart says:

      And of course these will merely form a proposal to draft a bill.

      Basically we’ve been offered and guaranteed precisely nothing. Which considering the fact postal voting is already underway is just as well. I mean we wouldn’t want to believe that the unionist parliamentarians are trying to shift the goalposts would we?

      Clearly they believe we suffer from a short term memory problem.

    36. heedtracker says:

      The real worry about a NO win is if they are serious about pulling away what power and finances Holyrood has and giving it to City councils. Please god don’t let that ever happen. Here in Aberdeen the unionist council is not just an unspeakable bunch of spend thrifts, Aberdeen’s missed out on endless opportunities to really develop. The AWPR by-pass isn’t just 40 years too late, the delays have held back billions in economic growth and all down to a bunch slow eyed unionist troughers wasting a fortune on all the usual pointless business trips around the planet.

    37. fred blogger says:

      dressers of tripe!

    38. X_Sticks says:

      D’ye think Brown suffers from constipation? He seems to be full of it.

    39. liz says:

      @llly – that’s what worries me greatly.

      Slab know it’s there only chance of power – all that wheeling and dealing and backstabbing and bullying behind closed doors and they are trying to sell that as democracy.

      If JoLa can behave the way she does in public imagine her in private – I know, I know!

      It would be like Stirling all over again where the 3 minority parties form a coalition to keep out the majority SNP

    40. Onwards says:

      HUGE media coverage as if Gordon Browns timetable was some major announcement – Real federalism or Devo-Max..

      The purdah rules wouldn’t matter – they would simply spin it as individual party announcements, not the UK government.

      They obviously have NO intention of anything more than the useless ‘power’ to vary income tax already coming our way.

      So they either think the UK media can fool the Scots with some fake ‘compromise’ offer, or we will still bottle it.

      If we want genuine powers, we have to take them.

    41. Auld Sandy says:

      O/T(?) Advice please – This guy from ‘Windows’ keeps phoning me saying he could fix my computer. I’m not sure I believe him, but he keeps on telling me the same thing, so maybe he’s right after all? Or is he just a con-man?

    42. Cod says:

      By the way, this is what happens to devolved powers when Westminster suddenly decides they’d like them back, thank you very much:

      So, vote for new devolved powers that aren’t really new, aren’t really powers, and which can be taken back at any time, or vote for independence and full control over all issues?

      Hmmm, that’s a hard one.?

    43. Eric D says:

      Some of the media questioning that followed the announcement by the Three Stooges was very good.

      I wonder if BBC Scotland/London, STV, and Sky will have the guts and decency to remind Rennie, Davidson, and La Mont that there are NO ‘new powers’ on offer – just a possible timetable for discussing the existing offer.
      Then it’ll be up to 540 England-based MP’s (AKA Westminster) – many/most of whom think Scotland already gets too much – to decide.

    44. Nigel says:

      All very well, these new for old powers. BUT – the purse strings are not devolved. They stay in Wasteminster. So I can hear them tell us “But you have the power!” Yeah, but the budget cuts means we won’t have the money.

      Any real change that Wasteminster does not like can be choked off by throttling the money supply…

    45. Tommy Kane says:

      Re devolve to local authorities, we make sure the labour troughers are out by then.

      Also see that Stu has tweeted that Broon is standing down not seeking re-election in 2015 GE. Must have missed that date on his time table

    46. liz says:

      @Auld Sandy – is there anything wrong with your computer?

      As far as I know they don’t phone you, you phone them.

      I had a weird big blue page turn up on mine with a unhappy face saying we have detected a problem with your computer, we will restart it to fix problem, them a countdown appeared – I quickly switched it off and the on/off button.

      As Fox Mulder would say – trust no-one.

    47. dennis mclaughlin says:

      You’ll need to do more than put your y-fronts on top Gordie to bring forth ‘more powers’.

      ‘cos we’re not listening to this shite anymore,we have better things to do.

      Cancelling PMQ’s really shows us whose knickerbockers are in knots!.

    48. hadrianswall says:

      Is Darling still in charge? Not seen him around today?

    49. Onwards says:

      “Three Stooges Head Norf.”

      lol, no panic !

    50. Skip_NC says:

      Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina. Maybe I’m missing the finer detail, but isn’t it the case that, no matter what the proposals are, all that Gordon Brown is offering is a debate in the HoC, if the Speaker agrees? In short, bugger all.

    51. Sinky says:

      BBC News online still running with the lies

      Scottish independence: What new powers might Scotland get?

    52. Don't Guess, YES says:

      Kermit the Frog explains the ‘New Powers’ offer.

      (sorry mods forgot to remove http the first time)

    53. Gary says:

      He can say ANYTHING. He’s a backbencher who’s time has gone. If you believe this, you’ll believe anything.

    54. liz says:

      And according to the Rev, he is stepping down and not standing for re-election in 2015 – in other words he can promise us the moon.

    55. galamcennalath says:

      So what the Record calls “12 new powers” are in fact 12 old ones we’ve known about since March.

      It is possible these idiots thought they could introduce real new powers in the final stages. It may even have been a plan. And, at the weekend it sounded like they were about to actually announce new powers.

      If so, they overlooked purdah. They are pushing the envelop with their actions, but I believe they are stupid enough to have forgotten that it isn’t possible to rewrite their offer completely at the last minute!

      More incompetence, thanksfully!

      It there is a Yes win, I hope the history books reflect the hard work of ordinary Yes supporters, however I think it is a certainty history will record Better Together as a complete shambles!

    56. galamcennalath says:

      So, are we to take it that Cameron will be in Scotland in the forthcoming days?

      If so, when is he going to debate with Alec Salmond?

      Cameron has no excuse if he’s emptied his diary!

    57. Lesley-Anne says:

      Illy says:

      Did anyone else notice that a lot of these are new powers for *Local councils*?

      ie, cutting Hollyrood out.

      I noticed that as well Illy. I am also wondering if this mass of *ahem* new powers for Labour run councils is a final admission from Labour that they will NEVER get back into power in Holyrood ever again! 😛

      There IS a god! 😉

    58. HandandShrimp says:

      Are the three amigos coming to give Brown a cuddle so we can see the love in close up? Or are they hoping we egg them so they can claim we are insurgents and cancel the vote?

    59. HandandShrimp says:

      Lesley Anne

      Then in a few years time the SNP take control of a number of councils and Labour start bitching about the powers councillors have. They are so short term in everything they do it beggers belief.

    60. Jim D says:

      Gordon “Arthur Daley” Brown, Scotland’s very own dodgy wheeler-dealer. To borrow from the old US Democrat campaign targeting Richard Nixon : “Would YOU buy a used car from this man?”

    61. Lesley-Anne says:

      I am just having one of those “thinking outside the box” moments here, don’t worry though folks I have already taken my meds so I should be O.K. 😉

      Everyone from t’other side keeps referring to these *ahem* powers as NEW powers. Now if this were the case we all know that this means that the three unionist parties/ Better whatsit/ Westminster have broken the purdah that is currently in place. However, we also keep getting told that these are NOT *cough* NEW powers but just an announcement of a timetable. Well, in my highly sought after view, someone is LYING!

      If these are *ahem* NEW powers, which we all know they are not thanks to the great diligence of Stu, then the Electoral Commission MUST come down on these people like a ton of bricks. Don’t worry though folks the EC will not being doing this because the EC is a toothless,gumless wonder!

      On the other hand if these are NOT *cough* NEW powers then our beloved media, BBC,STV,SKY etc MUST come down on these idiots like a ton of bricks asking them why they are all LYING to the electorate. Don’t worry though folks because like the EC the whole media circus is another fine example of toothless, gumless wizardry!

    62. North chiel says:

      The last 24 hours on BBC television and radio has been
      Dedicated to “blanket coverage” of a now “totally discredited”
      No campaign.This latest “media outpouring” on behalf of the
      London Westminster establishment is a complete and utter
      “Affront” to democracy. The Scottish electorate must surely see these
      People for what they are now ” individuals beneath contempt”
      On 18th Sept we must “rid our country of these chancers FOR GOOD.
      And vote yes for a return to our country’s CORE VALUES of social justice,
      Decency and concern and help for people unable to look after themselves
      In society.
      Our country has never embraced the “metropolitan money grabbing
      Greedy Thatcher philosophy “.lets move forward to a social democratic
      Scotland on “our day” ( in court)

    63. X_Sticks says:

      Auld Sandy says:

      “guy from ‘Windows’ keeps phoning me saying he could fix my computer. Or is he just a con-man?”

      Aye, Sandy he is a con man. Just hang up on him or if you are on the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) ask for his company name and threaten to report them. Ask to be removed from their contact list.

      They are just trying to get access to your computer and/or information.

    64. Anthony Armstrong says:

      Are we watching The Record going through it’s Hillsborough moment.

    65. when KRASH Gordon repeatedly regurgitates the same spiel, does that process qualify as – vomitting.?

      Vomitting on his own SLAB scab voters will be nothing new to them.
      Drool Fool.

    66. Muscleguy says:


      It is a con. I do not have a windows computer. So I’ve had great fun with them on that matter. Asking them what operating system my computer is running if they know so much about it etc. Stringing them along for a change.

      One tactic is to hit them in the karma, they are all young Indians, ask them if their mothers know they scam people for a living. They don’t like that.

      Whatever you do DO NOT go to the website they suggest, it will load malware onto your computer. It may well be cryptolocker, what happens then is all your files and programs get encrypted and you have to pay them money for the decrypt key.

    67. Tamson says:

      1979. Former Scottish PM wheeled out to promise more powers if Scotland says No.

      2014. Former Scottish PM wheeled out to promise more powers if Scotland votes No.


    68. Derek M says:

      @ Auld Sandy its a con Sandy tell him to go bile his head ,all they want is access to your pc so they can create a back door to rob you,dont fall for it mate ,never give anybody access to your pc.

    69. BuckieBraes says:

      OK, so this is ‘Devo Nano’ reheated – nothing new at all – but it only represents the Labour position.

      I’m mighty confused. With just over a week to go what, exactly, is the No campaign offering its voters? We’ve been hearing about this ‘guaranteed’, agreed package of ‘more powers’, but what is it?

      ‘You’ll maybe get the extra devolved powers proposed by Labour/the Tories [delete as applicable] if the UK happens to elect a Labour/Tory [delete as applicable] government, and they manage to get the legislation through both houses of the Westminster parliament’ isn’t really good enough – fortunately.

    70. Lesley-Anne says:

      You are so right there HaS. Labour are incapable of seeing past the end of their nose. Where ever the nearest money trough is that is where you’ll find the Labour party. Where ever they can ignore the electorate the MOST that is where you’ll find the Labour party.

      I really do hope that in 2016 the current crop of Labour councillors, M.S.P.’s are given a real kicking by the electorate for the disgusting way they have behaved.

    71. Thepnr says:


      @Auld Sandy – is there anything wrong with your computer?

      As far as I know they don’t phone you, you phone them.

      I had a weird big blue page turn up on mine with a unhappy face saying we have detected a problem with your computer, we will restart it to fix problem, them a countdown appeared – I quickly switched it off and the on/off button.

      As Fox Mulder would say – trust no-one.


      I had exactly the same thing, 3 times I closed it down and everytime I restarted same thing happened!!!

      I’m using my wife’s computer now. How pathetic is that? This is why trolls are telling us we should be out knocking on doors. The comments on here with so many new readers since the WEE BLUE BOOK hit the street are winning many yes converts.

      Democracy in the UK? You need to ask yourself that question.

    72. Dcanmore says:

      Daily Record … ‘Scotland’s Champion’ … yeah only if it’s only a region situated in North Britain hence the championing of North Brit Brown the pension thief. As someone said on Twitter, Brown is stepping down as MP at the next election so he’s perfectly placed to promise everything and deliver nothing.

    73. Wee Alex says:

      “Leaders in No vote trip to Scotland”

      If I paid the trainfare, do you think they would bring Boris as well?

      Perhaps they could stay over until the 13th and meet up with Nigel for a chinwag and a pint down the local.

      Perhaps they can take in the splendour of the Orange Order parade.

      Shame they missed the Edinburgh Book Festival though, works of fiction were well received!

    74. piggy says:

      Ye olde music hall acts coming soon to a town near you;

      The magician, the illusionist and the ventriloquist.



    75. muttley79 says:

      Gordon Brown is the new Alec Douglas Home.

    76. Cag-does-thinking says:

      So we get Dave Ed and the other one all up on a plane sitting apart from Nigel Farage in steerage. Should invite them to that Orange Walk for No voters. That should make them feel welcome. Who said politics south of the border was all the same?

    77. Nana Smith says:

      Email just received from Yes Scotland

      Dear Nana,
      The so-called “action plan” cobbled together by the No campaign has been called out for what it is by the STUC – “a political fix”.

      There is absolutely nothing new in what No is talking about and the parties still don’t agree on what powers Scotland should have.

      So we need to remind voters that a No vote still means:
      • No adequate protection for Scotland’s NHS against the knock-on effects of future English privatisation and cuts;
      • No new job-creating powers for Scotland;
      • We will definitely get more Tory governments we didn’t vote for.
      Only with Yes will we have the full powers to make Scotland’s wealth deliver far more for the people who live here.
      This weekend
      The momentum is with us but we need our supporters to put everything they’ve got into campaigning this weekend. To help us spread the word about what to do, please use this tool to schedule a simple post from you on Facebook and Twitter to go out on Friday. You can add your own message too. Please remember to use the hashtags #voteYes and #indyref.

      Thank you!

      Spread the word

    78. Donald MacDonald says:

      I wonder is the reach of Wings Over Scotland managing to extinguish this propaganda… Or are we being slaves to the tyranny of those who still buy the gutter press – and swallow all that is printed – 37/38 daily editions regional or national?

      Yes for Alba,


    79. Jim D says:

      Gordon Brown has assumed the role of the bullying, abusive, serially lying partner who, when faced with the reality of the impending divorce, starts grovelling : “Things will be different…I’ll change, you’ll see…let’s talk about this”
      Have some dignity Mr Brown, get off your knees, wipe away those crocodile tears and take a long hard look at what you and your dysfunctional Party have become and stand aside and allow your fellow Scots to forge a new future for themselves in an independent Scotland.

    80. BrianW says:

      I know Gordon.. Your right.. All we have to do is subscribe to your vacuous promises and everything will be just fine.. (I love Jam. Don’t feel like any today. How about tomorrow Gordy.. would that suit?)

      So if we do prescribe to your empty promises the City will react in kind and the terribly volatile market will recover and.. err.. hang on.. What’s that? Shares in RBS and Lloyds have recovered and are above the market price they were when Yes were reported at 51% ahead..

      Oh well.. that’s fine. Just a blip then. It’s what shares do every day of the week. They go up and down, up and down. Bit like Westminster’s Treatment of Scotland. It’s been a very up and down relationship. Up when they want our resources, down when it comes to doing anything of any benefit.

      They really are tripping over themselves to hang to us aren’t they? Flinging any old Sparkly Turd into the mix.

      He really is a c**k.. (sorry, was my microphone still on..)

    81. desimond says:

      Somewhere a deluded Mags Curran ( did anyone see her salivating over Ed Balls in Aberdeen yesterday?) is screaming “Oh Cameron, Clegg and my lovely Ed are coming, this is a game changer!” and behind her the ghost of Robin Cook is wailing “The Games a-Bogey!”

    82. Black Douglas says:

      Three of the horsemen on their way.

      oh and here comes the fourth once he finds a pale mount.

    83. Macart says:

      @Skip – NC


      Voting YES delivers the whole shebang, guaranteed, no question.

      Voting no delivers a debate, some committees, loads of arguments amongst the parties who will all eventually deliver pretty much what they were going to deliver prior to the whole referendum.

      That being, as little as they can get away with.

    84. allan thomson says:

      No form of devolution is meaningful if it results in the ultimate control of purse strings with a Laissez Faire/Neo Liberal government in Westminster. Conservative and Labour parties offer nothing other than this. Their shared policy trinity is – elimination of the public sphere, – total liberation of corporations to do their worst – skeletal social spending. In short, profit before people. This is why real Labour voters have been changing to Yes. Mr Brown has suggested nothing to change this. He does not have the power to change it in future regardless of his past performance which has been well highlighted elsewhere.
      My personal preference for the term Neo Liberal is its alternative description “Reaganomics”, which better captures the inherent stupidity of the system. Come on Labourites! See the matter whole! Shoulders to the Common Weal.

    85. Lesley-Anne says:

      Why is everyone suggesting that we should be inviting Cameron, Grommit, whatshisname and the political mirage along to the Orange parade thingy. 😉

      Haven’t you all heard THEY are leading the damned parade! 😛

    86. Auld Sandy says:

      Thanks for all the advice. As far as I know there’s nothing wrong with my computer. Don’t know why Gordon Brown spouting the same old rubbish made me think of these scammers.

    87. donald anderson says:


    88. Andy Nimmo says:

      Renowned ex spin doctor turned best selling crime thriller writer Quintin Jardine has cast his vote with an accompanying message to Gordon Brown.

    89. Rubberbelly says:

      He,s a real nowhere man

      living in his nowhere land

      making up his nowhere plans

      for nobody

      (With apologies)

    90. cockney lad says:

      Lets all panic! Panic always helps.

      I do hope we’re finally watching the death-rattle of the Westminster’s Empire.

    91. Lors says:

      Yeay, it was the Record that done it lol.

      They’re raising a Saltire over Downing Street. Never mind Project Fear, I can smell fear. Hilarious.

    92. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ll be looking forward to the BBC covering this in such detail, this evening.

      Does Watemonster not appreciate that they have broken the Union, with their anti-democratic behavior and rhetoric? Do they not comprehend respect and dignity?

    93. Muscleguy says:


      Re: why so many postal votes

      1. People working offshore/away from home.

      2. People going on holiday. May without kids go now while the weather is still good but after English schools go back. So both cheaper and less aggro.

      3. People in rural areas that live some distance from their polling place.

      4. Sheer laziness allied with a desire to vote earlier than others to get it over with.

      5. Idiots who actually think this seriously civilised referendum campaign will descend into violence and intimidation at polling places.

      6. Variations and combinations of the above.

    94. Stevie boy says:

      The Yes campaign will fail now.. Saltire just this second being raised at Westminster.. OMG can’t stop laughing 🙂

    95. Stevie boy says:

      Sorry Downing Street!!

    96. YESGUY says:


      Canny find the zip at the back of my head either …help

    97. Nana Smith says:

      Oh good grief..

      The media is now running with ‘currency union incompatible’ says Carney

    98. YESGUY says:

      Auld Sandy

      If your pc works fine tell then to bugger off. They are famous for finding faults. If you have a problem let me know and i will try to help ..FREE.

    99. desimond says:

      Westminster 2 Years ago

      Okay, there must be something we can offer Jock
      There isnt
      Theres nothing?
      Offer them that then?
      What nothing?
      Yeah, we wrap it up nicely, they’ll never know till too late!
      They’ll never buy it, lets file that idea under Plan B

    100. dennis mclaughlin says:

      Ahm waiting fur the White Flag over No.10……..

    101. Craig P says:

      Heavy breathing, nail biting,
      nose-picking, fly-catching,
      stuck for a snappy noun;
      taxing, oh taxing,
      a micro-solution,
      as UKOK brings on the clowns:
      crossed lines in the sand
      drawn by Davidson’s hand;
      an unanswered query
      for Lamont is leary;
      a barrage of fear
      when Farage draws near;
      oh flip Morningside
      where does Darling reside?
      But worst, by a mile
      that terrible smile
      a smile from lugubrious Brown.

    102. cearc says:

      He didn’t seem to go so far as to suggest that he might actually turn up in westminster for these debates.

      y’know, like what he’s paid to do.

    103. Stevie boy says:


      I posted on the last article, not sure if u seen it. U had mentioned about some readers (including myself) getting frustrated and wound up.

      Just wanted to day that I agree with u. We are all passionate about this campaign mate and agree that we can get carried away.

      I appreciate your comments pal.

    104. Derek M says:

      o/t @ thepnr check out a program called hitman pro its free for a month with no obligation to subscribe it can be downloaded onto a cd ,it might help clean up your virus ive had good results with it in the past.

    105. Auld Rock says:

      I take it that Broon and Co have the full agreement of the 500 or so other MP’s plus full support in that unelected retirement home? It will vanish just like MH370.

      Auld Rock

    106. Proud Cybernat says:

      @Auld Sandy

      It’s a con, Sandy. DON’T give them any information. Just hang up the phone.

      A friend of mine got these scumbags phoning, telling him he had a virus on his computer and that they could remotely fix it for him. My friend, being very computer-savvy, went along with them for the ride. They told him to do this and do that to his PC. My friend then, jokingly, told them he did what they instructed and there was now smoke coming out of the computer–“What should I do now?” He kept them on the phone for ages (WITHOUT giving them his credit card details so that they could bill him for their **ahem** ‘service’) as it cost them a fair bit for the call.

      When I get these pest calls I usually tell them that they have to speak to young Mr Grace who’s sleeping at the moment or I start talking to them about the Bible–the Book of Revelation usually has them scarpering pronto.

      So NO–tell them to get lost and never to phone you again.

    107. Lesley-Anne says:

      I saw the guy from the SUN being interviewed on the Daily Politics programme yesterday and he said in response to the question about WM being panicked by the latest poll that they were in FULL PANIC mode. 😛

      With the raising of the Saltire above Downing Street I think we now have confirmation, as if we actually needed confirmation, that YES indeed Westminster and Downing Street have hit the FULL PANIC mode button. Up until now no one outside of Scotland has actually realised just how panicked they all were. With the raising of the Saltire the whole WORLD now knows that WM and Downing Street are all panicked out! 😀

      I wonder how the money markets will react to the full announcement that WM has now adopted the FULL PANIC position. Everyone and their dogs from London media were desperately trying to blame the fall in the pound being wholly due to a probable YES win. I wonder what their *ahem* excuse will be today for the share prices RISING again today, probably something along the lines of Gordon Brown saves the world … AGAIN! maybe? 😛

    108. desimond says:

      Just had a wee chuckle at the idea of Jim Murphy hearing Clegg, Cameron and Miliband are coming up to speak to the “huddled masses”

      “But thats ma joab” whines wee Jim!

      I just hope we get lovely coverage of people slow clapping the 3 Stooges as they play the lovebomb cards.

      Lovebombs…more like stinkbombs.

    109. Thepnr says:

      Re my computer problems.

      Tried a system restore. Won’t work, “there was a problem using system restore”

      Tried PC Refresh. Won’t work, “there was problem using system refresh”

      Nine days to go to win democracy back, next step is wipe the hard disk. Paranoid? Absolutely, shouldn’t I be?

    110. gillie says:

      Workmen hoisting Saltire above Downing Street. Half way up, it falls down.

      That is an omen folks.

    111. Thepnr says:

      @Derek M

      Cheers, will do.

    112. Lesley-Anne says:

      dennis mclaughlin says:

      Ahm waiting fur the White Flag over No.10……..

      To be honest Dennis THAT was the flag they meant to hoist up the flag pole. 😀

      The guy in charge of flying flags from flag poles, not very bright you understand, was told to run up the flag of SURRENDER. However, as I said, he isn’t all that bright and asked which flag was the flag of SURRENDER. He was told it was the one with WHITE on it. Unfortunately for him the first flag he came across that had WHITE on it was the SALTIRE! 😛

    113. desimond says:


      Reminds me also of wonderful Flag Day by The Housemartins

      Too many hands in too many pockets
      Not enough hands on hearts
      Too many ready to call it a day
      Before the day starts

      So you thought you’d like to see them healed
      Got Blue Peter to stage an appeal
      For the poor, for the poor

      It’s a waste of time if you know what they mean
      Try shaking a box in front of the queen
      ’cause her purse is fat and bursting at the seams
      It’s a waste of time if you know what they mean

      Flag day, flag day, flag day

    114. Macart says:

      Those three aren’t coming up here tomorrow to sway a referendum. They know that individually and collectively they’re about as popular as a fart in a space suit. They’re coming up here with a general election in mind. Just so they can say ‘well I did my bit to defend the union’. They’re looking to head off calls for heads to roll.

    115. A.N.Surgent says:

      Its becoming farcical, saltire over downing street, what next
      shortbread and compulsory kilt wearing.

    116. Lesley-Anne says:

      To be fair Macart, a fart in a spacesuit IS actually useful. Remember out in space it is rather cold and as farts generally are warm they can double as extra “central heating” in your spacesuit for a wee while. 😛

      The three, or is it FOUR Stooges who are making their way Norf tomorrow are about as useless as … well let’s not go there O.K. 😉

    117. gillie says:

      Will David Cameron be forced to eat a fries Mars bar and drink some Bucky to be seen as being one of us?

      Oh the horror. Eton obviously never prepared Cameron for this.

    118. arthur thomson says:

      Whatever happens on the 18th and I hope to God it is a victory for common sense and YES, we MUST MUST MUST set up a Scottish newspaper. It needs to be on the shelves in shops across the country to counter the lies of the trash who have been claiming to be a free press. I will be happy to support such a paper and it is clearer than ever that Scotland has the writers, women and men, to illuminate what needs to be done to renew Scotland in the 21st century.

    119. YESGUY says:

      Labour councils getting more powers

      That will be the same Labour council that did such a good job on Edinburgh trams. They where hopeless and SG had to jump in and sort it.

      Steve BOY.

      No problems my friend. Just like everyone else we get angry and frustrated. All of us. But there are new posters and many lurkers here. keep calm and they join in.

      Look at some of the comments just now. I’m having a great laugh reading them. This site is pretty much like that. And it attracts the ” Shy YES voter” if they see the jokes and brilliant retorts.

      It’s going to be a long 9 days.

      Les Wilson, Croompenstien, Thpnr, lesley-Anne , Onwards, grouse and McCart . Need your jokes to keep me sane.

      More of the same please

    120. Macart says:

      Just waiting for their lurve in to start. Should be good entertainment LA. 🙂

    121. Onwards says:

      Raising Saltires for a day over Downing street and English councils.

      What patronising guff.

      We can raise the Saltire over a sovereign Scottish parliament FOREVER.

      Edinburgh castle too for that matter.

      And all over the world, whenever Scotland competes as a normal country in any international event.

      What a boost for tourism that will be..

    122. Papadox says:

      Question to the leaders of the parasite parties +big Gordy

      Will oil revenues be devolved to Scotland?

    123. Indy_Scot says:

      Just watched Ed Miliband on BBC News, if we fall for this pish, then we really are too stupid.

    124. Macart says:


      Then have a wee look over on WGD too. 😉

    125. galamcennalath says:

      Tamson says:
      1979. Former Scottish PM wheeled out to promise more powers if Scotland says No

      YES, very relevant to the situation we find ourselves in now.

      The 1979 devolution offer was not a cross party affair, it was a Labour offer. Sir Alec Douglas-Home, former Tory PM, promised voters that if the devolved assembly then on offer was rejected, a stronger devolution package would be offered by the Tories.

      He lied. Nothing was offered, far less delivered.

      The relevance to 2014 is that Scots once voted NO on the basis of empty promises. Not again, surely?

      No one should take the risk of believing a former UK PM now! Vote Yes and get real powers!

    126. Ann says:

      What I hope for is that come 18th September all the anger that is flowing through the Scottish populace at this moment follows thorugh to the Polling Booths and people put their mark in the YES Box.

    127. John Russell says:

      What really annoys me as a staunch Royalist who is voting for Independence is this. Brown lies through his teeth, Milliband allows Brown to speak on behalf of Labour and Cameron is wetting himself in case Independence is voted for and he is being asked to involve the Queen in a mess which is not of her making.

    128. Mary goodall says:

      I work for the Yes Campaign. I deliver in my area. There is Yes Posters everywhere. And a great grass roots . The people on my area are more Yes than No. And yet we get no honest Media or BBC reporting. I feel like my Country Scotland is in Prison. It’s not allowed to have its side told unless it’s on line. Not everyone in this great Country has access to WiFi or OnLine. They rely on the supposed to be people’s paper the Daily Record. Which I never Buy. But the people do . They have no way of getting the truth. Especially the elderly and Disabled. I am constantly being asked when is my No people coming round as they only see me. What do I say there is no No campaign it’s all bused up from over the border students getting paid by Westminster to come here and deliver leaflets for £8.00- 25.00. Depending on what they are doing. It is Shocking. The way the ordinary man and woman in Scotland are being treated. Yes for Independence.

    129. Lemon says:

      gillie says:
      Will David Cameron be forced to eat a fries Mars bar and drink some Bucky to be seen as being one of us?
      Oh the horror. Eton obviously never prepared Cameron for this.

      But it has prepared him for what Boris is going to do to him on the 19th !!

    130. YESGUY says:


      Go on youtube buddy and look for – “Restore to factory settings” . Watch the video and it will take the pc back to when it was first out the box. You will lose any info but if it’s that bad it might be worth doing. If i was closer i would check it out myself. Sorry bud.

    131. cearc says:

      Nuisance calls.

      Used to get them despite being ex-dir and CP. Last time I changed my phone base, after several weeks I noticed that although pre-recorded message was set to english it was in fact in french.

      I also noticed that I had had far less annoying calls, in fact they are now pretty rare.

      Maybe having a different language removes you from their lists?

    132. Illy says:

      @ Calls from “windows”

      Total con.

      First off, they’d be identifying themselves as from “Microsoft”, or far more likely, “A Microsoft Partner” if they were legit.

      Second, Microsoft doesn’t call you, they *like* having your computer be buggy as hell, it helps them sell their new version with “less bugs”.

      Ways to get rid of them:
      I like that one about asking if their mothers know they con people for a living.
      Personally I just tell them I run Gentoo (one of the more involved Linux flavours), and they stopped calling me.
      Telephone Preference Service doesn’t do much good, since they’re normally based in India or somewhere else out of reach, so it can’t really do anything to them.

      That Blue Screen with countdown:
      Sounds like you’ve been trojaned. I’d grab a Linux LiveCD and have a good look through the machine from the safe boot environment to find what did it (MS *still* haven’t gotten Windows to boot from a CD yet). And turn off all the obvious security holes that Windows leaves open by default.
      (OK, no, I wouldn’t, I’d grab an external hard drive, grab a copy of the dead machine’s hard drive so I didn’t lose any data, then wipe the machine clean and install a Linux, flavour dependent on user (Fedora’s good for beginners))

      I stopped paying attention to most (non-social-engineering) security issues when I switched to Linux, so sorry I can’t be more help.

    133. Lesley-Anne says:

      What I am finding absolutely hilarious is that we have these three Stooges, possibly four, coming to Scotland in full blown PANIC PLUS mode. They are supposed to be the leader and wannabe leader’s of one of the *ahem* greatest powers in the world. What sort of image do you think they are all giving to the world when they are seen to all be in PANIC PLUS mode? 😀

      I can just imagine the next Security Council meeting in New York when the U.K. rep walks in. 😉

      “What are you doing here mate, you look lost.”
      “No I always come here, I’m the U.K. rep.”
      “Oh right. Well we’ve had a wee meeting you see and to be quite frank WE have all decided that we no longer want you in our little club.”
      “What do you mean?”
      “Well it’s like this. You know when you hit your PANIC PLUS button last week.”
      “Well how do you think that made US look?”
      “What do you mean?”
      “How do you think the rest of the world sees US now after you hitting that button?”
      “But we had to. We had to save the union.”
      “Screw you pal. Screw your pathetic wee union. We only allowed you into our club because you had a couple of toy nukes on loan from your Uncle Sam. You’ll now be returning them to your uncle so you are OUT!”
      “No buts you are OUT. Good bye!”

    134. cearc says:

      Does Ed think he will get a better reception in the streets with Dave to hold his hand?

    135. Darling is my Charlie says:

      For me, the acid test (of any proposal re powers) is this.
      Will Scotland have all control of all of Scotland’s money ?
      Yes or No.

    136. Andy-B says:

      I know what I do with the unionist Daily Record, when I run out of toilet paper.

      The three amigo’s (Cameron Clegg and Miliband) will be in Scotland tomorrow, spewing their double speak, I was hoping they’d appear together so we could see the head of the Hydra,but the sneaky toffs,are appearing in different parts of Scotland.

      I hope these corrupt sirens are flash mobbed by Yes supporters.

    137. Kevin Evans says:

      Ohhh …. a Lord has stated – they do not agree with any rushed bills being put through parliament and will vote against them because they will be hurriedly debated – there ya have it – any new promises no matter what will be rejected by the lords.

    138. Chic McGregor says:

      With Cameron announcing he is not doing PMQs and coming to Scotland instead, Hope someone (hint) asks him if he agrees with Ruth Davidson that the Tories have no chance of winning the next general election. Would make a good opener.

    139. Stevie boy says:

      Here we go again.. SKY news just now.

      Gordon Brown getting more ‘unbiased’ air time in front of a selective audience.

      How come the Yes side isn’t getting this air time? Oh yeah maybe because we don’t need to keep digging a hole for ourselves 🙂

    140. andrew>reid says:

      Doing the math, devolving housing benefit and attendance allowance would leave Westminster with 87% of Scotland’s welfare/benefit spending decisions, and devolving the totality of income tax (not even being proposed by Labour or the Tories) along with the already devolved council tax, business rates, stamp duties and landfill tax would still leave Westminster in control of over 70% of Scottish tax revenues. And, that is what unionist politicians, and the media including the BBC, are calling devo-max, a federalist approach and even home rule. Fraud and corruption from Westminster – lazy journalism and compliance with the British establishment by the media, and particularly the BBC – no change there. But, it won’t be forgotten.

    141. Onwards says:

      @arthur thomson says:

      Whatever happens on the 18th and I hope to God it is a victory for common sense and YES, we MUST MUST MUST set up a Scottish newspaper. It needs to be on the shelves in shops across the country to counter the lies of the trash who have been claiming to be a free press. I will be happy to support such a paper and it is clearer than ever that Scotland has the writers, women and men, to illuminate what needs to be done to renew Scotland in the 21st century.


      It is a miracle we have got so far with the biased media.

      The headlines yesterday, screaming from every news-stand, made me want to vomit.

      I know the internet is taking over, but print copies act as free political billboards and advertising over the country.

      That’s why they will exist for a long time yet, and will eventually be subsidised and given away at cost price, or for free.

      How good would it be to see a paper copy of Wings available at train and bus stations all over Scotland?

      Anyone know if the YES campaign has a free newspaper planned during the last week ?

      I remember the SNP had a similar initiative before.

    142. Dan Huil says:

      Are there enough Subway outlets in Scotland to handle this panicky invasion?

    143. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m trying my best YESGUY. 😉

      Oh NOOOO!
      NOT the lurve in Macart. I cannae dae it Captain, the lurve in is daen too much damage. I’ll hae to stop ma engines an restart them in lurve in mode!

      John Russell says:

      What really annoys me as a staunch Royalist who is voting for Independence is this. Brown lies through his teeth, Milliband allows Brown to speak on behalf of Labour and Cameron is wetting himself in case Independence is voted for and he is being asked to involve the Queen in a mess which is not of her making.

      You obviously missed the discussion that we were having the other night on Wings John. From what you are saying it would appear that both David Cameron nor the queen have received my e-mail yet. This is a wee bit disturbing. Think I’ll have to resend it. 😉

      Basically John the e-mail informs Cameron and the queen that as of the 19th she is no longer queen o Scots … I AM! 😛

    144. call me dave says:

      Gordon telling lies on Sky again. I never knew how big uncertainty was. No he is not wearing a sheet with two eye holes but he would be as well if he had.

      Seems all three main parties have agreed his timetable.
      New powers better than Independence….Aye right.

      Let’s carry on until voting day for a YES.

    145. Indy_Scot says:

      It is mental, the unionists are doing and saying anything to keep Scotland restrained and tied up, and if we say No, they will then kick the crap out of us.

      If we don’t vote Yes, you can bet your bottom dollar they will never let us forget it.

    146. Stevie boy says:

      I can’t believe that the MSM are allowed to keep holding these ‘meetings’ and letting the No campaign just air their views to everyone.. unbelievable!!

    147. Kevin Evans says:

      Any parliamentary bill has to go to the House of Lords to be approved. An unelected set of nobody’s can still reject any offer or promise offered.

      Can anyone remember blackadder the 3rd when he claims with glee “this bill will never be allowed to go through by the lords”

    148. Macart says:

      @ Lesley-Anne

      I wonder how long the lurve in would last if you asked each of them in turn if they agreed with the devo proposals mooted by the others?

      It would be carnage within five minutes. 🙂

    149. Lesley-Anne says:

      I love your confidence that their lurve in would last as long as 5 minutes Macart. I wouldn’t give it 5 seconds. 😛

    150. Kevin Evans says:

      I feel like singing some Phil Collins – join in everyone.

      “Can you feel the love tonight”

    151. Wee Alex says:

      Independent Countries since 1900

      1901 – Australia
      1902 – Cuba
      1903 – Panama
      1905 – Norway
      1907 – New Zealand
      1910 – South Africa
      1912 – Albania
      1917 – Finland
      1918 – Estonia
      1918 – Poland
      1918 – Iceland
      1919 – Afghanistan
      1921 – Ireland
      1922 – Egypt
      1923 – Turkey
      1929 – Vatican City
      1932 – Saudi Arabia
      1932 – Iraq
      1943 – Lebanon
      1945 – Korea
      1945 – Korea
      1945 – Indonesia
      1945 – Vietnam
      1946 – Syria
      1946 – Jordan
      1947 – Pakistan
      1947 – India
      1948 – Burma
      1948 – Sri Lanka
      1948 – Israel
      1949 – Laos
      1949 – Bhutan
      1951 – Libya
      1953 – Cambodia
      1956 – Sudan
      1956 – Morocco
      1956 – Tunisia
      1957 – Ghana
      1957 – Malaysia
      1958 – Guinea
      1960 – Cameroon
      1960 – Senegal
      1960 – Togo
      1960 – Congo
      1960 – Somalia
      1960 – Madagascar
      1960 – Benin
      1960 – Niger
      1960 – Burkina Faso
      1960 – Cote d’Ivorie
      1960 – Chad
      1960 – Central African Republic
      1960 – Congo
      1960 – Cyprus
      1960 – Gabon
      1960 – Mali
      1960 – Nigeria
      1960 – Mauritania
      1961 – Sierra Leone
      1961 – Kuwait
      1962 – Samoa
      1962 – Burundi
      1962 – Rwanda
      1962 – Algeria
      1962 – Jamaica
      1962 – Trinidad and Tobago
      1962 – Uganda
      1963 – Kenya
      1964 – Tanzania
      1964 – Malawi
      1964 – Malta
      1964 – Zambia
      1965 – Gambia
      1965 – Maldives
      1965 – Singapore
      1966 – Guyana
      1966 – Botswana
      1966 – Lesotho
      1966 – Barbados
      1968 – Nauru
      1968 – Mauritius
      1968 – Swaziland
      1968 – Equatorial
      1970 – Tonga
      1970 – Fiji
      1971 – Bangladesh
      1971 – Bahrain
      1971 – Qatar
      1971 – United Arab Emirates
      1973 – Bahamas
      1973 – Guinea-Bissau
      1974 – Grenada
      1975 – Mozambique
      1975 – Cape Verde
      1975 – Comoros
      1975 – Sao Tome and Principe
      1975 – Papua New Guinea
      1975 – Angola
      1975 – Suriname
      1976 – Seychelles
      1977 – Djibouti
      1978 – Solomon Islands
      1978 – Tuvalu
      1978 – Dominica
      1979 – Saint Lucia
      1979 – Kiribati
      1979 – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
      1980 – Zimbabwe
      1980 – Vanuatu
      1981 – Antigua and Barbuda
      1981 – Belize
      1983 – Saint Kitts and Nevis
      1984 – Brunei
      1986 – Marshall Islands
      1986 – Micronesia
      1990 – Lithuania
      1990 – Namibia
      1990 – Yemen
      1991 – Georgia
      1991 – Croatia
      1991 – Slovenia
      1991 – Kyrgyzstan
      1991 – Russia
      1991 – Belarus
      1991 – Moldova
      1991 – Azerbaijan
      1991 – Uzbekistan
      1991 – Latvia
      1991 – Macedonia
      1991 – Tajikistan
      1991 – Armenia
      1991 – Turkmenistan
      1991 – Ukraine
      1991 – Kazakhstan
      1992 – Bosnia and Herzegovina
      1993 – Czech Republic
      1993 – Slovakia
      1993 – Eritrea
      1994 – Palau
      2002 – East Timor
      2006 – Montenegro
      2006 – Serbia
      2008 – Kosovo
      2011 – South Sudan

      2014 – Scotland

    152. seanair says:

      Any Nimmo
      Having stopped reading Quentin Jardine books because of some nasty remarks about the SG and his general right-wing views, I misunderstood your post.
      I opened the link anyway and was pleasantly surprised to read that he voted Yes, albeit with some reservations. If QJ votes Yes perhaps there are more well-off people than I thought who would look at the bigger picture and vote for a fairer society.

    153. seanair says:

      Sorry ANDY

    154. Dan Huil says:

      Brown’s prime-ministerial hand-gestures are a joy. The sad sod actually believes he’s PM again. Like some sad old actress reliving former glories: No more boom and bust! I saved the world! Oh, my public! My public!

    155. Lesley-Anne says:

      The Saltire being raised over Downing Street, or maybe not! 😛


      This has commentary by Kay Burley!

    156. call me dave says:

      Never mind, as I said earlier today by Thursday, this tirade will have slackened and the YES will have recalibrated the debate.

      The noise from down South London town will be ebbing a little.

      The real debate is within Scotland and those eligible to vote, they will, in the main, see this for what it is panic!

      Dave and Ed will fly in, lay an egg, disappear and YES will be a few more votes to the good.

      Oh! Now the question on the ballot is wrong! Too late Davy agreed it was fine and so did Ruthie.

    157. Quentin Quale says:

      Pat Cox, former Pres. European Parliament ‘the eu…have always and only ever been enablers of the democratic will of the people.
      Just said on Sky

    158. Wp says:

      Andy , well done with your list. And to think none of these countries has a currency, they are all bankrupt by now and their borders all have armed guards . I also noticed they are all queuing up to give up their independence as they preferred to be governed by someone else.

    159. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry, but I just had to. 🙂

      Chumbawamba – We Don’t Want To Sing Along

    160. Free Scotland says:

      Goldfinger, he’s the man, the man with midas touch
      A spider’s touch – such a cold finger
      Beckons you, to enter his web of sin, but don’t go in

      Golden words he will pour in your ear
      But his lies can’t disguise what you fear
      For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her
      It’s the kiss of death, from Mr. Goldfinger
      Pretty girl, beware of his heart of gold

      This heart is cold, golden words he will pour in your ear
      But his lies can’t disguise what you fear
      For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her
      It’s the kiss of death, from Mr. Goldfinger
      Pretty girl, beware of his heart of gold

      This heart is cold, he loves only gold
      Only gold, he loves gold
      He loves only gold, only gold
      He loves gold

    161. Wp says:

      Sorry, the list was by Wee Alex.

    162. Jim McIntosh says:

      From Quintin Jardine blog linked above:

      “When Douglas Alexander, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, speaks of imaginary economic problems, he shows why his colleagues are said to have christened him ‘Rain Man’; he has difficulty connecting with reality.

      ‘Rain Man’ works for me. That’s his name now.

    163. Stevie boy says:


      Even the flag will not be tamed lol 🙂


    164. gillie says:

      Trouble at Westminster mill.

      Both the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow and Conservative MP Christopher Chope have demanded that ministers inform the house of what new powers Scotland is being promised.

      David Cameron is facing a back-bench rebellion.

    165. call me dave says:


      Ha Ha! salty doesn’t want to fly at No 10.

      You couldn’t make that up.

    166. Nigel says:

      So, a wee bit of Seagull Management coming from Westminster.

      They will fly in, make lots of noise, eat all the food (usually), lay an egg, cr*p on everyone and then fly out again.

    167. Brian says:

      Power devolved is Power retained….
      Self Rule is better than Home Rule
      As Home Rule means English Rule
      Agree to it now —It will be for ever.!!

    168. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

      The three amigos are riding into Scotland tomorrow, Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband Westminster’s finest word warriors intent to overwhelm the Scot’s with wicked logic and unmatched sublime offers. Although they consider themselves heavily armed they may be approached as they are only firing blanks

    169. Luigi says:

      What I am finding absolutely hilarious is that we have these three Stooges, possibly four, coming to Scotland in full blown PANIC PLUS mode.

      Coming soon:


    170. Lesley-Anne says:

      call me dave says:

      Dave and Ed will fly in, lay an egg, disappear and YES will be a few more votes to the good.

      Oh NOOO!

      The three, or four, Stooges are coming to Scotland to deliver and EGG! Does Murph the Smurph know about this *ahem* egg delivery?

      Are Murph the Smurph’s *cough* security team on full alert for this special egg delivery?

      Is Murph the Smurph having an all night omelette party and this is his special egg delivery?

    171. The Lawyers’ Debate

      The lawyers’ debate will feature academics, advocates and solicitors from both sides of the debate and consider the consequences for the law, legal system and legal profession if Scotland becomes independent. Lawyers for YES: Joanna Cherry QC, Prof Aileen McHarg, Brandon Malone. Lawyers Together: Prof Adam Tomkins, Claire Mitchell, Mike Dailly.

      Should be lively and I wonder how Mr Dailly with his list is getting on.

    172. liz says:

      @Thepnr – I left mine switched off for a couple of days and used my daughter’s computer.

      It seems alright now but I am certain it was someone try to look in.

      LOL – white flag over Downing St!

      Giving all this airtime to one side MUST be breaking the rules.

      Newsnet Scotland are good at this sort of stuff.
      I don’t have an account on there but someone could suggest to them to see if the EU should be getting involved.

    173. Stevie boy says:

      Keep playing the clip with the Saltire trying to escape from Downing Street’s mast, so funny.

      That’s a sign.. we will win this!!! 🙂

    174. Lesley-Anne says:

      Isn’t this PANIC MAX mode that Westminster has gotten itself into absolutely brilliant! 😛

      I agree with both you Stevie and CMD the Saltire *ahem* incident atop number 10 is priceless. If there was ever a heads up moment in the whole campaign that had to be it. It really says it all about the union when even the Saltire refuses to be run up the flag pole at number 10. 😀

      Thing is CMD, if we did make this up no one would have believed us! 😉

    175. piggy says:

      piggy says:

      9 September, 2014 at 2:20 pm

      Ye olde music hall acts coming soon to a town near you;

      The magician, the illusionist and the ventriloquist.



      NEWSFLASH…..HARRY POTTER is reported to be appearing also.

    176. YESGUY says:


      Priceless. The Saltire doesn’t want to go up – there. Live on telly and they can’t get the flag up . I’m laughing so much my belly hurts.

      OMS 😎

    177. Stevie boy says:


      Yeah they would have said it was some angry nationalist pulling at the thread to cause havoc 🙂

    178. HenBroon says:

      Listening to Douglas Alexander on the radio this morning he was positively gloating over the fact that millions as he put it had been wiped from the value of some companies and as he sees it peoples pensions. Blair Jenkins was very poor and let the little patronising shit get away with his blatant lies. He at least could have pointed out that it was one Gordon Brown as the failed chancellor who did more damage to pensions than any one with his tax raids, and the scrapping of the 10p tax rate. I’m now nursing a very sore hand as I slapped the radio very hard, and it exploded down the steps of the wheehouse to lie dead on the deck. I must get a Dougie Alexander punch bag. What a patronising oleaginous lying shit he is.

    179. Edward says:

      I watched the Brown spiel on Sky and found his guff peppered with complete lies, some outrageous

      Also noted that his crap was frequently peppered with ‘Nationalist’, ‘SNP’ and ‘Alex Salmond’ Brown really hates Alex Salmond!

      And that ladies and gentlemen is a mistake, if your trying to put a point forward, never attack someone or a group by name on such a frequent basis

      At the end of the Sky piece the new political editor was almost objective, as you could tell that he witnessed crap

    180. desimond says:

      The interesting thing about Cameron, Clegg and Miliband coming up is they refuse to appear together, they wont even travel together. None of that cross party love-in nonsense for the real General Election politicos now

      As for Johann, Ruthie and Wullie this morning…well say no more but the Human Centipede movie does springs to mind.

    181. Alan Gerrish says:

      @ Colin Church says:
      9 September, 2014 at 1:31 pm
      Angus Robertson currently stellar on Radio Scotland.

      Only heard last five minutes when he was fine until an open goal was presented by John Beattie: “In the last 30 seconds….why do you think they(BT)are so keen to keep us?”

      Instead of mentioning the need to keep our oil revenues avoid a run on the pound, all we got from Angus was some platitudes about ” I’ve no doubt that there are many on the BT side who are absolutely sincere in their desire to keep the UK together”. 30 seconds up and a(nother) wasted opportunity to ram home to folk what this is really about. Hardly stellar, in my opinion.

    182. balaaargh says:

      OT. My folks received a leaflet from someone called save the union based in Glenrothes. They’re not registered with the electoral commission that I can see. Anyone know if they should be if they want to distribute leaflets?

    183. ticktock says:

      This has got to be a wind up, you mean they’re ACTUALLY raising the Saltire over Downing St? That it’s not as I initially assumed just some kind of joke doing the web rounds?

      J H Christ, what, in their idiotic panic and desperation will they try to pull next?

      Full blown riot at oo parade Sep 13th perhaps, with bt plants posing as Yes supporters causing trouble?

    184. Edward says:

      The bad news I think, is that Brown is putting himself up for daily ‘meeting’s’ which, because the media are like they are, will get daily coverage.

      Plus add to that Cameron, Militurd and Clegg, we will end up with wall to wall coverage (which is their intention) on a daily basis all the way to polling day. They are basically pushing the YES campaign of the tv screens

      So its now more important than ever to utilise the internet, to get around the wall of shit

    185. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think I have sussed out why the Saltire refused to go up Downing street’s flag pole. It was the WRONG Saltire ya numpties! THIS is the Saltire that you should have been raising. DOH! 😛

    186. Edward says:

      Yes anyone or any group publishing leaflets and distributing for a cause during the run up to polling have to be registered
      Normally it should say in very small print on the bottom of the leaflet
      Report them

    187. Thepnr says:


      I couldn’t even use system restore from safe mode. Used PC Restore to basically reset to factory settings. Difference from system restore is that all your programs are wiped but at least your personal files, photos ect are left alone 🙁

      It was that wee miserable face that done it for me 🙁

      Definite tampering and I am pissed at that!

    188. Fiona says:

      Have they really put a saltire over Downing Street?

      If so then then they do not have an adequate sense of the ridiculous.

    189. muttley79 says:

      This is from the Guardian:

      The three UK leaders are to appear at separate events in their party’s core areas to rouse their own voters, party sources have told the Guardian’s Severin Carrell.

      He says that Nick Clegg is due to visit the Borders – a stronghold for the Liberal Democrats.

      Cameron, Clegg and Miliband “will be taking the campaign to their own voters, that’s all that matters now. Labour has a job to do, the Lib Dems have a job to do and so do the Tories,” said one Lib Dem.

      The job was to “reinvigorate their base, particularly those who thought this wasn’t going to be a reality. They’re going to have to strain every sinew to win this, which is a good thing.”

      What a farce! 😀 😀

    190. liz says:

      @Hen Broon – it really is disappointing – they need to up their game.

      Anyone of us would have said – No doubt Mr Alexander you are now very pleased that all shares are back to the level they were before the fall.

    191. call me dave says:

      This is coming down to a straight fight for the wavering Scottish labour voter. Will they stay or will they go over to YES.

      The whole ball game might be up for grabs and it’s up to everyone to encourage the Labour for Independence movement to do well and support their message when out and about.

      Many labour folk will balk at the thought of going to YES but they will surely see that in an independent Scotland there will be an opportunity to get a proper opposition in place to fight for their values.

    192. call me dave says:

      baulk (the verb)

    193. ticktock says:

      Edward @ 4.03

      If they actually do simply block ALL Yes commentary from the MSM and have nothing else but pro bt crap from now till the 18th, how do you/we think that will affect those who still watch msm “news” etc?

      Will it piss off enough of them to backfire or would it work in shaking the resolve of some weaker, softer Yessers?

    194. Graeme Doig says:


      Yes they have and they’ve also called for Saltires to be flown all over England.
      Do you think, when they’re all up here turning on the charm, we should all march into England and take over Westminster 🙂
      Just a thought.
      Just had quick look at Referendum Live. I’m picturing Laurel and Hardy. This is unbelievable.

    195. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      No sensible person is listening to their rubbish. I have been three different places this morning (including my bank and its unanimous staff) in which the overwhelming sentiment has been “Do they think we are all stupid?”

      My local Sikh grocer just agreed that they are now shitting themselves in public

    196. Lesley-Anne says:

      Dave McEwan Hill says:

      My local Sikh grocer just agreed that they are now shitting themselves in public

      Not a pretty sight I can tell you! 😛 ( no not your Sikh grocer DMH the other thingy 😉 )

    197. Kev says:

      So, odds on the kilt-wearer being Cameron or Clegg, or both? sorry just can’t imagine Milliboid in one, but then again, stranger things have certainly happened over the last few days 🙂

    198. Stevie boy says:

      Only a couple of months ago they wouldn’t even let the Red Arrows release the colours of the Saltire over the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.. now it’s being lifted above Downing Street!

      They really do thinker are all mugs.

    199. TYRAN says:

      Notice that it’s turned into the Labour Vote No campaign? All red and yellow. That’s at least the third rebrand. Where’s Darling? Brown now de-facto leader of No according to the Mail. Someone thinks he’s popular. So popular he wasn’t in charge to start with.

    200. Re the flag raising when did the BBC do Dadl’s Army in colour?

    201. Jim McIntosh says:

      Just saw the latest BT advert on the BT facebook page, it’s on TV tonight. No patronising lady, just patronising Gordon Brown.

      It’s just an advert for the Labour Party, even managed to get grainy video footage of John Smith and Donald Dewar into it. Hope there were no Tory or Lib Dem people donated to it.

    202. Lesley-Anne says:

      As I informed Sky news last night TYRAN, Gordon Brown is as popular in Scotland as someone having the desire for Mumps, Chickenpox and Measles all at the same time! 😛

    203. Stevie boy says:

      Dave McEwan

      Snap!! Funnily enough I’m just home from my wee local shop where I usually chat to the shopkeeper about the campaign and the first thing he said time was ‘they are really panicking now eh?’

      You’re right, no-one is being taking in by this garbage (except the No camp).

      Makes you laugh 🙂

    204. Macandroid says:


      This is how to deal with a telemarketer 🙂

    205. CameronB Brodie says:

      I have separate hard drives for my system and data. That way I can re-install the system without loosing any data. If that isn’t an option for you, what about partitioning your hard drive? It essentially does the same, so you can re-install systems without data loss.

    206. ronnie anderson says:

      When if ever! was the Saltire flown on the Downing St flag pole,anybody know the answer to that question.

    207. Lesley-Anne says:

      The only time I can remember, sort of, Ronnie is St. Andrews day, I think. 😉

    208. Greannach says:

      They’re just playing it for laughs now, hoping to get a vote from people with a love of the absurd and ridiculous.

    209. Greannach says:

      TYRAN – I’ve been wondering where Flipper is too. Are the Three Amigos from London being sent up to wipe up Flipper’s mess?

    210. Thepnr says:

      @CameronB Brodie

      Yes will be doing that, and forget Windows. I’m moving to Linux.

    211. Lesley-Anne says:


      CEO of Kingfisher, owner of B & Q, has come out with the old mantra that Scottish consumers will face higher prices after a YES vote. Hmm. I’m thinking there will be a sudden sharp drop in their sales figures when this *ahem* threat is spread about a bit. 😉

    212. JWil says:

      If you want to get your dander up it’s worth watching last night’s edition of Newsnight where the whole programme was devoted to the referendum. Tom Devine was pitted against Neil Ferguson a Scottish ex pat based in the USA.

      I have never seen Tom Devine get so animated, but it’s not surprising when the other guy claimed that an independent Scotland would be like Belarus. A totally obnoxious guy.

      The woman on the programme wasn’t much better but Devine managed to tell both exactly what he thought of their opinions.

      The discussion starts at around 38 minutes in.

    213. Lesley-Anne says:

      On my old laptop Thepnr I had the hard drive partitioned. One part used Windows 7 and Linux on the other. I usually used Linux but I needed Windows to run my flight sim and airline sim. My new laptop arrived with Windows 8 on it and I can not partition it or even just wipe Windows 8. I have no way of getting Linux onto my computer. Linux is a far superior operating system in my view. 😛

    214. Donald MacDonald says:

      Lets’ keep focussed a few more days – don’t presume anything – just keep taking up YES!



    215. Colin Church says:

      @Alan Gerrish
      Posted before he finished but with radio on in background he did capture the complete panic in WM and BT – “smelling the fear” he said. Until then picture painted of Scotland quietly contemplating a thoughtful offer from BT, just a matter of time until it seeps in and we come to our senses and vote NO.

    216. Kirsty says:

      O/T-ish; I don’t know if anyone else has posted a response from the Electoral Commission re the breach of purdah and electoral rules by Westminster. But I’d emailed the Electoral Commission about it and got a response today and thought it should be seen by as many people as possible because it’s frightening that any so called democracy could have a situation like this.

      I’ve posted the full text of the email below but basically it just says that the EC have no regulatory powers over Westminster’s activities and Westminster are not bound by the Referendum Act anyway. So I’m guessing that means there will be no purdah period for Westminster as there are no controls. They say they have no powers over the Scottish Government either but I have no doubt if the Scottish Government did what Westminster have done the MSM and Westminster would be screaming bloody murder. Anyway, here’s the full email if you want to read it:

      The Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013 (the Act) gives the Electoral Commission responsibility for regulating campaign spending and donations.

      The Commission has no powers to regulate the activities of either the Scottish or the UK Governments. However, Schedule 4, para 26(2) places restrictions on certain Scottish public bodies on publishing material related to the referendum in the 28 days before the poll. The UK Government are not bound by the Act but have undertaken to adhere to the same restrictions.

      You can find a factsheet that we have produced on the public bodies and referendum material here This includes the contact details you need with regard to any concerns you may have about the activities of either the Scottish Government (cabinet_secretariat [at] scotland [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk) or the UK Government (Propriety&ethicsteam [at] cabinet-office [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk).

      Rhys Cisuelo
      Public Information Support
      The Electoral Commission
      Tel: 029 2034 6802

    217. Edward says:

      I hope that it does backfire
      I’m getting fed up with the one sided coverage by the MSM
      and am hoping that the soft yes and undecided also see it for what its worth

    218. liz says:

      @Jwil – OMG – that Niall Ferguson bloke has a face you would never tire of ‘kissing’ – in case I get accused of being a rabid indy Yes.

      How much time was that guy given to witter on and that women fronting the prog kept interrupting Tm Devine.

    219. Lesley-Anne says:

      When read that Kirsty it raises one question.

      What the hell is the point of the Electoral Commission exactly?

      Biggest bunch of toothless, gumless, gutless feart wonders on planet Earth I reckon.

    220. call me dave says:

      Saltire might have flown when Murray won Wimbledon tennis but not sure. It was promised, well did he keep his promise?

      Salmond calls out Clegg and Cameron as untrustworthy but not Miliband or Brown.

      Aye OK Mr Salmond.

    221. heraldnomore says:

      Hoi Dave, we cannae see yer flag fae here, naebody wi’ a vote can.

      But we can look outside out windows and drive along our streets and see 10,000 Yes saltires flying proudly, everywhere. You might catch them tomorrow.

      Do hang about for yer pals in the Lodge and that nice Monsieur Farage at the weekend

    222. call me dave says:

      Correction St Andrews day Nov 2013

      We were getting love bombed so saltire was raised.

    223. Swansea Jack says:

      The patronising 3 Amigos offer nothing new, and are likely to be even less popular in Alba than Gordon ‘ pensions thief’ Brown. You also need to ignore Carwyn Jones who’s up there from Wales – we take no notice of him here in Wales, hopefully you’ll treat him in a similar way!

      I’m hoping Farage and Boris turn up in Edinburgh soon, after all it appears there’s a good chance they’ll be joint leaders in any post 2015 government in Wasteminster, and NO voters deserve to see and here the bigoted lies of those they are helping to support.

      Really need to push the similarity between the promises made in ’79 and those from Gordon Brownstuff this week – these devo min proposals have little or no chance of getting through Wasteminster even in the very slight chance that the 3 amigos aren’t just lying again…..

    224. K1 says:

      Patronising arrogant Feguson, these people including the news presenter and that woman know nothing of the Scotland they refer to. They are inciting devisiveness in Scotland; there is no anti-english feeling, they are talking Scotland down because in thier arrogance they believe they are superior in every way and will stop at nothing to protect thier interests. Paid up lackeys one and all.

      We must get out of this, I hope that we can reach the others in time. It does not bear thinking about the possiblity of our future with these people running the show, thier true colours are showing through now.

      Aye, the flag falling down at downing street, there’s thier answer right there. God, I’m so angry right now after watching that newsnight.

    225. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT. The first bit of kit I bought when in business, was a 3.5 Gig Ultra Fast external hard drive, for Mac. At the start of the century, that cost almost £3,200 (ex. VAT), if memory serves. Haven’t things moved on since then? You can pick up a 500 Gig USB 3 external for Mac, for roughly £50 (ex. VAT).

      Move over Westminster, Scotland wants to get on with things. Time is the most precious commodity, and Britain has already had 300 plus years to justify it’s existence. Today’s fiasco is clear evidence of the complete failure to do so.

    226. DougtheDug says:

      So it seems that what Gordon’s offering is the Labour in Scotland devolution commission report.

      Read that and you find out that Scotland will retain Barnett Formula funding and have the wonderful opportunity to hit its population with above the UK rate income tax increases.

      The housing benefit power is interesting because there is a warning from (recent) history, Northern Ireland.

      DUP respond to Welfare Reform deadlock

      Northern Ireland controls its own welfare system but it’s funded on the “parity principle” which is pretty much the principle of “fiscal equality” which applies to public service funding in the UK.

      The parity principle means that Northern Ireland can do what it wants with its Welfare system but it only gets funded as if it was mirroring the system in GB.

      NI are in big trouble at the moment because they refused to follow the current UK government’s welfare reforms and now they have to fund welfare from other public services.

      Brown promises:

      “6. New powers over housing benefits
      Housing benefit to be devolved Over 400,000 households in Scotland get Housing Benefit, with expenditure amounting to £1.7 billion, representing 12.3 per cent of DWP benefits expenditure in Scotland.”

      But if it is funded under the parity principle as it is in NI then it simply means that we can do as we want as long as we accept that we’ll be in a financial straitjacket controlled by Westminster.

    227. Jim Kennedy says:

      Cameron is not coming up here to save the union. He is avoiding PMQ time. To save himself.

    228. CameronB Brodie says:

      Correction (not that it is important):
      My first Large Format Printer was over £3.5k and the external drive around £1,500. Just for any nerds checking up om me. 🙂

    229. scunnered says:

      me thinks jackie bird and the rest of the bbc crew have a few bob on no…totally rehearsed set of questions to darling there on the bbc news…with a wee disagreement thrown in just to make it look good…fooling nobody

    230. donald anderson says:

      Just watched Jackie Burd cooing up to her Darling Alistair. It was embarrassing. Not once did she interrupt him, or even try to get him to answer a direct question. He was allowed to drone on incessantly. Is there any point in complaining to Auntie? In fact he even interrupted her questions. She was in so much awe.

    231. Blair paterson says:

      What ever happened to Cameron’s it is for the Scots to decide ? Here we have have three Englishman and maybe more coming up to Scotland to lecture us yet again , do they not understand that it is because of them and their policies that we want independence , they are so arrogant that they really think they can convince us to change our minds what plonkers Vote Yes

    232. Chic McGregor says:

      Can’t remember exactly but my first hard drive was about £300 and about 150 Meg.

      My first home computer was about £300, almost a tenth of my annual salary in 1979. It had 4 k of Ram (2114s) and consisted of a printed circuit board and a bag of ttl and cmos chips and components that you had to assemble yourself. Even the keyboard had to have each individual key assembled and soldered into place.

      In those days, home computer enthusiasts were numbered in the hundreds or maybe a couple of thousand, in the UK.

    233. margo allan says:

      Just read on page 2 of the Daily Mail copy I picked up in keswick. “Though George Osborne trailed an announcement on a cross party agreement on a devolution timetable at the weekend,there was surprise at Westminster that Mr. Brown had made it,”
      Mr Cameron is not thought to have been consulted beforehand.
      “They are in a right mess” So much for so called “NEW POWERS”

    234. scunnered says:

      better together referendum broadcast on the bbc there…cant believe they mentioned the minimum wage,they think its something to be proud of.

    235. Chic McGregor says:

      “Just watched Jackie Burd cooing up to her Darling Alistair. It was embarrassing. Not once did she interrupt him, or even try to get him to answer a direct question. He was allowed to drone on incessantly. Is there any point in complaining to Auntie?”

      Glad I missed that.

      Wonder if Ponsonby will do the same? His sneering attitude and perpetual interrupting with Alex Salmond was about the same as Big Bird’s was. If he is equally fawning re AD then it will leave no one in doubt as to his allegiance.

    236. CameronB Brodie says:

      @ No Better Together Thanks
      C O N F L I C T E D?

    237. I thought Jackie Burd just let Darling witter on. I was embarrassed for Darling he sounded really panicky.
      I do wish that Jackie Burd would have challenged him, when he claimed 1 million gov jobs would be lost if we vote for independence, explain that comment, where are those 1 million jobs?

    238. Free at last? says:

      I’m almost certain AD had a little anxiety wee wee during that interview. The man was in melt-down, and I think Bird did well just to let him gibber and gabber. Got to feel sorry for the guy – losing a referendum campaign so badly, you get replaced by Gordon Brown!

    239. cearc says:


      Not the Altair? I don’t remember having to use solder on that (my first) but at the end you ended up with lots of odd screws and bits, a tad alarming until you realised that they had just bought packs from the DIY store for the kit.

    240. robert urquhart says:

      The same shitty deal but at least we’ll get it quicker. Ffs

    241. NODROG says:

      If we are to draw logical, mathematical conclusions from how support is developing for YES or NO these days then we must look to the relative persuasive strengths of the various mediums of informative outlets. E.G. 1.Newspapers- printed versions, 2.Newspapers – electronic versions, 3.TV , 4.Radio , 5.Polls – telephone?, 6.Social Media – Electronic, 7.Social Media – word of mouth.

      Here is my take :-
      1 – NO -1
      2 – NO -1
      3 – NO -2
      4 – NO -2
      5 – MaybesAye/MabesNaw 0
      6 – YES +4
      7 – YES +5

      Result +3

      But hell what do I know – work it out for yourselves- personally I think we are going to win.

    242. NODROG says:

      Gordon Brown the great savior of the NO campaign – afraid to be questioned in public prefers to hide and pontificate in Miners Welfares to the unquestioning loyalists. One has to ask why have the Tories and the Libs come to this? Answer is they need a scapegoat – they know they have lost!!

    243. The Rough Bounds says:

      Daily Record: shitty rag as per usual.

      How do some of you feel, knowing that you actually paid to read this soiled toilet paper a few days ago?

    244. donald anderson says:

      Yes I thought the Tory Darling losing it a wee bit, but he was still given an easy ride by Ms Burd.

      As for Bernard Ponsonby, He is a Republican for Ireland and a Lib Den Unionist for Scotland. How he squares that with Irish Republicans urging support for the Yes campaign is a matter for his conscience and Unionist logic.

    245. Chic McGregor says:

      No it was a Compukit UK101 a clone of the Ohio Superboard II.
      Think we got the kist in late 78 minus the OS Rom.

      So they weren’t up and running till ’79. There’s a story goes with that which I won’t bore you with, but I know for a fact me and my mate were the first two of the commercial kits to be up and running.

    246. Chic McGregor says:

      Remember an argument with a common aquaintance of ours, also from the TV world and a pal of Ponsonby’s who swore he was pro-indy. I had queried why he was copying BP on Indy First emails.

    247. cearc says:

      OK. Shame I’ve never met anybody who had the Altair kit, about the same time.

    248. JWil says:

      Jackie Bird’s body language suggests she is not relaxed in her new role as chief inquisitor for BBC Scotland.

      She never seems at ease, continually moving and fidgeting and that means she is not confident enough in herself to get any constructive and cogent answers from a politician.

      Terry Wogan has a lot to answer for by suggesting that news presenters have an easy job just sitting behind a desk reading from their autocue and should be sent out into the real world to do something more challenging and productive. It seems that the BBC readily jumped at his baiting, which immediately had the poor sods out of their depth.

    249. JWil says:

      I saw a video on telly this evening showing the Union Jack flying over Buckingham Palace. Wouldn’t it be nice if that could be exchanged for a Saltire, even for a day.

    250. Karmanaut says:

      New Scottish print newspaper?

      As others here have pointed out, we need one after Independence.

      If Wings, BellaCaledonia and NewsNetScotland got together with a big crowdsourced fundraiser to start up a new newspaper, I’m sure many of us here would contribute to get that off the ground. I know I would.

    251. Big Del says:

      At 12:40 Sky paper review has the guy, name unknown, and the hostess {as appealing}, giving their personal opinion that they don’t think we will vote yes. Is that heart over the head feelings?
      Seem to remember a certain BBC guy with a personal opinion to the FM. Impartial my arse.

    252. JWil says:

      You can guarantee some great comments on the Scottish Question from those guys on Sky’s newspaper reviews.

      Like ‘OMG what will happen to the UK if there is a YES vote’.

      They just cannot comprehend what those people up there are doing.

    253. donald anderson says:

      I’ll repeat. No lie is too wee, too big, or too dirty for that lot. They cannot help it. It is too ingrained in the British Nationalist psyche.

    254. bjsalba says:

      I saw the Powers GB and the three stooges are peddling described as a carrot. Please make sure that no squirrel is allowed to gorge itself o them. Apparently too may carrots can kill them.

    255. KaptainKeys says:

      On a lighter note, I read this comment on a recent post regarding the legality of the current “Operation Hearts & Minds” campaign:-

      You all know the tune, so here we go – 1, 2, 3, 4………

      “Rule Britannia, Britannia Waives the Rules….”

      Ho Ho

    256. Tom Foyle says:

      I’m pretty sure the reason they chose Nogood Brown (hate this damn spellcheck!) to announce the “new powers” guff is so that they can disavow him if “no” is successful.
      “He had no right to say such things – he’s only a backbencher with no powers after all. Promising things whilst being fully aware of one’s inability to deliver is typical Labour behaviour…-er-…oops!”

    257. donald anderson says:

      Even if the Tree Stooges did deliver more powers for dog licences, etc, it still inadequate as the power and finance still stays with London spiverry.

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