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A spontaneous outpouring

Posted on September 09, 2014 by

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    1. 09 09 14 11:02

      A spontaneous outpouring | FreeScotland

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    1. MajorBloodnok says:

      And who is that supposed to convince?

    2. Seasick Dave says:

      All bussed in from the south, nae doubt.

      I hope it wasn’t too cold or scary for them.

    3. Capella says:

      Well if you believe that you’ll believe anything. Eat your cereal Ruth.

    4. JPFife says:

      @Major Bloodnok: Themselves

    5. big_al says:

      The guy with the ‘cheer’ & ‘clap’ boards will be getting his jotters.
      Or maybe he knew there were difficult questions coming??

    6. Greannach says:

      Nice to see the two joint leaders of the new Unity Party are female.

    7. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

      It is ironic that in the event of Scottish in

    8. Salt Ire says:

      Mike Leigh directing. Verite…

    9. desimond says:

      “Lets have a timetable”…the new “Lets have a debate”

      Its like the old days when I used to ask my mother “Can ah have that new football strip?” and she would dismiss me with the empty promise “Sure, Ah’ll buy you two!”.

      Ruths body language as captured in opening image above says so much, she knows no-one is buying this malarky.

    10. benarmine says:

      Watched it, hilarious. The three of them floundering with the questions, not one policy between them. Any decent media would rip them to shreds.

    11. M Mackintosh says:

      Such a parcel of rogues…

    12. Data will be protected

    13. adrian Brown says:

      The really realistic timetable is Scotland voting Yes on 18 September.

    14. mary vasey says:

      Gawd sakes the level of keech just keeps on rising. I’ve voted AYE

    15. gillie says:


    16. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

      It t is ironic that in the event of Scottish Independence Australia where I live will retain the union jack as it is incorporated in the over all design and GB will lose it how juicy for a former colony.

    17. Marcia says:

      It is like watching something out of a Republic rally in America.

    18. K1 says:

      Just…embarrassing themselves further…contrived, desperate and downright disingenuous tripe.

    19. Luke Stirling says:

      Ridiculous. You can see they’re being told to start cheering as soon as the uncomfortable question of “when” comes up.

    20. jacksloan2013 says:

      Looks like last ditch and back to the bunker quick.

    21. Grouse Beater says:

      Kin Ah hiv mah five poonds promised, ta?

      In by the way, thir wis nae toilet oan tha’ coach. We wis trea’ed like cattle.

    22. Indy_Scot says:

      If the biased media and self serving politicians rob Scotland’s children of a better future, they will never be forgiven.

    23. Sandy says:

      The big “devo max” lie, is that all the parties agree we should have “more powers”.

      Each party has different views on exactly which powers we should get.

      So we should let middle England decide which flavour is best for Scotland.

      It is just a rehash of the too wee, too poor and too stupid argument, you would have to be a complete baloon to believe any of it.

    24. Ananurhing says:

      Cringeworthy. You can see them all look to their left for their cue.

      Either that or the pies just arrived

    25. Nana Smith says:


    26. RMAC says:

      Wow, and you can’t even see the strings, its a pity the effect is ruined by the puppetmaster not clearing the shot in time!

    27. laukat says:

      I see Ruth didn’t bring along Moray MacDonald ex-Scottish Conservative Director research. Was it something to do with this?

    28. Stoops says:

      They’re pathetic. So obviously staged. Just how stupid do they think the people of Scotland are?

    29. Stevie boy says:

      @ James Dow

      If you are in Australia mate is there anyway someone there can highlight the non democratic process that is happening over here?

      It truly is shocking what the BBC is getting away with.

    30. MekQuarrie says:

      Amatuers… 🙁

    31. desimond says:

      Speaking of spontaneous outpourings, I am told by an angry cousin that she cant get anywhere booked for Sept 19th for a birthday celebration due to Glasgow publicans are all expecting crowds of folk out partying.

      Thats the only sort of pourings we all want to see!

    32. heraldnomore says:

      Thanks Ruthie, I think I’ll tear up all copies of the WBB now rather than spread them around.

      On the other hand, let’s get more paper in the printer…

    33. There isn’t even any enthusiasm in their own ranks. How do they expect to create it within the DKs?

    34. Graeme Doig says:

      Been taken for a mug too often by this lot. Buttons have worn out so i’m getting fitted with a zip today. Can you get them on prescription?
      We’re getting sold a poisoned chalice. Without real fiscal autonomy and control over all our resources it’s no good to us.
      Stay alert people of Scotland.

    35. Luigi says:

      Contrast this footage with that of a typical upbeat YES gathering (anywhere in the country). The collective BT body language says it all:

      There is no real happiness there, no hope, only seething anger and dismay, masked by forced wooden smiles in front of the camera. It really is painful just to watch them.

      Roll on 18th – let’s put this sorry bunch out of their misery.

    36. Robert Louis says:

      These supposed ‘new powers’ are entirely at the whim of Westminster. None of the three people presenting this morning (Ruth Davidson, Lamont or Rennie) have ANY say in Westminster. At all.

      Are the journalists asleep? Talk about a pig in a poke.

    37. Papadox says:

      It’s was totally demeaning and disrespectful, they are now treating the Scottish voters with utter contempt, they obviously believe we are totally stupid and are out to prove it. They are beneath contempt, they are united to protect the trough and their privileged life.

    38. Craig P says:

      What it is with this thing of supporters holding up placards (both sides do it)? It looks pish.

    39. Stevie boy says:

      Although I believe the majority of our fellow Scots won’t buy this latest shite on offer there WILL be some uninformed voters that will. We all need to speak to everyone we can and reassure these people.

      The stakes have never been higher!!

    40. Thepnr says:

      This all out propaganda war against the Scottish people can’t fail to get you worked up. Looking at it realistically though we shouldn’t let ourselves stress over this.

      The ordinary Scot will see right through this and they will become fired up. TO ACHIEVE A YES VOTE.

      The establishment have mismanaged the UK for decades. Is it really any surprise that they have completely ballsed up their own campaign? They are useless and parading this on TV just exposes further that uselessness.

    41. Robert Louis says:

      Stevie boy,

      I agree, although I think for most Scots, they are seeing this for what it is, symbolic of the utter contempt Westminster has for Scots.

      Labour and Tories eh? Like two peas in a pod, out campaigning together.

    42. Brotyboy says:

      Never turn your back on your audience.

    43. Luigi says:

      BT are just going through the motions now. They have been suffering for two years and soon it will be all over. The agony is transparent, it’s etched on their faces. No point in stopping now, at least try to finish the race and hold your heads high. Stiff upper lip n’all that.

    44. GrahamB says:

      They seem to have forgotten one small problem – how are they going to get all these big plans through Westminster where they already think we have too much power and too much of their money? Will M. Farage be invited to join them when he comes up here on Friday for a couple of pints with his chums?

    45. Liquid Lenny says:

      James Dow A voice from the diaspora

      Unfortunately the “Butchers Apron” is a symbol of the Union of Crowns not Parliament, so will still be the “British” flag after Indy.

    46. Robert Louis says:


      I agree, it isn’t worth getting worked up about. What bothers me is the lack of media balance, but as for these fake promises of ‘new powers’, it’s not really gaining traction.

      Meanwhile we have a positive vision for Scotland.

    47. Grouse Beater says:

      Brown, Labour and ‘New’ Powers grousebeater.wordpress

      Today is a good day.
      Today is an optimistic day.
      Today is a day of real hope and idealism.
      I can see democracy at work on behalf of the people.
      Working for all the people, even those wishing it will not work.

    48. Jim Mitchell says:

      O/T from the BBC Scotland news page:

      10:20: Scotland’s first minister and leader of the SNP, Alex Salmond, will be responding to the statement from the pro-union party leaders with his own media conference shortly.

      Let’s see how long he gets!

    49. Quentin Quale says:

      They say they can orchestrate a timetable in record time but can’t get the timing right on a round of applause? Good grief.

    50. Grouse Beater says:


      Independence won is the will of the people.
      Power from Westminster is imposed.

    51. Stevie boy says:

      Dirty troughing b’stards!!!

      Did you notice the pig shit around their mouths.. makes me sick.

      Seriously tho, I am getting more and more worried about shenanigans going on at the poles. Desperate times call for desperate measures!! Our Electoral Commission is clearly not worth feck all as is being proved, I worry the polling will go the same way.

      Think I need some reassurance myself.

      What’s this like, I can’t sleep, concentrate or anything.. help!!! 🙂

    52. heedtracker says:

      Smoke and mirrors. £4 BBC billion of your not Scottish pounds.

    53. Colin says:

      Sorry, but I am not convinced that this is not just a ploy to fall foul of the electoral commission forcing them to postpone the referendum vote, buying the naysayers more time to come up with a better plan.
      They never for one moment expected a Yes vote and as soon as the polls changed we get a promise of new powers, which they know is illegal, especially as the postal votes have already been sent.
      It’s a dirty trick regardless but I think there is more to it than just an offer of “new powers”.

    54. Kilty says:

      Wow! For them to garner such applause and adulation, maybe I’ve been wrong all this time. Welp, that’s me voting ‘no’.

    55. Stevie boy says:

      Robert Louis

      Yeah I am worried about the ‘harm’ our shitty BBC is doing to this campaign tho.. and are getting away with.. like bloody Nazi propaganda!!

      Woke up this morning with a real anger and hatred for them which to be honest just isn’t going away. Hate them with a passion.

    56. BrianW says:

      You sure they weren’t clapping because she’d just shut her trap..

      “Oh, thank god for that..,” (applause) “.. I thought she was going talk more shite..”

    57. Graeme Doig says:

      Stevie boy

      I’ve decided to take the whole of next week off to help with the final push for Yes.

      No point being at work when they’re trying to con us out of our country. Too much at stake here.

      I feel your pain mate.

    58. msean says:

      These guys spent the last 3 years saying “ye canny”,now,less than 2 weeks to go its “you can,but only with us in charge and doing it our way”.

      Still be voting YES. Don’t trust ye.

    59. K1 says:

      All the zips up the back of our heids in Scotland will remain freely prescribed up to the 18th September, on the 19th September…zips will no longer be available due to instant obsolescence…your statutory rights will not be affected.

    60. live_ur_life says:

      Jeezo – whit a riddy! I swear I can’t watch any more Better Together nonsense.. They should just give up the ghost! #YES

    61. Thepnr says:


      They may be able to postpone it but it will never be stopped, any shenanigans and the No’s will be left with the rump of the Tory party as their only support.

      Hahaha, Freudian slip by the BBC reporter interviewing Alex Salmond live on BBC News 24. He said “WE” referring to Better Together 🙂

    62. Les Wilson says:

      The BBC are breaking all the rules, a constant bombardment in praise of NO. Every opportunity, they can find, using the most despicable reporting methods against Scotland’s hope for DEMOCRACY. Stv being only a tad better. The total MSM are a pile of stenching garbage.

      They, and all the compliant and devious Scottish politicians MP, Lord, or MSP, are the lowest of the low. I surely await the grovelling after a YES vote,with utter happiness.
      They will reap what they tried, to sow.

    63. liz says:

      I can’t get my head around these folk.

      Ruth Davidson, yes because she’s a tory at heart.

      Every time I see JoLaLa I want to scream, the women is beyond description without firing off a stream of swearing.

      If there is a narrow win it will be due to lies from the BBC – I hate their news department.

      Surely there must be observers from the EU keeping an eye on this process because like almost everything else in the UK it is corrupt.

      I read that 60% pf folk below 40 are Yes – the only thing holding the No vote up is OAPs and the I’m alright Jack brigade – they should be ashamed of themselves.

      Well hell mend them if it is a No and they face massive rises in council tax and means testing for everything.

    64. Stevie boy says:

      Graeme Doig

      Cheers for the support mate.

      If yourself or anyone else can make the BBC protest this coming Sunday at Pacific Quay between 2pm and 4pm then please please come along. I know we have other things to do but this is also important to have a big turnout at.

      Thanks everyone.

    65. Graeme Doig says:


      Wow complete about turn by leading business figure.

      Wonder if he’s been swayed back by todays shenanigans.

    66. Clootie says:

      A small comparison.

      Ask your partner if they would like a confirmed holiday in Florida now
      The promise next month to look at some brochures followed by narrowing down the options the following month and then to have a really serious discussion about those options the month after that. However the final approval of the holiday will have to be agreed by the neighbours.

    67. Wee Jimmy says:

      This makes me think back to that ‘Tripe dresser’ career move alluded to by their campaign leader on Twitter earlier. He hasn’t wasted any time in his new career has he?!

    68. Helena Brown says:

      Well there we have it the three Muppets let oot o’ their box for the day and not one of them can give any sort of guarantee.

    69. Stevie boy says:


      Nice one.. summed it up perfectly!!

    70. Helena Brown says:

      Clootie @10.50am, spot on.

    71. galamcennalath says:

      We will win this by the hard work of 1000s of dedicated Yes activists. However, we have been helped along the way by the frequently displayed incompetence of the No side!


      “the only thing holding the No vote up is OAPs”

      It will be very sad that they are denying the future to their own children and grandchildren.

    72. Nana Smith says:

      Just like the clowns Davidson, Lamont and Rennie here’s another disgraceful lying devious —–

    73. Greannach says:

      What was that amateur-hour video all about? Eyes Right! NOW, girls!

    74. Dave says:

      Watched on BBC News. Awful, awful, awful. Not because I disagree with them but because of the poor preparation by the three politicians, the awful white and black placards. Just enough supporters to fill the backdrop of the camera. Contrast that with Alex Salmond just minutes ago, with a huge seething crowd of supporters, all different home made signs, people jostling one another and Alex raising his voice to be heard. I think I know who the winner is….

    75. GrahamB says:

      The EBC are allowing comments at and the backlash from rUK has started:
      “Q: Will we in the rest of the UK get a referendum on these bribes – since we will be paying for them?
      A: No – don’t be stupid – just open your wallet and stop complaining! ”
      As I said earlier they have to get it past Westminster and persuade the rUK taxpayers – it’s a dead duck from Day One.

    76. Muscleguy says:

      You see the guy with the brown shoulder bag on the right facing the crowd and clapping. When they begin to cheer and the camera pans out he scuttles quickly out of shot.

      Point about staging something: the director is not supposed to appear on stage when you go live, not even in the dress rehearsal. BT can’t even stage manage something properly. There is no hope for them.

      BTW guys when in that situation have a placard handy and after indicating people should clap turn around, hold it up and cheer. Looks much less suspicious than scuttling out of shot like a naughty schoolboy.

    77. To hell with self-government and self-respect, what we all require, above everything else, is a realistic timetable!

    78. Stevie boy says:

      There are a lot of OAP’s that are voting Yes, I know a lot myself, but agree that in the main they just don’t get it.

      I even spoke with an elderly woman last Saturday in Glasgow who admitted that things are currently shit and that her pension is the lowest in europe.. but she’s too old for the change!?! WTF.. u’ll be dead soon and will have straddled your kids and grand kids with years more pain and suffering. They just don’t get it.

      I can appreciate the ‘I’m alright Jack’ brigade voting No (well not really) because they are all just selfish inconsiderate arseholes who just don’t care!!

    79. galamcennalath says:

      Said this before.

      Most NO voters will live to regret their choice. One outcome or the other, they will see in a few years that they made a mistake!

      If its a Yes win, then it was a small mistake.

      If, a NO win, they will suffer, in every way. Suffer from the effects, suffer by being reminded continually by Yes voters that it was all their fault.

    80. CameronB Brodie says:

      Well that will save the union, asking us to believe them about some vague maybe, after everything No Better Together Thanks has stooped to over the last three years. Misdirection, outright lies, insults and a coordinated media campaign aimed at terrorising Scotland. Astonishing.

      I know I keep going on about thought terminating cliches, but I can’t help mention them again after being confronted by a wall of the Best of Both Worlds. Not the most imaginative or inspiring approach to persuade someone to support you, IMO. Here’s a wee list to show you what I’m on about.

      The Best of Both Worlds
      Freedom is Slavery
      Pooling and Sharing
      Ignorance is Strength
      War is Peace
      Stronger Together

      Let’s put them out of their misery, and ours.

    81. Nana Smith says:

      Grahame Smith general secretary of the STUC says

      “A political fix, constructed in Westminster, without consulting the people of Scotland”

    82. NODROG says:

      We should make sure that every Scottish Voter knows this and that the Labour Government was in power when it was done.

      “The redrawing of the maritime border meant several Scottish oil fields, including the Argyll field and six others, were now officially designated English. The move meant that oil and gas revenue, which would have previously been considered Scottish was deemed to have been generated south of the border.

      The boundary shift was established by an order carried out at Westminster under the Scottish Adjacent Boundaries Order (1999). The order was passed by the House of Lords and the Committee on Delegated Legislation on March 23, but – crucially – was not openly debated in the Commons.” Thanks newsnet.

    83. Silverytay says:

      I hope it’s not to early to go o/t but I need some help.
      One of my Son’s friends has been on to him through F.B worried about the latest scare story regarding mortgages in Scotland if we vote YES.

      Somewhere in the dark recess of my mind I think Scott Minto destroyed this one a few months back , can anyone point me in the right direction .

      Once again sorry for going o/t but if I get an answer it will allow me to debunk this scare story to anyone else who is worried about it .

    84. T222Deracha says:

      Why would anyone trust people who do this:


    85. Helena Brown says:

      As an OAP and a life long supporter of the SNP I take umbrage at being told Liz that it is all the fault of the ahem Elderly. There were four of us on holiday, two who should have been regarded as complacent and us, guess what Liz we are all voting YES. Look around these pages Liz, you will see a load of OAP’s working their socks of to make this happen. Funnily enough I have no children of my own, I am working to see that the kids I know get a decent country to live in.

    86. desimond says:

      I cannae look at Ruth Davidson without hearing Belinda Carlisle singing “Circle in the sand” as thats what wee Ruthie has come following her post Tory leader election speech of drawing the line on new powers to Holyrood.

      Unionist parties in Scotland….utterly powerless in both voters backing and their own self determination!

    87. liz says:

      Re the protest against the BBC -I’m not sure as I know the Yes folk will be there for a good protest but the opportunity for dirty tricks is too high this close to the vote.

      Look at the way they are spinning lies now can you imagine if there was any trouble how the media would handle that.

    88. mary vasey says:

      Thanks nana you post great links
      I’ve voted YES

    89. Helena Brown says:

      Sorry I did not get the name this morning, but on the discussion of the papers on Sky the woman who was there supporting Eamonn said what will happen to the Fifty percent who do not agree, they are not going to be happy. I would say that if NO win with this campaign why would we be happy. Lying, cheating toads that they are.

    90. YesTayport says:

      A new low ! My retired mum took a call last night from a very well spoken young man canvassing on behalf of the BT campaign and he asked if she had decided how she would be voting. ” I’ m voting Yes ” she replied.

      After a few minutes of scaremongering, his parting shot was ” What about Lockerbie ”

      They really will stop at nothing. Is this on their list of how to scare pensioners !

    91. Nana Smith says:

      @Mary Vasey


    92. Col The Viking says:

      Bit O/T as well – some scare story leaflets circulating in my neck of the woods about utility bills going up £1 K per household in event of a ‘Yes’ (I know!!!)

      At work so can’t really do the digging about myself – ay useful WoS links or others that could be readily deployed to disbunk this bunkum?

      Many thanks…..

    93. bookie from hell says:

      George Galloway ?@georgegalloway · Sep 7
      If Scotland becomes independent Respect Scotland will act constructively towards all parties particularly what emerges as Scottish Labour


    94. Clootie says:

      I have been posting on the BBC for years. However on any open article for Independence I am now in Moderation?

      We have open articles which are not really OPEN.

      Strange that the rabid unionists seem to post without any problem.

    95. liz says:

      @Helena Brown – I know there are a number of OAPs who are Yes but a large majority are No.

      Look at the polls, the highest % of Nos are in that group.

      Don’t take it personally I am a pensioner myself but will not get a state pension for another 2 years.

      When out canvassing, I can assure you that the majority of older folk are No.

      If you know any who haven’t voted, you could try to persuade them but when offering the WBB or info on the NHS most of the older folk I have met don’t want to know – it’s all lies I’ve been told.

    96. Nana Smith says:

      Email or Phone Password

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      Facebook © 2014

      News Feed

      I wonder if wee Ruthie has seen this….

      Moray Macdonald

      MD of Weber Shandwick Scotland, student pilot into politics, pr and social media. Chair of Board of Trustees for Scouts Scotland.

      I’m voting ‘yes’ because I’m a Tory, not in spite of it.

      Attached is a scan of my column in The Thunderer in The Times Scotland today. I’ve copied the slightly longer and unedited version below.

      It is time to come out of the closet. I’m voting Yes and as a result, for the first time in years, I am excited about the future of centre-right politics in Scotland.

      This might seem a surprising move for a former Director of the Scottish Conservative party and Tory candidate for Westminster, but I have to be honest, it wasn’t even a difficult decision.

      Devolution has highlighted just how different Scotland is. Even the Westminster establishment, ever obsessed with the needs of London and her hinterlands, has noticed that there is no longer a demos in the United Kingdom. The desperate offer of extra powers to Holyrood acknowledges how poorly our needs are served by their politics.

      The Scottish Conservatives despair of the left-wing consensus in Holyrood and yet they embrace a cosy and increasingly alien political elite that guarantees its permanency. True Conservatives should embrace the opportunity to bring real political decisions closer to home. Only a Yes vote will make our politicians truly answerable to us, for it is only when Holyrood and Victoria Quay have to account for the money taken from the pockets of the Scottish people will right-of-centre politics have a chance to flourish in Scotland.

      Only by empowering Holyrood to make real decisions will we attract statesmen and women to Scottish politics: people with real ideas about how to grow our economy, the nerve to take difficult decisions and the drive to see Scotland take her place on the world stage.

      Of course, there is much for Conservatives to be nervous about in the SNP manifesto that is the ‘white paper’, but most of such matters will be for the future Governments of Scotland to decide. As a Scot, I want to create the structures that allow those Governments to represent the true will of the Scottish people – irrespective of what that will might be. As a Conservative, I remind myself that devolution saved the Tories from being wiped off the Scottish electoral map forever and am confident that a Yes vote is the only way to cement a place for right-of-centre thinking in Scotland.

      The first few years of my career were spent in New Zealand, working as the Press Secretary to a Government Minister. As small, entrepreneurial and fiercely proud nations, Scotland and New Zealand share much. New Zealand has a unicameral Parliament and election system similar to Scotland, and generally the people remain keen to have the Queen as their Head of State. In the 67 years since New Zealand gained her independence she has experienced good times and bad – so too will Scotland – but her people have been in charge throughout: they have learned what works and what doesn’t, they punch well above their weight on the world stage and each decision, every single one, has been made by her people for her people.

      Scotland will be a small country, with powerful allies and neighbours. That means that we can do just as well, if not even better, than a country like New Zealand.

      Recent polling suggests the campaigns are neck and neck. I dread a result that leaves Scotland suspended in constitutional debate for another generation. Wherever you sit on the political spectrum, use your vote to create a nation that allows us to focus on what needs to be done to create a prosperous society that values what each and every person has to offer.

      The houdies croak that independence is forever, as if that were something to be afraid of; that we must have definitive answers, as if such things were possible or meaningful in an age when things change at the speed they do; that we’ll have border posts, as if frontiers mean anything in this digitally connected world; they even tell us that we’ll have no banks – can you imagine a banker ignoring the chance to make money? It’s all nonsense. All that matters is that we have a chance to take command of our destiny. We must take it.

      Over the next fortnight I’d like all those on the centre-right to remind themselves what securing sovereignty over our own affairs actually means.

      I’m voting Yes because I’m a Conservative, not in spite of it.

    97. Nana Smith says:

      Sorry I forgot to remove some of the add ons in my last post

    98. Grouse Beater says:

      Dad, what would Scotland have been like independent?
      No idea, son. I voted No.
      Why? Why did you do that?
      I didn’t like the idea of an independent Scotland.
      But if you didn’t know what it would be like, why vote No?

    99. Weedeochandorris says:

      Well, I feel like I’m living in a parallel universe. I simply cannot believe any poll that says this is as close as they do. How is it possible when out and about the most folks are saying the opposite? I know the people of Scotland are being shat on from a great height while the world sits back and watches. This sham is democracy? It’s all just a made up story controlled by our elite lords and masters, pulling all the strings, laughing it up all the way at our efforts. They are howling with mirth that the minions could have fallen for the story that the great UK has ever had a democracy.

    100. cearc says:


      Yup, I second Helena Brown. That is very harsh. In fact a lot of the regular posters over the last two years, on here and other sites, are over 60. As are many campaigners.

      Over 60 is a very large age group. Many of the older ones in particular will get most, if not all, of their news and current affairs from the MSM.

      Imagine if you spent half your day watching BBC with a break to glance over the Record or Mail. How would you view it then.

      On the other hand many of them are still angry about ’79. Nothing would stop them voting yes.

    101. liz says:

      OK I will stop now on this subject as some people are taking it personally.

      It can’t be harsh if it’s true.

      I know and appreciate that a lot of OAPs are out canvassing and working for a yes, so can we leave it there.

    102. Kev says:

      I have never seen the BBC as biased as it has been in the last few days, trying to peddle this pish as an exciting raft of new powers, and giving it almost blanket coverage. We won’t know till new polls next week whether or not Scots have fallen for this but I fully expect (and sincerely hope) they see right through it. But no matter what, this whole episode will result in a crisis of mistrust in Westminster and the MSM which is so massive that it is now irreparable.

    103. gillie says:

      Looks like the NO campaign’s Plan B – Flash Gordon, is beginning to fall flat on its face. Comments on social media, the BBC and other news sites are highly critical and negative.


    104. T222Deracha says:


      Devious would be the most apt description of these “ahem” honourable people who give with one hand and take away with both. They speak with forked tongue, quite literally.

    105. mary vasey says:

      I have voted YES and I’m an APP same with many friends etc

    106. mary vasey says:

      OAP flipping autocorrect

    107. fred blogger says:

      shudder, cringe, vomit.
      more yes votes in the bag.
      the man who would vote no, sounds like a book title?
      a satirical, laced with humiliation, oh!ffs, and indignation, look @ the childish no campaign, as the yes camp sits down to watch in admiration of the no camp’s abilities to score so many own goals.
      “In case bribery doesn’t work, some of the stars of Westminster are apparently going to tour Scotland giving speeches in favour of staying with the union, even though dispatching politicians to whip up support is the worst thing that could possibly happen, like turning a hose on a drowning man.”

    108. desimond says:


      I just walked passed TV in work showing BBC24 and the ticker tape read ‘Back on an envelope stuff’.

      Without any sound or commentary i knew this was a report on latest Unionist pish ( To the sensitive souls – I honestly tried to think of correct and proper word but pledge, promise, plea all seemed incorrect compared to what it truly is!)

      The public know fine well what this is and no amount of coverage can sell this “We’re all for change” nonsense.

    109. hetty says:

      This stage managed half hearted, well, no hearted and insincere, attempt to bribe the people of Scotland just shines a very bright light on the way that the westminster lot conduct their politics and abuse their positions. Certainly far from democratic and most people are not daft enough to believe a word. It is sad because this could have been a much more grown up debate from the no camp.

      While the coverage of this type of hype and desperation from the no camp is annoying, it is unlikely to sway the Scottish people and YES is so positive how can anyone reject being part of such a wonderful and life affirming movement toward a modern, civilised and fairer country for our kids and grandkids. Fear not.

    110. heedtracker says:

      But if you didn’t know what it would be like, why vote No?

      Tip of UKOK iceberg or what a pathological liar such as Gordon Brown calls strength and security in the UK. If you even think about any of the above, bettertogether says its scaremongering. Scotland can do better but same maniacs also have Trident 2 in the pipeline, to keep us all safe and secure.

    111. Luigi says:

      As many of our senior friends have posted, many OAPs will be voting YES. We do not need a majority in this group. As long as we don’t lose too heavily, we should easily make it up elsewhere. By the sounds of things, we will get a decent percentage of the senior vote by the 18th.

      There have been massive swings to YES among the two other key groups: women and traditional Labour voters, which may carry the day. Those aged over 64 have been more resistant to the independence “virus”. Nevertheless, I believe that sufficient numbers will succumb in time!

    112. boglestone says:

      Why is the phrase “Really badly stage-managed propaganda” rattling around my head?

      OT: One for grammar Nazis or should it be GrammarNats? – A Linguistic analysis of the grammar of “Better Together”

    113. handclapping says:

      Fantastic, a timetable. It still took Mussolini to make the trains run to it.

      The clip shows just how difficult timing is 😉

    114. Muscleguy says:

      @Nana Smith

      Moray MacDonald should not so sanguine about the monarchy in NZ. Polls taken after the Cambridges’ visit recently showed not a flicker of movement. They made not one single extra monarchist, only shored up those that remain. Much of the affection for the monarchy is tied up in the person of Liz. When she shuffles off this mortal coil all bets are off in NZ and Aus in terms of the monarchy and it may well not survive her there.

      Republicanism also crosses party boundaries. There have been plenty of National party ministers (right of centre) who are or were known republicans. It can for eg go along with Irish heritage. I suspect an active republic campaign in NZ would be as broad based as the Yes campaign is here, easily crossing all sorts of boundaries and demographics.

      Maybe we can help to show the way, by looking ourselves at the Irish model of a presidency.

    115. Luigi says:

      I should add that a high turnout will also help to neutralise any majority for NO among the OAPs. Older people do tend to punch above their weight at normal elections, simply by turning out in greater numbers.

      This is not going to happen this time.

    116. desimond says:

      @fred blogger

      That Guardian article was a decent read but the comments are comedy gold. Among the usual “What about us englanders” was the priceless statement that Gordon Brown is more populare in Scotland than Alex Salmond. That fair made me laugh.

    117. bjsalba says:

      Has anyone told the Don’t Knows that in the event of a NO vote it would be political suicide for any Westminster party to give us so much as the time of day never mind devolve anything significant at all. In fact the party which finds the best way to punish us will be rewarded at the polls.

      That is because people in London and the South East firmly believe that they generate all the wealth and that Scotland is a subsidy junkie. Governments of every stripe have been telling them that for at least half a century, and they have swallowed it hook line and sinker.

      We need to get out there and make sure people understand this.

    118. Billy Mac says:

      The BBC had a prof from Glasgow Uni on to give his view on whats happening. He won’t be back! Slagged off the NO side and had nothing good to say about them.Pity I can’t remember his name.

    119. schrodingers cat says:

      yer wheatos are oot

      you’ll have had yer wheatos then?

    120. gillie says:

      Dr Duncan Ross, senior lecturer in economic and social history at the University of Glasgow, has just spoken to the BBC News Channel about Gordon Brown’s timetable for more powers for the Scottish parliament, “Many people have voted, including myself. What it [Brown’s timetable] does look like is utter panic. You have a poll coming out first thing on Sunday morning showing the Yes campaign ahead. George Osborne as quickly as he possibly can gets himself on the TV news saying there will be new powers. Gordon Brown is raised from wherever he has been to talk about what these new powers might be. I think it is panic – it is far too late.”

    121. Mike Ledingham says:

      princess anne is in edinburgh today and amongst other things is officially opening an old folks home (the owner of which, a local building contractor, has insisted that all the yes posters currently displayed, be taken down for the duration of her stay)

      a disgrace. these pensioners fought for us yet their preferences in a supposed democracy are hidden away so as not to offend a royal family member who will have by her side a man she is married to but has no day to day dealings with, in fact she apparently can’t stand the sight of him.

      all for show!!

    122. BuckieBraes says:

      To borrow from Casablanca, the promises of these three little people – Davidson, Lamont and Rennie – don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.

      They are not in a position to guarantee any kind of ‘new powers’. Nor is opposition backbench MP Gordon Brown; and nor, indeed, are Osborne and David Cameron themselves.

      The Yes campaign now has so much ammunition it will be spoiled for choice.

    123. gillie says:

      Gordon Brown’s Plan B has failed. Even NO supporters don’t believe it.

    124. cearc says:

      Headline from Daily Star,

      ‘Royal baby to unite Britain as Scotland vote edges closer
      PRINCESS Kate is expecting “a bonny Scottish baby” which may save Britain from breaking up.

      and we thought the BT lady was patronising!!

    125. cearc says:

      If it’s a girl they could call her Alba.

      Hmm, Lady Alba – has a nice ring to it.

    126. Luigi says:

      The notable absence for this wonderful stapled together respnce to an unfavourable opinion poll is UKIP.

      This leaves the Tory, Labour and LibDem parties with a soft underbelly, ripe for attack. They clearly haven’t thought this through properly. Imagine the nightmare scenario of a narrow NO win. Before the ink is dry on any agreement, Nigel Farage pops up (with maximum MSM coverage of course), saying what a crap deal it is for England, just to bribe those ungrateful, benefit junkie (and now cowardly) scots. I believe England would swing fully behind UKIP and there would be no deal rushed through parliament, as the three stooge parties have promised. If they did, Farage would annihilate them at the GE in 2015.

    127. TD says:


      You are absolutely right. The fear now should be of the consequences of a No vote. People down South are furious about us having the audacity to even hold a referendum and now that it is sinking in that Yes might win they are outraged. We should be in no doubt – retribution will be the order of the day if we vote No. Funding will be cut, the number of Scottish MPs will be cut and there is no guarantee that we will get any extra powers. If we are stupid enough to vote No on the 18th, they will just revert to the Westiminster bubble and promises made 9 days before the referendum will be quietly forgotten. Once the general election campaign starts, there will be no votes in England for being nice to Scotland.

      I am genuinely extremely concerned for our well-being if we vote No on the 18th. It will be much worse than it has been. I support positive campaigning, but there is a place for pointing out the negatives associated with a No vote. I think we need to play that card in the remaining days of this campaign.

    128. Nana Smith says:


      HAHAHAHAHAHA……..the more the unionists screech I am thinking this is a ‘phantom’ pregnancy.

    129. desimond says:

      Alex Salmond, Gordon Brown, George osborne and Wullie Rennie ( hey its a joke after all) walk into a pub.

      Alex Salmond says “Give me your choice oh fine barman”
      Barman says “Oh Aye i might but how will you pay for it and when?”
      Alex replies “Right away and in whatever style of payment that suits us all!”
      Barman considers, nods and then says “And you fellas?”
      The other 3 huddle up for a second and then Gordon says “Well, wow, we dont know what we can give you, or when, but we promise we will go and sit in that corner next to the dart board for quite a wee while and think about it, we’ll be right back honest, but if you can just give us your offering, it will all be fine, honest tae god and aw that mister”

      The barman shrugs, he knew he should have put that YES bet on along with Ian Brotherhood.

    130. Luigi says:

      It will be very interesting to hear Nigel Farage’s view of Gordon Brown’s latest promise.

      (maybe the BBC won’t ask him).

    131. geeo says:


      “The Yes campaign now has so much ammunition it will be spoiled for choice”.
      Brilliant !
      Permission to deploy elsewhere ?

    132. Clarinda says:

      I hear Mr E Miliband is pleading with those in England to raise saltires in their gardens, on roof-tops etc. to prove their love so that we here – ignorant that it’s love and flag fluttering that gives us the best of both worlds – won’t leave the “pooling and sharing” of the Westminster benevolent society.

      I wonder what it must be like in the unionist panic room right now – that poor button must now be on permanent duty – Defconliblab 5?

    133. fred blogger says:

      aye, the comments are gems. 🙂
      owen jones said “brown is less popular than cholera”, which is very accurate.
      we’ll be swapping indyref stories for generations to come, priceless stuff.

    134. desimond says:


      Im in london and dont see any Saltires covering the sky!

      Its up there with david Camerons “Call a Scot and whisper sweet nothings” campaign way back when.

    135. Devorgilla says:

      Don’t laugh. We’ve got to reach those older female voters terrified of change. They have identified a key demographic.

      Be nice to your grannies.

    136. Free Scotland says:

      Best of both worlds?

      1. The world of Westminster austerity.

      2. The world as seen through the eyes of Nigel Farage.

      That offer is virtually irresistible.

    137. cearc says:


      There’s a photo of him holding a big flag in Liverpool.

      Wrong Colour, of course.

    138. Devorgilla says:

      Elaine C Smith is a good weapon with this demographic. So would Margo be, if she was here.

    139. Drew McMorrin says:

      No comment. I fear I would swear.

    140. Paul Murphy says:

      Loving the BBC live referendum text, some great (possibly inadvertent) timing issues:

      11:27 – ‘Could they patronise us more’ (quote from the Glasgow Uni professor Dr Ross)

      11:35 – Ed Miliband asking for the Saltire to be flown across towns and cities in the rUK

      Well, Dr Ross, at least you didn’t have to wait too long for an answer to your question. Quite obviously they could patronise us a whole lot more!

    141. A.N.Surgent says:

      Cameron on way to scotland tomorrow, it just gets better and
      better for the yes campaign

    142. BuckieBraes says:


      ‘Permission to deploy elsewhere ?’

      Absolutely – I’m all for us pooling and sharing our resources.

    143. heedtracker says:

      Breaking news! PMQ’s cancelled so Cameron and co can up to their northern British area and save it from us, basically. I say.

    144. CameronB Brodie says:

      Where is all this gold and offer of devo supermax Simon Jenkins is on about? We’ve only be promised a timetable? He seems to sober up towards the end though. 😉

      The truth is that a good half of the Scots have had enough of English rule and want to see the back of it, period. When divorce is in the air, remorse, generosity, promises of good behaviour fall on deaf ears. This relationship is over. We can only hope they “stay good friends”.

    145. Marcia says:

      Nana Smith

      How do you know it is hers?

    146. heedtracker says:

      BBC in Scotland just anounced TV Salmond/Cameron election eve debate held at Hampden park and hosted by Rev Stewart Campbell.

    147. Indy_Scot says:

      Apparently the BBC is moderating pro Independence comments, what a surprise.

    148. James Sneddon says:

      Gosh it’s all getting a bit North Korean isn’t it?

    149. CameronB Brodie says:

      “With investment, Scotland’s assets will last for hundreds of years – and they should be used more wisely and carefully than they have been for the last 40 under Westminster stewardship.

      “If Scotland had been independent in 1974 it would have ranked as the fifth wealthiest country per capita in the world, after Luxembourg, Singapore, Qatar and Norway and every person in Scotland would have been two times wealthier than they are now. Twice! I calculate that Scotland could recover from Number 22 in the world (as part of the UK) to about Number 9 over time – equivalent to the wealth of the US. For reference, Norway is currently Number 4.”

      Mr Godden said the pre-vote stance of the anti-independence parties to reject sharing the pound after a Yes vote was also a ‘scaremongering tactic’.

    150. desimond says:

      Ol’ Severin over at The Guardian manages to generate a massive “WOW!”

    151. Macandroid says:


      BBC protest should be at Media village outside parliament when world’s press are gathered.

      Hand them out WBBs.

    152. manandboy says:

      It’s so obvious that Ruth and Johann are better together.

      Two Tories, one blue, the other red, and totally comfortable in each other’s company, joined together in this common crusade to rob Scotland of Independence.

      They have so much in common now, they are almost indistinguishable.
      And noticeable too, that Johann let Ruth do all the talking.
      Well, play to your strengths, eh?

      I can’t see a future for either of them post Independence.

      BTW, was there a man there from the yellow Tories, the LibDems?

    153. Edward says:

      Who was the suited twat on the right at 0.17 sec
      No not Rennie, the other twat further to the right with the
      canvas bag under his suit jacket?

    154. bookie from hell says:

      heedtracker says:

      9 September, 2014 at 12:15 pm

      BBC in Scotland just anounced TV Salmond/Cameron election eve debate held at Hampden park and hosted by Rev Stewart Campbell.


    155. fred blogger says:

      29 1 2012.
      “No further tax powers for Scotland, says David Cameron.”
      “Last week, Salmond said he wanted to ask a single question on independence but left open the prospect he might support a second question on devo-max if enough people were shown to want such an option during the consultation. Pro-Union critics, however, argue that the SNP is aiming to secure itself a safety-net that will strengthen its powers if independence is rejected at the ballot box.”
      oh! dear is the no camp in a desperate panic, trying to secure a itself a safety net?
      i was given a choice yes or no, and as a democrat i exercise that choice, vote yes!

    156. chalks says:

      All 3 Westminster leaders now coming up to campaign.

      PMQ’s has been cancelled.

      The final battle is on.

    157. gillie says:

      Another spontaneous outpouring on You Tube

      English fans chanting, “F*** off Scotland, we’re all voting Yes”

    158. Silverytay says:

      Thanks for that

    159. geeo says:

      Angus Robertson cleaning house with Jo Coburn and Blair McDougall (remember him ?)

    160. Luigi says:

      Cameron on way to scotland tomorrow, it just gets better and better for the yes campaign

      That’s the thing about perfect storms – once started, they just seem to build up and up momentum, generating more energy and sucking in everything around them.

      The mother of all superstorms continues to grow.

    161. Megsmaw says:

      It looks to me like they pulled the fire alarm, then gave the poor folk those boards on the their way to the fire assembly point. Maybe they were cheering so they could go back in and get back to work?

    162. Luigi says:


      Next week, on Tuesday morning, less than 48 hours before the polls open, a very large kitchen sink will be seen flying over Scotland.

      Keep your hard hats handy.

    163. goulashman says:

      The BBC has lost all pretence of balance. It is blatantly, aggressively Unionist. I can no longer watch or listen to this discredited mouthpiece of Unionist (basically Tory) shameless propaganda and mistruth. But the clip above is hilarious – some very county (Surrey? Sussex) accents, belied in the ‘huzzahs’! Have been on the streets of Aberdeen where ordinary folk, usually totally depressed by and engaged in the political process, at last see a hope of making an effective decision for YES. I shudder to think what will be the mood of so many of these hitherto silent ones in the event of a NO victory. The Tory/Labour/LibDem Unionist party is so arrogantly, yea, stupidly, dismissive both of the ordinary people who cannot share their values and the effect their ugly campaign must ultimately have.

    164. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Shrodingers Cat

      Surely you mean ‘ CHEERIOS” ? 🙂

    165. CameronB Brodie says:

      Following a No vote, the most significant loss WILL be the Scottish NHS. Opened up to the market because Westminster chose not to exclude it from TTIP negotiations.

      Vote No to privatise the Scottish NHS.

    166. goulashman says:

      Sorry -‘ UNengaged’ in my comment above

    167. desimond says:


      Dear Scotland, why do you want Independence?
      We hate Westminster!
      We’re sending the 3 Westminster Leaders up to see you straight away!

      Its like they STILL dont get it!

    168. Helena Brown says:

      Clarinda @ 11.59am What will they do with all them Union Flags that disport themselves over every surface and better still where will they get the Saltires, we have them all?

    169. cearc says:

      Cameron BB,

      Well he won’t be getting any invites from the BBC.


      He was conducting the choir.


      Too much of that LSD stuff?

    170. Luigi says:

      The BBC has lost all pretence of balance.

      “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”
      [Napoleon Bonaparte]

    171. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      You would have thought the 300-years old Union would’ve ended with a bit more pizazz.

    172. Onwards says:

      Comments open at the BBC article.
      Look at the hysteria !!

      Pro-Union parties back Scotland powers timetable

    173. kendomacaroonbar says:


      “Pizazz” – you mean like the 300th Union Anniversary bun fight ? remember that night ? No, me neither.

    174. Quentin Quale says:

      So, Ed Miliband, you want Saltires all over England, eh? That’s a good idea. So is the only place it is wrong to show one still the All-England Tennis club at Wimbledon?
      Oh for goodness sake, I’ve just heard they are going to fly one over Downing Street. Too early for game, set and match but we now have the necessary ammunition to press this home.

    175. Kevin Evans says:

      Liberty, justice and democracy has died – I think we need to write to the UN to send in troops.

    176. manandboy says:

      New powers and flying the Saltire throughout England!

      This is a lesson by Westminster in how to shred your

      credibility – oh wait, – they haven’t got any credibility!

      They’re relying on gullibility and dementia.

    177. Billy Thomson says:

      Still running with the notion the Scottish electorate are idiots, it’ll kick in at some point, right

    178. A.N.Surgent says:

      Funny how the result of one poll, which for all I know was
      conducted in a high street somewhere in Kent, has the establishment running around like headless chickens. I guess
      thats whats called reactionary politics.

      They are afraid, very afraid.

    179. Fiona says:

      Heard on radio 4 news that the new powers will mean that the Scottish parliament will be able to defend the health service in future. Does this mean that their assertion that there is no threat to the health service was a lie? I think it does

    180. desimond says:


      That BBC link has this cracker

      Ms Lamont said: “It is possible to vote ‘No’ on 18 September and also say you are voting for change, for more powers for the Scottish Parliament.” She added: “We all have our political arguments, that’s what politics is like, but where we can agree we do agree

      Lest we forget this example:

      John Swinney “Will you approve the Budget?”
      Scottish Labour” We want 10’000 Apprenticeships!”
      John Swinney “Good idea, I can fund 25’000!”
      Scottish Labour “We abstain!”

    181. Chic McGregor says:

      Knowing the reluctance to click on links, here is the most pertinent quote from that Telegraph article from three years ago to the day:

      Ruth Davidson promises no more devolution if she wins Scottish Tory leadership

      Ruth Davidson has promised to draw a “line in the sand” on the constitution by promising the Scottish Conservatives would oppose more powers for Holyrood if she is elected leader.

      And she got elected leader on that ticket.

      Feeling gullible?

    182. goulashman says:

      Miliband – Labour is finding that too much Saltire on its eggs is not good for its health ….

    183. muttley79 says:

      Cameron and Clegg coming up to Scotland tomorrow to listen to the people here apparently?! 😀 Looks like the No campaign are using the 1995 Quebec referendum as their template. Interesting to see what the Yes campaign does to counter it.

    184. heedtracker says:

      @ cearc, hope there is something big planned for eve of ref day, something to really focus on what Scotland running Scotland could be and not some ghastly BBC dominated TV special/desperation children in need style, think of the children and vote no etc

      Imagine seeing the back of that ghastly outfit on Pacifc Quay for good:D

    185. geeo says:

      IFS saying now that over saving is a problem.
      The older generation have more money than they need…!

      Cue pension cuts ?

    186. YESGUY says:

      Steve Boy and the rest of the frustrated Winger.

      We spoke about tactics and the like months back and things have went pretty much like they are now. Some of the older Wingers know this and to be honest expected this type of propaganda attack weeks ago.

      The whole of the British state is working against you. YOU. A YES vote will destroy the system , putting the rUK into huge financial trouble as well as losing they’re big toys at Faslane.

      keep the heid. avoid the tv and papers. They use them for deflection and lies and nothing has changed. With less than two weeks to go they are on full power giving out messages of doom but, as any older WINGER will tell you , this is what they have done since day one.

      Ignore the bribes and doom and concentrate on being positive. Smile and get your points over clearly and STOP ALL THE SWEARING .

      We have to be squeeky clean as any negativity from the YES side will be pounced upon and used against all of us. They are just waiting for the “Nast cyber-nat” to show face and they show it everywhere.

      There are a lot of new readers here. This is the place we Laugh at trolls. Lurkers, fed up with the MSM turn up here for a bit of relief and trolls too. We have a way to deal with them.

      Trolls are ignored or laughed at. This is the WINGS way and lurkers are encouraged to show themselves and join the biggest and best site anywhere.

      The newer folk are mighty pissed and rightly feel they need to vent some. We have been here before. You are most certainly NOT alone , you would be amazed just how much support we have.

      So laugh and ignore. keep the swearing down to the odd one if your “really, really angry”

      Laugh and pass on support. Thats the Wingers way.

      And finally remember that this is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO HAPPEN TO UK EVER. It will change the face of Britain forever. It will get worse. Much worse . Take heart the louder they scream and scare the more we realise we are winning. Be prepared for the lies and laugh them off. It’s not long now . be patient . We will win this referendum.

      sorry if i went on there. but needs to be said.

      United we are unstoppable . They will try everything to divide us. Remember that .

    187. benarmine says:

      We are coming to the crux. Total media bias, lies unexamined, tacit threats, unrequited love. Can the Scottish people face them down and give them the biggest shock the UK will ever face? Or do we allow ourselves to be rolled over and face utter derision for evermore?

    188. gillie says:

      It is all going pear shaped for the No campaign.

      Nobody is buying Gordon Brown’s promises, the BBC are tearing their hair out wondering why their reporting is having the opposite effect, and the three Westminster stooges are on their way up to Scotland in a complete state of panic.

    189. msean says:

      Phew,glad to see the twa’ tories are coming tomorrow,we were almost out of tories there. 🙂

    190. Harry McAye says:

      Re the pensioners who could yet scupper this, I would encourage everyone who is campaigning at the weekend to try to get as many young folk along to help. The more teenagers there are at stalls, handing out leaflets, etc, the more the older generation might realise it is not really about them, it is for our future and if the young are for Yes it could sway a few of them. Had only my second hostile response to a delivery this morning, an old guy came out of his house specially to shout “No”. But saw a very big house with a Yes car in the driveaway. No all the I’m Alright Jacks are voting No.

    191. bob sinclair says:

      That video clip is just pitiful and embarrasing. They can’t even stage manage a group of stooges without getting caught cheerleading.

      If the push for YES wasn’t such a serious matter I’d be offering BTNTUKOK my sympathies as it appears that their campaign has ceased to exist.

    192. heedtracker says:

      Graun says all three party leaders making “emergency” visit to Scotland to save the union. Cameron and Brown sharing the podium to defeat Scottish democracy, shock. It’s not a shock though plus it’s doubtful they are that stupid isn’t it.

    193. Rankrotten says:

      A couple of decades ago a certain phrase was used by the tories in a message to us scots.
      We’re now So close to being able to send the same message back to them and they’re westminster pals.
      “On yer bike…”

    194. Devorgilla says:

      I don’t think any of you are listening here. Davidson has identified a key demographic of older nervous female voters and is playing it well. You can laugh at this if you like but at your peril. They are the most likely to vote of any group. You won’t win them over mocking their fears or Lamont’s and Davidson’s shady politics.

    195. desimond says:

      Place your bets

      Tony Blair and Bill Clinton to arrive in Scotland sometime over the next 9 days.

    196. manandboy says:

      2 HOURS AGO on the BBC News website – comments

      Is Gordon Brown the same Gordon Brown that

      sold his principals for power

      funded and voted for the Iraq war,

      caused the banking UK crisis and continued austerity by deregulating the banks

      had damien mcbride as his spin doctor

      called an old lady a very rude name

      sat alone at Lisbon

      presided over the dismantling of English NHS into foundation trusts

      trust Brown – no thanks!

    197. chalks says:


      I canna remember who it was that wanted it….but here you go:

    198. muttley79 says:


      People can swear if they want to. They do in real life, and they do on the internet and social media. This is your opinion and your are entitled to it. However, it is not your blog, and it is really up to Rev Stu to judge the comments on this blog.

    199. Adrian B says:


      This is the piece from Scott Minto that you are looking for with regard to Mortgage rates:

    200. David Coulter says:

      Let’s boil this all down. NO are offering us the ability to raise taxes to make up for austerity cuts; no powers to fundamentally mobilise our economy; no oil revenues to the Edinburgh Exchequer; no removal of Trident; continuation of immoral and hate generating foreign policies etc etc………well they can just piss off. Devo max is not on the ballot paper….never was……this is simply panic in the realisation that we are on our way.

    201. bookie from hell says:

      23% trust ratings in Scotland of Cameron,milliband match the new devo powers of only 26% of Scottish budget


    202. Johnny says:

      O/T Some woman from BNP Paribas on Sky News and, if I picked up her meaning right, she was saying what we have been promised by AS on CU the whole time. She said she expected a ‘conducive dialogue’ between rUK and Scotland in event of a Yes vote to stop pressure on pound.

    203. Chitterinlicht says:

      Like a scene from Spinal Tap. ‘

      ‘You got No fckn timing.’

      The timetable also known as ‘shit sandwich’.

      Sorry for swearing just getting depressed at full forces of establishment bearing down on us insurgents carrying yes balloons and leaflets

      Grumpy still voting Yes

    204. goulashman says:

      YESGUY – thanks for your comment – you are right – this is the end time and we need to keep our resolve – every tactic, fair, mostly foul – underhand, even criminally interfering perhaps in the electoral process – will be tried. A NO victory will have be retributive and damaging to Scotland for generations to come. The acid hatred of the basically right ideology shared by the three main Unionist parties will be painfully corrosive – despite the cynical promises of gift now being proffered (gifts denied earlier at the start of this campaign with arrogant vehemence. A YES vote is a final hope. It must not be disappointed – or crushed will that spirit be – brutally, without mercy.

    205. call me dave says:

      Oh NO! Woman across the road just fastened a NO flag to her car.

      First one I’ve seen. Red & Yellow with I’m voting NO.

      On the other hand got my 8 WBB from e-bay so one heading thrpugh her letter box soon.

      Had three different folk during the morning approach me to say they liked my T-shirt which was heartening. on the front and

      2014 Vote for Independence on the back.

      Off to work now.

    206. chalks says:

      Indeed, regarding pensioners, please print off these letters if canvassing etc:

    207. Alex Smith says:

      Remember, the BBC is just the public face of GCHQ!

    208. bluedog says:

      Muscleguy @ 11.38 says, ‘When she shuffles off this mortal coil all bets are off in NZ and Aus in terms of the monarchy and it may well not survive her there.’

      The notoriously Left-wing Sydney Morning Herald headlined as follows on 2nd February 2014, ‘Republican cause takes heavy knock in poll’, with the finding that support for an Australian republic had fallen to 39.4%. That means over 60% of Australians want to keep the British monarch as their head of state.

      Mr Muscleguy, do read the attached link, you will see that support for a republic is at only 35.6% among young voters in the 18 to 35 year old demographic.

      You seem to be completely out of touch, don’t you?

    209. Albamac says:

      BBC hosts tripe dressers convention

    210. Chitterinlicht says:

      Bbc scot radio had some expert that analysed yes and no business letters (said no letter more important due to number of employees and size of companies ) but bbc completely failed to ask key questions even though expert said it

      1- the failure to agree currency union is THE major source of uncertainty !!

      2-‘ no’ businesses want status quo coz they have done well out of current economic set up. Fair enough but surely they would do as well with currency union? Or are they scared?

    211. Jim McIntosh says:

      So Cameron is coming up to Scotland tomorrow – any chance of a debate with the First Minister?

      No I thought not 🙂

    212. cearc says:


      I’m sure that the BBc have it all in hand.

      Variety Night with Cam, Clegg ‘n’ Ed performing for rUK and wee Ruthie, Jojo and Wullie for Scotland.

      Special guests, Gorgeous George and the rather less gorgeous Brown in a knock bout with Blinky.

      What a night! (They can’t afford T Blair)

    213. goulashman says:

      As a pensioner, an ‘old guy’, i am depressed by the knee-jerk self-interest of much my generation. It is evident to me that many women of my generation are solidly NO and are followed in this by men partners and acquaintances. This could be a main help to a NO victory – heaven help us.

    214. RogueCoder says:

      “New blow for Salmond as hated Westminster politicians cancel diaries and head to Scotlans in panic”.

      There’s another 100,000 Yes votes in the bag!

      Apart from anything else, it demonstrates to Scottish voters than none of them had taken the Indyref remotely seriously until this week. That’s going to okay badly for them.


    215. heedtracker says:

      Great CIF on Graun right now, and it’s not Slovene girlfriend, Adam Tomkinsky either surprisingly

      “If a majority of Scottish voters break next week the United Kingdom it will be the most significant catastrophe of a century, not only for this kingdom, our homeland, but for Europe and mankind at large”

    216. No no no...Yes says:

      Apologies in advance for this rant: I watched Davidson, Lamont and Rennie spout forth incredible lies and barefaced deceit which even the tame media were not duped by. The last question before the big chop was by Lorna Gordon, BBC News network wallah. Even she decided to press Ruth but to no avail. I was raging mad when it was cut short and decided to direct my energy into something positive and went and delivered leaflets.. feeling calmer now and had time to think about what the whole UK witnessed:

      Three leaders of the pro-union parties in Scotland all openly conspiring together to deceive the electorate of Scotland with false promises. They came across as incoherent, with disparate voices and no pre-planned or remotely coordinated approach. The public were excluded from the details because the Press were to get a separate briefing!! An embarrassing car crash which severely damaged the BT credibility even further.

      They know each party has separate proposals
      They know their UK leaders have to endorse them and put them in the General Election manifestos
      They know the rUK voters also want more devolution now, and rightly expect to have their concerns addressed at the same time.
      They know rUK parties will not get away with Scotland only legislation
      They know that UKIP will have a say in the formation of the next UK government, but made no reference to them
      They know the UK parliament will have to vote on ANY proposals and it becoming statute is just not going to happen

      The outcome of the Press briefing will see all MSM coordinated in their joint efforts to SAVE the union

      Davidson, Lamont and Rennie will pay the price after 18 September and they have only themselves to blame!

    217. Apache says:

      It cheers me no end to read all the pointing and laughing, that almost always follows any announcement/action from BT/UK but as an active canvasser, I feel that I must point out, there are actually people out there, who are listening to and believing all that pish.

    218. Luigi says:

      I never thought I would see the day when traditional tory voters en masse started flashing Labour red and yellow (No Thanks) colours. The blue (saltire) designs obviously were not working. Desperate stuff.

      We have them on the run – keep the pressure on.

    219. Jim McIntosh says:

      I’ve got to say I listened to Brown’s timetable announcement last night and immediately thought -waste of time, too little too late.

      So I was almost apoplectic when the BBC treated Brown’s statement as if he’d just declared he’d found the cure for cancer.

      Far happier today to find no one fell for it. I

    220. heedtracker says:

      @ cearc, interesting, probably planned reruns of Battle of Britain, pearly kings and queens round the old piano with Chaz n Dave and Jacky Bird, weeping and wailing. Personally I’d hire the Red Road demolishion team and have them blow up Pacific Quay live.

    221. YESGUY says:


      Got my nice new badges and a WBB to boot.

      I know i have to pass it to a don’t knower but it’s a handy wee thing. I got asked about pensions this morning, aye honest, and whipped out the WBB and showed him. Now he thinks he will vote YES. He was always a soft YES but the WBB has opened his eyes. He has broadband and will visit WINGS for the real news.

      Thanks for the amazing work you guys do. I feel quite humble seeing the efforts of oor folk. And you really make me a proud Scot. ……No but there see ??

      Cannot find any no voters although a few DK’s. Going to keep the book for question time in the pub on Saturday and will probably quote throughout the day.

      Boy does this wee book change folk.

      cheers Kendo and all you hard working WINGERS.

    222. Macandroid says:


      Ye cannie shove yer grannie afa bus!

    223. chalks says:

      Cameron and Milliband are campaigning together.

    224. Mosstrooper says:

      A catastrophe for mankind with Indy Scotland? And us so insignificant tae. Whoda thunk it?

    225. Luigi says:

      What exactly are they hanging on for? A few more years of agony and strife for all of the UK? Surely by now, they realise that even if, against current trends, it’s a narrow win for No next week, the union is now damaged beyond repair?

      Alistair Darling was right about one thing: A few months ago, he said that BT needed to win convincingly to put the (independence) issue to bed for a generation. A wafer thin majority is now the best they can hope for, and even that may now be beyond them. Things are now changing so fast on the ground, BT are still well behind the curve.

    226. Snode1965 says:

      Three faces of a Thatcherite clock…..tick, tock, tick, tock. Just been tae the bank and cancelled my t.v. Licence direct debit! Life feels good! 🙂

    227. biecs says:

      Cameron and Milliband coming to Scotland to sort us out?

      I thought that was what they had sent Gordon Brown up to do.

      Maybe they have found out he is not as trusted and respected as he told them he was?

    228. A.N.Surgent says:

      Cameron says he will be listening and talking to the people
      of Scotland. Wheres he gauny do that, in a boardroom, an oilrig
      or balmoral. He will be eaten alive where ever he goes.

    229. bluedog says:

      goulashman @ 12.57 says, ‘ A NO victory will have be retributive and damaging to Scotland for generations to come.’

      What you don’t seem to understand is the legitimate concern felt in many places that a 300 year old union can split up on an ethnic basis for seemingly trivial reasons. Scots will not agree with that comment, but it’s the way the vote appears from outside the UK.

      To illustrate the point and give you a different perspective, here’s a link to a report by the US research agency Stratfor:

      The reaction to this piece on this blog is likely to be, ‘sheesh, we’re punching above our weight already’.

    230. YESGUY says:

      AW Muttley that hurt .

      It is my opinion and only that . Stu doesn’t get on comments much it’s us who regulate the site. I only want folk to calm down . It’s not doing us good if we swear or get negative.

      wee bit miffed now.

    231. Greannach says:

      It’s all turning into ‘Passport to Pimlico’ but without the presence of Margaret Rutherford.

    232. JGedd says:

      On Daily Politics today Simon Jenkins said that it was a mature decision of the Scots to want to run their own affairs, that other populations within Europe wanted to do the same but when he stated that small countries were happier and more prosperous, Kenneth Baker, former Tory minister (and still alive) sitting in the studio, shook his head sorrowfully and looked disdainful. (They go to public school to learn how to do that.)

      As the woman presenter with the permanent gumboils (sorry can’t remember her name) rounded of the so-called studio discussion, the old reprobate managed to squeeze in that the reason why the Scots can look after their heath service is because they get English money to do it. Still telling the same old lies. (They get into Westminster by learning how to do that.)

    233. Cag-does-thinking says:

      I am sure I’m not alone in wondering what the Electoral Commission make of all these shenannigans. The BBC is wall to wall No stuff, just as it was wall to wall UKIP before the EU elections. The three party leaders are coming up here “to stop independence”. That non political CBI sticking it’s oar in. All of this in the period that is supposed to be the closing days of a campaign that the EC was supposed to oversee. If this is how effective they are perhaps election monitors are needed.

      And regards the pensioners. I know some pretty smart operators working their socks off for this campaign for us. It’s not about age, it’s not about money, it’s about your vision. We need to help make the scary stories less scary to get a percentage of the electorate, but the really scared are probably too scared to leave their house and will have voted by post…..

    234. CameronB Brodie says:

      Just chatted with two strangers in the street, just minutes appart, to ask if they had voted and if they had heard of the WBB. Both whipped their copies out and said they reckon it’s a game changer. 🙂

    235. YESGUY says:


      Thanks buddy. need to stress to keep calm. I’m as angry as everyone else and just fell short to throwing my telly out the window. But a trip to shops and back and a DK’er/soft YES now a hopeful YES.

      9 days and counting. Tick tock

    236. David Thomson says:

      Timetable! Choked on my cereal. They’re going to be starting on these new measures on 19th September? That’s a Friday. Westminster empties on a Thursday.

    237. Paula Rose says:

      Now now folks, I’ve just popped in for lunch and feel I must add my support for YESGUY, I know some of you can’t help being a wee bit sweary but we must try harder to remember that lots of people read these pages. Now, back to the Brechin Yes shop for some granny and grandpa cuddling.

    238. goulashman says:

      bluedog – the issues giving impetus to the perceived vital need for Independence for Scotland among a rapidly growing number in the Scottish population (of a great variety of ethnicity) are ideological – there is a huge divide between the common ideology now being espoused by the three main Unionist parties (indeed it could be argued they have virtually coalesced into one party). There is a growing common perception that ‘society’ can and must be different from that which Westminster is developing in England. It will of course have implications for people in other parts of the world – implications not confined to fiscal concerns.

    239. Kevin Evans says:

      When are the yes campaign going to get the chance to respond to any of this?

      I see they’ve ruled out debates on TV as they realised they can’t compete against common sense arguments v fear tactics.

    240. muttley79 says:


      AW Muttley that hurt .

      It is my opinion and only that . Stu doesn’t get on comments much it’s us who regulate the site. I only want folk to calm down . It’s not doing us good if we swear or get negative.

      wee bit miffed now

      Yes, but it is Rev Stu’s blog we are commenting on. As far as I am aware he does not like to censor comments. I remember complaining about some post a while ago, and Scottish Skier said that no one is going to change their mind based on posts on here. I think he is right. If Rev Stu says that he thinks it is a good idea that we swear less then that should be listened to because it is his blog. This is probably the most crucial period in the history of Scotland. Why should people be calm given the tensions inherent at the present time?

    241. Thepnr says:

      @YESGUY, Muttely, Goulashman & Paula Rose

      I agree with all of you, that’s the beauty of this site 🙂

    242. CameronB Brodie says:

      Come back down to earth pal. 😉

      The group’s reputation among foreign policy writers, analysts, and practitioners is poor; they are considered a punchline more often than a source of valuable information or insight. As a former recipient of their “INTEL REPORTS” (I assume someone at Stratfor signed me up for a trial subscription, which appeared in my inbox unsolicited), what I found was typically some combination of publicly available information and bland “analysis” that had already appeared in the previous day’s New York Times. A friend who works in intelligence once joked that Stratfor is just The Economist a week later and several hundred times more expensive. As of 2001, a Stratfor subscription could cost up to $40,000 per year.

    243. muttley79 says:

      Where is S_S by the way? I miss his analysis on the polls.

    244. goulashman says:

      Kevin Evans – it is frustrating, particularly when the only information many folk are getting is that spewed forth by the vast, ubiquitous Unionist/BBC/MSM propaganda machine. Its all the more important therefore that we try to engage as many folk in one to one conversations, or in groups, as we can …. I am finding this to be really a positive tactic – even among some hitherto ‘diehard’ NO’s of my old guy generation. After getting off the old saw topic “what about my pension?”, its amazing how perceptions can change – especially where children or grandchildren are concerned:)!

    245. Stevie boy says:


      Read your comments about myself and other Wingers getting frustrated and carried away etc.

      Have to say I completely agree with u mate.

      We are all really passionate about the future of Scotland and this campaign to free it.

      I appreciate what ur saying will take it on board mate.


    246. K1 says:

      mutely S_S tends to comment at length on James Kelly’s blog now…as it gets lost on here with the threads being so long now…Scotgoespop.

    247. vambomarbeleye. says:

      What’s happened to the pink jacket. Maybe it’s had enough and is voting yes.

    248. Greannach says:

      Ealing Comedy Time featuring Margaret Rutherford, Stanley Holloway and Alistair Sim.

    249. CameronB Brodie says:

      I hope you spotted this link posted above. If you’ve not seen it before, I reckon the letters are a ‘must have’ with you when trying to reassure older voters. 😉

    250. cearc says:

      Well we have this little britfest being ramped up for the union vote.

      Rather shocked to see that they are expecting the Red Hot Chillie Pipers to be there.

    251. K1 says:

      muttley! typos! apols.

    252. Greannach says:

      cearc @ 2:39

      Sir Menzies Campbell, former Liberal Democrat leader “In the event that there were to be a vote for independence then there will be a series of events, British in character, which we shall see and experience for the last time.”

      I don’t like swearing in writing but my response is ‘Thank f*ck for that’.

    253. Greannach says:

      Let’s also not forget the Invictus Games, a new one on me.

    254. Greannach says:

      Not forgetting the Unionist Mothers’ Morning-sickness Vomit Cup.

    255. eddiefaeglesga says:

      I am an OAP and I am the biggest supporter of YES you could meet

    256. goulashman says:

      CameronB Brodie – thanks hugely for that – an excellent resource of which I am making copies now:)!

    257. G H Graham says:

      I posted my vote already.

      What do they expect me to do in response?

      It’s bullshit of course.

    258. CameronB Brodie says:

      I don’t do social media, but can you tweet the link to all your friends, then ask them to do the same? TA. 🙂

    259. goulashman says:

      CameronB Brodie – will do! Thanks again

    260. call me dave says:

      “What’s this!” she said as I offered her a WBB. This is my neighbour across the road who is sporting a vote NO flag on her car today.

      Lost cause I’m afraid, no soaps, can’t afford it, doesn’t care if her kids can’t get free uni charges, doesn’t the SNHS (didn’t know that they were already under SG control). Never been on WoS or any other internet site for YES. etc etc.

      There you are then an uninformed NO. 🙁

    261. goulashman says:

      call me dave – so depressing – but good on ya for having the courage to try. I fear that it is women like this who will be a huge factor in the vote.

    262. Patrick Roden says:

      Ok I hope this doesn’t sound to ghoulish, but isn’t the over 60’s demographic slightly hindered by Scotland’s low life expectancy?

      We saw in the breakdown of YouGovs poll that this was the only pro Union demographic, so what is the panic about?

      Yes this group have been traditionally far more likely to vote, but the cuts to pensions etc shows that the UK parties aren’t as convinced as we are that they would make or break any vote.

      The other problem for BT’s is that the reason this demographic has meant so much in the past is because even the General Elections have had problems with low turnouts, however if YouGov are to be believed (and they seem to confirm what most experts agree) that the turnout will be 84%!

      Another point is that a large % of the over 60’s will have used the postal vote option, so will not be swayed one way or another by all this last ditch attempt to con us.

      Keep calm folks and lets just keep doing what we have been doing, because all the stuff that the Westminster elite has conjured up, isn’t some clever wheeze that will shock us into submission, it’s simply the desperate attempt of a group of politicians, who have nothing else to offer.

      If they had anything that was a genuine game changer, they would have played it weeks ago…

      ..They don’t.!!!

    263. chalks says:

      They just dropped the saltire onto downing street.

      I think this is all over.

    264. Cuilean says:

      ‘Bitter Together’ rubbish 18 months for SCotland’s EU status to be regularised but they think they can create a federal UK within less than six months before next May’s General Election (GE). Remember the 28 day purdah campaign period. And who thinks that when Labour and the Tories are fighting off UKIP during that GE campaign are they really going to put a weak and defenceless No voting Scotland BEFORE their own party interests? Because selling more devolution (which isn’t actually on the cards anyway) to England, Wales & N Ireland when their MSM created perception of Scotland is a bunch of whinging, sponging mongrels, is just not going to happen. As early as next May 2015 we could see the start of 5 years of a UK govt colaition between Tories & UKIP (fronted by Farage & Boris) both determined that once the feeble little country SCotland ‘bottles it’ that they will go in for the kill. And believe me, they will show us absolutely NO mercy. The Scottish tories and Ukippers won’t care. They will be delighted. So if you really are undecided and reading this, there really is no choice to save the Scotland that you know; other than by voting YES a week on Thursday.Just look at the dinosaurs they are trundling out. A Lord Hennessy on the constitution talking tripe! I looked him up on the House of Lords expenses and he is a true trougher, going every day to the House, without fail, to claim his £300 per diem, plus expenses. On average the Lords sits (when in session) 11 days per month or £3,300 tax free to Lord Hennesssy. I can see why he is keen to keep the status quo. Only a YES vote allows us to escape from this undemocratic, abomination called the ‘mother of Parliaments.’ In the modern sense of ‘mother’ that at least is accurate. It is the ‘mother’ of all parliaments.

    265. Kenny Campbell says:

      I’m nostalgig for teh days of “A Line in the Sand” not one more power….Its hard to believe its the same person

    266. Silverytay says:

      Chalks & Adrian B , Thanks for that

    267. norrie says:

      My 89 year old Mum has just told me she is voting Yes. I will leave her to work on Dad.

    268. goulashman says:

      I fell asleep for a moment and dreamt of a Scotland under the tutelage of a Tory FM ensuring return of powers to the Boris/Farage government under the benevolent eye of King Charles III. Time to take the dog for a walk…..

    269. Greannach says:

      I’m sorry that Cameron, Miliband and Clegg won’t be accompanied on their journey north by Murphy and Flipper. Surely Murphy and Flipper are entitled to bump up their expenses too? Very unfair.

    270. Robert Peffers says:

      @Liquid Lenny says: 9 September, 2014 at 10:31 am:

      “Unfortunately the “Butchers Apron” is a symbol of the Union of Crowns not Parliament, so will still be the “British” flag after Indy.”

      Wrong! It is the flag of, “The United Kingdom”, but the United represents a united royal ream formed from only two formerly independent royal realms. There are only two kingdoms signatory to the Treaty of Union. Even that title is now a fudge because in 1706/7 the Treaty of Union only had two signatories but it contained four countries. The kingdom of England had already annexed the Princedom of Wales by the Statute of Rhuddlan, 1284.

      It then annexed the Kingdom of Ireland by The Crown of Ireland Act, 1542. In 1688, (The Glorious Revolution), the English parliament deposed the English monarchy and installed King Billy & Mary in their place. Thus, when Ireland partitioned and Northern Ireland opted to remain in the United Kingdom it was already part of the Kingdom of England and thus not another new kingdom joining the Union. Northern Ireland has never, by itself, been a separate kingdom. It really has no place on the Union Flag as it was, and remained part of the English Kingdom. Which means that there really cannot legally be an rUnited Kingdom. That would be England united to parts of England.

    271. Robert Peffers says:

      Stevie boy says: 9 September, 2014 at 10:58 am:

      I even spoke with an elderly woman last Saturday in Glasgow who admitted that things are currently shit and that her pension is the lowest in europe.. but she’s too old for the change!?! WTF.. u’ll be dead soon and will have straddled your kids and grand kids with years more pain and suffering. They just don’t get it.

      So, Stevie boy, how do you explain away the simple fact that it is people like myself who have supported independence all our lives that kept the SNP going when we were treated as enemies of the state? When the likes of Willie McRae were getting murdered and the rest of the country laughed at us and voted Labour, (like their dads and grand dads), or voted Tory like their’s.

      How do you explain this OAP travelling several miles out of his way to deliver a Wee Blue Book to a member of a GP’s Reception Staff and spending time answering her many questions. If we old folks had chucked in the towel there would be no SNP and no referendum.

      Furthermore, there are thick ignorant people, of either sex, in every age group and from every social background. Believe me for I think, through the many, many long years, I’ve come across every last one of them, (Or at least it it just feels like I have).

    272. Robert Peffers says:

      @Nana Smith says: 9 September, 2014 at 11:01 am:

      “Grahame Smith general secretary of the STUC says, “A political fix, constructed in Westminster, without consulting the people of Scotland”.

      What bothers me is what reason do the Better Together lot, give for now wanting us to remain a part of their superior economy which they constantly claim has always subsidised us. Why would their English, Welsh and N. Irish taxpayers allow them to be so idiotic as to fight so hard to hold onto we Scots and to continue supporting what they claim are their useless scrounging lodgers in the United Kingdom.

    273. Franariod says:

      Its a bit like Shrek, with aides to Farquar telling the crowds when to applaud. Lets all look left to see what we are to do. That crowd wont vote for independence, not when they are incapable of an independent thought. Great entertainment though.

    274. Robert Peffers says:

      liz says: 9 September, 2014 at 11:15 am:

      “Look at the polls, the highest % of Nos are in that group.”

      Oh! Come on! Think about it before posting. The poll companies have limited ways of polling people and, furthermore, they weight the results but have no yardstick to base any weighting upon – as this is not an election.

      So the biggest number of pollsters use land-line telephones. Their problem is that the younger people are the most likely NOT to have a costly land-line phone using instead a mobile service. Then there are those who can only afford a pay-as-you-go mobile and both groups are most likely to vote YES but never get pooled. The same thing applies to the pollsters who use on-line surveys. Then we have the stop-in-the-street surveys – have you ever seen this done in a sprawling social-housing estate? Me neither, they are always in the High Streets.

      This was very apparent during the last Holyrood elections with the major pollsters, even with pre-elections as a guide to weighting, were claiming, just three days before the election, Ian Gray was a shoe-in for FM and Labour with a good lead. After the count we had an SNP landslide victory. You just cannot base anything upon such poll results.

    275. Valerie says:

      Read a very good piece in Money Week giving good explanation of the jittery market, down to huge UK debt possibly not being backed up by oil reserves and Scotland not taking some of UK debt if CU still refused. Important we counter this right, because I’m reading the usual jock bashing in response to £ wobbles.

    276. Robert Peffers says:

      :liz says: 9 September, 2014 at 11:21 am:

      “OK I will stop now on this subject as some people are taking it personally.”

      That may be because it is personal, Liz.

      “It can’t be harsh if it’s true”.

      “IF” it’s true. It might be true but you base your belief upon the pollsters and that’s not a given fact.

      “I know and appreciate that a lot of OAPs are out canvassing and working for a yes, so can we leave it there.”

      Yes we can leave it there but with the proviso you are basing your opinions upon the same chancy opinion polls that have shown the NO side well in the lead when the evidence on the streets and doorsteps shows otherwise.

      Liz, this OAP is presently driving around every dasy in a wee campervan bedecked in large YES stickers, a tannoy on the roof, a collection of Scottish music and a large Saltire flying from a flagpost above the rear tailgate. Wee saltires flying from the windows too and I’m having people coming asking for stickers, saltires and WBBs, asking questions and even folks offering donations. I’ve campaigned in elections since 1946 and I’ve never seen anything like this before and I’ll probably, “Never see it’s likes again”.

    277. Robert Peffers says:

      @goulashman says: 9 September, 2014 at 1:45 pm:

      BTW: I see that STV edited out the guy, in the Better Together video, who was directing the audience. It was so obvious as he was standing with the three lying leaders but facing the audience and cheer-leading them.

    278. Rock says:

      Robert Peffers,

      “You just cannot base anything upon such poll results.”

      In that you are right. The polls have been lying, I think deliberately.

      Leaving aside the polls, it is true that older people like yourself are the veterans of the independence struggle and we have to thank you for keeping that spirit alive so that we are now on the verge of independence.

      But it is also true that support for independence was not much more than 30% for most of that struggle and it has increased as the younger generation overtakes the older generation.

      There is a significant proportion of the older generation, Tory and Labour, who are completely stubborn to the idea of independence and will not budge. Their minds are completely closed. That is reality, nothing to do with the polls.

      It will be great if we have a high proportion of our senior citizens voting Yes, but it appears that it will still be a lower proportion than the younger generations.

      But there is really no point in independence supporters arguing about ANYTHING at this stage. We should stand united against our totally dishonest and corrupt opponents.

    279. Rock says:

      Robert Peffers,

      “@goulashman says: 9 September, 2014 at 1:45 pm:


      goulashman, Robert is advising you not to feed the troll, not calling you a troll!

      No time for friendly fire!

    280. Valerie says:

      Late night interview with Peter Hain and John Redwood, both in agreement that no matter the outcome, the genie is out of the bottle now, and Britain will start to move to some type of federalism. Scotland leading the world again! I think English Labour has suddenly come to life now, and trying to get the jump on the Tories, who will be too busy knifing Cameron, and in hand to hand combat with Boris and Farage. Miliband will now lead the charge on the English getting devolved powers in his new manifesto.

    281. Betty Boop says:

      Remind me, did the BBC ever get around to registering with the Electoral Commission as a campaigning organisation?

      Thank goodness I had my cereal this morning…

    282. fletch49er says:

      Ruth Joanne and who?

    283. Tom Foyle says:

      I’ve found out how to ensure you receive equal coverage on the bbc for both yes AND no. It’s called the “off” switch.

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