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The suicide note

Posted on August 16, 2015 by

Earlier today Gordon Brown gave a speech in London, on a subject and for reasons which are unclear. It was widely trailed in the press, however, as an intervention in the Labour leadership campaign, with the particular goal of stopping Jeremy Corbyn from winning. It was – naturally – broadcast live and in full by the BBC News channel.

Corbyn wasn’t mentioned by name so far as we noticed, but to tell the truth we drifted in and out of the rambling, 49-minute, 30-page monologue full of celebrity namedrops and unconnected anecdotes, hypnotised as we were by Brown’s relentless pacing up and down the room like a caged animal.

Nobody who isn’t getting paid should have to endure the entire grimness of it, so using the magic of technology we’ve compressed it all down to a mere fraction of its length (just 20%) for you, but without losing any of the tone, content or intellectual nuance.

We offer it to you as an elegy. It marks the day that Labour reanimated the walking corpse of the only person left in the party that it considers to have any gravitas – not to win an election, but to try to crush the first man in living memory to enthuse tens of thousands of new members to join a political party in the hope of restoring the values it was created to uphold.

It is the day the soul of the Labour Party finally died.


The video above is also our heartfelt and sincere tribute to this.

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    218 to “The suicide note”

    1. heedtracker says:

      Its making me feel sick.

    2. Grouse Beater says:

      More an ‘installation’ on film than art!

      Therefore, eligible as submission for the Turner Prize.

    3. lisa says:

      Right I will give you the snake game was good … but I couldnae watch Gordon, even for ten mins … my eyes couldnt take the pain

    4. Murray McCallum says:

      A pity he had to run off at the end to be sedated. I do want to believe him though when he says he is the king of Spain.

    5. handclapping says:

      Unlike other charity muggers, there is an off button for this one.

      This was my MP, there was a 34% swing to the SNP in Kirkcaldy and you’ll still glow green on the beach in Dalgety Bay.

    6. Diane says:

      Thanks for the brave effort but I don’t think I can bear to watch even the cut down compressed version of Browness…..

    7. Croompenstein says:

      Is that Reporting Scotland’s new theme tune ?

    8. boglestone says:

      Replace Frankie Teardrop with the Benny Hill Theme tune. What it loses in High Art gravitas it gains in low comedy appeal.

    9. Murray McCallum says:

      I heard Gordon Brown had been in the USA. Never realised he was enrolled in the Oregon Project though.

    10. Luigi says:

      That is hilarious. He is like a feckin dalek!

      “Seek, Locate, Exteeeeerminate!”

    11. Croompenstein says:

      Mrs Croomp has just hollered across the room wid ye f**k off with that Frankie Frankie!! 🙂

    12. Luigi says:

      That is hilarious. He is like a feckin dalek!

      Gordon Who?

    13. FiferJP says:

      The Grand Old Dook of Nork, marching up and down by his sad old lonely self.

    14. Brian Powell says:

      Not sure which is the sadder, Brown or the BBC. Both walking corpses.

      One might think somewhere are the directors and producers of BBC news, sitting, hands pressed hard against the side of the head, muttering, “Is this all we’ve got”.

      More likely, “Cool, we got Gordon Brown, scoop”.

    15. Daisy Walker says:

      The person who kept putting coins in the whirley-gig behind him deserves a medal, it truly added to the occasion.

      I think its ART. Otherworldly – The Clunking Fist in all his Clunky Creepiness.

    16. Kenny says:

      I refuse to devote even a second of my life to watching this pompous psycopath who is, in all honesty, devoid of any talent (except for bullying lesser minions — again, like most psycopaths).

      An hour-long speech by a bumbling careerist politician last relevant eight years ago on the State Broadcasting Service? Are we living in the Soviet Union in the 1970s?

      When our children learn the history of Scottish independence at school, how 1 in 4 children lived in poverty in the land with the EU’s largest oil reserves, I honestly think this slug will be regarded as the most obscene and disgusting ("Tractor" - Ed) to his nation.

    17. steveasaneilean says:

      As Daily Mash put it “party founded by Keir Hardie infiltrated by Socialists”.

      And rather than acknowledge the need to change they have instead decided to self-destruct.

    18. Jock McDonnell says:

      Luigi, you beat me to it.

    19. Douglas gourlay says:

      The whole reaction to Corbyn from the New Labour regime has been stunning. A party, dying on its feet, has a potential leader that has mobilised so many tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of people to support it and they throw the whole weight of their empty, vacuous venom at him. Using all the same tactics we saw in the Indy ref, without any adaptation, proving the complete lack of foresight, insight and understanding that led them to where they are now and the large black hole they are about to fall into.

    20. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      “It is the day the soul of the Labour Party finally died.”

      Good riddance.

      Now that this fact has been comprehensively established can we talk about something (anything!) more worthy, say, I don’t know, cats 😉

    21. Lanarkist says:

      Brilliant performance from an athlete at the top of his game!

      After a year of training through the Scottish Referendum.and the Gen Election 15, G. Brown Esq. breaks all previous records for covering three miles along an outstretched rope whilst reciting the collected works of the Krankies top hits.

      Talking and walking just to confuse those who think he can talk the talk but can he walk the walk…oh!

      The funfair background and the concise running BBC commentary at the bottom elevate this to a piece of visual video art.

      Bravo, bravissimo!

    22. Spout says:

      Suicide – great band.

      Saw them live a few times – never expected to hear them on Wings……


      As for Brown…Uncool.

    23. Jim Mitchell says:

      Still baffles me how anybody ever rated this man so highly!

    24. more distance than substance

    25. mogabee3 says:

      He’s no superman…..

      Just a very boring man!

    26. Zen Broon says:

      Brown’s Monkey Dance. Part 2.

    27. Macart says:

      Sadly, I watched the whole blessed thing. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but then I don’t know why not? This is the guy who personally guaranteed a near federal solution, home rule, the permanence of our parliament enshrined in the UK constitution, then jumped ship leaving the whole sorry constitutional mess in the hands of the electorate.

      Anyone who listens to that… ‘man’ and considers his words that of a trustworthy, learned and influential elder statesman is in serious need of therapy.

    28. Jimbo says:

      Brown: “Power is the realisation of principles”

      That’s why they’re out of power, they’ve no feckin principles.

    29. Macart says:

      Oh and following on from my previous post?

      I also have a bridge I’d like to sell them.

    30. Harry McAye says:

      I’d have gone for Was(Not Was) and “Walk the Dinosaur”, personally.

    31. Stoker says:

      More appropriate for this thread and for those who can’t bring themselves to watch this monstrous beast in action.
      Exclusive coverage of The Lesser Spotted Broon appearance.
      In my very best whispering David Attenborough tones:

      And here before us…we witness the great mating ritual of The Lesser Spotted Broon…a naturally sterile, emasculated and bullish beast…on the very verge of extinction.

      It is a truly magnificent opportunity…to witness one of these extremely rare creatures…but in such desperate circumstances… he paces to and fro…desperately seeking to be taken seriously.

      His desperate and painful cries…and what was once a commonly accepted sound throughout the land…seem to be falling on deaf ears…there are…for this rare creature…no more takers.

      As darkness falls upon this part of the planet…one can only wonder…as The Lesser Spotted Broon skulks back off into the darkness…if we will ever see its like again.

    32. 1AlanM says:

      Is it wrong that my first thought was that he’ll keep losing the audience walking one way then think ‘oh, there you are’ when he goes back the other way?

    33. David S. Briggs says:

      £185 for a Gold Sovereign. A bit pricey.

    34. G H Graham says:

      I watched the entire 9 minutes of “The Longest Life”. The end was notable for its simplicity & clarity.

      It is remarkable yet, that when faced with such terminal oblivion, the propaganda arm of The British Establishment still steadfastly believes that broadcasting a failed dinosaur like Brown, can possibly help save New Labour from itself.

      I am reminded of the Iraqi minister who, when interviewed on CNN as the American tanks rolled past behind him, claimed that the Americans weren’t actually in Baghdad.

      But for the hundreds of thousands who would shortly loses their lives, his claim would have remained laughable. I wonder how many people in the Labour party are laughing now?

    35. call me dave says:

      That’s a sad lonely end to a mediocre career, still he’s not short of a bob or two.

      What must those voting labour in Scotland really see today to inspire them. Maybe BBC have played their part after all.

      Dugdale; Rowley; Brown or even Corbyn 🙁

      Chill: I think the Tennis Murray V Djokovic next up.

    36. Graeme Stevenson says:

      Did anyone count how many times he walked back and forth?

    37. Bob Mack says:

      I will remember this as the confirmation of the fact that “New Labour” finally emerged from its chryssalis as Neo Labour.
      A long history of Social caring finally came to an end, consumed by the ambition of careerists within the Party.

      It is for me a sad ,yet defining moment. The Party I supported most of my adult life finally unveiled as no better than those who sit across the benches from them in Parliament.

      At least the Conservatives were honest enough not to hide behind a mask when favouring the wealthy.They did it in full public view.Labour have been pretending to protect the disadvantaged for many ,many, years but in reality their target was to use this “concern” for the underpriveleged only to gather votes to obtain power.

      Where now can you find Socialism in the U.K.?
      It is alive and well in Scotland,but is clearly on life support in the rest of the U.K.
      Sad really.

    38. Dr Jim says:

      I liked it:

      This is the Labour Party in all it’s total and most outrageous lunatic glory

      If there are any people out there in the land left who don’t see what an absolute mob of maniacs the Labour Party have become for want of a brain then those people need putting away themselves

      It’s the full frontal assault on Nutjobness only the Labour Party can do with excellence

      I definitely liked it

      I bet Wee Nippy’s still howling over her curry

    39. Paula Rose says:

      Pure dead brilliant – Suicide supporting The Clash was a memorable gig, there are many layers of meaning in this piece xx

    40. mr thms says:

      Are the captions provided by the BBC subliminal messages?

    41. Ian Brotherhood says:

      He’s practising the fitness programme favoured by the occupants of prison cells.

    42. shiregirl says:

      I can’t even watch the short version – it’s that bad.

      Why, why, why does Brown surface at times such as these – why does he always insist in leaving his ‘footnote’like it matters or is appreciated?

      He comes over as full of his own self importance, arrogant of what the population actually think and want and clearly quite detached from reality.

      He has just written SLab’s eulogy.

    43. Clydebuilt says:

      how anybody rated this man so highly . . . . . I rated him highly because the Media and labour told us that Brown was a genius. A lot of people believed the media back then, as time passed people became disappointed.

    44. cearc says:

      Fantastic job, Stu.

      It seems to have been an extremely bizarre ‘talk’ even by Broon’s standard.

      Kudos to the cameraman who managed to keep him in shot.

    45. Kevie Helmet says:

      here he is in full blown comedy mode

    46. Rob James says:

      The poor cameraman will have to wear a neck brace for the rest of his life. Meanwhile Crash the Magnificent recited his autobiography, “Rambling with Gordon” in full view of the nation, thanks to his beloved friends at the Beeb. Once again, he’s done himself no favours.

      Is this his last ditch attempt for the ermine? Sorry Gordon, it seems the Tories hate you even more than we do. Rumour has it he’s off to the good ol’ US of A. I believe Goldman Sachs are doing a remake of the Clint Eastwood classic – A Clunking Fistful of Dollars.

    47. john king says:

      Daisy Walker says
      “The person who kept putting coins in the whirley-gig behind him deserves a medal, it truly added to the occasion.”

      I thought it was him working it with his feet on a treadmill!

    48. cearc says:

      Ian Brotherhood,

      I reckon a lot of the Brit establishment are worrying about just that, if people with morals get into parliament.

      It’s not about Labour, it’s about keeping the whole nasty system and its cover-ups in place.

    49. roddy anderson says:

      “Turgid slick of conformity”

    50. john j says:

      This is horrible really. Whatever we think of Gordon Brown I can’t see the funny side of such a psychologigal breakdown in a man who must at one time have had principals.

      Hubris, arrogance, delusion? What in hell’s name makes someone behave like this at the end of a political career?

      There’s a Tragic Opera in this somewhere.

    51. cearc says:

      Sorry.. should read – people with morals get into Power in parliament.

    52. john king says:

      Gillian Ruglonian says
      “Now that this fact has been comprehensively established can we talk about something (anything!) more worthy, say, I don’t know, cats ;)”

      Now that you mention it…

      I had a word with my little cat Holly and told her we were going away for a few days (she doesn’t like it when we go away)she went to her room and sobbed her wee heart out, she even sent a video of herself crying, I cant bear to look, you do it Gillian,

    53. Capella says:

      Brilliant synopsis of the Brown speech and stylish delivery.
      Scarily, he paused occasionally and took his right hand out of his pocket. I think it was a sign. But of what?

    54. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here’s a wee cheerio song for Broon.

      Just replace ‘Baby’ with ‘Gordy’. Works for me anyway.

      Bay City Rollers, ‘Bye Bye Baby’ –

    55. BrianW says:

      I can’t bring myself to click on play.

      I really can’t.. Please don’t make.. Please.. Stop.. NO! DON’T.. ARGHHHHHHHHHH…..

    56. Makes you wonder – if this had happened before the referendum, would the blatant ridiculousness of it all have been more obvious to everyone else when he did his “intervention”? Or would it still just have been Yessers that realised how pathetic it all was?

    57. Phronesis says:

      It is very alarming for UKOK which is in the throes of a ‘regulatory trilemma’- ‘the political systems regulatory efficiency is threatened when its instructions are not obeyed, or when they lead to disorganisation, or when they overstretch the capacity of the legal system and undermine the normative foundations of the political system itself’
      (Jurgen Habermas Between Facts and Norms)

      ‘Power is the realisation of principles’- really- the same principles that led us into an illegal war ? Politics is the realisation of democracy- hence UKOK is failing in Scotland. An electorate that is politically engaged, not drifting into a collective amnesia (and is very aware of the lessons from history) and has developed a cohesive forum for communication, emerging from civil society via a democratic process holds true communicative power.

      Gordon Brown will be remembered as chancellor of the exchequer who ‘presided over the biggest boom and bust in British history while promising financial ‘prudence for purpose’ spent lent or otherwise guaranteed about 40% of British GDP to save the banks (Blyth ‘Austerity).UKOK citizens will count the cost of this ‘prudence’ for decades to come-private debt being rechristened as state debt and then passed onto the younger generation ad infinitum ultra.

    58. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Cheerio Gordy, and

      ‘Take Good Care Of Yourself’, The Three Degrees –

    59. The Moidart says:

      John j… I have to agree. I only watched a highlight of him on the news at work. I don’t watch bbc. But I would say he was definitely portraying traits of having some kind of issue. I actually thought he appeared under the influence. The lack of substance in his words. The dead eyes. The pacing. The fact he rambled on about nothing with the odd moment of clarity for almost an hour. And the crowd cheered. Idiots!! I have no sympathy for Brown. He’s involved in everything that’s wrong with the world and society today. Was partly his doing. The ultimate disgrace was using his poor dead childs death as an excuse to vote no. In a just fair world he would be pacing up and down a cell 24 /7 for various crimes. He isn’t even human in my eyes. He and his new world order scum associates will pay one day I hope. I really really hope so.

    60. john king says:

      Harry McAye says
      “I’d have gone for Was(Not Was) and “Walk the Dinosaur”, personally.”

      Fit aboot…

    61. G H Graham says:

      Every time he turns & veers to the left, he can’t help himself from returning to the right.

      That’s New labour summed up in one sentence.

    62. S.Perspective says:

      I understand the cameraman is being treated for motion sickness.

    63. john king says:

      Stoker @8.51

      That was eery! I could have swore I was listening to Attenborough himself, ever thought of taking it up professionally?

    64. MerkinScot says:

      Loved it!
      Couldn’t do the whole 10.26 without some kind of legal high such as a little sherry.

    65. CameronB Brodie says:

      Dark and a tad creepy. Sorry Grouse, I think that qualifies as art. 🙂

      I hope Mr. Brown appreciates that such a stunning feat of recall means any future defense of dementia at the Hague, is unlikely to hold up to much scrutiny (which he’ll never get from UKOK BBC anyway).

      @ Mr. Brown
      Re. the Chilcot Inquiry. Did Jim fix it for you, or possibly those behind the creation of PIE?

    66. Luigi says:

      It is interesting that, just as the threat of independence forced the “Scottish” Labour frauds to drop their masks during the referendum campaign, outing them as staunch unionists; the threat of Corbyn during the current leadership contest is forcing all those tory-lite, champagne “socialists” out of the woodwork. Those true socialists left in Labour (and there are still quite a few in England), will be appalled at their anti-socialist, anti-democratic behaviour.

      In Scotland, the people wised up to Labour, resulting in the massacre on May 7th. It looks like England is also now wising up to the red tories. If/when this happens, it’s over for Labour. Things look bleak. Can’t fool all the people all the time….

      My daughter, who became politically aware during the referendum watched part of Brown’s speech today and angrily shouted:

      “If they are not real socialists, what do they believe in? If they believe in the crap they are spouting, why don’t they just join the Tory party?”.

      Good question.

    67. uno mas says:

      @ Harry McAye
      I’d have gone for Was(Not Was) and “Walk the Dinosaur”, personally.

      Yeeeees! Superb joice Harry McAye. I haven´t heard that for YEARS. Went and dug out the 45 but then realised I don´t have a turntable to play it on!

      Just have to make do with you choob.

      All together now…BOOM BOOM AKALAKA BOOM BOOM Everybody walk the dinosaur.

    68. Albaman says:

      I think that we all agree that G. Brown was a woeful P.M., and was rightly hounded out of office by the public, and by a large section of the media.
      So why do the media give him airtime when HE decides to give a speach .
      And this prowling around the stage, reminds me of the old military saying “keep moving, and you’ll be less likely to be hit”!, mind you, that’s no protection from some sharpshooters, so now I an looking to see if there is any “sharp” politician who would directly take on Brown every time he gives one of those rambling speeches.
      I remember that when he gave that “near federal ” speach before the referendum vote, I was waiting,waiting for someone to take his speach apart, demanding the same airtime he had, never saw one, possibly because the establishment had closed ranks.
      I know it water under the bridge now, but that as far as I am conserned, was a mager blunder by the “yes” group.

    69. heedtracker says:

      Another UKOK emetic tonight from rancid Graun, SNP are shite at government but still the fool enough nats to vote for them, all new improved Dugdale is the one to save England’s control of their Scotland region, look at how we never mention how us UKOK media monster Scottish democracy, every hour on the hour-

      “But it also does so because no Scottish government could actually deliver that kind of social democratic programme within the UK in current circumstances without arguments with London that would stoke separatist feeling. Labour does not wish to do that, and it is right not to do so.”

    70. John Jones says:

      This from the man who said, banks don’t need regulation voluntary ones work very well, raided my pension fund & thousands not others, flogged our gold off at a knock down price.
      There are 2 things that come to mind, urine & fire.

    71. R-type Grunt says:

      Imagine if you will a football match. Barcelona v Dundee. It gets to the point where Barcelona are so far in front that Dundee reckon the only logical way to ‘win’ the game is to score more goals than the opposition and so they start banging the ball into their own net. This is the modern Labour party.

      They are an affront to democracy.

    72. Taranaich says:

      Honestly, you may joke about this being art, but it’s uncanny how well certain movements and musical cues match up. I can genuinely see this in a modern art exhibit about Scottish politics, though at least in this case the intent is pretty clear as opposed to the usual pretentious nonsense you get at these things.

    73. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’m sure that I read on Wings, in the past two or three days, that the Brontosaurus is/was the inhabitant of South Britain, rather than a generic dinosaur.

    74. Alex McArthur says:

      Lady MacBeth? That was a rehearsal for his next paid performance?

    75. Stoker says:

      @ john king.
      Evidence of a misspent childhood John.
      If it wasn’t Attenborough it was Johnny Morris’ Animal Magic.

      Warning to Crash Broon, we know where you live.

    76. Tackety Beets says:

      I had to turn Federal Broon off after a few mins . Just barbelling mush .

      I re-tweeted this earlier .

      Just in case it was missed

    77. MolliBlum says:


    78. Fred says:

      The “Galvanisation of Gordon Brown”, it lacked fainting in the stalls & the surgeon cutting the jugular with a scalpel.

    79. Velofello says:


    80. Tackety Beets says:

      Highlight of the day ?

      John Curtis on Miss-reporting Scotland .

      Aye , he was in there foo o the joys showin aff a new sark it hees boght !

      Either that or they caught him on his way home from a Saturday night out !

    81. Mealer says:

      Kezia Dugdale can’t go anything like that speed.

    82. notallusenglishareeejits says:

      Evening sisters & brothers. Down here in sunny Ingerlund Gordon Ramsey is more popular than Gordon Brown. In fact the only two things people remember him for is selling tons of gold on the cheap and being slagged off by Jeremy Clarkson.

    83. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If you’re of a nervous disposition and/or don’t like swear words, please don’t watch this.

      Another wee cheerio for Gordo as he lumbers off over the horizon:

      Cee Lo Green with Daryl Hall, ‘Fuck You’ –

    84. john king says:

      “Aye , he was in there foo o the joys showin aff a new sark it hees boght !”

      it wis a cutty sark tucked intae his drawers.

    85. Gary45% says:

      On a serious note.
      The ramblings of Crash Broon, only shows that the Labour party STILL don’t get it.

      They used to be the party of the working class, the ones who stood up for the “wee guy”.
      Then along came that BASTARD Bliar, who only got in because John Smith passed away. (Yes I said It)
      As far as the Red Tories go, the real labour died along with the late Mr Smith.
      Every parasite who has bled the labour party since Mr Smith is not worth writing about.

      I had a feeling Mr Corbyn could spark a ray of hope for the rest of the UK, but I feel he will fall into the same trap that has engulfed Labour.
      The labour party died many years ago.
      The current Labour Party.
      “Fu*k Them.” They are Oxygen Thieves

    86. CameronB Brodie says:

      mr thms
      Perhaps neuro-linguistic programming?

    87. Davy says:

      I did not watch the speech, but I did read the whole thing on labour lite and even went back over a couple of bits. I still don’t know what the fuck the point of it was?

      It was all stops and starts going from here to their and meaning WHAT. And why would anyone from Scotland believe a word that fucking tractor says anyway, someone should tell him, remember the “VOW” now fuck-off back to the states.

    88. Effijy says:

      Can I just remind everyone that if Gordon Brown had stood for election in his former constituency, he would have lost.

      Remember that no one ever voted for him to be Prime Minister!

      That means his Red Tory Party, and he himself as a personality,
      would have been kicked out by the electorate at the last election

      He now has the nerve to suggest that a Labour Party resurrecting the Core principles, on which the party was formed, would be un-electable?

      Did he see the election results that reflected exactly what the UK electorate thought of New Labour and its career politicians?

      This beast of a man, backed up with Media Corrupt UK, tried
      to slander Corbyn by making him out to be a member of Hezbollah.

      Corbyn would be a peacemaker, and as such, sit with anyone at the table to try and end the decades of endless death and destruction that have proceeded him.

      Brown and Blair’s answer of course is to Bomb the B*******’s.

      Innocents as collateral damage, finance we can ill afford to spend, and an enemy that can regenerate itself for generations, are factors these buffoons foolishly try to ignore.

      I had a feeling that some of Browns bravado was designed to keep his USA Gravy train rolling on the after dinner speaker circuit.

      He makes around £500,000.00 per annum on these tours, and this really helps him when he has to make difficult political decisions, such as agreeing with Tory austerity measures.

      He seems unaware that when Corbyn does get elected, he won’t be welcome at any future Labour conferences.
      This result will also prove Dipity Dug, Burnham, Copper, and Kendall are Career politicians as they change their stance on most of Corbyn’s policies, just to keep themselves in a job.

      How many times have these parasites stated their support for wasting a further £100 Billion on new Trident Missiles, while Corbyn is totally against having them?

    89. Cag-does-thinking says:

      What I find odd about the whole “stop Corbyn at any cost” drama is that given this is the Labour party it doesn’t matter who they elect as leader now he still has perhaps four years beofre an election, time in which he could be replaced/ousted etc. Wheeling out Crash is back to the panic in the heart of establishment that a socialist of some kind might actually ge their hands on the levers of power.

      Maybe I’m suspicious but I wonder if some kind of scandal (I mean even bigger than all the scandals they are permanantly embroiled in) is imminent and the Tories might not get all the way to 2020 as planned. Is it just me that sees this as an odd over reaction?

    90. Book a place in Carstairs pronto as he is stark raving bonkers no ifs or buts, mental.

    91. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tackety Beets –

      The dearth of Prof Curtice on BBC outlets of late is nothing short of a scandal.

      As custodians of the world’s only seffolagist, they have a duty to bring his musings to the masses – in that task they have singularly failed.


    92. Clydebuilt says:

      O/T….Bellacaledonia haven’t been able to open the site up in browser since approx 10.30pm

    93. Take Independence says:

      Who cares about the RedF*ckingTory I am more concerned about the SNP not putting another referendum to the Scottish people in their manifesto for next year and the comments in the Herald “Sturgeon to focus on SNP’s record to win third SNP term” sound like the 45 are longer needed, I had my doubts about SNP commitment to another Indref2 when they were making a big pull for West Minster let’s wait and see.

    94. Bawheid Bragg says:

      Classic Suicide – a Scorsese movie for your ears. I always thought this tune should’ve been Broon’s ‘entering the ring’ fanfare

      Paula Rose – was the Clash/Suicide gig the one where somebody threw an axe at Alan Vega…?

    95. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @cynicalHighlander –

      Anyone who has worked in a secure hospital will confirm that the three most common behaviours observed in patients are:

      1. Smoking.
      2. Telly-induced mesmerism.
      3. ‘Marching’ back and forth in a straight line, usually seven or eight steps, for as long as is allowed, or until they become exhausted.

      For real patients (in all Scottish hospitals) option 1 has now been removed.

      Brown perhaps realises that his own options are fast running out, and is starting to exhibit that fear via unusual behaviour. In any event, just like bosom-buddy Blair, the guy has nowhere to ‘run’.

      He delivered no justice, and will never have any peace.

      So it goes.

    96. Mark P-I says:

      Great to see “Wings” flying up and down outside”

    97. Tinto Chiel says:

      Dear God, what a creepy performance.

      On one level it reminded me of a polar bear I saw at Edinburgh Zoo once, except that it was a poor, benighted creature which had been ripped out of its natural environment and was condemned to live a lonely life in alien conditions, pacing up and down endlessly in a sad, neurotic dance, not of its making.

      Brown has no such excuse. He may have had principles at one time, but they have been jettisoned long ago in his quest for status and honours. I really have no wish to know what lies beneath the surface of this contorted figure. Shakespeare is a playwright who is over-rated at times by the Establishment, but his advice to the Broons of this world appears sound. Unfortunately, it is always ignored by them, and on so many levels.

      This above all: to thine own self be true,
      And it must follow, as the night the day,
      Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

      He really disgusts me.

    98. Midgehunter says:

      Looks like the Rev is starting a new hobby in Comtemporary Art – Computer Aided Satire.

      Didn’t like the music though, maybe the longer version of Bohemian Rapsody would have been my choice. 😉

      I got seasick watching it sway to and fro, to and fro, to and fro……..

    99. Capella says:

      Bellacaledonia opens OK in browser I’m using – Chrome

    100. call me dave says:

      Murray 6-4 4-6 6-3 Djokovic … nail biting!! 🙂

    101. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi notallusenglishareeejits.

      Nice to see you. Yilliv hud yir tea?


    102. CameronB Brodie says:

      I never thought you were. 😉

    103. galamcennalath says:

      Has he sold his house in Fife? It seems unlikely he would ever want to live here again.

    104. call me dave says:

      Oh forgot:

      Here is someone speaking from memory! Reminds me of Gordon.

    105. @Clydebuilt

      Open OK for me a bit slow but nothing untoward.

    106. Chic McGregor says:

      Have Glum Will Travel.

    107. Clootie says:

      He is a pinball wizard!

      It reminded me of the ball bouncing of the flippers…of course he only had one flipper in his previous life.

    108. call me dave says:

      Riddoch says Gordon doesn’t get it.

    109. @Ian Brotherhood

      I know nothing in that field but he exhibits my perceived notion that someone so far up his own colon has an awful lot of unhinged cupboard doors, I thank whoever that he doesn’t smoke.

    110. John Reid says:

      Reminds me of my visits to Edinburgh Zoo in the mid to late 50’s, the pacing back and forward by a Brown Bear, obviously seriously demented.

    111. CameronB Brodie says:

      Effijy 😉

      “When we entered Lebanon, there was no Hizballah. We were accepted by perfumed rice and flowers by the Shi’a in the south,” Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak once noted. “It was our presence there that created Hizballah.”

    112. Husker says:

      I had watched the highlights, if you can call it that, of this individuals speech on the telly.

      His message is clear. The sacrifice of the dreams, hopes, aspirations and even rights of ordinary working class folk is the price worth paying for the ‘common good’ of getting Labour elected.

      The same attitude of denying the democratic rights to the people of Scotland for the sake of the common good of getting Labour elected is at the heart of Labour collectivist philosophy, whether old or new.

      Going a bit off-topic, the attraction of Corbyn is a return to Old Labour but judging by his comments on the second referendum, it sounds like he is cut from the same collectivist cloth as Brown.

      Old Labour had to be driven kicking screaming to deliver limited devolution to Scotlabd so a return to old Labour under Corbyn will be the same provided the party doesn’t implode or split.

      As a non-nationalist left-leaning independence supporter, I would be the the type to be driven away from independence by the election of Corbyn as leader of Labour.

      However, independence isn’t about just changing the flag flown in our country. It is about the possibility of true change to the way we as a society and our institutions including the political parties does things.

      Corbyn has many good ideas like for example taking the utilities back into public hands but in British system, with cronyism and job placements for the party ‘boys’, as well as excessive state interference, could these publicly owned utilities function as efficiently and for the public good as they should be?

      The criticism that he faces is that in pursuing these policies he is taking the UK back to the seventies and the associated problems faced back then? I was born in the seventies so don’t know the nuances of the decade but could his critics fears come true as I had previously explained?

      In an independent Scotland with a fully accountable and transparent political system, the policies of public ownership could be better implemented than it would ever be in the corrupt crony led system that is Westminster in which we are subjected now. Rather than getting dragged back to a bygone age of strife, we can look forward as modern society similar to the rest of the countries in the developed world.

      While Corbyn should be welcomed for change that he can bring to the Labour party but we can’t kid ourselves that he can single-handedly change the Westminster system which is what really needs changed.

    113. Paula Rose says:

      The Velvet Underground’s “The Gift” from the album “White Light-White Heat” would have been interesting. Bawheid Bragg the axe is an urban myth – but it was a “heavy” situation.

    114. Lesley-Anne says:


      Broon the Loon, the only man in the known universe who:

      1) sold UK gold reserves at rock bottom prices.
      2) Supported the illegal war in Iraq
      3) Introduced 10p tax rate only to remove it shortly afterwards only to re-introduce it again cause he ###### up
      4) ran away from an election cause he was scared ######### that he’d lose
      5) stole £100 MILLION from the National Lottery to bolster HIS and BLAIR’s London Olympics
      6) never repaid the stolen £100 MILLION despite promises he made at the time of the theft to do exactly that
      7) LOST the 2010 election and then in a huff rarely appeared in his place of work
      8) LIED to foreign nationals in Middle East about being an EX politician before being corrected by a local
      9) promised near Federalism to the Scots
      10) promised the VOW
      11) GUARANTEED delivery of the VOW

      Apart from that he is the right soulless individual to tell a heavily vetted twee audience what they should do about Jeremy Corbyn … without having the actual guts to name him in person. Nolr would he, I suspect have had the guts to hang around after *ahem* instructing his *cough* audience to answer their questions! Still once a coward always a cowrd I suppose!

    115. MrObycyek says:

      Where do they get the audiences from?

      I remember watching Tony Blair talking mince a few weeks back and wondering where they got all the knuckle dragging cretins from, Matt Forde included. They lapped up what was said like a bunch of brain dead automatons. I think Patrick McGoohan’s character Number Six would call them cabbages. I call them scum of the earth. They should all be strung up by their balls/flaps and flogged.

      The only people that should be forced to listen to Blair and Brown spout their drivel are their prison guards.

      Just how many nails can Labour hammer into the coffin before there is no coffin left?

      ps. well done Andy Murray! Now there is a Scotsman to be proud of unlike Gordon Brown.

    116. CameronB Brodie says:

      Bawheid Bragg
      I’ve not listened to that in years and wouldn’t have thought of it. Good album. Cheers. 😉

    117. Ian Brotherhood says:

      A precious wee glimpse into the Tory mindset which Brown and similar Blairites caved-in to:

      The Bullingdon Club (Part 1 of 3):

    118. The Moidart says:

      Ian brotherhood.. Yep. You got it. I only saw a clip on the news and formed all sorts of diagnosis. The clenching of the hand. The look in his eyes. I wish mental health on no person. But he’s not a person. And how fucking dare he mention Hugo Chavez!! Hugo Chavez was a hero. Like Fernando ?ugo. Disma Rousseff. Luis Inagio Lula De Silva. Cristina Kirchner. All murdered by being given carcinogenic agents unwittingly and deliberately and contracted cancer round the same time and all vehemently opposed to the new world order scum that Brown’s a part of. Yasser arafat was injected with the polonium -210 radioactive isotope.the same one which was used on Alexander litvinenko. All worth a million of brown. And to compare Corbyn to such great men is also a disgrace!! Brown seemed on edge today. Wonder what he knows…

    119. Chitterinlicht says:

      Goodness – what is that wee robot dance about at the start?

      Have not listened to a word of the real thing.

      Next some minor celebs will make a shit video telling labour people not to vote for JC and then someone will egg Andy Burnham.

      V good compression

    120. Chris says:

      Well, Gordon Brown should known about uncredible leaders who can’t get elected, he is one!

    121. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ Lesley-Anne 11.53.

      But apart from these eleven reasons, why do you find him so reprehensible?

      As Kevin would say, ” It’s so unfair!”

      Let’s cheer ourselves up by listening to a classic song about a starving tramp who, deprived of his liberty by the police, hangs himself in his cell and then haunts the local woods.

      Yes, really.

      Well, it’s a bit late…

    122. Tackety Beets says:

      LA @ 11.53

      I took oot a wee Pension investment on leaving school circa ’73 it was valued @ close on £40k in 2005 by 2010 Federal Broon hammered it doon to £21k so where did the £19k go ? Broon has a lot to answer.

      He did raid & Tax Pension .

      On a lighter note.

      I noted someone suggested Benny Hill music to Broons Video ……. LOL , it’s just popped up on my FB job done .
      Search Gordon Brown v Benny Hill , should be found easily.

    123. MrObycyek: “I think Patrick McGoohan’s character Number Six would call them cabbages”

      I would, except there is more evidence of cognition in a cabbage than there is in some of them.

      NB: I am not a number – I am a free man

    124. Andrew Haddow says:

      Thought the Broontasaurus was extinct.

    125. Paula Rose says:

      Andrew Haddow – evolved into the duglowdopus.

    126. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tinto Chiel (12.20) –

      Your description of the thing your link leads was so scary that I can’t click it.


    127. The Moidart says:

      Tinto Chiel.. Hope you are well my friend. Did you ever hear from our friends at the British bullshit corporation?

    128. Dumb Unicorn says:

      @ Cag-does-thinking 10:46

      I agree that the level of panic and fear which ‘New Labour’ is displaying is out of proportion and it makes me suspicious that there’s more to it. I may be way off the mark, but my personal opinion is that their issue with Corbyn is not so much about his leaning to the left, but more with his association with ‘Stop The War’ and his past criticisms of Israel’s behaviour.

      One thing which rang alarm bells for me was that Tony Blair suddenly appeared on the scene the day after leadership hustings in JW3 in London which I think were only reported in Haaretz, not the UK MSM. They reported that the majority of the questions focused around Israel* and Corbyn evidently wouldn’t bow to the usual Labour party line (unlike Andy Burnham who apparently made some rash promise to make celebration of the centenary of the controversial Balfour Declaration compulsory in UK schools … yes, really! I’m not sure if he understood what he was promising, he’ll promise anything he thinks will make people like him by the sounds of it).

      Labour Friends of Israel events are apparently very well attended by Labour MPs and there are suggestions by some journalists that it’s the place to be to obtain backing and funding from people of influence. I’m sure that the likes of Blair and Brown will have many friends and connections who could threaten to withdraw their support for Labour if the party starts to distance itself from Israel.

      In addition, Corbyn has already made his views on the war in Iraq clear and he’s unlikely to defend Labour’s past actions – and they may want them defended in the near future.

      If Corbyn were in charge of Labour, even for a short time, he would have a platform and the ears of the UK public. Perhaps having Corbyn at the helm at the same time as the Chilcot enquiry publishes its findings is what they really fear. Blair et al would have nowhere to hide and no-one to protect them from public scrutiny. Mind you, whether Chilcot is ever published, and whether findings equals truth remains to be seen.

      (*Please note, I don’t want to be controversial or cause any offence to anyone. I’m not assuming that just because the hustings were held in the JW3 centre that everyone there only cares about issues affecting Israel, I’m only commenting on what Haaretz reported about the tone of the questions asked – so if you’re offended, please don’t be!).

    129. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ Ian B.

      ‘Sokay, don’t have nightmares: it’s French, you know what they’re like.

      Dormez bien, mon vieux.

    130. Lesley-Anne says:

      Tinto Chiel says:

      @ Lesley-Anne 11.53.

      But apart from these eleven reasons, why do you find him so reprehensible?

      Well he is a LIAR, CON ARTIST, THIEF, IMBECILE, MORON, FRAUDSTER (ask his electorate about promises to represent them at 2010 G.E.), INCOMPETENT … but apart from that I guess there is really no reason at all why I, or anyone else for that matter, should find him so reprehensible Tinto! 😀

    131. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hi, The Moidart. Nice to hear from you.

      Nothing as yet, but we live in hope.

      They don’t get me, I’m part of the union.

      Cue for a song…

    132. The Moidart says:

      Hi Lesley_Anne. I hope you and yours are well. The Dumfries pimpernel. Lol

    133. The Moidart says:

      Tinto Chiel. Always my pleasure. Remember.. They are nothing. They protect paedophiles and war criminals at best. They have no rights whatsoever. As long as you don’t acknowledge them. They’re corrupt degenerate scum. Repeat mantra five hundred times. Lol

    134. Lesley-Anne says:

      Hi Moidart, yes thanks we are both fine. 😉

      Just for you Moidart. 😀

    135. The Moidart says:

      Lesley_Anne. Thank God it wasn’t Lola!!! Lol ???? why on earth am I linked to the kinks? Lmao. Actually.. I used to be a mod. Pedestrian as I can’t ride a scooter. Lol

    136. Lesley-Anne says:

      Tinto Chiel says:

      Hi, The Moidart. Nice to hear from you.

      Nothing as yet, but we live in hope.

      They don’t get me, I’m part of the union.

      Cue for a song…

      Hi Tinto … *ahem* 😉

    137. thedogphilosopher says:

      Proof, if indeed proof was required, that the BBC are indeed the mouthpiece of the right-wing establishment in TeamGBland. This is Project Fear Incorporated being rolled out once more to protect vested interests and to skewer democracy.

      Couldn’t watch vid, would contaminate my love for the minimalist angst that is Vega & Rev (no relation).

    138. Robert Peffers says:

      @shiregirl says: 16 August, 2015 at 9:09 pm:

      ” … He comes over as full of his own self importance, arrogant of what the population actually think and want and clearly quite detached from reality.”

      There was an expression much used in Kelty when it was still mainly a Mining community. As an incomer to the village I had never heard it used anywhere else and it puzzled me. So while sitting in the barber’s chair getting a haircut I asked, “Joe The Barber”, the meaning of the oft used phrase, “Ach! He’s jist like the Barber’s cat”.

      The shop was full and there was great laughter as Joe explained that the Barber’s Cat was famous for, “bein fu o wind an pish”. I have to say it now – “yon Broon’s jist like the barber’s cat”.

    139. Robert Louis says:

      Hope nobody minds, so late on, if I mention something that is bothering me a great deal.

      I noticed in some comments over recent weeks, people expressing fears of a lack of an indy ref commitment from the SNP, in the run up to 2016. Now from the SNP, we are told today, they will focus on their record in office for the 2016 election.

      Ssssh! don’t mention independence.

      Has independence been dropped by the SNP? Sure sounds like it, if we look at their press releases in the media today. Over the past few months we have successively been spun the line that we cannot have another referendum until the polls consistently show a majority in favour of independence. The only problem with such tosh, is that the polling figures for independence are not going to change, if nobody is talking about independence. It really is that simple.

      In a similar way, I have seen many folks asserting that the SNP may ‘CHOOSE’ to hold another referendum beyond the next Scottish elections in 2021. This is the daftest assertion I have ever read, since I think it is extremely unlikely that the SNP will manage to hold such a polling lead over such a long time. No political party can hold things together and maintain such a polling lead for such a long time. The simple fact is, that come 2021, the option for ‘CHOOSING” to hold a referendum will probably not exist – as has been the case for the last 308 years.

      Those who were actively engaged in the indy campaign, will by that time, have moved on with their lives. So, the support for indy will have dropped back, to lower levels again. It is extraordinarily naive for indy supporters to simply assume that the level of support will not drop back to where it was in 2010, or worse.

      All that hard work to build support, will over the next few years be undone, if the SNP are not pushing the indy message. Yet that is what they appear to be proposing.

      Like many others, I had my own internal fears, that once they did well at Westminster, they would start to get overly foccussed on winning elections, instead of winning independence. Too damn comfy at Westminster for my liking.

      The case for independence will not make itself. The ability to hold a referendum will not always be available (dependent as it is upon the SNP securing a very hard to obtain majority at Holyrood). Right now, we have one of the most despised Tory Governments for many generations (something that was NOT fully evident during the indy ref campaign). We have a crippled Scottish Labour party, and yet to my dismay, we have the SNP barely mentioning what might soon become known as the ‘I’ word.

      The odds will likely never again be stacked so heavily in favour of Scottish independence.

      You will not always have an SNP majority at Holyrood, you will not always have a crippled Labour party (who ran better together), you will not always have polling showing support for indy at approx. 50/50. Those who think we can just wait around for five or six years, are seriously deluded. As the old saying goes, a week is a long time in politics, well, I know from experience, five years is a lifetime.

      I see an SNP leadership (and not unionists) that is continually citing reasons why we shouldn’t have another referendum, rather than reasons why we should.

      People need to understand, if a referendum is not held within the next 2-3 years, it likely will never happen again for a very, very long time (maybe 30 + years), and even if it did, the strong support groups and key people will have moved on to other things. The chance will be lost. This is why unionists get so vocal when the very idea of another indy referendum is mentioned, as they know, that after a few years from now, the momentum will have dropped again.

      I have been around a long time, and simply cannot believe the timidity of the SNP on this matter. They have almost every single MP seat in Scotland, a majority in Holyrood (which most people NEVER expected was possible, due to the way the electoral process works), and the polls are running at approx 50/50 for indy. It beggars belief that they are afraid to make the final push.

      As I write, unionist place people will be worming their way into positions of influence within the SNP. The British establishment will already be working hard to ensure a referendum never happens again.

      It will not be long before people such as myself with pro independence views will be sidelined, and branded as ‘out of touch’ ‘fundamentalists’ by the SNP.

    140. Dr Jim says:

      I was born in the forties, I’ve seen and heard everything Corbyns type has to say
      It was populist shite then and it’s shite now

      It’s easy to talk nonsense from outside the garden gate looking in stamping your feet and talking socialism and coming a plucky long way back second, Westminster has no interest in Scotland but what can be made from it

      Whether anybody likes it or not England is convinced the Tories are the right thing for them and it’ll be that way for fifteen years

      George Osborne will be Prime Minister after Cameron for another two terms

      As usual it’ll be up to Scotland to point the way through Independence and once the English see we’re doing OK they’ll fall in behind then act like it was their own idea

      Anybody thinking Corbyn will make one iota of difference to Scotlands betterment even if he wins, or even if they let him win, or even if at seventy years of age he’d be up to fighting an election had best think again

      So if you’re hoping for a Labour Party revival you better pin your hopes on Burnham or Cooper because that’s what you’re going to end up with anyway…Unless…Brother Dave Miliband comes back from America and then you’re back to full on Red Tory again

      Rule Bloody Brittania

    141. galamcennalath says:

      Robert Louis says:
      at 2:38 am

      I agree. If we don’t make a second bid for indy BEFORE 2020, we quite probably will never get another chance.

    142. MrObycyek says:

      @Christian Wright

      Be seeing you…in an independent Scotland!

      @Robert Louis

      Now that’s what I call a post. I think you’re right. There will never be a perfect time and by waiting all the work that has been done could be wasted with all the energy disappearing like biscuits around Jackie Baillie. It would be a mistake to let the enemy regroup when we should make sure they are always on the back foot right up to when Scotland finally gets its independence. The next move from the SNP regarding independence is crucial if they mess it up we may not get another shot at it for a long time.

    143. Al Dossary says:

      Something tells me the Corbyn juggernaut will trundle along for a few more weeks

      That is until some “shocking” revelations about his refusal to do anything about claims of child abuse on his turf being reported to him and his subsequent failure to do anything about it.

      Whilst there is some dubious information out there on the Aangirfan blog and David Icke, not all of it can be dismissed as fantasy.

    144. brobb says:

      Robert Louis says”The odds will likely never again be stacked so heavily in favour of Scottish independence”.

      With respect Robert, it doesn’t matter how good the odds look to all of us yessers, the SNP have to respect the result of the last referendum and show that they will continue to work for all of Scotland within the union as that is what the majority voted for.

      We might think the result was wrong, or wish we could keep on pushing for another vote, but Nicola et al are in my opinion doing the right thing by saying we need to wait until there is a significant change in circumstances before seeking another vote.

      Yes things and people will move on but time may yet convince some of the no voters that independence could work. If we continue to press for another vote just because the popular support seems to be there, or to capitalise on current SNP support, we risk repeating the same result as last time with a slight majority of Scottish people still preferring to cling to the union

      I have faith that it will happen sometime but lets hold our fire until circumstances win over enough of our fellow countrymen and women to decide that independence is the right thing for all of us

    145. DG says:

      Hey Midgehunter – Is that the Broch fog horn in your avatar?

    146. JLT says:

      Watched 6 seconds and didn’t know what was worse; the godawful music or Brown running back and forth as though he had been fed horse steroids.

      Yep, agree with others. Benny Hill theme would be better. All we would need is Cooper, Burnham, Corbyn, et al to be running behind him as they follow him.

    147. Kevie Helmet says:

      Yep, agree with others. Benny Hill theme would be better.

    148. AndyH says:


      We need to hold off for about five or six years as much will change in that time.

      The older generation are still mostly dyed in the wool Labour/British minded. Many will keel over in the next few years and many youngsters will become eligible to vote in their place.

      It’s just a matter of time.

      We need to do something about the media first and foremost as that’s the greatest enemy of Independence.

      We also need a more right wing faction publicly supporting independence to to split the ‘aspirational’ voters.

    149. Majestic12 says:

      The Moidart @12.15

      Cristina de Kirchner and Dilma Rousseff are very much alive and both presidents of their respective countries, Argentina and Brazil. Kirchner was accused earlier this year by a special prosecutor of secret deals with Iran. The special prosecutor was murdered.

      Rousseff at the moment is fighting impeachment for corruption and fraud relating to the company of which she was president before becoming head of state.

      Just saying.

    150. Mealer says:

      I have confidence in the SNP leadership.Its many months til the Scottish election and a weeks a long time in politics.

    151. Joemcg says:

      brobb-what if we wait and wait until all impetus is lost,maybe forever? It’s a hard one to call.

    152. Majestic12 says:

      The Moidart@12.15

      Cristina Kirchner and Dilma Rousseff, presidents currently of Argentina and Brazil are very much alive.

      Kirchner was accused earlier this year of a secret pact with Iran by a special prosecutor. The prosecutor was murdered.

      Currently Rousseff faces impeachment over fraud and corruption allegations relating to a company of which she was president before becoming head of state.

      Just saying.

    153. Helena Brown says:

      My one thought on seeing him briefly on the news last night was that he merely confirmed that people in England were right to vote Tory. RIP Labour.

    154. Juteman says:

      The Labour propoganda from BBC Scotland is beyond a joke now. It is wall to wall Labour.
      Thank feck i don’t pay the TV tax.

    155. Grouse Beater says:

      Brobb: the SNP have to respect the result of the last referendum

      Please do not teach people to be as obedient as you!

      If you refer to the executive, fine, if you refer to the rank and file, no.

      No one has to ‘respect’ anything, particularly not a demand for the status quo when society is getting cheated and robbed blind.

      The entire reaction to Corbyn is based solely on a rejection of neo-liberal policies that remove democracy.

      So, let’s get tough and try again. We’re part of a worldwide rebellion that is frightening the hell out of the banks, the IMF, and USA interests. We need change.

      We need our democratic rights re-established. I am afraid that means we do the opposite of playing modest and cowed.

    156. galamcennalath says:

      Juteman says:
      “The Labour propoganda from BBC Scotland is beyond a joke now. It is wall to wall Labour.”

      Just supposing …. what if Labour are in an even worse place come May with virtual civil war. People really don’t like parties in turmoil. Then in the Holyrood election, the Greens or even the Tories push Labour out of the ‘opposition slot’.

      When it came to politics what would the BBC in Scotland show!?

      They really couldn’t ignore the ruling party AND the opposition and give most of the air time to a fringe party, could they?

    157. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ The Moidart and Lesley-Anne.

      Sorry I missed your late posts: went up wood hill to Bedfordshire.

      At least the BBC seem about £150,000,000 down on licence fees, TM. I wonder where most of the million non-payers live? Betcha by golly wow it’s in old Alba.

      A delight to hear The Strawbs again, L-A. Gimme that old-time solidarity, as Sergeant York almost said. Then I think back to the miners’ strike and what the Establishment are prepared to do to crush dissent and I feel all that disgust and anger again when I see the old footage of Orgreave.

      Better days ahead for us, I hope.

    158. orri says:

      To those wanting to press on for a 2nd referendum regardless. When the SNP say they won’t do so until things change they don’t say they won’t work towards causing the kind of change that will make it more likely to succeed. That’s why the unionists are so set against FFA or meaningful devolution. They see that as making it even more demonstrable that Scotland can fend for itself. The fact that it’d make the transition to full independence less stressful for both the rUK and Scotland is something they want to avoid.

      On topic though, Brown’s failings weren’t of principle but of execution. For instance worshiping at a pile of metal, which is what those who moan about the sale of the gold do, was a far better option than selling of the tools such as rail and utilities. It’s a bit like selling the family silver rather than the plow. His mistake was in flooding the market after telling people he was about to do so.

      The pensions were an even clumsier way of preventing their abuse by some in order to avoid paying tax.

    159. Macart says:

      @brobb and Robert Louis

      Good posts with good points.

      Not just time and circumstance though brobb, us.

      I’d say we are the instrument of change, rather than the SNP. They opened the door and will happily guarantee a mechanism is there for us to use, but here is where the rest of your post applies. As you say, they are the party of government and so must govern within a system the majority voted to retain.

      IMO the SNP are currently in the position to hold that door open for us for at least the next ten years. After that? Well RL has a point. No one rides the crest of that popularity wave forever. So what to do?

      The popularity for any take 2 has to come from the people and the grass roots. I have no doubt that the SG and an ever helpful Westminster will provide the ammunition, but I’d say WE need to generate the debate and the desire. Keep talking to folk, keep convincing, hold out one hand to welcome newcomers and use the other hand just to help folk where we can, period. Keep sites like these alive and well, support our new media, seein’ as how its the only media we’ve got. Most importantly, we don’t get either apathetic or panicked.

      We’ve achieved so much in the past few years. Ordinary folk have given the state and the political parties a helluva nasty turn, simply by switching on to their politics and getting busy. The great and the not so great are looking over their shoulders more than a little nervously at this point, wondering if they can simply out wait us.

      I think they’re ontae plums wi that tactic. 😉

    160. galamcennalath says:

      orri says:

      “… unionists are so set against FFA or meaningful devolution … is something they want to avoid”

      It’s much stronger than that … They will never ever agree to handing over significant powers as part of the devolution process. We cannot take powers under devolution, we must be given them.

      They won the referendum by grandiose devolution promises. The SNP had a landslide on a policy of pursuing those promising. It’s all chaff in the wind. Absolutely nothing is going to make WM deliver. That should now be obvious to everyone. But our useless biased media is hiding just how dead end devolution now is.

      While Smith and the Scotland Bill hasn’t run its course, we can see exactly where it’s leading.

      Scottish voters need to get the choice clear in their heads, DevoFA or independence. We can continue drifting along not really getting very far and allowing the Unionist to simply play for time. Or, we can move on in the only way open.

      The problem is, vast swathes of voters don’t see the situation in those stark terms. Yet!

    161. Thanks Stuart, but I wouldn’t waste even a few minutes of my remaining life watching anybody remotely connected with the Labour party, including Corbyn.
      This was just “establishment” T.V for the brainwashed part of the population, one section of the propaganda machine in operation every day of the year, whether it be on vision, in sound, or in print.
      We can laugh about it, but believe it or not, some people, more than a few, still take it seriously, when failures such as Brown, and his acolytes, spout more nonsense.
      At the moment a supposed “socialist” who, by the way, is no friend of Scotland, especially our desire for independence, is their target, but very shortly they, the M.S.M, will turn their full attention, and attack what they see as their main enemy, the independence movement in Scotland.
      I still have every confidence in Nicola, and her team, to adopt the correct strategy, and strike at the appropriate moment, when we can win back our birthright.
      And while I think that there probably will be a committment to holding another referendum in the S.N.Ps spring manifesto, those advocating more definitive action, should perhaps reflect on the opinion polls, which, while they show growing support for the S.N.P, they don’t seemed to have moved forward much as regards support for full indeependence.

    162. Fireproofjim says:

      Various correspondents are grumbling that the SNP are not pushing for an immediate Independence referendum.
      I would say that the SNP are absolutely correct to say that we must wait until circumstances change, which they surely will.
      The primary circumstance, which is absolutely vital, is that all opinion polls must show a consistent Yes vote around sixty per cent. The worst situation would be to lose narrowly again, which would put us back for many years. Time and demographics are on our side.
      Don’t knock the SNP leadership. Just remember where we used to be, with few activists and about eighteen to twenty percent of the vote. In the last ten years they have take us from the margins of politics to a position where we are almost there, with massive membership and enthusiasm.
      I trust the judgement, intelligence and integrity of the leadership to take us over that last hurdle.
      Patience, brothers and sisters.

    163. Willie John says:

      Some weeks ago on one of these blogs (can’t remember which one) I came across a reference to a book by Chris Mullin called ‘A Very British Coup’. Although it did not sound like a book I would normally read I managed to get it from my local library and have just finished reading it. I now have just one question.

      Has Mr Corbyn been told what to expect?

    164. Kevie Helmet says:

      I don’t believe for one minute the SNP has gone cold on Independence or a second referendum.

      NIcola said prior to GE 2015 they would not be calling for a second referendum and that only the Scottish people could do that which would require a change in circumstances, so far there hasn’t been a change in circumstances that they could fairly argue is cause for a second referendum

      Right now they have to govern for all the people of Scotland a majority of which don’t want a referendum by all accounts, by pushing for another referendum now would only discredit them the MSM and the unionists parties would murder them.

      If they go too early and lose again the games up

      When the circumstances are right they will strike I’m sure of that in the meantime it’s the grassroots movement that has to keep the independence question alive and gain as much support as possible for when the time is right.

      The YES register could play a big part in this

      We’ve come a long way since 2012 lets not lose faith now

    165. heedtracker says:

      “I have faith that it will happen sometime but lets hold our fire until circumstances win over enough of our fellow countrymen and women to decide that independence is the right thing for all of us”

      And when might that be?

      When Brexit referendum does or doesn’t take Scotland out of the EU?

      When PM Osborne takes over, after the third PM Cameron term and 12+ year blue toryboys in of office?

      After another decade of relentless BBC in Scotland monstering everything Scotland, everything SNP and everything Holyrood?

      Another decade of world leading UK neolib inequality, tax dodger super rich get richer and more powerful?

    166. Snode1965 says:

      LoL, Ruthie was on great form on radio Scotland this morning. NHS Scotland is in crisis because it has been meeting all it’s targets! It seems targets and SNP are Bad, even the interviewer sounded bemused.

    167. Alasdair McGregor says:

      Strange how the state broadcaster gives free air time to those attacking Corbyn, but fails to afford Corbyn the same coverage.

      brown’s intervention is to help Mrs Balls (understand her not adopting the name), so effectively the state broadcaster is taking sides in the internal ferrets in a bag fight for labour’s leadership.

      Do I pay my license fee for this political bias?

      Seems I do, but not for much longer.

    168. R-type Grunt says:

      Kezia Dugdale really does have problems with numbers eh? Have a listen to her interview this morning on GMS and it fair takes the breath away. She seems to be, like her chum Brown, a serial liar. A stranger to the truth.

      I often wonder what her Dad really thinks of his daughter.

      The only positive I could find in her interview is that she knows Holyrood is in Edinburgh. Well done.

    169. orri says:

      Until the issue is forced and a referendum held or mandated by the Scottish electorate then we can expect the unionists to wheel out the same arguments and empty promises of FFA or as near independence as possible once again.
      Yes we could enter a state where Scotland isn’t independent yet and the populus are content in a loser federation than at present. But when we’ve just had a thread about the folly of an ex-MP consigning his party to oblivion by refusing to follow the wishes of the electorate why are people insisting on doing the same?
      If the leap to outright independence is to great for some then why not make the aim for somewhere in between which is the prefered option of the population at this time? Why not force Westminster, and Brown, to fulfil the promise they made or at least admit they have no intention of ever keeping them?

    170. call me dave says:

      THE Crown Office has re-issued charges against an MP accused of kicking a pro-independence campaigner after a previous trial collapsed because the word “Glasgow” was not included in court papers outlining the charge.

    171. call me dave says:

      Scottish papers: Scottish Labour leader and body found. ???

      It’s the way the BBC has a laugh on it’s website.

      Speaking on her first day after winning the leadership with a large majority, she spoke of her determination to “democratise” the party and said a debate on Trident was “not impossible”.
      I’ll just wait until it happens and watch with interest.

      Gordon (not him the other one) Matheson. Holyrood bound?

    172. Bill McLean says:

      Snode 1965 – The NHS, in Scotland and England, can never be perfect – it is staffed by human beings. From two recent experiences I have had in the NHS in Fife they have been brilliant. In fact in my long life in many different parts of UK, and the world, my experience of the NHS here in Fife since I returned 15 years ago has generally been very good. The media, most of which is right wing, will always attack the NHS – it is mostly made up of ordinary people and they would prefer it to be private and run by huge companies paying massive salaries to the upper levels of health which you will pay for. Don’t ever be surprised by criticism of the NHS but respond to it whenever possible. It is a great asset manned by mostly wonderful people.

    173. NN says:

      With enough time waiting for indy Scotland will actually be what they keep trying to convince us we are and were during the last referendum – poor and stupid. They’ll drain it dry and leave nothing but a rotting husk.

    174. MJT says:

      Suicide are great. Gordon Brown is a shit heel. Alan Vega and Martin Rev are visionaries. Gordon Brown is a fart in a trance. As one who was born in Kirkcaldy and gew up in Burntisland, I am ashamed of Gordon Brown, rightly or wrongly, i think he brings shame to Fife. But man, I love Suicide and sometimes you can make art out of the artless and Brown certainly is that.

    175. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I think a few points have to be made.

      We do not own or control opinion polls. We cannot trust opinion polls. A lot of the time they provide the information that those who are hiring them want them to provide. Opinion polls ask the questions their customers pay them to.
      The only polling that counts is the polling that we are doing our selves. This goes on on a continuous basis. You can be sure the SNP leadership knows exactly where we are at the moment.

      Status quo and devo max or whatever are the same thing. Devo max, FFA, federalism etc etc are all in the gift of the present government or “the status quo” to describe it accurately as it holds the power to grant these things already.

      Any form of significant devolution will only be ceded to us if support for independence grows substantially.

      The remnants of the Labour Party in Scotland represent the final impediment to independence. We are doing a good job of exposing their pre referendum promises and lies at the moment and this should hopefully see them all but wiped out next May.

      But we await present developments in the Labour Party with an interest in what effect it will have on public opinion and support for it and on the continuing YES campaign.

      Nobody opposed to independence joins the SNP

    176. Onwards says:

      @Robert Louis,

      Not a single SNP member I know has turned away from independence.
      It’s all a matter of tactics and timing.

      Too soon and there would be a backlash about not respecting the result.

      Realistically, we have to wait for a few more years of younger voters on the register.
      Realistically we have to wait and see how the Scotland bill pans out, and voters see the feeble reality of the radical home rule promised.

      Couple of other factors. If Corbyn wins, then Labour will promise the world at the next UK general election. The best chance might come when he is inevitably beaten in middle England, and folks finally give up on hitching our future to their wagon. That would signify a political generation.

      Ironically, it might help once the economy has adapted to lower oil prices, and the argument about being dependent on oil loses any impact.

      I do agree that SNP politicians need to keep up the argument for self-government at every opportunity. Or that we need a large lead for independence in the polls when the time comes.
      50-50 would be a good starting point – as it looks like support increases when the focus is on it.

    177. gerry parker says:

      Bill McLean 11:29.

      Concur with you there Bill.

      Recent visits to Monklands, Wishaw, and Hairmyres hospitals have been efficient and problem free experiences.

    178. heedtracker says:

      The next referendum has to be, whether or not The Vow has actually been delivered and has to be when whatever it is the Smith Commission cooked up appears in Scotland, 2 years time maybe?. It’s a simple as that.

      Of Course it’s not. We all know how the UKOK BBC lie machine screamed The Vow had been “delivered” last year, let alone 8 months later. Let’s face it even the UKOK media can’t maintain their relentless fraud eg. rancid hypocrites at The Gruan boosting Dugdale says

      “The fundamental problem facing Labour in Scotland is that the SNP has successfully persuaded large numbers of voters that it, rather than Labour, is the party of social justice, nuclear disarmament, anti-austerity, defence of the welfare state and redistribution of wealth. Labour struggles to counter this claim, even though the SNP’s government record is not much to write home about and recent polls show only a third of voters think the SNP government is doing a good job in key policy areas including health, education and the economy. Labour hesitates in part because it fears being drawn into a rhetorical bidding war with Nicola Sturgeon.”

      Fair enough, The Graun us just another bunch of Tory English nationalists but let’s find out if their “fundamental problem” really is SNP powers of persuasion. If it’s a fundamental problem for future of England’s control of Scotland, it’s a fundamental win for vile sepratists, like you.

      Or, how exactly SNP can persuade anyone of anything in the face its relentless historic fraud on Scotland, staggering hostile press and BBC, ITV, local news, online SLab activists/conmen, is another teamGB mystery but let’s find out.

      Ref.2, Do you agree Crash Broon’s federal and Devo Max UKOK was delivered? And do it as soon as our imperial masters says it has.

      If Scotland says yes it as been delivered, we can all shake hands and continued to be run by another country, for another generation, happy and glorious.

    179. Big Jock says:

      This Labour win at all costs scenario and forget right or wrong. Reminds me of the current drugs cheats in Athletics. Do whatever is necessary, lie and cheat your way to the top.

      When people watch the athletics world championships next week. They are not going to admire great sporting achievements. They are going to be thinking the best athletes have taken something to get to the top. The public quickly lose interest when they know something is corrupt.

      Winning is everything, and playing fairly with integrity, belief and honesty are not important.Look at Labour in the referendum campaign. Lie to your own countrymen to make them think the way you do. That’s Labours mantra.

      They haven’t hit the bottom yet still further to fall.

    180. brobb says:

      Macart says:

      “Not just time and circumstance though brobb, us”.

      Completely agree Macart, and while others have said they fear the impetus could be lost that’s a risk we have to take. One year on and there’s plenty of us still as passionate as we were last Aug in the run up to the referendum, the recent election and current poll results look great and the Tory govt policies could help shift more folk over to supporting independence

      Grousebeater you say “No one has to ‘respect’ anything, particularly not a demand for the status quo when society is getting cheated and robbed blind”.

      If we don’t accept and respect a democratic vote where does that leave us? We can still campaign, protest and try to form alliances to influence Westminster policies but if we are just trying to browbeat those who voted no by a) saying they were wrong and b) that we are the only folk with a social conscience then I think we run the risk of alienating the very folk we want to win over. As orri says “But when we’ve just had a thread about the folly of an ex-MP consigning his party to oblivion by refusing to follow the wishes of the electorate why are people insisting on doing the same?”

    181. heedtracker says:

      “If we don’t accept and respect a democratic vote where does that leave us? We can still campaign, protest and try to form alliances to influence Westminster policies but if we are just trying to browbeat those who voted no by a) saying they were wrong”

      So what was the great red and blue Tory Project Fear all about? Surely not browbeating. RedTory SLab say they lost out by standing with the blue Tories and the BBC, but it’s for your own good Scotland and forgive us for our courage to stand up to the horrors of separatism. Then you say lets campaign to influence Westminster policies.

      How’s that working out for you, since May already?

    182. R-type Grunt says:

      @ brobb

      That entirely depends on whether you consider the referendum to have been a democratic vote. A great many of us do not.

      Whilst I agree it would not be in our interests to go for a 2nd vote right away I also think it’s not in our interest to wait too long. What I think is much more important is the mechanism of the vote itself.

      We MUST have some form of independent observers in place. We also need to have a very short lead-in to the ballot. The Greeks proved it could be done in a week so I’d propose no more than a month. That’s plenty of time to set up the voting stations & plenty of time to get the facts out there. Let’s face it, if there’s anyone in Scotland today who truly doesn’t understand the issues after the last 4 years then I’d suggest they never will. They are Unionists who will do anything in order to wave what they see as their national flag, the Union Jack.

      If we give the BBC the time to con the people again then we’ll ose again. It’s that simple.

    183. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’d like to offer up this as a late entry for the competition to find the new theme tune for Labour. 😉

    184. Dr Jim says:

      Dugs Bunny Leader in Chief

      Has called on people to join her glorious Party so that she can get enough people to stand as MSPs

      Apparently the current crop of liars is in insufficient numbers to form an opposition

      Some folk seem intent on knocking the Scottish Governments record as not great
      I would just point out that if the record of previous administrations were compared to the SNPs tenure those folk would see that in fact the SNP have been staggeringly efficient and productive in the diminishing budgets forthcoming from Westminster

      I have a good friend who is a dyed in the wool Tory (I know I know) but he votes SNP for local elections because even He recognises they are miles better and more competent than any of the others, I just can’t get him to agree on Independence, his reason is “I’m British” even though I’ve told him he still can be British if he wants to be and nobody can say different but he’s a bit of a Royalist and fears we won’t be subservient to Brenda anymore

      I have pointed out that just because I don’t tug my forelock and bow every time they’re on the telly doesn’t mean he has to be the same, it won’t be made a law for God sake, plus it’s a miserable reason for denying your country freedom because at some time in your life you might miss out on the chance to bow to someone you’re never likely to ever get the chance to make that particular gesture to

    185. DerekM says:

      my god has broon totally lost it or is he practicing pacing out a jail cell once we get our independence,because as a Scottish citizen just like Blair will be open for us to extradite to face the charge of crimes against humanity.

      And what is it with some of you and your negativity,have you not been listening to what our brilliant FM has been trying to tell us ?

      It is not up to the SNP to add a second referendum to their manifesto,they need our permission first which we have yet to give them.

      The SNP are not the yes campaign !!!!

      So lets get a petition going and a good time to start will be on the anniversary of the last indyref,we need to give the SNP a get out clause so they can say we are only doing what the people ask,other than that the onions will have a field day asking where they got the permission to do so.

      so come on all you yessers lets get busy and give Nicola what she needs and always remember this WE ARE THE BOSS NOT THE SNP!!!!!

    186. One_Scot says:

      I have to agree with many of people on here, the date of the next referendum is far less important than having one that is free of fraud and corruption during the vote and before the vote.

      A referendum is pointless if the unionist parties and State can repeat their underhand voting tricks, media bias, lies and deceptions.

    187. brobb says:

      One of the strengths of the yes campaign was positivity – why on earth do we want to use our opponents tactics of fear and doom? Each time I read that No voters were duped by the BBC or the Vow or whatever I see us saying you are too old, too stupid to know what is good for you – ring any bells?

      The SNP MPs have so far made their voices heard in the UK with fantastic maiden speeches and a disciplined integrity during debates. I wish they were in a stronger position but it takes time to build alliances and create an effective opposition to Tory policies. In the meantime yes we can keep on campaigning for independence and trying to win over new supporters.

      Big jock just posted that labour thinks “Winning is everything, and playing fairly with integrity, belief and honesty are not important”. Lets not fall into the same trap is all I’m saying

    188. Fred says:

      Seein that the SNP & Labour have been gogging the limelight of late, Ruth Davidson has predictably come up with a cunning stunt to push her Tory profile, hence the non-issue of NHS targets.

    189. james says:

      Could not agree with One_Scot more.

    190. heedtracker says:


      Here here:D

      There were fundamental flaws in SNP ref campaigning. EU membership and Scottish currency. What money would be in our pockets scared the living ProjectFear daylights out of a lot of very poor Scottish pensioners for example and it’s why SLab in particular targeted this fear on these voters in particular, and it’s just one reason SLab are so loathed by many Scots voters today.

      Are they insoluble issues?

      Did YES voters care about Scotland’s EU membership?
      Do YES voters have any currency anyway?

      Also, Scotland is NATO/US North Atlantic nuke missile submarine base, thanks for that UKOK. Far more effective nuke sub base terrain Norway won’t have WMD’s 30 miles from Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger naturally, it’s just for sacrificial sweaty socks, far enough from important English population centers.

      All of that NO winning NATO and US pressure is always going to slam into next ref for all of the above, so get it sorted SNP.

    191. Grouse Beater says:

      Brobb: Lets not fall into the same trap is all I’m saying

      You’re still not making sense, other than saying we should go about our daily business and be good citizens.

    192. R-type Grunt says:

      @ brobb

      This isn’t just aimed at you but you’re the latest one to mention it.

      I’m sick & tired of people talking of “Tory policies” as if it’s something unique to them. Before the General Election you couldn’t get a fag paper between the Tories & Labour policies. There’s no difference between them at all. Even if this Corbyn clown wins, so what. He’ll have to try & form a shadow cabinet of politicians who agree with him. At the moment that’s Diane Abbott & the SNP. None of those in his own party see things his way.

      Even if he does manage to form a shadow cabinet there’s another 5 years before he’s ever likely to wield any power and I strongly suspect in that time he’ll be ousted by that same shadow cabinet.

      There’s only two valid positions in politics right now as far as Scotland is concerned; those who seek self-determination & Unionists.

    193. Grouse Beater says:

      Brobb: If we don’t accept and respect a democratic vote where does that leave us?

      Either we want Scotland’s sovereignty returned or we don’t. There is no half-measure.

      Are you one of those who thinks waiting over 300 years was a virtue, so lets hang on longer? Forget tactics. That’s for politicians to recommend and for us to reject.

    194. R-type Grunt says:

      Has there been any post-referendum polling done which tries to ascertain why those who voted No actually did so?

      I’d be frankly stunned if it were to prove that the single biggest reason was anything other than that they simply felt more British than Scottish & would never trade one for the other.

      If I’m right then no amount of reasoning will ever work until those people are gone. And that’s not made any easier while we have the BBC pumping Britnat shite into peoples lugs & eyes 24/7.

      The truth of the matter is that what we are fighting is the very thing they project onto us. Extreme Nationalism.

    195. Joemcg says:

      Being pessimistic here but what is to stop the unionists pushing for a third vote if we WERE to win but it was a narrow margin or even the same 55/45 split? Best of three. They would do it too.

    196. jackie g says:

      Keiza and her Deputy have taken a leaf out of Jim’s book, minus the Irn Bru crate.

      Both were photographed outside writing on a blackboard
      FFS what kind of political strategy is that 😕

      Keiza is planning (i use the term planning loosly) as i don’t think either of them could run a bath.. to target the SG on Education as according to Keiza Slab’s super duper new leader the SNP have been rubbish at this, as well as everything else yawn. 🙁

      Blanket coverage by the BBC (christ there’s a surprise) was moaning to a friend yesterday about this.

      She pointed out that,its like finding your partner in bed with someone else you don’t suddenly six or eight months later say that’s okay let’s forget that you were a total bastard.

      I agreed and as far as i am concerned they have absolutely no credibility and even if they did i would still not vote for them, bringing auld Gordon out from his rock was the last nail in the coffin.

      The BBC and the papers can give them as much coverage as they want, it will make no difference.

    197. Macnakamura says:

      Is it the first or the second B that is the abbreviation for ‘Brown’ ?

    198. Luigi says:

      Joemcg says:

      17 August, 2015 at 2:33 pm

      Being pessimistic here but what is to stop the unionists pushing for a third vote if we WERE to win but it was a narrow margin or even the same 55/45 split? Best of three. They would do it too.

      No worries there, Joe. BT’s entire Project Fear campaign was based on the fact that a YES vote was forever. I know they are brass-necked but even they wouldn’t get away with that one.

      Remember their nifty little slogan in the final weeks of the campaign:

      “If you are not sure, just vote NO!”

    199. tartanarse says:

      Joe Mvg at 2.33

      Further to your reply from Luigi, I would also add that by the time the unionists had organised a 3rd vote, Scotland will have already proven itself to be viable making their pre ref arguments nonsense.

      SNP are doing a good job, as recent results show, using what little pocket money they get from big daddy Westminster.

      This is also the reason why WM are shit scared of FFA, Home rule or anything like it.

      so scared are they of all of that in fact that rather thatn try to even pretend to give Scotland more powers, they are actually tryong to further hamstring SNP by reducing the budgets further so that the establishment “Scottish” rags and impartial BBC and STV can point and say SNP bad.

    200. heedtracker says:

      Rancid The Graun is very displeased at the sniggering going on behind Crash Gordon’s back right now for coffee time-

      “But I was disturbed by the vitriol poured out against Gordon Brown this weekend, even while I’m aware of his flaws. As leader, he was arrogant, stubborn, compelled by power but unable to exercise it, he sanctioned nasty briefings against loyal colleagues, he was too cautious to call the only election he could have won in 2007.

      He did not have the charisma that leadership appears to demand, which the Corbynites may note. But what he said in his speech was hard-won, and moving.

      He was mocked for pacing up and down while giving his speech;

      If Brown’s career ended as all political careers are said to, in failure, is there any need to trash everything about him now?”

      Poor Crash Broon, from rancid olde Graun that said kick him out 2008, to the Crash Gordon that saved England’s control of their Scotland region only 11 months ago, all forgotten.

      And so, with all the lies, threats, fear mongering, empty promising, more furious raging blanket BBC coverage UKOK fear mongering Crash could UKOK muster, all of it now forgotten by England, who call him a failure, to be respected, by you!

      Funny that.

    201. heedtracker says:

      Also in same rancid Graun ticking off for our cheek-

      “The ideals of the Corbyn campaign may be laudable, but to cast anyone with any doubts about it as the same enemy is completely ridiculous. Is Blair, with a fortune of £80m and his advice service for a dictator, the same as Brown, who gives most of his earnings to charity?”

      “Gordon Brown has since leaving Downing Street raised over £3 million to support charitable projects yet has given less than a £1 million to charity. Nearly three-quarters of the money raised has gone on his office and globe-trotting travel expenses that run at over £10,000-a-week – allowing Brown to vainly swan around in Davos like old times.”


      “The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown is not a registered charity, it is a private limited company.”

      Unless Guido’s slanderously wrong, another nice slice of UKOK propaganda there from Graun this afternoon.

    202. Luigi says:

      If Brown’s career ended as all political careers are said to, in failure, is there any need to trash everything about him now?”

      Yes, absolutely. The untold misery to thousands of innocent people, caused by that selfish ogre would probably rival his epic thesis on the history of the Labour party. No sympathy whatsoever for Gordzilla or the Orange Liar, they had it coming, a long time ago.

    203. OT

      This is a wiki site that might be of interest to readers of Wings.

      It lists most of the endorsements made for and against Independence.From individuals to private companies to media and foreign governments.,_2014

    204. woosie says:

      Can labour get any stupider?

      Does anyone in any position of authority in that shambolic “organisation” really expect anyone with brains to gain from Gogi’s intervention? He wasn’t taken seriously as a politician, and as an ex-politician he’s an embarrassment to his ex-party.

      I wonder how much lab had to donate to his “charity” for this free advice?

    205. Robert Peffers says:

      @Robert Louis says: 17 August, 2015 at 2:38 am:

      ” …

      Hope nobody minds, so late on, if I mention something that is bothering me a great deal.

      I noticed in some comments over recent weeks, people expressing fears of a lack of an indy ref commitment from the SNP, in the run up to 2016. Now from the SNP, we are told today, they will focus on their record in office for the 2016 election.”

      Hope you don’t mind if I tell you that you are way out of line. First of all I have pointed out the truth several times on this forum but, just for you, I’ll do so again.

      SNP policy is NOT made by either the First Minister or the SNP executive. It is made by votes by the delegates sent to National Conference by the Constituency Associations, (branches).

      SNP policy can only be made at national conference as was graphically demonstrated on national TV when the party delegates debated and voted to change party policy in regard to NATO Membership.

      The facts are that every card carrying member has the right to attend their local Branch meetings and take part in the branch business. As all members, including Nicola Sturgeon, have the exact same number of votes – ONE, then we all have the same influence on party policy.

      The procedure is that any member can propose a motion at branch level, and if it is seconded, it is on the agenda. If it is opposed, or amended, then it is debated at branch and voted upon. If agreed it goes forward.

      In effect the only way to change SNP party policy is by a democratic vote of all the members.

      Please stop spreading despondency – let’s leave that to the Unionists and their propaganda wing.

    206. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      Unbelievable! You just need to add the wisps of smoke coming out of his ears, followed by flame leading up to the final spontaneous combustion.

      But seriously, is there no way all that motive energy might be harnessed to good use? Never mind the fracking fracking …

    207. Iain More says:

      It isn’t labour doing the reanimation it is the BBC that is performing the necromancy on behalf of the British State.

    208. Blair paterson says:

      I hate to say this but honestly I have my doubts about the S.N.P. Really do want independence in the last referendum it was the grass roots who did all the work for yes vote the my opinion were not active enough i mean they had Blair Jenkins saying he did not believe the bbc were not biased against the yes side i mean he must have been the only one to think that yet they kept him in place ,no I think the SNP are not really ready to run an independent Scotland yet and are still keeping a low profile on it as I say this is what I honestly believe there is no malice meant or intended

    209. Big Jock says:

      That’s the problem when you revive a corpse. You can’t get them to stand in one place.

      He reminded me of the Duracell bunny. Only difference is. The bunny had some talent and could play the cymbals while marching. Brown can’t even lie and move his lips in time.

      Incidently the reason he marches left to right. Is the oldest trick in the book. It means he doesn’t have to look the audience in the eye. What a truly odious vacuum of a man.

    210. Mark J says:

      What a nobody!

    211. Effijy says:

      Juteman says:
      17 August, 2015 at 8:13 am
      The Labour propaganda from BBC Scotland is beyond a joke now. It is wall to wall Labour.

      My wife just watched a recording of Coronation street.
      I couldn’t believe my ears when the character Kirk,
      spoke about a nightmare he had, he was stuck in a lift
      with Nicola Sturgeon????????????????????????

      What more can they do to indoctrinate Joe Thicko, write SNP Bad on the Moon?


    212. Paula Rose says:

      Actually it would be a nightmare for Kirky to be stuck in a lift with an intelligent, caring woman – he would be lost, poor thing.

    213. The Moidart says:

      Majestic 12. My apologies my friend. I never even noticed the word murdered. I meant to type poisoned. I post from my phone and my old eyes just ain’t the same. Lol. Ps.. And thank you for providing the other facts. I ain’t been following the situation in south America as much since September. Addicted to wings. Lol. Have a nice one my friend.

    214. gus1940 says:

      RE the hysterical campaign against Corbyn being waged by the grandees of Labour I don’t know if I am being paranoid but I smell the controlling hand of our pals across the sea in Washington.

      Given that we now have a 2 party system in the UK which although not in total as right wing as that in The US has left us with 2 near identical parties which take it in turn to govern after giving the electorate the chance to vote every few years then ignores them and dances to the tune of Big Business and The City.

      This move to replicate the US system started with the rise of Blair and Brown and the creation of New Labour.

      Blair on gaining power promptly crawled up Bush’s backside and has remained in thrall to The US ever since and Brown likewise shows signs of being a devotee of The US while apparently spending most of his time now across the pond. Not forgetting David Milliband now enjoying a nice little earner in New York subsequent to Hilary Clinton singing his praise.

      We also have the likes of Creepy Jim being a member of the Henry Jackson Society.

      Does it not seem odd that the alleged champions of The Left are so devoted to the nation that champions unbridled capitalism.

      Is it possible that The Labour Party has been undermined and taken over by Washington and the anti Corbyn hysteria is an illustration of that fact.

      Does anybody else detect a very nasty smell about this whole leadership campaign.

    215. Stoker says:

      Macnakamura wrote:
      “BBC. Is it the first or the second B that is the abbreviation for Brown?”

      I’d go for the first – The Brown Bullshit Corporation!

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