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A duty of candour

Posted on January 12, 2021 by

During today’s session of the Holyrood inquiry into the botched conspiracy against Alex Salmond, committee MSP Jackie Baillie gave the Permanent Secretary, Leslie Evans, an especially uncomfortable time with some persistent and forensic questions about the Scottish Government’s failure to uphold its legal “duty of candour” in respect of the disclosure of relevant documents to Lord Pentland’s judicial inquiry.

(A report publicly released on Christmas Eve noted that on 2 November 2018 external counsel had stressed to government lawyers the importance of that duty of candour, and that on 6 November 2018 in the Court of Session, Lord Pentland had directed that he expected full candour and disclosure from the Government.)

A flustered Evans simply swerved most of them. And we’re going to show you why.

Earlier today we linked you to the public papers for the session, among them a written submission sent by Alex Salmond to the Parliamentary clerks, which in the course of their duties they’d partially redacted, from the committee as well as the public.

Wings has now obtained the full original version of the submission. We attach it below, with the previously-redacted sections highlighted in yellow. They are explosive.

But for ease of reading, here are just the redacted parts together. We direct readers’ attention to the last five paragraphs in particular.

As you can see, they reveal claims of not merely corrupt or biased behaviour on the part of the Scottish Government with regard to the investigation, but also potentially criminal actions chiefly lying at the door of the Permanent Secretary – at a minimum contempt of court, and perhaps also perjury and/or obstructing the course of justice.

We believe these documents to be firmly in the public interest, and we publish them here both to assist the committee in its duty, and as responsible citizens to alert the relevant authorities to the possible commission of some very grave crimes. We trust that they will be investigated fully and properly.

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    280 to “A duty of candour”

    1. Ian McCubbin says:

      Leslie Evans should resign now, and should have over a year ago.

    2. Wee Chid says:

      FFS watch your back, Stu.

    3. Republicofscotland says:

      Very bold of you Rev and of course the correct thing to do, I tip my hat to you. Now lets see who picks up on this, and carries it further.

      Evans and Co cannot be allowed to get away with this.

    4. Muscleguy says:

      I watched the session Jackie Baillie had Evans on the ropes pushing for her to accept personal responsibility for decisions she admits making. Evans to get out of it in essence claimed the ‘I was only taking orders’ defence of Nuremberg infamy.

      In doing so it appears to me that she dropped Sturgeon right in in. I will be glued to the screen when Sturgeon appears. Baillie looks like she will rhetorically rip her throat out.

      For someone so desperate to deny personal responsibility Evans was ‘mindful’ of a lot of stuff.

    5. montfleury says:

      Get your car serviced and do not go hillwalking.

    6. Red Squirrel says:

      The redacted documents were like some banana republic cartoon but now I see why.
      They’re toast.

    7. Name (required) says:

      as already said – fantastic work stu
      keep up the great work

    8. holymacmoses says:

      Nicola Sturgeon, Leslie Evans, John Swinney, Angus Robertson and Peter (where’s the money) Murrell should all go. I’d like Alyn Smith to resign as well but I don’t think he had anything to do with these shenanigans

    9. Roger Mexico says:

      Why were the highlighted passages redacted though? The only reason I could think of would be if someone had already been charged over the withholding of documents and so the Committee could not discuss the matter. Otherwise it’s just the opinion of Salmond – though one with rather a lot of evidence behind it.

    10. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The mention of the search warrant was the only time (that I noticed anyway) that Evans looked properly rattled – you could see the panic in her eyes.

      And she knew that Baillie knew it.

    11. Jim Bo says:

      Fair play to you Stu. If they had a low opinion of you before I can’t imagine what it’ll be like now.

    12. kapelmeister says:

      Good evans!….I mean bad evans.

    13. Jim Bo says:

      Does this not bring issues with regards to how exactly this fell into your lap?

    14. Margaret E says:

      I agree with Wee Chid. Watch all around you and everywhere. How Alex Salmond has been able to keep his sanity as well as his dignity is miraculous. I feel sick to my stomach just reading all this.I will certainly contribute as much as I can afford to both yourself,Mr Salmond and the others caught in this situation as the horror continues to unfold.
      Who wants to live in a country ruled by these people?

    15. Captain Yossarian says:

      The civil-service ethical code calls for all civil-servants ‘not to mislead’. Same goes (I’m afraid) for parliamentarians.

      Also, the resources of the civil-service and parliament are not to be used for the vexatious prosecution of political opponents.

      This is not Central-Africa.

    16. Garavelli Princip says:

      So while the head of the British civil service in Scotland is very clearly in contempt of court (at least) – and likely those ministers who aided and abetted her crime, a trumped-up charge of the same is levelled against Craig Murray for having the temerity to report truthfully on these outrageous matters.

      Any bets which one of the two will be ‘dealt with’?

    17. Tartan Tory says:


    18. David Rodgers says:

      Can understand your suggestion of possible criminal investigation. Would be some poetic justice for Alex Salmond.

    19. Helen Yates says:

      They’ve ruined any credibility the party had with their determination to cover up their crimes and if justice isn’t upheld then they also become unelectable in my eyes.
      Excellent work as always.

    20. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Is it stupidity or wickedness.

      It goes to show you don’t have to be clever to go far in areas of the Civil Service.

      Don’t want to say to much at this point, as I feel there has to be a criminal investigation, however getting the sack is the least of certain folks worries at the moment.

      Excellent piece Stu.

      It’s just hard to believe.

    21. The Unicorn says:

      Absolutely astonishing. The games a bogey for those who have attempted to pervert the course of justice. Good on you Stuart – it’s now time for Justice to be seen to be done.

    22. Kevin Cargill says:

      I can hear the jangling of keys and the slamming of heavy doors in Evans’ future.

    23. INDEPENDENT says:

      WOW!! Just WOW!!

      Defo watch your back Stu.

      I trust you have backed everything up safe and sound. Before they come for you again.

      It’s like a re-run of the powers that operated in “V for Vendetta”, except it is really happening here in 2021 in Scotland.

      Take them all down and as they say Clear the Stables but definitely take gtreat care of yourself.

    24. Morgatron says:

      Wonderful Stu. Totally agree , Jackie Baillie was very good today as she has been throughout. (I can’t believe I typed that) it was great to see that wicked woman squirm in her Visage video setting. Gone the Baillie . LE must resign and an enquiry into any criminal behaviour on her part. Looks like she will have her own wars to win.

    25. Fireproofjim says:

      You certainly know where the bodies are buried. Great jouurnalism.
      I will contribute to your future fund raising. Hope it’s not for legal defence or purchase of a file.

    26. GMac says:

      ……..and the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon personally extended this persons employment as Permanent Secretary.

      I shall leave you to your own thoughts.

    27. Graeme Hampton says:

      Now in a properly functioning democracy the police should be onto this like a shot, Leslie Evans that is. However given the way things are going you should probably hold on to your hat Stu.

    28. Tannadice Boy says:

      Very prescient of Leslie Evan’s to say “This maybe the last time I appear before this Committee”. I expect Police Scotland to conduct a formal criminal investigation. Well done Stu, seems I have been saying that quite a few times lately.

    29. Kilted Splendour says:

      I feel a Pulitzer coming on.
      Most of Scotland doesn’t realise what’s going on. They will soon.

    30. Iain More says:

      Dont walk near anybody with umbrellas Stu!!!!

    31. katherine hamilton says:

      OK Rev,
      You’ve got the stuff out there. What’s the next step? Refer to the cops as allegations of contempt, perjury, or perverting course of justice? Send the unredacted version to Linda Fabiani for them to act? Does Mr. Salmond have to do it himself? (It is his submission to the inquiry). This seems to me to be the tipping point. Mr. Salmond will no doubt elaborate on this next week and Ms. Sturgeon will deny it all the following week.
      As usual someone will have to wield the knife to bring down the conspirators. Whose role is that?

    32. Jimmy Mac says:

      For god’s sake man watch your back. We’re going to need you for IndyRef2.

    33. Lynne says:

      Wonder if this one will shortly be popping up on the Spectator website, too.

    34. Ross says:

      My take,

      -Judith McKinnon has been dreadful from start to finish. Complete incompetent.

      -Evans addressed meeting the complainers today. She’d already made the decision prior to meeting them, she claims, and says this is best practice. She answered this well. Lump it or like it.

      -There’s no real justification for withholding evidence. But the evidence, that she met the complainers (point 1), doesn’t show what Salmond wants it to show.

      -Salmond is on much stronger ground on the other missing documents.

      -Sisting was a very bad idea and the first piece of untoward behaviour that is clear and unambiguous I’ve heard in this whole affair.

    35. newburghgowfer says:

      All I would say is Dont order home delivery, you might not get what you ordered!!The knives will be out for you. Whats that app and video doorbell? I would make sure to get one
      You might get a Bloke dressed as a woman impersonating a man at the door with a SNP rosette

    36. It’s fitting you’ve a screen grab of the sinister looking Leslie Evans at today’s proceedings.

    37. Republicofscotland says:

      If we manage to get through this and obtain our independence, there must surely be a place for the Rev at Holyrood, he’s more than earned his stripes, I’d certainly vote for him, I’m sure others would too.

    38. Astonished says:

      Explosive stuff. Sounds to me like perverting the course of justice.

      All the evidence is there

      If Police Scotland do nothing regarding lesley evans tomorrow; then it is obvious she can stitch up anyone she likes.

      Bet the spectator don’t steal this story.

      Or the daily record run with it.

    39. Karmanaut says:

      Flipping heck. This goes way beyond simply sacking those responsible. This is potential jail time. It’s hard to see how there can’t be a criminal investigation, but I guess we’ll see how deep the corruption goes.

    40. Strathy says:

      ‘The degree of persuasion applied to the complainers ……’

      Not long until one of the Ladies of Letters secures a lucrative contract for her exclusive: –

      ‘I regret my part in it – It was them wot made me do it’

    41. James Horace says:

      What right was there to redact these?

    42. Gman1424 says:

      And yet, and yet, Leslie Evans sits there this morning looking down superciliously at the committee members, refuting every suggestion of wrongdoing, indeed while emphasising how wonderful she is at her job.

      Well done to Wings, without whom we wouldn’t have a clue that this stuff was going on. Genuinely brilliant stuff over the period of this conspiracy logging onto the site, but we need Evans in court, Sturgeon gone and clean out of the stables….and everything revealed to the country as a whole

    43. Sharny Dubs says:

      Stu I have a spare room without windows.

      Campbell who? Never heard of him

      Well done that man, you got some kahoonas!

    44. Stuart MacKay says:

      Astounding and well played. So how many more moves are there before check-mate is declared?

    45. Hats off Rev Stu. You’ve shown more journalistic spine than the ‘other *well-known* pro-indy Scottish politics blogs put together’. 😉

      Again, what Alex Salmond was (is being) subjected to has happened to millions of men across western democracies, particularly in *secret* ‘family’ courts proceedings, as part of the overall campaign driving the deliberate destabilisation of societies. I imagine you can understand what some of the inevitable ramifications of this will mean…

      “When we can cut man from his own past, then we can cut him from his family, his children, other men. There is no loyalty, except loyalty to The Party… We control life. At all levels. We create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable”. Orwell, 1984.

      ‘The #MeToo Truth of Nr5 #RampantSexism’ by #GaslightingGilligan;

    46. Sylvia says:

      My concern is WHO has/is influencing Leslie Evans? They have an army of lawyers within the SGLD. For example this advert Closing Date 01 October 2019. We are currently seeking applications for 20 Lawyers within the Government Legal Service for Scotland (GLSS) based in Edinburgh. 20!!

    47. Mchaggis69 says:

      Roger Mexico says:
      12 January, 2021 at 5:25 pm
      “Why were the highlighted passages redacted though?“

      I assume because they contain allegations of criminal acts which might now be the subject of a separate criminal enquiry. Mr Salmond clearly states he will be taking action on this.

      Is there any chance at all Rev that printing this in full could prejudice that separate investigation and case?

    48. Stephen says:

      Simply amazing journalism Stu! Your gonna need a bigger website 🙂

    49. David Gray says:

      Further action requires Police Scotland, the PF and Crown Office to act. All have been complicit in actions against supporters of AS. Can we really expect action on these revelations?

    50. James Horace says:

      Well this is a bit saucy.

      I am enjoying the role this blog is playing in the search for justice.

      I cannae wait till the Sturgeon meeting now. She will blink her poor heid into a pulpy stew.

    51. Margaret Lindsay says:

      Were Scottish Labour ever this bad, this corrupt? I know they were useless feckers, but by feck, this level of corruption takes some beating.
      Stu, you should win an award for investigative journalism. Take a bow, and as someone else said, watch your back.

    52. Alex Stone says:

      I would like to believe Evans and the Murrells are facing criminal investigations, or at the very least, the Murrells stepping down.

      But this is the english establishment we’re talking about here, and they have a long history of protecting their own, particularly when it’s useful to them, or to keep someone else out, as well as dealing with those who expose their wicked ways. They have a very large book of dirty tricks, and a lasting contempt for the law, and correct political procedures, and behaviour.

      I can’t help think, at the moment, that all these nefarious reptiles are going to get away with this, riding on the back of NS popularity, as if it’s a shield against amoral and criminal mischief, and the law.

      I dearly hope i’m wrong. But they’ve got away with it so far, in the same manner all those in WM have, for decades…

    53. Lothianlad says:

      I personally believe that sturgeon and the corrupt cabal will not resign or be forced to, despite the real investigative journalism exposing the lies and cover ups.

      I remember when sturgeon and her ilk used to shout from the moral high ground at the unionists behaving like this.

      The establishment will protect it’s own. They have too much to loose from acting morally and in the public interest. So much more would be exposed. That us why the kies are covered up and the guilty are not held to account.

      Stu, I commend you or your brilliant efforts at getting this stuff out.

      It’s just as well that the SNP cant have conferences the way they used to before covid as this keeps the collaborators in power.

      The British state security services have done an expert hatchet job on the biggest threat to the union, causing the SNP to implode at the most important time this close to Indy.

      The truth will come out, but sturgeon, now Swinney and the rest need exposed and sacked! Hopefully charged but that would be a wish to far fir thus establishment to enforce the rule if law against them.

      Keep exposing them. The people need to know the truth.

    54. Alex Stone says:

      David Gray says:
      12 January, 2021 at 6:16 pm
      Further action requires Police Scotland, the PF and Crown Office to act. All have been complicit in actions against supporters of AS. Can we really expect action on these revelations?

      Unlikely. All three organizations are run by WM, more or less. They’ll not nail one of their own, particularly so close to a potential referendum, and not with the indy percentage slowly inching toward 60 percent and beyond.

    55. robertknight says:

      As for the Scottish Government, in the words of Theoden of Rohan…

      “Bring it down, bring in down, bring it down!”

      Utter b******s!!! Ready to commit contempt of court in order to see an innocent man jailed whilst simultaneously covering their own arses.

      They’re the ones that should be jailed!

    56. Can the Alphabet women disclose themselves and give their side of what occured in the investigation (obviously without disclosing the others),

      either through a moral need or for a big wedge of cash(crowdfund).

    57. MWS says:

      You’re the best investigative journalist in the country. I’ve said that for years. Blogger, nah. You ain’t no mere ‘blogger’ man. This is corruption at the heart of government. And you’re the only one who has had a handle on this. From Day one. More power to you. Please be careful though. We really do need you.

    58. Suzanne K says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but is it now as I suspected that Evans is at the heart of all this? I’m not sure how she managed to co-opt NS etc into the plot, maybe the British state have something on her?
      It must be something huge when that leads to extending the contract of the person who has just obliterated your career.
      Sadly we all know that Evans is untouchable due to being a UK employee. She will have done her job of destroying the SNP whilst feigning ignorance, content in the knowledge that she will never have to personally answer for her part in it due to her protection by the State.

    59. twathater says:

      I am fuckingabsolutely outraged at this TOTAL miscarriage of justice , IMO Lady Dorrian and Lord Pentland have been made to look stupid and incompetent in disallowing certain arguments to be forwarded based on documentation recd without the proper documents that were witheld , if I were Lady Dorrian or Lord Pentland I would be instructing the crown office to issue warrants of arrest for contempt of court and other CRIMINAL charges for the purveyors of this contemptible conspiracy of an innocent man , how is it possible to fight charges of any kind if you are WILFULLY AND DELIBERATELY DENIED access to information which proves your innocence , that is most definitely state sanctioned corruption

    60. Derick fae Yell says:

      Leslei’s going to jail, oh yes she is

    61. Derick fae Yell says:

      Whereas I will go to spelling jail.

    62. Cath says:

      Cheers, Rev. None of this particularly seems like news to those who’ve been following this, but it’s good to finally see it in black and white, with the legal implications spelled out. Shame on the supposedly “real” media for just going along with all this and not asking any questions. It’s absolutely classic investigative journalist material and not a one that would go near it. They’re nailing their own coffin in favour of the blogs now. And shame on those in the Yes campaign happy to go along with this stitch up too.

    63. Jock McDonnell says:

      Is this why Evans was kept on? She must be sweating.

    64. EL Cruden says:

      Given the traffic this site gets, it might be worth as many people as possible downloading the above for future republication should this article invite the fishing squad. I have, anyway.

    65. Breeks says:

      That is very interesting.

      It tweaks my curiosity whether Jackie Baillie was fully aware of the Government’s ‘omission’ to produce evidence specifically referred to on the search warrant. That was quite definitely the line of her questioning, and Evan’s reply was typically evasive, but I don’t think that cut any ice with Ms Baillie. She already knew, and that, I think, was an carefully laid ambush.

      Labour or not, Jackie Baillie has gone up in my estimation… a lot.

    66. Janelochleven says:

      Good work. If only we had a fully functioning media, we surely would be independent by now. You need danger money for what you do. Now we need to get others to see the rot.

    67. Breeks says:

      Moderation again! Sorry Rev Stu. What is it I am I saying that trips the filter?

    68. Stuart MacKay says:

      Some select quotes from the “Independence is ponies and rainbows” site.

      Leslie Evans is the epitome of the professional civil servant IMO.

      If they just followed the facts wherever they led, no-one could complain, might even begin to listen

      Anyone but Sturgeon is what they’re after as she is the greatest threat the Union has ever faced

      These insidious unsubstantiated “nods and winks”, that’s vile. Trumpian. If you can prove something, out with it and be justified. Otherwise, find something more positive to contribute.

      There’s no need to attribute these, you can probably guess who the authors are. Clearly fingers are jammed firmly into ears.

      If you hurry over you can catch stimulating threads on Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Archers.

    69. Frazerio says:

      “If a referral was to be made on instruction of the Permanent Secretary (Leslie Evans) to the Crown Office or police against the wishes of the complainers, then why wasn’t it made at the latest in March 2018 and not August 2018?”

      As an onlooker, there are so many aspects which, taken together scream conspiracy. Take the infamous text about losing the battle but not the war. If they wanted Salmond tried fairly, theres no “war”. Events didnt take a ‘procedural’ course. There was connivance evident in the delays expressed above and in previous admissions that allegations against Salmond were being ‘sat on’ until they needed to be deployed. And there are clearly now attempts to cover up the conspiring.

      And the apparent conspiracy involved at least Ms Evans & Sturgeons private secretary Liz Lloyd. And if Ms Lloyd knew, Sturgeon knew. And if Sturgeon knew, Murrell knew. And so it goes on. Is it really feasible that either or both of Sturgeon or Murrell did not know that a search warrant for documents the government was witholding had been issued and was being defied??? Really? The police were on the verge of being called in to enforce the warrant. And Sturgeon and/or Murrell had no inkling??? Really? Sturgeon who personally micromanages things like the Covid crisis. She just didnt know and was doing everything she could to aid the Inquiries???

      And while this is going on Sturgeon issues proclamations that she’ll fully comply with any investigation. And when Salmond submits his evidence to the inquiry into her conduct, her spokesperson says he’s just trying deflect from allegations (which he’s been found not guilty of).

      1) I do not zip up the back
      2) Sturgeon is toast

    70. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Breeks –

      Same here.

      I posted the following at 6.28, no idea why it went into moderation:

      This is from another pro-indy site. It shows the level of denial we’re up against:

      I watched the whole session (which is where I’ve been for 3 hours this morning). I had a look at some of the twitterati comments and there are some seriously deluded people. Trumpian as you say.

      Leslie Evans is the epitome of the professional civil servant IMO. Calm, articulate, accurate on detail, not easily sidetracked or fooled into having words put into her mouth. Everything the anti-NS brigade detest. Her evidence is well worth reading over when the transcript becomes available. It demolishes more conspiracy theory talking points.

      Of course, it could emerge that she is lying. But it is a bold person who lies about facts that are easily checked.

      Jackie Baillie and Alex Cole-Hamilton, as usual, did their insidious insinuation and sneer routine. But Leslie Evans was well up to their tricks and put them right.

      Three hours for the geeks out there.

    71. Martin says:

      I continue to be impressed with Jackie Baillie during this. I always thought her an ineffective numbskull but credit where it is due, she is working diligently here.

    72. doug_bryce says:

      there is no doubt Alex Salmond was stitched up (chuck mud and hope something sticks).

      however : couple of questions…

      Q1) what is the motivation of Jackie Baille (et al) to skewer Leslie Evans. Do simply want Sturgeon to resign? Or are they driven by a sense of natural justice.

      Q2) what is Sturgeons motivation in all of this? did she really intend to stab Alex Salmond in the back? or has she simply been caught up in some kind of honey-trap.

      Whatever you think of Nicola the SNP leader resigning just months before next election is calamitous for prospect of independence.

    73. Dan says:

      One word… Ooft!

      A quick heads up for Twa Auld Heids starting at 7pm with Denise Findlay and Mark Hirst.

    74. Effijy says:

      Isn’t it unbelievable we are offering support and concern for the Rev
      who has merely highlighted areas of an official government report that
      reveals the truth behind the Salmond attack.

      I never dreamed I’d be living in country where the proven truth could be
      something that could put you in jeopardy.

      A reminder that we all must make clear we stand firm with the Rev and we do
      everything we can to support and protect.

      We should be having a fund raiser to install better security for you and to
      give you wage rise.

      If Murrell earns £100K God knows you are worth 10 fold.

      I can still see you in bronze over in Independence Square!

    75. Stoker says:

      Holy shit! Thank you Stuart, top stuff from you yet again.

    76. Kenny says:

      Dynamite, Stuart.
      Staggering criminality from a rotten government, enough to destroy most governments, but this one seems just to carry on regardless?

      What a dark hold London now commands over Sturgeon? she’s either completely in league with them or already tightly clapped in their irons. Either way, no wonder independence hasn’t even been up for discussion in almost 2 years?
      Until this crook, and her gang of villains, are gone from the positions of abused power they were unable to control, Scotland will continue to be no further on since 19th Sept 2014.

      Thanks for all your incredible work, Stuart.

    77. Thomas Potter says:

      The truth will out , unbelievable as it is.

    78. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Ms.Evans should have stuck to acting in zombie films.

    79. Molly's Mum says:

      Jackie Baillie was on fire today – why couldn’t she use some of her razor sharp skills on being a decent MSP ? I have been in awe of the way she has sliced through the bull emanating from these power crazy individuals

      Leslie Evans has swung from “It’s all about me, I am in charge” to “Nothing to do with me, I don;t know anything about anything”

      The way JB ended her questions today left you in no doubt as to what she was feeling: “You are not telling me the truth lady”


    80. Colin Alexander says:

      I won’t hold my breath waiting for a Scottish Court to find any civil servant guilty of contempt of court or perverting the course of justice, let alone the top civil servant.

      I’m told the last time a public servant was found guilty of the Scottish equivalent delict of the English tort of malfeasance in public office was over a hundred years ago.

      So, I don’t see Leslie Evans being worried about being prosecuted, especially not by those who could be just as guilty.

    81. Black Joan says:

      And to think that the la-la-land, wheesht for Indy contingent demonise Stuart (he’s too evil to read, don’t look, children) and regularly allege that he scams his supporters and spends crowdfunders on high living, when the truth is that he works far harder and to far, far greater effect than legions of highly paid MSM (and MPs and MSPs and Civil Servants and SPADS).

      And the actual scammers are those who must not be criticised, who are feasting on (and wasting) public funds while they maintain an air of innocence and competence, concealing all manner of conspiracy and crookedness and enjoying the adoring worship of those who would see and hear no evil.

    82. Liz says:

      Great stuff Rev. It’s getting tweeted all over.
      If the committee refuse to act on this information, they are not fit for purpose.

    83. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Do we know if this has already been reported to Police Scotland?

    84. Captain Yossarian says:

      Colin Alexander says…..whilst I can see why you are pessimistic re the chances of convicting Evans, we are in very unusual circumstances here, aren’t we.

      Malfeasance is an English term used by the English. I’m not sure we have an equivalent. It means dishonesty from public officials and it is as unacceptable in Scotland as it is anywhere.

      In framing a political opponent to the extent that he was facing bankruptcy and jail, I would not like to be in the shoes of the wickedly grotesque Ms Evans.

    85. Bob Mack says:

      So Stu, it actually looks as if they were deliberately trying to deny him a line of defence in the criminal trial to maximise his chances of conviction.

      I wonder if people ask themselves why Nicola Sturgeon attacked Alex’s character on The Sophy Rjdge show after he had been found innocent if this whole business had apparently nothing to do with her.

      She says it was all done by the civil service so you would have expected her to have been indifferent to Alex’s verdict.

    86. ian foulds says:

      Superb work Rev Stu.

      I pray it is a belated but deserved goodbye from the Permanent Secretary and others playing a part in this miscarriage of justice.

      Good luck to you all.

      Onward and Upward.

    87. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Q2) what is Sturgeons motivation in all of this? did she really intend to stab Alex Salmond in the back? or has she simply been caught up in some kind of honey-trap.”

      The first one.

      “Whatever you think of Nicola the SNP leader resigning just months before next election is calamitous for prospect of independence.”

      It’s certainly not great, but the nearer the election it happens the worse it is, which is why we’ve been calling on her to quit for about 18 months now. The fact that she hasn’t is on her, not us.

    88. Sunshine says:

      This whole scandal grows and grows.
      MI6 will have every WhatsApp, every text, call and email regarding this. Edward Snowden proved that anything sent by any electrical device is saved on security servers. You cant delete them, ever! If I was in that business I would be looking to use all this info to my own advantage and if people weren’t playing ball, use the scandal to show wide spread corruption in Scottish public life at all levels and close Hollyrood.
      I wouldn’t bet against it.

    89. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Leslie Evans is the epitome of the professional civil servant IMO. Calm, articulate, accurate on detail, not easily sidetracked or fooled into having words put into her mouth. Everything the anti-NS brigade detest. Her evidence is well worth reading over when the transcript becomes available. It demolishes more conspiracy theory talking points.”

      Good lord.

    90. Captain Yossarian says:

      More bullying goes-on at Holyrood than goes-on in all of the other parliaments/assemblies in the UK, including Westminster, combined.

      A sobering statistic and one which is very often swept under the carpet in Scotland.

      There is no doubt it is true as it was published by the civil-service union.

      Holyrood, I’m afraid, has turned into a delinquent institution which is doing great harm.

    91. Margie Davidson says:

      After today’s proceedings I was so down as I thought they were going to get away with it despite everything. Alex was my MP for years and he helped in so many ways. I joined the SNP because of him and I said from the beginning he was being stitched up but never for a moment could I have imagined the level of corruption.
      Thank you Stu for everything- you have been a shining light throughout.
      Thank you.

    92. SilverDarling says:

      @StuartMackay 6.39 pm

      I cannot believe how anyone, no matter what side you are on, could think that Evans is the epitome of anything except obfuscation and evasion! If that is what is seen as professional they have a strange idea of professionalism.

      It is really sad to see previously sensible people losing any semblance of critical thinking. All they need to do is think if it was any other party would they still think the same way?

      Imagine being put in that position by your former party with all the machinery of government and the judiciary at their disposal and still being able to come up with evidence it was a a shit show. Swinney and Sturgeon could not defeat AS if they stood against him legitimately and they still can’t now.

    93. Alex Stone says:

      I’ve just realized who Evans reminds me of.

      Tilda Swinton’s character in Snow Piercer.

    94. Al-Stuart says:

      Thank God.

      At long last we have some daylight disinfectant poured on the rotten infestation that passes for this Sturgeonite McWokeist administration.

      18 months of internecine war on this website as Sturgeonite loyalists were in denial about her has seen the Rev’s thesis vindicated. Today proves Stuart Campbell has a lot of guts.

      Nicola the fantasy fan-girl’s world of the television Borgen series and Sturgeon’s wish to be Birgitte from the State of Denmark at its most rotten is approaching the final act.

      Slowly, but inexorably the FULL SNP membership will have to absorb this new reality, accept the fact that Sturgeon is an over-promoted dishonest fake. She is surrounded by state actors preventing Scottish Independence by the clever ruse of offering IndyRef2 just before each election. Then never mentioning it until the next election. Keeping their 30 pieces of silver and sinecure of well paid political and civil service office jobs.

      I think many of us will need to read Alex Salmond’s documents two or three times to comprehend the gravity of all this.

      I am just relieved that the Dreghorn Coven cult has been exposed. The honest man they tried to fit up for rape has recovered his position and along with his Rev pal has laid the dirty Evans/Sturggeon/Swinney schemes into the public domain.

      Stuart, you are a brave man. That should be emphasised. PLEASE take reasonable care of your personal safety. The tipping point has been reached and it is highly UNLIKELY you will be Scripalled or found under Dr Davd Kelly’s tree with a box of Coproxamol. But until the Dreghorn Dissembler is gone and we have a proper, honest, Indy-focuses FM, maybe keep your eyes peeled.

      Without doubt Stuart Campbell, today, you and Alex Salmond pressed the big red button that will bring political honesty to Holyrood and hopefully return the REAL SNP to its rightful owners.

      Thank you.

    95. Jim Tadgercock says:

      Kudos Rev you have bawz of steel.Now who will play you in the movie maybe the Sam chap from Outlander but open to suggestions.

    96. David Patrick says:

      Great stuff.

      Sturgeon is surely toast. Will be interesting to see if she was behind it all or has been played. Either way, her position is untenable.

    97. Garavelli Princip says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      12 January, 2021 at 7:18 pm
      “Leslie Evans is the epitome of the professional civil servant IMO. Calm, articulate, accurate on detail, not easily sidetracked or fooled into having words put into her mouth. Everything the anti-NS brigade detest. Her evidence is well worth reading over when the transcript becomes available. It demolishes more conspiracy theory talking points.”

      It’s quite amazing that Leslie has found the time to add a comment BTL on another blog.

      A remarkable woman indeed.

    98. willie says:

      The more that comes out the more you realise how utterly broken the rule of law is in Scotland.

      The country is an absolute governmental cess pit more akin to a third world developing country. Sovereignty, an ancient history, institutional writers, an enlightenment, an ancient legal system?

      All these ancient universities teaching law. Scotland a land to be proud of.

      What a fucking joke. Its the law of the jungle. A load of fucking shite. A sordid dirty corrupt country headed up by a sordid wee hairy who hangs on like toilet paper hangs on to shite.

      And for those who try to expose the stench that wafts around us, a torrent of media abuse.

      But will the system try to resolve the corruption now that is has been exposed to the fresh air. Will action be taken against the rotten politicos, the rotten Police, the rotten prosecution service. That’s a question, a very good question.

      And will the great Scottish legal system do anything about the abuse of power and corruption. Or is the modus operandi of Bonnie Scotland just to get some nig-nog native and hang him from a tree.

      Seems so!

    99. holymacmoses says:

      What I can’t understand is the insistence by many people that Scottish Independence is threatened if the disgraceful behaviour of a few people is exposed and dealt with. Surely it is a reason for people to be cheerful that we have folk brave enough, able enough and thus prepared to hold those in power accountable and enable Scotland to move forward with a clear conscience.
      The Independence of Scotland is NOT is the hands of an elite few , it is for the people of Scotland to decide the course of their country.

    100. Stuart MacKay says:


      It was said by someone else here (sorry, can’t remember who) that the “wheesht for indy” crowd are going through the stages of grieving. Right now it’s denial and we’re heading into anger.

      To be fair, they’re just trying to come to terms with everything. If the SNP leadership would about turn and go for the plan that Angus MacNeil laid out on Iain Lawson’s blog, then everybody could get out of this intact – apart from the conspirators that is.

      The optimists have put all their eggs in one basket and pinned their hopes on one person. It’s going to be a severe shock to their system to see that all come apart. It’s going to take time to re-adjust and some simply won’t make it. The longer this goes on, the less time there is to deal with the outcome. Right now I can foresee a lot of them abstaining in May as it won’t be the SNP they wanted.

    101. Brotyboy says:

      Presumably everyone has seen the story of Leslie Evans and her involvement in the demise of a very effective charity/support group in Edinburgh. I can’t find the article, but no doubt someone can dig it out. The word vindictive comes to mind.

    102. holymacmoses says:

      Of course, it could emerge that she is lying. But it is a bold person who lies about facts that are easily checked.

      Which facts are they, I wonder?

    103. Beaker says:

      Can anyone be summoned to appear before a Westminster Committee (no idea what one and under what basis tbh) with regards to these issues?

      Some of those committees are fun to watch, unless you have been asked to attend.

    104. Bob Costello says:

      This is journalism, pure and simple, bloody well done Stu

    105. shug says:

      So where is police Scotland????

      The Salmond team could be investigating this instead of harassing innocent people

      The next investigation should into why police Scotland look more like the Scot Squad every day.

    106. Livionian says:

      Good on you Stu for sticking your head over the parapet on this one. The truth shall set us free, as Craig Murray likes to say

    107. Corrado Mella says:

      Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths believe they will never be caught lying nor be brought to justice for the crimes they commit.

      They have no fear of the consequences of their actions.

      This mental illness is often attributed to an atrophy of the amigdala, the “fight or flight” control centre in our brain.

      This physical affliction is the clearest indication and the quickest method to unequivocally identify these defectives.

      It’s relatively easy to examine people we suspect to be narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths and confirm their diagnosis by verifying their amigdala functionality.

      Once identified, they can be removed from any position of power and medically helped to regain that minimum level of decency, empathy, guilt and fear that every sane human feels.

      Let’s get on with it.

      © Cassandra 2021

    108. Frank Gillougley says:

      Having watched all 3 hours worth today, of her without a central nervous system, the following simple question occurred to me:

      If you are a Scottish government employee and were the unfortunate recipient of mistreatment by your employer, would you go and chap on Leslie Evan’s door? – Naw, I didn’t think so.

      I mean, this is hardly a paradigm of the best practice of employment law, is it now?

    109. Ron Maclean says:

      Universal Declaration of Human Rights


      Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

      The United Kingdom voted in favour of the Declaration.

    110. Republicofscotland says:

      “So where is police Scotland????”


      They’re kept under lock and key by Livingstone, awaiting the get go from the Lord Advocate, who in turn awaits his briefing from Sturgeon.

    111. Wee Chid says:

      Jim Tadgercock says:
      12 January, 2021 at 7:32 pm
      “Kudos Rev you have bawz of steel.Now who will play you in the movie maybe the Sam chap from Outlander but open to suggestions.”

      I always thought there was a passing resemblance to comedian/actor Andy Hamilton – That’s me barred.

    112. JSC says:

      Good choice of photo Stu, showing her lurking in the shadows and avoiding the light… a baddie in an old political conspiracy movie. They normally get their comeuppance in the end, but there’s plenty of popcorn to be munched in the meantime

    113. Joe M says:

      A couple of references to the English establishment and British state in the comments which show that people don’t want to dwell on the idea that all of this is happening within our own borders, and within our institutions.

      Conspiracies, prosecutions and missing funds. This isn’t just any corruption, this is Scottish corruption. And they say we can’t be like a normal country.

    114. shug says:

      Sorry to change the subject but!!

      BBC back to old tricks. The highlight the English figures for today and the Scottish figures to date!

      For the ease of reading the 7 day average Scottish infection rate is 2056 and the death rate is 55 per day

      Taking into account population the English figures should be 20560 and 550 They are actually 55653 and 985.

      What is more alarming is that the English numbers are increasing and are expected, by their own experts, to increase significantly. The Scottish figures may have paused.

    115. Morag says:

      Anyone at all can make an allegation of criminality to the police, and if it’s accompanied by credible evidence they have to investigate it. Just saying.

      I would recommend anyone thinking of this to know what they’re doing though, and get a friendly lawyer onside.

    116. Breeks says:

      JSC says:
      12 January, 2021 at 8:17 pm
      Good choice of photo Stu, showing her lurking in the shadows and avoiding the light… a baddie in an old political conspiracy movie…

      I had a wee giggle watching that live. Now I know Ms Evans was just moving out of the direct sunlight, but there was still something very vampire-esque about it.

      I’m now mildly curious to know whether Ms Evans likes garlic and can see her own reflection in a mirror. Lol.

    117. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Morag (8.26) –

      Just noticed in Alex Salmond’s statement that the intention was to inform the Lord Advocate. And that was mid-December.

      So, presumably, by now. Mr Wolffe will have done the needful, or at least arranged three months’ worth of meetings to parse each and every sentence.

      And he’s bound to know some good lawyers, eh?


    118. Captain Yossarian says:

      There are no friendly lawyers left, Morag.

      They’ve all lifted the SNP coin and are now beholden to John Swinney. Do as he asks you….or you and you’re family will go hungry.

      Welcome to 21st century Scotland.

    119. Mc Duff says:

      Rev is Hamilton a strong individual will he cave at the end of the enquiry.

    120. Gordoz says:

      Stu Id watch out they are firing up the Typhoons across the road and word is the are heading south for a sortie !

    121. Iain More says:

      shug says:
      12 January, 2021 at 7:50 pm

      “So where is police Scotland????

      The Salmond team could be investigating this instead of harassing innocent people

      The next investigation should into why police Scotland look more like the Scot Squad every day.”

      That isnt fair to Scots

    122. Iain More says:


      Not fair to Scots Squad Shug as they make me laugh. There is nothing funny about Police Scotland or Surgeons Stasi as I prefer to call them.

    123. Harry mcaye says:

      The St Nicola acolytes seem quieter than usual tonight on Twitter. One said to me recently that he never reads “your drivel”. Ha! Maybe if he read your drivel more often he’d realise how rotten the SNP leadership are and what a service you’re providing to the independence movement. We don’t want to be led by crooks and liars, do we?

      Did Leslie Evans not contradict herself a couple of times today, one was when she said she’d never met the complainers, then she said she had met one of them?

    124. Colin says:

      Is it just me or did she look like she was giving evidence from inside a cell?

    125. Mac says:

      Breeks, that is so weird. I thought the exact same. It was when the band of (vampire smoking) light was running across her like she was wearing an illuminated sash and her (terrifying) profile was being cast on the back wall.

      However I was thinking that it is equally possible that if you threw a pail of water over Leslie Evans all that would be left is a bad smell and a crumpled red suit with a very large pair of glasses sitting on top.

    126. Athanasius says:

      Acting in the public interest as a responsible citizen to assist the authorities, eh Stu? You certainly are. Expect to get your door kicked in at three o’clock in the morning by eight of Her Majesty’s finest in full body armour.

    127. Contrary says:

      On what grounds were these redactions made? I’ve been suspicious of the extremely numerous redactions made throughout the documentary evidence the committee publishes – to be fair, some of those they do themselves, but there are plenty carried out by the government and the clerks that the committee doesn’t get to see. If these redactions are anything to go by, then I doubt the excuses of ‘jigsaw identification’ or LPP for the majority of it.

      There is nothing published here that needed to be redacted.

    128. Pete Barton says:

      Oh what a wicked web we weave

      When first we practice to deceive.

      I am both energised yet sad it should come to this.

    129. Andy McColl says:

      Al-Stuart 7.29
      Brilliant. So good, I coulda written it masel, esp McWoke (a word I thought I’D coined?, as well as the use of the underused ‘coven’ – entirely apposite in this situation.)

      Have ye got a twatter presence mate? , I need tae follow ye.

    130. Pete Barton says:

      And the headlines?

      Civil war.

      Be it SNP, or otherwise, they’ll write their scripts, we’ll all bleed again, and again, a death of our endeavours by a thousand cuts.

      Bit if malfeasance must be addressed, then we have no recourse but to address it.

      ‘What is right, by the law?’

    131. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘Rumours abound that Leslie went straight home, washed off the make-up, put on a quilted jacket and a headscarf, and even now is making good her escape through the narrow wynds and misted shadows of the Old Town, shuffling past the oblivious, none of whom will ever have reason to notice the stooped, forgettable baglady…’

    132. Iain McGillivray says:

      Wow, Kudos Rev.

      Evans and McKinnon in way past their necks.

      Will NS throw them under a bus or brazen it out?

      Can these people be held accountable or are they truly above the law?

      Trump style pardon in the post.

      And as for the people who blame AS for fighting back, I wonder how they would feel if stitched up in such a manner.

      What happens next?

      Keep up the good work.

    133. holymacmoses says:

      ‘from BBC The government contends that it has provided thousands of pages of documentation’

      Clearly they’ve not produced the ones that Mr Salmond wants to see there and it is obvious that they’re not producing them because they are critical in some way or other.

      Can Parliament not force the government to produce the papers that Mr Salmond wants revealed? It may of course leave things open for the Government to produce papers alongside some that Mr Salmond doesn’t want revealed , but that’s a chance he has to take and I think it’s worth it.

    134. Saffron Robe says:

      Your heid must be birlin’ Stuart but you are fighting for a just cause and have the host of angels, and our support, on your side.

      What would happen to the ordinary person if they refused to comply with a search warrant or were found to be in contempt of court? In a fundamentally just society, justice must be blind. The Scottish Government have built their administration through grace and favour (per grazia e concessione) which is in direct opposition to the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

      And you are right about “sinister” Evans – she looks like the blood has been drained from her veins and replaced with molten lead!

    135. Elmac says:

      I was born and raised in Scotland. I love my country and my fellow Scots. We have the potential to be among the most successful, most caring and decent societies on the globe but we are infected by a malaise and I am not talking about Covid 19. We have an elected Scottish Parliament controlled by people who have only their own interests at heart and a Scottish Civil Service appointed by Westminster intent on destroying the aspirations of Scots to govern themselves. You can add to that a judiciary and police force operating at the whim of a corrupt government. Innocent people are being stitched up and/or prosecuted for speaking the truth or because they are a perceived danger to the status quo in Scotland. Our leaders, if you could call them such, have long since sold out to the comfort of maintaining their own status within this sordid union.

      I think the damage done so far by Sturgeon and her acolytes to the SNP may be terminal for the party. Scotland cannot continue to vote SNP while she and her cabal are at the helm. If you want a referendum you might just as well vote for the Martian Independence Party, Sturgeon will NEVER agree to a referendum by any means other than a S30 which she knows her buddy Boris will continue to block. In short she does NOT WANT independence.

      Despite Stu’s hopes I cannot see NS departing in the short term. Her government will continue to redact, obfuscate and lie to avoid the truth of their dirty and criminal dealings becoming public knowledge. The Parliamentary Commission will fume but get nowhere because those with the power to force the SG to comply are in their pocket.

      It is becoming ever more obvious there is one way, and only one way out of this, and that is at the ballot box. As long as the current state of affairs continue DO NO VOTE SNP. Vote ISP or whoever emerges as the best alternative true independence party. Hopefully by the time the HR elections eventually come round some big hitters will have attached themselves to an alternative party, if not then Scotland is truly scuppered.

      In the meantime you could assist by cutting off the cash flow for Sturgeon and the Murrell Clan. Stop paying membership subs, stop donations and do not assist in fundraising. If the gravy train dries up the Murrells will be off. Make the point to your friends and neighbours.

    136. Colin Alexander says:

      Here is some helpful guidance for those who intend to make complaints against a Scottish public body eg the Scottish Government:

      GOLDEN RULES: ALL communications in writing. NEVER verbally. NEVER leave it a situation where it is your word against theirs eg, a one to one verbal meeting.

      Keep WRITTEN records of EVERYTHING. Every letter, Every email etc. Every response. If you cannot avoid verbal discussions, record it without their knowledge for your own records only ( do not share this with others or publish it in a public forum, unless you go to court with it).

      1. If you make verbal complaints you may find they are ignored. If you complain of X Y and Z, and Z is the most serious, the Z complaint will be left out. SO COMPLAIN ABOUT Z ONLY.

      2. Remember: They are the experts in their complaint process.They know all the dodges. See 1 for an example.

      3. Knowledge is power. They will do everything they can to conceal facts / destroy evidence / lie through their teeth. And all public officials suddenly develop memory problems.

      4. Maybe this should be 1? Watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or better still: read the book before you start. You will be dealing with real life Nurse Ratcheds from now on. You are the Jack Nicholson McMurphy character. The Scotland colony is the asylum.

      If you persist:

      1. You will be told you have violated their UAP ( unacceptable actions policy).

      2. They will refer you to the SPSO at the end of their rigged complaints process. The SPSO are also bent and ineffective. MPs and MSPs you will find, do not give a toss about your problems, once they are elected. Note: Salmond wouldn’t go to the SPSO or his MSP or MP. He went to court.

      3. The public body will eventually try to have YOU prosecuted as the baddie. eg, If you are an eight stone and 4 ft 8 weakling and speak verbally in anything more than the most genteel whisper, you will be accused of shouting aggressively so causing fear and alarm to the delicate wee 25 stone, built like a tank, growling double of Shrek.

      In Cuckoo’s Nest McMurphy ends up getting a lobotomy and left as a vegetable. The Scotland colony is worse. The Scottish system of redress will make you wish you had had a lobotomy, it is so corrupt.

    137. ScottieDog says:

      Listening to mark Hirst speak tonight made me realise why the SNP leadership have stuck with their illogical currency position. Continual talk of a Scottish currency might affect sterling in the currency markets. Wouldn’t want that, esp if you have no intention of leaving the U.K.

    138. Gerry Parker says:

      I seem to recall that in an earlier stage in the proceedings when Leslie Evans was asked if she met any of the complainants she replied to the effect that it would have been entirely inappropriate.

      Now she admits to meeting one and speaking to another.
      They’re needing to do this in front of a judge and under oath.

    139. Craig Murray says:

      It is worth recalling that the most senior civil servant in Scotland, George Pottinger, was jailed for corruption in the 1960’s over the Poulson affair.
      Halcyon Days!

    140. Derek says:

      @kapelmeister says:
      12 January, 2021 at 5:28 pm
      Good evans!….I mean bad evans.

      I’m glad that it’s not just me whose first subconscious activity is to look for the gag…!

    141. Mac says:

      This definitely needs to be a proper judge led inquiry.

      At one point today Jackie Baillie asked Evans the same question three times over as Evans was deliberately being evasive.

      In the end Jackie Baillie had to just give up and move on. She had no power to get to the truth. Fabiani did not force Evans to answer the actual question.

      This whole inquiry is so weak and toothless it is a joke.

    142. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Always thought Leslie Evans would end up getting hard time for her part in the the shocking cover-up around the multi-million-pound North Ayrshire PFI/PPP scandal as highlighted by Campbell Martin in “The Only Game In Town”

      Looks like it will be for withholding evidence as per the above fantastic expose.

      As others have said Rev, this is what investigative journalism is, this is Pulitzer prize stuff (seriously).

      And all the hacks in UK ‘journalism’ should be green with envy that they didn’t break this story, but we all know they won’t be.

      And in Scotland later in the year a churnalist for British Nationalism like Davie Clegg, ‘Uncle’ Tom Gordon or Euan McColm will be crowned Scottish Journalist of the Year!

      Keep doing what you do best Stu, and be careful as others have alluded to (thinking of 1980s film “Defence of the Realm” and the like)!

    143. Lothianlad says:

      When is sturgeon due in front of the investigation committee?

    144. Tony O'Neill says:

      Stu,fuckin outstanding work. Don’t be surprised if you get a heavy chap on the door anytime soon,watch your back bud.
      Right now I guess there’s some lumpy smelly drawers in murrell towers. Also I imagine trying desperately how to figure out how to get out this mess.Dont be surprised if we don’t hear in the next week or so no more plans for a section 30 or another referendum,but plans to go for a plebiscite election in May after all,their secret plan all along they will claim.
      Plus having carefully having thought about it,that we should have an overwhelming Indy majority in holyrood so give your second vote to another pro independence party,thus sending out an resounding message to Westminster ,we want independence so we will asap begin negotiating with Westminster to end the treaty of union if we get such a majority.
      St Nicola will then ask hubby do you think that will get us out of this mess?.

    145. Hatuey says:

      The Wings website serves the same purpose as the monoliths in Arthur C Clarke’s A Space Odyssey

      Couldn’t help but notice the PM got a bit flustered today on this very point and suggested it was for Salmond to explain the evidence he included (and by implication didn’t include) in his defence… but that’s not exactly true, is it…

      Equality of Arms?

    146. Gerry Parker says:

      Alex due next week, Nicola the week after.

    147. Meg merrilees says:

      Latest news is now casting doubt on whether AS will attend next week. His lawyers have said that it would be very difficult for him to give evidence if so much of the evidence is being ‘redacted’ or withheld.

      No prizes for guessing what the MSM will make of that.

      I was left thinking today that for Scotland’s top civil servant, there seems to be one heck of a lot of stuff that Lesley Evans knows nothing about. Surely in her position she needs to know as much about as much as possible to be truly effective.

      She sounds more like a junior clerk —I’m sorry, that’s above my pay grade, they followed this procedure but I don’t know who was at the meeting or who was in charge, I just stapled up the minutes after the meeting and put them in everyone’s pigeon hole. I can find out for you though and send a note across, will that be ok? .

      Funnily enough, my head doesn’t zip up the back!

    148. zebedee says:

      Maybe I am missing something but it looks to me like all redacted paragraphs refer to the criminal trial, which is not relevant to the inquiry. Their inclusion would have confused matters and could even have allowed Evans and co to claim the committee was tainted with apparent bias, to coin a phrase, so to speak.

    149. Bob Mack says:

      Pete Wishart doesn’t know what to say. First of all he talks about bloggers and Tories trying to bring Nicola down but they won’t succeed because she is so popular and we so few basically, and in the next sentence states they should stop because they are damaging the cause.

      What bloody cause ?. Your lot sill never get us Indy Pete boy.

    150. Intractable Potsherd says:

      Nothing really to add, except thanks for being you, Stu. This is important stuff.

    151. Hatuey says:

      ScottieDog, as I understand it, Sturgeon wants a happy friendly sort of independence, granted with the approval and alacrity of the British State, and assurances that it wouldn’t impact on the material standing of those who basically own the country’s assets. We are basically talking about the sort of independence Canada and Australia were granted.

      With that sort of independence there’s no abrupt break in relations or animosity. Our shared history and long relationship, rather being a source of friction and grievance, is to be celebrated. And if any of us ever need help or assistance, well, we are all right there for each other, like family. Everything is awesome, in this model.

      To be clear, most of us would probably take that. I dare say a few unionists would too – it’d allow them to sit more comfortably with historical roles etc.

      There’s just one little problem; it isn’t on offer.

    152. Terry says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if at the end of January Alex announces his return to politics. On the quiet he tells the snp his list party will push for snp 1 and his party 2 IF they do the decent and dump Nicola peter and sadly now John. Without his backing for snp 1 after todays revelations there will be many who will say they wont vote snp. How ironic that would be.

      If nic isn’t gone by then and they don’t play ball he could be leading up the official opposition to the snp at holyrood. How cool would that be? Then it’s hell for leather moving indy support over to more honourable parties – if the snp don’t play ball and become an honest party they are toast.

      Possibly they are be toast already. Serves them right if they lose their seats – on a personal level – for being too gutless to stand up for the truth. Now that’s what I call self serving troughers.

      Thank you again Stu. At least with you sounding the alarm and getting the truth out there we have a fighting chance.

    153. Ian Brotherhood says:

      It’s a shame that so many of our fellow travellers are stuck in such denial. Some must surely feel trapped, embarrassed.

      But it’s down to them to make the move. Those who pushed their luck despite repeated warnings, or just kept on at the wind-up. We all lose our tempers from time to time and use words we regret, but Stu dishes them out as well. It takes two to tango, but it just takes one to offer the peace pipe.

      Because this ‘civil war’ shitery has to stop. There is no civil war. There’s perhaps a few dozen egos firing all over the place like pinballs but the majority of us just watch and read, and try to get our heids around what’s going on. Fuck the ‘celebrity’ rubbish, we get enough of that everywhere else.

      Don’t wait for Stu or Paul K or James Kelly or anyone else to sort all this bickering out. That’s not their job. We do it ourselves, individually, and if that means now and then having to admit you’re wrong and publicly admitting as much, go ahead – only an unprincipled wretch would dare condemn you for it.

      The alternative is to persist with a myth that many of us wanted to believe, and we wanted it so much that we almost wished it into reality despite the growing evidence. And what brought most of the original Wingers here was the fact that you could trust this place because, right from the start, it actively sought out and revealed unpleasant facts that mainstream politicians and journalists prefer to avoid.

      The people I’m referring to know who they are. They know I’m being sincere and I hope they will think about it very seriously.

    154. Robert Hughes says:

      Ian Brotherhood – Absolutely . Well said

    155. Alan Of Neilston says:

      OK I WANT TO KNOW WHO leaked the whole thing to the Daily record and WHY??. What no answers?

    156. Colin Alexander says:

      Craig Murray said: “It is worth recalling that the most senior civil servant in Scotland, George Pottinger, was jailed for corruption in the 1960’s over the Poulson affair”.

      True: jailed by an English court (for the crime of fraud), not a Scottish Court.

      The current situation is very different. Fingers crossed anyway.

    157. Mia says:

      “If a referral was to be made on instruction of the Permanent Secretary (Leslie Evans) to the Crown Office or police against the wishes of the complainers, then why wasn’t it made at the latest in March 2018 and not August 2018?”

      Maybe because by March, the Scottish government had not been officially informed that Mr Salmond was pursuing a Judicial Review as this happened in May 2018?

      Maybe because the complaints procedure might have had one aim and one aim only: to smear Mr Salmond to stop him returning to politics and to derail his program in RT?

      Maybe because the complaints procedure was never fit to withstand the scrutiny of a court of law nor ever intended to even see one?

      Maybe because the prospect of a Judicial Review meant that at the time they were ready to release “the results” of the complaints procedure, there would have to be a mechanism to stop that irritating Judicial Review right on its tracks and stop all the dirty laundry behind the dodgy complaints procedure to be exhibited before the sunlight of a court of law?

      Maybe because the initial plan hatched to stop the Judicial Review was the convenient, official and legit press release with the results of the complaints procedure to start the smearing in earnest, but this elegant and civilised strategy bombed when Mr Salmond’s lawyers communicated his intention to request an interdict?

      Maybe because suddenly, a nice, dignifying, high moral ground official press release was dumbed down into becoming an undignifying, petty, less credibly leak by the back door making the government look incompetent handling confidential information and giving Mr Salmond another stick to beat them with?

      Maybe complaints were reported to the police in August 2018 as a damage limitation exercise (using the complainants as cannon fodder, of course) to deter the man in his quest for the Judicial Review by keeping him busy fighting the voracious press?

      Who knows. Time will tell.

      I honestly hope somebody in Hollywood is watching carefully all this unfold, as this has all the ingredients and villains aplenty to become the most nail biting political thriller of the century.

    158. Hatuey says:

      Meg: “Latest news is now casting doubt on whether AS will attend next week.”

      I haven’t ever really thought Salmond would attend. They’ll basically attach so many conditions and limits on what he can say that he won’t be able to go… and, then, of course, they’ll say he’s hiding from the truth or some such crap.

      Salmond is an extraordinary fellow though, so we can’t rule anything out.

    159. Gregor says:

      ‘They’ve’ created a MONSTER…

    160. Cringe says:

      Who redacted the original documents? Can this be asked at the next hearing or FOI?

    161. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      @ Muscleguy you keep telling us you are ISP, aren’t you?

      Quick couple of questions if you have a minute (or any other ISP member/office bearer).

      Is the link in the comment from a previous thread below:

      1. An official ISP site?


      2. Is it an official ISP statement / policy that “Wings does not work for independence, it works against it. TIME TO PUT WINGS IN THE BIN?

      A lot of us with a List vote want to vote ISP and this is more Weet Pishfarts style!

    162. Al-Stuart says:

      Hi Beaker,

      In answer to your point about placing this mess in front of the Westminster committee responsible. That might be a good idea if it was the Public Accounts Committee formerly chaired by the firey and redoubtable Dame Margaret Hodge. She actually threatened to jail the head of HMRC. Under Margaret Hodge it would be something to behold.

      Sadly we Scots have the political equivalent of limp dick cosy feet Weak PishFart as chair.

      Pete Wishart is on there to boost his U.K. Parliament salary.

      So much for home being sent down to London 20 years ago to gain Scottish Independence.

      PishFart, if you are reading this, to paraphrase the likes of Winnie Ewing, we sent Scots SNP MPs to Westminster to settle up not settle down. On every feasible measure PishFart has failed.

      Beaker, that was a good idea. But first of all, the decent folk in the SNP who previously thought Sturgeon and her clique were going to get us to IndyRef2 need to wake up and give the bum’s rush to the washed up has-beens like Cosy Feet Pete and Fat Banker Blackfart.

    163. Hugh Jarse says:

      A clear example of obstruction of justice.

      And when nothing comes of it, you’ll know how deep the conspiracy is.

    164. alan_b says:

      You express what I think more and more every time Rev Stu posts another article. The criminal referral was necessary after the judicial review not to deal with Alec (though that would have been a bonus from their point of view) but to build a protective wall of lifelong anonymity around the alphabet women.

    165. Bob Mack says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker,

      Check out carefully the name of the party. Its a dodgy post.

    166. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Brotyboy, here you go, the old video production story proving what a lying reptile Evans is.

    167. Mist001 says:

      Maybe need to set up a dead mans switch and watch out for Novichok.

    168. Beaker says:

      @Al-Stuart says:
      12 January, 2021 at 10:21 pm
      As you as you mentioned PW… bugger.

      @Gregor says:
      12 January, 2021 at 10:19 pm
      “‘They’ve’ created a MONSTER…”

      What’s that coming over the hill?
      (Bloody good song by The Automatic).

    169. Al-Stuart says:

      Andy McColl,

      That is very kind of you. Thanks. The “McWoke” thing is not mine – I wish it was. I thought Rev Stu coined it. But the term sure fits the sad bunch of current Bute House Groupies.

      I would give £10,000 to be able to watch Alex Salmond walk up those steps at Bute House one more time as our First Minister. Like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption, Alex Salmond came through miles of the foulest smelling excrement and emerged a clean and honourable man.

      Alex was innocent going into this. He is innocent coming out. God have mercy on Nicola Sturgeon because most of us here know that when Alex brings his “A” game to such a monumental injustice, the malfeasant politician or civil servant will get their come uppence.

      Andy, sorry chief, I don’t do Twitter. It can be a cesspit of Yoon Trolls, Trump nutters and D List celebrities.

    170. Gregor says:

      Keeping Scotland in the dark and holding it back (hell mend you).

    171. Bob Mack says:


      It seems from that pkst that Leslie Evans has a history kf deleting unpleasant facts. Telling indeed.

    172. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      She’s absolutely 100% untrustworthy.

    173. A. Bruce says:

      Ian Brotherhood at 6:41pm
      Hi Ian, I read the same post from Cappela at WGD and like you was astounded.
      Frantz Fanon got it right when he said:- ” Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable called cognitive dissonance, and because it is so important to protect the core belief they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with their core belief” It seems that most who are posting on WGD are suffering from the same affliction.

    174. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Thanks @Bob Mack says at 10:30 pm

      I see now there is a lower case f vs a capital F in “for”

      A few posts over the previous threads were looking for confirmation it was bollocks or not but it hadn’t been addressed.

    175. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Alan of Neilston
      No need to shout, if you really want to know who leaked it to the Record and why, then you could ask nicely…

    176. Wee Crabbit Bas says:

      JB: “Thank you so much FM for attending today before the committee. As I’m sure you’ll attest it’s been quite a remarkable rollercoaster ride given recent revelations particularly. Just one question from me today: Could you please explain to the committee the motivation, either individually or collectively, behind the attempts to put an innocent man, as now proven, behind bars for the rest of his natural life? Quite a back story to that one I suspect. Am I right?”

    177. Craig Murray says:


      I had a squint at WGD earlier and I was saddened to see yesindyref2 off on a complete #Metoo rant of accusation against Alex. Petra, Capella etc appear lost to all reason. I really think you are wasting your typing energy.

    178. laukat says:

      I think we may be underestimating how Sturgeon has put this together.

      From what I could follow in Evans evidence today she has admitted she was the one reported the matter to the police without the consent of the complainers. Evans may also be the same person who held back the documents Salmond requested. She also indicated she was the one making the decisions.

      If Sturgeon says she left the investigation to Evans for fear of any accusation of influencing the outcome she similtaneously points the finger at Evans and absolves herself of any breach of ministerial code under the current remit.

      The inquiry report would then be scathing of Evans and perhaps offer relativaly mild criticism of Sturgeon for allowing Evan’s free reign and in approving a policy that had flaws. However this level of criticism would for Sturgeon be minor and lost in other headlines particularly if Evans has to resign. Sturgeon may have known since the start that she could manipualte Evans to take the lead on this and the worst that would happen is Evans position became untenable.

      That leaves the only hope of Sturgeon being caught in the ministerial code investigation remit being changed. Beyond the need for a scope change to look at other allegations I think there is another problem. A look at the remit shows it quite specific on who James Hamilton can interview and what documentation he can review. I don’t think thats an accident.

      If Geoff Aberdein is not interviewed then what evidence is there to say a breach occurred? Is it not Salmonds word against Sturgeon and her special advisor?

    179. holymacmoses says:

      Alan Mackintosh says:
      12 January, 2021 at 10:46 pm
      Alan of Neilston
      No need to shout, if you really want to know who leaked it to the Record and why, then you could ask nicely…

      Please Mr Mackintosh who leaked the information to the Record – I can work out why for myself I think:-)

    180. Bob Mack says:


      We have a greater power.____ Our vote.

    181. Beaker says:

      The article’s had a few retweets, all positive.

      No pile-ons from the mob yet, but I don’t think they appear until after midnight, once they’ve been fed…

    182. laukat says:

      @Bob Mack
      “We have a greater power.____ Our vote”

      Totally agree I just need a party led by Salmond that I can vote for otherwise its SNP or void my vote.

    183. Derick fae Yell says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker says:
      12 January, 2021 at 10:21 pm

      Quick couple of questions if you have a minute (or any other ISP member/office bearer).

      Is the link in the comment from a previous thread below:

      1. An official ISP site?
      2. Is it an official ISP statement / policy that “Wings does not work for independence, it works against it. TIME TO PUT WINGS IN THE BIN?

      Hi JWT
      1 No, it’s a fake site
      2 No, of course it’s not. See answer to 1

      Derick Tulloch
      Convenor, ISP Central Branch

    184. Stephen P says:

      laukat says:
      “A look at the remit shows it quite specific on who James Hamilton can interview and what documentation he can review. I don’t think thats an accident.”

      FOI request of Dec 4th states that Mr. Hamilton is “not constrained in taking evidence and reporting on other aspects of the Ministerial Code that he deems to be relevant.”

      Careful wording. He can give the appearance of taking other matters into consideration as per Swinney, but can ignore them. He is clearly not going to give a judgement on anything other than the original written remit.

      A vote of no confidence in Swinney could put pressure on him to change the written remit after the opposition letter asking him to do this was rebuffed (so we are told).

    185. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Well, given we know that the leak was given to the DR and Davie Clegg the same evening that the SG were told that an injunction was forthcoming from AS, ie, the next day, one might wonder who might have an express contact route to the DR and Clegg…?
      One might even call it pillow talk perhaps…

      And the person in question might have more than one role in the whole saga

    186. MaggieC says:

      Just a reminder that First Ministers Questions is on tomorrow (Weds) 12.30 pm instead of Thursday , It could be an interesting FMQS .

      I wonder if Ruth will “ quote “ Wings again in her questions to N S , LOL .

    187. boris says:

      I noted in her examination by the committee that Evans gave emphasis to an assertion that the role discharged by herself in the compilation and introduction of the revised disciplinary procedures had been decided by others.

      The record of events contained in my blog on the matter confirm her statement and mitigate her actions somewhat.

      17 Nov: A letter setting out proposed procedural changes to the civil service code for the handling of sexual harassment complaints was forwarded for comment to the Cabinet Office in London. In the email reply, an unidentified senior civil servant wrote to say that they were: “very uncomfortable to be highlighting a process for complaints about Ministers and former ministers”.

      Afternote: The Scottish Government was thrown a lifeline by a very senior civil servant in London who strongly advised against any widening of the proposed new guidelines of employee harassment to include former ministers or in this case former First Ministers since this could only rope in Alex Salmond and there was no precedence within the civil service of a formal internal inquiry into the conduct of a senior officer who was no longer in the employ of the state. That so clear a warning was ignored beggars belief.

      17 Nov: Although events are unclear at this time and this is conjecture, the correspondence between the Permanent Secretary and London must have encouraged her to instruct Hynd to desist from any further development of a retrospective draft lookback procedure and to stick to the remit she had given him on 31 Oct.

      17 Nov: Lloyd and an unnamed senior civil servant, (most likely Somers) agreed that an “instruction” should be sent from Nicola Sturgeon to the Evans clarifying that consideration of a policy relating to ministers and former ministers was within the scope of the original cabinet commission. And, in furtherance of this, after an exchange of emails, the two officers amended the content of the draft “instruction” to ensure it harmonized with the latest draft procedure so that when considering it, it would be clear that the draft policy would scope incidents earlier than 2007. A copy of the final draft note was forwarded to the First Minister’s office for her consideration over the weekend to ensure work on the procedure could continue.

    188. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Alan Mackintosh at 11:32 pm.

      You typed,
      “And the person in question might have more than one role in the whole saga”

      You don’t say?

      I’ve always found these two links interesting…

      “Geoff Aberdein, who served as Mr Salmond’s chief of staff during his time in office, has revealed he met Ms Sturgeon’s aide Liz Lloyd twice in March last year.
      At the second meeting in late March he said Ms Lloyd confirmed “she suspected the Scottish Government had received an official complaint about Mr Salmond”.
      Mr Aberdein said: “She made clear she did not know the full details of any potential complaint and had not alerted the First Minister to her suspicions about a potential complaint.””

      That’s from,

      “The second woman was Nicola Sturgeon. She too was said to be on the witness list though never called. And yet, she was omni-present. Every time her name was mentioned, political journalists pricked up their ears.
      When Salmond’s former Chief of Staff Geoff Aberdein told the court he and one of the complainers had first met with her on March 29, 2018 – four days earlier than the date she previously gave the Scottish Parliament – several of them almost spontaneously combusted.”

      That’s from,

    189. Bob Mack says:

      wee story.

      My family were atvone time very friendly with a famous Glasgow cop called Joe Beattie. He was a great guy.

      He rose through the ranks and still visited our humble flat for a cuppa now and again.

      Joe maintained all detectives follow a plan for every serious crime. Motive,method and opportunity.

      Applying that to Alex’s case .The method is clear enough, and therefore so is the opportunity when the women had complained.

      Motive. You can only draw two conclusions. Either it was a legitimate attempt to make Alex pay for perceived crimes or it was a deliberate attempt to sabotage and end his political career and put him in jail for a long time.

      Who would gain by that? I do not mean just one person either.

      Mia above great a very compulsive account of the possibilities and I think it is spot on.

      A crime has been commited but not necessarily by Alex.

    190. Confused says:

      Sometimes you have to be prepared to make the imaginative leap … the bond villainess chic may not be so far off. Evans, is of a type; reminded me of something from my youth. One of those awfully “propah” english laydeez you get “in the system”.

      Made me think of a story from some years ago – the claim was Daphne Park had arranged the murder of Patrice Lumumba, as part of the great anti-communist struggle to keep the Congo’s uranium, British, by God. Informed opinion was Daphne “would never be so indiscreet” (i.e. to admit something like that, but yeah – the OLD WITCH WAS A SPOOK.)

      In passing it noted Park had been the head of Somerville College (Oxford) – and I remember dining there a couple of times; around the room there are portraits of lots of “Hinge and Brackett” types (but I assume they had actual, proper, fannies); stinking of the sneering posh girl vibe, just like Evans.

      – all very “propah”. A safe pair of hands to keep an eye on those bloody jocks.

      These strange old birds can be bloody dangerous.

      Watch out for the belgians.

      (Lumumba got chopped to bits by Belgian mercenaries.)

    191. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Brian DtT

    192. Hugh Jarse says:

      50%+ of WGD traffic is probably peeps popping over from here to witness the carnage.
      We all want the same outcome, but are now distinct and different groups.
      Another ‘win’ for the Yoonion.

    193. SOG says:

      I don’t see any mention in The National, could there be a D-notice already? There is this, though. Her union jumps to the defense of Ms Evans –

    194. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      Yes indeed BDTT

      When I think about this whole saga from beginning i always think about one of my favourite films. I wonder why.

      “Usual Suspects” and Kyser Soze.

      The best trick the devil ever –

    195. robertknight says:

      When the British Establishment and Mainstream Media start to draw their wagons into a circle around Sturgeon’s devolutionist regime at Holyrood, that tells you all you need know about the prospects for Indy with her at the helm.

    196. holymacmoses says:

      Alan Mackintosh says:

      Thank you Mr Mackintosh

      I had that as a banker but tbh I’m not totally sure that it wasn’t a bloke:-)

    197. holymacmoses says:

      Hugh Jarse says:

      You’re being pessimistic – people will see sense in the end.

    198. Hugh Jarse says:

      Queens relative in sexual assault shocker.
      What chance of this guy getting the gaol?
      He’ll get a tag, and the story will strangely fade away.

    199. Shug says:

      Why did they not report serious sexual assault to the police when the complaint was made several years previously.
      Why did they do it at this point when the alleged victims said no
      The time to report was on first hearing it not 2 or 3 years later
      This above all says conspiricy

    200. Hatuey says:

      Fear not, the wounds of the indie movement will heal when this great wrong has been put right and we are at last moving forward again in pursuit of the one goal that unites us. No grudges will be held.

      The Sturgeon years haven’t been entirely useless either. When she’s gone and we go face-to-face with Westminster, we’ll be able to say we tried playing by their section 30 rules. That matters.

      This article by Wings tonight is echoing through Scottish politics as I type, like the first almighty thunderclap of an impending storm. Nothing they do can stop this ferocious storm of truth.

      Behold the Thunder Child.

    201. Sharny Dubs says:

      Would love to see Gerald Scarfe do Evans.

      No offence Chris

    202. Saffron Robe says:

      How to Concoct Alphabet Soup or A Recipe for a Criminal Conspiracy:

      1. Take the whisperings of false allegations
      2. Whisk the rumours into a paste
      3. Sprinkle with scrapings from lying toads
      4. Pour in the juice of bitterness
      4. Strike the spark that lights the flame
      5. Stir up trouble and hide all shame
      6. Flay the flesh of an honest man
      7. Blacken the tongue and darken the heart
      8. Disown the potion and scatter the blame
      9. It wisnae me, I cannae cook!

    203. ian murray says:

      It is a pity that Jackie Baillie did not ask more single questions.
      2 parters allowed Evans to wriggle off the hook with a bit of obfuscation.
      I suppose for a politician old habits die hard

    204. Iain More says:

      I think those of you who expect the so called Scottish Press and Media to run with this are expecting too much from those ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s, in fact it is naivete in the extreme.

      This is the same Press and Media that gave Trump a megaphone every time he bawled SNP bad, Salmond bad and Scots Indy bad.

    205. Hatuey says:

      Iain, I haven’t seen anyone suggest they’d run with it. Some will. It isn’t important though.

    206. David F says:

      Mchaggis69 says:
      12 January, 2021 at 6:15 pm

      I assume because they contain allegations of criminal acts which might now be the subject of a separate criminal enquiry… Is there any chance at all Rev that printing this in full could prejudice that separate investigation and case?

      Absurd nonsense. Typical Mchaggis stupidity. “A separate criminal enquiry” that nobody on the planet is aware of? Oh, except some parliamentary clerks.

      So the cops went round to the parliamentary clerks and said “Oh we’re now conducting a separate criminal enquiry into the withholding of documentation from Alex Salmond. But we’re telling nobody on the planet about it. But nobody. Except you guys…”

      Grow some fucking brain cells Mchaggis and stop insulting our intelligence you fucking moron.

    207. David F says:

      Derick fae Yell says:
      12 January, 2021 at 11:24 pm

      Hi JWT
      1 No, it’s a fake site
      2 No, of course it’s not. See answer to 1
      Derick Tulloch
      Convenor, ISP Central Branch

      Derick, the ISP might want to refer this matter to the Electoral Commission. If the people responsible happen to be members of (cough) another political party, they might just find their arses in a very hot frying pan…

      A threat of legal action might also be worthwhile. Some parties are happy to stump up six-figure sums in out of court settlements. And I know of one that still has £90,000 in cash (maybe). I’m sure that would make a very welcome addition to the ISP election fund…

    208. Gary says:

      Leslie Evans is the person most responsible for all of this. Literally none of this would have happened without her very specific intervention at crucial points in this entire process.

      For example, she was the one who sought permission to create the idea of being able to lodge complaints about departed officials. That was one thing but soliciting said complaints, amplifying them and encouraging those to make complaints in order to meet their political ends AND doing so whilst making out to those complainants that making the complaint would be enough – ie it wouldn’t become a police matter.

      She has been a one-woman wrecking ball in the centre of Scottish Government, politics and Independence Movement. Everything she has done has had the result of pushing back against the aims of all three. Everything she has done has been in bad faith and she has been the one to instigate all of this.

      I spent many years in the Civil Service and I know just how bad it CAN be. Just because something is the stupidest idea you can think of, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be implemented. I’ve seen many MASSIVE errors which have cost £billions where the politicians in question have been well warned. However, whilst you may get odd, individual errors from any Civil Servant to make so many, in serial succession on the same matter is beyond belief. You simply can’t get to that level in the Civil Service and be as apparently dim-witted. I posit therefore that her acts were deliberate and that she sought all of the results she obtained. For her a win-win. Either Salmond was brought down and shamed, which would damage his achievements or, if found innocent, it would reveal the leadership and the accusers of the SNP to have connived to knowingly convict an innocent man – therefore damaging their legacy.

      Whilst we spend time looking at Sturgeon we should look more at Evans herself and what her actions have been. Although not a politician she has broken the Civil Service Code by acting politically. As a former Civil Servant I know this is something that is actually taken seriously. Civil Servants take a pride in carrying out their duties to the best of their ability without fear or favour and even against their own personal beliefs to ensure the public confidence in them.

      I believe this has been planned and executed by Evans but only now, as she is questioned on it is it starting to fall apart. I doubt Labour will either have figured this out OR, if they do, they will be uninterested as they only want to damage SNP. Scottish Politics. Independence rather than get at the root cause.

    209. Breeks says:

      Yea Gods… Look at this…

      The headline runs “ Alex Salmond accusers hit out at MSPs and claim they were ‘exploited for political purposes’”…

      Aha! Thinks me, for once a topical story in the Press about Leslie Evans and the Scottish Government going to the police with the complaints about Alex Salmond against the expressed wishes of the complainers, who didn’t want the police involved…

      Then I read the line “ On behalf of the women, R… a… p…e Crisis Scotland said committee members had cast “baseless aspersions” on their motivations and left them distressed.”

      “Baseless Aspertions”??? Whit?

      Up crops the same R. Crisis Scotland, ‘again’, stirring the shit ‘again’, not in pursuit of justice, but hailing the martyrdom of these poor delicate women who faced such a terrible ordeal when they were fabricating their evidence and conspiring to orchestrate a smear campaign against Alex Salmond and have an innocent man branded a sex offender and possibly jailed for the rest of his life…

      When these vicious and nasty conspirators finally get what’s coming to them, just as Mark Hirst warned, I would hope and expect this R. Crisis Scotland organisation finds itself in the dock beside them, as an equally vicious and nasty component in the conspiracy.

      “Their” painful experiences being exploited??? “They” are the crooked liars at the centre of this Salmond Witch Hunt! They are the grubby Conspirators who had their fabricated conspiracy demolished by a criminal trial by jury! They are the smear merchants who deserve to be removed from positions of authority and put behind bars themselves.

      Spare a thought for them? Aye, I’ll spare a thought… I hope there’s no heating in the jail cells which await them in the not too distant future…

      And somebody somewhere needs to be holding a thorough investigation into precisely what is going on at the R. Crisis Scotland…

    210. Robert Hughes says:

      Indeed Breeks – this whole ” culture ” of bogus victimhood , with it’s vicious disregard for such outdated concepts as Truth and Justice has to be subjected to rigorous examination and exposed for the self-grandising garbage that it is . also for the damage it is doing to genuine victims

    211. David F says:

      Gary says:
      13 January, 2021 at 6:56 am

      Leslie Evans is the person most responsible for all of this. Literally none of this would have happened without her very specific intervention at crucial points in this entire process…

      You are absolutely right in everything you say Gary.

      And any half decent First Minister would have booted her the fuck out of Scotland at the expiry of her first term of office and told her never to show her face here again…

      Meanwhile in the world we inhabit…

    212. DaveL says:

      Aye, there’ll be heating aplenty where they’re going in the end…pitchforks too no doubt.

    213. gullaneno4 says:

      Quite worrying that some folk on here think Salmond will lead Scotland to Independence.
      Quite the opposite, he will kill the dream stone dead.

    214. Captain Yossarian says:

      I think there are two possible outcomes here:

      1. A vote of no-confidence in John Swinney if he doesn’t widen the written remit of the investigation.
      2. James Hamilton withdraws, unable to conclude his investigation properly.

      This needs to be concluded quickly if we are not to endure a rapid descent into Hell.

    215. Stuart MacKay says:


      R. Crisis Scotland are just fulfilling their remit as defined by the main source of funding, the Scottish Government. The system is working as intended.

      Given the timing, their announcement is definitely political. Particularly so since there was no direct reference to the complainants. Rather it is the attempts by the government to hide the details of the conspiracy that is under scrutiny.

      I wonder what the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator would make of that?

    216. Effijy says:

      O/T. Fascinated at how tame the U.K. media are when noting that many
      NHS Trusts are already at Maximum capacity with Covid patients.

      Severe cases are treated in ambulances as there is no room in the hospital.
      Police cars are attempting to act as ambulances as there are none available.

      I just read some statistical garbage on a Sky news web site, what did I expect?
      Bottom line they comment on English Covid death numbers then they advise
      the proportionate numbers are only slightly lower in Scotland?

      The English outnumber us around 10 to 1.
      If we multiply Scotland’s death total of 5,000 by 10 we get 50,000.
      England has reported 73,000 Covid deaths!

      If we stop there for a moment we see England proportionately 45% higher than Scotland.

      Now we know England isn’t counting around 15,000 Excess deaths that must be proportioned to Covid.

      There is undoubtably more than 50% more Covid deaths in England.

      It is unique to Scotland in the U.K. media where 50% plus is considered negligible.

      Last note on England’s performance, Patients with other severe disorders are in English hospitals as that is where Doctors have decided they should be!
      They are now being relocated to Hotels or home, against better judgement, in order to free up beds
      for Covid patients?

      Inevitably, some transferred patients will deteriorate in Hotels.
      Who is there to treat them, what equipment is there, where do they go if the hospital is full???

      Please imagine the U.K. media if all this was happening in Scotland.

      Ruthless must be asked today why her party has the nerve to question Scotland’s handling of the Covid Crisis,

    217. NellG says:

      gullaneno4 @ 8:02

      Quite worrying that some folk believe Sturgeon is not totally corrupt and could or would lead Scotland to independence. Alex has more integrity and political nous in one hair on his head than Sturgeon’s pack of scheming genderwoowoo science denying arseholes combined.

      I actually hope she survives and Alex leads an opposition party as he will eat her alive. Then you will see.

    218. Hugh Jarse says:

      Pour quoi Gullane?
      Big claims need backup.

    219. Bob Mack says:

      I thought Alex had been found not guilty. Could someone let

      Rape Crisis know? Very clear though they have been sent in to

      try and misdirect tbe Inquiry at this time. Things must be

      getting hot at Holyrood.

    220. Breeks says:

      Stuart MacKay says:
      13 January, 2021 at 8:23 am

      R. Crisis Scotland are just fulfilling their remit…

      Hmmmm…. I think a more professional and dispassionate reaction for such an organisation would be a degree of detachment, and voicing at least some concern about the abuse of anonymity and the consequences that might have for genuine victims of assault.

      I read a good perspective a couple of days ago, (Gordon Dangerfield maybe? I forget), about the anonymity being specific to an individual, and definitely not to be used as a curtain to hide behind and launch smear after smear with impunity. He made the observation that there was a balance to be struck between the positive advantages of a victim’s anonymity, but that such capacity was put at risk by an abuse of that anonymity where it was used as a smokescreen to pervert the course of justice.

      The implication I read from that, was that if the anonymity of victims was being abused and serving as a cover for conspiracy, the lesser of the two evils (by a landslide), would see the Courts removing anonymity from victims rather than suffer the greater harm of allowing someone to pervert the course to justice.

      On a different tangent, there is also a Wokist Controversy with R. Crisis Centre and the employment of Mridul Wadhwa… which I won’t go into.

      It was also the R. Crisis Centre which didn’t accept the verdict which acquitted Alex Salmond, and was used as the conduit to repeat the smears against Alex Salmond after he walked free as an innocent man, ostensibly claiming to speak for the complainers when we were asked to believe nobody knew who the complainers were. Anonymous even to each other allegedly, yet the R. Crisis Centre expressed for their collective opinion… How did it assemble that opinion from anonymous sources?

      I’m just making the point how often the R. Crisis Centre pops up on the radar, saying and doing some very questionable things with uncomfortable parallels and dubious associations…

      Please don’t interpret my observations as misogyny, anti-feminist or criticism of help and support for genuine victims of sexual assault and violence, whether male or female. The truth is quite the reverse, but I do have concerns the R. Crisis Centre might not be what it appears to be, and actually be a front for something more sinister.

      Mr Salmond was found not guilty of the offences he was charged with, and all accusations against him rejected by the jury, positively reek of corrupt and malicious conspiracy. These are the facts of the matter, and the ongoing smears and innuendo must stop, or the perpetrators face the legal consequences of their ongoing defamation.

    221. Gregor says:

      Rogue State criminal conspiracy.

    222. Gregor says:

      Remember who the real victims are: Salmond/free press/public.

    223. Wee Chid says:

      gullaneno4 says:
      13 January, 2021 at 8:02 am
      “Quite worrying that some folk on here think Salmond will lead Scotland to Independence.
      Quite the opposite, he will kill the dream stone dead.”

      This is not just about independence. This is about fighting injustice and rooting out corruption in high places.

      A corrupt Scottish Government is every bit as bad as a corrupt WM one.

    224. Captain Yossarian says:

      Corrupt WM Governments never corrupted the English legal profession and civil-service. Hence, our corruption is considerably worse….agreed?

      John Swinney is on Twitter this morning (the favored medium of despots) vexing on behalf of a hand-full of NE fishing barons about fishing limits.

      Deflectors set to maximum.

    225. Boaby says:

      Hugh Jarse 12.35am, ah but bowes lyon ‘apologised’ to his victim, so that all right. Sexual predators with royal connections gooood. nothing else to see here move along.

    226. Captain Yossarian says:

      One last thing for you to think about wee-chid, the last WM corruption I can remember was the expenses scandal where MP’s were having duck ponds refurbished at tax-payers expense – things like that.

      The public were enraged and Nicola Sturgeon used that to her advantage claiming that her party stood for probity and decency.

      Some MP’s went to jail. It was considered by English law as criminal.

      What are Scottish lawyers doing at the moment? Is it true they have all lifted the SNP coin?

    227. Hugh Jarse says:

      I’ll keep that in mind Boaby, next time I’m on the prowl.

      Note to self. Get fancy Sorry cards.

    228. Bob Mack says:

      Ian Lawson quoting Leslie Evans from yesterday on his Twitter

      “Releasing the evidence go the police was against the wishes of the complainers. I can confirm that”

      Therefore Evans involved the police to get Alex.

    229. dramfineday says:

      Anent you picture in the article “Listen, the snow is falling” and the revelations above, I’m reminded of the quotation

      “When the avalanche begins, it is too late for the pebbles to vote”.

      Well the pebbles had their chance, now it’s the avalanches turn and who knows where the pebbles will end up.

    230. Caledonia says:

      Wipe your hard drives and install hidden cameras around your property.

    231. Willie says:

      The more I read, the more that gets exposed, the more I realise that I can no longer support the SNP in its current form.

      To me, people like Sturgeon ( and her crew) are like Sir Jimmy Saville OBE. A National icon enjoying wide popularity but underneath the glamour of popularity, the reality of a truly odious individual.

      The press and the establishment covered up Saville well but the truth eventually emerged. And now the truth about Sturgeon now emerges here too. The analogy between her and Jimmy Saville could not be more apt.

      Jimmy Saville had he lived would have gone to jail and maybe the same fate will happen to Sturgeon and her crew. In the meantime I pray that our party can rid itself of the infestation that is being revealed before us, because unless we can achieve this, I will not be voting for the Scottish Saville Party in its present form.

    232. Socrates MacSporran says:

      The Scotsman this morning has a couple of articles about this whole rotten case. One was written by Alex Cole-Hamilton, the other by Murdo Fraser – two opposition politicians, with a vested interest in SNP Baaaddd!!!

      Significantly, no Scotsman staff journalist has a piece on the subject. Definite soft-pedalling by an anti-SNP, anti-independence newspaper.

      The Herald, another pro-union, anti-independence, anti-SNP paper, is even-less interested in the affair, barely giving it a mention.

      Again, you have to wonder why they are keeping well clear.

      Are they hoping, perhaps aware, things will get worse for the SNP before they get better? Might they be holding fire, preparing to go hard on the SNP via this chink of weakness, closer to the Holyrood elections?

      Whatever, for the cause of independence, better the SNP came clean, got their stables disinfected and their act together before the elections, or risk setting back the cause of independence for years.

      Or, maybe that’s what their time-servers and careerists want.

      Either way, Scotland is the loser.

    233. Stuart MacKay says:


      From the actions and statements I don’t think we are dealing with the anonymity of individuals. Rather they are acting or at least being coordinated as a group.

      Given the events alleged in the court case happened over time and with a vast range of severity I’m somewhat surprised that, given the distinct possibility of jail time, that nobody has broken rank yet.

      If Scotland had the equivalent of the USA’s FBI I’m sure one or two would have been invited in for a chat by now. In which case we’d be a lot closer to getting to the bottom of this.

      It could be simply a case of everybody hanging together rather than hanging separately but the fact that there are government funded organisations making statements for a group of individuals would appear to be a smell in and of itself.

    234. Sensibledave says:

      Gullaneno4 8.02

      I have made the same point – and I have no skin n the game.

      If Salmond led a party in an election, then all of the innuendo and salaciousness of the court case would be a feature of almost every interview. The attack dogs would spend inordinate amounts o time trying to convince women that he isn’t fit for office, etc.

      Winning elections is hard enough without the baggage that Salmond would have to carry. He doesn’t look like the best bet from where I am sitting.

    235. Effijy says:

      If the media attacked Salmond on there trumped up charges it can be
      turned to a positive by attacking them back like never before!

      Who gave you that dead question to ask while there is an important live election going on?
      Are you saying to don’t accept Scottish Law, Judges and Juries and even Government Enquiries?

      How do they get away with saying they don’t?
      They must drop it at that point and it’s all points to the Indy team.

    236. Alf Baird says:

      So long as the so-called ‘Scottish Government’ remains a department of the British Government and is led and managed by the same British civil servants who have a primary allegiance to the British State, then this and numerous other forms of colonial oppression will likely continue.

      As all post-colonial literature tells us, in any colonial situation ‘justice’ depends on which side of the divide (ethnic, cultural, political, linguistic etc) you are on. In other words, the colonized can never expect any justice whilst the colonizer retains distinct privileges (Memmi; Fanon).

      Fowk cannae ser twa maisters; thay aye luve ane an laithe the ither.

      The fundamental reason for the independence of any oppressed ‘people’ is to cast out an oppressor, an aw its mankit naitur. Scots are no different, as Rev Stu’s excellent work frequently demonstrates.

    237. winifred mccartney says:

      I remember watching the film about the PPI in schools and Leslie Evans ‘tell the councillors nothing’.

      She has been squirming her way through this all with a straight back and having to have information squeezed out of her even to the leak to the Record.

      She should have been sacked years ago after the first failed case when compensation had to be paid and is undoubtedly in my mind right in the centre of all that has happened even way back to investigations about PPI in Ayrshire – but my question still the same. For whom is she working – which government?

    238. Breeks says:

      Bob Mack says:
      13 January, 2021 at 9:59 am

      …Therefore Evans involved the police to get Alex…

      No, she weaseled out of that by claiming that she informed the Crown Office, and it was the Crown Office who involved the police.

      Andy Wightman caught her out however, because her own Complaints protocol says nothing about involving the Crown Office, but stipulates that it’s the police who are to be involved if there is suspected illegality, so contacting the Crown Office was a departure from protocol.

      I am also keen to learn where Peter Murrell’s quote about pressuring the police and the Met to have Alex Salmond fire fighting in all directions fits in to this chronology.

    239. Achnababan says:

      I just watched the fragrant Leslie Evans give evidence for the 5th time…

      She must a been bilin we the sun right in her pan.

      It is no longer the Harassment Enquiry or indeed the Salmond Enquiry, it is the ‘Jackie Bailey Show’!!

      Was Angela Constance promoted to government to get her off the Committee? She in my opinion was the most effective of the SNP members and may have sided with the opposition members if it came to a vote….

      Please god someone tell Margaret Mitchell to ask short questions and avoid the 5 minutes preamble – this is not Amateur night at the British Legion.

      My conclusion – time is now running out with the Scot Gov not playing ball regarding information requested and my only hope is that Salmond can hold their feet to the fire!

    240. Big Jock says:

      Alf- Aye , and as lang as there is a tinpot First Minister scared of her ain shadow. Then she will do as the Civil Service tell her.

    241. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Thanks for the reply @ Derick fae Yell says:
      12 January, 2021 at 11:24 pm

      @Bob Mack says also confirmed that this was the case at 10:30 pm last night.

      List vote for ISP from me!

    242. Strathy says:

      Bob Mack, Breeks and Stuart MacKay.

      All absolutely right.

      In the early part of the pandemic, lots of political activists were getting themselves into the media on the basis that their day job was linked to health.

      This is the case with the lady from R. Crisis Scotland. Also, she knows that the mere mention of the name of her (government funded) organisation in a news bulletin about Alex Salmond will affect public perception.

    243. Republicofscotland says:

      The Lord Advocate is still trying to hamper Mr Keating’s attempts to quash the need for an S30 once and for all, not only that the Lord Advocate refuses to reveal who he’s representing in the process.

      It all stinks to high heaven.

    244. Breeks says:

      Socrates MacSporran says:
      13 January, 2021 at 10:10 am

      Either way, Scotland is the loser…

      Well, yes and no. I choose to believe Scotland is currently in the process of finding out who our friends are, and more importantly, who are the people we shouldn’t really be trusting.

      It’s painful, because the process is exposing corruption and betrayal in some lofty and surprising places, but wherever there is corruption at play, it’s always better to have it purged. It is cancer, and no good will ever come from it, or turning a blind eye to it’s existence.

      Truth be known, these days I find myself a little distracted by the 2014 YES Campaign, and whether there was any of this… I don’t know what to call it, any of this duplicity(?) already working against us from within way back in 2014… Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

      But, I have a feeling it’s still all to play for, PROVIDED we learn the lessons, and ‘drop’ the carpet baggers, infiltrators and freeloaders who are squandering our strengths and opportunities.

      If we weed out the dross, we will find ourselves kicking off from a much stronger platform.

    245. @Socrates MacSporran,

      our corrupt newsprint media got £3,000,000 from Scot Gov for `reasons` , not sayin that Scot Gov would want a return on their (our) money,


      watchin the western `Hombre` and it revolves around an `Indian` agent tryin to get away with the money he has stolen from (not) feeding the native Americans,

      and now 2021 we have a English company Chartwells taking or given £30 from friends in Gov to feed those in need and only supplying £5 worth of food,

      profit from misery is the UK Tory way.

    246. Achnababan says:

      I just watched the fragrant Leslie Evans give evidence for the 5th time…

      She must been bilin, we the sun right in her pan – the light o truth seeking her oot nae doobt.

      It is no longer the Harassment Enquiry or indeed the Salmond Enquiry, it is the ‘Jackie Bailey Show’!!

      Was Angela Constance promoted to government to get her off the Committee? She in my opinion was the most effective of the SNP members and may have sided with the opposition members if it came to a vote….

      Please god, someone tell Margaret Mitchell to ask short questions and avoid the 5 minutes preamble – this is not Amateur night at the British Legion.

      My conclusion – time is now running out, with the Scot Gov not playing ball regarding information requested. My only hope is that Salmond can hold their feet to the fire!

    247. Another_Ian_Blackford_Speech says:

      Kudos as always for being the cat amongst the pidgeons.

    248. McDuff says:

      I still don’t get it with Sturgeon.
      Ok she wants to hold on to power but to the extent that she would conspire to have AS sent to prison for possibly the rest of his life?
      Then there is her promotion of the woke cult within the SG and the police and justice system actively and openly targeting Indy supporters.
      But it’s her betrayal of independence and her seeming determination to thwart it that is the hardest thing to undetstand.
      Taking in all of the above leaves me to believe that there is something serious going on in the shadows.

    249. Captain Yossarian says:

      Lesley Evans was indeed involved in the Ayrshire Schools PFI cover-up.

      There is another school in Aberdeen which has been built incorrectly an as a result could partially collapse at any time.

      There is a big cover-up going-on at the moment involving Evans and the Council.

      She has form and should be sacked forthwith. Stop this pussyfooting around.

    250. McDuff says:

      I think it would be helpful if some posters would stop adding to the rev’s stress by ceasing to suggest he is in some kind of imminent danger.

    251. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Captain Yossarian and others –

      Campbell Martin deservedly getting mentions for his work in exposing the PPP/PFI scandal in North Ayrshire.

      For those who haven’t seen his films, this is a link to the second, in which Lesley Evans appears at 29.30.

    252. dakk says:

      Breeks said @ 11.16

      “Truth be known, these days I find myself a little distracted by the 2014 YES Campaign, and whether there was any of this… I don’t know what to call it, any of this duplicity(?) already working against us from within way back in 2014… Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?”


      Who the fuck appointed ” bbc is not biased” Blair Jenkins to lead the Yes campaign?

      Can’t pin that on NS, can we.

      What the fuck was Alex’s mind focused on?

    253. George Rutherford says:

      All roads lead to Bute House.

      All hail Empress Nicola!!!

      She’s getting her throne re-padded and the gold leaf touched up for her next 5 year stint in the devolved Scottish Parliament.

    254. X_Sticks says:

      Got an Email from Peter Murrell yesterday entitled “A thank you from all of us”.

      – It promotes the virtual National Assembly on the 24th Jan.

      – It offers Lockdown Blethers taking place on Friday 15th January from 6.30pm – 9.30pm

      – Promotes Both Votes SNP regional events

      It then finishes up with:

      “Just fancy a chat?

      Our Member Care Team are here to help. Please call us on 0131 525 8925. We’re open Monday to Friday from 9am–5pm.”

      I’m tempted to call in and chat about:

      -concerns I have about the whereabouts of the money I donated to the independence cause

      -concerns I have about the role of the Lord Advocate in politics


      -concerns I have about the role of the Permanent Secretary and her decision to refer the Alex Salmonds accusers to the Crown Office.

      Anyone think I’d be dropped quicker than an independence supporter calling Kaye Adams?

      I’ actually scared to try it. It might spell the end of the SNP for me completely.

      Anyone with more courage than me like to try?

    255. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @meself –

      I regularly pass one of the schools mentioned by Campbell Martin, and every time I do it reminds me that we, the residents of North Ayrshire & Arran, are paying £250,000 A WEEK, for that school and two smaller ones.

      Every fuckin week, until at least 2038.


    256. George Rutherford says:


      Blair Jenkins was our weak link,,,a damp squib,,,a dud,,,a plant,,,and any other descriptions relating to him being a total prick.

      Who appointed him?

      I don’t know.

      If it was Alex Salmond, then yes,,, that was a MAJOR mistake.

    257. Captain Yossarian says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood –

      I watched it there, Ian. Thanks for that.

      What we are talking about in Aberdeen is a school which has been checked by many engineers and found to be faulty and yet nothing is being done.

      Ayrshire schools was incompetence, perhaps on a grand scale, but maybe it wasn’t illegal? We are just talking about money.

      Believe me, Aberdeen schools is illegal.

    258. dakk says:

      Is it possible AS was threatened with disclosure of these allegations back during indyref 2014 and was at least partially compromised?

      It was such a weak lacklustre campaign I had no belief we were ever going to prevail.

    259. Captain Yossarian says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood – One last thing Ian, the school I am talking about has had the all-clear from Lesley Evans AND Scottish lawyers.

      You may wonder what the feck they know about the design of schools?

      One thing is for certain though, the Scottish public are being taken for fools by the present civil-service and legal profession.

    260. Frank Gillougley says:

      meanwhile, in a bigger picture and only slightly further afield … it just goes to show, ‘all i am saying is its just possible, its possible.’

    261. crazycat says:

      @ Breeks at 9.16

      I agree with what you are saying, and also in your 7.06am post, but I think it is important to distinguish between the umbrella organization R*pe Crisis Scotland and individual R*pe Crisis Centres.

      The former is acting as a mouthpiece for the “complainers”, in the person of Sandy Brindley, and was also the body that opposed Johann Lamont’s amendment re forensic examiners, despite having submitted evidence earlier that women’s principal concern was with the sex of an examiner.

      It was an individual centre which took on M Wadhwa (though RCS has not intervened); it was also a different individual centre which pointed out that RCS did not speak for them – they, on the front-line interacting with women (which apparently SB has not done for some time), fully supported the Lamont amendment.

    262. Sarah says:

      @ dakk: I don’t think you are making allowance for the fact that having the referendum at all was a seismic, psychology-shifting, event.

      In the face of all the 307 years of doing what we were told and thinking we were all British, in everything together, it is actually astonishing that we got 45%.

      Yes, there were weaknesses, but whenever is anything perfect?

    263. Hugh Jarse says:

      LE answers to the Privy council, not NS or Holyrood.

      Well said, I’m sure Stu isn’t in need of reminders.

    264. dakk says:

      Sarah says:
      13 January, 2021 at 12:07 pm
      @ dakk: I don’t think you are making allowance for the fact that having the referendum at all was a seismic, psychology-shifting, event.

      Fully understood that and no one was really ready for it.

      The point is, was Alex at least partially compromised back then?

      With all that was going on in Bute House, then I think it’s fair to say he was.

      Honey traps, blackmail, we all know how the state operatives control their clear and present dangers.

    265. NellG says:

      The Nicola Gazette also known and “The National” has gone into full protection/ deflection mode. All comments relating to Alex Salmond turned off and only SNP good stories with comments enabled. Virtually nothing on Leslie Evans at the inquiry or Stu’s explosive pieces yesterday.

    266. McDuff says:

      The National is now showing its true colours. It seems reluctant to print some of Wings facts relating to Sturgeon’s government or police targeting AS supporters, yet it proclaims it is a supporter of independence.

    267. Sarah says:

      @ dakk: The jury heard it all and we have all read the “charges”. Nothing compromising at all.

    268. Jack Murphy says:

      Ian Brotherood said last night at 9.58pm:

      “…. And what brought most of the original Wingers here was the fact that you could trust this place because, right from the start, it actively sought out and revealed unpleasant facts that mainstream politicians and journalists prefer to avoid……”

      That’s why I, and many others are here reading Wings.

    269. dakk says:


      “Nothing compromising at all.”

      So the FM having exra marital affairs in Bute House in the middle of the indyref campaign is not something the british state could not seek to use against the Yes campaign?

      As we all know, the honey traps and blackmail on sexual peccadilloes are the oldest tricks in the book for state subterfuge.

    270. Gregor says:

      “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” (Chomsky: 1992):

    271. Liz says:

      Dakk you’re at it now.
      There were no extra marital affairs .

      Do you really think AS would be so stupid as to do that during indyref.
      AS who’d been an MP and was very aware of Brit estalishment dirty tricks.

      Give it a rest

    272. Patsy Millar says:

      @X-sticks: Might have a go when I’m feeling strong enough and after a few large gins!

    273. Steve says:

      Could you now post all of Garavellis statements (redacting out the guff) from the court case… if it identifies any of the alphabet cohort, she should face prisecution… only use her words… I’m sure Craig Murray would be grateful…

    274. Bally says:

      Republicofscotland……re your initial post…..Guido Fawkes has picked up on this and posted a link. Apologies if someone has already posted this.

      I’m in England and discuss this with other “expats”. Can’t believe the mainstream press and TV in both Scotland and England aren’t covering this more!

    275. Nico says:

      Astonishing revelations. One thing I Can’t understand is why so many levels of legal professionals and government personnel involved have gone along with this and not one has seen sense and either called it out for what it is or resigned in objection? Is there no one left with any semblance of integrity? Puts doubt on all government business these people are involved in.

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