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34 months later

Posted on September 01, 2014 by

Wings Over Scotland officially launched on the 1st of November 2011, with a collection of posts imported from a personal blog. (The first original post didn’t appear until a week later.) It was meant just to be a small aggregator site of interesting stories from the newspapers with a short bit of commentary. That month we had 6,290 pageviews.

We’ve grown a bit since then.


Our stats graph was getting so silly that as of this month we’ve had to halve the scale of the Y-axis to fit it all in. It’s still quite a dramatic picture. We’ve been saying since 2012 that most Scots wouldn’t really start paying attention to the referendum until quite late in the campaign, but we weren’t expecting to be proved quite as right as this.

PAGEVIEWS: up 59% on July
SESSIONS: up 75%
USERS: up 147%

The last of those figures is the one that’s blowing us away. In August, well over HALF A MILLION individual people visited this site at least once – almost two and a half times as many as in July. Pageviews for the month marked a more than 100,000% increase on our debut month less than three years ago, which isn’t a bad milestone.

We won’t go on about the statistics, though. There’s no point patting ourselves on the back, because it’ll all count for nothing if Scots vote to leave their future in the hands of Westminster 17 days from now. But we already knew we had the arguments. It’s really good to know that people are listening.


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    173 to “34 months later”

    1. Capella says:

      It confirms that people want the truth. While newspaper stats plummet, this site really does soar!
      Brilliant work Stu. September will be even better.

    2. Ken500 says:

      Thanks Wings

      Absolutely Ace

      That wee Vid – ‘Flash mob in Dundee’ – brought a tear to the eye. People in Scotland can be so proud of themselves for standing up for what they believe in.

      It’s going to be a landslide. Thanks to everyone.

    3. Gordon says:

      Well done on selecting a host that has been able to keep up. I can only imagine there must be huge spikes due to the WBB and that some unsavoury types must’ve tried DDOSing you from time to time, yet I can only recall very minor interruptions since the new server was set up.

    4. uilleam_beag says:

      Mind-blowing stats, but it’s all down to the hard work and dedication you’ve put into this.

      That and the Streisand effect of Duncan Hothersall et al screaming constantly about how no one should ever even think of looking at this site, on pain of death. 😉

    5. Wee poor stupid Scotsman says:

      I’ve just read through the WBB from cover to cover for the first time. (Well, I’m voting YES anyway!) It’s a superb piece of work which really ought to be read by every voter in Scotland – and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if a few outwith Scotland read it, too. They might learn a thing or two.

    6. Clootie says:

      I don’t expect this site to go away quietly regardless of the Referendum outcome. The state with the assistance of the MSM have manipulated and spun the data we receive without challenge for far too long.

      This is democracy in action . Long may it continue.

      The myth of Newspaper online sales has been busted by these figures. We stopped viewing their sites because they lied and mislead us. They have an artificial figure boost at present due to the Referendum but after the 18th. the online readership of these Newspapers will plunge to join the falling hard copy figures.

      Perhaps a return to basic journalism will return – I’m not hopeful as ownership appears to be the key driver.

    7. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

      Scotland’s champion Rev. Stuart Campbell. Hopefully your great contribution to Scotland’s cause will enable me to return HOME soon with a treasured Scottish passport in hand.

    8. john king says:

      This is amazing, every time I see new stats I think the only way is down from here,
      and I am confounded by yet even higher stats the next time, staggering is the only word I can think of,
      well done rev. 🙂

    9. john king says:

      Clootie says
      “This is democracy in action . Long may it continue.”

      Absolutely agree Clootie,
      I have never paid to look at a newspaper behind a paywall
      I am happy to make an exception with Wings after a yes vote Rev Stu,

      Its time you got your just reward for the unstinting efforts you have put in!

    10. macart763m says:

      People have started something here on the old interwebs Rev. Yourself along with so many others filled a need for people who became disenfranchised, abused and neglected by traditional media. They were supposed to be the gatekeepers. They were supposed to take apart the spin and hold politicians to account. They failed and left it to folks like yourself and all your contributors.

      In a strange way they’ve done us a favour. They made the person in the street get involved, forced us to use the tools to hand to look for ourselves, find those like you, WGD, Bella, NNS, LLPW and so many others who we could look to for some straight answers. A people’s media, something our fourth estate should have been. Something they failed to be when we needed them most.

      Well done to all of our new media whatever way it turns out.

    11. gerry parker says:

      That’s very impressive Stu.

      Well done.

    12. Stephen Brown says:

      I was street stalling in Banchory (Aberdeenshire) this weekend and the WeeBlueBook shift at least 250 over the space of a couple of hours. If anyone knows Banchory they will know this is solid No territory but a lot of people were happy to take a copy and even ‘No’ voters were asking about it. 20000 more copies coming into Aberdeenshire this week. On a personal note I know of at least 2 people so far who have been convinced to vote ‘No’ because of the book. Havent heard back from the rest yet. Hopefully this week. I have also given some to my mum to hand out to people who want in Bucksburn Academy. Tide is turning 🙂

    13. Nation Libre says:

      Brilliant Stu, hopefully we get the result we’re all aiming for. Quietly confident. I’ve been here from the start when there was only a handful of comments, now it takes hours to get through them

      What next?

    14. Dorothy Devine says:

      Stephen Brown – I do hope you mean those folk read the WBB and are now voting YES!

      Well done Reverend Stu – bet the Scotsman would love to have figures like those , maybe even the ever declining Herald.

    15. Stephen Brown says:

      oops, I meant ‘Yes’…

    16. Geoff Huijer says:

      Thoroughly deserved!

      There is no praise high enough for what you
      have done here.

    17. david martin says:

      O/T Anyone in the Keith/Elgin area with some WBBs I can get to hand out to some undecideds in work? My desktop printing skills are negligible and dont know if I have enough time to get some printed.

    18. Tamson says:

      Well done Rev. Book yourself some leave in October – there’ll be plenty to keep watch on in the period immediately following the referendum, but hopefully we’ll see a pause for breath shortly after.

      Then the real work begins.

    19. Stevie boy says:

      Well done to everyone connected to Wings and well done to everyone who reads it and spreads the word about it!

      I have passed your site to everyone I speak to that’s wants the facts.

      Without Wings a lot of people would only be reading one side of the story.. and we would have struggled to get the message out there.

      In a time of shockingly biased newspapers who lie to and deceive their readers Wings can hold their heads high!!

      Stu.. I don’t buy any newspapers now (though I will start buying the Sunday Herald) but after we win this Wings should look into publishing it’s own newspaper.. at least we now we would be reading the truth and not biased disgusting tripe!!

      Keep up the amazing work, you are doing us all proud!

    20. turnbull drier says:

      Outstanding work.

      Stu, this site has been a revelation..

      It has opened the eyes of many and given them the ammunition and arguments to engage with others and help them to see that there is a better way.

      Lets all keep it going till 10pm on the 18th and gain the better future for all those living in Scotland.


      Wingers in Midlothian; I’m still looking for help at the polling stations and counts.

      Please email turnbulldrier AT gmail DOT com

    21. Peter Sneddon says:

      Stuart you will deserve your place in Scottish folklore and history for everything you and your crew have achieved over the past three years and has been amazing,I have a very strong suspicion that this is just the beginning for you Stuart as Scotland’s press and media will have to be reformed and I can thing of no other man alive I would trust with that more than you.You have helped to educate and galvanize a nation.

    22. Chitterinlicht says:

      Oops Banchory bit worried there. . Big hats off the team yes in Aviemore. Yes posters look great against blue lampposts.

      Great stats Wings. I know so many folk that come here.

      Probably the best compliment I can make is that this site does journalism as I expect it to be done. Checking facts and reporting them with sources and challenging what is said. Thank you

    23. Mealer says:

      Where do I get WWB in Angus?

    24. Stevie boy says:

      On another note.. the WBB is a revelation also and is helping to win the argument. Not many people I know have read it and aren’t moved to vote Yes (and are much more informed of the facts to pass on).

      Again thank you to everyone involved, your efforts will go down in history and will never be forgotten.

      Hell.. let’s all give each other a wee quick pat on the back for the massive efforts we are all putting in to help free this beautiful yet vulnerable country of ours… then get back to work in making it happen.

      We should all be proud.. we will be down in history as the generation that saved Bonnie Scotland!!!

      I feel a song coming… ‘O Flower of Scotland…’ 🙂

    25. Mealer says:

      Spend an hour picking up litter with your YES top on.Great response.

    26. heedtracker says:

      Has there ever been anything like WoS anywhere in the world before? Probably not.

    27. Firestarter says:

      Thanks for everything, Rev

      The value of this site to the Indy referendum is incalculable, and you personally must be regarded as a true hero of these times. Your unrelenting and untiring pursuit of the truth, and your regular trashing of the Unionist rubbish has been both an insight and a delight to read. In particular, the WBB has been a godsend for swiftly swatting away No Better Together flies! Long may it continue, even after September 18th, as I’m sure we will still have plenty to discuss (hopefully!) re the new constitution etc.
      Many thanks again, Wings. We are forever in your debt. 🙂

    28. David Wardrope says:

      Great news Rev and well deserved!


      Very good idea. Better than mine which is kit the car out in Yes then drive like you’re everybody’s friend ????

    29. David Wardrope says:

      Bizarre, those question marks in my last post were supposed to be a smiley facey thing

    30. heedtracker says:

      because it’ll all count for nothing if Scots vote to leave their future in the hands of Westminster 17 days from now

      No it wont. Stats show Scotland’s young people want to run their own country and if it is the old and the Orange men blocking Scottish democracy, nothings for ever.

      BetterTogetherBBC and co will never be able to bury Scotland now, but they’ll have a good go at it, like the con artists they are.

    31. Another Union Dividend says:

      Apart from the primary purpose to challenge the lies in the UK Press and bias from BBC Scotland, citizens journalism is the only way we learnt that a senior official of a registered party was arrested after allegedly kicking a Yes supporting women in the stomach in Glasgow on Saturday yet the Herald is still running with the Egg gate on the front page this morning.

    32. Finnz says:

      If that graphic is to scale, we are all going to need taller screens…

      Directing querulous voters to Wings is one of the joys of life.

    33. ronnie anderson says:

      BBC Scotland in Brighton doing interveiws.Am voting naw cause they’ll be none of this, what , Union jacks n things,well said it before I’ll say it again A Union Jack never put a Loaf of Bread on the Table.Nawers out in force.

    34. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Now can you come over here after the 19th and sort out my internet connection.

      The way that France Telecom are going about it, I may be internetless then too.

    35. Tackety Beets says:

      I bought the last Sunday Herald in A**A Inverness yesterday PM . Plenty of other papers sitting looking very un touched . I do hope this is a good indication. The place is awash with YES posters and some very ingenious responses by the YES folk . Photos on the usual media , quite amusing . I like the ones I saw up the Larkin …. picture a lamp post with big YES on TOP & No Fanks below , but the No poster has had a Yes sticker over the NO so it read “Yes Thanks” ! Agh well maybe its my warped sense of humour ! WBB is definitely turning people …….even staunch NOs ……. I feel a party cumin on .

    36. Tackety Beets says:

      Larkin > sorry Leachkin …. Doh !

    37. seoc says:

      Although Scots can be ‘disputative’ at times, outwith the deliberate political/ religious Divide & Rule nonsense, this clearly shows an ability to rise above them in the National interest.

    38. mary vasey says:

      BRILLIANT….. Well done Stu and thanks to all who comment too, it’s good to get so many different takes.
      Thank you

    39. JWil says:

      With the numbers being quoted and the analyses you are doing it is not surprising that the unionists want to take you down.

    40. ronnie anderson says:


      Gerry Parker is compiling a list of Polling Agents, if

      any Wingers have some spare time on the 18th Sept to

      cover polling stations GET in Touch with Gerry over in O/T


    41. Weedeochandorris says:

      Fantastic stuff Stu thanks for your hard work and dedication and that goes for our regular posters on here who keep us informed with brilliant humour chucked in. You all know who you are, you’re the best.

    42. David Coulter says:

      MSM……I know you read this. Be very careful…..the lies deceit misinformation you have printed in the last two years will come back to haunt you. After a YES vote you will not be tolerated. You have tried to belittle my country……you will become irrelevant.

    43. Stevie boy says:

      I was on holiday just past Dornoch recently and and did a bit if driving around. Lots if Yes support up there.. particularly liked the big ‘Independence Now – Vote Yes’ painted on the side of the mountain as you drive from Aviemore to Pitlochry (or thereabouts). Brilliant!!

      I believe it’s official Window Sticker Day today.. get them up folks!! Although I’m guessing we all do have.. my windows are full of them… and car… and.. 😉

    44. Les Wilson says:

      If there is, as we all hope, a YES vote. Then I think we will have done it with a lot of help from Stu’s hard work.
      He should get the praise and rewards he deserves.

      I was listening to BBCS this morning, Gary Robertson in the East End of Glasgow. If you listen carefully how he goes about his questions and comments, then you see how he constructs his interviews, a lot of bias subliminal stuff to continue the fear theme and dives in when any excuse is available. Cannot wait to get rid of all of them.

    45. Stevie boy says:

      Romanies Anderson

      I live in a North Lanarkshire and would happily help as a polling agent (brother and sister may also).

      What’s Gerry Parkers contact details or how can I get in touch?

    46. Stevie boy says:

      Sorry Ronnie

      Pred text!

    47. Stevie boy says:

      The BBC will pay for this! It will never be forgotten.

      Bring them all to task!!!

    48. HenBroon says:

      When you see what the MSM are up to, the existence of this site and the WWW has been a God send to Yes and Scotland. Many thanks to the Rev for his valuable work and the stunning success of this web site.

      For example the piece on Sky news allowing Murphy to bleat on uninterrupred making bizarre and unsubstantiated claims against Yes, in that he is now accusing Yes of organising mobs, yes mobs to turn up and shout at him shouting at us through a loud hailer.

      It is very significant he has now changed his tune from the original in that he now says he has suspended his tour because he was being shouted at, the egg incident is being quietly withdrawn in to the long grass as he has realised that the false flag egger was to blatant and he may yet be identitfied. Of course Murnaghan and Sky gave him all the time he wanted yet interrupted Alex Salmonds reply and cut him short by fading him out in a very rude and disrespectfull manner.

      I registered on the Sky site and left a comment which was pending and then never made it on to the comments page. Only comments in support of Murphy have been allowed and it now appears to be taking no more. Can these pathetic morons not see just how transparent and utterly pathetic they really are. Or are they so detatched from reality wrapped up in their unionist cocoons that they cannot escape?

      Here is acopy of the comment Sky refused to publish, if you do not mind:

      “So moaning Murphy is allowed to belch on uninterrupted as Alex Salmond is interrupted and faded out. Well done Sky demonstrating once more why Scotland has no further need of your union.

      A man was charged with threatening to slit Salmonds throat. A man commited a road rage offence against the first ministers car. Jim Sillars has had death threats and vile comments made about his recently deceased wife Margo. Death threats are made against Nicola Sturgeon. A Yes shop in Glasgow is firebombed. An 82 year old man in Edinburgh has his wrist broken in an attack by unionist supporters. A pregnant women in Glasgow is booted in the stomach by a No supporter.

      And yet all that Sky and the unionist MSM can focus on is Murphys unsubstantiated allegations. He is an agitator who never answers questions put to him. He screams hysterically over a bull horn in the street, he should be charged wiuth breach of the peace.

      Incidentally all of the above people have kept on with their campaigning despite the threats made and the violence.

      Murphy has an egg broken on his back and he runs whinmpering to the unionist MSM making allegations he cannot sustain. He is nothing but a cheap shot coward.

      Have they found the egg man yet? NO. Quelle surprise.”

    49. heraldnomore says:

      Consistently Exceeding Expectations.

      Well done Stu. Privileged to have been able to join this journey with you since day one.

    50. Johnney come lately says:

      Well done Stu.
      I get the feeling that the wheels are beginning to come loose and are about to fall off the BTNT wagon. Without a doubt you have been one of the pivotal players in this drama. I know I won’t ever forget your role.
      This site has really opened the eyes of many to the manipulation and lies of the state. Roll on the 18.

    51. cearc says:

      Well done Stu and the readers.

      Still need people for Highland polling, counting etc

      Contact garve at scott-lodge dot com.

      There are still chances to be at the count. C’mon Highland Wingers you know you would love to be there.

    52. heedtracker says:

      Fear and loathing. Hate change, despise democracy, welcome to progressive liberal teamGB. Take your barnett freebies, vote Labour, shut up.

    53. Hugh Wallace says:

      Remarkable. Well done Stu and all the other contributors to this incredible site.

    54. Stevie boy says:


      Good post. I agree Murphy is just a lanky streak of cowardly piss!!

      It’s shocking. When we win let’s not let idiots like him forget that they tried to sell their country and fellow people down the river.

      Between him and Wullie ‘the clown’ Rennie and Alistair ‘help me Rhona’ Carmichael and the rest of them.. bunch of snivelling dirty lying b*stards!

      No supporters… this is the kind of people YOU are voting for!!!

    55. yerkitbreeks says:

      @ Clootie. Completely agree about the need for a steadfast Wings after a YES vote.

      It’s not as if the MSM will suddenly be on the side of ScotGov in the bargaining that’s going to have to take place.

    56. Lanarkist says:

      Fantastic stats Rev, hopefully all records broken in the final fortnight as people turned on by the WBB seek to research the catalogue of articles! Out and about everyday from now on, undecided’s to be visited and street stalls to be manned.
      Conversation, the strongest tool in the toolbox.

      Negotiations period will need careful scrutiny, no rest for you, I would imagine, till April 2016 at the earliest.
      Congratulations again!

    57. Roseanne says:

      I just want to give Stuart and WoS a big THANKS I don’t believe we would have done this without you. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for all the hardworking you have done in getting us this far. THANK-YOU STUART

    58. Robert Kerr says:

      Wings shall be a must for “media studies”.

      Thanks everyone. Thanks Stu.

      Wings has made history. On the 17th we shall make even more!

    59. Arabs for Independence says:

      Did Murphy bale out of South Africa as he was avoiding national service? Brave brave Sir Robin indeed

    60. Edward says:

      Listening to a guy being interviewed on GMS this morning, who were in Bridgeton.

      No voting man :’ma wife is voting yes, am voting naw’
      BBC :’why is that?’
      No voting man :’wull loose the Queen’
      BBC : ‘but the Queen will remain as head of state’
      No voting man :’oh’ (a note of apparent surprise)
      no voting man continues
      No voting man: ‘ah but we will loose the union jack’
      BBC :’but you will have the Saltire of Scotland’
      No voting man ‘ah but is not the British flag’

      That is basically verbatim, ending in a complete face palm moment

      Later in GMS we were treated to Michael Kelly spouting absolute crap. When confronted by the poverty of the east end, his answer was that it was the peoples fault, not Labour. Also he managed to shoe horn in ‘SNP as many times as being also at fault. But Glasgow Council did have a great Commonwealth Games – shades of Marie Antoinette, when confronted by the fact that the poor could not afford bread, she replied ‘let them eat cake’, so it was that Michael Kelly’s answer to the very low life expectancy, the lowest in the western world, was that Glasgow has improved as it had a great Commonwealth Games!

    61. Steve says:

      I’ve been reading this site for over a year now. Thanks to Wings I find myself being able to recite chapter and verse why whatever reasons folk have for voting no are not good reasons. Thanks for the knowledge and the vast number of interesting articles. Oh and the WBB! I’m waffling now…..

    62. Patrician says:

      Polling cards dropping thru letter boxes has woken people up, this is real. The lion is stirring from its slumber and starting to take notice.

      In a proper democracy, your stats would be reported far and wide as look how engaged Scottish people are in politics.

    63. Callum says:

      it’s not won yet. Lets not become complacent in the closing stages. I appreciate it is difficult to reconcile official polling with the general buzz about YES but if you believe the polls and the bookies odds the referendum is still on a 50/50 knife-edge.

    64. Chris Baxter says:

      You’ve certainly made a massive impact, no doubt about that. And if the cowards do end up winning, sites like this need to stay alive and plugging away until the hopefully inevitable happens.

      1979’s travesty is largely forgotten by the people of this country. But if 2014 does turn into a travesty too, the conduct of the No campaign will not be forgotten. Neither will the promises.

      When their jam tomorrow is shown up for the con that it is, their promises will remain stored in black and white. They will not be able to weasel out of their manifesto.

      Furthermore, their repeated and usually disgraceful lies and misinformation must be remembered too, and passed on to those unaware of how appalling it has been.

      Come 2020, 2024, or 2030, a Yes vote must come. Let’s make it sooner rather than later.

      It’s a shame that various arguments and points you’ve raised haven’t been picked up with and ran; especially during the tv debates between Salmond and Blinky. There’s still been some holding back by the YES campaign. To get a victory, no holds can be barred.

    65. bjsalba says:

      O/T but
      has a clear sharp picture of the egg thrower,and has a back view of the egg thrower in action.

      If the press wants to catch this “nasty nat” why aren’t these photos all over the Meeja?

      Could it be that they don’t want him apprehended?

    66. GrahamB says:

      O/T please excuse, I’m in foreign parts (currently in north Italy) and struggling with slow WiFi or no WiFi so not sure if this has been mentioned already.
      Found this on you need to scroll well down, past the Patronising Woman stuff to ‘What came first, the chicken or the egg?’
      Dirty Tricks Squad definitely involved in Gandhi Phase 3 but no surprise there.

    67. Clootie says:

      Macart @ 7:13

      Very well put!

    68. Clootie says:

      Stephen Brown

      You had me worried. I couldn’t imagine someone being convinced to vote NO after reading the WBB 😀

    69. Clydebuilt says:

      that Bar Chart it’s EXPONENTIAL……in simple English good innit!!!!

    70. Muscleguy says:

      Campaigning in the centre of Dundee on Saturday, in between being harassed by the council and the polis*, I was giving out Aye Right cards to undecided people who came up to us and pointing to Wings at the top of the list of sites and saying ‘go here and download the Wee Blue Book for all the answers in just 16 short pages and fully referenced’.

      We didn’t have any WBBs to hand out so that was the next best thing.

      *To be fair the polis did not harass us, just came up and said ‘the council want you to move’ and asked who was in charge (nobody of course, we are a collective, a co-operative). It was fun arguing the toss with them and the council saying ‘show us your legal instrument or we won’t move’ (ooh er missus!). Aparatchiks will always try to throw their weight around, the trick is not to let them unless and until they can show you proper legal authority.

      It was suggested the council own the streets but we pointed out the council work for us council taxpayers, not the other way around. We were hardly trying to annex public land, just make temporary use of a very small part of it with a clearly movable structure (a collapsible table) and two ambulatory pandas. When we moved for our own reasons without officialdom in sight I got to carry said table through the centre of Dundee with a panda. Oh happy days.

    71. bookie from hell says:

      I made a comment in The Scotsman,less than a year ago

      a poster then accused me of being a Wings Over Scotland,cyber-nat

      I’d just like to thank that poster,for finding me a site,I didn’t know existed.

    72. Alt Clut says:

      On the doorsteps in Dumbarton, Clydebank and even Helensburgh; spiritual home of the typical angry, aggressive unionist obsessed with, “me me me and my lovely money”, it feels like we are taking new ground with yet more available for the taking if we keep at it. KEEP AT IT EVERYONE – WE ARE NEARLY THERE !!!

    73. horacesaysyes says:

      Excellent numbers, Rev, due in no small part to the excellence of the material you and the other contributors provide for the site, posing the questions that in any normal society would be being asked by those in the MSM.

      The facts that you have provided and the data you have pointed us to has been invaluable in helping to counter the fears of many an undecided voter.

      Now it’s up to all of us to give it one last great push.

    74. Les Wilson says:

      O/T Some more news about our “dwindling” North Sea prospects.
      Who will tell Ian Woods?

      Och, he probably know anyway, just forgot to mention!

    75. galamcennalath says:

      Arabs for Independence says:
      “Did Murphy bale out of South Africa as he was avoiding national service?”
      1985 ages 18, he returned to Scotland … The timing would be just right. Also, there was a lot of anti-conscription stuff hoping on in SA then.

    76. galamcennalath says:

      PS I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to avoid contributing to the apartheid regime!

    77. Les Wilson says:

      oops, another for Ian Woods to report er not!

      Let no one fool you, the North Sea is ramping up big time.

    78. Elizabeth says:

      Well done Stuart. I believe there are moments in time which require specialt people to come to the fore. With your drive, determination and singlemindedness, you have been a force to be reckoned with. More power to you. Thank you.

    79. Les Wilson says:

      Oops again, yet more Ian Woods to report, mibbee yes, probably no!

    80. Achnababan says:

      Rev Stu
      If you have any funds left can I ask you put up a £1000 reward for anyone who identifies and names the egg- thrower?

    81. galamcennalath says:

      Yup, Wings and Stu have made a massive contribution towards this Indy campaign. Can there be any doubt Wings is the No1 website in the debate? And, just how many converts to Yes has it produced? We’ll never know but it much a lot!

      The next two and a bit weeks are critical. The site and WBB will continue to harvest Yes votes.

      I listened to GMS today. I shouldn’t. It just irritates me.

      The reasons people give for voting NO are very often good reasons why they should be voting Yes! Most annoying!

      Still time to put a lot of these people on the right path!

    82. CameronB Brodie says:

      I hope you don’t mind me saying this out loud, but I think you’re beginning to make me feel like no bloke has before. 🙂

      I used to think Bell was progressive, what a wanker.

    83. Cindie says:

      Stu, those are amazing statistics. You have created a phenomenal body of work, online and with the wonderful WBB. if it’s a yes in just over two weeks your site will have played a significant part in convincing the electerate. This site has become the place to go for information, analysis, banter and support.

      If all of that wasn’t enough, I have been truly inspired by the people who post on here regularly and who then go out and share and talk to others and work on persuading them to vote yes. You are all part of a Scotland of which we can be truly proud

      Thank you xxx

    84. Macart says:


      Heh, ‘truth hurts’ and on that basis oor meeja should be covered in bruises. 🙂

    85. caz-m says:

      Well done Wings.
      Jim Murphy is a fully paid up member of Friends of Israel.

      Anyone who supports Israel’s destruction of Palestine has got to have a problem.

      I am no expert on the middle east, but when two million Palestinians are trapped on a small strip of land and treated like prisoners by their more powerful neighbour, then I have a problem with that.

      Then when the powerful neighbour (Israel), decides to blast everything and everyone off the face of the earth, then surely you have to withdraw you’re support for them.

      Not a dickie bird from Murphy, which can only mean that he supports this genocide and wants Britain to continue to sell weapons to Israel.

      Jim people are not turning up to heckle you, they are turning up to laugh at you, because you’re a clown.

    86. ronnie anderson says:

      Election Agents For NTH Lanarkshire.

      Contact >>> gerry [dot] parker [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks

    87. Luigi says:

      34 days later:

      and the zombies are being egged.

    88. Luigi says:

      When we get a YES vote and Salmond puts together his negotiating Team Scotland, I think we should nominate the Rev Campbell to represent us, a significant proportion of the Scottish electorate. Alistair Carmichael could make the tea and Willie Rennie would make a great coat stand.

    89. Jane Donnelly says:

      You are now my main news source. Please don’t stop after 18th Sept. Whatever the result we will need you more than ever. Stay true to the founding principles – that’s what we value, that’s what we need. Thanks.

    90. Suzanne Bosworth says:

      Thank you, Stuart. You’ve been one of the few bright lights showing the truth amidst the MSM’s lies, deceit and misinformation. I agree with others here – you will be much needed in an independent Scotland and I too would be happy to take out a sub if you decide to keep this going as a regular news source. We have to have people we can trust and who know what journalism actually means – and we won’t be needing the likes of the Record, the Herald (the SH can stay!) or the BBC, or any other nasty little tittle-tattling little rag that thought it would back the union.

      You are so deeply appreciated, Stuart. Thanks again. Not that I’m going anywhere – just wanted to give a wave and send a virtual dram of something interesting. 😀

    91. Rookiescot says:

      I remember my first visit to Wings.

      I had been reading references to it on other sites mostly by nay sayers and it was with a macabre fascination that I wanted to see how vile the cybernat site was.

      You can imagine my disapointment when the site was actually full of good articles and reasoned comments.

      So I put a link to it on my favourites and visited when I wanted to see what the truth was rather than what the MSM or Bitter together wanted me to know.

      I still remember what turned me from a no to a yes. Osbornes sermon on the mount.

    92. X_Sticks says:

      More power to you Reverend Stuart Campbell.

      Quite a movement you’ve created and we’re all very grateful.

      A bit like the grass roots Yes movement Wings has taken on a life of its own.

    93. CameronB Brodie says:

      Given Jim Murphy appears to support the ongoing human rights violations being perpetrated on a daily basis against the Palestinians, and the fact that No Better Together Thanks support nuclear weapons, I thought this kind of fits.

    94. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Has anyone yet asked Murphy outright if he knows his assailant’s identity?

      What a steaming pile of quiche…

    95. Last week I was called out of retirement to cover a League Cup tie for a Scottish-based daily newspaper.

      I don’t see too-many full-time journos these days, so it was interesting. We were, naturally, chatting about the referendum and the talk in the media is: the Herald journos are under instructions to put-in independence letters in a ratio of two pro-Union to every one pro-Yes!!

      I stress, the is anectdotal evidence, it could be wrong, but, it is pretty-much how I thought it was going on their pages.

      As regards website traffic, the Scotsman site seems to be home for Better Together, while the Herald’s seems to be to be a bit more even-handed. That said, there are two or three regular pro-BT posters on the Herald who get away with murder, while pro-Yes posters appear to be more-closely policed.

      The deluded ‘John MacIntyre OBE’ for instance, is seemingly allowed to cut and paste the same old drivel on a ten-times-daily basis without censure, but, if you pull him up for this, your posts tend to be deleted.

      This referendum campaign, however, has not been the Scottish mainstream media’s finest hour.

    96. Iain says:

      The big question now for Labour adherents of the No campaign:

      What specific policies to benefit Scotland are you and your Tory allies putting forward on 18 September? Will your London masters support and finance these?

      Ask them this all day, every day till 18 September. They have got away for far too long with generalities, waffling and scare stories. In Labourese, what is their “offer” to us?

      Ask Jim, if he ever gets back on his shoogly Irn Bru case. Though he could do us all a favour by suspending his”tour” not for 3 days but for 3 weeks!

    97. Brian irwin says:

      Excellent website, excellent news source. I hope Wings continues even after we get the YES vote, I’ll keep reading.

    98. goulashman says:

      Wings has been an encouragement and a testament to the fact that, in this age dangerously bereft of access to balanced reportage and analysis which dares to explore the intent and interest behind story and event, there are those willing to take the risk of challenging predominating prejudices and vested interest. Many grateful thanks – you are a huge help to me and my family as we approach this unparalleled chance to protect and grow the unique possibilities and integrity of Scotland. Vote Yes.

    99. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Socrates McSporran

      I wonder if any journo has actually tried to interview Mr OBE to ascertain if he is actually a real geezer and not someone (god forbid) impersonating him.

    100. No no no...yes says:

      Bookie from hell 9:23am
      Similar for me.I read the online Scotman and one day in March this year somebody put up a link for Wings regarding Lamont. I clicked on it and have been hooked ever since. I was non political,but my knowledge and learning from this site and others has stirred me into action.
      I decided to be part of the change I want to see,so I got off my backside and, despite being out of my comfort zone, I am now an active Yes campaigner. We can secure independence for our people.
      REV AND THE WINGERS have made a huge difference in campaign, it is inspirational and uplifting to be part of.

    101. caz-m says:

      Can I give Largs a big plug for it’s support of the YES campaign. On a Saturday and Sunday down there, it is packed with YES supporters who pile into the town for a good day out.

      The YES shop in Largs has down a great deal to lift the profile of the YES campaign down that way. Largs was packed yesterday as usual, plenty of YES motorbikers were in town, loads of YES badges on show and on a wide variety of ages.

      They also had a separate YES stall out at the Viking re-enactment/carnival. It runs until the 7th of September, so if you are in the area, Largs is well worth a visit.

      I never saw ONE no-voter all day.

    102. goulashman says:

      The ugly manipulation of the ‘egg event’ by NO and the deliberate incitement to confrontation the NO campaign is inciting expose the dangers of a NO victory. The next days require calm – in the face of UKIP rallies, Orange Marching with the inevitable far right mischief (BNP, EDL etc) camp followers and the ugly BBC + MSM propaganda.

    103. tehklev says:

      I had to turn my monitor on its side to look at that graph :). Pretty bloody impressive stuff and well done Stu.

      On a different note:

      Anyone caught sight of the Wee Blue Book in Perthshire? I need a few for my and neighbouring villages (Dunning/Forteviot). Local pub landlord said he’d happily stick some on the side of the bar next to the touristy stuff.

      Also being the Wings Referendum Agent for Perth and Kinross I’m looking for postal ballot, polling station and count agents. The deadline for getting names registered is Friday.

      You can contact me on:

      kevin.e.kenny [at]

    104. Midgehunter says:

      Wow, those are fantastic stats.

      The “Lord of the Wings” has well and truely earned his place in Scottish history.

      I’m afraid I can’t do leafleting, canvessing or helping to man stalls cos I’m a thousand miles away. But I have donated to help support the thousands of willing hands and WOS to get the message out.

      Well done to everyone, keep batting hard, in 2 weeks time it’s payday for all your work.

    105. ronnie anderson says:

      @Robert Kerr 8.59 Robert ( Wings has made history on the 17th we shall make even more )& on wings over scotland we help each other. Try the 19th of Sept Robert lol.Weil keep ye rite.

    106. fred blogger says:

      ian brotherhood
      murphy is a typical bully claiming poor me, look @ what they did to me, victimhood.
      his whole campaign was designed to get on peoples nerves and provoke a reaction.
      once bitten twice shy, he and his likes are now best ignored imo.

    107. Macart says:


      Couldn’t agree more. As the FM said on Murnahan yesterday, pay them no heed and just walk on by. Doesn’t matter whether its danger man Murphy, the OO or Farage, we go on about getting our shopping done and leave them to it. All they can do is gas into the void. Rob the fire of fuel and it goes out.

    108. caz-m says:

      CameronB Brodie 10am

      That nuclear mushroom cloud actually looks like Murphy.


    109. kendomacaroonbar says:

      I guess we are in our own small way creating a little piece of history.. I like that very much.

    110. Derick fae Yell says:

      Good start.
      Now let’s see if we can do the business.

      And if it’s a Yes – put the left over money in your bank account! Well earned.

    111. Nana Smith says:

      Wow that’s just braw. This site and the wingers comments have kept me sane over the last year. Thanks to all!

      Spotted this on twitter….

      Westminster cover up BBC & UK media compliance on news embargo on Claire Oil Field.

    112. caz-m says:

      Alex Salmond said yesterday that we should ignore Murphy and carry on with the shopping.

      But surely one look at Murphy would remind you that you have still to buy a turnip.

    113. Macart says:


      Nice catch Nana.

      A robbery in progress no less. 😉

    114. MajorBloodnok says:

      Great things have happened because of this site – too many to mention.

      The main thing is that it has spurred many of us into direct political action, something way outside our previous comfort zones (imagine, the Major, canvassing and getting right into it).

      And the level of knowledge and engagement we have now is remarkable. To paraphrase Kevin Bridges during the Festival, everyone in Scotland will be able to get a Higher in Modern Studies after this!

    115. Nana Smith says:


      Sadly nothing new there, robbing us blind again. This video needs spreading far.

    116. fred blogger says:

      nana smith
      excellent, i see the BOE is now 200000 to 250000/day.

      you’d think a newspaper would understand the difference between scot NHS buying in of services to actual NHS privatisation, where the NHS loses control of the budget altogether.

    117. Indy_Scot says:

      I like many other have followed Scottish politics through the internet for many years, and have witnessed the change in the way politics in Scotland is reported and manipulated by the media as a result of the historic SNP win in 2007.

      I also feel very privileged to be a small part of the evolutionary way in which ordinary members of the public have engaged in the debate about Scotland’s future through communication online.

      I have said this before, but I genuinely believe that in fifty years time or so, future generations will look back at how the internet and the people who used it, help create a better future for Scotland.

    118. Macart says:


      Already posted elsewhere. 🙂

    119. Macart says:


      Already posted the link elsewhere. 🙂

    120. Quentin Quale says:

      Fred Blooger – never let the facts get in the way of a good scare story!

    121. Colin Watson says:

      @ David Martin @ 7.38
      Contact me at Strathisla Distillery

    122. JLT says:

      Well done, Stuart. Really pleased for you. Now …let’s win it!

    123. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Posting an award for the ID of the egger.

      That’s a cracker.

    124. Robert Louis says:

      fred blogger,

      Yes, this nonsense about buying in equating to privatisation is pure deception.

      Since day one, unless the NHS in Scotland has been, to give just one simple example, a soap manufacturer, sourcing the raw materials from their own personal supply, then like night follows day, it is pretty freaking obvious it has always bought in things like soap, expertise (say to fix a boiler etc..) and expert advice from external suppliers. THAT IS NOT PRIVATISATION.

      Really, the standard of education amongst Telegraph ‘journalists’ must be pretty damn low these days. Either that or it is trying to lower its standards in order to compete with the ‘ohh-ahh’ Daily Star.

      Dear ‘journalists’ of the UK, how about trying to tell the truth, and using facts, for a wee change.

    125. Betty Boop says:

      @ Stevie Boy, 8.34am

      Romanies Anderson

      Knowing Ronnie, I love that – “Romanies”! That’s going to stick in my head especially if he has put wheels and a towbar on that wee hut of his! 🙂

      I’m still hoping to see that, Ronnie.

    126. kendomacaroonbar says:


      Stop egging them on you ! 🙂

    127. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Nana Smith your a wee hive of information pure Diamond Thanks shareing that vidio.

    128. Fireproofjim says:

      Fred blogger
      Claire Ridge production of 250,000 BOE per day is worth over $25 million dollars per day, and with typical taxation after costs will give an income to the Scottish exchequer of something between $6 and $8 million dollars per day.That is about $2 billion per year from ONE field alone. Multiply that by 30 years…….

    129. weedeochandorris says:

      @Macart ‘Lord of the Wings’ brilliant! 🙂

    130. ronnie anderson says:

      @ betty boop, hiv you no thought, ah hiv enough tae dey, besides ah gave ma spokshave awa a long time ago,sos canna make wheels am no in the Wheelwrights Union.

    131. ronnie anderson says:

      @ betty boop an further tae ma last post will shortly no be in anither Union.see,s you,s soon at next night oot.

    132. Ken MacColl says:

      Well done Rev for meeting the demand for investigative journalism that is so sadly lacking in our mainstream media.
      It is interesting to note that the highest penalty being paid there in the loss of circulation in figures recently issued are with the Hootsman with a drop of 13.2% and its stablemate Scotland on Sunday with a drop of 19%.
      The Sunday Herald has bucked the trend with a modest increase in circulation after only two months of pro-indy support.
      There has to be a lesson in there somewhere?

    133. PickledOnionSupper says:

      Brilliant, just brilliant, especially seeing all the new visitors. Welcome everyone, bring your pals too!

      Checkout lady at the supermarket this morning saw my Yes badge and quietly told me her vote was already in and couldn’t understand why anyone would vote No. I’ve had a few conversations like this recently, people want to vote Yes, don’t want to shout about it but like the reassurance that other ‘normal’ people (so unlike those vicious cybernats 😉 ) are doing so too.

      So, for these last few weeks of the campaign, lets get our Yes badges on and posters up in our windows, and see how many of our neighbours follow suit. I finally plucked up the courage to do it only a month ago and I’m glad I did. Let’s all win this together!

    134. Betty Boop says:

      More power to your keyboard, Stu. Like many new online sites spawned because of the independence debate, I hope that Wings will continue to “soar above Scottish politics” after the referendum.

      Our newfound media is a breath of fresh air; Wings, Bellacaledonia, Newsnetscotland, Wee Ginger Dug, Bateman, Craig Murray, etc., etc., etc. I think the establishment newspapers will find, after 18th September, no matter the result, that many have little further use for them. I can only assume that the committed Yes voters who still buy them, do so to find out what propaganda they are peddling.

      I thought I knew more than enough to make me want independence (considering I’ve thought that since a teenager – long time, don’t ask the obvious, please), but, in the past couple of years, my mind has been filled to bursting with new information. Wings and its followers has contributed so much to this great experience of a time in which we are privileged to have a chance to change politics in the hope of gaining a better future than that in prospect by staying in the union.

      Wings will always be supported by those of us who value commonsense and honesty as long as Wings adheres to those values. So, please, stick around Stu Campbell; we need media heroes.

    135. Cod says:

      I really, really need at least a half dozen WBBs – my bloody printer has packed up, just when I needed it most (it has literally ground to a halt!):(

      I’m really hoping those hardcopy versions are going to be available very soon – things are getting close…

      On the egg thrower:

      I was speaking to someone yesterday who claimed that the egg thrower had made a post on FB, on their own account, in which they claimed they had egged Murphy because of his views regarding Israel. Which, given his views, would hardly be surprising. Haven’t been able to verify that yet though, as I’m waiting on them getting back to me with a link.

    136. Edulis says:

      I notice the Sunday Herald yesterday ran with a piece on its increase in sales in the first half of the year – up 1% whilst acknowledging that it was only in the last month of that period that they had declared for yes.

      I wonder how they have gone since they declared. All this is in contra-distinction to the other titles which have seen 10%+ decreases in the same period.

    137. fred blogger says:

      is that @ a shade over $100/boe?
      according to BP film, extraction will cost $3/barrel, which is a very low cost.
      i also read that (biz for scot i think) that it is sweet oil the type used for petrol.

    138. YESGUY says:

      18 months or so ago i read through comments on the Scotsman or guardian, or both and was shocked at the abuse and negativity of the NO commenters.

      I was a strong NO. And i could reel of dozens of reasons for the union. I often did in the pub with a few friends .

      Then getting a lift into Edinburgh by a friend , who made a wee detour to drop of messages and nappies to a local food bank. I thought only dossers and tramps would be there. Boy was i in for a shock. It has shamed me that we as a rich country could be like this and my armour started showing cracks.

      I mentioned my feeling of shame on the comments page and was abused and scorned from about ten or eleven NO voters. They called me a cyber nat in disguise.

      So i popped up on Bella, Newsnet and WGD. Read fantastic articles and realised things were not as they seem.

      Every commenter had genuine comments. Articles ” with links” to back them up.

      Then WINGS OVER SCOTLAND, was pointed out to me and after reading i realised i agreed with almost everyone.

      Flower of Scotland, T_Jenny, Ronnie A, John King, Maccart , Thepnr etc all made fantastic sense and real point’s.

      I watch the video of Ian brotherhood on a freezing night canvasing and thought ” Where the hell have i been” i was in a pickle.

      So i plucked up courage and joined in. Everyone since has made me welcome and i am incredibly proud to be part of the indi movement.

      Wings is the answer to most arguments. If not the articles then the comments. Meeting Wingers too at the Edinburgh meet confirmed to me that we are doing the right thing.

      I cannot say when i decided to vote YES , it’s weird , it just happened. Strong NO to absolute YES in a few days.

      That’s what Wings done for me . Now everyone i know up here pops on for a read. They don’t comment but talk afterwards about the articles.

      I have said before that we are winning , how can we lose when we have so many united. I stand by that.

      I am a proud Winger who will vote YES to give my country the rights every other country has .

      And i do so with faith in all Scots especially Wingers.

      Stu Campbell thank you for the incredible work you have done for us and thank you Wingers for helping me see the light.

    139. Yesitis says:

      Politically, WoS opened my eyes, woke me up from a stupor, and reassured me that I wasn`t alone in thinking something just wasn`t right, and that others felt the same.

      It mean`t a lot to me then, and it means a lot to me now.

      Wings, Rev Stu and all those people who leave comments and write articles for Wings – you are salt of the earth. You cannot underestimate the good work you all have done to awaken the Scottish political psyche.

      There`s still much work to do, but in the meantime – thank you.

    140. Karmanaut says:

      The Herald (daily not Sunday) has a piece condemning “Yes violence”. In this condemnation of “Yes violence” they mention an attack on a woman by a 55 year old man.

      However, they neglect to mention that the man was a No campaigner and the woman was “Yes”.

      By omitting details about the attack and using it the context of “yes violence”, they have made it look like the attack was actually by a Yes campaigner.

      That is an appalling distortion of the facts by a newspaper.

    141. Onwards says:

      Great to see the readership increase, but could there be the danger of living in a bubble?
      We need to convince undecideds, and other mainstream sites still have far bigger readerships due to reporting general news as well.

      It might be a good idea for regular knowledgable posters to also add a few comments on other sites or share articles here on facebook during the last few weeks.

      I know visiting certain sites can boost their ad-revenue, but it is only for 3 weeks and it is important to see a balanced debate everywhere.

    142. Les Wilson says:

      Onwards says:

      Sorry, I do not agree with the bubble bit, I do with the rest of your post though.

      Ref the “bubble”, the point is that it is not only those who come here, it is the word of mouth they can pass on, to undecided and poorly informed NO’s. They can listen to the info passed on or they can visit the site. Word subsequently spreads, so the more visitors the more about the Indy facts is passed on, more for YES as a result. Long may it continue to the day, and beyond.

      Personally I would like to see and his hard working small group be involved at a high level of the SBC, once formed.

    143. goulashman says:

      I have been given a copy of the Scottish Express by a NO voting neighbour – and have lost my lunch. What a vile example of NO supporting ‘journalism’ ….. and the comments… depressing.

    144. Fireproofjim says:

      Fred blogger
      Yes I assumed $100 per barrel.
      Re costs they vary greatly for different fields – deep water, high gas pressure, etc.
      The easier early fields like Forties were producing at a cost of $4 per barrel in the 1970s, but it is much more expensive now.
      However it is still obviously very profitable, and a wonderful asset.

    145. bookie from hell says:

      daily politics

      0 mention Scotland


    146. Betty Craney says:

      First post but I’ve been lurking for months.

      Just had to say a big Thank You for all your efforts and especially the Wee Blue Book which I got from Ebay.

      I was in the middle of this post when I got a grocery delivery ,had to ask the guy the big question and discovered he was undecided.

      He won’t be for long as I sent him off with a Wee Blue Book and instructions to pass it on .

      Thanks again ,guys .

    147. Karmanaut says:


      Just read it. Horrific. The Express, like the Herald, has included the assualt by a man on a pregnant woman in the context of “Yes violence”, effectively changing it to an attack by Yes on No rather than an attack by No on Yes.

    148. Midgehunter says:


      @Macart ‘Lord of the Wings’ brilliant! 🙂

      Didn’t know I’d changed my name… er?! ;-(

    149. Ken MacColl says:

      The Express is merely following a long tradition of “constructive” journalism. The Herald is a more recent convert to the business of news manipulation.
      How long will they last and, frankly, do we really care?

    150. liz says:

      Just adding my congratulations also Rev.

      I would have spent the last year under a duvet if I hadn’t found outlets such as yours.

      Hopefully the egg episode will end soon – it is unbelievable that the MSM are continuing with such lies.

      Hopefully it backfires as I’m sure there will be some undecideds out there who know Yes campaigners and would never associate them with a baying mob.

      Interestingly I was out leafleting today and 3 people turned out to help that had never taken part before.

      Jim Murphy is beneath contempt.

    151. liz says:

      BTW Rev, I am under moderation for the 1st time since I joined.

      I have checked my email address and it is correct – another DOS attack?

    152. Jim McIntosh says:

      @Colin Watson 10:46

      Was just going to text you about the request for books 🙂

    153. Robert Peffers says:

      @kendomacaroonbar says: 1 September, 2014 at 10:09 am:

      “I wonder if any journo has actually tried to interview Mr OBE to ascertain if he is actually a real geezer”.

      Oh! He’s real right enough. He got his OBE, (now don’t laugh), for services to Waste Management. I cannot really remember the whole story about it but it was along the lines of he produced a Paper for some government or council Enviormental Group.

      So there you go- he is still concerned with dealing with waste matter.

    154. Apache says:

      I always carry an A4 reference copy and have put out 20 other copies printed at home. I desperately need to get hold of a serious quantity. The copies I print at home are great for older people (large print format) and I’ve had tremendous feedback for it but I could shift loads door to door.

    155. Robert Peffers says:

      @Karmanaut says: 1 September, 2014 at 12:13 pm:

      “However, they neglect to mention that the man was a No campaigner and the woman was “Yes”.

      You ain’t seen nuthin yet, Karmanaut, my pal emailed mr this AM that the BBC were, as he put it, at it again. It seems the BBC has an item in, of all places, the Ceefax heading TECHNOLOGY. He reckons this is to be able to say they reported it – but where almost no-one would read it – the item is headed, “Man guilty of Salmond Twitter abuse”, and it reads,: –

      “A man has been convicted of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards First Minister Alex Salmond on Twitter.

      Christopher Stevenson, 26, posted, “I think I might assasinate Alex Salmond”, while watching a television programme about him. Glasgow Sheriff Court heard he was reported to the police by an American tourist who had seen the post online.

      Stevenson, from Glasgow, claimed it had been a joke. Sentence was deferred for a year for good behaviour.”

      Now where have I heard that claim of, “It was only a joke, can’t you take a joke”, before somewhere?

    156. Robert Peffers says:

      @Betty Craney says: 1 September, 2014 at 1:03 pm:

      “First post but I’ve been lurking for months.”

      Always nice to hear from new posters, Betty. Especially as that is context of the article.

      As we say in Scotland. Dinna be a stranger noo, Betty, an bide a wee.

    157. Douglas Macdonald says:

      From an early age, I had an innate distrust of politicians and as such I have never voted in my life. As a former scientist, now retired, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are the hallmarks of my chosen profession. None of these words are to found in the political lexicon. If I wanted to find out information or advice about something, then the last person I would ver ask would be a politician, whether local or national. However, as a keen observer of political theatre, I was delighted, when the Scottish Government gave me this unique opportunity to vote for my country, which incidentally, has been very good to me throughout my life. So for the first time ever, I registered to vote and I now wish to pay my fellow countrymen and women back by voting YES.
      Like one or two of your previous posters, I discovered Wings over Scotland by accident, when trawling through the turgid and mainly offensive posts in The Scotsman. Since then I have never looked back. Here was a site crammed with intelligent and innovative discourse on all matters germane to the future of Scotland. I have been utterly amazed by the breadth and depth of thoughtful and reasoned arguments presented by literally tens of thousands of ordinary people on this site over the past few months, for that I thank you all. Like so many of you, we owe the Rev. Stuart Campbell (and remember, I am a Macdonald!) an enormous debt of gratitude for making this possible, so the Rev. Campbell take a bow.

    158. YESGUY says:

      Welcome Betty

      hope to hear more from you.

    159. Graeme Doig says:


      As far as i’m concerned if the money donated to you (a few bob from me) is left at the end of the campaign i’d have no problem with you keeping the change.
      You deserve much credit!

    160. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’ve been following Wings daily since around March last year, having bookmarked then forgotten about it the year before.

      Reading Rev Stu’s deconstructions of media bias has been an education! I find myself reading between the lines now, when I read stories on the MSM web sites.

      So thanks, Rev, for showing how journalism SHOULD be done!

      X_Sticks says:
      A bit like the grass roots Yes movement Wings has taken on a life of its own.

      The ‘Friends of Wings Over Scotland’ are having possibly our last get-together before the vote, at the Invergowrie Inn, just outside Dundee, on Saturday, 13th September. 7pm kick off. Keep up to date with the info concerning this in the ‘off-topic’ thread.

      Stick a post in that thread to let us know if you’re coming along for a night of fun and blethers!

      This link takes you to my first post about it, on 26th August at 12.16am.

    161. dramfineday says:

      What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Thank you Stuart for this most excellent site, your hard work and endevour. Thanks also to the guys who support you and the various folks who comment. I’ve shared so many emotions on here from rage to laughter and I’ve also met some great people at local events (but not yourself – yet). Keep up the good work and I’ll keep sending the odd bob or three.

    162. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      @ Dramfineday

      Cheers Dram, thanks for all the booze; if only you had had a safety pin too…

      Re Hootsmon Headlines, that blog’s pretty much defunct now, how could I compete wi the young pro’s like BBC Scotlandshire, Greg Moodie, Chris Cairns and Dateline Scotland?

      But like you, I was there ten years ago, on the Scotsman and Herald, battling ‘she who shall not be named’ otherwise known as Foulkes’ advisor who invented the term cybernat only to have her boss nick it…

      Nae luck, eh?

      Kudos to Stu for being the cutting edge of us all for the past thirty four months. Cometh the hour…

    163. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Great figures Rev Stu but do you not think they look a bit too “volatile”?
      They seem to be going up a lot.

    164. Devereux says:

      Stu – you and the other on- line heroes and heroines – because that is what you are – have created a marvellous community and none of us will ever forget the experience – from downloading and printing articles to the WBB. We were away for the weekend and passed a house plastered with Yes signs. Chapped on the door to say hello and give them a bunch of WBB – they were waiting for a batch … can anyone imagine doing that a year ago …..stopping to bang on a complete stranger’s door. We had a wee natter about the campaign and off we went! Many many congrats on the success of Wings!

    165. Tom Foyle says:

      Great work, Reverend. May you be canonised for your dedication and incredible hard work and honesty.
      Seems like the WoS stats are behaving similarly to Scottish oil reserves, hmmm? Just one more straw on the BT camel’s poor, sagging back…

    166. Grendel says:

      Another few turned to Yes in Airdrie today. Thanks to Ronnie Anderson for providing me with a few copies to dish out.
      Keep them coming!

    167. Paula Rose says:

      I love the way that Ronnie keeps coming!

    168. Devereux says:

      @Apache where are you?:

    169. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      It’s great to hear about all these people getting given copies of the WWB. We’d love to do the same in the most heavily populated areas of Argyll and Bute – Cowal and Bute.

    170. Albaspark says:

      Vote no keep Scotland as an English county!

    171. hopper69 says:

      The internet and wings arrived just in time for Scotlands future.

    172. Rock says:

      The modern history of Scotland started on the day the SNP won a majority in the Scottish parliament.

      W O S articles AND the comments on those articles provide a record of the true starting history of modern Scotland.

      Future historians won’t need to bother themselves with the Gutter media led by the BBC and including STV.

      Rev. Stuart Campbell, not only have you already written the history, you have played a very big part in making it.

    173. Betty Craney says:

      Thanks for the welcome ,guys.

      Gave away my last WBB -had to order another 12 from Ebay…my family and friends want them to pass on to undecideds .

      Every little helps !

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