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Heartless, clueless, reckless, voteless

Posted on March 20, 2015 by

Because we know you love a conference gallery.


Here’s the Scottish Lib Dems in Aberdeen.


“Let’s party!”


“Oh God, what’s happened to my life?”


“I’m not sure this is enough vodka, but sod it.”


“Please, take my wife.”


A man catches a glimpse of the abyss.


“Put your hands up if you think we’re getting wiped out in May.”


A surprising visit from a young time-travelling Yorkshire Ripper.


“Go back to your constituencies and prepare for government!”


This was peak crowd, during Danny Alexander’s speech in which he dismissed the Tories, Labour and SNP as respectively “heartless”, “clueless” and “reckless”, thereby providing us with three-quarters of the title for this piece.


The three Furies (and a bloke).




“The SNP would rather have a duel with Westminster than dual the A9”, smirks the man from one of the parties who forced the SNP to pay for the Edinburgh trams in 2007 when they actually wanted to dual the A9.


“I’ll be back, and we’ll be back!”


The world’s most depressing selfie.


Alexander gets a belated, reluctant and very partial standing ovation.


The main attraction of day 1 exits in triumph. Most still seated.


The Lib Dems’ best hope is their breeding programme.


One of the UK’s parties of government gathers its strength for an election.


Two people got this joke.


There was a vote on a motion amendment during the webcast.


The amendment, debated immediately after Alexander’s speech, passed by 39 votes to 24, meaning there were officially 63 delegates in the audience, excluding the press.


“Please don’t witness my shame.”


We know how you feel, buddy. We were watching it too.

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  1. 20 03 15 16:40

    Heartless, clueless, reckless, voteless | Speymouth

271 to “Heartless, clueless, reckless, voteless”

  1. Jim Thomson says:

    Dammit Stu, you managed to BSD my pc when this came in.

    Had to wait a whole five minutes for it to boot up properly, started counting the heads (at least I think that what they are) to get a feel for the numbers there only yo find out you’d already had the sums done at the bottom of the trail.

    Not sure about the person to whom I should address my complaint(s). Do you have a supervisor or line manager nearby?

  2. Tam says:

    So much for not rising to cybernat bait.

  3. Duggie says:

    Is that Maigrit Curran behind the hmm guy?

  4. HandandShrimp says:

    Despite all their problems that still looks like it attracted more live people than either the Tories or the Labour conferences.

    …obviously not a hard target to hit but they might have just managed it. Unless some of the above thought they were going to a cinema to see 50 Shades of Grey

  5. Wulls says:

    Oh dear Jesus….. 63 of them …….
    What happened to “We’ll wipe the smile off Alex Salmonds face” ???????
    What with ???? Your P45 ????

  6. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

    Quality post, can’t say the same about the party!

  7. grahamlive says:

    Aww c’mon Stu, this is kicking a man when he’s down.

    A bit like penalising the disabled.

    On second thoughts, carry on.

  8. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    @Jim Thomson
    All complaint are handled by the Wings Trust. They will get back to you in a year or two – if at all.

    Lib-Dem conference zzzzzzzz
    Danny Alexander -big hitter?
    That is definately one worth watching on the 8th. Lost deposit hopefully!

  9. Helena Brown says:

    Looked like the Tory Party only emptier. So a successful party then, mmmm.
    I would agree with the breeding programme but most of them are far too old to breed and the young ones don’t look very capable.

  10. Marcia says:

    With the election coming up you would have thought that at least 59 candidates would be there plus the retiring ones. Mixed in with all the activists you would get a decent crowd but it seems no.

    It be interest to contrast this conference with the SNP one next week.

  11. Juteman says:

    A Party of soul less hypocrites.
    Did they finish with a chorus of “we’re shite, and we know we are”?

  12. John says:

    They all look very tired and constipated.

  13. Lesley-Anne says:

    Good grief!

    I think we have MORE members in our local S.N.P. BRANCH in ANNAN than the Lib Dems hadmembers from all over the U.K. at their PARTY conference in Aberdeen. 😀

    Oh gawd. I’ve just had a thought. (Yes I know it’s only Friday but these wee *ahem* accidents do happen from time to time you know. 😉 ) Does this mean that after May 7th when Cameron returns as P.M. and is looking for a coalition partner he’ll be contacting US cause we have MORE members that there will be Lib Dem M.P.’s? 😛

  14. Desimond says:

    Young Yorkshire Ripper lookalike gags…takes one to know one I suppose!

    Imagine being an old person in that audience and hearing the words “And now, the act you have all been waiting for.. Danny Alexander!” and youre left there thinking “What, its no the Alexander Brothers…bugger”

  15. Gone Tonto says:


    Did they have an ambulance crew waiting, ready outside and a few undertakers on speed dial?

  16. gardennat says:

    We have more delegates going to the SNP conference from our constituency than they have in the whole hall.

  17. Mike says:

    Have they paid for the security?

  18. Duine Bochd says:

    I would have gone for “feckless” in regards to the last quarter of the title.

  19. Gone Tonto says:

    What has 100 legs and smell of paish?

    The Scottish LibDem conference.

  20. Jim Thomson says:

    @Hoss Mackintosh

    It’s OK, I spoke to Stu’s supervisor, who apologised profusely for me having a crap PC, and they promised to thrash Stu soundly with a LibDem manifesto whenever one was pushed through the letter box at the Wings Trust office complex.

    That’ll teach him.

  21. BrianW says:

    Dear God that’s a photo album and a half eh?

    I thought Scottish politics after the referendum was all about Energy, Empowerment, Engagement, Excitement..

    not Embalming fluid..

    (I’ll get ma coat..)

  22. call me dave says:

    Strange times when none of the main unionist conferences can muster a crowd between them.

    Empty husks soon to be blown away and dispersed as they richly deserve to be.

    The internet is a wonderful tool. Cue Douglas Alexander 🙂

    There must be a wind of change rustling through Scotland right enough.

  23. Gone Tonto says:

    The Lib Dems’ best hope is their breeding programme.”

    For that they need women of child bearing age or great big glass test tubes.

  24. Kenny says:

    Awwwww. Remember when Alex Cole-Hamilton was a future leader of the party? Maybe he still will be…once the party is down to just him, a dog and some random guys off the street who come in because they heard there was free coffee and biscuits.

  25. AnneDon says:

    Their Scottish conference in 2012 voted to abolish the bedroom tax. That didn’t happen.

    Since the leadership don’t pay any attention to them, why would their activists (assuming there are any left) bother to turn up.

    I can’t believe people joined the LibDems to become part of this toxic government. (Except for Nick Clegg, obviously)

    No wonder they don’t want to show up in public places.

  26. heedtracker says:

    Titter ye not. If 5 years of ferocious anti Scotland Project Fear politics has taught us anything, it’s that newspapers are written by gullible fcukwits.

    Jump in anywhere

    “ConDems have resisted the rush to the overmighty centralised state when others have not. At key moments, when tough issues of press freedom have been at stake, they have been the first to rally in support. Above all, they believe in and stand for full, not semi-skimmed, electoral reform. And they have had a revelatory campaign. Trapped in the arid, name-calling two-party politics of the House of Commons, Nick Clegg has seldom had the chance to shine. Released into the daylight of equal debate, he has given the other two parties the fright of their lives.”


  27. Iain More says:

    63 of them – never! Surely some mistake in the counting, there was never 63 of them there. No wonder the UK is skint if that is the way the Brit Nat’s count.

  28. Big Jock says:

    Wee Wullie Winkie Rennie, still grinning away. His head is really as empty as we all thought. Nothing in there at all. Must be great you never get depressed when you are stupid.

  29. Jim Thomson says:

    @Mike 3:39pm

    I hear young Mr Rennie on GMS and he sounded as though he’d overdosed on Valium. Very down and not at all his usual ebullient self.

    I’d forgotten that the LD conf was today, so that probably explained a lot (along with the Danny Alexander orange briefcase debacle)

    Forget who was presenting but, they did ask Wullie about paying their polis bill. I got the distinct impression that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

  30. Gone Tonto says:

    ““I’m not sure this is enough vodka, but sod it.”

    May it is CoolAid in the cup and she thought she was attending some ritual religious suicide coinciding with the solar eclipse.

  31. dakk says:

    Thanks for the laughs Stuart.

    Needed that.Been working too much lately.

  32. Big Jock says:

    Iain some of them were people they grabbed at the bus stop! They said if they went to a funeral, there would be free steak pie and chips.

  33. Muscleguy says:

    So if SLAB’s membership is basically just office holders and their relatives, surely on that turnout the same must be true of the FibDems? Unless they are all just zealous Orcadians and Shetlanders (how do they vote on Fair Isle?), though they don’t look like it, neither zealous nor 25% Viking.

    BTW how will the new genetic analysis of our makeup showing only 25% Viking genes even in the Northern Isles leave Up Helli A?

  34. Patrick Roden says:

    The SNP have called Willie Rennie out, on the LIB DEMS unpaid Police Bill.

  35. The Man in the Jar says:

    Sorry for the OT

    Channel 4 Sat 28th March 9pm. “Coalition” Political drama about the days after 2010 GE.

    Will SLab watch and learn?

    More info including link to trailer in off topic.

  36. Lesley-Anne says:

    I have just had another wee look at the photies and have come to the conclusion that in photie 11 the three young, yes I did indeed say YOUNG 😉 , lassies at the back must have drawn the short straw to see if the Lib Dem conference really could fit inside a phone box. 😀

  37. HandsomeWeeFella says:

    The time traveling Yorkshire Ripper. Haw haw haw PMSL

  38. Lesley-Anne says:

    Marcia says:

    With the election coming up you would have thought that at least 59 candidates would be there plus the retiring ones. Mixed in with all the activists you would get a decent crowd but it seems no.

    It be interest to contrast this conference with the SNP one next week.

    Is there any truth to the rumour that the S.N.P. conference is to be held in the S.E.C.C.? 😀

  39. Jim Thomson says:

    @Mike – just had a look for the programme, Wullie’s on at 2h 10m 40s in this iplayer link:

  40. Big Jock says:

    What do they owe Police Scotland the £800k for.Is it damages. Sleep deprivation at having to stay awake during their conference.

  41. David Robertson says:

    Tory party tribute.

  42. Joemcg says:

    No eye candy at all. Maybe that’s why pantsdown is getting his sexual thrills from Alex’s book.

  43. Big Jock says:

    Lesley I think it’s at Murrayfield…but don’t quote me! LOL

  44. Jim Thomson says:

    @Lesley-Anne, yup – 3000+ capacity apparently.

  45. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Aye big brur, Re Danny, yep I’ll see if I can get a ringside seat at the count. Think it’ll be a knockout…

  46. Brotyboy says:

    Deep joy.

  47. manandboy says:

    It’s definitely at the SECC

  48. bugsbunny says:

    John@3.32pm. “They all look very tired and constipated”

    I know of a cure on the 8th of May that will make them loosen their bowels. 59 lost deposits.


  49. Heather McLean says:

    The guy in the first photo looks like he’s trying to hang himself with that lanyard! Lol!

  50. Gavin says:

    Just like the Marie Celeste, but without the party atmosphere !

    I have always wondered what the lib dems actually stand for. I remember a Rab C Nesbit episode about a Govan by-election. Rab is asked by a pollster his voting intentions, to which Rab replies “Liberal Democrat, put me down as a don’t know”

    Sums them up really !

  51. John Sellars says:

    Stuart, you may mock.

    Really, you may – carry on.

  52. Juteman says:

    It’s a wind up, right?
    The photo’s were actually taken at a Spiritualists meeting?

  53. Bogchuff says:

    Danny Alexander – Big Hitter?
    That’s rhyming slang, right?

  54. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Re snp conference, doubt it will be televised. I decided to go and see it live

  55. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    I’ve been to far bigger SNP branch meetings.

    The yellow tories are going to get annihilated.

    Everyone knows wee Danny will be oot on his arse but even the blundering Carmicheal may not be safe. 😀

  56. Big Jock says:

    Juteman – Were the audience the spirits or the living dead?

  57. Dr Jim says:

    You have to admire the tenacity of……Nah I can’t keep that up, it’s cruelty to politics is what it is
    They need protecting, like Dogs Trust or something
    I mean Dear oh Dear, it’s shocking, and they let folk take pictures of this

    Well i suppose it’ll give them something to look back on in the years and years and possibly years to come…( SIGH )

  58. bugsbunny says:

    Gone Tonto@3.36,

    The reason they don’t have any youngsters there is a testament to those two Stalwarts of the Liberals, Jeremy Thorpe and Cyril Smith. Nobody much under 20 is safe at that meeting, hell make that 40.


  59. manandboy says:

    The LibDems are running out of time in the exam,
    having failed to answer any of the questions.

    They know their application will be rejected on May7.

    They have had 5 years on the Gravy Train.
    Now they will have to get off at the next station.

    Who is going to miss Danny ‘Mr Smug’ Alexander,
    who put the boot into Indy big time, and was cocky with it.

    I haven’t an ounce of sympathy for him.

    Perhaps an NHS contractor will rescue him. Isn’t that how it works?

  60. Big Jock says:

    The guy trying to hang himself with his badge string. Is Malcolm Bruce, retiring from Alex Salmond’s new soon to be seat. Maybe its a symbolic gesture!

  61. Alexandra-M- says:

    That lanyard one has been cracking me up for ages. Every time I look at it I just crease.

  62. Big Jock says:

    Alexander is ok. He is a permanant body double for Jabba The Hut. Star Wars actors always find work.

  63. frogesque says:


    Today’s Woman’s Hour podcast is now up

    WH: Nicola Sturgeon, Glasgow School of Art

    Fri, 20 Mar 15

    46 mins

    30 days remaining

    Jane Garvey talks to Nicola Sturgeon about what the Scottish National Party plans to offers women voters. Muriel Gray discusses plans to rebuild the unique art nouveau library of Glasgow School of Art. We hear from some of the young women from BBC Scotland’s young voter projects, Generation 2014 and Generation 2015. And, the Friday panel discusses some of the stories of the week.

  64. HandandShrimp says:

    Yup SECC and I believe if you are not fast you will be last to get a ticket

  65. carjamtic says:

    Why do most people take an instant aversion to Danny Alexander

    It’s saves time in the long run

  66. Dr Jim says:


    SNP conference will be in the SECC, email from Nicola this morning
    See , other parties, that’s how you run stuff with an email from your First Minister with your name on it
    Efficient, personal, and with a smile

    Oh, and one more thing, Our Conference will be…HUGE…
    Folk actually like the SNP…even though we are vile and all those other words
    Funny how we’re all happy though

  67. Jamie Arriere says:

    I don’t think the breeding programme is going to be fast enough or big enough – they’re going to need a kidnapping programme.

    But none of them look like they could even kidnap a sausage roll

  68. bugsbunny says:

    Gone Tonto@3.43pm,

    Probably test tubes as they are a load of wankers anyway, and the only Pussies they’ll see is their Party Officials, they only Fannies they’ll see is their own reflections, and no guessing what their esteemed colleagues in Better Together are? They begin with C and rhyme with Punts.


  69. Lesley-Anne says:

    Thanks guys and gals.

    I only asked cause if Nicola could fill the S.E.C.C. with over 12,000 people during her tour then surely at conference time that figure would just get bigger.

    There again perhaps the conference will be the first in history to require multiple venues, say S.E.C.C., Murrayfield and Hampden. 😀

  70. Juteman says:

    I saw Wee Wullie ‘in the flesh’ a couple of weeks ago at the Cupar 5 mile road race. I actually felt sorry for him, as most runners, normally a chatty, friendly bunch, were politely avoiding him.
    I think his ticket punching machine has turned on its owner.

  71. Karmanaut says:

    Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems.

    The conference pictures highlight how much the political landscape has changed in Scotland.

  72. Lesley-Anne says:

    In that first photie is Malcolm Bruce actually AWAKE? 😉

    It looks to me like he is fast asleep. I think we have now figured out how Lib Dems vote. They wait till everyone is sleeping then after reading out the question of the vote ask all the members to raise a hand if they are asleep! 😀

  73. Brian Powell says:

    For the SNP conference in the SECC I think the BBC should get their engineers onto fixing the technical problems with catchup, iPlayer, live feed failures and microphone breakdowns now.

    Save all those excuses when these mysteriously happen at the time.

  74. Ali says:

    Nothing could make me happier than seeing Malcom Bruce’s sour face after his annoying-as-hell triumphalist post-referendum speech. GIRUY.

  75. Big Jock says:

    Juteman -That’s funny I met…sorry saw wee Wullie at a running road race in Knockhill a few years back. It was a 3 circuits of the race track job. I think I was fourth …he was near the back as usual!

  76. Eric D says:

    Lesley-Anne : 149 and rising. See you on the 5th for the inaugural meeting/AGM.

  77. Tackety Beets says:

    Malcolm Bruce’s lynyard is is being remote controlled by Christine Jardine !

    Rev , yer haein a right go at em ! #
    In the words o Dick Emery ” O you are awfull …….. but I like it ! ”

    Well remembered about the Trams and A9 capers in 2007.
    Much as I like using the Trams especially the under publicised and under used FREE Carpark @ Ingilston Park an’Ride , A9 Dual would definitely have SAVED LIVES .

  78. Valerie says:

    And I thought Danny and his yellow lunchbox yesterday was funny.

    I’m a great believer in laughing at yourself, so how those guys can keep a straight face is beyond me.

    After the referendum, the first SNP branch meeting I attended, had c.120, folk were standing at the back. Had to move to a bigger venue after that.

    Paddy Pantsdown always brings sex into it, eh?

  79. Lesley-Anne says:

    Thanks folks for the S.E.C.C. confirmation. To be honest I was actually trying to be sort of sarcastic with my original comment. :B:

    I guess it didn’t quite work out as I intended, oh well. 😛

    Still it is great to hear everyone being excited about it being at the S.E.C.C. for real as opposed to my silly attempt at, now failed 😉 , sarcasm.

    I know for certain that I do not need to wish everyone have a good time at the conference because that goes without saying. If I forget next week I’ll say say it now.

    To everyone going to the S.E.C.C. next week have fun and enjoy yourselves. 😀

  80. Big Jock says:

    Trams were a white elephant. Vanity project gone mad. Lothian buses are excellent and go to where people actually live. The route does not justify the cost and never will.

  81. Auld Rock says:

    Back to the future – 1922 style. As Nicola said yesterday at FMQ’s, “Dearie, Dearie Me”. Roll on the 28th and an electrifying speech from Nicola. As for the Secretary of State for Portsmouth his coat is on a really shoogly peg right now, he’s even meddling in Holyrood matters desperately trying to get some press coverage, squirm, squirm.

    Oh, happy days.

    Auld Rock

  82. iain taylor (not that one) says:

    Interesting story gleaned today about LibDems in Fife supporting wobbling Slab budget vote in exchange for a concession worth £50k.

  83. manandboy says:

    LibDem Conference.

    It just needs David Cameron to make an appearance,
    and say, “Dear friends in the LibDems – We are Better Together.
    Ehm, well, no, sorry, what I mean is, we could have been Better Together.
    Then again, you know what, maybe we’ll be Better Apart –
    yes, yes! that’s what I’m trying to say to you all today.

    We’re Better Apart, – ‘cos we’re different,
    and because things haven’t worked out between us
    in the joined together thing, eh, the coalition.

    Emm, actually, we’re, we’re ah, very different,
    so it’s going to be Much Better Apart.
    Yep, that’s it! That’s my message to you LibDems today –
    and, and, and to the whole country –
    we’re Much Better Apart, because we are so different.

    So, cheerio then. Bye. I’m off to Scotland now.

    Thing is I don’t know what to say to them.’

  84. Bawbags says:

    I take it Chaz was in the local boozer! Conspicuous in his absence

  85. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    Well it certainly isn’t their youth wing! Wonder what the average age of Labour and their Scottish branch office is? 75?

  86. Jim Thomson says:

    @Lesley-Anne 4:44pm

    Have to admit that the Royal Concert hall would have been my preference because they have a great sound system in there, and the seats are comfy, whereas the SECC is not so good for us oldsters with sair backs sair necks, dodgy lugs and persistent tinnitus.

    Problem with the RCH is that it can only seat 2745 in the main auditorium. Right bugger that limited capacity 😛

  87. Ian Brotherhood says:

    And the other three LibDem Dwarves from Hell – Gormless, Shameless and, er, ach fuck it, can’t even be bothered…

  88. scotsbob says:

    Tomorrow the BBC are devoting 2 hours TV time to this small group of pensioners.

  89. HandandShrimp says:

    Andrew Neil had a right go at Danny over the yellow box. I almost felt sorry him….

    …OK it was only almost.

  90. Lesley-Anne says:

    Eric D says:

    Lesley-Anne : 149 and rising. See you on the 5th for the inaugural meeting/AGM.

    Thanks for that Eric, I’m looking forward to it. Mind you if things keep going the way they are at present we may soon be splitting THIS branch down AGAIN! 😀

    I think this is the problem Jim there are not that many places in Scotland that can hold a LARGE audience in comfort. Perhaps now is the time to have multiple venues … R.C.H. in Glasgow, Caird Hall in Edinburgh, Perth Theatre and Eden Court conference centre in Inverness for starters might do. 😛

  91. scott says:

    Stu,Is someone going to ask Ginger if his party has paid the police bill from one of their last small get together,I seem to remember Andrew Neil asking this last year.Their new theme song is “where have all the Lib’s gone”

  92. JBS says:

    The faces of futility…

  93. DerekM says:

    your sacked and you i dont know who you are but your sacked as well ,in fact you are all sacked especially you Danny , now let that be a lesson to you all next time the public ask you to represent them dont get in bed with the party most of them voted for you to stop you halfwits.
    Speaking of halfwits where is Clegg.
    Nae wonder Charlie hit the bottle looking at this lot would drive you to it lol

  94. Alex Waugh says:

    Oh my, but I did enjoy that! I know that schadenfreude is not the kindest of reactions but, given the Lib Dem’s record in Scotland and the way that they have enthusiastically snuggled right into bed with the Tories, I reckon it’s totally justified. Thank you Mr. Campbell for the best laugh I’ve had all week.

  95. Ian Brotherhood says:

    LibDems in happier times (when they were better organised), and happier for a’body else because they were silent:

    The Silent Years of Slapstick Comedy –

  96. Proud Cybernat says:

    Looking at those pics, Rev, this came to mind….

  97. Proadge says:

    Those pictures remind me of photographs of Communist Party election rallies in Poland in 1989 – a few people in a large hall of empty chairs. Meanwhile, Solidarity – a party of hope and progress, a party whose time had come – were packing them in in their thousands, just as Nicola did at the Hydro and the SNP will at the SECC the weekend after this.

    The scenes from today’s Scottish Liberal Democrat conference are an eloquent snapshot of the end of an era, the imminent consignment to history, in Scotland at any rate, of an utterly bankrupt political party.

  98. Gone Tonto says:

    Paddy Pantsdown’s intervention says more about his own sexual problems than it does contribute to the sum of political knowledge.

  99. Gone Tonto says:

    Was Charlie there, or was the bar still open.

    Cheap I know, but.

  100. Macart says:

    I hope their God forgives them for acting as enablers to Cameron and his cadre of gangsters, for denigrating their own electorate and spitting on self determination.

    I never will.

    The supposed federalist party that brought us the Smith Commission and control over bloody road signage.

    Well done them.

  101. Marco McGinty says:

    Whit’s wae aw thae NAZI salutes?

  102. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Rare Photos of Remote Tribes at Risk Of Disappearing –

  103. Mealer says:

    I think they’re all very brave,holding themselves up to ridicule like that.

  104. Karmanaut says:

    Looks like there’s going to be a UKIP conference in Scotland.

    They’ve yet to decide on the venue, but have narrowed it down to one of four possibilites.

  105. Grouse Beater says:

    Brewster’s Radio panel debate this afternoon – the Labour rep began, “The largest party gets to form…” before the groans arose from the audience.

  106. Lesley-Anne says:

    Macart says:

    The supposed federalist party that brought us the Smith Commission and control over bloody road signage.


    We have control over road signs … really?

    I thought WM had decided to take this control back Macart. 😉 I think it was something to do with the threat of signs like “Everbody is welcome to Scotland … except you Cameron … or you Milliband … or you (whit’s yer name again?) SOD OFF!” appearing at the border. 😀

  107. cearc says:


    His ‘local’, do you mean the subsidised bars in Westminister?

    He probably forgot all about the wee meeting up north, what day it is, what an election is or what his job is.

    Come May, hopefully, he’ll be able to forget what pay cheques and an expense account are as well.

  108. R-type Grunt says:

    Inspiring, eh?

  109. DerekM says:

    i thought UKIP where holding their conference here

  110. Marco McGinty says:

    “They all look very tired and constipated.”

    That’s why they were voting on a motion amendment!

  111. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Endangered Species, ‘No Doubt’ (1995) –

  112. Valerie says:

    Grouse Beater @ 5.47- worth tuning in for that!
    You must have smiled.

    Job done, Rev.!

  113. john king says:

    Bogchuff says @ 4.09pm
    “Danny Alexander – Big Hitter?
    That’s rhyming slang, right?”

    Little league Bogchuff little league. 🙂

  114. YESGUY says:

    Hilarious Rev.

    can’t keep the smile from my face and the commenters should come with the ” usual keep hot drinks away” tab. I can hardly see my screen for tears of laughter.

    All those grey haired folk. Any way you look at it the Fibdems are as bad as LIEbour.

    Hope Nichola gets the crowd going with her speech and maybe a wee rendition of ” cheerio, cheeerio, cheeerio” to all the unionist MP’s suddenly without a job.

    Who would have thought that our wee movement would destroy the unionists liars after the ref. Revenge ???? Too bloody right.

    The proclaimers got it right. We’er on our way from misery to happyness in May – aha aha aha hah..


  115. bookie from hell says:

    BBC Womans Hour

    Jane Garvey interviews Nicola Sturgeon


    1.intoxicating being leader
    2.political bogey women
    3.snp muscling in
    4.sticks in some peoples throats SNP voting Westminster you wish alex salmond would leave
    6.salmond is certainly big
    7.YOU & Ed Milliband
    8.three young girls at end,good–one NO voter says shes voting YES general election

  116. morgatron says:

    Wow, looks like a great day out. These stills really capture the excitement, the throng & smells of 60 0dd lost souls. Wish someone behind Malky the Bruce yanked his lanyard – oh missus! They really do know they are extinct, dont they! Which really makes my day.

  117. McNic says:

    We have canvassed through 7 Ayrshire villages, though admittedley never a Liberal Democrat stronghold (I have used their full title as a mark of respect), and we have found absolutley zero, blank, nada, not one voter who is willing to admit to intending to vote for them.
    Talking of voting intentions last night we actually found more Tory votes in a once Labour stronghold than, Labour.
    Putting Jim Murphy MP in as Branch Leader has gone down like a poke in the eye with a jaggy stick.

  118. Luigi says:

    I see defeat and resignation etched in everyone of their sad faces. A dying party going through the motions.

    Let’s put them out of their collective misery on May 7th.

  119. Stoker says:

    LMFAO @ this and all the comments – sore jaws and floods of tears.

    HAW, Mr.Moore, are you watching this, GIRFUY, CHEERYBYE!

  120. Author_Al says:

    Heard the Jane Garvey interview, where she tried all sorts of tricks to trip Nicola up. There was the question about the FM’s relationship with Alex and didn’t she want him to go away and stop hogging the limelight. Another on the lines of Your prediction about the oil was crap = SNP crap…More about English people getting aerated that nasty Nats will come along and interfere with all their money and laws ‘n shit.

    Nicola remained calm in the face of this rubbish.

    Our special survey for this prog revealed that the SNP is horrid and should stay North of the border and how dare the Scots come down to Westminster with their elected politicians and try to get the best deal for their constituents.

    Learned today in The National that Westminster has blown 300 billion of Scottish oil receipts… what on? That would have sorted out the deficit here for decades…

  121. Grizzle McPuss says:

    And there was me thinking I was looking at photo’s of the Dignitas waiting room…

  122. heedtracker says:

    BBC Womans Hour

    Jane Garvey interviews Nicola Sturgeon

    The nice BBC lady constantly jumping in/interrupting Sturgeon took me back to last year and all that BBC ghastly BBC clamp down interview nightmare. Its their BBC so they do what they like with it but they’re a spent force now.

    Also very creepy is BBC R4 6pm news currently monstering UKIP expenses fiddlers but when you think how hard everyone at the BBC has worked to get Scotland alone lumbered with a complete and utter UKIP MEP moron, its just another day in teamGB BBC land. Take a big bow BBC proud Scot but of the year, Jim Naughty.

    Poor old UKIP, just like the ConDem’s, useful idiots.

  123. Meindevon says:

    A wee mention on BBC six o’clock news for the Lib Dems Scottish conference.

    And when I say wee I mean it…blink and you missed it!

  124. Davy says:

    A couple of things, I believe the yellow box being waved about yesterday was a portable venue for the the libdem conference.

    Also please keep those pictures of the conference, as they could be the last pictures of that paticular political party, formerly known as the dodo party.

    They knew what they were doing these last five years, so good riddence to yellow rubbish and hell mend you.

  125. allan thomson says:

    Anybody seen Charlie Kennedy? Davy Steele? Ming Campbell? Reminds me of the old leaders cry -“follow me I’m right behind you”
    Eyes front then!

  126. Gary says:

    Heading in the same direction as the Tories…

  127. ronnie anderson says:

    Some young people in they photo,s , wiz there free Popcorn n chocolate fountain on the go.

    On a more serious note.

    Why arent the Scottish Police taking Court Action to recover the Dept ? . Is the Chief Constable Stephen House not accountable to the Public Purse.

    Get the Finger out & sue the LibDems Mr House.

  128. John Sm. says:

    Meanwhile elsewhere in the granite City there were hunners o’ us turned up for Alex Salmond’s book signing…

  129. David S says:

    Is the lanyard self-lyncher in pic 1 not wee Malky Bruce? He must be so relieved he’s standing down from Gordon this time and not facing the might of the Salmond campaign. And all Christine ‘soundbites but no substance’ Jardine can do is call for tactical voting, pathetic.

  130. Helena Brown says:

    After an afternoon packing the hoose, I have just had the best laugh of this or any Friday. Take a bow Wingers, and Stuart, you have had me splitting my sides.

  131. Sooz says:

    Crikey. Just 63? They could have saved some money and held it in a teashop. How depressing for them. They cling grimly on, believing against all odds that the rag-tag bunch of LibDem politicians will suddenly turn out to have been the warriors they were supposed to be, but that mirage takes at least two bottles of vodka on an empty stomach.

  132. icyspark says:

    Whilst I hate UKIP and all that it stands for, I do have to give this man some credit.

    Ukip candidate resigns: Jonathan Stanley leaves party citing ‘open racism and bullying’

    The Scotland-based surgeon said: “I have given my full resignation to the party because of issues happening in Scotland: open racism and sanctimonious bullying within the party. This sectarian racist filth in Scotland needs cleaning up. it is a great threat to the Eurosceptic cause and civil society.”

  133. Macart says:

    @ Lesley-Anne

    If it were down to me I’d have them all printed in km for a laff. Give Westminster two Euro fingers as t’were. 🙂

  134. Gone Tonto says:

    ronnie anderson says:
    20 March, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    On a more serious note.

    “Why arent the Scottish Police taking Court Action to recover the Dept ? . Is the Chief Constable Stephen House not accountable to the Public Purse.

    Get the Finger out & sue the LibDems Mr House.”

    A winding up order served on them in London might get their attention?

    BtP (gone tonto)

  135. Charles murphy says:

    correct me if I’ wrong ..but I think I saw the ghost of a smile .. Tenth row back . Five in … Just the one … But maybe it was just a grimace ,

  136. BobW says:


    IPSOS Phone poll in the field at the moment.

    Tactical voting Q asked.

  137. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Patrick Roden

    Do you have the name of the Japanese Artist & E Mail addy , we could E mail him & bring the use of his art work by the D/R to his attention,whats the worse that can happen Evil Cybernats ( WOS )support Poor Japanese Artist in getting payment from D/R for Unauthorised use of Artwork.

    Wings Without Borders.

  138. heedtracker says:

    Learned today in The National that Westminster has blown 300 billion of Scottish oil receipts… what on? That would have sorted out the deficit here for decades…

    You must be young and untroubled by the hell that was Snatcher Thatcher teamGB. That tory boy generation of high stakes elitist/gamblers/grovelers/peado’s used Scots oil to pay the dole for Maggies millions on the dole.

    Without Scots oil, 70’s and 80’s tory boy world couldn’t have paid for all the dole money but they probably wouldn’t have risked country wide working class revolution either, which they really did fear. That’s today’s teamGB historic irony of the day.

    Once again, if Scots oil is worthless, give up control of it England.

  139. john king says:

    Ian Brotherhood says @ 5.16
    “The Silent Years of Slapstick Comedy –”

    I remember that, (well my gran told me)
    wasn’t that when they voted for home rule for Scotland?

  140. Effijy says:

    You are a bad lot!

    What a great Lib Dim conference:

    Plenty of car parking spaces!

    Get a whole row of seats for the price of one!

    60 year olds sit in the Youth Wing!

    No queues for the toilets or boiled sweets!

    And a Quiz:- “What has 80 legs and smells of Pish?
    The conga line at the end of the Lib Dim’s Conference!

    To think that some of them travelled up from Westminster to try
    and make the place look occupied? lol

  141. Kenny says:

    I have a relative who is a member of the Scottish LDs. This relative does not know I am a Nat, I prefer to keep it that way, because that way I get some insight into the general mood at SLD headquarters.

    I can tell you, it is a laugh and a half hearing them fulminating against the SNP! They hate the SNP as much as Labour does, but it is almost a strange form of doublethink, many are honestly convinced that the SNP eat babies, want to start a war against England and are basically WWII Nazis without the German accents (so why are so many Green voters planning to vote SNP?).

    I feel Labour hates the SNP just because they are the real thing, groundroots politics, taking away their “god-given right” to trough at Westminster for five years. But the Limp Dems live in a bizarre world of doublethink in which the SNP is somehow “bad for democracy” (?) and will “do harm to Scotland” (wtf?!?).

    And let me tell you that they are DREADING the general election!!

  142. Robert Peffers says:

    After watching that lot all I can say is – Ladies & Gentlemen I give you a song dedicated to the LibDem’s Danny Alexander, (and it sure isn’t Danny Boy) : –

  143. Tackety Beets says:

    @ Valerie 4.44pm

    Ref DA and the yellow lunch box , excellent .

    Yesterday within an hour my FB had the pic of Danny holding the yellow case up but it had in big bold black letters printed on it
    ” # Vote SNP ”
    Quick as you like

    And of course all the SNP Eclipse ones today .

    Brings a ray of sunshine to our hearts .

  144. Robert Peffers says:

    @Helena Brown says:20 March, 2015 at 3:27 pm:

    ” … I would agree with the breeding programme but most of them are far too old to breed and the young ones don’t look very capable.

    Isn’t it the, “not very capable ones”, that end up preggers, Helena? The capable ones take precautions.

  145. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Roy Orbison, ‘Only The Lonely’ –

  146. Paula Rose says:

    Is that a party of government?

  147. john king says:

    HandandShrimp says @5.04pm
    “Andrew Neil had a right go at Danny over the yellow box. I almost felt sorry him….”

    Does no one else think he looked like a teletubby with his wee handbag, apparently Gideon wouldn’t let him out until he’d given no 11 the once over with noonoo. 🙂

  148. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Go on Danny – spin the cap off another bottle of Bells and sing along…

    Gilbert O’Sullivan, ‘Alone Again’ –

  149. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Andrew Gold, ‘Lonely Boy’ –

  150. Giving Goose says:


    I was always of the opinion that the Lib Dems are pseudo intellectuals (I’m talking about the would be politicians), the kid that sat at the back of the class, was a bit anal, a swot and quietly opinionated while looking down his/her nose at the rest of the class.

    They appear to believe that their role in life is to do the thinking for the plebs and the great unwashed. They probably absolutely hate people being proactively informed. We are taking their jobs away from them.

  151. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    “Paddy Pantsdown always brings sex into it, eh?

    This from the party of Cyril Smith and Lord Rennard. 😛

    How proud must any yellow tory feminists be right now?

  152. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Just occurred to me that the WOS knees-up in the Counting House, Glasgow, last April had at least twice as many attendees. Seriously.

    Next one is May 1st, same venue. Last chance to meet before the GE, so please make it if you can. Not bothering to book it or anything, we’ll just meet around the same bit as last time.

  153. liz says:

    Just listening to The Women’s hour programme now and as usual constant interruption.

    Can’t get over the – how very dare you have a say in running the country, the interviewer bringing in the Welsh as well – don’t Welsh MPs have a say in WM?

    Obsessed by oil prices – give me strength!

    Ignorant, ignorant questioning.

  154. john king says:

    Luigi says @ 6.11pm
    “Let’s put them out of their collective misery on May 7th.”

    Let’s put them out of OUR collective misery on May 7th.
    fixed that for you. 😉

  155. galamcennalath says:

    Funny thing, we used to wonder what would happen to all these Scottish branches of Unionist London-centric parties after independence. Looks like they might be on the way out before we get near independence!

  156. G4jeepers says:

    Red tory seats.

  157. Author_Al says:

    Old news, but this breakdown of GERS is fascinating. Scotland really does get screwed.

    The Libs reminded me of a Roald Dahl book … ‘Danny The Champion Of The Worried’

  158. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The Muppet Show Singers, ‘There Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens’ –

  159. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood ah wiz searching You Tube fur the FUDDERER song, bit ah canny find it an he,s no worth the time it takes tae write it.

    Ach away an play wie yer Toy Danny Boy.

  160. liz says:

    Just to add in another bit from WH.
    The interviewer asked the young No voter why she had voted that way but didn’t ask the Yes voter the same question.

    The No voter said she was glad she had voted No because – of the oil price.

    They are really hammering us with that one but also the No voter said she would probably vote SNP for a stronger Scottish voice – so that’s getting through as well

  161. gillie says:

    Lots of complaints about Jane Garvey’s highly aggressive interview with Nicola Sturgeon on BBC Womans Hour. The degree of hostility shown Ms Garvey reflects the continuing screeching by BBC presenters towards SNP politicians.

  162. john king says:

    Ian Brotherhood says @ 7.15
    “Go on Danny – spin the cap off another bottle of Bells and sing along…

    Gilbert O’Sullivan, ‘Alone Again’ –”

    Dont you mean Gilbert And Sullivan?
    I have a little list.

  163. Lesley-Anne says:

    Macart says:

    @ Lesley-Anne

    If it were down to me I’d have them all printed in km for a laff. Give Westminster two Euro fingers as t’were. 🙂

    Oh what fun that would be Macart. It would be even funnier if you actually left the Km bit off at the end. 😛

    Is it true Danny Alexander was singing this song as he left the stage earlier today? 😉

  164. john king says:

    Ian Brotherhood says @
    “Just occurred to me that the WOS knees-up in the Counting House, Glasgow, last April had at least twice as many attendees. Seriously.”

    Ysee, that’s what happens when you DONT get Irene to run the raffle. 🙂

  165. Craig P says:

    A wee bit of fun: a quiz to find out how close you are to the ‘political centre’ of the UK.

  166. Craig P says:

    My results from that quiz:

    “Your answers place you on the left of the political centre in comparison with the overall population in 2014.
    You scored 8 out of 25
    A score of 5 is the furthest left and 25 is the furthest right. Your answers would place you a long way from the political centre in any year”

    And I thought I was pretty much in the centre!!

  167. David Agnew says:

    Handy lib-dem put downs for when words fail.

    The liberal party can compress the most words into the smallest ideas better than any political movement I have seen.

    If they start looking for shale gas in Scotland, I want drilling rights to Danny Alexanders head.

    Sometimes I wonder whether the lib dems are being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.

    If the lib-dems will stop telling lies about the SNP, we will stop telling the truth about them.

    & finally

    You are what you do. If you do boring, stupid monotonous work, chances are you’ll end up boring, stupid and monotonous. The Lib-dems work record in government is a much better explanation for the creeping cretinization all around us than even such significant moronizing mechanisms such as Westminster and kate hopkins on question time

  168. frogesque says:

    liz says:
    20 March, 2015 at 7:31 pm
    Just listening to The Women’s hour programme now and as usual constant interruption.

    Can’t get over the – how very dare you have a say in running the country, the interviewer bringing in the Welsh as well – don’t Welsh MPs have a say in WM?

    Obsessed by oil prices – give me strength!

    Ignorant, ignorant questioning.

    Yep, disappointed at the tone of that interview. I honestly expected better from Woman’s Hour. Jenny Murray is a much better interviewer than the, Look-at-me-how-important-I-am , Jane Garvey. I’m a guy and often listen in while driving and I was quite taken aback at the overbearing interruptions.

    Woman’s Hour missed a real opportunity to squash the sexist crap in politics in particular and promote the standing of women in general.

  169. Paula Rose says:

    Well O/T

    @ Ian Brotherhood 7:27

    I’m going to wear a special outfit – so no tacky badges.

  170. Brian Nicholson says:

    So the LibDems still owe the Scottish Police EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS, the scroungers. Perhaps in the spirit of benevolence and charity, WINGS should pay off the debt and make sure that the MSM media are aware of the generosity. I would personally contribute to a crowdfunding appeal as would many Wingers I suspect. After all we are kindly to all, even to those facing extinction. You could not buy this kind of advertising as cheaply.

  171. Go home and prepare for… A nice cup of cocoa.

  172. The Rough Bounds says:

    I first joined the SNP over half a century ago and never once in those fifty years did I ever attend an SNP conference with delegates so low in number as those attending that Lib Dem conference today. It’s almost embarrassing looking at those pictures.

    Then I think back to those early days when the Liberals treated us like dirt under their fingernails for daring to suggest that Scotland ought to be free, and any embarrassment disappears. Oh boy, am I enjoying this? You bet your bottom dollar I am.

  173. john king says:

    Yea it helps if I put the link in

    I have a little list.

  174. “Go back to your constituencies and prepare for annihilation”

  175. Lesley-Anne says:

    Just done the wee BBC quiz thingy Craig. If you thought you were on Centre ground with 8 out of 25 what does that make me with 5 out of 25? 😉

    Oh that’s right according the the BBC manual of political ethics I am a hard line communist to the LEFT of Kim Jong-un. 😀

  176. bugsbunny says:

    To CraigP@7.57pm,

    To my surprise, I got 6.

    I thought I would be a 5? lol.


  177. De Valera says:

    Where is cardboard cut-out Carmichael?

  178. Alan McHarg says:

    How did this lot win the referendum? In the words of another old Scottish codger “I don’t believe it”!

  179. john king says:

    Paula Rose says @ 7.58
    “I’m going to wear a special outfit – so no tacky badges.”

    Oh no you not going to wear that outfit you wore last year AGAIN?

    Your going to give me a Chinese burn again aren’t you? 🙁

  180. john king says:

    Brian Nicholson says @ 8.02
    “So the LibDems still owe the Scottish Police EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS”

    Eh I think you’ll find Brian the figure the Police are owed is a little higher than that,

  181. Craig P says:

    Lesley-Anne – by my calculations, that makes you centre-left.

    The BBC’s going to need a bigger scale!

  182. David says:

    Next year they can have their conference in my front room; just as long as no-one sits in front of the telly.

  183. Alan Mackintosh says:

    @ de valera, Carmichael was there, have a look at wings twitter about five hours ago…

    ps, don’t have any liquids in your mouth if you want to save having to clean them up…

  184. Ivor Mackie says:

    I have been playing “spot the Councillor” and found one, any one else had any luck. A chocolate Egg for the winner.

  185. Macart says:

    @ Lesley-Anne

    If he was singing at all it was in a falsetto. 🙂

  186. Croompenstein says:

    Go back to your constituencies and prepare for humblement 😀

  187. Brian Nicholson says:

    That is what happens when you read the story too quickly. Of course, once I noticed it was about the LibDems, I started to nod off half way through.

  188. Lesley-Anne says:


    Thanks for that update Craig. I was so looking forward to being even more Left than Kim Jong Un. In fact being so far left that I actually started to appear as being more RIGHT wing. 😛

    I think you are right Macart.

    Oh by the way I’ve just come up with a great road sign.

    Border 20

    Manchester Dunno

    Birmingham Dan Suff

    London WELL Dan Suff


  189. G H Grahan says:

    So this is the full might of Scottish support for one part of the UK coalition government; 63 weary delegates.

    What a sorry reflection of the British political system; that this unprincipled, ineffective, reactionary & deeply unpopular party is partly in charge of the country’s finances, policies & direction.

    Meanwhile, only the most narcissistic of personalities could look up from that lonely lectern & consider this miserable attendance & blatantly reluctant adulation, satisfactory.

  190. Macart says:

    @ John King 8.22

    Oh jayzus John, you’re in bother. 😀

  191. The similarities to Little Big Horn come to mind bar being over a month earlier, roll on the 8th of May.

  192. BuckieBraes says:

    I knew this title reminded me of something.

    Graceless, Pointless, Feckless and Aimless were the names of the cattle in Stella Gibbons’ Cold Comfort Farm; and could be applied just as well.

  193. john king says:

    I have a question,
    Why does De Valera have a gravatar that looks like Michael Marra wearing a Commanche headdress?
    Oh, btw
    here he is

  194. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Patrick Roden I seen it Patrick but Im not signing in for a account, they have no google/facebook/outlook, no can DO.

  195. ELLIOTT says:

    Ha ha

  196. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood 7.27 Ok Mr side room it is whit aboot the overflow, we canny put people in the toilet awe night, the place will be packed lol.

  197. john king says:

    Alan McHargh says @ 8.21
    “How did this lot win the referendum? In the words of another old Scottish codger “I don’t believe it”!”

    Like this you mean?

  198. Edward says:

    @Craig P – I got 7 out of 25, so slightly left of you
    Amazing the BBC gives low numbers to those on the left
    Ok not surprised 😉

  199. Lenny Hartley says:

    O/T currently in Bardney,Lincolnshire what was the name of the person who ran Ian Taylors phantom office in the village just in case he comes into the pub!!!

  200. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Christian Wright (8.10) –

    🙂 Brilliant.

    You can imagine Willie ‘I Got Him Up Twice Last Year And I’m Determined To Get Him Up Again’ Rennie actually saying that to Conference if Cleggy told him to.

  201. Re the Nicola interview on R4 the aggression is even being seen elsewhere.

  202. De Valera says:

    @Alan Mackintosh

    Thanks for the warning!

  203. bookie from hell says:

    Saturday papers uncomfortable for labour

    Labour Party has received 600k from a Hedge Fund Manager

  204. john king says:

    Macart @ 8.53

    I know,
    Im thinking…

  205. Gone Tonto says:

    a propos

    The world’s most depressing selfie.

    “By the time you receive this, I will be gone forever.

    I am at the Scottish LibDem Spring Reunion and I just cannot take any more.

    When I am gone the average age here will rise by at least five years.

    We are doomed.

    Goodbye cruel World”

  206. Kenny says:

    Giving Goose: From my observations of Lib Dems, I would say that, to use a schoolyard comparison, they are the little girl of which adults would sigh and say: “She’s awae wi the fairies, that one!” They honestly live in a world of their own, completely detached from reality.

    In that sense, I think it is wrong to think of the Libs Dems as a centrist party. I would honestly call their politics not centre or right or left, but “fairyland”. I think that is why so many of their politicians are oddballs, criminals, drunkards, kid-fiddlers, etc., who immediately go back on their word like Nick Clegg, because the whole set-up of the party is some fairyland/parallel universe/mindwarp/alternative dimension in which no normal laws apply or exist.

    That is why they campaigned against YES despite the fact that an indy Scotland would have been completely in line with their supposed “policies”. It is not for nothing that they are the Yellow Tories; yellow is a well-known symbol of gall bile and madness.

  207. JLT says:

    Jesus …that’s desperate!

    Each photograph seems to emanate the spectre of despair, defeat and desolation…

    …and don’t they all know it!

  208. Gone Tonto says:

    @ Bookie from Hell

    Shock Horror!

    bookie from hell says:
    20 March, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    Saturday papers uncomfortable for labour

    Labour Party has received 600k from a Hedge Fund Manager

    Hedge Fund Manager hedges his bets and puts £2 million on SNP to hold balance. (I made that up 🙂 )

  209. Kenny says:

    I have to say I welcome when Nicola is aggressively interviewed, because she can take anything that is thrown at her and it just makes viewers appreciate her skills all the more, winning the SNP more admirers both north and south of the border.

    I feel viewers in England especially are crying out for a politician who are saying things like “scrap Trident”, “end austerity”, “ban the bedroom tax”… So what must they think when they see a woman saying such things calmly and concisely being sniped at by the much-unloved BBC and other establishment jackals?

    As an SNP man, if I were interviewing Nicola, I would try to give her the most awkward questions possible, because I know she would always have a good answer — and more. Man, how the establishment hacks must hate having such an eloquent, left-wing FEMALE (!) to deal with!!

    The Andrew Marr interview with Nicola was disappointing, because he was so feeble (as he always is). Still, while Nicola has given many a good interview in her time, I think nothing will EVER beat Jeannie Freeman completely wiping the floor with Andrew Neil over the NHS. The BBC hacks are probably thinking these are indeed “women from hell” (to employ the term earned by Highland regiments in WWI).

  210. Macart says:

    @John King

    If you’re lucky. 😀

  211. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Lesley-Anne.

    You had the AUDACITY to type,
    “Caird Hall in Edinburgh”
    but what gets me is that nobody from Dundee or its environs DARED to correct you!

    The Caird Hall was financed by one of Dundee’s jute barons, James K. Caird. It faces City Square, Dundee. I don’t believe Edinburgh even has a City Square.

    The Caird Hall is internationally known for the quality of its acoustics. Keith Emerson (The Nice and Emerson Lake & Palmer) played the Caird Hall organ at ELP’s first gig of 3 there. ‘Twas the intro to ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’.

    Links for your edumacation…

  212. john says:

    What’s the difference between a UKIP MEP jokingly comparing someone to Abu Hamza and you jokingly comparing someone to the Yorkshire ripper?

  213. Jimbo says:

    Go back to your constituencies and prepare for oblivion…

  214. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Oh, and as Dundee has cropped up in the thread…

    Anyone from the Dundee/Angus/Perth areas who wants to book a seat or two on the minibus to the Wings meet in Glasgow on 1st May, get over to “off-topic” and stake your claim.

    We have 7 so far and need another 8 bums to make it viable at £8 a bum.

  215. Midgehunter says:

    These WERE the young Libs today, tomorrow the elite “Old Guard” will be coming. 😉

  216. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    And if you don’t know where to find “off-topic”, it’s here:-

  217. Clootie says:

    I scored 10 in the BBC quiz – almost on the right of the Wings spectrum 🙂

    Another 10 points and I can join the Labour Party.

  218. Alan R says:

    If Nicola booked Wembley Stadium before the GE it would be full of Scottish just like the late 70’s early 80’s before the MSM got their way and we got banned. I live and work in England. The working class people down here are seeing thru the media garbage and wish they had a party like the SNP to at least have a go for the poor and working class.

  219. Lesley-Anne says:

    To all Dundonians 100,00 MILLION apologies for shifting YOUR Caird Hall from your beloved Dundee to Edinburgh. 🙁

    I could not, and still can’t remember the name of the theatre in Edinburgh I was thinking of when I wrote that post. (it was the theatre where the YES campaign kicked off is anyone is wondering 😉 )

    Thanks Brian Doonthetoon for putting me right on my absolutely disastrious disaster regarding the Caird Hall. 😛

  220. Sinky says:

    As a political party the SNP can only do so much about the British establishment without being monstered by the right wing Unionist press and the left wing Unionist press like Trinity Mirror which escapes the criticism of the Sun despite being just as bad over phone hacking.

    Therefore its up to wingers to write to press and call phone ins about the sleaze and highlight the corruption at the heart of Westminster and the main UK political parties.

    Do many voters know that Westminster MPs from Scotland get twice as much in expenses as MSPs despite having no more responsibilities post devolution.

    This allows them to employ many more assistants to send out propaganda to unsuspecting voters.

    Britiannia waves the rules.

  221. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Could it have been the Usher Hall or the Playhouse?

    Only suggestions; eh’m content wie the Cairdie. No need to explore thon foreign venues.

  222. Grouse Beater says:

    Six times today, in a very busy working day with lost of important matters that involves creating work for others, I happened to come upon vicious anti-SNP attacks, in the press, on radio, and television, each sufficiently obnoxious as to stop me in my tracks.

    All of them were thinly veiled attacks on the people of Scotland.

    Very depressing.

    The campaign to demoralise an entire nation goes on…

  223. call me dave says:

    UKIP lose GE 3 candidates in 24hrs, Farage spluttering in his pint and trying to bluff it out.

  224. Sinky says:

    Grouse Beater

    We are taking on the the full force of the British establishment and their cosy Westminster traditions.

    That means the BBC, UK Civil Service, UK press an as well as the spin machines of the two largest and best funded political parties in the UK and their supine journalists.

    And it will get worse over the next six weeks.

  225. Free Scotland says:

    Am I right to suggest that one of the pics shows some kids skipping school?

  226. call me dave says:

    Ann Begg Labour Chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee being embarrassed on radio 5 live about ‘what labour would do’ to achieve 12bn of the projected cuts to come from the UK welfare budget.

    Edwina Currie in her usual form scoffs and say’s Begg doesn’t know the government figures!

    Blue Tories = Red Tories must disclose where these ‘savings’ are to be targeted before the election. Aye right!

  227. Joemcg says:

    Brian Wilson’s latest eulogy on the oil situation is a chuckle. We’re all doomed a tell ye!

  228. bookie from hell says:


    @JimForScotland,England,Wales,N Ireland

  229. The Isolator says:

    As per the Labour Party in Scotland,let’s tramp the dirt down on these imposters in May.(The Tory party in Scotland died a long long time ago).

    Edinburgh Calling at the top of the dial.

  230. Lesley-Anne says:

    Thanks for that Brian Doonthetoon, it was indeed the Usher Hall. … Caird Hall … Usher Hall … they don’t even sound similar for goodness sake … DOH! 😀

  231. maureen mangan says:

    You forgot feckless because they are just another party who doesn’t give one.

  232. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Grouse Beater –

    Depressing? Aye, at times, indeed.

    But I dare say that’s why this place has flourished – we all get the blues from time to time, but generally? this site, and other pro-Indy projects, have prospered because we ARE positive. That was AS’s central message throughout the campaign, and he never ever deviated from it – perhaps, in 30 years, we’ll find out to what extent we were robbed in Sept. (Personally, I do believe we were, but I can’t prove it.)

    In the meantime, do we wait for The Establishment to see sense and allow folk to determine their own future? I doubt anyone in Eire would be able to stifle a laugh at such a suggestion. We keep fighting because we have no option. The indyref campaign flushed out the real enemies of any meaningful ‘democracy’ in this rotten, unhappy construction called the United Kingdom, and they’ll never be able to slither back to their hiding places.

    Now, with them out in the open, and scarpering for cover? We move decisively, and never ever allow them the opportunity to exert such insidious and debilitating control over our communities.

    Of course, I know that you know all this, but we all encounter sequences of negative stories/experiences which make it appear that the forces facing us are impregnable. They aren’t – we’re a matter of weeks away from proof positive that the ‘British’ State is on its last legs, and the voters of Scotland will play a pivotal role in exposing its feet of clay.

    ‘Old England is dying…’

  233. Robert Peffers says:

    @Sinky says: 20 March, 2015 at 10:34 pm:

    ” … And it will get worse over the next six weeks.”

    Yes Sinky but they still have not twigged that the more the snipe the more new members move over to Independence parties from the Unionist parties. Look at that recent Record poll.

  234. Richardinho says:

    Got to wonder what motivates the kind of people who go to the Lib Dem conference. Are they just crazy? Perhaps they take perverse pleasure following lost causes? it would surely take some kind of masochist to be a lib dem in Scotland?

  235. Richardinho says:

    It’s a strange one that the only thing that the Lib dems have going for them is that they are supposedly the ‘nice’ party yet in Willie Rennie and Danny Alexander they really have two of the most loathsome reptiles in politics.

  236. Cadogan Enright says:

    AS on form as usual

    I like the way he speaks with controlled anger about the low lifes who stooped to inflict fear on pensioners during the referendum

    I THINK HE HAS HIT ON A KEY IDEA HERE – if we do this every time we are discussing the referendum, especially with no voters, we could ‘switch ‘ a lot of NOs and even shift the elderly if this becomes recognised as the real truthful story behind the referendum and they get angry about this too.

  237. Sinky says:

    Joemcg says

    You are right

    Problem is that The Scotsman does not print letters refuting Wilson’s nonsense.

  238. Dave W says:

    “Jesus Christ, I’ve had more people in bed than this”. Bill Hicks

  239. @StevieMcB

    The Duncan notallthere person sums up the whole problem with Labour a greasy pole party from start to finish.

  240. handclapping says:

    Actuarily it was the Cineworld complex on Dundee St cos I wos there, and I’ve got the badge.

  241. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I an not convinced we will do as well against the LibDems as the polls might suggest. Not because anyone has anytime for the LibDems but because in seats where the LibDems are likeliest to beat the SNP the hardcore unionist vote will coalesce around the Lib Dem candidate. As it will around Tories in seats where the Tories are likeliest to beat SNP.

    In both cases this may well not be enough to beat the SNP however as many traditional LibDems are closer to the SNP than they are to the union. Tory votes for the LibDem in many seats will do little more than match LiBDem votes going to the SNP

    The anti Tory vote in both those type of seats will probably tend to go to the SNP however so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

    The failing Labour vote in Labour held seats is very different. It is not hard core unionist, in many cases not unionist at all and in parts of West Central Scotland actually anti-unionist.
    It won’t go Tory or LibDem.

    We are looking at different processes but there is little doubt that the redistribution of the Labour and LibDem vote will decide most seats

  242. vambomarbeleye says:

    Stu I have been trying to contact you about some shite that came through my door from Lib Dems Skye. Usual SNP bad ruining NHS. NHS only save with them etc.
    I tried the contact page but no joy. Is there any way of sending a email to you with attachment.

  243. Tam Jardine says:

    Grouse Beater

    Indeed – it is incredible how normal it has become for an article in the press or a news report or radio broadcast to pump the same anti-SNP, anti independence, anti Scottish message. It fair takes me aback now if someone in the media is balanced!

    I never read the Times but leafed through it on my lunch this week and was astonished at how anti-SNP it was in the Scottish edition. But I suppose the law of diminishing returns applies. If you voted yes you will not go back to labour or any of the other tories and if you voted no and you are swithering then some will break our way and some won’t.

    I just can’t see anyone who has been alive in Scotland for the last 3 years saying ‘that’s it – I was on the fence but after 3 years of anti snp propaganda, I was thinking of voting snp but that speech by Murphy or that piece in the Times or Record has finally swung it. Or ‘I’ve been on the fence but David Torrance has finally convinced me’

    The metropolitan media must be baffled as to why the oil price isn’t killing off the SNP’s Westminster chances. They underestimate the resolve that the years of propaganda have created.

    Little is made of the number of SNP activists except as some kind of bogeyman. The media elite never for one moment have reflected that if so many people are willing to fight for a political party or a cause, that these people may not be fanatics but may actually be normal people with reasonable aims and objectives. That the cause itself may have merit.

    It suits their agenda to paint us all as vile, abusive nazis but their weapons have been blunted by overuse.

    We will read, see and hear aw their pish over and over again in the run up to the election but I’m sure all the SNP’S detractors will be scratching their heads in May after the verdict is delivered.

  244. handclapping says:

    In Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath we’ve just had an email from the Election Agent saying he doesn’t see any tactical voting, only 12 Tories have said they are going to vote Labour. No the big thing is that more than half the people who identify as Labour are not going to vote Labour. That of course could mean Wont Vote, Undecided, Tory, etc. as well as SNP.

    It looks as if it is going to be just a Labour v SNP slugfest here.

  245. almannysbunnet says:

    Just watched the news on BBC Scotland. Strategically placed camera angles made the libdem conference looked like a packed house, why do they bother? Nick Clegg’s grand speech sounds like a defeated man trying a last stab in the back, “we will wipe the smile of Salmond’s face” when the libdems retain the Gordon seat. Hifrickenllarious! “It will allow Salmond to write another book about a defeat”, much guffaws and laughter. What a bunch of snidy morons. C’mon the 7th! Let’s get this over with!

  246. Auld Rock says:

    Just watched the late news and saw how sparse the attendance. But that hall they’re using, is that not one of the ‘Overflow’ Halls that we had to use at Spring Conference at the AECC when some 1,700 delegates and visitors were in attendance?

    Auld Rock

  247. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tam Jardine (11.43) –

    Hear hear.

    As Grouse Beater mentioned earlier today, the reaction of the crowd in The Big Debate, hosted by Gordon Brewer, was telling – when Sandra Osborne (Labour M.P., Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock) trotted-out the ‘Biggest Party Forms The Govt’ line, there was no disguising the spontaneous anger from the audience.

    Brewer must know – does know – what that anger is all about, but declined to invite any of his helpers to direct a microphone towards any one of the protesters. Osborne herself sounded mildly alarmed at the outburst, but recomposed herself and repeated the same pish.

    My point here – today’s ‘Big Debate’ was being broadcast from Troon.


    As our very own Jim T. and Betty Boop will surely confirm, Troon is not known as a hotbed of simmering radicalism. The Deco seafront cafes are not, usually at any rate, jam-packed with anarchists and rabble-rousers. If a cross-section of the public from Troon is heckling panellists on a prestigious BBC Scotland roadshow, that should tell us something.

  248. Graeme Doig says:

    Go back to your constituencies and prepare your cv’s.

  249. Cair Dhomhnaill Broon says:

    Are all Lib Dems so deadbeat? I witnessed more people and greater participation at a my granddaughter’s birthday party .. but then again they had a bouncy castle and fairy cakes.

  250. ronnie anderson says:

    Read all about it . Read all about it.Latest news.

    Ed Millibands second job, he earned £ 600.000 in his part-time job,

    Cutting Privit Hedges

    Read all about it.

  251. Wee Jimmy says:

    Hilarious! Though I do feel you missed a trick with the caption for the first photo. The one I made up in my head when I first clocked it was; “oh – dear, sweet, cruel asphyxiation – take this body now – please??!”.

  252. JamesS says:

    It is a reflection of the levels of inspiration these career politicians show in public.

    Nothing that has been said by any of the WM parties seems to be FOR something (other than more austerity on the disadvantaged).

  253. Ben Donald says:

    Stirring stuff. Lacks only Cleggy calling us a “rag-tag mob” again.

  254. BOB Mooney says:

    Just noticed that Labour have received £600,000 over the past few years from a hedge fund manager, two faced prats and they still think they are socialists.

    It is high time we got rid of this crowd forever, at least with the Tories you know what they stand for.

  255. Luigi says:

    BOB Mooney says:
    21 March, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Just noticed that Labour have received £600,000 over the past few years from a hedge fund manager, two faced prats and they still think they are socialists.

    Casino capitalists. Perhaps a better image of Ed would have been sitting in a fat cat’s pockets.

  256. Richardinho says:

    ‘The metropolitan media must be baffled as to why the oil price isn’t killing off the SNP’s Westminster chances. ‘ Tam Jardine.

    I think that whenever unionists gloat about the fall in oil prices it always carries the implication that Scotland has nothing to offer other than oil. This is probably because this is exactly what a lot of unionists DO think!

    For nationalists the oil is a bonus which we should use wisely, but we generally feel that the country has a lot of other strengths beside. It turns out that these Scottish people don’t want to be subsidy junkies!

    When unionists talk about the fall in oil prices, they do so in a way that is insulting to the Scottish people because it suggests that their only hope is to be eternally reliant on Westminster.

  257. gorbalito says:

    If anyone believes the lib/dems offer a better choice to that of the red/blue tories, then they should listen to Willie Rennie every week defending and promoting WM tory policies.
    When will the unenlightened realise that we have no choice under UK rule, other than various shades of right wing policies.
    Try listening on You Tube to George Carlin: The illusion of choice.

  258. scott says:

    I see Paddy is asking the Tories and Lab to vote for Jardine to keep Alex Salmond out,whats wrong Paddy have you no faith that you can’t do it on your own.

  259. Stoker says:

    gorbalito wrote:
    “If anyone believes the lib/dems offer a better choice to that of the red/blue tories, then they should listen to Willie Rennie every week defending and promoting WM tory policies.”

    That, alone, should tell people EXACTLY what they are getting with any of the 4 Unionist parties.

    I mean, WHO in their right mind would encourage anyone to vote for a political party which is supposed to be utterly different to their own party?

    They are all simply self-serving Unionists under various guises.

  260. Pam McMahon says:

    Was eagerly scanning photies for a wee glimpse of any Scottish Lib Dem MPs in the audience, in the fond hope of spotting my own MP, who I have never actually clapped eyes on in the the 11 years I have lived in his constituency.*

    Do Charlie Kennedy and John, Viscount Thurso ever go anywhere at all of an even vaguely political nature? We know they don’t go to Westminster very often, except when they feel an urge for some subsidised food and drink, and a need to top up the travel expenses.

    In vast tracts of the Highlands the electorate is effectively disenfranchised, through lack of representation in Westminster. It is my fond hope that there will be no Lib Dem MPs left in Scotland after May.
    (* No, didn’t spot him)

  261. crazycat says:

    @ Pam McMahon

    Is Thurso not the guy with the beard in picture number 10? The picture has a bit of text under it rather than a caption, to save you counting!

  262. Chitterinlicht says:

    Extinction event

    Quite sad

    You think more would have turned up just to say they were at the last scottish Lib dem conference.

  263. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “What’s the difference between a UKIP MEP jokingly comparing someone to Abu Hamza and you jokingly comparing someone to the Yorkshire ripper?”

    That one of them’s racism?

  264. Effijy says:

    Limp Dims, Labour, Trairory, all advise that you shouldn’t vote for who you think is the best candidate!
    Vote for who they tell you to vote for!

    This seems to make sense to the people running our country from
    foreign parts?

    The £Billionaires, Corporations, and Politicians/ Paedos who take cash for crimes against the general public.

  265. Chic McGregor says:

    We had almost as many at a POST referendum Yes/SNP meet in Kirriemuir, pop. circa 6,000.

  266. Pam McMahon says:

    Yes, thank you; I don’t do counting. (A bit like Danny)

    Yes, it could be Thurso. Like I say, I’ve never actually seen the guy but I know he has a strong policy commitment to growing and maintaining a beard, despite strong national opposition. (A bit like Trident, then)

    If it is him in that photie, he appears to be praying.

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