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You’ll never fool me again

Posted on April 27, 2014 by












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  1. 28 04 14 07:47

    You’ll never fool me again | FreeScotland

190 to “You’ll never fool me again”

  1. Doug Daniel says:

    That picture of Johann Lamont is amazing. The single most funny thing Greg has ever drawn, even topping Blair McDougall with a tuba and Nigel Farage disco dancing.

  2. Murray McCallum says:

    It was pretty decent of Ed and Johann to have posed for those drawings. I like their choice of costumes too.

    Greg is providing a terrific service to democracy by outlining OneNation Labour’s actual policies.

  3. Les Wilson says:

    I am a great fan of Greg’s work, how he makes the eyes make the statement, crack me up. Excellent stuff again, although Miliband’s ” speech ” is my favorite!.

  4. Auld Rock says:

    Oh How true, but we must convince your Labour voter who responds, my granpa voted Labour, my faither voted Labour so I suppose I’ll vote Labour brigade that they are voting for Scotland not New Labour or Alex Salmond et al.

    Auld Rock

  5. heedtracker says:

    Santa’s little helper’s really funny:D
    Also, I voted Labour, my dad voted Labour and his dad voted Labour and we are all voting YES!

  6. Vambomarbeleye says:

    Behind Ed.
    Is it the horses mouth or the horses a**e

  7. Les Wilson says:

    Vambomarbeleye says:

    I had a really good look, but hey, I can’t tell the difference either!

  8. patronsaintofcats says:

    Man, that is one ugly elf :p

  9. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @patronsaintofcats says:
    Man, that is one ugly elf :p

    Shhhh … we’re no supposed to comment on appearance any more.

  10. Betsy says:

    If Labour elves are your thing, here is Scotland’s Maddest Unionist Cllr Terry Kelly with an elf.

  11. mato21 says:


    F.M Speech in Carlisle on 23/4 on channel 81

  12. Holebender says:

    9.5/10! You lose half a mark for the lack of tubas.

  13. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    Seems like a good day for another listen to:

    (never vote Labour again)

  14. Clootie says:

    I suppose we could list the factors and principles that defined Labour’s foundation and ask:
    “Is that what your father and grandfather voted for?” – YES
    Then list the actions and policies now(as Greg has done).
    Then ask the question again!

    Focus on what the party stands for, not the label. for Liberal and Democratic, that’s another story!

  15. ronnie anderson says:

    Alex Salmond,s speech at Carlile Parliamnt channel Bbc.

  16. patronsaintofcats says:

    Won’t somebody think of the children?

  17. Democracy Reborn says:


    Do you think Johann’s saying “now folks, you know Santa Ed doesn’t give you ‘something for nothing'”?….

  18. heedtracker says:

    Spoof pro UKOK channel goes too far this time-

    27 April 2014 Last updated at 15:36
    “Scottish independence: CWU backs ‘No’ vote in referendum”

    Scottish independence: CWU backs ‘No’ vote in referendum

    “Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) will be urged to back a “No” vote in the Scottish independence referendum.”

  19. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Having just read this post over on Munguin’s Republic by John Brownlie are you sure the correct Milliband is being portrayed here? 😉

    The word from deep within the Labour party is the new adviser is recommending, with the big nobs’ blessing, that Ed will ‘resign’ as the leader and his brother will be the leader prior to the General election. You heard it here first and will get good long odds from the bookies on that.

    John the Mole!

    In a sort strained linked news item it appears that the C.W.U. has voted to urge all postal workers in Scotland to vote NO in September’s referendum. Hmm, that’s what I like to see, NON interference by unions in the democratic right of the individual worker to make up their own mind on how they will vote! 😉

    Return to Stalin’s Soviet Union anyone? 😛

  20. YES Airdrie and Shotts says:

    Dear Wingers please excuse me for going o/t and for butting in on another great wings article but we need your help, our facebook page has some signed copies of Jim Sillars book In Place of Fear 2 which we are selling to help fund our local campaign and as I’m sure you will know, buying from YES Scotland ain’t cheap please feel free to drop by and PM us if we can help you help us. Thanks everyone and keep pushin YES.

  21. Angry Weegie says:

    @Democracy Reborn
    No. He gives you nothing for something.

  22. Jock Scot says:


  23. Ivan McKee says:


    This weekend Yes supporter Mark Coburn flew off to Rome to start his epic ‘Rome to Home’ fundraiser for local Yes Groups.

    (Some of you may have seen Mark on his bike next to the Yes stand at last September’s rally in Edinburgh).

    Mark will cycle 1421 miles in 23 stages, arriving back in Glasgow on 25th May.

    Mark’s costs have already been covered by sponsorship so all proceeds will go to local Yes Groups.

    Local Yes groups are encouraged to raise sponsorship locally using the Mark’s ride as the focal point.

    Cash will go into a single Indiegogo page with donors identifying which of the 200 local Yes groups around the country they want the cash to go to.
    The cash will then be forwarded onto the local groups.

    In addition to tracking the overall funds raised we will track how each local group is performing with regular ‘Yellow Jersey’ awards for the group raising the most cash towards their local campaign.

    There will be regular updates from the ‘front line’ as we track Mark’s progress across Europe, and hopefully some positive Press coverage abroad and at home on the way.

    The fundraiser target has been set at the symbolic level of £18,914, but with up to 200 local groups participating we would hope to beat that.


    Facebook Page



  24. BuckieBraes says:

    Did you have to use the Christmas theme, Greg? I detest the ‘festive season’ so much that any reminder of its existence this early in the year induces all manner of unpleasant effects; and that’s without JoLa and Miliband.

    Apart from that, it’s brilliant.

  25. gordoz says:

    CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said: “We are recommending a “No” vote to our Scottish members.

    Proof positive that idiots like Mr Hayes still run the Union movement, (true – a lot of members wont agree with Hayes; but then they will also not be looking to move up the Labour ladder and then into the Westminster trough)

    See –
    “This decision is based on a need for unity against austerity and the barrage of cuts from the coalition government and the SNP in Scotland”

    Same muppets will urge members to vote Labour – who have confirmed they will continue to enforce austerity measures.

    FFS CWU – the guys running your union have tatties for brains, trust you know that already.

  26. Stevie says:

    Anybody holding on to a dim glimmer of faith in Labour being elected ought to ask themselves, why? Why would anybody give a bucket of dung whether the Blue Tories get elected as opposed to the pale Blue Labourite Tories (red Tories). They are indivisible and only have a little thinly-veiled rhetoric which separates them.

    In UK plc, the social consensus is over and the neoliberal consensus is king – grow up and vote YES for a decent society?

  27. goldenayr says:

    Strangely enough,I took a foray over to the weird side of the internet[BT Homepage]earlier today.They have the union story as their top article,trouncing Reids mumbling guff.According to them,the whole of the union including members in other areas of the UK voted to back a no vote.Couldn’t see any breakdown of figures,how many voted,regional variations etc.Mind you,I didn’t stay long..the place creeped me out.

  28. Ninja Penguin says:

    @Democracy Reborn

    Johann’s saying “Em..Ed, did you remember to tie up Ian the Red Nosed Davidson?”

  29. Inbhir Anainn says:

    @ gordoz

    As I understand it the CWU annual conference has passed a motion endorsing a no vote in September whilst allowing individual branches freedom to determine their own position. Disappointing but expected as the CWU are amongst others paymasters of the political levy to the Labour Party.

  30. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Dear Wingers please excuse me for going o/t and for butting in on another great wings article but we need your help, our facebook page has some signed copies of Jim Sillars book In Place of Fear 2 which we are selling to help fund our local campaign and as I’m sure you will know, buying from YES Scotland ain’t cheap please feel free to drop by and PM us if we can help you help us. ”

    You know what’s an excellent idea when posting requests like that? INCLUDING A LINK TO THE PAGE.

  31. goldenayr says:

    Ninja Penguin
    I thought she was saying”Ian the Red Nosed Davidson is pissin oan the fairy lights again!”

  32. Les Wilson says:

    Speaking to my postman the other week, he had to knock my door to deliver something and commented about the YES stuff in my window. We discussed for a moment about the posties voting for a YES,we cannot see it any other way he said.
    ( Livingston )

  33. heedtracker says:

    Hi goldenayr, I thought was THE official bettertogther site?

  34. Albalha says:

    And of course Mark Coburn, ‘Rome to Home’ is a Yes supporting member of the CWU like many of his fellow posties.

  35. TJenny says:

    Ninja Penguin – the same Ninja Penguin who is the lyricist for Yew Choob? Well hello and welcome. Soz if you’ve posted before and I missed it. : D

    Are you related to the Penguin who got more votes than the Lib Dems in the council elections for Pentlands, Edinburgh?

  36. YES Airdrie and Shotts says:

    Sorry Rev / everyone I didn’t put a link in as I thought YES Airdrie and Shotts Facebook page was clear enough without adding links etc, we didn’t want to impose any more than we did but this may work.

  37. kininvie says:

    @ninja penguin

    My favourite remains ‘I’m a nasty cybernat…’ I sing it in the bath!

  38. goldenayr says:

    You’re right,the other one must be a spoof.

  39. Democracy Reborn says:

    Johann : “you see how Santa and I are ‘pooling & sharing’ these fetching hats?”

  40. gordoz says:

    O/T – CWU

    Seems The largest membership of CWU is located in Scotland.

    Thats why they’re promoting a No vote – if a YES vote occurs, they lose 80ish % of their membership. (from rUK )

    Not political or honourable (Greed)

  41. goldenayr says:

    If that’s true,then shouldn’t they be campaigning for a YES to secure their members jobs?
    Or is the leadership getting shares in the new privatised sections of the PO.

  42. TheItalianJob says:

    @Calgacus MacAndrews at says:

    “(never vote labour again)”

    Good song and will follow through on this advice.

  43. heedtracker says:

    @ YES Airdrie and Shotts, that facebook link’s broken!

  44. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “@ YES Airdrie and Shotts, that facebook link’s broken!”

    Actual address is:

  45. gordoz says:

    Check out Eds series of expressions and the ‘wee hairy’s’ obvious embarrassement; can we guess who’s not shown in the pictures ?

    Could it be the stairheid hersel ? (Giving Ed an extra special Labour vote of thanks)

  46. goldenayr says:

    Is the main YES page under attack?It doesn’t display properly on any device.Articles are all bunched together and overlapped.

  47. gordoz says:


    Goin’ by my experience of unions, probably sadly the latter.

    I’m sure the members will work this out though 🙂

  48. YES Airdrie and Shotts says:

    THANKS REV, You do a great job keeping us right.

  49. goldenayr says:

    We can only guess what stairheids doing out of shot by the size of Millibands smile.
    Altogether now

    “I saw Maggie Kissing Sloppy Drawls
    Underneath the tightened belt last night”

  50. heedtracker says:

    Cheers. Its a terrific YES facebook page straight in with “John Reid claimed for a pouffe and a glittery loo seat on MPs’ expenses” from Torygraph. John Reid perched on his House of Lords expenses paid glittery loo seat and Daily Records stuffed in loo roll holder.

  51. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    What I want to know is how much Frank Roy has bet on YES winning in September?

    The man has more ‘form’ than Alicsammin.

  52. call me dave says:

    The Communication Workers Union (CWU) is the biggest union for the communications industry in the UK with 202,700 members. It was formed in January 1995 when the Union of Communication Workers joined forces with the National Communications Union.

    Our members
    CWU members work in Royal Mail, the Post Office, BT, Telefonica O2 and other telecommunication companies, cable TV, Accenture HR Services, financial services, and Santander, including subsidiaries Geoban, ISBAN and Produban. Our members’ expertise includes engineering, computing, clerical, mechanical, driving, retail, financial and manual skills.

  53. gordoz says:

    Very Sorry for going O/T but…

    Dont often laugh at pending misfortune but…

    Brilliant news and good riddance to ultra unionist and ultra ‘ProudScot’ Lib Dem MEP George Lyon who is a stick on, not to get re-elected to the Euro parliament.

    Time to ponder those treated badly on the way up perhaps ?

    Anyway great news for Scotland, (Just cant stop laughing its such good news)

  54. ian foulds says:

    Betsy says:

    27 April, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    If Labour elves are your thing, here is Scotland’s Maddest Unionist Cllr Terry Kelly with an elf.

    O/T – Is that not Mr. Kelly’s father in the photo with the two elves – compared to the one depicted on his blog?

    Is that not misrepresentation?

  55. bookie from hell says:

    Scottish Sun on Sunday

    jim(fcuk off x 3)murphy

    2 page spread on cyber-nats


  56. Donald says:

    O/T – apols but I thought this would hearten Wingers. When you walk past the BBC studio in Inverness, the next block of land has a massive banner in it saying ‘ What the BBC won’t report’ Top work whoever did that. I took a photo but have no idea how to stick it up on here.

  57. Ninja Penguin says:


    I’m not related to Professor Pengoo, although I do live in Edinburgh Pentlands. The climate here must be good for penguins!

  58. Better Together St Kilda says:

    Bloomin’ penguins coming up here to our hemisphere, taking our jobs…

  59. TJenny says:

    Ninja Penguin – Pentlands does indeed seem to be an ideal setting for penguins, even unto breeding? If so, remember nae emperors in an Independent Scotland.

    Will you be at the Jolly Ferry jolly?

  60. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Albalha says:
    27 April, 2014 at 6:07 pm
    Frank Roy doesn’t have the best night on his own patch.

    YouTube video is here:

  61. Inbhir Anainn says:

    With regards to the CWU it was the initial decision taken by the CWU NEC (National Executive Council).

    Conference therefore endorses the NEC decision to recommend to all members in Scotland that they vote ‘no’ in the forthcoming Scottish Independence Referendum and appropriate communications are circulated to our Scottish membership to this effect.

    Now looking through the list of 16 National Executive Council voting members there is only one name that I recognise as actually being a Scot.

  62. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    O/T – Sorry

    The CBI are now claiming that they are impartial and they at not biased against the Yes Campaign and are seeking to reverse their application to the Electoral Commission. You think they may have noticed their own web site on the issue prior to doing this.

    Can one of your experts please copy their anti-independence website before they realise and take it down.

    Does not look very un-biased to me.

  63. geeo says:

    Sorry on so many levels here, o/t but no idea where to put this.
    BT Latest bumff put through my door tonight.
    Not even trying a roasting like the good rev but i am sure wingers will figure it out if they have not had this crap posted yet.

    Ha..just got bumff from BT and UKIP, the BT crap is simply astonishing.
    Banging on about collapsing Scottish banks and how the uk “signed the cheque that kept them running” !!!!
    No mention of US money doing the actual bail out.

    Apparently, leaving the uk still involves losing the pound…and joining a, wait for it…” eurozone” style CU.
    Have you ever read such nonsense ?

    Cost of living next…

    ” things are already too expensive”…yet breaking up the uk would mean higher costs for families. Does not say where but guessing in Scotland.

    Apparently shopping for identical random shopping basket will be 16% higher in the uk than ireland, WHAT THE FECK !!!!!!

    Then there is the old tired pish about the big hitter employers going to set up in england(as opposed to wales, NI, Europe)

    Then it’s “save our shipyards”
    Not even going there..!

    Collapsing oil revenues (this year) would be same lost as is spent on all our part of UK spending on schools and our NHS is protected from risk !!!

    There was me thinking scotlands NHS was completely separate from down south so the only threat is from a huge reduction in the barnett formula.

    BT seemingly expect the oil to run out in 2034/35, just as the pensioners peak…so they also seem to know when people will live until
    They even produced a graph !!

    Best of both worlds next ..

    Devo today.

    We have full power over.
    Devo from 2016.

    Plans have been put in place which blah blah blah….

    Ok, it’s Devo Nano !
    The Next Stage of Devo.

    All 3 parties are putting forward their own proposals, like these..

    More power to raise taxes without undermining the ability to transfer money to Scotland in times of need.
    (Devo nano no change)?

    Bringing the delivery of benefits to local areas including things like housing benefit..!
    (there goes universal benefit i guess)

    So there you have it (roughly).
    The BT mailshot. 
    I am away for a wee lie down.

  64. heedtracker says:

    Amazed at Daily Record report with this

    “As the evening wore on Frank Roy came more and more under fire, being blamed for being implicit in any number of unpopular Westminster policies, while Blair Jenkins escaped relatively unscathed and was allowed to espouse what the MP described as “Utopian fantasies” with little recourse from those in attendance.

    Despite all this being hypothetical at present, the apathy of those who believe in maintaining the Union to get along to the GLO Centre in numbers and participate in what was a well-publicised event should surely act as a wake-up call to the Better Together campaign.

  65. Ninja Penguin says:


    I’m more of a rockhopper myself (some might say a jackass!). Hoping to make it to the Ferry jolly. I’ll get my human-suit dry cleaned specially.

  66. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Dr JM Mackintosh says:
    O/T – Sorry
    The CBI are now claiming that they are impartial
    Can one of your experts please copy their anti-independence website before they realise and take it down.

    Does not look very un-biased to me.

    Now archived here:

  67. TJenny says:

    Ninja Penguin – ah cannae wait. 🙂

  68. Better Together St Kilda says:

    Magellanic penguin without a doubt.

  69. TJenny says:

    Ninja Penguin – are rockhoppers the ones with the punk hairdos? You’ll be easily spotted then. 🙂

  70. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Dr JM Mackintosh says:
    O/T – Sorry
    The CBI are now claiming that they are impartial
    Can one of your experts please copy their anti-independence website before they realise and take it down.

    Now archived here:

    Sub-pages archived here:- (The Economy) (The Pound) (New Border) (EU)

  71. Better Together St Kilda says:

    Penguins live in the southern hemisphere, in the northern we have the auks of which the puffin is a family member – here’s where they meet…

  72. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    More /

    CBI sub-pages are archived here:- (The Economy) (The Pound) (New Border) (EU)

  73. HorseBoy says:

    Yesterday watched Scottish Parliament Committee’s on BBC Parliament channel81. Yes I did!

    Economy Energy Tourism Committee’s session on BANNOCKBURN LIVE event. Made me sit up. SNP MSP’s rightly gives hard time to Stirling Deputy Provost Conservative Councillor Neil Benny for putting success of BANNOCKBURN LIVE in jeopardy by double booking ARMED FORCES DAY, on same day! SNP MSP’s suspect deliberate spoiler of Scotland’s BannockBurn celebration by UK MOD and Stirling’s LabCon Council!

    Bannockburn Live is a two day event for all, on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 June 2014 from 10am-7pm. Homecoming Scotland 2014 signature event of Scotland’s history and culture, commemorating 700th anniversary Battle of Bannockburn and best of Scottish traditional and contemporary music, food and drink and battle re-enactments, and the Gathering of 38 Clans.

    Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee’s session on the Bannockburn Live event, repeated again today on IPlayer at 7:30pm:

    BannockBurn Live 2day Sat&Sun event:
    Adult: £20.00 + £2.00 booking fee.
    Child (5 – 13): £12.50 + £1.30 booking fee.
    Family Ticket (4 people- must include at least 1 adult and at least 2 children (5-13)): £55.00 + £5.50 booking fee.
    King’s Ticket: £75.00 + £7.50 booking fee (only purchased via®).
    Children under 5 go free (except for King’s ticket)

    ps: We must support BannockBurnLive and make it a roaring success. I’m going, I’m coming down from the frozen north, Aberdeen. Stirling has great road, rail links.
    Event managed by Unique Events, of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay fame. It’ll be spectacular!

  74. Johnney come lately says:

    Bookie from Hell

    The poor Sun is way behind the curve this time. Attacking cybernats is soooo yesterday. This will be it for the next 4 months – a rehash of fear and smear. It’s getting to be a bit tiresome and tedious.
    Wasn’t Einsteins definition of madness doing the same thing again and again but expecting different results:)

  75. X_Sticks says:

    Sorry O/T but here’s a tweet from Ruth Wishart seeking support for the Yestival which I hope you’ll all contribute to – mine added.

    ruth wishart ?@ruth_wishart

    Only 36 days to left to support Yestival – Summer of Independence

  76. ronnie anderson says:

    Who chinged the rules on mockery, that wee lepreconey’s

    needing rideculed fur wearing ah cone hat wie nae big, D.

  77. TJenny says:

    HorseBoy – ordered tickets for Bannockburn weeks ago, but haven’t received anything yet. Maybe it’s just too early. Anyway, hope lots of Wingers go to show support. (with the added benefit of annoying the shit out of stirling Council labtories). 🙂

  78. Papadox says:

    Saw on YES SCOTLAND Dennis Canavan has invited G Brown to a debate on independence. What do you think the chances are of Big Gordie coming out of his den?

  79. MajorBloodnok says:


    Wow, I read the Daily Record article you linked to – very interesting indeed.

    Frank Roy took to the podium … going on to explain that “the Saltire doesn’t define my politics” and “there’s not a bone in my body that thinks Scotland will be better off as an independent country”.

    Surely he’s confusing ‘bone’ with ‘brain’ there? Although perhaps it is difficult to tell the difference.

    Also, I noted with interest the comment from John Hamill BTL who had apparently been at the meeting and noted that, when asked why he (Roy) thought the McCrone report being hidden “Frank Roy said he had never heard of the McCrone report. There was uproar.”

  80. HorseBoy says:


    YES we must get it right up’em!
    BannockBurn Live was in jeopardy.
    Armed Forces Day nearly made it an uneconomic event, barstewards!
    It’ll be good opportunity for YES Flags and Banners!
    Have to get Wings and HorseBoy Tshirt printed.
    Lets make it an All Scotland YES gathering.
    See you all there!

  81. goldenayr says:

    Nae chance of that happening.People like Broon can’t stand being shown up.Remember the wee wifie that gave him what for and the subsequent furore over what he said,in the car,when he thought the mike was off?

  82. Peter says:

    Why was pedal on parliament dominated by unionists and not cyclists?

    Why are the SNP anti-cycling by spending half as much on the new Forth crossing as labour?

    Why does nobody in the SMSM ever ask anybody any pertinent questions?

  83. My understanding of the C.W.U was that they were demanding that a future Labour Government re-nationalise Royal Mail. If that is the case, how can they advise their members to vote No, when a Yes vote will get their Scottish members what they want. Confusing to say the least, but at least my postie is a Yes. Said this after seeing the posters on my window.

  84. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @bookie from hell says:
    Scottish Sun on Sunday
    jim(fcuk off x 3)murphy

    Here is the Sun piece on Jim (crybaby) Murphy.

    Summary: He is brave and tough but is scared of the odd sweary tweet.

    Utterly embarrassing.

    I think the Sun may have put it up to make Jim look like a prat.

  85. john king says:

    “Won’t somebody think of the children?”

    Who left the door open?
    Thats Sarah Palin gotten in now,
    place’ll be full of gophers afore ye know it,

  86. goldenayr says:

    john king

    Too late,there’s hundreds round my way chipping,putting,driving…oh,”gophers”..sorry.

  87. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    This is from Jim Murphy’s Wiki page:-


    In 2011, The Daily Telegraph published documents,[22] compiled by a senior US official at the US Embassy in London and published by WikiLeaks, it was revealed that throughout 2009, Jim Murphy was in charge of organising a coalition of Unionist parties whose aim was to “block an independence referendum” in Scotland. The documents state:[23] Throughout 2009, UK Secretary of State for Scotland Jim Murphy played a leadership role in organizing the opposition parties, hoping to move Scotland toward implementation of the Calman recommendations as an alternative to an independence referendum, according to Murphy’s advisors, Labour party insiders, and opposition party leaders. First Minister Salmond’s response to independence critics (such as Murphy) has been to accelerate the implementation of the Calman recommendations as soon as possible – “to call the bluff.”

    Well done Jim on that job.

  88. gordoz says:


    Bannockburn Live Sat 28th

    Going with Wife & Youngest daughter; just to get it right up Stirling Council !!

    Couldnt miss the opportunity.

    Also hope WoS do something big in Glasgow (or nearby) in August –
    West Coast really needs something big before September > even to hammer the hostile media. Need to rally the troops!

  89. Jim T says:

    @Donald 6:27pm

    Try posting it on a relevant facebook page and linking to that page on here. Alternatively e-mail it to the rev and he might feature it as an article illustration 🙂

  90. Free Scotland says:

    Johann is saying: “Em … Ed. Are you forgettin something? There’s nae need fur aw that political claptrap. Folk in Scotland are no politically programmed tae make political decisions.”

  91. goldenayr says:

    Calgacus MacAndrews
    That’s a belter from Skull.Aye,he done a crackin job there right enough.Thankfully,all his replacements are just as inept.

  92. hadrianswall says:

    CWU. Unbelievable they are supporting No. The post office is privatised under the Union!! They claim 60% of members in Scotland support this decision. I just don’t believe that.

  93. HorseBoy says:

    @ gordoz
    @ Tjenny

    Yeah! It’ll be a great event.
    There’s 38 Clans gathering. Lets make it 39 Clans.
    The 10,000 CyberNat Clan marching from Stirling Railway Station, and Park&Ride in 2 Wings Blue White YES columns to Bruce’s Statue. Would be a great TV news story.

    Must get a Wings Blue White YES Tartan Kilt! and a tartan textile designer, or textile graduate onboard! Will try McCalls Highlandwear on Monday.

    Aberdeen is also quiet too, needs a pipes drums Wings YES marching column!

  94. haud on the noo says:

    Tartans you say ? ScotWeave dot com is me..

  95. YES Airdrie and Shotts says:

    We would walk all the way to Bannockburn to See Ronnie Anderson in a Kilt with his sporran full of talc.

  96. Papadox says:

    Dr. J Reid baron Reid of Cardowan.
    Lord Robertson of Port Ellon KT, GCMG, FRSA, FRSE, PC.
    Baroness Liddle of Coatdyke, PC
    Brian Wilson.
    Baron Martin of Springburn. PC. Unvieled Maggie Thatchers statue in parliament with pride.

    They certainly did ok out of the working class, and the British Establishment, now they wrap themselves in the Union flag to show their gratitude and thanks to HMQ.

    “The working class can kiss my ar*e I’ve got the bosses job at last”!

  97. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    @Calgacus MacAndrews
    thanks for archiving the CBI stuff.
    It will be interesting to see what happens next.
    (Can we please unregister please – we are impartial – honest.)

  98. Minty says:

    The 60% of the Scottish CWU members don’t appear to be the ones on Twitter, who are fuming about the declaration for No.

  99. Les Wilson says:

    O/T Does the Bias BBC not make you fizz!
    Just happened to turn the tv on while doing something this afternoon and the had a repeat of Jackie Bird looking into why women are wary of Independence.

    The usual subliminal stuff, however, she got onto the subject of A. Salmond. Then proceeded to show him in Holyrood, one was a clip of Salmond dressing down Wendy Alexander, and doing the same to Lamont ( no reason why was shown ) but the thing is, they noticeably turned up the volume when Eck was speaking in order to make out he was screaming at them. This was obviously done to show women ( their target here )just how BAD Eck is.

    A deliberate manipulation to show him off as being a bully to women, thereby pushing just why women supposedly do not like him. If you see it, probably on iplayer you will see and hear how obvious this was.
    Bloody awful, and I am sick to the teeth of them.
    Old Bird, well she just smiles, ugh!

  100. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Les Wilson

    What was even worse was the six women at the end of the programme posing idiotic infantile questions and with no answers offered

  101. Giving Goose says:

    Re Papadox says:


    Baroness Liddle of Coatdyke, NON-PC

    Brian Wilson KNOB, TUBE, BUM, FIBR.

  102. galamcennalath says:

    Quoting from Bella …..

    “Unionists do not understand the complex, elaborate, consensual nature of the Union or what has actually held it together. Unionists do not do consensus; their Union is simple, naive and profoundly wrong-headed; a centralised London-centric British State. The failure of Better Together to ‘rise to the occasion’ is thus a function of Unionists’ failure to understand the real nature of what they believe in. Bewildered, frustrated and uncomprehending about what is happening to their unconsidered, confused, ill-thought-through verities; Unionists have replaced argument with resentment; facts with accusations; debate with hectoring. ”

    ….hit, nail, head.

  103. ronnie anderson says:

    @Yes Airdrie and Shotts, dont you,s lot temp me,or you,s are on fur a long walk . an you,s know ah mean it lol.

  104. john king says:

    horseboy says
    “YES we must get it right up’em!
    BannockBurn Live was in jeopardy.”

    What a sweet victory that would be on two fronts,
    to save the Bannockburn commemoration for the National trust,
    and all thanks to the Yes campaign,
    when the National Trust despise the very thought of independence,
    if you listen really carefully you can hear teeth being ground into dust

  105. YES Airdrie and Shotts says:

    Ronnie Anderson if you walk from Stirling town centre to Bannockburn you will need more than talc on your bits, chaffin’s a sore thing even on a wee wan. Sporran that is.

  106. Croompenstein says:

    What are the CWU trying to prove? Are they not meant to look after the interests of their members? They should be more concerned with how the privatisation of RM is going to affect their members not voting on an issue that frankly is fuck all to do with them

  107. john king says:

    Peter says
    “Why was pedal on parliament dominated by unionists and not cyclists?

    Why are the SNP anti-cycling by spending half as much on the new Forth crossing as labour?”

    Dont get me started on cyclists,
    I’m sick of trying to pass cyclists on busy dangerous roads when there is a brand new cycle path two yards away provided at great expense while the road are left to deteriorate into little more than dirt tracks,
    God alone knows why these idiots would choose to cycle on dangerous pot holed roads when they have a designated cycle path a few feet away.

  108. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If Miliband’s foray into Scotland was meant to be him leading by example then we have little to fear.

    Lidl and Reid won’t dare show face in Scotland, certainly not on their home patches, and if they do, they’ll be stealth missions. If they do any public appearances, and we get wind of them? There are people who will move heaven and earth to give them the welcome they deserve.

    (Does Greggs do custard-pies? As well buying a stack of fruit from the bargain bin and leave it to fester, just in case…)

  109. ronnie anderson says:

    @Yes Airdrie and Shotts, me walk fae Stiling town centre tae Bannock burn I,ll need nair than Talk, a fekin Miracle,
    mind you I would,nt have far to go fur a long lay doon
    ma Granfaithers buried in Dumbarton Rd Graveyard,or a graveyard neer by.

  110. Democracy Reborn says:

    The choice for all CWU members in referendum:-

    1. Vote “No”. Get a Tory or Tory/Lib Dem govt next year. ZERO chance of Royal Mail being brought back into public ownership.

    2. Vote “No”. Get a Labour or Lab/Lib Dem govt next year. Point (i) : Labour originally proposed privatisation (Mandelson). Point (ii) : Cable, Clegg, Alexander et al are not remotely going to entertain re-nationalisation. Point (iii) : Despite 2013 Labour conference vote to re-nationalise, this was ‘slapped down’ by the leadership. “Senior Labour sources made it clear (to the Guardian) the party was not in favour of re-nationalisation, signalling that the leadership was prepared to ignore the motions in its election manifesto.” (source : In other words, ZERO chance of re-nationalisation.

    3. Vote “Yes”. In an independent Scotland, SNP have pledged to bring Royal Mail back into public ownership (Salmond, First Minister’s Questions, 19/9/13).

    If you’re a CWU member, it’s a no-brainer…

  111. Flower of Scotland says:

    I watched the Scottish Parliament about Live Bannockburn too HorseBoy! Chic Brodie was trying to have a go at Stirling council , but they were gleeful about the whole thing . They think that they have trounced Live Bannockburn! I’ve got tickets for Sat. I phoned them but we don’t get them until 6 weeks before.

    I hope lots of people make this a success. £20 isn’t a fortune for a ticket and should be a good day! I’m taking my Saltire for sure!

  112. HorseBoy says:

    @haud on the noo

    Great textile design site, you have. Looks very sophisticated!
    I’ve searched tartan sites and the WALLACE seems to be Blue and White tartan.
    I’m gonna see if I can Hire for the day.

    You never know after 18th.September, YES may require an Independence tartan of say, mainly the Saltire’s, YES’s & WING’s Blue White with traces of SNP Black Yellow, Red for Independent Labour, Green for Greens, Red Yellow for SSP, Tommy’s Soidarity, and other trace colours of YES parties.

    ps. sharpen your pencil.

    pps. Rebus actor Ken Stott declares support for Yes!

  113. John Smithmaybe says:

    ‘You went away, I remember that day, please don’t explain, you’ll never fool me again…’ Bitter sweet, no longer together on the sugar label :

  114. Mealer says:

    I’m getting pi**ed off with people referring to Lord Reid as “john Reid”.He was elevated to the House of Lords many years ago.He accepted the title.He accepted the position as your superior.

  115. YES Airdrie and Shotts says:

    Your some man Ronnie, whit was yir auld man up to in Stirling to get buried there. Bet yer maw was lookin for him doon the street and all the time he was in Stirling. I can see were gonni have tae watch out for wee Anderson look alikes walking about the Thistle Centre – shooting at all the auld wummin

  116. ronnie anderson says:

    @Mealer,yer gitting peed aff wie people cawing him John

    (reid ) ah never cawed him anything other than John an I

    met him a good few times, mind you his bodyguards were a

    bit suspicious as to what I had in my briefcase, but never

    asked Grrrrr.

  117. Tam Jardine says:

    O/T Someone was asking about the results of the student debates and mock referendums in Schools. My understanding is that Yes are winning the vast majority of these.

    BT are putting out the lie that they are winning the majority of these based on a few high schools and Glasgow Caledonian uni.

    What a load of shite!

    Please take a look at their picture on this link that is SCREAMING for someone with the ability and time to do a comparison showing all the Yes wins. The 2 can then be posted as a compare and contrast on Facebook.

    I have saved the image on my phone somewhere in case it magically disappears.

    Rev Stu – you are up to your eyes so if there is someone you can farm this out to please do so.

  118. caz-m says:

    In England, Labour voters defecting to UKIP.

  119. HorseBoy says:

    @Flower of Scotland
    re. BannockBurnLive
    SNP MSP Chic Brodie was goin for em. All 5 SNP MSP’s gave good performance, knew their brief!

  120. YES Airdrie and Shotts says:

    Lord John “wi the Jag under ma arse that you all pay for” Reid of the Wishi brits oot – apart fae Scotland republican movement. to give him his full title if you please

  121. caz-m says:

    YES Airdrie and Shotts

    I brought this up earlier on regarding Frank Roy.
    How do they get away with telling Labour Scots/Irish voters to wrap themselves in the Union Jack, when they wouldn’t do it themselves.

    Wee Johann is always on about her love for Celtic, yet you would never see her turning up at Parkhead with a Union Jack wrapped round her.

    Pure hypocrisy, and a con. Labour MPs and MSPs are thinking only of themselves and their move into the House of Lords.

  122. heedtracker says:

    I think Ed fired Jim Murphy as shadow defence sec because poor Jim kept whining about cybernats. Think about it, you’re future PM Milliband, you’re about to launch a Trident nuke strike and you’re righthand MOD man’s a bloke who’s frightened of tweets.

  123. Alan Mackintosh says:

    OT, I see bitter together have stuck up a billboard in Inverness. ITs the one about “losing the UK pound- No thanks”

    I recall a few days ago there was a twitter pic of this which had been modified to give a different yes message by the changing of a few letters. Can anyone give me a link to this? Would be a jolly jape to amend the text

  124. caz-m says:

    Hello Ronnie

    Did you get together with Jock Scot and pen an “Anthem for Wings”.

    Ronnie, we need a good marchin song to get us through to Sept 18th, and I don’t mean Glenn Miller.

    Put yer heeds the gither and come up wi a Classic.

  125. goldenayr says:

    If I was Skull,I’d be frightened of my reflection.
    It ne’er does naesayers guid tae scry themsel’s as ithers see them.

  126. TJenny says:

    Alan Mackintosh – I haven’t got a link but I think it just changed the ‘Thanks’ to ‘Need To’, so that it read:
    ‘Lose the pound – No Need to, Vote YES’.


  127. geeo says:

    Remember guys, one complaint and the posters are gone…!!
    Thats how it works right ?

  128. Mary Bruce says:

    @Tam Jardine,

    Here are some of the Yes wins since January, maybe someone can add to this? I have no idea how to make it into a graphic to post to twitter or anywhere.

    Ayr College, 46%Y, 43%N, 11%DK
    Prestwick Academy, 51%Y, 40%N, 9%DK
    FOSIS Event, Strathclyde Uni, 68%Y, 32%N
    Cambelltown Grammar, 51%Y, 28%N, 19%DK
    Dundee & Angus College, 83%Y, 11%N, 6%DK
    Tingwall Hall, Shetland,50%Y, 34%N, 16%DK
    Glasgow Skeptics, 85%Y, 15%N
    Plockton High School, 58%Y, 40%N
    Glasgow Cally (Debate), 62%Y, 30%N, 8%DK
    Glasgow Clyde College,44%Y, 39%N, 17%DK
    Strathclyde Uni (Debate), 52%Y, 37%N, 11%DK
    Speyside School, 48%Y, 44%N, 8%DK
    Carloway, Western Isles, 57%Y, 37%N, 6%DK

  129. heedtracker says:

    @ goldenayr we’d shouldn’t be meanies to Murphy, he’ll only run and klype to those other wilting lilies at the Sun.

  130. TJenny says:

    Mary Bruce – thank goodness you posted these stats. The lot that Tam Jardine posted of Better Together’s stats had me worried – for a nano second. 🙂

  131. Democracy Reborn says:

    @Mary Bruce @Tam Jardine


    Thanks to you both, I was the one who raised the original query re votes at universities, colleges & schools. The results so far are encouraging!

    I’m not IT literate enough to compile them into a graph or similar, but I agree that it would be useful to do so & the results given more publicity to counter the BT drivel.

  132. Chic McGregor says:

    I wasn’t happy with their coverage of the Margo commemoration either. Many minor issues, but the shot of Jim Sillars looking unhappy with some comment, who knows? maybe even the one which actually preceded the shot, stranger things have happened, really exemplified their instinct for bottom feeding in the unionist cesspool.

  133. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mary Bruce –

    I confidently predict that Rev will be on that like a flash – even the innumerate, such as meself, can see that the pie charts would be tasty…i.e. for us nasty Cybernats.


  134. Chic McGregor says:

    “Remember guys, one complaint and the posters are gone…!!
    Thats how it works right ?”

    I think your forgetting about Exception 1, sub paragraph 5, codicil 6. 🙁

  135. Chic McGregor says:

    “you’re” dammit

  136. a2 says:

    In case you havn’t looked That Story on the CWU actually says

    “This decision is based on a need for unity against austerity and the barrage of cuts from the coalition government and the SNP in Scotland.”

  137. Tam Jardine says:

    Mary Bruce

    Magic – great work! There are undoubtedly many more though. The rest of the piece on the Bitter site also mentions Glasgow Uni’s poll from February, ahem 2013 but conveniently ignores my old union, Queen Margaret, the QM debate where last month the vote at the end was 71/29 in favour of Yes.

    There is more data on Wikipedia which at a glance appears to be a piece of the same selective reporting. Only Plockton from your great list makes it, along with the QM 71/29, Uni Strathclyde (Islamic Studies) 68/32 and Dornoch Academy 59/41 (all excluding DKs). Lots of No wins but they would need verified.,_2014

    The ‘opinion poll’ section is much more encouraging but I will let you discover that yourself

    I need someone to pick this up once we get a better overview of the results positive and negative. I have to sleep now and have work the morn. .

    Something is definitely rotten about the selective reporting – they wouldn’t lie to us would they?

  138. Tam Jardine says:

    Democracy Reborn

    Thanks for bringing it up. I saw your post on another thread then could not wade through the 600 or whatever comments from the last 24hours to find it again and address you!

    Ian Brotherhood

    Bon Appetite when the time comes

  139. Democracy Reborn says:


    Labour are publicly pledged to match coalition spending plans. So vote No, pray for a Labour victory next year, & CWU members still get “austerity & the barrage of cuts” from a Labour govt. Oh, and no re-nationalisation….

  140. Mary Bruce says:

    I expect that if someone traced the computers that produced those figures on wikipedia the trail would lead right back to Whitehall…

  141. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    @Calgacus MacAndrews
    I missed another CBI link – can you please archive this as well. It is from the head man himself John Cridland. Another impartial view from the newly unbiased and apolitical CBI.

    Strange for a man who now seems to profess little knowledge or interest in the Independence Debate. However, he may end up blaming it on some junior employee so best to get it squirrelled away for future reference.

  142. Mary Bruce says:

    The other thing about NoBlair’s school polls that makes them kind of meaningless is that they include all the 12 to 15 year olds who can’t vote anyway.

    In the Plockton School debate they asked the whole school but gave the results for both younger and older pupils (who will be eligible to vote). Including the younger pupils the result was 55 yes, 44 no. Excluding the younger pupils the result was 58 yes and 40 no (the figures I included above). Therefore, younger pupils were much more likely to vote no. From what I can see, all the schools on NoBlair’s graphic included the juniors.

  143. David Smith says:

    @John King.
    I’m a cyclist, John and I assure you I would always prefer a dedicated route over a public road. Safe from the dodgem drivers, you see!
    Anyway, all being well, I intend to do Bannockburn this year. Having ordered a Pride of Scotland kilt, I’m more than happy to take charge of the ‘Official salute to the RAF Flypast’


  144. Craig says:

    I was wondering where that traffic cone over the statue had gone!

  145. bunter says:

    Rather curious article leading The Herald this morning on Putin.

    Going by the comments, it looks like it could be a smear on Salmond regards a GQ interview due to be published 1st May.

  146. Seasick Dave says:

    John King

    Its the broken glass and debris on the cycle path that makes riding on them so unpleasant.

    They are never maintained.

    Drivers and bike riders are all human beings and a little more tolerance on both sides would go a long way.

    The few seconds you lose behind a cyclist are soon made up should your rush be that important.

    I always acknowledge cars that may be held up behind me but its rare that they return the compliment.

  147. bunter says:

    OOO whats this new Good Morning Britain thingy. More brainwashing.

  148. bunter says:

    Or should that be Good Morning England. Nice view of London in its logo.

  149. john king says:

    Craig says
    “I was wondering where that traffic cone over the statue had gone!”

    Beat me to it,
    that was exactly my first thought as well, maybe she’ll get done for vandalising a monument by stealing a fixture from it? 🙂

  150. Seasick Dave says:


    These ‘awards’ are the equivalent of Johann Lamont being awarded Debater of the Year.

    Its brilliant, though, that they think that Scottish journalists are among the best in the world!

  151. If you want to read about the Labour / Tory tag team that vetoed the zero hour contracts in Wales then there’s a good article here.

    I shared it on my FB page and it has proven very popular with yes groups, especially NHS groups.

  152. ronnie anderson says:

    @Welsh not British,good post keep them comeing,Wales next

    in line for Indy.

  153. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Dr JM Mackintosh says:
    @Calgacus MacAndrews
    I missed another CBI link – can you please archive this as well. It is from the head man himself John Cridland. Another impartial view from the newly unbiased and apolitical CBI.

    Archived at:

  154. ronnie anderson says:

    @George Kerrivan on Bbc,why are the Bbc members of the

    CBI { they would’nt know the differance between a Spanner

    & a Widget } thats the polite way of saying,

    They dont know their Arse from their Elbow but question

    why some of Bodies are members of the CBI as their not

    Just another networking body,lobbying group hiding behind

    unwary buisnessmen.

  155. bunter says:

    Quick swatch at the newspaper racks in the shop this morning and the Daily Mail and Express have front page smear on Salmond regards Putin.

    Glad we have this site to hit back.

  156. caz-m says:

    Did CBI member, GMS BBC Scotland do a report on Alex Salmond’s speech in Belgium today. If so, I must have missed it.

    I caught them talking about the re-make of Dad’s Army and who would play Private Fraser. Are they havin a laugh.

    It’s got to be our own messenger of doom, CBI card holder, Douglas Fraser.

    “If you vote YES, we’re doomed, doomed a tell ye”.

    I have heard that Douglas Fraser burst into uncontrollable fits of joy and excitement when he found out that BBC Scotland was actually a member of the CBI.

  157. MajorBloodnok says:

    Anent the BBC’s continuing membership of the CBI until May 30.

    How does this membership of an overtly right wing and anti-independence lobby group (which it is officially until at least the Electoral Commission lets them off the hook, if they do) square with the fact that the European Elections are on 22 May and at least two parties standing are pro-independence?

    How can the BBC claim impartiality during the Euro elections when it is a member of such a group? Just another nail in the BBC’s coffin of impartiality.

  158. CameronB says:

    I’ve just had another removed by the CBI’s. Perhaps it wasn’t the friendliest but I think it is reasonable comment.


    It benefits from the security of a strong and stable currency

    You’re having a laugh right? The UK’s GDP to Debt ratio is the eleventh worst in Europe, including non-EU nations.

    and access to international trade markets

    These would be closed to and independent Scotland?

    An independent Scotland would need to mirror the UK’s Government’scurrent pace of deficit reduction to avoid breaching the 3% maximum deficit allowed by the EU’s Growth and Stability Pact before members have to consolidate their finances.

    Is this an acknowledgement that Scotland will be allowed into the EU?

    As part of the UK’s monetary, banking, fiscal and political union, Scotland also benefits from UK Government backing for the banking sector and deposit protection.

    If you aren’t aware that bad banking debt is the responsibility of the country in which it was conducted, then you may have been promoted above your station. Are you seriously suggesting a Scottish governemnt wold allow such corrupt banking practices in the future?

    As part of the UK’s monetary, banking, fiscal and political union, Scotland also benefits from UK Government backing for the banking sector and deposit protection.

    And you need look no further than the Eurozone for salutary lessons about why currency unions may not be viable without banking, fiscal and political union.

    So you disagree with Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, that monetary union is workable and would require a limited sacrifice of sovereignty on both parts?

    Keeping the pound is the best option for Scotland but that is only on offer through maintaining the Union.

    Sterling is a fully traceable currency that any nation can use if it chooses. Would you care to correct this untruth?

    Meanwhile, costs would increase for consumers.

    Got any empirical evidence?

    There would also be serious economic consequences for Scotland’s major economic powerhouses: defence & aerospace, financial services, energy, food & drink and higher education which together employ almost a million people.

    Is is debatable as to whether such production of technology designed to kill and destroy, should actually be counted as a benefit to society in general. How sustainable is an economy built on violence?

    Drawing a line between Gretna and Berwick, will also lead to Scotland drifting apart from its biggest trade market, the UK, and losing a significant amount of economic clout.

    Is there not already an international border between Scotland and England? Are you suggesting border posts and razor wire?

    As for Scotland’s future relationship with the European Union, an independent Scotland would also have to negotiate hard to get back into the EU. President Barroso has already made clear it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

    I don’t think this is consistent with your point regarding “the EU’s Growth and Stability Pact”.

    Mr. Cridland, your have been found lacking in the probity of your corporate governance, not to mention what appears to be a rather undemocratic approach to the independence debate. Please have the good grace to leave quietly.

  159. bookie from hell says:

    The British press are off a leash today,worse The Scotsman(Nawman)

    It’s going to be smear Salmond ,till sept 18th

  160. Robert Peffers says:

    @Betsy: “If Labour elves are your thing, here is Scotland’s Maddest Unionist Cllr Terry Kelly with an elf”.

    Suffice to say that Terry Kelly’s article contains this, “Wendy and I then done a local radio interview”.

    The conclusion being that the the local radio interviewer was well ant properly, “Done”

  161. caz-m says:

    You couldn’t make this up. Owen Paterson of the UK Government was appearing in Brussels to give the position of the UK regarding GM crops.

    But he was told by Paul Wheelhouse of the SNP to explain in his speech that Scotland was against GM crops, unlike England.

    Well surprise surprise, Owen Paterson didn’t tell Brussels of the Scottish position, stating that he lifted the wrong notes.

    Wales also had a similar view to GM crops as Scotland, but no mention was given of the Scottish or Welsh views.

    Full story over at NNS.

  162. Famous15 says:


    They covered AS speech in Bruges but immediately neutered it by quoting William Hague saying entry to Europe would be difficult. The omnipresent Curtice was added to the mix and what I understood from what he was explaining was both Yes and No are on a loser by bigging up the EU as most Scots are not that keen on EU.Are you following that so far? If you are I have not accurately reported the BBC!

  163. CameronB says:

    Apparently an independent Scotland will need to cut spending because we are too poor and out economy is weak. Has nobody pointed out to these commentators, that an iScotland’s spending will be considerably reduced once we get out of the failing UKplc. There is Trident and it’s replacement, for a start. I’m sure you can add your own.

  164. bunter says:

    I am sure The Heralds Salmond/Putin story had a name attributed to it early this morning but not now, and it also seems to have grown two heads now.

    Don’t know if it matters, and my apologies to McWhirter and Bell, but you can stuff your Sunday Herald from now on. from what I have seen this morning, this is the final straw.

  165. kendomacaroonbar says:

    O/T Stumbled over to the Express and Scotland BTL comments about the ‘Putin the boot in’ to Salmond smears.

    I get really weary over this kind of crap and it’s getting worse.

  166. P G McLaughlin says:

    At approx 8.55 this morning on BBC24 Business news with Marianne ?Muchari speaking with Katja Hall from CBI appears only 18 members, presumably from Scotland resigned from ?? thousand. NO mention of BBC membership. Just watched again and the interview was not repeated. Suggestion was only few resigned thousands stayed in.
    I tried to find a contact number but no luck.
    Could someone perhaps give a list of telephone/text numbers for quick contacts rather than have to go through the complaints process?

  167. kendomacaroonbar says:

    ..oops should be Scotsman not..yadda yadda

  168. Grouse Beater says:


    You might be onto this already: Haig trying to undermine Salmond EU speech in Bruges.

    When you hear a Westminster politician begin:

    “People in Scotland deserve to have …” you ask when in hell has the Westminster elite ever considered Scotland first?

    Haig wants the SNP to have a Plan B for EU membership. What next for a Plan B? Which remote island to dump anti-democratic politicians?

  169. Grouse Beater says:

    When yoyu hear a Westminster politician say, “Scotland deserves… ” run for cover.

  170. Capella says:

    On the other hand, Inspector Rebus comes out for YES

  171. caz-m says:

    I think these people who are having a go at Alex Salmond forgot to mention that UK foreign policy is now being decided by London Bankers.

    They have told the Tories to stay out of the Russia/Ukraine problem because Russia has too much money invested in London Banks.

    Russia would withdraw this money if the UK pushed for sanctions against Russia.

  172. Capella says:

    Re the “Zinoviev letter” (weren’t we all waiting for this?) of AS backing Putin. It was on GMS his morning via Mr Campbell, journalist, saying that Alistair Campbell, TBs ex PR man, did the interview weeks ago, ie before the Ukraine chaos. So old AC up to his old tricks again.

  173. caz-m says:

    This Alex Salmond “smear” is only out today to deflect attention away from what will be a very positive speech about Scotland within the EU.

  174. X_Sticks says:

    BBC’s European correspondent Gavin Hewitt

    “Scotland’s Alex Salmond woos EU”

    Comments open!

  175. Edward says:

    There is no doubt about it, that there is indeed a smear campaign going on in the papers against Alex Salmond

    The emphasis is on Alex Salmond admiring Putin

    What seems to have been lost is the fact that its PART of a interview given to Alistair Campbell for GQ Magazine in March 14th (This much the Herald alludes to)

    But the GQ article to be published this week is actually about independence and he was asked about various world leaders, which is only part of the interview and that interview took place before the current Crimea crisis.

    None the less the unionist are making hay while the skewed article is being run in the unionist press

  176. heedtracker says:

    Here in merry olde London this morning BetterTogetherBBC etc are really monstering Salmond and desperately trying to bullshit “the Norf” that HS2 will wonderfully transform “the Norf.” It’s extremely weird down here how Scotland is simply non existent until and except when they’re trying to shut down Scotland as a country.

  177. Dave McEwan Hill says:


    I have no idea why you would think anything reported this morning has anything to do with the Sunday Herald (which has a completely different editorship from the daily Herald).

  178. TYRAN says:

    OT: Overheard three in the gym this morning. All Yes. Were sure yes would win. One said the 20 people he knows at work – there would be a lot of no. Now they are almost all yes.

  179. Seasick Dave says:


    If we are not at tipping point, we very soon will be 🙂

  180. Craig says:

    john king,

    She must have sneaked out of the bunker at night to get what she thought was the crown!

  181. Alex. Walker says:

    Today the ” Sunday Herald ” has officially declared support for Independence as a weekly newspaper, the only, the sole media outlet to supply belated support in all of Scotland.
    One wonders what the Poll Figures would show were there one national daily that supported the cause.?
    This serves as a reminder that in 1997. Brian Wilson, m.p. and ex-New Labour Minister owned nearly 100 newspaper and magazine titles including ” The Oban Times “, a controlled and engineered propaganda flood that virtually ensured the 1997 General Election Victory for Bliar and Brown.
    Almost all Brian Wilson`s newspaper titles were sited in SCOTLAND and Northern England. It did not guarantee victory but went a long way to undermine a bad John Major Tory Govt. in those years leading up to 1997.
    LORD WILSON of Skye, with all those newspaper titles under his ownership actually ” Bought the Dodgy Dossier ” on the Illegal War in Iraq – sold by Bliar, Brown and Reid. Where was Brian`s Brain.?
    As a proud Scot, I am in no doubt that the Independence Polls would be overwhelmingly – ” YES “, had we the support of only one daily newspaper with a nationwide circulation in Scotland.
    It is particularly galling that Lord Wilson of Skye ( Brian Wilson ) still gets a voice via his Unelected position as a Peer in an English House of Lords, long after Wilson promised to Abolish this House of CADS.!!
    Hopefully the ” Sunday Herald “`s new birth will signal a veritable spawn of some babies of conscience that will Guard and Protect the Ancient Rights of the people of Scotland – unlike Lord Wilson who shifted Passport Processing from Glasgow to Belfast on the 300th. Anniversary of the Act of Union in 2007. (1707-2007).

  182. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Brian Wilson founded and owns the West Highland Free Press which has no connection with the Oban Times group.
    The Oban Times group, which also owns the “Argyllshire Advertiser” or “the Squeak” which serves Lochgilphead, Ardrishaig and mid Argyll, the “Campbeltown Courier” which serves Kintyre and the “Arran Banner” and “Scottish Field” and a couple of fishing magazines was acquired by its present owners, the Bennetts, from Johnston Press (owners of the Scotsman) in 1983. The Bennetts are as virulently anti independence as Johnston Press and Brian Wilson but are arguably making a better fist of running their newspapers.
    Brian Wilson was a member of the SNP in his youth! You will go a long way to find a more disagreeable political figure though there is fierce competition among the has-beens clustering Scottish Labour like Lord Reid and Lady Liddell for this accolade.
    Dunoon, having produced Wilson and Lord Naw Naw Robertson, has a lot to answer for

  183. Alex. Walker says:

    Today I bought my first ever copy of ” The Sunday Herald “.
    Tomorrow I cancel my order for ” The Sunday Times ” to which I have subscribed for over 30 years – for the single purpose of ” knowing one`s Enemy “.!!
    In future I will order and subscribe to ” The Sunday Herald “, not because our views coincide but because the Editor promises an equal and balanced debate on the question of Independence for Scotland.
    In stark contrast to the Murdoch Press which has never published a single letter of mine in over 30 years.??
    The Murdoch Press whose so-called Scottish (?) columnists have never had one good word to say for the Scottish people since before 1999. and the re-instigation of the Scottish Parliament that has consistently Refused to be TORY – to the chagrine of Murdoch`s Semi-detached Scottish propagandists.
    Cameron Promises to ENACT HIS English biased Boundary Change Legislation that, via Tory Law CEDES Scotland to MILIBAND and the Socialists under a Westminster System where we will all be subject to Perpetual Westminster Tory Rule.
    Cutely, and with the collusion of unelected Peers, Cameron`s Boundary Change Legislation has been ” Delayed ” until AFTER the Independence Referendum.? After which Scottish Tory voters, with zero representation at Westminster can claim they were Horn-swoggled and flim- flammed by their English Tory Leader.??
    Ludicrously, Scots Tories oppose Freedom – and – VOTE to Exclude themselves from Westminster and the Heart of the Union that Tories pretend to defend.
    After multiple attempts ( via letters ) to inform Scots about their loss of representation at Westminster,the Murdoch Press Chose to ignore the inevitable consequences of Boundary Change Legislation that Tories VOTED FOR in 2010. and will VOTE FOR AGAIN in 2015.?? You could not invent such lunacy. AND – it gets worse.
    U.K.I.P. opposes Independence for Scotland, and as the light dimly dawns on Scots Tories that CAMERON is Conning them, Scots Tories are defecting in droves to U.K.I.P..
    Thereby automatically opposing the EXPULSION of Scotland from the E.U. – THIS YEAR.??
    Someone should tell potential Scottish U.K.I.P. Voters – and – Defecting Scots Tory Voters. MURDOCH WILL NOT. !!
    Do we believe the E.U. Leaders who Promise to expel Scotland from their discriminatory E.U.Club in SEPTEMBER.??
    OR, do Scots believe the English Leaders of the Unionist Parties who are conning their own party members in Scotland. ??
    When Clegg, Cameron and Millies-band despise and ridicule the intelligence of their own voters via duplicity, there can be no doubt we deserve to be Horn-swoggled for being the idiots they think we are.
    Perhaps ” The Sunday Herald ” will elucidate.??

  184. Alex. Walker says:

    In Sept. or Nov.2013. Cameron, Clegg and Osborne set the Annual Budget (2014-2015) for the Scottish Parliament at only £28.6 billion.
    Last month Osborne promised his Con.Dem. Govt. is set to borrow £198 billion this year.

    Via “Barnett Consequentials ” the Scottish Parliament is Due an EXTRA £19.8 BILLION as our share of Osborne`s Borrowings, but this reveals an absurd anomaly whereby the people of Scotland are only worth the difference.
    £19.8 billion deducted from £28.6 billion = £8.8 billion.
    Therefore, Scotland gets only £8.8 billion from Westminster, but garners one-tenth of borrowings upon which Scots get zero benefit.??
    This, despite the fact that this unelected Con.Dem.Govt. has only North Sea Oil Deposits within Scotland`s Sector as guarantee for Collateral in their borrowings.
    In Scotland we pay tax to mug ourselves.

  185. Alex. Walker says:

    To Dave McEwan-Hill :- I bow to your greater knowledge about the ownership of the ” Oban Times ” news titles.
    However, a long time ago I was struck by the fact that it was the Tory news media that revealed the fact that Brian Wilson, M.P., owned nearly 100 news and magazine titles in scotland and the North of England.Before1997 victoryfor Bliar.
    The cause for Independence has only one news title that has offered support – less than 24 hours ago.?

  186. Alex. Walker says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell

    Preaching Freedom to our own little choir will not allow us to laugh hysterically (with others) at Scottish Tory/Lib.Dem. “Hypocrisy”.

    Laughing at them may force them to confront their pathetic and paltry logic whereby their ” Boundary Change Legislation” expels Scots Tories from representation at Westminster.

    To gain 20 x new Tory seats in England.

    Scottish Tories voted to bar themselves from Westminster in 2010. via their Mandate to impose Boundary Changes.
    They will repeat this affront in the 2015. Westminster General Elections.

    ” Hypocrisy ” replacing – Democracy.

    Scots Tories Oppose Freedom for Scotland
    Vote (twice) for Zero representation at Westminster.?

    When the rest of Scotland cannot amuse ourselves – Laughing at TORY HYPOCRISY – when can we.

    AND – “Liberal”/ “Democrats” Supported this arch- Tory Mandate.?

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