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When they tell you who they are

Posted on August 30, 2023 by

Wings, a little under two years ago: “there is no “independence movement” any more, just an independence industry.

And then today:

You should believe them.

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0 to “When they tell you who they are”

  1. Red says:

    Why, is OnlyFans full?

  2. blackhack says:

    Aye, jobs for the boys (and Girls)

  3. Stuart MacKay says:

    I know the new hosts of the new independence reality / game show néed to be photogenic but these two definitely appear to have been chosen with specific demographics in mind.

    Perhaps this fits tbe SNP’s 10/20/100 year plan for not doing much for a long time. The “New, Improved, Yes Movement” will target teens and twenty somethings and alienate the stales particularly the pales and the males who have some questionable attitudes over gender identity.

    So, are these two the cheerleaders of the Alyn Smith Youth League – aka the Pink/Blue Shirts?

  4. Shug says:

    They are so dim they don’t realise they are being set up for a complete roasting in their first interview.

    they bring a whole new level of shallow and light weight.

    Imaging signing up for a career that won’t last beyond the next election

  5. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Bonnie & Clyde were at least interesting gangsters but these two “new wokies” don’t even know what independence is. They think it’s something between a rave and a milk queue at Lidl.

  6. Liz says:

    “Independence industry” Never a truer statement was said.
    These bastards are playing with peoples’ hopes and dreams.
    Fuck them

  7. Mark Young says:

    Welcome to the next Generation of #GRIFTERS

  8. AnneDon says:

    To be fair to Alister Heather, he’s been an indy supporter for years, and a big supporter of recognising Scots as a language, which isn’t even particularly popular among indy supporters.
    He’s been plugging away at that for years.
    He works as a journalist.
    I don’t think he was looking for a career in the sense you imply.

  9. robertkknight says:

    Troughers gonna find a trough and… trough!

    The SNP has been infiltrated, compromised and corrupted from the top down.

    Here’s hoping that the electorate saves it from the slow, agonising death for which it appears destined to suffer.

  10. Johnlm says:

    Actually, before ‘The National’ editor got it,
    Given said:
    “ I met loadsa besties at my first LGBTQ+ event.
    It was totes amazeballs.
    It changed my career from being a weather forecaster.
    My hair stylist is well jell.
    I have never thought before”

  11. sarah says:

    Alister Heather does work hard for the Scots language so I wouldn’t write him off just yet. He of all people will know how feeble the Scottish “government” is about fighting for Scottish identity – why on earth don’t they support the Scots leid and make it an official language?

  12. Dan says:

    TBH I think it’s a given that most Wings readers already knew intellectual heavylightweight Gravy Bus Given is at it.

    Can anyone recall if either of these two attended the many AUOB marches over the years with any degree of regularity?

  13. duncanio says:

    Wow, Gee and Whizz!

    What a shit-fest.

  14. Red says:

    Johnlm – to be fair, if you had two Kelly Givens, you could sellotape them together to create a full wit.

  15. ScottieDog says:

    The independence industry is now the independence circus – and very much PT Barnum style.

  16. Geoff Bush says:

    Alistair Heather is a smart and talented man who is a already a great champion of the Scots language. He should not be bracketed with Kelly Given in any assessment of their suitability as hosts for this event.

  17. twathater says:

    Unfortunately the general public and the VOTERS are NOT receiving the same journalistic honesty and integrity that we on WINGS have enjoyed for a decade, if they had THE TRUTH presented to them in the same serious, sometimes funny, facts combined with reality prose I can guarantee the snp/green perverts and deviants would be finding foxholes to cower in

    These SCUM are emboldened because their lunacy and corruption is currently being downplayed by the WM establishment and their handlers,they are benefitting from the public corruption, incompetence and lies openly on show daily because it damages the independence movement , does anyone with a brain believe that serious intelligent business people or astute world leaders would consider the mishmash of broken down ex holiday camp reps or the interpretive dance pile of rags that was our legal rep was anything other than morons pretending at being grownups

    FFS who in their right mind would unashamedly admit to anyone that humza the PROVEN Useless at every job he had was now Scotland’s first minister (NOT MY FM) what a riddy that would be

  18. TURABDIN says:

    from the National.

    «Both agreed Saturday will be cathartic for Yes activists after a period of negativity from both within and outwith the movement.
    “We’ve all been kind of dragged down by negativity, and within the movement and the position with each other, so it feels like that we’re kind of moving into a space now where we’ve cultivated this new movement”, said Given.
    Heather added: “We’re all gonna get together on a Saturday and it’s going to be so good because it’s not a case of getting together and saying, ‘what the hell are we going to do? How the hell are we going to move forward here?’
    “It’s getting together and saying, ‘we’ve kept the faith, we’ve held our nerve and now it’s the time to strike again and we’re going to do it»

    Lets all have a group hug….and a weep too for those who really care for that independence wise thing.
    Does the editorial staff of the National ever pause to read the juvenile nonsense uttered by such as the above?

  19. President Xiden says:

    Note the tag ‘grifters’ LOL

  20. Geoff Anderson says:

    “A Career”

    The bastards!

    When I think of the days, weeks, months and years I spent as an Activist. The amount of money I ploughed into stalls, marches, raffles, fundraisers. The amount of my own money I spent between 2012 and 2014. However for them it’s a career.

    It was bad enough, but now they are rubbing my nose in it.

  21. John Main says:

    I’m gonna stick up for them.

    They both have smiles that broadcast to all the world that our very own SNHS dental care is right up there with the best you can get anywhere.

    Or am I missing something?

  22. MaggieC says:

    AnneDon @ 4.51 pm

    Re Alistair Heather, he may still do some journalism but he now works as the office manager for John Nicolson in Westminster. It’s all jobs for the boys and girls these days and it’s not what you know but who you know. ?

  23. MaggieC says:

    Re comments about Alistair Heather being a journalist, he cannot be doing that full time now as he now works for John Nicolson as his office manager in Westminster. It’s not what you know but who you know. ? ?

  24. PhilM says:


  25. Republicofscotland says:

    Yeah a lucrative career awaits them at our expense, the indy business wagon is one they all want to jump on.

  26. PhilM says:

    @John Main
    Yes…you are missing something. I am surprised.
    In an independent Scotland, their teeth would dazzle with an intense brilliance rather than reflect dully the emptiness of all those crushed souls shuffling along the diseased arteries of Brexit Britain.

  27. A Scot Abroad says:

    Of course Indy is a good career choice. It ain’t going to happen in the next 50 years, so you can build an entire career out of it. Probably get paid with public money and a decent pension.

  28. AnneDon says:

    I didn’t know that, and it’s disappointing. However, he does have a track record and a hinterland, so I’ll still give him credit for that.

  29. Den says:

    Grifters gonna grift. Given seems a master in the art tbf.

  30. Republicofscotland says:

    In on it, or delusional, to believe that the current SNP government actually wants independence. I say the former.

    “Morag Williamson from Yes for EU, along with the rest of the team in partnership with Believe in Scotland, is incredibly busy ahead of Saturday.

    She said: “Yes for EU is an affiliated organisation of Believe in Scotland – I can’t actually remember who suggested that we join forces, but we did agree to join forces for this event, and well, it has developed into quite a major event really, it’s fair to say, which is obviously slightly unexpected for us because we’re a much smaller organization than Believe in Scotland.””

    “With the event to now host First Minister Humza Yousaf’s first speech at an independence rally as leader of Scotland, alongside high profiled Yes activists such as Lesley Riddoch and internationally recognised Scots actor Brian Cox, Willamson is grateful for both the groups collaboration and support online.

    “It’s worked quite well”, Williamson said, with hopes there might be further partnerships to hold similar big events, nationally and regionally.”

    Teaming up eh, no teaming up with the real indy party Alba nor any teaming up with the real indy movement AUOB.

  31. Ron Clark says:

    Man charged with being abusive towards Pat Harvie.

    I always thought slander was NOT an offence in Scotland. So why is this man being charged?

    “Defamation is not a crime in Scotland, but a defamation action can be raised against you in the civil (non-criminal) courts.”,(non%2Dcriminal)%20courts.

  32. Ron Clark says:

    Watch out!!!

    Main and his “names” are on manoeuvres.

  33. James Che says:

    A private industry it is,

    Who was CEO of the SNP since our last referendum?

  34. wullie says:

    A journalist you say, how about this lassie in the same mold as our ref. Whitney Webb look her up on YouTube. Her work is mostly American once you have watched a few of her vids you will begin to see the similar problem here in the UK and maybe why Scotland is fkd.
    Or go to her site

  35. James Che says:

    Under The Crown of England courts,

    Without being in a treaty with Englands parliament, since 1707.

    You will understand the words Colony and colonised sooner or later.

  36. Anthem says:

    So who is going to stand up for the guy that was verbally abused by Patrick Harvie by calling him a bigot? After all, he was correct to referring to Harvie as a deviant. It was a fact!

  37. Cynical Onlooker says:

    Yousaf is going to be at the rally they are cheerleading for. Agenda is simple: stick fresh young faces up front (Heather works for the BBC) and show this is the acceptable ‘new’ face of neutered middle class ‘activist’ Scotland, where Alba members and other working class types are not welcome. Ever.

    Funny that Lobotomy Given seems to have recovered from being at death’s door; very recently she was piteously whining about long covid consigning her to a life of exhausted misery, even though she goes on constant expensive holidays somehow and posted multiple photays from each smiling and frolicking on beaches. Dunno how she got so high so quick in the SNP vapid ranks, and any conjecture would be too angry and cruel to print. Absolutely creepy waste of skin.

    Last comment here sums her cynical, empty-headed shite up nicely:

  38. George Ferguson says:

    @Anthem 7:07pm
    It’s the Green policies that are extremist, erroneous and deviant and the HCB next stage will reinforce protection of the individual. If he had said the policies of the Greens are deviant he wouldn’t have been charged. Themz the rules now. Of course we could vote them out. The Greens think they are doing well. The minor party in a coalition usually gets gubbed at the next election. In Scotland we do things differently. It’s the SNP governing party that will suffer the biggest losses. They have allowed the nonsense. Concentrate on dismantling policy proposals and analysing policy outcomes, a la Stu.

  39. Andrew scott says:

    Is she not the nitwit who recently flew to somewhere really hot and spent a week in her air-conditioned room and then flew back and complained that Sunak was going to carry on exploring for oil and gas to reduce our reliance on others
    Stupid is as stupid does

  40. Viscount Ennui says:

    I recall Given responding to Sturgeon’s resignation and saying how notable it was that there had been “no scandals” during her time in office.

    I need say no more.

  41. Peter Jones says:

    I’m absolutely positive that those two were recently at my front door with a copy of The Watchtower in-hand, asking me if I’d like to take Independence into my heart.

    If you know, you know.

  42. Doug says:

    Given’s desire for independence is not a given.

  43. Robert Hughes says:

    The ( Scottish ) Revolution Will Not Be Televised . ( BBC Scotland will be showing the Scunthorpe U v Wycombe Wanderers FC F.A Cup 1st Round clash ) . Try Instagram .

    Ach well , at least we can watch the latest episode of Indy Idol instead . Maybe , in the tradition of the original , some of the losing contestants will be * moulded * into a brand new , spanking Girl/Boy band viz One Direction . Call it No Direction

    Reality as ” Reality ” TV .

    Next year’s SNP G.E campaign leaflets will feature an image of Yousaf with his face superimposed by one of those Tik Tok stylised , cartoonish cat faces surrounded by brightly coloured stars. So cute

  44. Dan says:

    Hmm, twitter feed “time”line randomness does throw up a range of tweets.
    This yin highlights quite the rise to political prominence…
    So less than a year ago this pair were the non-political guests on some gogglebox pish programme called Debate Night, and now they are enthusiastic about attending, and they will even be hosting the post march event which is supposedly about ending the political union between the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England.

    I reckon that cracking big Great Dane dug has attended more Indy marches than this pair combined.

  45. Morgatron says:

    I can hear them saying in 50 years I had a walk on part in the failure in the cause for Scottish independance, but it paid well.

  46. Robert Louis says:

    I read that puff piece in the national this morning, and just thought it was pure unadulterated propaganda.

    For exmaple, they literally justified Sturgeon doing nothing for the last nine years. How freaking convenient. For example;

    “A lot of times it looked like it was a million miles away, like in the middle of Covid, you’re thinking ‘how the hell can we meaningfully disrupt the Covid recovery with an independence referendum? ..Maybe we could of immediately off the back of Brexit, but then folk were just so sick of campaigns and politicking and bullsh*t from politicians, so there was no appetite for another big referendum .. But now it really feels like a lot of things have come together at the right time”

    How convenient for the SNP grifters, what with a UK election due next year. Just enough carrot to keep the gullible voting for them, so they can keep their oh so very well paid jobs in London, England, doing nothing for another five years.

    Honestly, I never read such nonsense, justifying the Scottish government doing SFA to gain independence, despite election win after election win.

    But, I guess people like Alistair Heather knows best, and better than actual independence campaigners ever could.

  47. Dumbarton Rock says:

    Well , all we can hope for is that they get annihilated at the bi-election in Rutherglen AND at the GE next year. They need a big fright. If they get a big enough fright , surely they’d come to their senses and welcome Alba and the other Indy groups to unite and start working towards an overwhelming victory for Indy at Holyrood. Otherwise, they’re finished .

  48. George Ferguson says:

    @Dan 9:03pm
    My auld Maw is birrling in her grave. Decades of support for Independence. As have a few traditional SNP supporters on here. Suddenly photogenic non identities are in are in charge of Independence. Nae real jobs there mate. Nae serving your apprenticeship there. The leaders of this march are selling books, selling paywall blogs or serving their careers. I will give it a miss. I remember decades ago bending down in a pub handing out leaflets and getting scolded by an auld hand. Don’t do that he said you can get a kick in the head. These people don’t understand adversity. In fact they have abused the resource spent by earlier generations.

  49. barelybare says:

    I wonder if Heather really said “Maybe we could of” or if that’s from Laura Pollock Multimedia Journalist.

  50. John Main says:

    @George Ferguson says:30 August, 2023 at 9:30 pm

    you can get a kick in the head

    I have just read some of Given’s Twitler feed that Dan linked to above.

    You may well have put your finger on it, George, at a formative age she must have been kicked in the heid.

  51. Geoff Bush says:

    Here’s a suggestion for everyone reading Wings. Go along to the march, one way or another it will be fun and worthwhile.

    I’ve been on all but one of the AUOB marches this year, and I was glad to see strong grassroots SNP presence at all of these, and although no longer an SNP member it was great to chat with SNP pals and enjoy one another’s company and friendly banter.

    So if you think about the spirit of AUOB, where you’d welcome SNP pals without reservation, why not assume that the march in Edinburgh on Saturday is also for ALL independence supporters, and just participate.

    I’m not promising not to heckle Humza or Lorna Slater at the rally, last time I heckled at a rally was on Jan 31st when I respectfully suggested to the then FM that she ought to resign. She agreed apparently, it might work again.

  52. George Ferguson says:

    @John Main 10:09pm
    It’s the lack of life experience, educational attainment, and just plain common sense I oppose. Plus the grifters making money at every turn. An independence sector rather than a Independence movement. The policies are ridiculous, anti business, and anti social conservative and unfounded by evidence. We are going for a submission to the Scottish Public Inquiry on the so called academic lock down 4. You know the one,as you say, show us the money. On Nicolas say so the 1 billion hit to the Scottish economy. Unbelievable decision based on her vanity and not the evidence. A chance to get on TV trumped the right decision. And every single SNP MP and SNP MSP knew it.

  53. Ron Clark says:

    Kings Eleven gubbed in the Champions league tonight in the Netherlands.

    Anything that keeps the Butcher’s Apron stuck in that bottom drawer has to be a good thing.

  54. David Hannah says:

    Kelly Given.

    That’s the woman that had the air conditioning for a full week straight,24/7.

    The ozone layer over Zante will take 20 years to recover… The polar bears are drowing Kelly, Did no one show you how to create a vaccume within the Villa?

  55. David Hannah says:

    I was reading the socialist worker. As it happens the magazine says that the SNP believe in Scotland rally should be boycotted.

    1. 2. 3. F*ck the bourgeoisie.

    4. 5. 6. F*ck the bourgeoisie.

    All together now.

  56. David Hannah says:

    The socialists now hate the SNP…

    The nationalisation of SNP Rail… Without the benefits and service cuts.

    Council tax up.

    Wages. Down.

  57. Beauvais says:

    Kelly Given gushes about how committed to independence she’s been for years, hoping we conveniently forget that in 2022 she took part in the reality show called Make Me Prime Minister.

    The National article’s BTL has an Andrew Wilson, presumably the Andrew Wilson, making several comments extolling this Believe in Scotland rally. He refers in one comment to “AUOB zombies”. Well that shows a real desire for unity.

  58. stuart mctavish says:

    Too right its a career (and potentially hell of a more rewarding than contemporary civil engineering I’ll wager) – its not like the old days where they can can promise to resign if they win and hand it all back to the duplitous cringers that gave us the vow* – so best of luck to them in devoting theirs to helping Scots stand tall in the long run.

    O/T curious to learn the charge in the Patrick Harvey “mate” polemic. I’d have thought breach of peace is not appropriate in response to an incident reported by a member of the public (as they cannot know what constitutes one) whereas legislative anticipation of the sort that saw a judge prejudice isla bryson before his jury would be a particularly vile hate crime, in and of itself, and any charge of wasting police time might best be directed at the whole of the community responsible for exagerating the alleged tort rather than any particular dafty triggered into making it.

    * wait, what.. 😉

  59. Robert Hughes says:

    O/T ( kinda )

    Just when you thought Canadian politics couldn’t get anymore wacko/authoritarian/vicious

    Get ready for the next * wave * of hysteria ; new * strains * of ” THE SCIENCE ” – nb , not Science – THE Science , mandating the same idiocy we were bludgeoned with previously .

    What bothers me is the thought that just as it would have made no difference what Party was in power in Scotland in 2020 – when the Covid hysteria started – neither will it make any difference who is in power this/the next time it’s decided ” we the people ” are too fucking dim to decide for ourselves the veracity/plausibility & nature of any risk and how we should respond to such .

    I can’t think of one politician who would be prepared to step out of the ( bogus * consensus * ) line and – at the very least – question whatever bullshit was being forced down the public throat .

  60. Dan says:

    @ Beauvais

    Ooh, zombie is a new one to add to the previous Strongbow Soaked AUOB Radical Cybernat Malcontent Demagogues list of things the grassroots marchers have been called over the years before the rise of these latest indy grifters.

    Anyone else remember when a proper Grifter was the largest in Raleigh’s bike range which included in descending size the Strika and Boxer.
    And on a related note, we were so poor when I was young that my old man gave me a used Sturmey Archer epicyclic 3 speed hub to strip and rebuild instead of a crap two dimensional jigsaw. That was a great way to develop the comprehension of engineering in a child’s mind.

  61. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Dan

    ” Engineering ” , wassat ?

    Scotland circa 2050

    ” we’re putting our daughtson Angus-Joan through the non-educative progressive school system . We believe it will afford him the best possible preparation for a future lucrative career in the New Scottish In Dependence Industry “

  62. christy m says:

    The anti-democratic instincts that we are presently dealing with is a product of the careerism the culture had been long fostering. Whether its Covid or the SNP, these people will simply do what the next raise or promotion requires. Its the ugly twin of ambition which is the healthy part of ‘wanting to get on’. We need ambitious people, but careerists are parasitical.

  63. Breeks says:

    Geoff Bush says:
    30 August, 2023 at 10:23 pm

    So if you think about the spirit of AUOB, where you’d welcome SNP pals without reservation, why not assume that the march in Edinburgh on Saturday is also for ALL independence supporters, and just participate.

    Because everything about it reeks of a disingenuous ersatz “campaign” which is now attempting to usurp back command of Scotland’s popular desire to be an Independent nation, which their feckless incompetence under Sturgeon took eight years to squander.

    They try to steal everything else from the YES Movement, remember their grotesque and grubby alternative YES logo to which the SNP held the patent? They were utterly jealous, and greedy to displace the remarkable success of the iconic YES logo and all things Pantone 300. Any we all thought it was just for money.

    So now they’re just doing to AUOB what they did to YES.

    I would take a lot of convincing that the aim of the whole exercise isn’t actually designed to deepen divison in the YES Movement, and kill off Scotland United permanently, or rather, until it’s dead in the water and the SNP can crawl into the husk and lay claim to it.

    The SNP has poisoned EVERY initiative since Sturgeon took over, except I don’t believe Sturgeon ever DID take over. She hadn’t the brains or strength of personality to exert the control she’s been credited with, and Humza Yousaf is no more capable than she was. They’re Scotlands FM not because their strong and influencial, but because they are craven and weak, and obedient to command.

    Don’t waste your time on these dummies. Find out who’s idea it was for Shona Robison to rebuff the Scotland United suggestions by announcing the SNP’s own candidate for Rutherglen. Find out who’s idea it was to set up an “alternative” AUOB event without AUOB. Find out who’s idea it was to organise SNP events to clash with actual AUOB marches. Find out who’s idea it was for Murray Foote to take over from Murrell. Find out who thought up “Both Votes SNP” as a strategy.

    Find out who’s making those decisions, who’s administering the toxin, and you’ll be closer to the truth about Scotland’s compromised SNP and their roll in subverting the Independence Movement. I’ll bet it won’t be some dumb-fk sock puppet like Sturgeon or Yousaf.

    There is something rotten in the state of Scotland. Can’t you smell the stench of it?

    Be there on Saturday? I won’t set foot within 100 miles of it. It’s a sham event, and it wouldn’t even surprise me if they had an “incident” planned, especially to discredit dissenters. Beware people. You’ve been warned.

    It’s a personal call of course. Maybe I’m completely wrong. If you want to go along, then do so. But me any my doggelies have done the maths, and we’ll be trusting our instincts and staying at home.

    These people aren’t the YES Movement. They are the parasite that’s attached itself to the YES Movement, and the Scotland United plan was the litmus test which they failed.

    Ever ask yourself why?

  64. Republicofscotland says:

    ah, I see the SNP’s fanzine trying to make a few bob off the march. The indy business is alive and well.

    They’ll even give you 5% off so hurry, we’ll sell you the indy stuff right up until Friday the day before the march.

    Get your marching bundle for Scottish independence rallies!”

    And wait for as a bonus.

    “Aside from our marching bundle, you can get our passport cover (in EU burgundy) to show your support for independence everywhere you go!”

    Hallelujah!! we’re on our way, all we need is our credit card numbers.

  65. Frank Gillougley says:

    Re the cardboard cut-outs? Just bless. I’ll bless all these vacuous fuckers till the day i’m deid.

  66. Dan says:

    @ Robert Hughes at 9:04 am

    Those parents sound like absolute bigots restrictively and un-progressively classing their offspring as a mere daughtson.
    How do they know the entity isn’t actually SuperTrans like I bravely came out as a couple of years back, and can therefore identify as a wide spectrum of different things at a myriad different and sometimes overlapping points of time in the past, present, and future.

    That more folk haven’t yet realised and embraced the benefits of liberating oneself from the inherent regressive constraints of the imposed systemic conventional order somewhat miffs me…

    Anyway, got to go as it’s back to the oldskool engineering for me, chiselling off bad pointing and re-dressing the stone damage caused by some idiots previously bad face pointing a house’s walls with harder non-permeable cement. Pointing with the wrong stuff actually traps moisture in the stone joints and stones meaning frost damage in the form of stone spalling occurs, instead of letting any moisture in the wall stones and joints wick out like it is meant and as it was was originally designed to do when built using lime mortar.

  67. TURABDIN says:

    Definitely silly season stuff.
    In some countries this time is variously called the «pickled cucumber/gerkin» season.
    How appropriate for this pair.

  68. John Main says:

    Gotta get my sticky fingers on one of these Scottish passport covers.

    Pure class.

    Is it just me wondering if a Scottish passport holder will satisfy many Scot’s desire for Indy, and so no further “progress” will be needed?

    After all, that was one of the accusations leveled at the Brexit enthusiasts – all they really cared about was the colour of their passports.

    How strange to see exactly the same delusion back on display in Scotland! I thought we as a nation were smarter than that.

  69. robertkknight says:

    Geoff Bush…

    This is pure window dressing for a Pound Shop SNP campaign which is being rolled out in order to give their loyal dogs a bone and provide a fig leaf for their obvious lack of any strategy going forward – other than repeatedly asking for a referendum which Westminster will only ever acquiesce to in the event that support for Indy falls below 40%.

    The SNP aren’t interested in Indy – for the fact is that they can’t afford to cease suckling from Westminster’s teat. The SNP are only interested in the SNP.

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    “THE Home Office has again rejected cross-party calls to introduce safe drug consumption rooms – despite a major report recommending the department change tack to save lives.

    In a report from Westminster’s Home Affairs Committee published today, the Government was urged to press ahead with trials for safe consumption rooms like the one proposed for Glasgow as part of a raft of recommendations to overhaul UK drug policy.

    But the suggestion was rejected out of hand by the Home Office”

    AS expected the SNP government folded like a deck of cards when the foreign country of England said no, please get these useless self-serving b*stard out of office at every turn.

    Speaking of useless self-serving b*stards Sturgeon the Judas, has had her police security removed and all the cars and trimmings that goes with it.

    “Nicola Sturgeon has had her £600,000-a-year police security removed, according to reports.

    The former First Minister’s 24-hour protection had been kept in place since she had resigned in March.”

    At least that’s one thing the taxpayer doesn’t need to keep funding, let the treacherous swine pay for her own security.

    Meanwhile BLiS ran North Lanarkshire Council is a nest of vipers, riven with fear and distrust, this ahead of the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election.

    “The inner circle around Joe Fagan instinctually close ranks at the first sign of anything that might rock the boat, and they can be vicious when they do so. This was my first experience of being a Scottish Labour candidate last year.”

    He claimed the Labour group was run by Fagan’s “personal will” and added:

    “The group is kept in the dark about many big decisions until they are already made, we are instructed on how to vote on motions that we cannot even see the wording of.

    “Committee chairs have been pulled up for disagreeing with Joe in the privacy of Labour group meetings, allegedly receiving a slap on the wrist for “questioning Joe’s authority in public”.”

  71. Breeks says:

    Dan says:
    31 August, 2023 at 9:55 am

    …. Pointing with the wrong stuff actually traps moisture in the stone joints and stones meaning frost damage.

    You’re right in what you say Dan, but the right stuff doesn’t cost you £40 / bag, it should be around £15-£16 for a 25kg bag.

    It “sounds’ like you’re buying hydrated lime, not hydraulic lime.

    I’d need to know more for tight spec, but a 1 : 2.5 mix with an NHL 3.5 and Sharp sand is “typically” what you want for pointing.

    If you want a pale whitish mortar, go for St Astier brand, but if you want it a softer, Otterbein will give you a more buttery yellow tint.

  72. Mac says:

    Robin McAlpine is correct not to attend.

    This is the SNP attempting to reinstate and institutionalize its (now historical) de facto monopoly over the Independence movement.

    It is doing so for the express purpose of excluding anyone who does not espouse all their woke garbage but more importantly to ensure they are always there, there to steer the independence movement down one dead end after another forever and ever…

    Anyone attending this march is enabling them in their goal to ‘own’ the independence movement. People really need to stay away.

    RM is also bang on the money that it is ALBA the SNP fear and loath the most despite them never getting anyone elected (yet). The SNP obsesses on trashing ALBA while constantly telling us all how insignificant they are…

    Everything is saying get behind ALBA. Because that is where their lies.

  73. Mac says:

    That should read…

    Everything is saying get behind ALBA. Because that is where their fear lies.

  74. robertkknight says:

    Passport Covers…

    Anyone looking for something with a remotely official look to it would be well to check out this:

    And whilst on the subject of symbols… Can we get a few more of these on the backside of your motors please?

    Every time I see “UK” sticker I almost lose my lunch. Yu’ky indeed!

  75. James Che says:


    Pretty accurate comment,

    Politicians = parasites looking for host voters.

  76. Johnlm says:

    I think you’ll find that white mortar is now illegal
    For a buttery yellow I recommend ‘the Given’

  77. Beauvais says:

    This Believe in Scotland rally organised by the SNP is nearly well named.

    After nine years of Sturgeon/Yousaf misgovernment I’d say
    Be Leavin’ Scotland is more like how a lot of people feel.

  78. James Che says:

    There are many politicians making the long route to Scottish independence as a career industry job description,

    But very few actually historically or political savvy on bullet points.

  79. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Dan 🙂

    And – mea culpa – I’m guity of the most heinous contemporary crime imaginable – poor little Angus-Joan

    It should have said ….” ……it will afford THEY ……”

    Your own ” brave n stunning ” choice of identity has not gone un-noticed . Well done you/yon . A place in the pantheon of Prog Heroes is assured .

    No offence , Geoff Bush , but , fuck THAT , N.A.W ! As Breeks n Robert Knight say …..this is just yet more bad faith and blatant pre-G.E attempted seduction-by-carrot by Nu SNP .

    How any genuine Independence supporter can still be falling for their duplicitous fuckery is – literally – incredible

  80. Johnlm says:

    NuSNP are good at pointing.

    Stop me, I’m on fire!

  81. Willie says:

    Of course the SNP fear Alba.

    Alba is what the SNP are not. Alba is an independence party. The SNP are a devolution party firmly positioned as a colonial administration party. Their object is to destroy the move to independence. Just look at what the SNP have done these last nine year under Sturgeon and the gang. It’s crystal clear what the SNP have become and why they oppose ALBA.

    But consider this. At the last Hollyrood election ALBA stood only in the regional list asking for people votes. But Sturgeon’s policy was utterly SNP 1 and 2 despite her full knowledge that SNP success in the constituency would effectively disenfranchise all the second SNP list votes.

    And the result of Sturgeon’s campaign was over one million SNP votes delivering 2 MSPs whereas that same million second votes given to Alba would have delivered nearly 30 Alba MSPs, an independence super majority and a clear out of unionist Labour and Tories.

    Instead, Sturgeon got her wish, a minority SNP beholden to the Greens.

    Tells you all about the SNP and why they hate Alba.

  82. John Main says:

    Innarestin article on Unherd exploring why the Chinese Yuan is now at its lowest rate against the USD since the 2008 crash.

    With more decline on its way; doesn’t your heart bleed for the Covid spreaders? Never mind, maybes this year’s Xmas tat will be cheaper as a result.

    The lesson for iScotland is that we won’t be spending bricks any time soon. Not even if they’re made with rubble (roubles), which are going the same way as the yuan.

  83. Luigi says:

    Ron Clark says:
    30 August, 2023 at 6:45 pm
    Man charged with being abusive towards Pat Harvie.

    And the brute who physically assaulted a women’s rights campaigner in Duthie Park, Aberdeen? What about him?


    Incredible. What kind of a country do we live in?

  84. James says:

    Oh well, that’ll be the end of days, then.

    Fcuckwit and a half Shapps named defence secretary.

    Start digging your bunkers.

  85. TURABDIN says:

    As others saw it.
    Scottish nationalism missing the bus of opportunity again and again and again.
    With the likes of the above «guard» and their clones in charge of the timetable many more buses will speed down the highway.

  86. robbo says:

    China manufactures around 30% of world goods John Main surpassing the UK by more than 25% .So .

  87. robbo says:

    China manufactures around 30% (top spot) of world goods John Main surpassing the UK ‘s paltry 1.8% . Yes it does manufacture tat as well as around 70-80% of global brand stuff repackaged and displayed in posh UK/US stores , so what’s yer point?

    Unless yer into gas turbines or aircraft parts or engines OR packed medicines OR and SCOTTISH WHISKEY -GOD BLESS then we’re amateur’s.

  88. Lorna Campbell says:

    You are not wrong, Breeks. You are spot on, and the Rev has it in a nutshell. The parasite has moved to a new host, and both the SNP and independence will be dead soon if it is not stopped. I doubt if these two young people even understand what is happening and how they are being used and manipulated.

  89. Johnlm says:

    Grant Shapps to run the 404 ponzi scheme ?
    Seems very qualified.

  90. Anton Decadent says:

    Demoralise, Destabilise, Crisis, Normalisation.

    Re the arrest of the man who called Patrick Harvie a deviant, the members of the grooming gang which was operating at the Four Corners area of Glasgow city centre have been given lifelong anonymity and the majority allowed to stay in Scotland because they would maybe be in danger if they were sent back to the countries they came from, possibly because they are active paedophiles. So Scotland will keep, nurture and shelter them and, most importantly, allow them to breed here. We are also not allowed to know who defended them in court.

    People like Patrick Harvie think that they have the West by the tail and can see the finish line in sight of us no longer existing. The current FM is a second generation Scot who hates whites and his coalition partners are dual nationals with the right to citizenship of another far away country via their DNA one of whom has travelled over from Canada to rule Scotland. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

  91. Confused says:

    nationalists have won, absolutely obliterated the opposition on every single aspect of independence – every argument on the economy, history, culture, self-respect, we win 100-0, it is not even close; yoons repeat nonsense on autopilot, slink away when routed then come back, and they come in all varieties – the nasty and stupid, the persistent, the gentle dissemblers

    – all the questions have been answered many, many times; all the unionists ever had was “project fear”, and now they have led us into this absolute mess (brexit, covid, new nukes, high energy prices, foreign wars, rising prices, expensive housing, falling birth rates, a totally corrupt political culture which has now infected our own, bizarre social experiments, loss of liberty …), chained to a decrepit country which is going down and intends to take us with it …

    all the yoons have, and this includes the fake-nats, the bourgeois gradualist – “independence at infinity” – people, especially the SNP, all they have is this :


    and what is more I am a lazy, untalented fuckwit who will do anything to hold onto what I have as in a new country where positions are decided by merit – I don’t have any … so 90% of people who are slowly being crushed every single day by their repeated exposure to this political regime, have to suffer so I am “alright, jock”.

    – it’s not much of an argument is it?

    They are lizards on a rock, found a little place to soak up the sun, and will fight to the death to preserve it.

    You have a corrupt establishment wholly subservient to the UK, then this grifter class which has taken all the political jobs, plus a novelty – a class of genuinely insane people who have been allowed free reign to shape social policy.

    – there is one question that needs to be asked of every single “nationalist” politician –


    and if they have the mettle to answer this with some tetchy reply, say

    what would you sacrifice for independence, what have you done, what have you given up

    the mediocrity of the comprador/satrap has been pointed out and this makes them so much more effective at defending the status quo; their position is precarious and they live in terror of being reduced in status, which makes them the perfect soldiers as they are “fanatics for no change”.

  92. Anton Decadent says:

    I am going to quote verbatim here from Wiki re Patrick Harvie.

    “His experience of campaigning to repeal Section 28, led him to join the Scottish Green Party.”

    That does not really make much sense, does it, it seems show that his desire to promote homosexuality led him to view the Scottish Green Party as a platform for this, not a desire to promote environmentalism. That his co leader, Lorna Slater, is also gay and there have been rumours as such with regard to the then FM and the over representation within the SNP and prioritising of the brainwashing of children via taking some very suspect characters into their schools and libraries does appear to point to an agenda at work.

  93. Dan says:

    @ Breeks

    Re. Lime. I was quoted 42 quid for a bag of NHL (natural hydraulic lime) 3.5 lime. Natch at that price I didn’t buy it though.
    Some other builders merchant quoted me 28 quid plus VAT for a bag, but they didn’t know their limes from lemons as that was for hydrated lime rather than the NHL 3.5 I had specifically inquired about…

    There is a stonemason currently working on another property nearby so I have supplied him with several chunks and wheelbarrow loads of local stone to match repair and replace areas of the walls he is working on, and have traded that for the lime I need.
    Those brands and prices you mention I had spotted and would be ideal if you stay near Cowdenbeath. 😉

  94. stuart mctavish says:

    Nope – had another look and still can’t figure out what the hell the national is playing at with its defamatory nonsense.

    Delighted to see dopey’s nitter feed hint at her forcing a celebratory kiss on her predecessor though (presumably at one of these believe in yourselves (FFS!) rallies once the American Scots give the all clear on coughid

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