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Enemy Of A State

Posted on August 29, 2023 by

So this popped up this afternoon.

I checked, and it’s legitimately from Apple.

So I guess the big question is… which state?

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0 to “Enemy Of A State”

  1. KT Lorimer says:

    Now we know what that AV money was spent on!

  2. duncanio says:

    Hopefully you have locked down your device as per Apple’s recommendations and are as safe and secure as can be.

  3. dearieme says:

    It’s clearly the work of McI5, specifically the hackers who call themselves the Murrellmen.

  4. Geoff Anderson says:

    Have a guess! I think the answer is pretty obvious. Russia, Iran, China etc are not too troubled with your blogging…..I know who is. They would like the SNP left secure to continue their job of protecting the Union.

  5. John Main says:

    Is there such a thing as the “shallow state”?

  6. sarah says:

    This looks to be seriously worrying. It would be good if you know anyone in high places who could be a shield against something worse happening. Perhaps a friendly MP who could at least raise the issue in Parliament?

  7. David Hannah says:

    Oh scary. It’ll be some woke element.

    An SNP activist sitting in a furry costume, eyes like a rabbit caught in headlights from too much darkness and screen time. Pasty faced, most likely vegan.

    It’ll be someone in cyber security from the banking sector. They’re out to silence you.

    The more they refuse to hear our voice. The louder we sing.

  8. Ali Clark says:

    Erm… well done to the big multinational cult tech company bros!

  9. PhilM says:

    Almost certainly from Transnistria…

  10. Mac says:

    Watch the Snowden movie to know what they they can do if they want to.

    Utterly meaningless notification from just one of many tech goliath companies that designs in and provides all the ‘back doors’.

    It is a laughable warning in this regard. Maybe just trying to scare you. Gaslighting…

  11. pipinghot says:

    Can’t be seen to be doing too much damage to the snp. Got to keep them in place for a wee while longer. Bet there is a union jack behind it.

  12. PhilM says:

    Seen a few spy thrillers recently…often in these particular items of moving picture technology, the head of thon security services are designated by a single letter…(picks a letter at random from a hat) perhaps this attack has been signed off by ‘H’?
    Or another applicable letter…

  13. Merganser says:

    Empire State? (aka New York)

  14. KITTYBEE says:

    @philm H doesn’t have the brains- more likely her handlers.

  15. Johnlm says:

    Updating the software is probably not a good idea IMHO.
    Invites them in.

  16. John Docherty says:

    ‘Snot easy being part of the most evil, successful, widespread, piratical, murderous empire the world has ever seen and wanting to finally end it.
    The City of London Corporation and City of Westminster homes of the UK cannot afford to lose Scotland. It’s shit or bust for them .
    They have built bunkers.
    I just hope Germany is working for the next Euros

  17. Doug says:

    Apple? Maybe Pink Lady.

  18. George Ferguson says:

    Let’s consider the context. Stu has been profilic in producing very high standards of articles especially since his full time return. Predominantly critical of the Scottish Government and shining a light on policy outcomes and party machinations. Cui Bono? And I was concerned when a message popped up last week saying “Managed Account” before I had pressed the submit button on WoS.the post disappeared. This looks far more serious.

  19. Jersey Bhoy says:

    Well it certainly won’t be SNP as they could not find their arse with both hands.

  20. Dave Llewellyn says:

    I have still got a hard drive that was infected with Flame that was an upgrade of Stuxnet which was developed by the US and Israeli governments to derail the Iranian Nuclear centrifuges without connection to internet . I haven’t been able to attach it to anything in 13 years due to the minute it’s on it infects everything within Bluetooth range. Good luck. They haven’t stopped developing that shit.

  21. PhilM says:

    Well I can think of one regular poster who might have some insight into these shadowy affairs of state…
    I’ll use our special code-phrase to summon him…
    “Napier is a fourth-rate university…”
    All of a sudden, appearing dimly at first through the fumes of a departing car with blacked-out windows, A Scot Abroad is seen in silhouette against a neon-lit dingy street scene…the disconnect between the grime and the up-market C&A suit was confounding…I immediately felt on edge…
    Our Man in Norfolk could only stay a minute…we’re not safe…you have no idea how deep this goes…the whole party is compromised…all dissidents are being targeted…they’re going for a decapitation strategy…James Che has them worried…
    I jumped and turned sharply at a faraway clatter of tin cans…I turned back to ask ASA for more clueses but all I could hear was the emphatic departing footsteps of an underpaid Foley artist…what could this all mean…was Beth Douglas educated at a fifth-rate university?…is John Main an AI terminator from a future independent Barrheid?…why is the taste of Tomato crisps so unreliable?…
    I knew deep within my frightened soul that I had just been touched by the essence of the deep state…who knows when ASA would surface again?(Ed. actually within an hour of a post by Alf Baird)…I longed to know more from this attractive, intriguing, but dangerous character…but Norfolk is so far away…still, canal-boat holidays are attractively priced for late September…who knows?…I need more, much more, of this strangely alluring man’s wisdom…ALF!!! POST SOMETHING!!!

  22. alan scott says:

    Well Scotland’s not a state so it can’t the major party in the Scottish Assembly.

  23. Neil in Glasgow says:

    What a fckin state.

    Do I win for that one?

  24. Johnlm says:

    Gawd help them if they get access to your music library, Rev.

  25. Chic McGregor says:

    Scotland is not a state. However thanks to its membership of the UK it is in a state.

  26. sarah says:

    Open your fridge to them, Rev. They’ll keel over with blocked arteries in a few hours. 🙂

  27. Captain Yossarian says:

    The Scottish Government can access your Emails and can remove them. I’m not saying that they do it personally, but they instruct it to be done. It happened to me and I reported it to the authorities. Since I did that, it hasn’t happened again. I have absolutely no doubt that Stuart Campbell will be a number-one target for them.

  28. Geoff Anderson says:

    The NHS is now a TransCult Empire

  29. robertkknight says:

    Recommended reading for all enemies the state…

    “Britain’s Secret War: Tartan Terrorism and the Anglo-American State” by MacLeay, Iain, Scott, Andrew Murray (ISBN:9781851583133)

  30. alan scott says:

    Hi Chic,
    I don’t think Scotland’s problems with drug deaths, ferries, MUP, health service waiting times, educational attainment, Bifab and Prestwick Airport are anything to do with the UK. It may be that as a sovereign state Scotland will get better muppets in the Assembly but I wouldn’t bank on it.

  31. KT Lorimer says:

    Hi Alan Scott,
    These problems you mention are the result of the No vote – so own it – your responsibility.

  32. Alf Baird says:

    PhilM @ 9:42 pm

    “the essence of the deep state”

    It now seems pretty obvious the SNP + ScotGov is run by bad actors tasked with thwarting independence. Much as postcolonial theory and Campbell Martin’s books explain.

  33. Chic McGregor says:

    Yeah, The old Queen never could figure out why everywhere she went smelled of new paint either,

  34. Graham says:

    Alf Baird, but do the bad actors know they’re acting bad? They can’t all be in on it, so some are being duped, or is it all of them?

  35. robbo says:

    Hi Alan Scott.

    We all have shithole places to live eh!


    make a brew, sit back and watch 5 minutes of pure geographic schadenfreude

    + !

  36. Cat-Sith says:

    Sorry for looking at this from another angle but there are a few signs of a different kind of cuntery going on.

    “State-sponsored attackers may be targeting your iPhone”, so they arent sure and dont give much to back it up. The first “fix” on the list is “Update your iPhone to the latest software version iOS16.6…” and later “Update any other Apple devices you use to the latest software.”

    Well iOS16.6 doesn’t work on any iPhone older than the 8 or X, I’m sure the “other apple devices” have similar cut offs.

    Managed to keep your “old” (less than 6 years) tech running? Better buy the latest shite cause “State-sponsored attackers may be targeting your iPhone.”

  37. Stuart MacKay says:

    Meh, they’re just stroking your ego. The phone company, Facebook and Twitter (FU Musk) knows every where you go and who you talk to and are happy to share that with everyone who asks. Most likely it’s a transcult activist hoping to find out some dirt.

    Incidentally, when you update your phone do you really know who is supplying the update?

    Sleep well.

  38. Breeks says:

    I know you’re not over sold on the idea, but you should think about keeping SALVO and Liberation-dot-Scot in the loop.

    The more evidence we have of skullduggery and funny business, the more we can put before the UN to show what we’re up against. It will surely resonate with some Nations who are familiar with how the UK goes about it’s business.

  39. Robert Louis says:

    As regards REV Stu’s phone, folk like MI5 will, if something is illegal in the UK, get security services from other countries to do the job instead, then merely ‘acquire’ data. So, when they murder somebody like Willie MacRae, they don’t do it in person, they get somebody else like Mossad (who really have no issue sticking bullets in people) to do it. It gives them ‘plausible deniability’ in the UK, as in, we can absolutely assure folk nobody in the UK security services had anything to do with it.

    Hmm. Folk still insist on using leaky mobile phones? Android phones, it has to be said are even worse, and governments around the world like it like that.

    Alternatives, include volla phone, or, even better E OS, or CALYX OS. Their are lots of alternatives, if you seek them out – they do not have the marketing budgets of Apple or Google. Nothing is full proof, but if you walk around with a mobile phone (Android or Apple) that sends user data to all and sundry every ten seconds all day long, then it is hardly surprising your government will take advantage of it.

    I just assumed most folk knew this kind of thing already? If they CAN listen in, they WILL listen in.

  40. John Main says:

    @PhilM says:29 August, 2023 at 9:42 pm

    is John Main an AI terminator from a future independent Barrheid?

    Close. But I will break it to you gently, Barrheid is worth too much to the BritNat Reich to ever be allowed independence, even long after the rest of Scotland (rScotland?) has gone for Brussels satrapy.

    Haha, jist messin wi ye. I’m a good actor for the shallow state. Could have gone on the stage – been telt loadsa times.

  41. Mia says:

    Please excuse my supreme ignorance. But how do they know the attackers are “state sponsored”? Can they track the location of their computers to the HQ of some state organisation?

  42. Robinov Vilecybernatski says:

    I reckon it was Boris Johnson cos he always looks like a fucking state 😉

  43. Anthem says:

    PhilM. I almost choked on my cereal! I read that as “A Scot Abroad is seen in stilletoes against a neon-lit dingy street scene” Honestly, my ribs are sore, brilliant!

  44. From Oliver Anthony song, Rich Men North Of Richmond,

    These rich men north of Richmond
    Lord, knows they all
    Just wanna have total control
    Wanna know what you think
    Wanna know what you do
    And they don’t think you know
    But I know that you do.

  45. Graeme George says:

    Mia says:
    30 August, 2023 at 7:29 am

    ”Please excuse my supreme ignorance. But how do they know the attackers are “state sponsored”? Can they track the location of their computers to the HQ of some state organisation?”

    The same thought occured to me Mia

  46. Alf Baird says:

    Graham @ 1:40 am

    “but do the bad actors know they’re acting bad? They can’t all be in on it, so some are being duped, or is it all of them?”

    Where a dominant national party elite has taken the party and the independence movement is what matters, i.e. they are led up a blind alley and subject to ever more coercive laws.

    As Aime Cesaire put it:

    “And do not seek to know whether personally these gentlemen (and women) are in good or bad faith, whether personally they have good or bad intentions. Whether personally – that is, in the private conscience of Peter or Paul – they are or are not colonialists, because the essential thing is that their highly problematical subjective good faith is entirely irrelevant to the objective social implications of the evil work they perform as watchdogs of colonialism.”

  47. TURABDIN says:

    Is the contemporary SNP, the current Yes Movement «nationalist» in the full blooded cultural sense of the term? A sense that was and still is the dynamic of national freedom and renewal movements and ought to be the heart, soul and brain of the Scottish initiative.
    The National has writers for whom a mincing little runt which they style «civic nationalism» is much preferable.
    Is that the breed of nationalism that gives us the Q in Qscotland, the land where every «sexuality», providing it is child OK, might find a niche? Independent or not.
    State subversion may take many forms. The Q version weeping buzz terms diversity, inclusivity, equality, «gender» fluidity ad inf. from every pore is the smug «soft» option.
    Option loved by Apple, Samsung, Google, TikTok, UN, Nato, WHO, WEF, White House….
    Phew! Better not be on the wrong side of that tidal wave of fluffy sanctimony.

  48. Republicofscotland says:

    “is John Main an AI terminator from a future independent Barrheid?”

    AI is currently used for three main things killing, spying and selling, it has been developed by the corporate tech companies, and its learning itself, soon it will track every aspect of our lives. AI will replace humans at work at an alarming rate as well, we will become redundant, AGI will make decisions about your life such as whether you get a mortgage or a job etc.

    In 15 or 20 years time AI will call the shots on many things it will be governments and the militaries number one go to application, basically we’ll be f*cked.

  49. TURABDIN says:

    To paraphrase the old saw, the road to hell is paved by people with good intentions.
    Equally, the devil plays the sweetest tunes.
    Like KrustyKreme donuts the normative political diet is all surface gloss and interior synthetics.

  50. Effijy says:

    Here is another thought-
    The U.K. fascist government play that old best allies record to the US and ask them to ask Apple to send you a scare story or could Apple ask you to download software adjust specifically to make it easier to monitor you.

    Special software downloads may well be stablished and have thousands on it who could hinder the great gravy train.

    It must be worth asking your MP to have this investigated as to who this aggressive state is.

    Give them a chance to blame Russia and China for taking an interest in Independence for Scotland.

  51. TURABDIN says:

    That AI governed world was predicted here.
    Not going out & stay safe, phone fixation, robo sex, coffee by deliverooooo…

  52. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:30 August, 2023 at 9:51 am

    “is John Main an AI terminator from a future independent Barrheid?”

    AI is currently used for three main things killing, spying and selling

    Hmmm. Not sure if I should be flattered or feart at being associated with the three main things listed.

    I am reminded of the Larsen cartoon depicting God at his computer, about to press his Smite key. I might just run through all the keys I never use on my keyboard, see if one of them actually has that function.

    The question we should all be asking is, will an all-powerful, all-knowledgeable AI be able to simulate idiocy well enough so as to post undetectably on here?

  53. Anton Decadent says:

    @Scot Finlayson

    The Guardian had an article by Billy Bragg last week representing the Judean Peoples Front telling its readers not to listen to that song because it was by a splitter.

  54. Republicofscotland says:


    The new faces of the SNPs indy movement.

    “YOU’LL feel your own power when you’re there. You’ll get a sense of ‘actually, as a voter and as a campaigner, I can really help move the world’”.

    Ahead of the March and Rally for an Independent Scotland in the EU this Saturday, presenters Alistair Heather and Kelly Given are more than a little excited by the palpable energy.

    “The stars are finally aligning”, said Heather, “and this rally, I really hope is the start of it – the independence fever is spreading again like it did in 2013/14”.

    Given agreed. “It feels like we’re moving into a space now where we’ve cultivated this new movement that is kind of reminiscent of the campaign in 2014. Everyone’s very hopeful and it’s all about a positive vision for an independent Scotland. I feel really good about it”.

    After the Edinburgh march down the Royal Mile from Johnstone Place to the Scottish Parliament, the pair are to host the rally featuring several high-profile guests including First Minister Humza Yousaf, minister for independence Jamie Hepburn MSP, author and National columnist Lesley Riddoch, founder of Believe in Scotland, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp.

    In a movement dominated by older activists, activist and National columnist Given (below) said having her and Heather host is like “a changing of the guard”.

    When pointing out it was two young people at the front of the rally, Given said: “I think that’s what we need, we need to bring young people with us more, it’s them that’s going to win it for us.”

    I found it difficult to read the rest of Given’s BS in the article.

  55. Johnlm says:

    Re John Main is AI

    Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (GPP series)?

  56. Jamie says:

    If you have read/followed Edward Snowden, you will know that the deep state can access any phone via the back door built into every phone for them without leaving a trace.

    So this is either someone else or a message being sent, if they can’t expose people for wrong doing, their targets, the last thing they can do in the west is intimidation.

    They can spy on anyone at anytime, they will only let people know for psychological reasons, gamesmanship so I would not worry about it too much.

    Probably worth reading up on Edward Snowdens advice on how to protect your privacy though.

  57. rogueslr says:

    Guido gives Wings a name check and credit regarding the cost of £160k for the cost of St Nic’s resignation.

  58. Breastplate says:

    I hear Cyberdyne Systems are doing fantastic work with AI, more power to them.

    Regarding “independence fever”, I’m pretty sure this group haven’t shifted a thermometer one bit. The problem with “an independent Scotland in the EU” is that they are adding completely unnecessary caveats and hoops to jump through as if organising independence for Scotland isn’t hard enough.
    “Let’s make a hard job insanely difficult” isn’t the best strategy in the world.

  59. Mairi says:

    apple wants you to update your phone. I wouldn’t.
    in fact, if I were still using a standard apple/google phone this would be the extra motivation to look into custom ROMs.

  60. Robert Hughes says:

    @ ROS

    ” “The stars are finally aligning”, said Heather, “and this rally, I really hope is the start of it – the independence fever is spreading again like it did in 2013/14”.

    hahahahaha . Can we just write that National headline now ? You know the one . How can this rally fail to be the spark that ignites the dry tinder of Co-Dependence when it includes contributions from the Indy Superstar Elite …..?

    Leslie Wazzock ! YEAH ! Tell us again how great Scandinavia is , Les .
    Jamie Headburn! YEAH ! ( Jamie , Jamie , JAMIE ! Wake-up , yr on )
    Gordy Big Mac-N Fries-to-go ! YEAH ! E.U membership or Death ( what about that Indy demographic not so keen on Scotland joining another Neo Lib / TRANSnational talking-down club ? GMK reverse-channelling Nuland …..” Fuck them ” .

    All these ( inter) stellar * performers * AND Humzy The Why ?

    ‘Kin Brit State must be quivering in it’s bootees . Or laughing

  61. James says:

    Off topic – anyone know why the ‘Off Topic Scotland’ page has been unavailable for at least a couple of days now?
    (404 page not found)

  62. Alf Baird says:

    Robert Hughes @ 11:31 am

    ” “The stars are finally aligning”, said Heather, ”

    Aye Robert, looks like the bourgeois ‘civic’ (i.e. pseudo) nationalists day oot. Union jack hecklers needna bother, these marchers are ‘neutral’ on independence, same as the SNP. ‘Continuity’ man at the front. What a hero.

  63. stuart mctavish says:

    Seems like only yesterday big tech was helping the worlds police believe that anyone found further than 10m from their fridge during flu season, unless on a trades union sanctioned mission to refill it, was clearly a no good scumbag and attempted mass murderer – so I reckon cat Sith’s explanation prolly closest to the mark (ie force fed inflation)

    That said, my own struggles since the nuclear industry lost the plot (/ france started selling alcohol based engine killing petrol at half the tax per litre) create great empathy for the idea of a malicious stuk virus toying with the matrix to get Hindi symbols to the moon on sanctions busting Russian rocket fuel – & if a great east indian company is involved (rather than, say, the (west) Bangladeshi New Progressives) it could also help explain that time stamp in the afternoon, cheers!

  64. Garavelli Princip says:

    @Republicofscotland says:30 August, 2023 at 9:51 am

    “is John Main an AI terminator from a future independent Barrheid?”

    Big flaw in that, ROS:

    It’s the word “Intelligence”!

  65. James Che says:

    Which State, ? who is trying to sell Stu modern techno phones that have less privacy on them? And why are they monitor Wings in the first place?

    There are only two Countries that would be affected by Scottish independence directly.
    But It sounds more like a scare mongering phone sale pitch to me, like being hacked.

    I did not know you used your private phone Stu to run your wings blog? Maybe they think you do.
    And they can certainly track and trace you with ” more” modern updated techno phones and cars come to think of it,

  66. Robert Hughes says:

    Alf B

    If I may ? ….” What , a hero ? ” . Naw , I think not ; just another instance of Toxic Independence Emasculinity

    This is clearly an attempt to co-opt/fuck-up the larger Independence Movement . Why , again , choose a date that clashes with a AUOB march if not ?

    It won’t work , of course . Nothing the SNP does now works , or will work ; for the simple reason they are not serious/truthful people , and have abandoned any urgency or real commitment to achieving Independence in favour of an endless collection of virtue-shining * progressive * poses , each one more fatuous than the last .

  67. John Main says:

    @Breastplate says:30 August, 2023 at 11:29 am

    The problem with “an independent Scotland in the EU”

    There’s a number of problems.

    The main one is that today’s EU is not the EU of 2014. As it fights an ever-escalating war sucking in ever more of its member states, for iScotland to jump in will be for iScotland to end up in the war and paying for the war.

    But we’re in and paying for the war now, I hear you say. Yes, but a big point of Indy is to get us out of these entanglements.

    Another problem is that having convinced Scots that iScotland will be a prosperous place, savvy Scots must know that prosperous places sub the less prosperous places in the EU. It seems perverse to spend 300+ years struggling to escape from English asset stripping, only to immediately join another Union where their asset stripping rules are writ large beforehand.

    Still, I enjoyed reading the National article to get a feel for the intellectual capacities of our up and coming trendy, Twitter, TikTok, Tindr Scottish politicians.

    God help us all. Serious EU negotiators will have iScotland trussed and helpless before lunch on Day 1.

  68. James Che says:

    Maybe I hurt some MSM journalist feelings and they did not like it when I said Stu, was the best journalist for Scotland, maybe britain.
    They maybe have a sideline to up their minimum credit wage in telephone Sales 😉

  69. John Main says:

    Alf Baird

    Do you reckon there would be any mileage in us all shifting to Scots for our posts? Thwart the interests of the “watchers” that way?

    As you know, I am quite keen on a thread devoted and limited to posts in Scots on here. Always keen to learn new stuff, and it would also allow estimation of just how much support there really is for speaking and writing in Scots.

    That it also might be useful as a way of encoding posts against external interpretation is a new bonus.

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    A couple of interesting comments from Craig Murray on Scottish independence.

    “Poland is an ancient nation.
    Just like Scotland it ceased to be a nation state for a long period, from 1795 to 1918. But nobody doubts Poland is a nation with the absolute right of self determination.
    As is Scotland, which was an independent nation state for 700 years.
    Germany and Italy have existed as nation states for only approximately 150 years.
    History is important.

    It is simple.
    If England wants to be the “successor state”, retaining the treaty rights, including the permanent seat on the UN Security Council, it must also retain all the obligations.
    Thus Ruskkia retained the UN seat and ALL the Soviet debt while Yuk-ieland, for example, none.”

  71. Lenny hartley says:

    James @11.49, off topic scotland reported on twitter that their page had gone down, and had been for a couple of days, not of their making, they are investigating.

  72. Sven says:

    John Main @ 13.46

    What a truly great idea, a broad Scots separate thread.
    Then I, and perhaps others, wouldn’t require to skip and ignore so many posts. We could just get on perusing and posting in our own natural mother tongue … as spoken by my own mother.

  73. James Che says:

    If I recall this is not the first time Scots have had to deal with Scaremongering bad sales pitch stories,

    I remember that,

    We would not be dragged out the EU if we stayed in a union,

    That we would loose our pensions if we voted for independence

    That Scotland Could not use the pound if we were independent,

    I don’t mind been dragged out the Eu mind nowadays. as is has grown into a control freak monster compared to long ago when it was supposed to be simply for trade.
    When we at first had to change our light bulbs now extended to the new paradigm of bereft yourselves of all belongings and freedoms for climate change…….
    Big jump,

  74. Republicofscotland says:

    “these marchers are ‘neutral’ on independence, same as the SNP. ‘Continuity’ man at the front. What a hero.”

    Alf this so called indy march might be an attempt to counter the real indy marches of the AUOB, it would interesting to note the demographics of this SNP march, what I mean is, will many marching have been bussed up from South of the border.

    I doubt House Jocks aka Britnat Scots will want to wave the Saltire at this march, to them the Scottish national flag is foreign, knowing what the SNP has become I’d imagine that the march will be made up mainly of the LGBTI+ community a kind of Pride march waving the Saltire instead of the rainbow flag, however the bottom line is that its all a ruse to make the SNP look good. and many marchers will be unaware of that.

  75. robbo says:

    You sure seem to have a lot to say on Europe John Main. I’m wondering if, apart from an odd trip to Benidorm or Magaluf if many like you or these people who voted to leave have a Scooby Doo about about Europe.

    The big Europe are crooks soundbite is crap. I’m spent many a year in Europe and it was great living there and holidaying there. Most rightwing narrow minded brits are thick as mince and couldn’t point Netherlands or Germany on a map far less Switzerland or Austria.

    Yes there’s corruption and spongers just like here and England. I see no benefit of anything by separating us from a trade block (to remove red tape)- making things harder for traders to get goods in and out. I’ve done it for years and now it’s pointless so I’ve retired to live off my tremendous pension I receive from yersel the taxpayer from past country service endevours (time cut short through injury).

    Unlike many tumshie’s (like ASA) who post on here, I’m a YES and will always be a YES. I’d be surprised he even passed basic square bashing to tell you the truth!

  76. Republicofscotland says:

    Was this the deviant comment? it doesn’t say, if it is, Scotland is moving towards a totalitarian state, and freedom of speech is to be punished in Scotland, God help us all when the Hate Crime bill becomes active.

    “POLICE have arrested and charged a man accused of making homophobic comments towards Patrick Harvie.

    The alleged incident occurred while the Scottish Greens co-leader was launching his party’s candidate in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election.

    It has now been confirmed that a man has been arrested and charged after the incident in Rutherglen.

    The Glasgow MSP was taking part in a live TV interview when the incident took place.

    A Police Scotland spokesperson: “Following a report of homophobic comments a 59-year-old man has been arrested and charged.

    “A report will be sent to the Procurator Fiscal.””

  77. Shug says:

    I see the BBC is going strong on rape cases again. They interviewed somone who said the defence try to trip up the victims to make it look like they were lying.

    I suppose if the accused is found innocent they were lying.

    Just like woman H who is currently being defended by the legal establishment.

    It sounds to me like the unionist cabal in the SNP is setting another trap.

    Even thinking about weighting a court case against one side or another seems wrong to me.

    such a move would allow Westminster to step in on the side of justice

  78. Johnlm says:

    Is the Singing Songs at Football Matches Bill still in force?
    Got to point out stupidity in the oldSNP too.
    All pols need watching.

  79. Republicofscotland says:


    What I found alarming about that case was that the BBC said the women got together and chatted and swapped stories and details of their ordeals, a few minutes later the BBC said that they didn’t do this before or during the case as this would be illegal.

    I’m reminded of the Sheku Bayou killing, when it was reported that the police officers involved, were allowed to get together and talk about the incident before the hearing on Mr Bayou’s death.

  80. James Che says:


    I think it is interesting that you’re ( maybe) suggesting Craig Murrey is ignoring the UK parliament official Site Statement that Scotland was not subsumed as a Country by the treaty into Britain as some unionist suggest,.
    Nor was it recognised by the UK parliament site as being part of the parliamentary union with Westminster,

    The UK parliament site in 2023 specifically states that the 1707 Scottish parliament was ” EXTINGUISHED ITSELF ” by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the agreement.
    This was later ratified by both the parliament of England and the parliament of Scotland as the agreement and terms.

    That the agreement terms states the parliament of Scotland was to be “extinguished”, not subsumed, not incorporated,

    That leaves only one parliament in the parliament of Great Britain,

  81. James Che says:

    Who would have thought it that the “tradition of the right to roam in Scotland” is under discussing to reduce it,

  82. ephemeralDeception says:

    I didn’t know the rev was a fan boy 😉

    I work in IT related security and what is interesting here is the absence of anything to try and substantiate the possible threat.

    Typically threats are managed via a process called SIEM – Security incident and event management. The key word being event. An event is something that occurred at a point in time with a result.

    eg. A login failed at 14:03:22 from IP This is from a log eg audit log, system logs etc and pushed top central log index/es such as Splunk. Many logs are pushed ot help correlate a sequence of activity.

    Then a methodolgy is used to determine what is unusual or goes beyond certain thresholds. see

    In any case, a set of suspect events will get pushed to Apples SOC – security opereations center and an analyst there will decide if its worth checking further.

    Normally the service impacted are notified by the SOC. In this case the Rev should have got some basic info about the nature of the potential attack and must have some event detail- An action, a time and a result asking if they were aware of the activity ie was it sanctioned / expected etc.

    To send a message of ‘take care we suspect you may be attacked by a state is totally useless, patching your software is just a method of reducing known weaknesses – States go beyond that.

    So this apple service message is a ‘non service’ service. It doesnt help the customer in any way shape or form just encouraging them to upgrade.

    Last but not least it is likely only a UK/US state would have an interest here and with safe harbour agreements between them could easily get at your data without telling you due to gagging orders on the service provider ie. apple.

    Also all our habits are easily tracked and stored even if data is encrypted. GCHQ and others monitor all the transatlantic and other network backbones but they generally look at metadata mostly but will still know where you have been , who you talk to and when. Also perhaps purchases transactions etc. Eg. they wont read your email content normally but focus on header data – from / to / date.

    Note – this meta data is taken for everyone – means they have a record of activity for everyone before anyone becomes a suspect or a person of interest, if they do then they can go further. its just not worth the time and expense as you are already talking about millions of logs and billions of events per day.

    Note 2: IMO Its just as likely to be journalists trying to hack maybe more so given the history here.

    Best advice is to consider your phone as a public device and not use it for any critical personal data and as someone else posted Snowden has posted some good videos or in interviews on this.

  83. ross says:

    astonishing this happened after correctly digging up, David Leask i must say

  84. ross says:

    astonishing this happened after correctly digging up David Leask, i must say

  85. TURABDIN says:

    Respecting your neighbour, as a fellow human, does not mean you have to love or even like what they «are».
    A system which makes for obligation in such matters is a bully.
    It is surely a «human right» to be choosy and discriminating about the company you keep. Developing a thicker skin is the ancient remedy for «hurt» and managing those pullulating post modern «phobias».
    Guarding the tongue is also a good idea.
    Smile at the fool and be thankful you are not one.

  86. Sven says:

    Johnim @ 14.56

    The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act, 2012 was repealed 20/04/2018.

  87. Republicofscotland says:

    Gabon overthrows its corrupt President Ali Bongo, in another blow to the West and France in particular, it appears many African nations have had enough of the Western powers asset stripping/using as staging posts, and controlling their countries governments.

  88. stuart mctavish says:

    Republicofscotland 2:24

    First thought was that it would be funny if it was Neil MacKay since his was the pen that sexed it up for a wider audience – but it might be even more appropriate if its Harvie himself they’ve arrested, particularly if they did so only after discovering on Monday’s Wings that the deviant weasils actually consider it to be a term of endearment 😉

  89. James Che says:


    The agreed terms was that The 1707 Scottish parliament was not to be part of the treaty of union,
    The Scottish parliament agreed with Englands parliament terms that it would extinguish itself from the treaty.

    And etymology counts in here.
    Because the people chosen to go into Westminster from Scotland were no longer members of a extinguished Scottish parliament,
    They were just random rich blokes chosen by the parliament of England.which had rebranded itself under a new the parliament of Great Britain,
    As it was unable to hold a valid treaty with a extinguished parliament from Scotland.

    Etymology counts.
    Because it was the early terms and conditions of the “treaty agreement” the ” VERY DAY IT WAS RATIFIED ” was the date that extinguished the Scottish parliament.

    The ratified date, by England and Scotlands parliaments is the date the Scottish parliament was extinguished from the treaty of parliamentary union,
    What ever came afterwards is of NO consequence,

    Englands Westminster parliament by the terms and agreement once ratified was the sole parliament left in its own treaty of union.

  90. Johnlm says:

    Thanks Sven
    I missed that.
    Kr4nkie did something right?
    Wonder what her motive was?

  91. Sven says:

    Johnim @ 15.44

    The Repeal Act was introduced in 2017 by Labour MSP James Kelly after it was described by a Sheriff as “mince” and deemed unworkable by the Scottish Police Federation, I believe.
    Ms Sturgeon had no personal investment in the original Act, devised as it was by Messrs Salmond & MacKaskill. It possibly gave her mild pleasure to see an unpopular and widely derided Act brought into law by her predeccessor and former mentor be done away with. Just to annoy him if for no other reason.

  92. A Scot Abroad says:


    That was genuinely quite funny. Well done.

    You don’t however know just how much more technically complex it can get these days. It’s not my niche, although I’ve seen the engineers working on the technical stuff. I dealt with humans, not electronic chips.

    My instinct is that it isn’t anyone in the U.K. doing this. If it is anyone, they are probably foreign and probably want to harvest the email addresses of the BTL commenters. That’s what the hack of Clinton’s server was for.

  93. Breastplate says:

    John Main @ 1:38pm,
    Yes, I agree the EU in 2014 is different from the EU today. I would say many people would agree and therefore perhaps not as eager to rush back in especially when there are alternatives like EFTA that may please the majority of people. I think the majority on here believe EFTA is a good way forward for an independent Scotland.

    My point is that we shouldn’t create hurdles or obstacles of any kind that aren’t absolutely necessary.
    An independent Scotland could have a democratic vote on whether to apply to join any club after independence is secured not before like the shower of halfwits that ROS posted the link to.
    It begs the question whether they know it’s a shit strategy or not and neither answer is great which would suggest they can’t really be taken seriously.

  94. Scotspine says:

    GCHQ working on behalf of MI5. I wonder if they have tried covert entry to your house to place probes yet?

  95. James Che says:


    I have no idea Why Scotland with England agreed to “extinguish itself” from the treaty of union, whilst knowing that once ratified by both parliaments it would no longer be a participant.

    I have read many historical records from both sides, and I can only surmise that there were doubters on both sides as to wether a union would work or not,

    But either way, inserting a clause that extinguishes the Scottish parliament from participating any further into a treaty with Englands parliament, and so early on as the terms of agreement would suggest that there were those doubters on both sides that thought a “get out clause” through the agreed terms would be favourable in the future should events and circumstance change or worsen in the future,

    The parliament of Westminsters, “official site” for the UK parliament in 2022 and 2023 do however state this is the case, and the agreed terms was ratified under English parliaments domestic law..

    The same Uk parliament of Westminster also states it is one of the oldest parliaments in the world, of course this is only the case if it has continued as the Westminster parliament of England.

  96. JockMcT says:

    Re probes in the house, your phone, Alexa etc, all listening to you… Big Brother in da house, and we let them in…

    Re SNP walk of shame, yeah hooray, fool me one time…

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