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Meanwhile in the real world

Posted on September 07, 2015 by

As we write, Alistair Carmichael’s QC is two hours into a seemingly-interminable drone in an Edinburgh courtroom, in a case brought by ordinary citizens against a former government minister funded by a public appeal. Our own recent fundraiser, inspired by a case a world away from such high-minded concerns, closed a few days ago on a phenomenal total of £16,083.

Indiegogo have now disbursed the first half of the money (the rest, specifically that part that was donated by credit card, should follow in the next fortnight), so now we need to decide what to do with it.

After the £500 set aside to cover Louisa Sewell’s fine and surcharges, and the small commission due to Indiegogo, we’re going to have just shy of £15,000 to distribute to anti-poverty causes.

We’re thinking of giving a fairly substantial chunk of it (perhaps half) to First Base, the Dumfries-based charity run by Mark Frankland, which was recently subject to a disgraceful political attack by Scottish Secretary David Mundell. There are also a couple of foodbanks in the Glasgow area that have been struggling for funds, and we’re also leaning towards a donation to the Back To School uniform bank.

Obviously, £15,000 is a drop in the ocean of poverty and if we try to spread it too thinly it’ll do little good. Frankly this is a horrible job. But if you know any particularly deserving local organisations or campaigns that could make good use of some of the cash, now’s the time to mention them.

One thing: the money was expressly collected on the understanding that any extra over and above the first £500 would be donated to anti-poverty causes in Scotland. While the subject of Syrian refugees is prominent in the news at the moment, there are countless fundraisers being conducted for them already, so we intend to use this money for the purposes originally stated.

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  1. Stuart Carroll says:

    I fully support giving a big chunk of the money to the First Base Agency in Dumfries. Mark and his team do tireless work and provide an important lifeline in this area. We cannot allow his charity to die.

  2. fudgefase says:

    The Glenrothes food bank is very hard hit. I’m sure they’d welcome a donation.

  3. Cuilean says:

    Louisa Sewell? How is she getting on now? is she still being sanctioned? So could something now be done to help her & her circumstances in addition to paying her legal fee, if she still needs anything? Of course she may not want anything else or her privacy rights infringed & that has to be respected too, of course.

  4. John Walsh says:

    I have always been inspired by Maryhill food bank , don’t know their need status at the moment.

  5. Peter says:

    Sandra Douglas from Eastwood SNP and her team are doing incredible work here. Worth considering.

    I can put you in touch with her if you wish

  6. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Louisa Sewell? How is she getting on now?”

    We’re still trying to get hold of her. Her solicitor’s had no response to phone calls or letters. We’re hoping that doesn’t mean anything worrying.

  7. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Um, Peter:

    “we’re also leaning towards a donation to the Back To School uniform bank”

  8. Marie Clark says:

    That’s a fantastic sum Rev. I’m from Dumfries & Galloway and I’m delighted that you plan to give around half to Mark Frankland’s First Base. A worthy cause indeed.

    As a contributor I’m delighted at the charities that you have suggested, but if anyone else comes forward that you feel is in need of the funds, that’s grand.

    It’s heartwarming to know that fellow Scots care as much about others.

  9. Peter says:

    Sandra Douglas has done amazing work with spreading the uniform bank.
    I cannot think of a better cause

  10. David McDonald says:

    Back to School bank is a great cause being run by very ordinary folk who just give a shit and do it in their free time.

  11. Cllr Vincent Waters says:

    the uniform bank In East Ren is amazing. The cost of uniforms, especially Blazers, is so high around here as it’s assumed that every family can afford it.
    I know several families that have benefited from the uniform bank in my ward and beyond. Well worth our support.

  12. stonefree says:

    I think what you’re doing is correct,and by sticking to that is the right way,
    After all you get enough crap from the rubbish that circulates ,no use priming them
    Besides and don’t take this the wrong way anybody,,,,,,,others have Bono and Sir Bob and a load of (alleged) Stars,,,,,Who do foodbanks have ? Ordinary folk

  13. Nuada says:

    How about donating it to the Labour Party so they can buy some principles. In that area, their poverty is desperate. It certainly breaks my heart.

  14. Colin says:

    Whatever ammount you donate to First Base, don’t suppose Mundell would consider handing it over personally?

  15. Stevo says:

    Fife Childrens Clothing Bank is a worthy anti-poverty cause:

  16. Alistair Bamforth says:

    I am a member of Eastwood SNP and have seen at first hand the great work that Sandra Douglas is doing with her Back to school bank and the level of need that there is . I would have no hesitation in supporting this cause

  17. MajorBloodnok says:

    Nuada says: How about donating it to the Labour Party so they can buy some principles. In that area, their poverty is desperate. It certainly breaks my heart.

    Yes, but which ones should they go for? And do they realize that the exchange policy for off-the-shelf political principles is very restrictive and they can’t just change them next week if they find they aren’t suitable. Won’t stop them trying of course.

  18. Captain Caveman says:

    Wasn’t there that Wings guy who got lung cancer and is living in an old van whilst undergoing chemo? Poor sod; if I might humbly suggest, a few quid in his general direction.

  19. Laura says:

    The Back to School Bank is filling a genuine hole in the system. Clothing grants, where available, don’t cover the costs, especially for older children and certainly don’t take into account the fact that, once kitted-out, children continue to grow throughout the year.

    It doesn’t matter how little a uniform costs, when there is no money available to buy one or replace it, that child will stand out.

  20. Steven Thomson says:

    Apologies, I’m a lurker who’s never off Wings but I’m normally too scared to get contribute. I’d like to put a word in for a charity my wife is involved in.

    It’s called Kids Love Clothes. They are currently only covering Edinburgh and the Lothian’s but are aiming to grow to help struggling families across Scotland.

    Kids Love Clothes take in donations of good quality, second-hand children’s clothing, then a team of volunteers sort, iron and pack outfits into a gift bag which is distributed to families who are referred by Health Visitors, Social Workers and other professionals.

    Check them out here:

    There, I’ve done it!

  21. Hamish100 says:

    ….and while monies go to foodbanks smug Carmichael pretends he is representing his constituents at Westminster.

    By his obstinacy he is going to taint his MSP’s colleagues chances in Orkney and Shetland so hell mend them.Justice can move slowly at times.

    I am still interested on who was copied into the lying email. Is there still a chance he could and his office lackey be charged for leaking Government information to the Torygraph or is that exempt from the law as well? Was wee Wullie Rennie on the cc? or got advance warning of its issue? how about Cameron? Have they been asked?

  22. Graeme says:

    Ruth Davidson is not quite the full shilling and works so hard supporting her dying Party. Perhaps we could send her a nice present of a toy tank and a Union Jacko.

  23. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I mentioned this organisation a few weeks ago, when the fundraiser was launched.

    It’s the foodbank that Team YES Bus collects for in Dundee and any profits we make from badge ‘donations’ in the Dundee area, also go to it.

    Obviously, it has nothing to do with the Trussell Trust.
    (The pic shows one of the Team YES Bus collections, outside Tesco, Murraygate.)

  24. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    @ David McDonald et al – I had a peek at ‘Back to School’ Facebook link:

    There was one correspondent offering 2nd hand uniforms and the response was thanks but we are purposed to give the children new and unused school uniforms so the children have pride and dignity.

    I agree with Rev and others that ‘First Base’ gets its due share but I am drawn towards school clothes for the children to receive a goodly amount.

  25. X_Sticks says:

    Captain Caveman says:

    “Wasn’t there that Wings guy who got lung cancer and is living in an old van whilst undergoing chemo? Poor sod; if I might humbly suggest, a few quid in his general direction.”

    Good call CC. That Winger is Boorach and his appeal is here:

    “British Army Veteran, Bill (71 years old), a staunch Scottish independence supporter and campaigner, has lived in a van for 15 years (7 years in current van) and many will know him online as “Boorach”, which we think superbly denotes his beard (as pictured). “

  26. Paul D says:

    Well done Rev.

    While it’s extremely difficult to rank worthiness, I do know that the Edinburgh North West Foodbank would be very grateful for any financial support that you are able to provide.

    Best regards.


  27. Donald MacLeod says:

    Decent chunk to FirstBase as they were specifically mentioned on the page – say about 50%? Then 2/3 other similar with a geographical spread – how about one in orkney/shetland and one in Edinburgh South?

  28. JeanMackenzie says:

    Why not donate it to one of the Law Centres or other organisations that is supporting appeals against sanctions? That way it can be used to prevent more people falling into poverty.

  29. Susan Kelso says:

    Please help the Back to School Uniform Bank.

  30. cirsium says:

    fully support your choice of recipients, Rev. Also I second Captain Caveman’s suggestion for support for Boorach.

  31. Al Bamforth says:

    The back to school bank and the work of Sandra Douglas would get my vote. I have seen at first hand the direct benefit it is bringing to children all over Scotland

  32. Lesley-Anne says:

    Graeme says:

    Ruth Davidson is not quite the full shilling and works so hard supporting her dying Party. Perhaps we could send her a nice present of a toy tank and a Union Jacko.

    Ye gawd’s Graeme not ANOTHER Leetle tank for her ladyship! Jeez she has enough trouble with the Leetle tank she already has. Damn it man we are STILL waiting here in Annan for her to arrive at the head of the Tory Panzer Division that she *ahem* “threatened” us with on May 7th! 😀

  33. Colin says:

    Mr Dunlop: “polling can not show any inference that Carmichael’s denial of the leak was aimed at affecting the result of the election”.

    We may be stupid…..but not f&%$ing thick !! l

  34. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Also I second Captain Caveman’s suggestion for support for Boorach.”

    AFAIK that appeal comfortably exceeded its target (I tweeted it several times). But as a general rule I’d rather not go for causes which have, or have had, their own fundraiser, because if people had wanted their money to go to that one they’d have donated to it themselves.

  35. heedtracker says:

    This might seem a bit out there but how about making this money the start of a permanent WoS fund that donates as it earns, a WoS foundation sort of fund? There are quite a lot of them but making something permanent like this would an amazing legacy, people could chip in and leave money etc, as well as keeping WOS readers sane, mostly:D

    Vote no or else Sir Ian I’m not a Tory but Wood, has one and lately Ian has donated ten million quid for a new car park at the ARI in Aberdeen. His missus couldn’t find a suitable parking spot whilst visiting ARI, y’see.

  36. Dr Jim says:

    As you say Stu, much better to help a couple of causes than not much help for many

    It’s a fine thing this site does

  37. E Jenkins says:

    How about the Gaelic Language League? Or perhaps you’d prefer the Witch Burners Soc.

  38. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “This might seem a bit out there but how about making this money the start of a permanent WoS fund that donates as it earns”

    Oh Christ, it’s enough of a headache having to make this decision once. There’s a reason most charities have full-time staff.

  39. The Man in the Jar says:

    at 2:25pm

    Actually wee Ruthie couldn’t even get that right. Technically it is not a Tank it is a “Self Propelled Gun” (AFV 433 Abbot) to be precise. Actually nothing even close to a tank. I used to fix them in a previous life. 🙁

  40. Stoker says:

    Rev wrote:
    “we intend to use this money for the purposes originally stated.”

    Don’t agree with the back to school uniform help as people already get help with that but other than that i completely agree with your thinking. Helping the food banks was the reason i donated.

    In the end i have full trust in you and know it will be distributed to worthwhile causes. You can only do your best Rev.

  41. Morag says:

    I’m unclear whether the school uniforms appeal is a central effort with regional hubs, or whether there are multiple separate appeals for different areas of Scotland. If the latter, it would be good to spread the largesse around rather than give it all to one or two lucky groups.

    I know our local area group has been looking for donations, but I don’t know if they are autonomous or whether they’d benefit from a donation to a central fund.

  42. GallusEffie says:

    Would also like to nominate the Fife Children’s Clothing bank. A way for families to cope with those costs, done in a very sensitive way.

  43. mogabee says:

    Definitely First Base first! After that I’d trust your judgement Stu.

    And also a little for the “Twitter sensitive souls” group…

    Seem to be coming across a few recently. 😀

  44. Deirdre parkinson says:

    Hi, I would like to suggest the back to school uniform bank set up by Sandra Douglas in east Renfrewshire and now being spread across Scotland. It does a great job by providing new school uniform to those most in need, along with the dignity of being able to turn up at school in new clothes. An extremely worthwhile cause

  45. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    @ Morag – I agree after looking at the FaceBook page for School Uniforms appeal it appears that they encourage autonomous multiple setups. Perhaps a judicious contact with Sandra Douglas would reveal more?

  46. Davy says:

    You all did a good job raising the money, and paying the lassie’s fine & expences and bunging her a few quid to keep the wolf faa the door til she gets back on her feet is the right thing to do.

    As for the rest you are right to keep it mostly to fairly large three/four donations and maybe two or three small ones just to help someone out. You won’t go wrong with that.

    Be proud you all did a good thing.

  47. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Sniggers at e Jenkins

  48. Robert Peffers says:

    @Steven Thomson says: 7 September, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    No apologies require, Steven. You are doing right not wrong.
    ” … I’m a lurker who’s never off Wings but I’m normally too scared to get contribute”
    That’s all right, Steven, they canna touch ye fir it.

    “I’d like to put a word in for a charity my wife is involved in.

    It’s called Kids Love

    There, I’ve done it!”

    And very well done indeed. I’ll bet I’m not alone in saying Wings needs folks like you and please dinna be feared tae post your comments – We dinna bite ye ken.

  49. Capella says:

    Food and clothes are priorities. I agree with helping foodbanks and a kids’ clothing donation.

  50. Les Wilson says:

    The Carmichael case, GAAWWD they are trying to bore us into submission. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  51. CameronB Brodie says:

    I know £15k is not a lot, but would it be sufficient to start some type of ‘bank account’ for food-banks across Scotland/Britain?

  52. call me dave says:

    Fife Council:

    To qualify for a school clothing grant AND free school meals, you must be in receipt of one of the following:

    * Income Support
    * Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based)
    * Employment and Support Allowance
    * Child Tax Credit only (below £16105)
    * Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit (below £6420)
    * Universal Credit
    * Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
    * Long Term Incapacity Benefit (Clothing Grant Only)
    * Widow’s Allowance (Clothing Grant Only)

    Help can be had from any Fife Council Local Office;

    I had a look at some prices locally on the net. £60 per person not counting the shoes is about it.

    Others of course have an expenses money pot:

  53. Betsy says:

    Taking in to account the point about sticking to the original purpose, rather than helping any of the newer Syrian refugee appeals, can I suggest a wee compromise?

    Positive Action in Housing have a long standing Emergency Hardship fund for destitute refugees living in Glasgow who have had support withdrawn. For those who aren’t aware refused refugees have all housing and support immediately withdrawn, are unable to work legally and of course have no entitlement to benefits. As it’s extremely difficult to prove refugee status to the UK governments satisfaction, this includes many entirely genuine people who are already coping with the aftermath of severe trauma.

    As PAIH are helping people experiencing poverty in Scotland, it’s not really straying from the original purpose.

    I appreciate there are only limited funds and no shortage of organisations needing help and I’m certainly glad I’m not having to choose.

  54. louis.b.argyll says:

    Hows about donating to one of those registered charities that doubles as a private school, so that the poor souls can afford to UPGRADE THEIR SCHOOL SKI TRIP TO FIRST CLASS.

    Probably find that some tax dodger had beaten us to it.

  55. stonefree says:

    @ JeanMackenzie 2:18 pm
    For various reasons I’m not keen on that ,if it’s being considered a background check might be in order

  56. DerekM says:

    aye its a grand thing wings have done 🙂

    Though i would say give it all to First Base,i would imagine Mark only asked for what he needed to keep afloat,it could give him some time to get on with helping people out rather than worrying about what to do for funding next time,and sadly there will be a next time.

    It might even allow him to branch out into another area that needs the help,just a thought.

  57. Capn Andy. says:

    Rev Stu. I really feel for you. You need the wisdom of Solomon on this one.

    The plan is a good one, stick with it. Well done.

  58. Stoker says:

    I remember, shortly after you launched the fundraiser, you mentioned something about possibly helping the mother caught stealing baby-milk for her infant.

    I find that more worthy than the Mars Bar and clothes cases.
    Just a thought but as i said i fully trust your judgement.

  59. Lesley-Anne says:

    The Man in the Jar says:


    Actually wee Ruthie couldn’t even get that right. Technically it is not a Tank it is a “Self Propelled Gun” (AFV 433 Abbot) to be precise. Actually nothing even close to a tank. I used to fix them in a previous life. 🙁

    Thanks for clarifying that TMitJ. So my idea of her being in a Leetle tank has turned out to be an ever Leetler Leetle tank than I first thought. Aye well that’s the Tories for you. 😀

  60. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I remember, shortly after you launched the fundraiser, you mentioned something about possibly helping the mother caught stealing baby-milk for her infant.”

    It seems that that person was (a) a man, and (b) a serial thief.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    You’ve given yourself a headache here Stu maybe best just pick a couple from a hat of half a dozen and live with it

    No individual preferences No favouritism

  62. Stoker says:

    “It seems that that person was (a) a man, and (b) a serial thief.”

    That would be a non-starter then!

  63. Andrew Scott says:

    Sandra Douglas (Eastwood SNP) is doing a lot of great work regarding school uniforms for underprivileged families. Her work and that of her colleagues has even reached the pages of The National!

  64. Caroline Bamforth says:

    I work for a 3 rd sector charity and can vouch for the amazing work Sandra has done in providing uniforms for children who are desperately needy

  65. gordoz says:

    Rev :

    Could WoS sponsor a homecoming trip for Lady Mone to Glasgows East End? / A sort of ‘missionary’ evangelical visit.

    (or sponsor a local to one of her famous ‘value for money’ Mentoring sessions?)

  66. yesindyref2 says:

    Something I always had in mind if I won the biggie rollover euromillions was to have a charity to stand up for us plebs, often not able to afford to stand up for ourselves against the boig bad well anything really, even including gubmint. With legal aid curtailed for civil cases and means tested for criminal cases, that means the big pockets win, and the righteous lose, tough luck, back to the workhouse for you.

    How about just keeping this money for cases similar to Louisa Sewell – or even such as the (sub judice) Carmichael affair?

  67. Stoker says:

    “It seems that that person was (a) a man, and (b) a serial thief.”

    Should that not read – a kleptomaniacal non woman?
    (rolly eyes thingy)

  68. BJ says:

    Povetry is disgusting for anyone but it seems more stark when it’s a child especially if it makes him or her stand out as so among their peers.

    I had never heard of the uniform bank but that seems a really cause.

  69. Mairi says:

    I think that Louisa Sewell must be helped at least to the amount of 500 pound as that was stated goal of fundraiser. I don’t understand comments about her worthiness and find references to her in comments as ‘Mars Bar thief’ to be offensive. further, I think she should be given something more because when one gets to that point there are other bills. After that, yeah, you pretty much said you’d give the rest to food banks. I’d rather see more given to actually people in Louisa’s position or at risk of such which is why the law clinic contribution sounds good. But it’s your crowdfund and your call. Also, hope Louisa is ok. Seems that has to be determined even it it takes money.

  70. msean says:

    Just watching this Syrian Refugees Statement on parliament tv. Seems those broad shoulders aren’t that broad at all. 20,000 over 5 years lol. An offer made in the same spirit as the extra investment for Glasgow,then we found out that was over a number of years too. Broad shoulders indeed. 🙁

  71. call me dave says:

    Ha Ha! BBC Scotland’s sports buff Chic says “Get tae France @@@**?”

    He’s not read your predictor table Rev!

    Too many choices tonight Knox for the Golf; Murray for the Tennis and that other gamie involving the Germans but all on at the same time! 🙁

    Mr (not Chic) Murray called on the two governments to “get a grip” on the issue with time running out.

    He’s carping from the outside.

  72. yesindyref2 says:

    Just saw Rev’s comment about headache and charities having fulltime staff. Yes, that’s a problem.

  73. Lollysmum says:

    Whatever you decide Stu is fine by me 🙂
    Nice to do some good with it 😉 as sick of just hearing bad news from all directions.

  74. Chris says:

    I volunteered at Maryhill food bank for a while. I don’t known if they a struggling for cash but a donation would always be helpful

  75. liz says:

    Very difficult decision, maybe £1000 to 15 different good causes??

  76. Marco McGinty says:

    I would agree with Dr Jim – gather all of the suggestions, and pick one or two from a hat.

    Sadly, there’s not much else you can do in this “better together” UK shitehole.

  77. CameronB Brodie says:

    The idea I had for a bank account, was to act as a contingency fund that ‘approved’ food-banks could call upon, under certain circumstances. Codes of conduct could be set-out in a legal document enshrining principles of operation, so it would provide a hands-off ‘safety-net’ available only to stakeholder (approved food-bank).

    I’m sure that there are ‘off-the-shelf’ Credit Union type deals that could be adapted to the purpose. Even if the set-up costs chew in to the £15k, you could always run another fund-raiser. The account could also promote donations to ensure it is self-sustaining.

  78. How about betting excess cash on a Scotland win tonight,15/2 and then doubling it up with a win for Andy.

    Almost nearly guaranteed.

  79. CameronB Brodie says:

    That was an oxymoron, doh.

    An organisation can not be self-sustaining if it relies on charity. Borrowers will need to pay back loans, so contributions to the account would help grow funds.

  80. heedtracker says:

    Oh Christ, it’s enough of a headache having to make this decision once


    Anyway UKOK/BBC meeja won’t be a bunch of creepy, sneaking, brainwashing liars and propagandists forever you know. One day Scotland will have newspapers, radio and tv we can watch without spewing/wanting to emigrate before getting wiped out by a toryboy drone. Then what’s WoS going to do?

    I do need therapy.

  81. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Rev as you said at the start.

    Lousa Sewell
    Mark Frankland ( 1st Base)
    & other foodbanks, I could make the case for Maryhill. BrianDTT & Pete the Camera for Dundee foodbanks,& no doupt many would put forward their local foodbanks.

    Sorry folks. School Uniforms are not for me, only one bum fits a pair of trousers/skirt at a £5. I know that would feed 6/7 kids with a good dinner.

    The decision is Yours Rev,weil awe live wie it.

  82. Sinky says:

    As Rev says Frankly this is a horrible job to decide which organisation deserves most support.

    O/T Notice that Unionist respect and co-operation with SNP has gone out the window at Westminster to-day.

    Firstly Cameron did not, as normal, include the third largest political party in the UK in his briefing about drones killing ISIS militants then Labour, knowing that SNP had tabled a debate on refugee crisis for Wednesday, belatedly put forward a similar debate for Tuesday without consultation.

  83. Titler says:

    Perhaps consider donating some to Citizens Advice Scotland, or other advisory charities so they can help pick up those abandoned by society before they become as unfortunate as poor Louisa did…

    As for the feeling of it being a “horrible job”, try not treat it as a zero sum game; any donation is a net good for society because whilst individual charities may not get the money, the maintaining of the virtue of charity itself helps everyone, even if at a level that you can’t see per individual act.

    But one bit of advice I would give though; when I briefly did street fundraising, we were trained that the more photogenic a charity, the less it actually needed the support… The Donkey Sanctuary in particular had more money than they could possibly spend on donkeys, unless there was a sudden donkey breeding and abandoning epidemic. So consider giving it to a charity that isn’t so likely to get public sympathy. So whilst I agree with you that removing the stigma of poverty for children is a worthwhile charity, the chances of someone going “Think of the Children!” later are somewhat higher, so I’d go for less appealing charities myself were I in your situation. Everyone needs the money, but you can only make educated guesses at if or when it’ll turn up, so at the same time, if your heart tells you clothing… by all means do so. It’s impossible to be right or wrong when it comes to helping others, so don’t sweat it.

  84. Black Joan says:

    Yes, please give at least half to First Base so that Mark Frankland’s essential work can continue.

    Of course, if Mr Carmichael, that odd combination of Kirk Elder and purveyor of lies and filthy stories, had done the decent thing and resigned, the Orkney Four’s crowdfund would have been diverted to foodbanks too.

  85. ahundredthidiot says:

    Come on…….east ren?….I know folks who live there and boast about getting a private education in a state school, such is the quality. They can simply afford the mortgage.

    Need is elsewhere. Food banks everyday of the week.

  86. Well done to all involved in the fundraiser… I don’t have any suggestions of good causes to add.


    So glad I’m not a lawyer, I’m trying to watch the Blobby Carmichael case on STV’s Youtube… the bewigged chap is trying to bore us into submission, he should be bottled and sold as a cure for insomnia.

  87. Dan Huil says:

    People working in Food Banks should be careful. Cameron probaly sees them as a danger to the british state. Look out for drones.

  88. Jim McIntosh says:


    Just read Paddy Ashdown tweet

    “@paddyashdown: Minister in the Lords just confirmed refugee orphans and children brought in under Cameron’s scheme will be deported at age 18.”


  89. Pauline McRae says:

    I too have seen the fantastic work that Sandra Douglas has achieved with the bank to school bank, Please keep this very worth while cause in mind.

  90. Capella says:

    Lallands Peat Worrier has, of course, taken an interest in the Carmichael case. Detailed summary of today’s submissions by Roddy Dunlop QC

  91. Graham MacQueen says:

    Rev, just a wee thought but if there be any budding gardeners out there maybe it would be worthwhile setting up an aquaponics system in order to donate an endless supply of produce rather than a one-off purchase/donation, thus ensuring a constant supply to the foodbanks.

    I know such a project is time-consuming as I am trying to set one up here in Greece but it would certainly be worth it in the long run.

  92. @Jim McIntosh

    … ffs, surely not! If it’s true, mustn’t be allowed to slip under the media’s radar. So they’ll bring over toddlers, let them stay until they’re 18, then ship them back to Syria??? Tory compassion at its best :/

  93. janine mcgarvey says:

    Sandra Douglas had a great idea about setting up aback to school uniform bank and there are now over 15 all over Scotland and beyond. I know from experience what a great boost this will be to kids starting school all ready and prepared to learn. There are constant referrals from all over and any donation would be great.

  94. crazycat says:

    @ Jim McIntosh and Scunterbunnet

    I’m not surprised at all.

    About 18 months ago (which is longer than I thought before I checked) a young woman was deported to Mauritius just as she was about to sit her A levels; she also had scholarships on offer from 2 universities.

    Her case wasn’t as extreme as those of refugees from war zones, but it does illustrate the utterly unyielding attitudes of the UK government. She was separated from her relatives, with whom she had come here, purely because of her age.

  95. Lollysmum says:

    Very O/T but hey?

    Can I just say well done to Ronnie Anderson for going to the court today to support the Orkney 4. Only saw him yawn once but then sneaky smiles whilst Mr Mitchell QC (for the Orkney 4)was laying out his reasons why Dunlop’s case fails in his view.

    Well done Ronnie you’re a good man 🙂

  96. vlad (not that one) says:

    I’d go more or less all for foodbanks.

    15K is not to be sneezed at. If the total sum was earmarked for the purchase of food, perhaps a very good price could be had by inviting tenders for the supply.

    Mind, I do not have any idea how this would work in detail. It’s just a thought.

  97. john king says:

    Jim Macintosh says
    “Just read Paddy Ashdown tweet

    “@paddyashdown: Minister in the Lords just confirmed refugee orphans and children brought in under Cameron’s scheme will be deported at age 18.”


    Thats not new
    there doing that already,
    I watched a heartbreaking program recently about Afghans who came here as children and adopted and brought up by decent caring people only for the cold heartless bastards to deport them when they become adults back to a country where they have nothing and no one, and poor kid spent his life living under a bridge with down and outs in Kabul because he was persona non grata in the UK, why? because he had the temerity to turn 18,

    What I watched about those kids was truly disgusting and done in our name.
    proud to be British?

  98. Paula Rose says:

    How about a Wings charitable trust comprised of seven elected wingers who meet online quarterly to apportion funds.

  99. john king says:

    Scunterbunnet says
    “ffs, surely not! If it’s true, mustn’t be allowed to slip under the media’s radar. So they’ll bring over toddlers, let them stay until they’re 18, then ship them back to Syria???”

    You really have to start thinking like the Foreign and commonwealth office,
    they could be sleeper agents smuggling bombs in in their nappies!

  100. Nana Smith says:


    Alex Salmond has a website

    and my mp Dr Paul Monaghan tweeted earlier this evening

    Conservative MP has just noted in Commons that the #Vow was a complete sham

  101. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Paula Rose.

    That sounds like a ‘plan but’. Problems are there to be overcome. As I have read, quoted from bosses, “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.”

    My answer? “Sorry, you’re on the big bucks – it’s your job to provide the solutions; I’m only the tool to put your solutions into action. That’s why you’re on the big bucks.”

    Apologies; I’m digressing – watching Scotland v Germany at:-

  102. How can even a Tory think that it’s a good idea to bring over a refugee child, pay to educate them for 12 years – and then deport them, rather than letting them join your workforce? #bamboozled #HeartlessC***s

  103. Phronesis says:

    A happy dilemma. Agree that food banks and school uniform funds are worthy causes- maybe also some funds for electricity meter cards? Appalling that some families have to choose between heating and food- the hardship funds that used to be available have all dried up.

  104. tartanpigsy says:

    Simple answer is ask Dennis at Loaves and Fishes in EK what the best use for £15k at once is.
    He knows what he’s doing.

  105. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I feel a thread entitled: “Meanwhile in the real world” is the perfect place for this.

    As I write, we are in fourth place in our European Championships qualifying group. Even if we do, somehow, come back and get into the play-offs for participation in the finals in France next year – being Scotland, we will probably draw a good country who have under-performed (Netherlands for instance), be hammered and still fail to qualify.

  106. shug says:

    strangely I have not seen the BBC report that Carmichael’s lie cost the tax payer £1.5 mill or there about for the investigation

    Ha ha I wonder why!!


  107. Dave Robb says:

    @Jim McIntosh WTF!!! I know the Tories are self-centred manipulative thieving bastards, I’ve known that for years. Somehow I’ve managed to miss this part of so-called “help” for refugees in my naivety.

    Usually I try to think hard about any reponse I make and try to get the focus on being positive and focussed on the main agenda – Independence.

    Maybe the Tories should go ahead and let somebody like H

  108. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Lollysmum The reason for the sneaky smiles when Mr Mitchell started to speak was, we were talking about Jurisdiction Of English Electoral Court HoL ect ect,& Mr Mitchell was on the same lines as us Gavin & a wee guy that used to stay in Shetland.
    & as Lallands says the Candidate can make falsehoods against himself & extends to others as a result ( laymans Terms) you,s dont think am a lawyer dae you,s lol.

  109. Paula Rose says:

    What’s “Germany”?

  110. Dave Robb says:

    @ Jim McIntosh and Scunterbunnet

    WTF!!! I’ve lost it with the cynicism of these reptiles. I know they are self-centred, manipulative, fraudulent crooks. Why do they even pretend to be helping??

    Why don’t they give Hopkins a boat and a machine gun and stop the pretense that they care? A Tory UK “compassionate”?

    We know they’re not, but the BBC and ITV people really have to stop the crap on this. They have to challenge the lies, or be honest that they don’t care either.

  111. john king says:

    3-2 to Germany!

  112. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Paula Rose 8.47. I declare myself out ( conflict of intrest) Trustee of Maryhill foodbank.

  113. Onwards says:

    @Socrates MacSporran

    Football is a numbers game to an extent.
    5.3 million population is only going to produce so many good footballers. But we used to do better in the past, so something is going wrong. Kids used to play outdoors a lot its too easy to sit on the couch and fire up FIFA 15.

    We are well down in indoor sports pitches compared to other nations, so that might help, especially with our climate.
    It would be great to see more of these attached to schools as they get renovated/replaced.
    The benefits of that would go far beyond football. Fitness levels, lower crime etc.

    Murray on now..

  114. Paula Rose says:

    @ ronnie anderson you like the idea?

  115. Dr Jim says:

    Not that I know anything about Footy but is Fletcher on our side or does he just like trotting about on a football field

    Come to think about it why did Mr Strachan pick a lot of the same guys who used to lose all the time

    Not that I mind losing it’s just…..All the time?

  116. Stoker says:

    Onwards wrote:
    “5.3 million population is only going to produce so many good footballers. But we used to do better in the past, so something is going wrong.”

    Size of population has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    And as evidence of that i put forward New Zealand, which has roughly 2-million less of a population than we do but yet they repeatedly churn out one of the worlds top 3 rugby union teams.

    You’re correct though, something is wrong, it may even be down to several factors but population size isn’t one of them, imho.

  117. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    If we insist in trying to playing football the way the more silky Europeans do we will continue to get beaten.
    We used to know how to play against European teams by fast breaks, long balls and lots of crosses into the opposition penalty box. They don’t like it up them.
    If we insist in fannying about the midfield they do it better.

    I’d have played two strikes,two wingers with Scott Brown right up behind them (where he is best – destroying opposition defences,not opposition attacks) and a tight defence with actual full backs playing as full backs tucking in behind our central defence.
    The more often you get the ball into the opposition penalty box the more often you are likely to score. The reluctance to use long ball (remember Crerand, Baxter and Murdoch and fifty and sixty yard passes turning defence instantly into attack) is stupid. A goal is a goal. And if you score more you win

  118. CameronB Brodie says:

    What’s “Germany”?

    A social organisation which defines itself as a nation, much in the same way as Scotland does. However, the German nation has the authority of statehood, whereas Scotland is a nation / region.

    I need to get back on the meds.

  119. Graeme Doig says:

    Struggling food banks and a uniform bank sounds good to me. Don’t think there would be many complaints if you just went with your gut on that one.

    Good on you Rev.


    Sounds like you had too much fun today. 😉

  120. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    To more serious matter. The muted Labour response to the shameful behaviour of Cameron’s Government over the refugees speaks volumes about what type of support they think they have to satisfy and why the Labour Party as we all understood it is now dead

  121. garles says:

    Never mind the fiba
    Sarah Smith getting a right drubbing Scotland 2015

    Such a Joy to watch

  122. Papadox says:

    We pay £300,000,000 per year to pay for all the lies, deceit and propaganda the EBC broadcast to Scotland. They use this to broadcast Westminster’s propaganda and push the establishment’s message to belittle and instil fear in the people of Scotland.

    Democracy in UK is a sham and always has been since the day the English bought the Scottish lords for the gold coin. The establishment in Engerland rule and control this country via HMQ (figurehead) and Parliament (large English majority). Could it be fairer than that?

  123. smithie says:

    CameronB Brodie @ 10.32pm
    Naw Cameron nae meds needed, spot on.

  124. doug says:

    You worried about “spreading it too thin”. I think that’s exactly what you should do; make the donations as small as you can by targeting those donations which get the maximum local and if possible national publicity. As you said yourself, its a drop in the bucket so try to get every one of those drops seen.

  125. Maria McIntosh says:

    I would support the Back to School initiative but specifically for winter shoes / boots and warm jackets to get to school.

  126. Tackety Beets says:


    I just caught Scotland 2015 from the middle of the spat

    Can’t wait to watch the I player to see the full version.

    In fairness to the lassie she allowed herself to get a bit flustered at the end and unfortunately got her wires crossed , but it looked as if SS showed her true self, defending the EBC.

    It’ll probably be up on FB etc shortly .

    Nothing gets missed these days .

  127. ClanDonald says:

    What an amazing asset you have created with this website, Rev Stu. All you have to do is set up a crowd fund page and ta-dah! a hungry woman rescued from crushing debts and a food bank in Dumfries saved. All in a day’s work. What a remarkable achievement, you should be very proud.

  128. Andy Nimmo says:

    I take on bosrd the reluctance to donate to entities that have their own fund raising appeals but, in an attempt to draw togethrr the two recent posts, can I humbly suggest the TartanArmy Childrens Charity as a recipient.
    As ambassadors for our country they are Premier League.

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