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We see you

Posted on February 08, 2019 by

This tweet, from a little over a year ago, remarks on the second consecutive speaking appearance on the BBC’s flagship Question Time of Billy Mitchell, a flute-band Loyalist and former UKIP candidate (an impressive 34 votes in Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill in 2013) whose standard contribution to the national debate is an incoherent shouted rant against the SNP and all they stand for.

It was comment-worthy because it’s actually quite a feat to get on Question Time twice. The audience is vetted on numerous grounds and the show deliberately discriminates against people who’ve previously come through the heavily-oversubscribed ballot, so that the widest possible range of voices get a chance to be heard.

So the odds of not only getting on twice but then being selected to speak twice are extremely long – an absolute minimum of 1,000 to 1 depending on the size of the venue. The chances of managing it three times are astronomical.

So we tip our hats to Eileen from Glasgow tonight.

Because she called the hat-trick before it happened.

Coincidence just isn’t a credible explanation in a show whose audience is as tightly controlled as QT’s. We all know the score, and have done for a long time now. The only thing that’s mildly shocking is how crassly overt the state broadcaster’s trolling of half of Scotland’s population has become.

In the end, the only surprise was that they didn’t manage to get Scott Arthur on too.

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    1. Al Ba says:

      Outrageous, I just thought, oh ffs here we go again! Had to turn it off at that point. Same old, same old. Utterly depressing.

    2. thingy says:

      In the name of Jesus, am ur ra peepul! God save ra kween.

    3. Tartan Tory says:

      Billy Mitchell – the years have not been kind!

    4. Thepnr says:

      Crass doesn’t begin to describe the BBC coverage of Scottish politics. As for overt, that’s because they no longer care what we think.

      They KNOW we see their lies and propaganda, they know many have stopped paying their license fees but they are unable to stop because they are losing the fight.

      That is the truth of it, nothing they have done since 2014 has made a dent in support for Independence so they are to use a poker term “going all in”.

      Sometimes that pays off, my view is that they’re on tilt.

      Getting a wee bit more serious now, this shambles of a show tonight smacks of desperation. Look at the state of the Brexit negotiations which also smack of desperation. They have no where to go, at least no where they would be welcome.

      Independence supporters just need bide their time as everyday Independence comes closer without the need to lift a finger.

    5. I’m old enough to remember when the state broadcaster’s propaganda was quite subtle. It was always there but it wasn’t too obvious.

      Now, however – it is so blatant, its almost laughable.

    6. Jean Nisbet says:

      Has Billy photoshopped himself? Because that head definitely disny fit that body.

    7. Dr Jim says:

      Y’know with this guy left to his own devices he would have definitely without question have brought up Alex Salmond
      and that tells me that there’s coaching going on as well as selective selection

      If the media keep this provoking stance up somebody’s going to crack, already from the Yoon side there have been several (right wing activists) as the media lovingly call Orange Lodge terrorists locked up for bomb making in their houses then never tell us the sentences they’ve received for doing it and never tell us what they represent when they’re locked up, but they’ll be damn quick smart making a monster deal if one of our lot do something stupid and get caught for it

      So beware folks and don’t let the Bastirts wind you up because it’s just what they want

    8. JimBo says:

      I defy anyone to suggest the BBC is impartial after seeing this.

      It’s been so obvious to us Wings readers for such a long now but the sheer blatant nature with which they continue rub our faces in it holds no bounds and shows they just don’t care. They know they’ll get away with it.

    9. If that was a true representation of the Scottish electorate then we’re f**ked

    10. Obviously he was a plant. Obviously Ms Bruce coordinated the quite shameful heckling and gerrymandered Brit Nat hand picked gammons to belittle Fiona Hyslop and the independence Movement.
      Fiona Bruce is actually sneering every time she speaks to Hyslop.
      What a tawdry little Brit Nat Propaganda effort this programme is. 24 minutes of SNP bad while Forsyth and Rifkind’s son smirked and enjoyed the put up job.
      It did nothing but stiffen our already iron resolve to drive our Brit colonisers out of our country.
      There is a special place in hell for BBC Scotland manipulators.

    11. Fiona Hyslop should just have walked out.
      A disgusting fascist show trial, live on the BBC.

    12. msean says:

      Why is Forsyth picked? He just reminds everyone of Thatcher.

    13. blackhack says:

      I gave up on QT a long time ago…..Always outnumbered and outgunned by the Right wing rabid brexiteers and unionists…..Never ever is there a 50/50 audience.

    14. And they can fuck off with their ‘BBC Scotland’ channel.
      Reruns of The White Heather Club and Weir’s Way, and Take the High Road.
      I am spitting fucking teeth.
      This is the last straw.

    15. Confused says:

      “ITS A TRAAAP .. !!!”

      – I think I saw that in a film once. Look it up on IMDB.

      – but according to Napoleon – never refuse a trap …

      the idea that the BBC QT is some “socratic dialogue” and an exercise in public democracy … do me a favour

      the SNP need some heavies, some shitlords, to be rolled out just for these events … I imagine a new recruit

      Harry McGrout, ex-Barlinnie, PhD in applied violence, SNP spokesman on “shut yer fucking gub”

      – who will deliver such delicious bon mots as

      (on detecting orange man)
      – did ye know King Billy was gay and that presbyterianism is a judaizing heresy?!
      (london finances)
      – the city is a money laundering operation propped up by scottish oil
      (on westminster)
      – the political elite are nonces

    16. Alasdair Galloway says:

      probably worth remembering that the “new BBC Scotland Channel” promises its own QT. How often will he appear on that? Often enough that Equity will offer him membership?

    17. Meg merrilees says:


      Listened to tail end of QT on Radio 5 and now still listening to the ongoing QT extra Time programme.

      About 20 minutes ago a Motherwell resident who was in the audience for the show phoned in to say that she was shocked by the audience tonight. It was not representative of the Motherwell she knows. Too many tories in the audience. Motherwell is strongly pro-SNP and this was not representative of how the town feels nor did it represent how Scotland feels about Brexit because we voted 62% Remain.

      Don’t get angry, get Indy!

    18. jezza says:

      And with Glasgow Rangers on a roll the spring is definitely being put back into the Unionists’ step.

    19. Calum McKay says:

      Fool me once, shame on you (bbc in Scotland).

      Fool the nation of Scotland multiple times, year in year out, decade after decade, shame on all of us for putting up with this nonsense a five year with a blind fold could see through.

      A taste of what has to come with the new channel and a complete absence of trust!

    20. Cubby says:

      Stopped watching this tawdry programme after the previous Dianne Abbott disgraceful setup. Bruce is a 1000 times worse than Dumbledore ever was. It just makes it easier to prove to any doubters that the media is nothing more than fraudulent propaganda.

      This programme reflects the U.K. – a lie.

    21. Training Day says:

      To be fair, Fiona Bruce delivered her ‘You’re getting quite a hard time tonight’ line to Fiona Hyslop right on cue tonight. You have to admire that timing and professionalism.

    22. Alasdair Galloway says:

      Also worth noting that Fiona Bruce selected four (at least) questions as they got toward the end of the section on indy. ALL OF THEM HOSTILE. If the audience has been randomly selected (except for Billy boy) and she selects at random from the audience- this starts at about 29 minutes in – starts with a guy with a face like a pie (when are the SNP going to give up on independence) , then its a woman with an orange top (why join Eu but leave UK), then a guy moaning about how the SNP have cut local authority funding, finishes with a guy who suggests sticking to the day job. Fiona Bruce even says to Fiona Hyslop that she’s getting a hard time. What are the chances of these four all in a row? Leave balance out of it – what are the chances of choosing these four at random?

    23. Thepnr says:

      @Alasdair Galloway

      “what are the chances of choosing these four at random?”

      In a truly balanced audience it would be roughly equivalent to a 66/1 shot winning a race.

    24. Thepnr says:

      I meant 16/1 shot.

    25. Ken says:

      The orange jacket guy has been on QT more times than Fiona Bruce.

    26. Den Cairns says:

      I’ve relinquished my SM outfits for personal reasons but I’m not giving up the Wing.

    27. Graham says:

      BBC Radio 5 were praising his “contribution” to the debate which they played in full.
      Blatant anti-independence bias from the British State propaganda ministry.

      Not available on iPlayer at time of posting but should be available soon.

    28. auld highlander says:

      The whole programme was engineered to plant the seed of hatred and poison the mind of the mind of the viewer………………

    29. geeo says:

      Oh look, Billy Mitchell getting instruction from Forsyth ?

    30. Liz g says:

      At one point (over the Irish Border) Fiona Bruce muttered “that’s not going down well” to Michael Forsyth!!!
      Didn’t let any of the audience have their say on that!!

    31. Robert Thomas says:

      I’ve long since given up on QT and the whole UK broadcast Media (Since 2000 when I introduced my TV to a nearby skip.
      I gave up on Newspapers in 1996 when I saw a ton of them all in one place (I had started a Recycling Company).

      They ALL lose their ‘black magic spell’ when they are seen, in bulk, as the waste of paper they truly are.

      Cannot wait until the SNP get their act together and we finally get the date for another vote on Self-Determination.

      I’ve stopped calling it ‘Indy’ or even ‘Independence’ as these words just auto-trigger the trolls to rant, it also is more accurate in that, what we are seeking is nothing more than what every other country, in the world, takes for granted!

    32. Cubby says:


      Sectarian Britnat post.

    33. Pete says:

      As a self confessed Lerner I see the bbc is scraping the barrel it must be either panic or they have lost the plot but it’s good as Indi 2 hasent started (officaly)

    34. Artyhetty says:

      This is not for audiences in Scotland, as such. It’s to portray Scotland as some kind of insular, narrow, red neck, thick as two short planks, incapable of reasoned thought and definitely incapable of any kind of actual self government, to the outside world. A bit like their jailers in England.

      Re the BBC, England IS the outside world, because they don’t do world, they don’t do international, they do irrational, they do insular, they do ethnic nationalist.

      So, if you have a narrow narrative, and dress it up as THE narrative, it works a treat. The BBC have the audience in their dirty scheming palms, and it works. If it didn’t work hey wouldn’t do it. It’s from up on high, it’s all coming from dirty dealings, dirty money and dodgy regimes.

      Everyone knows that Scotland would have been set adrift if there was nothing to hang onto, ( now for dear life re Eng’s Brexit) ie abundant resources to say the absolute very very least.

      I can just hear my pals in Northumberland, laughing their heeds off at Scotland being ridiculed on QT, undermined and taken for fools. Not because they identify with Scotland’s plight but because they see Scotland through BBC and the daily rag the Guardian’s eyes.

      They do not want Scotland to be different, to do well, or even, survive. Nope, we are going down with their sinking stinking rotten ship, and stop thinking you are better you silly sweaty uppity jocks!

    35. Still Positive says:

      I posted on the last thread that N Lanarkshire Council, of which Motherwell is a part voted yes in 2014. That was not reflected in QT tonight.

    36. Mary McCabe says:

      I used to get “invited” to apply to go on QT whenever it was in Scotland. Filling out the form I was always honest about my political affiliations. I never got picked.

      A year or two ago I did get on to a Gordon Brewer radio show at the last minute “because somebody dropped out”.The room was half empty. I asked the folk nearby what they’d put for political affiliations and they all said they’d put “undecided”.

      A friend of mine told me that after failing to get on to QT several times he decided to lie. He told them he had been a Tory but had changed over to UKIP because the Tories were too left-wing.

      Not only did they give him a place in the Glasgow audience but they told him when the show was going to be in Scotland next time (Aberdeen) and offered to pay his expenses if he would join them up there too.

    37. twathater says:

      I’m with Jack Collatin on this one ,fcuk the brutish lyin meedja there has to be something the SG can do to hold them to account , mass withdrawal of licence fee , or guinea pig crowdfunded court case to highlight their lies , as in Cliff Richard case

    38. Sarah says:

      @Mary McCabe 01.39: the experience of you and your friend in getting onto QT audience is very very interesting. Now how to get that message through to the high heid yins in the SNP and to a wider audience than middle of the night Wingers!

      @ Robert Thomas 01.28: I agree. I don’t call it independence – that is for countries who weren’t co-signatories to a treaty. Scotland wants to regain/restore its rightful status as the equal of every other country in the world. I have mentioned this thinking numerous times to my MP and in a letter to the SNP accompanying my latest donation. I can’t say that they have taken the message on board yet but I haven’t given up hope nor trying.

    39. gus1940 says:

      For those of a certain age – ITMA.

    40. gus1940 says:

      Is it possible that The EBC don’t give a damn what effect tonight’s QT has in Scotland and that the ‘performance’ was aimed at giving the impression in England that we don’t want Indy.

    41. Liz g says:

      Gus 1940 @ 2.19
      It’s certainly a possibility, if they plan to portray the Indy movement as subversive to the British leaning Scots, who of course are the “right thinking “ majority… lol
      Or a Yes voting Scotland caught up in some sort of mass Hysteria, to have voted to leave the UK.
      Ye know…. “ the Greatest Act of Self harm Ever by any Country “!!!

      Ye really cannot make it up, typical BBC!

    42. Liz g says:

      Pete @ 1.31
      In one way I suppose it’s good news for us that the BBC can’t find enough frontmen for their propaganda.
      Having to depend on Kippers here in Scotland does speaks to desperation.
      Could they no find anyone from parties that actually have representation in Holyrood… or even Westminster for that matter?
      Where was the great and the good from Labour?
      A mum less ordinary perchance?
      It’s just like the 2014 debate for the 16/18yr olds in Glasgow,they had to rinse and repeat the twat in the hat that thinks hes a cat, Galloway..

    43. its time everybody boycotts qt ,all the time viewing figures count at the ebc and if stopped in the street tell them you vote indy therefor you wont show this interview and walk on , let them believe no one is interested in politics and we may get a referendum.

    44. Kangaroo says:

      Watched QT this morning and knew Orange man was a plant straight away, even from this distance it was obvious. It also struck me how unbalanced the audience was, and I am sure there were a couple of other plants in there too. Hardly an audience member said they were pro indy, what chance of fhat in a 50/50 situation.

      As others have said I think it is intended to give the impression that
      a) indy 2014 was very divisive and therefore not having another,
      b) Scots are none too clever,
      c) we just love the UK,
      d) we should be happy that we are all Brexiting together
      e) we just love our cereal

      Made me want to boak

    45. David says:

      “Donalda Where’s Your Viewers” – an update on the old Andy Stewart song…

    46. James Sneddon says:

      Having been on Question Time some years ago, it’s hardly spontaneous. You provide 2 questions on your application, these are given to the panellists to obviously brief them before hand. The people who are chosen to ask questions are given allocated seats in the venue spread out in different areas for aesthetics I’d presume. The rest is up to the chair who decides which way to take the discussion, who to allow to speak freely and who to interrupt. Fiona Hyslop did really well tonight fending off the unionist ultras and Eunice Olumide was also a breath of fresh air. Forsyth was and is a relic from the past who said the Irish border isn’t an issue. Time for the SNP to kindly reject any more invitations to this union fest any time it comes to Scotland.

    47. Dickie says:

      I do not believe in overt plants but the chances of wee Orange Billy getting picked is actually lower than you think. The BBC pre-decide what proportion of views they want on the show. They will be wanting a good dozen or more of Mason Boynes in the audience if not more. They will take the advices of BBC Scotland who will have suggested that as it West Coast then they need a higher proportion of knuckledraggers

      Given that the majority of King Billy types

      A. Will never have heard of QT
      B. Can’t write
      C. Will Never been out of Larkhall

      only a few are going to apply and fewer are going to say what their political affiliation and views are.

      When you apply you also give two indicative questions that you would like to ask. If your question fits the BBC narrative for the evening, ie in Scotland it’s always SNPBad then you get picked.

      Ergo the likes of Orange Billy applications will be small and fit right into the “audience balance” BBC algorithm. I would say the chances of King Billy get selected were closer to 2/1.

      Only a few get picked to ask a question to the panel but the presenter is fed the details of where the Narrative fillers are sitting.

      So if you want on QT you must say that you have some extreme view especially if it fits into the current Narrative

    48. Louise says:

      Having been an audience member on qt I have to confirm what everyone thinks is correct the people who are going to be allowed to ask questions are selected beforehand. Once you arrive the people who will be allowed to ask questions are seperated from those who won’t then they are seated dotted about the studio then everyone else is let in to fill the studio. And honestly more security than Fort knox metal detectors locked doors and gates bag searching.

    49. Ghillie says:

      I thought Fiona Hyslop did well, maintaining her dignity and answering in as genuine a way as was possible given Fiona Bruce’s expected rudeness and manipulation.

      Too blatant Fiona B. This is a lass who lacks skill.

      As for the man in the red/orange fleece being allowed to rant until he dwindled and ran out of steam. Predictable.

      And I DID wonder when he was chosen to speak! But thought, surely not!

      Well BBC, how are you going to explain yourselves this time?

      Actually. Who cares?

    50. Iain says:

      Not that I watched q/t, I value my health too much.
      I agree will the comment that the bbc has given up on Scotland but is presenting the view that there is no demand for indy to England

    51. He who dislikes tories says:

      The man speaks out of his waste expulsion pipe. I stopped watching the Tories flagship question time a long time ago

    52. Iain says:

      If the yoon media think the express headlines will all convert us to yoons they are smoking some strong stuff.

    53. Donald anderson says:

      Fiona Bruce kept interrupting Fiona Hyslop, along with the rest of her Unionist panel. She just could not help displaying her innate middle class and ignorant South East prejudices and fared no better than the underclass Billy Boy frae Larkhall.

      All of the English panelists in the English talking head shows give press reviews from English right wing papers, not that the English owned “Scottish” Papers are any better. I am still waiting on the occasional Scots’s chatterer to refuse to quote from these papers. I suppose there is as much chance of one of them demanding to quote form the National paper as there as much chance of successful North Brit, Team GB, athletes refusing to wrap themselves in a Butcher’s Apron and sing the Jelly Bean song.

      After all, black American athletes who dared to do the equivalent on the winners podiums suffered greatly. Have Scots sporties just got got the bottle? Do they prefer their Scotch with M & S Union Jack Labels?

      How much did “Sir” Andy Murray recieve for carrying the Butcher’s Apron during the Olympics? I can understand black English athletes having to accept being wrapped in the Butcher’s Apron as soon as they pass the winning post. It took a white English author, Danny Boyle and a wee Cockney actor, Phil Collins, to refuse Imperial honours and say so publicly.

      I remember one female Scots swimmer refusing to sing the Jelly Bean song taking public abuse and vanishing from the public eye. Scots fitba and rugger fans can boo the anti Scottish anthem, but the, mainly Old Firm, well paid players dare not show any solidarity along with their fans.

      We cannot even question rigged Question Time,let alone Imperial Honours systems that put us down. I will be marching in April at Arbroath, still looking for another Ninety Nine, like those who declared in 1320, “For as long as 100 of us remain alive would not yield to the domination of the English”

    54. CapnAndy says:

      Dickie at 06:05 Hrs.
      Fair point.
      However it’s probably his MI5 Handler that’s put him forward for the program.

    55. Gerry says:

      Saw a few clips of this on social media earlier. Unsure whether or not to subject myself to the whole thing or not. What I do suspect may also be happening is heavy editing of the audience audio between recording and transmission.

    56. Auld Rock says:

      Al Ba, You’re dear right. I managed to stomach about ten minutes then turned off and contemplated another letter to EBC Scotland, then quickly remembered that all I end up with is a sore heid.

      Funny though when programme comes from Englandshire our SNP, MP’s very often get the most applause!!!!

    57. sassenach says:

      BBC now, obviously, are in their major “Anti Scottish SNP Baaad” mode.

      QT was an absolute disgrace, selected audience, planted questioners and Fiona Bruce “chairing”.

      Honestly, Goebbels is not even in the same league as BBC Scotland – except maybe he was more subtle!!

      The only good thing is that they are demonstrating, clearly, what they are up to. We need to quickly dissolve this union.

    58. Dave Smyth says:

      Makes you think: who is more dimwitted, the Beeb or viewing public.

    59. Alibi says:

      Pity Fiona Hyslop didn’t call,out Billy Mitchell for what he is, a bigoted wee Ukipper. Many watching would assume he was a random Scot. QT clearly had him positioned and primed for his moronic rant. As for oil a tenner a barrel, currently about $62 so a downright lie.

    60. Mountain shadow says:

      The reality is the BBC know that the only reaction they will get is a few bad comments on social media from independence supporters and that will be that.

      So they will carry on regardless.

    61. One_Scot says:

      I didn’t even watch Question Time, but I cannot tell you how pissed off I am from the tweets I am reading on twitter about it.

      If we don’t vote Yes soon then we are definitely fucked.

    62. Breeks says:

      Iain says:
      8 February, 2019 at 6:52 am
      Not that I watched q/t, I value my health too much.
      I agree will the comment that the bbc has given up on Scotland but is presenting the view that there is no demand for indy to England

      I understand where you’re coming from, but don’t believe for one minute the BBC will abandon its relentless campaign of indoctrination. It is rotten to the core and has the blackest of hearts.

      I am curious however. Just supposing Scotland didn’t have our Constitutional rights and history, and that we Scots actually were a seceding region, I wonder whether the BBC’s rampant indoctrination and propaganda added to it’s broadcasting monopoly would constitute an infringement of our human rights.

      The fact Scotland, with our Constitutional Sovereignty is subjected to this diet of colonial manipulation is frankly absurd.

      I hope the BBC ceases to exist in Scotland at the earliest opportunity, but to quote Leonidus in 300, “May it live forever” south of the Border knowing that it’s own slavering BritNat pish was perhaps the biggest moderator of Scottish public opinion which ushered in the collapse of the Union.

      I can only speak for myself, but I am sick and tired of this crass and clumsy interference in Scotland’s spiritual awakening. I remember back in 2014 when nobody wanted to discuss the media and bias was an unmentionable four letter word. If nothing else, there is now a much healthier cynicism and mistrust of the BBC and wider media, but the indoctrination goes on targeting the weak and the gullible… of which we seem to have plenty.

    63. starlaw says:

      A man from AUOB was there and got a question, but They had him seated where with the use of wide angle lenses he looked to be squashed in the crowd and did not come over well. But Im sure he will keep up the good work he does for AUOB don’t know if he is SNP or not , but more power to his elbow.

    64. Robert Louis says:

      If you are a BBC employee at Pathetic Quay in Glasgow, and didn’t believe the BBC was merely a propaganda tool of England, think again. What was done on Question time last night was NOT an accident, or just merely coincidence.

      The BBC in Scotland is an organisation of London propagandists, spooks and stooges, with just one goal, make sure Scots always feel inadequate, and that Scotland, unlike every other country in the world, could not possibly survive without being run by England.

      That is what you work for, if you work for the BBC. That is what you are helping to achieve. Working, perhaps without realising it, to deliberately undermine YOUR own country, Scotland. You can fool yourself, into thinking that it can’t possibly be true, but it is. Time and time and time again, it has been proven to be the case.

      Of course the BBC say they are ‘balanced’, of course they say they are not against Scotland. All the best liars (and their is none better at it than the lying BBC) and propagandists deny their culpability.

      The BBC is a scourge upon Scotland. At every turn, they pay us lip service, whilst undermining our country and self belief. They serve another country, England.

      Their is a word for people like that.

    65. Ewan Kidd says:

      If the SNP stopped sending representatives to QT, the obvious ‘plants’ wouldn’t have anyone to rant at. The EBC might actually have to come up with relevant questions.

    66. Robert Peffers says:

      @jezza says: 8 February, 2019 at 1:33 am:

      ” … Cubby
      Fuck off ya fuckin wanker.”

      Well that’s you on a very, very, very short ignore and scroll by list.

    67. Muscleguy says:

      @Jack Collatin

      “There is a special place in hell for BBC Scotland manipulators.”

      I doubt Old Nick will take them, I rather feel they will fit in with Dante’s vision of the horde who circle the blasted wilderness around the gates of hell denied both heaven and hell. Eternally wailing to the universe that it just isn’t fair. That will suit those from the BBC quite well.

    68. Breeks says:

      The other thing to remember about the BBC – It’s not what you see, though that’s poisonous enough, but what you don’t see, and all that is kept from us and off our view screens.

    69. defo says:

      KEECH, a’ BOO.

    70. Iain. says:

      There is someone moaning about weirs way and take the high road. Y ou are very Unlikely to see STV content on a on the new BBC channel. White Heather Club was BBC. Unlikely to see that too.

    71. Robert Peffers says:

      @twathater says: 8 February, 2019 at 1:57 am:

      ” … the brutish lyin meedja there has to be something the SG can do to hold them to account”</i<

      Nice wee deflection there, twthater, deflect the BBC/Westminster fault onto the BAAAD! SG.

      The truth being that no one needs to do anything to curtail the BBC's, Oh! So obvious, anti-Scotland/anti-indy bias.

      No one could beat the BBC at discouraging BBC audiences because the BBC does such a great job in discrediting themselves.

      The way things are going the BBC is not only convincing people to stop paying the propaganda tax but getting people in Scotland either scrapping their TVs or using smart TVs that have no aerial attached but can access the internet services and/or connect to PVRs, DVD or on-line sources of news and entertainment.

      I haven't watched live TV since 2001 but get more and better information than I ever got from the MSM/SMSM on TV/radio/newspapers.

    72. wull2 says:

      To me the main purpose of wings, to provide news you don’t get from our media. YES

    73. Shinty says:

      O/T nothing to do with Scotland. Still well worth a look.

    74. Brian Powell says:

      And folk in the Scotish Government are welcoming a new BBC channel for Scotland! What do they think it will be like? Well this mainly.

      We have a purely poisonous propaganda outlet right in our midst. Will be interesting (not) to see the ‘programme’ on the Ind Ref they are cobbling together.

    75. Mike says:

      Hopefully none of you pay the licence fee.

    76. Giving Goose says:

      What is it with Tory MPs like Toucher Thomson and Loyalust flute bands members always blowing off?

    77. Bob Mack says:

      Come on folks. We have been saying since 2014 that the BBC is an arm of the State. Like us,they know the road to indy is coming up fast and they are trying to derail it by means of television and radio, in the belief that those who control the narrative control the population.

      This is why in a coup the first places to be taken are television and radio stations. However, on many occasions this has not worked. (Cuba,Turkey). I believe that events are overtaking the BBC. The Scottish population like us are no longer compliant or easily led, though many will be.

      Media of all descriptions are our enemy, and they are more numerous. It is therefore not a battleground where we can win unless we offer a more combatative style of reply.

      We must use their own programme against them and make the replies to questions more memorable than the question itself.

      Farage ia a master of such sad to say. There is indeed no such thing as bad publicity, only bad ownership of it.

    78. Dane says:

      What Orange Billy, & the other hand, picked Brit Nats in the audience are probably too thick to realise, is that they are only cannon fodder for Forsyth & his ilk. They wouldn’t give them the light of day, & would treat them with contempt & ignore themanywhere else.
      I wish these morons would stop trying to import their bigoted Northern Irish unionism to Scotland.

    79. Abulhaq says:

      The BBC is England’s state broadcaster. It and its agents do what the apparatus of ‘deep state’ require of it. Trust it at your peril. Certainly do not expect it to be tuned in to the wavelength of the Scottish nation. However, like all old style media its audience is shrinking fast.

    80. Luigi says:

      C’mon folks – you don’t think that the BBC would ever risk a representative audience in strong YES areas like Motherwell and Dundee – especially as the Brexit train approaches the buffers and indyref2 (or some other nasty constitutional surprise, courtesy of the SG) looms? If the BBC is about anything it is about CONTROL.

      The panic in the British establishment is palpable. They are making big mistakes. As others have said, before they had it all under control with very subtle anti-Scottish propaganda. Now they are in blind panic and have shown their hand to the Scottish public. The mask has dropped, revealing something very ugly.

      Even the wee orange jacket man knows the BBC spout BS, but like others of his ilk, his inner belief system (the BritNat mindset) allows him to justify anything in defence of the precious union. He is in a minority however, and the majority of folk, who may or may not be ready to vote YES yet, can also see what is blatantly going on – and they will not be happy. It’s only a matter of time before people flip – the tipping point is fast approaching.

      The establishment is depending more and more on the likes of Forsyth, Billy, Murdo, Mundell etc – staunch British nationalists willing to hold the line, whatever it takes. Their big problem is however, strong as these individuals’ belief systems are, they are very much a minority in Scotland and most people will give independence serious consideration when the next campaign kicks off.

      We haven’t even started yet. 🙂

    81. Bill W says:

      Very frustrating programme but not helped by Fiona Hyslop. Whilst she managed to get one or two points in she just wasn’t strong enough. How could she let the WM government telling us in 2014 there would have to be a border and the reversing that view for Ireland get turned into an SNP stupid issue ? How could she let Ms Bruce away with inferring the SNP can’t make a decision on when to hold a referendum when it has always been as soon as we know what the Brexit deal is ? Disappointed. Any Indie supporter must know they will get a hard time on QT. They should be prepared

    82. mountain shadow says:

      Well, i intend to spend the day moaning on social media and will write a strongly worded letter to the Director General of the BBC.

      That will sort them out.

    83. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      This is BritNat Propaganda to be used evidencialy as part of the “No appetite for 2nd Independence Referendum” argument.

      As for the BBC:

      The Phoney War has well and truly ended.

      Brexit and IndyRef2 are rapidly approaching.

      The UK Government has lost control of both of these events.

      You can smell the panic among the British Nationalists.

      BritNat Broadcasting Corporation continue doing it’s patriotic duty, defending “The Precioussss Union” as per the British Nationalist Broadcasters Royal Charter (aka ‘only obeying orders’).

      Propaganda straight oot the Joseph Goebbels play book.

      6. The Public Purposes

      The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows.

      (4) ………and help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.

    84. Albaman says:

      It wasn’t as if he was conspicuous sitting in the front row with a very bright jacket/fleece, you’ll remember that Fiona eh?,
      As for having Thatchers righthand man in Scotland on the panel!!.
      Who picks the audience?, is it still the same person who has “form”?.

    85. Thankfully I stopped watching that failing biased question time programme a long time ago.
      Its about time it was scrapped.

      Off topic I see the UKs top political forecaster John Curtice,who advised SNP voters that giving their second vote to another party wouldn’t damage the SNP.

      Is at it again, having apparently placed a bet on there being no second indy ref.

      At a courier business meeting he made the claim that the SNP’s anti Brexit stance has dented the party’s prospects of an independent Scotland.

    86. ALANM says:

      There’s a simple solution to the QT problem – don’t watch and don’t participate.

      Without an SNP representative on the panel the programme would be finished in Scotland. It’s only the SNP’s continued willingness to put up an aunt sally which keeps the show on the road.

    87. Martin says:

      Shame you don’t get paid to go on, looks like he needs a 2nd set of clothes. Badly.

    88. Petra says:

      The Orange Order rant cut short before you can see Fiona Hyslop attempt to respond to UKIP man, Billy Mitchell. Half a dozen words that is and then Fiona Bruce sidelines her, shuts her up, by asking for another question.

      I wonder what the criteria was for selection of audience members? How many hands would have gone up if the audience had been asked how many people support Brexit? 38%? How many hands would have gone up if they’d been asked how many people support Independence? At least 50%? By the sounds of the audience 90% were anti-Independence Brexiteers. That’s how the honest and impartial BBC works. On a positive note more and more people see right through them and one can speculate on what the future actually holds for them.

    89. Fiona Bruce, and the BBC set out deliberately to humiliate a member of the Scottish Government.
      Forsyht met with Billy Orangeman before the show, and was clearly delighted when Bruc elet the Brit Nat dogs loose on the Bad SNP.

      It was a criminal dereliction of duty as a publicly funded broadcaster.
      BBC is the enemy of the Scottish people.
      It is a Brit Nat Iron Heel Oligarchy’s propaganda machine, nothing more.
      Fuck off out of our country, beeb.

    90. Robert Peffers says:

      Come on folks, get a grip!

      Every bit of evidence to be had proves beyond doubt that the entire Westminster propaganda machine is failing to achieve its goals.

      Broadcasting, both radio and TV, are shedding viewers and listeners every day. The dead tree press stopped profiting from the sale of printed media many years ago and have relied upon advertisers, (including local and UK government), for many years.

      However, their sales of newspapers long ago reached the point where the advertisers realised they were wasting their money as the sales of newsprint kept nosediving. Why advertise in a newspaper no one reads? So we got the circulation of free to the public newsprint sheets but these too are a declining market as advertisers are moving over to on-line webpages or ads on such as YouTube.

      You hardly ever visit a webpage that isn’t infested with pop-up ads everywhere. Clearly the older forms of media have become their own worst enemy and their own actions are killing them off and the BBC has the added problem of not being allowed to openly carry adverts – excepting their own that is.

      Leave the BBC alone folks, the BBC is killing itself off far better than anyone else can do so and the more they try to prevent it the easier it is to spot their obvious bias and true purpose.

    91. X_Sticks says:

      David at 4:29 am

      “Donalda Where’s Your Viewers” – an update on the old Andy Stewart song…

      Where’s Jock Scot and Ninja Penguin when you need them? 😉

    92. galamcennalath says:

      I won’t watch QT. It seems last night’s fiasco lived down to my expectations.

      So what was that all about? What’s the agenda?

      Most Scots are now well aware of the BBC’s bias and antics. Having panel, audience and questions which simply don’t represent Scottish views is certainly not going to help their Union’s status and fortunes here.

      I have to conclude that the target audience was the rest of the UK. The objective is to make the SNP and Scottish Government look unpopular and marginalised here. BritNats must be terrified that the alternative style of government and policies here in Scotland begin to be seen in England as desirable.

      Take Brexit as an example. WM is making a total hash of it while a majority of English voters potentially now reject it comple. The last thing needed are Scots shouting about taking a different route and staying in the EU. They don’t want English folks thinking, why not us too?

      The same is true for austerity and the benefits system. Scotland is taking an embarrassingly different line.

      The English establishment has more reason than just Indy to fear the SNP. The attack we see may not be Indy based, but on the threat the SNP’s viable alternative presents.

    93. Cyber-Corroboree says:

      Shock , horror, BBC QT is found to be staged to promote UK bias.

      What a waste of time and energy. Most of you have known this since well before 2014.

      Yer kiddin yersel on if you think its gonna change.

      Focus FFS, spend your time constructively. Ignore this diversion.

    94. Cubby says:


      Thanks for proving my point again that Jezza is a foul mouthed, odious and deeply unpleasant Britnat. Reminds me of orange jacket man.


      “…….the spring is definitely being put back in the Unionists step.” Got an orange jacket at home Jezza.

    95. Giving Goose says:

      The Sottish Gov should not go on QT.
      Anyway slighty O/T, (apologies if already posted) here is Ken Clarke talking to Der Spiegel

    96. stu mac says:

      Pleased to see the National publish this more even-handed assessment of attitudes to Venezuela:

    97. Abulhaq says:

      Plainly Madame Sturgeon sees fallback career opportunities elsewhere, but then I’m a total cynic where politicians are concerned.

    98. galamcennalath says:

      What did last night’s QT do for the Indy cause – benefit or harm?

    99. Breeks says:

      Thing about Question Time is the bias is pretty clear, and blunted because it’s so transparent.

      What is much more insidious is the subtle bias in your news and public affairs which can worm its way pass peoples’ defences. Bias by omission is just as manipulative as telling straight out lies and distorting the truth.

      The most effective way to short circuit their control is getting the truth out through social media and face to face communication. Once you tune in to what is going on, it’s very difficult to “unsee” it.

    100. I saw a tweet this morning too which said Billy Mitchell had been on three QT programmes. It didn’t say if he had got to ask a question on all three, though. I know he has asked a question on two for definite.

    101. Robin says:

      Why can the SNP not just get their act together and coach their MPs/MSPs before they go on?

      FB “Yes you there in the orange fleece, what is your question?”


      FH “Ah Billy, I was wondering when they would get round to you AGAIN!!! Must we endure your inane rantings once more. What’s this now? 3 times the public have had to listen to the same diatribe. For the love o fuck Fiona, next caller please!”

    102. Tackety Beets says:

      Jeezo, like others dropped QT after having viewed since the late 60s
      On twitter last night, as above all the info on Billy O O , one tweet struck me was one who insisted it is his 7th, yip SEVENTH appearance ?
      Appart from the tweet I have no evidence.

      I sympathise with FH, being bombarded with such rubbish/abuse however for £10 a barrel doon the barras my instant reaction is
      “see me after the show, ye can get me a dozen barrels” pause & follow on with “BTW has it ever occurred to you to wonder how it only a tenner a barrel in the barras yet over a fiver a gallon……..WM Taxation mean anything to you ? ”

      Ach these things are enough to feck us off & that is the purpose. Remember they also feck folk off with the BBC too.

      Good idea X Sticks , we need some light entertainment again
      “Donalda where’s yer viewers?”

    103. Davy S says:

      BBC breakfast this morning: first item NHS/ police Scotland scare story about amount of time spent by police attending a+e centres. What nonsense “concern has been expressed “ but they do not say by whom. Police guy saying it is due to lack of ambulance cover! So presumably he believes ambulance staff have handcuffs etc and expected to do police work for them. Unbelievable! As usual no context. How much time is spent at sports matches? How does this compare with non Scottish parts of the UK?
      They really are beyond belief. How can so called journalists work for them and sleep at night?

    104. ALAN GERRISH says:

      OK, so I’ve done my Cost-Benefit analysis, and the results are a no-brainer: the SNP should immediately cease participation in this charade of a programme. The audience in Scotland is small, and apart from “observers” on the pro-Indy side, likely as not consists of older BritNats looking for confirmation of their viewpoint.

      I would also like to see more aggressive challenging on air of the BBC bias during interviews. Who could fail to be impressed by the effectiveness of straight talking by Mary Lou MacDonald recently – not diplomatically dancing round the issues, but telling it as it is in direct and plain terms. Treat the BBC as she treated Theresa May – maybe not change the BBC, but would give the troops great encouragement!

    105. shug says:

      Call Kaye, call Kaye she will have an explanation

      ha ha ha

      The BBC is a joke

      When independence comes I want to see these people in a court and explaining their lies and manipulation.

    106. John Jones says:

      I had a request to apply for the new “Scottish” showshow pilot on Tuesday night in Edinburgh, similar to QT I was told. Filled in the form, honestly, stating my support for Indy/SNP, guess what ? No reply! To be fair I did get onto QT a good few years ago, despite several attempts since, never been asked back.
      Don’t watch QT anymore, my blood pressure can’t stand it.

    107. Iain says:

      The bbc seems to be in a blind panic, it reminds me of the frantic panic of president of Romaina just before he was shot.

    108. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “Good idea X Sticks , we need some light entertainment again
      “Donalda where’s yer viewers?””

    109. jezza says:

      Treeza and her merry band lunatics still think the EU is bluffing.


    110. X_Sticks says:


      That Jock Scot – always ahead of the game – I’d forgotten that one 🙂

    111. Tackety Beets says:

      Right on time there BDTT

      My bad , senior moment Doh!

    112. TonyH says:

      It’s a wonder that the “food bank”nurse didn’t rock up in QT,she is probably on another jaunt overseas, but will surely show up around indyref2 time to back up orange billy that the SNP are pure bad innat and nobody in Scotland wants to be free.

    113. Footsoldier says:

      What’s all the wailing for? The UK is defending itself from internal attack and potential breakup and strife using all means at its disposal, the BBC being one of their arsenal. We have not seen anything yet as they have hardly flexed their muscles. Stop greetin’ and do something – how about a sales & presentation skills academy as a must for ALL SNP people before appearing in the media and no exceptions.

      The tragedy of last night’s QT was the completely lacklustre response from Fiona Hyslop a so called experienced politician. I remember the same woeful response from her in Aberdeen at the National Conference at a BBC fringe meeting, so bad some SNP members walked out of their own meeting.

      Fiona Hyslop is not alone. Many of the SNP senior hierarchy including MSP’s and MP’s are equally bad. They’ve been doing bad for so long they think their good and all they do is provide long winded answers with reams of figures. They need selling skills full stop and simple message.

      Last night also highlighted 4/5 wasted years by the SNP in selling the indy message. No point in calling indyref2 and then working on the message it’s the other way round.

      Last night’s QT showed up big time how badly prepared we are in providing answers to the 2014 referendum or trying the alternative of a simplified message on independence. We should thank QT for showing how badly prepared we are should indyref2 be called.

    114. Davy says:

      It was one of the B’s more obvious set up’s.

      I was waiting for the Scottish nutter to appear (not disappointed) and their was a massive unionist one sided approach to the audience.

      Certainly not reprecentive of present day Scotland.

      Just confirms state of BBC standard’s. (Shite hawks)

    115. annemarie says:

      I got quite upset last night watching this, now having doubts that we’ll ever get independence. Can’t believe people still think we’re “better together”. What does it take. I am so depressed.

    116. jfngw says:

      Thankfully never watch it. The BBC will always represent the views of the UK (that really means England). The location is irrelevant they will make sure that the audience is representative of the voting in England. The amusing point is it allocated as a BBC Scotland programme but, even when in Scotland, never represents the voting make up of Scotland.

      I watched an old Seinfeld, just as relevant to the Scottish political scene as any BBC programme.

    117. Harry mcaye says:

      I don’t watch it anymore but I’ll admit I flicked over to hear a woman make a point in support of the SNP to which there was only a tiny ripple of applause. I turned back over. Pity Derek Mackey wasn’t invited on, I don’t expect Fiona Hyslop was very forceful. It would have been wonderful if they could have briefed their rep to expect Billy to put in another appearance, “Well hello Billy, what’s that, there appearances now, that’s amazing, what are the odds?”

    118. jezza says:

      The English brexiteers and their Scottish lackeys starting to turn the blame for all that is bad about Brexit at the doorsteps of the Republic of Ireland and the EU.

      Typical English /Westminster tactics.

      The Irish nor the EU called this referendum on EU membership,,,it was the English,,,so own it England.

      It’s your baby,, and it’s your move!!!

    119. Harry mcaye says:

      Anne Marie – that’s precisely what the BBC want to happen. Job done. Don’t be fooled into thinking that was a representative audience. People should just ignore that programme, watch their ratings plummet.

      Previous post should have been “three appearances”, obviously.

    120. BabsP says:

      Oh dear. The BBC “make a complaint” button seems to be broken. Are all Wings readers trying to complain this morning?

      I know it may be futile but I like to do it anyway …..

    121. Bill McLean says:

      It’s been said a thousand times in threads on this blog – now at the age of 75 i’ve finally and reluctantly come to the conclusion not that the BBC is just a propaganda agency but that it is the enemy of Scotland and it’s people. The are working for a state that does not want a Scotland that improves life for the ordinary folk here or plan a better life for our descendants.Keep us down, ridicule us by broadcasting our bigots to the world and keep us subsidizing England’s inflated sense of importance – no problem with English folk my wife is from Birmingham – but their establishments from Westminster to sport stink of feelings of exclusivity and superiority. If only they could understand Rabbie’s words and see themselves as others see them they may not be in this mess with Europe. I believed in UK/Britian up until my mid-forties, now I despise everything about it. When are you going to win back punters in Scotland, Donalda. Don’t even try – it’s too late!!! Sorry about the rant folks – i’m, like many posters, really angry!

    122. Petra says:

      Cheer yourself up with some positive news about Scotland. The “stuff” that the BBC / STV don’t want you to know about.

    123. IZZIE says:

      On the other hand a) the BBC would hardly dare use this cretin again and b) he came over as an ignorant yoon. We will never change the minds of those such as he, and he, in my opinion, has not the skill to alter the minds of the wavering voter.

    124. ronnie anderson says:

      Bdtt ah hung up ma pincel but U never know I might take it up again

    125. grafter says:

      Don’t pay the BBC any more money !

    126. Iain says:

      We really shouldn’t interrupt our enemy (the bbc )when they are making a mistake.

    127. Jimbo says:

      They obviously felt having him on twice to spout his pish was not
      enough so they had to go the extra mile to get in our faces by Tweeting “the audience member’s” photo along with his low intellect political comment.

    128. Scott says:

      28th December 2016
      We’ll win back trust, vows new BBC Scotland chief Donalda MacKinnon

      Note the date and nothing has changed,I have email her this headline and asked how one person can get on QT 2 times just to have a rant about the SNP,I also noted that it all went very quiet when the Lady mentioned the monies that were paid to the slave traders and not the slaves maybe looking back in history the names of Rifkind and Forsyth are mentioned in that part of history worth a look maybe.

    129. mike cassidy says:

      Have to agree with the comments that say that

      if snp people are going to go on this

      they have to be more clued up.

      How hard would it be to turn to Fiona Bruce and congratulate her for carrying on the Dimbleby tradition of rigging the audience?

      We’ve had a lot of laughs here at the expense of the poor-quality unionist politicians in Scotland.

      Are we going to have to accept that the SNP – with a few exceptions – are no better?

    130. ronnie anderson says:

      X Sticks check out Yew Choob for more songs from Jocks channel .

    131. Proud Cybernat says:

      The two of you (sometimes three) aren’t disguising your disruptive antics particularly well. You know who you are.

      We see you.

    132. Clootie says:

      Whit a surprise – the BBC keep selecting OO loyalist/UKIPPERs and also pick them to speak

    133. Tackety Beets says:

      BTW, for those considering NOT Paying the TV Lic

      Yesterday the “visitation” failed again.

      Thats the second appointment they have made and they have been a NO Show! I waited in ALL DAY again! Idle threats?

      I appreciate holding off the authority is tricky but I have to maintain my sanity.

    134. Dr Jim says:

      Scotland is the key and the money:

      Former Prime Minister of Ireland John Bruten says on Sky Boulton *The Brits are just bullies* he then went on to describe the amount of subsidy paid by *Britain* to Northern Ireland and that even though Brexit will lead to a United Ireland a deal would have to be done to finance NI because the econonmy in NI is so bad why should the Republic which is now very prosperous pay for *Britains* bullying of other countries

      Of course the problem for the UK is they can’t finance NI without Scotlands cash so they have to bully Scotland to stay in the UK, so the financial key once again to the whole of the problems within the entire British Isles is Scotland without which the entire house of cards collapses

      Scotland leaves the UK England Wales and NI go bust leaving the Irish Republic the cost of maintaining NI
      Every scenario of Brexit dumps a financial burdon on the Republic of Ireland but still the Irish stand firm and say there will be no movement by them towards the Brits because their freedom and prosperity was hard won and they’re not going backwards with Britain (a lesson for the no surrender nutters in Scotland)

      Scotland has a matter of weeks left to drive our coach and horses right through England’s bullying Brexiters and I can’t wait to watch the purple faces of the outraged self indulgent Brits when Scotland times it just right

    135. Jim McIntosh says:

      I was a wee bit miffed at John Nicholson on Twitter defending the program by saying they “aim for balance” but might not vett all audience members properly because they only have a smalll production team. ?

    136. Tom Busza says:

      Why worry about it all? According to Beeb, we’re all gonna die soon enough anyway.

    137. Cubby says:

      An example of an hypocrite is a person who claims to be concerned about the environment but goes around dropping litter.

      Similarly, on Wings people who complain about spats who are not averse to having their own spats.

    138. ronnie anderson says:

      Tackety Beets Its all bluff and bluster from Bbc LIcence fees office NOBODY has been convicted in Scotland for Non Payment , the last one I heard of was in 2015 but non since , there is to much evidence of Bias reporting that even most people could represent themselves in court and win . I personally would cite Donalda MacKinnon .

      They never took me up on my offers to send me a Summons for Non Payments ( at Bbc protests ) when I’v quoted their reference number for my address .

      I said on Wings many many moons ago we should have a Crowdfunder on a (sample case) and take the Bbc to court , so we just have to up put with the propaganda .

      Taking the Bbc to court would put the Britnat Media,s on notice , destroy the Hydra you’ve destroyed the Snake’s .

    139. ScotsRenewables says:

      Scottish QT – let’s all apply, but say we are Tory voters

    140. Phronesis says:

      ‘Recalls the concept of shared responsibility, which aims at achieving a balance between the national and European levels of the Convention system, and an improved protection of rights, with better prevention and effective remedies available at national level’

      Scotland voted to protect its economy and workforce and did not vote to collapse its NHS-that would be a fundamental breach of our national interest and a dereliction of human rights. We need not look to the US for advice where the largest cause of bankruptcy is because of inability to pay medical bills with fraudulent claims hiking up the premiums.

      It is time to protect our democracy and our institutions. The 2014 referendum on Independence was not divisive it was educational, the EU referendum did not divide Scotland.

      ‘The negative impact of the BREXIT vote on the our healthcare system was brought into sharp focus by a recent policy statement issued by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) which states quite unequivocally that without the 57,000 EU healthcare staff that are currently employed by Hospitals throughout the NHS the NHS would collapse’

      ‘The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) estimates that the financial losses due to health care fraud are in the tens of billions of dollars each year…Whether you have employer-sponsored health insurance or you purchase your own insurance policy, health care fraud inevitably translates into higher premiums and out-of-pocket expenses for consumers, as well as reduced benefits or coverage. For employers-private and government alike-health care fraud increases the cost of providing insurance benefits to employees and, in turn, increases the overall cost of doing business. For many Americans, the increased expense resulting from fraud could mean the difference between making health insurance a reality or not’

    141. Colin Alexander says:

      I can understand the delay for indyref2.

      However, the UK State is not sitting still. With every day that passes before and after Brexit Day, they have been working to ensure legislative divergence and incompatibility with the EU / EEA EFTA to guarantee Scotland could not quickly rejoin.

      They will continue their work to undermine Scotland’s economic and political strengths. Scottish economic and political sabotage will be prioritised. Priority will be given to bind Scotland ever more closer politically and economically to the UK state and weaken the economic arguments for independence.

      If Scotland’s sovereignty is not exercised until Scotland votes YES, then it’s a certainty that the UK State will use all it powers to make a YES vote as unattractive as possible, not just during the campaign but during every day that passes until that vote.

      The BBC is on full UK Union propaganda mode, dropping any pretence of impartiality long before any indyref campaign. Anti-indpendence, pro-Union propaganda will be pumped out from all outlets possible.

      By the time the SNP feel they are prepared for an indyref battle, the war may already be lost.

    142. jfngw says:

      If he is not BBC Scotland’s political correspondent on their new channel I’ll eat my hat (it’s a virtual hat as I don’t wear one).

    143. Gerry says:

      Looking for anyone who applied for QT last night but was refused, who would be willing to be named in a complaint. I am sure I saw someone post yesterday on here, but can’t find the post now. Anyone ?

    144. auld highlander says:

      You have to wonder how much the bbbc are paying that motor mouthed moron for his regular appearances on qt. I doubt very much if he is doing it for free but there again he might be stupid enough to do so.

    145. HandandShrimp says:

      It proves if proof were needed that QT is as stage managed as any Russian or similar political show.

      The BBC are not honest brokers of the news or discussion.

    146. David says:

      So, I was in the audience last night for BBCQT.

      I believe that I got in, this time, by fiddling the data they ask for a lightly – always usually say SNP, Yes, Remain, but this time I changed Remain to Leave – and lo and behold, an invite popped into my inbox!

      So I rattled over to Motherwell after work, by 6ish (6 for 6:30 arrival).

      There were already plenty of folk there, repeat kipper amongst those already in taking full advantage of the free tea/biscuits.

      We were told that there was half an hour to go before we’d be admitted so go to the bathroom, which I duly did – but tons of folk ran straight for the studio (concert halll) doors to get down the front.

      So he was there, right at the front by the time I got in. I don’t follow QT religiously, so didn’t recognise him or anything, but his jumper stood out a mile. So to be honest, whether or not he was a plant, he was dead obvious amongst the other grey jumpers of the audience.

      Anyway, if you hear most of the clapping for yes/SNP positive points was started by me – I did try to jump in quickly to start it as loudly as possible.

      On the way in, as the panelist’s were being introduced, Fiona Hyslop got a loud cheer, which probably annoyed some folk and got the unionists riled from the start.

      But the questions selected were horrendous – we were told to be ‘provocative’, but they were awful.

      I had my hand up throughout the show, didn’t get picked to reply, but navy jumper and sitting behind the cameras I had no chance.

      The seats were allocated from the front, as ordered by the queue only – I didn’t see any of the plants being spoke. To beforehand, that photo that’s doing the rounds was from after, not before. They were trying to get rid of him it felt like to me – I didn’t hang about, as I was going to just get more and more angry – I was sitting in a row of unionists, with unionists behind and in front, so didn’t have much fu. (Though what was I expecting?).

      Anyway, an experience I don’t anticipate repeating – after all, I won’t be getting back unless I tell them I’m UKIP now, will I?

    147. Josef Ó Luain says:

      @ Alexicon

      Thanks for the link – that’s the hardest of hard-evidence, if needed, of flat-out collusion that we’re likely to see.

      “Every picture tells a story”, indeed.

    148. The SNP should refuse to take part in any media debate unless there is a fair representation of the public in Scotland I mean if my intelligence was being insulted every time I would stop going to these events by turning up you are helping them in their mission to insult Scotland and the people of Scotland there may be 3 unionist parties and only 1 Independence Party but that 1party represents 50 per cent at least of the population of Scotland so unless we get fair representation we shoul decline to take part in their farce that would also mean a fair number on the panels not one against 3 or4

    149. David says:

      Apologies for typos, on my phone in Uni lecture so having a bit of bother reviewing content. Can add more later if anyone has any specific questions about what it was like/stuff that happened.

    150. Robert Peffers says:

      @Cubby says: 8 February, 2019 at 9:45 am:

      ” … Thanks for proving my point again that Jezza is a foul mouthed, odious and deeply unpleasant Britnat. Reminds me of orange jacket man.”

      Whoa! Cubby opposing or agreeing with a person because of their expressed views is what wings is all about. It is, after all, an open forum. However personal abuse far exceeds debate or argument.

      Please stick to opposing the guy’s views and don’t join his/her personal abuse throwing.

    151. Petra says:

      “We see you” here in Scotland and in Ireland, north and south, too no doubt.

      We see that the BBC has been doing a wee bit of “editing” AGAIN. This time of the Mary-Lou McDonald speech. Note no mention of them planning to crash out of the UK. Don’t want to upset the good folks of Engerland now do we? Give the Scots ideas?

      Phantom Power giving the BBC a right showing up! Does anyone have any idea of how many people are actually involved in running Phantom Power?


      BBC ……. 42 seconds.


      Phantom Power ……. 2 minutes 16 seconds.

    152. mountain shadow says:

      The SNP need to lead the way on this

      – Remove MPs from Westminster
      – Stop doing any BBC interviews
      – Do not appear on the BBC in any way
      – Independence supporters to set up a permanent protest station at Holyrood & Pacific Quay
      – Independence supporters to infiltrate Yoon media broadcasts. Pretend to be Yoons to gain access

      Just whinging and complaining is getting us no where.

    153. Davosa says:

      The BBC are a fuckin disgrace. Time for a rent strike —- AGAIN.

    154. Josef Ó Luain says:

      I’m looking-forward to seeing the damning pic of Mitchell and Forsyth on the front-page of The National.

    155. gus1940 says:

      I agree with all of these except withdrawing MPs.

    156. Tinto Chiel says:

      No one here should be dismayed or surprised by QT. The BBC is behaving like a problem gambler who invests more and more heavily on the same failing numbers. Desperation is an unpleasant sight and the blatant bias of the State Propagandist is simply counter-productive now but it just can’t stop its “Tenement dwellers, obey!” schtick.

      And Michael Forsyth seen in public after all these years? Right enough, there were reports of an empty crypt below the HoL…

    157. Robert Peffers says:

      @Abulhaq says: 8 February, 2019 at 9:47 am:

      ” … but then I’m a total cynic where politicians are concerned.”

      Yeah! But! Most of us already know what you are, Abulhaq.

      Thing is you seem rather too selective as to the politicians you personally select to be cynical about. So we already know and you needs not spell it out for us.

    158. Petra says:

      Another Scottish shipyard “kick in the teeth.”

    159. Sarah says:

      O/T @ Donald Anderson at 07.07.

      The Declaration of Arbroath was dated 6th April 1320.

      As you know, the calendar has altered by 11 or 12 days since then.

      Will the celebrations at Arbroath be on 6th or 16th/17th April? I had a quick look on Google but couldn’t see any actual date given. Do you know?

    160. Davosa says:

      Agree with Mountain Shadow above. Time for a boycott by SNP of the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Company). It was just even more obvious that the knuckle dragging moron in the red/orange jacket was a plant. Fiona Bruce last night made Dimblebore look impartial. She is fuckin usless and a disgrace to the Bruce name. As for smug ,smarmy wanker Forsyth who the fuck dug him up ?

    161. Elmac says:

      Roll on independence and the day when we hold these corrupt and criminal liars to account in a court of law. Some prison time for the worst offenders might give them the opportunity to reflect on what they have done. To quote Donald Tusk there is a place in hell awaiting them. No mercy.

    162. Petra says:

      Any proof of Orange Order Mitchell being on QT seven times?

    163. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘Do you feel that SNP should no longer participate in BBC Question Time?’

      Yes 81%
      No 19%

      190 votes cast so far, it was posted on Twitter at 12.00. Please share, thanks.

    164. galamcennalath says:

      OT Brexit thought.

      I’ve always suspected May’s priority is to deliver Brexit, any Brexit. That includes potentially a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

      The EU says it won’t reopen the Withdrawal Agreement but will change the future traded framework document.

      Corbyn has laid out ‘suggestions’ for a permanent customs union which the EU are saying sounds interesting.

      So here’s a scenario. The WA complete with Backstop stands, but the future framework gets changed to declare that there will be a customs union and soft-ish Brexit. This declaration means the Backstop will never kick in if followed through.

      The far right Brexiteers will oppose. Some Labour will oppose. HOWEVER, might there not be a cross party majority in WM for this?

      The SNP would need to oppose, because it falls short of full single market.

    165. frogesque says:

      O/t but SRT of relevant as it concerns the news where you are.

      Ross Thomson denies all. A big boy done it and run away.

      From BBC website Scotland shire.

      “”A Scottish Conservative MP has described allegations about his behaviour in a House of Commons bar as “completely false”.

      Ross Thomson was said to have been spoken to by police on Tuesday night after a report of “sexual touching”.

      In a statement released on Twitter, Mr Thomson said no complaint had been made to his party, the police or parliament.

      But he said he had now referred himself to the Conservative Party’s disciplinary panel.

      The Aberdeen South MP said he had done so “in the interests of openness and transparency”.

      His statement added: “A series of serious allegations have been made against me that have featured in the media.

      “I would like to state that these allegations from anonymous sources are completely false.”

      ‘Very distressing time’
      He said the past few days had been “a very distressing time for me and my family”, but stressed that he intends to be “back at work on Monday”.””

    166. geeo says:

      Well, for all the good it will do, and i could probably write my own response they will send back, but hey ho, if you don’t complain, they spin it as “we had no complaints officially.

      But sent them this.

      On your Question Time Programme, there was a man in a Red Jack Jnes jacket who was selected by Fiona Bruce to speak, who immediately launched into an aggressive anti SNP/Scottish independence tirade, uninterrupted by the Show Host, Fiona Bruce.

      I immediately identified the person as Billy Mitchell, who is a well known Orange Order Flute Band bigot and failed UKIP political candidate, who was previously on Question Time in 2016 wearing an Orange Jacket and again was ‘picked’ to launch into an almost identical aggressive rant during that programme.

      I am led to understand that it is near impossible to be randomly selected in the audience ballot for QT so it is extremely suspicious that someone, especially someone who was obviously a rampaging nutjob on his previous appearance, was invited back on a 2nd time.

      I put it to you that Billy Mitchell WAS INVITED by the show production team to perform his anti SNP/INDY diatribe and by doing so, the show and the BBC are guilty of bias. Also, this persons political activism was never disclosed as is Protocol on such programming, precisely to avoid claims of audiences being ‘planted’ by programmers.

      When discussing independence, EVERY selected contributor was vehemently anti indy/SNP, it is quite a stretch to expect us to believe 4 contributors in a row would all share the exact same unionist bingo playbook views.

      That stinks of chosen bias.

      And finally, back to Billy Mitchell. I have a photo of your ‘random’ audience member (red jacket man) in private conversation beside the guest seats before or after the show, with fellow trolling guest, Michael Forsyth, clearly selected by the BBC to simply parrot SNP BAD no matter the topic.

      Perhaps you could give me an explanation why a clearly invited guest, returning from a previously disgusting performance on QT, was not only invited back to repeat his rant, but also was afforded a private audience with the only other guest who behaved outragously, unchecked by the host ?

      My expectations of this complaint being taken seriously are below zero, as the BBC have absolutely no shame, if this is Donalda McKinnon “winning back the trust” of Scottish viewers, she has a great career oportunity as the North Korean leadership’s press officer.


    167. Ken Clark says:

      I’m sure the BBC production team patted themselves on the back for a job well done.

      Putting Fiona Hyslop in the sights of a verbal firing squad probably struck them as a great idea, but as the repercussions show, they once again shoot themselves in the foot.

      The more blatant they become, the lower their trust ratings will fall.

      My own scales falling from eyes moment came in the 1970s, during a programme called, I think, Nationwide. A magazine programme fronted by everyone’s favourite cuddly uncle, Michael Barratt.

      During the, “It’s Scotland’s Oil” period, they ran a series of items for a week with the sole intention of running Scotland down.

      Whisky? It’s not Scottish. Tartan? Same. On it went, day after day, with a mocking, sneering delivery.

      My then wife and I watched in disbelief, asking ourselves, “Why are they doing this?” Naive? Yes. Ignorant? Absolutely. Stupid? No.

      As someone once put it, “Most often, what I don’t know will have a greater impact on my life than what I do know.”

      Information will help to set Scotland free. Thankfully, we have sites such as this to disseminate it.

      Aunty Beeb? She can find a special place in hell.

    168. Robert Peffers says:

      @ galamcennalath says: 8 February, 2019 at 9:49 am:

      ” … What did last night’s QT do for the Indy cause – benefit or harm?”

      I’d venture the opinion that it was a bit of both. It depends upon the viewers predisposition is in regards to whether independence would be a good or bad thing.

      However, I’d also venture the opinion, based entirely upon the BBC’s alleged fall in viewer numbers in Scotland, that with every politically themed programme that BBC Scotland broadcasts they lose a few more undecided viewers to the independence side of the political spectrum.

      The one undeniable factor is that BBC Scotland is losing viewers and listeners even more quickly than the rest of the broadcasting medium.

      Mind you I have no idea how their web based following is doing but I do not suppose it would be too hard to find out. In any case the evidence from politically neutral sources seems to indicate that the indy cause is slowly increasing in direct opposition to that of unionism. Which is probably why BBC Scotland seems to be becoming more and more desperate and ever more transparently biased.

      Which again is an indication they are now probably their own worst enemy. Somewhere along the line someone in London has pressed that big red self-destruct button and Pathetic Quay has no other option than to obey their London masters.
      Hell mend them – for no one else will.

    169. Effijy says:

      I’ve watched my last Question Time at least until Scotland is independent and the national broadcaster isn’t blatantly biased.

      I’m so frustrated with SNP representatives on the show too.

      When the Orange Lodge Bigot ended his spiel he should have been shot down in flames.

      What currency would we use?
      We would use any currency we liked just as every other independent country does.
      We could use the GB Pound as an Equal Partner in the United Kingdom why wouldn’t we be able to use the Pound just like Ireland did, Egypt, Gibraltar, and Syria.

      We did put forward a fully comprehensive document on how Independence woud be delivered, unlike the half witted Tories.

      Oil prices were based on the trends at that time and No one predicted the oil price crash but some how SNP were supposed to have a crystal ball that no others had?

      Our Neighbours in the now Independent country of Norway experience the oil price crash but yet they have over £750 Billion in their oil fund while Westminster, who never allowed Scotland to borrow money, suggests we have a share in their near £2 Trillion of Debt?

      That Tory Creep Forsyth should also have been knocked for 6.
      He dared to say Tory Westminster gave Scotland extra money for the NHS but it was siphoned away else where?

      We spend more on our NHS per head than any other part of the UK,
      we pay nurses and trainee nurses more than anywhere else, we never forced Junior Doctors to go on strike like in England, we never forced draconian contracts on the doctors.
      We have the best performing NHS in the UK by a mile.

      What have the Tories done for Scotland, The Poll Tax, Bedroom Tax
      Food Banks, 15% Mortgage Rates, Record Unemployment and Balls Up Brexit?

      Can I suggest to the SNP that a selected few are fit for purpose on that show and we are there to fight and take over when we are interrupted and stopped from putting our points forward.

      A rehearsal on the predicted questions should be simple enough
      and competent answers practiced.

      Could we text our Rep on the show to advise that the Chap speaking is a BBC Unionist Favorite who has appeared before, something only Unionists have managed, and highlight that he is a UK Orange bigot who picked up 34 votes.
      Is he the voice of Scotland?

      PS I tried for tickets at the Motherwell show but I think they know me from complaints to the BBC and contributions on Radio.

      Over 93,000 Scots know that the BBC is just a propaganda machine:

    170. jezza says:

      Robert Puffer

      Let it go. Ti

      Don’t get labelled a site wanker along with Cubby, geeo and yesindyref2.

      I don’t know what initially upset them but they are definitely on my case,,,they stalk my like some perverted weirdo.

      So Mr Puffer, keep posting your stuff that nobody reads and mind your own business.

      No wit a mean Mr tank engine.

      Choo choo !!!

    171. Harry mcaye says:

      Isn’t it strange that Mhairi Black has never been on Question Time?

    172. Les Wilson says:

      I cannot reember the last time I watched the BBC, I made a choice to watch it last night, due to two friends being selected,being allowed 2 questions. They were never asked.

      So the result for me was just another BBC propaganda show. I am of course not suprised as the BBC are shite. The investigation from the Rev makesit all the worse.

      I noticed that when there was applause for the SNPor Indy2, the clapping was coming from a smallish grouped area. Which means according to profile they were grouped together so when the chair wants to ask a question, they know where the people who are anti SNP or ant Indy2 will be found.

      Billy boy obviously has a BBC season ticked despite the odds, nevertheless it cannot be a mistake.
      Forsyth, on the dole since he was wiped out of his job as Scottish secretary of state, now resides on his untaxed £1500 per week in the house of lords.A cozy life as we pay his wages.

      There is also the photo that someone took prior to the start that shows BBC stall, Billy AND Forsyth in deep conversation, they have little in common other than both being Unionists, we can only ponder what they were discussing, pity is no recording.

      So there you have it, I wasted my time again,the BBC propaganda directive continues uabated, I doubt now that Billy will be on again due to them being found out,but his replacement will already be picked.

      No wonder his very first words were against Indy.

    173. Colin Alexander says:

      Would anyone like to send this petition to the Scottish Parliament?

      The Scottish Parliament is democratically elected. In 2018 the Scottish Parliament passed the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity) (Scotland) Bill (CB)by an overwhelming majority. The House of Lords then abused their powers to prevent the CB from gaining Royal Assent.

      This action by the Lords is an abuse of power. It is an abuse of trust and an abuse of democracy. There is no place for such an undemocratic institution.

      UK Parliament has also failed to respect the democratic referendum decision of the sovereign people of Scotland to Remain part of the EU. UK Parliament has lost the trust of the people of Scotland and has failed to serve the people as it should by its Brexit process.

      We, the sovereign people of Scotland hereby petition the Scottish Parliament to declare itself the supreme parliament for Scotland; mandated by democratic means to exercise the sovereignty of the people of Scotland.

      We also call on the Scottish Parliament to declare the House of Lords is no longer recognised by the sovereign people of Scotland. That the House of Lords will no longer be recognised as playing a constitutional or legislative role for Scotland or the UK.

      Therefore, all UK legislation would require Scottish Parliament Assent and Royal Assent to become law in the UK. UK legislation would require the mutual consent of UK Parliament and the Scottish Parliament.

      This petition also calls on the Scottish Parliament to then hold a confirmatory referendum as soon as possible to confirm that the Scottish Parliament is acting by the will of the sovereign people by becoming the supreme parliament for Scotland.

      This petition also calls on the Scottish Parliament to declare the European Union (withdrawal) Act 2018 void and further calls on the Scottish Parliament to affirm to the EU and UK Govt that Scotland will remain part of the EU until such time as the people of Scotland democratically decide to leave the EU.

    174. geeo says:

      Still promoting your same old slavers coco ?

      Never mind, soon be over for your union.

      SNP Scotsgov do not need your ‘help’.

      They havre an actual plan about to be executed soon enough.

    175. Petra says:

      @ Effijy at 1:01pm ……. “BBC Bias Petition.”

      I can’t figure out how this never reached the 100,000 mark. Strange.

    176. Petra says:

      @ Geeo at 1:43pm …. “Same old slavers coco.”

      I presume you’re referring to Colin Alexander Geeo? Can I just ask what you find wrong with his post at 1:30pm?

    177. Clootie says:

      I just got my International Drivers Permit from the Post Office this morning.

      The acceptance of a driving license will be lost if we have a hard Brexit.

      You need one photo and your UK license plus fee of 5.50. Beware of scam sites offering an International driving license – go to the Post Office.

      If you plan to drive abroad or hire a car abroad consider this Brexit bonus.

    178. geeo says:


      You simply cannot alter the Sovereign delegation of power via an online petition for starters, as that requires a majority of said Sovereign Scots.

      An online petition is completely an inappropriate vechicle to so such a thing.

      You want a few hundred people in an online petition to tell the Scotsgov what to do on behalf of ALL Scots ?? Wow..ok then, so when 200 tories petition Scotsgov to drop independence then they should equally take such a suggestion seriously ?

      That is just ridiculous.

      Coco posts this slobbering guff all the time, it is technically ridiculous and legally nonsense. It shows a complete ignorance of legal and constitutional realities.

      Buy hey, lets all just scrapped support for the Scotsgov indy plan and adopt coco’s gibbering nonsense instead, because…reasons!

    179. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Don’t get labelled a site wanker along with Cubby, geeo and yesindyref2.”

      I’m not sure how many times I have to tell people to cool the beans over personal abuse in these comments, but if it carries on you – along with anyone else doing it – will find yourself on the pre-moderation list very soon indeed.

    180. Robert Louis says:

      Petra at 146pm,

      That petition on 38 degrees never did so well, due to the poor reputation 38 degrees has. I and several others, remember a similar venture via 38 degrees, way back before wings, when most commented on NewsnetScotland. When the number required was reached they refused to do anything for some nonsense along the lines of ‘we only deal with UK issues or some such. It was baloney.

      In my opinion and many other, 38 degrees is no friend of Scotland. This has been highlighted and discussed on here, many, many times in relation to the petition you asked about.

    181. Robert Peffers says:

      @Davy S says: 8 February, 2019 at 10:00 am:

      ” … Police guy saying it is due to lack of ambulance cover!”

      I wonder how much police time is spent sitting in a patrol car at the side of a road somewhere and not apparently doing anything?

      Now I spent many years caring for my disabled, wheelchair bound, wife. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I had to negotiate round cars parked on the pavement by going down and up curbs on the main road the police patrol cars used to get between Cowdenbeath Police station and Kelty Village.

      So why, in spite of many protest about pavement parking, did those regular patrols pass and not ticket the offenders? They were only making regular patrols and usually passed back down that same street less than 20 minutes later returning to the station.

      Now I’m not knocking the police, they have a hard job. It is the nature of the job that they must be seen by the public and be all over the place so lawbreakers never know when they might pop-up. So does it matter if they wait at a roadside, are tramping a beat or seen in an A&E department?

    182. Golfnut says:


      Oil prices.

      The SG used the OBR predictions, the SG didn’t make them up, and I’m guessing they used them because it would have been pretty difficult for BT to have mocked the OBR. After all they provide the SG with the figures for GERS.
      Just after the SG published its figures the OBR changed its estimates and predictions, downwards of course.
      Incidentally, the OBR figures were pretty accurate as it turns out, but we didn’t find that out until UK treasury admitted that they had lost £17 Billion down the back of the settee, temporarily of course. However it did allow BT to mock the SG relentlessly during Indy1.

    183. bjsalba says:

      @Robert Louis at 2:41 pm

      When it started – way back when – 38 degrees was pretty good.

      Then came – Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014

      The original staff left, and the organization went downhill fast.

      They have a Scottish office now (can’t remember where) but their record of petitions has been pretty spotty.

      I agree with your opinion is in general that the current 38 degrees is no friend of Scotland.

    184. Petra says:

      @ RL at 2:41pm …. “BBC Bias Petition.”

      Yeah I remember that Robert Louis. They, 38 Degrees, didn’t fulfil their obligations however I’ve been wondering how this particular petition has been stuck at just over 90,000 for months now. Maybe just another deliberate “scupper” by 38 Degrees?

    185. Cubby says:


      Good post. Points well made but I am sure you are well aware you will just get back in reply some long winded guff that says absolutely nothing to address the points you made.

      After many years ago and many such complaints I gave up sending them complaints. It only seemed to me to confirm to them that their northern branch of the BBC were carrying out their propaganda duties as instructed. Probably helping some senior manager get a performance related bonus for services to the British state.

      The BBC is a corrupt organisation and the only solution is for it to be removed from Scotland in its entirety.

    186. yesindyref2 says:

      I’m not sure how many times I have to tell people to cool the beans over personal abuse in these comments

      Somewhat more than the twice or so you have done so far, while repetitive abuse from the same troll continues on a daily basis. You need to monitor these threads, as your comment: “along with anyone else doing it” includes those trying to do something about the large number of trolls running riot below the line on Wings while you do – nothing. Yet you threaten genuine posters equally with blatantly obvious trolls. You even “pre-moderated” Heed who naturally never bothered coming back again. I miss his humour, and his point of view.

      The only saving grace is that the trolls who are taking the piss successfully, again and again and again coming back with different monikers but same style, are actually funny.

      So good luck “jezza” and latterly “tom”, I appreciate your humour but then I always was up for a laugh.

    187. Petra says:

      @ yesindyref2 at 4:23pm …..” You even pre-moderated Heed who naturally never bothered coming back again.”

      I enjoyed Heeds posts too indyref2, but he was constantly calling out the “tr*lls” when there was no sign of them, saying that they were his wee playthings, and so on, to the detriment of the site … night after night. Many posters pointed that out to him, asked him to cut it out, but he carried on regardless. That’s why he was pre-moderated. It’s not just the “trolls” that ruin this site, IMO, but those that wind them up / encourage them.

    188. Cubby says:


      Sorry yesindyref2 but I do not appreciate their humour one little bit. Being hit with a barrage of vile personal abuse is just not acceptable to me.

      It’s probably pretty clear by now that I do not like phoney independence supporters so I am enamoured even less when the abuse comes from that type of source or racists or bigots or any combination thereof.

    189. yesindyref2 says:

      Aye, but the site owner seeks to criticse those receiving the abuse for some odd reason, and others call it a “spat” which is a total insult, when it’s clear to you and I it’s a troll taking the piss out of the blog, posters and site owner. And getting away with it.

      Well, as the tagteamer said

      So funny.

      So I look at it this way, if you can’t beat them, laugh 🙂

    190. Derek Torrance says:

      It seems that Alison Fuller Pedley is still audience producer on QT. Remember her? She tweeted “Did you like my Highlander – great guy #bbcqt” after Mitchell’s appearance on an Inverness QT and was found to have shared some far-right stuff on Facebook. Even the Herald did a piece about her –

    191. Joan Edington says:

      I hadn’t seen this guy on the other programs but as soon as he opened his mouth I thought, “spot the BBC plant”. I couldn’t believe how obvious he was. Do the folks down south really believe he’s the typical voice of Scotland? If they do, surely they ought to want rid of us.

    192. David Mills says:

      I trust the BBC, trust them to manipulate and spin to propagandize at every opportunity.

    193. Davosa says:

      Stop paying the fuckin licence fee !

    194. Cactus says:

      It’s all gone public NOW, they are no longer able to suppress the damning evidence. The company will have to respond to the most excellent People of Scotland immediately and beyond.

      This appears to be appropriate regarding Billy hehe: (mon fav)

      “Oh what a beautiful marnin'” 🙂


    195. Cactus says:

      NOW this puis aussi be appropriate…

      Boston Brexit:

      Maintain current heading.

      HOLD formation.

    196. Dave says:

      I’d just like to point out that this guys loyalist flute band ‘Livingston True Blues’ uses a Confederate flag with red hand of Ulster as their profile pic on facebook, shouldn’t really be surprising but this demonstrates that they openly associate with white supremacy while at the same time trying to recruit new members.

      They have functions in council funded community centres and West Lothian college, and they march in Livingston’s annual remembrance day parade alongside British soldiers, obviously with the blessing of West Lothian council, who have poured quite a bit of money into remembrance plaques, statues, commemorative ironworked benches with poppy detailing etc over the past few years, presumably on the public purse. (If not, I would love to know who funded them..)

      There is no particular battle, event or military unit with any specific link to Livingston, a new town built long after the world wars, so it seems bizarre that the installing of several expensive works promoting British nationalism should be prioritised by the council, particularly given problems like rising poverty and homelessness.

      West Lothian council promoting parades in which they allow openly white supremacist sectarian hate groups to march with ‘legitimate’ British soldiers and officials, and allowing them to recruit right alongside the British army at events which the whole town is encouraged to attend, with bouncy castles and face painting for the kids, sends a pretty disturbing message.

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