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Posted on February 08, 2019 by

Last night we observed the considerable statistical difficulty involved in getting to speak on the BBC’s flagship political debate show Question Time not just once, or even twice, but THREE times, and the remarkable ease with which shouty sectarian UKIP and Loyalist bigot Billy Mitchell has achieved it.

But readers, we’re afraid we must acknowledge a rare factual inaccuracy on Wings Over Scotland. Because he’s actually been on it at least FOUR times.

And the odds against that happening by chance are really quite something.

The average QT audience is 200-300 strong, of whom around five will be pre-selected to ask the panel a question on air. (I know how it works because I attended one in Bath many years ago and managed to get one of mine picked. None of my subsequent applications to be in the audience have been successful.)

But perhaps 10% of the studio audience will get to speak in total in a typical episode, if not via a prepared question then during the rest of the discussion. So if you make that the criteria, the chances of getting on air in four different episodes are a mere 10,000 to 1 multiplied by whatever the odds are of making it past vetting and getting into the studio in the first place.

So let’s fairly conservatively call it something like 50,000 to 1 that anyone could get into four shows and get to speak on all of them. But for one of your questions to be among the pre-selected ones multiplies those odds by five again, up to 250,000 to 1.

And yet that certainly seems to have been what happened last night.

Indeed, Mitchell seems to have been given prior access to the set and at least one of the panellists, something which definitely didn’t happen when I went to the show and isn’t supposed to happen.

After his brief interjection on the show in Stirling 2013, Mitchell was indulged with an extended minute-and-a-half-long rant when QT went back to the city in 2016:

(Last night he was given 1m 20s to rant uninterrupted at Fiona Hyslop from the SNP, who got around seven seconds to respond.)

And then somehow Mitchell got himself into the audience yet again the following year, 50 miles away in Kilmarnock, where his input was restricted to offscreen shouting.

Mitchell is an all-round charmer. His Facebook page reveals him as a devoted fan not only of Donald Trump but also Vladimir Putin and Nigel Farage:

And pretty much any racist redneck right-wing cause you could think of.

He’s a committed Brexiter, obviously.

He seems very keen on being pally with the Russians, so we’re sure David Leask and Jennifer Jones and Ben Nimmo will be all over him in the Herald any minute now as an obvious sinister bot planted by the Kremlin to influence British politics.

There’s nothing he enjoys more than getting together with the lads to wear England shirts, have a few grins and neck a few pints in Nazi death camps.

He’s such a proud Scot he went all the way to Russia to support England in last year’s World Cup, proclaiming their imagined victory as the trophy “coming home”.

Lest there be any doubt, he’s a proper bigot, and much adored in the drum-banging, Catholic-hating cultural circles of the super-sectarian “Livi True Blues” flute band.

We could write an entire article just about the wild ride that is his Facebook likes, of which these are a mere fraction.

(Surprisingly strong showing for ballet in there, we note.)

But, well, you get the idea. These are thankfully quite extreme fringe views in Scotland, and while they’re of course entitled to representation like everyone else, readers might feel that the level of airtime being given to someone who got 34 votes when he stood for election as a UKIP candidate was perhaps stretching the concepts of fair balance and “due impartiality”, even by the standards of Nigel Farage’s Question Time.

(For comparison purposes, when the SNP had only six MPs – still three times as many as UKIP have ever had – they averaged ONE appearance on Question Time per year.)

It would be interesting if either the Corporation or Mentorn, the show’s producers, were to reveal whether Mitchell had truthfully disclosed his political affiliations and previous appearances when applying, as potential audience members are required to do. It would be quite extraordinary if he had and they’d let him on for a fourth time anyway.

Although we won’t hold our breath on that one, of course.

We’re currently trying to verify several claims of Mitchell having appeared and spoken on various BBC indyref debates. (Along with unconfirmed allegations that his son also featured on last night’s episode.) And according to former BBC reporter Pennie Taylor, we haven’t seen the last of him on BBC Scotland shows yet.

So all we’re saying is, don’t be all that shocked if Billy Mitchell’s big red face pops up on BBC Scotland a few more times in the coming weeks and months.

Because it’s not just London palaces he appears to have a season ticket for.

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    186 to “Auntie’s Favourite”

    1. jimnarlene says:

      A real charmer, I mean warmer.

    2. Ruglonian says:

      Not surprising in the slightest!

      However, if there was such a prolific nationalist activist successfully pulling off this trick I think it’d be assured that questions would be raised – all the papers would be on it, and they’d be scurrying around trying to establish links to elected officials and the likes.
      Doubt that this’ll happen to this guy somehow!

    3. Lenny Hartley says:

      Must be an Indepently rich man with funding all that travelling!

    4. Dek says:

      Truly excellent expose of a vile individual. The state broadcaster should be compelled by weight of public outrage to explain themselves.

    5. CmonIndy says:

      Used to have QT listed as one of my favourite TV programmes a few years ago. After 2014, I cancelled the license and have renewed the ‘don’t need a license’ declaration every 2 years. I have saved £600 thus far which I am happy to say I have distributed to iScot, SNP, Wings, WGD, National and Mr Salmond, among others. It’s a wonderful double-impact on Unionist bias, hatred, lies and omissions. Thoroughly recommend it.

      I hav amuh more relaxed viewing and listening experience with my Netflix, Amazon Prime, DVDs, videos (oh yes) and internet news channels and radio. And facebook. No Twitter.

    6. I’m sure Glenn, Toodle Oo The Noo, Sally, Jackie, and the Brewdog will hold a welcome party for their new Freelance bigoted sectarian fascist racist colleague.
      Jock TV is going to be more of the same.
      We are an occupied colony held in tow by the Scottish Branch of the Anglo Iron Heel Oligarchy.
      I will not rest until Scotland is governed by and owned by Scotland, the many, not the few Lairds and Filthy Rich.

    7. Bob Mack says:

      I just put him down as a monobrow bigot who does not affect me one way or other.
      What does affect me is the national broadcaster actually allowing him time to spout utter garbage. It seems they treated him as some type of personality,with preferential treatment and access to the panel before the show.

      Think that stinks of collusion? Total set up. He was chosen and allowed to spout his hatred by Bruce, who never once interjected, though she interrupted everybody else.

      The information war is on, and as usual truth is the first casualty.

    8. frogesque says:

      BBC The enemy within.

    9. WG Saraband says:

      I stopped watching BBC QT for my own good, can’t deal with the rage it conjures within me each time I hear the frothing at the mouth xenophobes ranting about immigrants like me. But this morning I saw clips and read about what happened with this utter plant, and it’s a complete disgrace. These aren’t accidents. These are purposeful choices from the producers.

    10. raineach says:

      @Cmonindy Coming off watching the TV is like coming off drugs. It takes a couple of months but after that it feels so good. btw QT was the first bbc programme that got the g’mach in our kennel

    11. Arbroath1320 says:


      Mr Question Time … obviously. 😀

      Just a wee thought outside the box here but as oor Nige (Farage for those who don’t know 😉 ) appears to possibly be on the wane at BBC Central could this sweet young thing 😀 be the BBC’s next big political personality? 😀

    12. Grant MacDonald says:

      This is very wrong.

      It looks like the BBC have been caught completely here. I actually recognise the guy “off the TV” so would guess he has appeared elsewhere.

      Hopefully NS feels this suitable to start asking questions.

    13. Ally says:

      For the record, I successfully applied to be on BBCQT in Glasgow as couple of years ago. (Swinney & fluffy were main panelists)

      The set-up is that you assemble in another room for coffee & then the producer & Dimbleby come out for a wee intro, to tell us what is expected etc.

      Thereafter you walk into the theatre & find a SEAT. This is while presenter / producer go back stage to select submitted questions.

      There is then a “dummy-run” for 10 mins so they can check camera angles / lights etc.

      At NO / ZERO point were we allowed near the panelists prior to the recording (which goes out AS LIVE / WYSIWYG)

    14. Confused says:

      This would be “cheating” – but when you have been setup for an ambush, the audience rigged, its merely redress

      – these days you can get very, very discreet wireless earpieces with an encrypted audio channel
      – you could have your front person doing the business, but with a backup team, say 6 people acting as “rapid rebuttal” experts, feeding info or savage putdowns, with their browsers open (this is how one version of the psychic audience reading scam goes)
      – twitter found this “Billy McWilliamson” or whoever very quickly

      how cool it would have been if Hyslop had asked

      – have you been on QT before, sure I recognise you
      … hows yer ma … still making the pies for the flute band

      ding dong!

      all professional politicians should be like professional standups – have a full bag of putdowns at the ready

      the “angry monstering” should be easy to deal with, esp. if done by a total fuckwit who has one script but no backup

      best one I saw was an aussie politician – theres this mad aussie giving him hell
      – he listens intently … pauses, then says

      Yah know mate – I dont know WHAT THE BLOODY ELL YER ON ABOUT
      … (slight pause)

      – might have been Bob Hawke

    15. Capella says:

      Why is this programme funded through the BBC grant allocated to Scotland? It is clearly anti-Scottish.
      Scottish TV tax payers contribute £320m but get back about a third of that (allegedly), of which shows like QT eat up the little funding available.

      Donalda has done nothing to redress the imbalance.

    16. Mentorn’s man in charge of QT:-

      “Nicolai Gentchev is Director of Current Affairs for Mentorn Media, a role which sees him developing and executive producing a range of current affairs programmes as well as being Executive Producer of BBC One’s premier political debate programme, Question Time.

      Previously he was Editor of Question Time for five-and-a-half years. During this time he also edited the EU Referendum specials for BBC One, BBC Scotland’s ‘Referendum Debates’ series in 2014 and has been executive producer on various one-off programmes, including the ‘Big, Big Debate’ at the Hydro, which was nominated for a BAFTA and won the RTS Scotland Award for Best Referendum Programme.

      Before joining Mentorn Scotland as Editor of Question Time, Gentchev was Editor of ‘Good Morning Scotland’, BBC Radio Scotland’s flagship news programme, in the build up to the 2010 General Election. Previous to that, he has been an output editor on Radio 4’s Today programme, and before that worked for several years as a business reporter and producer for the BBC and Bloomberg News.”
      It explains everything.
      Now this is from Mentorn’s own web page.
      Lots of Establishment Brit Nats on the board, although how David Aukin signed up to join this lot beats me.
      Perhaps he should watch a tape of last nights ‘Show Trial’.

    17. Iain says:

      Poor Billy: he thinks he’s a part of something that’s the biggest and the best in the world. And the more he shouts about it, the bigger and more wonderful it is.

      What he doesn’t realise is that the people of higher social status in the UK he so fervently believes in only value his enthusiasm insofar as it makes him a loyal worker or cannonfodder. He’s not part of the UK they inhabit and profit from. He’d be a social embarrassment to them, were he to presume on any form of acquaintance. They’d cut him dead.

    18. AnneMarieD says:

      I keep swaying from being absolutely raging to wanting to laugh out loud at the sheer ineptitude of the BBC in laying their hatred of half the Scottish population so glaringly for all to see. Then I get worried that they must know we know and simply don’t care. I knew for certain the news/current affairs output is a propaganda outfit for all that is BritNat but to be so obvious is almost a declaration of war.

      There are many high calibre SNP reps but Fiona H is not suited to this at all. Only a few would cope well. I am seriously p****d off though that politicians like Fiona did not see this immediately and call it out. My husband and I both shouted at the telly as soon as we spotted him. If we can spot him how did she not. They all need to be ahead of the game on this and admit that the media in general and the BBC in particular only serve to try to humiliate them and by extension, all of us.

      This needs to be a wake up call. I am 100% behind the SNP but it is vital that they recognise the crucial difference between “normal” politics in rightly being held to account and the outright hostility dished out by all media outlets. There is no point on agreeing to go on this programme again unless it is someone fully prepared to fight the dirty fight being forced upon us. GLOVES OFF FFS

    19. Most sensible people in a country would seriously be questioning their state broadcaster over while it stance
      of giving air time to bigots, Farage, BNP, giving them all publicly they could ever wish for, to spout their poison.

      Of course giving Farage worked well for the BBC didn’t it, when voters in England voted for Brexit and there was subsequent rise in racist hate crimes.

    20. David Mooney says:

      Disappointed by Hyslops reaction she gave Williamson respect he did not deserve. Decades of experience but you wouldn’t think it by her feeble retort and over all weak performance last night.

      Sadly not the best choice by the SNP for QT. She’s one of the lightweights that should be kept away from these kind of debates.

      Russell, McKay, Swinney or Freeman would have been a much better Choice.

    21. Sorry it should have read as
      Of course giving Farage airtime worked well for the BBC didn’t it, when voters in England voted for Brexit and there was subsequent rise in racist hate crimes.

    22. David Mooney says:

      Sorry got mixed up Mitchell was given respect he didn’t deserve.

    23. kininvie says:

      From their website, I see Mentorn Media have produced something called ‘Angry Brits Caught on Camera’.

      …so nothing new then.

    24. Me Bungo Pony says:

      I’d given QT a chance again over the last three or so episodes. Have no intention of ever watching it again.

      North Lanarkshire voted YES, voted Remain and votes SNP. How did the audience get so one sidedly unionist, the panel have only one pro-indy member and such obvious unionist plants get in?

      The question was hypothetical. I already know the answer.

    25. galamcennalath says:

      I concluded years ago that there is little point in being prescribed blood pressure reduction medication and then sitting watching QT (and the like)!

      On the basis of what I’m seeing online, I find Mr Mitchell’s nationalism interesting, revealing actually.

      We tend to assume those in Scotland with ‘British’ sentiments show loyalty an entity of which England is only party. We believe they see a genuine Union, and a United Kingdom across these Isles. Their ‘Britishness’ is directed at the collective.

      However, we can see with Mitchell an obsession with all things English, and England. Truth is, I’m not completely surprised because I do suspect many so called British Nationalists from Scotland are in fact wannabe Englanders. They want a Greater England, not a Union.

      England is a great country, full of fine people. And like every nation, some not so fine. I have lived there, have English friends, and enjoy many quality English products. However, I am Scottish and completely fail to understand why any Scot ‘aspires’ to be English or wishes a Greater England construct across these Isles.

    26. Auld Rock says:

      Ally, don’t think your correct it’s recorded. When I attended the show in Lerwick a few years back I was back home in time for News at Ten. As for last night I managed to watch until that eejit started his rant, about 10 minutes or so before switching to another channel to protect my screen for tomorrows International from Murrayfield.

    27. Bell™ says:

      in response to his comments from facebook with the rebel flag, the ship built in Govan which was re-named CSS Robert E Lee (not ‘General E Lee’ as he states) was originally named Giraffe, and was sold by a private firm to a blockade runner, who then sold it to the Confederate States government. It wan’t built for the cause. Furthermore, the tune ‘Marching Through Georgia’ is a Union song, about invading the South.

      He won’t forget his history? He didn’t know it in the first place.

      It really rips my knitting when moronic yoons or alt-right fuds try to co-opt confederate imagery for their own use. The Southern states seceded because they a (small-c) conservative government they didn’t vote for was trying to enforce laws on them they didn’t agree with* and did everything possible to restrict their democratic rights. Sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t think why.

      Yoons like Mitchell like to think of themselves as rebels at the same time as calling themselves loyalists. A Unionist in favour of breaking up two other unions really sums up the stupidity of these people.

      *yes, slavery was one of the things they didn’t agree with, but abolishion wasn’t actually being discussed in 1861, nor did Lincoln plan to push it through in his first term. The Republican party was trying to push protectionist policies on the south in order to take advantage of their natural resources, which would have crippled the south’s agrarian economy. States Rights refers to the right of a State to remain independent from the federal government and democratically set its own laws. Again, that reminds me of something, but I can’t place it.

    28. Luigi says:

      Question Time Man will be most upset if an embarrassed BBC pull the rug and put a stop his little escapade. In case anyone is still not sure what the term “Useful Idiot” means, look no further than QT Man. Wot a sad little creep.

    29. Harry mcaye says:

      There’s nothing wrong with loving England so much you wear their teams colours and want them to win the World Cup…If you’re English. How does a Scot get to be this way? What makes them hate their own country, because make no mistake about it, Mr Mitchell HATES Scotland.

    30. iainmore says:

      Why cant we just call them the ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s that they are?

    31. Abulhaq says:

      Time to cut this man’s oxygen of publicity. How about putting him in a locked room with fellow Brexit Unionist Ross Thomson? Like your sash Billy, really goes with those trainers…. and similar gay banter.

    32. Luigi says:

      The next BBC QT in Scotland will now be nothing more than a “Where’s Wally?” competition. Can’t wait.

      Nah, only joking – I’ll give it a miss (as usual). 🙂

    33. Luigi says:

      Abulhaq says:

      8 February, 2019 at 1:48 pm

      Time to cut this man’s oxygen of publicity. How about putting him in a locked room with fellow Brexit Unionist Ross Thomson? Like your sash Billy, really goes with those trainers…. and similar gay banter.

      Groper meets Griper. 🙂

    34. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Very much true to the “GSTQ & Her Fascist Regime” vibe of the Hardcore British Nationalist element in Scotland and the wider UK currently.

      Fear of losing Scotlands resources has caused the manipulation of individuals such as this and the weaponisation of their attitudes.

      Brexit has emboldened these “One Nation Britain” Fascists.

      The Scottish Branches of the BritNat Political Parties court these people’s votes.

      The Conservative & Unionist Branch from Scotland have individuals such as these as elected officials.

      Unfortunately these people believe they are “fighting for Britain” (against them EU, The SNP, Islam, Cafflicks, Furriners etc. etc.) and are therefore motivated to “Get the Vote out” at elections of all levels.

      Extremists with these views have been convicted and jailed for preparing acts of terrorism (bomb making and the like) recently in Scottish Courts.

      It was an individual with similar “Britain First” extremist views who murdered Jo Cox MP in June 2016.

      The BBC and MSM are actively shielding the rise of Right Wing British Nationalist Extremism in Scotland and the wider UK.

      All to protect the “precious Union” and “take back control” with the delivery of Brexit.

      These Churnalists are enablers.

      These Churnalists are complicit.

      These Churnalists are Propagandists for the Neo Fascist Right Wing British Nationalist Regime
      at Westminster.

      These Churnalists Of The BritNat MSM and particularly the BBC are actively attempting to undermine the democratically elected Scottish Government (with the constant bombardment of “Scotland Shite ‘cos EssEnnPeeBaaad” so TMay can use these broadcasts as evidence that “there is no appetite for IndyRef2” and in the pursuit of a British Nationalist Coalition Government being elected at the next Holyrood elections.

      History will remember their acts and omissions.

    35. Sharny Dubs says:

      The meeja machine grinds relentlessly on.

      I’ve yet to meet anyone who takes the BBC seriously.

    36. iainmore says:

      I forgot to say that he gives true meaning what it is to be British though. British = Little Englander.

      Oh and where in the heck does he get his money? Does the little Englander turd have a firkin job?

    37. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Propaganda straight oot the Joseph Goebbels play book.

      But this is all enshrined in the BBC Royal Charter:

      6. The Public Purposes

      The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows.

      (4) ………and help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.

      You’d think they’d be aware that the “Only obeying orders” gambit was roundly rejected as a defence at Nuremberg.

    38. Ally says:

      @AuldRock 1:39

      It is recorded About 1930 to be able to respond to that days news (And to be able to edit out any swearing etc)

      Other than that it goes out “AS” live around 2230 – They don’t edit it to cut out crap / keep good bits in! – What you see is what you get!

    39. Gary45% says:

      What a FUD.

    40. One_Scot says:

      I suppose one good thing about Billy’s exposure and new found fame on twitter is that a wider audience than just Scotland now knows how the BBC operates when it comes to the SNP and Scotland.

      Whether or not they will actually care is another matter though.

    41. Robert Louis says:

      The BBC and its coterie of lying so-called’ journalists’, should be run out of Scotland. It is just one big propaganda outfit, the likes of which any despot would be very proud.

      Oh, and tell me, just why it is the BBC is not running after Ross Thompson, like they do with SNP MP’s if they so much as cough. Oh I remember, it IS ONLY SNP MP’s they chase after, unionist parties in Scotland get a free pass.

      One part of why not everybody in Scotland wanted or wants independence and an end to English colonial rule, is the BBC. It is that freaking simple.

      Have to agree with others above, however, that Fiona Hyslop is not the right person to be doing shows like that. No idea why the SNP insist on using her for that.

    42. Mark Fletcher says:

      When assailed by an agent provocateur, the correct response is not to be provoked. So, well done Fiona Hyslop.

      Let’s keep a cool head and continue to do things the right way. That way, we retain our integrity and are untouchable.

    43. Robert Louis says:

      What I really do not understand about people like Question Time man, is why they support the England football team. I mean sure, he supports the union and queen and all that rubbish, but why support the England squad? Why not Wales for example, or even the Scotland squad from his own freaking country. Why is it England that such people choose?? It just makes no sense, even with his beliefs.

    44. Marie Clark says:

      comeonindy @1.08, I’m the same as you. Stopped the TV tax back in 2014, and did the same as you for the various crowdfunders etc.

      It works a treat for the old blood pressure, and don’t miss the beeb at all.

      From what I see and read, they’re still up to all their old tricks, who knew. The thing is though, the more blatant that they become, they more viewers and listeners they’re losing.

      God only knows what their “new” channel will look like, I’m guessing here, but, I reckon it’ll be the same old same old.

      I wonder who they think that the are kidding, presumably the “some of the people that you can fool all of the time”. I reckon that even these people are beginning to notice the crap that they are being fed.

      In an Independent Scotland, I would do away with the beeb. They work for another country and shouldn’t be in ours. We should have our own broadcaster.

    45. Mike says:

      Excellent analysis and exposure! I’m sure the BBC couldn’t give a ****. Which is why i stopped paying my licence fee and stopped watching their “impartial” current affairs programmes.
      Aside from their bias and hatred of SNP and Yessers, their business model is surely doomed. I read recently that 800k people have cancelled their licence in the last year in the UK (that about a £120m hit). Presumably Scotland tops the list of cancelled fees proportionately at least.
      Tell your families and friends to stop paying the licence fee if they are Yessers. Give the money to pro indy services instead, like this one!

    46. Bob Mack says:

      What many don’t understand about Unionists like this hardcore Orange Lodge bigot is this.

      They hate Catholics and view them as natural supporters of the SNP, because Catholics also support Republican aims in Ireland. I know it sounds pretty dense, but that is what lies behind this hatred.

      Thankfully I have abandoned religious allegiance a long time ago, so my desire for indy has no religious element to it.

      Lodge members are very insecure about indy, because their allegiance is to God (protestant) Queen ( protestant) and mother country (England).

      The rapid rise in indy support has shaken their traditional beliefs to the core, so now they revert back to viewing England as their spiritual overlord rather than a Scotland which seems to be removing itself from their historic and cultural belief system.

      In short they are very ,very frightened indeed, hence the animosity. We are winning.

    47. Republicofscotland says:

      Dross like Mitchell is the level that PMQ’s stoop to, in order to maintain this dysfunctional and uneven union.

      I no longer watch the Westminster propaganda show anymore.

    48. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Let’s keep a cool head and continue to do things the right way. That way, we retain our integrity and are untouchable.”

      Agree up to a point. But the gloves have to come off at some point. Always playing nice and by the rules will get us nothing but a swift boot in the gonads. The BritNats don’t give a shit about morality so why should we? It’s gonna get ugly and it’s gonna get dirty.

      We use whatever means we can to bring them down. And when we get them down, we keep sticking the boot in and keep them down.

      Politically speaking, naturally.

    49. awizgonny says:

      This is so brazen it’s clear they don’t give a toss. And the target audience want to side with this guff so much that they don’t give a toss either.

      Thoroughly depressing.

    50. Capella says:

      Why does he worship the plantation slave owners Confederate flag? They were soundly defeated and have arguably been fighting a rearguard action ever since. Imagine choosing that side!

      Though on Plantation Quay they obviously identify with with an anti-democratic frame of mind.

    51. galamcennalath says:

      Bell™ says:

      Yoons like Mitchell like to think of themselves as rebels

      Indeed. Foot soldiers of the far right like to see themselves as rebels. Yet the sad truth is they are frequently just tools being used for the agenda of someone within the Establishment!

    52. Mark Fletcher says:

      I don’t agree with you at all Proud Cybernat. We do things legally or not at all.There is much more force and power to be had by using our brains. We will go backwards very quickly if we get into a fight. Why do you think they provoke us?

    53. Tinto Chiel says:

      An excellent bit of detective work, Rev.

      Unfortunately, guys like Mitchell are not unusual, although their psychological contortions would need about a decade of analysis to get to the bottom of.

      While canvassing in 2015 in an area of my town with a citrus fruit reputation, a man wearing an England shirt but with a strong Lanarkshire accent answered the door. Knowing I was on to a loser, I went through the formalities and was then given the usual contemptuous look and verbal response.

      I’m not normally cheeky on the doorstep but I did ask him (as he shut the door forcefully), “Could you no find an Accies shirt?”

      Ironically, people like Forsyth would be equally contemptuous of Mitchell, but Tories do need useful idiots to do their dirty work.

    54. Chris Kilby says:

      Doesn’t he make you proud to be Scottish? Clearly the very best this great nation of ours has to offer.

      (I hear Billy’s got his own show on the new BBC Scotland channel. I mean apart from Question Time…)

    55. Proud Cybernat says:

      “We do things legally or not at all.”

      Where did I say we don’t do things legally?

    56. laukat says:

      Personally I think we should be worried by the BBC QT in a more serious way than ‘some UKIP guy has been on a lot’. To me this shows the Unionists are organised to campaign and campiagn in ways that we haven’t thought about how to counter.

      The last Indyref wasn’t fought fairly but be under no illusion that the next one won’t even come close to the standards of the last one.

      We appear to be afraid to counter arguments or call out bias for fear of upsetting the undecideds but are instead struggling to be heard and surrendering the middle ground to a unionist campaign that is already attacking. They have united behind their cause whilst we are still waiting for the FM to start the firing gun.

      Whenever a unionist suggests we never stop talking about Indepdence we seem to apologise rather than telling them we absolutely have to talk about Indepedence as its the only way forward for Scotland. We need to up our game substantially rather than hoping to pick up the pieces from a no-deal Brexit.

    57. Chris Kilby says:

      Why aren’t the SNP/Scottish Government screaming and shouting about this from the fecking rooftops?

      Why isn’t Nicola Sturgeon politely but firmly demanding some sort of enquiry into this obvious scandal? Or, at the very least, an explanation from the BBC?

      We all know what the BBC/MSM is like, so when is Ms Sturgeon going to take a leaf out of Trump’s crude-but-effective playbook and go direct to the voters via Twitter? Or, better yet, YouTube and just expose Mitchell, QT and the BBC direct with all the incontravertible evidence here and all over social media today?

      When is the SNP going to grow a pair, stand up and defend itself from this shite from these bastards and give as good as it gets? Better, even.

    58. stu mac says:

      @Robert Louis says:
      8 February, 2019 at 2:14 pm
      What I really do not understand about people like Question Time man, is why they support the England football team.

      It’s a combination of things. To some extent to do with the rise of SNP and their promotion of Scotland. Thinks he has to be anti-Scotland to be anti-independence. (Yes, think but there you go)

      Then remember when these guys rant about the union they don’t care about the 1707 union, they care about the union of 1800. You won’t hear these guys chanting or ranting about King James Vi, Queen Anne or Culloden or any bit of Scottish history, it’s King Billy and the battle of Boyne and Derry’s walls. In other words, Irish unionist history. These guys don’t feel Scottish though no doubt they’ll deny it.

      It’s well known the more extreme unionists in NI are anti-Irish culture and in Scotland they are anti-Scottish culture. I think they recognise that if Scottish history and culture was promoted as it would be in any normal country independence would become very likely.

      Finally, the-pro England thing (team and flag) is simply they recognise subconsciously at least that the UK is the same as England and they align themselves with that. They want the power and population behind them because they realise they as a diminishing and in the long run doomed culture. They don’t realise that apart from some right wing loonies most English people would despise them if they knew them.

      Whoops. Apols, when I started to type I thought I could say what I meant in a short paragraph.

    59. Shug says:

      If he is on benefits i would suggest reporting him

    60. Thepnr says:

      I had a look for Billy Mitchell on the Stirling show from 2013 and found him giving his tuppence worth. I got though an unexpected bonus from Humza Yousaf 🙂

      Humza to Dimbleby after he’s been interrupted “Well let me answer your question then and you can patronise it afterwords”.

      The audience laugh and Dimbleby with petted lip “There’s no need to be insulting about this.” Hahaha.

      I think this is what many here are crying out for if you have SNP representatives on programmes like Question Time where they are often patronised both by the presenter and often the audience. They should be able to dish it back and not allow themselves to be patronised which is exactly what Humza does here.

      Watch from exactly 30:00 mins in to get the full picture and straight after their little spat you’ll see Wee Billy get his tuppence worth in LOL.

    61. mountain shadow says:

      I live in Belfast and was just speaking to a guy in work who watched it, and was left firmly in the belief that there was no longer any support for independence in Scotland and that Motherwell was a unionist stronghold.

      So the BBC have achieved what they wanted and we and the SNP do nothing

    62. Shug says:

      BBC fake news needs to be challenged

    63. geeo says:

      Wonder if BBC Scotland will run with this ? Jackson Carlaw pretty unequivical about Ross Thomson’s behaviour (denied beaviour at that).

      My duh if they already have.

    64. geeo says:


    65. Mark Fletcher says:

      On the new Scotland channel we could have:

      A Square-Go with Billy Mitchell
      Billy Mitchell at the Edinburgh Cringe
      Billy Mitchell’s Flute-band Frolics
      The Billy Mitchell Comedy Hour
      ‘Auntie, King Billy and me’ – Billy Mitchell Reflects
      Etc, etc.

      Personally, I’d rather watch Monkey Tennis.

    66. stu mac says:

      @laukat says:
      8 February, 2019 at 2:51 pm

      Well said. I think to an extent the SNP are stuck in the rut of using the strategy which won the old battles but is not fit for purpose for the new ones. Yes, when first building support to be elected to parliament (MPs and MSPs) a calm, low key even approach was needed, a careful steady approach to prove they were serious politicians who could be trusted.

      But that’s all past now. Of course we don’t want the SNP to be anything but trustworthy but they’ve built up enough trust now to dare to be more adventurous in their tactics and of course IndyRef is a completely different ball game and requires different strategy. The SNP needs to play straight and honest but they shouldn’t be daft enough to think that’s enough on its own. The opposition won’t play by the rules so any strategy needs to have this factored in.

    67. Ken Clark says:

      @AnneMarieD 1:31

      Raging and laughing sums it up for me.

      I grew up in a part of Dundee where swearing was as important as punctuation when forming a sentence. I try really hard to ration myself these days, but I’ve almost used up my 2019 quota of f%#ks and f!*king and we’re not even half way through f#+k’n February.

      Oddly enough, a strange calm came over me after last night’s charade, laughingly advertised as a, “discussion programme”. The old better together karaoke medley was trotted out so blatantly I ended up being amused at the desperation of it all.

      “Ye’ll no get tae yase the pound. “The EU u’ll no let ye in.” The oil’s worth nuthin’.” (This will be the same oil the Telegraph business correspondent, Andy Critchlow praised for saving Britain on numerous occasions in the past and confidently expects to do so again in a post-Brexit Britain.

      The punchline to the programme was of course the obligatory humorous last question, used last night in a desperate attempt to draw the sting from the allegations surrounding Ross Thompson. “Why are there bars in Westminster?” Oh, how Fiona Bruce laughed, as did I, for very different reasons.

    68. galamcennalath says:

      Chris Kilby says:

      Why aren’t the SNP/Scottish Government screaming and shouting about this from the fecking rooftops?

      Yes, it’s damned frustrating, but whose cause are the BBC helping / hindering with this behaviour?

      Are their actions helping to build a case for their Union?

      It has reached a stage where blatant bias like this must be damaging their own cause. It’s so ham fisted, only the BritNat core won’t see it for what it is.

      Perhaps it’s as much a case of “don’t disturb your enemy while they make mistakes” for the SNP.

      Of greater threat to our side is probably their policy of omission. Not saying what’s going on probably more effective, from their point of view.

    69. Graf Midgehunter says:

      O/T Whisky/Brexit

      “Whisky production in Germany is subject to European laws on alcohol content and storage times. Those rules may no longer apply to Scotland after Brexit, so the Scots could decide to change the way they distil what their ancestors called the water of life.”

      Scotland needs its independence AND membership of the EU to be able to fight for our “Scotch” manufacturing and copyright issues which WM probably deems as bartering mass (and fish) for the preservation of the their city spivs.

      The Saltire must be our trade symbol and the words “Made in Scotland” deeply entrenched and protected in EU legislation. 🙂

    70. Bob Mack says:

      How do we counteract this?

      The answer is fairly simple. We ALL become leaders. Leadership has been studied for hundreds of years and the SNP could learn from it ,as can we.
      Essentially you need strong communication and stick to your message through thick and thin. Be ready to counter any argument.
      You have to show passion and commitment for what you believe in.
      Be an innovator and be inclusive.

      Causes are not won by feint hearts. People want to believe in something and will be attracted by your passion. The Unionists already have something to believe in and plenty of leaders.

      We must begin to promote ourselves now ,instead of just waiting for a starting gun that may or may not go off

      Unionists are talking propoganda to the public right now, whilst we wait on the outcome of Brexit .

      They have an advantage in that sense. I hope Nicola reveals something soon re indy options to allow us to promote our cause with equal force and passion.

    71. Petra says:

      That’s a great photograph of Tory Brexiteer Lordy Forsyth with Orange Order bigot Mitchell. With an audience of around 200 plus people they just happened to bump into each other and have a wee tête-à-tête ….. which is not allowed. What’s the odds against that? Just sums up the whole BBC situation don’t you think? Stinks. And I wonder who the others are in the photograph? Any members of last nights QT audience have any idea?

      Dialogue:- Forsyth ..”I’ve to be questioned first and will bring up the subject of IndyRef1 as an opening for you (and fellow SNP haters). Fiona Bruce will follow up by selecting you Billy and then shutting Hyslop up. It’s all arranged. Do you have your SNP Baad rant prepared?”

      Mitchell .. “Aye Mikey boy. Don’t you worry I’ve been going over the same stuff for years now, even spouted it on this programme … before, before, before …. so it’s word perfect. And by the way mind and ask Fiona if I’m still going to be on the new up and coming BBC programme covering Indyref1 later this month. Doing my personal SNP Baad speech, again, banging my drum or both.”

    72. geeo says:

      @mountain shadow.

      You are hilarious.

      Tell me, when did the perceived view of someone without a vote in the upcoming indyref, amount to a tin of beans ?

      If unionists IN SCOTLAND are convinced indy cannot be won due to BBC promoting no interest, then it is reasonable to expect large chunks of No voters from last time, to not bother turning out to vote this time as their vote “is not needed” as badly this time.

      Meanwhile, anyone and everyone Yes, is certain to vote in huge numbers.

      In an act of supreme irony, Unionist complacency, borne from BBC and media propogandists, could help hand independence on a plate, by the No campaign not getting their vote out.

    73. liz says:

      Fiona Hyslop is one of my least favourite MSPs. She allows quangos to get away with lies, banning the Saltire because they don’t allow political expression whilst at the same time, allowing Mundell etc to hold their ‘Great Britain’ haggis, salmon, whisky etc etc.

      I know we’ve said it loads of times, but the SNP need to grow a pair.

      Where is their promised rebuttal unit?

    74. Iain mhor says:

      Just catching up and a reminder that @David yesterday mentioned that the apparent blether with panellists/ Forsyth was AFTER the event not prior.
      I give him the benefit of the doubt with his account of actually being at QT.

    75. Arbroath1320 says:

      I see someone has done the maths on the chances of getting to ask a question on BBCQT if said individual appears four times on the programme and asks a question each time. 🙂

    76. Breeks says:

      Yeah, but for all that, he’s still less despicable than the BBC…

    77. Millsy says:

      Now that Billie Mitchell has been outed ( again ) , the BBC will drop him – but replace him with another drone , one who is not so obviously identified .

      Wigs , dark glasses and false noses will be in big demand for the next QT audience in Scotland in an attempt to deceive the TV detectives trying to spot the ‘plant’ .
      Wasted time as more than half of the QT audience is hand picked to do down the SNP/Scotland .

    78. Liz g says:

      Mountain Shadow @ 3.06
      The people in Belfast may see it that way..
      But I’ll wager the people in Motherwell ( the ones with actual votes) and surrounding areas don’t.
      Their votes have probably just hardened!
      This programme wasn’t aimed at us,it was aimed at England.
      To get them on board with….
      Either portraying the Yes movement as a fringe group that Westminster needs to deal with for Scotland.
      Or to pave the way for us leaving and it not being about the bad governance from Westminster.Much in the same way that a bad Brexit is all Ireland’s fault,and then to show that there’s demand in Scotland to reverse the Yes vote and have a reunification campaign…

    79. Chris Kilby says:

      @ galamcennalath:

      How about when your enemy is trampling all over you, getting away with red, white and blue bloody murder and their relentless (and crude) lies, misinformation and insultingly transparent dirty tricks go unchallenged?

      I’m sorry, but that sort of complacency lost us the first independence referendum and will never win Scotland its independence. It also sounds suspiciously reminiscent of the Labour Party’s favourite “strategy” – patiently waiting for the Tories to fuck up. And we all know how that usually turns out…

      No. You don’t defeat the combined forces of the UK establishment (including the BBC) by lying meekly on the ground and lulling them into a false sense of security. The independence movement (ie, a growing majority of the people of Scotland) have to stand up and confront the lies of the corrupt Westminster establishment and its craven lapdogs in the media.

    80. Chris Kilby says:


    81. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Your mate the Mushroom* at work is gonna have a fucking heart attack when Irish Reunification and Scottish Independence happen @mountain shadow says at 3:06 pm

      *Mushroom = Kept in the dark and fed shit.

      I assume you put him right as to the actual feeling towards Independence in Scotland >50% for Yes?

    82. It’s time that the SNP Greens, and any of the pro Self Dtermination organisations boycotted the Dead tree Scrolls and the Brit Nat Fascist Broadcasters.
      ‘Fascist’ too harsh?
      Thyis man is part of the BBC Propaganda machine.
      Last night was a fiction designed to imply that Scotland does not back a second Indyref, as May barked from the Despatch Box at PMQ>
      Big Brother..
      I wonder if Bruce will attempt an ‘apology’ as she did at the beginning of the broadcast following the Diane Abbott stitch up?
      I’ll put money on her not; it’s only us fucking Jocks that she’s insulting.
      We rea mere field hands and waiters after all.
      Boycott the bastards. let them mutually masturbate among themselves.

    83. mountain shadow says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker says:
      “I assume you put him right as to the actual feeling towards Independence in Scotland >50% for Yes?”

      Of course I did, but I can’t have individual conversations with everyone who watched the programme last night.

      Seriously, we need to start doing more than just whinging.

    84. Dr Jim says:

      The BBC don’t *allow* this mug on the telly they encourage him because they know they’re hanging him out to dry in this provocative manner in the hope of a reaction, and if somebody on our side loses the plot and cuts his head off the BBC will have done their job of inciting violence democratically

      Just don’t mention the 4 right wing men who’ve been locked up for bomb making in their houses in the last couple of years accompanied by *cat up a tree* style reporting of a *right wing person* then no word on sentencing or who they thought they were going to bomb, BBC silence on that

      There is no doubt this clown is a mug but the BBC is irresponsible in using him for their own ends just because he’s stupid

    85. Returnofthemac says:

      I missed last night’s QT, thank goodness, Mrs Returnofthemac explained where she watch up to before switching off. Disgraceful, awful, outrageous, being polite about it.
      I despair watching oldies similar in age to myself walking into the local newsagents and picking up shit rag after shit rag and I want to scream “what is wrong with you fucking people” why can’t they see that Scotland is treated like shite and they are being lied to by every mainstream media outlet , papers, B.B fuckin C . STV every bit as bad and every shit paper apart from the National.
      A fucking woman who’s face betrayed the type of meeting she had yesterday in Brussels. Toffs from the Bullingdon club, millionaires that wouldn’t give a fuck if the country goes belly up, it won’t affect them.
      A Labour party leader that is as much use as a chocolate teapot and really wants Brexit. He is as culpable as any of the Tories
      Surely the time is coming when the SNP have to start calling out the mainstream media and playing hardball , maybe Fiona Hyslop should have walked off ‘John Nott’ style last night while the show was being recorded, she would have caused a “stramash” a bit like the ‘walk out ‘ in Parliament. It makes news. Then obviously mainstream come after her because of her actions she should tell it like it is, Bias, bullying, refusing to give our SNP politicians a fair deal.

    86. Breeks says:

      Bob Mack says:
      8 February, 2019 at 2:25 pm
      What many don’t understand about Unionists like this hardcore Orange Lodge bigot is this.

      They hate Catholics and view them as natural supporters of the SNP, because Catholics also support Republican aims in Ireland. I know it sounds pretty dense, but that is what lies behind this hatred.

      The “root” of the hatred isn’t Catholic or any other religion, it’s simple indoctrination from peers and the British media.

      For the life of me, I have never understood why Celtic and Rangers Football clubs have held such revered status in the media when both were “useful idiots” for the exacerbation of sectarianism and religious hatred. It is, and always has been as alien to me as English fkn cricket, and there’s no place for it in the news.

      If you’re going to be loyal to something, choose your country, or your family, or an honourable pursuit, not the whining irrelevance of a fkn football team. It’s not as if they’re fecking good. The game of football has shamed this nation more times than I care to remember, and if I ever suffered enough brain damage to turn into a Scottish football supporter, I’d be keeping pretty quiet about it.

      National sport? Get fked. National embarrassment more like, and that’s before you even pick at the scab of sectarianism. Look at that greasy wee UKIP fud. That’s your end “product”, sitting right there, and just ask yourself who is it finding that the wee prick has his uses? That’s right, your colonial masters.

      Scotland’s love affair with football is as wholesome as it’s love affair with drink. When does the rest of the country get a break?

    87. I’ve been following The Billie Mitchell Show on the BBC over the years it’s been on.

      Is it just me, or is he getting smaller?

    88. Giving Goose says:

      I think Billy Mitchell is a thoroughly modern man.
      He worships the Gay Icon William of Orange, who was famously homosexual.
      The Orange Order is doing more for gay rights and should be credited for that.
      Keep blowing those flutes fellas.

    89. defo says:

      BM will get his, be sure of that.
      O/T I passed a convoy of what i’m guessing was the Yes bikers on the Embra city bypass earlier this afternoon. They seemed to be escorting a black (ministerial?) limo.
      Anybody know…?

    90. Republicofscotland says:

      As for UKIP, I recall someone say awhile back, that UKIP’s fortunes may wax and wane, but they’ll always have a safe seat on PMQ’s, how very true.

    91. geeo says:

      Jack Collatin 2.52pm

      An apology !!

      Be lucky to even get an acknowledgement of what happened.

      I sent her (Fiona Bruce) this, via Facebook Messenger,earlier.

      Not holding breath for reply.

      Fiona Bruce.

      Are you proud of that utter sham of a progamme (QT) last night (7/2/19) ??

      For the THIRD time Scots have been exposed to the incoherent, ranting ramblings, of a self admitted catholic hating bigot on QT.

      Billy Mitchell, (red jacket nutter)) an utter nutjob being actively promoted by the BBC (no way he beat the odds to appear ‘by accident’ THREE TIMES) to come onto QT and be given free reign to undisturbed, bilious anti SNP/INDY rants.

      When SNP’s Fiona Hyslop went to challenge his gibberish, YOU shut her down and denied her a right to reply.

      You are an utter disgrace, not only to yourself, ‘journalism’ and professional integrity, but also to the viewers of your so obviously biased, pantomine of a show.

      If you think the good people of Scotland were fooled by that utter sham, right down to the clearly rigged audience, which was in no way representative of Scottish political demographics in ANY way, you are living in an absolute fantasy world.

      The BBC, and you personally, should be utterly ashamed of yourselves today.

      A good Scots saying applies here, considering your close relationship with an anti catholic bigot (Billy Mitchell).

      “If ye fly wi the craws, ye get shot wi the craws”

      Can you really be happy about the reputational damage by association, which is implied in that old saying ?

      If you can, then you are no better than the bigot in question.

      I would not be surprised if you, in keeping with piss poor BBC journalistic standards, try to claim that said saying, was a ‘death threat’ as that is pretty much how the BBC work nowadays, especially in relation to Scotland/Scots/indy movement, and the SNP.

      Do you have anything to say for yourself in light of these comments ?

      Or will your silence be more telling ?

    92. Footsoldier says:

      The SNP simply ain’t hackin’ it any more. Wasting more time than the PM.

      Nothing at all is happening and suddenly some event will find us completely unprepared.

      What are the SNP spending the money on. Let’s have a billboard campaign – anything.

    93. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “we need to start doing more than just whinging” @mountain shadow says at 3:53 pm

      100% Correct

      However some of us do more than post online, or “whinge” (and have been since IndyRef1).

      That is how we know we are winning and the BritNat State is losing.

      Propaganda like BBCQT above proves this.

      They can’t stem the tide.

      Victor Hugo said “Nothing is more powerful than an idea who’s time has come”

      The time for an Independent Scotland is now.

      Remember every Indy Supporter is an ambassador for an Independent Scotland and can convert SoftNOs by having daily, reasoned conversations backed up by fact.

      Also remember every Billy Mitchell is also an ambassador for the “precious Union” and Scotlands place in it (under the heel of a BritNat combat boot).

      Folk like ‘Billy Boy’ are an invaluable recruitment tool for YES.

    94. Petra says:

      @ Iain at 3:28pm ….. “Discussion after the event.”

      Aw well that’s ma post right oot the windae, lol.


      @ Geeo at .3:20pm …. “You are hilarious. Tell me, when did the perceived view of someone without a vote in the upcoming Indyref amount to a tin of beans?”

      Eh Geeo I for one want to hear what other people have to say if you don’t mind. Someone comes on here with an interesting story to tell, IMO, and you’re right in there trying to put them off of posting at all. Keep it up and Wings will be left with no more than a wee clique.


      “Fiona Hyslop.”

      Politicians like Fiona Hyslop don’t have a cat in hells chance of getting their point of view across or combating the lies being spouted when the presenter of the programme is blatantly biased and the panel and audience are cherry-picked by the BBC. I don’t recommend that they snub all invitations but rather find out who exactly is going to be on the panel before they accept or reject, such as two pro-Independence politicians (or journalists etc) versus two Unionists, especially if Independence is going to be discussed. Not too much to ask for when around 50% of Scots support Independence. The BBC are of course banking on the fact that many Scots have no idea that 90 plus percent of journalists support the Union and that the Tory, Libdem and Labour parties are controlled from London. What we have to hope for is that such people don’t bother to watch the programme.

    95. Gary45% says:

      To lighten it slightly.
      Picture the wee bigot and his ilk.
      We are the diddy men,
      Arlene’s bigot diddy men,
      We really make no sense,
      We like to wear the sash.

      Feel free to add on.

    96. desimond says:


      Your long rant against Scottish football supporters is all well and good, BUT….whats it got to do with the above subject and examples, given they only show Billys allegiances as an ENGLAND football supporter.

      The anti-Scottish football snobbery here has always had a cheerleader or two but it would be nice to keep it relevant now and again.

    97. Dr Jim says:

      Only a few weeks to go folks Mary Lou McDonald calling for a border poll and the polling is with her, Irish folk have had enough North and South

      Our FMs doing the groundwork in preparation, watch the world, not just the EU condemn England’s fake parliament, and Theresa May with it very soon now

      I feel sorry for the Welsh who look to have changed their minds on this but they’ve had it I’m afraid

      The FMs twitter is once again insane with spitting angry Yoonworld unable to contain its bile at the FMs popularity abroad

    98. Liz g says:

      Breeks @ 4.06
      Totally agree Breeks,I’ve always saw the promotion of football to a more important place than it deserves,as establishment manipulation of the masses.
      A useful place to insert bigotry into and keep it running through generations.
      Loyalty to 22 men kicking a ball aboot… Baffles me,in general…But in particular the insertion of Loyalty to the British Crown into the heads of football supporters is a feat of such propaganda it deserves study.
      Particularly since the current Yes movement in Scotland is Campaigning to end the 1707 Treaty of the Union of the Parliaments and NOT the fact that the Union of the two Crowns over a century before mean that the two Crowns sit on one head.
      I’ve often wondered if the members of the Orange Order realise that they are being led to support
      The Wrong Bloody Union
      I know that they see themselves as loyal to the Crown,know it,but, don’t understand it… Nevertheless Nae Body is talking about ending THAT Union.
      They are no supporting Their Queen in this,they are giving their Loyalty to the Westminster Parliament,a Parliament that makes and keeps them and their kids poor.
      Tis a puzzle
      I would have expected any Scot to want to dump the Westminster government any chance they got and then state,if they are so minded,their Loyalty to the Crown..
      But Naw this lot support the Westminster Parliament before the Crown… So the question is do they know they’ve put the Westminster Parliament before their Queen?

    99. Eckle Fechan says:

      His coupon has been marked in my book since his appearance front and centre on one of the Newsnight indyref roadshows, when Kirsty (no I haven’t got marbles in my mouth; no I haven’t been drinking gin during the daytime again) Wark entertained his opinion. He made some crass comment about Sturgeon(1) lecturing us on childcare when she doesn’t even have any kids herself, so…

      Cut from Loyalist cloth with the trademark face you’d NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, get tired of [insert gerund verb here].

      Sickening really.

      (1) This was clearly a while before NS went public with her really personal experiences re: family.

    100. geeo says:


      Way to completely misread my post that you quoted.

      What i was saying was NOT that someones view did not matter.

      What i said was that if anyone thinks we are losing support for indy because the BBC makes someone THINK that as a PERCEPTION given off by their (BBC’s) inherent BIAS, then THAT PERCEPTION is not worth a tin of beans.

      Subtle but critical difference.

      If 3 million Scots are going to vote Yes, but the BBC/MEDIA blanket cverage runs with INDY AT ALL TIME LOW amongst Scots, and that is the ONLY narrative getting out, then the PERCEPTION is patently that Indy has little support.

      However on voting day, when 3 million Scots vote YES, then that perception will in fact be “not worth a tin of beans”.

      Try not misrepresent me in future, wouldn’t want to sent a false perception out there now, would we.

    101. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Concrete proof of BritNat State Propaganda being disseminated by the BBC for your SoftNO to YES conversations:

      As per The Cold War “Moscow Rules” (and from Ian Fleming’s novel Goldfinger)

      “Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.”

      Is >4 times because you believe you can act with impunity and without consequences.

      Unfortunately there are consequences (financial ones).

      Don’t pay the BritNat Propaganda Tax (I know RP it isn’t direct tax to pay for the BBC) but it does mean Westminster has less in the pot to pay for evil shit.

    102. yesindyref2 says:

      I’m guessing the next incarnation will be Vikram? Or Lin? Whatever happened to Azura Mazda, did he drive off in his car?

    103. ALANM says:

      Leaving aside the issue of blatant BBC bias (which everyone and their granny is now agreed upon), my question to the WOS panel is this “What the fuck is the SNP going to do about it?”

      Continuing to roll over over and let them stick the knife in is no longer an option.

    104. Gullaneno4 says:

      Goodness…last night’s BBC QT judgement [ie bias] even criticised by folk south of Watford.

    105. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I don’t think the SNP chooses who goes on QT. I beleieve the BBC does it. Can anybody confirm?

      I decided not to watch when I saw it was Fiona Hyslop who has many strengths but arguing live on television is certainly not one of them.

      Joanna Cherry, Tommy Shepherd, Ian Blackford and many others would have had a field day.

      This has damaged QT much much more than it has damaged Scotland and exposed it for what it is.
      Let’s not leave this matter alone. I would like tose a full enquiry into QT and all the papers and details on audience request and participation put i nthe public view.

      It should also be possible by examining stills to identify the audience individually if some agency has the time to do so.

    106. Iain says:

      Everyone needs to have faith in Nicola and the SNP.
      We are on the point of winning freedom.
      The bbc is killing itself without any help from us,how many people will stop paying the bbc tax after last night’s little show of impartially.
      The end is neigh for the empire.
      Our Irish and American friends will see to that.

    107. Legerwood says:


      It would appear that Seaborne Freight – the ferry company with no ferries – may not have a port either!

      Last night Ramsgate Council were due to vote to cut the port’s budget by just over £700,000 which would have made it unlikely that the upgrades to the port to allow the non-existent ferries to operate would not be possible.

      The Council agreed to delay the vote for a week or two at the request of Mr Grayling so something could be worked out.

      Extend- the destination port for the new ferry service that has no ships- is also making noises that suggest that port wont be available as planned.

      No ferries, no ports but they got a £13.8 million contract to run the service. Brexit to a T.

    108. wull2 says:

      If this happens again the SNP should just walk off.

    109. Gullaneno4 says:

      If you want a really good laugh go to Murdo Frasers twitter page.
      He is attempting to turn last nights QT disaster into a unionist triumph.

    110. Essexexile says:

      Who the hell still watches scheduled TV these days anyway?
      Sounds like his appearance on QT was purely designed to get old Nationalists frothing (in the same way as Salmond’s RT programme does for Unionists).
      You can just choose to not watch it.

    111. Effijy says:

      Guys, how do i view posts on this topic made this morning-8th Feb?

      First post showing is at 13.00 hours?

    112. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Let’s not get mad, let’s get even – and more. We do this by working even harder for Independence.

      When we are independent, the BBC will be a foreign media entity and will have to ca canny as to what they broadcast about Scotland.

      Mind you, we now know, the battle will be even rougher and dirtier than it was in 2014. But, Westminster, and their allies in the media are, as far as I can make out, relying on the same arguments as back then. They cannot win twice with Project Fear, and, this time, instead of being neutral bystanders, the EU will be on our side.

      It will be bloody hard, but we can, and must win.

    113. ScottieDog says:

      Please please please
      Don’t pay the licence fee.

      We should simply invalidate any coverage bbc does of future indyref.

    114. Mark Fletcher says:

      The SNP should not walk out. If we do, it is a reaction to deliberate provocation. We will, in effect, have been driven out. Same goes for the HoC. That too is a Unionist bear-pit. We need to stay, fight our corner and bide our time.

      If we begin to lose the plot emotionally, we will lose all reason, we will act impetuously, we will make mistakes, we will lose on their chosen ground.

    115. Davie Oga says:

      This clown is just a tool for the BBC’s agenda of manufacturing unionism. The same mantra is always repeated. No desire for independence , no demand for another referendum, repeat, repeat, repeat. The BBC and unionist politicians use this repetitive conditioning to sap away at the confidence of the Scottish people, and create the illusion that we are the minority.

    116. Jimbo says:

      Maybe he’s a pal of the right winger who chooses the audiences.
      She repeatedly tried to get the EDL to apply to be part of the audience.
      Maybe the more right wing and low intellect they are the better she likes them.

    117. Legerwood says:

      I see the online Herald has this as its lead story. Interesting.

    118. Famous15 says:

      Little twist to the QT story! The orangeman was too smart for many and won Fiona Hyslop the sympathy vote.

      My major complaint is not just the Orangeman but the applause he generated in an area of Scotland that voted overwhelmingly against Brexit. So the wee Ukiper was supported by an out of proportion Unionist audience. BBC is very biased,no question,if you pardon the pun.

      BTW I have not paid the licence fee in years and sadly only one letter and no visits. It may well have been the remarks on the returned letter.

    119. yesindyref2 says:

      The Herald also followed the Ross Thomson story, though with an apologetic start. And it has this as a main article “Brexit voices: Why we chose to make Scotland home”

      Interesting indeed. Perhaps they read the btl comments and think “if this is in our side maybe we’re on the wrong side”.

    120. Dan says:

      @ effijy

      There are two articles on this subject.
      Previous thread link.

    121. Capella says:

      I fear Billy’s career as a QT audience fixture may be coming to an end.

      QT came to an end for me years ago.

    122. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Aye, it is “interesting” @Legerwood says at 5:50 pm

      Either Leasky hates Russians more than CyberNats or he is earning a cheese piece running interference for The Integrity Initiative!


    123. Terence callachan says:

      People like Mitchell are weak, the England he supports abhors him and others like him but use his shouty foolishness to their advantage as has been seen on question time,you can be assured that there are others in the audience who are supported in this way by the BBC,travel expenses hotel expenses and other sundries provided in exchange for accepting a script ,the British nationalists will be split on this type of vulgarity,some will love it because it’s the British establishment in charge but others perhaps a bit brighter will be severely disappointed that an international broadcaster indulges in tawdry propogandist misuse of public funds this way.
      I hated losing the Scottish independence referendum 2014 but I accepted that the other side won.
      I hate that a majority of people in UK want to leave the EU but I accept that a majority in England and Wales want to do so.
      I’m sure there are fair minded people on the other side who don’t want Scottish independence but are not prepared to repel it at any cost.
      How far will they go before the bettertogether people start to dislike their own Organization so much that they become neutral or switch to YES.
      Time will tell because all this stuff is set to get worse.

    124. Ian Brotherhood says:

      That twitter poll I put up at midday has had almost 1000 votes – 82% are saying the SNP should no longer participate in BBC QT.

    125. geeo says:

      Re: The Herald.

      Aye, “running with the growing scandal”, yet transcribed the rant in its entirety.

      Looks more like an excuse to print it to me.

    126. Robert Louis says:

      galamcennalath at 312pm,

      I totally get the idea that the SN{P don’t want to disturb their enemies when they are making mistakes etc..BUT that only works for so long. If every political party adopted that stance, nothing would change, or even be debated.

      I think the time has long arrived, where the SNP should be screaming blue murder when the BBC carries out such blatant anti Scotland propagandising. Everybody in the indy movement knows the BBC are lying bar stewards, working as propagandists for English colonial rule, whilst telling everybody about how ‘jolly unbiased’ they are.

      The SNP have nothing to lose. The media already treat them like dirt on their shoe.

      It simply cannot be always left up to indy supporters to show the BBC up for the liars they are. At some point the SNP DO need to start fighting. Merely saying they don’t want to disturb their enemies while they make mistakes, is to be honest wearing kind of thin.

      No other political party would tolerate this for one nanosecond, and neither should the SNP. They need to start kicking up a fuss. At the very least, it will further highlight the blatant bias and lying by the BBC to an even wider audience.

      And for heavens sake, Fiona Hyslop is fine, but she just doesn’t have the right style for programmes like Billy Mitchell’s question time on the BBC. The SNP get precious few chances to speak, and they really, really, really need to have the right people, with the right hard hitting lines doing these things. This was raised repeatedly by many folks in 2014, and it seems the SNP either haven’t noticed or just don’t care.

      It really is important the SNP leadership get this sorted.

    127. TheItalianJob says:

      Didn’t watch QT religiously but only occasionally. Haven’t watched any for at least 4 years as it’s a waste of time due to the picked audiences and “fixed” questions and those persons chosen to ask them.

      This is a terrible attack on Scottish democracy. But then again it’s the Establishment so not unexpected.

      Pity that these people are in the hands of the Establishment and are being manipulated to the extent that they do not know any better.

    128. Thepnr says:

      O/T Well here’s a surprise! Just jesting of course.

      Vote giving MPs chance to force May’s hand on Brexit set to be delayed

      A crunch vote in which MPs could force Theresa May’s hand on Brexit is set to be delayed until the end of the month or even later, it has emerged, as the prime minister travelled to Dublin for urgent talks with fewer than 50 days left to departure from the EU.

    129. Our oil revenue, our whisky revenue, our EU membership, our fisheries and our electricity, fair enough …. but now they want to take away our ability to get humped as a nation.

      A step too far

    130. Gary45% says:

      “Honest Tory !!!” WTF??? Grayling, said Seabourne don’t get paid unless they transport goods.
      I am positive I read somewhere when this company came to light, that the first thing they did was pay monies to shareholders. I think a figure of £400,000 was mentioned.
      As they had £67.00 in the bank, something smells like “Brexit”!!.
      As for the wee prick on QT,= Fannybaws.

    131. Gary45% says:

      oops, TOTAL FANNYBAWS.

    132. Valerie says:

      Then you get the journalist John Rentoul retweeting the clip of Billy the Fud’s rant, with comment “superb”.

      A clip of a ranting, shouty, gesticulating moron, who has been called out as an ex kipper candidate by Scottish Twitter. No pretence at objectivity or research, just side with a moronic bigot, and amplify his fact free rant about SNP.

      That right there is why the criminal act of Brexit has progressed over 3 years. The media. The most damaging, criminal, right wing coup carried out on the UK citizens in it’s chequered history.

    133. Dr Jim says:

      Yoons shout much louder these days to make up for their diminishing numbers

    134. Jock McDonnell says:

      While I understand the gradualism & I know there is a lot of political science going on, I really wish the troops could have some raw meat now & again.
      Yes, QT is only watched by 300k Scots & most of them are politically aligned, so why not let the dugs off the leash on that show. Rip into the currency myth. You might not agree with using the £ but there is hee-haw can be done about it while the £ is traded in Frankfurt, Tokyo and the rest. WE CAN USE THE £ – its an Independent choice.
      And we will bang on about Independence all we bloody well like, it is after all the choice of 180 countries around the world & none of them are keen to be within Westminster’s embrace.
      Cherry, Russell, MacKay, Black – let them loose.

    135. Hugh Bryce says:

      Ignore this water his rantings are the only way he can get noticed and everyone who has tweeted here play into his ego. he is a nobody and will always be a nobody. BBC use him to get a reaction.

    136. Hugh Bryce says:

      meant waster not water

    137. Fairliered says:

      An independent Scotland could refuse the BBC a broadcasting licence. If that’s not an argument for independence, I don’t know what is.
      Do the people who complain about Fiona Hyslop think that that the BBC would ever give Mhairi Black, Kenny Gibson, Joanna Cherry, Chris McEleny, Tommy Sheppard, or any other SNP person who would wear their tacketty boots to QT the opportunity to stand up for Scotland? The SNP need to decide whether the cause of independence is better served by someone like Fiona Hyslop attracting the sympathy vote or by being more aggressive and refusing to participate, having issued a press statement stating their reasons for not participating – and hoping it gets some publicity.
      Personally, I would be more hard nosed than the SNP. I hope they know what they are doing.
      P.S. as an SNP member for 44 years, I signed up for Independence, nothing less. I personally don’t care how efficiently we manage a devolved parliament.

    138. Petra says:

      Apologies if this has been posted already.


      @ Geeo at 4:52pm …… ” Subtle but critical difference.”



      I see that a number of newspapers are running with this story such as the Sun, Herald, Scotsman, Mirror etc. Probably trying to keep up with Stu, lol. I thought I’d check out the Daily Record to see if Clegg had done an “expose” on his ilk, O O Mitchell, but can’t find anything, however you won’t believe what they’ve got on their site! They’re saying that the Vow has now been fulfilled with the handing over by Westminster of the last of the powers. They were instrumental in relation to this, their “iconic” front page and so on. That’s the Rag that influenced people to remain in the Union that’s now planning to grab even more powers back. Well worth a read. On my IPad so can’t post it on here.

    139. HandandShrimp says:

      24Th of February, launch of the Billy Mitchell channel?

      He is a scamp and that is no mistake.

      The BBC on the other hand are a shower of @#@$%$**

    140. Breeks says:

      desimond says:
      8 February, 2019 at 4:47 pm

      Your long rant against Scottish football supporters is all well and good

      That was quite a short rant for me Desimond. 😉

    141. Hugh Bryce says at 7:16 pm:
      meant waster not water

      Too late, I’ve already drunk it!

    142. Giving Goose says:

      Re Fairliered

      I’d go further.

      Does anyone think a petition “to have the Scottish Government refuse to participate in BBC QT due to it’s bias” would get traction?

    143. yesindyref2 says:

      Anyways, with a twitter storm and Rev’s article, the trad media in Scotland haven’t been able to ignore it and in fairness they don’t like UKIP either as there’s only about 2% of a vote in Scotland.

      Which means the BBC can ignore it at their peril, or have to choose between “Our vetting procedures are crap”, or “We did it deliberately” so they’re fsked.

      It’ll be on during the night, forget the time, about 3 a.m. when they go over readers complaints when nobody ‘cept me is watching as background so they can say the aired it and it’s’ not their fault if only 33 people saw the programme.

      And with any luck it’s another flaming ballista shot in the destruction of any credibility the BBC might think it has, in the eyes of the normal public.

      More orange man please 🙂

      Can we have him being interviewd by Brewer, Andrew Neil, all the usual suspects?

    144. yesindyref2 says:

      Are we absolutely certain he’s not Keith Brown in very heavy disguise? About the right build I think.

    145. Legerwood says:

      Fairliered says:
      8 February, 2019 at 7:19 pm
      Not participating in such as the recent QT and issuing a statement as to why would get publicity in screaming headlines saying ‘SNP tries to censor BBC’. Every columnist in the MSM would be writing screeds about the controlling SNP and their attempts at censorship of the media.

      Think I am joking? Think again because this has happened in the past about an incident far more innocuous than this.

      In your PS you say you don’t care how efficiently they [the SNP] run the devolved government. Nice.

      A lot of people do care – the sick, the young looking for an education or a job, the old needing care, and on and on. They cannot put their life on hold waiting for independence.

      The people of Scotland have to see a different Scotland is possible and, just as importantly, that there are people within Scotland who can step to the plate and deliver as this SG has delivered.

      That is important for independence and is part of the journey to independence, to demonstrate that we have able people in our midst . During indyref1 some people argued against independence because they said with such a small population we could not produce enough people of ability to govern an independent Scotland. A specious argument but one that was held by many. But then looking at Labour etc and their dead hand on Scotland for so many decades and their lack of ambition for Scotland you can see why people might think that.

      Your statement also tends to give the lie to the idea that an independent Scotland will be an all inclusive, warm and welcoming place. If those qualities are not demonstrated now why should people believe that they will miraculously appear once Independence is achieved?

    146. jezza says:

      Another excellent thread by oor Rev.

      Always on the ball.

      The Rev knows what’s what.

      No wit a mean.

    147. Socrates MacSporran says:

      WHAT I would love to see is, the next SNP representative asked to appear on a QT edition from Scotland, the first time he or she is asked to speak, say to Fiona Bruce, something like.

      “The SNP holds 35 of the 59 Scottish seats in the House of Commons – 59%
      We hold 59 of the 73 constituency seats in the Holyrood parliament – 81%
      We hold 62 of the 129 seats in Holyrood – 48%
      Our total of 62 MSPs outnumber the combined total of the three main Westminster parties
      We are the largest party in 16 of the 32 Scottish District Councils. In terms of votes cast for us in elections, we are the most-popular party in Scotland.

      If your audience does not match that demographic, then we can only conclude that you, the BBC and Mentorn are anti-SNP, and that we cannot get a fair crack of the whip from you.

      We therefore consider you, as a programme, and you as Chair person to be anti-SNP and that will tailor my attitude to this programme and how I interact with you.

      The choice is yours – we get a fair crack of the whip, or you get a hard time.”

      A couple of outings for that statement, and I am sure attitudes would change.

    148. jezza says:

      This guy Orange Billy will meet his match one unsuspecting night.

      That we can be assured of.

      Then he will go greetin to his favourite Auntie Beeb.

    149. Iain mhor says:

      @Petra 4:37pm
      Until I read @David’s post I’d be just as willing to take it as read the meeting with Panellists was Pre-show. It’s easy to take things at face value. On the other hand I’m having to take @David’s post at face value too. So err, I dunno, always keep an open mind until all the facts are in and say nothing, or at some point take a stance based on what you know and be hung for a sheep as a lamb.
      Kinda the dilemma the SNP have probably.
      If we think we must be careful about misinformation, I hate to think what the SNP is being swamped with via Westminster/ Civil Service and various SPADS, Lawyers and agitators.
      It would be easy to pull the pin on erroneous info and be crucified for it as a party if it was a bad choice, but the stakes are even higher because it is Independence on the line.
      Anyway, you said nothing I or anyone else wasn’t thinking. For all I know @David’s post could be nonsense (Sorry @David)
      Haven’t seen a corroboration of it.

    150. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Its easy to criticise someone you dont agree with.

      I have had a look at this chap who wants to be English. Doesn’t make you a bad person.

      Appears to be an arsehole. Doesn’t make you a bad person.

      Seems to be fully paid up member of the underclass. Doesn’t make you a bad person.

      What is unsettling is that HM Government also known as the BBC needs this sort of poor creature have they nothing else?

      The problem is we all know what they are doing. Everyone even the daft folk now know what is going on.


    151. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Sorry folks fat fingers. How seriously desperate are they ? What a shower of arses.

    152. Phydaux says:

      I stopped watching and listening to the state propagandists ages ago.I don’t give a flying fuck about their main weapon of choice, the BBC. Fiona Bruce gives me the creeps, one of many narcissistic morons, whose wealth, greed and lack of empathy ensures they know fuck all, and care even less, about ordinary peoples’ lives and suffering. One of the chief signs of narcissism is entitlement. That’s another word for self important jerk.

      As for the presumably handsomely paid stooge Mr. Mitchell, he seems to be emotionally stuck at the age of 6. One of the best tools against these morons is amused ridicule, which Stuart does so brilliantly. It drives them nuts. Another strategy may be: Step 1: They start talking. Step 2: Walk away.

      I think we are entering the hysterical final stages of the death of the Union. They are losing control over us. The Westminster government is incapable of properly administrating anything at all. The managerial functions of government have been taken over by incompetent cronies, of mediocre intelligence and with pathological character traits.

      I don’t see myself as a political “ anorak “ or “ geek “. I believe that politics is part of the human condition and is personal. Policies affect each and everyone of us. Tory policies are literally killing people and deliberately inflicting immense harm and suffering on our fellow human beings.

      There ought to have been publicly funded campaigns to inform the electorate in Scotland of our political systems and how they’re meant to work when we cast our votes. Our children should be given the tools to develop political literacy and to think for themselves.
      “ The most effective means of preventing tyranny is to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts.”
      Thomas Jefferson

    153. Legerwood says:

      Robert Louis @ 6.27 PM

      “”It simply cannot be always left up to indy supporters to show the BBC up for the liars they are…”

      Why not?

      There far more of us than there are SNP MPs, MSPs etc. so makes sense for us to take on some of the heavy lifting most especially when it comes to getting information out there and rebutting the lies and misinformation circulated by the MSM and their regurgitation of Unionist press releases.

      We have almost guaranteed access to the MSM that the SG does not.

      I am of course referring to the online editions of the newspapers and their below the line comments (btl). The online editions have a readership way beyond the paper editions. Let’s use that to reach people. The papers need that income so they are not going to close their btl if it is suddenly awash with info about what the SG is doing and what is really happening in the NHS etc.

      It is no accident that the BBC closed down any comments on their stories as soon as the indyref was called. They knew it gave our side a conduit to reach a wider audience.

      The papers dont have the access to state funds so have to keep their comments section open. Let’s use this to our advantage.

      Ignore the swivel eyed posters on these sites and get your message out there. Like this site people scroll past the SNP bad/Police bad/ NHS bad etc and read the comments with something to say. Like this site most of the people who read the btl don’t post but do visit frequently.

      Dont start with the ‘I won’t click on those sites and up their income’. If you want independence then you wont get it without getting your hands dirty. So use any route you can.

    154. jezza says:

      You keep waiting on the English BBC patronisingly telling us that Fiona Bruce is non other than the great grand daughter of Robert the Bruce.

      And that she owns two kilts and she can Sword Dance.

    155. Petra says:

      @ Iain at 7:58pm …. “Corroboration.”

      Thanks for responding to my post Iain. I was going to point that out, but thought I’d just go with the flow and not question things too much.


      I came across someone saying (tweet) that the (back of the) female in the photograph is Alison Fuller-Pedley. Does anyone know if she’s still calling the shots …. selecting members of the audience?

    156. defo says:

      Excellent post pal.
      I’m guessing you passed higher English. 🙂

    157. ronnie anderson says:

      Rev 8.22 post sorry U need to re evaluate those odds again

    158. laukat says:

      I see May in her pointless tour of European leaders has now pitched up in Dublin to try and re-nogtiate the backstop. Would a solution to the problem not be to write into the deal that the UK can leave the backstop if it first has a referendum in N Ireland offering the population either remain with UK and have a hard Border or unify with the republic of Ireland to stay in the EU?

      That would in theory stay in line with the GFA but provide Westminster a unilateral exit to the backstop?

    159. CmonIndy says:

      Just about to make a complaint to BBC. I notice that the Form to complete to join the QT audience has been updated on 7th February (yesterday).
      I have no reference of previous form to compare against, but I note that there is a sentence “If you are selected to be an audience member, would you like the BBC to contact you again to be an audience member in future programmes?” It would be interesting to know if that was a new addition.

    160. Iain 2 says:

      As there are too many Iains,I will be known as Iain 2.
      I hope this will eliminate any confusion.

    161. Dr Jim says:

      What are the odds on three members of the same family appearing on QT ….Wow!

    162. Angus says:

      On Wednesday night I had the luck of going to the filming of the pilot for a new TV show called Debate Night that is going to be on the new Scottish BBC channel. Half way through this loon who was sitting over my right shoulder started ranting at Jenny Gilruth. Saying that she was putting a butted in the chamber and playing Russian roulette blah blah blah. Anyway I said to my mate who I went along with that he’s a f%@@ing nutter. Then last night I switch on QT and he’s sitting there going off on one again.

      So glad I got to read this article. I was worried him before now I think he needs to be sectioned. How could he live with himself wearing an English football top.

    163. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Its a Family affair”

      There hasn’t been a scrap of evidence produced of the chap in the second row being his son, so far as I’ve seen, other than a facial resemblance.

      And if anyone’s his mum, it’s the OTHER woman sat beside him – the one to our right, not the one to the left. The one to our right certainly looks very much like a woman called Dorothy Mitchell, but whether that means she’s Billy Mitchell’s mum or not is unproven. Lots of people are called Mitchell.

      I hoped I’d taught you better than this by now, readers. EVIDENCE, not bullshit internet rumourmongering.

    164. ronnie anderson says:

      Dr Jim QT must be doing Family invites now lol.

    165. cynicalHighlander says:

      Socrates MacSporran

      Like it.

    166. Thepnr says:

      @ronnie anderson

      That picture is incorrect with regards to the mother. If it even is her at all, then she would be the one on his left hand side, not the right.

      “I would bet on that being his mum sitting to his immediate left..”

    167. ronnie anderson says:

      Rev dont blaw ma pilotlight oot . Bill did a bit of F/Book research before he put that picture up

    168. defo says:

      So that’s what the bottom of the gene pool looks like Ronnie!
      That’s a ‘representative’ audience?
      The cumulative IQ of the front row might just break three figures.
      By the looks of that lot overall, Motherwell really needs some new blood.

    169. Petra says:

      @ Legerwood at 8:17pm ….”Get your message out there.”

      Spot on Legerwood. There’s nothing more annoying than people sitting on their butts doing nought as they complain about the SNP doing nought …. and that’s a laugh. The other is, “we’re all waiting on Nicola Sturgeon firing the starting pistol, so that we can get on with the campaign.” “Fed up waiting on Nicola” etc, etc. Unbelievable. If people really, really want Scotland to regain its Independence there are some extremely simple things that they can do from buying the National to, as you say, posting btl comments on online newspaper sites: With no need to get off of their butt to do so. Fifteen minutes less time spent on here, on a daily basis, to plunk some informative data on any one of a selection of Unionist supporting newspaper sites. No need to wrack your brain either. Just copy and paste data that you find on here. If everyone who visits this site alone did so it could / would make a massive difference, IMO.

    170. Fairliered says:

      “Giving Goose says:
      8 February, 2019 at 7:37 pm
      Re Fairliered

      I’d go further.

      Does anyone think a petition “to have the Scottish Government refuse to participate in BBC QT due to it’s bias” would get traction?”

      Why just QT? It’s time we really put pressure on the BBC!

    171. Cubby says:


      I have done what you are suggesting re posting btl on newspaper sites and taken plenty of abuse from Britnats for doing so.

    172. Fairliered says:


      Whilst I respect your views, I think the fundamental difference between your view and mine is that, while an SNP govenmemt in Holyrood can do its best, and I agree they do an incredible job of protecting Scots against the damage inflicted by Westminster, only an independent Scotland can totally fulfil the needs and wishes of Scots. I fear that some of the SNP hierarchy have forgotten their fundamental policy – Scottish independence.

    173. Tackety Beets says:

      Just catching up on thread , what , taking my name in vain. Smiley fing

      Jumped down so sorry if been mentioned already.

      It has only occurred to me this was deliberately “played” out or Infact stage managed in an effort to impress on the viewers outwith Scotland that not only is Scotland fecked off with IndyRef & SNP who are a hopeless Gvt BTW but the underlying tactic is to impress on fUK that Scotland really is NOT any different from the rest of the U.K.

      Sneaky but my money is on that factor.
      Off back up thread t see fit else yer sayin.

      3 game ban.

    174. North chiel says:

      Post Indy , how does our Scot gov deal with the BBC ? Can a broadcasting licence be denied? I would be interested to know how the ROI government deal with this . Surely there is no way on earth that the ROI gov would allow this despicable state propaganda broadcaster to pollute their airwaves with their blatant lies and pro Britnat propaganda . These slime balls have been using licence payers “ fees” for blatant propaganda purposes not only on a U.K. but a worldwide basis for decades and they have the “ bare faced cheek” to decry RT as the propaganda arm of the Russian state. All I can say is that RT are the “ kindergarten kids on the block” compared with “ propaganda masters degree cretins “ employed by the BBC . That includes at a local level the Propagandists at Pathetic Quay “ bought and sold “ . They know who they are on both TV and radio. What an absolute shower of establishment crawlers & cretins.

    175. Phydaux says:

      defo. 8:25
      Appreciate your kind feedback. Yes I did get my Higher English many moons ago.
      My political education and enlightenment is a direct result of WOS brilliant articles by Stuart and the formidable talents and knowledge and wisdom of so many contributors.

    176. In the name of accuracy, someone who was in the audience has commented at that the photo of Wee Willie Watpee hobnobbing with the panel was taken after the show.

      Nonetheless, it shows he’s pretty chummy with Mithering Michael Forsyth.

    177. Tackety Beets says:

      Just a thought,

      Looking at the picture pre QT with M Forsyth , the lady on bottom Left is affa like the stature o the lady on Right of BM as we see it ie on his left.

    178. robbo says:

      What is true that on the first 2 rows of that picture 8 or was it 9 of them got a question or asked to comment which in itself is odd. I think only one seemed remotely pro indy- just saying .

    179. Petra says:

      @ CmonIndy says at 8:38 pm …. ”Just about to make a complaint to BBC. I notice that the Form to complete to join the QT audience has been updated on 7th February (yesterday). I have no reference of previous form to compare against, but I note that there is a sentence “If you are selected to be an audience member, would you like the BBC to contact you again to be an audience member in future programmes?” It would be interesting to know if that was a new addition.”

      Yes it would CmonIndy. Well spotted. Covering their backs now?

    180. Shinty says:

      Best comment I’ve seen on twitter re: QT

    181. Q says:

      Maybe someone else has said this, buy you can add another zero to your odds on the basis that Mitchell is only applying to appear on Scottish eps (c.9/10%). If he’s ever applied to appear on a show from, say, Croydon I’d be astonished… ?

    182. James Sneddon says:

      I appeared on QT that long ago I can’t even remember who was on the panel but it was in Glasgow. We assembled in a huge room where orange juice, coffee and biscuits were available. We did submit questions which were taken and given to the panellists. Questions were then chosen from those submitted and the people who had asked them taken into the hall where seats were already designated for those asking questions. Spread out all over the seating area for effect. Can’t have all the questions from the same area so to speak. I have attempted to get on the show a number of times since with no success, even being turned down for the one held in my home town. I was invited by email to appear on the show on the new channel by the same company who obviously knew I’d been rejected for the Motherwell show.

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