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Unrestricted warfare

Posted on May 29, 2014 by

Alert readers may have spotted that the “Vote No Borders” cinema advert featured on this much-viewed Wings article from a few days ago can no longer be played from the campaign group’s YouTube page, returning a “Private” error.

An even more alert reader, however, had already made a copy.

And while the entire series of ads has now been effectively banned by all of Scotland’s cinema chains, all the other ones are still present on the website while the NHS one (described as “a light-hearted sketch”) has vanished. And now we’ve found out why.


The above is an email sent to a Wings Over Scotland reader from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, probably the UK’s – if not the world’s – most famous such institution. As the transcript linked above shows, GOSH was cited in the VNB ads with the suggestion that it would become “out of bounds” to Scottish children (or as the ad put it, “foreigners”) should Scotland vote for independence.

The reality seems to speak for itself.

We don’t think we’re yet anywhere near the lowest depths the various factions of the No campaign will sink to between now and September, but it seems determined to drag bystanders down into the sewers with it in its at-all-costs defence of the Union.

We’ve already seen Scottish Labour’s Anas Sarwar grossly misrepresenting the views of esteemed anti-poverty campaigners the Joseph Rowntree Trust – something for which Sarwar never publicly apologised, nor corrected his falsehood – not long after his party did much the same to the Economic and Social Research Council.

And of course this week we’ve had not one but two highly respected institutions complain that the UK government was utterly distorting and exaggerating their findings on the cost of setting up an independent Scotland’s infrastructure.

We obviously can’t predict who the next innocent casualties of the No campaign’s indiscriminate lie-bombing will be. All we can say with any degree of confidence is that the good people of Great Ormond Street Hospital won’t be the last.

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    232 to “Unrestricted warfare”

    1. Cath says:

      Ah, so all these complaints which are being blamed on “cinema going cybernats”, who can’t stand “debate” (From NoB dictionary. Debate: noun – showing an advert full of lies to a captive audience with no ability to hear a response to said lies). They actually came from places like GOSH but it’s too embarrassing to admit that.

      I see.

    2. fairiefromtheearth says:

      I wonder if i went round the doors selling a super duper cleaning product, that left shite stains, if anything would be done about it or would it be ok?

    3. Callum says:

      I’d like to see an apology advert that should be shown in an equal number of cinemas for an equal amount of time that corrects the mistake acknowledging the statement from GOSH. of course that won’t happen because political adverts are not covered by the ASA (ask Stu, he likes being asked about that)

      What I can’t quite fathom is why a well funded campaign didn’t do the basics groundwork by contacting and agreeing commentary with the sources.

      Makes you wonder what else they’ve made up on the fly.

    4. fairiefromtheearth says:

      and i cant understand why it isent 80% yes in the polls, lie lie lie lie lie lie lie 300 years of lies WAKE THE FEKK UP ALREADY.

    5. James123 says:

      These cunts should apologise for the stress they caused to those parents with sick children. Utter scum.

    6. Training Day says:


      “We don’t think we’re yet anywhere near the lowest depths the various factions of the No campaign will sink to between now and September.”

      Undoubtedly true.

    7. fairiefromtheearth says:

      i mean you could quite honestly tell people to turn up at Glasgow Central tommorow cause the goverment wants to transport them in cattle cars to new homes and they would fekking turn up. PS hold your breath when they give you the shower pinky.

    8. David says:

      Hey fairiefromtheearth, it seems that if you sold your innovative product as part of a political campaign, maybe as a fundraiser, no-one could touch you, legally!

    9. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Do we live in a FREE country have we got FREEDOM OF SPEACH?

    10. Grouse Beater says:

      have we got FREEDOM OF SPEACH?

      Aye, and by your standards, freedom of spelling too.

    11. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      OT but this will not deflect or derail the thread.

      Standing in line for the check in at a Europen Airport.

      Check in due at x hours so I arrive at x minus 65 minutes to find a single queue of about 60 peple standing in line for one desk.

      Two deSks are displayed for checkin and three girls turned up to operate the three checkins!

      Nobody budged to spread out the queue blocking the lateral movement of passengers in the Terminal.


      I wonde if they were all No voters.

      I was second through the system.

      Sheep I say, again.

    12. The Man in the Jar says:

      How low can they go? Probably a lot lower.

      Only to be expected though. It is the British state that we are dealing with. Better Together?

    13. Training Day says:

      Doubtless our MSM ‘journalists’ will be eager to wave this email in the face of Blair McDougall.

      But perhaps not. Ratbags to a man and woman. Every last corrupt one of them.

    14. James123 says:

      @ Grouse Beater

      When you’re angry you don’t have time for spell check.

    15. In my head, there is a picture of certain prominent No sayers at the controls of a He111, with a load of lie bombs in their hold, rumbling through out skies. I really could do without these visions.

    16. Cath says:

      “What I can’t quite fathom is why a well funded campaign didn’t do the basics groundwork by contacting and agreeing commentary with the sources.”

      I’m actually beginning to think the NO campaign really is being run by a bunch of entirely ignorant morons in London who genuinely do not have a clue how Scotland, or the current constitutional set up, works.

      ALL they have are their own totally ignorant and incorrect “certainties” formed within their metropolitan bubbles, which they then use to hang the campaign on.

      Oh goodness Tarquin, I have no idea how much it costs to set up a whole new country but it must be squazillions because…well, it just must be. And the British NHS will have to be broken up, so they’ll need a whole new thing called NHS Scotland, from scratch. And a whole new legal system! And…and a parliament and stuff. And lot of things those Jocks don’t currently pay for at all like defence and embassies. How will they pay for it all because we have all their money and they can’t expect us to just give them it, can they?

      These people will have had the kind of background where their world view assumptions really aren’t challenged, and they’ll just feel an entitlement to assume they’re right. It’s probably coming as a huge shock to them to find out NHS Scotland is separate and independent and always has been.

      The alternative is they’re just lying gits and hoping enough people will be ignorant enough to believe them.

    17. Big jock says:

      BBC reported it as both sides being banned due to complaints. We all knew it was the no ad for basically inventing stories and dragging unfortunate victims with them.. BBC are signed sealed delivered mouthpieces for no and this proves it.

    18. Iain Diamond says:

      This is all sounds to me like an early manifestation of George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in his novel, 1984. Unlike the book where ‘War is Peace’ i.e. a complete untruth, the members of ‘No’ seem prepared to bend whatever truth they find lying around into a No ‘Truth’. Alas, the effect is the same – broadcast this No ‘Truth’ enough times and their followers will nod like the proverbial dog-toys.

      Thinking is hard, believing is easy.

    19. CameronB Brodie says:

      I forgot to ask VNB what their view was re. spaghetti trees. 🙁

    20. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Well if we had schools instead of indoctrination centers maybes i would have learnt something grousebeater, oh im over 40 so i remember the Thatcher years.

    21. Achnababan says:

      Thanks Rev. So thats why it was pulled! The MSM and BBC were making up some twaddle that is was because the audience were being turned off by both No and Yes adverts!! The reality is the No lot were going to be mightily embarrassed by the GOSH

      Liars all!

    22. Iain says:

      This is what Better Together said about the withdrawal of their cinema ads:

      ‘A Better Together spokesman said: “The fact that so many nationalists complained about our positive cinema advert shows that they will do anything to close down debate in Scotland.

      “The idea that people in Scotland won’t see any more cinema adverts in this referendum campaign because nationalists can’t tolerate open and honest debate about the future of our country is depressing in the extreme.”‘

      I’m really looking forward to their statement blaming GOSH for closing down debate.

    23. fairiefromtheearth says:

      and pulling me up for misspelling in a ferengi languge have i told any lies? am i trying to open eyes to the truth as i see it aye, so time to take a walk in the moores and do your job beater ive got some birds to shoot.

    24. bigGpolmont says:

      For “Light hearted Sketch Read Bare faced lies
      What the hell are these Newscasters, Journalists ( I use these terms very loosely) advertising agencies, Two bit actors and propaganda puppets Going to do for work and where are they going to live? after September 19th.
      No one will want anything to do with them. The bbc in Scotland will no longer exist. We dont need a department of black arts
      If they move south they will be the object of scorn as people who have betrayed their own folk & got caught out.
      I certainly wouldnt want one living next to me lowering the tone of the neighbourhood but also I would be scared that someone might get the wrong house and end up putting a brick through my window.

    25. Grouse Beater says:

      oh im over 40 so i remember the Thatcher years.

      No worries. I applaud your anger at the state of things. Anyhow, I include a typo or spelling slip in all my posts – it’s my signature!

    26. Cath says:

      “nationalists can’t tolerate open and honest debate about the future of our country is depressing in the extreme.””

      I am not in any way an aggressive, far less violent person. But these people are severely testing my limits. Anger doesn’t cover it.

    27. bigGpolmont says:

      Stewart Bremner
      You can keep your vision of the HE111 I have a vision of jamie naughty dressed in his Very best Lord haw haw nazi uniform presenting GMS My idea of Hell!

    28. fairiefromtheearth says:

      When you go to school if you fit snugley into their little box you will do well in life eh Grousebeater,if you ask questions and want to understand how things work you get red xxxxxx be quiet, or they say you have some disorder and put your young mind on fekked up drugs WIN WIN big pharma wins and the school gets a stoned out mind that isent going to ask any question. you would have to cut my throat to jam me back in that box. 😉

    29. orri says:

      Probably a good idea to get a high res capture of all their bilge. The cinema ads had one great flaw, other than being pish, when it came to trying to portray VNB as being scottish. If you check the end they admit they’re registered in London.

      So it’s not that noticeable if you watch them on low res on a small screen. On a cinema screen all is says is “London Calling.” You can pick whether that’s the call sign from “‘Allo ‘Allo” or the Clash song that defines it.

    30. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      O/T – Passed through Crieff today, and wondered what the mums-with-kids-with-Union-Jacks thing was all about.

      I wondered even more when the chap serving in the cafe clocked my YES badge, and suddenly looked as if he thought he was serving a Cybernat terrorist (I did have my iPad on the table I must confess).

      Then I saw this:

    31. the Penman says:

      “Despicable” is by far the weakest word I’m willing to use about this.

    32. fairiefromtheearth says:

      and of corse were in the SUMMER now is the sun shining you know cause of all this GLOBAL WARMING god 10 years ago we were being told the sea level would be 10 meters higher and the temprature would be 120 in the shade, hows that lie working out? made trillions out of it dident they and still are.

    33. Doug Daniel says:

      Callum: “What I can’t quite fathom is why a well funded campaign didn’t do the basics groundwork by contacting and agreeing commentary with the sources.”

      I think it’s a bit like when an oil company or whatever breaks a rule that it knows will lead to them having to pay a fine, because even after paying the fine, they’ll still be in profit overall.

      What’s actually stopping the No campaign from just making everything up? The ASA can’t touch them, and the media don’t give a toss if they’re caught lying. The public might turn on them after the referendum, when we realise we’ve been lied to – but by then it’s too late anyway, so from their perspective, it’s worth doing.

      As Stu informed me today, permitted participants have to submit their spending details by 18th December – namely three months after the referendum, and therefore too late to actually do anything if folk are found to have broken the rules. If anyone thinks the No campaign will take the slightest bit of notice of the spending limits, they’re sadly mistaken.

      (The referendum in Aberdeen on the “City Garden Project” in 2012 was a good example, as the pro-CGP side – funded by the businessmen and various “oil wankers” of Aberdeen – broke the spending limits by some way, but nobody was going to re-run the referendum just because of that, so it was a chance they felt was worth taking.)

    34. Grouse Beater says:

      When you go to school…

      Library Time For Kids – grousebeater.wordpress

      The first time I saw one of the Vote No Brains cinema ads I bellowed at the screen:

      “Wrong! All UK and EU citizens are entitled to consulate support home. Get it right!”

      Worried I’d embarrassed my daughter sitting next to me I was pleased to hear cries of “Yes!” from the audience, and one chap at the front punch the air with a clenched fist.

    35. MajorBloodnok says:

      Brilliant email from GOSH. Sticks the boot right in. What a mendacious shower those VNoBs are.

    36. fairiefromtheearth says:

      oh and for all the global warming appolagists theirs thousands of scientists who say its a scam they just dont get air time on the BBC or MSM, and the CHEMISPRAYING is happening WE are nothing but coachroaches to the elite, FREEDOM SCOTLAND TIME TO CHANGE THIS WORLD.

    37. HandandShrimp says:

      The NOBs are wonderful, they are discrediting the No side all by themselves with little help from us…although of course we will help and ensure that as many people as possible see them for what they are.

    38. Anne says:

      So this week (and it is still only Thursday) we have had two respected London based institutions correcting serious errors in the assertions made by the No campaign. There is at least some reporting of this in the MSM now, but not enough. It would be very interesting to know whether the errors are simply due to incompetence as opposed to deceit (given the ramshackle No campaign it could easily be the former).

    39. MajorBloodnok says:

      And those two actors won’t get work again…

    40. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

      They’ll pay for it! They’ll pay for it!

      They’re very naughty wee dimblebys.

      Minitruisms: you have to be naughty to be nice; sarwar is sarpeace; wark! wark! I’ll give you wark!; fresh as a votenob; the angle of the macdougle is equal to the hypothesis that the carmichael has a plughole.

      Biggest lie of all of course is ‘better together’.

    41. Kenny says:

      I really really hope someone is on the case of every No campaigner on TV over the next wee while asking Johann, Wullie, Ruth, Ed, Nick, Dave, Blair and whoever else to disown these scumbags. If Salmond can be repeatedly told to call off his dogs whenever someone pretends to have been called a toerag on Twitter, then surely this has to be the same. They’ll deny it, of course, claiming VNB is not officially part of BT and so they have no way of controlling them. And we’ll be expected to believe that lie too.

    42. orri says:

      Think “Allo Allo” is what I’m thinking off due to this,

      Officer Crabtree, “Good Moaning”

    43. john king says:

      I still think vnb being a public limited company are governed by misleading advertising rules as they stand to gain from the contract with the government so they can be held to account for making a financial gain from the misleading statements they are making.

    44. Capella says:

      I’m off to turn on the radio right now and hear the news about this straight from the BBC.

    45. heedtracker says:

      Was the email from Great Ormond Street Hosptial a reply to WoS contacting them about this youtube fraud/slander?

      If so, well done!

    46. Breeks says:

      Not a PC expert Rev, but if you’ve watched the video on your PC from Youtube, there’s a chance it might still on your hard drive in a temporary cache file of browsing data. It might be a dot flv file, so you could try a search of your hard drive for * dot flv files and see what turns up. Don’t get your hopes up. Your browser might not cache videos anyway, or I’m guessing you have pretty good house keeping and delete your cache files anyway, but it’s an easy search.
      You won’t have needed to save the file, sometimes watching it is enough.
      Anybody more PC literate than me please feel free to chip in…

    47. john king says:

      James123 says
      “These ***** should apologise for the stress they caused to those parents with sick children. Utter scum.

      Could not agree more (just avoid that word)
      you took the words right out of my mouth,
      I just had a vision of a yes supporting family with a desperately sick child who are terrified of a yes vote now, I hope those creatures can sleep at night!

    48. James123 says:


      I’m off to turn on the radio right now and hear the news about this straight from the BBC.

      Watch out for those flying pigs as well.

    49. john king says:

      btw one of those actors is vaguely familiar, he needs to think long and hard about his future career before taking any more work from this bunch.

    50. James123 says:

      @john king

      I wouldn’t lightly use that word on here but I thought on this occasion it was completely appropriate.

    51. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Headtracker views are like arseholes everybodys got one. 😉 but no i actually belive in what im saying global warming is a scam look out side.

    52. john king says:

      Stewart Bremner says
      “In my head, there is a picture of certain prominent No sayers at the controls of a He111, “

      You could explain what a HE 111 is Stewart

      The Heinkel He 111 was a German aircraft designed by Siegfried and Walter Günter in the early 1930s in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.

    53. heedtracker says:

      @ fairiefromtheearth, live and learn. Its just that you’re clearly up to some cunning plan, so good luck with that:-D

    54. fairiefromtheearth says:

      ok heres a FACT for everybody on this enlightened site, a serf paid less in TAXES than you do he got to keep 80% of what he produced, how about yous what do you get to keep after all the taxes and hidden taxes 30% maybe?

    55. Alfresco Dent says:

      @ fairiefromtheearth

      You didn’t used to drive a van from an Aberdeen branch of a certain company to a Dundee branch by any chance? If so, we’ve met.

    56. Jim Marshall says:

      I have never understood why people resort to foul language to make their point. It only demeans them and this site which which has a history of intelligent people articulating their argument.

      Cut out the gutter language please.

    57. john king says:

      “No worries. I applaud your anger at the state of things. Anyhow, I include a typo or spelling slip in all my posts – it’s my signature!”

      Dammit I wish I had thought of that one pinochio
      its a real get out of jail card. 🙂

    58. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Heres another FACT YOU CREATE the monies when taking out a loan not the bank YOU, and their isent enough monies in the WORLD to pay back all the loans, its funny this world is bankrupt financially and morally and its not because of the monies.

    59. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Sorry everyone im just trying to get my peoples awakened to all the terrible things that they are doing to our bodies and planet. I mean how do we know global warming is happening is it because its getting hotter LOL or is it because the BBC and MSM told us?

    60. heraldnomore says:

      What have their interns been doing this last couple of years?

      Wonder what their country re-branding services are like….

    61. Ali says:

      Thanks for another excellent piece of investigative journalism.Your website will be used on University courses in iScotland I’ve no doubt. Find the weak link in the chain and smash it. Brilliant.

    62. Drew Macleod says:

      Once again the Yes side has to do all the investigative work. MSM news journalists posted missing as usual. John Pilger’s “The War You Don’t See” (on Youtube) well worth watching. It shows how news media in Britain and worldwide is covertly under control of governments. As if we didn’t know, but still an excellent documentary!

    63. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Time to take your eyes off your ipad and look up into the sky, when it is a clear day and SEE where the clouds are coming from, cause really i dident know clouds were formed from the spraying from jet planes whatever did we do before we were able to fly? how did clouds form without our help? Global Warming lol another tax grab to make you poorer oh and you energy saving light bulbs they will cause an epedemic of blindness in 20 years.

    64. fairiefromtheearth says:

      LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL yous are being warned laugh all yous like?

    65. Greannach says:

      It looks like Malcolm and Fiona’s little grassroots organisation has morphed into Veto Nob Orders right enough. It’s all looking a bit ‘unpolished’, as they might say themselves.

    66. fairiefromtheearth says:

      How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?

    67. Who can we believe.

      Do we believe the Sec.of the London Treasury (Dr. Beaker)who proudly held forth his infamous ” Pledge Card” that was ditched faster than laxative induced “Dire Ear”.

      Do we trust the ginger dug who doctors university research on finances – even after Prof. Dunleavy refutes the Treasury`s rigged rubric.

      Or, do we trust the other guy.?
      Any other guy.

      Guess which one gets my trust.


      By the way, I refuse to buy any MS Newspaper because I WILL NOT FUND the biased journalists in lying news businesses who feed and fund BT using my money to defeat me. Rev.Stu supplies the daily agenda from newspapers he buys in Bath.

      Kill their lies by killing their news businesses.

    68. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Headtracker Grousebeater go look on the back of your birth certificate and tell me whats on it?

    69. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Wanton you better watch what your saying ive been advocating not paying the BBC tax and ditching the papers but some on here dont like that attitude they thing we are getting above our station. 😉 lol

    70. Thepnr says:


      Your a maverick! No doubt about that, but I for one like mavericks. Maybe done enough for today, you can see that. Have a kip and see you the morn.

    71. Papadox says:

      Someone should inform HMG and the establishment what damage VNB/BT are doing to the
      reputation for honesty and fairness the great democracy of Westminster is being subjected to by these scallywags. They even try to hoodwink and deceive our illustrious broadcasters EBC/STV our intrepid fearless press with their honest careless errors. If only the authorities could be informed I’m sure there would be swift action from HMG with no hiding place for the miscreants and no stone left unturned.

      O Waite a minute, HMG/ESTABLISHMENT are the miscreants running this scam, what happens now?

      The good old UNIONIST voters will just turn the other way and say we ar’nt getting enough information. O and we hate that AlexSalmond. Why do you hate Alex Salmond? We just do!

      If we get a NO vote on the back of this gangster operation run by HMG. Where does that leave democracy? It leaves the question of another referendum wide open.

    72. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Oh and no never done an Aberdeen to Dundee van run but sounds nice, glad to here their is some more nutters like me out their 😉

    73. galamcennalath says:

      “down into the sewers with it in its at-all-costs defence of the Union” and that means anything or anyone is likely to be splattered with their putrid bile.

      They are sailing very close to the wind now in terms of common decency. I do wonder at which point so many people see their behaviour for what it is that it all backfires, big time.

      There must come a point where they are turning far more voters away in disgust, than they retain through fear.

      They risk driving people in droves to vote Yes. We all hope!

    74. James123 says:

      @Jim Marshall

      I have never understood why people resort to foul language to make their point. It only demeans them and this site which which has a history of intelligent people articulating their argument.

      Sometimes you need to use an expletive to convey your anger, in certain circumstances it can be entirely appropriate. I use them sparingly on here and always give it some thought before I do. I disagree with you when you say it demeans their argument, obviously if they’re placing an ‘f’ or a ‘c’ in every sentence then yes of course that’s bad, but if used at the right times for me it does no harm.

    75. desimond says:

      I pass GOSH every working day, to think they’ve been dragged into this is just sad. Dont these folk have enough on their plate without dealing with liars trying to exploit them?

      Its time like these ( copyright jack johnstone) that I wonder if Better Together and the Leadership of Unionist Parties are working together or has daft Blair been given the keys to his own private sandpit and just uses it as a litter box all day with such utter shit.

    76. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Thepnr i canny go back to bed just up. i will be all right once my cannibonoid receptors get their dosage after that my head settles down and i can return to being a good slave. 😉

    77. Davy says:

      I didn’t know we had any adverts at the pictures, I thought it was only that so called grassroots “tory” VNB lot that was doing it. But by deliberly lying about the NHS in Scotland shows exactly what they actually think of our country and its people.

      The fact that we will be seeing a hellva lot worse shite from the NO campaign go’s without saying, and while I agree that the best way to deal with that is to be calm and truthful, we cannot allow them to bully either us or the electoral. They push us we squash them.

      Our First Minister certainly didn’t take any crap from the three amigo’s today, god they were pathitic and incredablely stupid. Lamont doesn’t seem to know when to stop digging the hole that she keeps finding herself in, there’s another shovelfull. Ruth Davidson must be the worst advised tory to ever appear on FMQ’s, how stupid could you be to allow yourself to be completely shot to bits by picking a subject that the First Minister has torn to bits over the past 24 hours.

      I thought Willie Rennie was ready to pee himself when he got up to speak, and he tried to use Ruthie as a shield at one point, but it was no use he still got stamped on and looked like it.

      If anyone wants a piece of Ruth Davidson today it only comes “Well Done”.

    78. Taranaich says:

      Starting to think this is a cunning ploy by VBN.

      Step 1: Make the most insulting, incorrect, patronising adverts they can to get to rile up the Yes faithful.

      Step 2: Put them up before the official campaign period so there’s no concerted competition from Yes.

      Step 3: Watch as Yes kick up a fuss about the lies online.

      Step 4: When the ads are inevitably taken down – either due to Yes complaints, or because even Cineworld has standards – you can just point to the “Cybernats” and claim they’re “shutting down debate.”

      Step 5: Sit back and stroke your White Cat of Evil as cinemas ban *all* political ads, ensuring only yours aside from perhaps one Yes are seen, but you can still claim that it’s the Yes side who are stifling “open, honest debate.”

      It’s either that, or they really are thick as mince.

    79. desimond says:

      Lest we forget why the “Nation Branders” company behind Vote No Borders are doing such things, it sure aint for the love of 300 years of united History.

      Heaven help this place if thats the sort of folk who will be given their choice of Westminster Govt contracts!

    80. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Taranaich thats too deep for bitter together, lies from the start, lies is all they have lies and nothing but lies and thats why i cant understand why yes isent way out in front? lie to me once and i fall for it shame on you lie to me twice and i fall for it shame on me, but they will lie lie lie till the 18th sep and if we vote no. well the 19th is truth day for better together bend over.

    81. ForgotMaths says:

      Can’t wait for their Facebook thing to pop up in my feed again.

    82. TYRAN says:

      Ideally WOS ads in cinemas exposing Nob’s lies. Or some newspaper ads.

    83. desimond says:


      Wee woman from Livingston on C4 was a good example of this last night. C4 reporter says “So these set-up figures look dubious from everyone?, how will you decide?”. The old woman shruggd and said “I willnae, just no bother!”. The reporter stammered “You wont vote?”, “Nut” came the reply and the woman walked away.

      People have been kept down so long they accept the balance. Theyve heard such empty talk over the years its hard to hear truth. They dont hear lies from one and debate from another, they now get told BT lies about BT lies and ultimately just give up caring altoegther as it all white noise after a while.

    84. Ken500 says:

      Oh NO, not again.

    85. Anne says:

      If you can stomach it I recommend a look at http://www.scotlandsaysnaw which is in the same stable as ‘better together’ & VNB (also worth keeping an eye on, though it will put you off your tea). These sites are slicker than the yes Scotland one, & seem very well resourced, but it is unclear who is authoring the text presented, since contributions are rarely attributed. Needless to say the views presented are strongly slanted in one direction…..

    86. Grouse Beater says:

      The important question over Vote for No Brains must be answered by the BBC.

      Who within the staff knew of VNB’s existence before it announced its inauguration publically, and then engineered an indiscriminating, lengthy news item on the organisation one day after it appeared on the internet, so uncritical it was described in its own untruthful terms on location by Esler as “grass roots”?

      And why was Gavin Esler fronting it?

    87. MajorBloodnok says:

      Greannach says: It looks like Malcolm and Fiona’s little grassroots organisation has morphed into Veto Nob Orders right enough. It’s all looking a bit ‘unpolished’, as they might say themselves.

      The reason it’s unpolished is that they know fine well what their steaming pile of a campaign consists of and even they have heard that you can’t polish them.

    88. eezy says:

      Disgusting….This is going to get worse. Totally desperate!

    89. Lesley-Anne says:


      Just had a wee slip of the fingers there. My twitter account appears to have sent out a couple of tweets to the BBC news and Scotland 2014 accounts asking if they will be making any announcement to counter their lies from last night concerning the withdrawal of cinema adverts. Sorry Stu I couldn’t help it, my fingers seem to have a life of their own these days. 😛

      Oh I added, apparently, a link to this article as well. 🙂

      I’ll just fetch my coat now, I think I hear the white van with the men in white coats coming up the street. 😛

    90. msean says:

      Gavin is a Scot apparently, they must have thought he could pull it orf. Makes you wonder who directed resources to be wasted on what eventually got pulled.

    91. Camz says:

      So the ‘No’ camp can corner the main stream media, say what it likes, and not be dragged up on the lies.

      If they win, after September, they won’t care anyway, so they will say and do what they like until then.

      My only complaint is that the truth is not out there. It never has been, and that nugget of knowledge rattles around in my head like a stone in my shoe.

      Ergo, those with something to lose are doing anything and everything they can not to lose it.

    92. Ken MacColl says:

      They lie to you. They always have done. It is endemic

    93. heedtracker says:

      And why was Gavin Esler fronting it? Its a big semi formal network of London BBC, ITV media types, the City, massive Conservative egos affronted by SNP., and very very worried about a democratic Scotlandshire.

      As this WoS report shows us though, they are very self confident but actually, a load of crap.

    94. desimond says:

      I just realised, with this video and the latest NO capaign email shot, it really is Titanic tactics from SS Camp Fear

      “Women and Children first(casualties)!”

    95. Grouse Beater says:

      Gavin is a Scot, apparently

      London based.

      Why send an A level journalist from London up to Scotland when we have our own here? Did Ken McQuarrie know about it, or the head of his news department?

      Why did they not leave the story to the impending Sarah Smith Show, a nightly programme already well under way collecting material for its inauguration?

      Was BBC London approached unsolicited? Did Esler only need a cab ride down the road in London to meet the VNB group to plan the item?

    96. cynicalHighlander says:

      Glad to see the original video has been found.

    97. colin young says:

      My daughter works in GOSH i would say about a third of staff are Scots.

      Kids are arriving from all over the world to this hospital as it is the last hope for the child who could not be helped by local hospitals.

      Using GOSH in this underhanded way or using children who have very little chance of surviving terminal illness is like using them as a HUMAN CHILD SHIELD, how low can you go ? ? ?

    98. Mary Bruce says:

      Here’s another interesting insight into Vote No Borders. It appears that the average size of donation they received is a whopping £881, not exactly what you might expect from the general public in Scotland:

    99. cynicalHighlander says:

      Eyebrows faking open meeting.

    100. fairiefromtheearth says:

      You know maybe take all the people who want to be polititions and show them how Blair lied to get us into illegal wars then da ra courtain is pulled back and theirs the bold Tony with a rope around his neck, snap how many of them would lie to the people after that?

    101. Juteman says:

      Time for a wee sleep, faerie?

    102. Eddie Black says:

      There are no depths that the No mob won’t lie about…The (English) government has been lying to me my whole life so far….It’s time to have a serious think about where we want to be after the big vote….Will it be easy ??…No…Will there be trials and tribulations ??…Yes…Will we find out the truth ??….Only if we all stand together and tell everyone what the real truth is….The media are owned by the very few, even the sunday herald, and will never betray their masters…….social media and everyone pointing out the lies of the no brigade is the only way forward

    103. fairiefromtheearth says:

      go to sleep it will all be diffrent tommorow lol NATO will not be killing brown peoples the EU will be a democratic parliment and not an unelected junta lol no it will still be the same tommorow, but we will see i mean it was all get out the euro partys that won the euro election so we will see who wins them or the junta.

    104. galamcennalath says:

      The bias is relentless! Even on the trivial. BtBC tonight, Reporting Scotland. They referred to ‘Prince William, known as the Earl of Strathearn in Scotland’.

      No, he’s ‘the Earl of Strathearn’, end of. I don’t think anyone listening to Reporting Scotland needs told, ‘ … also known as Prince William in England’.

      They should have simply said ‘the Earl and Countess of Strathearn were visiting Perthshire today’, cut to video.

      Or, am I starting not nitpick about everything the BtBC do now !? 😉

    105. Jimmybeardy says:

      Hey guys, sorry for off topic here but this should be interesting.
      Today in Copenhagen,Denmark Ed Balls and George Osbourne will meet to discuss how best to deal with current world affairs.

      Joining them(among others) will be:
      John Sawers, Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service,
      Peter Mandleson, Chairman of Global Counsel LLP,
      Douglas Flint & Robert Dudley, chairmen and CEO of HSBC Holdings PLC
      Marcus Agius, Non-Executive Chairman of PA Consulting Group
      Martin |Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times

      How do you guys feel about this?
      From a media perspective it should be interesting to see if The Financial Times or any of PA consulting groups many arms and even auld Lord Mandlesons Global Counsel put out some “scaremongering”

      Or maybe some of their international peers don`t care about their little gravy train. heck maybe some even have a wee spot in their heart for bonnie Caesar! and wont enact any pals acts.

    106. MajorBloodnok says:

      I’m thinking an FOI request to HMG asking what contracts Westminster has awarded Acanchi in the past few years would not go amiss.

    107. David says:

      “Truth, it has been said, is the first casualty of war.” (E.D. Morel, London, 1916)

    108. Brotyboy says:


      Surprised that you should criticise NATO for wanting to kill brown people when you’re so keen to kill people yourself.

    109. colin says:

      Ciniworld in Union Square, Aberdeen were still showing VNB and Yes adverts this afternoon.

    110. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “the bold Tony with a rope around his neck”

      fairie, if you make one more reference to hanging, or otherwise executing, anyone, I’m going to permaban you. I’m fed up of cleaning up your mess. I’ve got better things to do than scour comments all day looking for stupid things you’ve said. Enough.

    111. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Brotyboy – Well said. I am biting my tongue here.

    112. Flower of Scotland says:


      I do agree with you about Global warming! I’ve worked all my life in the sciences and I think that there is some Global Warming but not enough to raise airport Duty Tax to such a high level and then NOT use it for the environment! It’s like everything fairie, The British State needs only a small excuse to Tax the hell out of your ordinary family!

      I’ve always believed that an Independent Scotland can do so much better for its citizens! Revs really assisting us in his investigative journalism! Good one Rev!!

    113. john king says:

      “It’s either that, or they really are thick as mince.”

      Then you think MI5
      then you think hmmm.

    114. fairiefromtheearth says:

      ok fair enough hes just a puppet anyways and i suppose thats the leval of thinking we should all be at.

    115. Juteman says:

      Take the Revs’ wee hint, faerie.
      I know your heart is in the right place.

    116. callum says:


      I wasn’t aware that the accounts were only being verified 3 months after the referendum. It’s so much to play for that I would not be surprised if elements of the BT campaign go “all in” because the risk of being caught out before the vote is negligable with a compliant media.

      I really like the work that the guys have done by analysing the vote-no-borders website to determine the average donation size – this is clearly stage managed and I imagine that the payments are being handled manually through an office (rather than payments being made online grassroots fashion). I suspect they have employees chasing up donators on the phone and taking bacs payments, cheques etc to avoid credit card processing fees etc.

    117. Croompenstein says:

      Speaking of thick as mince I must share this one..

      Someone spotted my yes wristband today and asked some questions. She asked me if she would still be able to watch Britain’s Got Talent I said yes, she asked will I have to use euros I said no you will use the pound, she asked will I need to take my passport when I go to England I said well would you take your passport to Ireland to which she said….

      Aye I took ma passport to Arran but I didnae need it…WTF!!

    118. Clootie says:

      … on a positive note. VNB would have gotten away with this 20 years ago. As with the rest of the unionist top down campaign they completely underestimated the power of the internet.

      The empire no longer controls every source of information. It only controls the old forms of communication. The damage to the BBC and the MSM is permanent regardless of the vote outcome.

      One to one discussions. Directing people to the sites on Aye Right. The hard work being done by those maintaining those sites – that is how the YES campaign will win.

    119. john king says:

      Lesley-Anne says
      “I’ll just fetch my coat now, I think I hear the white van with the men in white coats coming up the street. :P”

      What? does it have chimes?
      they’re coming to take me away ha ha
      they’re coming to take me away ho ho.

    120. cynicalHighlander says:

      @Adrian B this is the archive link to that article

    121. galamcennalath says:

      Adrian B says:
      Scotsman have just picked up on the story:

      They buried it in Health, though.

    122. Davie Park says:

      Hate to sound like a ‘tin-foil hatter’, but my initial suspicions of VNOB are growing arms and legs and running away with me.

      I don’t think it’s outlandish to imagine that the links between VNOB and the state are more than meets the eye.

    123. wingman 2020 says:

      The Walls of Jericho are under immense pressure. It will not take much before the whole edifice crumbles.

      It only needs one or two renegade or confused Unionists with Rams Horns. 🙂 They are damaging themselves, with semi-professional London based PR companies working at cross purposes to immature politicians….

      The firmament is shaking as towel folders and park keepers try to play in the premier league…

      It’s only a matter of giving them enough rope….

    124. wingman 2020 says:


      I am with you all the way on this.

      It is no coincidence that exMI6 Directors gave funding to BT….
      Think on that as ‘marketing expenses’

      Its all rather obvious.

    125. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Brotboy i suppose im still a bit pissed off for being stupid enough to buy into all their shit and join the army at 18 by the age of 19 i had killed dozens and seen thousands killed. i suppose waking up and realising the reality and the matrix we live in has made me a bit mentally unstable, so everybody that has taken offence at my posts i am sorry, but im not sorry for the posts, exept the Tony shit im sure hes a good guy deep down.

    126. Thepnr says:


      Totally agree, the definitive book that gets written after this referendum will be well worth a read (that’s you Rev).

      Pure People Power v MSN

      Victory for the little guy.

    127. George W says:

      There is a rolling billboard with a VNB ad on it in my local Sainsbury’s car park.
      Could we not put pressure on the supermarket or the owner of the billboard by saying do you want your business associated with these despicable people who will use sick kids for political gain?
      We could do this wherever the VNB adverts appear and if enough people complained we might get them taken down.

    128. Tim F-G says:

      Guys, I’m currently uploading my response video to the VoB NHS ad (I was the reader who saved a copy and sent it to Stu) to my youtube channel. Will post link here when it’s ready. I think you’ll all enjoy it.

    129. KOF says:

      galamcennalath says: 19:03

      “Or, am I starting not nitpick about everything the BtBC do now !?”

      No, wouldn’t say you’re nitpicking at all. It meant to be Reporting Scotland, not Reporting England, after all. 😉

    130. Mary Bruce says:

      Guardian too now. Well done Our Rev.

    131. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Let me share a wee story about my time in the army, before being deployed to the war zone we got dozens of injections, most people were sick or fell asleep for 18 hrs i fell asleep. when we got to the war zone we got boosters to these injections and pills to take every 8 hrs NAPS they were called we took them for 5 months we were also given BATS tablets to take one month before the war started. Druged up and sent to war but hey i will go back to sleep now everything will be ok in the morning. 😉 FREEDOM

    132. Thepnr says:


      Your amongst friends here, as difficult as it might be sometimes try to stay positive.

    133. Marian says:

      In the fullness of time we will find that “Vote NO Borders” and others like it are actually proxies of Westminster’s spooks who (if history is anything to go by) will by now be extremely active with dirty tricks against the independence campaigners.

      However this is the 21st century and there are people like Edward Snowden about who have no love for Westminster and have access to their deepest secrets.

    134. Drunken Hobo says:

      You have to wonder, at any point when making that advert did one single person voice an objection? There will have been writers, the actors, make-up people, cameramen, sound recorders and probably some catering courtesy of Tunnock’s.

      Surely at one point, somebody must have at least thought using a children’s hospital as a political pawn is a bit crass?

    135. Weedeochandorris says:

      @Desimond. Apologies for the long winded post here. The Livingston woman is a warning about what this campaign by BT (orchestrated by Blue State Digital) is doing to voters. It’s proof that their nasty, negative campaign is having the effect that they want, to turn people off.

      The unbelievably nasty BT attacks aren’t supposed to inspire people to get out and vote; they’re meant to dissuade prospective Yes supporters from going to the polls. The purpose of negative advertising is to discourage, not encourage, voting – to keep people, like the woman from Livingston, away from voting.

      This is how Blue State Digital won the vote for Obama and they’re employing exactly the same tactics here for Better Together. It’s a proven, winning strategy.

      “In short, the impact of such an unpleasant campaign almost always will prove more damaging to a challenger trying to attract new votes than to an incumbent who needs only to hold on to the bulk of his old base. In this election, the lower overall turnout clearly helped Obama. The president got a smaller share of the vote in 48 of 50 states, but he retained enough support in the diminished electorate to hang on to the White House. Lacking any confidence that they could reinspire cynical, disillusioned citizens about the glories of hope and change or the president’s heroic first-term achievements, the Obama high command settled for producing a general distaste for both candidates and even for the political process itself.”

      “The Obama team knew full well that if the ugly tone of the campaign kept right-leaning independents or even undecided voters away from the polls then it would be worth it, shrinking the field of potential recruits Romney needed to close the gap and win the election.” They were happy to take the risk even if it also turned off some of their own supporters.

      “The universal complaint from people on the ground in the crucial and advertising-saturated swing state (Ohio) involved thoroughgoing disgust, even rage, at the way nasty attack ads had taken over all the networks and cable outlets. The negativity couldn’t discourage the conservative activists who came out by the thousands to participate in our event, but it’s easy to see how the nasty tone might lead others to turn off the tube altogether and to tune out a political season that had turned unspeakably petty and bitter.

      This Democratic investment in negativity may have helped Obama win his bare majority of a radically shrunken electorate, but it also contributed powerfully to the sour national mood and to the widespread perception that the neither of two flawed candidates offered the nation an optimistic path forward. Worst of all, the apparent success of this strategy makes it increasingly likely that future campaigns will follow the Obama example and pursue victory by alarming and discouraging, rather than inspiring and motivating, the already gloomy populace of a preternaturally pessimistic nation.”

      It’s out there in broad daylight what their battle plan is.

    136. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Thepnr im positive of a yes vote, its just the thought of eveything staying the same, the World is crying out for change and we could be a catalist for that but not with the same leval of thinking that has brought us this far. i like the way the Scottish Parlament is set up. it will have to be strong for the people after a yes vote. if not 3 million people have to turn up to protest any sell out of the people then the World will see what the people can do with out violance.

    137. willie fae kilwinning says:


      Kudos to the guy driving south towards Kilmarnock on the M77 this evening. Yes sticker in the rear window and the Saltire painted on the roof. Very cool.

    138. Brian Powell says:

      I put the quote from GOSH from this article, on two different threads in the Guardian earlier today, now they are covering it in an article.

      I didn’t put from Wings Over Scotland because people leap to disregard and discredit that, even now!

    139. john king says:

      Davie Park says
      “I don’t think it’s outlandish to imagine that the links between VNOB and the state are more than meets the eye.”

      No really?
      sorry didn’t mean to be sarcastic Davie but the link is clear and obvious,
      btw your not from Nairn are you?

    140. willie fae kilwinning says:

      Forgot to say the guy was driving a mini, (i think).

    141. Marcia says:

      The No side using sick children as an emotional tool is really sad and disgusting. Are there no depths to which they stoop to? Very sad indeed.

    142. john king says:

      Wingman2020 says
      “The firmament is shaking as towel folders and park keepers try to play in the premier league…”

      Hat tip 🙂

    143. john king says:

      “Your amongst friends here, as difficult as it might be sometimes try to stay positive.”

      Seconded Thepnr
      stay strong faerie
      we’re here for you.

    144. Wee Jonny Campbell says:

      Thepnr says:
      29 May, 2014 at 6:12 am
      “Jonny all will be revealed later today, I need to discuss with the bus company first. Glad your onboard. Oh and bring a friend.”

      What’s the story for the bus. Don’t know if you’ve posted on another thread but I’ve looked and canny find it.
      p.s. Sorry, can’t bring a friend as I don’t have any. I cleen the windeez in Broughty Ferry during the day and cleen my sole on Wings at night after hearing pish that “Wi canny day it alane” fay a the experts in Broughty Ferry.

    145. jon esquierdo says:

      But does the Electoral commission(the body that is meant to ensure that everything is fair and above board) do anything or slap any wrists NO. Think about the fiasco with the CBI and the Electoral Commission .Neutral and policeman my arse wake up Wings readers Neutral observers urgently required.

    146. X_Sticks says:

      @Wee Jonny Campbell

      “What’s the story for the bus.”

    147. Paula Rose says:

      Faeriefromthearth darling, I was really tempted to try one of those peace and love jointy things cos I thought it makes one all peace, loving and such things – but now I’m definitely not so sure.

      The idea that the BUTTOCK can prey on parents whose children require specialist help makes me very angry.

    148. Paula Rose says:

      (sorry mispelling)

    149. Truth says:

      Well done that alert reader.

    150. Grouse Beater says:

      @ Marian: In the fullness of time we will find that “Vote NO Borders” and others like it are actually proxies of Westminster’s spooks

      Pretty well certain financed by Spook Central, but where does that place Gavin Esler? Unwitting dupe, happy co-conspirator?

    151. manandboy says:

      Unionism NI style

      Have a listen to Anna Lo.

    152. Thepnr says:

      Ah Jonny the windae cleaner fae the ferry! Nae bull, but I already know of you from a mutual friend but we have yet to meet. See you tomorrow. 🙂

    153. Graham Hughes says:

      Croompenstein: I used to live on Arran and when I had my own business I regularly got orders sent on Air Mail stationary, that lightweight pale blue stuff with the striped border and stamps at air mail rates. The best though, some years ago, were two couples loading booze into their car boots outside the Co-op and trying to divide it equally. One of the women said “It’s strange they don’t tell you how much you are allowed to take. They do on the ferry from Calais” To which her husband responded, “I think we’ll just do what the man loading the ferry said when we asked him about it coming over, just slip him twenty quid and he’ll wave us through.”

    154. Dan G says:

      Sorry to say but they were still showing this advert in Showcase today in Glasgow

    155. cynicalHighlander says:

      You are slpping rev as 12×180 =2160 not 2050.

    156. Once again, why are seemingly continually surprised by the depths the No campaign, in it’s various disguises, will resort to, to put it’s supposed case. They can, have, and will tell any lies they like, because, as we all know, the compliant media will, very rarely, publicise the truth. And with all the Whitehall departments working overtime to help them, money, and exposure is no problem. This is the establishment we are fighting, and boy, they don’t like losing, especially the gravy train that is Scotland. Reading figures from not only the 20th century, but the 19th as well, it seems quite clear that we have been a cash cow for a very long time, and if the electorate don’t waken up we will be consigned to another three centuries of Westminster rule.

    157. Taysideterrier says:

      Sorry, im far too cynical here.
      Those adverts were so cheaply made, far fetched and cheesy it wouldnt surprise me if the whole motive behind them was simply to get all political ads banned in cinemas.

      Therefor also cancelling the YES adverts?

      Is it just me that sees that?
      Off to get ma coat

    158. Wee Jonny Campbell says:

      Thanks X_Sticks.
      Ha. Thepnr, abdy kens Wee Jonny the windee cleenir. Looking forward to mixing we mi ane kind.

    159. Croompenstein says:

      @willie fae kilwinning – Am definitely seeing a rise in Yes car stickers over the paste week and a half. Have been in wee 3 car convoys superb.

      @Graham Hughes – I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry honestly.

      @fairie – Stay strong

    160. Had a bit of an odd night canvassing.First time ive had people saying “ive had enough of both sides,and probably wont vote”

      Hope this isant a bad sign!

    161. Andy-B says:

      Imagine dragging such a great institution as Great Ormond Street Hospital into the independence debate, and lying about its position and access to people. Can Vote No Borders, and thus the Better Together camp sink any lower? you betcha they can, just wait and see.

      Thank you Great Ormond Street Hospital, for all the good work you do, and the children’s lives you saved.

    162. Grouse Beater says:

      There a taxi going around Embra that is almost all saltire.
      As I passed by I shouted “Yes?” and she gave the thumbs up.

    163. Papadox says:

      @Grouse Beater says: 8:56 pm

      Think Essler must have a zero hrs. contract with spook central, via EBCs contacts with HMG, financed by HM Treasury sub contractor. Ye open democracy. He he hee

      005 regards

    164. HandandShrimp says:


      I think the heavy handed advertising by NOBs everywhere coupled with death by paper from BT coupled with the war of numbers in the news between Holyrood and Westminster probably has scunnered people.

      I think the NOBs intervention must have BT wondering if they are a plus or a minus. The Great Ormond Street thing is an embarrassment.

      I think Yes needs to play their campaign carefully, a mixture of facts, music and song. Inspire rather than cudgel.

    165. Grouse Beater says:

      Papadox: Think Esler must have a zero hrs. contract


    166. Andy-B says:

      Here Severin Carrell, does his best to attack Scotland’s wealth.

    167. Jane says:

      I went to cinema withmy kids to see a kids film Maleficent and I knew about the controversy befire hand but was still outraged. Im there for my sons birthday and had to sit through 1stly a better together add featuring teenagers worried for their futures outside the uk, then the yes add which was good, followed by a no borders add and then they gave us a wee break and put on another no borders add (the NHS one) just before the film!

      Both the fact that we had 3 no add v one yes add, the content of the no borders stuff and the fact that my kids are hardly needing to see that poop had me hopping mad through the film. I was going to complain but when I googled it I could see they had been pulled anyway

      if the following trailers you are about to see be relevant to the feature so should the adds! Its a kids film dont teach my kids about ‘foreigners’

    168. Kenny says:

      A scorched earth policy won’t work here. They’re never going to dissuade Yes voters. They may push some Don’t Knows to Yes, but pretty few to No. And over the piece, my belief in basic human decency says that even fairly hardcore No voters will eventually get scunnered with the whole shebang.

    169. Andy-B says:

      Sorry if you’ve covered this Rev, its the Telegraph having a go at Alex Salmond and Mr and Mrs Weir, again.

    170. Macart says:

      That is pretty grim.

      I’m sure it’ll make the headlines in our fine upstanding press tomorrow.

      Or maybe not.

    171. Grouse Beater says:

      Andy: Here Severin Carrell, does his best to attack Scotland’s wealth

      Well, you can knock me down with a feather. The Guardian claims a lot of Scotland’s wealth is owned and controlled from London. Who’d have guessed?

    172. HoraceSayYes says:

      I know I should be used to it by now, but just when I think they’ve hit rock bottom, the No’s manage to go even lower.

      Taking advantage of the fears of those already struggling with family illnesses is just despicable.

    173. Andy-B says:

      Alex Salmond and the SNP have been doing analysis of the BBC,s coverage of UKIP this month in Scotland, which showed they had four times more air coverage than,the SNP,as though the BBC were dare I say it “promoting” them,if not to a lesser extent.

    174. cynicalHighlander says:


      Which allows for greater chance of fraud which is the only way they can win this.

    175. Ken Johnston says:

      Don’t like to boast, well OK then. I had a Saltire on the roof of my, original, mini, let’s work it out, 43 ish years ago.

      Re Esler, looking at his Wiki page, how’s this for being spot on, quote “Esler was then appointed Washington correspondent and later chief North America correspondent for the BBC, in charge of shaping coverage across the whole continent for the corporation,” shaping, BBC, how appropriate. And also yet another public school boy, George Herriot’s this time.

    176. manandboy says:
      Scottish independence: Think tank report backs EU membership
      The report was written by Graham Avery, the European Commission’s honorary director general for the European Policy Centre, which describes itself as “committed to making European integration work”.

      He wrote that politically it would be “difficult to see how the Union could reject five million Scots, who are already EU citizens”

      “From a practical point of view, no member state has a material interest in Scotland remaining outside the EU, even for a short time.”

      SNP MEP Alyn Smith called the report a “welcome breath of fresh air”.

      In contrast to the smell of sewage which constantly accompanies Better Together and Vote No Borders.

    177. Graeme Doig says:

      Jim Marshall 5.21pm

      Have just internalised another daily sweary rant at lies and insults we have to endure form this mob. Thought i’d give my wife a break from it too.
      Anyone got any advice for my emotional and physical health.

    178. Schrodingers Cat says:

      “Anyone got any advice for my emotional and physical health”

      avoid deep and meaningfuls with faeriefaetheearth?

    179. BuckieBraes says:


      ‘Those adverts were so cheaply made, far fetched and cheesy it wouldnt surprise me if the whole motive behind them was simply to get all political ads banned in cinemas.’

      But surely, if the No side wanted to go to the effort of screening ads at all, it would seek to take the advantage of producing something to convey that inspiring and positive case for the union; something to knock the Yes campaign for six.

      Oh no, wait…

    180. Grouse Beater says:

      Schrodingers Cat says: “Anyone got any advice for my emotional and physical health

      Group hug!

    181. The Rough Bounds says:

      I’m surprised that so many of us are dismayed and disgusted by the actions and lies of the Better Together bunch. It has only just started to warm up.

      In every case where a country has tried to break away from the British State people have always ended up being killed.

      If Scotland manages to get independence without this happening it will be a first. Lets hope so. Really.

    182. Schrodingers Cat says:

      @Grouse Beater
      alternatively we could all meet up on the vote nob orders blog site, form a circle, hold hands and try and contact the living

    183. Defo says:

      Grousebeater, & faeriefromthenorth.

      I’m feeling your pain ! We all are.

      In the space of a couple of day’s, PFs scare stories on set up costs, membership of the EU & NATO, & the reciprocal agreement on healthcare with GOSH (& the rest of the RUK NHS) have been blown out the water. Mostly by statement’s from the horses mouth, as it were.
      All that’s keeping PF in the game is the almost total connivance of the MSM. Even the agencies, like Thompson Reuters, are on message ffs. That, plus the willingness of those scared little sheep (or Burns mice, if you prefer)to surrender themselves to authority. They NEED to.
      To control ‘free’ people, they need to be kept in a state of perpetual fear. War, or the threat of, Bushs terrrrism, or just fear of losing what they have, are all that’s required. Sad, but true IMO. Project Fear need their shields. They would be destroyed, if it were a level playing field.

      Stu, it might be a stupid/unwelcome suggestion, but..
      What if you could do an A4 sized daily bulletin of what’s current. Bold type statements, short and to the point explanations. And links, of course. I know it’s extra work, late in the evening’s… But i’m guessing there is an army of volunteer’s here, with home printers, who wouldn’t mind putting a few up at bus stops, or dropping them in the metro boxes, for example.
      Watch the WOS site hit rate, to see if it works?

    184. jon esquierdo says:

      Debbie the bruce.The more people who do not vote the better for us. Because the people who do not vote are either no or undecided

    185. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well I’m just back from a meeting in Annan tonight for undecided voters. A rough estimate puts around 150 or so in the audience. The speakers we had were Richard Arkless from Business for Scotland, Ash Regsn-Denham from Women from Independence, Mark Frankland a “Lancastrian” for independence and some one called Jim Sillars. I’ve never heard of the last guy or where he was from but hey he certainly finished the session of speakers off great. 😛

      I’ve no idea what the full audience outcome was on their voting intentions in September but from the information that I did see I’d guess that we were looking at around 50 for YES 2 for Undecideds and 6 for NO. 😉

    186. Paula Rose says:

      @ Lesley-Anne I’m sure I speak for many, when we get disheartened you put the heart back.

    187. Lesley-Anne says:

      Paula Rose says:

      @ Lesley-Anne I’m sure I speak for many, when we get disheartened you put the heart back.

      Glad I’m able to help some folks regain any heart they think, only think mind you, they have lost. 😛

      Unlike others on here I’m no expert on anything, other than talking a load of P***. 😛 That said I only hope that the wee ditties that I put up can possibly lead to either lightening a heavy discussion or just generally cheer folks up. 🙂

    188. Grouse Beater says:

      Lesley-Anne says: Well I’m just back from a meeting in Annan

      Sounded a good night. I’m always in two minds about those meetings – great to be among – but I’ve a gut feeling Yes voters are more motivated to get all the facts, while Nos are already dead set against change, or don’t give a damn, at least not enough to give up an evening to attend.

    189. Lesley-Anne says:

      We were actually *ahem* honoured tonight Grouse by having in the audience Russell Brown Labour M.P., his daughter and employee and Andy Dryborough Labour Councillor.

      Dryborough didn’t stay to hear Jim Sillars so we were denied his infinite wisdom on why we should vote NO. 😉

      At least Brown stayed to the end and actually asked a question which he got some rather succinct and to the point answers. The best part about his interaction was the idea that after Jim Sillars had finished his answer he added that in an independent Scotland we would be able to return to a place where the people of Scotland got the real Labour party back and got shot of the Middle England controlled Labour party that currently exists. Let’s just say Brown was wearing a rather fetching red sweater, it certainly matched his face after Jim Sillars was finished. 😛

    190. Thepnr says:

      @Grouse Beater

      but I’ve a gut feeling Yes voters are more motivated to get all the facts, while Nos are already dead set against change, or don’t give a damn, at least not enough to give up an evening to attend.

      That’s one reason Yes will win, we will turn out in our millions. They are more like to stay at home, no matter what the polls are saying I believe we are in front. We can only do better as the day approaches.

    191. K1 says:

      I for one am always cheered by your posts Lesly-Anne…as you say they often lighten the ‘atmosphere’ when the discussion involves the particularly unsavoury behaviour of our opponents in their employment of these tactics in their campaighn of terror against our populace.

      Shower of f***kin cowardly bullies, the lot of them!

    192. Lesley-Anne says:

      Glad you *ahem* enjoy the stuff I put up K1, I’ll try and maintain the *cough* high standards that I’ve achieved in the past. 😛

    193. K1 says:

      lol 🙂

    194. James123 says:

      Its already been suggested in polls that the lack of enthusiasm by no voters to actually get themselves to the ballot box could be an extremely important factor in the referendum. It may result in a 2.5% swing to Yes which could be crucial, let’s hope it isn’t and we win by miles.

    195. X_Sticks says:


      You really need to see someone about that cough. I’m worried it might be that ‘nationalism virus’ that JoLa was warning everyone about a wee while ago. I believe it can turn you into a cybernat if it’s not treated 😉

    196. Thepnr says:

      Lesley-Anne was a cybernat from the day she was born. She didn’t catch it she spread it!

    197. Lesley-Anne says:

      I know I need to see someone about my cough X Sticks but whenever I go to my doctor it never appears. It only seems to appear when I’m *ahem* on my computer, see there it goes again! 😉

      As Thepnr says X sticks I’ve been a cybernat ever since I was born, or am I a bedroomnat or was it a cabernat. No wait a minute I’m sure I was born a cybernat…yes I’m certain I was born a cybernat! 😛

      Unfortunately cybernattery is incurable, well that’s what I’ve been led to believe anyway so I’m exstatic to be one of those *cough* infected with the disease commonly known as cybernatterosis! The good news is that it can not be spread by human contact, it can only be contracted through your computer so if you do not want to catch cybernatterosis then best suggestion I can give is switch off your computer now. Oh wait if you do that how will you find out the TRUTH about the referendum,Hmm…Ill need to get back to you on that one I think! 🙂

    198. X_Sticks says:


      I do know that really Thepnr, me and Arbroath go back a way in the cyberworld 😉

    199. rab_the_doubter says:

      This from VNB facebook:

      Just had a sinister post from a Beth Watt threatening “unrestricted warfare” from Wings over Scotland. Why are these bravehearts resorting to this tartan fascism?

      Seriously, WTF are they smoking over there. They really really hate honesty.

    200. Lesley-Anne says:

      AH the cyberworld, where would we be without the good old cyberworld eh X sticks. 😛

    201. Footsoldier says:

      I hope that everyone reading this will send it on to at least one other person, more if possible.

      What is surprising is the banality of the No side. This sort of thing can only strengthen our case if enough people read it.

    202. X_Sticks says:

      Time to call it a day. Can you believe it’s only one hundred and eleven days until the referendum? Me either!

      Can’t wait to get to the CH tomorrow. (note to self: try and get there before the bus or it’ll take forever to get served at the bar!)

    203. Lesley-Anne says:

      Note to one and all going to somewhere in Glasgow for some obscure and unknown reason tonight, I will not be able to get there, cue HUGE sigh of relief, but I will be there in spirit, cue HUGE groan! 😛

    204. X_Sticks says:


      We’ll hope to see you on the Live Independence broadcast though!

      Sorry you won’t be there 🙁

    205. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well if I can kick the solitary brain cell into gear and figure out where my memory was hiding I’ll see what I can do. 😛

    206. Thepnr says:

      You’ll be there in a cybernatty way. You wouldn’t let us down.

    207. Lesley-Anne says:

      Careful now Thepnr, you’re putting pressure on me now. I almost feel like I need to definitely get on line tonight and *ahem* perform to *cough* entertain you all. 😛

    208. Lesley-Anne says:

      The No Borders N.H.S. video has now been reworked and is, apparently, ready for re-release. 😛

    209. Thepnr says:


      I’m in awe of the people that make this stuff. Thanks for the link, get it over tomorrow morning on the first post. Sure the Rev will be happy with that,

    210. CameronB Brodie says:

      I don’t want to stir things up again and hope folk will keep their eyes on the prize, but

      Schrodingers Cat
      I liked your fat 2s but I don’t think your comment to faeriefaetheearth was necessary, kind or helpful. Liked your suggestion of a seance over on VNB though.

      Grouse Beater
      Please see above.

    211. CameronB Brodie says:

      Still wondering what that nasty smell is? Sorry if already posted.

    212. john king says:

      Taysideterrier says
      “Is it just me that sees that?
      Off to get ma coat”

      Tak yer coat aff yer gaun naewhere,
      I agree its a clear case of projection (see what I did there) so they get to claim we’re the one’s closing down the debate.

      Schrodingers cat says
      (and he should know)
      “alternatively we could all meet up on the vote nob orders blog site, form a circle, hold hands and try and contact the living”

      He’s not dead, look

      Xsticks says
      ” (note to self: try and get there before the bus or it’ll take forever to get served at the bar!)”

      Aye ye ke ken whit they Dundee fairies are like,
      they’ll drink the bar dry,
      (nae offence Thpnr 🙂
      (I really hope that isn’t just a Fife term)

      CameronB says
      ” I don’t think your comment to faeriefaetheearth was necessary, ”

      Seconded Cameron

    213. DrManhattan says:

      You know, regardless of the result in September, someone should really publish a book of the numerous false and alarming scare stories the network of the NO campaign has come up with, well, since the Union! And there’s a helluva lot of material being handed to us right now.

    214. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Ladies, gentlemen, and assorted folks who, like me, fit in neither category, I am faintly amazed this morning.

      BBC Scotland webpage has picked up and run with Vote No Borders trying to misdirect the Scottish public about the use of cross border health services with specific reference to this advert.

      They have the direct quote from Great Ormond Street and pointed out that ‘we contacted Vote No Borders for a comment but as yet no one has responded to our request.’

      Strange days at BBC Scotland.

    215. Dorothy Devine says:

      And the GOSH story is still there at 10.25 Gosh!

    216. Vestas says:

      Not really Peter, its the 30th May so now they have to pretend to be unbiased until voting day.

      We all know that they aren’t unbiased of course – they are diehard unionists so they will screw up. My hope is that Salmond has something extremely nasty waiting for them when they do 🙂

    217. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Aye, I know that they have to appear to be unbiased from today, but this is smack in your face change of course.

      I’m pretty sure they could give a clear impression of impartiality without directly attacking the tactics of the No campaign. They’ve been doing ‘BBC Impartiality’ for decades.

      Of course, you’re right. They’re doing this purely because they’re now under election period legislation and forced to be impartial, but I still find it a faintly stunning article to start off with.

      I am highly inclined to believe that Eck has something tucked up his sleeve. I would not play poker with that man. If he doesn’t have something up his sleeve it harms him in no way to have everyone believing he does. If he does it’s going to be fun to watch.

      I reckon that his recent blast against the BBC during an interview with them is the first salvo of the opening campaign front. Make no mistake; there are no guns involved, but this should be considered war. As evidenced by VNB all options for misdirection, lies and propaganda will be deployed by, certainly, the No campaign and, since I’m being honest, the Yes campaign as well. Just to clarify that, of course, lies and misdirection are all the No campaign has to work with.

      Yes Scotland has a whole ream of facts and figures to hit them with before any lies appear.

    218. ryan says:

      As a NO voter, even I am a bit pi##ed off with that advert. Pretty low.

    219. Protect our NHS(Scotland) from Lamont and Sarwar.

      Last night I watched the Michael Moore documentary -” SICKO”-
      about the Health System or lack thereof in America.

      Every Scot must view this horror story when the labour party,tories and their puppets – libdems – have Privatised half a dozen Hospitals in England.

      New Labour`s ” Private Finance Initiative ” (PFI) – Brown and Darling`s beautiful baby – led the charge that forced NHS Hospitals into bankruptcy, and Hospitals CLOSED.

      Michael Moore was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, and it just so happens that Wings over Scotland has many Michiganders who support and raise awareness about our struggle for INDEPENDENCE.
      We are not alone.

      “SICKO” – Written, produced and directed by Moore took a dozen seriously sick Americans to ” GITMO “,where Al-qaeda and Taliban terrorists get Free medical and dental care that is paid for by American taxpayers – the sick guys who are with Michael Moore.


      They went next door and were welcomed into the Free Health Care System in CUBA, where one of the poorest islands on the planet supplied Free Medicines and Hospital Treatments to sick Americans.

      Johann Lamont and Annas Sarwar should be bolted to cinema seats, have their eyelids taped to their sloping foreheads and forced to watch ” SICKO ”

      Lamont and Sarwar betray our forefathers who created and funded the NHS in a selfless act in social reform in 1948.

    220. rab_the_doubter says:

      Is it just possible that, maybe, potentially, the BBC are going to start playing by the rules? Or is the person who wrote this up about to be ‘re-deployed?

      Advert pulled over hospital claim

    221. Vestas says:

      Dream on Rab.

      Why should the BBC “play by the rules” when the “BBC Trust” is the arbiter of whether they have broken the rules?

      The BBC needs breaking up, licence fee gone & in the case of BBC Scotland closed down completely. The staff can go work for BBC England which is where their unionist beliefs belong or they can reapply for their existing jobs – I wouldn’t expect any of the “journalists” to be re-employed under any circumstances though.

      Seriously people, if the vote is Yes then BBC Scotland has to be completely dismantled. We simply cannot permit the lying scum there to continue spouting their lies, there has to be consequences to the action these people have chosen to take.

    222. No says:

      Interesting how this piece doesn’t mention that ALL referendum adverts are banned from cinemas. Including those from the separatists.

    223. Claire Milne says:

      Having seen the advert and read the comments, here is some information that might be helpful but not welcome here.

      Legally, Great 0rmond St have authority over use of their name. No institution wants controversial press so will act to prevent it. The letter for Great 0rmond street confirms exactly what the advert says – that Great ormond st has arrangements with other European hospitals as it is a European specialist institution. Patients from its own nation get priority on beds. That will not include Scottish patients following independance. Scottish patients will have the same access as other European nations ie non-priority access.

      In addition, NHS doctors (with whom I work and live) are predict that if Scotland becomes independant there will be a high number of young but well trained doctors in training who will relocate to ENgland-Wales (Right now the NHS has national training for doctors based divided regionally and Scotland is one administrative area of that) The reason for this is that countries with a bigger population treat a higher volume of cases which means that doctors in training get more exposure to more ill patients in their specialism. For population reasons alone England-Wales will have better training programmes for doctors than Scotland until the Scottish NHS gets reorganised which will take at least 3-5 years – that is a whole medical degree worth of time and trainee doctors competing for the opportunity to get the best training which makes them most employable after will select themselves into the England-Wales scheme which has higher numbers of the good training opportunities. of course some doctors will not do that. But listening daily to trainee doctors discuss this, they all take it as a fact that the will be professionally better off in England-Wales training conditions if they have to make a choice.

    224. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Legally, Great 0rmond St have authority over use of their name. No institution wants controversial press so will act to prevent it. The letter for Great 0rmond street confirms exactly what the advert says – that Great ormond st has arrangements with other European hospitals as it is a European specialist institution.”

      If they’re just acting to protect the use of their trademark, why did they say the ad was, quote, “very misleading”?

      “Patients from its own nation get priority on beds. That will not include Scottish patients following independance.”

      That’s absolutely true. Unfortunately for you, it’s also true right now, not just “after independance [sic]”. Scottish patients are ALREADY foreign to Great Ormond Street Hospital, because Scotland isn’t England, and England – not the UK – is GOSH’s “nation”. That’s why, and let me know if I need to say this any more slowly for you, Great Ormond St is a part of something called NHS ENGLAND, not “NHS UK”.

      That, of course, is because there’s no such thing as “NHS UK”. In healthcare terms, England and Scotland are foreign to each other, always have been, and will be whether Scotland votes Yes or No.

    225. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Interesting how this piece doesn’t mention that ALL referendum adverts are banned from cinemas. Including those from the separatists.”

      Except in the second paragraph, of course, where it links to a story pointing out exactly that. Try harder, troll.

    226. wee e says:

      (Right now the NHS has national training for doctors based divided regionally and Scotland is one administrative area of that)
      1. There is no “the NHS”
      2. Scotland’s health service is NOT an “administrative area” or a region of some uber-UK NHS.
      3. Scotland’s health service was remaned NHS Scotland by Blair to efface this very point! It pre-dates the NHS, in fact: It is and always has been a totally separate entity.
      4. It is totally funded by and solely responsible to the Scottish government.

      England’s NHS regularly send platoons of young doctors up to Scotland for training in the things that hospitals here excel in. RECIPROCAL: does what it says on the tin.

    227. wee e says:

      @wantonwampum. Are you for real? No offence, mate, but you sound almost like an Atlantic Bridge intern’s fantasy nationalist.

    228. bigGpolmont says:

      Anyone notice that poor wee Gary is about to lose his job at the BBC? and after them bringing Naughty and Smith all the way up from London. He cannot even get the job hosting the weakest link that’s been taken by an Australian. I never like it when anyone loses their job ( been there )But if someone has to perhaps this will make him and his workmates think about the union dividend. On the even better news front it looks like they might strike over this which will take lord haw haw and his fellow propagandists off air for a while might make listeners seek other news outlets

    229. Krackerman says:

      BBC’s doing a propoganda number on Independence again – sent wee Steph to Edinburgh to talk to a few interested people – all unionists all telling us how important finance is to Edinburgh and how it’s seen as one integrated whole with London and “not separate”… message not very well hidden is “look how much you benefit from London and how much you have to lose!”


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