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Tyre-kickers and time-wasters

Posted on January 16, 2013 by

We can’t even be bothered linking to Brian Wilson‘s latest load of “will-this-do?” money for old rope in The Scotsman. We also can’t be bothered refuting any of its infantile, defamatory lies, which would all embarrass any grown-up newspaper that retained a shred of pride in its content. And we’re not going to occupy any more of our valuable time demolishing the central argument, when Brian has so helpfully done it for us himself right in the middle of his own article.

“Shetland has the right to go it alone”

“There is little evidence that Shetland particularly wants to be independent”

There is? That’s that all sorted out, then. We’ve got a long queue of drivelling eejits to deal with today, Brian – have a lollipop and move along, there’s a good wee lad.

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    15 to “Tyre-kickers and time-wasters”

    1. Seasick Dave says:

      Do you mean this Brian Wilson? 

      “Havana Energy’s partnership with Cuba aims to develop the country’s renewable energy resources and contribute to its economic well-being, energy self-sufficiency and environmental objectives. I look forward to a long and successful relationship.” 

    2. Doug Daniel says:

      “We’ve got a long queue of drivelling eejits to deal with today”

      I’m guessing every one of them spoke in the House of Commons yesterday in that affront to democracy…?

    3. Craig P says:

      More chance of gaining Berwick than losing Shetland – though I believe all the island areas will thrive with greater autonomy. In fact almost everywhere will. I am hoping for a grassroots local government revolution come independence day!

    4. ianbrotherhood says:

      The Gandhi quote on the right is worth looking at every now and then – we seem to be past the ‘ignore’ and ‘laughing’ stages, and they’ve now come to fight. On the basis of what we heard yesterday, bookies will surely be rejigging the odds.

    5. Luigi says:

      Craig P,
      How right you are. Berwick is not properly part oi England, only administered by England under an ancient agreement.

    6. Silverytay says:

      Luigi    Hazel Lewry had an interesting article in newsnetscotland on friday 26th August 2011 .
      According to Hazel Berwick was annexed to England in 1746 , prior to that it was seemingly an independent city state . In the same article she states that people north of Berwick are still Scots and it would only take one person to demand what we in Scotland take for granted i.e . free prescriptions etc to open a whole can of worms .

    7. Luigi says:

      I do not think that Berwick was ever fully absorbed by England. For example, there was an interesting article a few years back about how Berwick was still technically at war with Russia. This indicates that Berwick’s position in the UK remains unclear. Since Berwick is neither Scottish nor English, and both Scottish and English at the same time, then surely if the act of union is dissolved, the people of Berwick should be given the opportunity whether they want to be part of rUK, part of an independent Scotland, or a continued special arrangement. Whatever the people of Berwick decide, Scotland will respect them.

    8. naebd says:

      When it comes to annexing territory according to plebiscites, I’d rather not. We’d keep East Lothian and the good bits of Edinburgh against their will but not get  Berwick? Fair trade.

    9. McHaggis says:

      I note The Guardian is reporting on the death of The Scotsman.

    10. Silverytay says:

      Luigi   Sorry for the delay in getting back to you .    According to the hazel Lewry article the mayor of Berwick and a soviet diplomat signed a peace agreement in 1966 .  My view would be that as the unionists broke an internationally recognised agreement by annexing Berwick the treaty of union would be null and void but then again the unionists have been shafting Scotland since before the ink on the treaty of union was dry and they continue to do so to this day .  If my memory serves me right there was an unofficial referendum in Berwick a couple of years back where they voted to rejoin Scotland . 

    11. Luigi says:

      Perhaps Brian Wilson should start his own “Wings over Shetland” blog.

    12. Angus McLellan says:

      Derek Bateman did an interview on Newsweek Scotland with Sandy Cluness, a senior Lib Dem on Shetland Council. This is how the interview went:
      Newsweek 24 March 2012 @18:27

      Sandy Cluness: As far as I am concerned, the relationship which we’ve had with Alex Salmond’s government in the past few years has been quite a good one. It has been a situation where we could get direct contact with ministers if required. So I know that they did create the Christie Commission, and to that commission we make submissions to the effect that the future governance of local authorities like our should be looked at.

      Derek Bateman: We got a statement on this from Alistair Carmichael’s office on this, the MP [for Orkney and Shetland] … He says that in the last four years powers have been stripped away from local communities by the Scottish government.

      Sandy Cluness: I wouldn’t agree with that. I haven’t been conscious of that happening at all. What has happened is that certainly areas like police and fire have been moved away from a regional system and I don’t think that is a bad thing at all if greater control is given to local areas.

    13. Morag says:

      There’s a perfectly simple answer to all this.  If Shetland and/or Orkney (or the Wee Cumbrae for that matter) wants to be independent, then let them found an independence-supporting party, work away at getting votes, and eventually return sufficient representatives or sufficiently pressurise the country as a whole to secure a devolved assembly.  Then get sufficient support in that devolved assembly to organise an independence referendum.  Then win it.

      That’s what we’re doing.  Takes a while, and you have to take a lot of flak along the way.  Why would anyone imagine any group would simply be handed independence without doing the legwork, or even showing any particular sign they want it?

    14. Holebender says:

      The Northern Isles are part of the UK because they are Scottish, and were so in 1707. They joined the union with Scotland and they will leave the union on that basis. If they want to become independent from Scotland after Scotland becomes independent, more power to them. Let them make their arguments and hold a referendum. That’s democracy.
      What is not democracy is unionist cherry-picking which tries to partition Scotland on the basis of how any particular area votes in the referendum. What if my street votes for independence but the next street over doesn’t? Will my village be partitioned? What if my next-door neighbour votes NO? Will our garden fence become an international border?
      And why don’t the unionists want the Hebrides? (If they had an ounce of sense they’d realise there’s lots of potential for oil off the west of the Hebrides, but they only ever cite Orkney & Shetland (and maybe Rockall).)

    15. Adrian B says:


      If Lord Steele votes no and his wife votes YES, as she has indicated she might, then Aikwood tower would possibly need to have international borders down the middle of the master Bedroom? Passport control?

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