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Trust me, I’m a liar

Posted on February 13, 2012 by

This is Scottish Secretary Michael Moore in The Times (Saturday 11th February 2012, paywall link), in an interview widely interpreted as a pledge to move forward with greater devolution for Scotland should the country vote No to independence in 2014:

“The central point is to let Scotland decide whether it’s part of the part of the United Kingdom or not.  I’m confident it will say ‘we are’. Then we can work through the detail of what the next stages of devolution will be… The referendum is the start of the conversation, not the end.”

This, on the other hand, is Scottish Secretary Michael Moore, quoted by the Telegraph on the 22nd of December 2010 on the subject of the coalition government:

“Tuition fees [are] the biggest, ugliest, most horrific thing in all of this. I signed a pledge that promised not to do this. I’ve just done the worst crime a politician can commit, the reason most folk distrust us as a breed. I’ve had to break a pledge and very, very publicly, in what is a car crash, train wreck, whatever metaphor one wishes to put in terms of the politics of this, and it is deeply damaging to my party, to me individually and lots of others.”

Far be it from us to suggest that Mr Moore’s promises literally aren’t worth the paper they’re signed on. We don’t need to, because he’s just told you that himself. You’ll have to make your own mind up how far you trust him to deliver more powers to the Scottish Parliament if you decide to leave those powers in the hands of Westminster.

But when you’re doing that, be crystal clear on how things will stand in 2014 – a No vote is a vote for the status quo. Anything after that depends on the honesty of liars.

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7 to “Trust me, I’m a liar”

  1. Jen

    I think people have seriously lost confidence in the lib dems as a political party.  Letting the students down in the way they did for power and a seat at the goverment table.   To believe in jam tomorrow is the biggest mistake the Scottish electorate can make as none of the parties will deliver.  Histroy shows that very well.

  2. RevStu

    It would be insane to believe it. Ruth Davidson has already said that the Tory position is "No more powers at all". The Lib Dems aren't going to be within a million miles of power for a generation. So it's all down to Labour, their ability to win an election in England, and Scottish Labour's ability to actually decide what its policy on devolution is – particularly, what powers they want to hand to Holyrood if the SNP is still in power. And if you're prepared to entrust your country's future to any of those things, you deserve what you get.

  3. An Duine Gruamach

    New headline: "Yes vote would win Scots all tax powers".  Hmmm.
    Does anyone honestly think that London would ever devolve so much as control over toothpicks if the nuclear option of independence wasn't there?

  4. Shodan

    Everything you are saying makes sense, Stu, but it is hard not to expect the worst or believe that something like this could ever happen even if it seems like it is in reach. It's like winning the lottery. You don't really expect to win the jackpot with every ticket…

    Mind, it's not like there haven't been many attempts before now, so it's got to be our time to win through. Hopefully people don't squander this chance due to fear or ignorance and vote "no".
    I also hope that everyone  understands that there certainly will be consequences to a "no" vote if they end up going that way in majority. It won't be status quo or blow over. They will certainly start stripping powers and changing the rules over these things, just in case. There's no way the Scottish public or independence movement will get a chance to work from where they are now again in even another generation as so much will be changed before then to scupper it. People shouldn't think of the "yes" being the only one with consequences or changes.

  5. Shodan

    I also expect them to be jeering and taking full advantage to strip Scotland bare for a generation, secure in the knowledege they can keep pointing to the results of the vote to back them up. It will be brutal.

  6. I can agree with almost all that has been written.I fear a no vote by trickery,like last time,just how they are going to do it is the big question.Really please don't blow it as I don't think I'll last another 30 years or so.

  7. Jen

    I agree with many commenters here.  A no vote is invitation to remove free education, privatise the NHS and ensure econonic hell for those residing in Sccotland for the next 60 years or more. 
    This is our chance.  Hail alba

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