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Through the fresh looking glass

Posted on November 06, 2015 by

It’s been such an exciting, action-packed week for Scottish Labour since a dynamic and thrusting PPB launched the 2015 branch-office conference that we worried there might be a danger people had forgotten it already. So we’ve brought it back for a curtain call, in a version a bit more appropriate for what remains of their core vote.

Never mind the zeitgeist, feel the width.

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    1. 06 11 15 22:43

      Through the fresh looking glass | Speymouth

    75 to “Through the fresh looking glass”

    1. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      Well I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything quite like that in my life 😉

    2. Dinnatouch says:

      Yakkety Sax might have been more appropriate.

    3. Thepnr says:

      You are on a roll!

      What a perfect end to a perfect day. Well done Rev, well done Lindsay and well done Wingers BTL.

    4. UncleBob says:

      Is that the music they chose or has it been added????

      Sorry I’m not up on Labour strategy at the moment!!!!

    5. Glamaig says:

      Superb! takes me right back to play-school. Love the wee shake of the word ‘shaking’!

      And I spotted a cheeky wee ‘genertion’ in there too 😀

    6. Lollysmum says:

      Err wasn’t that the theme tune to Steptoe & Son? The rag & bone man ‘You dirty old man’ as Harold used to say.

      Actually it’s rather appropriate for a Labour party Political Broadcast 🙂

      Good work Stu

    7. Bob Sinclair says:

      This will be talked about for Genertaions.

    8. Robert Peffers says:

      I can’t argue with that!

      Well I could, but I’m not damned well going to.

    9. Clootie says:


      What can you add to that!

    10. frogesque says:

      Doctor . . . my brain . . . hurts.

    11. SonOfAGunn says:

      Fundilymundily flawed.

    12. yesindyref2 says:

      Tell you one thing, if Scottish Labour could get the one on the bottom left to talk for them, we’d be doomed.

    13. heedtracker says:

      So bad it’s makes me want to start self harming. It should be in the Simpsons or Family Guy.

    14. Glamaig says:

      Careful Stu, you might get a job offer from Kez.

    15. David says:

      That Kezia really lights my fire…

      For youngsters out there, Rev has added the theme music from 1960’s sitcom “Steptoe and Son” to the Labour video. However…

      …during the week he posted a Youtube clip on his Twitter page, with a totally bonkers but oddly ‘right’ mix-up of the “Steptoe & Son” theme with Jim Morrison of The Doors singing “Light my Fire”.

      Treat yourselves to this cultural collage:

      P.S. The Doors had another suitable song for Labour in Scotland – “The End”.(Just like Slab it goes on forever.)

    16. Patrician says:

      I had avoided watching this all week, life is too short to be bothering with this. Now having watched it, all I can say is, I thought I had suffered through all the possible variations of PowerPoint but a PPB by PowerPoint is a new low. I hope they had an intern do this during their summer work placement as surely no one could have paid money for this to be produced. It is as if they have been watching the opening titles for any number of 1960’s US Sci-Fi programmes.

      They obviously have never heard the best advice for these types of presentations “Less is more”; so it is easy to see how they missed the spelling mistakes as the words are bouncing about, using every animation function they could find on Powerpoint.

    17. ClanDonald says:

      Are you not fed up ridiculing these hapless diddies yet?

      Nah? Me neither 😀

    18. Jim Davidson says:

      From roses tickets to penguin dduvets, then supper at Anderson. Now this, its been a grand Friday. There’s a Doors-light my faire, Steptoe remix on uchoob.

    19. Robert Peffers says:


      I posted this at the end of the last thread but think it may interest a few readers.

      While we are on about the GER’s figures I thought some would be interested in what the actual Barnett Formula’s workings are. I was clearing out my folder of notes and came across this description from when I was researching the subject. Fear not it is in plain English for those like myself with modest maths skills.

      The formula uses these figures: –

      (1) – The, “population proportions”, of, (in this order of who has the most devolved functions), N.I, Scotland and Wales compared to that of England.

      (2) – It multiplies this figure by the, “Comparability Percentage”, i.e. the different devolved functions of each devolved administration.

      (3) – Then multiplies that by the English, (a.k.a. United Kingdom), total, “Change of spend”, (a.k.a. Barnett Consequentials), in England.

      The worked total gives the individual Block Grants allocation to, respectively, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales as Northern Ireland, (not Scotland), has most devolved functions with Wales the least.

      It is not exactly rocket Science nor as totally un-understandable as they would have us believe.

      In spite of the contentious complaining whine, emanating from deepest Englandshire and always loudest from London, the truth remains that, if the Establishment had not attempted to be too clever by half, and had split the former bipartite union of kingdom into four countries each with the same devolved functions there would be no need for complicated formulae nor lying claims of unfairness.

      Of course it would also have meant the total abolition of Establishment Ministries except for Defence and Foreign Office and each of the four countries with Full Fiscal Autonomy and the Top Level Establishment Troughers having their greedy snouts surgically removed from the trough, (and we couldn’t have that now, could we?

    20. Free Scotland says:

      Darling, Brown, Lamont, Murphy, Dugdale, Baillie, McTernan and an unemployed tuba enthusiast – THE FORGOTTEN GENER-TAI-ON.

    21. Golfnut says:

      My eyes hurt.

      It might be better played backwards.

    22. Morag says:

      Oh, my aching sides. That’s MASSIVELY better than the original.

    23. That music is so fitting.

      For those not acquaint with Steptoe and Son a small snippet.

    24. skozra says:

      LOL ! The Rev *for the win* !!! 🙂

    25. Cadogan Enright says:

      You have convinced me. What an improvement to the SLAB promo

      SLAB are sincere about Trident, they will easily over-rule their fellow Red and Blue Tories in Westmonster.

      They will totally reverse any SNP BAD cuts on Air Tax which will obviously give them £500 m pa in new money to spend on reversing tax credit cuts in Scotland. All those years I have wasted as a Chartered Accountant.

      Why did I not see this before. I will have to start paying my BBC licence

    26. velofello says:

      Its been a long day, I’m tired.The SNP surely didn’t produce this, Alex Salmond always said to give out a positive message? Not the SNP?

      Nah, your kidding, they’re no that daft… are they?

    27. Iain says:

      We are going to win, make it happen in May.
      Vote Snp,Snp

    28. West_Lothian_Questioner says:

      I keep hearing….. The Benny Hill Show music.. for the chase scene at the end…..

    29. yesindyref2 says:

      It’s the timing of cassetteboy!

    30. Free Scotland says:

      As with most of labour’s deceptions, they think if they run them past you quickly enough you won’t spot the flaws.

    31. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Rev Stu,

      That is not fair – you could at least have fixed their “genertaion” spelling mistake?

      The first spelling mistake I have seen on Wings which is pretty remarkable.
      Well I thought I spotted one a couple of months ago but by the time I checked you had fixed it!

    32. Paula Rose says:

      And I actually thought Wings could not get any better!

    33. CameronB Brodie says:


      There’s a rather appropriate episode of “Steptoe and son” on youtube, “Divided we stand”. I’ll not post the full link. 😉


    34. Les Wilson says:

      Kezie’s shadow figure is reduced a bit was well.
      The power point has no power at all, but I have to proclaim-
      Ha Ha Ha!

    35. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      @Paula Rose,

      A great week on Wings and up next week is the Carmichael frenchgate case. It is only going to get better!

      Yeah – come on the Orkney 4!

    36. Iain says:

      No doubt we are all up for execution if mi 5 or mi 6 can get away with it. It’s all down us.

    37. JLT says:

      I had to stop halfway through.

      Kezia’s ‘pearls of wisdom’ were beginning to empty my brain and it really began to hurt…

      Please don’t do that again.

    38. scottieDog says:

      “You dirty old man”
      Could apply to a number of Lab MPS

    39. mealer says:

      Remind me.Who did they stand with? That’s right.And it will be remembered for generooroos to come.

    40. Iona says:

      Totally perfect accompaniment. ?

    41. John grant says:

      Fuck me I nearly died of embarrassment watching that

    42. Marco McGinty says:

      “I will work night and day to ensure that the government in Edinburgh has the opposition it deserves and the people of Scotland need.”

      I could be wrong here, but surely as a leader of one of the opposition parties, she should be aiming to become First Minister?

      If she’s not First Minister, then how will she be able deal with the APD issue?

      I don’t think she’s thought it through!

    43. Tam McSporran says:

      All across Scotland, nothing was stirring, with the exception of epileptics fitting after watching that psychedelic waste of time, money and space. It’s rare that I’m actually speechless. Complete unintelligible rubbish.

    44. David Wallace says:

      Kezian logic: my parents were teachers so I am passionate about Education.

      Victoria Beckham played a sperm on roller skates for a BBC sex education show. Where does that leave poor Brooklyn & Romeo?

    45. Bob Mack says:

      That’s the problem with political jokes Rev —- They often get elected!!!

    46. K1 says:

      James Kelly’s fundraiser is doing really well, just over 900 quid to get him there. Let’s get this oot the way fur him 🙂

    47. mike cassidy says:

      Like, wow, man!

      So now we know where all the bad acid from the Woodstock festival ended up.

    48. Ruby says:

      Kezia really inspires people to be more creative.

    49. ScottieDog says:

      Under slab of course all kids in education will be above average. All 110%..

    50. Chic McGregor says:

      Careful! the one thing that could get Kezia elected, is public sympathy if they feel she is being too ridiculed.

      Think X Factor and Strictly. S’all I’m sayin’.

    51. Bittie Glakit says:

      Here is Kezia indicating the width!    

    52. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Happy Birthday – Wings over Scotland!

      4 years old and now the most important political website in Scotland.

      All the best Rev Stu and his merry band of Alert Readers.

      Onwards and upwards towards a Free Independent Scotland.:-):-):-)

    53. schrodingers cat says:

      Marco McGinty says:

      “I will work night and day to ensure that the government in Edinburgh has the opposition it deserves and the people of Scotland need.”

      yep, noticed that as well, down grading their expectations

    54. Morag says:

      The first spelling mistake I have seen on Wings which is pretty remarkable.
      Well I thought I spotted one a couple of months ago but by the time I checked you had fixed it!

      There’s still one in Lindsay’s magnum opus, but it’s in French.

    55. No no no...Yes says:

      Ah, the theme from Steptoe and son, memories of halycon days of black and white TV and a Labour Party that had some ambition.

      Fast forward to 2015 and the post Murphy offering of visionary leadership from Kez Dugdale and her acceptance that the end is nigh.

      The giveaway of this masterful strategy is a killer line in this video-from 38 seconds in:
      “I will work night and day to ensure that the government in Edinburgh has
      the opposition it deserves”

      Wow, just wow, that will get the activists fair bursting with enthusiasm.

    56. Andrew McLean says:

      Ok it’s late, and I can’t find my specs again!

      But I had to give up watching this pish cos if your whole argument is you want to be the opposition, always the bridesmaid never the bride, the critic never the creator then quite frankly and apologies but fuck off critics are ten a penny, get another job!

      Why do the left in Scotland fell so bereft of talent! Really what’s the frigin problem! In London tonight they were burning polis cars, in left wind Scotland they where asking for help with there sums! FFS,

    57. Dr Jim says:

      Aand In Third Place

    58. Robert Louis says:

      Happy Birthday to wings, happy birthday to wings, happy birthday dear wings, happy birthday to wings.

      You are 4 🙂

      Hard to believe. Well done Rev stu – I think it is fair to say, this site is the one that unionists, including the propagandist BBC’s very own Andrew Neil now fear.

      Meanwhile, a project that is worth supporting, as pointed out by Cadogan enright above;

    59. Robert Louis says:

      An interesting story from Cornwall. Interesting to see if the brit nat unionists will start wailing about Cornish road signs in the same stupid way they do about Gaelic road signs.

      Isn’t it interesting that people in Cornwall can take pride in their culture, yet here in Scotland, any mention of Gaelic, is met with a barrage of moronic ill-informed people, who wish to deny their own cultural heritage due to their Scottish cringe.

      Funding for Cornish comes from Westminster, apparently.

    60. Socrates MacSporran says:

      There is but one response to that SLAB PPB:

      AYE RIGHT!!

    61. Marie Clark says:

      Socrates MacSporran @ 4.07, well said sir. AYE RIGHT!! is indeed the answer to Slab PPB.

      I think perhaps that is the response of most of us in Scotland. Roll on May 2016.

    62. DerekM says:

      ooft warning do not watch if you were partaking in a wee dram last night ,made me queasy watching that,which bright spark(not)in the Labour echelons of stupidity came up with that one.

      Nice wee change of sound track Rev and somehow seems more fitting lol

    63. Nana says:

      O/T links

      Not much mention of the snp in this considering their input was fantastic, especially Dr Philippa…

      Fury in Parliament as Tory minister kills off law to give cancer patients cheap life-saving drugs

      DWP Staff Pocketed Almost Half Of A £90million Bureaucrat ‘Bonus Bonanza’ Paid Out By The Government Last Year

    64. JBS says:

      “My passion is for change”. Vacuous corporate-speak. Ugh.

    65. Dr Ew says:

      Was hoping Kez would enter the stage wearing a Union Jack-jacket and smash everything up at the end of her speech.

    66. Swiss Perspective says:

      United we stand against sin.

      In fact let’s have referendum against it!

    67. Grouse Beater says:

      “My passion is for change”.

      Fair enough.
      She needs some to feed parking meters and to get her trolley at Sainsburys.

    68. Macart says:

      Oh, that’s brilliant! 😀

    69. Haggis Hunter says:

      Like that bit, Genertaion, her parents being Teachers winnae be overly impressed though.

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