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Freudian slippage

Posted on February 17, 2021 by

Yeah, that sounds about right.

(Thanks to an alert reader for that one.)

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    173 to “Freudian slippage”

    1. LaingB French says:


    2. Liz g says:

      Is no one tell them this is a vote loser?

    3. Alan Mackintosh says:

      So is she on a BAM list in her area or is it the disabled one. Has she indicated whether she has a list-jumping disability yet? Perhaps given the above highlight, it might be dyslexia…?

      And no, I’m not being dis-ablist…

    4. I liked Scotland better when it wasn’t trying to be white middle class America.

      Writer friend of mine just referred to S——n as “the Nurse Ratchett of Holyrood,” in an email to me. Sounds like a fair analogy.

    5. Lollysmum says:

      Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Its bad when they can’t get the basics right.

    6. Kenny says:

      Jeezus – any old bampot can be let loose on Scots lol.

      Good to see you kicking their daft, stupid arses again, Stuart – we’re DAMN LUCKY to have you, dude.

    7. Eileen Carson says:

      Ha! ha! ha! I think she will be Oot the Windae

    8. The world recently has turned upside doon!

    9. Caroline Wilson says:

      Oops, or on second thoughts, perhaps we should applaud her honesty?

    10. Stephen P says:

      “not up for debate”. Another choice phrase.

    11. Margaret Lindsay says:

      I did ask her about the absence of the word independence in her wee post, but as usual…tumbleweed.

    12. Wee Chid says:

      Alan Mackintosh says:
      17 February, 2021 at 1:58 pm
      “So is she on a BAM list in her area or is it the disabled one.”
      I think she was going for the disablest list – not sure on what grounds but it may have been dyslexia- judging by the statement.
      Don’t think she has much of a chance though.


    13. Republicofscotland says:

      I see the vile and ultra woke Kirsty Blackman, on Hagmann’s Twitter feed stating that she hopes all SNP List candidates will sign the pledge.

      Another very good reason not to give your List vote to the SNP, it would be doubly wasted on this lot. No give your List vote to the ISP or the AFI, but not to the ultra woke Greens, they are unelectable at the moment.

    14. robertknight says:

      Not getting my vote.


    15. Denise says:

      ‘Not up for debate’ ….. ..
      How on earth have we ended up with such truly awful candidates

    16. Captain Yossarian says:

      Aye – and when elected she’ll want a job as a Minister, just like Humza’s wife. Much better than working in a call-centre or a canteen.

    17. Skip_NC says:

      This is what happens when you try to do something too quickly, probably on a mobile device, and don’t ask anyone to check it for you.

      My wife is a nurse. I am a tax practitioner. We know nothing much about each other’s fields. However, we always got each other to proof-read our college papers for grammar/spelling and readability.

      Is this person already in politics, perhaps as a councillor? If not, on the evidence presented, she is not yet ready to take an elected role. Attention to minor details and having the instinct to step back and look at the whole picture are essential skills in any politician’s armoury.

    18. SilverDarling says:

      What’s the quote?

      “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”

    19. blackhack says:

      Nothing like these young uns telling it like it is……

    20. A Person says:

      I mean, really, is this the whole manifesto? I thought nothing would shock me anymore about the SNP but a candidate whose sole policy position, at a time of national crisis, is “ I support trans rights”, and simply expecting that to convince everyone? They think that that’s all they need to say?

    21. kapelmeister says:

      “Sorry, we’re all out of indy. Have you tried Woolworths?”

    22. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “They think that that’s all they need to say?”

      I suspect you’ll find this person will be claiming to have a disability, so they don’t actually need any votes, so they’re not bothered about whether their pitch generates any.

    23. A Person – “I support trans rights” is all you have to say…to a small subsection of the populace to get their vote and support. It’s the 21st century equivalent if “whit fit dae ye kick wi?”

    24. Republicofscotland says:

      From this it appears that Blackman will publish a list of those potential candidates on the SNP List vote, in a few days, who have and have not signed the wokie pledge.

      I’d imagine its to put pressure on those who haven’t signed it by then, and a concerted campaign can begin to have them deselected if they fail to do so.

      Once again we must not give the SNP our List votes, give them to the ISP or AFI, a List vote given to the SNP is a wasted vote by all accounts.

    25. Josef Ó Luain says:

      Out of Diligence, more like. SNP, hidden in lower-case. Oh, dear.

    26. Cath says:

      “I firmly believe that human rights apply to all and this is not up for debate”

      I’m honestly, genuinely struggling to imagine who is arguing with the statement “human rights apply to all”.

      Or wait, looking at the declaration of human rights, maybe I’m not struggling quite so much as they include:

      The right to a fair trial.
      The right to life, liberty, and personal security.
      Freedom of belief and religion.
      Freedom of opinion.
      The right to equality before the law.
      The right to privacy.
      Innocent until proved guilty

      So yeah, maybe a few people don’t.

    27. It says on her Twitter page that Hagmann is dyslexic.

    28. Louiae says:

      So is anyone who is solely focused on getting independence not welcome in the SNP anymore because that’s what it feels like. I now feel politically homeless. I know I have to now go ISP or AFI but I don’t know which to choose any chance of you doing a piece stu. I especially don’t like that we are now being told reading your blog should be an expulsion offence.

    29. Artur sweet says:

      I would rather vote for Larry Hagman. She could of course easily change to that whenever she wants.

    30. Denise says:

      So another pile on in the off’ing. Wings has criticized a dyslexic candidate

    31. true scot says:

      Sometimes I feel like Rip Van Winkle having just woken up in a changed world. How did this become the norm?
      It’s about to become a hate crime to state that there are two sexes. This governement seems blind to the opportunity this allows for malicious reporting of hate crime – to settle scores, feuding families etc. The police and courts will be flooded – and let’s face it, there are far better things for them to be doing. I respect others and keep my language civil – we need to debate and not argue as a society. But there’s so much anger around this topic it will become off limits, regardless of how politely dissent is expressed. That is state censorship – the state approving what I can believe.

    32. Black Joan says:

      A member of the dyslexic politicians’ party. Freudian slippage probably offered as proof.

      “Katie Hagmann SNP (She/her)
      SNP supporter, independence campaigner, dyslexic politician, local councillor for D&G”

    33. Boaby says:

      The south of Scotland voters need to be reminded of this a week before may 6th.

    34. TJenny says:

      I’ve come to the conclusion the SNP don’t really want to win this election. I wonder if they are getting/been promised funding from big pharma as Jo Swinson did. Not that it did her any good either.

    35. holymacmoses says:

      Obviously having trouble with prepositions these days:-)
      This lot have as much trouble with parts of speech as they do with parts of the body

    36. Anonymoose says:

      These idiots will do and say anything to get time at the trough, I’ve seen even it in action on the SNP’s Highlands & Islands candidate statements for the party list rankings (Yes, I am still a member, I didn’t see the point in resigning when I could still influence the list rankings to keep the wokerati out).

      It’s pathetic that out of all of the selection candidates in the H&I none of the wokists put the very thing they brigade with on social media into their candidate statements, they are not willing to stand behind their science denying beliefs even on internal party rankings, because they know those policies are not popular with the core party membership.

      Instead they pretend they are all pro indy, pro-environment, pro-everything-else, but not one mention of the HCB, GRA, or any of the controversial policies and science denying that they actively campaign for on social media because they know it will cost them their list ranking.

      They are in effect lying to the SNP members about policies they would pursue by not declaring them in their candidate statements all in a bid to get a high enough ranking with the potential to get a seat the trough, a seat to force through policies that will damage the equalities act, women’s rights and in effect damage everyone’s human rights by giving a minority group more rights than everyone else and the shutting down of freedom of speech and thought.

    37. Iain McGillivray says:

      SNP, Simply No Party, left after this lot are done. If I had any choice on the constituency vote it would be anyone but this lot. Sadly, for now there is no yoon-free alternative. List wise it will definitely not be SNP. They can Get Lost for Indy.

    38. wulls says:

      Alan Mackintosh says:
      17 February, 2021 at 1:58 pm
      So is she on a BAM list in her area or is it the disabled one.

      I’m waiting on a Raft of Limping, BAME, Stuttering, Blind, Woke, arseholes who can’t sepl or wreit standing as Candidates.

      Showing integrity and a penchant for independence doesn’t cut it any more

    39. kapelmeister says:

      Her posts on her twitter are all about being passionate about this, that and the other, or else proud about this or that. Passionate and proud, all day long. Bloody endless professions of enthusiasm. Jolly wokey sticks.

    40. Breeks says:

      I am so mightily sick of these inept useless fkers. Honestly, they make Tory creepoids look half way competent, and that is quite an achievement.

      So many strike me as virtually unemployable in any practical kind of way, and I say that as someone who has taken on multiple glakit 16 yr old school leavers and turned them into tradesmen.

      It’s not a ‘youth’thing. Back in 2014 we all had such high expectations. Remember Saffron Dickson anybody? She made your heart soar.

      But can you imagine leaving one of these “not up for debate” Gender Woo-Woo fanatics to look after the office / shop / site for an afternoon? You’d arrive back to find Fawlty Towers breaking out everywhere.

      The prospect of these vacuous, useless, non-entities seeking to become elected MP’s or MSP’s from the age of 12 screams out to me that the entrance requirements for a life in politics are currently set dangerously low. No wonder Scottish politics and local government is such a risible, feckless, shitfest.

      As the saying goes, the problem with political jokes is that they sometimes get elected. Here in Scotland we have a production line banging them out. Absolutely useless with no life skills or integrity? Don’t sit around mumping in despair, put ‘SNP’ on your nametag and fire your snout in the trough.

      How I wish these parasitic opportunists would demonstrate they have just a wee bit integrity, just even just a molecule, then fk off and start their own rainbow-lunatic party, and stop hijacking the important cause of Scottish Independence as their meal ticket. They are destroying us, and condemning Scotland to another era of misery and exploitation.

      Hopefully they’d take the useless Ms Sturgeon and her rotten wee cleek with them, and just fk off permanently before it’s too late for the situation to be redeeemed.

    41. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Simple message to the Scottish Electorate

      Don’t Vote Woke.

      Your welcome.


    42. Camy says:

      TBF I believe she IS Dyslexic

    43. GlenIslay says:

      Obvious political stunt to bag a place on the list is obvious.
      The keep dredging the Mariana trench with how low the bar has been set.

    44. Ian Mac says:

      Even if you are on board with trans rights blah blah, why does it become the centre of everything you are campaigning for? Where is the core message of the SNP? Or is that just a rather minor detail?
      This is just the Trump and Johnson strategy. They provoke culture wars, in order to divide and rule, separating people into tribes whose attitude on one single issue is supposed to stand for a whole range of others you can judge them on. It is a flag raising exercise. If you don’t subscribe to it, you therefore are against human rights, are a bigot, racist blah blah blah. It is a politics of deliberate division and moral grandstanding. Don’t you think people might be more interested in jobs, the economy, transport, energy and independence? Apparently not, because the SNP wouldn’t like to remind people of their record on that, and their poverty of vision on those. Better stick to the self-glorification of how ‘passionate’ they are about one minority’s rights, whatever the impact on others rights.

    45. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Oh dear priorities, priorities.

      The SNP are determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and all that.

      Apart from pursuing vote losing policies, who is she, what has she ever done?

      Surely at times like this competent sensible folk should be selected for such roles.

    46. GlenIslay says:


      We’ve been infiltrated by Lib Dems. This was the kind of stuff they’d peddle. They jumped ship in 2014, sensing that their chances were better in the SNP than in a dying party that had no realistic chance of coming within a whiff of power again.

    47. Breeks says:

      … And she’s South of Scotland! “That” isn’t somebody trying to get a job as kiddies TV presenter, “that” is you’re front line SNP stormtrooper destined take on and defeat the Tories. You could fkg weep.

    48. Wee Chid says:

      Boaby says:
      17 February, 2021 at 2:22 pm

      “The south of Scotland voters need to be reminded of this a week before may 6th.”

      I would imagine the unionists have it in hand – as well as George Galloway, if he ever gets his party registered.

    49. holymacmoses says:

      However Katie’s no slouch .
      She is an elected Councillor for Mid-Galloway and Wigtown West
      At the moment she has three directorships
      Wigtownshire Women’s Aid
      The Southern Uplands Partnership
      Machars Action Limited

      She has a lovely son Olie who is clearly very talented and applies himself because he has just won a scholarship to the Glasgow Conservatoire

      Katie is quoted in the Record:

      Oli’s mum Katie, who is SNP councillor for Mid Galloway, was over the moon when word came through that he had been accepted.

      She said: “It was a tough exam, three pieces to perform, sight reading, aural tests, an interview and a bit of music theory as well.

      “It’s just incredible. It is an amazing opportunity that he has been given. He practices hard and it has paid off. Currently I’m the happiest mum in the world.”
      She added: “It means we’ll have to leave Creetown at 5.45am to catch the train at Ayr for Glasgow. It’s a massive commitment but the opportunity is so incredible it’s worth making it.

      “I’d just like to thank Mr McNab, Creetown Silver Band, Gatehouse head teacher Mr Riley and Mrs Smyth for all their support.”

      Oli will now attend the Conservatoire every Saturday from 8.30am to 5.30pm, September to June, until he is 18.

      Katie said: “Oli was offered free group lessons though Scot Gov Youth Music Initiative where tutors from RCS run a music centre in Dumfries.

      “He was later eligible for free instrumental lessons in P6 as he was on free school meals.

      “Simply, without the free lessons he would not have achieved what he has done.”

    50. Republicofscotland says:

      Its quite alarming to see SNP councillors get behind this wokie pledge, I mean trans issues aren’t even mentioned in what Scots feel need to be seen as priorities.

      1. Economy 52%
      2. Health47%
      3. Brexit 33%
      4. Employment/welfare 32%
      5. Education 26%
      6. Scottish independence 22%
      7. Environment 16%
      8. Housing 16%
      9. Tax & pensions 11%
      10. Immigration 9%

      Courtesy of Chris Musson’s on Twitter.

    51. Neil in Glasgow says:

      Obviously it’s pretty obvious whether someone is BAME but I’d be interested in when the list is finalised if you could do a little comparison, a bit like you did at the weekend, to see what proportion of candidates identify as having a disability and whether it’s far higher than it realistically should be. Although it’ll be unlikely we’ll ever really find out if their place was based on that due to privacy laws. Convenient some might say

    52. Bob Mack says:

      What the hell is going on? Surely this isn’t the best we could put up for election?

      Are there really no sensible folk left to enter politics.

    53. BoredHousewife says:

      Oh fabulous. So my options in the South are voting for a SPAD to NS in the Constituency seat in an attempt to block the wokeists gaining a List seat. Or leaving my Constituency vote blank because enough of the NS clique are already in power and risk these wokeists gaining more List seats.
      I’m actually scunnered with the lot of them now.

    54. TJenny says:

      Surely to goodness if she is dyslexic, someone would have proof read her statement before sending it to the printers. But maybe it was proof read and that is what she wanted to say, that she is out of indy.

    55. Liz says:

      If she is dyslexic you do realise a other pile on will ensue.
      How very dare we mock etc.

      The SNP are becoming more unectable by the day.
      This is not a holiday camp, we need the very best people for the job.

      Truth is, probably every single one of us could claim a disability, the scope is so wide

    56. Interesting article on this worthless yank cancel culture pish. Cancel culture? The yanks never had any to begin with. But their mind rot is coming across here on social media, as usual.

    57. David Duncan says:

      Can somebody explain what happens when trans rights impinge on others’ rights? What happens if someone feels threatened in a private or public space? Whose rights take precedence?

      Does an argument against/questioning of ANY aspect of trans rights make you a transphobe … or is it only an argument against/questioning of certain aspects which would make you one?

      Why would self identification in relation to anything be an acceptable position in a society which aspired to function with a semblance of coherent structure and normality?

      Would it be acceptable for a person to self identify as a trans rights sympathiser even if they held transphobic views?

      Would it be acceptable for a white man to self identify as a BAME woman?

      Would it be acceptable for an ‘Able bodied’ person to self identify as ‘Disabled’ … or vice versa?

      Can a dog self identify as a cat? Is it acceptable for that self identification to be made on the dog’s behalf? If so – by whom?

      Just asking as a ‘friend’ wants to self identify as a fox … or maybe a kangaroo … and wants me to help them do it.

      Just asking …

    58. Captain Yossarian says:

      Cast your mind back a few years and there was a complaint made by alpha-arsehole Pete Wishart about BBC journalist Stephen Daisley.

      Stephen Daisley was effectively hounded-out of his job and was unemployed for years. This seems to be the modus operandii of the SNP these days, doesn’t it?

      He is now working for The Spectator and is helping Fraser Nelson who is helping Andrew Neil to dismantle the Holyrood House of Cards.

      Sturgeon’s coterie of sweetie-wives is up against these three, plus Alex Salmond.

      Personally, I don’t fancy her chances.

    59. kapelmeister says:

      If she’s dyslexic then the local SNP better make sure she doesn’t put Vote for Hangman on her election posters.

    60. James Horace says:

      Craig Murray has been extremely quiet on twitter for the last two days. Has there been news of his verdict?

    61. Wee Chid says:

      David Duncan says:
      17 February, 2021 at 2:55 pm
      “Can somebody explain what happens when trans rights impinge on others’ rights? What happens if someone feels threatened in a private or public space? Whose rights take precedence?”

      Who knows? It’s “not up for debate”, apparently.

    62. holymacmoses says:

      Add to all the hard work the fact that Ms Hagmann is registered disabled. She is a real powerhouse.

    63. Republicofscotland says:

      Bob Mack @2.48pm.

      I believe there are sensible and competent folk still within the SNP, but they are too afraid to speak out, they obviously realise to do so would have serious consequences to their political career, and possibly there’s lives.

      Joanna Cherry has bravely spoken out, the result, she was fired from the front bench, and there’s probably a plan to try and force her out of the SNP, she’s also had many threats against her person two of which Police Scotland saw fit to take action, however as of yet the menacing folk have not been named. One could say that their identities have been kept hidden from the public.

      Who sits on Sturgeon’s cabinet that has that kind of power to wield, I think we all know who it is. So if you speak out, its likely you’ll face the wrath of not just the party but Crown office as well, as Craig Murray and Mark Hirst know all too well.

      Others in the crosshairs are Angus B. MacNeil, Kenny MacAskill, and Chris McEleny. all brave enough to speak out.

    64. Wee Chid says:

      holymacmoses says:
      17 February, 2021 at 3:00 pm
      “Add to all the hard work the fact that Ms Hagmann is registered disabled. She is a real powerhouse.”

      So if someone can achieve all that without a leg up why does she need one now? I’m sure there are others in the party who have greater disabilities who just get on with their job and don’t make an issue of it. Positive discrimination is meant to create a level playing field – She’s made it on the team without help so why now?

    65. Republicofscotland says:

      James Horace @2.57pm.


      I recall reading a comment from Craig that he felt under tremendous pressure due to the amount of time its taking to come to a verdict. I suppose that’s all part of the intimidating plan to have the Sword of Damocles hanging over your head for months, in the hope that it shatters your nerves and puts you off ever doing anything similar again. Mr Murray as far as I’m aware has a heart condition.

    66. Bob Maxwell says:

      So, all I have to do is get a nice wee banner made up with ‘I’m out of my face on trans’ add a few pronouns to my bio, maybe a rainbow thingy too with LGBTQ+, attend the odd rally or meeting screaming TERFS at old ladies crossing the street, and I’ll be welcomed into the inner or outer circle with open arms? Grow a beard and I’m in the NEC, say good things about Daddy Bear and self ID as disabled and I’m up for selection on the List.

      What’s not to like? I’ll be on a nice little £65k a year with benefits like Pete ‘twitter feet’ – good times!

      For anyone interested, the link below explains the urban myth of both votes SNP by region.

    67. Wee Chid says:

      As far as I can see the only list these people are punted to the top of is a list of famous dyslexic people. Did anyone give them their job because of their condition? Richard Branson, Tom Cruise, Walt Disney, Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein.

    68. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Republicofscotland says:
      17 February, 2021 at 2:14 pm


      From this it appears that Blackman will publish a list of those potential candidates on the SNP List vote, in a few days, who have and have not signed the wokie pledge.

      I’d imagine its to put pressure on those who haven’t signed it by then, and a concerted campaign can begin to have them deselected if they fail to do so.

      Once again we must not give the SNP our List votes, give them to the ISP or AFI, a List vote given to the SNP is a wasted vote by all accounts.

      I rather think the results of that list would be very useful for us… and for that reason, someone higher up the food chain is going to have a quiet word in ms Blackman’s ear and it will never be published.

      Almost as if Ms Blackman isn’t very bright. ( But not enough to qualify for disability I hasten to add, just a bit thick.)

      I do wish all the wokies would go away and form a new party called the Raging Personality Disorder Party.

      “Katie Hagmann SNP (She/her)
      SNP supporter, independence campaigner, dyslexic politician, local councillor for D&G”…..

      This is awfully tempting, if only I could do anagrams….

      As for Human Rights, I rather think, that from time immemorial they have always ‘been up for debate’, probably the reason democratic / debate based forms of Government came into being in the first place.

      Anyway, did anyone hear the joke about the dyslexic politician who stood for erections… they got ejected by the vipers at the electrons.

    69. Margaret E says:

      How is Grousebeater? No tweets for 2 days.

    70. Daisy Walker says:

      I am now self identifying as a

      Sex Goddess (she/her)….

      cause you know… that’ll work.

    71. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Is your disability up for debate??

    72. The main hurdle to independence for Scotland is the SNP! Could only happen in Scotland, what the fuck is wrong with us?

    73. Frazerio says:

      Indy first, all else second. Shouldnt be too hard to grasp.

    74. stonefree says:

      @ David Duncan at 2:55 pm

      “Can somebody explain what happens when trans rights impinge on others’ rights? What happens if someone feels threatened in a private or public space? Whose rights take precedence?”

      In Sturgeon’s world Trans trumps all others, as has been demonstrated Smith’s Gang

    75. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Daisy Walker

      You’ve got my vote Daisy.

    76. Frazerio says:

      The 2 photos, are they the same person?

    77. Daisy Walker says:



      The wokies won’t get this.

    78. Morag says:

      Well if that even gets on the list, who else is standing in my region again?

    79. Daisy Walker says:

      I’m coming out in support of

      Trains, Quality Trains.

      Anyone who disagrees with me is getting thrown off the bus.

      Anyway, a question, in the land of the wokie cokey, are we still allowed to use the term, ‘there’s a bit of a want about that one’?

      Be a shame to lose it, could come in handy.

    80. Cath says:

      @Daisy Walker
      I am now self identifying as a Sex Goddess

      I’ve had to self ID out of being a sex goddess as I became bored of the attention, frankly. I now self ID as an overconfident man who went to Eton and enjoys a fine port of an evening with a game of billiards. I have a fundraiser to fund a billiard table and case of port if anyone wants to contribute…

    81. Livionian says:

      They are also not passionate about equality. They are passionate about trying to put labels on everyone and put people into as small and exclusive a group as possible and then brah about how oppressed they are in the hierarchy of oppression. And anyone who dares disagree is a Nazi, terf, transphobe, whatever. And those who disagree are sub-human and not worthy of societal rights to free speech and expression.

      So no you are not passionate about equality, just as you are not passionate about independence

    82. Dickie Tea says:

      Must be on the bampot list by the look of her

    83. Donald says:

      Anybody know if there’s a list of all the SNP potential candidates who’ve signed the Women’s Pledge. I tried to find it at the Women’s Pledge site but no luck.

    84. Daisy Walker says:

      Just think if/when an SNP Transgender person stands for election ( and I have no objection to that happening by the way) and is then late for a very important meeting…

      Nicla will get slated, ‘she cannae even get the Trans to run on time’. Ho, ho. Sorry.

    85. Hugh Jarse says:

      Has anyone ever asked Paula Rose to give an opinion on the tranny debate?

      Where’s s/he now?

    86. holymacmoses says:

      Wee Chid
      Positive discrimination is meant to create a level playing field – She’s made it on the team without help so why now?

      Daisy Walker says:
      17 February, 2021 at 3:20 pm
      I am now self identifying as a

      Sex Goddess (she/her)….

      cause you know… that’ll work.

      I’m going for ‘All thnigs to all tehy ‘hes’, ‘shes’ ‘htmes’
      in hte wohle wide wolrd’
      Qeeun of dislxeia

    87. Strathy says:

      She is ‘passionate’ about equality and human rights for all.

      For Joanna Cherry.
      For Alex Salmond.
      For Craig Murray.
      For Mark Hirst.
      For the Rangers administrators.
      For everyone who is not a member of the SNP’s chosen group of victims.
      For anyone that disagrees with the First Minister.

      Ms Hagmann will be disappointed to find that she has no future in the SNP.

      She is completely out of step with party policy.

    88. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Will Sturgeon become famous for getting the Trans to run online…?

    89. Breeks says:

      Camy says:
      17 February, 2021 at 2:33 pm
      TBF I believe she IS Dyslexic

      That isn’t the point.

      The SNP is meant to be the vehicle for Scottish Independence.

      By who’s authority are all these repulsive freeloaders co-opting the SNP as the vehicle for anything which isn’t Scottish Independence? Where is their mandate for doing that? Who gave them the authority?

      The SNP has a job of work to do, to deliver Scotland back it’s freedom!! Right now I am so angry at these charlatans, their lack of focus and dereliction of responsibility, that don’t quite know whether I want the ‘management’ of the SNP merely sacked, or hung, drawn and quartered.

    90. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Cath says:
      17 February, 2021 at 3:41 pm

      @Daisy Walker
      I am now self identifying as a Sex Goddess

      I’ve had to self ID out of being a sex goddess as I became bored of the attention, frankly. I now self ID as an overconfident man who went to Eton and enjoys a fine port of an evening with a game of billiards. I have a fundraiser to fund a billiard table and case of port if anyone wants to contribute…

      I’m sorry Cath, but I rather think your stance is disloyal to the self ID as a Sex Goddess movement – phobic in fact. Its not up for debate. Self ID Sex Goddess rights are Human Rights.

      @ Donald says:
      17 February, 2021 at 3:48 pm

      Anybody know if there’s a list of all the SNP potential candidates who’ve signed the Women’s Pledge. I tried to find it at the Women’s Pledge site but no luck.’

      Hello Donald, it would be Very useful to have now wouldn’t it. Ms Blackman didn’t quite think it all the way through… and for that reason it will not be pubically published, I’d put money on it.

      Remember, the vote to amend the Bill in Holyrood that would allow Rape victims to be medically examined by same sex Docotors, once the SNP new they would lose, they all either abstained or voted for the amendment in order that their real stance on the issue would not become a matter of public record. That was not by accident.

    91. James Horace says:

      Alan Mackintosh, I am in awe of your comment

    92. SilverDarling says:

      @Daisy Walker

      “I’m coming out in support of…Trains, Quality Trains.”

      You’ll be a TrainsAlly then, Daisy?!

    93. Milady says:

      Oh bravo Alan Mackintosh! Bravo!

    94. Effijy says:

      14 million people
      Approximately 14 million people are in poverty in the UK – more than one in five of the population, including 4 million children and 2 million pensioners, up by 400,000 and 300,000 respectively over the past five years.6 Feb 2020.

      Further cuts to working benefits of £20 per week during the Covid crisis
      will see another 750,000 join that number.

      The unemployment figures will of course rise due to Brexit
      and then with Covid’s effects of permanently closing down businesses.

      We also face new increased taxes that will again drive up the numbers of people living in poverty.

      What can we expect 17-20 Million people living below U.K. poverty levels?

      And they ask what Scotland would do without Westminster?

    95. JSC says:

      Alan Mackintosh at 3:52 pm

      I’m OK with Nicola shouting “All Aboard, All Aboard”

      but only if it’s the Last Train To Trans Central
      (AKA Holyrood)

    96. Frank Gillougley says:

      i can only summon my best malcolm tucker here…

      – Right! You can just fuckity fuck the fuck right off!

      or words to that effect…

    97. twathater says:

      Sometimes you wonder that if the 2014 indy ref result had sent you into a coma and you just wakened up and found out this person was the epitome of the new SNP and their current policies , what would you do

      1 go back in to the coma

      2 go straight to dignitas

      3 vote for ANY other party

    98. Frank Gillougley says:

      Easy. 2 it is then.

    99. Skip_NC says:

      3. Definitely 3. The SNP is no longer a party of independence. The sooner the Scottish electorate recognises that and looks elsewhere to lend its votes, the sooner we can get independence.

    100. Astonished says:

      “I would rather vote for Larry Hagman” and “Will Sturgeon become famous for getting the Trans to run online…? ”

      Brilliant guys.

      If these roasters are elected (and it is seeming likely – the SNP are really in trouble). Thanks very much kirsten oswald and your dodgy chairing of the NEC.

    101. Muscleguy says:

      All the animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

      Here in the ISP NE Branch we have a Trans member, old school Trans who has no truck with the TRA’s. We have made her very welcome, we are friends on Twitter. Let nobody tell us we are transphobic.

    102. John H. says:

      true scot says 2.21pm.

      “It’s about to become a hate crime to state that there are two sexes. This governement seems blind to the opportunity this allows for malicious reporting of hate crime – to settle scores, feuding families etc. The police and courts will be flooded”

      The courts could become chaotic, but then, that might be the intention. Show Scotland to be ungovernable.

    103. Daisy Sex Goddess Walker says:

      SilverDarling says:
      17 February, 2021 at 4:06 pm

      @Daisy Walker

      “I’m coming out in support of…Trains, Quality Trains.”

      You’ll be a TrainsAlly then, Daisy?!

      Yes, I can tolerate buses and cars, bikes at a push, so long as no one mentions pneumatic tyres – I find that hurtful and Trains exclusive, tarmac is also a no-go area.

      Anyway, choo, choo the noo.

    104. Indy says:

      I’m waiting for Johnny K’s announcement to run – he has been speaking openly of his battle with ADHD of late.

      Does anyone know if it is legal for members of parliament to meet on a confidential basis with a political campaigner? Miss Leeze was openly promoting themselves as an educator on LGTBQI/ Trans issues, offering confidential meetings. Their Twitter bio at the time cited them to be an adviser to the Scottish Government (which ScotGov have since denied) and the personal adverts had the Scottish Justice official Twitter account tagged.

      Trying to get my ahead around Mr Yousaf’s approach of late, as well as C McKelvies – they are misrepresenting the equality act.

    105. Jontoscots20 says:

      It’s like the qualification to be an SNP list candidate is to look and sound as though you were a stand-in presenter on play school, and that you would lick the round window. A passionate commitment to representing the interests of what we should redefine as micro minority is all that matters. . This relentless favouring of micro minorities and the continual lockdown will redefine many peoples politics. The SNP could pay dearly and Genuine Indy parties should position their Liberty loving economy and prosperity focus.

    106. wull says:

      Hello Breeks. You said: ‘The prospect of these vacuous, useless, non-entities seeking to become elected MP’s or MSP’s from the age of 12 screams out to me that the entrance requirements for a life in politics are currently set dangerously low. No wonder Scottish politics and local government is such a risible, feckless, shitfest.’

      Some politicians speak of being a politician as a ‘profession’. Even Nicola Sturgeon, I believe, thinks of herself as being a ‘professional politician to her fingertips’ who is ‘at the top of her profession’.

      Aye, right! Politics? The only ‘profession’ in the world which requires absolutely no qualifications whatsoever. The problem isn’t that ‘the entrance requirements for a life in politics are currently set dangerously low’ but that there are none.

      No entrance requirements whatsoever. Just anybody can become a politician. That may be one reason why so many of the daftest of them can become just anything they want to become. If they are men they can become women; if women, they can become men. ‘Because, after all, just look at me: I am an idiot who knows nothing and I became a politician! And I could even rise to the very top of my profession. So if a “vacuous nonentity” like me [to quote Breeks] can rise to be a top politician, anybody can be anything he or she or it wants to be, and we have to recognise that fact as a human right, and legislate accordingly, allowing us to lock up anybody who denies anyone else that right, or even pretends it is not a right at all.

      This is cloud cuckoo land. As Germaine Greer once said on radio – to a round of boos from the entirely vapid audience – ‘Just because you think you’re a cocker spaniel doesn’t mean you actually are one!’

      The idiots who booed her presumably thought they were cocker spaniels and wanted everyone to recognise them as such. They didn’t realise that they were undermining their own case simply by booing. If they were really and truly cocker spaniels they wouldn’t have booed, they would have barked.

      By saying that, I do not wish to deny that they were, in their own way, barking – barking mad, that is! The Sturgeon Nutter Party is truly unelectable – or would be, if people bothered to inform themselves about what it has now become. We need to wake as many of the electorate up to this fact as we can before it’s too late.

    107. Kit Bee says:

      Jeez- I live in the south of Scotland and was just coming round to 2 votes SNP and then this came along. I would not vote for that thing in a month of Sundays- back to ISP for the List vote for me. Not now up for debate.

    108. Stuart MacKay says:

      John H.

      It struck me, as the Khmer Jaune slowly turn the country into a version of Cambodia, that Westminster is sitting there, maybe with a nudge or two in the right direction, waiting for the moment when it will rush in and declare “We didn’t fight and win two world wars, single-handed, against the Hun to sit back and let Scotland descend into a totalitarian nightmare. We’ll save you.” Would make for a great story. English men and women would be proud another tyrannical regime was defeated by British pluck and daring.

    109. Ian says:

      Hi Stu,

      I see you are being accused of mocking her disability now.

      Can you tell me which of the 13 words in your article did that? I’m struggling to find it.


    110. AwakeNotWoke says:

      I can’t even begin to express my crushing disappointment, outrage & disgust at the possibility…and let’s face it, likelihood that a crowd of these dogma driven, tantrum throwing incapable fools are elected to the Scottish Parliament.
      Does anyone know ANYONE who is aware of their agenda and supports it? I certainly don’t. Please tell me…how do we make people aware of what they’re up to, in large numbers??
      Christ it’s depressing.

    111. ClanDonald says:

      People on twitter have said Katie has dyslexia so she can qualify for the space reserved for disabled people. However Emma Harper has T1 diabetes and is way more popular so unless she refuses to play that card Katie has no chance. There are at least 2 others (if not more) on that list who have disabilities, one is super-woke and the other a good guy. Who knows if they’ll declare, though. They probably should, just to stop others with less talent as well as more minor disabilities getting the top spot.

    112. Cenchos says:

      I self-identify as being on the male side of the universal male/female sex binary.

    113. Stuart MacKay says:


      > If they were really and truly cocker spaniels they wouldn’t have booed, they would have barked.

      Here’s another: if all the trans activists are non-binary how come they’re so desperate to join one binary group or the other?

      If they’re gender fluid then it shouldn’t matter in the slightest which toilet they use – the one with the shortest queue should be perfectly fine.

    114. Nally Anders says:

      Daisy Walker
      I worked in the Rail sector for a while, does that ‘shunt’ me to top of the list?

    115. Geoff Anderson says:

      Apparently Katie’s brother is now her sister, that may have influenced her politics.

    116. Dave Hansell says:

      Interestingly, and revealingly,the Twitter post of Kirsty Blackman in regard to the “pledge” does not state the intention is to ‘protect’ Trans Rights.

      What it actually says is “increase” Trans Rights.

      Common sense would reasonably interpret this as an intention to increase the rights of one self labelled group over and above the rights of all others, regardless of the needs of those who are clearly being offered by this bunch of puerile chancers who are manipulating the diverse Trans Community to advance their own career path at the trough on the backs of a vulnerable section of the wider community.

      As a result, this particular apparent Freudian slip reveals the real agenda of these grifters. To drive a wedge between the majority of ordinary people by elevating the rights of one group above all others on the basis that they, the grifters, have a monopoly on defining the terms of the narrative.

      A narrative which includes treating that community on whose backs they are launching their careers on as a single homogeneous and undifferentiated group with no diversity of opinion, views or approach beyond those defined by those claiming monopoly rights to determine and define the narrative and to be the sole monopoly representatives of that vulnerable Community.

      This is a straightforward right wing in origin divide and rule philosophically based approach courtesy of the regressive and reactionary nonsense spouted by the nonsense that is post modernisation.

      Unfortunately, this parasitic and exploitative approach is not limited to or corralled within one political party alone. In this case the SNP. Others have already identified the Green Party and the Lib Dems. It is also an approach which is now rife within a vociferous section of the self labelled “Left” inside and outside of the Labour Party who are turning on others within the wider left who are considered to be guilty of “wrongthink” in the fantasy world of these management clone twelve year olds who are busy no platforming their own comrades at free speech events for the crime of protecting the free speech of others.

      As detailed here:

      The point being this issue is problematic across all the main political party options on offer in Scotland, not just the SNP. And any attempt to improve the situation will have to take that reality into consideration.

    117. Neil Wilkinson says:

      kapelmeister says:
      17 February, 2021 at 2:31 pm
      Her posts on her twitter are all about being passionate about this, that and the other, or else proud about this or that. Passionate and proud, all day long. Bloody endless professions of enthusiasm. Jolly wokey sticks.


      Her passion doesn’t extend to Independence it seems

    118. Pixywine says:

      All I can say about Scottish politics is that my children plan to immigrate by rubber dinghy if necessary

    119. kapelmeister says:

      Kirsty Blackman’s concept of how you arrive at a party policy is not the democratic notion of a prospective policy being debated and voted on at conference. Instead, it’s what the leader’s whim demands the party’s candidates pledge themselves to, and re-pledge themselves to. All overseen by Sergeant-Major Blackman and helpers, who make sure party candidates comply fully with the leader’s dictates.

    120. kapelmeister says:

      Neil Wilkinson @5:05

      Aye Neil. She’s “out of” passion for that.

    121. John Reid says:

      A typo should read “OutforIndy”

    122. Willie says:

      Meanwhile the SNP prepare to go to war with the Christian churches.

      With the Catholic Church, the Free Church of Scotland and other churches now in dispute the SNP is commencing a battle it will not win.

    123. JSC says:

      Pixywine, if you can get them to the northern bank of the River Sark at Gretna, it’s a short paddle to safety in England.

      Failing that just head the opposite way from rainbow flags and anyone that looks like they’re in Humza’s McStasi.

      Good luck to all

    124. robertknight says:

      I’m of the opinion that ALL SNP CANDIDATES ARE DISABLED, for there are none so blind as those who will not see, and every single one of them refuses to see what Sturgeon and her fanclub of Woke bampots and her running dogs in the civil service and judiciary are doing to this country and the wider Indy movement.

      Eff’em all!


    125. Sir Fortescue Wankworthy says:

      I say,

      Whilst on my morning constitutional around the grounds of Wankworthy Hall I gave some contemplation to this conundrum.

      Is this a indeed a Freudian slip as intimated or a direct result of Bernaysian manipulation? (Brown Major Eddiewegs) as we called him at Eton).

      Which came first, the chicken or the egg as some might proffer? Or do the two go hand in glove?

      It is enough to make ones head spin, even whilst prostrate in ones bath chair.

      Now good day to you.

    126. Neil Wilkinson says:

      Best way to annoy trans narcissists is to take the piss, so self important they cant handle it except by blowing a fuse

    127. JBS says:

      Daisy Walker
      17 February at 3:14 pm

      Maybe they could form a new pressure group, something like, oh I don’t know, the Scottish Trans And SelfID Initiative…

    128. sog says:

      I have dyslexia. Whether it is less severe than that of others, or whether my teachers were skilled in dealing with it, or whether I learned to cope with it over the years I can’t say. But during my career, writing anything of significance which would leave the office, I would ask another worker to read it for me. I’m retired: I am sure that modern coms would make that so much easier, with spellcheckers being another help.

      I believe dyslexics may be seen to have other skills, for example my brother’s ability to think in 3D amazes me. I’ve been told by a teacher of disadvantaged children that it’s not unusual, but I’ve never looked for confirmation.

      I really can’t see dyslexia being the equivalent of other disabilities which come to mind.

    129. BLMac says:

      I’ll believe there’s no difference between the sexes when I see one of these trans activists drink a glass of bull’s milk.

    130. Hugh Jarse says:

      Skin shedding early this year?

    131. Garrion says:

      It pretty much is what it looks like.

      A psychotically single issue howler being placed as a representative offering of the SNP, to people who absolutely will not resonate with her position, therefore WILL NOT VOTE for her or, even “better” will be alienated from voting for the SNP altogether, as she seems, to put it delicately, out of touch with important voter issues (I know she’s probably a list candidate but in case she’s not).

      This is precisely what the objective is. It’s absolutely not that NS and her wee circle have decided to platform trans rights as the road to independence. It’s that this is the most effective way to destroy the current SNP and therefore any meaningful opportunity to achieve independence. No ifs or buts. This is sabotage.

    132. colin findlay says:

      if it was a dyslexic slip then two days have passed to correct it!

    133. Bob Mack says:

      My son has Dyslexia and does just fine. Engineer. Homework was a nightmare with capital letters indiscriminately scattered around a sentence.Such as

      The BAd bRoWn foX jumPeD oVEr tHe lAzy Dog.

    134. TNS2019 says:

      SNAPAF to put forward candidates at the May election.
      Too many people feel dis-enfranchied by having athletes foot and hence the mobilisation of this mintority group to fight for representation on the SNP candidate list.
      Too many in the upper echelons of the SNP have turned a visually impaired eye to to this pressing issue.
      Also, the ADHD group are demanding representation but it appears that they already have it. “Lets focus on independence”, “Agreed, but look over there, there is a gender issue we should address”.
      Could AS just not come back and deliver a bit of sanity?
      Sorry, neurodiverse normalism.

    135. Lawrence says:


      Top class journalism.

    136. ahundredthidiot says:

      The moron says ‘Human Rights APPLY TO ALL and this is not up for debate’

      That right there, is THEE message to the paedos – your child loving ways will be championed……maybe even get some hard core kiddie porn on the telly around tea time, so you dont get offended and we can normalise your sick fucking minds.

      And just in case you think I’m off my rocker on this one, here is evidence of the easy roll out – Netflix has already started with the kiddie soft porn. It’s called ‘Cuties’, which is why my sub was cancelled.

      Art my fucking arse – if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s a fucking duck.

      ‘Paedophilia is sick and rightly criminal’ – every MSP/MP should be challenged to declare that statement…..and then we can watch who runs and hides.

    137. TNS2019 says:

      As far as dyslexia is concerned, I can sometimes get my ‘b’s’ and ‘w’s’ the wrong way round but my understanding is that John Swinney is a banker.

    138. Lawrence says:

      Has anyone tried holding out an Olive Branch to the Woke members of the SNP and tell them to put down their Trans banners and pick up their YES banners and come together and join the wider YES Movement and let us win our INDEPENDENCE first.

      Then if you have a particular personal campaign you wish to persue, then do it on the other side of us winning our Independence.

      It surely can’t be that difficult, can it?

    139. Beaker says:

      There’s a lot of them with the same problems on Twitter. Mhairi Hunter started wittering on about how any statement beginning with “Apparently” is a lie – only to be reminded with a few RTs of her own similar messages… oops.

    140. Mosstrooper says:

      I joined the independence movement more than 60 years ago with the sole aim of gaining my countries freedom from this unequal Union of kingdoms. I gave little consideration to the policies said to utilised after independece providing that it would be Scots who were implementing such policies as I had a belief in the sense and wisdom of my fellow countrymen and women. I still believe in Scotland but my faith in the SNP has been brought low. It is now being controlled by those who have selfish and personal reasons for advancement all to the detriment of the Freedom movement. I am so sad at this.

    141. Betsy says:

      Bless the bedwetters are having a group therapy session.

    142. Fishy Wullie says:

      Lawrence says:
      17 February, 2021 at 6:07 pm

      It surely can’t be that difficult, can it?


      Katies campaign leaflet says it all Equality at the top and Independence nowhere to be seen she’s is not even remotely interested in independence, that’s not why she joined the party, don’t let the SNP banner fool you, she is a parasite in army of human cockroaches that’s infested the SNP and destroyed it.

      In my view the only cure for the SNP is to burn it to the ground and start again

    143. Republicofscotland says:

      Betsy @6.20pm.

      Yes Betsy it would appear he has a grudge against the Rev, and sees the Mackay article as some sort of gateway to build momentum against the Rev and his blog.

      Unfortunately for him, reading the comments below his article, people in the most don’t appear to agree with him, the thing is when you tell the truth, even if you sometimes come across as a little bit abrasive with it, the majority of people still realise that you’re telling the truth, and that’s what matters.

      As long as the Rev sticks to the truth, they’ll find it very difficult to discredit him.

    144. Ian Mac says:

      When you consider that you don’t need any qualifications, just a willingness to toe the party line, then being an MSP is a terrific option to a real job. You can earn up to double what you might expect otherwise, with benefits and lots more opportunities for similar positions. You don’t have to think too hard, or have your own opinions, just sign up and knowing the level of support for independence if selected you are on to a winner. Holyrood is the enabler of the status quo and rewards its incumbents richly for not rocking the boat. Trebles all round.

    145. Neil Wilkinson says:

      Betsy says:
      17 February, 2021 at 6:20 pm
      Bless the bedwetters are having a group therapy session.


      Could always send examples of Neil Mackays tweets, amongst many other candidates…..

    146. Carol Neill says:

      I’ve only been reading wings for a wee while ( can’t remember how I stumbled across it but thank god I did ) I’ve never read him to be abusive to anyone , shape form or gender , the hatred towards him is horrific, but not surprising given the numbnuts we’re supposed to support now
      My neighbour is a trans man and is more feminine now than she / he / them ever was

    147. Hatuey says:

      They’ve ruined rainbows for me. I used to look at them and think of beautiful things, pots of gold, the visible spectrum of colour wavelengths, the wonders of the universe, etc., now I look at them and think of nasty scheming bastards.

      In the Christian scheme of things aren’t they also meant to represent some sort of promise by God unto us that he won’t collectively punish us with a mass drowning event again? You have to wonder what he makes of all this…

      “Would you fucking Adam and Eve it… little fuckers! I’ve a good mind to flood the little bastards again…”

    148. Karen says:

      A) Declaration of human rights … “Freedom of opinion” – thank you.
      B) Dyslexia is considered a “learning difference” not a “disability” by universities.

    149. Stuart MacKay says:


      That twitter thread is hilarious – certainly not the response he was looking for.

      I was lamenting earlier that there’d be a move against Wings after May. Well I hope they do, the backlash would sink them without trace.

    150. Stuart MacKay says:


      Kids with learning difficulties take quite a bit of resources to ensure there education is somewhat successful with varying results as you can imagine. They’re usually very bright and a lot of talent is not getting to realise it’s full potential. In an independent Scotland I’d like to see all kids get all the help they need.

      Parading something like that as a badge of distinction, hoping for personal and political gain while still hiding behind it when awkward questions are asked is the work of gutless cowards.

    151. Republicofscotland says:

      Pete Wishart shouting down anyone who wants May’s election as a plebiscite, Wishart says it would be disastrous, and that the Scottish public really wouldn’t want it.

      Who is Wishart to say that Scots wouldn’t want May’s election as a plebiscite, and when he speaks of disaster, exactly who would it be disastrous for. Isn’t the SNP’s remit to bring independence to Scotland, and if the people are quite happy to see May’s elections as a plebiscite, then shouldn’t Wishart et al pull out all the stops to make that happen.

      By reneging on this golden opportunity to dissolve this nasty union, Wishart et al are no longer doing our bidding we didn’t elect him or others to pass up this great chance to leave the union.

    152. Beaker says:

      Pete Wishart has just blocked Alex Massie on Twitter.

      Damn, and it was just heating up as well.

    153. Carol Neill says:

      Coincidentally she/he/ them although having male bits now ( I’ve seen it don’t ask ) has now decided to have a baby before her female bits are removed !
      I truly despair

    154. Sylvia says:

      Bella Caledonian surely haven’t heard

      “All publicity is good publicity”.

    155. Betsy says:

      Stuart MacKay

      It’s incredible. I’ve said it before but I honestly think Mike Small needs to seek help to work through his feelings about this blog. It can’t be doing him any good.

    156. robertknight says:

      Beaker @6:50

      “Pete Wishart has just blocked Alex Massie on Twitter”

      Bloody hell !

      Never thought I’d have anything in common with Alex Massie.

      Strange times…

    157. Astonished says:

      Lawrence – Where have you been ?

      The only folk who have not been told to “wheesht for indy” are the wokeratti. The feelings of the wokeratti must be accommodated above all other considerations.

      Mosstrooper – I think they are about to reap a whirlwind. I will never forgive the woke and our dear leader. Hell mend them.

    158. Captain Yossarian says:

      Sir John Bell, Regus Profesor of Medicine at Oxford University (he assisted development of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine) says that we can exit lockdown quickly. He knows and understands the data better than anyone.

      Ha anyone told our wee hairy that? Are they all scared? Are we going to be locked in perpetual isolation for ever?

    159. Republicofscotland says:

      Peter A. Bell, loses his rag with Pete Wishart, and rightly so in my opinion, Wishart’s misguided faithful jump in a block Mr Bell.

    160. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      T o continue in the same vein as Alan Mackintosh this afternoon…

      Trans Urethra Expose

    161. Surely Kirsty Blackman and her entourage have more in common with Patrick Harvie`s ideology,

      it`s a perfect fit,

      why are they hingin aboot the SNP and not campaigning for election through the Scottish Green party.

    162. gullaneno4 says:

      I have two relatives who are dyslexic.
      Both are bright intelligent people who only struggle with words and writing.
      One is brilliant with numbers/maths

    163. Beaker says:

      @Scot Finlayson says:
      17 February, 2021 at 7:10 pm
      “why are they hingin aboot the SNP and not campaigning for election through the Scottish Green party.”

      Wee Patrick could do with some help. He’s got competition in the form of the Scottish Green Alliance. OK they are on the unionist side but they are only interested in environmental issues. That might attract a few over.

      Patrick’s Greens don’t have that many votes to spare…

    164. Elmac says:

      Hatuey @ 6.41

      Absolutely hilarious!

    165. Ottomanboi says:

      The SNP might have the courage of its convictions and adopt the rainbow as its symbol.
      In similar vein, the national flag, that St Andrew thing lacks colour diversity and is embarrassingly Christian to boot.

      But hold on gender guerrillas and equality warriors:

      « I am a social democrat – I believe in pursuing greater equality and tackling social justice – but… you can’t do that unless you have a strong economy, unless you have a vibrant business base earning the wealth that makes that possible. »
      Nicola Sturgeon.

      No jam today then.

    166. Republicofscotland says:

      Hopefully this makes Gareth feel a bit better, knowing he has great supporters behind him.

    167. Carol Neill says:

      Best wishes Gareth x

    168. ben madigan says:

      @ to everyone who mentioned that dyslexia was a spectrum of learning disabilities.
      At the university where I work, when a student asks for special exam conditions because of dyslexia we contact the Dyslexia Centre, check the student is registered (no self-Id) and consult with a doctor in the centre, describing the type of exam and its duration.
      Depending on where the student is on the spectrum, appropriate exam conditions may range from extra time to providing a reader or scribe. As examiners we accept the doctor’s recommendation and so does the student.

    169. David Caledonia says:

      I would rather give my vote to a monkey, she seems like a right nipple

    170. Kiwilassie says:

      I’m sure this is the persons leaflet I posted on MSM, to warn people she was on the Woke or BAME candidates list, so they would know not to vote for her.
      Well done Stu for spotting the mistake there. “OF instead of OUT.”
      I missed that, I must improve my proof reading skills. LOL

      I may be a Scot living in New Zealand, but I’m 100% behind Scotland being independent of WM. Independence with good governance, not with the corrupt cabal that is now the SNP.
      I will never forgive NS for what she has done to a well respected party.
      A party that was respected by all that worked & governed it, before Nicola took over the golden challis that Alex handed her.

    171. SA Jackson says:

      Oh dear, it’s all gone south!

    172. Al-Stuart says:

      RepublicanofScotland at 2.46pm,

      Thank you for that important ranking.

      It makes me think that Nicola and her McWokeists should have let us all know her Woke agenda as per your rankings on the list you posted at the beginning of this thread.

      What would happen when she ran her first Holyrood election as SNP leader. If Nicola had been honest from the start and let Scotland know her manifesto then ALL of this misunderstanding with Nicola dirking Alex in the back and shafting Joanna Cherry etc., would never have had to happen.

      Also humour can cure a lot of this nastiness.

      Nicola, for the May 2021 election, try the slogan and video…


      That is far better than your Groundhog Day lies, lies, lies when Sturgeon advertises this…


      (Terms and conditions apply. You may lose all your IndyRef mandates if you fail to read the small print. In our newspeak party political broadcasts, the words “IndyRef” and “trans-rights” mean the same thing. The 96.4% of Scottish YES voters who rank IndyRef above Wokerati as a government priority are wrong wrong wrong.

      What a refreshing change. Nicola tells the truth.

      In all seriousness, do the Sturgeonite McWokeists really believe that by infiltrating the SNP and dishonestly highjacking the IndyRef movement for their own narrow selfish niche trans requirements; that such a dissembling strategy will work?

    173. 100%Yes says:

      Please don’t make excuses for her, she knew what she was doing and hoping that the backlash if there was one she could use the I’m dyslexic. It was a deliberate attempt at fooling the electorate into believing she wasn’t for Independence and probably isn’t, isn’t it amazing how all the other wording is correct while the one thing at the very end of leaflet is about Independence when a party who’s only goal is Independence why isn’t it at front and center of her leaflet. Everyone knows in Scotland the SNP is a party for Independence so why try and hide the fact that your standing on a ticket for Independence when we are being told by the SNP (New Labour party for Scotland) that the up and coming election Independence will be front and center of the SNP (New Labour party for Scotland) campaign. Why are the SNP embarrassed to say they want Independence at the FRONT AND CENTER of all there leaflets.

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