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Posted on February 23, 2017 by

Today seems a good day to bring up the latest snippet of data from our poll.


Less than a third of Scots of all parties and persuasions think BBC Scotland provides “balanced” political coverage. Even among Unionists, twice as many feel it’s biased in their favour as the frankly unhinged group who think it’s pro-independence.

Remarkably, more Tory voters think the Beeb is biased in favour of independence than think it leans towards the Union, which is quite some feat of self-delusion. Among Labour and Lib Dem voters it’s three-to-one the other way, and more than 17-to-1 among SNP supporters.

Meanwhile, 5% of respondents claimed to have “never heard of” the state broadcaster, which just goes to prove what Panelbase regularly tell us about how you can get 5% to 10% of people to vote for ANY answer you put in a poll, up to and including “Would you like us to come round right now and shoot you in the face?”

STV fared markedly better, with a roughly even three-way split between biased (31%), balanced (35%) and don’t knows (31%), and a dead heat (in statistical terms) within the “biased” category:


Channel 4 and Sky News, not so much.


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107 to “The views from where you are”

  1. Ian McCubbin says:

    Not a surprise. Have switched to channel 4, STV and often Al Jessira for news. The new China world service is also not bad.
    Balance of news from Twitter for me as its so easy there to find a counter to MSM bias.

  2. Jim Thomson says:

    You needed a Q specifically for Call Kaye. With categories for “Regular Caller” and “Who?”

    Has anyone noticed though how the Call Kaye content has recently been much less “political” and has started covering soft issues.

    I wonder if either she has asked for that editorial change or if she’s been told to wind her neck in.

  3. bobajock says:

    Channel 4, STV and Al J + RT + CNN.

    BBC is so biased its actually a joke.

  4. Macart says:

    TBF its been a long time since I’ve encountred a hinged Tory.

  5. galamcennalath says:

    The Rev says

    “the frankly unhinged group who think it’s pro-independence”


    “more Tory voters think the Beeb is biased in favour of independence than think it leans towards the Union”

    It looks like these are one and the same. This implies a core group of über Tories have a seriously skewed perception of reality. Although, I think most of us know that already. Bat shit crazy comes to mind!

    I am particularly intrigued that almost twice as many people say “never heard of it” to BBC Scotland as the other channels. I wonder why?

    Could it be that the others make no pretence to be Scottish while the BBC does. However some people might well see the BBC as Londonesque ( wonder why ) and therefore assume BBC Scotland is some other service deep in digital land which they genuinely have never come across.

  6. Bob MACK says:

    Who knew eh ? Well basically most of Scotland apart from the usual suspects.

  7. CameronB Brodie says:

    The BBC? That’s that ‘new’ service that gets all it’s information on what is happening in Syria, from some bloke in Covernty. A bloke who appears to have a family vendetta against the Assads. Admitedly, the BBC were decent enough to admit that was the source of the last film I saw them broadcasting to pimp the White Helmets.

    The BBC is guilty of crimes against humanity, IMHO.

  8. john young says:

    Not a lot about the nuclear near disasters from the beeb/msm? my preference for news outlets Al Jazeera/RT news.

  9. Breeks says:

    Cough, cough… just putting on my comedy moustache and goggles so nobody recognises me defending the Tories…

    But, given the chance of tossing a coin in the air at BBC Shortbread and seeing it land on a Labour Party acolyte, I’m prepared to cut the Tories a little slack about thinking the BBC might be biased.

    But biased in favour of Independence? Yeah, you’re right Stu. Obviously too many hallucinogens in Tory Party punch bowl.

    Don’t forget too, Ruth Harrison is a Tory, and she thinks her own shadow is much too sympathetic towards those pesky Kids in the SNP.

  10. DerekM says:

    Hmm its a pity that question does not come in another format for comparison ie do you think the “add station” is biased towards your choice of political party.

    I think then we might see then why some Scottish tories think they are,well lets face it Scottish TV land is run by the slabber goons and tories hate slabbers just as much as everybody else they hate.

    Maybe more so for their better together chums are now no more than a liability that splits the yoon vote.

  11. Les Wilson says:

    galamcennalath says:

    “more Tory voters think the Beeb is biased in favour of independence than think it leans towards the Union”

    It is all smoke and mirrors in order to have the Unionist’s biggest weapon for propaganda look a bit more balanced.So this is the Westminster line, nothing else. They are doing what they are told to do, and think.

  12. galamcennalath says:

    Almost a quarter of Tory voters (22%) look at the BBC’s news and political output and conclude it is pro independence. That really is astonishing.

    My theory why? I think there are people (mainly Tories) who are so pro British pro Union that they believe that allowing the SNP, SG, or anyone YES on air at all is giving support. In their world view, anyone not loyal to their UKOK should be given no public voice whatsoever on the state broadcaster.

    Hardcore Unionists may believe that no SNP politicians should ever appear on QT, for instance.

  13. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. news providers in Scotland. This may help some to develop a better understanding.

    The Propaganda Model and Sociology:
    Understanding the Media and Society

    This article unpacks reasons why the Propaganda Model represents a critical sociological approach to understanding media and society, explores the model’s potential within the sociological field, and considers the trajectory of its reputational reception to date. The article also introduces the three central hypotheses and five operative principles of the Propaganda Model and suggests that the model complements other (competing) approaches that explore the relationship between ideological and institutional power and discursive phenomena.$FILE/The%20Propaganda%20Model%20and%20Sociology%20by%20Jeffery%20Klaehn%20and%20Andrew%20Mullen.pdf

  14. Dave Lewis says:

    O/T SNP take control of Clacks Council on council budget day. Labour leader Bobby McGill resigns of Leadership.

  15. George S Gordon says:

    On Call Kaye and the like, if they are winding their necks in, it will be because they are running scared of Ofcom regulation – mainly the fact that Ofcom will take up your complaint after the BBC does its usual whitewash.

    No longer will the BBC “Trust” be the arbiter of disputes.

    Ofcom said this morning at Holyrood that they recognise the possibility of needing more staff to deal with this.

  16. CageyBee says:

    Daily Hail headline :- “Unhinged Cult Cybernat leader offers to shoot members of public in the face”

  17. Weirsway says:

    Seems like the first step by the BBC to acknowledge the inevitability of Independence. This looks like a pre-emptive strike on an SBC network being created. As much as they don’t care
    too much about the needs of Scottish viewers…they do care about
    the 300+ million us torn faced scotch gits raise for them year in year out. BBC Canada, BBC America, BBC UKTV (Australia), BBC Scotland!!!

  18. Capella says:

    Dismal BBC.
    That was an exciting morning’s viewing at the Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations Committee. I missed the first half hour so will wait for the archive to check whether Lord Hall said anything about ditching the Scottish Six for the umpteenth time.

    Why is the Scottish Six so dangerous?

    Three takeaways so far:
    Ron Greer’s point – why are the Scottish commissioners going to based in London 3 days a week?

    Why are the BBC going to make registering to view their website mandatory?

    How can they justify taking over 40% of the Scottish Licence fee for UK programming. Even the programmes made in Scotland are made by London based companies and are of little relevance to Scotland e.g. Waterloo Road, Question Time.
    Wales keeps 95% of its licence fee and makes programmes like Sherlock, Doctor Who and Casualty – hardly low budget affairs.

    The new Channel will be digital so much of Scotland lacks fast broadband so won’t be able to access it anyway.

  19. Capella says:

    Sorry – Ross Greer!

  20. DerekM says:

    Wait i have got it that will be the WATP not enough flute bands,marching,bigotry,too much pope not enough liz and the Rangers on Scottish tv so they must be pro- indy.

  21. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Off-Topic – but

    Just seen that clip on the Rev’s Twitter feed, of Tory transport spokesman telling the HoC that the SNP government CLOSED the Forth and Tay crossings after the tolls were abolished, because they didn’t have enough money to make them work.

    FFS, these people, who are so clueless, are ruling us.

    As I have often written on here: to the Tories, Scotland is a small, far-away land of which they know nothing and care even less.

    To quote the Daily Heil’s Richard Littlejohn – “You couldn’t make it up”.

  22. Dal Riata says:

    So, out of 1028 people, 50 have never heard of BBC Scotland (TV); 29 of STV News; 23 of Channel 4 news; 27 of Sky News…


    I’m trying to think how that’s possible. Remember, this is “never heard of” as in never ever, not once, never once in their entire lives!?

    Could it be that from birth, they have never had a TV, or watched a TV anywhere at all, ever? Well, that’s possible – it’s unlikely, but it’s possible.

    Could it be, they have watched TV, but have never once watched a news channel? Again, that is indeed a possibility, though one with a low chance of probability.

    Others? Don’t know. Liars, maybe?

  23. Conan the Librarian says:

    I’m sure Stu will be doing an article later on how the dastardly SNP shut down the Forth and Tay road bridges after running out of money to run them when they abolished the polls…

  24. Mosstrooper says:

    The bridges are closed? what have I been driving over?

  25. Marcia says:

    You have to ask, who are advising these Westminster Ministers?

  26. Conan the Librarian says:


    The ones Donald Trump sacked for incompetence?

  27. Dr Jim says:

    Is it not just “mistakes” or “human error” or “recieved innacurate information” or “communication mix up” or…..

    Am I running out of “Or”s?

    Is it not just say anything and it’s too late the crap is out there

  28. Macart says:


    Caught that.

    Posted a link on last thread to the clip.

    It’s a beaut. 🙄

  29. galamcennalath says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:

    to the Tories, Scotland is a small, far-away land of which they know nothing and care even less.

    Aye, and that includes the North British variety too!

  30. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Yip – really looking forward to that new unbiased Scottish BBC channel!

    I wonder if it will convince me to get a license again? Hmmm – not likely.

  31. Glesca Keelie says:

    Nana said on the Auld Familiar Song post on the 20th.

    Nana says:
    20 February, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    @Macart 12.43 Absolutely agree, scroll by those who seek to disrupt.

    O/T A couple of links re EU

    Article by Kirtshy Hughes and Tobias Lock

    Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe, Brussels and Senior Lecturer in European Union Law and Co-Director of the Edinburgh Europa Institute at the University of Edinburgh respectively.

    Two good links, but could I add a third, again from the New European, so good I have taken a copy.

    For an insight into the English psyche, something I have often wondered about, the casual racism, the denigration and mockery in relation to Scots. And the other fringe nations, of course. This explains it. And gives us ammo. I nearly used it a couple of evenings ago out door-knocking.

  32. Bob MACK says:

    Bridges closed? That explains my windscreen. All credit to BMW though. They sure make watertight cars.

    ps Anyone want a few mackerel I found under my windage wipers ?

  33. Lochside says:

    Question for Tories/unionists in poll..Why do you hate all things Scottish so much?

  34. Anagach says:

    I am not a student of politics, or cultural anthropology,
    but it seems to me that control of a centralized state
    broadcaster gives a high level of influence in both
    information flow and culture.

    Although most modern countries started with very
    tight control, they now allow language and cultural
    diversity into their state broadcasting, with regional
    broadcasting and different language channels.

    Which is a good thing since a prolonged mono-culture in
    broadcasting is tantamount to genocide by displacing all
    distinct languages, dialects, and cultural habits with a
    single official one.

    The UK has been slow to open up. But is control of News
    that seems to be the most sensitive issue. The BBC View from London is The View, and no other is allowed without
    being cast in a lesser role. The News where you are. Not
    the view of the News from where you are.

    Rant over.

  35. Sinky says:

    Good article in Common Space by Richard Walker (formerly Sunday Herald and The National) on BBC’s new Scottish TV channel.

  36. Walter Scott says:

    One thing that jumps out is that the tories have once again become the enemy of independence & are emboldened by brexit and the shift to the right. Labour resembles a shambling wino shouting in the street about how great they once were. Sturgeon should put the boot into Davidson & forget about labour (for now) Was the decision not to have a “Scottish Six” made by the BBC or the government? Looks very political.

  37. CameronB Brodie says:

    Glesca Keelie
    You might enjoy this article from Volume 13, 2016 – Issue 1: Modern British history: Antipodean perspectives.

    The history of Britain is dead; long live a global history of Britain

    I propose a global history of modern Britain around an account of the rise, demise and reinvention of a liberal political economy that reified the market as the organising principle of government. It is a story that is inseparable from the growth and collapse of the British Empire, as well as the continuing, if precarious, global hegemony of the Anglosphere. The liberal political economy that germinated within the British Empire may have had a world system built around it, but events, processes and peoples far beyond the Anglosphere shaped the history of its rise, demise and reinvention. This history of Britain is then a global story, not because of that old imperial conceit that Britain made the world, but because the world made Britain.

  38. Tam the Bam. says:


    Nicola on fire!!….Tory Golden had his arse handed to him on a plate whilst she also pointed out the MYTH of an embedded Sewel Convention…GO GIRL!

  39. ronnie anderson says:

    Maurice Golding cons Msp.

    Mr Speaker mr speaker is it possible for the FM to be security checked for Shotguns before she enters the chamber.
    Am doon tae ma stumps, she’s jist fired baith barrels at me .

  40. Training Day says:


    “My theory why? I think there are people (mainly Tories) who are so pro British pro Union that they believe that allowing the SNP, SG, or anyone YES on air at all is giving support. In their world view, anyone not loyal to their UKOK should be given no public voice whatsoever on the state broadcaster.”

    Just so. Indeed, mention of anything to do with Scotland has some recoiling, exemplified by the benighted auld wumman who appeared on the BBC vox pop last night on the subject of the new ‘BBC Scotland’. ‘I’m Scottish, but I’m also British, so I don’t watch anything about Scotland’ quoth she.

    Ergo, Scotland itself is bad in the context of being British – so I love being British! Or something. You’d need the most powerful electron microscope in the world to even approach seeing some logic in the cognitively dissonant, self-loathing world of the unthinking Yoon.

  41. Macart says:

    What the hell did Golden do?

    I’m seeing twitter and site refs laughing their asses off, but no one has said what bonehead comment he came away with yet.

    Must have been a howler.

  42. CameronB Brodie says:

    Being British is natural, not wanting to be British is subversive. And thus the essence of an historic nation comes under threat from nationalist propaganda.

  43. Hegemony on stilts; the Scottish MSM.
    Mundell, the unelected Grand Panjandrum of the Northern Colony ‘rules out’,any circumstance in which I Scotland can remain within the EU post Brexit, and the Herald Britland gleefully prints this tosh as Imperial Edict.
    Where do I go to get a ‘circle’? I want one. Dugdale apparently has a ‘circle’ which blames Corbyn for the Short Happy Life of Dugdale’s ‘Listening’ Labour Branch Office.
    It’s not just the Broadcasters who have gone all Tonto Unionist. The Dead Tree Scrolls have upped the ante, and we are still nowhere near Brexshit hitting the fan yet.
    The new BBC Shortbread digital channel will be the same old same old. Tom Harris and Jim Murphy will get nice little Editor/Producer jobs out of this £30 million joke.
    Sorry to hear that the Forth Road Bridge has been closed for ten years. Not often over that way, and tend to go by the Kincardine Bridge into the Kingdom and beyond. Dumb luck me, eh?

  44. Proud Cybernat says:

    “…fully seventeen years after Scotland voted for devolution, the BBC remains firmly controlled from London…” – GA Ponsobnby

    And that is the KEY POINT – “controlled from London”. The BBC in London can ‘give’ Scotland a thousand digital channels but what use are any of them to properly reflect day-to-day life in Scotland when each and every one of them would STILL be controlled from London?

    We don’t want the ‘REMOTE’ – we want the CONTROL. And that is precisely what they WILL NEVER concede and why independence has become not only inevitable but absolutely essential.

  45. Famous15 says:

    Just read a Daily Mail at the barbers. They are seriously deranged in their hate for the SNP.

    The Tory wotsisname was bad but the exquisitely blubberry Dainsley guy was on another planet.

    What did we do to make them so so so .The lack of self awareness and presumption of superiority is staggering.

  46. heedtracker says:

    Its what they don’t tell us that’s equally as mad.

    Just sat with my panini and watched Ligger Neil and David Willets also sit together in another long BBC sez vote Tory Politics lunchtime show.

    Fair enough the Ligger has long given up being anything other than BBC’s Murdoch goon in residence but its still pretty spectacular watching these two ferocious old tories waffle for the far right in teamGB, and then they want their licence fees. Mad.

  47. Glesca Keelie says:

    CameronB Brodie says:
    23 February, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    Glesca Keelie
    You might enjoy this article from Volume 13, 2016 – Issue 1: Modern British history: Antipodean perspectives.

    Cameron, had a quick skim thro that article. I’m no intellectual, hands- on is my life-style, but I don’t think it speaks to us at all. It is anglo or Britto as England centric.

    Whereas the article I pointed up speaks of the English view, as promulgated by the Daily Heil, et al towards us, the Celtic fringe, the comic nations who NEED England, simply to be, to give them shape. Or, so they are taught.

  48. galamcennalath says:

    Training Day says:

    Scotland itself is bad in the context of being British

    Yes. Cringe on steroids.

    British means different thing to different groups.

    Firstly there is its correct meaning, ie someone from Britain. This, however, is rarely used. The word British comes with additional baggage for most people.

    In England British is synonymous with English to many, let’s face it. For immigrants British can be a ‘soft’ identity instead of saying English which in itself can be seen as ethnic. Most English are confident in their identity to the extent than ‘fringe identies’ within Scotland and Wales are not threatening.

    Then we have Scotland. North Britain to those who believe a Union exists.. They like to consider themselves British because although they are wannabe English, they know they can’t claim that. However in their hearts they share the same believe of the South British that these islands are Greater England. The concept of a nation and country called Scotland, and anything purporting to be Scottish, is a direct threat to their North Britishness.

  49. orri says:

    Suspect that in the case of the Forth Road Bridge, at least, what’s being referenced is the closure last year. Am unclear on whether the fault could have been detected before it failed or not. Certainly FETA the authority in charge of maintenance was in possession of a very health bank balance when Amey took over.

    has more details including the fact that the particular failure was unforseeable.

    Never mind the obvious fact that toll bridges in the rUK do close from time to time. The only saving grace in those cases is that in most cases they’re not the only bridge.

  50. yesindyref2 says:

    “Hello Alasdair from Scotland, what do you think of it so far”?

    “Beeb beeb beep BBC beebity beep beep”.

    “Sorry viewers, we have lost Scotland”.

  51. Dr Jim says:

    “Journalists” positively salivating at the prospect of the new BBC channel which will employ more “Journalists” thereby having more “Journalistic” content and more scrutiny of the government by those newly employed “Journalists”

    Because “Journalists” don’t get much opportunity to do that do they

    Do we think any of this will lead to the scrutiny of the crappy opposition parties though


    Lord Hall says at Holyrood committee “I know we spend less in Scotland than anywhere else but c’mon it’s improving is that not more than enough we think having had a look at ourselves”

    I think we can see Lord Haw Haw coming
    Donalda was nodding in agreement so everything must be OK

    I don’t even think they realise how insulting their behaviour is when they agree condescendingly to give us some of our own money back but then tell us they’ll decide what it’s spent on

    I’m afraid the only thing I welcome is their Arses on the pavement…preferably detached from the rest of them

    Ungrateful Scot!

  52. winifred mccartney says:

    Re the BBC – certainly progress but are we supposed to be grateful – the banker in London steals £100 from us and then gives us back £50 and keeps the bank book. Should be giving us all of it and the interest on all the years it kept fees collected here for themselves. Then we can decide and buy in what Scotland wants not what London wants to give us eg Question Time out of Scottish budge but only once remotely fair.

  53. HandandShrimp says:

    I think the fact 5% of Yes supporters thought the coverage was pro-independence proves Stu’s point about 5% choosing Yes to being shot in the face.

    On the opposition I think it is a boon and a blessing that the SNP have such useless opposite numbers.

    I have been particularly bemused by the number of Labour Councils freezing the Council Tax after so many Labour activist moaning the face off anyone who would listen that the SNP are pro-austerity by imposing the freeze. It spectacularly undermines Kezia’s “progressive” pose.

    The Tories are for the most just ridiculous cartoon figures like Murdo, Mountain or the Muppet that only ever raises issues that affect his own businesses.

    You have to laugh (or cry)

  54. stu mac says:

    @CameronB Brodie says

    That guy I believe calls himself “Syrian Observatory” or some such so that when he’s quoted it sounds like a genuine organisation and not just one guy with a bee in his bonnet. To be fair just about every MSM outlet uses him as a reference which shows how reliable our mainstream news media is.

  55. yesindyref2 says:

    Or the improved version:

    “Hello Rooarid from Scotchland [tee hee]* , what do you think of it so far”?

    “Beeb beeb beep BBC beebity beep beep”.

    “Sorry viewers, we have lost Scotland”.

    * (oh what a lark, we’re so professional not to call it Jockland)

    It’s when someone poined out to me in 1972 how patronising, how provincial and how biased the BBC was which I’d only subconciously realised, that I became an Indy supporter.

    Thank you Beeb Beebity Fuckity C. You did me a favour.

  56. Conan the Librarian says:

    @ orri

    He may have meant that incident, but he said “crossings” – plural.

    It shows the dangers of believing in your own propaganda when being questioned in the HoC.

  57. Robert Graham says:

    O/T . just watched the Three journeys to Yes by Phantom Power it’s a great pity these will never get the wider Audience they deserve because of the media stranglehold by the Unionist dictatorship we are living under , this lot will never allow people here to see the truth of what is happening here never ever .
    The only way is our Independence it is not just a prefered point of view this time it has become the only escape route from perpetual Tory Government , its that simple .

  58. robertknight says:

    Britnat Brainwashing Channel or Blatantly Biased Coverage, whatever you call it, an hour of SNP Bad at 9pm on top of the existing half-hour of SNP Bad at 6:30pm c/o Misreporting Jockland, plus the daily radio output comprising more SNP Bad on Good Morning Shortbread, Call Yoo-Kaye and Newsdrivel, what’s not to like licence fee payers?

    Plenty opportunity to see/hear our very own versions of Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally tell us what a wee shit-pit we all live in and what a cock-up our Separatist Government and pretendy Parliament make of running the show for us Moaning Minnie’s and scroungers.

    BBC London make an announcement? Nothing to see here people – move along…

  59. CameronB Brodie says:

    Glesca Keelie
    It’s not a particularly difficult or heavy read and I had hoped you might have seen it as complimenting the article you posted on English identity.

  60. stu mac says:


    Right wingers have been going on for decades about BBC being a biased lefty organisation. News wise this has always been nonsense though back in the day when the BBC made the attempt to be (slightly) even handed they no doubt saw any attempt to give the left any tiny bit of airing as an enormous bias.

    Nowadays when it is practically a Tory propaganda machine with guys like Nick Robinson running the news it’s hard to believe: my take would be that the vast amount of pro-tory stuff just goes by them as to them that’s just normal and any tiny thing that stands out from this that happens not to be pure tory gets them jumping up and down.

    That’s the average tory viewer though. From the political side it’s a deliberate policy to keep pushing the BBC to be more and more right wing and create the impression among their support to believe it isn’t so they will complain and put on more pressure. Thing is in the long term they make it harder for anyone who isn’t Tory to believe anything the Beeb tells them.

    Slightly different up here of course as in the past the establishment which the BBC supported in Scotland was Labour/New labour and though that is in its death throes it has led to BBC here being infested with pro-Labour creatures who like cockroaches have survived the nuclear holocaust that destroyed their party. (It also suited the UK establishment to have the BBC up here support Labour against the real enemy, the SNP, since the Tories could get no traction. It’s left them with a problem though as the Labourites in the BBC are so far not switching completely to Tory yet).

  61. galamcennalath says:

    I hear Dugdale still trying peddle federalism. There is not a hope in Hell that England will completely reorganise itself constitutionally as a possible solution to the ‘Scottish problem’.

    The emphasis is on ‘possible’ because Dugdale’s plans definitely don’t include any of the economy controlling levers Scotland needs. The plan is unlikely to quench a thirst for self determination.

    Her ideas amount to DevoAWeeBitMore which won’t be Federal anyway, unless the same is applied to a broken up England. Snowball in Hell.

    The only thing which actually matters is … are there voters gullible enough to believe Dugdale’s federal ramblings?

  62. Jack Murphy says:

    Main article at top says”…..:Less than a third of Scots of all parties and persuasions think BBC Scotland provides “balanced” political coverage…….”.

    Perhaps this is part of the the reason.
    The BBC Boss of all he surveys,UKOK Establishment Baron Tony Hall responding in November 2012 to his appointment:-

    “I care passionately about the BBC…it’s one of those extraordinary organisations which is an absolutely essential part of Britain, of the UK, of who we are.”
    Remember that quote when viewing/listening to Pacific Quay output.

    As reported in the Telegraph 2012.

  63. Nana says:

    Maurice Golden msp to ask the FM

  64. stu mac says:

    @stu mac

    To reply to myself here: I should have added that in the past the BBC was always right wing news wise (though not ridiculously so as it is nowadays) but in some of its drama output was left wing (as Tories would put it, we might say compassionate) with shows like Cathy Come Home and Boys from the Boys from the Black Stuff. Some of their documentary stuff was reasonable too, this though due to the competition from the superior ITV documentary units.

    The demise of ITV as a news/documentary force has led to a similar decline on the Beeb, even before the Nick Robinson crew took over. My point is back in the day these kind of things probably gave an impression to right wingers that the Beeb was left wing even though news-service wise it was not. As others have said, if you are foaming in the mouth tory the BBC will always be left wing even if it’s wall to wall Hitler Hagiographies.

  65. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    HandandShrimp @ 13:39:

    I have been particularly bemused by the number of Labour Councils freezing the Council Tax

    Heh, heh, so true. Derek Mackay played a blinder with the recent budget, and neatly exposed SLab and Tory hypocrisy over that.

    The Council Tax though is still unfinished business. As operated from the get-go, it has only a very loose relationship with ability to pay, and (what gets me most) it penalises careful savers and encourages the feckless as much as it spares the genuinely hard-pressed. (Why save if the CT will just suck it all away anyway?)

  66. Meg merrilees says:

    O/T replying to Nana’s post this a.m

    Re these two proposed new nuclear power stations for Scotland, I heard on the news today that the WM gov is trying to back-pedal on heating schemes using wood pellets as being to inefficient.

    Presume this is all part of the plan to make renewable and alternative energy sources seem expensive and undesirable. Cut the amount of alternative energy sources, remove subsidies for renewable and force dependency on nuclear. It’s so obvious.

    Especially when they have systematically tried to remove all subsidies on renewable in
    Scotland, closed Longannet, prevented the carbon capture technology going ahead Peterhead etc.

    Next thing we know they will supporting Trump in removing wind-turbines from Scotland in exchange for a better trade deal with the US. Pathetic, short-sighted idiots.

  67. Tinto Chiel says:

    Macart: “TBF its been a long time since I’ve encountered a hinged Tory.”


  68. ghalamcennalath @ 1.59 am.
    It is not outwith the bounds to imagine Dugdale’s ‘Circle’ stabbing her in the front, appointing a new charismatic leader like, say, Anas Bananas, a month or so before the LA Slaughter, in the hope of attracting swithering New labour/ Old Tory votes.
    I know, they have run out of patsies willing to take the job, such as it is.
    The lady has clearly lost it, and appears to be milking the final two or three years Money For Nothing regardless.
    We’ll know the Lefting is on the wall when Sarwar organises a curry banquet for 5000 of the Faithful. Worked for this loser the last time.

  69. Macart says:


    OMG! 😯

    What utter weaponsgrade bumtrumpetry that whole wee ramble of Golden’s was. No wonder Ruthie had a riddie.


  70. Tinto Chiel says:

    Thanks, Nana for the clip of Golden’s Defenestration by an incandescent FM.

    Wonderful seeing the Tory front bench finding their desktops unusually interesting as they develop severe buttock-fyke.

    As Bugs B would say, What a maroon!”

  71. Nana says:


    Where do they find them Macart? Is there a labratory[ahem] with a mad professor somewhere programming these twits and he’s got the wiring all wrong.

    Good for a laugh if nothing else.

  72. Nana says:

    Forgot to say I’ve posted the response from Margaret Ferrier mp to the transport buffoon on the last thread.

    @Tinto Chiel

    Bugs is far too polite!

  73. galamcennalath says:

    Nana says:

    Maurice Golden msp to ask the FM

    Brilliant response from Nicola.

    In one respect Golden was right, the answer to most questions from the Tories here will involve references to the WM government. And so they should.

    Tories in Scotland don’t have a leg to stand on with their mad bad colleagues in London.

    In fact, they only remain upright with the support of a friendly media like their new bedfellows did before them, Labour.

  74. Jack Murphy says:

    TODAY.The Tory Transport Minister tells the Commons the Forth and Tay Bridges were closed because the SNP government abolished the Bridge Tolls!!!
    Hope the direct link to the Westminster Parliament Archived works:-

  75. Macart says:


    Great googly moogly!

    The debate has long since moved on from federalism and the killer blow was delivered by HMG and the Supreme Court. I mean, most supporters of independence are well aware of the implausibility of federalism and Westminster power share already, but dear God Kezia!?!

    That’s embarrassing for both Kezia and Labour. It’s also pretty much right up there with Mr Golden’s omnishambles.

  76. heedtracker says:

    TODAY.The Tory Transport Minister tells the Commons the Forth and Tay Bridges were closed because the SNP government abolished the Bridge Tolls!!!

    David Wlllets told Ligger Neil that Snatcher Thatcher won over the British working classes by being radical and its same for/with Mayhem, this lunchtime on the BBC vote Tory Politics lumchtime show. Ligger agreed.

  77. AnneDon says:

    The Channel 4 news coverage varied wildly. It was appalling right up until the week of the vote, when they sent their full team up here and they covered it properly.

    Before, it was Jacob Rees-Mogg interviewing Dundonians for the lolz, and Michael Crick, who (great as an investigative reporter) is not good on camera.

  78. Nana says:


    I’ve got “great googly moogly” in my head now, will be using that phrase for sure.

    More on labour lunacy
    Labour resigns minutes after officially ousting their own leader

    Re the bbc and today’s committee hearing

  79. Meg merrilees says:

    Nicola is terrific.

    Just caught up on FMQ’s. Wow!
    Maurice Golden was the sacrificial lamb this time and so he should have been.

    Always interesting to watch (t)Ruthless and Jackson Carlaw during FMQ’s.

    Notice, immediately after finishing asking his question, Maurice looks straight ahead – towards (t)Ruthless?

    As Nicola goes in for the kill, (t)Ruthless and her henchman shift uneasily in their seats and fumble with their desk tops…. brilliant TV.

    Notice also, the only people to mention Independence in today’s discussion were, of course, the tories.

    RE the new BBC channel – poppycock.
    It will be threatened with withdrawal if we vote for self determination. £30m is only a drop in the ocean. Match of the Day rights cost £60m…

  80. Robert Graham says:

    O/T thanks to the poster who put up the link to today’s FMQs , a Classic example of a Tory getting his arse well and truly handed to him, even Ruth the mooth was searching for the Exit, she is bad enough, but the lot behind her are truly Priceless, the gift that keeps on giving, true entertainment, a laugh a minute bloody pantomime act .

  81. the £30,000,000 is just a war chest for Fake News BBC undermining the truth before and during Indy2

    as Donald said,

    “BBC News,that`s another beauty”

    Oxford old boy and Lord, Tony Hall Director General of BBC is the British establishment.

  82. Brian Powell says:

    When Margaret Farrier corrected the Tory Transport Secretary the sound on that video was all broken up! Interesting.

  83. Proud Cybernat says:

    BBC North Briton…

  84. sarah says:

    @AnneDon 3.00p.m. – can’t quite agree with you, Anne. My memory of Jon Snow: in Stornoway he had a group of folk standing out at the harbour and didn’t show a proper grasp on the subject nor give them time to answer – waste of time.

    He stayed in Ullapool at the Ceilidh Place en route. The Ceilidh Place is a hotbed of Yessers but he managed to find 3 blokes in the bar who were all No! Ullapool polling district came in as YES 59% a few days later!!!

  85. heedtracker says:

    FT says its £40 million more for us lucky souls.

    British Broadcasting Corp

    BBC to launch dedicated Scottish TV channel
    Director-general announces a £40m annual increase for programming in Scotland

    Opponents of independence also welcomed the investment. Jackson Carlaw, the Scottish Conservative shadow culture secretary, said it would ensure that viewers who still preferred a UK-wide BBC news at 6pm would still be served.

    Only SNP MPs with “inherent and serial grievance agenda”, could find fault with the plans, he said.

    If BBC Scotland refuse to publish Scots viewer stats for their garbage now, who will actually watch a whole new channel, of posh chaps hillwalking, or documentaries about Prince Charles and his undying love of his Scotland and kilts or worse, the return of Rab C Nesbit.

    C4 stank with its ref 1 coverage too, really stank.

  86. heedtracker says:

    TBH, Graun is still sneakiest creepiest yoon corp going though,

    Here they’re feeding off Heil’s Project Fear and their mockup of how the border could appear. Takes you back eh?

  87. Charles Edward says:

    BBC North Sector Report.
    It occurs to me that we are in a very precarious situation. Agent Bird may become a threat to the organisation. Given the persistent turbulence relating to the structure of our edifice there is a danger that one version of AJB may become aware or even encounter one of her synthetic clones before she has been deactivated. This seamless broadcasting facility has served us for decades, but one sloppy transition may be all it takes for an AJB model to become fully aware and hightail it from PQ to London HQ and blow the story wide open.
    Monitor behaviours and inspect all transport links, we will be prepared to intercept at this end.
    Over and Out.

  88. orri says:

    Suspect some in Wales know the license fee stats for Scotland. Given we don’t, any speculation that we get less spent as a percentage of that raised in Scotland than the equivalent for Wales or any other part in the UK is unfounded. Perhaps their moaning is a perfectly justified complaint.

  89. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    I wonder if the Grand Plan of the BBC is to open this channel up a month before we vote in IndyRef2 (which could be in Sept 2018)and fill it with Yoon propaganda bullshit.

    They could have full on Independence Bad stories right up until the day we vote.

    After all, that is what they done in IndyRef1.

  90. Toodle Oo The Noo purred that the new didgi-channel would pay for 30 more journalists to hold the SNP Gov to account, on FMQ wrap up today.
    £1 million per hack. Now that’s not cheap.
    Let’s hope for plenty of murdurrs.

  91. Proud Cybernat says:

    “30 more journalists to hold the SNP Gov to account, on FMQ wrap up today.”

    30 x FOI requests. 30 x SNHS failing. 30 x education shit. 30 x Polis blunders. 30 x SNP Badnesssssss.

    Just more ‘Propa News’ from BBC North Britain (Digital).

    And it will be exactly that because London STILL pulls the strings; we are STILL on ‘remote’ and have no control over our own broadcasting. And until such time as broadcasting is fully devolved the BBC in Scotland will just be the mouthpiece of the Tories nomatter HOW MANY channels they ‘give’ us.

    Oh, and you be be absolutely certain those 30 new churnalist presstitutes will be fully vetted by MI5 to ensure they have the ‘right’ British values.

    BBC – GYTF.

  92. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Proud Cybernat

    The BBC and MI5 are very closely linked. Jackie Burd and Co have all been passed fit to represent the Union.

    Any Scottish blood they had in them has been surgically removed and replaced with pure red white and blue Yoon blood.

    God Save the Queen and all other Yoons.

  93. Capella says:

    From the BBCs own article:

    BBC is to spend £30 million on a new Scottish Channel. They will also spend “about” £20 million for Scotland to make UK wide programmes.

    Scotland should receive “about” £40m in new funding annually – £19m for the new channel and digital developments, and £20m for making network programmes

    Already £10 million has disappeared.

    In fact, in 2015/16 the BBC spent 55% of the licence fee raised in Scotland on Scottish programme making. This was a drop of £26.5 million on the previous year.

    So in reality they have restored the £26.5 million cut and added another £13.5 million – cut from other opt outs and hailed this as ” the biggest single investment in broadcast content in Scotland for more than 20 years.”

    Orwell’s chocolate ration has just been increased again.

  94. David Mills says:

    I am surprised by strong balanced value from Tory voters for Channel 4 (almost abbreviated that which would be bad on this forum “Hi watchers”).

  95. handclapping says:

    Again the polls shew that there is an irreducible minimum of 20-25% who are Union or Bust who we have to ignore and concentrate on the 30-35% that can be swayed. It is pointless arguing with two short planks.

    As to the never heard of it; I have neither TV or licence so I could not say any were pro, anti or neutral so the only answer I could honestly give was never heard (of) them. If all the 5% were in the same case it augurs well for the loss of traction by TV on our minds and habits!

  96. robertknight says:

    With respect to the all new shiny BBC North Britain channel, no doubt to be packed with programmes having the word “British” in the title, (‘The Great British 9 O’clock News in Scotland’ being just one possibility), it really doesn’t matter how they try to sell it to us…

    …you really can’t polish a turd!

  97. Judas only gets 30 pieces of silver (Tyrian shekels ) to betray,(about £300 at today`s silver rate)

    our treacherous Fake News BBC yoon hacks get £30,000,000 between them,

    BBC pays a lot better than the corrupt priests.

  98. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. Jackson Carlaw and his views re. the launch of a dedicated Scottish TV channel. I’d hate to live in a technocracy but the guy’s a used-car salesman.

    @Jackson Carlaw
    Care to comment within the context of Media Theory? It would be helpfull if you could identify why the “central tenets of critical theories of mass media are still highly relevant despite their relatively marginal position in mainstream cultural/communication studies and the sociology of the media.”

    Critical Theories of Mass Media: Then and Now

  99. Rock says:

    The BBC is and always has been Scotland’s enemy number one.

    The Scottish media, led by the BBC, is the enemy of the Scottish people, in my view.

  100. Cal says:

    Why is any pro independence minded person still watching tv? Haven’t they heard of the internet? Do yourself a favour and save yourself some money on the licence fee.

    11 people from the SNP supporting sample think that BBC Scotland is pro independence! Really? And, even worse, 2 of them think Sky News is for independence!!!

  101. Jim Arnott says:

    @Marcia @11:51am

    The only galout who couldd have been advising the UK Transport Minister is one by the name of Mundell.

  102. Robert Dark says:

    FFS, really

  103. CameronB Brodie says:

    Geek alert.


    Arthur J. Sementelli*

    ABSTRACT. Literature on critical and institutional theories are often perceived to be incompatible, despite a shared conceptual grounding. By clearly defining and understanding the concepts of “hegemony” and “role obligations” one might address this misconception of incompatibility, and allow the development of a framework to bridge the concepts of institutions and critical theory. This bridge allows the two streams of literature to meaningfully benefit from each intellectual space. This bridge can ultimately be used to inform both theory and practice in the study of organizations.


    The twenty first century has given rise to sets of circumstances where conceptual turf battle among disciplines has created a sort of environment where compartmentalized ideas of knowledge tend not to provide the best insights into social phenomena, epiphenomena, and what scholars typically understand as lived experiences. Consequently, effective scholars and practitioners must reexamine, reevaluate, and sometimes redefine relationships among seemingly disparate ideas. One such relationship exists between the study of contemporary critical theory and the study of institutions.

    Sometimes, those who self identify as contemporary critical theorists tend to prefer to examine and deconstruct institutions rather than engage in a more pragmatic approach to critical theory such as that outlined by Abel and Sementelli (2004). Arguably, there are benefits to be gained from participating, modifying, and otherwise changing these institutions from within, rather than from what some might argue to be a catastrophic change. Despite the potential benefits of a planned or internal approach to deconstruction, contemporary critical theorists often look upon such an argument with horror or revulsion, as it appears to conflict with the Marxist sensibilities of their training and flies in the face of their understanding of hegemony, control, and power.

    This purely negative view is arguably both erroneous and unproductive since both classical scholars of critical theory in the tradition of the Frankfurt School such as Adorno (1978) and contemporary scholars of management such as Alvesson and Wilmott, (1992) point towards means and methods by which critical theory can usefully function within institutions. In each case, however, scholars take great care to “hedge” the applicability of their conclusions within the mainstream concerns of traditional and contemporary critical theorists, which often leads at the very least to a tone of despair or futility about the process of emancipation within institutions…..

  104. TweeTpoorTstupit says:

    Will the channel be called BBC Twee?

  105. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    I see Paul Kane has written something for The National about how Scots should make an effort to use their imagination and demand what they want from bbc 9. Hahaha. Piss off!

    The bbc is neither blood nor water, mate. We don’t have to tolerate them let alone expend energy on helping them.

    Stop watching the bbc; experience the bliss.

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