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The Third Sex

Posted on February 02, 2023 by

Get ready to curl your toes, readers, as the excellent journalist and author Ella Whelan puts economy-grade script-reading robot Jenny Gilruth of the SNP on the spot during tonight’s Question Time.

Despite having watched Nicola Sturgeon be tied in embarrassing knots by Douglas Ross on the same question hours earlier, Gilruth was powerless to deviate from the line that self-declared “transgender” rapists are a mysterious and separate species, neither male nor female – Schrodinger’s Rapists, if you will – because otherwise the SNP’s entire gender reform ideology dissolves instantly into mist.

Bepenised individuals who rape women – will we EVER know what they are? Judging by the groans of the studio audience as she blustered away vacuously, everyone in the room but Jenny Gilruth was already pretty sure.

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0 to “The Third Sex”

  1. Wee Chid says:

    He’s been done for rape. Women cannot be charged with rape in Scotland so if he is a rapist he must be a man.

  2. Morgatron says:

    What a fucking brass neck

  3. Craig Macinnes says:

    You know what scares me? That the TRA lunatics might actually pick up on this idea of “Schrödinger’s sex”. After all if they can persuade enough morons that a man can become a woman and vice versa, we’ll hell, why not take the absurdity to another level?

  4. Themadmurph says:

    But I thought TWAW, no debate!

    That’s what they told all of us transphobes.

    They are what they say they are. You don’t need to know their chromosomes or anything else about them! You can’t just deviate when it becomes uncomfortable or awkward, surely?

  5. George Ferguson says:

    If you were standing on the street in 2014 trying to persuade people to vote Independence. Did you ever imagine the Independence Movement in 2023 would choose to die on this GRR Hill?. No, neither can I. The absolutism of the SNP Scot Gov has set us back years. If they can’t tell you what a woman is they don’t deserve to be in Government.

  6. GlesgaJim says:

    When this depraved charade is ended, the perpetrators should not be allowed to fade quietly from the scene of the crime. A generation of our children are being lied to on an industrial scale, and women being demonised and degraded for having the temerity to care about their own safety, and that of their children. Those who facilitated this, with their hands on the levers of power, they should be held to account.

  7. Bob Costello says:

    Ah well, that’s that sorted out then. There is Men, Women and then there is rapists. Pretty straightforward actually

  8. fran says:

    Willyboy doesn’t look too pleased, what’s the pronoun for individual or rapist? the clowns have tied themselves in knots.

  9. Mungo Armstrong says:

    Since when was rapist a gender ?

  10. Morag says:

    They’ve conceded that a woman can have a penis so often now that they don’t know how to back-track.

  11. Dave M says:

    Lesbian can’t confirm that a man is a man. What a stupid, pathetic, cowardly woman Gilruth is.

  12. P says:


    “ are a mysterious and separate species, neither male nor female – Schrodinger’s Rapists”

  13. Deepdivedave says:

    Bepenised individuals! I’m stealing that! ;^D

  14. PacMan says:

    Craig Macinnes says: 2 February, 2023 at 10:20 pm

    You know what scares me? That the TRA lunatics might actually pick up on this idea of “Schrödinger’s sex”. After all if they can persuade enough morons that a man can become a woman and vice versa, we’ll hell, why not take the absurdity to another level?

    You have described what gender-fluid, non-binary and various other ‘queer identities’ mean. A person can be any gender they want to be at any moment.

    Regardless of your views on this queer identity subject, anything based on subjective experience is virtually impossible to satisfactorily comply to laws & regulations and is open to abuse.

  15. Anne Johnston says:

    Oh Jenny dear

  16. Bob Costello says:

    Actually, if we now have three sexes and presumably three types of prison , where are we going to get the rapist prison officers to look after the rapists ?

  17. Big Jock says:

    It’s simply unsustainable.

    They cannot maintain this position on gender ID. Once you start allowing people to pick and choose their sex. It creates confusion, criminality and psychological scarring of children. We are arguing that black is white. This is of flat earth proportions.

    If someone says the world is flat , then they must be accommodated, not educated. According to Sturgeon’s government. We creating a society of imbeciles and deviants. It’s got to be stopped, for the sanity of our children.

  18. Maureen says:

    Judging by the exasperated groan from the audience, it’s clear that they have lost the room. Folk are just nae buying it. Rapist is not a sex. Even saying that is ridiculous

  19. Morag says:

    Actually, if we now have three sexes and presumably three types of prison , where are we going to get the rapist prison officers to look after the rapists?

    I actually lolled at that!

  20. Morag says:

    Obviously the whole thing is massively positive though. They’re NOT coming straight out and saying “clearly she’s a woman because she says she is, women can have penises and can rape too you know.” So they have been thrown on to the back foot and flustered and some of them might even be thinking.

    But mind you, when I put it like that, if she HAD said “clearly she’s a woman because she says she is, women can have penises and can rape too you know,” the entire audience would have howled her down, so really it was a win-win situation.

  21. Geoff+Bush says:

    So lets play gender categories, female. male, farmer, economist, rapist, speed ticket offender, fireman, surgeon, lifeboat coxwain, bus driver, FFS

  22. robertkknight says:

    MSP = Mouth Spouting Pish

    Ask the rapist what their chromosomes have to say on the matter of gender. Ask if their pelvis has been formed in order to facilitate the process of giving birth. As an adult, ask if they’ve ever menstruated. If their body is exhumed 100 years hence, the cemetery in which their mortal remains are interred being earmarked for housing – ask if a pathologist will identify their skeleton and DNA as being that of a “female” or “male”?

    Or better yet, just ask the rapist’s victims if they were raped by a “man” or a “woman”.

    These SNP a-holes need shown the door.

  23. Frank Anderson says:

    They keep repeating, we don’t have enough information about this individual. What info do SNP politicians need. He is self ID’ing as a woman. The SNP told us we have to accept that and a Transwoman is a woman.
    When forcing through the GRR bill, they refused to accept an amendment that would have prevented this!
    Suddenly, there is backlash and Sturgeon is missing. She is throwing all her ministers under the bus trying to defend her line. After all, she only accepts accolades! Even ‘Daddy’ had nothing to say on trans and prisons. Why not, he led the ‘initiative’.

  24. PhilM says:

    Could a decision by the SPS on the placement of Graham be subject to judicial review I wonder?
    The SPS is a public body that definitely does make quasi judicial decisions because a quick search suggests these have been challenged many times. So in making an administrative decision about Graham based on some kind of legal protocol, could this particular decision be challenged as a deviation from proper procedure? How do you balance the safety of female prisoners vs the certain threat to Graham’s life (as he or his solicitor might put it) from being in a male prison?
    God it’s embarrassing to watch someone trot out these pre-prepared lines on national TV…we deserve better than this.

  25. Anne Forte says:

    I wonder if Jenny Gilruth likes lady-dick? If she doesn’t, is she a transphobe? Just asking.

  26. christine says:

    The language used in Queer Theory “ trans gender “ ideology is employed to keep thought at bay. The erasure of women in language and law is employed to keep thought at bay Endless pronouns and imbecilic slogans such as terfs and cis and LGBTQ plus ad infinitum are employed to keep thought at bay. Like a religion, they’re speaking in tongues, possessed by their crazy deluded beliefs. They have stopped thinking, as evidenced by the complete pish and nonsense spewing out of their mouths.

    We may not get justice in an unjust world for the harm and damage they have already caused but this swamp must be drained of each and every fucking one of them before they infect the heart of our country.

  27. Bob Mack says:

    Congratulations Mrs Smith. You v’e just given birth to a lovely 8lb rapist.

    Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

  28. Derek says:

    “Morag says:
    2 February, 2023 at 10:57 pm

    I actually lolled at that!”

    I kind of did and then thought, “Iran”.

  29. Daisy Walker says:

    Out of a sense of balance… and with regards to highlighting how much the British Establishment are gaming this topic, you wouldn’t happen to have the footage of Mzz Bruce doing her level best at QT to shut down Prof Winston??? (not entirely sure that is his name – world leading biologist) stating catagorically that humans have only 2 sexes and that cannot be changed?

    Incidentally the SNP sheeple are self identifying just now as Ostridges.

    Meanwhile… with apologies to the late, great Michael Mara (the singer, songwriter, no the one at Holyrood)

    Harmless, harmless, never dae nae wifies nae hairm
    Got jailed fir twa rapes
    But never again
    Now I’m nae longer a male

    Harmless, Harmless,
    Yir bairns they are aw safe wi me
    In the ladies toilets, at Marks n Sparks
    But I’m only in there tae pee

  30. Big Jock says:

    Scots Law :”Rape is the intentional or reckless penetration, with the accused’s penis, of the victim’s vagina, anus or mouth, in circumstances where the victim does not consent to the penetration and where the accused either knows that the victim does not consent or has no reasonable belief that the victim is consenting.”

    Women don’t have penises. A Trans doesn’t commit rape, a man does. A Trans is a man because he has a male sex organ.

  31. George Ferguson says:

    I watched the entire programme I was pleased men were clapping in support of women at the appropriate times. India and Jenny are far removed from public opinion. You cannot bend reality. Sex is immutable and the SNP shouldn’t have destroyed the Independence movement on the back of pervy pish. Jenny enjoy Kez. Us Granddads will protect our women and children.

  32. Daisy Walker says:

    As I understand it, following it as it unfolds:

    Isla/Graham – was sentenced to go to Barlinnie by the Judge. The Scottish Prison Service cannot (and therefore did not) change that destination… that took a Holyrood minister to intervene, overwrite the warrant, and do that.

    Would be good to know what minister and why. No doubt the Times are working on it.

    More bad headlines.

    And secondly, the 2 times Paedophile put to Corton Vale in December 2022 – has been released into the public domain, in order to see off further bad headlines, but his risk assesment was carried out, using the women’s prisoners risk assessment sheet – which (cause they’re female) does not contain sex offender risk assessment questions…. doh!

    Very much a case of losing your keys in the front garden, then doing a whole lot of searching in the back garden to find them and show your making an effort, while at the same time, ensuring you never will.

    If correct, it means that convicted sex offenders would be silly not to self identify as women, as it’s almost guaranteed to get them an early release.

    I’m really, really hoping I’m wrong about the second part.

    Wicked, stupid, shameful, reckless, disgraceful, bampots – and they’re on my team, allegedly. Not fit to run a bath.

  33. John C says:

    People will be listening to Gilrouth over and over wondering how on earth we’ve hit a point where a supposed adult in a position of power in Scotland can sit there and seriously spout a load of bullshit equivalent to Flat Earthism.

    Every single time over the last few weeks this ideology has been questioned it has fell apart spectacularly in a way which firstly damages any credibility the person may have, but also the cause of independence, and Scotland even having a devolved parliament. It’s a cancerous ideology/policy like Brexit, the Poll Tax and like the Iraq War was. Sure people are hiding tonight behind calling people ‘transphobes’ or ‘bigots’ but the fact is these people are centring the feelings of violent rapists, lunatics like Willoughby & a group of violent, crazed activists over the women in prison and the women who were raped who must be going through hell right now seeing their rapist laugh in their faces in one last giant display of power over his victims.

    I also noticed the clear fear and apprehension of the women speaking out in the audience tonight. It is utterly insane to think in less than a decade we’ve went from #metoo where women were believed and trusted in their stories of abuse to ‘ah fuck you BIGOT’ from people who just a few years ago were clearly not supporting women, and in fact, have nurtured a clear hatred of women and now have a chance to express those views publically without comeback.

    Things though are turning. The public are seeing that Trans isn’t about the poor souls who are dysphoric and struggling anymore. It’s about a large variety of sexual fetishists, men’s rights lunatics, paedophiles and severely mentally ill people taking advantage of people’s sense of decency to claw their way to the top of the power structure in what has been an incredibly short time.

    I’m resigned now that independence won’t happen in my lifetime. Possibly might not even happen this century because this one topic is so damaging that it’ll take a few generations to purge it before the people of Scotland focus on independence. Even if I’m wrong on this (and I hope I am) I don’t think Sturgeon and her supporters can be forgiven for what they’ve done to damage the cause of indepence all for the sake of the like of ‘Beth’Douglas.

  34. Wilson McBride says:

    The SNP seem to be saying that the Scottish Prison Service have the final say on what gender an individual is.

  35. Wilson McBride says:

    And as an aside,,, don’t these rapists have the right to take the Scottish government to court for denying them the right to be a woman?

    The plot thickens.

    Sturgeon’s hole gets deeper by the day.

  36. John C says:

    ”Daisy Walker says:
    3 February, 2023 at 12:14 am

    And secondly, the 2 times Paedophile put to Corton Vale in December 2022 – has been released into the public domain, in order to see off further bad headlines, but his risk assesment was carried out, using the women’s prisoners risk assessment sheet – which (cause they’re female) does not contain sex offender risk assessment questions…. doh!

    Very much a case of losing your keys in the front garden, then doing a whole lot of searching in the back garden to find them and show your making an effort, while at the same time, ensuring you never will.

    If correct, it means that convicted sex offenders would be silly not to self identify as women, as it’s almost guaranteed to get them an early release.

    I’m really, really hoping I’m wrong about the second part.”

    From what I know/understand is that sex offenders are rated due to a pretty lengthy risk assessment so you can understand the risk for further offending. This is normally done by the police and social workers who then work out depending on answers to a series of interviews whether someone is a minor low level risk (both to themselves and the public) or a major risk. Decisions are then made in regards court orders,etc to protect the public.

    If a rapist avoids this by declaring themselves a woman therefore not being subject to the same line of questioning a male would get then they won’t be rated in the same way which means police/social work can’t assess the risk properly, and with the hate crime laws in place I believe it’d be against the law for them to do so.

    Again, I’m not sure if I’m right but it’d be interesting to see if Stu can chase this up and get a legal opinion not to mention if a currently active social worker can speak up, though I understand that will be incredibly difficult to do even anonymously these days.

  37. Kcor says:

    It will be an irony that a rapist pretending to be a woman by taking advantage of Sturgeon’s freedom charter for rapists, perverts and paedophiles brings about her downfall.

  38. I. Despair says:

    Pathetic intervention from Fiona Bruce to remind everyone that Adam Graham now claims the name Isla Bryson, lest anyone should think the BBC is not fully signed up to the latest orthodoxies. But possibly a little Freudian slip, as she did not say “who now calls herself Isla Bryson” but “who now calls HIMSELF Isla Bryson.” Hope you aren’t locked up for this crime, Fiona – not in a Scottish jail at any rate!

  39. jockmcx says:

    All those who believe in Scottish independence have to make thier
    decision right now.
    It’s iether independence or Nicola Sturgeons snp.

    You cannot have both, Davy,gordon,paul…?

    Nicola Sturgeon’s snp is full of trash…and you know it!

    I’ts up to the people now!

  40. Daisy Walker says:

    @ John C

    So the question needs to be along the lines of: ‘are female prisonsers, when risk assessed for release (whether on conditions, or not), subjected to the same type of questions that male sex offenders are? (even if they are self identifying as female at the time of risk assessment)?’

    And if the answer to this is ‘no’, and the prisoner is specifically incarcerated for sex offences – in what way can this possibly be justified? and not considered the most basic and obvious example of ‘culpable negligence’?

  41. Neil Mackenzie says:

    It took me a couple of goes to realise what a “bepen” was and how anything could be “bepenised” but I got there in the end.

  42. Gerry says:

    As a unionist, I really appreciate Nicola’s strong stance on Trans rights.

  43. twathater says:

    WOW the conversations between jenny and kezia must be so illuminating, maybe they just stick to counting their massive bank balance whilst laughing at the pure gullibility of the people who elected them, it is a true saying LED BY DONKEYS or is it ARSES

    Sturgeon has repeated the mantra continuously every time she is questioned by ANYONE from the media that the SPS is or has carried out EXTENSIVE risk assessments when determining where or how to house prisoners of the rapist gender, she/her/it has NEVER explained or revealed exactly what or how these extensive risk assessments are carried out

    Surely there must be a formal process involving numerous members of the medical profession to ascertain the physical and mental wellbeing and impact wrongful incarceration would cause to the gender rapist if their requirements are not addressed , why when during this extensive repeated questioning has sturgeon NEVER referred to or included any information of who these medical practitioners are and how they reach their decisions, OR is that just like everything else that she wants to hide, Swinney or some other moron just says it is NOT in the public’s interest

  44. Breeks says:

    So does this mean a rapist is the same sex as a pedophile?

  45. David Holden says:

    Shame the census has just been as it would be interesting in the questions about sex if there would be an R box to tick for rapist.

  46. Geoff Anderson says:

    Do you really want to trust people to build an Independent Nation very different from that imposed by a Colonial Master when they cannot answer such simple basic questions.
    Their fantasy is so fragile that they expect the public to look at photographs of violent men and accept that you cannot be sure what they are?

    A 6’ 6” body building violent criminal like “Tiffany” announces that they are a Women we are all to suspend reality and chant “Be Kind”, “it is worth the Risk to Women not to upset HER feelings)

    Scotland has become a MECCA for every pervert around the World. The Furries are having their convention in Glasgow. Cross dressers are reading stories to children that have questionable content. Young children are being subjected to propaganda in our schools.

    Watch that video again and Sturgeon onFMQs and ask yourself how long it would have taken you to answer – That is a Man.

    Sturgeon also lied when she said at FMQs that Women have protected spaces under the Equality Act.
    a) Organisations lose funding if the dent access to “Sturgeon Women”
    b) if the SG can’t challenge what a Women is, how can a charity worker or volunteer

    The dozen fake “Women’s Organisations” set up and funded heavily by Sturgeon are to give support to the obvious lie the Society is in support of this mythical creation that you can change sex by using a different Pronoun.

  47. Wilie says:

    This clip from Question Time of SNP Minister Gilruth being asked the very simple question of whether Bryson was a man or a woman should be shown to every voter in Scotland. It is absolutely incredible.

    This arrogant woman who would not answer the simple question, and who then went on to tirade of obfuscation rubbish showed herself and her government to be an absolute laughing stock.

    As someone who has spent a lifetime fighting for independence, and previously a forty year SNP member, I want these people out. Every damn one of them.

    Scotland has been sold a dummy with people like this. Let’s get em out and replaced with people who have sense and who want independence.

  48. David Hannah says:

    Glasgow tells Willoughby where to go. You’re not going to stroll up to Scotland and dictate to us what we must and must not think.

    Glasgow will tell the furries where to go as well, and we’ll stand up for women and let them speak.

    Hail Alba.

  49. Alastair says:

    Bob Costello said
    “Actually, if we now have three sexes and presumably three types of prison , where are we going to get the rapist prison officers to look after the rapists ?”
    I’ll do it Bob, but I’ll need to do a training course as I’m not presently qualified.

  50. Robert Louis says:

    MEMO to Scottish Government (AND Labour AND the libdems).

    THIS, is what happens, when you base legislation around a single, ridiculous, ‘student-politics’ level slogan of TWAW (‘trans’ women are women).

    In the REAL world, it just doesn’t hold up. Your opponents and even some of your allies warned you of such scenarios, but you wilfully decided to ignore them. Now your First Minister of Scotland, and your ministers are on national TV, telling journalists that they ‘cannot tell if a convicted double rapist is a man or a woman’.

    I assure you, the women who were raped could tell you if the rapist is a man or a woman. Anybody could.

    It is absurd. Stupidity heaped upon stupidity.

  51. robbo says:

    Midwife- Congratulations Mr & Mrs X

    Mr X – What sex is it ?

    Midwife- You have a brand new bouncing baby RAPIST- well done.

    Mr X – OH FUCK NAW

  52. Luigi says:

    Incredible. Love her or loathe her, I considered the FM to be a smooth operator, an astute politician. How she managed to get herself and her party in such a mess beats me. Watching her and her minions flailing about hopelessly, unable to answer a simple question is rather pathetic. It so easily could have been avoided, but no they knew best, and now they have been hoisted by their own petard. Well and truly.

  53. frogesque says:

    Gilruth is my MSP.


  54. Lewis Moonie says:

    I suppose we ought to congratulate the BBC (I know, but give credit where it’s due)
    When I saw the lineup for tonight I thought “Here we go. Another pro trans event on the tele”.
    Should have known better. The combination of poor Jenny Gilruth’s inability to accept reality, and the sheer insanity of the contribution of Willoughby clearly peaked most of the audience, and I suspect of the country too.
    We need more of this to waken people up to the agenda that the SNP under Sturgeon, and her dim allies in other parties and the media are trying to foist on us.

  55. Muscleguy says:

    @Wee Chid

    You are right, the legal definition of rape in all jurisdictions in the UK is of a penis being forcibly inserted. If you are in possession of a working penis you must be male.

    So if you rape you are male. There are few other more male actions than rape.

  56. PacMan says:

    I had seen a tweet from a TRA who said Finlands Self-ID legislation was a step in the right direction but didn’t go far enough.

    Sensible politicians on Finland and other countries drew up legislation for this that was politically palatable to them and ensured that it didn’t damage their future electoral success.

    Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have tried to legislate the most extreme version of Self-ID and while it isn’t going to be fatal for Nicola Sturgeon, it is going to be electoral suicide for other elected members of the SNP.

  57. Cath says:

    The confident “Will you let me speak” line really only works if you have something to say that isn’t going to make you sound like a weapons grade twat.

  58. Stuart MacKay says:

    The support for Ella Whelan was much less than half the audience. This is nowhere close to being over.

  59. Cath says:

    What’s truly abhorrent about the whole “the individual is a rapist” response is that it lays bare just how much women (and children’s) boundaries and rights have been removed. You’re not even allowed to call a convicted rapist male. We can concede “and individual convicted of rape is a rapists” but even in that extreme not call him what he is – a man.

    Prior to the raid conviction, even when he’s been prosecuted and will be standing trial, no one is allowed to say – that’s a man. He’s allowed into beauty courses where young women are vulnerable, he’s allowed into ant women’s spaces he likes, and no women is allowed to say, “No. I don’t want that man in my intimate spaces.” No women is allowed their hard wired, in-built, often forged through trauma sense of wariness or “This man is predatory” without being deemed a hateful bigot, a transhobe, even “a Nazi” by some of the more batshit nasties in this movement.

    It’s the biggest and worst form of gaslighting I’ve seen in my lifetime, and one which rolls back every common sense safeguarding basic we have: ie telling kids if a man is making you feel uneasy, run away. Don’t worry about appearing rude. That’s been turned on it’s head with “be kind, affirm who someone says they are, deny reality.” It’s not only about language, it’s about how forceably removing language and reality gives a green light to every non convicted rapist and predator to do exactly as they please.

  60. Lorna Campbell says:

    I believe that Stonewall always knew what it was doing, and, like the SNP, was enjoying the limelight and the money that went with it. 99% of the ‘trans’ ‘community’ jumped o the bandwagon created by Stonewall, also knowing perfectly well, most of them, that they were just plain old male or female, mostly male at the beginning. Politicians, journalists and ‘influencers’ decided that mileage could be made out of the lie that ‘trans’ was the next gay, although there is no comparison. Virtue-signalling became the order of the day, and these wee scrotes, most of them chancers, decided that they were just like the other set of chancers already occupying women’s spaces, the transsexuals.

    The transsexuals had been encouraged by unscrupulous psychologists and sexologists to use female bathrooms from the 1960s onwards, and the latest wave of raving misogynists and sex-addled men took that on board and ran with it. The virtue-signalling ones in positions of power and influence pretended that it was all fine and dandy because they had turned a blind eye to the transsexuals (the BBC actually made documentaries about them in the 1960s/70s, so they can’t say now that they were unaware). Women, of course, counted for nothing. How dare they complain about poor ‘trans’ identified men in their spaces. To boot, the BBC had been paying transsexual men a man’s salary when the women in the organisation were campaigning for equal pay. That is fact.

    Meanwhile, Stonewall was infiltrating the political parties. Scotland had been chosen as being small enough to overrun rapidly, as the precursor to the overrunning of England, and the SNP was chosen as the ideal party because it was desperate to be noticed and was also in a position to be able to push forward policies that would benefit the ‘trans’ lobby, lauded by the likes of Alyn Smith, Daddy Bear, and his mainly male, mainly gay/’trans’ Twitler Youth, all at the expense of the grassroots SNP members who were paying their subs. The loose coalition with the Greens finalised the takeover, because the SNP was willing to pay their price of introducing self-ID, pushed by the likes of Lorna Slater, fresh from Tranada, where this stuff had taken root and was flourishing way ahead of us here, in Scotland.

    Independence could not be achieved while this stuff was bubbling away. Indeed, it had to be side-lined to concentrate on this one great policy. This was helped by the fact that a large number of far left galoots had entered the SNP in 2015, under the guise of former Labour believers in independence. Many were genuine, but many were not. A goodly number of SNP members were already devolutionists rather than independistas, or, perhaps more accurately, as well as independistas and these were led by the foot-draggers of Mr Swinney, Peter Wishart, etc., who wanted independence only if was to be offered up on a plate, with no effort from them. It was a perfect storm, aided by the fact that Alec Salmond had stepped down in favour of Nicola Sturgeon, whom, and it is just my opinion, had never shown strong tendencies to go for independence.

    Stonewall and its arms rapidly infiltrated every public institution and many private ones, too, with the blessing of the SG, new ideological MSPs were elected in droves, mainly because decent candidates, who believed in independence as the core policy were sidelined in their favour by the party machine, and the scene was set for the showdown we are seeing now. Please don’t believe any of this was an accident, folks. Above all, do not believe that there is anything called ‘true trans’. There are people (usually men) for whom this whole ‘trans’ scene is based on dysphoria (transsexuals) but 99% of all of this ‘community’ are chancers who know exactly what they are doing and who are enjoying every moment of everyone else’s discomfort. They know they are not women, but they also know, because they are narcissists, that they can make hay while the sun shines. It is time to blot out their sun.

  61. Zimba says:

    “…and while it isn’t going to be fatal for Nicola Sturgeon, it is going to be electoral suicide for other elected members of the SNP…”

    Pretty much a certainty as to the second part; only time will tell as to the first. In effect, you have just said it’s the foot-soldiers who fall, and the generals directing them from the rear who remain unscathed. That’s plausible, but NS here is kind of on the front line with this one. The question might be whether or not someone really has got this particular general’s back, and, given the real issue for WM is keeping Scotland in its box, I don’t think that is a given.

    All war is a tragedy.

  62. Mac says:

    So in Schrödinger’s thought experiment it required a ‘conscious observer’ to determine if the cat was alive or dead. In this case it requires a conscious observer to determine if the rapist is a woman or man.

    So obviously what better choice of ‘conscious observer’ to determine if a rapist is woman or a man than a real woman, locked in room with him.

    By the way have a read of Schrödinger’s wiki page under Personal Life.

  63. akenaton says:

    I was amazed at the response of the QT audience on being confronted by facts on sexual matters.
    Have we really come to this, when ordinary people absorb absolute nonsense in the face of well presented and verified facts?
    Why are ordinary hetero people without the disgusting fetishes described by Mr Campbell and who make up the vast majority of the population not properly represented in government?
    Have we indeed become prisoners of the MSM and broadcast media to the extent that we have been coerced into belief in anything which is presented to us, no matter how disgusting……OR anti-social it may be.
    If so then we are really lost and no political solution will be adequate.
    I have been advising for years that the next battle for Western populations will be on social issues and that becomes clearer by the day. It may be too late to reverse the damage already done.

  64. Owen Mullions says:

    The third sex according to Sturgeon – men,women and double rapists.

  65. Alibi says:

    The ire on here seems to be aimed almost exclusively at the SNP government. It should not be forgotten however that the whole GRR thing was backed by Labour, LibDems, some Tories and the Greens (who IMHO are the main culprits here). I’m an SNP member who disagrees strongly with the gender policy (particularly the self ID part which is IMHO the root cause of the problem here). It does seem that the issue is being weaponised in an attempt to overthrow the current Scottish government – to be replaced by whom exactly? One of the unionist parties? A combination of yoon parties? I for one would never vote for any of them. I do think the wheels have now come off the whole gender business, and the logic of TWAW is being exposed as the nonsense it is. i think Nicola Sturgeon is going to find herself on the wrong side. The SNP needs cleansed of the people driving this nonsense, in particular those pushing self ID – by all means make it easier for those with gender dysphoria to live their lives without problems but let’s not bow down to people peddling fairy stories.

  66. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Let me help everyone with this.

    Shockingly the rapist is a male, a man. A creepy man but definitely a man.

    I will be controversial here but males have a penis females do not, fact.

    A man can cut his tackle off he remains a man, even without the tackle.

    The idiots who are driving this madness must be forced to step down I actually think the whole SNP/Green/Labour mob need disbanding.

    While the leadership are clearly mad the ordinary members should hang their heads in shame.

  67. Antoine Roquentin says:

    That the audience was largely supportive of Ella Wheelan, with more than a few snarling at the elected politician, Gilruth, and her take on biological reality.That Sturgeon and her party can’t afford to back-track, will have its consequences. Electorally speaking, the ball is surely at Salmond’s feet.

  68. twathater says:

    @ Alibi 12.35pm are you at the windup, WHO is the fucking Scottish government, WHO is in the driving seat for this lunacy, WHO is the FM who is IGNORING public opinion , WHO is the one who is THREATENING the safety and wellbeing of our wives , mothers , daughters , aunts , and granddaughters .WHO whipped their SPINELESS msp’s to vote for this MADNESS, WHO is financing ALL these pervert institutions that DEMAND Trans inclusion whilst homeless people,families with children , pensioners and ORDINARY working class people suffer HYPOTHERMIA because YOUR worthless perverted deviant of a leader REFUSES to go for independence

    YOU and the other apologists and sycophants are the reason this narcissistic lunatic gets away with this perversion , YOU and THEY elected her and still support her, you are NOT an independence supporter you are a snp cult member

    Go back to PayPal pauls site you will be at home with the other fake indy supporters

  69. akenaton says:

    I wish that was true Antoine, but I scanned the audience carefully and in the main, the people supporting Miss Wheelan were men of the older generation, with the exception of the brave lady from the audience who more than held her own with the devious miss Willoughby.

  70. Effijy says:

    Gilruth has turned into Dugdale.
    It’s a discredit to Gays that they cannot condemn Trans people who are violent and rapists

  71. Gorse says:

    Well obviously Gilruth and Dugdale sit at home reading either Peppa Pig Annual or the Pink News.

    The first thing that she uttered was the most offensive comment of the night and says it all.

    She claimed that Adam Bryson had “raped A woman”
    When everybody else in the World knows that in fact, he raped two different women in different years in different locations! and has a history of aggressive coersive control and was even thrown off the beauty course for bullying the students as well as his voyeurism.
    What a lazy dozy b***h to come on the programme with her head in the sand not having done an ounce of homework then trot out robotic gobbledygook. Like we are zipped up the back and not plugged in.

    Though how could she not have know??

    Who wants the SNP as Government?
    Damn few and their a’ deid and birlin’ in their graves.
    Or the rest of the shower in Holyrood. Close it down and demand a vote.
    SNP supporters have left long before this self inflicted stupidity.
    Pandering to bullies is never safe.
    Now anyone who speaks as a woman or for women can lose their job be branded and hounded and if you try to have a conversation you are threatened with the most sadistic threats imaginable. Sure that is criminal hate speak not mis-gendering a fool.

    If you believe in ordinary Scots and in Scotland get out and campaign for Alba the only party who listened to women and made it policy to stand up for women over a cult of 0.3% of fantasists.
    If you want to protect society then stand up for women and children on SUNDAY in Glasgow and have other discussing in your neighbourhood . Keep independence alive cos I’m damn sure I’m no letting down the ancestors who died in poverty or fighting for Scotland and believed in truth and justice and goodness whilst being broken on the colonial capitalist wheel.
    This is a deliberate sabotaging of societies around the world. Yet it seems poetic justice that the stupid SNP MSPs did this to themselves after fitting up Alex Salmond.
    Independence is not about one politician or one party it’s about turning the 300 years of deliberate decline that has keep Scots poor and without a voice, living in social deprivation without hope when it doesn’t have to be like that.
    Sturgeon did nothing positive towards independence and she wasn’t elected to pander to whims of rapists and violent criminals in nappies and paedophiles. We are Sovreign take it back.

  72. asairfecht says:

    I have not come to Praise Caesar but to bury Caesar

    Infamy Infamy They’ve All Got It In Fa Me !

  73. J. says:

    If anyone is wondering why women are worried about how far extreme trans idealology can lead to and the consequences for humanity.
    Even at the moment youngsters all over the world are being groomed to think that they are in the wrong bodies and some are herded towards drug and surgical sterilisation.
    To “become” the opposite sex with grave medical and psychological results.

    Medical companies and drug companies can envisage a vast profit also by natural birth taken away from women and being reaplced by a model similar to what Monsanto did for seed production! So fertility might become copyright and fertility and births only lab based in future (would the companies own the babies?)…more experimentation, gene editing etc.??

    The more you read the more dystopian things you find yet the starting point is trans ideology.

    Not an author’s science fiction but real proposals from supposedly sane academics.

    Nothing is safe when a few elites in the world control all the wealth and power.
    Really has to be a pushback against the madness, and proposed inhumanity
    such as this:

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