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The Thing From The Crypt

Posted on July 19, 2019 by

We weren’t sure whether tomorrow’s Cairnstoon was going to be delayed by technical gremlins (it turns out it isn’t), so we prepared an emergency backup plan on the same theme and you may as well see it now as a sort of trailer.

It’ll be good every time they dig him up yet again in the future too.

(With profound apologies to Oliver Frey.)

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    1. 19 07 19 22:56

      The Thing From The Crypt | speymouth

    55 to “The Thing From The Crypt”

    1. jimnarlene says:

      Spookily accurate.

    2. galamcennalath says:

      Broon speaks as if nothing has changed since he was last awakened and sent forth.

      Everything has changed!

    3. Bob Mack says:

      Can it be re-interred permanently? Probably not. Like Ming the Merciless it keeps coming back for another crack at conquering the world.

    4. mogabee says:

      There’ll be labour weans telling all that we are *obsessed* and *worried* by the auld dinosaur rising agin.

      The reality is Gordon is now a figure of hilarity and much mirth.

      I’m past the stage of even feeling sorry for him as he ambles Lurch-like across some stage!

      But they’ll drag him out until the skin falls aff his auld bones ’cause there’s no-one else…

    5. Morgatron says:

      Hahaha, Gordon Brown . Was that lip licking gold seller ever relevant , his interventions are always comedy gold , did I mention federalism? Let him stomp about with his clunking fists looking like a nerthateradal wearing a red tie shouting and preaching doom should the Union end. Prick

    6. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Given Broonie’s penchant for patter Biblical, it’s only a matter of time before he starts cutting about with the actual jawbone of an ass.

    7. call me dave says:

      But!…but… there must be a ‘Scottish’ figure that the Unionists can rally round to bolster support for maintaining the union and keep the status quo.

      Some reputable Labour notable that can step up, or a respected Tory perhaps, or even from the Lib-Dem ranks there’s…. Aye it’s a tricky one right enough. 🙂


      There’s only the smoke and mirrors, the BBC and the Scottish papers left init! 🙁

    8. Sharny Dubs says:

      The “clunking fist” has looked and behaved like a petulant child ever since he used to whine to Blare that it was his turn.
      No time for him never had.
      Still like the cartoon strip, very apt.
      Well done

    9. Fireproofjim says:

      I’ve got a silver bullet, some rowan wood, several horseshoes, assorted crucifixes, and several rabbits feet so I’ll be OK.

    10. Merkin Scot says:

      What is a marriage if it is not convenient?
      The Brunosaurus is a well busted flush who continues to do what his master tells him. Under threat.

    11. Fairliered says:

      Ian Brotherhood:

      When you mentioned the jawbone of an ass I immediately thought of James Kelly. I don’t know why!

    12. Legerwood says:

      Fireproofjim says:
      19 July, 2019 at 9:29 pm
      I’ve got a silver bullet, some rowan wood, several horseshoes, assorted crucifixes, and several rabbits feet so I’ll be OK.””

      No eye of toad and tail of newt?

    13. Muscleguy says:

      It’s a shame we cannae pick up this Yes City I live in and drop it on the Broon of Gloom or at least move it closer and closer to him and put the fear of independence into his breast.

      Instead the wide silv’ry Tay lies betwixt us, walling us, his nemesis away from his demesne.

      I oft, okay occasionally, wonder if the Broon will quit this land in pique if we were to vote Fuck Aye next time or whether we will have to suffer him being reinterred to into intone: we’re DOOMED i tell ye!, DOOMED!

      The pain he must feel every time the figures show us doing better than fair Albion. Reality’s a bitch ain’t it Gordon?

    14. Artyhetty says:

      Crikey for a dark miserable rainy, mid summer Friday night, how apt that toon is! I mean most people by the age of about 29 can take a wee look outside themselves and look in a mirror. Usually that means that they stop embarassing themselves.

      Seems in the case of Gordy Brown that never happened, oh dear.

      Is he being wheeled out again and again to embarass himself? It really does seem so. What has he been offered by the Britants to do this amount of damage to his reputation I wonder. Is he actually that desperate?

    15. cynicalHighlander says:

      That man’s ego is bigger than the solar system.

    16. Golfnut says:

      I thought Gordzilla always surfaced under one of they bridges on the Forth, didn’t realise he was in a dungeon. Are we sure its him.

    17. Capella says:

      What an uncanny likeness. I doubt that Cairnstoon can compete. Let’s see what new hell tomorrow brings.

    18. velofello says:

      Gordon Brown is like some tired old minister,or priest, who has lost his faith yet through habit, or pension considerations, spouts that Old Time Religion.

    19. Dr Jim says:

      It’s ….alive!!

    20. Bob Mack says:

      Brown was quoted as saying “If something really matters,you should never give up or give in” Thanks Gordon, I never will.

    21. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Brilliant, damning article about Boris The Johnson, by Fintan O’Toole, in the New York Review of Books.

      Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we are able to see this almost a full month before it appears in print.

      (‘Go figure!’, as they say over there…)

    22. Macandroid says:

      Curiosity got the better of me and I went to his and thingmy’s Website.
      To save you the bother I have added what he thinks should be done and the new thinking he envisages, between the quotation marks “ “.
      I kid you not.

    23. call me dave says:

      O/T but current:

      Haven’t archived this as the flow chart goes.

      Could there be an early general election?

    24. Alabaman says:

      He maybe all that the posters have said, but he’s still a dangerous bugger, his intervention last time ,just before the independence referendum, was not effectively countered, obviously there was not the Independent newspaper which could have put highlighted his lies.
      Yes, Wings and social media did counter his argument, although it did help, but it did not reach the wider public, I acknowledge that the press at large were determined to back Westminsters line, as did the B.B.C..
      so now G. Brown is teaming up with this so-called “professor” Gallagher (?) , in an effort to, as they put it, “protect the union”.
      THIS time they MUST be publicly challenged, as there are still too many people out there, who are still undecided, they fell for his false promises before, and sadly they are libel to do so again.
      Rant over, — for the moment.

    25. Essexexile says:

      I’ll be honest (and mightily controversial I suspect) but I’ve always been completely scoobied by the comic book for the adult market concept.
      I realise it’s a huge audience with massive global sales and movie tie ins but, I don’t know, I read superhero comics when I was a kid and then I grew up and just stopped.
      Nice piece of satire though.

    26. manandboy says:

      Arguably, Scotland must be the world’s most brainwashed country – thanks to the English Ruling Class.
      Brainwashing = Population Mind Control. So evident in Scotland, which voted in 2014 to be owned and governed by England’s upper class. Either that or it was rigged. Take your pick.

    27. Golfnut says:


      Is that the Gallagher who joint authored the opinion that Scotland was extinguished.

    28. stewartb says:

      Apologies for going O/T so soon but this may be of interest and of use to some here.

      It is a new compilation of all UK election results since 1918 published by the House of Commons Library. It includes spreadsheets on General Election, devolved administration and local government data for all parts of the UK. It’s a useful data compilation by what will generally be regarded as an authoritative source.

      House of Commons Library: UK Election Statistics: 1918-2019 – A century of elections.

    29. Papko says:

      Gordon Brown and Andrew Neill, who do we have to match their stature?
      Until a champion is found, their Union is safe.

    30. Golfnut says:

      @ Manandboy.

      Och, I don’t know Manandboy, our southern neighbours think they are exceptional, while we settle on being just awesome.

    31. kapelmeister says:

      The yoons like to deploy him every vow and again.

    32. kapelmeister says:

      Gordon sure has the Crypton Factor.

    33. Confused says:

      I was lurking for info on an english forum the other day – and BROON was mentioned – one guy had a take I had never heard

      Gordon Brown was Scottish and therefore a ("Tractor" - Ed) and saboteur who – had sold “englands” gold, almost destroyed the economy – all in order to lay the groundwork for the -inevitable- (!) breakup of the UK …

      Tony Blair was also a Scottish ("Tractor" - Ed) whose aim was to destroy england by opening the floodgates to mass immigration and multicultural-homosexual-globalism

      … well … ?!

      I have a bit of an imagination at times, but that had never crossed it – that these arch-unionists, completely angli-fied were DEEP PLANTS sent by the john le carre wing of scottish nationalism

      point is some people believe things so bizarre, its quite hard to deal with – we see these guys as ("Tractor" - Ed)s, but the people they sold out to, also see them as ("Tractor" - Ed)s

      – then it went on to broon being a p3do and dunblane and tony getting lifted as a young man for importuning in a public lavatory, allegedly and all that

      good news is – the negativity of our staunchest opponents is very great – loss of scotland is seen as on the cards – but their main worry is :

      – they will be “cheated out of their hard brexit” and thus denied a neo-empire

    34. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      As Chancellor of the Exchequer The Clunking Fist controlled the purse strings to find an ILLEGAL War of Aggression against Iraq.

      As one of its first acts an iScotland should extradite his arse to Baghdad to answer for his crimes against humanity and the International Rule of Law.

      He should thank The MayBot for ensuring he is the 2nd Worst PM the UK has ever had.

    35. twathater says:

      OT but involves another slippery creep desperate to deny Scotland indy , watched jocklands version of the liedumbs leadership contest , was it my imagination or was Coburn showing favouritism to the exiled non Scotland resident member for Dumbartonshire Swainson ( said in posh engerlish voice ),

      Every time Coburn asked a question or an opinion on something she asked Davey first to allow Swainson time to formulate a measured response , meanwhile Davey was having to think on his feet and was failing to compete

      Not that I give a shit who leads this cabal of parasitic arsewipes but it just reinforces the bbc’s famed impartiality ( ha ha )

    36. geeo says:


      Re:Bias to Swinson.

      Swinson herself gave the game away in her very 1st sentence.

      “I believe i can reach more people, after all i am never fucking off the BBC, be it QT or this daily shit-pit of biased unionism”

      Or words to that effect.

    37. Al-Stuart says:

      It’s just after 2am and I woke from a nightmare where Boris Johnson appointed Sir David Mundell the next Raj of Scotland and moved all Unionis MSPs to Mundells new Scottish in Union Offices in Scotland whilst sacking the nationalists and turning Holyrood into a Tartan museum like Greta Green on steroids where you can get married with all the pomp and circumstance of the British Empire. Walk your bride/husband up the aisle with Elgar booming out of a massive organ, where that other organ Ken Mackintosh used to sit.


      Then read this scary Oliver Frey tribute act and brilliant BTL comments relating to that 68 year old narcissistic pensioner Broonosaurus Rancid Rex. He with an irrelevance problem. Proven by then alighting on Broon’s strange and unsettling Twitter feed…

      What is it with the “see me, I’m married” tribute act. I can’t recall any politician having “the wife” shoved into his Twitter bio. “Tweets signed GB are from Gordon Brown and those signed SB are from Sarah Brown”.

      The man has lost his marbles if ever he had them to start with.

      Didn’t Alastair Campbell quote something about Broons fitness to hold high office? Campbell should know, having seen this dangerous old excrumentum-talking git up close.

      Scroll down that Gordon+heart+Sara Twitter feed and there is an utterly disturbing photo of the gruesome threesome….. Ian Murray, George Foulkes and Gordon Brown, all replete with rictus grin and the body language gives their internecine old Labour history and infighting away.

      FFS Stuart Campbell, I awoke from a nightmare and you made it real. Lol.

      Am away back to sleep. Maybe Fluffy’s new Scottish Raj and new offices is just a nightmare and not real.

      Does anyone know why Mundell has been given a new building with enough space for 3,000 unionist civil servants imported from London?



    38. Petra says:

      @ Ian says at 10:40pm …. “Brilliant, damning article about Boris the Johnston”…

      Brilliant right enough Ian. One for my little archive. If ever there was an article that sums up this MADMAN this must be it. Add to that he’s another, one of many, powerfully, influential UK narcissists whose father pursued his own career to the detriment of his family, was never there for his children, as the mother was hospitalised for mental illness. Then there’s the old boarding school trauma story!

      At the end of the day the situation that we find ourselves in now boils down to this ONE man, IMO. Crazy enough to destroy the Union. Crazy enough to destroy England. Crazy enough to want to destroy the EU, along with his fascist mates, and in fact to add to totally destabilising the World in general. And when you read that article you wonder how his own life will progress over time? His own great grandfather, politician, wasn’t so lucky when he mucked things up and was ultimately executed by a mob.

      IMO, all wannabe politicians and individuals who deem to hold public office in any arena whatsoever should have their IQ’s tested and be assessed psychologically before they even get to interview stage. If that had been made policy most of the politicians at Holyrood and Westminster would have found themselves to be totally unemployable, rather than finding themselves in a position of being able to rule the roost.

    39. Petra says:

      @ stewartb at 11:49pm ….

      Thanks for the link Stewart. Worth holding onto.


      @ twathater at 1:47am ….”Seeing through BBC impartiality.”

      There was an item on the news about the horrendous shortage of housing in England (8 families chasing one house) and I said to my husband I’ll bet they’ll interview a black person now and sure enough two very young, black, single-parent females were interviewed even although the housing issue affects white people in the main. That propaganda strategy is geared to trying to diminish the problem overall (black people only – who cares) and if there is one, in the viewers mind, it’s due to the immigration problem. Next up send them “home.” Too many immigrants creating the problem rather than that the Westminster Government is not building enough houses.

      They also managed to get across that the black women were stroppy, even militant and receiving benefits. Used their poor kids too. Lined up like slabs of meat, hesitantly smiling at the camera. Then we heard that the families were being given 24 hours notice ONLY and being shipped out of London and sent to the north of England with the mothers having to tell their children to say cheerio to their school friends that day and arriving the next day in the NofEngland with nought. Given a food package. One woman was crying and saying that her children were heartbroken having to say goodbye to friends and then she arrived at the station in Halifax and asked “food parcel guy”, as he walked away, what she should do next. She had no money, no bedding, no furniture and had no clue where she was. Bl**dy horrendous …. policy and propaganda. It just made me wonder too, if it’s also their policy in London to send these families north of the border now?

      To be honest I can’t stomach much more of this between one thing and another.

    40. Petra says:

      Oh and I forgot to add that the young mother and her young children arrived at Halifax train station at 9pm on a Friday night.

    41. Al-Stuart says:


      Ian Brotherhood, thank you for the Boris-End-of-Days article link. Worth bumping up that link for anyone who may have missed how the end of the U.K., approaches…

      If things get too serious, and the “titanic” success Boris promises to make of Brezit is one such example, then send in the clowns.

      … don’t bother, they’re here.

      FFS. The Union is stuffed. Boris will make it so.

    42. Breeks says:

      Keep going Gordon, nearly there. A few more air miles and I’m sure any minute now the Establishment will give you your wee red dead weasel cape, and forgive you for plundering their pension funds and flogging off the bullion.

      Maybe they’ll make you Lord of North Britain, and you can wile away your pointless hours trying to find that fiction on a map,

    43. Frank Gillougley says:


    44. starlaw says:

      What did Brown ever do that was in Scotlands best interests . Nothing …Zilch ..
      . Zero.

    45. Golfnut says:

      @ Petra.
      I have read your post @ 3:32 and 3:43 3 times now. I wanted that image of of a family effectively dumped on a railway platform a couple of hundred miles from their home with nothing, effectively turned into refugees, vagrants at 24 hrs notice.
      I hope they find their way to Scotland.

    46. Republicofscotland says:

      A uncanny likeness to Gordon Brown there.

    47. Legerwood says:

      Petra @ 3.32 am

      I saw the same item. It was horrendous.

      It was trailed at the start of the news as: ‘UK wide housing shortage’ but as soon as the actual item started it was stated as housing shortage England and later in the item as the policy of English Councils to send families away to other places. This displacement policy has been going on for some time and was in fact one of the story lines in the film ‘I, Daniel Blake’. Hope I have remembered the title correctly.

      Although the council had wanted both women to go to Yorkshire only one went with less than 24 hours notice and dumped on the station platform in Halifax at 7 PM at night with nothing but the clothes they were wearing and whatever they had managed to pack in a suitcase.

      The other woman did not go to Yorkshire. Her mother stayed with her and her children so perhaps she had more support to allow her to say no to the Council.

      Interesting that the woman who had been sent to Halifax had, a year on, felt settled there and had got thinks sorted out although she still came back to London occasionally where she has set up a support group for women in circumstances similar to her own.

      The two women came across as articulate and capable and both with the right help from the Council in London would have sorted out their lives but all that was on offer was: leave now.

      Truly horrendous policy.

    48. Gary says:

      Honestly, you could put this up any and every time he crawls out of his ‘crypt’ to intervene.

      One very small problem tho, and I’m sure I’m not the only one – when viewed on a laptop screen (even clicking to make it a little larger) I need both my reading glasses AND magnifying glass to read the writing!)

      I wonder why Gordon Brown thinks anyone pays any attention tho? Reminds me of the Dead Parrot Sketch, he is an Ex-Politician, he is no more etc. Lol!

    49. Golfnut I hope they find their way to Scotland ??? Aye and probably vote no to Scottish independense like the 80 per cent of Incomers did the last time

    50. Petra says:

      @ Legerwood says at 10:35pm .. ”7 PM at night.”

      I’m nearly positive that she said 9pm Legerwood because at the time I imagined that it could have been pretty dark, most shops closed etc. Either way it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that their policies, English Councils, are truly horrendous and the BBC propaganda tactics are absolutely despicable.

      I also see that the BBC managed to find a number of white families to report on, online, so why not share their ”stories” with the viewing public?

      ‘England ‘needs millions of homes to solve housing crisis.’

    51. Legerwood says:

      Petra @ 1.34pm.

      I thought it was 7 PM so checked it out by rewatching the piece on iPlayer and it was 7 PM. I know, I know, I am a pest but while names don’t stick with me, numbers do. Feel free to have a go but I can’t help it. Sorry.

      7pm or 9pm it was not acceptable. No way to treat anyone.

      I thought the two women actually came out of the programme very well -articulate and capable – which was not perhaps the intention of the BBC when they chose them to illustrate the piece.

      I did not think it proposed any solutions though. Maybe it will be part of several reports but then again, maybe not.

      Has anything changed down South at least since ‘Cathy come Home’?

    52. Petra says:

      @ Legerwood says at 2:11 pm … Petra I thought it was 7 PM so checked it out by rewatching the piece on iPlayer and it was 7 PM. I know, I know, I am a pest but while names don’t stick with me, numbers do. Feel free to have a go but I can’t help it. Sorry.”..

      7pm it is Legerwood. Better to get the facts straight, especially on here, so NO ”go”, lol.

    53. No Fun in being good says:

      I honestly believe that the SNP, and particularly Mhairi Black and Ian Blackford have the presence and respect to expose the Liars of Past Referendum for their propaganda, empty promises and distortion of the truth.
      No matter what, their record speaks for itself. This will further the case for Independence. Bring it on.

    54. David Agnew says:

      could this be crowd funded as a graphic novel?

    55. HandandShrimp says:

      I can’t understand why they keep waking him. He becomes more anachronistic with every surfacing from the Stygian depths.

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