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A fresh start

Posted on August 17, 2015 by

Face, meet palm.


This spoon-faced howler was pointed out mirthfully by vile cybernats days ago, but we suspect that the person at Scottish Labour who knows how to work the internets only comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s going to be a long road back.

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    1. 17 08 15 17:44

      A fresh start | Speymouth

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    1. jimnarlene says:

      At last, the truth.

    2. Dougthedug says:

      It depends how wide your browser window is on a PC. The logo works all right at full screen but as you reduce the width of your browser it’s easy to recreate.

      If you make the browser window too small or too big it shows the “100” but there’s a sweet spot in the middle where it’s just “00”.

    3. wee_monsieur says:

      Brilliant. That’s all.

    4. Jon D says:

      Looks like “Scottish Labour” have got a drone reading WoS 24/7

      Hasty update…

    5. Les Wilson says:

      ” We want to dump the baggage of the past”
      I hope they have a very big container ship waiting to be filled, and a very deep place to dump it all.
      Or it will just rise to the surface again, shite floats.

    6. Lanarkist says:

      They want to make Scotland the fairest Nation on Earth?

      How does this tie in with their proclaimed internationalism or anything else to do with their Campaigning and policy work over the last 4years?

      At 19.5 thousand followers is this where BBCScot get their membership figures from?

    7. Gavin Greig says:

      Does that make this Year Zero for Scottish Labour? A tad worrying..

    8. Lollysmum says:

      Well, wonders will never cease-they’ve finally gone & fixed it 🙂

      I was one of those mocking it at the weekend. Clearly those responsible only work Mon-Fri so guess we’ll have to find something else now but it was good while it lasted 😉

    9. bunter says:

      All I can say is ????????????????????

    10. Doug Daniel says:

      Over 0 years? Even that’s a lie.

    11. R-type Grunt says:

      Dougthedug has it right.

      At a certain point my banner ceases to show my willie (Rennie) 😉

    12. Alex says:

      Shouldn’t it be ‘for over a 100 years’ anyway?

    13. Lollysmum says:

      Livestream from Nordic House with Lesley Riddoch-just about to start.

    14. CameronB Brodie says:

      A shambolic branch office trying to dupe the people of Scotland and failing in a most revealing manner. Ha, ha.

      I’ll give you just one example to show how misleading the actual claim is, though I am sure there are many more. Are British Labour perhaps forgetting they burried the McCRONE REPORT?

    15. heedtracker says:

      It links to massive BBC Monday boost from BBC vote Dugdale Scotland-

      Scottish Labour leader Dugdale makes call for ‘new faces’ to stand for Holyrood


    16. Kennedy says:

      How long have they been fighting for a seat on the gravy train?

    17. heedtracker says:

      BBC vote Dugdale Scotland’s future FM candidate lays down what we’re in for, for the next how ever many years it takes to get her in, this time she’s in Scotland’s champion-

      “I am backing the pensioner who has been trying for weeks to get a GP appointment and the person who wants to start their own business. And I give my support to the community that worries about safety in their area but can’t get hold of the police.
      In short, I am on the side of the people of Scotland who want to get on in life.

      If you love our country but want to make it better then we can work together.”

      Why that thar Dugdale “but” in, if you love your country but, and not “and”?

    18. Wee Alex says:

      heedtracker says:
      17 August, 2015 at 5:27 pm

      Scottish Labour leader Dugdale makes call for ‘new faces’ to stand for Holyrood



      So not only will you have sitting MSPs, you will have deposed MPs and the new faces, all competing to be top of the regional list as very few will make it first past the post.

      Rejoice indeed.

    19. Robert Kerr says:


      Because she is a Proudscotbut just like the rest.

    20. Lesley-Anne says:

      I just love this tweet, fourth one down. 😛

      .@kdugdalemsp: I want power in hands of the many.. not the few

      I have one itsy bitsy teeny weeny little question for her about the *ahem* “many not the few part.

      How many are the many?

      Let’s face it you can NOT get much fewer than currently exist in the Branch Office now can you. (1, yup that really is ONE, M.P. and 37 M.S.P.’s)

      Or is wee Duggie talking about the 5,000 ( 0.01%) of the Scottish population who voted for her in the recent Labour (branch office) waste a couple of trees day!

    21. Grouse Beater says:

      Dugdale: We want to dump the baggage of the past”

      That’s no way to talk of Jackie Baillie.

    22. Bob W says:

      They don’t seem to have fixed it, resizing your browser window, within a certain range, still gives the same effect.

    23. Clootie says:

      …poundstretcher labour

    24. bugsbunny says:

      A fresh start my arse. Just sitting having a tea and scone in Ayr Hospital Canteen waiting for the visitors bell. Had to sit across the way from a moron with a labour badge who his companions kept calling Councillor. With a loud heavy Yorkshire accent he was proclaiming the Nationalists are now looters of Jewish property and are no better than, I quote, “The fucking Nazis”. You could have heard a pin drop. A few years ago, you would have heard people applaud him. Not today. He went away with his tail between his legs. Fucking chancers the lot of them.


    25. Kevie Helmet says:

      Bob W says:
      17 August, 2015 at 6:39 pm

      They don’t seem to have fixed it, resizing your browser window, within a certain range, still gives the same effect.

      Yeah Bob you’re right if you’re on Firefox just Ctrl+scroll to zoom in and out and there it is

    26. Capella says:

      What a interesting use of Livestream watching the Lesley Riddoch talk at Nordic House in the Storytelling Centre. Gavin also went round the art and photo exhibition to let us see the work discussed.Everyone wants a hut now!

    27. Iain More says:

      Labour being honest. It wasn’t for long! The correction presumably came after taking the medication.

    28. Kevin Evans says:

      Things are bad huh!!!!!!

      I am 100% wanting Scotland to be an independent country where we can make our own choices for our own countrymen and women.

      I watched in horror as the state started there work on the YES campaign. The mind boggling thing is it seems the same campaign run and funded by the state has now turned on Mr Courburn who is running for labour leader in England (just to clarify I say England as not to confuse with Scottish labour 🙂 lol).

      I feel for our friends south of the boarder now having to endure what the YES campaign had to endure up here last year.

      Hopefully it might just be enough for the labour support of the 55% no voters to open there eyes and see the right choice was to vote YES and then vote for a Labour Party.

    29. Grouse Beater says:

      With exception of Mr Morningside Corbyn’s visit to our heather clad hills, “Ye’ll have had yer Referendum?” has a Labour contender troubled to discuss Scotland’s future?

    30. CameronB Brodie says:

      As we are all enjoying a good giggle at those who aspire to govern, here is some desperate straw clutching from the metropolis.

      The thistle and the crescent

      @ The Econimist
      It is evident that one’s umwelten plays a fundamental role in the formation of personal identity (i.e. local conditions/traditions help shape outcomes). Acknowledging this context, the rational course of action to best serve my individual/community interests, is to ensure that those who determine my social environment also share my social environment (locality not economic wealth, etc.). Personally, Westminster just leaves me distanciated. If that makes me a nationalist, then so be it. I just wish someone would invent semiotic anthropology so we can start to understand ourselves a bit better. 😉

      Re. Scots Asians. Perhaps we have a more harmonious relationship because God was an Englishman, not a Scotsman.

    31. Tackety Beets says:

      We have been known to reply to our demanding children who forget the please word “I WANT disnae get”

      KD wants bla bla bla but it all lacks substance as she never indulges us in HTF she will actually achieve this.

      Now then , who is going to ask KD what she intends to do with the new powers Labour are “definitely maybe” under the VOW delivering to the Scottish Parliament ?

      I want tae win the lottery ……. don’t expect me to buy a ticket …… But I still WANT to win !

    32. Kevie Helmet says:

      (just to clarify I say England as not to confuse with Scottish labour 🙂 lol).

      Hi Kevin

      there’s no such thing as Scottish Labour They’re just a wee branch office of British/English Labour

      But don’t tell Kezia she thinks she’s a party leader


    33. CameronB Brodie says:

      Tackety Beets
      I find Ms Dugdale’s aspiration refreshingly inspirational and I hear she also has a new haircut. 😉

    34. Joemcg says:

      Browns rambling speech is a laughing stock on social media and you tube. Pity his pre ref antics were not treated with the same contempt.

    35. Kevin Evans says:

      Hi Kevie,

      Yea I know full well there is no such thing as scottish labour let alone even an autonomous branch office with its own thoughts.

      I was being sarcastic 🙂

    36. Kevie Helmet says:

      OT but anyone saw Corrie tonight ? one of the characters described a nightmare as being stuck in a lift with Nicola Sturgeon

      Gotta love the English

    37. Tackety Beets says:

      LOL Cameron ,

      She can get a haircut every day o the week if she likes , still not change what spews oot her mouth.

      We have to learn to accept she studied Law ,so she is not as daft as she makes out.
      Or at least same words different order !

    38. john king says:

      Cameron B says
      “I find Ms Dugdale’s aspiration refreshingly inspirational and I hear she also has a new haircut. ;)”

      Aye and enough slap on her coupon tae point Rory the Tories cairn of lurve!

    39. Tam Jardine says:

      The sense of deja vu I get watching the news tonight is striking. Cathy Newman of C4 news, having captured Corbyn in an alleyway spent an entire interview telling Corbyn he’s anti-semitic. For a serious journalist to pursue this seemingly baseless smear campaign is bewildering.

      What happened to the UK? We’re in the grip, not just of the tories and their hombres in the city but of this metropolitan oxbridge media class.

      How did it get to such an absurd depth where channel 4 news, the only news programme I make a point of watching conducts a smear campaign on behalf of the great mono-party.

      At the rally in Ealing Cathy said: ‘let’s hear what he has to say’. Part of a sentence, meaningless without context was then heard and that was it.

      Bizarre. Vox pops with 4 young ladies each rather sadly backing one of the four candidates. Hearing how labour need to target the voters who switched from labour to the tories at the last election… good grief.

    40. EphemeralDeception says:

      I took a look at the twitter page.
      The only country Scottish labour might want to make fairer is the UK, since that is their country. Scottish labour should have ‘Make Scotland a fairer Region’.

      This is even clearer when looking at a photo of a chalk board listing priorities. It looks more like priorities for a council than for a government. It is also completely urban centric:
      Children/learning, healthy living, Green spaces and planning, police/safety, Housing.

      Some important topics maybe, but not exactly areas key to making Scotland fairer as a country. Despite all their many problems and losing the trust of the voters, even if they could get that back, they have another issue – North British Labour are just totally bereft of ideas.

      Scottish Labour – Wanting to make Scotland fairer, yet not empowered to do so from London, and no idea how to anyway !

    41. Macart says:

      Oh, good grief. 😀 LOL

    42. CameronB Brodie says:

      Tam Jardine
      The Establishment don’t want folk to know the true history behind their pet project. Their tame MSM uses misdirection to paint anti-imperialists as anti-Zionists, thus turning white hats in to black hats.

    43. Stoker says:

      Fuck it, do you know what counts, no, neither do i ?????

    44. CameronB Brodie says:


      …Their tame MSM uses misdirection to paint anti-imperialists as anti-Semites, thus turning white hats in to black hats.

    45. Lollysmum says:

      Alex Salmond on Kez & Jez asserting that Kez’s position is already untenable-after 2 days in the job Bwahhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

    46. cearc says:

      @kdugdalemsp: I want power in hands of the many.. not the few

      So that’ll be the SNP then, Kez?

    47. North chiel says:

      “Kevie Helmet” , the ” real nightmare” for Scotland is the ” better together ” nightmare of
      at least ten years of a “London Tory government” .The “dream” would be an Independent Scotland
      with Nicola “elevated” to “PM”.

    48. Kevie Helmet says:

      North chiel says:
      17 August, 2015 at 10:03 pm

      “Kevie Helmet” , the ” real nightmare” for Scotland is the ” better together ” nightmare of
      at least ten years of a “London Tory government” .The “dream” would be an Independent Scotland
      with Nicola “elevated” to “PM”.

      I couldn’t agree more the thing is only a few years ago no one south of the border ever heard of Nicola Sturgeon now she’s so well known her name is dropped in a mainstream UK soap opera

      That’s progress

    49. ArtyHetty says:

      That certainly is, sadly the truth, but only some can see that this is the truth. I guess it is very hard for some to come to terms with having been conned for so very long. Still, when they do accept the truth, things really will change South of the border.

      When I clicked on the image, it er took me right to Labour’s twitter page, not sure if it’s supoosed to.,

    50. heedtracker says:

      BBC 10pm national tv news kicks off with “David Milliband warns of the danger of voting JC!” In what fcuking universe is that impartial?

      Ah teamGB lefties, now you know what it’s like being plagued by far right bootboy media shills day in day out and you all have to pay the BBC a licence fee for their troubles too, haha:D

      Come on JC!

    51. Molly says:

      Nah the ‘real nightmare is ‘ they’re making a film of Dads army to be released in 2016 .

      Britain where the past is now the future !

    52. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Shouldn’t it be ‘for over a 100 years’ anyway?”

      No. Because then you’re saying “a one hundred years”.

    53. Tackety Beets says:

      Lollysmum@ 9.31 pm

      I finally got to watch Alex on the P&J .
      The P&J which AS seams to have infiltrated ,much to my amusement.

      Good post again , Thanks

      Kez V Jez ……. Hick !

    54. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      The Labour Twitter page is still wonky. This is a screen shot, taken at 11.07pm, like 5 minutes ago.

    55. Rob James says:

      Cearc @ 9:50

      It’s not power in the hands of the people she means, it’s the Labour controlled councils, so that they can bypass Holyrood. The less power Holyrood has, the less it will be required. So it’s imperative that we remove them at the 2017 council elections. I wonder if she will be so keen for the decentralisation of power then? That’s if she’s still around, which I seriously doubt.

    56. @Brian Doonthetoon says:

      The Labour Twitter page is still wonky. This is a screen shot, taken at 11.07pm, like 5 minutes ago.

      Just checked still 100 for me as it always has. Since the ingredients are still the same maybe its the temperature that is wonky causing Labour’s abject failure in creating a fairer society.

    57. Kevin Evans says:

      You know it just depresses the hell out of me (well depressed is maybe too strong) the way we’re are being played by anyone with something to loose, be it Westminster losing its grip of the levers of power to assist there pals who need more and more profits or the MSM who want to hold on to there blackmailing power they obviously have over the folk who are in charge of the levers.

      Thankfully wings and the regular posters on here keep steering the ship away from the sirens who sing there tune to try and lure us onto there rocks of gossip, slander and scaremongering.

      It’s slowly starting to turn though folks. I truly believe that. I travel all over Scotland with my work. East,west,north and south and I am involved with the public and I promise yous just mentioning the hint of the refurendum result, lead up to it and broken promises since and most and switched on to what’s happened.

      Just there on Saturday I got into a chat about Blair and war crimes and war profiteers with someone, 2 old dears were listening in and they rightfully focused on protecting the troops but you could tell they weren’t switched on to the bigger picture of profits, hilliburton or wars for oil but deep down they weren’t bad folk. Now that was just 2 random old dears who jumped into my conversation and am not suggesting they would all have the same opinions but the younger folk were more aware of corruption and war profiteers and questioned the establishment more.

      I guess am saying the future is looking good once we get past the hell that is coming thanks to the Bullington boys and there chums.

    58. Dr Jim says:

      I don’t watch Coronation Street but Mrs Dr Jim does
      and she loves it, never misses an episode and that means she never misses a word

      So when tonight on her favourite soap to her horror the most offensive of language was directed at Nicola Sturgeon (Praise her name) she was, my friends aghast, aghast I say at the vilest of slurs directed at our beloved First Minister

      How could this be that her favourite show could stoop so low as to join with the British Establishment and use it’s massive popularity in this shoddy tawdry manner

      Then it became clear as a bubble of suds floating on a breeze above a puppy dogs nose (yellow labrador)

      How do the British belittle our Nation by stealth she thought, how do they reach into the homes of all the Nations of the UK at one time

      How do the British normalise insulting Scotlands First Minister, and with it
      The entire electorate of Scotland in one line and all Nations heard it in their favourite soap

      Well I laughed, and then I didn’t because my Lady wife, not a shy or fragile woman, I hasten to add, will never watch Corrie again,

      And the lesson my Amigos from all this is

      GIRFUYs Ya Bastirts (My Lady wife’s words) Sad Though…

    59. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      The establishment must be getting worried, if they’re now inserting “SNP BA-A-A-AD!” into mainstream soaps.

      (Haven’t watched it yet but I will…)

    60. DerekM says:

      oh er just another labour faux pas lol

      thanks Lollysmum for that link our Eck is brilliant in it, its good to see him unshackled from the role of FM and able to go right for the jugular 🙂

      The abominable no man Jim Murphy lmao thats a keeper Eck and i am pinching it lol

    61. call me dave says:

      Trust me I’m a socialist not a Unionist! Aye right Jeremy. 🙂

    62. call me dave says:


      Always good to hear Mr Salmon’s analysis on matters like that.

    63. Kevie Helmet says:

      Short clip for those of you who dont watch Coronation Street or missed it last night

      personally I think it’s funny but it does show how our First Minister is perceived south of the border

    64. Geoff Huijer says:

      call me dave says:
      18 August, 2015 at 2:40 am

      Trust me I’m a socialist not a Unionist! Aye right Jeremy.

      Anyone that has to say ‘trust me’ I generally do not trust.

    65. steveasaneilean says:

      I still don’t get the rose emblem which is, quite literally, a symbol of middle England back to the symbols of the Houses of York and Lancaster and their subsequent merger as Tudors once some Welsh bloke got involved.

      The rose was chosen quite blatantly to appeal to the middle England (Not) Labour needed to win over. Nothing wrong with that per se but why on earth use it in Scotland?

    66. Robert McDonald says:

      Jeez! I’m nobody but I still get more “likes” and retweets Slab does.

    67. Macart says:

      @Dr Jim

      Coronation street? A soap?

      They really must be getting nervous right enough if we have script writers having their wee dig.

    68. heedtracker says:

      Blair McDougall ?@blairmcdougall 11 hrs11 hours ago
      .@WingsScotland I’m that guy who won the campaign so that both Bath & Scotland are still in the UK.
      View conversation 43 retweets 91 favourites
      Reply Retweet 43 Favourite 91

      Modesty thy name is Blair Mcdougall but it is interesting to see if Corbyn’s Labour are going to fare better than the Big Man’s red tory SLabour wipeout.

      Was it YES voters that wiped out Scottish unionist hard core red tories or something else? Thanks to shams like Bliar and Kezia, we’re going to find out.

    69. Tinto Chiel says:

      Just so, Steveasaneilean:

      I’m sure you know and love the words of The Poet,

      “The rose of all the world is not for me.
      I want for my part
      Only the little white rose of Scotland
      That smells sharp and sweet—and breaks the heart.”

      Never mind, R4 going full blast on the Battle of Britain, using the deaths of the brave to make the usual UKOK propaganda. Other forthcoming events: 2016 The Somme, 2017 Russian revolution, those pesky Reds leaving us to fight on heroically, 2018 the Armistice, 2019 eighty years since the outbreak of WW2, 2020 fall of France, those pesky Frogs leaving us to fight on heroically, und so weiter, und so weiter…

      @Grouse Beater:

      “We want to dump the baggage of the past.

      That’s no way to talk of Jackie Baillie.”


      But, in the circumstances, perfectly justifiable.

      Carry on.

    70. Glamaig says:

      GMS this morning – a 5 second clip of John Swinney on the reasons for the GM ban. Two extended interviews with scientists, seemed like 10-15 mins in total raging against the ban. None with members of the public pleading for GM in the fields and shops though.

      You’ve got to laugh when you imagine the monstering ScotGov would be getting on the same program if they hadnt banned it.

    71. Grouse Beater says:

      Blair MacDougall: I’m that guy who won the campaign so that both Bath & Scotland are still in the UK.

      Boy, someone is betraying insecurities.

      Actually, Hapless Gordon lays claim to that ‘triumph.’

    72. orri says:

      The link between the rose and socialism in Scotland is via burns. But it’s not something the Labour Party in Scotland would care to mention for fear of having such classics as “A Man’s a Man for A’ That” batted right back at them.

      Mind you the rose would have to be red.

    73. galamcennalath says:

      Tinto Chiel says:

      “Carry on”

      I soon realised, I think, you were using that in the military order sense.

      However, at first glance my mind went to the Carry On films. Perhaps it was a mental vision of JB as matron, or something.

      Carry On Labour. We’d have to find some real jokers for the cast!

    74. Macart says:

      @call me dave

      ‘Socialist not unionist’

      Heh, now that’s how you do evasion. ‘Ists and isms’ gotta love them. 🙂

    75. heedtracker says:

      Actually, Hapless Gordon lays claim to that ‘triumph.’

      Big Bliar’s the first to blurt out it was me wot won it though.

      Credit taking for Saving England’s Control of their Scotland region is like a reverse success has many fathers, failure’s an orphan, like their The Vow fraud, no one actually wrote it, or signed or acknowledges now it ever existed. Such is the great fraud of UKOK nationalism

      Another UKOK day of unionists trying to defraud Scotland and blue tory Herald using JC to break up/divide and rule SNP vote.

      “Corbyn: I’m a Socialist not a Unionist”

      Divide. rule, bettertogether. lol

    76. Joemcg says:

      There was a similar soap incident a few years back I remember when a character received a few hundred complaints Ian Beale I recall, when he spouted “that time we stuffed you jocks at kalladin” getting riled over a daft soap but not at the ballot box. Whaes like us? Eh?

    77. A question how can she make Scotland more fairer country when nearly all the economic levers, most welfare powers still reside with Westminster?

      And also as far as I understand, what powers that are to be devolved to Scotland under the no detriment agreement means the Scottish Government cannot make people here in Scotland better off than those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    78. liz says:

      Re Corrie, during the Indy ref campaign when at the doctors, I was reading a Women’s Own, as you do, and there was an article about women in the public eye.

      So we got JKA’s and Kay(e)’s opinions on how the UK was better together, we are indeed brainwashed by stealth.

    79. call me dave says:

      I remember when it was mostly a lonely stretch of reclaimed landfill and a few of us put in a temporary ring of 11kV cables and transformers ready for the main contractors and later working there installing low voltage supplies. Anyhoo!

      Another tightening of the ties that bind, us grid connection charges and cutting wind energy subsidies, it’s a long game they play but we must get out off it or it’s force feeding for us from the WM teet.

      We’ll get what they think we need, that’s all there is Scotland.
      But we should build a shiny new nuclear one they say, suck it up Jocks.

    80. Tinto Chiel says:

      galamcennalath said, “Carry On Labour. We’d have to find some real jokers for the cast!”

      That could fill up a thread of its own, my friend. Don’t get Ronnie Anderson started!

      Ooh, Matron!

    81. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      To Late

      Ronnie Anderson Its knowing witch side your bread is buttered, fair minded people just give praise on a job well done. Kezias after the bigger prize ah FM status, ah Fur Coller, & her ulimate title her Ladyship. You hiv tae laugh, they honours are only awarded for Failure. SUCCESS GUARANTEED.
      21 mins · Like Scot2scot. ha ha

    82. scotspine says:

      Full on BritNat fest on BBC Radio Scotshire today at Edinburgh Festival with Kay (with and E) and Rory (I come from Edinburgh but have a strange accent for all that) Bremner.

      Anti SNP jokes by Bremner and appreciating trademark inward throat catching laugh from Kay (with and E).

      What will these people do when we are independent

    83. liz says:

      @call me Dave – its very hard not to get really angry over that.

      It was of course lab who introduced those charges, even when they had all those Scots in the cabinet ‘fighting’ for us.

      This will be sold in the msm that we have to rely on England for energy, when we have the excess.

      And as I’m sure you know, there is nothing Scottish about Scottish power.

    84. Lanarkist says:

      BBCScot at Fringe, temporarily transported to London bubble, all comedy talk about TOries Ukip et al.

      No progressive politicitians left anymore.

      They have no idea at all of the different political culture that exists 500 miles north and BBC like it that way.

      Simply atrocious!

    85. call me dave says:


      Yes! Can’t wait until the winter months when it will be a question to be solved by the SG reliant on Electricity supplies from daun Saurf!

      I never thought it but you know what… Bring back Fred because this annual BBC Scotland dirge at the festival is truly appalling!

      Sturgeon front page in National cheered me up, but still got two left in the X-word. I’m weak on my old Scots meanings. Oh how my mother taught me to speak proper English… she knocked it all out of me and no grandparents to keep me right either thanks mum! 🙂

      I’m waiting on Kezia to join the SG in condemning these unfair grid charges and the premature cuts to the wind and wave and solar panel subsides any time now…thought not!

      Fred was just awful!

    86. Lanarkist says:

      Aye Dave, but at least Fred came into his own in this particular format being in the scene as it were.

      Fred is a major share holder, Director, of the Stand a Comedy Club chain whose artistic Director is one Tommy Shepperd, SNP MP.

      Must have caused some friction for him at the BBC.

      Kaye and Rory should be renamed BBC RS at the cringe Fest!

      Awful, awful programme this morning, one of the worst forced, contrived efforts yet!

    87. ronnie anderson says:

      testing testing

    88. Grouse Beater says:

      Today BBC radio presented an excellent programme on the history of Scottish nationalism, weaving it as it should be with Labour and Liberal promises of Home rule. Written and presented by Billy Kay, it really out to be repeated at regular intervals, and also have a companion piece made for television.

      Of course, BBC Scotland will be able to point to it and claim political neutrality.

      If Wingers can track it down, well worth a listen for its full length.

    89. chris kilby says:

      Where’s Stu? I’m assuming he’s still recovering from the shock of the Record deciding to back Jeremy Corbyn.

      (I know I am.)

    90. Jack Murphy says:

      To Grouse Beater 18th August at 11:59 pm.
      Re:”Today BBC radio presented an excellent programme on the history of Scottish nationalism, weaving it as it should be with Labour and Liberal promises of Home rule.”
      I’ve tracked it down to yesterday,BBC Scotland at 13:30 pm–the 2nd of 6 pieces —‘The Cause: A History of Scottish Nationalism’.
      The programme begins 2 minutes in,and lasts for 30 minutes.
      I heard Winnie Ewing speaking near the end.
      Hope this link works. 🙂

    91. Grouse Beater says:

      Jack: Hope this link works

      Ta. I’ll listen a second time; it’s very informative. 🙂

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