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The star prize

Posted on March 14, 2018 by

For Jim – one of the greats – and for us, for now. RIP.

(More Twinstoons here.)

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    1. 14 03 18 23:56

      The star prize | speymouth

    76 to “The star prize”

    1. caledonia says:

      Super smashing Indy

    2. Iron man says:

      Super, great, here’s what you could of won……….

    3. Croompenstein says:

      RIP Jim, never quite as good as Dave Spikey.. 😀

    4. Cubby says:

      I’m a Scot get me out of this god damned bloody awful Union – and I mean the UK not the EU.

    5. Bobp says:

      Unionist knuckledraggers. Eh whit wis that aw aboot.

    6. Thepnr says:

      Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let baubles get in the way.

    7. Bob Mack says:

      My wife heard me on the phone.

      “Who were you calling” says she.

      Just trying to arrange some cheap flights as a surprise I replied.

      “Oh you wonderful man ” says she, kissing me all over.

      Funny, didn’t think she was so into darts .

    8. Ian McCubbin says:

      Will it appear in this weeks Sunday Herald?

    9. galamcennalath says:

      Aye, but they did win DevoSuperFederalEuMax, didn’t they?

    10. Clootie says:

      The cartoon missed out the MSM holding a shield in front of the YES side target.
      …anyway…even if they had hit it the BBC would have reported it as a miss.

    11. dakk says:

      ‘Putin’s poison dart hits Bullseye’ must be very tempting for the Britnat media liars.

      RIP Jim Bowen

    12. Fillofficer says:

      I knew them chafe & crotch boys quite well
      When I was a jogger
      RIP Jim

    13. Bobp says:

      Maybe they are happy with ‘ bullys consolation prize. A silver pint pot of John bulls p*ss.

    14. Ken500 says:

      What will Stu do now. He’s best compadre is gone. 80 Just as well there are so many recording. All the darts community will just have to carry on. 180. He will be sorely miss. Never missed a trick, To get the patter going.

    15. Morgatron says:

      Im sure Tank Commander was on the wheel tappers just after Norman Collier cause she a fucking great comedian.

    16. Bill McDermott says:

      Sorry for butting in, but did you see that Unilever has chosen the Netherlands for its European HQ? Is this the start of the exodus? What happens to Port Sunlight? Will Airbus be next?

    17. Peter Brunskill says:

      Lovely tribute to Jim, who was once my neighbour in Burnley. RUP.

    18. Peter Brunskill says:

      Lovely tribute to Jim, who was once my neighbour in Burnley. RIP.

    19. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Bill McDermott at 11.19

      And Marmite

    20. Artyhetty says:

      Oh, now then which to choose. I’ll take the prize Jim thanks.
      Never one to take risks, woohoo, it’s a YES!

      What a day the 14th was, hope the 15th is cheerier!

    21. Undeadshuan says:

      Looks like rock will be getting some new room mates….

      “…..will mean accelerating the development of our innovative 77th Brigade”

    22. Capella says:

      STV spinning their own poll:”Scots worried by BREXIT but don’t want indyref2″.

      As usual, you have to scroll down to the end to discover that the headline is a lie. Stu’s maxim, The Headline is a Lie, still true.

    23. Les Wilson says:

      This nerve gas assassination attempt,is turning into a West v Russia confrontation, listening to the latest this morning it is turning into a Russian hate fest.

      It is beginning to be a propaganda driven issue. There are questions just not being asked which make it all very suspicious.
      Politicians are being whipped into a frenzy, they are all screaming “Russia must pay”

      This is a concentrated attack on Russia without evidence of the Russian Government involvement. Russia has asked to get sight of the evidence, which has been denied, why?
      They have offered to take part in any investigation by the body who investigates chemical incidents. No mention of this in the media.

      I do not usually agree with George Galloway but he was bang on with an interview on RT, he asked why Salisbury?, Russian is known to have this nerve gas, it was made in the 70’sand 80’s and was illegal by international agreements. However that was 30-40 years ago, it was known about, and George pointed out,it would have been like leaving a calling card.

      So are we saying Russia would be stupid enough to use something that can be traced directly back to them ?. Or has some other shady group, or anti Russian country manufactured it then blamed Russia. I doubt the truth will come out as it will be well hidden by those responsible.

      Nothing is stopping the anti Russian rhetoric and all western countries and their rabid media are pursuing it with no solid evidence against Russia.

      Russia will not back down, the West is deliberately raising the boiling point, it does feel like they are wanting war with Russia and this could be their manufactured reason. It is a worrying time for all of us and there may not have been a Russian involvement at all.

      Follow the propaganda, it seems to fit the warlike stance of the west. Totally crazy stuff, and we have every right to worry.

      Of course the UK is really a vessel for this anti Russian attack, and has been quickly supported by the US quoting the UK as their greatest ally, or their biggest puppet, should you prefer.

      May pronounces thousands of British troops will be vaccinated for Anthrax?? This is deliberate to ramp up the fear of Russia and make the Western population more angry with Russia.
      I do not know where all this will end, but if they do not reel themselves back, god help us all.

    24. Undeadshuan says:

      @Les Wilson

      Its also a very big diversion from brexit, which is still going badly with the EU standing firm.

    25. Stravaiger says:

      Just listening to BoJo on the Royal Channel (BBC1). When asked what evidence for Russian involvement in the poisonings, the most compelling thing he could come up with was ‘their response was very smug’.

      Obviously them then!..

    26. Les Wilson says:

      Undeadshuan says:

      Yes indeed, coincidence? I think not!
      Was going to include that, but thought I had said enough for now.
      What I also know is all empires in decline will attempt anything to stop it, no holds barred. Westminster is hardly an exception.

    27. Yalta says:

      I’m surprised the Daily Mash has not done a bit on that famous Ealing comedy, The Mouse that Roared, in which the Grand Duchy of Fenwick declare war on the USA. All the main parts are played by Peter Sellers, including Duchess Gloriana, who is a shoe-in for the Maybot.

      I wonder who will play General Turgidson in this latest production, since George C Scott is no longer with us ?

    28. BJ says:

      I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when the SNP leader in the House of Commons stood up and uttered support for the Tory stance on the this Russian debacle. A Tory government who can’t or won’t look after their own people have now decided to poke sticks at the Russian bear.

      You should have waited on evidence Ian. You just sounded stupid and servile yesterday!!

    29. Ottomanboi says:

      National party MP Blackford dances to the BritState jig played by self-serving aristos in London. We need a national movement with bullish cojones.
      Vladimir is splitting his sides.

    30. Les Wilson says:

      Further to my previous posting, this link from Nana, sets out in much more detail what I was talking about.
      People should all read this, realise there is no depths that UK will not sink to.

    31. Macart says:

      You can’t beat a bit o’ Bully. RIP Jim.


      I see our own Tory MPs amongst those who voted to remove free school meals Nana. They voted on a policy covered by EVEL, even though their vote would count for nothing?!?

      That has to be a whole new level of stupid. Then again, it lets you know where they stand should such an issue ever effect Scotland. They’d literally take the bread from a child’s mouth.

    32. skintybroko says:

      Seems awfully convenient for a specialised lab to suddenly receive new funding.

    33. Alba46 says:

      SNP big mistake backing the UK government without a shred of evidence. Lessons from the Iraq war re their WMD programme not learnt.

      Colin Powell with his container of fake nuclear substance presented to the UN. That ended up in a war costing hundreds of thousands of lives and the repercussions are still going on today.


    34. X_Sticks says:

      If that cartoon wasn’t so serious it would be really funny FT.

      Re the Unilever moving to HQ Holland. Total (French Oil Co) has taken over Maersk Oil’s UK (North Sea) operations. This will make them the biggest operator in the North Sea.

      Unconfirmed rumour has it they are going to move their joint North Sea operations to Denmark because of brexit. Scotland is going to get so fucked by brexit I can’t begin to contemplate the damage. We need to get out of this insane ‘united’ Kingdom. Now.

    35. Clootie says:

      when you start a campaign you must plan for each stage of the path.
      The start is easy. It is the extraction which is difficult.
      What is May’s plan with Russia? At what point does she stop OR is she going to Nuke them?
      The only evidence she has at best is that the nerve agent is similar to one developed by the USSR some 50years ago.

      In the meantime we will spend tens of millions on Porton down, 77th. Brigade, anthrax injections for the military etc on the back of ONE attack. I guess the defence budget will be increased shortly.

      Is the response to this event balanced and logical….NO!

    36. schrodingers cat says:

      politics 101

      support that which costs nothing.

      treeza will expell russian diplomats, media will be indignant and bad mouth russian sympathisers, see corbyn, but in the end, proof or not, westminster has nothing else since gunboat diplomacy needs gunboats, westminster is now only a talking shop. even the threat of england boycotting the world cup has dissappeared.

      if russia is shown to be innocent (hint, we will never see any evidence to prove this one way or another) nicola just needs to say she based her decision on the evidence given to her by treeza.

      nicola’s comments will appeal to the 52% who still want to vote no, if she had come out in favour of the russians, the msm would today have been going full tonto on the snp

      this is a diplomatic spat which nicola has sidestepped, it will eventually be forgotton, (4 days i recon) or at latest when the world cup starts.

    37. Nana says:


      From what I saw at the time of the vote it wasn’t just Scots calling them out. There were plenty English folks tearing into them for being inept as well as nasty. I had a wee chuckle seeing how people down south regard the clowns from the north 🙂

      Pity they are too stupid and arrogant to see it.

    38. Baldeagle58 says:

      Morning Nana,

      Lovely LINKS to go with my pre-work coffee this morning.
      Really don’t know how you do it, but so glad that you do!

    39. Ken500 says:

      This carry on is all about a divertion away from Brexit. To continue to tax evade. The Tories want a diversion away from Brexit and the mess. Johnston is unstable along with the rest of the Tories. Criminals (wiki). They should be in prison. Not ruining the world economy. Johnston has been trying to make trouble with the Russians and everyone else since he was appointed.

      Johnston is not qualified to be Foregn Secretary. He does not have the attitude or acumen. He is trying to ruin the world economy and kill million of prople and cause hardship in the world. His behaviour is disgusting. The British/Russo spy was in on it. He was involved in the ‘dirty dossier’. Clinton’s illegal attempt to harm Trump. The British/Russo spy deserved retribution, He has been destroying the world and killing millions of people. So has Johnston and his colleagues.

      This is all about the Tory/unionist attempt to ruin the world for money. To line their own pockets. Even if the Russians were involved the spy was asking for retribution. It was a weird way to do it, He was an international criminal trying to undermine Gov, It could have been a warning to politicans trying. To ruin the world. Stopping collatoral damage.

      The Game is playing out, as usual a total diversion from other matters. The Russian election, Brexit, the US presidency strife. Brexit and the EU. At least no one is buying Into it to join with the Tories and physically militarily attack Russia or cause more trouble on the Russian border. Putin.Trump, rest of the EU and China want a spell of peace and co operation to gel help the world economy. Not endless war and suffering.

      The plan has misfired spectacularly. No one is buying it. The UK Tories are in their own. No one is going to join in action against Russia they know it is a fix. Even if Russians. Not the Gov? were behind it. Did Putin know or give approval. It is possible but too many things do not add up. The substance was in the house. Not out in street. The spy took it out into the street.

      The spy and his associates have caused the death of millions of people. A corrupt individual. It could have been anyone behind it but the spy had got retribution . Because of his actions. ‘Dirty dossier’.He was involved. In international espionage for the money, He actions were hsrming millions of people. Involved in destabling govs and economies for money. Sold to the highest bidder. The spy is not even dead? Or are they covering it up. Too many things do not add up. It would even suit the Tories in Westminster if he was dead. To cover up.

      Boris Johnston (Tories) wants to harm millions of people for the money. The carry on is a diversion. It has spectacularly misfired no other regime is joining the Tories in militarily attacking Russia. Causing more trouble in the world. Than already there. Despite the hullabullo by hypocrites that has to be endured. The retribution has not worked. No one is buying it. Or willing to physically militarily attack Rissia or it’s borders, May is a damp squib. Another criminal breaking the Law with impunity for money, A greedy psychopath. Along with the rest of them.

      Thank goodness Scotland has the SNP standing up for Scotland. Never losevsight of that. In all the twists and turns. Indy2 is month’s away in plain sight. There is no other alternative before it is too late and democracy is gone. That will solve many of the (world) problems and bring prosperity to the world. Diminish Westminster unionists power and abikity to harm the world hopefully. A power for the good. It is not about ‘nationalism’. It is about right and wrong. Equality and democracy.

      The name is the Scottish national Party. A political Party operating in Scotland where it is based but with international aspiration and ambition for Scotland. To improve the economy and other people’s lives. With good governance of equality and respect. Just hope it is returned. Do unto others what you would wish is done unto you. Peace, equality and prosperity. A more equal and just world. Bring it on.

    40. Cubby says:

      Our esteemed Foreign Secretary with the russian name Boris says on TV this morning that the evidence is overwhelming that the Russians did it. Well if that is the case why not share the evidence with the world?

      He also says that there is no one else it could be.

      Sounds like the Guildford 4 and Birmingham 6 style of British justice.

      We need to be free of this corrupt British state.

    41. Abulhaq says:

      It MUST all be true re Russia, the grand panjandrum Andrew Neil has said so.

    42. Macart says:


      Unilever moves HQ to Netherlands.

      It’s begun in earnest then.

    43. Nana says:

      @Macart, It sure looks that way.

      Last links for now, first one shows the nightmare to come

      The EU (Withdrawal) Bill the most important bill Parliament has deliberated for decades; its a constitutional and legal minefield. At present, my job is to amend several modules on an LLB Law course to prepare for Brexit. This thread highlights some issues.

      ‘Behind every great man…’

    44. Sinky says:

      Unionists bricking it if Alex Salmond returns to Holyrood as the knives are out over his Russia To-day programme.

      Well worth listening to Lembit Öpik demolishing the pompous Alex Massie over RT on Radio Scotland just after 8.30 this morning.

      Is RT’s Moscow propaganda any worse than the BBC’s Great British London centric propaganda.

    45. Breeks says:

      schrodingers cat says:
      15 March, 2018 at 8:44 am

      “…. nicola just needs to say she based her decision on the evidence given to her by treeza.

      I think that’s the point people are making… Why the hell is the Scottish Government still taking its lead from the lying fraud Theresa May and her batshit crazy performing circus?

      It looks weak and subservient and it’s getting mightily feckin tiresome.

      We’ve rolled with the Vow punches in 2014, we regularly roll over on our backs to get our tummy tickled by the vile BBC, we rolled over completely with the 2016 general election, the 2017 Scottish Remain majority was rolled over until “EU” was flattened into “EFTA”, and we’re rolling downhill fast running out of time to save Scotland’s place in the EU, and it also appears we’ve rolled up the blueprints for Independence and put them away in the attic.

      When the feck do we stop all these “rolling over” metaphors, and finally get this defence of our sovereign constitution into the feckin water and up to ramming speed, and start making Scotland’s interests safe with a degree of National confidence and sovereign potency?

      Ancient Chinese proverb – You don’t turn the other cheek when somebody is pissing all over you at will.

    46. Ken500 says:

      The SNP are not supporting the Westminster Gov. The Scottish Gov is making bland statements that it has to according to the Devolution settlement terms because Foregn policy/Defence is reserved. Nicola is acting (diplomatically) as she has to. That is the Law and the rules because people voted NO. Thst is not the SNP position.

      A different thing. Being the FM and the head of the SNP Party are not tidally compatible. They are dufferent roles. Being FM is head of the Scottish Gov Being head of the SNP is another role. Interlinked. Nicola has to wear two hats. What she says in public as FM for all people of Scotland (the majority voted No) is different to what she says in private, or as leader of the SNP. She is magnificent. She is carrying out her role and her brief.

      The SNP ministers as members of the Political administration have to follow the Westminster line. Or they are acting unlawful in the context of the Devolution settlement, Nicola and Co hands are tied. The statement being issued will be bland and double edged. Read between the lines. The SNP Gov have to walk the tight rope of limited powers. Give the Unionists parties enough rope. An outcome will emerge. The Tory – unionist are committing political suicide by there actions.

      Never interrupt the opposition when they are making a big mistake of collosal proportions. UDI is not really the answer. Even if it is put in a manifesto and given support. Or majoritily voted. Hardly likely. The majority want to abide by the Law or just change it. Except unionist Party politicans. They are above the Law. The Laws that they make. Most of them should be in jail. If there was any justice. No deterrent. That is why politics (in Britain) is held in complete contempt and around the world.

      Do not attack your own political agenda on public forums through ignorance. Especially the main supporting Independence one. It feeds into the opposition. The cause could lose support by the constant unwarranted criticism. At this time it needs all the support it can get.

      Fire off a few e-mails, text or letters. Even abusive but it might be regretted. Sent in anger or when somebody is pissed, To the SNP or Nicola. Or anywhere else. Or discussions among yourselves. Sure they will be pleased to hear the views. Send them to May 10 Downing Street or any of her colleagues. They like to get a line.

    47. manandboy says:

      Read what the Russians have to say, then make your own mind up.

      When the Russians talk sense and engage with the verification process, while Theresa May talks drivel and refuses to present her evidence to OPCW, what other conclusion can one reach other than that the UK Govt is merely creating propaganda – and bringing the UK into further disrepute.

    48. galamcennalath says:


      Reading your Brexit related links I just keep coming back to the same conclusion – the UK aren’t negotiating seriously. They appear to be playing for time and want to keep the conversation going.

      My best guess is that the plan is to crash out with virtually no deal in March and blame EU intransigence. At the very last moment they probably hope to get some ’emergency arrangements’ agreed to cover things like air travel.

      The UK’s red lines and DUP votes mean Ireland is unsolvable. Only ‘Canada’ is possible, if by some miracle Ireland can be solved. ‘Canada’ is not much better than WTO on the spectrum because most UK activity is service related.

      A very hard exit is what they plan.

      The Scottish constitutional situation also dictates that they play for time and delay clarity over Brexit.

    49. Ottomanboi says:

      Why should Russia trust ‘the West’? No sooner had the old Soviet system been replaced with more democratic institutions than US/Nato alliance attempt to create a subversive/defensive ring of steel around Russia from the Baltic states, through Poland/Ukrain to Georgia, Central Asia and Mongolia. Western money funded, corruptive meddling in the Baltics, Georgia etc did not win many friends in Moscow. It was viewed as a threat. The British state is way out of its depth here.
      I trust the National party will permit dissenting voices to be heard on this English matter.
      I believe there are some half million Russians with Scottish ancestry think Lermontov, Barclay de Tolly etc.

    50. Kangaroo says:

      Breeks @ 9:32am

      “When do we stop rolling over…..”

      At the moment WM are committing suicide, they are annoying the EU, they are annoying Russia, they are heading towards a disastrous FTA with the good ol’ USA and the SG is proceeding with the Continuity Bill, the Scottish WM Tories are making an a#%e of themselves. The DUP are squeezing WM too.

      What we don’t know is whether A50 can be withdrawn unilaterally. It would be a calamity to call an indyref and find WM withdraws A50.

      Indy support at +45% and no campaign yet.

      Don’t interupt your enemy when they are making mistakes.

      It’s not “rolling over” it’s being smart and careful. What’s not to like?

      Having fun. More chocolate please.

    51. Bill McDermott says:

      I heard Iain Blackford in his support of the Westminster Government response to the nerve gas attack use the term ‘this country, meaning the UK. I have also heard Nicola do the same. This must stop. SNP politicians should always refer to Scotland as their country or nation and Westminster governance as referring to the state or union or 4 countries of the UK.

    52. Ken500 says:

      @ Breeks please get a grip. Know you are annoyed and angry, because you did not get a reply to two e-mails from the SNP but try to keep it in relevant proportion. Not cutting off the nose to spite your face. Not everyone can be perfect, Never make a mistake, Some people can be very busy. Getting avalanced with correspondence and e-mails. Ie Ian Murray can respond quickly because he and his Staff have nothing better to do. Less responsibility

      The time might be better spent on the inter net doing a bit of research. Of roles and administration of Gov. Codes off conduct. How people have to conduct themselves. It might give a few hints on how to behave, interaction. Social, political and economic interaction, Historically. Instead of taking a hissy fit. Watch the blood pressure, have a lie down in a darkened room. Doing that at the moment. Or take a few chill out pills.

      Wait for the backlash. Over and out,

    53. Nana says:

      @Baldeagle Good morning 🙂

      I agree entirely. Everything I’ve read points to a crash and burn scenario. Your last sentence says it all.

    54. Cubby says:

      In the current spirit of blaming the Russians without any evidence I would like to make my own wild accusation without any proof whatsoever.

      Bojo, Gove, Rees-mog and all the brexiteers are Russians agents charged with destroying the UK and EU. Fanciful??????? They seem to be on course with achieving their mission.

    55. Ken500 says:

      They are representing their contituency and their voters as they have to under political rules Laws and settlement. Limiting as it can be. No not get hysterical,about it. Even through it is a worrying situation. Calm down. Think it through.

    56. manandboy says:

      Theresa May knew exactly what she was doing when she called a snap election and spent millions to get Alex, Angus and Tasmina out of the Commons because she was completely outgunned by them.
      Now she has a free ride, illustrated by the SNP’s swallowing the Skripal story in Westminster.

      For the Iraq war, the Commons swallowed the lies about WMD’s which did not exist and for which there was of course no evidence.
      Corrupt Commons – and pretty stupid too.

    57. Famous15 says:

      The “Scottish” Tory MP’s who voted to abolish free school meals in England but did not have their votes counted because of EVEL were satisfying a deep seated psychological need called self loathing. A partial period of freedom from the pain,because they are in pain,is achieved through “Wannabe”. Ref Lancet 1707.

      Note quotation marks usually indicate lies. Ref Rev S Campbell IB.

    58. Ottomanboi says:

      @Bill McDermott
      I too have noticed this unfortunate usage. Our National party spokes people must watch their language.
      We owe no allegiance to the British state requiring such a tone.

    59. Ottomanboi says:
      In the context of current ‘cold war’ events the above is noteworthy
      Why? Indeed…

    60. stewartb says:

      Alex Salmond’s closing comments in this week’s Show on the how the ‘Russia’ incident is being handled in the UK’s Parliament and media are well worth a careful listen. Measured, well-judged – in my view, right.

    61. Robert Peffers says:

      @Sinky says:15 March, 2018 at 9:18 am:

      “Well worth listening to Lembit Öpik demolishing the pompous Alex Massie over RT on Radio Scotland just after 8.30 this morning.”

      I couldn’t sleep last night/this morning so had a long lie and woke to my bedside radio/alarm with Massie’s hilarious attempt to put down Alex Salmond, RT and Russia.

      The words I said out loud, while kinked with loud laughter, were very much more potent than your description of Massie as, “pompous”. Massie is a total idiot – and he always has been.

      In the first place the so called, “British Broadcasting Corporation”, he was speaking on is, even by in its very title the first, largest and longest lived state funded broadcaster on Earth.

      It has never been Britain’s Broadcaster but merely a broadcaster from Britain. Like its owners, The Westminster Establishment, it only nominally represents The United Kingdom and not all of Britain but both have always claimed they speak for all of Britain.

      The BBC, only very briefly, were funded by a group of early manufacturers of, “Wireless sets”, so as to sell, “Wireless Sets”, required, “Wireless”, broadcasting.

      Westminster quickly realised the new media was potentially the World’s finest Propaganda weapon and the Westminster Establishment decided to take it over.

      However, they also realised that if they did so openly the new media would be seen by the World at large as the State’s Propaganda weapon. So Westminster came up with a Cunning Stunt.

      They decided to make it illegal to listen to, “Wireless Signals”, without having the permission to do so from the Westminster Establishment. This, though, was just the first step in creating a State Propaganda, “Weapon of Mass Instruction”, (WMDI).

      For they also made it illegal to broadcast, “Wireless Signals”, and thus both, “Wireless Broadcasting”, and, “Wireless Reception”, were illegal unless those doing so paid a, “Licence”, (Government permission), Fee.

      But here’s the clever bit, the newly formed BBC, created by Royal, (Westminster Establishment), Charter, were obviously having to pay a fee to Broadcast and the public, (but only in the United Kingdom), had to pay for permission to listen to the broadcasts but the BBC did not directly get paid for by their United Kingdom Listeners as the fee they paid the Government went directly to the Governments Treasury and the BBC then negotiated with the Government for an annual grant from the Government’s Treasury.

      Then Westminster used their paid for BBC as a propaganda weapon to indoctrinate the listeners that their licence fee paid for the BBC and to encourage this myth what do you think was the tools that the government used to do that endoctronisation, (Brainwashing)?

      Yes, you got it in one – The BBC was their weapon of choice but get this – The BBC World Service is the World’s largest international Broadcaster but the World outside the United Kingdom doesn’t pay for permission to listen to the BBC for they do so at the expense of the United Kingdom Government and the UK governmnt are financed by the United Kingdom taxpayer, (and not just the licence payers).

      So Massie was claiming on the biggest state funded broadcaster in the World that Alex Salmond should be banned for broadcasting propaganda on RT who pay the UK government for permission to broadcast from a United Kingdom Transmitter and where Salmond has absolute editorial freedom of what he broadcasts.

      Now I may be wrong but suspect that Alex Salmond, being Alex Salmond, will have been way ahead of both Massie and the Westminster Establishment and he would have planned for things happening that are now happening.

      Do you think I’m wrong?

    62. orri says:

      Think the headline grabbing mention of Anthrax vaccinations misses the point.

      The alleged poison used here has been hinted at as a binary agent. If Russia was behind it then they’d smirk because the whole point is that they burn themselves out pretty quickly leaving any area they target safe to enter and use by invading troops. So they can ask for a sample safe in the knowledge that none will be forthcoming.

      So the people in noddy suits will be looking for any delivery mechanism in the fear/hope that there’s still unmixed components. However another thing on the wish list of a competent user of chemical warfare will be the precursors are themselves volatile and become harmless fairly quickly.

      Back to Anthrax. It’s a frightening thing that can contaminate land for decades. Westminster knows this because they experimented off Scotlands shore and put an island or two beyond human habitation.

    63. Robert Peffers says:

      @Breeks says: 15 March, 2018 at 9:32 am:

      in reply to schrodingers cat says: 15 March, 2018 at 8:44 am:

      ” … Why the hell is the Scottish Government still taking its lead from the lying fraud Theresa May and her batshit crazy performing circus?£


      There it is the Breeks usual – “But it’s really all the SNP’s fault”, SNP BAAD!

      You’re worse than the BBC – at lest the BBC doesn’t pretend to support independence when they bleat SNP BAAAD!

    64. orri says:

      Why swallow the “excuse” that they didn’t have their votes counted due to EVEL. EVEL only stops some MPs having a vote at certain stages of a bill. It’s a “tweak” in procedure rather than an outright ban. To stop Scottish MPs having a vote in the final passing into law of a Bill would have been far outwith the powers of Cameron and would have come under the scrutiny of the Lords who might not have passed it.

      English MPs have a veto on bills that only effect England before they get voted on by the entire house at which point all the MPs who didn’t get a vote get their say which might also be classed as a veto.

      Cameron was a snake oil salesman. He was also cautious in that he knew that trying to make EVEL legal might end the union. Also consider that built in to the Scotland act there’s some flimflam that means Holyrood can’t counter an international treaty. Which already calls into question the reasoning behind stealing powers repatriated from the EU. However that’s limited in the same way that the EU couldn’t dictate the exact form of UK laws only what was required of them. Westminster would far rather rule over than overrule even though the latter is far more diplomatic and less offensive.

    65. louis.b.argyll says:

      Fine links Nana, those earlier ones too.

      Read up, folks.

      There are 1.6 million of us, we need to convert/encourage roughly* a third of a person each, or on in three of us needs to convert someone.

      How youz getting on?

      *depending whether the No vote is as motivated as last time-out.

      And whether Lib Dems etc are permitted to fill in votes in nursing homes.

    66. Robert Peffers says:

      @manandboy says: 15 March, 2018 at 10:07 am:

      “Theresa May knew exactly what she was doing when she called a snap election and spent millions to get Alex, Angus and Tasmina out of the Commons because she was completely outgunned by them.
      Now she has a free ride, illustrated by the SNP’s swallowing the Skripal story in Westminster.”

      So that’ll be SNP BAAAD! again then, manandboy?

      At least you are consistent, like the rest of the false flag Indy group on Wings.

    67. louis.b.argyll says:

      (from BBC Radio 2, an hour ago)
      but close..

      KEN BRUCE. – So, what else is on your

      JEREMY VINE – Well, you know how we’ve been lied to before by the security services. And we know they’ve also been proven wrong on occasion.


      JEREMY VINE – Well with Porton Down being just a few miles from this chemical incident, questions are being asked about the provenance of info coming from our security services.

      KEN BRUCE – (6 seconds of SILENCE).. Ahem, cough…


      KEN BRUCE – Well, er, MY CONTROLLER wouldn’t like this, not at all.

      JEREMY VINE – really?

      KEN BRUCE – (something about leaving a note in a hollowed out tree) scoff scoff.

      Watch your back Mr Vine.

      M, m, m, myyyy controller!

    68. Dorothy Devine says:

      Louis b , Jeremy Vine is damned right and every journalist should be asking large questions and NOT giving way until they are answered .

      This whole Russia bad crap is really getting to me – along with the eejits who shout Putinbot or ask how the weather is in Moscow when someone dares to express doubts.

      What a shameful sham our media has become.

    69. Clootie says:

      …just looking at Google Maps.
      We were really very, very lucky that Porton Down was just a few miles from the incident and able to give assistance so quickly!

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