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The Purity Police

Posted on January 20, 2024 by

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  1. SteepBrae

    So that’s where he is – levelling up.
    Well seeing who is in charge; even has the green lining in the cloak.
    Brilliant, Chris.

  2. Mac

    Man, all this stuff about Sturgeon deleting all her messages relating to her pandemic ‘management’….

    She really is squalid little crook, disgusting behaviour from a disgusting character. I cannot stand the sight of her.

  3. Stuart MacKay

    Whereas democracy is founded on the negotiation of diverging viewpoints, ideology is sustained through intolerance of dissent.

    – Andrew Doyle, The New Puritans: How the Religion of Social Justice Captured the Western World

    You can find it on Amazon. Probably an interesting read.

    I fear we have some years to go to get through this. The battle of Armageddon is due for November 11th. Even if the Forces of Evil are defeated (you get to choose which is which), there will be an inevitable backlash and given the technological tools available you can expect further crackdowns on the opposing forces to suppress any dissent, perhaps all dissent. Dark times which are only warming up.

    There are signs that Generation Alpha is getting fed up with all the nonsense so there’s a chance to return to “normality” in 15-30 years or so.

  4. Robert McAllan


  5. Astonished

    Great Cartoon, Chris.

    The Transcult really are the new Puritans minus the intelligence, humanity and tolerance.

    P.S. I especially like how you managed to bring out Harvie’s inner “Gollum”.

  6. stuart mctavish

    Credit where it’s due for the headline.

    Could be the eyes that need testing, or simply the thoughts behind them, but I read putty at first, thought conversion was conversation, double checked to see purity and inclined, without prejudice, to settle on potty regardless (especially if this tweet infering Blackrock is wholly owned by the Crown is credible, and the Crown itself is indeed owned, in full, by the Scots)

  7. Ruby

    Many a true word spoken jest!

    Very witty & very true.

  8. Dan

    Next week’s cartoon could be the installing of the double glazed windae unit, and Humza in the background screaming “WHITE!” at the choice of frame colour.

    I’m playing it safe in NuScotland with my nymph fly tying and only using black and brown colours with rainbow colour beads for heads.

  9. pipinghot

    Am I right in thinking that there is no possibility of that horrible little turd being flushed because of the list system, including his dim witted sidekick?

  10. GM

    20 January, 2024 at 10:17 am

    Am I right in thinking ..

    Harvie was selected by the greens top of the list in Glasgow.
    Alison Johnstone top the Lothian list with Slater second. Depends how many votes they need to get a seat. They won 150k list votes and 6 seats in 2019.
    Lib dems got 1 seat from 119k votes. Ukip 0 seats from 46k votes.

    Any chance of their vote dropping off next time out? They get more publicity now and that night balance itself out.

    I don’t have much hope that the punters will be paying enough attention to see them routed but they may drop in vote relative to the their list opponents. Having said that naebudy is credible.

  11. Effijy

    Reading the Daily Hail today with front page headline about SNP SICKENING COVID COVER UP.
    WhatsApp messages during Covid were deleted.
    Now it’s not the same as the Tory WhatsApp deletions as for some unknown reason Boris’ phone had a technical fault that selected on the comments where he had lost the plot, revealed his couldn’t care less attitude to your Grandma dying.
    Not a word about the illustrious Boris ever doing anything wrong.

    I’m now reading that Humza had a meeting with the Turkish President when at COP28 in Dubai. Humza deliberately broke U.K. government rules dictating that Scotland’s First Ministers must be Supervised during all meetings with foreign officials.

    What an absurd statement and rule.

    You would have thought SNP would have played this up to show the complete shame that it is.

    How about he calls Sunak to say he is going to the Saltire Bar for a drink with a French Supervisor in an hour send a supervisor quick.

    Then he demands an apology from Sunak who left him without a supervisor.

    How about he makes that call twice a day every day that he is meeting any kind of foreign civil servant.

    Scotland’s duly elected head of government doesn’t have the rights of an English dustman as there is nothing to stop Johnny meeting and foreigner anywhere.

    Stop play to the pathetic suffocating rules of these fascist bastards in Westminster.

  12. Sven

    pipinghot @ 10.17

    As far as I know, as long as we are landed with the D’Hondt closed list voting system and the Party gets its minimum of votes, likely yes.
    Topped up with votes cast for other Parties the Greens (in this instance) will be allocated a certain number of seats, which they distribute according to the list they make up.
    As I recall that’s how Ms Sturgeon entered Holyrood the first three times, though my old memory may have failed me.

  13. Mac

    Catching up with a few tweets on the Wings account… the one regarding the guy who pretended to be a woman to apply for the job at the rape centre contrary to clearly stated legislation really is up there in terms of insanity and outrageousness as the lunacy of putting male rapists into female prisons.

    It is just so foul and repugnant to go there of all places to pretend to be a woman, a rape centre… FFS.

    And then incredibly if a female rape victim requests a real woman counsellor they accuse them of being prejudiced. It is beyond disgusting.

    That fraud guy needs charged and imprisoned and all the people in charge who knew and turned a blind eye also need charged and/or sacked. Instead he is smug about it…

    It is really really disgusting they act out their twisted fantasies in rape centres and it scandalous it has been enabled.

    No wonder women are angry, they should be. It is so out of order.

  14. Dorothy Devine

    Mac, not to mention said ‘lady’ was taking it on himself/herself to ‘ re- educate ‘women in the crisis centre about pretend women.

    The whole thing is beyond comprehension but should not be beyond the law or beyond biology. Read somewhere that there are those demanding uterus/womb transplants as a right on the NHS – I want a loud and clear NO from that institution and a correction of puke inducing wording like ‘ chest feeding’.

  15. The Flying Iron of Doom

    Stuart MacKay says:
    20 January, 2024 at 9:09 am

    I fear we have some years to go to get through this. The battle of Armageddon is due for November 11th.

    Hang on, how do you work that one out?

  16. Heaver

    It doesn’t matter how useless our representatives are, and their hangers on. Doesn’t even matter if they harm Scotland. What matters is that they get paid, and handsomely.


  17. Northman

    So men are women (if they believe it)
    and women are men (if they believe it)
    and conversion is doing nothing, no medication and no operation
    and affirming (i.e. not change), is genital mutilation, sterilisation, operation and medication
    even children!

    But for some reason, if someone believe something the power-that-be disapprove of they use aggressive means. Try to say that you believe you are the queen and force your way into the royals inner sanctums! And you will be lucky to survive!

  18. Republicofscotland

    Nice one Chris.

    Only Common Weal have a good idea on moving indy forward the rest in this article haven’t got a clue including Alba, and that’s a worrying sign.

    Pro-independence think tank Common Weal argued that “none of the main three political parties in Scotland are offering the public much choice” with similar economic strategies that the group don’t believe provide vision.

    “Rory Hamilton, the group’s social media co-ordinator, said if SNP wants to ensure Scottish independence remains on the agenda then “they must offer real change to the material conditions of people struggling with the cost of living today”.

    “That means creating new streams of income at the local level through the introduction of redistributive local taxes, not council tax freezes,” he said.

    “And it means public investment in public infrastructure, not public-private partnerships.

    “Putting the independence movement’s sole hopes in the hands of an SNP wedded to Foreign Direct Investment is a surefire way to alienate ordinary working people who will see no direct gain from a vision for independence based on wealth extraction.””

  19. McDuff

    Another great one Chris.

  20. sarah

    @ Republicofscotland at 12.08: “..idea on moving indy forward..”

    See previous article btl comments from 11.57 p.m. onwards. Many excellent analytical comments and thinking – worth settling down for a good read and be a bit hopeful.

  21. Republicofscotland

    Sturgeon’s side kick during the pandemic had this to say about deleting WhatsApp messages.

    “Jason Leitch joked that deleting his WhatsApp messages during the covid pandemic was a “pre-bed ritual”, an inquiry has heard.

    The National Clinical Director made the quip in response to a senior Scottish Government official in a group chat in May 2021.”

    A pre-bed ritual on deleting any evidence that the Covid Inquiry might need.

  22. crazycat

    @ Sven at 10.53

    No-one’s vote is “topped up with votes cast for other parties”. Nor is there an official threshold (eg in the German Bundestag at least 5% is required), though in practice 4-5% is needed.

    The entire parliament is supposed to reflect the percentage each party gets on the list; if they already have constituency seats they may have reached that percentage and will get few or no list seats (this affected first Labour and now the SNP).

    Parties like the Greens who win no constituencies will acquire list seats in each region based on their support in that region, which introduces its own distortions. The only way support for other parties affects this is if those parties have more support and the seats have been used up before the Greens qualify for any. Parties with less support are out of the game altogether.

  23. Mark Beggan

    Chris has got that little turd down to a T.

  24. Ruby

    A lot of talk about Mr Idul Wadhwa this morning.

    There’s so much going on it’s hard to keep up.
    Tried to figure how to pronounce Mridul and spotted the source of the problem. There was a typo in his application.
    There should have been a space between his title and his first name. This guy is telling you his gender it’s all there in his *nom de plume

    Mornin’ Crazy Queen Cat

    You are fair genned up about the D’Hondt system.
    Very well done! I’ll be getting back to you before next election. Although the plan atm is not to vote. However our Posie’s Party might be standing.

    You have a nice day! Stay warm! Eat soup!

    *nom de plume: You know what I’m going to say about that don’t you?

  25. Ruby

    Mark Beggan
    20 January, 2024 at 1:01 pm

    Chris has got that little turd down to a T.

    Is he a T mark I thought he was a B+

    Soz about the jokes.

  26. Sven

    crazycat @ 12.53

    Thanks for that CC, information is always our friend. As my old dad used to say, “Give instruction to a wise person that they may be wiser; whilst the fool, in their heart, despiseth reproof”.
    I fear I’m no often no wiser, however certainly better informed.
    Keep the info coming plse.

  27. Anton Decadent

    Another really good cartoon, good to see you back. What did we do to deserve that horrible little toad.

    Re SNP and Greens, neither are nationalist and both are front operations. This is not exclusive to Scotland, look at Eire which is also governed by people who openly despise them and want them gone. In France Macron, who made his pile at Goldman Sachs, has appointed as PM, well, y’know.

    I am way behind in my reading of Private Eye, currently reading #1595 from 31st March and saw this in it, apologies if previously posted but I thought that people would be interested. I know that it is raking over old coals but we have seen what Thewliss’s priorities are, anti women, anti child, pro immigration.

    “Cancelling me when I don’t write what I’m told? Nope.” stormed SNP MSP Alison Thewliss, announcing to her Twitter followers last week that the Daily Record had dropped her regular Monday column.

    The furore arose after the paper’s political editor Paul Hutcheon had politely requested that Thewliss address the chaos in her own party, which had seen the SNP’s communications chief Murray Foote and chief executive Peter Murrell forced to resign. Execs at the paper were not expecting much more than a boilerplate “nothing to see here” comment piece-and internal messages leaked by Thewliss herself demonstrated that they certainly gave her no guidance on what opinions to express.

    But Thewliss ignored the scandal altogether instead submitting a column about the Illegal Migration Bill. While telling her that “we were unable to run your column this morning”, Hutcheon pointed out to her that “it would have looked odd to run a piece that ignored the controversies”. Thewliss’s riposte was to offer a novel intepretation of the editor/hack relationship: “if you’re going to tell me what to write it’s not my column, is it?”

    Her announcement resulted in a flood of responses from SNP supporters describing the paper’s behaviour as “disgraceful”, “grotesque”, “silencing freedom of speech”, “bullying” and “blatant unionist interference”. All of which rather helpfully distracted attention from the reason Foote and Murrell had been obliged to go-because the press chief had denounced revelations about a large drop in the party membership in the Record’s sister paper the Sunday Mail as “flat wrong, malicious and wholly inaccurate” only for them to turn out to be entirely true.”

  28. crazycat

    @ Sven at 1.51

    This is how we tried to explain the system in 2021:

    It may or may not add to your feeling of being better informed! I doubt (m)any people read it at the time.

  29. Geri

    What’s the betting the Purity Police are up & running long before the fckwit doughnut munchers that are running Branchform?

    Resistance will be futile. Scotland seems forever cursed to have a population that couldn’t give a shit.

    Public beheadings will soon come to George Square for heretics & non believers to Harvies cult & the only concern Scots will have is if there’ll be a burger van.

    WTF is everyone in positions of authority? Asleep?

  30. Johnlm

    Resistance is not useless.
    Green-capitalist-communists cannot even sell us a bottle bank scheme that functions properly, so they are not prepared.
    But, population numbers are in decline – they have to go now.
    For their scary overpopulation theory, it is now or never.

    Slavery is a choice.

  31. Dan

    crazycat says: at 2:18 pm

    …It may or may not add to your feeling of being better informed! I doubt (m)any people read it at the time.

    Aye, 1 million 2nd votes pissed away suggests not many people have a clue about the voting systems, including some of those we elect…

  32. Geri

    GM 10:46am

    The Greens will get nowhere.

    Remember, back in 2021 Holyrood election, Scotland was voting for Sturgeons indyref2 – free in 23 bullshit.

    So I expect people gave their 2nd vote to ensure a majority government not caring what their manifesto said.

    Little did they know they we’re being dumped for self ID by the wackadoos.

    They won’t have that card to play next time & judging by the unpopularity of the cult sexualising & stealing peoples weans for experiments, they get them tae fck next time out & none of them ever see the inside of Holyrood ever again unless issued with a visitor pass.

    I cannot see them last. They aren’t even an environmental option. That would also need a brand new party.

  33. Kathy T

    Stuart MacKay says:
    20 January, 2024 at 9:09 am

    I fear we have some years to go to get through this. The battle of Armageddon is due for November 11th.

    Hang on, that’s less than a week before my 40th wedding anniversary! I’m not having that spoiled by a bunch of flying demons! ?

  34. Geri


    Re, slavery.

    So true. It seems one that we continually adopt under our elected leaders begging for something that’s already ours.

    Or in the case of the Greens, just putting up with their dangerous & unhinged madness without so much as a squeak.

    I’m so scunnered with this shit now. Whether it’s Indy or this Green madness – we seem to be cursed with daydreamers asleep at the wheel & who just roll over & take it.

    We can see how Nazi Germany was so easy. The curtain twitchers will soon be on the phone to the Gestapo. Shopping in a neighbour for impure conversation they heard on the school run..

  35. Dan

    I’d noticed this account had reduced its output a couple of months back, but see it posted on Jan 1st showing that Scotland transferred 13.27 TWh of power to England over the course of the previous year.

  36. Dan

    And that huge annual leccy transfer figure is the accumulation of situations like we have at this moment where Scotland is generating enough to power ourselves (3.4GW) and still managing to export more than we are using to England (5.5GW)
    Pretty much all of that leccy is generated by renewables within Scotland’s geographic area.

  37. Dan

    And this 1 min vid is good too.

    As all the potential energy that could be being generated can’t be sent to England due to lack of capacity in interconnect cables means the windfarms go into curtailment mode and subsidy, then why isn’t that potential leccy that could be being generated just used up here to heat our homes instead of wasting millions of quid of taxpayers’ money installing crap solar PV arrays that generate next to fuck all when it’s actually needed in our cold dark winters, and ASHPs of dubious worth.

  38. Andy Ellis

    Another cracker from Chris, as expected. We truly are spoiled.

    For those whingeing about how on earth no-marks and odd balls like Harvie get in to power, it is sadly almost inevitable in a proportional voting system. The Scottish Greens may get a fairly insignificant number and/or percentage of votes, but it’s still enough in most systems to get them seats.

    Even systems that have minimum cut offs requirements still often end up with minor parties exercising decisive influence because they hold the balance of power. Sometimes electorates like it that way. For decades the liberal FDP was in that position in Germany, because their 5% rule often gave them the power to decide whether the SDP or CDU/CSU formed the government.

    Perhaps the secret post indy is to ensure the % is set at the right level? Ideally you don’t want to be in a German style perpetual triumvirate, but neither do you want to be in a situation where there are a plethora of parties which makes forming and maintaining a stable coalition government a nightmare.

    In the Israeli Knesset the threshold was only 1% for most of it’s history, then increased to 1.5% in 1988, increased to 2% in 2003 and 3.25% in 2014. The last increase equates to 4 seats. They also experimented with direct elections for Prime Ministers in election in 1996, 1999 and 2001 to try and promote more stable government, but abandoned that as it didn’t work. Israel isn’t famed for stable government.

    It’s interesting that in the Dáil Éireann 21 of 160 TDs are independents, as well as a number of “fringe” parties like Aontu, People before Profit, Right to Change and Independent Ireland: hopefully we might see something similar post indy here?

  39. Johnlm

    Scotland is just part of the backwash, until we decide otherwise.
    It’s all a mind game.

    Unless we can spot the magician’s tricks we will be going nowhere.
    Is the injection part of it?

    Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future
    Or is it all a stupid bluff?

  40. Republicofscotland

    Sturgeon’s response on the deleted WhatsApp messages. Sturgeon added, I will answer questions directly and openly when I give evidence at the end of this month, so that will be another fifty refusals.

    There’s the probability that the deletion of WhatsApp messages was used to foil FOI inquiries.

    “Instead, out of respect to all those impacted by the pandemic, I will answer questions directly and openly when I give evidence at the end of this month “However, in light of recent coverage, there are certain points I feel it important to make clear.

    “Contrary to the impression given in some coverage, the Inquiry does have messages between me and those I most regularly communicated with through informal means.

    “Although these had not been retained on my own device, I was able to obtain copies which I submitted to the Inquiry last year.

    “To be clear, I conducted the Covid response through formal processes from my office in St Andrews House, not through WhatsApp or any other informal messaging platform.

    “I was not a member of any WhatsApp groups. “The number of people I communicated with through informal messaging at all was limited.

    “Also, any handwritten notes made by me were passed to my private office to be dealt with and recorded as appropriate.

    “Throughout the entire process, I acted in line with Scottish Government policy.”

  41. dandydons1903

    A very apt and telling cartoon of Himmler Harvie all that is missing is that other Green fascist See ya later Slater.

  42. Republicofscotland

    Things are really hotting in the M.E and a regional conflict looks imminent, with Iran bombing Zionist and Great Satan (US) forces illegal stationed in Iraq followed by the Zionists bombing a three-story house in Syria killing a Iranian IRGC general.

    All this comes off the back of the Houthi’s putting out of business for good a Great Satan ship (Chem Ranger) in the Red Sea, furthermore insurance companies are backing out on insuring US/UK vessels in the region or if they do insure them the premiums are huge.

  43. Republicofscotland

    Japan ends its decades of pacifism, meanwhile the bullyboy club Nato will hold its largest drill in decades.

    Are we witnessing the calm before the coming storm?

    “Japan has signed a deal with the United States to buy 400 long-range Tomahawk missiles as the country ramps up its military capacity.

    The defense agreement was inked in Tokyo on Thursday as Japan plans to double its military spending to 2 percent of its GDP ($68 billion) by 2027.

    The record military spending would make Japan the world’s third-biggest military spender after the United States and China.

    A sale of up to $2.35 billion for two types of Tomahawks, which have a 1,600-kilometre (995-mile) range, was approved by America in November.

    Tokyo has been saying that it is facing growing military threats from China and North Korea causing it to increase its military capabilities to counter the threats.”


    “The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is going to launch its largest military drill since the Cold War next week with about 90,000 personnel set to take part in the months-long combat exercises.

    Top commander of NATO General Chris Cavoli said on Thursday that the drills would rehearse NATO’s execution of its regional plans, the first defense plans the alliance has drawn up in decades, detailing how it would respond to a Russian attack.

    Moscow has not been mentioned by name but the top strategic document of NATO identifies Russia as the most significant and direct threat to member states.

    As per the military alliance more than 50 ships, from aircraft carriers to destroyers; more than 80 fighter jets, helicopters and drones; and at least 1,100 combat vehicles, including 133 tanks and 533 infantry fighting vehicles will be taking part in the military drills.

    The combat rehearsals will contain a “simulated emerging conflict scenario with a near-peer adversary,” Cavoli told reporters in Brussels after a two-day meeting of national chiefs of defense.

    The war games are expected to last until the end of May.”

  44. Ted

    Rofs @ 6.15. Iran is bombing Sunnis. Shia and Sunni hate each other as much as Iran and you hate Jews. There is no Muslim umma in that sense. And Saudi will lead a rapprochement with Israel before a single Arab state will take in any Gazans (“Palestinians” to you).

  45. John Main

    @Effijy 10:47

    Yousaf’s not this Sovereign Scot’s FM. Or anybody else’s, not even yours. He wasn’t “duly elected”. It was a fraud, a stitch up. A sham. A kick in the balls to our nation’s democracy.

    No proud and patriotic Scot can accept that slight on Scotland’s honour. WTF is wrong with you that you will accept that disgrace because it sports the right badge?

    Educate yourself. Grow a backbone. Get aff yer knees.

    BTW, Bojo’s gone. Get over it.

  46. Andy Ellis

    @Ted 6.29pm

    Meanwhile in other ferrets-fighting-in-a-sack news, the Afghan Taliban are now attacking the Pakistanis….both Sunnis. Go figure….

  47. Republicofscotland


    Both Iran and Iraq are predominately Shia, though in Iraq its about 60/40 for the Shia, no I don’t hate Jews, Zionists and Zionism is the real problem, even decent Jewish folk are against it, as for Iran, Iran is home to the second largest Jewish community in the Muslim world and the Middle East.

    Yes there are religious differences in the M.E between Sunni and Shia, on who should’ve succeed Muhammed, but it appears at least on the surface Iran and Iraq have put those differences aside to fight common enemies namely the Great Satan (US) its minions such as the UK and the Zionists who are currently committing genocide in Palestine.

  48. Hatuey

    “its largest military drill since the Cold War next week with about 90,000 personnel set to take part…”

    Interesting, RoS, but hardly likely to impress or frighten anyone. NATO is a busted flush. All it took was one militarily average country to show it up for what it is; a useless paper tiger. The average country I refer to could mobilise about 3 million men without breaking sweat.

  49. Republicofscotland

    Carry On Cruising seems to be the order of the day for the Royal Navy as two-mine sweeper ships crash into each other HMS Chiddingfold and HMS Bangor at a port in the dictatorship country of Bahrain. The UK government props up this horrible regime.

    Meanwhile German Chancellor Olaf Scholz who is helping to prop up the Zionists endeavour to exterminate the Palestinian people, is likely to send 10,000 tank shells to Israel which Netanyahu has requested. Of course Germany cut its genocide teeth in Namibia in the early 1900’s and everyone knows of their WWII quest on genocide, so it shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone that Germany is aiding and abetting in the genocide of the Palestinian people.

  50. James


    Re. ‘NATO’ war games;

    I assume no ‘UK’ involvement?

    Their boats can’t go in warm water. (ROTFLMFAO).

  51. John Main

    RoS 6:15

    Thanks for the update.

    I recall, around two years ago next month, you were very supportive of the idea that a “small power” shouldn’t provoke a “big power” too much. And if the “big power” eventually said enough is enough and attacked, then that was all the fault of the minnow for being provocative.

    You were also, as I recall, very certain it was folly where the big power has nukes, and the minnow hasn’t. Didn’t you claim use of the nukes would be justifiable in that circumstance?

    You like to claim you have your finger on the pulse. How’s the Female Genital Mutilators (Iran) coming on with their nukes? Not ready? Uh oh!

    I’m wondering if you still believe that when the non-nuke people continue to provoke the nuke people, after dozens of calls to tone it down from the nuke people, that the non-nuke people have it coming? Or do you just make it up as you go along?

    Anyhoo, I see the Hotties have much in common with the Ham boys. Including a tendency to pose for selfies with weapons, cream off all the loot, and take innocents as hostages, whilst the millions of innocent men, women and kiddies they claim to care about and be fighting for die in various unpleasant but preventable ways.

    Pray we Scots are luckier with our military wing, eh?

  52. John Main

    @RoS 6:50

    Aren’t you prejudging the issue?

    Surely it’s only genocide if the court says so? Or do you constitute a superior authority, in yer heid at least?

    Meantime, alert readers, looking at the numbers posted, spot that the Germans could do these numbers in a day, and keep that up, day after day, for months on end.

    Stalin’s henchmen could run them a close second too, when they had a Holodomor to organise.

    Such a shame, that by jumping immediately to the use of ludicrously OTT and hysterical language, egged on by farcical regimes like that of South Africa, bankrolled by the imperialist Russtis, that the plight of the Palestinians has become lost in among the virtue signalling.

  53. Andy Ellis

    Iran may be the home of the second largest Jewish community in the Middle East, but it’s worth pointing out for the hard of information that in 1948 around 150,000 Jews lived in Iran. 95% since migrated abroad. At the time of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 around 100,000 Jews remained in Iran: 20,000 left within months of the revolution. The 2012 census puts the current population at less than 9,000.

    Iraq similarly had around 150,000 Jews in 1948. Only 15,000 remained by 1952. By 1974 around 400 were left. In 2022 it’s reported there are now 3 Jews left living in Iraq.

    900,000 Jews fled or were expelled from Muslim majority countries in the 20th century, considerably more than the number of Arabs who fled Palestine. 650,000 settles in Israel. These Mizrahi Jews and their descendants now make up the largest % of Israels Jewish population.

  54. Johnlm

    Bruce Baird suggests that the Nuke people have been bombing the non Nuke people for many years .

    Maybe why an5ar 4llah are a bit pissed off with the Zionists?

    Is Main a pseudo-Scottish genital mutilator?

  55. Dan

    I guess naebody told Shell that Humpty Harvie and Slavering Slater wants Scotland to do away with gas boilers so there will be no local market for their gas.

    According to Shell, the Victory field will come online in the middle of the decade and at its peak, produce enough gas to heat almost 900,000 homes per year.

  56. Dan

    On a positive note. If we’ve to stop burning gas then Scotland is going to be the world fucking champions for the longest funeral services at crematoriums as folk try to incinerate a body using just a heatpump and solar panels.
    Folk will be praying their relations and friends die from spontaneous human combustion to save having to sit for days in a slow cook ceremony with aromas reminiscent of a bbq.

    And all the wee tits and cocks they’ve cut off the rainbow children are going to need dealt with too as medical waste is usually incinerated, or I suppose they could keep those XL Bullies fed for a while.
    And that leads to me always being concerned what meat was on Dr Oetker’s pizzas…

  57. Republicofscotland

    “I’m wondering if you still believe that when the non-nuke people continue to provoke the nuke people, after dozens of calls to tone it down from the nuke people, that the non-nuke people have it coming? Or do you just make it up as you go along?”


    You’ve lost me there with that one, its bit like who’s on first.

  58. Sven

    Dan @ 20.23

    Now, there’s a thought for a self employment consultancy, if only I were 40 years younger.
    Surely one of my Viking forebearers must have passed down the secret of a good funeral pyre to one of my Faroese relatives.
    As usual, thanks for managing to raise a smile for me in what seems to be the darkest of political times, Dan.

  59. Republicofscotland

    Probably what we can expect from “our” Freeports as well when they are forced upon us.

    “They bought 90% of Teesside Freeport from you for £97, £124,000,000 is a 127,835,052% return on their investment, in 1 year.

    127 million percent, 15% is considered good, more than 50% suspicious. 127,835,052% is fraud on an unimaginable scale.”

  60. Dan

    @ Sven

    TBH I’d junk that business venture as to source enough wood for a funeral pyre capable of reducing an entire human body to ash would take a lot of effort.
    Greens want to ban fossil fuel use so chainsaw can’t be used which would mean using a handsaw, and cutting branches off trees will probably get you arrested by the fascist treehuggers. Cutting tits and cocks of bairns is okay though, go figure.

    Back in the day I held cremation ceremonies in my back garden for my cats (after they were deid natch) and it took way more of my firewood and time than I had envisaged such a process would take.
    I was still out at 3 in the morning adding yet more wood and could continue to see what could only be described as a burnt cat in the fire. By this point I made myself feel a bit better by deciding that my departed furry friend’s spirit had left the vicinity much earlier in the blaze the previous evening.

    So those films where you see someone sprinkle a tub of petrol over a corpse and chuck a match on it thinking it will just disappear are total pish. The large amount of moisture contained in a corpse kills the heat of combustion, probs due to the latent heat of evaporation or some such long forgotten scienz.

  61. Republicofscotland

    I suppose its about time, maybe other nations will follow.

    “Today, the Yemeni Parliament has decided to officially proscribe Israel, the US and the UK as foreign terrorist entities under Yemeni law.”

  62. Effijy

    Don’t you just love know all John Main?

    Boris is the most popular Tory in the Tory Party.

    Just like they said Trump could never be President again.
    He stirred up the hate fest attack on the White House.
    Illegally took top secret documents home by the van load.
    Handed out government contracts to family.
    Told people to drink bleach to overcome the Covid virus.
    Tans his skin to Whatsit colour.
    Had a tape leaked where he said he could take any woman.
    Tried to bribe his way to win Florida and refused the result on the election.
    Found guilty of sedition in 2 states so far.

    John, who is the favourite to win the coming US election.

    Don’t bother to answer. I’ll try harder to avoid your drivel.

  63. Tommo

    Reverting-even if only momentarily-to the topic under discussion, it may well be that the voting system in the devolved assembly grants wholly unjustified powers to absurd and potentially dangerous fringe parties – but can I make the point (as a Unionist) that there was no compulsion on the SNP to ally themselves with this Green absurdity; they could have-as I understand was done under Salmond-have governed nevertheless; still, better to guarantee your job, eh ?

  64. The Flying Iron of Doom

    Dan says:
    20 January, 2024 at 7:43 pm

    I guess naebody told Shell that Humpty Harvie and Slavering Slater wants Scotland to do away with gas boilers so there will be no local market for their gas.

    Talking of Heatpumpty-Numpty Harvie, have you read about the money which they’re pishing away in Elgin to scrap the gas heating from the courthouse and instead replace it with some heat pump pish? They’re up to £3.5 million quid so far but this figure will no doubt rise before long. Jesus feckin’ wept…

  65. Hatuey

    Ellis GPT: “900,000 Jews fled or were expelled from Muslim majority countries in the 20th century, considerably more than the number of Arabs who fled Palestine.”

    What sort of dumb fanny would make a statement like that without checking?

    “Long before the latest upheaval, Palestinians who today live in Gaza and throughout the Middle East were forced from or fled their homes in what became the state of Israel. Today, they number about 5.9 million refugees, almost half of the entire global Palestinian population.”

    Some sources suggest more than 7 million have been displaced.

    Just in the last few weeks, before the eyes of the world, around 1.4 million people in Gaza have lost their homes and basically everything, including many of their family members.

    As for the Jews who supposedly fled or were displaced, isn’t it likely they were motivated to go and live in the newly formed state of Israel where literally hundreds of Palestinian villages had been destroyed, creating huge opportunities in terms of free land and property for God’s chosen people?

  66. auld highlander

    Effigy, they tell me that he has extra extra wide doors in his hoose to accommodate his oversize napper.

    flying iron, never heard that one but the red rag has the story. can’t find it on the wayback machine.

  67. twathater

    A cracking cartoon of what is taking place just now Chris and the caricature of wee Paddy is so lifelike I would throw darts at it

  68. Oneliner

    More excellence from Mr Cairns

    That wouldn’t be Angus Robertson in a hi-viz jacket? Nah, couldn’t be.

  69. Sven

    Dan @ 21.27

    Sugar ! Well, that’s that ambition gone. Guess it was just complete lack of practical knowledge and experience led me to my unrealistic theories … bit like ASHPs and north facing solar panels when you come to think of it.
    Still, at least it’s only in nightmares the thought of children being mutilated for life ever enters my thoughts, would that the same could be said of our rulers.

  70. David Hannah

    The newspapers reporting today that families have reported Sturgeon’s deletion of the whatsapp messages to the police.

    She’s a cold callus bastard isn’t she?

    She came up with the plan to get Salmond. She lied with ease.

    She wanted the gender Bill passed. She hates women. Because she’s the only lesbian in Scotland to remain in the closet.

    She sold out Scotland at every opportunity.

    And she’s Opengrupenfhurer Sturgeon. Genocide killer of the elderly. How dare she delete the messages.

    I absolutely HATE sturgeon. She’s the only person in the world or my life I’ve felt such a dislike to.

    If I ever saw her. I’d give her a piece of my mind. She’s wicked.

    Fuck you Nicola. And Dorothy Bain. Your protector. It’s time for special branch to take you down. You’re a disgrace to our country. Pure fucking evil. The devil takes many forms. And you are Satan. Rot in hell you vile fucking beast.

  71. John Main

    Andy Ellis 7:32

    Ah c’mon now Ted, they must have had it coming.

    Oh and look, there’s Hattrick at 1:22 to make that point.

  72. John Main

    @Effijy 9:41

    My commiserations. I am well aware your every moment is dogged by the spectre of BoJo.

    But I had no clue Trump is joining in too!

    Shame you can’t get behind Trump though. As he is arguably the Greatest and certainly the Most Influential Scot of the twenty first century, the mind boggles at how much the Indy cause could have been advanced with him onside.

    But yet again, the ideological purity of the dour, miserable Scots came to the fore. Not the “right” kind for the purists, so let’s all mark time for another decade.

    Anyhoo, try not to be spooked too much by BoJo. And your new affliction has a name (Trump Derangemnent Syndrome) so maybes a cure too.

    Good luck!

  73. Towbar Sullivan

    John Main is a classic swivel eyed gammon. Well a Scottish version at least – McGammon it is.

  74. Dan

    @ The Flying Iron of Doom

    Aye, I’d read about someone losing their marbles in Elgin with the courthouse building works.
    Here’s a link to a short article below about it if folk had missed it, and sure I saw Rev retweet last week about the scheme paying back some time in the middle of next century.

  75. Andy Ellis

    @John Main 9.21am

    I don’t read the contributions of red boxed nutters: I treat them as if the ignore functionality actually worked. I can however well imagine the general drift. They usually can’t work Google, never mind string a coherent argument together.

    Doubtless he’ll be able to explain why all those fraternal Arab nations in the area are so keen to ensure the Palestinians stay just where they are, in much the same way they treated the 700,000 or so who fled in the Nakba: keeping them in squalid refugee camps, denying them full rights and ensuring they could be used as a weapon in future. It worked out so well for the Jordanians and Lebanese after all….

  76. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 9:33 am

    “arguably the Greatest and certainly the Most Influential Scot of the twenty first century”

    Yes, Trump was surely in a position to help liberate his mother’s country of birth, as well as his own, and may be again. The hapless SNP elite decided to disrespect and ridicule him instead, falling into line with the UK MSM and UK political class, and ending up gaining zero advantage for Scots from a Scottish POTUS.

    What would it have cost us? A couple of subs and maybe a few more golf courses? Might have been worth it to get rid of London rule. We could even have thrown in the Scottish Crown for our liberator, like in the aulden times – its been of little use for the King of England and his few remaining dominions, us included.

    There was more chance of Trump liberating Scotland than Sturgeon’s compromised SNP, that’s for sure.

  77. John Main

    @Hattrick 1:22

    That’s a good post.

    I suspect that I share with many Sovereign Scots a general lack of awareness that some (many?) New Scots are not devoted and dedicated to a better future for their adopted Scotland and the ordinary Scots around them.

    No, they are the “indefinite exiles” you link to, here for just as long as it takes for them to find a better gig elsewhere. Meantime, carpet bagging on whatever cause can be subverted to advance their own first priority.

    You certainly highlight just how daft and damaging to Scotland it was to permit a mixture of voter apathy and institutional malfeasance to saddle us with Yousaf. Seeing as how half his family are the “indefinite exiles” of your article. Anybody still believing he has our best interests at heart?

    Man, it’s a clusterfuck and a half, and a uniquely Scottish one at that. Thanks again for having the bravery and honesty to bring it to our attention.

  78. John Main

    David Hannah 8:33

    Purely for consistency, I have to point out that what happened in Scottish care homes when the Covid Spreaders chose to unleash their laboratory viral experiment on the world wasn’t genocide. Exactly like the other current scenario where the over-excited have rushed to deploy the ‘g’ word in pursuit of clicks, ultimately it does more harm than good to your cause.

    And again, purely for consistency, I have to point out that Sturgeon, like BoJo, wasn’t responsible for making, releasing, spreading, or covering up Covid. Maybes you should take your beef up with the Chinese?

    On a general note, it’s astonishing how many Sovereign Scots seem to believe that not only is it the responsibility of the government to keep them safe from cradle to grave, the government WILL actually keep them safe from cradle to grave.

    Hence the unbridgeable cognitive dissonance when the government fails to do something no government can ever do.

    For alert readers, this provides an insight into the world view of many Indy supporters too – to them, Indy is something that somebody else will sort out and present to them on a plate. They are 100% behind Indy and fully intend to exert 0% effort on its behalf.

  79. Ruby

    Towbar Sullivan
    21 January, 2024 at 9:39 am

    John Main is a classic swivel eyed gammon. Well a Scottish version at least – McGammon it is.

    Mornin’ Towbar

    You think he’s Scottish?

    I think I may have told you this already Mc isn’t Scottish
    That’s Irish Gaelic for son of.

    McGammon = son of a pig. He hates pigs says they can’t be educated.

    I would say the pigs he’s tried to educate are pretty damn clever!
    More than just the pigs who refuse to be educated by him & his BFF.

  80. John Main

    Alf Baird

    Loving the idea of King Donald the first. You really are on to something I think – the man’s vanity probably just couldn’t resist an offer like that.

    He could use the Royal Prerogative to escape all criminal and civil charges.

    And we could call him Donald of Orange.

    Winners all round!

  81. Republicofscotland

    Yousaf pleading with Starmer is a bit like a convict asking the prison officer if he will respect his attempts to break out of the prison he/she’s in.

    The truthful bit in the sentences below is that Yousaf will work with Labour but not for the benefit of attaining independence that’s for sure.

    “FIRST Minister Humza Yousaf has urged Keir Starmer to “respect Scotland’s voice” on independence if he becomes the next UK prime minister.

    The FM said that he believed Starmer is on course to be the next prime minister, and not a “single poll” showed that is not the case.

    Yousaf was probed by Kuenssberg on what kind of relationship he would seek to form with Starmer.

    “I should say I’m very willing to work with an incoming Labour government,” he said “

  82. President Xiden

    The net is closing in on Sturgeon and Co. Soon Branchform will be a mere sideshow.

  83. Republicofscotland

    As Scotland Governor General Alister Jack, seek to bill the Scottish taxpayer for 100k+ on the SN/Greens governments gender debacle GRRB or GRRA whatever one it is, it has finally been reported that there’s close to 3,000 staff working in the English staging post in Edinburgh called Queen Elizabeth House, a whopping 80 of these people work for the Scotland office, doing what I wonder.

    “Other departments have less than a dozen staff working at Queen Elizabeth House, including the Cabinet Office and Department for Culture, Media and Sport, both of which have 10 and the Department for Transport, which has a headcount of five.

    “The Cabinet Office doesn’t hold information on the number of consultants based or employed there and says there might be additional departments based at QE House but they can’t be named because they don’t identify their postcode.”

    Consultants? I’m pretty sure most of us know what that term covers, and why are they at the staging post. This English staging post costs the taxpayer a staggering £11 million quid a year to run, well worth it if it help keep Scotland trapped in this rancid shithole union.

  84. John Main

    RoS says:

    “Yousaf the convict”.

    Yup, nail, head, hit. In a just world, he’d be inside for obtaining and keeping the positions of SNP leader and Scottish FM on fraudulent, false pretences.

    But, RoS, be careful you don’t make the same mistake everybody does when they decide to just ignore Yousaf’s illegality in the role.

    People think that if they pretend Yousaf has legitimacy, then the likes of Sunak and Starmer will too. But they won’t. And so Scotland will be the worse for it.

    As for Kuenssberg, she needs to bring up the flawed and fraudulent process that put Yousaf in the job, before she mentions anything else. Oor ain wee pretendy emperor has nae claes oan. Time somebody pointed that out to his ugly face.

  85. Ruby

    I got excited when this came into my inbox

    Sunday reads: Keir Starmer, lesbian romance and American squalor

    Yes! At last we’re getting the story of the ‘French Kissing at the Balmoral’.

    Sadly that story was about ‘Why women love lesbian romance’
    well maybe some women do but I don’t. Men I believe do love lesbian romance.

    When I say I don’t like lesbian romance I am referring to the books. Same goes for the gay (men) romance.

    I’m going to tell you a secret which I think might be true for everyone. When I read romance I like to imagine myself in the story. ie Big hunky fireman rescues me and my kitten from a burning building it just wouldn’t be the same for me if it were a firewoman.
    *Chacun a son gout

    The more interesting title came below the lesbian romance story that was

    We are all Mean Girls now

    Posie is on a roll telling it like it is. She’s mean she says:

    Transwomen are men

    I’m saying:

    Mr Idul Wadhwa might be a ‘Sissie’ who likes to re-act rape scenes with his boyfried but he’s a Mr and not a Mrs.

    Don’t be kind be mean, mean, mean
    I can do mean!

    *Chacun a son gout. – you know what I’m going to say about that don’t you.

    PS Posie also admits that she is transphobic.
    She stands up in front of all the tras and on the world wide web and says the following out loud:

    I am transphobic

    You go girl! Go Posie I’ll be voting for your party.

  86. Ruby

    It’s the big fromage in the lecture hall doing the ‘monologue’ here at the BTL University of Wings today

    He looks out at the students and all he sees are red boxes with just one exception it’s Wee Johnny sitting in the front row he’s in a white box with the lid open.

    The students are all texting ‘Next Tuesday’ They are all looking pretty bored. Could all be asleep pretty soon.

    One student way up in the back row has his tablet out appearing to be taking notes but no he’s drawing a cartoon.
    It’s a Blimp, all the air is escaping and it’s making very loud farting noises. Fraaa! Pfft! Poot! The caption reads

    “Limp not rigid!”

    Just before the students all fell asleep they typed the text in full ‘C U Next Tuesday’.

    Professor Le Windbag continues with his monologue he’s doing it for ‘Johnny White Box’ and maybe for Beth too. He couldn’t attend due to him being at home with his face all bandaged up and looking like the ‘Invisible Man’. He’s hoping when the bandages come off he’ll still be the ‘invisible man’.

    Dream on Beth we are all mean girls now.

  87. Agent x

    Here’s a thought = there are 2 Covid Inquiries – one for the whole of the UK and the other for Scotland only.
    “However, in light of recent coverage, there are certain points I feel it important to make clear.

    “Contrary to the impression given in some coverage, the Inquiry does have messages between me and those I most regularly communicated with through informal means.

    “Although these had not been retained on my own device, I was able to obtain copies which I submitted to the Inquiry last year.”

    Is she going to say that she submitted then to the Scotland Inquiry and not the UK Inquiry as a get out?

  88. Ruby


    What will we do with Queen Elizabeth House in iScotland?
    Any suggestions?

    I don’t think they are doing much there. All you see through the windows are thousands of empty computer terminals with Herman Miller office chairs.

    They used to hold their parties in the castle where people were invited to drink wine & eat mini sausages on a stick and smoked salmon canapes.

    All the MSP/MP would attend and not one of them would ever have had their tea so had to double up on the mini sausages & make the salmon canapes into a decent sandwich. There was also free wine none of them were ever driving.

    I expect some of the SO staff are still employed to arrange these parties but maybe they are now held in Queen Elizabeth House instead of the castle.
    (Handier for the station) Not as far to stagger.

    Where are the investigative journalists when need them?

    They’ll be at the parties having a ‘mini-sausage supper/salmon sandwich tea & a few glasses of the vino tinto & maybe a couple of bottles to take-away.

  89. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 10:46 am

    “Loving the idea of King Donald the first.”

    Aye, Scots fowk coud dae wi a wee bit o cheerin up an A’m sure a chairacter like el presidente wad deleever. He’s definitely Scottish, nae switherin aboot thon.

    Compared wi thay SNP elite wha aw hiv personality bypasses; thay’re aw ‘jokes’ richt eneuch, juist no the funny type.

  90. Andy Ellis

    @John Main 10.38am

    On a general note, it’s astonishing how many Sovereign Scots seem to believe that not only is it the responsibility of the government to keep them safe from cradle to grave, the government WILL actually keep them safe from cradle to grave.

    It’s analogous to the mindset that has them absolutely convinced that they represent anything other than a fringe of the Scottish independence movement. Of course they have no evidence their wordlview has any traction inside the movement, but empty barrels and all that…?

    It does seem passing strange however that no back up can ever be produced to their confident assertions of having the support of more than a handful of the crank left and sometimes the Trumpian crank right too of course. Maybe Rev Stu could be prevailed upon to commission some polling? I’d love to see the reaction when their worldview proves to be about as popular as a fart in a sauna.

    It seems to enrage them when I point out that by and large the Scots people – whether pro or anti independence – are broadly Atlanticist, pro-NATO, overwhelmingly pro EU and will have little truck post indy with the kind of fringe left, sophomoric sub RISE/SSP politics. They’ll be lucky to get a few MSPs post indy, a bit like the People before Profit lot in the Dáil Éireann.

    Nothing wrong with that of course: every legislature needs a leavening of colourful wedge issue types to point and laugh at now and then, like Galloway in a leotard pretending to be a cat.

  91. dasBlimp

    Alf Baird
    Ignored says:
    21 January, 2024 at 12:59 pm
    John Main @ 10:46 am

    “Loving the idea of King Donald the first.”

    Aye, Scots fowk coud dae wi a wee bit o cheerin up an A’m sure a chairacter like el presidente wad deleever. He’s definitely Scottish, nae switherin aboot thon.

    Compared wi thay SNP elite wha aw hiv personality bypasses; thay’re aw ‘jokes’ richt eneuch, juist no the funny type.

    You spelt ‘eunuch’ wrong.

  92. Ruby

    We cant forget the mean boys.

    “John Daly commented on the transgender playing on the LPGA Tour saying “I would’ve won 100 tournaments if I threw on a skirt and called myself a tranny. That dude is as feminine as a Ford F-150.”

    What is the Ford F-150? I don’t get that joke. Are cars all male while ships are female?

    Where the heck is ‘Shauny Boy’? I don’t know how much longer I can fill in for him. 🙂

    Get a wiggle on ‘Shauny Boy’

    They’ve started to stockpile rotten tomatoes.

  93. dasBlimp

    Ruby wrote automatically … It’s a Blimp, all the air is escaping and it’s making very loud farting noises. Fraaa! Pfft! Poot! The caption reads

    If I did, it’d be like a breath of fresh air on WOS BTL. (Like the Captain Bee Fart mouse-trap-replica.)

  94. Hatuey

    John Main; “That’s a good post.”

    Thanks, but it wasn’t really. Andy Ellis was caught lying.

    I was hoping he or someone would explain why he is lying about a subject like that. It’s not like there was anything in it for him, and it was easy to prove that it was a blatant lie.

    Maybe he was drunk. Maybe he got his numbers wrong, a simple mistake. As it stands though, he’s down as someone who comes here and blatantly lies.

    We all disagree about stuff on here, say stupid things occasionally, make mistakes and stupid predictions, we see that every day here. That’s normal.

    I can’t remember anyone blatantly lying like that, though.

    Is it a first on here?

  95. Hatuey

    Agent X, she already has her “get out” — she deleted stuff.

    I’m pretty sure it could be retrieved if there was any official effort made, but instead of joining the family of sovereign nations, the SNP decided to take us into the family of corrupt, colonial, banana republics.

  96. Ruby

    21 January, 2024 at 1:09 pm

    You spelt ‘eunuch’ wrong.

    You can definitely rely on ‘dasBlimp’ to know how to spell ‘eunuch’. He filled that in on his census form & the rest (maybe even on his drivers licence) He’s had a lot of practice with the spelling.

    It’s a recent thing this sex category ‘eunuch’
    I’m not kiddin’ it really is.

    There’s a fair number of them going about these days. Gotta be inclusive. Just hope that the big hunky fireman who comes to rescue me and my kitten from the burning building ain’t one.

    You know I’m only kiddin’ dasBlimp I like you well enough even if you are a big balloon.

    At least you aren’t a lying ‘C U Next Tuesday’

    Banged to rights by Hatuey.
    Good work Inspector Hatuey.

  97. Ruby

    King Donald?

    It would need to be Donald in Gaelic.

    Help me out here Gaelic speakers. How do you write Donald in Gaelic. I know how to sing it. Learned the song ‘Wee Donald Sugar’ in Gaelic.

    Guaranteed his mother from Lewis would have called him ‘doll, duel, dool, or however you write Donald in Gaelic.

    Sorry but they took away my Gaelic readers when I was in primary 1. I didn’t even get past B in the alphabet.

    There could be a fight! Alf might want it in Scots. 😉

    Going back to ‘big balloons’ was there not an incident with King ‘dool’ having a bad hair day caused by a big balloon?

  98. Geri


    **Re. ‘NATO’ war games;

    I assume no ‘UK’ involvement?

    Their boats can’t go in warm water. (ROTFLMFAO).**


    And don’t they have air craft carriers with no aircrafts?

    & Where army personnel are asked to rummage their granddad’s attic for equipment that may come in handy in a warzone?

    We haven’t even got to the Colonel non binaries yet LMFAO!

    Real James Bond stuff eh – or is it Jemima Bond now?

    The whole world will be shitting itself when they see the Brits coming. LOL

  99. dasBlimp

    The ‘Dool’ doll was in nappys which the Khan found amusing. I never have bad hair days because there is not one tiny thread of hair on my body. My corpulent frame is as smooth as a babys shaved and creamed behind (just as the SNP ordered). For I am the Blimp, the permanently limp, look on my posts ye mighty and despair.

  100. Ruby

    Really gotta go. Before I go I’ll leave you with this archived article

    ‘Eunuch is a gender, says prominent pro-trans advocacy group’

    I had to smile when what appeared under that story was the headline

    Charles leaves hospital after operation

    (Sorry not in the archived version)

    Sometimes it’s hard not to connect the D.Record headlines even if they are totally different stories.

  101. Andy Ellis

    It’s not a sin to be ignorant of course: it IS a sin to be as proud of it as some of the usual suspects in here seem to be.

    It’s almost as if they don’t think people will catch them out in their ignorance, or not be able to prove what disingenuous liars they are.

    1) “In the 20th century, approximately 900000 Jews migrated, fled, or were expelled from Muslim-majority countries throughout Africa and Asia. Primarily a consequence of the Israeli Declaration of Independence, the mass movement mainly transpired from 1948 to the early 1970s, with one final exodus of Iranian Jews occurring shortly after the Islamic Revolution in 1979–1980. An estimated 650000 (72%) of these Jews resettled in Israel.”,to%20Israel%20from%20Arab%20countries.

    2) “In brief, ‘Arif, Sirtawi, and Jiryis recognize that the expulsion of a million Jews from the Arab countries renders the return of Arab refugees infeasible. This realization is compounded by the fact that almost half a century has elapsed since the beginning of the refugee problem, both Arab and Jewish, within the Arab-Israeli conflict. Those individuals to be involved in any future rehabilitation program will mostly be heirs, and even grandchildren, of the original refugees.”

    from: “Why Jews Fled the Arab Countries” by Ya’akov Meron
    Middle East Quarterly, September 1995, pp. 47-55

    3) “Ultimately, 900,000 Jews were violently expelled from Islamic states and Muslim nations around the world by the end of the 1970’s.14 However, throughout the modern era, the international community and human rights activists have focused their efforts overwhelmingly on the 360,000 Palestinians that were displaced as a result of the outbreak of the Israel-Palestine Conflict.15

    The reality that countless Jews were murdered and savagely displaced from their ancestral homes and communities that they lovingly inhabited for well over 2500 years has become forgotten, and is, in fact, often unabashedly ignored by modern political actors because the international community is unwilling to confront the intergenerational antisemitism that has permeated throughout the Middle East for millennia.”

    From “Jews from Arab Lands: The Middle East’s Forgotten Refugees” by by Will Barclay, November 14, 2023

    4) “What happened between 1948 and 1967; how can we describe this exodus? One figure speaks for itself: in this vast region stretching from the Maghreb to the Mashreq, in which there were nearly one million Jews living there at the end of the Second World War, only thirty thousand remain today. Despite the similarities of their various destinies, each of these so-called “Oriental” communities has its own story of disappearance.

    Unlike those who moved to Israel out of Zionist ideals or religious motivation, most of the 800,000 Jews in Arab countries had little plan to leave their homeland. But in the era of independence, they sensed that their rights and fundamental freedoms would be threatened if they persisted and persisted in obeying their original inclination to stay.”

    From: “The Jewish exodus from Arab lands (1948-1967). About the IMA’s exhibition.” by Denis Charbit, 13/01/2022.

  102. Republicofscotland

    Of course Scottish heavy industries are all but dead, many destroyed to weaken Scotland’s ability to manufacture and ergo sustain its need for these materials in a future independent Scotland.

    “Lay-offs in Port Talbot are due to Brexit and not Net Zero says Ex First Minister, Carwyn Jones.

    Before Brexit, steel made in the UK supplied nearly 100% of the UK market, and 150% more went to Europe.

    Now the trade tariffs make it too expensive, so Europe buy Chinese Steel instead.”

    TATA, Sunak the connections are there if you look for them, people are making a lot of money in the process, net-zerohas nothing to do with it.

  103. Geri


    The SNP was typical britnat.

    A country wishing to achieve it’s independence doesn’t go gobbling off to the very people we’d wish to recognise us.

    Not just trump but the eejit McDonald in WM who is a Ruskie phobe. Believing the Skripal shit & calling for severe action to be taken. He was ready to assist the security services & meet with officials. As if that Muppet would be anywhere near homeland security LMAO! You don’t have a country & you don’t have a foreign policy, ya fckn eejit! The reason he was sent there..

    Sturgeon was a complete Muppet too but she is a fully paid up member of the Britnat club – celebrating Ruskie war casualties on X like a pro.

    So that’s Ruskies & the USA been insulted – aye, indy is in the bag folks! LOL We’ll be indy in no time with ready made allies…

    & Sturgeon is *well respected* in the international community, so say her harpies & the hard of thinking..

    Beam me up, Scotty.


    LMAO about cremation. I’ve visions of the typical Scottish barbecue – dull, pishing it doon, being eaten alive by midges & the coals going out LOL

    It’d take a year to get the kindling going too – rubbing stones cause Harvie will have banned matches to save the world with feck all concern for the centuries auld stones.

  104. Republicofscotland

    I can’t say I’m even the slightest bit surprised by this.

    HMRC has not charged a single company under landmark legislation passed six years ago to crack down on corporate tax evasion.

    “The Observer previously reported that the overall number of concluded prosecutions after HMRC investigations had fallen by more than two-thirds in five years, with only 11 wealthy taxpayers prosecuted in 2022.

    The Criminal Finances Act 2017 introduced new powers to charge companies and partnerships operating in the UK that failed to stop their employees or associates from facilitating tax evasion, regardless of where in the world the tax was evaded.

    One part of the new law, known as the Corporate Criminal Offences clause, drastically lowered the bar for prosecuting businesses that enabled tax evasion. It introduced “strict liability”, meaning that a company cannot plead ignorance of the wrongdoing to evade a criminal charge, and prosecutors do not have to prove intent in order to secure a conviction.

    It also threatened unlimited fines in the case of established wrongdoing. Companies can avoid punishment if they have reasonable procedures in place to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion.

    The law both made criminal prosecutions easier to pursue and strengthened the penalties. In April 2016, in response to the leak of the Panama Papers which revealed how companies and the rich exploited tax havens, David Cameron, then prime minister, said: “Under current legislation it is difficult to prosecute a company that assists with tax evasion. But we are going to change that.”

    But critics say the refusal to charge a single company has cast serious doubts on the landmark legislation.

    “The lack of any Corporate Criminal Offence prosecutions is quite serious,” said Dan Neidle, founder of Tax Policy Associates and formerly head of tax at Clifford Chance. “A deterrent that you never use is no deterrent.””

  105. Republicofscotland

    Scotland a country swimming in energy sources yet many of our ain folk are suffering from fuel poverty and some are having their doors kicked-in to fit a pre-payment meter, this is what it means not have control of our countries own assets.

    But some are having it a bit easier than others.

    “The boss of British Gas owner Centrica has told the BBC his pay last year of £4.5m is “impossible to justify”.

    Chris O’Shea described the package of salary, bonus and shares as a huge amount of money and said he was incredibly fortunate.

    While he pointed out that he did not set his pay, he admitted that – with customers struggling with bills – “you can’t justify a salary of that size”.

    UK domestic energy customers have fallen nearly £3bn behind on bills.”

    Centrica’s profits for 2022 hit £3.3bn after oil and gas prices jumped ”

    Remember the foreign government in the foreign country south of the border allowed these energy firms to charge us a great deal more for our ain energy, only by ditching this union can we even begin to address this great injustice one of many.

  106. Geri

    Neo cons are only interested in two things.

    Sucking a country dry.
    Their own bank balance.

    Wouldn’t it be great if England awoke from it’s slumber & ditched Tory/Lab & cleared out all the Cambridge crud & ex military wankers & voted ordinary, normal people into power who weren’t millionaires & actually have life experiences.

    It could’ve happened in 2014 if Scotland had left.

    The UK is archaic & full of puppets who have no regard for their country or it’s citizens – just whats in their bank account.

    Shit rubs off. The SNP were captured the moment they stepped foot in WM.

  107. Ruby

    Should have added
    If your not keen to read about castration and think it’s all absolute nonsense you should however scroll down to the bit about the Scottish Government.

    Also worth noting that WPATH say:

    ‘Due to the lack of research into the treatment of children who may identify as eunuchs, we refrain from making specific suggestions,’ they said.

    Whats the difference between children who may identify as eunuchs and the other lot?

    Warning: Watch out when you ask for a ‘smoothie’ you may be invited into the back shop to get a nullo.

    You’ll need to read the article to know what I’m talking about.

  108. Geri

    Sturgeons only claim to fame, the child benefit, is also in the dock for over inflated employee salaries.

    £700 per day for some Muppet to be in charge & £11 grand a MONTH for an office?

    They are ripping the piss out of poor people.

  109. Republicofscotland

    Axe mail deliveries on a Saturday, put the price of stamps up yet again, and the requirement of huge subsides from the taxpayer are just a few of the requests from Royal Mail as they put a report to Ofcom who will publish their finding on it soon and make a decision.

  110. Dan

    Soz aboot post moderation hold Stu, I forgot to alter the copied text in the headline… 🙁

    @ Geri at 2.58 pm

    Aye, and it’s almost a year since this threesome held “talks” with country 404’s government.

    Nice flag lads…

    “SNP MPs under fire for ‘narcissistic’ mission to country 404 that risks inflaming global tensions”

  111. Republicofscotland

    The closure of the port Talbot steel works in Wales is a hammer blow to the community and the workers of the plant, but it didn’t have to be this way.

    “Charlotte Brumpton-Childs, national officer for steel, said: “It doesn’t have to be that way – unions provided a realistic, costed alternative that would rule out all compulsory redundancies.” But she said the plan has “fallen on deaf ears” and that steelworkers and their families will now suffer.”

    Every shop, business and family in the area will be suffer becuase of this.

    in a damning indictment of UK industry, the closures will also mean that Britain is the only G20 country that can’t make virgin primary steel. Virgin steel is used in everyday products such as tin cans. These will now have to be produced abroad, and it is unlikely that they will be manufactured in the UK again in future.

    The closures and job cuts come despite Tata being promised up to £500m by the UK government in a bid to keep the plant open and produce steel using more environmentally friendly methods.

    The Port Talbot plant is the largest steelworks in the UK and currently employs 4,000 of the company’s 8,000-strong UK workforce. The move means almost 75 per cent of workers will lose their jobs. The GMB union said the job losses are a “crushing blow to Port Talbot and UK manufacturing in general”.

    The Tory government even gave TATA a £500 million sweetner to keep plant going, this reminds me of Ravencraig, and of course the miners who Thatcher had the Home Office instruct the police to beat miners who stood up against her wicked plans for Scottish heavy industry.

    There was a report release recently on the viability of Welsh independence which showed it would work. I hope the Welsh grasp it with both hands.

    Ah here it is.

  112. Hatuey


    Isn’t it hilarious the way Britain always wants to look like it is taking the lead in places like Yemen. We are supposed to believe Britain isn’t a lapdog but a gun dog, one that just happens to have the same interests as its master.

    (It is probably noteworthy that most dogs like to walk in front of their masters, especially when on a leash.)

    I watched Trump in New Hampshire last night for about 2 hours… (yes, the fun never stops at my house) He has pledged to disengage all over the world and is committed to avoiding World War 3. Will the Lilliputian military and Foreign Office of Rule Britannia follow suit? Of course.

    You see, Britain isn’t a lapdog or a gun dog. Britain is a running dog.

    And what of British interests in the world? Well, that’s where it gets more complicated.

    Most of the world can’t stand Britain. When Britain was the playground bully it made life hell for almost everybody, and people remember that. And that’s why it is in Britain’s interests to suck up to the new bully of the world, whoever it might be.

    If the Soviet Union or North Korea was the big cheese, Britain would be running alongside them, pretending it had shared interests; people like Andy Ellis and John Main would be here making a case for world socialism or Leninism (they’re actually a lot closer to that right now than they know).

    The alternative is to be all alone in a world full of people that can’t stand you, and that isn’t a great strategy for survival. And no matter how they dress it up, no matter how hard they try, kissing the feet of power isn’t principled — it’s a brass neck.

  113. Geri

    Source to the Charlotte Street shite. Scandalous but not all surprising. Jobs for the boys with over inflated fees to benefit themselves. Some Muppets being paid more than the FM salary. What a joke…

  114. Republicofscotland

    North sea oil/gas is runnin oot, or that’s what we’ve been told for decades in Scotland, however the truth is a little bit different.

    “The share of UK’s oil and gas that is exported has increased from 60% to 80% over the last two decades, according to findings that will intensify pressure over the government’s claims that “maxing out” the North Sea will increase the UK’s energy security.

    On Monday, the government will attempt to pass the oil and gas bill, which they say will boost energy security by creating a rolling annual licensing regime for new fossil fuel contracts. But critics argue that the fossil fuels extracted will be sold on the global market, and the vast majority will be exported.

    Energy security, defined by the International Energy Agency as “the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price”, has been a significant concern for the UK in recent years. The issue was thrown into particular relief by the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, and the decision to stop buying Russian oil and gas.

    In subsequent months, the Tories made a number of announcements about their plans to continue exploiting UK fossil fuel resources in the North Sea, with the prime minister, Rishi Sunak, vowing to “max out” the reserves.”

    So there you have it Scots will sit by and allow a foreign countries government to “MAX OUT” what is ours, Scotland the only country in the world to discover oil and gas and for its people to become poorer after the discovery.

    I think the above says more about the intransigence, mixed with apathy of many Scots than it does of the foreign thieves robbing Scots blind.

  115. ayemachrihanish

    Andy Ellis says: It’s not a sin to be ignorant but it is to be selective to the near point of dishonest – because, on the other side of the coin

    Israel has now fought 10 wars since its establishment.

    The Nakba War of Independence,
    The Sinai Campaign,
    The Six Day War,
    The War of Attrition,
    The Yom Kippur War and
    The 2006 Lebanon War.
    The ICJ’s decision on South Africa v. Israel Genocide Convention case will no doubt title this 2023 war

    Each of these 10 wars have inflicted consequences – on the other side of the coin

    The central facts of the Nakba in 1948 are not disputed. Approximately 750,000 Palestinians–over 80% of the population in what would become Israel–were expelled or fled from their homes and became refugees in neighboring states.,-1948%20expulsion%20of&text=The%20central%20facts%20of%20the,became%20refugees%20in%20neighboring%20states

    The displacement of civilian populations as a result of the Six-Day War would have long-term consequences, as around 280000 to 325000 Palestinians and 100000 Syrians fled or were expelled from the West Bank and the Golan Heights, respectively.,fewer%20than%201000%20fatal%20casualties.

    To date at least 25,105 people have been killed and 62,681 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7

    Personally,I have no dispute with the valid point you make. Ditto I have no dispute with the other side of the coin point either.Both sides of the coin are wicked and despicable – especially the legacy Churchill and UK created.

    Justice, Peace and genuine Security for both is the only possible lasting solution. How that can be achieved, that is the question?

  116. Anton Decadent

    “The blimp, the blimp
    The drazy hoops, the drazy hoops”

    What a band, I was listening to them late last night.

  117. dasBlimp

    A great album, Anton. Once you latch onto it you can never let it go.

  118. Dan

    Is this what oor “politics” is always destined to be.
    Nothing sensible gets properly focused on or delivered because so much of oor politicians’ time is spent focusing on and dealing with the short term optics of events as they transpire.

  119. Andy Ellis

    @ayemachrihanish 4.01pm

    There was no selectivity on my part. I simply pointed out the fact that more Jews fled or were expelled from Arab states after 1948 than Palestinians who fled Palestine in the Nakba. People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own class of facts.

    I absolutely agree with your penultimate paragraph.

    As for your final sentence, the only plausible long tern solution seems to me to be a two state solution, which is why extremists on both sides reject it. In the absence of outside forces imposing such a solution – which seems vanishingly unlikely – the only way that will happen is for Israelis and Palestinians who reject extremism to to come to terms.

    That means defeating and sidelining groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbollah on one side and Netanyahu and far right Eretz Israel types on the other.

  120. Johnlm

    Avi Shlaim on I5raeli false flags operations to encourage migration.

    Meir Masri threatening South African legal team with an ‘accident’

    108Anna on X: “ISRAELI PROFESSOR THREATEN TO ELIMINATE SOUTH AFRICAN LEGAL TEAM “I expect traffic accidents to occur in The Hague. It is normal, an act of God.” Genocide, bribe, theft, coercion, assssinations… what’s wrong with Israel?” / X


    As someone born in the Near East….and consequently much wiser, as a consequence of lived experiences, than the btl not sure what all this beast beating about the current Levantine situation has regarding the Scottish national struggle for independence.
    A pudding considerably over egged.
    The desert is excellent for absorbing blood, has done so for several millennia.
    Merely pointing out the very obvious to neophytes.

  122. Republicofscotland

    Its about time they did. (15/52023).

    “The UN on Monday commemorated for the first time in its history, the mass displacement of Palestinians from land that was to become Israel, 75 years ago, that turned 700,000 Palestinians into refugees, almost overnight.”

    “The UN agency created to serve the displaced population (UNRWA), reports that 5.9 million Palestinian are currently registered as refugees.”

  123. Republicofscotland

    She’s aff the hook again.

    “NICOLA Sturgeon is not being investigated by police “at this time” after the UK Covid Inquiry was told that swathes of WhatsApp messages were “not retained”.

    The former first minister insisted in a statement on Saturday the inquiry does have messages from her relating to the pandemic.

    Some media reports have suggested that Sturgeon could face a police probe after lawyers acting on behalf of the bereaved families in Scotland said they would lodge a criminal complaint with Police Scotland.

    However, the force told Sky News there was “nothing to indicate” currently that the issue was a police matter. “

  124. Breeks

    Just totally off topic, but man, I hate all this “naming” of storms.

    Tell us something useful, like where the storm is on the Beaufort Scale, or if it’s serious, something like the Saffir-Simpson system used for Hurricanes. Give us warning, and a clue how we’re meant to react.

    This calling a storm by a name is just daft. You’re meant to be fkg scientists, not happy-clappy teachers in a Primary School. Sure, let the kiddies have fun naming it and painting pictures if they like, but some people have to go out and work in that shit, and they need to know what to expect.

    Same with these Yellow weather warnings panic attacks. Jeezo. We got some frosty weather and snow. It’s fkg January. Remember when the Met Office treated us like adults? These incessant “warnings” are just crying Wolf.

    Ok. Rant over.

  125. Republicofscotland

    That’s it Neale you gotta get really f*ckin angry, are the rest of you lot listening.

    “Given up without a fight.

    Neither UK nor Scottish Government even tried to save Scotland’s only oil refinery.

    Raped of our resources, charged global market rate for our own energy and workers shafted by the Tories, the SNP and the Greens.

    Just transition my backside.”

    This guy knows the score.

    “The closure of Grangemouth oil refinery is nothing to do with transition.
    Scots are not going to buy one fluid ounce less oil or petrol as a result.
    It just means we have to buy them from England, which is where the jobs and profit will lie.
    Scotland discovered huge oil and got poorer. For precisely the reason the same thing has happened to Iraq and Libya. Rape of our resources by colonial power.”

  126. Geri

    Can’t respond. It keeps flying into moderation.

    It’s back to guessing game.

    I edited but still not working.

    Fck it. Can’t even get passed the surveillance on WordPress.

    Another danger to world peace. The yanks policing & censoring the internet & every platform.

    Hatuey – spot on.

    Dan – aye & add that other rocket, Flynn to them three.

  127. Republicofscotland

    Yip UK providers must keep a full take as does the security agencies, Sturgeon’s WhatsApp messages could also be retrieved via a Celebrite UFED device quite easily.

    “I don’t understand this. If they really want Sturgeon’s WhatsApp messages, why don’t they ask MI5?

    Whichever side you believe Sturgeon was really on, I can guarantee you the security services have them.”

    Scottish lawyer Amer Anwar would be better off posting a letter to PO Box 1300 London SE1 1DB, for they already have the required info.

  128. Doug

    What’s Vow-master Murray Foote been up to lately? Apart from being the real leader of the SNP.

  129. Geri


    It’s another Yankee import.

    Imagine if we telt it like it really is in Scotland..

    **Weather warning**


    If yer on the sea it’s seasickness day. There’s a right big bastard of a storm coming. It’s a gid yin or twa bigger than the last one, ken? No chance of survival if you fall in.

    On land – Haud ontae yer linen & get the dugs in. It’s gonnae be a good day for drying as it’s gonnae be blawie – so ladies – get yer washin oot..

    A blink of sun

    Tapps aff! Get the Barbie oot before it snaws! Nae time for a full report.


    Duvet day & boxset, folks. You’ve nae chance on wimpy public transport. A crisp poke is on the line causing untold disruption. It’ll be days before we can get through to retrieve it. In the meantime, here’s some music.

  130. Ruby

    A while back there was a discussion on here about a Scottish singer who plagiarized song lyrics and just added his own totally off the wall line.

    What was his name?

    What was the line?

    Geri knew all about him.

    BrianDTT posted the original song.

    Just thought of that when I read

    The blimp, the blimp
    The drazy hoops, the drazy hoops”

    I’m no further forward with my search to find out how to spell
    ‘doll’ in Gaelic

    This is how you pronounce the Gaelic for Donald.

    I think it could be Dòmhnall.

    If it is then learning to write Gaelic isn’t easy.

    But then learning to write English isn’t easy.

    I worked with someone called Hugh. One day a young German lady called and asked to speak to Huff. Well it makes sense if you think of the word enough.
    We all thought it was funny and poor Hugh was Huff from then on.

    He was a good sport a bit like the ‘Big Baldy Balloon with the skin like a baby’s well creamed bum’ It’s the daily Sudocrem that does it. He’s no riskin’ having nappy rash.

    FYI Adults who wear nappies in order to orgasm are called “AB/DL’s”
    Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers

    They make up part of TQ+ group. They are included in the + as are the Z’s the S’s the E’s (aka Nulos) the F’s the V’s and the P’s (one of whom is looking to have his sentence reduced ‘cos he’s never done anything like that before)

    There are just so many folk with fetishes in this group they might as well call themselves the Alaphabet Group. Oh hang it could get confusing if they called themselves Alphabetties.

    I’ll finish this post ‘cos I think I might be all over the place.
    Next post will be about another fetish that I have discover.

  131. Dorothy Devine

    Breeks , you are a man after my own heart – naming the storms has irritated me from day one.

    I do like Geri’s weather forecast.

  132. Tommo

    ‘Plausible deniability are my middle names’- Scottish assembly employee to Jason Leitch; Wee Jeannie has deleted everything. One might almost think they had something to hide

  133. Ruby


    Frotteurism is a paraphilic interest in rubbing, usually one’s pelvic area or erect penis, against a non-consenting person for sexual pleasure. It may involve touching any part of the body, including the genital area. A person who practices frotteuristic acts is known as a frotteur.

    Common in India due to many crowded places.

    Stay away from crowded places to avoid being frotteured.

    Not so many crowded places here except maybe the buses. Watch out for the man spreaders.

    FYI Spain have no man spreading signs on the buses etc.

    Aye Madrid the buses & underground can be pretty busy.

    Another French lesson for you guys doing your O level.

    Frotter is french it means to rub.
    Spanish = frotar.

    English is to rub. How did the come up with the word Frotteurism?

  134. Ruby

    21 January, 2024 at 6:27 pm

    Can’t respond. It keeps flying into moderation.


    Mad Moderation Bot 1 Geri 0

    Anything that includes pu*tin ie dispu*tin compu*tin
    etc etc etc

    Anything including an*us. If you were writing about the planet you’d be better to write Planet Urbumhole or Planet Urasshole. Cream for piles would need to be Assholeol.

    Anything with ski*er ie riski*er


    I can’t remember any more at the moment.

    Stoker discovered teta*nus.

    Sven knows a few too.

    Gaun yersel Geri lets see you beating the ‘Mad Moderation Bot!

    PS And as Dan has discovered any of those words in a link will get you modded. He used Tiny to trick the MMB.

  135. Ruby

    Geri’s weather warnings are brilliant except she has forgotten to give a warning to the speccies.

    If you have a pair of these £300 very light weight Silhouttes, leave them at home cos when it’s blawie they could blow off your nose and land under that bus that is trying to get past the crisp poke.

    The other thing is about the ladies doing the washing. Do the laddies have to take their washing to their ma’s to get it washed?

  136. sarah

    @ Breeks: agreed on the subject of naming storms. I will add that weather seems to be a “safe” topic for the MSM – they can go on about it at great length and with unlimited hyperbole and speculation.

    Reverting to your comments on Friday’s article by Neale Hanvey, I think it would be useful to have the information about the French Provisional Consultative Assembly of 1944 copied onto this thread. I would do it myself if I knew how to!

  137. Dan

    The Doric Forecast is worth a listen if you have a minute spare.

    Fortunately for my pal a crisp packet on the train line and other wild weather didn’t stop him catching his flight this evening.
    The lucky bugger has the Finnish Womens Synchronised Skating Team on his flight!
    I’ll have to make do with this tune…
    It’s so refreshing to see the rainbow colours without some fat bearded weirdo in the frame.

    Public Service Broadcasting – People, Let’s Dance

  138. Dan

    Ach FFS, it looks like we have the wrong type of wind here…

    21.6% of GB Grid demand coming from mainland Europe. Scroll to right to see the Euro connections, with another new interconnect called Viking coming in from Denmark. Hope tae fuck their leccy is cheaper than their Lurpak butter!

  139. Robert Louis

    Want to know just how crazy the ‘green’ luddites are? Recently Edinburgh council announced that they are desperately short of money, and so will need to cut essential budgets.

    Anybody who lives there will know they have recently squandered several million pounds on a cycle lane, and totally unnecessary road closures to frustrate drivers trying to get to work. They also regularly spend several thousands, adding bollards, removing bollards, replacing bollards, removing them again, then replacing them again – an example being Drumbrae. ALL FOR THE BENEFIT of a HANDFUL of CYCLISTS.

    Reassuringly, however, despite cuts to education, closing council gyms and cuts to social services, the council leader says they will protect funding for ‘NET Zero’.

    For those who don’t know, ‘Net Zero’, is the greeny luddite schemes they have to create a fifteen minute city, limiting movement for Edinburgh people to easily go from one area of the city to another. If your granny live on the other side of Edinburgh, tough! It is also the endless numbers of bollards messing up the streets and the daft things like the narrowing of roads, and closing of bus stops (like the mound and George IV bridge), the low emission zone (when Edinburgh has recently once again been confirmed to have the finest air of any city in the UK, with NO pollution problem), the painting and closing of streets with wooden boxes, when actual residents don’t want the closure (e.g corstorphine).

    ALL of that greeny nonsense in Edinburgh will have its funding protected, but schools, road repairs, lighting, council sports facilities, including swimming pools, football pitches and gyms, plus libraries and social services will not.

    As council leader, Mr Day might put it, ‘nae schools, libraries or social care, but loads of bus gates and cycle lanes, eh!’.

    Coming soon to Scotland today and reporting Scotland, Edinburgh council leader mr Day, whining about nae money and how the Scottish government needs to give him more, if they want schools to stay open.

    Utter utter clowns. THIS is why everybody in Edinburgh calls it Edinburgh clowncil.

    PS, they really are planning on closing council sports facilities, all across Edinburgh. Cycle lane projects will remain fully funded.

  140. Robert Louis

    Breeks at 621pm,

    Totally agree. Since when did we start needing amber warnings about it getting cold in winter!

    ‘Amber warning that it’s awfy cauld for all Scotland’

    Aye, that’s because it’s winter, FFS. Happens every year.

  141. fruitella the hun

    Luddite – member of a movement that fights attempts to modernise outmoded labour-and-skills-intensive technology. Fits the purple pumpers quite precisely.

    And it seems from what a fair number of posters hers say, that the Greens are behind every greenwash scam nominally promoted by the tories, SNP and Labour parties across Edinburgh, Scotland, Europe, in fact (wings btl usage) across the world. Makes Patrick Harvie the most successful Scottish political leader ever.

    Is there a Nobel Prize for politics? (If not, surely they could make another kid-on one like for Economics?)

  142. Geri

    Wee Jeannie would have nothing to hide.
    Sturgeon threw her off the podium & took her job during COVID insisting she had the telly for public health announcements.

    This whole whatapp messaging is shite & a distraction. As Republic states, the UK government will be in full receipt of her yakking shite to whoever & so will the recipients.

    Police can even retrieve deleted messages from criminals so what’s the big hang up? Just do it already & STFU about it. But that doesn’t sell headlines to the brain dead & if they’ve already checked (most likely) then there’s nothing of worth to report.

    Best thing the media can do is to ignore her. It’d drive the narcissist doolally. THEN they’d have plenty of headlines as she struggled to stay relevant LOL.

    Ruby, no idea the song you’re talking about.

  143. Geri

    Robert 9.13pm

    Didn’t the clowncil put everyone on a vegan diet too?

    I’ll wager there’s a tin award going somewhere as they kill everyone to win it..

  144. James Barr Gardner

    O/T Flying to the EU.

    N.B. When is your passport up ?

    If yours is due in September this year, you cannot fly to the EU this week !

    It’s the small print due to Brexshit, check before disappointment.

    BTW You can get through intial booking and bag check in only to be disapointed at the last gate !

    You have been warned, no mention in Media about that Brexshit !

  145. Geri

    Lol at Doric wither..

  146. Geri

    Aye, passports need to be 3 months left, or in some countries, 6 months.

    Shock, horror, the EU doesn’t tell other countries what to do as the Brexiteers would’ve had us all believe.

    Check you don’t need a visa too & an ID card.

  147. John Main

    RoS 6:22

    I disagree with Hanvey.

    The closure of Grangemouth is everything to do with ScotGov’s lunatic accelerated green agenda.

    There is one part of the UK that is transitioning away from oil & gas faster than the rest. That part has one refinery. That refinery is closing before the refineries in the rest of the UK.

    Join the fecking dots.

    This is a spectacular own goal by these troughers, lunatics and deviants in HR, under the sinister misdirection of pretendy fraud HY.

    This triumph of virtue signalling over sane and responsible governance needs to be placed squarely on those responsible: the SNP/Green coalition.

  148. John Main

    RoS 6:12

    700,000 Palestinian refugees? Pah, is that all?

    Germany alone has over 900,000 Syrian refugees, and other countries have many hundreds of thousands more.

    Just what is it with Palestinian exceptionalism? It’s almost as if it’s not the fact of being a refugee that’s the issue, neither is it the sheer number of refugees that’s important either.

    Heck, there’s darn near a million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh alone, yet you never hear a peep about that on here.

    Double standards, eh? Or, far more likely, something much more unsavoury in play.

  149. Johnlm

    John Main
    13 January, 2024 at 8:11 pm
    “I favour forgetting all Guff more Ancient than 60 years and making the simple economic case for Indy.”

    I suppose that, regarding anything over 60 years old as ‘Anciet guff’, it’s not surprising that he just blunders about reaching nonsense conclusions on every subject.

  150. PacMan

    re: EU Travel

    From October this year, you need your biometrics taken for entry/exit system (EES) system if you want to get to the EU:

    British travellers will be required to scan their fingerprints and have their image captured when entering the European Union next autumn, according to a report by The Times.

    The new rules are part of the forthcoming entry/exit system (EES), which applies to non-EU passport holders and is set to launch on 6 October, 2024, having been postponed from the initial date of May 2023.

    The EES is described by the European Union as “an automated IT system for registering travellers from third-countries, both short-stay visa holders and visa exempt travellers, each time they cross an EU external border” and will replace the manual stamping of passports. Aside from biometrics, the system will also register the person’s name, type of the travel document, and the date and place of entry and exit.

    According to The Times, the finger and picture biometrics will be captured on a passenger’s first entry to the EU from 6 October and verified for each visit thereafter.

  151. Sven

    Vaguely on Topic.
    Shocking, though hardly surprising, that Poileas Alba have now announced, as perhaps the new Chief Constable’s first official Force policy, that “trans” male officers identifying as females (they’re fibbing if they say that when still biologically male) may now be used to strip search genuine biological females.
    Oh, should have mentioned, the genuine female may request that she is searched by another woman … the final decision being made by the Officer in Charge at the time. Bet that reassures us all.

  152. Ruby

    22 January, 2024 at 8:28 am

    Oh, should have mentioned, the genuine female may request that she is searched by another woman

    The problem with that Sven is that ‘transwomen are women’

  153. Ruby

    It’s all kicking off on Twitter re Mr Idul Wadhwa.

  154. Dorothy Devine

    Dan thanks for the Doric weather , I had completely forgotten Douglas Kynoch , whom I met via my big sister. I have a feeling he was the sod who jumped out from behind the gravestones in St Machar’s cathedral and gave us a heart attack – bu I may be misblaming him .

    I’m off to cheer my day with Scotland the What now – I miss my home town!

  155. Ruby

    22 January, 2024 at 7:29 am

    re: EU Travel

    From October this year, you need your biometrics taken for entry/exit system (EES) system if you want to get to the EU:

    ‘The new rules are part of the forthcoming entry/exit system (EES), which applies to non-EU passport holders and is set to launch on 6 October, 2024, having been postponed from the initial date of May 2023.’

    That sounds like a very good thing.

    They’ll know who is and isn’t an illegal immigrant.

    You say you’ve lost your passport. No worries we have your biometrics right here.

    The UK haven’t clue who is and isn’t an illegal immigrant.

    Brits won’t like it. They would never consider themselves illegal immigrants.

    What next Brits going in small boat across the channel?

  156. Ruby

    I didn’t understand a lot of the Wither forecast but I got this bit:

    ‘If ye’ve nae got a screw loose you’ll bide in the hoose’

  157. Brian Doonthetoon

    Why is “Ignored” being cited so often when “Ignored” hasn’t typed anything?
    Are contributors here too lazy to check what they actually paste in the text box?

  158. John Main

    Seems to be a few on here happily oblivious to the re-introduction of passport and other identity checks between EU countries. Not to mention those structures those suffering from TDS claim don’t work, border walls.

    The open borders, free movement EU is disappearing as I write, but that won’t stop those forever frozen in 2014 from claiming it still exists.

    Happy with the idea of Brits climbing aboard rubber dinghies and making for France. That’s just got to be an idea that will gain more and more traction as the years go on.

    Just so long as everybody is clear that the “Brits” under discussion are Brits in the same sense as trans “women” are women, I.e. not at all.

    A country that doesn’t control its borders and control who can come into it is no country at all. Fantastic, unbelievable and ultimately deeply depressing that some claiming to be in support of Scottish Indy don’t know what a country actually is.

    I guess it’s but a short step from there to not knowing what a woman is, or reality in general.

  159. Ruby

    I wish I hadn’t read the article about eunuchs yesterday it kept me awake last night thinking about it.

    That has got to be a very serious mental health condition.

    The SG were all for it but then claimed posting the info on their website was a mistake.

    The scary thing is there’s a suggestion that children may identify as Eunuchs.

    “However, the authors stop short of recommending any treatment for children who ‘identify’ as eunuchs. ”

    Maybe the eunuchs can just identify as women.

    Maybe it’s time for me to stop reading all this stuff and start reading about wars instead it might help me sleep better.

    I’ll stop after I find out how eunuchs pee?

  160. Ruby

    Free movement EU disappeared in 2016 for British citizen not for EU passport holders

    ‘The new rules are part of the forthcoming entry/exit system (EES), which applies to non-EU passport holders and is set to launch on 6 October, 2024, having been postponed from the initial date of May 2023.’

  161. Ruby

    Brian Doonthetoon
    Ignored Sometimes
    22 January, 2024 at 10:24 am

    Why is “Ignored” being cited so often when “Ignored” hasn’t typed anything?
    Are contributors here too lazy to check what they actually paste in the text box?

    Sorry I usually try to add a not but I *wasn’t fully awake when I replied to PacMan.

    Sorry PacMan you are not ignored you probably guessed that as I responded to your post.

    * bad nights sleep thinking about barbaric practices.

  162. dasBlimp

    I used to self-id as a eunuch but I don’t have the balls to do it now.

  163. Ruby

    Feck me Professor Mini Windbag has seriously lost the plot.

    He says:
    Brits are Brits in the same way as transwomen are women.

    The UK is a country that controls it’s borders.

    If only someone would put a pin in the windbag and it would fart & blow right out the window.

    “Pfft” “Fraaap” “Poot” “Blat” “Thpptphtphphhph” “Braaap” “Braaaack” “Frrrt” “Blaaarp”

  164. Ruby

    22 January, 2024 at 11:12 am

    I used to self-id as a eunuch but I don’t have the balls to do it now.

    Oh Daschiel you are funny!

  165. Dan

    Some further information on that Viking-Link interconnect from Denmark to England I mentioned last night. 765km long HVDC cables. #OhmsLaw


  166. Mac

    The Mridul Wadhwa situation really is a scandal. Right up there with putting rapists in prisons in terms insanity and inappropriateness.

    Some of these victims are also kids… It would still be horrific for adult women but imagine a child recovering from rape sitting there and in walks Widow Twankie here… it is beyond belief that anyone would think this is right. Wadhwa is a bloke with set of tackle betwixt his thighs… for him to be in this role is disgusting and it was massively disrespectful to women and girls to put him this position.

    As for Maggie Chapman and all the others on Wadwha’s interview panel ‘knowing or not knowing’ he was a bloke, do me a fucking favour, anyone with eyes in their head can see he is a man.

    I am so sick of these mentalist wankers and their mentalist enablers.

    Of all the jobs this guy could have gone for he gravitates towards a rape centre. I wonder why…

    That guy needs sacked as of yesterday and charged with breaking the law, he took a job reserved by law for women using deception on his application, even though all the arseholes interviewing knew fine well.

    What a disgrace these people are putting all this trans-crap before the needs of rape victims. Loathsome bastards the lot of them.

    Get that guy out of there. It is sickening.

  167. Ruby

    Excuse me ‘Professor Mini Windbag’ but how the feck are we here in Scotland supposed to know what a country is?

    Scotland is a country, no Scotland isn’t a country, that country ceased to exist in 1707 and became Lesser England, Scotland is a colony, no Scotland is not a colony says the coloniser, you are one of the 4 countries that make up a country called the UK.

  168. Ruby

    Not Ignored

    LionLink would be the second link between the two countries and is expected to be operational in the early 2030s

    What is the plan here. Are they anticipating that Scotland will be independent in 2030?

    Going back to my question about countries.

    Which two countries are they referring to?

    PS See the ‘Aldi Lurpak’ it’s good & very affordable.

    PPS I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with everything that’s going on. Thankfully we have experts on a variety of subjects keeping us right here on Wings.
    Thank-you Dan.
    I hope you are finding time to write creatively. Looking forward to ‘Mrs Harris goes Euronymphing in The Broch’. I hope she checks the weather first.

    The ‘BTL University of Wings’ on the other hand is travelling the same path as the actual universities. Expect to be taught that black is white. Oh shit I wish I hadn’t gone there never mind I’ll write it ‘black is white! white! white! and Brits are women with a penis dontcha know?

  169. sarah

    @ Mac re Mridul Wadhwa situation “really is a scandal”.

    Another sickening aspect of those in power knowing the whole story of what this man is: the SNP allowed him to stand on the WOMEN-ONLY list for selection as an SNP candidate.

    How hypocritical and warped is that? He doesn’t even have a GRC.

  170. Ruby

    To understand Mr Idul Wadhwa you have to know what a ‘sissie’ is.
    Beth is another example of a ‘sissie’.

    These ‘Sissies’ have what they refer to as a ‘Universal Vagina’
    I would type the medically correct/polite term but I’ll get modded so I’ll have to use asshole (sorry) Their ‘Universal Vagina’ is their asshole.

    Their asshole they say is the true route to womanhood.

    They just love being treated in the way they think a woman should their clients/ partners love to treat them the way they think a woman should be treated. They love the idea of being raped so the more info they can collect about rape the better their ‘sissying’ they are keen to know if it’s OK to orgasm when being raped.

    The more they look like a woman the happier their clients will be. Hence the reason Cole Hamilton did it for Beth and why Beth got free plastic surgery on the Scottish NHS.

    Sorry that this is so ‘adult’ but I really think you need to read adult content in order to understand ‘transgenderism’.

    I believe all these women/girls who support TQ+ have never read any adult content or had any adult experiences, basically they are very naive.

    If someone told me that Nicola Sturgeon was a virgin I would have believed them. Bet she never even had a love bite before she got married and even then there are questions.

    As for Maggie Chapman well who knows………..

    PS I think Mr Idul Wadhwa has been in the post for well over a decade.

    Heartening to see people finally waking the flip up!

    Flip is just not the same but I’m doing it for Sven.

  171. Mark Beggan

    Bookies Tips
    as of 20th January 2024
    prices can change without notice

    The odds so far!!

    2/1 Humza boy does a runner!
    3/1 Sturgeon in the booby hatch.
    7/2 Robertson comes out as a female pigeon called Agnes.
    3/4 Humza boy becomes white.
    9/1 Operation Branchform reveals the truth sometime when we are
    all still alive.
    7/2 Kate Forbes has a visitation on the road to Oban.
    2/1 Dirty Filthy Labour continue the madness.
    8/1 Mhairi Black opens a chippy.
    100/1 Holyrood gets dismantled.
    5/1 Kirsten Oswald self implodes.
    10000000000000000000000000000/1 Scotland becomes an independent nation.

  172. Ruby

    Not Ignored

    Another sickening aspect of those in power knowing the whole story of what this man is

    I don’t think they did Sarah because they are too naive.

    They couldn’t ever believe that a man could be a paedophile, a rapist, a voyeur, a flasher, a frotteur or a Zoo who fancies shagging sheep.
    Unless they are one themselves and are happy to do it for all of the above.

    BTW Its Mr Idul Wadhwa. His sex is right there in his ‘nom de plume’
    hidden in plain sight.

    These deviants ain’t half taking the piss and doing it is ‘all part of the fun’

    Time to be a mean girl. No more being kind.

    I am transphobic!

    Flippin’ right I am.

  173. Anton Decadent

    Wadhwa has the intersectionality card to play.

    About eighteen months ago I read something about an element of US academia who shared an interest in castration fetish so I went and looked up some of the names mentioned. They are members of private online groups for pornographic fiction involving boys being castrated so that they do not reach puberty. This was not bog standard lecturers, this was senior academia, deans, heads of faculty, members of the boards etc. There was a recurring theme which may explain why the media had no interest.

  174. sarah

    Some good news.

    Salvo has begun legal action against the Scottish Government for its failure to:
    “1. Inform the Westminster Government that its asserted sovereignty in Scotland is unlawful.
    2. To comply with the Constitutional Settlement by either announcing a referendum on Scottish Independence as laid out in the [Stirling] Directive, or taking steps for a plebiscitary election, beginning with a National Convention.”

    This information was advertised in The National on 18th January. So although The National hasn’t to my knowledge printed an interview with Salvo, they will accept advertising revenue – I suppose that is something to be grateful for.

    The case will be taken to the European Court of Justice, says Peter A Bell on his blog today.

    This is the first concrete step to assert the truth about Scotland’s constitutional position in the face of the false behaviour by Westminster since 1707. How refreshing to see some clear action by decent, principled, intelligent people who are prepared to work themselves into the ground in defence of Scotland’s people.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the SNP parliamentarians understood and supported this action?

  175. Johnlm

    Where are we going to house them?

  176. Geri


    **Of all the jobs this guy could have gone for he gravitates towards a rape centre. I wonder why…**

    Because these wankers get their rocks off seeing other people’s trauma/fear/anxiety. It’s a control freak fckwit condition.

    & The powers that be in law & crime KNOW this. Psychologists have studied those wackadoos for decades & also KNOW this. Study also shows they escalate & are a danger. What’s worse is, in private, they’d agree. But they’re kowtowed with this cult to believe the moon is made of cheese regardless of hard facts & evidence that it isn’t.

    Why he hasn’t been ejected is anyone’s guess. He has no GRC or experience of female trauma – which also blows their theory no one would be allowed to impersonate.

    He should be sacked immediately & so should everyone who gave this freak a job at a women’s rape centre. They are clearly not sane.

    JKR, with her millions, should’ve taken this freak show to court on behalf of women everywhere. The UK law remains unchanged. He has no GRC & should no longer be employed in a woman’s trauma centre.

  177. Geri


    I hope they can furnish a receipt for that land.

    On the bright side, Palestinians moving to Scotland aren’t going to be naw voting yoons lol

    Every cloud…

  178. Mac

    So looking at that tweet above featuring the Israeli racist.

    He claims the Scottish Government is ‘very keen to take the Palestinians’ or in other words, ‘the Scottish Government is very keen to enable and help Israel in its ethnic cleansing of the Holy lands of its indigenous population’.

    Fuck me is Humza Yousless really this much of an arsehole (no need for an answer) that he wants to go down in history as an enabler of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

    He is dumber than shit this man.

  179. Geri

    They’re the N*zis.

    Now it’s them offering the world to take them & coming up with *solutions*
    Absolutely appalling these fckers are given a platform.

  180. Republicofscotland

    Sarah @1.21pm.


    That is good news thanks.

  181. Dan

    @ Johnlm

    That clip is really going to screw with Mr Main’s mind. lol

  182. Dan

    Ha, broken Britain displays system error showing all our energy is being supplied by pesky foreigners.

  183. John Main

    Absolutely loving the sight of those who have been shouting the loudest for the Palestinians, now up in arms at the idea they might actually have to do something concrete, useful and practical.

    The idea of having to dig deep in their pockets. Oh the pain! How it hurts!

    How great it would be for Burns to be alive today. His Holy Willie had nothing on these hypocrites.

    Go on loons and lassies, show them your money!

    Ach, dinna fash. A few hundred at best, and they’ll mostly be Yousaf’s extended family.

    Maybes we’ll get ane or twa Ham boys tae spice things up.

  184. Dan

    Ach, should have take screenshot as it’s been sorted now…

  185. twathater

    @ Sarah 1.21pm what would make the news about SALVO even better is if the SUPPOSED independence seeking politicians and their SUPPOSED independence seeking parties like ALBA , ISP and YES even the scum sucking Scottish Nonce Party, (NO FUCK IT forget the nonce party) actually SUPPORTED and adopted SALVO and their legal challenge, but NO that would mean that politicians would be shown up for the absolute wastes of space that they are and how they actually conspired with the WM establishment to keep us tied to this INGLORIOUS CORRUPT UNION

  186. John Main

    @Dan says:22 January, 2024 at 5:15 pm

    Maybes you let your imagination run away with you.

    We could certainly have an honest discussion about Scotland taking in ME refugees. Plenty on here want Israel wiped from the map. The subtext is often that they want the Israelis exterminated, but I think myself there would be a few million refugees that would get out. As an educated, hard working, law abiding, intelligent bunch, they would do Scotland a power of good.

    Conversely, if there ever is a genocide or ethnic cleansing in Gaza, there will be a couple of million refugees from there. That may be good for Scotland too, but right now, I remain unconvinced.

    Anyhoo, Yousaf wants a million or two New Scots, so why not take some that are available? The trick will be to avoid taking numbers from both sides, although from Yousaf’s performance in his various jobs so far, I would wonder if he has the smarts to see that himself.

  187. Geri

    Scotland would welcome refugees.
    Scotland would not welcome a forced eviction from their lands. No population should be forced to flee their own country – especially not to accommodate a population that has no business being there.

    Give up on yer subtext bullshit. It’s yer own racism working overtime. The usual Britnat bullshit of projecting their own thoughts onto others.

    If I**eal can expand beyond it’s boundaries & seize land from their neighbour, without fear or repercussions, then it’s you that’s the hypocrite, ya rocket. Cause why are you not celebrating the Ruskies doing the exact same?

    Ya know, Britnat is a mental disorder. Full of contradictions & hypocrisy. You should get that checked out. It must drive you insane when the BBC doesn’t tell you what to think by the hour.

  188. Geri

    **especially not to accommodate a population that has no business being there.**

    Just to be clear. I**eal claims to be home to every Jw in the entire world.

    That’s nice of them. They were given a piece of land to supposedly live in peace. They don’t then get to invite the entire world to move in & move boundaries & expand to accommodate them all. Now looking to expel their neighbour to make room for all the crazies from Europe, America & Australia waiting on the 2nd coming along with the crazies who think their God is a liar cause He hasn’t sent him already & deny Christ FFS.

    There are laws against expansion. Question for Britnats is the contradictions in policy? It’s because of oil & Gas & fck all to do with Jws – they hated them the last time they were in their way & dumped them on the ME.

    Their problem isn’t everyone else’s problem to fix & certainly not to expel forever. Any country defending this shit of moving an entire population should be expelled from the UN & stripped of recognition.

  189. Dan

    @ John Main

    And maybe your imagination is running away with yourself as I certainly haven’t called for Israel to be wiped from the map.

    Some kind of agreed two state solution would be best as it should stop hostilities, and also stop a mass exodus of immigration of a people from one area having to be displaced from their homeland and having to try to assimilate into another country of different cultural values with all the inevitable grief that would bring. Plus a displaced people are more than likely going to hold a grudge of animosity for what was done to them and how will that play out if retribution for what they endured ever becomes a factor.
    Of course the psychos that are fighting have caused so much damage to the infrastructure of Palestine that even if fighting stopped now, it would take massive effort and considerable cost and time to repair the damage and regain the basic functionality of what was their society.
    And there is way more to this than just one country fighting another as wider geo-political interests and maneuvering by other actors is a significant influencing factor in all this. Similar to what it was/is in Syria.

    Scotland doesn’t have control of immigration powers as they reside in Westminster, so we have no current way of adequately determining and implementing an immigration policy that actually suits Scotland’s needs, which would set the criteria and vetting processes to ensure that policy is adhered to and upheld.
    Our housing and services are already massively under strain due to the economic situation and other aspects such as Scotland’s demographics.
    And just what work are all these refugees and immigrants going to do when they get here. Zero hour contracts and part time work at supermarkets ain’t exactly going to be a big boost to the tax base as they will more than likely end up hoovering all sorts of state funded benefits to subsidise their existence here.

    Significant migration, be it for economic reasons or refugee status inflicted on folk by the actions of psychos brings all sorts of issues along with supposed positives.
    We know there is significant immigration from England into Scotland, so rather than those English folk staying in their homeland and voting to change the circumstances that made them want to leave and come up here, they just take the easy route. So it’s not like we are getting an influx of folk that are particularly driven or motivated in political terms to strive for change, so how does that actually benefit Scotland when it’s just self-interest that brought them here.

  190. John Main

    @ Dan says:22 January, 2024 at 7:20 pm

    A good post, measured and reasonable.

    And when I wrote that many want Israel wiped from the map, I wasn’t including you in that group.

    Re your last point:

    how does that actually benefit Scotland when it’s just self-interest that brought them here

    You can probably guess my reply. After acknowledging that immigrants journey for self interest, you convert them to Indy by showing them how Indy furthers their self interest even more.

    I have Professor Alf Baird sometimes accepting this now, plus Alba are aware that they need to make the economic case.

    And yes, at one time this might not have been necessary, but those days are past. Demographics wait for nobody. We Sovereign Scots are a declining proportion of the Scottish electorate, so we need to get the New Scots onside too.

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