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The pitch

Posted on June 08, 2017 by

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    1. SNP have won Scotland,

      33 seats up to now,

      leaner but hopefully a lot fricken meaner,

      maybe we can shoehorn a few of the big names that have lost their seat into Holyrood or Councils,

      sad few days for Mr Salmond,a great patriot,like Wallace betrayed by his ain folk.

    2. Shinty says:

      Dozie – was thinking the same thing myself.

      However – STV reporting. SNP sources saying Indyref2 is ‘dead’ WTF?

    3. bugsbunny says:

      Alec Massay hits below the belt. McPortillo on steroids #salmond. This is what we have to listen now.

    4. Robbo says:

      I suppose the the only saving grace is Cruella de vil is finished

    5. Training Day says:

      Gloves off now?

      Maybe not. Let’s hold. HOLD.

      Whites of their eyes and all that.

      HOLD now,

    6. Breeks says:

      I think Nicola now has be both bold and creative.

      Brexit, Scotland’s future in Europe, is too important an issue to be molested and distorted by the hateful BritNat Media.

      There has to be some devolution of broadcasting, not necessarily to silence the BBC, (we can dream), but just to coexist beside it. Nothing less is good enough. If it is denied us, then we must kick up such acrimony and anger that the BBC is wholly discredited and reviled as a hostile mouthpiece.

      I’ve said before, the Scot Gov should get summits arranged to invite a host EU Leaders to Scotland to discuss everything and anything from the weather, through Brexit and beyond to Far Right Extremism, but get them here, in Scotland, with a pan European Press pack in tow, which we treat like royalty. Get a Euro “Brexit Special” Network broadcasting “home” to Europe, which wouldn’t you know it? Scotland can tune into it too! Go figure!

      Get a bunch of students sponsored to do a live broadcasting PhD course, everything from a TV anchor person to the guy who drives the van to an outside broadcast location. Use the training mechanics to “shadow” the mainstream news and current affairs, only do it better. Do it honestly. Interview the same people the real new channels do. Broadcast it or live feed it, podcast it, radio transmit it. Get “something” Scottish into Scotland’s ether, something that that your Gran can access with TVs and Radios.

      When a story breaks or something needs to be said or denied, give people a choice. Give them somewhere to go to watch and listen to the “Free Scottish” perspective.

      If we want to be an Independent country, we need to find a way to confound the BritNat Propaganda which makes fools of us all.

      Maybe this setback in SNP momentum can be turned into a good thing if it inspires two years of fresh innovation and progressive vitality. No room for stale complacency or hubris, instead we raise ourselves to greater heights to bring home our precious self respect and independence.

      The SNP is doing so much that is right and correct, but at the same time it seems like a dumb old beast that cannot outthink its predators with their ever evolving cunning, guile and malevolence. The SNP always act as if there is hope for the BBC, that BBC might be persuaded to appreciate the finer points of Independence. That is never, never ever, going to happen. Ever.

    7. Robbo says:

      bugsbunny says:
      9 June, 2017 at 4:46 am
      Alec Massay

      Aye Bugsb
      He’s a wee scroat that massey

    8. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Shinty @ 04:44,

      Some reflection and “licking of wounds” needed for sure, but tomorrow is another day.

      There is now going to be an almighty UK omnishambles over Brexit, and that could change everything before very long, whoever is in power in London. This is a long game, and it’s not over by any means.

    9. yesindyref2 says:

      I tend to agree with you. Since 2014 support for Indy has increased by at most 3%, meanwhile we’ve had 56/54 SNP MPs at Westminster and an overall majority in Holyrood until last year. As someone pointed out on BBC (possibly commonspace), support for Indy still mid-40s, now outweighs support for the SNP at 37-38%.

      Which means perhaps we’re where we’re supposed to be to move on – which is reaching out to Labour, LibDems, and even the Conservatives who going to Westminster, might learn something. And for that still too tight association of Independence with the SNP to diminish. Which might allow both to move on.

      And perhaps we should too. No more infighting between SNP / Green / Commonspace. Different political policies, same target of Independence.

    10. Dozie says:

      Shinty Its not really up to STV though is it? They report rubbish every day. Id rather have Alec Salmond working here plus he’s just lost his Dad so a rest from being in London is good. Having all that talent away from home hasnt done indy much good or we’d be there already. It’s a long game.

    11. Robbo says:

      See this is what we’re up against wae this lot. That Annie Wells can’t see past her blue specs- fecking nit wit that wumen.

      May is toast ya dafty Wells

    12. TheItalianJob says:

      Looks like the WM establishment has achieved its aim. The Union has been saved. 11 Con MPs in Scotland. Possible biggest number of Con MPs (11) since 1983.

      Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson both lose to the Tories. Two of Scotland’s top politicians at WM.

      I despair for Scotland and its future.

    13. Breeks says:

      yesindyref2 says:
      9 June, 2017 at 5:02 am
      “I tend to agree with you. Since 2014 support for Indy has increased by at most 3%, meanwhile we’ve had 56/54 SNP MPs at Westminster and an overall majority in Holyrood until last year. As someone pointed out on BBC (possibly commonspace), support for Indy still mid-40s, now outweighs support for the SNP at 37-38%.”

      More importantly, nobody is currently making the case for Independence. It’s almost a passive preoccupation rather than an active campaign. But that has to change from here on.

      Brexit is a disaster which is heading right for us and Independence is the only thing that can save us. The message has to be that stark. It is virtually a state of emergency.

    14. Meg merrilees says:

      Maybe Alex and Angus will have to set up the independence alliance?

    15. Ghillie says:

      Training Day @ 4.50 am = )

      ‘HOLD. Whites of their eye and all that!’

      Yes! Keep the faith folks.

      It IS sad that we have lost (for now) some excellent MPs but in the grand scheme of things,the SNP have WON AGAIN!

      Because they know what they are doing even in the face of a twisted and dishonest Establishment-serving media over which the Scottish Government have no power.

      All our SNP MPs and MSPs HAVE handled that toxic medium deftly and the internet with great skill and humour.

      We are, as ever, on our Road to Independence.

      And we will win out in the end = )

    16. yesindyref2 says:

      @Breeks: “It is virtually a state of emergency

      Pretty much as Macart would say.

      Again looking on the bright side, Brexit affects Scotland regardless of political party affiliation, and perhaps some of the Unionist MPs will come to realise that, and change their tune – and maybe take their party in Scotland with them. All the parties in Scotland were pro-remain during the EU Ref, and perhaps now “the SNP has peaked” as they are saying, there can be some common cause made in the near future.

    17. Ghillie says:

      Actualy, Alex and Angus on the loose on their home turf without the constraints of being well-behaved MPs could now be enormous fun = )

      Alex returning to Westminster after stepping aside for Nicola was certainly an unexpected and joyously annoying thorn in the side of the UK Government!

      Clouds can have lovely golden linings = )

    18. Robbo says:

      We got the last seat by 2 after 3 counts lmao

    19. yesindyref2 says:

      hehe, majority 2 🙂

    20. yesindyref2 says:

      Angus Robertson, a most respected politician as the BBC said, now without portfolio, head of the new Independence Campaign, which starts in about, oh, 6 hours after a bit of sleep and brunch.

    21. Ghillie says:

      yesindyref2 @ 6.37 am

      Angus Robertson, head of the new Independence Campaign = )

      Now that would be smashing 🙂

    22. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Jesus Christ.

    23. yesindyref2 says:

      I think he’d be great, but he couldn’t have been it before, because he was a politician. He’d need some cross-party deputes though.

      Been thinking about it, and the SNP are no longer a “one-party state”, which few people like. They’re “just” the party with the most MSPs and MPs, and just won the elections like any normal party does – someone has to win.

      And this could be a good thing.

      Oh, and Nicola needs to be less combatative now the elections are over, I don’t think the general population like it – “angry woman”. But I think they still respect her though, and generally like her when they’re not hating her. She needs to calm down.

      I know what I mean!

    24. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      yesindyref2 @ 07:09:

      Oh, and Nicola needs to be less combative now the elections are over … She needs to calm down.

      I honestly don’t know what you mean by that. As far as I can see, she’s the epitome of cool. And in comparison with Ruthie the Megaphone Muppet…?

      Some would actually say the reverse, Nicola should stop being so reasonable and challenge more firmly all these disgraceful attacks perpetrated on her by the Unionists (media & politicians), eg. this whole irrelevant devolved-mattters sideshow.

    25. Ann says:

      Robert. I agree with you

    26. stu mac says:

      @yesindyref2 says:

      (Just up from bed and checking the result) Yes, first thing that hit me this morning is that someone on the telly saying a different campaign in Scotland: not exactly true – sure the Scottish unionists banged on about a referendum but everyone on Scotland gets the UK news and many watch the political programs. All are aware of what’s going on down south politically so the best they can claim is that there were two campaigns in Scotland and none of them can say which had the most effect.

      However if we apply logic, there’s been big play that young voters had a big part in the swing to Labour (actually Corbyn). Since we know that a majority of youngsters are pro Indy then we can see where a good deal of the pro SNP vote went.

      However! It looks like the Tories were the biggest gainers and this can only be from 1) Labour voters putting an anti SNP vote for the Tories and 2) those so-called SNP supporters who were pro SNP or rather pro Indy because they thought Independence would take us out of Europe and now voted for the pro-Brexit party. If you meet any of them say well done your votes got us another 5 years of the worst Tory government in history.

      It’s disappointing the SNP didn’t get at least 40 but 35 is still 11 more seats than all the other parties combined in Scotland. It is c. 38% of the vote I think though that could go down slightly as I think there’s one more seat to come in. So still a comfortable “win” (quotes because it’s not a Scottish election) and the SNP should get out quickly with the message not just that it’s a win but that the election was a Westminster election and lots of voters, probably most would have voted based on the UK campaigns.

      The one real disaster isn’t a drop in SNP support – many who voted Labour will still be pro-Indy – but that those who switched to Tory have given them enough MPs in Scotland to allow the UK party to from a government (in alliance with DUP which is extra sickening Davidson will be pleased with that no doubt).

      Finally I see they are saying the biggest switch is from SNP to Tory – I’d really like to see more detailed figures as surely a big switch to Labour in certain seats could result in Tory wins?

    27. Rab says:

      What the fuck is the matter with some of these people? Why vote for the fucking Tories? Have they got a short a memory? Did they forget about the austerity? The closure of Scottish industry in favour of English industry? Or maybe they are not interested in their fellow human beings. Who the fuck wants to be in a fucking union with England. If they love England so much why don’t they fuck off and live there. They know where the fucking border is.

    28. Fred says:

      Mebbes time for Alex to return to Holyrood? Angus Robertson apparently decided to try something else?

    29. K1 says:

      ‘Oh, and Nicola needs to be less combatative now the elections are over, I don’t think the general population like it – “angry woman’

      What are you on about? One example, just one example yesindyref2?

      Evidence free assertions we expect from our opponents, you’re a liability if this is how you really view Nicola Stugeon. You may well ‘know’ what you ‘mean’ but do let us all in on your superior knowledge and insight into what an ‘angry woman’ looks like?

      Cause that description of Nicola Sturgeon is such an obvious lie yesindyref2, especially in light of the actual angry women in the form of most definitely Ruth Davidson and most assuredly Kezia Dugdale that we have as the ‘real’ examples of female politicians in Scotland who fit that description to a tee?

    30. Jim says:


      What the fuck is the matter with some of these people? Why vote for the fucking Tories?
      They are voting for the Tories because they have always been Tory supporters; they are new Labour A.K.A Tories who have been carving up elections between themselves.

      For years they have perpetuated the lie that you actually have real choice, the LibDems being an added factor to this mythological democracy.

      I have always surmised that this triumverate of deceitful shitbags are nothing more than two cheeks of the same arse with the LibDems being the arsehole and we have been living under what is little more than a Dictatorship by any other name.

      Their MPs either vote for Tory policies or abstain, that is what they are there for, but now their precious Union is at stake they have had to crawl out of their lairs and vote for the real party of their beliefs.

      The SNP to them are an anomaly that is encroaching on what they deem to be their rightful place taking turns ruling over us all and the MSM stop at nothing to vilify the SNP at every opportunity with even unproven accusations given page upon page of coverage and any wrong doing by other parties either not reported or given snap chat style reporting where a small story appears then it’s gone within the hour.

      Hopefully now, this is the election where the lines have been drawn and we can get down to the serious business of getting our country out of this colonialist basket case of an apparent union.

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