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It’s not them, it’s you

Posted on December 28, 2016 by

The National has an interesting-sounding front page lead story today.


Donalda MacKinnon’s immediate predecessor Ken McQuarrie has been a hostile and toxic presence at the top of BBC Scotland for many years now, so we were naturally intrigued to hear if a change of heart at the Corporation was on the horizon.

We didn’t build our hopes up, obviously.

So when we got to the actual interview, we weren’t too disappointed.


Because it turns out that what MacKinnon has identified as the problem isn’t the BBC’s inherent financial, ideological, cultural and methodological imbalance against independence, but the fact that people have noticed it.

Her proposed solution isn’t to address the bias, but to tackle the (entirely accurate) perceptions of it – in other words, to keep doing what BBC Scotland has been doing until now, but to convince people that they’re wrong to be upset about it, because they’re just stupid paranoid separatist thickos who don’t understand.

We look forward to the BBC’s 2017 current-affairs programming accordingly.

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    1. 28 12 16 13:56

      It’s not them, it’s you | speymouth

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    1. rmfbrown says:

      They learned nothing, they forgot nothing…

    2. gordoz says:

      Spot on Rev.

      Nothing ever seems to get the BBC all that agitated, I wonder why ??

    3. Betty Boop says:

      Pigs will fly before the BBC ever changes… Can’t trust the state propaganda machine.

    4. defo says:

      Same as it ever was.

      Said on last thread that indy is THE existential threat to BBC shortbread. All else that happens flows from there.
      Protecting the union, and the yoons is easier when your job (and status) are under threat.

      Before, they had a very cosy, incestuous almost thing going with Slab, but now they’ll shill for anything red, white and blue.

    5. Bob Sinclair says:

      It says everything about BBC Scotland that the article linked to about 2017 current affairs uses a photo provided by another media outlet. They care so little for Scotland that they can’t even be arsed taking their own photos.

    6. Macart says:

      No, its definitely them.

    7. Grouse Beater says:

      Rebranding, the BBC way.

    8. gordoz says:

      “The silly people lost interest, but they’ll come around …
      we’ve got ‘Strictly come united british ice skating bake off on silts’ hosted by Sarah Smith and Alistair Darling coming soon so all back to normal service”

      Anything else ??

    9. clan rossy says:


      Never to be trusted ever again

    10. Andy Anderson says:

      I read the National article twice today in order that I clearly understood the message. Agree with you Stu. Time will tell. At least they realise they have a problem. That’s a start.

    11. One_Scot says:

      ‘However, there is a significant number still in Scotland whose trust we lost’

      The BBC did not lose my trust, they lost my respect. They are politically corrupt and protectors of pedofiles.

      You are winning ‘F’ all back from me I afraid, ever. And you can take that to the bank.

    12. ClanDonald says:

      She said in a previous interview that BBC Scotland couldn’t be accused of bias. Aye right.

    13. Peter Mirtitsch says:

      I remember during the eighties when Thatcher’s government did exactly the same. They never got anything wrong; it was just that people didn’t understand.

    14. Les Wilson says:

      The trouble with her little speech is that it just means in reality,” we will need to be a bit more clever with our propaganda. So you clowns do not realise it is happening.

      But when you eventually do it will be too late anyway, we will have had you!”

    15. Clydebuilt says:

      Heard Donalda being interviewed on Radio Scotland soon after her promotion was announced…… She didn’t accept any accusation of doing things wrong ……. Nothing will change…… She wouldn’t have got the job otherwise…..

      What we’ve got is a front page advert on the National pushing the message that the BBC will change…..

    16. Bugger (le Panda) says:

      There are many ways to analyse the way an organisation is moving, which is what has been done here to expose the rationale of their thinking.

      Another useful too is to look through the prism of organisation management.

      The BBC is simply a bureaucratic based organisation best capable of managing a steady state. Think Church, Civil Service, Trades Unions, Banks and the Labour Party,

      Their mod op is committees, defined responsibilities and top down thinking.

      Such organisations have great difficulty adapting to external challenges that they simply don’t, and plough on regardless until the challenge peters out. Think sexual abuse in the RC church (other faiths are available).

      The people within such organisations owe their position to the conformity of the internal culture; don’t rock the boat.

      The BBC hasn’t s snowball’s chance of repairing its reputation in Scotland, except in their own collective culture.

      Many mature companies ground out in that bureaucratic mentality, lose their direction, sales and profitability. the BBC is enured to some of these consequences.

      Companies in such a state become takeover targets for asset stripping.

      Companies which bring in outsiders to redirect usually shrink and refocus or set up a parallel operation separated from original with new employees to take over the assets when appropriate, followed by liquidation of the old dog.

    17. Les Wilson says:

      NEVER, trust the BBC, no matter how it is wrapped, their agenda will never change. They say a leopard cannot change it’s spots.
      Even if it could, it would still be a leopard.

      The BBC changes it’s spots from time to time, but their agenda never changes, the are still the corrupt, propagandist, BBC and always will be the enemies of Scotland.

    18. woosie says:

      They’ll keep on doing the same thing – because they can! Who do we complain to about “our” state broadcaster? EU?

      The most telling stat is the 55% fee spend on Scotland, and 100%+ in england. That despite QT being “produced” in Scotland!

      In a future indy Scotland, I’m against the official SNP stance of retaining the EBC, in any form.

    19. Sandra says:

      The very fact she was an internal appointment and her boss is still McQuarrie, doesn’t bode well. She’s another BBC creature, brainwashed into believing the hype that Auntie is never wrong. She’d hardly be there if she wasn’t.

    20. Andrew Reid says:

      Donalda MacKinnon is also quoted in The National as as saying that, “We take pride in the fact that the majority of our audiences still trust the BBC. However, there is a significant number still in Scotland whose trust we lost and I think there is still a bit of work to be done in that regard.” The 2013 Annual Review of the Audience Council Scotland reported that less than half – 48% – of people in Scotland believe the BBC is good at representing their lives through news and current affairs, the lowest proportion of any of the countries in the UK. What Ms. MAcKinnon now inaccurately suggests neatly illustrates why BBC Scotland has actually lost the trust of the majority of its audience in Scotland (not just a significant number and a minority, Ms. MAcKinnon).

    21. Quentin Quale says:

      Well, Donalda, thanks for that clear and unequivocal vision you have. ‘I think’ – four times, ‘I don’t think’ – once, ‘but I think’ – once, and one ‘perhaps’. And all in two short paragraphs. I’m afraid you just don’t understand. The BBC can’t change. Unlike many Scots who are becoming more aware of a crumbling empire. Our time is coming and sooner than many realise.

    22. Helena Brown says:

      Same old Establishment toadie. As others have said move along now,nothing to see here.

    23. Thepnr says:

      Papering over the cracks does nothing to fix the problem. The problem is still there and the house is still in danger of falling down without serious work to the structure of the BBC.

      Never mind, she might think hiding the cracks from plain view will do the job for those that have zero trust in the BBC in Scotland. I doubt she’ll have learn’t anything when the distrust of the BBC in Scotlad continues to go up.

      She’ll probably just throw another roll of wallpaper on top of the crumbling Pacific Quay walls.

    24. Luigi says:

      During conversations about media bias and the general untrustworthiness of the western media, if any NO voter or raving yoon takes a strong defensive position on the Beeb, just say two words:

      Jimmy Saville

      And watch them walls crumble.

      (never fails to work)

    25. Fred says:

      Is there a bit of nepotism going on here?

    26. Ca,lum McKay says:

      McQuarrie is McKinnon’s boss. – now pulling the strings from London.

      Or is that my incorrect perception?

    27. tartanfever says:

      In the meantime, Smith is still head of BBC Scotland news, the chairman if arms dealers BAE is still on the BBC Trust board and only just left is the woman who was head of HSBC’s compliance unit when the bank survived by laundering Mexican drug money in the billions.

    28. David McCann says:

      The clues is in the name- BRITISH broadcasting Corporation, but Im sure in 2017 that balance will be restored. Ed Balls did pretty well out of Strictly, so in 2017 Ruth Davidson will be offered a spot, and hey presto, balance is restored.
      Job done!

    29. Richardinho says:

      I used to like the BBC and would defend it against those who wanted the likes of Murdoch to take over it. These days I couldn’t give a monkeys.

    30. Peter A Bell says:

      The most striking thing about Donalda MacKinnon’s pleas on behalf of the BBC in Scotland is that she sounds exactly like the leader of British Labour in Scotland (BLiS). The tone is identical. A tone of wheedling condescension that somehow manages to be simultaneously self-effacing and self-righteous. An elusive shifting between superficial mea culpa and thinly-veiled rebuke. An admission of fault from which all the sincerity has been sucked by an underlying insistence that the error lay in a failure to take due account of the public’s obdurate inability to comprehend.

      An expression of regret just vague enough to be mistaken for contrition, until the mask slips and we see, not repentance for past behaviour, but rueful resentment that efforts to manage perceptions of that behaviour proved inadequate.

      Close your eyes and you could be listening to Kezia Dugdale.

      The similarity may not be so surprising. There are certainly parallels between BBC Scotland and British Labour in Scotland. Both are very much branch operations of British institutions. Both represent the British establishment in Scotland while purporting to represent Scotland within the UK. Both are part of the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state, albeit only as low-status proxies for the organisation to which they are subsidiary.

      Neither is capable of winning back the trust that they have lost, because neither is able to admit that they themselves squandered that trust. Neither has any intention of changing, because neither accepts that the loss of trust is a consequence of their conduct. Neither can really comprehend the underlying reasons for the change in public attitudes, because neither actually relates to the public they are supposed to serve.

      While the talk is of ‘winning’ trust, there is no sense that this implies acceptance of trust having been lost for cause. Rather, the impression is of resentment at trust being unjustly denied by an ungrateful and uncomprehending public. The words speak of deserving our confidence. The voice demands our unquestioning loyalty.

      From the BBC’s perspective, Donalda MacKinnon is undoubtedly the right person for the job. She has the platitudes off pat. She can do the stuff about wanting to be “open” and wanting to “understand” every bit as proficiently as Kezia Dugdale does her routine about needing to “listen and learn”. She is clearly a ‘safe pair of hands’. She will serve the corporation well, just as Dugdale serves British Labour.

      But who will serve the people of Scotland?

      This is where we come to the crucial difference between BLiS and BBC Scotland. In the realm of politics, the people of Scotland have a viable alternative in the SNP. In the realm of public service broadcasting, who do we turn to as the BBC continues to fail us?

    31. The dogs in the street know that the bbc remit is to put Scotland down at every turn and that is what they are doing but they are being helped in this by the Scottish government doing nothing to challenge them on this the bbc are deliberately twisting the news and reporting quotes that they know are lies as I have said before we know broadcasting is a reserved matter but broadcasting lies is not reserved so the S.N.P. Government should be protecting the people of Scotland from this constant threat to our freedom remember the saying that all that evil needs to succeed is for good people to standby and do nothing

    32. defo says:

      Nearly O/T

      “Three hijabs have been issued to police officers in Scotland since they became part of their official uniform, BBC Scotland has learned.The force told BBC Scotland it was unable to confirm how many officers were now wearing the hijab.”

      Why is this newsworthy ?
      btw They’re not the brightest bunch are they? Either it’s 3 muslim polis, or 1 with a change of gear.
      Are they reinforced ? That’s the real ?

    33. HUGH KIRK says:

      The Bias bullshit company can kiss my bony white ass and whistle for their license fee.

    34. Mik Johnstone says:

      Oh I do like a good comedy… The BBC’s humour is hilarious … Dear BBC try reporting honestly, and truthfully… If you can…

    35. Artyhetty says:

      The bbc has lost many who at one time paid the TV tax without a thought, and not just those who are pro independence.

      Looks like a passive aggressive tactic, manipulation, cajoling tactic. Then comes the bullying.

      Not sure why The National have this as a front page. Let the unionist rags do that job. Why give the BBC a voice when they consistently engage in tactics to silence Scotland.
      The BBC is a platform for the right wing of all colours, they give voice to UKIP, but silence the SNP.

      No thanks!

    36. bobajock says:

      C’mon. Its BBC Labour, and just like Labour … a new leader does no good.

    37. pipinghot says:

      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

    38. Robert Graham says:

      Well that is so refreshing from the new number 1 , and I thought the Prisoner Series had finished.
      I wouldn’t trust BBC in Scotland to give an honest weather forecast, those of you with good memories will remember it was BBC Scotland who Transport Scotland relied on for their forecast when Central Scotland ground to a halt a few years ago, the BBC spent the following days screaming for the Transport Ministers head which was promptly handed to them egged on by the Labour Party ,
      Trust them, I wouldn’t Piss on them .

    39. R-type Grunt says:

      The most interesting aspect of this ‘story’ is that it appears in The National. That rag is a Trojan Horse in Scotland.

    40. jimnarlene says:

      Trust has to be earned, maintained and a two way street. The BBC has no chance of fulfilling any of those criteria.

    41. Marie Clark says:

      Do you know I took my time and read that article twice, and I have to agree with Peter Bell. The first thought that entered my auld noddle, was, this sounds just like SLAB, aye listening and learning, but in truth, learn hee haw.

      It’s no us Ms MacKinnon, it’s definitely you. I’m no daft, nor do I misunderstand the message. It’s the message that is wrong.

      It’s just the same old same old, nothing will change. What’s needed is a complete clearout of the SLAB stooges hiding at PQ, then start again. I do not need bias on one side or the other. All I require is fair and balanced reporting. It would appear that this is too much to ask.

      It will be a cauld day in hell Donalda, before I our my family trust The BBC ever again. Lost all trust and respect during 2014,
      won’t be fooled again.

    42. Arbroath1320 says:

      If folks don’t mind I’d like to borrow a phrase from a weel kent face to express my love for the BBC after Donalda MacKinnon’s plea of ‘it wisnae me it wis a big boy an he ran awa!’

      The rocks will melt with the sun before I ever consider returning to the BBC … or paying their disgusting Televison tax! (thanks to Alex Salmond for producing the original version during the independence referendum of 2014 🙂 )

    43. scottieDog says:

      Hadn’t got round to reading the article but not surprised. It could have been a kezia dugdale speech.

      The bbc’s institutional bias goes way beyond scottish independence. I really started to notice it after the financial crisis when I decided to get clued up about money and banking. The people being asked to comment were mostly banksters and pro city politicians. I did email and ask them to speak to organisations like positive money but I soon realised that would fly in the face of the message they were trying to promote.

      It should be a subscription only channel and that way we as the consumer can choose whether we want to listen to the will be a quick death for auntie in Scotland

    44. Dr Jim says:

      Looking forward to being told I’m still wrong, but be told more nicely by someone new and shiny who has a strangely extra terrestrial look about her in that photograph as though the face she is wearing is not hers but one created of composites of what aliens believe to be the trusted expressions of a mixture of Mormon happiness and chidren of the corn with a dash of Wonder Womans evil arch enemy

      But I’m probably biased!

    45. Stormchase_King says:

      Win back trust?

      Trust cannot be won – it has to be earned.

      Game over

    46. gus1940 says:

      I mistakenly took the time to read the whole interview in The National to subsequently conclude that it was just a rehash of the usual waffle.

      While there may be improvements in the area of Drama and Entertainment programming there isn’t a chance in a million years that the SNPBad Agenda will change one little bit so long as PQ dances to the tune emanating from WM and Broadcasting House.

      Anybody who believes in the lack of government interference in the broadcast and print media should cast their minds back to the days before Blair embarked on The Irish Peace process – when we were being deluged with cruel mocking Irish Jokes. Suddenly when things began to look promising for peace in NI the Irish Jokes disappeared completely – when did you last hear an Irish Joke? What a coincidence that such jokes vanished – no govt. interference – Aye Right.

      Nowadays, of course, we are subjected to mocking Scottish Jokes. It seems to be the case that on HIGNFY for example it is obligatory to have in each edition at least one nasty sly dig at Scotland and its people interspersed with the Anti-Corbyn tirades.

      I don’t kmow what others thought of the Christmas and Boxing Day TV schedules this year but I think the quality reached an all-time low.

      My memory told me that 30 or 40 years ago when all we had was 3 terrestrial channels the quality was infinitely better with BBC leading the way closely followed by BBC2.

      It used be the case that one could just stay on BBC1 all day with the odd switch to BBC2 for non-stop quality programming.

      On Christmas Day this year with 5 terrestrial channels and a plethora of Cable & Satellite Channels to choose from what was on offer was a disgrace.

      The only programs I watched on Christmas Day this year out of the 5 terrestrial channels were The Tracey Ullman show and a HIGNFY repeat on BBC1.

      In case my memory was painting a rosy picture of what was on offer years ago I Googled ‘Christmas Day TV Scedules 1976’and what was shown for Christmas Day & Boxing Day more than confirmed that my memory was correct – it was quite amazing comparing what was on offer in 1976 compared with today with 5 terrestrial channels and hundreds of Cable & Satellite ones.

      Try it with any year back 30 or 40 years and you will be amazed – unless my taste in viewing is rubbish.

    47. Bob Mack says:

      Seeing as it’s pantomine season I suppose the best reply is “Oh no you won’t”.

    48. Hamish100 says:

      You can trust me!

      You don’t?

      It is your perception. Its
      Your fault… your too wee, too…..


    49. Hamish100 says:

      R-type Grunt says:
      28 December, 2016 at 1:22 pm
      The most interesting aspect of this ‘story’ is that it appears in The National. That rag is a Trojan Horse in Scotland

      I suppose you read the Mail? Telegraph?

      The National is the only paper around. I’ll buy it and the Sunday Herald. Do I like everything the do? No but the trojans are the ones who undermine pro indy papers. Just my perception.

    50. Proud Cybernat says:

      “…we want to understand why people don’t trust us…”

      Hope this will help:

      “…let’s call it Devo Max.” – Jackie Bird, BBC Reporting Scotland (17th Sept, 2014) .

      That, Donalda, was blatant manipulation of the political narrative by Jackie Bird, leading many viewers to believe that a NO vote would give them Devo-Max. Over two years down the road now, Donalda – do we have Devo-Max? No, thought not.

      And then there’s THIS, Donalda:

      Pro NO campaign broadcast on a endless loop the day before IndyRef#1 by BBC Scotland without ANY right of reply by the YES campaign.

      “…we want to be able to explain what it is that we do more clearly perhaps.”

      We KNOW what is is that the BBC does, Donalda. Here’s a little sample (in case you missed it):

      Oh, and here’s those Great British Values (in case you forgot what they were, Donalda):

      Hope all of that helps, Donalda. There’s a lot, lot more. Just ask. Always happy to help.

    51. Artyhetty says:

      Re; Dr,Jim@1.36

      It is a bit of a creepy, unreal smile for sure. Scotland is no longer fooled, in the main, and these people are terrified of losing their gravy train.

    52. heedtracker says:

      Lovely boost from the National too. Its like an in house yoonster beeb blast, of completely benign, nae very friendly and nice public broadcasting.

      So well done the National, a lovely introduction to an all new exciting BBC Scotland ligger, who’s been there for ever.

      Well not forever, posh school, posh uni, into to the BBC, handing the vile seps what we deserve.

      Just guessing Donaldo’s CV there, educated guess, educated by hundreds of poshos going BBC nuts at anyone what won’t stop voting who they say! Its for our own good, why cant you just vote tory, red and blue, like we say?!!

      And so on.

    53. ronnie anderson says:

      Buried in the National with they’re limited distribution I dont expect Donalda will be making the story a feature on Bbc Scottish news or national news or re address those fobbed off complaints.

    54. rmfbrown says:

      I’m surprised that the Rev and the other commentators here didn’t pick up on the fact that there was ZERO mention of a Scottish Six in this article.

      You would think that such an issue would have been top of the agenda for a new boss eager to make an impression.

      I assume the BBC have quietly shelved the idea?

    55. gus1940 says:

      Is it possible that The National printed this interview as a means to produce a deluge of letters to The Editor ripping her words to shreds.

    56. Dek says:

      I stopped reading the Donalda article at the “perceptions ” bit. FFS have they got the same affliction as the Labour branch office in Scotland ?

    57. heedtracker says:

      A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, she completed a post-graduate diploma and began her career as a teacher before joining the BBC.

      Leave out the posh school chaps.

      “She is an alumnus of the Windsor Leadership Trust and alongside continuous personal development has undertaken leadership training at Ashridge Business School and at Stanford Research Institute, California, USA.”

      Nothing to do with the Scotland region whatsoever.

      Didn’t Kez spend her summer hols here too. Funny that.

      Why would a big cheese in one of the most bloated and expensive public broadcasters in the world, what produces nothing but grot, be needing leadership training from a USA business school?

      You could ask this all day of our masters and betters. They’ll just tell you to not mess with the UKOK establishment.

      USA all the way.

    58. Artyhetty says:

      Perhaps it would be pertinent for The National to have a front page tomorrow, showing the ‘London Calling’ film. I guess they won’t have mentioned it today.

      Watched the clip, on silent, thanks for the link, Proud cybernat, of Brown’s ‘speech’ aired on bbc the day before the indy ref. What a good actor he is, these people are trained well, and rewarded richly.
      He is like a rabid dog in that film.

      He sold out Scotland, how disgusting is that.

    59. heedtracker says:

      Great test of newbie Donaldo would asking her for the viewing figures, for all the SNP bad stuff they pump out over their BBC Scotland region. Its a routine query as all cybernats know, FOI etc. And yet they are all knocked back out of BBC hand.

      So come on Donaldo, show us yer stats.

    60. Sinky says:

      So long as we are subjected to everything through the London prism – nothing will change until we get an autonomous Scottish broadcasting channel run and financed from Scotland.

      ALSO in The National, it seems that Scotland’s councils are charged 10p in every £ they get, repaying £2.5 billion pre devolution debts to the UK Treasury Public Works Loan Board at 8% per annum and Tories won’t review this.

      Something to remember next time some one talks about Council cuts ….. also horrendous £1 billion PFI bill run up by Labour councils and health boards.

    61. Liz g says:

      She really doesn’t get the trust thing does she?
      Let’s delve into fantasy for a moment.
      The BBC as from tomorrow report honestly and continue to do so for …Let’s say…The next 10 years.
      We are always going to be looking for the lies the misinformation and the agenda’s.
      We can never just watch and not wonder.
      The trust is gone and it’s never coming back.

      She doesn’t even say we need to change and be seen to change,no,she announced that they will be taking steps to convince us to believe them again.
      Well good for her, I will also continue to do what I have been doing aswell…That is to convince as many that I can not to trust them or pay to be lied to.
      Me and half of Scotland.

    62. Truth says:

      At least it saves me paying the licence if they’re going to carry on with the propaganda.

    63. gordoz says:

      After having a good laugh at the Nationals article on the BBC’s ‘New Broom’ and her ‘Same as it ever was’ approach, I would advise that it betrays the attitude of No surrender hidden within, or maybe not so hidden. The news output cannot change as it would breach their continuing ‘Rule Britannia’ charter rules.

      Anyway on the drama output front they could do no better than review the excellent ‘In plain sight’ from STV; with Martin Compston & Douglas Henshall.

      Top notch output from Scotland; well done to all concerned.

    64. heedtracker says:

      So Donaldo, its your first day as the boss of BBC vote NO Scotland, how do you intend to make sure English socio economics, politics, culture, sport, other stuff, continue to completely dominate your Scotland region of greater England?

      Sir Gordon Brewer’s getting a new hair do, we’ve CGI’d Archie Macpherson, to have hysterics 70’s style, every time Gers score. Then, we’re going to have Prof “Smirky” Tomkins on, every day, sticking it to the vile seps, for that world famous BBC balanced and unbiased bullshit, right Donaldo, you rock.

    65. Iain says:

      Ms MacKinnon bears more than a passing resemblance to Father Ted’s Mrs Doyle.

      ‘C’mon you Jocks, show us a nice bit of trust.

      Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on..’

    66. alba says:

      “until the mask slips and we see, not repentance for past behaviour, but rueful resentment that efforts to manage perceptions of that behaviour proved inadequate.”

      Oh for a thumbs up button.

      I suspect their fear isnt towards those who question BBC bias regarding Scottish nationalism; for I doubt they give a flying fuck what nationalist think. I’m inclined to believe their fear is much wider. A world wide propaganda service being undermined by viewers in their own backyard will impact on the ability of HSBC, BOC & their ilk to cover their stench.

    67. Ron Maclean says:

      Does anybody seriously believe that behind the scenes Donalda Mackinnon was, or is, fighting the cause of BBC impartiality?

      There might be an opportunity here. She is admitting that something just might even be ever so slightly wrong. An opening perhaps for SNP leaders to show some leadership and hold her to account? Or just another chance to sit and do nothing, positively of course, while playing Westminster’s games to Westminster’s rules?

    68. Vestas says:

      As I pointed out on another site :

      “Donalda MacKinnon has been the EDITORIAL boss (Head of Programmes and Services) of BBC Shortbread since 2009.

      She is the person directly responsible for the way BBC Shortbread behaved in 2014 – and indeed has behaved since.

      Her appointment is a massive “fuck you” to anyone who isn’t a BritNat loyalist.”

      Meet the new boss who is also the old boss in editorial terms…..

    69. Fred says:

      Well folks, if you thought Xmas Shortbread was shite, brace yersels for the Hogmanay Spectacular starring……Jackie Burd, who’se had her face lifted that often she has to shave!

    70. heedtracker says:

      Vestas says:
      28 December, 2016 at 2:51 pm
      As I pointed out on another site :

      “Donalda MacKinnon has been the EDITORIAL boss (Head of Programmes and Services) of BBC Shortbread since 2009.

      That’s shocking news! Maybe she’ll do a Nic Sturgeon the escaped gorilla thing again. Never forget the cheeky smirks on the BBC presenters wee faces after that one.

    71. winifred mccartney says:

      Les wilson 12.19
      Rbt Graham 1.21
      Spot on totally agree – why is the national allowing MsD to suggest it is us that are so dumb and the bbc so correct that our ‘perceptions’ are wrong. All this means is they will be even cleverer and slicker with their misinformation – wrap it up in even more lies and deceit.

    72. Proud Cybernat says:

      There. Fixed…

      (Tips hat to Chic McG.)

    73. marydoll says:

      I can’t believe the National gave the EBC front page advertising , knowing that they are the problem , and that Misreportng Scotland is well named. I believe she is responsible for that too.

      I agree with those who shut their eyes and the interview sounded like BLiS.

      I also agree with whoever says that SNP should be out destroying all these lies before they stick. Murdo Fraser has a tweet every day as does Tompkins. Come on SNP get a PR firm and let them do their job!

    74. Muscleguy says:

      I was struck that she thought it was only a ‘bit’. That word is in there twice. IOW she doesn’t think it is an more than a ‘bit’ of a problem. Nothing major, so no major changes need to be made.

      Ken McQuarrie is still her boss as Boss of the Regions.

      Meet the new boss, still the same as the old boss.

    75. starlaw says:

      I and others lost faith in the BBC years before the Indy ref. I used the radio news from both Dublin and Moscow to hear their versions of current events in UK. Often very different indeed
      I have no trust in any UK controlled media, nor do I wish to have any .. trust once spurned never returned.

    76. frogesque says:

      Donelda: Misreporting Scotland billboards and stickers getting between your teeth dearie?

      BBC PQ is an ugly glass box. The most dismal and uninspiring ediface, a stain on Glasgow’s great achitectectural heritage. Parts of Glasgow were also ugly and festering but the gave birth to exceptional fortitude an brilliant humour…

      What has your monstrosity given us Donalda? Let us all know of one program totally produced in Scotland during the last year that anyone in Scotland could be proud of and show to the rest of the world.

      BBC Scotland is a disgrace! I don’t care how you polish it.

    77. Proud Cybernat says:

      Very ON-TOPIC.

      Should anyone like some BBC Misreporting Scotland stickies to give out then drop an email to:

      peepthebeeb [@] gmail [dot] com (nae spaces or brackets) and I’ll send a batch out to you. The only ones I have left are the tricky ones to peel (but doable with patience).

      Over 45,000 have been handed out by distributers the length and breadth of Scotland and rising. Hope to get to 70,000 (and beyond) soon. (You listening Donalda??).

      A new campaign of rear window car stickers will commence in the New Year. Hope you will be able to support the campaign when it gets going.

      We have to BEAT these propagandists. And we do that by showing people their lies and misinformation. Once the trust is gone, the BBC is gone as a force in Scotland. They can pump their pish out all day long and it won’t make one blind bit of difference. That’s all we have to do is make people think twice about what the BBC is telling them. They only have to see ONE verifiable piece of BBC deliberate news manipulation to lose trust.

      I made this short clip (2 mins) from London Calling documentary to show to people on your phones in pubs or anywhere else you get the chance. It is short and to the point. Gets the message across instantly. Use it and spread it.

      Blatant BBC Scotland News Manipulation

      How anyone can continue to trust the BBC after seeing the above short clip is beyond me.

      Let’s get them. When the majority of people in Scotland have lost trust in the BBC in Scotland then winning IndyRef#2 will be a Nigel Tranter (well, almost).

    78. Clootie says:

      …she got the job to give the impression that the BBC were listening. To give the impression that they would demonstrate balanced reporting.

      The article sums up the approach being adopted….” The World knows that the BBC is an impartial organisation who are renowned for their quality of journalism…etc”
      The problem for the BBC is that the behaviour in Scotland has awakened an awareness of the BBCs political propaganda drive in selling Whitehall propaganda to the World, not just Scotland.

      From Syria/Sudan through to Brexit//Farage we have a state system organisation which will sell an American centred message, ignore criminal acts by senior state figures and above all protect the ruling class of Royals and Lords.

      The treatment of Scotland is not a side issue driven by people like McQuarrie and MacKinnon. They are just a localised manifestation of the state manipulation.

      It is YOUR fault…
      The union is wonderful
      The Royals rule us as natural order dictates (Then the Lords and those with a private education)
      Immigrants are eating our babies
      We cannot afford a Welfare state/an NHS ( the BBC didn’t give austerity much coverage)
      America is the best model for any nation (Obahma will attack Scotland or Corbyn as payback)
      Brexit is orgasmic
      The Empire is alive and well

      Trust the BBC…not if they grovel and my feet and beg forgiveness.
      MacKinnon is running a PR exercise to ensure that they keep control of what we see and hear.

      Once again they demonstrate contempt by failing to give any recognition of the blatant bias evident every day.

    79. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m afraid Ms. MacKinnon is on to plumbs, if she thinks the problem is as simple as a matter of trust. The truth is, the BBC’s Public Purpose is at odds with the operation of democracy in Scotland. The BBC aims to bind Britain together, at a time when at least half of Scotland’s voting public wishes for greater autonomy and control over their own affairs. That’s why the BBC treats the SNP like shite, as their organisational objectives clash head-on.

      6. The Public Purposes

      (4) To reflect, represent and serve the diverse communities of all of the United Kingdom’s nations and regions and, in doing so, support the creative economy across the United Kingdom: the BBC should reflect the diversity of the United Kingdom both in its output and services. In doing so, the BBC should accurately and authentically represent and portray the lives of the people of the United Kingdom today, and raise awareness of the different cultures and alternative viewpoints that make up its society. It should ensure that it provides output and services that meet the needs of the United Kingdom’s nations, regions and communities. The BBC should bring people together for shared experiences and help contribute to the social cohesion and well being of the United Kingdom. In commissioning and delivering output the BBC should invest in the creative economies of each of the nations and contribute to their development.

      @Ms. MacKinnon
      Has it not always been so?

    80. mike cassidy says:

      This assessment from two weeks ago has probably been linked to before,

      but well worth reading for more background.

    81. Ian McCubbin says:

      Already commented directly to National saying what chance of trusting such a propaganda channel.

    82. Robert Peffers says:

      @ClanDonald says: 28 December, 2016 at 12:28 pm:

      “She said in a previous interview that BBC Scotland couldn’t be accused of bias. Aye right”

      Try this, ClanDonald – type into your search engine the simple two words, “BBC BIAS”.

      I just did and got – About 68,600 results (0.43 seconds).

      Not only that but the majority of those results were NOT from Scots or Scotland.

      Now type into your search enginr, “BBC Scottish Bias”, and you will get – 3 results (0.37 seconds), and they are absolutely all anti-Scottish abusive results.

    83. Andy-B says:

      The Ministry of Truth is going for a more subtle approach.

    84. robertknight says:

      Anyone listening to Holler Hyndland Hannah, News Drivel or the flagship Misreporting Scotland , with chief purveyors of SNP-bad propaganda Anniesland Sally and Tollcross Rose , can’t help but equate the letters BBC with Blatantly Biased Coverage

    85. heraldnomore says:

      Meanwhile, Santa’s been, and one of the additions to the bookshelf is:

      Five On Brexit Island

      Spiffing stuff. Can’t think what Five on BBC Scotland might be like…

    86. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Robert Graham {Prisoner Series} PMSL I look back to those heady day here on WoS when I was Number 7 either that ah wiz the bouncy baw an wiz ah bouncing LoL.

      I shall say this only once. HAPPY NAERDAY TO YOU:S ALL


    87. Wulls says:

      Well the first part of solving a problem is admitting one exists.
      Looks like the BBC ain’t gonna solve theirs on their own.

    88. Robert Peffers says:

      @Andrew Reid says: 28 December, 2016 at 12:42 pm:

      “Donalda MacKinnon is also quoted in The National as saying that, “We take pride in the fact that the majority of our audiences still trust the BBC.”

      Let’s just analyse that a little further, Andrew.

      It does not make clear that the audience has decreased dramatically. She thus means only those that still remain as their audience for the others are former BBC audience members.

      ” … However, there is a significant number still in Scotland whose trust we lost and I think there is still a bit of work to be done in that regard.”

      No mention of how many have gone AWOL and won’t be back nor how much of, “a bit of work”, it will require to get them back.

      “We take pride in the fact that the majority of our audience still trust the BBC. “

      But the majority of what remains obviously still will trust the BBC or they would no longer be the BBC’s audience.

      You have to read all BBC stuff with an open mind and dissect it with more than a pinch of scepticism.

    89. GrahamB says:

      Well if Donalda wants to regain trust maybe a good start would be to stop printing lies from day one and not coming out with blatantly untrue stories e.g. from today’s website introduction to the Forth Bridge year’s progress clip –
      “The bridge was originally due to open this month – but is now scheduled to begin carrying vehicles from May.”
      The true version should read “the bridge completion date was originally July 31 next year but exceptional progress led to the hope that it might open by the year end. Weather setbacks have pushed the date back to May next year – still two months early.”
      Oh and it is considerably under budget!
      Perhaps once/if they get their ‘News’ delivery sorted out they can turn their attention to the entertainment side but they’ll never get trust back if they keep putting out lies as news.

    90. Well we’re showing “London Calling – How the BBC stole the Referendum” in the Dunoon Cinema on Sunday afternoon of 8th January. Perhaps we should invite Donalda down to explain how she’s going to sort stuff out.

    91. heedtracker says:

      She’s going to destroy Scottish democracy, with lots of tartan shite, and Balmoral Castle, and wars, endless wars with parades of Scottish soldiers. And Holyrood will be ghosted, smeared, monstered.

      And when she’s done, she’ll be promoted to a top BBC management job in merry olde London, just exactly like her predecessor. Its how teamGB works, at £500,000 a year, not to be sniffed at.

    92. Gary45% says:

      So are the Empires finest going to have a COMPLETE clear-out, of the garbage that they currently employ?, start to broadcast HONEST UNBIASED reporting?, and produce programmes that justify the pathetic licence fee?
      I very much doubt it.
      Even if they changed it to “We love the SNP channel”, I would still never believe them.
      On a lighter note, whilst on a wee sortie to the new English colony that is Eljin( I think that’s the “new”local pronunciation) you know you are winning when a yoon drives up beside your car, notices the YES stickers etc., looks then shakes his head whilst referring to you as a banker with a hand gesture, A courteous smile and a sarcastic kiss given back, said arsehole then parks but doesn’t have the balls to look at you.
      Indy 10-Yoons0

    93. Breeks says:

      “Trust me”, said the fabled scorpion….

    94. Dan Huil says:

      Don’t pay the bbc tax. Let britnats pay for britnat propaganda.

    95. davidb says:


      He would have struggled to get home if I had been involved. There’s not many cars carry two spare tyres.

    96. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Dave McEwan Hill 4.32

      Good idea Dave fire of a E Mail how can she miss the opperchancity to meet the disenfranchised, any others having a viewing of London’s Calling & she doesn’t except Dave’s invitation fire in your own E Mails & we’ll see how committed she is to winning back the trust of the People.

    97. Robert Peffers says:

      @Blair Paterson says: 28 December, 2016 at 1:03 pm:

      “The dogs in the street know that the bbc remit is to put Scotland down at every turn and that is what they are doing but they are being helped in this by the Scottish government doing nothing to challenge them on this … “.

      So, Blair, if even the dogs in the street know what the BBC’s remit is, why on Earth would the SNP want to stop the BBC from continuing to alienate the people of Scotland even further?

      I am no longer able to go out knocking doors but I know exactly the kind of reaction I would get if I did. The dogs out there certainly know and accept the score but the hard-line Yoon Loon Goons do not. Thus, if I knocked their door and said the BBC told the occupier lies I would likely just get told, “Aw they politicians and Cybernats are aw the same. Thir aw liars”, and the door would be slammed in my face”.

      Yet the slammer of the door might find out they are made redundant and then sanctioned and left destitute by the next time an activist calls and another former Yoon would join the reduced BBC audience figures and then would know the truth.

      You do not interrupt your enemy while they are making mistakes. So just why do you imagine the MSM and BBC are NOT making mistakes when their readership, viewing and listening figures are going down faster than my we dog’s dog biscuit goes down her wee doggy throat?

    98. Proud Cybernat says:

      How the BBC will win our trust:

    99. gordoz says:

      O/T – Jan Iscot

      Have to say if Tom Morton can change his view over indy then bloody anybody can. Very heartening news indeed.

      Credit to the man for honesty.

    100. galamcennalath says:

      It is obvious to people who have opened their eyes what the BBC is up to. As others have said, it’s not just working to undermine democracy in Scotland, it’s pushing the pro London establishment agenda on everything.

      Their problem is, it only works while a large number of people haven’t seen through the manipulation. When sufficient people have sussed them out and begin to question the validity of what they see and hear, the BBC house of cards begins to topple.

      IMO Scotland is now at that tipping point where a majority will cease to believe and respect BBC news and political content.

      Have the BBC been successful in what they are do? In 2014 we mainly lost because of BBC bias and false Unionist promises. Either one might have swung it, both together certainly did.

      Will the BBC swing it again next time? No! Too many Scots will see through them by then. It’s impossible to un-learn something. Once you’ve ‘seen the light’ you can/will never go back. When you know it’s a turd, no amount of polish and shine can make it anything else.

    101. HandandShrimp says:

      As I rarely use the BBC as a source of news these days she has her work cut out. I don’t trust them to honestly attempt to rebuild trust much less actually rebuild trust.

      I won’t be holding my breath either. What has surprised me is how little I miss the BBC news.

    102. gordoz says:

      O/T Here is a nugget from a yoon rag so it must be true ?

      “Numbers compiled by Survation found a total of 34.9% of surveyed voters who backed the separatist party in May in Holyrood parliamentary elections then voted to leave the EU in the UK-wide June referendum” – Daily express online 5pm today.

      Dearie me ?

    103. Fran says:

      Straight out the Slab hand book of your all wrong and we are right and you will like it .

      Read as if it came from Kdugs script writer.

    104. Les Wilson says:

      Hmmm, the good old BBC,
      Last night late I dropped by RT. There was a ticker report that
      the president of Turkey had it made known that he has proveable evidence that the USA and other Western countries had funded ISIS and other terror groups.

      That is big news I would think, just imagine of some of the things ISIS has committed.
      I watched the late night BBC news afterwards, to see what they were making of it,but nothing,completely blanked.

      I have only glanced at the news today but wondered if the media blackout is still in place. If the BBC and other western media groups continue to ignore this, then for me it is a suggestion of guilt.

      If that really was the case, and their refusal to acknowledge the statement, it really would be damning for the governments who took part in the funding of these lunatics.

      Angus Robertson needs to ask the question in Parliament, and not let May away with waffle. We need to know, was/is the UK involved? It would be the highest level of hypocrisy, and deceit if they have.

    105. Cactus says:

      @Inform Scotland ~

      IS the BBC Misreporting Scotland?

      ARE the BBC Misreporting Scotland?

    106. Lenny Hartley says:

      Les Wilson, oh deAr the President of Turkey better stop throwing stones,,RT had evidence of him allowing Isis convoys of tankers full of stolen oil from Syria and Iraq over the border into Turkey.
      That’s until the Russians bombed them, about the same time Turkey shot down the Russian Jet. Can’t remember the BBC reporting those convoys either !

      Wikileaks had info a couple of months ago that Clinton was being backed by Saudi Arabia and Quatar , two known Isis backers, o what a tangled web we weave!!!

    107. Robert Peffers says:

      @scottieDog says: 28 December, 2016 at 1:32 pm:

      “It should be a subscription only channel and that way we as the consumer can choose whether we want to listen to the will be a quick death for auntie in Scotland.”

      Whoa! There, ScottieDog. In the first place you do not legally pay a license fee to fund the BBC. You pay a license fee, as it tells you on the actual license, to allow you to watch any live video broadcast, of any kind and from any source.

      However that has now been changed to include such as the iPlayer, and as the iPlayer is NOT live Broadcasting, I would assume that this license now includes any form of, “on-demand”, video broadcasting.

      A licence is a formal permission to do something or other. A gun license allows the licensee to own a gun, it does not pay for the gun itself.

      In the second place the BBC does NOT directly get the money collected for owning the license. The cash goes to the Treasury and Westminster grants funding to the BBC for services rendered and those services pay for the BBC’s services.

      like regulation of taxi, emergency services and even Amateur Radio, (HAM), licences. Checking and preventing radio interference, aircraft and inshore radio services and so on.

      It also only pays the BBC for providing weather, news and public services broadcasts. It does not pay for entertainment programmes. However, the BBC sells programmes all over the World and operates the BBC World Service. The public can also buy BBC recordings too.

      So the Westminster Mafia has you no matter what you do. You are not even paying them to own a TV set you only get a license to view video broadcasts and that includes on-line broadcasts.

      So making the BBC a subscription service will, in itself, make no difference = you would still get done for breaking the law of watching broadcast video.

    108. yesindyref2 says:

      I had the same take when I read the article, and the attitude seemed to be “”A significant number don’t trust us so we’ll have to persuade them we’re right”. But I’ll reserve judgement, even if she was Sturgeon or Hyslop in disguise, she couldn’t very well say “We’re just sich a biased bunch of Unionists I don’t know where to start”.

      @cat in the other thread suggested they could show London Calling with a panel discussion after, so I made that suggestion in the National thread, the quieter thread.

      It could be worth a mass emailing asking BBC Scotland to show it! Maybe even a petition (as long as it’s not the dreaded 38 degrees).

    109. Stoker says:

      The new boss of the BBC in Scotland said:

      “..there is still a significant number in Scotland whose trust we lost.”

      As far as i’m concerned you cannot lose that which you’ve never had.

      She also said:
      “’s part of my mission to try and address these perceptions that may have led to that loss of trust.”

      How about starting with Nick Robinson, just as a random starting point? Trouble is, he’s not a “perception” he’s a true bona fide liar. Then you could move on to his twin stablemate, Andra Neil. That should be enough to get you started.

      Right, we’re all ears, lets hear yer pish!

      She then adds:
      “..i think part of what i’m trying to do is to demonstrate that we want to be open; we want to understand why people don’t trust us..”

      Well, here’s your starters for ten:
      (a): How about regularly releasing accurate viewing and listening figures for BBC Scotland Radio & TV programmes which cover news, politics and current affairs?
      (b): How about regularly releasing accurate BBC licencing statistics for Scotland.

      Start with those and we’ll see how it goes.

    110. ScottishPsyche says:

      Belated Happy Christmas to everyone.

      This response from the BBC is so depressing. There is no awareness whatsoever. What seems even more depressing are the media/publishing types on the Yes side who sneeringly deride the idea of institutional bias inherent in a body like the BBC. A bit like Blair Jenkins – too close to the source to see the problem. If you have working associations with the BBC it must be hard to look objectively at the overall picture. Much easier to make soft criticisms of individual interviews or articles.

      Nice to see Tom Morton having a change of heart – I was surprised he was so overtly No at the time. Like a lot of former Labour members, allegiance to the party seemed to raise conflicts between Independence and their socialist principles where in reality none existed.

    111. Ghillie says:

      The Cringe is strong with this one.

    112. Tinto Chiel says:

      Quite right, Rev. Same old, same old from The Unredeemables.

      Donalda’s subtext: “All these Sweaties need is another series of The Great British Beat-Off, Jackie Bird in a new tartan twinset and Ruthie mounting something on Strictly, then they’ll come round.”

      Verily, Elvis says sooth:

    113. Thepnr says:

      It is only the iplayer of all that catch-up TV services that you now need a licence for. ITV, STV etc. services do not need a licence.

      From the horses mouth:

      What can I watch without a TV licence?

      The rules only apply to iPlayer, so you do not need a TV licence if you only ever watch on-demand or catch-up programmes through other service providers – as long as they don’t use iPlayer.

      This means that – for example – you can watch on-demand and catch-up BBC programmes on third-party services such as Netflix without needing a TV licence, but you wouldn’t be able to watch any on-demand and catch-up BBC programmes on iPlayer through services like Now TV, Sky, Virgin, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast without a TV licence.

      If you only watch on-demand and catch-up television, and you only ever watch it using services from other providers, such as the ITV Hub or All 4, then you also wouldn’t need a TV licence.

    114. fraser darling says:

      Oh no you won’t!

    115. Cactus says:

      @Ms MacKinnon ~

      As per your recent interview in The National, where you correctly identify and acknowledge that the people of Scotland have lost their trust in your branch office productions..

      Listing 10 reasons, please would you explain to us, what YOU believe these mistrust issues to be and how you intend to go about attempting this ‘winning them back?’

      Yous Misreportingly..

    116. Peter A Bell @1.01 pm.
      At times like these we need your cool and eloquent response.
      Nutshell, and got it in a , comes to mind.
      This woman has been sheep dipped in the North British Branch of the English Establishment’s birth pool, she is a dyed in the wool, made all the right career moves, stuck in there at the Beeb, Unionist Fixture .
      She ticks all the right boxes, and then some. Check out the ‘Who We Are’, and ‘Sponsors’ of the Windsor Leadership Course which she attended. The very cream of the SE Oligarchy. Good wee certificate to have under your belt that one.
      Like Dugdale Brown Darling Douglas Alexander, and the rest, she has crossed the pond, to take part in a ‘Leadership’ seminar, at Stanford Cal., in her case.
      Her glittering path is outlined briefly on the net.
      She has been at the Beeb for yonks and has been directly responsible and accountable for the quite frankly sinister manipulation of BBC News and Current affairs output in Scotland over the past decade or so.
      She’s a canny woman, but, though, mind, and realises that her deliberately patronising language (‘loss of trust’ and the especially haughty use of ‘perceptions’, it is the viewing public’s mistaken ‘perception’, not the reality,) is designed to create the stink which it has, QED the posts above and elsewhere on the virtual forum.

      Job done.
      Her message? Nothing will change. Gary Robertson will still quote the Times the Guardian and Telegraph as fact, and Severin Carrell Lindsay Mcintosh Tom Gordon Tom Harris David Torrance Margaret Curran Adam Tomkins Murdo Fraser Wullie Rennie Kezia Dugdale Jackie Baillie and the bloated stable of Unionist commentators and third division politicians will sit with Brewer Campbell Bird and the rest talking Unionist nonsense with each other, while the SNP Holyrood Administration and the 56 SNP MPs are ignored, marginalised, or represented as insignificant at every opportunity.
      Job Done , Donalda.
      You are bought and paid for. I’ll leave taxi fare on the bedside table.

    117. Elizabeth says:

      MacQuarrie was apparently fond of reminding everybody it was the BRITISH Broadcasting Corportation. I’m not convinced the new boss has a different attitude. she said to Isabel Fraser in her interview that she would be her own woman in her dealings with London. But I would rather she was Scotland’s woman. She obviously kept her head down during the Indy Ref campaign and she now has her reward. Nothing she’s said so far makes me think she’s planning to change anything other than working to make us perceive the BBC differently. I remember too well the wall to wall unionist propaganda during Indy Ref. In the final weeks the BBC arranged for their obviously more important London-based commentariat to decamp to Scotland shoving local journalists, including their own Scottish Political Editor To a lesser role. I suspect it would happen again if there was another referendum. The BBC did not report the massive Yes rallies, or reflect the undoubted public interest and participation in the debate. They were so afraid of the Yes movement they became the state rather than the public broadcaster.

    118. Henry says:

      What does it take to get through to this echo chamber citadel.
      They dont listen to academics, independent reports, international observers and the scottish people themselves who pay the licence fee. They were trusted and they abused that trust. Like a parachute that has one job to do they were expected to report the news impartially without bias, they didnt and went out of their way to be biased. Well like a lead parachute they will not win back trust.

    119. scotspine says:

      Well folks, that takes the biscuit!

      Tweet this morning from Gary Robertson / BBC Scotland News on GMS this morning. Good news story about the Co-op in Scotland (well they do fund Labour) providing jobs.

      The tweet was accompanied by a pic of a Co-op complete with Union Flag on the window and motto saying “proud to serve Britain”.

      Sarcy comments made at the time.

      Just had a look and they have changed the pic to get rid of the flag and comment.

      They really are comedy propagandists.

    120. bjsalba says:

      O/T sort of – just read a piece on how Germans are not (in the main) buying the idea that Merkel is to blame for the terror attacks.

      That got me thinking about newspaper ownership in Germany and I found this on Wiki

      Interestingly different from the ownership of UK media.

    121. Alex Grant says:

      The Scottish government has to challenge her directly and formally. They need to ask for demonstrable measurable balance and equal representation in discussion and debate

    122. iain says:

      The bbc does not seem to know that trust lost is never regained. Then again looking ahead does not seem to be a strong point, their future in Scotland is bleak. Over half the population of Scotland does not believe them.
      Regaining trust would involve watching them. People no longer watch tv, radio,or read the papers so how are they going to pull off this miracle?
      I think some of the managers may have realized this, but have no solutions so just keep blundering on in the hope the problem will disappear.
      Still it is a problem of their own making,they could have upheld their charter and told the truth.

    123. heedtracker says:

      Ian Murray speaking in tongues. He’s had a lovely ride at the hands of Donaldo too. Loyal, well an idiot but loyal.

      Scott Arthur Retweeted
      Ian Murray ?@IanMurrayMP 8h8 hours ago
      Viewers in Scotland will rue the day if politicians diminish the @BBC for ideological purposes. We r lucky 2 have such a quality broadcaster

    124. Grendel says:

      Time to hold the BBC’s feet to the fire: PLEASE contribute to this if you haven’t done so already!

    125. Truth says:


      It’s quite simple, the only thing that will get through is each and every one of us withholding the licence fee.

      This at least has the consolation that even if their behaviour doesn’t change, at least you’re not personally funding it.

      I gave up TV about 8 years ago. After 3 months the habit was broken. I now have no time even if I wanted to watch telly. Don’t miss it one bit.

    126. heedtracker says:

      Ian Murray ?@IanMurrayMP 8h8 hours ago
      Viewers in Scotland will rue the day if…

      SLab just cant stop themselves threatening us, vile seps or not. YOU will rue the day, if you dont do what I say, I am Ian Murray, not a fcukwit.

    127. Flower of Scotland says:

      I will never forgive the BBC in Scotland for their anti Scottish bias in their news programmes.

      I will never listen to their TV or Radio programmes again. There are much better sources of news.

      State Propaganda is their speciality!

    128. Thepnr says:

      Giving up paying the TV license has a number of benefits. For one you are saving £145.50 a year. There is much more though, no longer are you subject to the states propaganda in news and current affairs.

      You get to think for yourself! That’s a big bonus.

      Every household (unless over 75 years old)if they want to watch TV live from no matter the source is obliged to fund this outrage masquerading as news and entertainment.

      A millionaire pays the same as the poorest family, if they watch and don’t pay then they get a criminal conviction and can be sent to jail.

      Can pay, won’t pay. As Truth says earlier after three months you won’t miss it, totally painless. There is better quality entertainment out there that will cost you a lot less and YOU the viewer have the choice of what to watch and when.

      I used to continue to listen to BBC Good Morning Shortbread eaters even after giving up the license. No longer, it is crap.

      Donalda will have her work cut out winning back any trust from me.

    129. dakk says:

      The BBC will continue fulfilling their main purpose of slyly promoting English/British culture as superior to all others ad infinitum.

      They are the English Establishment and will protect their interests by exploiting,lying to and patronising their captive market/coerced funders.

      This posh state propagandist with the exotic Scottish name will be handsomely rewarded for sounding plausible and impartial,like almost all these MSM journalistic fakes.

    130. Daisy Walker says:

      If she wants to regain trust, she should put London Calling on BBC1 at 7pm every weekday night for a month.

      She should issue a formal apology to Prf Robertson for the BBC attempting to remove him from post with what looked very like a dirty tricks campaign.

      She should cancel the fake Scottish shows coming out of the BBC Scotland Budget such as Weakest Link, and Kenneth Brannens remake of Wallander (when the Swedish versions much better), and address the current deficit in spending.

      She should buy and play Outlander on BBC1 on a Prime time slot.

      She should beg for forgiveness that the BBC was a paid up member of CBI as it campaigned for BT, and dragged their heals at revealing it, and refused to leave it. I still remember the shock when Sally Magnesson revealed that, and even she looked stunned by it.

      She should publish Scotland’s License Fee figures since 2013 onwards, and commit her professional integrity to reversing the it.

      However, since she won’t do any of that, and instead we’re going to get the all new, all ‘female’ version of the ‘daft laddie’ management technique.

      Step 1, wilfully misinterpret the nature of the problem – NB should always be done with a concerned look and consolatory manner.

      Step 2, Blank all evidence to the contrary (Complaints Department have her back on this one).

      Step 3, Visibly reward/promote some of the worst offenders

      Step 4, Roll out the following excuses, in no particular order and repeat, repeat, repeat …

      It’s a new team, it’s a bedding in period, we didn’t realise it would be misunderstood in this way, its a misunderstanding, we’re on a learning curve, we’re going to listen/consult, it’s the cut backs, it was a technical problem,it’s a new team, it’s a bedding in period, we didn’t realise it would be misunderstood in this way, its a misunderstanding, we’re on a learning curve, we’re going to listen/consult, it’s the cut backs, it was a technical problem,it’s a new team, it’s a bedding in period, we didn’t realise it would be misunderstood in this way, its a misunderstanding, we’re on a learning curve, we’re going to listen/consult, it’s the cut backs, it was a technical problem,

      And when she’s completed all of that she can go and @$uK herself Royally with the broken sharded splintered remains of a blown down billboard, hopefully one on which the words Misreporting Scotland can still be made out.

      Oh and National, if your listening, I support you and I also realise you can’t always be completely on side, but today’s front page amounted to a full page, one sided, advert for the BBC. How about you redress this balance in the coming weeks.

      Hey Ho. Its going to grind on and on, before we get there, dig in folks and keep on keeping on. Best wishes and thanks to all.

    131. brewsed says:

      Ms MacKinnon completely misses the point when she claims, “the majority of our audiences still trust the BBC.” That might well be true, but it is those who are not ‘our audiences’ she needs to be concerned about since, as well as not being ‘our audiences’, we may well also not be ‘our’ licence fee payers and winning us back is the challenge she should be addressing.

      Until the BBC, and others of a nationalist slant, manage to get out of the rut of boring, predictable, patronising SNPBaad fare (today’s item about NHS ‘struggling to cope’ complete with obligatory SNPBaad quotations from Donald Cameron and Anas Sarwar is typical) then the trust is not forthcoming, it has not been earned. Substituting news with pictures of cats and sunsets won’t help as social media does that better.

      Staying with the offspring over Christmas I perused the Radio Times to see what we were missing. Not a lot was the conclusion. It was their conclusion as well after seeing Morecambe and Wise. We have become quite used to not having a TV and find it quite intrusive when visiting others who seem to be quite happy and not overtly distracted by a wall of endlessly banal white toothed orange people [end of rant]

    132. O/T

      Does anybody know Denis Dunn of Prestonpans or Edinburgh? On Facebook he put up a post about election rigging and pouring scorn on those who wonder if the Referendum was in anyway rigged.
      I replied in a respectable manner that postal voting had been rigged resulting in several successful prosecutions in England,the EU had described the UK postal voting system as a recipe for fraud(which it is) and that 97% turnouts of postal votes in five constituencies in Scotland were in practical fact impossible but apparently achieved and he has removed my post and closed my access to his page.
      The truth hurts

    133. Rory says:

      I wondered what Mrs Doyle had been up to since “Father Ted”

    134. galamcennalath says:

      What will happen to the BBC after Indy?

      For technical reasons it will/must disappear. Most communities around Scotland get TV and radio from hill top relays with only limited capacity. Typically just six high definition (HD) channels for the main broadcasts. That of course includes commercial TV. The current BBC slots will be needed for a new Scottish state broadcaster.

      In larger population centres served by main transmitters, existing BBC channels may continue possibly in SD, possibly tucked away somewhere with Dave. Then of course there is satellite where the BBC is visible across NW Europe anywhere.

      That is not to say popular drama and entertainment programmes currently on BBC won’t be shown by the Scottish service. These are made in most instances by independent companies anyway.

      However, our main TV channels in most locations showing BBC news, political comment, and probably sport, will become history.

      Will anyone miss Question Time?

    135. manandboy says:


      In a poll for the Carstairs Former Patients Rehab Association, 128 members of the public were asked who did they trust more:
      a) The British Brainwashing Corporation (the BBC), or,
      b) The patients currently resident at Carstairs State Hospital.

      98% of those who expressed a view said (b)
      2% said they did not know (they were Chinese tourists)

      Trust the BBC?
      Speaking just for myself, I’d sooner put my bleeding finger in a tank of piranhas.

    136. heedtracker says:

      Ouchee! Tories in a tizzy, in the Independent.

      NewsUKUK Politics
      Tory MP Anna Soubry urges businesses to boycott Daily Mail: ‘Abandon this shameful rag’
      The MP’s comments followed the newspaper’s publication of an article about the number of foreign nationals attending Boxing Day sales

      Siobhan Fenton Social Affairs Correspondent @siobhanfenton Tuesday 27 December 2016

      One of Donaldo’s greatest triumphs at or for the BBC, is how BBC Scotland grovel to the tories, either side of the border. This and their black out of anything that might shed some light what actually is going on here in Scotland, is probably why she got the job.

      I have never seen any tory sweat it out on any of Donaldo’s shows. Fluffie Mundell’s had a very easy ride, unless he’s so ridiculously tory, not even future Sir Gordon Brewer can stand it. And that’s really saying something. Worst tory BBC groveler is Toodle ooh the noo Brian. He’s an awful tory buttkisser. But they do still own Scotland, so deference where its due.

    137. Gary45% says:

      Like yourself, we stopped the licence after Nov 2014, but continued to listen to Good Morning Shortbread on the wireless, really just to gauge the next load of shit for the day.
      It was something Gary Rubberheid broadcast about 3ish? weeks ago, I said to the wife, ” that’s it, no more BBC Shortbread”, wireless got changed to an Indy channel.
      Since September and the I-Player ban, I can honestly say I do not miss anything they produce on the telly, used to watch Q/T but that is mind numbingly biased pish .
      Pay for the licence again? NEVER, not even in an Independent Scotland, unless there is a complete clear-out of the current garbage.
      As said before, make the BBC subscription/pay for view, and if you don’t want to watch their channels, it would be possible to watch the hundreds of other broadcasters who are funded through advertising.

    138. heedtracker says:

      I have never ever read anything remotely critical of anything tory, on Donaldo’s BBC Scotland sites, ever.

      PM Theresa May to look ‘seriously’ at Scottish government’s … – BBC
      19 Dec 2016 – Prime Minister Theresa May says she will “look seriously” at the Scottish government’s post-Brexit paper which is due to be published on …

      Theresa May – BBC News…/theresa-may
      All the latest news about Theresa May from the BBC. … As Downing Street is accused of “shock and inertia”, the Scottish government has come up with a plan.

      Brexit: PM is ‘willing to listen to options’ on Scotland – BBC News

      15 Jul 2016 – Prime Minister Theresa May has told First Minister Nicola Sturgeon she is “willing to listen to options” on Scotland’s future relationship with the …
      May: Scots will be ‘fully engaged’ in Brexit talks – BBC News
      30 Sep 2016 – The Scottish government will be “fully engaged” in the Brexit talks, but the UK will take the lead in all areas, Theresa May tells the BBC.

      May: Brexit will ‘enhance’ Scotland’s global standing – BBC News
      26 Sep 2016 – Prime Minister Theresa May claims that Brexit will “enhance” Scotland’s standing in the world through free trade.

      Theresa May wants Holyrood ‘fully engaged’ with Brexit talks – BBC
      30 Sep 2016 – Theresa May says she wants the Scottish government to be ”fully engaged” in the Brexit talks but that they can have no veto over the process.
      Theresa May: Nicola Sturgeon has no veto on B.

      No wonder Donaldo’s consider a safe pair of UK hands.

    139. Stoker says:

      BBC license fee = £145.50p

      A monthly donation of £3 for a year to ‘WaterAid’ to help finance water projects for arid African communities is a poxy total of £36, that leaves me more than enough to treat the boss. Oh, and i still manage to get my news, views and music elsewhere.

      Super! Smashing! Great!

      ((((( NEXT )))))

    140. yesindyref2 says:

      @Daisy Walker
      Love your posting, but The National is quite right to publish what they did – and without comment. What they are doing by that is putting her on the spot, and I hope they keep her on the spot, asking for more interviews after a month, 3 months, 6 months – how’s it going Donalda?

    141. heedtracker says:

      As Downing Street is accused of “shock and inertia”, the Scottish government has come up with a plan.

      So when Scots gov does publish Brexit plan, Donaldo buries it within hours, with stuff like,

      By Brain Taylor, BBC Scotland political editor

      To recap very briefly, Nicola Sturgeon makes three broad points.
      One, Brexit is a Bad Thing (the capital letters are for those who enjoyed 1066 And All That.)

      Two, the UK should seek to mitigate the likely impact by retaining access to the European single market.

      Three, if the UKG won’t pursue such a route, then they should enable Scotland to maintain access via the European Economic Area.”

      1066, oh we laughed at the sweaties and their silly ideas Donaldo.

    142. Gary45% says:

      We use some of the licence fee for the GPHRC in Glasgow, any amount helps.

    143. Rock says:

      The BBC is and always has been Scotland’s enemy number one.

      Scotland will not be able to become independent as long as the BBC is there.

      Our top priority should be the complete destruction of the BBC in Scotland.

      By completely destroying its credibility by awakening the public to its lies.

    144. D. Macdonald says:

      Gus1940 @2.07

      I bleeding well hope so!!

    145. Phronesis says:

      The BBC is not free of political interference and it uses all sorts of ways to surreptitiously (and sometimes blatantly) promote ‘Better Together’. The BBC should reflect what’s really happening in Scotland, uphold the public interest, represent a media system that is free to report on the YES movement as the positive, informative and inclusive political movement that it actually is.

      If there is to be any trust in the BBC it should encourage debate and reflect upon the national and international issues that are pertinent to Scotland with objectivity and balance. This is commonly known as reporting the truth. This does not equate to reading from the doctrinaire script of ‘Better Together even if it’s factually incorrect and undemocratic’ that serves to undermine Scotland’s nation status.

    146. Thepnr says:

      I remember watching the Nick Robinson v Alex Salmond spat live on BBC News 24. I smiled at how Alex so comprehensively answered Mr Robinson and how he had him absolutely fuming.

      Then I saw the reporting of that exchange on the 6 O’Clock news that night. I truly couldn’t believe what I was watching, talk about distorting reality.

      So Christmas two years ago I was vising relatives in England, I told them of the propaganda during the campaign but was poh pahed. So I pulled up the Wings article on the Robinson/Salmond piece and asked them to watch it.

      All my sister could say was Gosh! LOL she has been in England a long time and even like many in Scotland has no idea of the propaganda thrown out daily by our state broadcaster, yeah your ever friendly “Auntie Beeb”.

    147. Stoker says:

      Gary (8:41pm)

      Aye, our pennies have far better homes waiting on them. I’m also with you and the others on making the BBC subscription or pay-per-view. Then we’ll soon see how popular they are but deep down we all know that is never going to be allowed to happen.

    148. heedtracker says:

      Stuff what you never see on Donaldo’s BBC Scotland

      Theresa May is struggling to summon enough political courage to admit there will be difficulties in Britain’s exit from the European Union, according to the head of the senior civil servants’ union.
      Dave Penman, general secretary of the FDA, said the prime minister’s inability to talk openly about the complexity of Brexit could lead to a breaking point in Whitehall as staff struggle with an immense workload on limited resources.”

      On the Donaldo news network, “there’s been a murder.”

    149. Cactus says:

      Us, we , our.. that’s us.. agreed.

      But then there’s ‘them..’ ass in, winning ‘them’ back?

      Who’s that, the them?

    150. Cactus says:

      Shouting out for us.


    151. Cactus says:

      Independent voting Scotland 2017..

      See you there..

    152. The tv licence fee is for any live broadcast

      so how did catch up non live iPlayer become illegal to watch?

      has anyone checked the legality of this?

    153. Still Positive. says:

      The BBC still allow Alistair Darling to say iScotland would have to “adopt the euro” as he did post-Brexit ref without challenge when even a ‘non-savvy’ indy supporter knows that is completely false.

      When they address individual items like that, they may (?) win some audience back.

    154. Cactus says:

      STRIKE! !X!

    155. heedtracker says:

      Still worth a Xmas read, if youre bored.

      SNP bad and

      As I said earlier, get used to it.

      New technologies allow politicians to work with trolls to shut up journalists who break the party line. One-party dominance – the SNP in Scotland, the Tories in England – means the worst editors and broadcasters will do as they are told rather than risk a fight with elites who look as if they will stay in power forever. The case of Stephen Daisley may seem a small affair, but it’s a signpost to our future.”

      The webs about 40 years old but its nice that hacks think its new.

    156. Jamur says:

      Rotten to the core. Never will I forget or forgive.

      Proud cybernat, give me a shout in the new year. I’m ready for the next batch…….

    157. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Dave McEwan Hill put your post on Electorial Fraud on Scot2.Scot F/B page , it will be approved.

    158. schrodingers cat says:

      not my idea, but a good idea none the less

      the national missed a chance to put the bbc under pressure eg, they could have also ask why an award winning series, outlander, shot in scotland using many scottish actors has not been shown yet?.

      Im hoping they are saving it for indyref2 🙂

    159. Cactus says:

      SO AYE, who is this ‘them’ that you speak of?

      Ms MacKinnon..


    160. Cactus says:

      Aye am one of many.

    161. Daisy Walker says:

      Re YesIndyRef2 comment about the National. See where your coming from, hope it works out that way. Time will tell . Bit crabbit at the moment.

      Slightly o/t but how are the Beeb to persuade us back when we don’t watch their shite any more? Hmm?

      Perhaps they can hire Billboards… BBC Not Misreporting Scotland Anymore… Fuckers can fund it themselves… oh wait….

      Anyway, a song… you’ll need to access your inner Muppet to find the tune, the series (legend), not the movies (shite), but I’ll start with chorus to help you.

      Moo, moo, moo… ma moo, ma moo, ma moo, ma moo moo,…
      moo moo moo, ma moo, ma moo, ma moo
      Moo, moo, moo… ma moo, ma moo, ma moo, ma moo moo, ma moo ma moo ma moo ma moo ma moo moo moo


      The Beebs my Auntie she’s a sacred COO
      The Beebs my Auntie she’s a sacred COO
      Give her a shake and she’ll go MOO fur you,
      If you’ve no got an Auntie yoos can huv hur too…

      Chorus Moo Moo Moo, Ma moo ma moo ma moo moo…

      One bit of decency at a time. Cannae go wrang that way. PS the above was really hard to write, all those ma moos, yeas huv nae idea, an spilt chucker was a cint tea

      PPS if you put scots into word and let spell checker loose it would bamboozle the Enigma machine, how’s that for a turn up.

    162. Cactus says:

      @Daisy Walker

    163. Daisy Walker says:

      Cactus says:
      28 December, 2016 at 9:45 pm
      SO AYE, who is this ‘them’ that you speak of?

      Ms MacKinnon..


      Sae here’s the THEM, an awe that.
      An What’s like THEM
      Guy monae an they’re aw YES

      Sae here’s tae THEM an awe that
      An wha’s like THEM
      Quite a EU, an they’re aw YES

      Say here’s tae us an awe that
      An wha’s like us – awbiddy, an wir nae dead yet

    164. Cactus says:


    165. Cactus says:

      Eight past ten, make that twenty-seven me lady.


    166. Still Positive. says:

      Daisy Walker @ 10.08

      Absolutely brilliant. Love it.

      Our future is going to be fine with young folks like Daisy on our side.

    167. oldrottenhead says:

      “If it is true that the new boss of BBC Scotland is bowing to pressure from zoomers then that is an absolute disgrace” Murdo Fraser on Twitter. if an SNP politician was to use such language, there would be calls for bringing back the death penalty. and my own local council leader has no problem comparing SNP to UKIP.

      i think somebody has spiked ma drink. or mibbes their’s.

    168. Cactus says:

      Bonnie lassies!

    169. Aonghus says:

      ‘We get criticised from this quarter…and criticised from that quarter…so I think we must be getting it about right’ – until 2014 I believed that mantra possibly evidenced a BBC which prized balance, and wanted honestly to provide society with the service it paid for and which the BBC promised.

      But BBC Scotland’s job in 2014 was to broadcast anti-Scottish independence/ establishment propaganda. This has been evidenced academically. I have found no corresponding academic case arguing otherwise. BBC Scotland isn’t taking courage and facing up to that.

      More generally, BBC Scotland still floats fearful in the territory between a Scotland which exists and needs served and highlighted; and a Scotland which must be ‘low-lighted’ – pretending to highlight Scotland’s priorities and culture while doing the opposite. To choose one example: international news, and important news concerning Scotland is probably broadcast on the ‘main’ service; news more unimportant to Scotland is BBC Scotland’s primary scope and remit. Their websites prove that.

      More to the point. Listening/ watching the main BBC channels – be that in Scotland or, say, London – is rather like tuning into someone else’s national broadcaster, hearing their culture and their analysis of their priorities. Lucky them – they have a mature national broadcaster. Scotland, to these folks, is either inexistent, or is exotic, or is possibly something worse.

      BBC Scotland does not address that problem. Instead, it is simply, deeply and determinedly provincial.

      Scotland needs a national broadcaster which has caught up with Scotland’s politics, which highlights her priorities, which does dispassionate news analysis, and which promotes Scottish cultural creativity. Not a satellite product promoting the establishment, frightened to announce its nationhood, and which instead prioritises football and pretends Scotland’s politics is Westminster’s in miniscule.

      Not sure I saw much of that to-day. BBC doesn’t see itself being wrong; and seems not to do contrition at all.

    170. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I WONDER if Donalda MacKinnon will read the Rev’s article here and the btl comments? Could be an interesting “high heid yins'” meeting at Plantation Quay tomorrow morning.

      Typing about Plantation Quay: In case you haven’t caught the info at ‘off-topic’, there will be a BBC bias demo on 26th March. Details (sparse at the moment) can be found here:-

      Probably the first chance for Wingers to get together in 2017.

      RE: the article in The National. Pure guesswork but could its inclusion today actually generate more discussion on social media and web sites such as WOS? It’s certainly worked here – 167 comments btl as I type. Maybe somebody at The National – as others have suggested – was looking at the bigger/longer picture?

      Also, I’d suggest that having that front page may have got non-yesser members of the public doing a double-take at the newsstands.

    171. Cactus says:

      And again..

      Us, we, our..

      Our bonnie lassies..


      Watching ‘Brave’. 😉

    172. paul gerard mccormack says:

      – bread, buttered, on, side – rearrange these words in any order, it doesn’t matter.

    173. Thepnr says:

      @Daisy Walker

      You’r on a roll tonight, absolutely loving the real passion.

      Now if only a majority of Scots felt the same it would be a skoosh eh!

    174. Cactus says:

      A quote from ‘Brave’..

      ‘That scathy witch ‘gave me a gammy’ spell..?’

      Hello.. On yersel Merida!

      It’s not you, it’s them!!

    175. CameronB Brodie says:

      I might not have made myself clear earlier.

      It is not possible for the BBC to “contribute to the social cohesion and well being of the United Kingdom” and be impartial towards the democratic process in Scotland, which is presently characterised by the question over Scotland’s will to self-determination. The former prevents the later and is in conflict the spirit of the “Right to Development” of all Scots.

      The BBC would be failing their Royal Charter if they weren’t actively pro-Yoon and anti-separatist. Somehow, I don’t think @Ms. MacKinnon has either the influence or interest to address this conflict of interests. I think she has made herself perfectly clear she considers herself and the BBC to be above such matters.


    176. Stoker says:

      Scot Finlayson wrote on 28 December, 2016 at 9:19 pm:

      “The tv licence fee is for any live broadcast so how did catch up non live iPlayer become illegal to watch?”

      Scot, that’s a common mistake a lot of people make. The actual rule/law states that; You need a tv licence to watch tv programmes as they are being shown.

      That doesn’t mean only “live” programming. For instance, take Eastenders, which is a pre recorded series that is shown on certain nights at 8pm(?) or whenever! You cannot, by law, watch that programme when it is being shown on the BBC without a licence.

      It also means that you cannot watch ANY other tv channels’ programmes when they are being shown without a licence.

      The BBC iPlayer rule/law was brought in earlier this year so you now cannot watch any BBC stuff on that without a licence.

      So far, though, you can still listen to BBC Radio channels without a licence and you can also access the BBC Text service without a licence, just as long as you access it via a BBC Radio station and not via a BBC tv channel.

    177. Graeme McCormick says:

      She is the BBC’s representative in Scotland and not Scotland’s representative in the BBC.

      Why do we bother with the BBC?

      If senior nationalist politicians stopped pandering to it the BBC’s credibility amongst the remaining section of the Scottish public would disintegrate that bit quicker than at present.

      Every time a BBC journalist interviews a nationalist the retort should be : why did the BBC lie about….? Unless you keep challenging the Establishment you won’t change their ways.

      There are too many apologists in the nationalist movement who say there are a lot of good people in the BBC but they had to keep quiet during Indyref to keep their jobs.

      It was and still is a pathetic argument. If 45 % of Bbc staffers in Scotland were yessers why did they not organise and confront the management of the BBC about the bias? There is no way the BBC would have sacked half its Scottish staff if they testers in the BBC had had the guts to organise and make a stand.

      Many nationalists have risked much for the cause. That can’t be said for the majority of the teasers who tooktheBBC shilling and remained quiet.

    178. heedtracker says:

      Adam Tomkins MSP ?@ProfTomkins 10h10 hours ago
      Spent the last two days reading this magnificent book. Political writing at its very best. Unreservedly recommended.

      Its Mein Kampf, in Slovene.

      I’m kidding. Its a Nic Robinson’s latest load of old tory cobblers, and he also currently finds time to run BBC r4 toryboy politics, although it runs itself really. But my Slovene girlfriend knows which side his BBC tory bread is buttered.

    179. Cactus says:

      Festive bestive wishes missus..

      We good.

    180. heedtracker says:

      Why do we bother with the BBC?

      Maybe a lot of Scots just like to hear Scottish accents, on the radio especially. My grandad’s got BBC Scotland on all day. He’s an ardent YESer and a communist, probably. He also buys the Fit Like Times. Nout funnier than folk.

    181. yesindyref2 says:

      Well, the BBC in Scotland will either have to keep up or lose viewers even more, and at a faster pace. I’d forgotten this, but early in 2017 there’s an STV “Scottish Six” due, to be launhed on STV2:

      I like this from the article: “Vehement critics of the “Scottish Six” such as members of the Scottish Conservatives have always targeted the BBC for criticism of the idea and were caught off guard by STV’s announcement yesterday.

      A Scottish Six on BBC would move them a step further to being Scottified, and as well as the short game, we need to thing medium and long-term just in case. Both Sturgeon and May are waiting for the UK Supreme Court ruling due soon now, this will dictate May’s coourse, and Sturgeon’s. In addition there’s JMC meetings, and even if May doesn’t want to definititely answer the Scotttish Brexit proposal I think the other two devolved governments could force her to. Then, to get Article 50 announced by end March, the Westminster Bill would have to be launched early Feb, and if an LCM is indeed, that too sent on its way. All in time for the showdown end March – or even before.

      But it’s frustrating, wait and see, and personally I think we have to seel the idea that Indy Ref 2 is NOT the end of the line, it would be if we lost it, just another in a long long line of them. With any luck Joe Schmo will get hacked off and vote YES out of sheer boredom if nothing else.

      But meantime we keep the pressure on, and work to reform the BBC – or push it into Scottish extinction. Either does the job. If our Donalda starts to get complacent, then in go the complaints, the emails, the phone calls – and the demos. Keep them unsettled at smugness kaye.

      Yawn. We need to keep the loins well girded.

    182. Robert Peffers says:

      @Ron Maclean says: 28 December, 2016 at 2:45 pm:

      “Does anybody seriously believe that behind the scenes Donalda Mackinnon was, or is, fighting the cause of BBC impartiality?”

      Of course she isn’t. I pointed out, up thread, that her statement was utter mince.

      “There might be an opportunity here. She is admitting that something just might even be ever so slightly wrong.”

      Indeed there is an opportunity to highlight that the BBC is admitting there is something wrong but that is restricted to putting them on the back foot by first of all just asking them what they intend to do about it.

      Then just sit back and wait for them to make promises of whatever the action is they suggest. Then wait for them to NOT fix the problems. To go into all out attack will be counter productive and those who believe in BBC even-handedness would only harden their loyalty to the BBC and rally to their support.

      The thing is to get a solid BBC promise to do a certain course of action and wait for it to fail and for everyone to see it fail.

      An opening perhaps for SNP leaders to show some leadership and hold her to account? Or just another chance to sit and do nothing, positively of course, while playing Westminster’s games to Westminster’s rules?

      Say what you like but prove to us all that what the SNP are doing is NOT effective? The trend has been a quite delicate but certain movement towards independence. Why rick changing something that actually works for a vague chance that going on the attack will be more effective.

      I’ll warrant there is not an independence supporting canvasser who has not been confronted by someone on a doorstep who says, “Aw they politician ir the same”.

      There is a fairly large faction of voters who have absolutely no faith in any form of politics. Just as there are large faction of the public who hate the police and believe them their enemies.

      If SNP elected persons were to start attacking other parties in the manner that the others attack the SNP they would only succeed in reinforcing these people’s belief that the SNP are just the same as all the rest of the Yoon parties.

      We need them to see the SNP are NOT the same as all the rest but it needs to NOT be the elected persons who are claiming they are different. In other words it is up to the grass roots to show them to be different.

    183. Golfnut says:

      The BBC charter does not give the organisation the right to distort or manipulate, misinform or lie to the public, particularly during the democratic process, and absolutely not to interfere in any constitutional process.

      To my mind, they have gone way past bias, and were it not for the state’s protection would face at the least some form of censorship from the electoral commission.

    184. Cactus says:

      Mhor dhu, that’s the baddie.. (whisky?)

      Be brave!

    185. K. A. Mylchreest says:

      We the time finally comes folks, remember that all the best coups and revolutions start by ceasing the radio station, even before the presidential palace 😉

    186. Cactus says:


      Cheers, Donalda, no answer was the reply..

      The BBC is and are Misreporting Scotland.

    187. Cactus says:

      Hey & eh and by the way..

      “It’s not even midnight..” x

      It’s still them.

    188. Gary45% says:

      Robert Peffers@11.28
      I have daily conversations with the public, and 65% of the time I get the “All politicians are the same”, when I start to engage in a friendly conversation ( at times it’s very difficult)with them, the message is slowly but surely getting across.
      It is also amazing how many people of all ages don’t believe a word the BBC say, I am talking about people well into their eighties.
      The future is looking bright.
      Indy 2 AYE

    189. ben madigan says:

      just to raise a smile in the dog days between christmas and hogmanay – the latest episode in the most dysfunctional family of nations. Enjoy!

    190. Cactus says:


    191. Cactus says:

      I am one sovereign Scotsman..

      Who are you?

    192. @Stoker

      thanks for reply,

      my main point is,

      did the BBC/Gov/Capita have the legal right to change the law on what criteria you need a licence for?

    193. Still Positive. says:

      Cactus @ 12.05

      I am a sovereign Scotswoman.

      Pissed Cactus? Time for bed then.

    194. mike cassidy says:

      And here’s how The National has followed it up – at least online.

      Those bottom comments veer very close to “some arsehole” territory – this arsehole thought!

    195. Cactus says:

      Hehe excellent Still Positive, thanks.

      Was out last night.. just good tea and company ra now.

      Cheers sovereign Scotswoman.

      That’s two and counting..

    196. Still Positive. says:

      Cactus @ 12.38

      Thanks, especially if you have included me with the amazingly wonderful Daisy. If so, I am honoured.

      Must be the retired teacher in me! I call a spade a shovel. Put whatever expletive you want before ‘shovel’.

    197. mike cassidy says:

      And in case anybody was in any doubt about the Rev being 100% accurate in his assessment here –

      read what she said in June 2015 about the claim of bias during the referendum.

      Clearly another lady who is not for turning.

    198. Cactus says:


    199. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      Going by what,
      ” mike cassidy typed at 12:38 am

      And here’s how The National has followed it up – at least online.

      I guess I was in the right backies with the comment in my post at 10.31pm.

    200. Cactus says:

      Anybuddy else feeling like a sovereign Scotsperson this fine morning?

      I do, Scotland.

    201. Cactus says:

      Say it, don’t be shy, it’s your country.

      We always will be.


    202. mike cassidy says:

      Now if only someone inside the BBC would do an interview like this!

    203. mike cassidy says:

      It helps to put in the link.

    204. Still Positive. says:

      It’s goodnight from a sovereign Scotswoman, Cactus et al.

    205. Cactus says:

      Et it’s goodnight from a sovereign Scotsman, Still Positive et al.

    206. Dr Jim says:

      The BBC just like Labour in Scotland have to ask head office what to say and when to say it
      The Scottish six is coming they say, just as soon as London lets them know when

      Well, they can put on a Scottish as many hours as they like and at what time they like program, this is one customer they wont get ever
      My Arse is still hurting from the skelpins my ancestors endured and I don’t need Neil Oliver to rearrange history BBC style to tell me it didnae happen or Jackie flamin Burd to coin me a new and exciting phrase for my next devolution promise

      Or David (through the round window) Hendersons Jackanory grasp of Scottish macro economics
      And the very thought of having to look at that red white and blue set with the diminutive map of Scotland that makes it look like you could walk from Paisley to Inverness in a half an hour with a good stretch of the legs is just a complete and total embarrassment to our Nation, which for a start the BBC don’t accept we are, maybe if they at least made a start by admitting their lies and accepting we’re a country they might get a toe in the door with some folk

      Arsehole experts that the BBC keep digging up who either have no qualifications in what they’re asked to comment on or newspaper reresentatives who’s only requirement as far as knowledge is concerned is how to agree with the presenter nod and repeat SNP Baad get their paycheck and toddle off home

      So see if you’re reading any of this BBC you can keep your dog food man and your pet professors, you know the ones, the guys that actually don’t teach anywhere they just turn up pass go say what you want them to and collect £200 and get their taxi fare home
      The Independence movement know who all these people are and their qualifications so bear that in mind if or when you think you’re going to shove more drivel at us

      So it’s a goodnight from me and over to the real news where WE are

    207. Smallaxe says:

      Dr Jim says:

      “maybe if they at least made a start by admitting their lies and accepting we’re a country they might get a toe in the door with some folk”

      I was hoping to do some more work on this but here is the draft version.

      Contrary to what some people insist
      I am real l do exist

      I am the burn that runs deep and cold
      I am the mountains…millennia old
      I am the lochs the islands the sea’s
      I am the tall majestic trees
      I am real

      I am the Grouse unseen in heather
      I am the wind I am the weather
      I am the stag I am the wildcats lair
      I am the snow white mountain hare
      I am the sly marauding seagull
      I am the eyrie of the Golden Eagle
      I am real

      I am the iconic highland cattle
      I am the echo of some ancient battle
      I am the sound of drum and pipe
      I am the field of barley ripe
      I am the soil beneath your feet
      I am the land that scorns defeat
      I AM REAL!

      I am Not,grand words, on a rogue signed unction.
      I,nor my people,gave you leave for Your corruption
      I leave you behind,with your contempt
      ,and my frustration
      I am Scotland,a Kingdom Nation!

      Peace Always

    208. Ghillie says:

      Thank you Smallaxe = )

      I think your song of Scotland is perfect xxx

    209. Macart says:

      Debbie Reynolds has passed a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher.

      Another tremendous talent who left an amazing legacy of big screen memories.

      RIP Debbie Reynolds.

    210. frogesque says:

      Dear Donald’s, I see you improvements are taking effect. Blanking GMS is a vast improvement, however your Orange tribute is somewhat ot even allowing for the ground State bias.

      In future, would it be possible to provide a test card or even some nice Scottish pictures?

    211. Dorothy Devine says:

      Smallaxe , like that very much!

      Macart , having just watched Singing in the Rain for the thousand and one time , it is sad to see her go the day after her daughter – though I was surprised that she was ‘only’ 84, I thought she must be in her 90’s.

    212. Nana says:

      Posted 4 links earlier. Tried reposting and got message about duplicate comment.

    213. Macart says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      She had a forever young quality right enough. She could only have been around 19 or 20 when she made that movie in 52(?) with Kelly and O’Connor.

    214. Smallaxe says:

      Nana: Good morning

      Coffee and links, yummy, a hug in a mug

      Peace Always

    215. Smallaxe says:

      Ghillie and Dorothy:

      Thank you, I wanted to do it in Scottish dialect but I couldn’t get it to rhyme.

      Peace Always

    216. Nana says:


      Good morning. Here’s one of the missing links just in case they don’t appear.

      Debbie Reynolds for me will always be Molly Brown

    217. Macandroid says:

      Smallaxe @ 3:10am

      Love those words.

      Thank you

    218. Hamish100 says:

      Curtice and toodily the noo Brian the BBC man on BBC radio north Britain soon.

      It’s the snp fault. Saves you listening!

    219. Smallaxe says:


      Thank you.

      Peace Always

    220. Hamish100 says:


      Brexit bad for FM Sturgeon

      What an erse he is.

    221. Ken500 says:

      More people believe in Santa Claus than believe in the BBC.

    222. Dorothy Devine says:

      Nana, thanks for that – I had never heard of the film and I have just watched two rousing clips , made me smile!

    223. Dr Jim says:

      Radio Scotland with Prof Poultice’s analysis on our political situation with lots and lots of words to say that the 2014 Scottish referendum was lost because of the elderly and uneducated
      Moving on to Brexit he restated the position that the elderly and the uneducated cost us that one too

      All of which is bad news for the SNP who can’t seem to educate the thickos in our society quick enough or alter the miserable selfish attitude of the elderly making another bid for Independence extremely losable

      Which when you digest all this information leads you to the unarguable conclusion that each constituent part of the UK is ruled by the very people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote because no matter how much you try to educate folks understanding of a situation you’ll always be outweighed by the rising tide of old thick and selfish people especially if you close off the immigration door which is exactly what the Tory Ukippers are doing

      These were not Prof Poultice’s exact words but they’re damn close

    224. The Rough Bounds says:

      Back in the 50’s the BBC used to show little films called ‘Interludes’ when they didn’t have anything else to show. One of these ‘interludes’ was of a cat playing with a ball of cotton and another was of a potter’s wheel with a pot being made. It was handy because you could put the kettle on or go to the toilet without missing a bit of a programme. Nowadays we have constant adverts, but they aren’t so relaxing.

      I would rather watch a cat with wool or a potter at his wheel than look at BBC Shortbread anytime.

      Incidentally, I haven’t bought a National for weeks. It’s just not good and I don’t trust it.

    225. galamcennalath says:

      Dr Jim says:

      … bad news for the SNP who can’t seem to educate the thickos in our society quick enough …

      Democracy only works when you have enough educated and informed voters to out weigh those who don’t bother their arses but still vote blindly.

      While some of us work to inform others, there are dark forces Hell bent on ‘mushroom farming’ to retain their positions and power.

      The good news is, we only need 50% + 1. A bit more would be convincing, but we only need to get beyond half way, once. We can win this even when 49% remain unreceptive, ignorant and blinkered.

    226. Brian Powell says:

      Hard to believe now but when some Tories said, some years ago, that the BBC should be privatised I thought it would be a disastrous move. We could have really stopped paying for it and just shut it down.

      Now Alex Massie saying it was right that the BBC was biased against Ind, though he hasn’t considered that would mean that the BBC can’t be trusted wherever it operates in the world, it will only tell the Brit establishment story.

    227. Stu Mac says:

      They obviously see that many people now – not just those they perceive as cybernat fanatics – are becoming more and more aware of their biased, often dishonest reporting. So they wish to give the impression they will address this. They know that many of us will remain unconvinced so they will concentrate on those who are just beginning to understand they are a propaganda outlet and hope by making a few feeble changes that they are addressing the problem.

      What will they do? Be a bit more subtle? Invite more SNP members on (but give them little time and interrupt them a lot) so they can say they are giving more balance? Probably not even that: organisations very often when faced with bad publicity make a big speech about addressing problems, form a committee to look into things(which is never heard of again) and after a short period of appearing to change, carry on as before.

    228. Nana says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      If you have time Dorothy watch the movie, its really good. You might be able to find it on netflix or on dvd.

      The real Molly Brown…

    229. manandboy says:

      Scotland knows the BBC’s true colours. Donalda McKinnon has merely been instructed to tell us that we are all colour blind.

    230. Luigi says:

      Dr Jim says:

      29 December, 2016 at 9:14 am

      Moving on to Brexit he restated the position that the elderly and the uneducated cost us that one too

      Not in Scotland. 🙂

    231. Stu Mac says:


      I’d like to think that although there is no admission of culpability, the article may make some folk who buy the National – folk who though maybe pro-Indy don’t look into things much – make some aware that many folk do have a perception that the BBC is biased and may then think about what they are told. There may even be folk who think the BBC is a bit biased but thought they were one of a few who thought that. Now they know lots think the same.

    232. manandboy says:

      What do Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson have in common? From among the many possible answers, the one I’m thinking of is that they both always seem to be speaking from a pre-prepared script.

      Both are actors in a Unionist produced movie called ‘Get Sturgeon’.

    233. Marcia says:

      It would be nice for those Yes inclined politicians when being interviewed in a hostile fashion (most of the time – not critical but hostile) to mention that fact and also mention ‘Scotland Calling’ available on YouTube and keep mentioning it during every hostile interview so the BBC get it.

    234. galamcennalath says:

      If you believe the system based on an imperial Greater England benefits yourself and those around you, and you are not too concerned about democracy, then you will accept a BBC as a propaganda tool to defend that system.

      However, while you can spread knowledge and understanding, you can’t spread ignorance. You can only try to keep ignorant people ignorant for a limited time.

      There are three groups … those who want a better system, those who benefit from the present system, and those who have yet to realise that they don’t benefit so should look to something better.

    235. manandboy says:

      Nicola Sturgeon is the kind of political leader Theresa May thought she was going to be.

      Now, Theresa will always be a Prime Minister who plays second fiddle.

    236. galamcennalath says:

      Daily Record says … “‘No news?’ Viewers left in the dark as technical glitch shuts down BBC Scotland morning news bulletins”

      I somehow don’t think lack of BBC ‘news’ actually leaves anyone in the dark! 🙂

    237. Robert Peffers says:

      @heedtracker says: 28 December, 2016 at 7:34 pm:

      ” … Ian Murray ?@IanMurrayMP 8h8 hours ago
      Viewers in Scotland will rue the day if politicians diminish the @BBC for ideological purposes. We r lucky 2 have such a quality broadcaster”

      And there you have exactly what I have been saying to those who advocate that, “The SNP”, should go on the attack against such as the BBC.

      However, regarding the phrase, “The SNP”, let’s just tie that down properly. When you talk of, “The SNP”, you are NOT just talking about those persons who have been elected to councils, Holyrood, Westminster or Brussels.

      The SNP, as a political party, are unique in Britain. The SNP are the only truly democratic party in Britain that is run in a bottom up way and is mainly funded by the members and every member has exactly the same number of votes – just one each.

      Each member has only one vote and that includes Nicola Sturgeon and Angus Struan Carolus Robertson MP, the Deputy Leader of the Scottish National Party in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

      No other party operates in the same manner as the SNP where the membership form the party’s policies and where there is no top down policies forced upon the members nor is there anything like the Trade Union block card vote of the Labour Party.

      When you claim that the SNP should attack the BBC you are speaking of the grass root membership and not only the party officials and elected to office members. The point is many of those, grass roots members, here on Wings have been attacking the BBC and MSM for many years.

    238. galamcennalath says:

      manandboy says:

      … Nicola Sturgeon … Theresa May …

      The contrast is huge. Political style and capability aside, they do have something in common, both have been given the mission to deliver independence from a Union for their respective countries,

      However …

      One knows independence is for the best, the other knows it will inevitably be for the worse.

      One is driven by the quest for a fairer more just society, one is at the mercy of xenophobia and isolationism.

      One has a plan, one is simply being swept along by events.

      One has support from across Europe, one has been shunned by European neighbours.

    239. Robert Peffers says:

      @heedtracker says: 28 December, 2016 at 7:44 pm:

      ” … SLab just cant stop themselves threatening us, vile seps or not. YOU will rue the day, if you dont do what I say, I am Ian Murray, not a fcukwit.”

      Has no one bothered to point out to Ian Murray that the two statements, “being Ian Murray”, and, “not being a fcukwit”, are NOT mutually exclusive.

    240. Aonghus says:

      Listening to/ watching the main BBC channels – be that in Scotland or, say, London – is rather like tuning into someone else’s national broadcaster, hearing their culture and their analyses of their priorities. Scotland, to these folks, is often either inexistent, or is exotic, or is possibly something worse.

      BBC Scotland provides no equivalent to that (excellent) service; instead, BBC Scotland is simply, deeply and determinedly provincial. It affects to highlight Scotland, while in reality ‘low-lighting’ it.

      Scotland needs a national broadcaster which has caught up with Scotland’s politics, which highlights her priorities, which does dispassionate/ unbiased news analysis, and which promotes Scottish cultural creativity. Not a satellite product which prioritises football and pretends Scotland’s politics is Westminster’s in miniscule.

      Not sure I saw much of addressing these needs in the National report.

    241. Stu Mac says:

      @R-type Grunt says:
      28 December, 2016 at 1:22 pm
      The most interesting aspect of this ‘story’ is that it appears in The National. That rag is a Trojan Horse in Scotland.

      It is pro independence. Regardless of its ultimate owner it gives a voice to pro-Indy writers and does to some extent correct the worst of the anti-Indy spin. Just because it is pro-Indy doesn’t mean it has to be a blind propaganda rag like the other SMSM. It will print stuff you disagree with so get over it.

      A lot of folk don’t even realise there is a problem with BBC news: this highlights the fact that a lot of other people do believe there is a problem, even if it includes the anodyne quotes. And it will print letters from folk saying a lot more you can be sure. Sure it’s far from perfect but it’s a decent newspaper and it gives a very different viewpoint from that of any other MSM source.

    242. Dr Jim says:

      I’m old enough to remember well when Britain went decimal and at that time it was more or less just accepted by the media that’s what was happening so everybody get on board and here’s a few tips on how to cope with your money going forward
      The only upsets with some folk were treated as comedy spots for the Telly folk at that time with again more tips and useful hints as to how older folk could cope but there wasn’t any doubt, it was happening, so carry on
      There were no shock horror stories or panic in the streets or predicted disasters about this massive change to our economy, pretty much nobody batted an eyelid and just got on with it
      Banks didn’t threaten to up sticks and leave for pastures new, financial institutions left their plaques on the walls of the buildings they were in

      Today the BBC and others keep on claiming if Independent Scotland would be forced to use the Euro, not true, we know that, but why on earth do they wield the idea of different coinage, which we all use on our holidays anyway, as a big frightening monster club to beat the bewildered with when in fact the banks and the financial institutions might well welcome the idea of a universal currency even though we know the rich life traders wouldn’t because they couldn’t buy and sell our pensions and rip folk off quite so easily, but for the rest of us is that not maybe an OK idea

      My point is when decimalisation came in the BBC didn’t try to frighten the horses with the idea so why are people frightened today
      It makes it look kinda clear that if the English government wants something the BBC are for it and if the English government are against something the BBC are too

      It seems to me that’s not an Impartial examination of the case for anything on behalf of the licence payer so maybe that’s one glaringly obvious reason why the BBC can’t be trusted to be unbiased about anything but takes instruction direct from Westminster

      But then again I’m probably biased against the BBC and am only an irrational Cybernat Separatist who understands nothing, except Prof Poultice says because I voted Yes and Remain, I’m educated, even though I suffer with the handicap of being old

      Must just be the old part that causes my mistaken and confused thinking (note to self) must depend on the BBC to inform me what to think and when to think it

    243. ScotsRenewables says:

      I am always very suspicious of those who slag the National off because it does not reflect their views on every single matter . . . there is a disturbing element of concern-trollery here.

      The National is the ONLY voice we have on the newsstands. As such we should all be buying a copy every day – and leaving it when we are finished on a train or bus, or in a cafe or waiting room. It is a vital signpost to the uniform bias of the media.

    244. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 28 December, 2016 at 8:16 pm:

      ” … The current BBC slots will be needed for a new Scottish state broadcaster.”

      In the first place the BBC is a UK government funded broadcaster and Scotland has more than paid for both the staff, the studios, equipment and the transmitters.

      The United Kingdom is a bipartite outfit and, upon the United Kingdom ending, both the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England must divide up the jointly owned assets and debits.

      However, as there are immovable assets, like the BBC operated equipment in Scotland and the Westminster Parliament in London then adjustments to these must be made.

      Like it or not those BBC staff members in Scotland are bought and paid for parts of the BBC in Scotland.

      Any of them who wishes to take early retirement should be encouraged to do so and anyone left who wants to continue to put Scotland and/or Scots down won’t last long in broadcasting in Scotland and should be encouraged to opt to transfer to the Kingdom of England state broadcaster. If indeed the Kingdom of England Broadcaster will accept them.

      They may be surprised that their previous loyalties are not nearly so valued as they have previously assumed.

    245. Stu Mac says:

      @CameronB Brodie says:
      28 December, 2016 at 3:43 pm
      The truth is, the BBC’s Public Purpose is at odds with the operation of democracy in Scotland

      The BBC is at odds with democracy in the UK, not just Scotland. It has become over the years no more than a mouthpiece for a far-right agenda in the UK, not just Scotland.

    246. mike cassidy says:


      While wondering if 2016 has any other last minute scything plans –

      Debbie Reynold’s finest musical moment.

      With Frank Drebin as the romantic interest!

    247. Ron Maclean says:

      @Robert Peffers 2328/28Dec

      “Say what you like but prove to us…”

      I shouldn’t have to remind you but we lost Indyref1. Do we really know why? I suspect the BBC played its part. It will not be unduly concerned by independence supporters murmuring platitudes which encourage lethargy among the grassroots and in the SNP leadership.

    248. gus1940 says:

      Does anybody think that PQ would be up for the following challenge:-

      a) An edition of Call KayE with the following question and phone-in for the full 3 hours:-

      ‘Was BBC Scotland and The BBC in general biased against The SNP and The Yes Campaign at the time of Indyref1 and does said anti-Independence bias continue at the same level or worse today?’

      b) A feature on said subject to appear on both the National & Scottish sections of The BBC web site with Comments open and free from unfair moderation.

      If the ‘London Calling’ documentary were to be broadcast at peak time on the whole BBC1 Network in advance of the above it would make matters even more interesting.

      I know that there isn’t a chance of the above happening in a million years but if it did it would be interesting to hear the reaction of Donalda, McQuarrie, the other high heed yins at Broadcasting House and the rest of our wonderful unbiased media on the unlikely off chance that they wouldn’t ignore it completely.

    249. manandboy says:


      “Britain faces a decade of disruption after Brexit with low growth, stagnating incomes for the poor and the public finances at breaking point, according to a bleak analysis by a leading thinktank.
      The report, Britain in the 2020s, by the Institute of Public Policy Research, says Brexit will “profoundly reshape the UK … painful trade-offs are almost certain. Growth is expected to be lower, investment rates worse, and the public finances weaker as a result of Brexit.”
      The analysis, which draws on data from the OECD, the ONS and numerous economists and researchers, forecasts a 30% increase in the number of over-65s in the population by 2030, and a doubling of the number of over-85s. It predicts that the proportion of the population that is non-white will climb to more than one in five within 12 years.”

    250. manandboy says:

      The BBC is the principal mouthpiece of British State propaganda.

      It’s main aim is not to inform or entertain, but rather to control, lest the population become too agitated upon discovery of some example or other of Government fraud or incompetence.

      I suspect that most people who watch TV a lot, think that television is a great thing, and would find it very difficult to live without it. More so the elderly perhaps. Not realising that having the TV on means not having to think for yourself.

      It’s true that the media seeks to control not only what the population thinks, but also what they will think about.

      TV is primarily a Government system to prevent people from knowing the truth.

      Programmes like Planet Earth and Strictly are just bait to get the viewer hooked.

      It’s amazing what you learn just by not watching TV.

    251. Nana says:

      A few more links

      BBC Scotland director Donalda MacKinnon causes Twitter row with latest comments

      Scotland needs new currency to stay in EU

    252. Robert Peffers says:

      @Gary45% says: 28 December, 2016 at 8:25 pm:

      ” … As said before, make the BBC subscription/pay for view, and if you don’t want to watch their channels, it would be possible to watch the hundreds of other broadcasters who are funded through advertising.

      I told you before and I’ll tell you again.

      The license itself tells you that you are licenced to watch video broadcasts from any source and the fee you pay, (or don’t pay), does not go directly to fund the BBC. It goes to the Westminster Treasury.

      That means the BBC does not license you – it is the government that does.

      So making the BBC a subscription channel will make no legal difference and you would still need a licenced to watch video broadcasts of any king from any source.

      What needs to be done is for the UK to join the rest of the World and stop charging us to receive broadcasts of any kind.

      You are actually being legally forced to pay the UK government for the privilege of having their permission to receive video broadcasts. Even if the actual broadcasters are already financed by YOU by selling advertising for companies that pass the cost of those ads onto their customers i.e. YOU.

      This shows that the Government is directly financing the BBC as their state broadcaster and the BBC obviously follows what its paymaster tells it to broadcast – or not to broadcast. Have you not heard about, “D”, Notices? The BBC is the government’s directly paid for, but paid by the public, Government propaganda broadcaster.

      If you fondly imagine the BBC keeps all the license money you are delusional. The BBC do not even collect the fees these days they use a private company as debt collectors now.

      Westminster grants a sum of money to the BBC no matter how much or how little the Treasury gets from the licence fees.

    253. heedtracker says:


      Wow thats an incredible story about the A9 and “Fatalities on the road were down by almost 43% over the same period.”

      Not a BBC Scotland mention of the SNP policy makers, SNP Scots gov, Holyrood, anyone or anything to do with Scottish er stuff.

      Or, classic Donaldo, BBC style, say youre doing something, do the exact opposite.

      Mind that odd lad Sir Danny Alexander and his rage at speed cameras?

      Bet you my lunchtime panini and coke, Sir Daniel and his merry band of yoon chums don’t have the good grace and common decency to say they were wrong.

      UKOK yoons should come with a health warning.

    254. Robert Peffers says:

      Stoker says:
      28 December, 2016 at 8:51 pm
      Gary (8:41pm)
      ” … with you and the others on making the BBC subscription or pay-per-view. Then we’ll soon see how popular they are but deep down we all know that is never going to be allowed to happen.”

      I’ve told Gary and I’ll tell you. Read what it says on the bloody license and if you cannot understand it ask a primary one pupil to explain it far you.

      The license tells you that you have the Westminster Governments permission to watch video broadcasts of any kind, on and kind of equipment and from any source.

      It does NOT tell you that you are paying to watch the BBC.

      Making the BBC a subscription service will not make any difference to paying to get government permission to watch any kind of video broadcasts.

      TV broadcasts are paid for in several ways. The main one is paid for by the public by the cost of adverts passed on to the customers by the business’ that buy video broadcast adverts on the video, even on such as YouTube.

      By direct subscription or in the case of the BBC by the Government granting the BBC a certain sum of the public’s tax revenues.

      The truth is that no matter which way the video producers broadcast video the public pays for them.

      The Government TV license is exactly that – a license, (“license”, means permission), to view video broadcasts that you have already paid for.

      So you are talking your usual claptrap when you chunter on about subscriptions for watching the BBC.

      What you pay the government for is their permission to view any video from any broadcast sources and you would just then be paying twice for the same TV broadcasts.

    255. heedtracker says:

      So from Sir Daniel’s no A9 camera campaigning stuff like,

      “Mr Alexander set up the Highland Infrastructure Forum and invited the SCDI and FSB, members of the A9 Safety Group that have voiced reservations about the average speed cameras, to join the group.”

      The number of fatal casualties between Dunblane and Inverness is down by almost 43% compared to the baseline average

      The number of serious injury casualties between Dunblane and
      Inverness is down by almost 63%

      The overall number of casualties of all classes between Dunblane and Inverness is down by 45%

      The significantly reduced number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit continues to be sustained

      The number of vehicles detected by the ASC system which were considered by Police Scotland for further action has remained constant at an extremely low average level of 12 per day (less than 0.03% of the overall volume of vehicles using the route).

      BUT not a peep why. How frightfully yoon. A9’s at least 3 decades behind what the best bit of the Great Britain takes for granted, a super fast road transport network, all over England, kicked off by Thatcher’s crew, paid for with Scots oil and gas, and ends at Newcastle, Ikea, well just past Ikea, but its a good waypoint as you zoom along England’s vast intricate 21st century motorway network, that’s its about to end at a single lane road to Scotland, usually blocked by tractors.

      Only in teamGB.

    256. Fred says:

      There are a lot of people who would like to see the National disappear of the news-stands. None of them are friends of Scotland. Bastards!

    257. Peter Macbeastie says:

      I used to trust BBC reporting.

      That trust was battered by the Gulf War, but stayed until around 2012 when I started really paying attention.

      Now the only trust I have in BBC reporting is that it won’t be true, nor will I believe it is true, where Scotland is concerned in any way no matter how circumstantial. Unless the same story is then repeated by outlets I trust to be impartial where Scotland is concerned. Foreign news sources are infinitely better than any UK based MSM publication for this.

    258. Nana says:


      Admitting they were wrong is not something those liars like Alexander will ever do especially if it concerns an snp policy doing so well.

      Enjoy your panini Heedtracker yum yum!

    259. heedtracker says:

      Fred says:
      29 December, 2016 at 12:49 pm
      There are a lot of people who would like to see the National disappear of the news-stands. None of them are friends of Scotland. Bastards!

      Look that front page is perfect sales puffery for Donaldo. You couldnt ask for better and free propaganda. She’s the head of BBC Scotland news. Everything SNP bad, day in day out, has come via her desk, for years.

      “As Head of Programmes and Services for BBC Scotland, Donalda MacKinnon is the senior editorial figure with accountability for BBC Scotland content on radio, television and online. She also line-manages the Director of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. ”

      She practically ran Project Fear 2014 for Blair MacDoublewhopper extra cheeze, extra fries, diet pepsi, at the BBC.

      National crew say its ok, it ok, just remember, we’re pro independence, and not pro SNP.

      And why would a chief BBC attack propagandist be running a symphony orchestra too?

    260. dandy dons 1903 says:

      Keep the fake BBC BritJockland news coming Donaldo-its good for a laugh if nothing else. Repeat after me SNP BAD BAD BAD, UNION GOOD GOOD GOOD!

    261. Robert Peffers says:

      @Scot Finlayson says: 28 December, 2016 at 9:19 pm:

      “The tv licence fee is for any live broadcast
      so how did catch up non live iPlayer become illegal to watch?”

      Go read the actual TV license, Scot. I cannot quote it for you as I do not have a YV license.

      What I can do is quote what the word, “License”, actually means:-

      a permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing, or carry on a trade (especially in alcoholic beverages).
      “a gun license”

      synonyms: permit, certificate, document, documentation, authorization, warrant;

      So the truth is that you are paying for a, “permit”, i.e. you are being given the United Kingdom Government’s permission to watch video broadcasts that you have already paid for.

      You already pay for them in several ways. For such as STV you pay by the charges made for the adverts of the TV/video producing companies who charge for broadcasting the ads and those costs are then passed on to the customers.

      Then there are subscription services that you pay for including BskyB and YouTube. The BBC stuff is paid for by the UK Treasury and that is NOT dependent upon how much the Treasury gets by way of TV license money.

      In this case the Westminster Government makes a grant, that the Government decides, to the BBC for services rendered and that grant comes from general taxation and bears no direct relationship to the collected license fee money.

      So there’s the truth, Scot, – the public pays for almost all video production and then is forced, (only in the UK), to pay just to get permission to watch what they have already paid to have had produced – whether they watch it or not.

      To explain that last bit. If you do not pay for a license and thus do not watch video broadcasts you will still have paid for the broadcasts by the companies who advertise passing on the costs of advertising to their customers.

    262. heedtracker says:

      Nana says:
      29 December, 2016 at 12:59 pm

      Admitting they were wrong is not something those liars like Alexander will ever do especially if it concerns an snp policy doing so well.

      Enjoy your panini Heedtracker yum yum!

      And now I want a Yum Yum Nana:D

      The real horror behind the A9 is that yoon culture in Scotland has deliberately under invested in the transport infrastructure across Scotland since the 60’s and 70’s. Its cost lives and who knows how much lost economic activity.

      They know exactly what they’re doing too because England’s road network is light years in advance of Scotland’s. They’ve actually run out of England to build new motorways and dual carriageways. So they’re now adding lanes to their 8 lane motorways. Its one of the culture shocks you can get, when you reach Newcastle from Edinburgh all the way down Cornwall.

      Tis the same when you go abroad though. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Japan and their transport network is breathtaking. Their bullet train especially is staggering. Its like an ultra fast space age train network from John o’Groats to Calais, on another planet, and you can see why UK gov wants one. But again, its not been planned here, its decades too late, its tory gesture politics and they have no money for it.

      And that’s not unusual either. China’s emulating Japan’s bullet trains and have the money. But in the US, California also wants one between LA and San Francisco. But like the tories here, they have no money.

      But dont worry Scotland, Donaldo will look after you, or you will rue the day.

    263. Robert Peffers says:

      @Gary45% says: 28 December, 2016 at 11:45 pm:

      ” … It is also amazing how many people of all ages don’t believe a word the BBC say, I am talking about people well into their eighties.”

      Matter of fact, Gary, I’m in my eighties and I’ve not believed anything the BBC has said since around the 1950s.

      To let you understand I will explain. When I finished my apprenticeship I remained in the employ of the MOD, (Admiralty), but my best pal at the time finished up in the MOD and managed to get a technical job at the new BBC TV Studio in Glasgow.

      In those days the BBC only did an insert to the National, (UK), Newscast and the Sports programme on Saturday evenings. As he had to work on the Saturday programmes I would travel with him to Glasgow on Saturdays and go to the studio with him until after the programmes were broadcast.

      In between times we would go to a football game in Glasgow and after the sports programme we would go to the dancing, Usually the Barrowland. and back home to Edinburgh in the wee sma hours.

      The BBC, (there was only one channel), was then mainly under English control as most staff had been shipped in from BBC England to set up the new BBC Scottish TV services. hus only a very few actual Scots were employed by the BBC in Scotland.

      I was thus in the studio for the first ever Scottish news insert, the first Scottish sports reports and later the first of, “The White Heather Club”, and the very first TV play produced in Scotland.

      It didn’t take me very long to find out in-built superiority complex exhibited by the English management of BBC Scotland TV. A quite definite anti-Scottish bias and this was mainly in the technical staff.

      The production side was much, much worse. The BBC in Scotland bias thus began a long time ago and is endemic.

    264. dramfineday says:

      Many moons ago, all I every wanted from BBC Scotland was fair, balanced, politicial reporting and a more proactive approach to reporting on life in Scotland. Now, personally, I’ll be pleased when the only BBC presence is that of the occasional foreign correspondent. Such is how sickened I have become of them that nothing short of their total removal will satisfy.

    265. Chic McGregor says:

      Donalda Whaur’s Yer True Aims?

    266. Gary45% says:

      Robert Peffers@2.21,
      Thanks for the insight.
      Just before Indy 2014, the weekend before the vote, we had a rally in Inverness high street, I noticed a guy walking around with a large camera filming, I got the chance to speak to him and he said he up from London to film for the BBC, I thought it strange because I know some camera crew up here in the Highlands who could easily have done the job. But then again Scotland, too wee and too stupid, according to the Shortbread Corporation.

    267. Smallaxe says:

      Heedtracker says:

      “And why would a chief BBC attack propagandist be running a symphony orchestra too?”

      She’s there to blaw her ain Trumpet, Simples!

      Peace Always

    268. heedtracker says:

      Smallaxe says:
      29 December, 2016 at 2:52 pm
      Heedtracker says:

      BBC is an extraordinary outfit to do well in. Boss editor of BBC Scotland content on radio, television and online, runs BBC symphony orchestra, mother of two… If anything UKOK wise, Donaldo show us that women today really can have it all, in the UK.

      There’s more.

      She is a Trustee on the Board of BBC Children in Need, a Board member of the Royal Television Society, Scotland and is a BAFTA member. She also sits on the Skills Development Scotland, Apprenticeship Advisory Board. She was, until recently, a member of the Board of Governors of St Aloysius College.

      She recently qualified as a certified coach through the BBC’s externally accredited Coach Foundation Course and is a member of the BBC’s Coach net-work.”

      Wonder Woman! She probably fights crime at night, with Batman.

      Her greatest triumph has to be winning the ref 2014 though. And this is her reward. Its for our own good, or we will rue the day, a SLab dude in Edinburgh says so.

      Mind the BBC Scotland hysterics when someone put a YES sticker on Ian Murray’s constituency office window? Donaldo.

    269. Smallaxe says:


      Wonder Woman right enough, I wish she was bringing her pay packets home to me, a least with all that work I wouldn’t have to see her very often.

      Peace Always

    270. heedtracker says:

      Smallaxe says:
      29 December, 2016 at 3:30 pm

      Her husband’s one of Glasgow’s most famous restaurateurs. Lovely grub, costs a fortune though. Glasgow can feel as rich as London, around restaurants like these too.

      A high achieving family and probably not that keen anything remotely radical in their Scotland region.

      She’s now the most powerful woman in Scottish media, under the control of BBC London but even so. Its probably why the National gave her such a lovely puff piece. We all have mortgages.

      All that’s really interesting is that the BBC is public sector outfit, where you can make a lot of money, for not that much effort. We grinch at how much Scots licence fee dosh does not get spent actually in Scotland but all it means is that the Pacific Quay crew only have to hold down Scottish democracy, with a few terrible tv shows, even worse radio.

      Easy money, big BBC money.

    271. Smallaxe says:


      Thanks, for taking the time to enlighten me about Donalda’s situation, as has been said often here on Wings “Every day is a school day”.

      Thank you, for your kindness, I hope the coming year is a good one for you

      Peace, Love and Happiness to You and Yours

    272. heedtracker says:

      Smallaxe says:
      29 December, 2016 at 4:02 pm

      You too!

      I dont know if youre from Glasgow or know it at all but Donalda’s husband’s restaurant is actually opposite the BBC symphony orchestra building on Albion Street. Its quite an achievement to be running BBC Scotland’s symphony orchestra, then popping across the road for dinner at your husbands very popular restaurant.

      Wonder woman.

      God help us:D

    273. Gary45% says:

      Coach Foundation Course, BBCs Coach net-work does that mean she drives the bus for the Shortbread channel, is there no ends to this woman’s talents?
      Meethinks it will end up with Blunder Woman.
      Famous restaurateurs?
      Is it her hubby that owns the Blue Lagoon chippie? smashing grub and I thought the prices were reasonable.

    274. robertknight says:

      Another example of BBC quality journalism…

      Hit Police Scotland with a FOI request, (like they’ve nothing more pressing to do than deal with bogus FOI requests c/o ‘Aunty’), to find out how many PCs are wearing the new Hijab, then run a non-story in the hope of stirring up a bit of SNP Bad when it transpires no PCs wear them.

    275. Smallaxe says:


      I am originally from Glasgow, I was born in Kintra street in Govan and brought up in the schemes in the east end (Barlanark) so I know Albion Street well.Thanks to you, I know more about it now.

      Peace Always my Friend

    276. heedtracker says:

      Smallaxe says:
      29 December, 2016 at 4:35 pm

      So you belong to Glasgow. Me too:D

      That restaurant is interesting in that if you did the dinner for two and the Donald’s BBC symphony orchestra thing, its going to set you back what a Glasgow shelf stacker or bus driver takes home a week.

      And its the middle and upper middle class that are the solid NO vote out there, along with a certain football team fan base, OO etc.

      Its an odd way of combining and marshalling UKOK support but that’s really who Donaldo and chums are talking to, all BBC day, every BBC day, middle and upper middle class Scotland.

      When you watch a guy like Gordon Brewer going UKOK mental at the SNP for example, he’s really just a rep for Donaldo’s middle class, in Scotland.

      That these Scottish classes are so NO makes sense. Its not like UK socio economics have let them down. Work hard at school, uni, and professions like medicine, law, dentistry, public sector management all await. All very high pay, and often via public sector financing too.

      Its these classes that have done best out of the Gordon Brown reign of ending boom and bust. Gordon made sure that he transferred vast wealth to these classes and that makes some sense too, as they do the voting.

      I have GP mates that couldn’t believe just how high Gordon Brown almost immediately boosted their salaries and pensions, when he got in.

      Its not by chance they’re inherently, silent majority conservative NO’s. They dont have to say anything. Donaldo’s crew are doing all the NO shouting for them.

    277. twathater says:


      A wonderful uplifting wee poem hope yer feelin better


    278. Smallaxe says:

      Back soon

      Peace Always

    279. Chic McGregor says:

      TBF to GB, he did end the cycle of Boom and Bust.

      It is now permanent Boom for the establishment elite and permanent Bust for the rest in the nearest thing you can have to federalism in a Union where one country has 100% of the say in what happens.

    280. Chic McGregor says:

      Great poem Smallaxe.

      Nice to see you back.

    281. Smallaxe says:


      Sorry for the delay in answering but I had to pick up my wife from my daughter’s house, she and her husband are back to work today so Gran (my wife) has to look after the kids as they are still on holiday.

      I have a brother who is 15 yrs younger than myself who comes under the category of class that you are talking about. Luckily he has a penthouse in Covent Garden London so he has no vote here, in saying that, I dont think he votes anyway, he has just sold 67 luxury flats in London, 54 of those were purchased by Israelis, surprise!

      I have a niece on my wife’s side of the family the whole family were definite Nos until Brexit loomed its divisive head. My niece is in her last year at Edinburgh UNI, studying European law. I wonder why they changed their minds 🙂 that puts another five on the Yes side for next time. You have given me an education today, I’ve been out of touch with the Glasgow scene for quite a while, thanks for bringing up to speed with who’s who, doing what.

      Peace Always my Friend

    282. Smallaxe says:

      twathater: (great name)

      Thanks very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it and took the time to post to me.

      Hope you have a great year, next year and Lang may YOUR lum reek

      Peace Always to You and Yours

    283. Smallaxe says:

      Chic McGregor:

      Hi Chick, It’s good to be back, I’m glad you liked the poem but as I said to someone earlier today, I would have liked to have written it with more Scot’s words in it but I couldn’t get it to rhyme.

      I hope that you enjoyed yourself over the holiday, only a few days to go until we can put this cursed year behind us and start afresh with some fresh tactics, hopefully.

      Peace, Love and Happiness to You and Yours my Friend

    284. Iain More says:

      Donalda showing she is part of the problem. The BBC just kicking any Scots in the teeth again. I didn’t expect any better since as far as I was concerned she was just another one of the rabid Yoon cabal at the BBC.


    285. Smallaxe says:

      Iain More says: BBC IS BEYOND SALVAGE!

      Fixed that for you Iain

      Peace Always

    286. Fred says:

      Is Donalda’s mans restaurant The Café Gandolfi by any chance? The guy was a Heilanman last time I was in but didnae charge like the Gordon Highlanders!

    287. Fred says:

      It is the Café Gandolfi!!!! a superb place! are folk no supposed to eat noo without feelin guilty? must be Heedy’s silliest post yet but don’t want him gaun in the huff at Hogmanay. The Café was full o scruff last time ah drapped in.

      “My usual table Donalda!”

    288. heedtracker says:

      Smallaxe says:
      29 December, 2016 at 7:05 pm

      Bet those sales are down to the junked sterling too. Who’d be an economist.

    289. heedtracker says:

      Fred says:
      29 December, 2016 at 8:41 pm
      It is the Café Gandolfi!!!! a superb place! are folk no supposed to eat noo without feelin guilty?

      Yes Fred that’s the whole point.

      I am so so sorry I have made you feel guilty Fred. No one wants that.

      But who knew a random btl WoS commenter could have such a massive influence on you Fred. You have my permission to gobble down as much as you like, as often as you like, anywhere you like and guilt free, the noo.

      Happy now.

      Dont forget to leave a big tip.

    290. Alastair Naughton says:

      Reminds me of Michael Forsyth bemoaning the fact the Tories weren’t being effective enough in getting the Tory message across in Scotland. If only we could more clearly explain the benefits of Thatcherism, so to speak…………

    291. Chic McGregor says:

      OT End of year joke.

      CIA Chief: Agent Z, I’ve called you in because , well, because you just have not performed this year.

      Agent Z: How come Chief?

      Chief: Well, all we asked you to do was to bump off as many of the key players in Holyrood as you could, but so far, nada.

      Agent Z: OMG, did you say HolyRood?

    292. Fred says:

      Well Heedy, jist sayin but I think you’ll find that these folk hail from South Uist which is a world away from the Naw-bags on North Uist, I’m just a bit bemused that you think the Café Gangolfi is a bit swanky when it’s a million miles away from the former bookies & their wives who haunt the Rogano for instance!

      Maybe you’re in Wanlockhead or someplace but next time you visit Glasgow to stock-up on oatmeal you’ll find this YES city is hoachin wi folk feeding their faces in restaurants, not all of which will have the staying power of the Café Gandolfi though, or as I prefer Gandolfi Fish!

      Get out more this year kid!

    293. heedtracker says:

      Fred says:
      30 December, 2016 at 9:22 am
      I’m just a bit bemused that you think the Café Gangolfi is a bit swanky when it’s a million miles away from the former bookies & their wives who haunt the Rogano for instance!

      You’re not bemused chum. Some btl commenters get up some noses and that’s what mine do yours. Too bad, dont read etc.

      Donalda’s from South Uist too right? So what, does it add/detract from anything that’s coming our way, for the next decade, BBC Scotland style, from the desk of Donaldo?

      Thought you’d creep back in at the end too Fred but don’t be gaun in the huff at Hogmanay will you.

    294. Donnie McLean says:

      Can anyone remember the last time Reporting Scotland reported a positive Scottish story?

      When do we get the Scottish Six?

      When will bbc in Scotland end its cosy symbiotic relationship with labour in Scotland?

      Who will bite the dirt first in Scotland, labour or bbc?

    295. Stoker says:

      ((((( Gary45% )))))

      Still with you and the others on the
      subscription/pay-per-view thingy.

    296. Stoker says:

      Chic (1:17am): Grrrroooooooaaaaaaaannn!

      I’m still playing catch up. See they’ve added another 4 seconds onto the end of this year. A lot of folks could pop their clogs in that extra 4 seconds. Any suggestions on how to minimise the risk?

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