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The Not-So-Great Dictator

Posted on March 26, 2016 by

We had a little Twitter run-in last night with former Scottish Labour deputy leader and current unemployed halfwit Anas Sarwar, when he reported us to Police Scotland for making a joke about bank holiday mail deliveries, “people in England” and “especially” Scottish ones – which of course includes this site’s own editor, that being the gag.

We’d almost forgotten he existed. But the incident brought something back to mind.


To be fair to Mr Sarwar, he was at least partly right.

Back in 2013, Sarwar – then a Labour MP – said in the House Of Commons that:

“We have a majority SNP Government in the Scottish Parliament, but that is not a democratic place in the conventional sense; it is a dictatorship of one man sitting in Bute House, who will do not what is in Scotland’s interests, but what is in his own or his party’s interests.”

Amusingly, that “one man” is now a sitting Westminster MP, while Sarwar was hoofed out on his backside unceremoniously by voters in Glasgow Central 11 months ago – having served just one term after inheriting his seat from his dad in 2010, and having turned a Labour majority of over 10,500 into an SNP one of over 7,600.


But now, seemingly unchided by the resounding verdict of the electorate, Sarwar is bouncing back. Rather than revert to his previous socially-useful role as a dentist, Sarwar wants to be back in politics again, and has set his sights on a Holyrood seat.

Ironically, however, he has no intention of letting anything as trivial as democracy play a role in the process. Sarwar isn’t contesting a constituency seat and risking another humiliation at the hands of voters. Instead, through internal Labour Party wrangling, he’s managed to get himself placed at the top of the Glasgow regional list, from where it’s basically impossible for voters to stop him being “elected”.


Being in first place on the list guarantees Sarwar a seat so long as Labour can gather at least 6% of the vote in the Glasgow region, and even in the branch office’s current ruinous state that ought to be about as safe as safe things get – it’ll need only around 12,000 votes from the city’s electorate of roughly 505,000.

So even though it’s been less than a year since voters told Mr Sarwar in no uncertain terms where to go and shove himself, six weeks from now he’ll be ensconced back in a Parliament that makes their laws again whether they like it or not.


We, of course, have our own opinion on that. But it might be fairer if we instead solicit one from Sarwar’s new leader, Kezia Dugdale.

Back in 2007, Dugdale wrote a post on her blog about failed constituency candidates becoming MSPs anyway via the list. It referenced an Edinburgh Lib Dem MSP called Mike Pringle, but for the purposes of amusement we’ve swapped his details with Anas Sarwar’s in this extract (changes marked in bold). Nothing else has been altered.


My Masters dissertation was on the topic Turnout, Party Politics and Arbuthnott – The Case for Electoral Reform in Scotland. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the topic was a little on the dry side.

However, I was thoroughly entertained with researching voting patterns and the downturn in participative party politics in replace of single issue campaigns like Climate change, Iraq, Trident, Make Poverty History etc. I was also rather alarmed by the deceptive selection policies of the other political parties.

Now I don’t expect much from the SNP. Alex Salmond will try every trick in the book to get elected to the Scottish Parliament – and still keep his seat in Westminster! Standing for both a constituency and a list seat this May doesn’t even register in his party’s mindset as being inappropriate. Anas Sarwar on the other hand should know better.

Now I’m a moderate supporter of electoral reform. I believe that on balance, proportional representation for local government is a good thing and I accept that the House of Lords is desperately in need of reform.

But above all these opinions, I think that the electorate must be able to hold their elected representatives to account.

Anas Sarwar was very recently rejected by the electorate. Aware of his vulnerability, Anas has put his name forward for the Labour Glasgow list which means it’s nearly impossible to get rid of him at the next election…

Labour will likely take the list seat which they only narrowly missed out on in 2010 and it will be Anas Sarwar’s bum on it. How unfair is that?

No wonder voters are turning off politics when they see politicians carve up a job for life. All in all a very liberal interpretation of a democrat in my opinion.”

The article can still be found on Dugdale’s blog. We’ve painstakingly read through the blog right up to the present day and also searched elsewhere, and we’ve never been able to find anything where Dugdale has said she’s changed her mind about it.

And yet, with her as leader a whopping 70% of Labour’s constituency candidates in Scotland this year – including Dugdale herself – also have backup places on the list, which on current polling should ensure that approximately half of them get in, including everyone who tops their regional list.

Of the eight #1 list spots who are effectively all guaranteed seats, Sarwar is the only one who’s not also fighting a constituency. Voters in the Glasgow region won’t even get a chance to express their views about him before he represents them.

His seat, in other words, has for all practical purposes been dictated to the people of Scotland. And that, to coin a phrase, is not democracy in the conventional sense.

So we have only one question for Kezia Dugdale, on behalf of the Scottish electorate: how do they actually get rid of him?

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172 to “The Not-So-Great Dictator”

  1. Croompenstein says:

    I’m phonin the polis on you… 🙂

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    A system devised by the anti-democratic to retain power and exclude all others not of a like mind.

  3. winifred mccartney says:

    Could it be possible that labour don’t even get enough votes to get in on the lists – that would be wonderful and fair enough after all they have said about list seats and they way they are mis-using them – but what labour will do for a free meal and money.

  4. Auld Rock says:

    Has his dad not recently “left” his sinecure in Pakistan? Perhaps we cold encourage him to go there, if they’ll have him, LOL.

  5. One_Scot says:

    Anas Sarwar should stick to what he does best, filling his pockets as full as he can while riding the Gravy Train.

  6. Ian says:

    As the pre-Independence referendum Bitter Together campaign showed (along with various historical instances of treachery – McCrone report, amendment to ’79 Devolution Referendum, Blair/Brown government), Labour are the real enemy in Scotland. Old or New.

  7. Morag says:

    I think we have to remember that in 1999 most of the SNP’s MSPs were elected on the list. Most of them had stood in constituencies and lost, including Nicola. So sneering at list MSPs who have been “rejected by the electorate” is a bit off. The SNP got plenty of that 17 years ago.

    Then it was normal in Labour for people only to stand in one or the other, not both. Nobody got “two bites of the cherry”. So Anas is only following precedent in his party. But the party has now twigged why the SNP operated as they did. After sneering about it for all these years. So Anas is actually the aberration now, getting a total free pass.

    It’s a complex issue, but what Anas is doing really seems like an abuse even if you can’t entirety define it.

  8. Jaimie McMahon says:

    I guess that’s what he intends to do, OneScot. If labour voters don’t want to vote for the SNP, surely another party could make a play for their votes and keep this appalling excuse out of our parliament?

  9. louis.b.argyll says:

    It’s New Labour feudalism.

    Out of date.
    Out of touch.
    Out of ideas.
    Out of government.
    Out of order.

    IN denial.

  10. Croompenstein says:

    Alison has done more in 10 months than that wee nyaff managed in 5 years. Just to remind you of the wee scrote a wee clip…

    Baldy half incher.. 👿

  11. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “So sneering at list MSPs who have been “rejected by the electorate” is a bit off.”

    We’ve been over this a hundred times. TAKE IT UP WITH KEZIA DUGDALE. SHE’S THE ONE SAYING IT, NOT ME.

  12. mealer says:

    If folk vote Labour they’ll get dross like Anas Sarwar in the Scottish Parliament.Its their choice.

  13. Stoker says:

    Hypocrisy with lashings of curdled cream, pure bouffin Red Tories!

  14. farrochie says:

    I read into this story that Dugdale has been instructed by her London bosses that careerist Sarwar has to be first on the list. Even Corbyn’s Labour needs its millionaires. The branch office has little influence.

    Moreover, if Kezia Dugdale fails to achieve a 2nd place in the elections (FWIW I think they will) there will be pressure to install a new leader, and Sarwar’s yer man.

    Even if Labour gets 2nd place and this is seen as a kind of victory, another 5 years of script reading at FMQ and regular pastings by Nicola Sturgeon will put an end to Kezia’s hope of the big desk.

    Labour has very limited choice when it comes to a replacement for Ms Dugdale. So Sarwar will be the natural choice as long as he remains faithful to London Labour.

  15. louis.b.argyll says:

    Keep it up Rev, sustained, fine form from you and guest recently.

  16. schrodingerscat says:

    oh dear brian wilson
    um no longer slab policy i believe

  17. call me dave says:

    Ho Ho! Good one, about time voters woke up to this parasite.

    A ‘Boomerang’ for Deputy Deadwood and a potential rival for the labour party ‘in Scotland’ among all the other boomerangs in the ‘list lifeboat’

    She needs to get in touch with Charlie Drake who couldn’t get his boomerang to come back. (for older aficionados of comedy records)

  18. schrodingerscat says:

    slab heading for worst defeat “since 1918”.

    tx prof curtice

  19. Colin Church says:

    Been popped in the box marked “do not open” by MSM along with Labour’s Income Tax plan, Council Tax plan, APD money etc, etc.

    Labour afforded the corrupt levels of protection of a ruling party in a one party state by MSM without being in power.

  20. Dorothy Devine says:

    call me dave , remember Mr Drake well – I found him repellent and never funny !

    There is a strange red underlining as I type and I know not why.

    And while I’m on the subject does anyone know why my @ sign should now inhabit the inverted commas place ,and the pound sign is now a dollar sign?

  21. K1 says:

    The only way is as someone says, is for no one to vote for him…at all.

    **wishes for a miracle**

  22. Inverclyder says:

    He’s the next caretaker manager for the Scottish Labour Branch Office 11. If they get 11 MSP’S that is.

    New team, new strip and new tactics but they don’t realise the game has changed.

    Sadly it looks like they’ll finish this league in 3rd or 4th without hitting a ball.

  23. Helpmaboab says:

    I struggle to understand why Labour put so much faith in young Mister Sarwar.

    He’s an unimpressive speaker. His debating skills are very poor. His pre-politics CV is non-existent. As last night’s Twitter exchanges demonstrate, he lacks the judgement and common sense which are the minimum qualifications for a public servant. He’ll always carry the stigma of being soundly rejected by his constituents.

    But he’s also a wealthy man with wealthy relatives. Surely Labour wouldn’t allow that to cloud their judgement? Would they?

  24. Capella says:

    So the message to Glasgow voters is clear. If you don’t want Anas Sarwar to get into Holyrood, don’t vote Labour.
    SNP x 2

  25. Croompenstein says:

    Wasn’t this guy meant to be First Minister on May 6th ?

    I wonder if Anas is Daisley’s new beau

  26. Sarwar knows that if he hangs on in Scotland for a year or two he can perhaps get a safe seat in England…he sees no difference between England and Scotland. Once in England the sky is the limit…even the House of Moans.

  27. Macart says:

    Oh, that’s a howler.

    Wonder if Ms Dugdale remembers any of it?

  28. Croompenstein says:

    @Dorothy – And while I’m on the subject does anyone know why my @ sign should now inhabit the inverted commas place ,and the pound sign is now a dollar sign?

    You are on a US keyboard Dorothy you can change it back to UK

    Oh and I preferred Charlie Drake singing ‘If you don’t know me by now’ 🙂

  29. Bob Mack says:

    Kezia Dugdale wrote this? I should be surprised ,but from a Scottish Labour( leader )who introduces a policy at 10.00 am, and then reverses it at 2.00pm. I have come to expect these turnarounds.

  30. Wellreadned says:

    All Anas does is remind me of a rather hilarious graphic mock-up I saw during the election featuring Ex- Lisbon Bertie Auld as a passionate supporter of Anas and frothing 9/11 Truther.

    “Anas knows that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams and Bush did 9/11…Love and Kisses, Bertie XXX”

  31. heedtracker says:

    Historic fraudsters at the Daily Record really like him, well they’re in love with him

    Politically, Anas Sarwar has become his own man. He is bright, telegenic, articulate and buzzing with energy and ideas for Labour and for Scotland.”

    and, you’re dad’s minted Anas?

    “I could be selfish about that but I want every single young person to realise their potential and their dreams.

    “I’m just a wee guy from Glasgow who likes a laugh and a giggle but I believe in something.

    “There are lots of wee guys in Glasgow and all across Britain who believe in something, who have genuine talents and abilities, and we have to maximise their life chances as well.”

  32. bobajock says:

    Darn it. I want Labour in the Scottish Parliament, they add comedy and ineptitude that make it so clear why we need to remember Dependence …

  33. galamcennalath says:

    If we are forced to endure Labour members in Holyrood via the top up list system, there is a certain perverse logic is saying that – perhaps it’s best we have completely incompetent ones! Labour have, for decades, been the force which keeps Scotland chained in the wicked Union. The weaker and more ineffectual Labour now is, the better.

  34. stonefree says:

    In the Hootsman last week, defending Dugdale (up to a point as I was fed up with the hate replies)
    I suggested prior to the election she should have a initial clear out of the absolute dross,get Anal in the bin(saving her job in the process), not resigning after the (hopeful)wash out ,but it’s far too late for that now.
    Imagine that little erse with far fewer acolytes, banging the desks like school kids after the teacher leaves the classroom. I suppose an alternative and equally bad would be Findlay.I suppose that the downside to the Scottish electoral system in that there will be some that get elected via the back door

  35. I think Anas would rather make his living ripping people off with unnecessary dental work like mercury fillings and root canal,

    but his daddy has other plans for Anas,either as a future First Minister or maybe leader of the Labour party and first Muslim Prime Minister.

    Alison Thewliss who took the Glasgow Central seat from Anas is one of the best,out of a great bunch,of the SNP MP`s in the Commons.

  36. Nana says:


    Just watched indy live streaming the march and arrival in George Sq. Quite emotional seeing all the flags. If you can donate to their crowdfund please do. They are doing a great job of showing us what the bbc don’t.

  37. David Mills says:

    His party designed the Scottish parliament and know he complaints it is not democratic and who fault is that

  38. Arbroath1320 says:

    I’m confused. 😉

    Yes I know being the village idiot around these parts means being confused is par for the course but even so I’m even more confused than normal. 🙂

    Didn’t oor wee Kezia say that she was introducing *cough* new blood into the branch office for this May’s elections? 😉

    I’m sure she did you know. In that case how the hell does having Sarwar as #1 on the Glasgow list pass as having *ahem* new blood in the branch office? 😉

    Surely Sarwar is OLD blood. Being OLD blood he is therefore USELESS. There again if I come to think about it he was USELESS even when he was NEW blood! I guess he will fit right in with the rest of the OLD/NEW blood that makes up the branch office cleaners in Holyrood after May then. 😀

  39. muttley79 says:

    Ah, a nostalgic retro throwback to Scottish politics between 2011-2014 with the ‘Alex Salmond is a dictator’ unionist meme. I remember that Sarwar quote in the article above during that time. Like all too much of the No campaign’s output, it was hysterical and demented. The way things are going the next No campaign to independence will no doubt be headed by Tom Gallagher and Jill Stephenson….

  40. Marcia says:

    Thinking back to failed candidates the speech of the losing MSP is amusing to watch at 4.40

  41. G H Graham says:

    Can we presume that upon his return to Pakistan in 2013 & his subsequent relinquishment of his British citizenship, Mr. Sarwar’s father (previously Labour MP for Govan) ) gave up any rights to his UK pension?

    Just curious since Labour spent so much energy telling pensioners in Scotland that they would lose their pension if Scotland voted for independence.

  42. muttley79 says:

    @Scott Finlayson

    Alison Thewliss who took the Glasgow Central seat from Anas is one of the best,out of a great bunch,of the SNP MP`s in the Commons.

    Yes, Alison Thewliss is doing very well out of the new batch of SNP MPs, as is Mhairi Black, Joanna Cherry, Tommy Sheppard, Philippa Whitford, Hannah Bardell. Stephen Gethins, George Kerevan, Kirsty Blackman seem to have a lower profile, but I reckon they have a lot of potential as MPs. I don’t really know how the rest are doing, probably learning the ropes as it were.

    The only negatives in terms of the SNP MPs at Westminster are that Natalie McGarry appears to have gone a bit native/ rogue, and things do not look too good for Michelle Thomson either.

  43. heedtracker says:

    My Slovene girlfriend and ferocious yoon will also be taking advantage of the Holyrood list but she’s equally full of it, maybe even more so than Anas.

    Glasgow uni’s certainly producing some extremely hard core yoons, that would never get elected in their British FPTP farce.

    Will the BBC creep show ever put issues like the above to these candidates, especially future Lord Adam Tomskinski, Ljubljana West ( c )

    Adam Tomkins ?@ProfTomkins Mar 24
    So today would have been Independence Day and we have a Scottish govt still committed to independence but no-one mentions this?

  44. Proud Cybernat says:

    Bring it on! Every time that clown Sarwar pokes his sneering face in front of a BBCSLAB camera it will remind everyone in Scotland of everything that is wrong with the Red Tories and why they were so comprehensively booted out in Scotland last year. His face alone will remind every voter here of how he stuck his wee stabby “here’s a pen Nicola” into the backs of the Scottish people during IndyRef#1.

    GYTF Sarwar.

  45. geeo says:

    When this odious creep appears on telly nearer the election (he will never be off it i expect), any SNP minded fellow guests need to make sure to ask him why he is not fighting a Constituency seat and facing the electorate to see if they have forgiven him yet for his previous failings.

    Sarwar 1st

    Labour 2nd

    Scottish people a very poor 3rd.

    “It’s not a democratic place in the tradidional sense”, especially for you, is it Anas ?

  46. Grouse Beater says:

    Marcia: “Thinking back to failed candidates the speech of the losing MSP is amusing”

    Hadn’t seen that before. Sad. Disgraceful and shaming.

    But it amply illustrates Labour’s neo-liberal creed – they rule Scotland for corporate England’s interests.

    Here’s a US-Scot of a more generous character:

  47. Weechid says:

    Auld Rock says:

    26 March, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    “Has his dad not recently “left” his sinecure in Pakistan? Perhaps we cold encourage him to go there, if they’ll have him, LOL.”

    Just what I was thinking. This will be a temporary post until Daddy retires and hands him a job in sunnier climes.

  48. Ken Waldron says:

    It’s confirmation that Labour in Scotland really are institutionally clueless. Sarwar got his seat through nepotism, lost it through unpopularity and will have nothing to contribute but blunders because he’s, well, thick. It will be great to see him back: a clueless chump properly representing the clueless chump party. Quality!

  49. Lollysmum says:

    Wow-sore loser there. Just as well she lost that election.

    Thanks for that moment of hilarity from SLab

  50. Big Jock says:

    He’s like the political Mr Ben coming out of the closet with another suit on!

  51. Craig Mac says:

    Oh please…please let this arrogant buffoon be elected to Holyrood through the list system…he’s an absolute godsend to our cause. I think he’s an even more despised figure amongst the braindead labourites than those of us who value freedom and independence…smarmy wee weasel that he is…wonder how daddy is getting on these days as governor in Pakistan? Couldn’t have screwed enough money out of the public purse here I suppose what with all the other great socialists dipping their fingers in the pie. Nae nepotism here folks…nothing to see…move along now…

  52. @muttley79

    Hopefully Natalie and Michelle will be back in the SNP fold in the not too distant future.

  53. Jock says:

    Check out the donations section of the electoral commission website and see how much cash the Sarwaar clan have given to Labour. Given Anas’s patent unsuitability for elected office its hard to see how he would have risen so far so soon without daddy’s cheque book

  54. David McCann says:

    Absolutely brilliant research- and straight from the donkey’s mouth!

  55. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Hopefully Natalie and Michelle will be back in the SNP fold in the not too distant future.”

    The pace of Police Scotland’s investigation into the allegations made against these two MPs is as slow as a year in jail.

    WTF is going on Police Scotland? Get yer finger oot and either clear or charge. You’ve had more than enough time to investigate.

  56. msean says:

    Don’t know how each party arranges who gets what position on the election lists,but I think it might be the time to have some sort of transparent selection process open to party members in the area to be represented for all political parties.

  57. JLT says:

    So he’s back ….oh joy (…groan).

    Now we just need to hear that Murphy will also be back, which would then just complete this Easter themed weekend.

  58. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ Jock

    “Check out the donations section of the electoral commission website and see how much cash the Sarwaar clan have given to Labour.”

    That’s the thing, Jock – Sarwar doesn’t see it as a “donation”. It’s an investment.

    Sarwar 1st
    Labour 2nd
    Scotland last.

    It’s the Red Tory way.

  59. HandandShrimp says:

    You know I think Kezia might stick by her view (a novelty I know). Anas will get a list seat and if Labour do poorly Kezia might very well find that there are those plotting to take her job. I think we all have a fair idea who it might go to.

  60. davidb says:

    Was it not “foreign” donations which brought wee Wendy down? I do hope that citizens of another country are not contemplating illegal donations to branch offices of political parties.

  61. Lollysmum says:

    WINGS meet up at Waxy o’Connors- live coverage from 3.30pm. You won’t see this on the BBC 🙂


  62. Dr Jim says:

    Sarwar probably knows perfectly well he has no future in Holyrood nor is it likely he wants one, it’s more likely to do with Telly which he’ll be on constantly to vomit SNP Baad incessantly and the State Broadcaster will embrace him with open arms, he’s Jackie Baillie but withoot the pies

    Sarwar will probably be hoping Holyrood will bounce him into a real cushy number if he makes enough of a nuisance of himself, let me see now…… House of Lords!!
    Did you hear that music go Da Da Da Dah really gloomily

    Daddy would be so proud of his idiot offspring

    The upside though is we’ll get to see the FM roll her eyes a lot more and Big John banging his head off his desk with uncontrollable laughter
    So more entertainment all round

    Of course the bestest option would be if the good folk of Glasgow don’t give this complete and utter drain on the oxygen of our planet a Feckin vote

  63. Craig P says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Anas Sarwar manages to get rid of himself. He is a former MP so might get caught out by Holyrood’s stricter expenses rules.

  64. paul gerard mccormack says:

    dear kezia,

    i have not the slightest interest in any of the lies that continuously pour out of your mouth, but i did notice you had a bit of a makeover for your recent telly appearance.

    Just goes to show there is at least some truth in the adage – that you can’t polish a turd.

  65. heedtracker says:

    Future Lord Anas must be a possible route to UKOK greatness too. just like BetterTogether Baron Darling of Roulanish.

    Next selection round of UKOK yoon slots at the Lords trough coming up soon but they need to do bettertogether in May, to get noticed. Baroness Ruthie Babes is too young really but she is pretty safe, despite future Baron Tomkins looming on the horizon. Thanks to the list, we’ll have that nutcase’s vote NO or else smirk to look forward to.

    Bit of satire but its true in that it could true and our chum Duncan Hothersall is right about the SLab strike back, so its not satire and Morgan Stanley have been extremely generous to the Flipper.

    Lord Darling ?@A_LordDarling 24h24 hours ago
    Great response on the doorsteps for Scottish Labour today so I hear. I’m at Morgan Stanley passing on advice about wielding financial power.

  66. Robert Louis says:

    Sarwar, vote him out, he comes back, reject him at the ballot box, he’s having a seat anyway, whether you like it or not. Democracy Labour party style.

    Hard to respect someone who behaves like that. Hard to respect a political party or its branch manager that lets him.

    Although unlikely, it would be immensely funny if they did get less than 6% of the Glasgow vote.

  67. Orri says:

    A variation of STV would soon sort this out.

    Perhaps, pick one named candidate followed by a party.

    You might possibly get a Green candidate with a fall back to SNP.

    Might be simpler just to use a single vote and use party affiliation.

    In either case whilst there might be a preferred order set out by a particular party the voters could override it.

  68. Foonurt says:

    Currmichull & Sarwar, words fail m ….. .

  69. Malky says:

    Stick to teeth, Son, coz you need a personality in politics.

  70. I suspect that Anas is probably funding the entire Glasgow Labour from his own back pocket. As such Labour have to pay the piper. Money talks, skint candidates walk.

  71. David says:

    A BIT LATE but then I just got home from furrin lands
    SO STOP shouting at the telly assuming you still watch TV

    Dear David,

    You are cordially invited to take part in Thursday night’s Scottish election leaders’ debate, from the comfort of your living room. 38 Degrees has a tool that helps us all give our verdict on how politicians perform in TV debates – and it’d be great if you tried it out.

    You can use the 38 Degrees opinion tracking tool (known as a “worm”) on your computer or on your mobile phone while you watch the telly. It has three buttons that you press as many times as you like during the broadcast: one for when you like what the speaker on the screen is saying, one for when you don’t and one for when they’re just not making any sense at all. A “worm” at the bottom of the screen records how all members are voting. If lots of us like what’s being said, the worm goes up. If lots of us don’t, the worm goes down.

    It’s a bit like shouting at the telly. Except more satisfying. Because if you use this tool, your opinions will be heard far beyond your living room – along with those of thousands of other Scottish 38 Degrees members.

    It’s easy. It’s free. You don’t need to install anything. There’s no app to download. When you follow the link below you’ll be taken to a page and asked to sign up. On the night, we’ll send you a reminder via email with a link to the 38 Degrees worm. It’ll look something like this:

    The worm works on mobile device (phone, tablet, iPad, etc) or on a desktop computer. (Did I mention it’s dead easy to use?) So, what do you think, David, fancy trying it out?


    The debate is on BBC1 Scotland at 9pm on Thursday and by taking part, you can be more than just a spectator. Your views will be counted towards the overall 38 Degrees people-powered debate verdict – made available to every newspaper, TV and radio journalist. (We’ll also be posting a blog giving the results on our website.) Politicians and journalists will be paying attention to what 38 Degrees members think – they’re always hungry for information about how party leaders have performed at debates.

    The worm can help make sure politicians hear us at moments like this during the election – and remind them of the power of our voices so they take us more seriously after they’re elected.

    38 Degrees members in Scotland have been very clear that there’s a need for this kind of service. In the election survey, 12,500 Scottish members voted that we should do something like this. So let’s do it!

    Who was the star of the night? Who was sleekit? Who was a bampot? It’s up to you.

    Thank you for all you do,

    Stewart, David, Megan & the 38 Degrees team

    PS: Usually only the studio audience’s reactions get reported in these debates. This tool is a tactic for making sure everyone’s response can be heard. It’s very easy to use (people follow a link and then press buttons to say how they think the speaker on the screen is doing) which means it opens up politics to as many people as possible:

  72. Joemcg says:

    The big coin wheeze from Anas above! I forgot that one! Walking aboot Edinburgh with a big daft coin, What a hoot!

  73. Iain More says:

    Aye he got smacked in the chops by 20658 dictators back in May. He didn’t get the message though and the message was GTF!

  74. Albaman says:

    A despicable man, who only got back into Labour’s favour, by bayiny his way in, well, I suppose that’s Labour at thier most comfortable.
    If as Stewart says, that he’s bound to get in, I suggest one way to muzzle him, would be to appoint him as a “deputy presiding officer “, he’d have to follow the rules of impartiality, whilst within the Parliment , would he not?.

  75. Not Convinced says:

    Since from a procedural sense the only real difference between Holyrood and the House of Commons is the presence of the list MSPs making the place a little more proportional does this mean Mr Sarwar is saying that Westminster is not a democratic place either?

    Presumably though, any such lack of democracy in Westminster would be a good thing and be a reason to not support independence for Scotland?

  76. heedtracker says:

    Should be interesting watching Britnat press boosting Anas for next 6 weeks, although this is one way UKOK attack propaganda works

    Rancid The Graun takes a long hard widdle over Scotland and Scottish democracy but its either this or their total black out of anything Scotland at all. It is an interesting press attack though, use a few Scottish guys to smear a democracy you detest above anything else in teamGB.

    I’m going with week on week rancid The Graun’s Rupert Carrell says, “Anas is a god, vote SLab” but I could be wrong:D

  77. call me dave says:

    Wings do in Glasgow live streaming great picture but…No sound!

    Ah! it’s back on. That’s better 🙂

  78. Camz says:

    Looking forward to the Labour leadership musical chairs from 2016 as Kez sees the results, and in 2017 as the councils get hammered, and in 2020 as Labour get another pasting in Westminster.

    So Kez, then Anas, then… then… then…

    All we need now is a suitable medley of songs for the game. May I suggest Stars on 45? Rather apt.

  79. CmonIndy says:

    That 38degrees worm was crap. I tried using it through the debate until they pulled it.
    What I did notice though was that the (delayed) voting plots showed Nicola and Harvie at around +70 to +90 while all the others showed between -50 and -80. A cynic might say that Labour-leaning 38degrees didn’t like the results.

  80. yesindyref2 says:

    In fairness Rev there’s people even from the East Coast who don’t get West Coast humour, of which that is a classic example.

    Oh wait, Sarwar is from Glasgow.


    At least he’s not from Beith.

  81. Brian McHugh says:

    If Anas Sarwar is Labour’s number 1 list seat, then the lack of quality in their ranks has sunk yet further below rock bottom. How low can they go? Sweepstake?

  82. Onwards says:

    Not so sure about labour coming second any more. A party needs a strong message and the SNP has that in being ‘stronger for Scotland’.
    As much as the Tories are disliked here, they also have a very clear message in no higher taxes.

    By contrast Labour is all over the place. And I think they have blown it in asking low-mid earners to pay more income tax. The SNP learned the hard way that those who say they agree with that are less prepared to actually vote for it. And there will be a few more ‘shy tories’ this time.

    If Labour does come third, that might be the spur they need to register as a real Scottish party.

  83. Another Union Dividend says:

    On Labour Party millionaire Red Tory candidates, Daniel Johnson in Edinburgh Southern deserves a mention.

    Born with a silver spoon in his mouth he attended one of Edinburgh’s most expensive schools (fees currently £10,500 a year), he joined the Labour Party at 17 and his first job after university was working for then Edinburgh South Labour MP Nigel Griffiths .. things he doesn’t mention on his CV as masterminded by one Duncan Hothersall.

    After he was adopted as a Labour candidate he appeared on TV as “an Edinburgh businessman” during the referendum campaign backing George Osborne’s stance on a Currency Union and in his latest pitch to Tory voters he says he will oppose another independence referendum .. how democratic.

    A few years ago he was passed his father’s businesses for zero consideration involving several companies and some shops, and likes to portray himself as a local business person but his recent Labour letter to residents was printed in Newcastle – so much for supporting local business.

  84. Dan Huil says:

    “Lovely stuff”

  85. Breeks says:

    Can our parliament not pull some strings and contrive to give Blare MacDougal a seat too?

    With him AND Anas putting the case for Union, I feel sure we’d be that little bit closer to Independence.

  86. Inverclyder says:

    There must be a graph somewhere linking the personalities of the Labour Branch Office Caretaker Managers to the downward spiral of their membership and voters.

    The Blundergraph Generator!

    Each “new” leader is progressively worse than the last.

    Good luck to Sarwar when he gets the job. He deserves it!

  87. Ghillie says:

    He has no dignity or integrity.

    Jumping the List can not go down well with his fellow contenders.

    Still, his arogance and idiocy in Holrood can only further the case for Independence = )

    ‘When your opponents are busy making mistakes, leave them to it!’

  88. McBoxheid says:

    Anas is the bird family for dabbling ducks…quite appropriate really.

  89. Morag says:

    We’ve been over this a hundred times. TAKE IT UP WITH KEZIA DUGDALE. SHE’S THE ONE SAYING IT, NOT ME.

    I didn’t say anything different. I was sort of wittering about her changing standpoint, all depending on the position of Labour at the time.

  90. Inverclyder says:

    Would be good if in the next Holyrood term they had a wee vote on…

    Leaders of any parties in Scotland can only be Constituency winners and not List seat winners.

    It’ll never happen but it would certainly give a few of them a squeaky bum time moment!

  91. Croompenstein says:

    Thems the rules and we stick by them because it’s how it was set up. The ‘Executive’ was set up in such a way to stymie the SNP and ‘kill the nationalists stone dead.

    It is not our fault that they have now been hoist by their own petard. Stu is merely pointing out the duplicity and arrogance of unionism and the British Labour party in Scotland.

    Hell mend them.

  92. Stoker says:

    Cracking picture from the livestream annoyed about the sound.

  93. schrodingerscat says:

    Onwards says:
    Not so sure about labour coming second any more.

    me neither, curtice saying slab polling at 20% worst since 1918 when they were founded 🙂

    ruthie “line in the sand” tories at 15%

    a swing of only 2%, and the vagaries of the list pr vote counting system could see ruthie as the opposition party in holyrood

    kez will go, defo, welcome slabs new leader, anas sarwar, he hates the one party dictatorship dontcha know, especially as leader of the 3rd party

    kez said when she became leader that slab may have not reach the bottom and could fall further. if slab voting unionists see slab being beaten by the tories, many might decide to switch to the tories, good riddens

    what is left in terms of slab voters will be our target group.
    slab will get torn in 2 betwen the unionists and the socialist. they will no longer be a haven for both, more likely a haven for neither.

    the tory support in scotland may grow for the 1st time since 1997

    but so will the snp and yes

  94. Albantawe says:

    Dugdale’s hypocrisy should be highlighted, but there is nothing wrong with standing on the list. The list is not the back door. It is a vital component in a pretty fair system. If Sarwar is elected then, however much we don’t like it, he will represent a significant part of the electorate.

  95. schrodingerscat says:

    Morag was the first ever person to post on wings…

    the opportunity to start an arguement in an empty room was too good to miss ………. 🙂

  96. Foonurt says:

    Whit’s wrang wae Beith/Birch?

  97. schrodingerscat says:

    only joking morag
    just trying to create a pleasant and social atmosphere 🙂

    just watched this, summary of yes history, quite accurate, not sure about way forward

  98. Arbroath1320 says:

    Is it too late to ask IDS to return to his old job as DWP secretary of state?

  99. Croompenstein says:

    Dunno whether Nana has put this on but Ineos are taking the piss..

    On a lighter note James Kelly has made some pledges..

  100. Returnofthemac says:

    This man has no shame. Back to tv interviews on ‘I’m john McKay’ where anal(typo) does not allow others to start answering never mind finish their answers before he interrupts them.
    Rev is right, as per, it is almost impossible to keep him out. A bit like a bad smell really.

  101. Joemcg says:

    Alban-please explain how the list system is “fair and not the back door?” Think it’s an absolutely stupid way of electing people. I would say the same for SNP list candidates too. It’s open to abuse like stu’s pal above.

  102. Croompenstein says:

    Somebody pass the hankies to kevverages Missus..

    And I had heard they were making a remake of this but didn’t expect oor Kez to be the star…

  103. Red says:

    Yeah he’s a fucking idiot.

    However, I’ve brought this up before and you just breeze over it, I have no idea why you don’t get that on Twitter NOT EVERYONE is going to understand your humour .. and while you may think “too bad for them” it actually is an issue. Whether you like it or not you REPRESENT us (yes voters) in a lot of people’s eyes, and you definitely contribute to the evil “cybernat” image, which undoubtedly costs votes.

    The Wings site (and the above article) is fucking tremendous … just, you know …

  104. Roboscot says:

    Slab’s advantage is their core vote seems to be 20% and Scotories 15%.

  105. Nana says:


    I hadn’t put that link up, was having a lot of problems this morn. Have a lot of links to read through and that one on Frank Spencer is hilarious.

    oh dear looks like more trouble in labour

  106. Iain More says:

    There is no perfect method of electing any politician in my view. I have a passionate hatred of the STV System, that being the system stuck on us for Council Elections by the Fib Dooms. I don’t much like the List vote but it knocks the socks of the STV System.

    Oh and the one recent Council By Election that I had a vote in saw nearly one third of Green voters transfer their votes to an effin Tory and those votes subsequently going to an effin Tory Independent so screw STV as a voting system. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

    The Parties need to get their List systems sorted out though, SNP included in that observation, to avoid a useless tit like Sarwar getting top of list or stopping somebody ruthlessly corrupt getting a high placing.

    I am not a member of any political Party but the List system in my view as it stands is open to abuse, it opens the doors to the corrupt, the incompetent and the there is the ever present danger of nepotism.

    I am not a fan of FPTP either so I will stick with the system we have for Holyrood until a better one can be formulated. That is pretty difficult when you have heavily Brit Nat biased media outlets in the BBC and STV denying a voice to some minor Parties but giving the rabidly racist and anti Scottish UKIP screen time.

  107. Nana says:


    That man crabbs is every bit as nasty as the rest of them and every bit as stupid.

  108. Albantawe says:

    It is proportional representation – if a party gets x% of the vote it is reasonable that they should get roughly x% of the seats. I don’t see how standing on the list is abusing the system.
    What is your preferred electoral system? You are surely not saying you prefer first past the post?

  109. Iain says:

    Looking on the bright side, the dead tree newspapers are in their death spirals and 50% of the population of Scotland ignore or don’t watch the bbc. Independence is coming.

  110. Nana says:


    I clicked on your link at 7.08 and as its re economics and gers I will repost this one. I put it on last night’s thread but it might have gotten lost as it was very late.

  111. mealer says:

    I was just having a rummage among YouTube and came across Schiehallions version of Freedoms Dream.I think it’s a brilliant song.Maybe someone could post a link to it?

  112. mealer says:

    Oh,and Erin Go snooker loopy!

  113. Big Jock says:

    Supporting my second team just now. Come on Germany!

  114. Lollysmum says:

    Margaret has posted another belter of a poem on Wee Ginger Dug today saying this is how I see it

    Is This What You Want?

    Dae ye want tae gang back tae the days in the street
    Whaur the weans wir aye hungry an ran in bare feet
    Whaur yer Granny when auld in this land o’ the brave
    Is described as a pauper as she’s laid in her grave

    Is this whit ye want?

    Dae ye want when yer sick, tae choose whit tae buy
    Is it pills for yer pain or milk fae the kye
    Oor free education well that will be lost
    And the brightest will suffer because o’ the cost

    Is this whit ye want?

    Dae ye want when the nukes sail aff doon the Clyde
    Tae ken if they’re fired there’s nae place tae hide
    If yer on top o’ the Ben or doon at the coast
    We’ll be in it the gither like a slice o’ burnt toast

    Is this whit ye want?

    The answer is simple, the answer is clear
    Jist throw off the cringe and lose a’ the fear
    So pu’ back yer shooders an rowe up yer sleeves
    Get oan tae yer feet get up off yer knees
    We’re better than that we a’ ken it’s true
    That’s no whit a want, how about you?

    Yet another excellent piece which goes right to the heart of the need for independence.

  115. Willie says:

    Sarwar is indeed an outrageous chancer and his refusal to apply to stand and get gubbed in a constituency seat shows the contempt he has for the electorate. But scandal and allegations of corruption have never been far from the Sarwar dynasty with Daady getting caught handing over thousands of pounds in cash to a political opponent whilst another son got jailed for VAT carousel fraud. All entirely above board for the family they’re just unfortunate being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Chip off the old block.

  116. jdman says:

    “I am not a member of any political Party but the List system in my view as it stands is open to abuse, it opens the doors to the corrupt, the incompetent and the there is the ever present danger of nepotism.”

    What about an MSP having lost their seat can ONLY stand for election on a constituency seat?

  117. Az says:

    Thought it might be of general interest to Wings readers that Anas used to be my dentist.

    He put in some ‘buckle’ fillings which came out within weeks.

    Readers can draw their own conclusions!

  118. Lollysmum says:

    @ Az

    Lol-so not only is he poor at politics but he’s poor at dentistry too. No wonder Daddy Sarwar has to buy him a Holyrood seat

  119. Breeks says:

    I genuinely don’t know whether the list system / PR is fair or otherwise; from the beginning it has been billed as a device to make outright majorities very difficult to achieve. No surprises there; a Westminster contrivance that doesn’t work they way it was meant to.
    It occurs to me that the popularity of PR waxes and wanes according to a Parties fortunes good or bad.
    What I really don’t like about it is that enshrines Party politics, and ostensibly provides a democratic mandate for a party rather than the individual MP. You vote for the flag, and trust the Party to fill the seat with a foot soldier / utility player dutifully obedient to the Party manifesto. You pays your money and takes your chance…

    What I find utterly bewildering is Anas Sarwar meeting the selection criteria. In a shortlist of one, I would still expect him to come second. It speaks volumes about Labour’s strength in depth, and a chronic shortage of alternative candidates.

    To try a different perspective, if I, (gulp) was leader of the Labour Party, I would be throwing my efforts into finding the right kind of people to revitalise the flagging fortunes of the party. That just doesn’t seem to be happening. Instead we are offered the same stale TV dinner which we have already sent back to the kitchen once already. It seems the whole world can predict what is going to happen next; all that is except the Kitchen staff at Labour HQ.

  120. heedtracker says:

    “That’s why I am dentist!” Brings back his madasfcuk STV debate performance with Sturgeon, over and over “will you sign my pledge Nicola” as he dangled his fake petition prop over his podium. Very impressive props.

    Another hopeless TV debate yoonster in peril, Carmicheal.

    The House of Commons Standards Committee looking at Carbuncle, Commissioner Gordon has added his case to the list being investigated now

    Investigate on three main points –

    Breaking Paragraphs 10,14 and 16 of the Code of Conduct…

    10. Members shall base their conduct on a consideration of the public interest, avoid conflict between personal interest and the public interest and resolve any conflict between the two, at once, and in favour of the public interest.

    14. Information which Members receive in confidence in the course of their parliamentary duties should be used only in connection with those duties. Such information must never be used for the purpose of financial gain.

    16. Members shall never undertake any action which would cause significant damage to the reputation and integrity of the House of Commons as a whole, or of its Members generally.

    What a waste of UKOK time.

    Do you Carbuncle, solemnly swear to tell mega whoppers, in the full expectation of not getting caught and even if you do, the massed ranks of sneaks, creeps, lechers and liars of the great British media will lie, bury, divert from all of it?

    Help Me Rhona

  121. Lollysmum says:

    Dr Robertson has just released the results of the last 12 weeks on broadcast media (BBC & STV) & it’s truly damning stuff!

  122. Rock says:

    Labour is rotten to the core.

    It has been bribed by Papa Sarwar to get Baby Sarwar ‘elected’ through the back door.

  123. Angus Angus says:

    Let’s not knock PR in Scotland. It means that our party has formed a majority with a minority vote. Another good thing is that,because of that, we dominate the committees -this means that every law we pass fails to get any proper scrutiny.
    Hooray for democracy.

  124. Iain says:

    Everybody needs to relax, we are going to win. As long as it takes we will win. The yoons know that if anyone thinks about Scottish independence it will happen. We just need to work to ensure it does happen. Bit by bit we are winning, going back in the box is not going to happen. All the yoons that visit this site are in despair, their empire is crumbling, their world is collapsing and they don’t know what to do. We just need to state the positive case for an independent state of Scotland and anyone with a half a brain will agree. We are going to win. That is a fact.

  125. Inverclyder says:

    Another thing with Labour Branch Office choosing Sarwar and probably others as candidates is that it proves they have not changed, they have not learned from their previous mistakes and will be the same as they have been for years.

    More members will lose interest in them and move to other parties.

    I can only see Sarwar and his ilk becoming MSP’s as a positive for the oblivion of Scottish Labour.

    If they make him the next Caretaker Manager all the better as it’s a masterstroke of genius levels by the pretendy socialists. They must truly believe what they have been doing since the days of Johann “Astonished” Lamont is the right path in a politically changed Scotland.

  126. Rock says:


    “The only negatives in terms of the SNP MPs at Westminster are that Natalie McGarry appears to have gone a bit native/ rogue, and things do not look too good for Michelle Thomson either.”

    I have been warning of ‘Business for Scotland’ and ‘Lawyers for Yes’ types for long. Don’t trust them. They are not interested in a fair and equitable Scotland.

    Thankfully, Craig Murray was rejected. If he had been elected, he would have been constantly rebelling against the SNP.

  127. Rock says:


    “The list is not the back door. It is a vital component in a pretty fair system.”

    It becomes a back door when those like Sarwar use it.

    Otherwise it makes the system pretty fair, which I am happy with.

  128. Fireproofjim says:

    Well, you must hand it to England.
    Down 2-0 with half an hour to go, and they score three cracking goals to win.
    I agree with Stu – the strips are a mess.

  129. Iain says:

    I’ve just realised that nobody in my household of six has been watching the bum. We have moved on, it is in the past. Since my eyes were opened to their lies. The bum has never been more distrusted. When we are independent the bbc will be regarded with the same level of trust as north Korea. Well done bbc.

  130. carjamtic says:

    This is molary wrong.

    Coat oan :-j

  131. Joemcg says:

    Alban-as in sarwar’s case he’s not getting legitimately elected by the people if he’s not standing is he? He’s riding on the back of a low percentage of votes to ensure his seat. That is the epitome of unfair and getting in by the back door! Well done to England thought at one stage they were going to get annihilated. One question though, blue socks? Union flag? St George’s cross??

  132. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dorothy Devine says: 26 March, 2016 at 12:45 pm:

    “And while I’m on the subject does anyone know why my @ sign should now inhabit the inverted commas place ,and the pound sign is now a dollar sign?”

    Yes, Dorothy, your keyboard driver is set up as for the USA. Set it for English and the UK.

    Here’s the answer for Windows 10 but should work for previous versions.:-

    Click the Start menu and select Settings.
    Select Time & language.
    Click Region & language in the left column.
    Under Languages click the language you want as default and click Set as default.

  133. Robert Peffers says:

    @Helpmaboab says: 26 March, 2016 at 12:47 pm:

    ” … But he’s also a wealthy man with wealthy relatives. Surely Labour wouldn’t allow that to cloud their judgement? Would they?”

    Yes, Helpmaboab, but he does also have a great hate for the SNP. By Labour’s standards the combination of wealth & solid SNP hate is irresistible.

  134. call me dave says:


    A very incisive comment indicating much wisdom.
    I’m getting ma coat, taking the canines for a walk.

  135. Robert Peffers says:

    @Macart says: 26 March, 2016 at 12:51 pm:
    ” … Wonder if Ms Dugdale remembers any of it?”

    Dinna be silly min, hae ye no worked oot yet why Kezia talks sae afu fast?

    It’s because she has a short memory span.

    She forgets the start of the sentence before she gets to the end of it if she talks slow.

  136. Nana says:

    @call me dave

    That is some biting wit. Thanks for the chuckles.

  137. Grouse Beater says:

    Rock: Thankfully, Craig Murray was rejected. If he had been elected, he would have been constantly rebelling against the SNP.”

    I think you’ll find Salmond was a right Royal pain in the ass for a long time.

  138. call me dave says:

    @Grouse Beater
    Thanks for the ‘car nuts’ link earlier, very interesting.

    When I was about 14 I couldn’t wait until I could get my hands on a singer vogue…ended up with a Rover 2000… 🙂



    Twiddling thumbs…slow news day but they say a new poll is due.

    Oh New Thread wie maps…

  139. Robert Peffers says:

    @Arbroath1320 says: 26 March, 2016 at 1:28 pm:

    “I’m confused.”

    Aye! Mibbie ye are, Arbroath1320, but not nearly as confused as Wee Kezia.

    ” … Didn’t oor wee Kezia say that she was introducing *cough* new blood into the branch office for this May’s elections?”

    No, Arbroath1320, Kezia was just talking about all the blood on the headquarter’s floor from all the infighting and back stabbing going on to get their names on the list.

  140. davidb says:

    The systems for election at Holyrood, and at local council level are imperfect. However, they are surely business to be sorted after Independence. It is possible in some PR systems for voters to select the particular list members they want from the party list offered. Our Holyrood list does in effect work a threshold at about 6% which is not dissimilar to the German system.

    The SNP list is voted on by the members. But there is a vetting system, and the list I voted on had some possible hierarchy favourites on it. You do have to have party loyalty as a given however. There is no mechanism for an MP, MSP or council member elected on any ticket being obliged to seek re-election if they decide to go over to the dark side. They may not take the whip but they still keep the seat. Some will have inflated egos.

    Whether list places were bought or not in other parties is up to them. I found some amusement in the Central list where the top placed candidate is a trades union candidate. I wondered if perhaps the union had taken over the party structure ( and would not have cared except that the guy is an arch Unionist ).

    I note the FPTP Labour candidate for Hamilton Larkhall & Stonehouse is 6th on their list – where 5 are hoping to be elected. The lady in question was a sitting MSP in the last parliament. She must be delighted at the vote of confidence from her members.

  141. call me dave says:

    Correction Grousie!

    Triumph 2000! DOH!

  142. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Proud Cybernat at 2.30

    The Police have made it clear they have not interviewed Michelle Thompson and have no intention of doing so the repetition of the implication that she us under investigation is out of order on this site.

    I suspect an energetic campaign against Anas Sarwar (and there is plenty of material available to do it) could destroy the Labour vote on the Glasgow list. If I was a traditional Labour supporter I would be hard put to find any good reason to vote for a list that had Anas at the top of it

    I have issues with the d’Hondt system and would abandon it. Many people think it is designed for you to vote for another party and not the one you gave your FPTP vote, which is not the object of it.

    I don’t believe any party does itself any good only going for the list and it does itself a disservice if it does do.
    I would provide proportionality by insisting that all candidates contested FPTP seats and then tallied the votes in regions (in much the same was as the list does now). I counted the votes cast in the eight FPTP contests in the Highland Region and compared them with the voted cast for the Highland Region list and the difference was just about 1%.

    We don’t need two votes. One vote would give much more accurate proportionality result.

  143. Rock says:

    Grouse Beater,

    “Rock: Thankfully, Craig Murray was rejected. If he had been elected, he would have been constantly rebelling against the SNP.”

    I think you’ll find Salmond was a right Royal pain in the ass for a long time.”

    We weren’t on the verge of independence then.

    Craig Murray is no Alex Salmond.

    He is an ex LibDem UK OK diplomat, bosom pals with Carmichael for a long time, including during the referendum campaign.

    Turned against the SNP as soon as he found out he couldn’t gain from it.

  144. Saor Alba says:

    SNP x 2 in May. This is the only vote that makes sense for SNP supporters.
    The Unionists will certainly vote twice for their chosen puppet.
    It remains to be seen how other Indy FOLK vote, but one of their votes needs to be for the SNP.. Which one depends on the circumstances of where they vote.

    The Scottish Government came up trumps once again at the beginning of the week, saving the jobs at TATA Steelworks. Once again they have delivered for Scotland. The Forth Road Bridge is ahead of schedule and under budget as well. The SNP record in delivering for Scotland continues to be excellent. There is no bullshit from them, just a determination to deliver.

    All you get from the red, blue and yellow Tories is utter bullshit and lies. Unionism is built on hatred and division. They do not care at all for Scotland and they continually show disrespect and contempt for the electorate, treating them as dullards. Of course there are some who fall for this.

    If you fool me once, shame on you.
    If you fool me twice – shame on me.

  145. Nana says:

    @call me dave

    A poll tomorrow, maybe slab should have a very long lie in.

  146. schrodingerscat says:

    craig murray
    tommy sheridan

    some may not like them, but they will appear during indyref2, some people do like them, they are powerful and topical characters and andrew niel will invite them to talk on his shows whether you like them or not.

    if you dont like them, tough titty, yes2 is cross party, it covers all indy supporters, not just those i like or dislike, nor your preferences either. if you dont like them, turn off your tvs. those splitters and judean people front supporters will not decide for the rest of scotland, you are free in your areas to invite whoever you want to your meetings. this freedom is extended to everyone, no one gets to dictate to anyone else who they should or should not listen to or support

  147. schrodingerscat says:

    the snp will not launch yes nor will they decide who is leader. indeed no snp official, rep etc can have anything to do with it until the snp commit to indyref2

    if sheridan can organise people to leaflet or canvas for yes2 in some areas, why should you care?

    he may not be a suitable speaker in your area, probably not in mine either, but yes2 aims a >50% of the population, that means covering all bases, maybe even red and blue tories. we cant block them either or we will lose

    no one is asking any of you to agree with everything that anyone who supports indy says or does

  148. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    schrodingerscat at 11.37 and 11.53

    Well put

  149. In my opinion the apple has not fallen far from the tree with Anas Sarwar. He is the worst type of politician, a careerist just like his father and a great example of what we are currently getting rid of through democracy. Just a shame he has managed to avoid the democracy part and will be a poor and unwelcome presence in our Parliament.

  150. David says:

    @ schrodingerscat
    Slightly off-topic, but I’d like to see someone like Tommy Sheridan organise a “Can pay, Won’t pay the BBC Tax” campaign.

    This could be started right now, well before any official IndyRef2 campaign gets under way. What would it achieve?

    It would give Mr Sheridan a good platform for his skills & ambitions. It would put more pressure on the corporate media to report on public opinion that the BBC is failing Scotland.
    It would provide a legitimate public forum to discuss issues with BBC Scotland. It would increase the pressure on Pacific Quay’s out-of-touch leaders.

    For me, it’s a no-lose scenario.

  151. Doug Daniel says:

    Morag: “It’s a complex issue, but what Anas is doing really seems like an abuse even if you can’t entirety define it.”

    Here’s how you define it: sitting politicians who get booted out of one parliament should not be allowed to stand for another one for over 12 months (and since candidates have to be registered by 1st April, that would rule out this year’s election for Sarwar.)

    Of course, the answer is either STV or Open Lists. I personally prefer Open Lists (the system they have in Sweden – it allows you to rank the list members yourself, rather than party members doing it), but I know the SNP’s meant to favour STV for all elections, and it would at least have the advantage of simplifying things since we already use STV for council elections – it’s absolutely crazy that we have four different voting systems for the four different elections (FPTP for Westminster, AMS for Holyrood, STV for councils, regular closed list for the European Parliament).

    Both methods mean a candidate can’t simply rely on the party vote – they need a personal vote as well. So at least that way, loathsome arseholes would find it harder to get elected.

  152. Ken500 says:

    It is surprising how often lying, greedy, nasty politicians will waste Police time and public money on their illogical complains. A Police State or who do they thing they are. Above the Law.

    Illegal wars, fraud, tax evasion child abuse and death all hidden under the Official Secrets Act. When will they be called out. The Unionist One Party State. No difference between them absolute liars. Stanction and starving the vulnerable to death. The majority never imagine they would be living in a one party state, because of Westminster lies and corruption.

    Being lumbered with another one. ‘What happened to freedom of speech’. One State Unionist Party abusing ‘Human rights’.

    Where’s the Chilcot Report?

  153. Ken500 says:

    @ Complaints

    Labour are just shooting themselves in the foot again. Putting up these ‘candidates’. They have a dire shortage of credible candidates and members. They turn to bogus Police complaints and ‘One Party’ statements out of sheer desperation.

  154. Ken500 says:

    The comparison with the SNP doesn’t stand. They were no voted out and came in again. They were just voted in and in again. It was a progression.

  155. Les Wilson says:

    The very fact this asshole can creep back into public life after getting slaughtered in the last vote, is simply unbelievable, and shows up the democratic process here.
    While unlikely it would be just perfect if Glasgow would register under the 6% vote required.
    The big problem, as always with labour are all the gathered postal votes.

    This corruptable system Must be changed.

  156. Willie says:

    The logic of awarding list seats on the basis of the percentage of votes polled in the FPTP ballot makes some sense if list seats are considered the way to go. Causing people to use their second vote in a way where very few people understand the system and whereby certain parties are by abstruse calculation awarded benefit or disbenefit due to poll levels in the FPTP system is immoral. I doubt if there is 5% of the electorate who actually understand the D,’Honde system.

  157. Fred says:

    @ Grouse Beater on Alex Salmond, I think you’ll find you’re just talking pish!

  158. gus1940 says:

    Surely there must be something wrong with an electoral system whereby it is possible months before the election to name idividuals who, barring their death, are certain to ocupy benches in the next Holyrood Parliament even if they only receive a couple of thousand votes or less as was the case with our sturdy little Tank Commander.

  159. stonefree says:

    Daddy Sarwar according to wiki
    “He renounced his British citizenship in August 2013 following confirmation for a largely ceremonial position of governorship representing the conservative Pakistan Muslim League”

  160. CanWeHAveOurDemocracyBAck says:

    Scottish? Labour, the gift that just keeps on giving, (to the Independence movement).
    Anas Sarwar, again. Really? Even after the long line of cartoon comedy characters that Labour have inflicted on us. Comedy geniuses like George FFoulkes, now Lord Distillery or whatever his title is, Deputy Dugdale, and Fundily – mundilly Murphy,
    Ahh Jim Murphy, the man who presided over the biggest defeat his party has ever seen, the man who, in a few short months, took a party that was in deep trouble and managed somehow to make it utterly unelectable.

    Surely they can’t top that lot… surely? After Kezia takes the flak for another electoral disaster and steps down as leader who is waiting in the wings.
    A man who failed, often quite spectacularly, at every task he was given. A man who couldn’t even deliver his well rehearsed soundbites convincingly, a man who, if asked to explain a policy, suceeded only in proving that he had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

    Labour are pulling out all the stops to ensure that this talentless chancer, the former hereditary MP for Glasgow, is foisted on us again.

    Have they learned nothing?

    I would be annoyed but Mr Sarwar is so astonishinly, mind bogglingly useless that I look forward to hours and hours of endless fun as he continues to give idiots a bad name courtesy of a compliant BBC. As someone or other once said, “Bring It On”

  161. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    If the price of independence is becoming a nation of cretins, I’m out.

  162. DG says:

    A concise description indeed, – ‘Halfwit’.

    When I saw his debating with Nichola Sturgeon, he totally came accord as an arrogant tink with no vocabulary, and very little IQ.

  163. Deepfriedpenguin says:

    When Sarwar’s father renounced his British citizenship and reclaimed his Pakistani one, he would have had to sign a declaration stating that all Ahmadis are ‘non-Muslims’ and also declare the founder of Ahmadiyya Community an imposter.

    This act of blatant bigotry shows how far the Sarwar family will go to gain power.

  164. Everyone has to understand that the unionists have double standards and you cannot make jokes about them or any unionist organisations, its considered to be racist and anti English.

    It only unionists who can smear with impunity people who support the right of self determination for the country by calling them all the vile names they can think of under the sun.

    However we are told that we are thin skinned and can’t take a joke.

  165. Almannysbunnet says:

    I can only assume that Labour are using him as a bogey man to scare their own voters. “We’re warning you, if you don’t come out and vote us into 2nd in May Kezia will be gone and Anas will be the new leader.

    The new slogan, “Kezia for 2nd or Anas if 3rd.”

    “You’ve been warned. Get oot the vote, save Kez, or this man is our new transitional leader.”

  166. Michael Duvic says:

    I attempted to leave a comment, but the post was closed to commentary.


  167. Bill Fraser says:

    Why doesn’t he just disappear by leaving by the ” back door” rather than entering it !

  168. Martin Keatings says:

    If a proportional based parliament designed to stop an overall majority but ends up with one because thats how Scotland voted is classified as a dictatorship – what does that make the FPTP system at Westminster where the tories can get a majority with just over 30% of the vote? – I say vote, because that is only 30% of the people that actually voted – not the entire electorate!

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