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The Masterplan

Posted on December 06, 2014 by


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    1. 06 12 14 07:01

      The Masterplan | FreeScotland

    87 to “The Masterplan”

    1. Stoker says:

      Good point very well made, Chris.

    2. heedtracker says:

      Come come WoS, this is the real big story in progressive Liberal teamGB. Mayfair will never be quite the same.

    3. jimnarlene says:

      I doubt they will be cutting back, more likely to get more funds, for doing sod all.

    4. john king says:

      I know where you can get some donkeys for that,
      sitting doing bugger all in the HOC/HOL!

    5. john king says:

      jimnarlene says
      “I doubt they will be cutting back, more likely to get more funds, for doing sod all.”

      Noo that’s no true jimnarlene jist listen tae the financial insight fae one o her majesties loyal subjects

    6. jimnarlene says:

      @ John king
      Oops my mistake, I forgot about the most loyal numbskulls.

    7. Wee Jonny says:

      Oof!!! Chris the impact you have with your artwork is astonishing. What a gift you have.
      I spoke to a royalist the other day and I couldnay stop myself from asking them why they loved someone who see all of us as subjects, refuse to speak to us unless we’re asked to speak to them and have to fu::in BOW or COURTESY to them (sorry for shouting there but FFS!!!) just because they’re born, and they’re answer was “The money they bring into the country…….” I said Lego Land brings a huge amount of money into the country too but you don’t fu::in BOW (sorry for shouting again but BOWING TO SOMEONE IN 2014, (come on Scotland, we’re better than that)pisses me off) every time you walk past Toymaster’s windee.

    8. bookie from hell says:

      Magrit curran speech today to Scotland

      freeze energy prices(prices are going down so u could end up paying more)
      cross party vow more devolutiion has been delivered(walofs)
      50p tax(only powers to increase tax not lower)
      increase minimum wage(reserved power westminister)

    9. Wee Jonny says:

      John King, I’ve watched that vid a hundred times and it still surprises me every time I watch it. – If Scotland votes for independence “ma first stoap is Wales coz Inglind lits a the fukin immigrants in” all the while proudly showin aff his Engerlund tap. Fu::in mongoose.

    10. Marie clark says:

      Magrit Curran, pullease! It’s too early in the morning to mention that yin. I hear from the radio that she will be making a speech today attacking the SNP.

      That’s no news, it’s the only flippin thing that she ever does. Gies peace missus, God she’s a crabbit faced besom.

    11. john king says:

      Wee Jonny says
      “but you don’t fu::in BOW (sorry for shouting again but BOWING TO SOMEONE IN 2014, (come on Scotland, we’re better than that)pisses me off) every time you walk past Toymaster’s windee.”

      What the hell is wrong with you man?
      you should prostate yourself and crawl backwards when you pass toymasters windae the money they bring in, sheesh we’ed be oan £10.00 giro’s if it wisnae fur them,

      Noo whars ma England toap, ahve goat mair important things tae be daein the day,
      Rangers are playin Cowdenbeath

    12. heedtracker says:

      Google queen’s new carriage and this kind of info pops up from June

      “The crystal for the coach’s four lamps, each weighing 55lbs, was hand-blown and cut by Edinburgh Crystal. The two door handles, made by a specialist jeweller in New Zealand, are individually decorated with 24 diamonds and 130 sapphires.”

    13. Macandroid says:

      New carriage – just the job for turning up at the food bank!

    14. Author_al says:

      The Herald carries lead stories like this. Doesn’t help.

      I expect Nicola’s reply of ‘No I Don’t’ to be front page news on Monday…as if.

    15. heedtracker says:

      Sept 19, Queen purrs but JK Rowling is even richer acorrding to Sunday Times rich list and she paid BetterTogether a million quid to stop Scotland actually running Scotland. Here’s her headline reward from her red Tory chums, long to reign over us

    16. Nana Smith says:

      lizzie sits upon her throne and carriage made of gold
      The elderly go hungry and are dying from the cold
      The people are so sick at heart and know not what to do
      To end the misery that’s caused to aid the chosen few
      It’s time for us to take a stand and be free of parasites
      Who suck the lifeblood from our land to keep old England’s might

    17. Stoker says:

      ffs, first 15 comments and already 3 direct links to Unionist rags.

    18. Wee Jonny says:

      John King
      I replied to your vid but F knows what’s happened to it. Eh the Engerlund tap wearing dooshbag sayin he’s gona move to Wales coz Engerlund’s full o immigrants………

    19. Ken500 says:

      The Royals got a £5Million a year increase in 2011 Budget. Total a year £405Million. They got another £2Milllion coach.

      The Herald prints more lies, and loses more readers.

    20. Helena Brown says:

      Love the cartoon, only trouble is that our 55% decided that she should remain and so should her Nobility. So bow down serfs, you know your place.
      Seriously if things continue there will be riots in England, we are too law abiding up here, either that or we have an ace up oor sleeves.
      John, I hope Cowdenbeath win.

    21. Helena Brown says:

      Stoker, just ignore the links. People are probably like me I cannot seem to make the Archive system work.

    22. Clootie says:

      Another great cartoon with a deep message

      john king says:
      6 December, 2014 at 7:41 am

      John I must have missed that video clip the first time around. I had to use my hand to close my lower jaw.
      What unbelievable ignorance ((( shudder )))).

      Where do you start with bigots like that?
      …and their children will be raised to belief the same…and so it goes on!

      The answer lies not in debate or great books but instead…. wisdom comes with a dozen cans of lager.

      Is the the future Better Together desired?

    23. Free Scotland says:

      Clever economists have always recognised that there is a point beyond which economising becomes counterproductive.

      Chris for chancellor!

    24. Chris Cairns says:

      Aye, OK the carriage has a crown on top. That was just another bit of ostentatious ornamentation. My mistake. It is not meant to represent Brenda or the rest of her brood. Just the rich, the London elite and their bemoaning of an economy that refuses to perform no matter how much they starve it.
      There – the cartoonist has had to explain his cartoon. The ultimate fail. I shall now go and hang my head in shame for the rest of the day. Probably start drinking too early. I hope you’re all satisfied.

    25. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Indy first- Republic second.
      The Republic of Scotland.
      Sounds perfect to me.

    26. Flooplepoop says:


    27. Wee Jonny says:

      Chris Cairns -“the cartoonist has had to explain his cartoon”. Ha I ken how yi feel.. As a (failed) comedian I often have to explain my jokes. Or maybe it’s “them” that aren’t wise enough???

    28. Murray McCallum says:

      “To me, to you. To me, to you …” Ed Osborne.

      The Conservative and Labour Party have eliminated the economic debate of boom and bust and have given us the opportunity of constant austerity.

      Also, if the UK State goes back to 1938 levels of spending can we stop all the post war settlement stuff and why people made sacrifices to change things for the better.

    29. Free Scotland says:

      Oops! (My post at 9:25 am)

      Should have read: Chris for Chancellor of Scotland!

    30. heedtracker says:

      There is much comedy out there in teamGB. Rancid Guardian says BBC fights back over bias and waste accusation. Liggers in Pacifc Quay must be a bit miffed getting airbrushed out of UKOK BBC history but they’re no doubt too busy on Project Fear 2, The Return of Labour. Also they trouser stacks of cash for saving the Union, royals grovelling, monstering Holyrood day in day out, there’s been a murder…

    31. Lollysmum says:


      Just been listening to Bateman Broadcasting Episode 25 recommended by a reader on another thread. Starts off with an interview about what labour needs to do next. You need to listen to the 2nd interview from about 31mins onward.Derek is interviewing Professor Tony Carty who specialises in International Law.

      He is of the opinion that the vow did indeed invalidate the referendum because no-one can say what NO voters voted for. He also states that the opinion obtained by HMG cannot be relied upon because there is no analytical framework underpinning that opinion i.e. it’s based on patronising rhetoric rather than a structure underpinned by fact & precedence as the law requires.

      His comments are quite heartening in that he believes that Scotland is well on the way to independence already & that the process is unstoppable given the fact that Scotland rising up has given England, Wales & Northern Ireland the nerve to do the same although they have some catching up to do.

      He also suggests that Land Reform action by Scotgov will hasten the breakaway from England & that England needs to do the same.:-)

    32. Sandy says:

      Meanwhile even the EBC is reporting that of 102 Typhoon planes owned by the RAF only 16 are actually ready for combat operations.

      WTF ?

    33. jacksg says:


      I missed the video first time around as well.

      It took me back to school as I grew up with morons like the guy in the England top.

      I remember a conversation some idiots in class had one day with an English teacher when the pope came to Glasgow(must have been 1982 or thereabouts) anyway,they were spewing bile at her simply because she was a catholic.

      Sadly they will never change.

    34. Author_Al says:

      @stoker. I guess the cartoon gets people thinking and that sets off a chain of thought. I posted the link to the herald because it was relevant re austerity to see what dire crap SLAB is promoting via the front page. The thrust of Wings debate recently has been how to stp Labour getting in govt in Scotland next year. Referring to unionist media is something Wings does a lot, sparking debate. I often click the links to other media to read the biased crap and formulate my own opinions. If it goes against the code of wings I will stop my occasional posting.. Tbh we all have our views as to what Wings is and how it works/should work. I know Several No Voters who read Wings when prompted and i have convinced one that the media has many faces, mostly anti-SNP. As for the Archive….probably should use it.

    35. ronnie anderson says:

      Chris ah spotted your deliberate mistake. Nae Braking Stick/Blocks,an when that coach crashes we wont the ither piece of The Stone of Destiny back.

      @BrianDT & PeteTC sorry guys I,m no playing today in Dundee,onset of Manflue,+ ah fucking Hamster in the ceiling rolling rocks awe night long hardly had a wink of sleep awe week ( nae laughin in the cheap seats).

    36. SteveW says:

      The royals are great for tourism, so they say. Well, sell the franchise to Virgin or Disney. Why the fuck should we pay for them?
      Anyway, love the message of Chris’s cartoon – the establishment and rich must not be allowed to suffer from any austerity. Make sure it’s just the unimportant. What’s that? They’re already suffering. Who cares?

    37. john king says:

      Wee Jonny says
      “Engerlund tap wearing dooshbag sayin he’s gona move to Wales coz Engerlund’s full o immigrants………”

      If Carlsberg did irony———-

    38. Stoker says:

      Helena, i do, but how many others just click on these Unionist links without even thinking, aiding & abetting these sites to flourish?

      Bearing in mind, Helena, that some articles just will not load for whatever reason, see if this helps you any:

      (1)-Copy the URL of the article you want to link to.

      (2)-Paste it into the red section on this link:

      (3)-Now click the “submit url” part at end of red section.

      (4)-Give it a few minutes to load.

      (5)-Now transfer that page to the post you’re compiling.

      If there is a simpler way i’m not aware of it and if that doesn’t work for you i don’t know what the problem could be.

      Let me know how you get on with it please.

      Tip: You might want to keep/bookmark the archive link for future use.

    39. john king says:

      Macandroid says
      “New carriage – just the job for turning up at the food bank!”

      Aye an yea kin get a shit load o messages oan they velvet seats,
      a wunner if they charge her 5p for a bag?

    40. Lollysmum says:

      @ Chris Cairns
      Actually Chris -it wasn’t a fail at all -everyone here took it to mean Queenie & the rest of the moneygrabbers but they all went to the person at the top as being the most obvious of the troughers. Without that head at the top of the pile there would be no need for an aristocracy whose sole purpose is to keep her there.

      Without the aristocracy there would be nothing for the monied elite to aspire to & so it goes on all the way down to the individual in the street who is expected to work for the benefit of those above him in the class structure whilst gaining no benefit for himself & his family & that he should always be grateful for the opportunity to do so.(Sounds very much like SLAB & their feeling of entitlement to Scotland’s vote).

      My thanks to Ian Brotherhood who several months ago recommended The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist here so I bought it. It shows exactly what our ‘betters’ want to take us back to if we let them.

      So hold your head high-no need for shame-you just have to accept that WoSsers tend to go straight to the point.

    41. gerry parker says:

      Sorry Stoker, just saw your message.

      To posters – As a matter of course I (and many other Wingers) do not click on links to the MSM.

      So if you want it widely read, use archive.

    42. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @ronnie anderson –

      Are you really Dr Doolittle?

    43. Fiona says:

      If it is any consolation, I understood the cartoon as intended.

      Re links to unionist media: we are in danger of becoming a closed, self reinforcing group if we isolate ourselves from a media which is clearly very, very influential in this country. I do not think that is a good idea. I understand you do not want to give them dosh: but if you do not wish to link then quote and comment, as our host does.

    44. john king says:

      I tried to archive the papers for them Gerry, its not working.

    45. John Reid says:

      Brilliant cartoon, describing our unequal society.

    46. Ananurhing says:

      Max Keiser on at 10.30 RT

      Trailer has him quoting Voltaire, ” Injustice leads to independence.”

      Except in Scotland apparently.

    47. Ananurhing says:

      Correction. Max Keiser 11.30 RT

    48. Mick J says:

      Can admin. insert a link to ‘Tumblr’ to save published posts to Blog…

    49. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood at the risk of offending Dr Morag I would be Dr Death if ah got ma ha hawns on that wee feckin rodent.

    50. Paula Rose says:

      Archive does take a while to do its thing, but it will.

    51. Stoker says:

      @ gerry.

      @ SteveW.
      Well said.

      @ Author Al.

      We ALL read the Unionist tripe, Al, myself included.
      How else would we know what the enemy are up to and learn how to counter them. But we need to be clever about it, especially when we’re spreading the word.

      We need to severely restrict the amount of click traffic we send to their sites – the more we send the more advertising revenue they can earn, therefore helping them to flourish.

      For example, using that article you linked to earlier, you have possibly sent thousands of click hits to that particular site, but if you had archived it you restrict that to one hit.

      Plus, it is very well known that these sites have a habit of changing the wording of articles as the day goes on, if you capture the original article in the archive it will not change.

    52. Jim McIntosh says:

      O/T – just heard on the News that the WG have made a deal with Bahrain to open a naval base there. A spokesman from HMG says “It will help Britain to maintain stability in the Middle East”. Doesn’t he think us being there may be causing some of the instability.

      We’re also going to park our aircraft carrier there.

      ‘Britannia still rules the Waves’ – makes ya proud

    53. Author_al says:

      @stoker… Click advertising, I didnt think of that. I will do the archive method you mentioned above. Then I guess that using such a link will lead to less revenue for the Herald etc. now, what to do about those buying the National? Bet part of that revenue funds the a bit of the Herald… Decisions. Decisions.

    54. dramfineday says:

      Here, what happened to the trickle down effect then?

      I thought the idea was you crammed the mouths of the rich horses with the finest of grain, on the off chance one or two undigested grains slipped out with the doo at the other end? The intention being that the peasants would lap up the doo and the odd grain and thrive on the largesse so kindly provided.

      Now it looks from Chris’s sketch that some other blighters are eating the grain and even the poor horses are going hungry………… a bit of a rum do(o) if you ask me.

    55. The Man in the Jar says:

      I am sure that I read somewhere (cant remember where) that there was a Tory MP that claimed expenses to heat his stables. What an obscenity when there are people that have to choose between heating and eating.

      By Lord Nelson’s eye-patch it makes you proud to be British! 😉

    56. Stoker says:

      @ Chris.

      Your cartoon is anything but a “fail.”

      Like all good cartoons, all that matters is that it makes people think and laugh.

      And the funniest ones always have a basis in truth.

      I seen your work from 2 different angles but ultimately both led to the same point and both ironically funny:

      (1)-The working class (represented by the horses), nothing but skin and bone due to being overworked, underfed and under-rewarded, whilst Tory fat cats sitting in their luxury blue coach talk about austerity.

      (2)-Well, i think Lollysmum has covered it perfectly.

      btw, Chris, don’t use us as your excuse to drink.

    57. Dan Huil says:

      After the queen dies Scotland should hold a referendum on whether Scotland should be a republic.

    58. Lollysmum says:

      The starving horses are a metaphor for the working classes. The rich i.e. those inside the carriage isolate themselves with their wealth so that they can ignore the all too visible consequences of their greed & then have the temerity to complain about the workers not working hard enough.

      Time we brought them all down to earth with a bump but of course no government has the will to do that as they all aspire to be seen as one of the 1%.

      Only route out of this mess is independence!

    59. Nana Smith says:

      @The Man in the Jar

      Millionaire Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi claimed for electricity bills at his STABLES

    60. ronnie anderson says:

      O/T There,s that Bias BBC at it again 108 Tornados only 16 operational at any one time.Service personnel in Cyprus being feed on Humanitairian Packs,how much does Scotland pay in defence costs,thank feck we have Cheery Planes at Strathclyde Park or we would have no aircover when the Russians send a couple of Pavlova,s over again.

    61. Barontorc says:

      Chris – these works of art are all multi-choice topical as can be seen from the comments – great work. I think a wheel ready to fall off would be approp too and what about a ‘For Hire’ sign?

    62. The Man in the Jar says:

      @Nana Smith

      Thanks for that. I was sure that I had read it somewhere. Well worth repeating. A near perfect illustration of the contempt that the Tories feel for ordinary folk.

    63. Stoker says:

      @ Author Al.
      You may very well have a point, and i suspect you may very well be correct but until we have proof of that it can only be speculation. Anyway, that’s still not a justifiable reason to be helping them any further if it can be avoided, is it.

    64. Calgacus says:

      I’m sure I read somewhere recently that aircraft carriers are sitting ducks particularly in the Persian Gulf where a fast patrol dinghy could sink one very easily.At least we wouldn’t need to worry about affording aircraft for them

    65. Helena Brown says:

      Stoker, thanks for the instructions, I only use those links which are Archived, Nana is great for them and she like me had to learn, I will endeavour to do better. I much prefer that I do not get suckered in to the comment section, I have this incorrigible urge to get in on the act and therefore contribute to their click bate.

    66. Helena Brown says:

      Poor Chris, we were all too quick off the mark and probably still sleeping, my bad.

    67. BleuBelle says:

      Wee Jonny
      I made The Vow (no, not that one) to myself years ago that I would never bow/curtsey to anyone and never call anyone by a title (unless professionally gained). My dilemma is that as I’ve never met anyone whom social etiquette says I should treat in this way, I haven’t had the chance to put it to the test. So, my question is, can I claim to have kept my Vow?

    68. ronnie anderson says:

      We ungrateful Scots should be rejoycing that we are getting AirRifles devolved, noo who,s up fur some Craw Pie,mibee,s wie Hampster as a side dish.

    69. Wee Jonny says:

      O/T Keiser Report – There’s a large saltire on a very tall flagpole flying right behind Max oot side the Gherkin building.

    70. Stoker says:

      Helena said:
      “I have this incorrigible urge to get in on the act and therefore contribute to their click bate.”

      Don’t we all! Tell me about it!

    71. Wee Jonny says:

      BleuBelle – Yes you’ve kept your vow. I said the same thing years ago when Paul Mcartney got knighted. To call someone sir….. That’ll be fu::in right.

    72. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      I don’t think The Elite will change the plan, so long as it is them that are winning i.e. Austerity is forever.

      Missed opportunity for Scotland to change the game in September, but onwards and upwards …

    73. Valerie says:

      I got it Chris, honest! As an animal lover, I looked at the horses first, saw their bones, and the front one stumbling on his knee, that’s us plebs, being ground into the dirt, for the pleasure of our betters.

      I am aghast at the brass neck of that Slab harridan, Magrit! It is so audacious as to be slander, but how many will just nod and vote accordingly.

    74. Valerie says:

      Think it’s the same edition of the Keiser report at 17.30 if you missed it.

    75. YESGUY says:


      Saturdays are great with your toons. Always look forward to what you will come up next.

      Superb job again sir.

      We need to get these in print.:)

      Mags Curren.

      That deluded woman is so far off course and out of touch . Like many in the LIEbour party , they cannot see the shitstorm heading their way. Oh to see the faces of the Lab MP’s as one by one they lose their seats to the SNP.

      The referendum did not kill of independence. It only made us want to work harder. Indi will come as soon as we wipe out Mags and her croneys .

    76. Grizzle McPuss says:

      If you were so inclined to be additionally cynical, you could almost imagine George Osbourne snorting a couple of lines of coke off one of the well upholstered seats, as his buddy Dave squeals about over-spending on the non-essentials.

      Does anyone else titter whenever George utters the words “a good deal” through his vacant expression?

    77. handclapping says:

      If it had been Brenda it would have been “One’s not getting very far.” Apart from which the traces are not attached and they have neither postillion(s) nor footmen to guide or assist on the steep bits. Basically they are going nowhere but people will still come and gawp at the carriage till it rots.

      Don’t believe what you say about it Chris, its still a bloody good cartoon and the postillion is probably on a zero hours contract anyway

    78. No no no...Yes says:

      Great toon on so many levels! There are so many ways to interpret it, here’s my take.

      The four horses are the four nations of the UK. They are all blinkered to reality and it is the Scottish one that’s on it’s knees.

      There are also three little GNATS hovering about. Mmm, who are they I wonder?

      Finally, try and follow the horses legs and match them to the bodies. You can’t because of the genius of the artist. This is a great illusion, just like the UK!

      The Rev had some visual illusions on Twitter some time ago, but here is a link to similar eye turning stuff:

    79. msean says:

      A great political cartoon because it started folk trying to interpret it,stimulating discussion on it,well done.

    80. Andy-B says:

      Chris as usual brilliant.

      You’ve summed up the present, and more worryingly, the future of the UK economy under Westminster Rule.

      The current austerity plan will lead to a deep depression in the UK.

      Thanks to the Vow and the no voters, tough times are just around the corner.

    81. Oil lamps are old fashioned can you even light them

    82. mumsyhugs says:

      Maybe even another perspective – the rich Westmonster establishment flogging a dead horse ie the Union!

    83. Fred says:

      I trust Alex is above this knighthood business.

    84. Robert Peffers says:

      Weel!Ye canna moot that Chris pits the cairt afore the naig.

    85. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Can admin. insert a link to ‘Tumblr’ to save published posts to Blog…”

      Run that past me again in English and I’ll think about it.

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