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The magnifier

Posted on June 08, 2018 by

This Wings story from April about a wildly untrue Scottish Daily Mail front-page splash has been entirely vindicated by a correction in the paper today, conceding both of the key complaints we made in our piece.

The Mail has, as you’d imagine, printed the correction rather smaller than the original story, so we thought we’d blow it up a little here for easier reading.

Because we’re sure they wouldn’t want anyone to miss it.

Here’s the space devoted to the original claims – 384,401 pixels at this scale:

And here’s the correction at the same scale – 15,801 pixels.

Which means that the lie got 24.3 times as much space, spread across three pages, as the correction did two months later. And if that’s not proper accountability and due prominence, readers, we don’t know what is.

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75 to “The magnifier”

  1. Merkin Scot

    Step by step.

  2. Macart

    This may constitute yer akchul occurrence of both an ooft and a zing.

  3. gus1940

    On the subject of our wonderful unbiased British Nationalist media I see that the lead front page story in today’s Herald is a report by our favourite tractor Tom Gordon on yesterday’s FMQ calls by Leonard and Rennie for Shona Robison to resign.

    How can such an outburst which is repeated on a weekly basis at Holyrood be considered as news and be featured as the lead item in what used to be a paper of record.

    How can this British Nationalist propaganda rag be considered to be a newspaper?

  4. Clootie

    Yes….this is the Leask professional group in action.
    The MSM fully exploit this loophole in the legislation. We can sue/lie and deceive in the knowledge that the public will never know…..until now 🙂

  5. Dan Huil

    The Rev 23,976 – Daily Fail 0

  6. Iain

    Well, as we all know from the 2005 release of official papers which had been kept secret under the 30 years rule, the shocked Labour Government of the 1970s had a secret meeting with media chiefs and instructed them on the necessity of concealing the vast wealth which an independent Scotland would enjoy.

    I have no doubt that in about 25-30 years’ time. we will find out that the media has been briefed to maintain attacks on the SNP, and has been in receipt of finance to maintain output, at a time of falling sales.

  7. ROBBO

    Totally agree but it is not just our wonderful MSM that is guilty of news distortion. Time and time again watching ‘reality’ programs the commentator often confuses Eng & Wales with the UK. Recently a police documentary told viewers that knife crime in the UK increased by 21% a total fabrication as far as Scotland is concerned and as with the above is all part of the master plan to frighten and deceive people who have limited or no access to social media like WOS.

  8. TC

    Well done Stu Hercule Poirot, brilliant work. Good to see someone putting these idiots back in their box for a little while. Do they never get fed up with this constant SNP bad shite it really is tiring, The britnat MSM is non stop with the continual anti-Scotland anti-Independence garbage, god it wearisome.

  9. dakk

    And the British Nationalist gov in England had (through the Levenson Enq)the opportunity to rectify this ability of the press to lie in such a manner with impunity.

    They abjectly failed to do so.

    I wonder why.

    Liars and conmen together.

  10. S. Perspective

    Note that they were only “happy to clarify”, but did not apologise, like in the following correction.

  11. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Paul Dacre fell on his sword then?


  12. wull2

    Do not listen to the jobby that comes out from the media.
    It takes seconds to google the truth.

    All you require to know is vote YES and you cant go wrong.

  13. Hamish100

    it would be good to call out any brit nat who used the original so called news in their deliberations. It would be good to see their apologies also.

  14. winifred mccartney

    You only had to listen to the unbiased media this morning and Gary R ‘interviewing’ the FM or was he just ‘interrupting’ the FM and yet on Monday when he was allowing a party political broadcast from son of fluffy he got uninterrupted coverage. Gary R did not ask why a business with a half billion pound turnover required ‘training’ cash from WM and what it is to be used for. Can we see the paperwork for this ‘training’ cash. Who thought of that one – son of fluffy was just the bearer of the lie. Like father like son indeed. They are just their masters voice.

    Leveson will never happen MSM will never be brought to book – it is not in the interest of WM and the Britnats.

  15. Alistair Cross

    Hi people, my first post!
    A big thanks to the Stirling Observer who made the OUOB march on the 23rd the front page banner headline on todays(Friday)edition, I popped into the observer office the day after the Dunfries march with a leaflet and had a chat with a reporter,so im proud to think I had a part in it.
    Stirling could easily be a epic march, and look forward to seeing you all there.
    oh, and as a local I will post handy hints, parking ect, nearer the time,

  16. Arbroath1320

    Yet again the winged master does it again!

    I’m not sure if the print media is a RESERVED matter or not. If it is not, hopefully, then we should be pushing the Scottish Government to bring in a law that ensures all newspaper “corrections/apologies” are printed on the SAME page as the original story and take up as much space on that page as the original story.

    Failure to comply must incur a fine of £100,000 for a first offence in my view.

  17. Robert Louis

    Meanwhile, yet again, the so-called ‘journalists’ of Scotland are YET AGAIN trying to tell us all that baby boxes everywhere else in the world are safe and a wonderful idea (this time it’s new zealand FFS), but Scottish baby boxes are just an awful idea from start to finish.

    And these so-called ‘journalists’ wonder why they are now openly mocked for their utter sh*te and lies. They deserve constant mockery. They are a joke.

    Honestly this stuff about baby boxes is just so freaking stupid. Just yet another example of the eagerness of so-called ‘Scottish’ ‘journalists’ to write ANY old sh*te telling us how sh*te Scotland is. They all seem to hate Scotland so much, I don’t know why they don’t just all f*** off to England and gie us all peace. Seriously.

  18. Clootie

    Michael Crichton
    “Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.

    In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.

    That is the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect. I’d point out it does not operate in other arenas of life. In ordinary life, if somebody consistently exaggerates or lies to you, you soon discount everything they say. In court, there is the legal doctrine of falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, which means untruthful in one part, untruthful in all. But when it comes to the media, we believe against evidence that it is probably worth our time to read other parts of the paper. When, in fact, it almost certainly isn’t. The only possible explanation for our behavior is amnesia.”
    ? Michael Crichton

  19. galamcennalath

    Robert Louis says:

    Scottish baby boxes are just an awful idea from start to finish.

    I wonder if we have all failed to see the underlying cyclic pattern. It’s the 8th of the month, so ‘baby box day’? No, that’s too simple. Or, maybe it’s phases of the moon. Or, all operates on some ancient Babylonian calendar?

    Problem is, if we crack the scheduling code, they will just switch to a different loop.

    It is all getting ridiculously repetitive!

    My prediction for next Thursday will be … ‘ordinary Scots pay more tax’. 🙂

  20. HandandShrimp

    The newspapers are nothing if not Fake News

    Does anyone take them seriously. In days gone past headlines could arouse sympathy, anger, concern etc., now I barely give them a glance. The more intemperate ones can elicit a snort of derision… if they are lucky.

  21. Welsh Sion

    ROBBO says:

    8 June, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    Totally agree but it is not just our wonderful MSM that is guilty of news distortion. Time and time again watching ‘reality’ programs the commentator often confuses Eng & Wales with the UK. Recently a police documentary told viewers that knife crime in the UK increased by 21% a total fabrication as far as Scotland is concerned …


    What makes it even more pernicious of course is the dolloping of my country with the eastern neighbour – and more specifically the Great Metropolis that is the Imperial Capital, London.

    That’s not to say that knife (or any other form of) crime doesn’t take place in Cymru. It does. But when you get a spike in, say, knife crime, in Londinium, it’s not then ‘fair’ to make the provinces outwith the M25 orbital and my homeland to be tarred with the lazy reporting that the whole [sic] of England and Wales has shown an increase in knife crime – only coz of the violence perpetuated in somewhere-on-Thames. (Which of course for a London-centric media is much more a case for concern, anyway.)

    Yours, batting for Cymru but wishing I was in Aberdeen …

  22. manandboy

    I had a comment rejected today by Donalda McKinnons’ mob. I can’t think why. I’ve included it below. Seems ok to me.

    “The BBC, soldiering on as the British Brainwashing Corporation in support of the British Nationalist Colonial Establishment. Perfidious Albion to the end.”

  23. Dorothy Devine

    Arbroath1320, I agree with you entirely and that silly man Leask should be held to account and made to keep his word regarding ‘prominence’.

    OT I am looking forward to the grand coverage of the ‘suffragette march’in Edinburgh – I’m sure STV/BBBC will make it a BIG deal , certainly STV have a head start .

  24. gus1940

    Time to end this Trump nonsense.


    Kick The US out of G7 and replace them with Russia.
    Kick The US out of NATO.
    Persuade OPEC to abandon dollar pricing of oil and gas and replace it with the Euro.

  25. Sandy

    Why do you think US got involved in (invades) arab countries? Didn’t Gadaffi want oil traded it in dinars or something instead of the dollar. US really up the creek, eh?

  26. Kevin

    Good work, Stu.

    It’s not only that they printed the correction, but that some non-social media types will begin to see another example of how often they print untruths.

    You must be a helluva thorn to them.

  27. Reluctant Nationalist

    I remember speaking to the manager of the roads department at Edinburgh Council back in 2009 (when the Lib Dems were in) and how he was utterly resigned to never having anything close to necessary for the budget, and it had been that way for years.

  28. Dan Huil

    Apologies in advance for this. Iain Martin, rabid britnat, former editor of The Scotsman, has just posted this:

    I understand if you don’t want to visit the site. So what he’s saying is the HMRC got its figures wrong when it said the bill to British business for customs (forms etc) would, post-Brexit, be up to £20bn a year. HMRC now says they overestimated the figure by £6.5bn.

    Iain Martin says, “Now it is clear one large number was miles out, might we ask if the other numbers cited by HMRC and anti-Brexit forces are reliable?”

    And, “That £20bn figure helped drive the debate. It shocked business, analysts and politicians. It was wrong.”

    But, when HMRC or any so-called respected financial body in England says Scotland is an economical basket-case they must never be doubted. There figures must never be challenged. No no no.

    But it’s now alright for britnat brexiteers like Martin to openly raise doubts about those so-called respected financial bodies. Yes yes yes.

    If it’s alright for Martin and his ilk to raise questions might we in the independence movement ask if the other numbers cited by HMRC and anti-independence forces are reliable?

    After all, figures spewed out by britnats, and unquestioningly regurgitated by britnat media, leading up to indyref1, helped drive the debate. “It shocked business, analysts and politicians. It was wrong.”

  29. Craig P

    It is 100 years since women gained the vote.

    Did you know that 100 years ago, there was an organisation of women campaigning not to get the vote?

    I often wonder what our descendants will make of unionists 100 years after independence. Will they find people who actively campaigned against their country’s best interests as baffling as I find the WNASL?

  30. msean

    Isn’t it weird how every time a poll saying YES is up in polling,within a day up pops breathless yoons with another one saying it’s not. It’s very strange,appears like clockwork.

  31. Robert Peffers

    @Robert Louis says: 8 June, 2018 at 5:40 pm:

    ” … They all seem to hate Scotland so much, I don’t know why they don’t just all f*** off to England and gie us all peace. Seriously.”

    Oh! Robert Louis, I know why they, <'don’t just all f*** off to England and gie us all peace'..

    It is because no one in the Kingdom of England is daft enough to employ congenital idiotic sycophants.

  32. Thepnr

    @Dan Huil

    OK let’s accept that the HMRC got the £20 billion figure wrong by £6.5 billion and the amount that it will cost UK business without a Customs Union is only £13.5 billion.

    In 2016 our contribution to the EU budget in 2016 was £13.1 billion. By the way that’s just the cost of the extra paperwork, what of the cost of factory closures, redundancies and a falling pound?

    Brexit=UK Screwed

    Well only the majority will be screwed, us ordinary folk, there are many who will do very nicely out of it and they thank you very much.

  33. Shinty

    Yes Sandy.

    I think Gadaffi was about to put an end to the petro $. This pissed off the west big time.

    I believe Gadaffi also bank rolled a former French President (something the President later denied, obviously, and of course never paid him back)

    It wasn’t just the oil the west was after but the vast wealth in Libya’s gold. Does the West still have any actual ‘gold’?????

    Tripoli was one of the most beautiful cities in the world and as far as I am aware the people of Libya lived in a secular society, with free education and health care.

    The west then blows it all up in smoke, slaughters Gadaffi in cold blood. The country is now the gateway for slaves and people trafficking.

    I remember being absolutely horrified watching Gadaffi in his final hours being shown on TV. BBC in full propaganda mode.

    I’m not saying he was a saint but look at Libya now.

  34. Dr Jim

    Perhaps we should print things like all Journalists are filth and tractors to the country and should be (insert something horrible here) then print a retraction somewhere in the world which is never likely to be viewed so when they complain it can be shown in some minicule form in an Australian copy of that popular outback periodical the *Alice springs crocodile hunters and beer drinkers weekly*

    Let’s see how they like it

    BTW I’m pretty serious about the inserting stuff part
    No I’m not I’ve retracted that bit “honest* Hmm aye

  35. Scot Finlayson


    so it`s not just Scottish separatists that will never ever,ever trust the MSM,

    `Gell-Mann` amnesia effect,

    “I believe everything the media tells me except for anything for which I have direct personal knowledge, which they always get wrong.”

    @Craig P

    jeezo, there was a female Anti Suffragette movement,

    the reason these `upper class` women gave for not wanting votes for women,

    `Because the complex modern State depends for its very existence on naval and military power, diplomacy, finance, and the great mining, constructive, shipping and transport industries, in none of which can women take any practical part. Yet it is upon these matters, and the vast interests involved in them, that the work of Parliament largely turns.`

    we`re too wee too poor too stupid .

  36. Dr Jim

    Recent events should show no country needs big bombs and bullets to destroy any country anymore the days of those threats are over

    Even too wee and too poor countries can do it with a laptop

  37. Cactus

    Love Scotland.

    And magnify that multiple times.

    Polygraph for the Scottish Daily Mail please.

    Confess to yer all-knowing lies.

    You’ve been caught.

    Tight lines!

  38. Hamish100

    Well done Rev.

    This is one more paper that Rock will refuse to read lol

  39. louis.b.argyll

    The UK MEDIA.

    A wretched hive of scum and villainy, subsidised by a cabal of evil unionists.

  40. Hamish100

    blast . I cleaned a wee space for the queenies birthday awards and didnae even get a CDM never mind an OBE WAN KANOBE

    (Cadbury Dairy Milk)

    I’ll need to donate a rolls Royce or pay Mundels election fees or somthin. How come I keep getting missed? Its as if they are biased.

  41. Robert J. Sutherland

    Getting back to the article topic, the (non-)Scottish Daily Heil was “happy to clarify” that what it printed was an accurate rendition of what some minor FibDem councillor really, truly did say.


    This is the same old “another random nobody” / “critics say” defence beloved also of the Beeb. Find a convenient twisted comment from some paid-up zoomer and “accurately” reproduce it as unalloyed fact. No checking of veracity required in this brave new journalistic world. Sling the mud, and see if any of it sticks.

    We’ve been here before, of course:

    Drip, drip, drip of media poison in a systematic attempt to keep the plebs discouraged and thereby undermine us all. Because that’s all the BritNats have left.

  42. Robert J. Sutherland

    Oh, and it’s a tried and tested process. We were not by any means to be the first on the receiving end. They’ve been honing the technique on the EU for four decades or more, to the point they’ve even got some supporters of independence fooled.

    Gell-Mann amnesia indeed.

  43. Dr Jim

    Scotland be warned:

    Poverty Famine Pestilence Plague all of which will happen if you don’t vote the way we tell you, if not we’ll destroy your country with every economic power at our disposal

    Because we love you

    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy the way we’re cared for

  44. Gary

    “Does not preclude” nice weasel wording, and blaming a full page splash on “opinion” of ONE councillor. Is that an ADMISSION that they don’t check facts?? Yes, it really is!!

    But then facts are nothing to them. What I find REALLY offensive is not that they made a mistake, they didn’t. The offensive thing here is that they KNOWINGLY printed something they knew to be false.

    They were unworried about printing, perhaps, a small retraction in a later issue. They had made their point, falsely, and the only reason to print disinformation is for propaganda reasons. That’s NOT taking a point of view, that is entirely different and entirely honourable, this is not.

    A real journalist would’ve checked their facts or even the editor would’ve, and the story spiked. This rag exists entirely to force itself down your throat and prevent readers from coming to logical conclusions by lying to them.

    There is no other reason conclusion here, they are NOT that stupid nor incompetent, they are LIARS…

  45. Famous15

    Revenge in an economic sense makes no sense just as comparing the UK “internal market” to the EC makes no sense.

    The UK “internal market” is more important to the rUK than to Scotland as we import more from them than we export to them. That imbalance would be eagerly rectified if it was an issue.

    Our “global” exports\imports has no such problem.

  46. Still Positive

    Totally disappointed to learn that Kenny Dalglish has accepted a knighthood and Emma Thompson has become a Dame.

    Scots should refuse those British honours.

  47. smithie

    Still Positive says:
    9 June, 2018 at 12:01 am

    Totally disappointed to learn that Kenny Dalglish has accepted a knighthood and Emma Thompson has become a Dame.

    Scots should refuse those British honours.

    SP….Fuck them, they are part of the uk Luvvie brigade, how shallow a person need you be to think that you have “made it” with getting a “title”…same as that twat billy connelly… i wouldn’t piss on on any them if they were on fire….makes my blood boil

  48. Cactus

    People need reassurance…

    They need tae know wer aweright.

    And we are.

  49. Charles S.

    One wonders that, when we vote Yes to independence, will the right wing, anti Scottish rags like the one in question here, report the result in a tiny page 28 column, miles away from the Front Page !

    Then just hope nobody notice we became independent?

  50. Sandy

    These so-called honours, MBE, OBE, etc.
    Thought British (England’s) empire went up sh*t creek years ago. What are they worth?

  51. Chick McGregor

    Kenny Dalglish demotted from King to a knighthood, can they do that!

  52. Dr Jim

    Nothing like a an award from your betters to make you feel good about yourself, a bit like when they gave the house slaves a badly fitting white mans suit to wear to raise them above the level of the field slaves, one day Jocko you’ll get a waistcoat, jes like yo Massa

    Myassum Massa!

  53. smithie

    Spot on Dr Jim
    the thing is these people were well rewarded monetary wise for what they did but all the House slave got was a ……suit

  54. Benhope

    Hi Kenny.Do you feel like a king, knight or a slave?

    Maebees aye or maebees nah!

  55. Robert Peffers

    Famous15 says: 9 June, 2018 at 12:00 am:

    ” … The UK “internal market” is more important to the rUK than to Scotland as we import more from them than we export to them. That imbalance would be eagerly rectified if it was an issue.”

    And that, Famous15, is utter claptrap.

    Westminster classes anything that leaves an English port or airport or via the Chunnel as an English Export.

    Even when, like Scotch Whisky, it can only be made in Scotland. Now most distillers and brewers have head offices in London and export via England and Westminster accounts for that as English Exports and that includes over 70% of United Kingdom Gin exports and also soft drinks produced in Scotland that leave the United Kingdom via England.

    What’s more those London Registered companies submit their tax returns from head office and that too is accounted as English raised Revenue. As is over 98% of the oil & gas revenues that Westminster classes as being extracted from, “United Kingdom, Extraregio Territory”, but which comes from internationally recognised Scottish Territorial Waters that fall under Scottish jurisdiction.

    So anything that leaves the United Kingdom via England is counted as English Exports including what leaves via the Chunnel. This is why they have just agreed another runway for Heathrow.

    We are now being told about yet another company upping stakes and moving production to an English city. A frozen food company. Yet the produce they previously processed was either farmed or landed, (fish), in Scotland and will now be classed as English Exports. So also does Scotland’s soft fruit produce and much more.

    Then we have the National Grid and Westminster fiddles that too. In business anyone who has a scarce commodity is entitled to demand the best price they can get for it. Yet Scotland, since around 1946, has been a net exporter of electric power.

    Yet Westminster charges the producers more for each Kilowatt they add to the national grid depending on how far they are situated from London. Then they have the hard neck to actually subsidise the producers who are situated in and around London. A complete reversal of the rules of the free economy.

    They have been at this robbing Scots blind for as long as I can remember and that is only scratching the surface. I have no idea, and neither has anyone else what the correct ratios of export and import really are.

    For example, how many of those ASDA, Tesco transport lorries that clutter up our main roads are fetching back to Scotland goods processed in England that were originally produced in Scotland? Even Harris Tweed that can only be made in Scotland is taken south to be made into items that are then exported from England and classed as English extorts to, among other lands, including back to Scotland?

    Never, never, trust Westminster produced statistics for these are mainly lies – and that includes the GERS Reports.

  56. Morgatron

    So Boyd Tunnock ultra yoon gifted the Rolls Royce to Glasgow. Thanks Mr T great gesture. Although i have a sneaky feeling all SNP bad bastards have egg splattered over their angry party political faces this morning. Oh they just don’t like it up em. Story of donation relegated to minor on Pravda web page now!!

  57. Hatuey

    Same old same old on here. Good articles and a lot of ineffective moaning. What happened to ideas of progress and being constructive? I’ll come back to this.

    Now, here’s the thing you all need to bear in mind. I’m sick of this downtrodden crap. Have any of you ever tried to see the current situation in Scotland from the perspective of the branch management team? Let me summarise.

    You call a staff meeting and let’s say 100 employees turn up. You go through the list of issues one by one and it becomes clear that almost half the workforce think you’re a completely incompetent, self-serving, duplicitous wanker. And the key thing is you can’t fire them, they aren’t going anywhere unless they choose to.

    How do you deal with that? I’ll give you a clue, you’re basically fucked.

    That’s more or less where Scotland is. They’re fucked as long as the roughly 50% Indy movement persist. And persist we shall, my friends.

    And, so, it’s time to change tact and get more constructive. Our enemies have done that. Look at the tactics they employed in the last elections, for example. Between the media and the politicians who stand opposed to us, they basically have a formula in place that effectively neutralises Indy voices. It it’s sll premised on us and everything else remaining static.

    The question is ‘how do we proceed and move on from this stalemate?’ That’s the only thing we should be looking at right now — the actual argument for Indy is a no-brainier, it’s over, and it’s time to look at ways to deliver that argument to a broader audience.

    It’s time for creative minds to devote themselves to that question and nothing else. It’s an interesting intellectual challenge and there are many aspects to it.

    The Indy movement has a lot of power, huge power. It’s time to do something with it. That’s what I’m saying here. Open the conversation on how to use that power. Get it moving.

  58. Nana

    Michel Barnier rejects UK’s Irish border ‘backstop’ proposal

    “In his personal life, his political life and his professional life, he is utterly devoid of anything that remotely resembles morality, principle or integrity.” @mrjamesob accurately sums up Boris Johnson’s career to date.
    Video here

    ‘Putting off’ finding border solution ‘isn’t enough’ to resolve Brexit stand-off, Taoiseach warns Theresa May

  59. Robert

    I’ve read many many Wings posts, and I’ve rarely spotted a factual error. However, with many thousand posts, there must be some that are mistaken – no-one’s perfect.

    But I’ve not seen many corrections – am I missing something?

    Maybe more corrections would give the blog more force?

    Things are going to get busier and more hostile over the rest of this year – “we” on the Yes side need to be seen to be reliable. Corrections where due would add to the strength.

  60. Breeks

    Nana says:
    9 June, 2018 at 7:28 am

    Thanks as always Nana.

    Well said Alex Salmond.

    Why do I get this notion in my head that if you locked Michel Barnier and Alex Salmond in a room, in around 3 minutes flat, maybe 4, you could let them out again with a bespoke deal to keep an Independent Scotland in the EU, and we could all “live long and prosper”.

  61. ronnie anderson

    Robert Am I missing something , am missing the post’s that you want corrections for & I’ve read many many thousands posts since 2013/18 .

  62. Macart

    Thanks for the punt Nana.

    I saw last night that Mr Barnier had sent back the proposal marked ‘must do better’ in red ink. 😉

  63. Nana

    You’re welcome Macart. Enjoyed your blogpost very much 🙂

    Link to SNP conference starting soon

    Mike Russell speech at 12.15. nicola at 15.30

  64. Andy-B

    Well done Rev, Dacre and the Daily Mail are stumbling in the dark when it comes to honest journalism. Is it any wonder then that he (Dacre) is abandoning ship before he Brexit finale, knowing full well his newspaper articles on Brexit were/are at best misleading.

  65. Smallaxe

    Robert says:
    9 June 2018 at 8:00 am
    “I’ve read many many Wings posts, and I’ve rarely spotted a factual error.”

    Could you please point out the ones you’ve rarely spotted, Robert.

  66. Thepnr


    In my humble experience I tend to think that factual errors are most often quickly corrected by one alert reader or another.

    I do agree with you that Wings both above the line and below the line should be as accurate as possible so next time you see a factual error I’d be pleased if you were to point it out.

  67. Robert Peffers

    Wingers who do not follow all Nana’s links would do well to read this link to MEP Alyn Smith’s reports:-

    Passing on the Alyn Smith information to those Wingers, (who on Wings recently, were expressing their downright hate of the EU), may well cause some underwear to need cleaning or perhaps even scrapping.

    Here is just one little gem:-

    “European Governments are advising businesses not to use UK parts in goods for export ahead of the UK leaving the EU.”

    Note this is NOT the European Union warning UK business’. It is European countries governments.

    So If any parts of anything manufactured in the United Kingdom by United Kingdom manufacturers or raw materials in food processes contains anything from the United Kingdom the manufactured or processed items will not be acceptable in the European Union.

    This is what a free trade area is all about. Free trade is only possible if the traded goods are guaranteed to meet the standards of all the free trade area’s member states.

    For example, if a computer manufacturer sticks a Korean made central Processing chip into the machine they are attempting to trade into the free trade area the computer fails the test.

    If a food processor uses non-European raw materials the food will not be acceptable in the European union. That is unless the producer pays for European Union tests and documentation.

    Alyn Smith’s reports are full of very interesting information.

    His report about the likely results of a BRUKEXIT upon the Scottish fish catching, processing and farmed fish producers needs to be passed on by Wingers to our not so patriotic fisher folks. It just might open their eyes – if not their bowels.

    After they read Alyn’s information many will indeed soil their underwear.

  68. Jack Murphy

    Sorry but it’s Off Topic.

    NOW–Clara Ponsati and Aamer Anwar in Aberdeen.

    Independence Livestream:

  69. Robert Peffers

    @Robert says: 9 June, 2018 at 8:00 am:

    “I’ve read many many Wings posts, and I’ve rarely spotted a factual error. However, with many thousand posts, there must be some that are mistaken – no-one’s perfect.”

    Then, Robert, I can only assume you are not reading all the comments.

    On this very thread I corrected someone’s comments about the ratio of United Kingdom/Scottish exports.

    Which statistics are Westminster Establishment bullshit anyway.

    For starters the concept of the country of Scotland on one side of the equation versus the United Kingdom on the other side of the equation is laughable and here’s why.

    The name/title signified by the initial letters, “UK”, is without any doubt short for the political union of only the two kingdoms of Scotland and England. Now the comparison would be correct if, in practice, the United Kingdom was run as what it legally is – a two partner union of two equally sovereign KINGDOMS, but it isn’t.

    The so called United Kingdom has never been run as a legally agreed partnership of two kingdoms and one of those kingdoms is comprised of three distinct countries and two of those distinct countries were incorporated, (not united with), by the rule of law prevailing in those three countries long before the Treaty of Union was agreed and signed by the two kingdoms.

    That is the three countries that comprise the Kingdom of England were all individually under the Rule of Law of, “Divine right of Kings”. This did not change, (and then only slightly), until 1688 and the English Parliament’s rebellion of, “The Glorious Revolution”. Meanwhile the Kingdom of Scotland had abandoned the rule of Law of Divine Right of Kings in 1320 by the Declaration of Arbroath. Incidentally the Scottish legal system is still independent and still has no concept of the sovereignty of a monarch whish the Westminster parliament claims it legally holds over Scotland but that change in the Kingdom of England’s laws in 1688 had the effect of the Monarchy of England legally delegating their divine right, (sovereignty), to the parliament of the Kingdom of England but there has been no, (elected as such), Parliament of England since 1 May 1707.

    Thus Westminster has no actual sovereignty over the Kingdom/country of Scotland but this has not, (YET), been tested in a suitable court of law.

    In fact, since devolution the so called United Kingdom has been running as the de facto parliament of the country of England treating the, legal bipartite, United Kingdom as a quadratic setup of four countries, instead of two kingdoms, but with the country of England, (with no legally elected parliament), lording it over the other three countries parliaments as if they were the country of England’s dominions.

    In other words Westminster operates as the de facto parliament of the country of England treating the other three countries as English dominions. However, Scotland, and only Scotland, is the only actual legal partner of the three country Kingdom of England that forms the actual legal bipartite, “United Kingdom”.

    What is more that theme has been repeated to the point of boredom here on Wings for years and until the theme sinks into Scottish political culture it needs to be kept repeated.

    The point is that there are corrections and differing points of view running through Wings and there always has been.

  70. Breeks

    Happier days.

    Alex Salmond and Alyn Smith both being much more unequivocal about Scotland staying in the EU, not just the Single Market, but the EU. Please, let their views prevail.

    Mandates honoured. Tick.
    Democracy defended. Tick.
    Sovereignty defended. Tick.
    Legal legitimacy of Scots Law respected. Tick.
    Legal Ascendency of Scots Law affirmed. Tick.
    Scotland’s Brexit choice respected. Tick.
    Compromise options for Eurosceptics, (later, if we must). Tick.
    Safe (and open) Port in a storm. Tick.
    Protected voting Franchise for U16’s and EU Citizens. Tick.
    Westminster Sovereignty Truncated. Tick.
    Interlocutor status affirmed. Tick.
    Brexit clustercatastrophe avoided. Tick.
    Scotland’s interests and prosperity defended. Tick.
    Anti English? X

    We absolutely must promote Europe and commit to European ideals, and at the same time deconstruct the BritNat propaganda, xenophobic hatred and bigoted prejudices. We need to explain to our people why Europe is such a great benefit to us and our economy, and then we will have the formula for winning Independence. Europe is not the lesser of two evils. The two evils are Theresa May’s Cliff Edge Hard Brexit and the “lesser” evil of a Soft Brexit EFTA. That’s your two evils right there. EU Membership, if only we can hang on to it, is our salvation and deliverance.

    Europe is a family which would be delighted to set a place for Scotland at the dinner table. Europe is where we belong. Yes, there may be occasional squabbles and hurtful things said, but there is much more camaraderie and common purpose.

    The UK is the dystopian Big Brother which spies on you, impoverishes your very existence and turns your inner thoughts into crimes. It would have you denounce your neighbour.

    The EU is the benign kind of Big Brother who is there by your side whenever you need them, watching over you, standing up to bullies, helping you with homework, and generally looking after your interests because you are loved and you are kin.

  71. Thepnr

    @Jack Murphy

    Thanks for the link. Good stuff.

  72. alistair x

    lets make stirling the biggest march yet, a rolling thunder,sounding over our land.

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