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The last day of term

Posted on April 30, 2015 by

As far as we know, this is the final major set-piece interview that Jim Murphy will have to give before the general election.

As Sally Magnusson of Reporting Scotland makes an admirably dogged but ultimately unsuccessful effort to get a straight answer on just about anything out of Labour’s regional branch manager, we’d swear it was possible to actually measure the delirium of relief on his face as the end draws near and the desperate evasion is over forever.

We gather that for the next week Scottish Labour are just bringing in boardgames.

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    155 to “The last day of term”

    1. Martin says:

      Cringing so much watching this. I am at a loss to understand who actually votes for this tit.

    2. Tackety Beets says:

      Even Sally M was laughing at him , despite her best efforts to keep a straight face.

      JM what a “Div”

      And I’m thinking of voting for Labour because …….. SNP Bad !

      Doh !

    3. Diane says:

      Actually found it hilarious! Go on yourself Sally. Shall now endeavour to think up a list of suitable board games for them to bring in!

    4. Casper1066 says:

      That was painful to watch, they only way to shut him up is to answer for him and he stops to correct you. Waste of time, however he did admit that Labour would speak with SNP. They had 12,500 members. I think that’s around 8,000 to many.

    5. Nuada says:

      “Bringing in board games”. Love it, Stu. You’re a wicked, evil man.

    6. Kathy says:

      Cheers for this, I missed it live.

    7. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      The only appropriate game for the Labour High Command cowering in their bunker is Russian roulette. The game is up.

    8. Thepnr says:

      Please Jim don’t leave us yet. You still have a job to do in helping SNP to a landslide in the Holyrood elections in 2016.

      The Proclaimers will be along shortly to beg you to stay. You know we are Better Together.

    9. X_Sticks says:

      Looks like the days of monopoly are gone for the labour party though.

      Risk, anyone?

    10. muttley79 says:

      Good interview by Sally Magnusson. I think she called the SNP the Scottish Nationalist Party, and mentioned tactical voting, but they are very minor quibbles.

    11. Murray McCallum says:

      Jim Murphy appears on these shows as if he is someone leading the polls.

      He simply repeats soundbites and evades answering any direct questions, i.e. a cautious strategy to avoid slip ups and maintain his lead.

      What on earth do they hope to gain from this?

    12. Tick tock tick tock.

    13. Iain More says:

      I can no longer bear to watch him. My fether would turn in his grave. Oh well canvassing tomorrow and some leafleting on Saturday. Got to keep hammering the nails in SLABs coffin.

    14. Iron Man says:

      Hooray. The man is a pointless buffoon. Bye.

    15. Paula Rose says:

      Is that bored games?

    16. call me dave says:

      Never mind 99 red balloons he is going down like a lead balloon.

      He is a figure of ridicule for all Scotland to see and voters will act accordingly.

    17. Luigi says:

      The Red Tories’ Scottish monopoly is over, and they haven’t a cluedo what to do about it.

    18. donald anderson says:

      I fell asleep again listening to his dulcet tones and woke u near the end of the ordeal to see Sally actually laughing at his ability to waffle on and on about his set script with answering a question. Like a true idiot he seemed plead with himself and his oafish behaviour. Did I miss anything? Was his police guard waiting in the wings?

    19. davie says:

      He is just abysmal. An abysmal politician and an awful person. I am in two minds what I want when he loses his seat next week: either for him to remain in charge for 2016 to continue to drag Labour into oblivion or for him to just slope off into obscurity forever so I no longer have to be subjected to his creepiness.

    20. Croompenstein says:

      The Big Burd will be beeling at Sally for pushing Creepy Jim. But back of the class for Sally it’s Scottish ‘National’ Party Sally not ‘Nationalist’ so 500 lines for you would have been a 1000 but kudos for calling out Creepy Jim

    21. Juteman says:


    22. G H Graham says:

      Alien abductions in Falkirk.

      Elvis Presley working in a chippie in Arbroath.

      Stagecoach bus spotted on the moon.

      All, less fantastic than Jim Murphy’s belief in himself.

    23. Adam Fitzpatrick says:

      It really pisses me off the way he talks over interviewers, particularly female ones, to avoid questions even being ASKED, never mind answered.

    24. Luigi says:

      davie says:
      30 April, 2015 at 8:08 pm

      He is just abysmal. An abysmal politician and an awful person. I am in two minds what I want when he loses his seat next week: either for him to remain in charge for 2016 to continue to drag Labour into oblivion or for him to just slope off into obscurity forever so I no longer have to be subjected to his creepiness.

      I want him to lose his seat and continue to drag Labour into oblivion in 2016 🙂

    25. Training Day says:

      I’ve just opened a beer.

      It’s good for me.

      But it’s FANTASTiC for David Cameron!

    26. Morag Towndrow says:

      It was indeed cringe-worthy; but,hey! he said “bloody” ! He must be a great guy!

    27. Catherine says:

      The man is at breaking point, ticking time-bomb.

    28. Helpmaboab says:

      Jim’s thoughts are elsewhere than Scotland just now, surely? In the privacy of his own mind he’s planning an escape route.

      This might be a seat in the House of Lords or it might be a career of directorships, consultancies and speaking engagements. Either way he won’t play any further part in Scotland’s democratic life.

    29. call me dave says:

      Shurley shome mishtake that someone in the real labour party HQ daan Souff is not in charge of vetting what this baffoon is allowed to waffle on about on national television land.

      Is he doing it on purpose?

      Even Sally Mag, renowned for her “what are we going to do about it” when in charge of the election broadcast as labour in Scotland was trounced in 2011, is one of his labour mates.

      But even she is glad to see the back of him it seems.

    30. frankieboy says:

      Kerplunk! for Smurf.

    31. JayR says:

      When the public, broadcasters etc. all seem to start regarding you and your party as a bit of a joke then the game is truly up. Nobody seems to really take Murphy and Labour seriously anymore as this campaign has gone on. And who can blame us/them?

      Postal vote for the SNP sent today.

    32. Shuggy says:

      As he approaches the abyss, Jim Murphy points out the shapes in the clouds above.

      Labour’s current problems began long before the referendum or even the previous election. The media-obsessed Blair administration swept into office with an authoritarian stranglehold on their MPs – all had to be “on-message” with no dissent tolerated. Then they systematically dismantled the previous relationship between politician and public. They spoke in scripted soundbites and focused on focus groups. They effectively locked out their core support, who had nowhere else to go.

      It took a long time for people to realise their party had been used as a vehicle, ridden like a donkey by people who neither had, nor desired, anything in common with them. But eventually people did get wise. They educated themselves, learning how to translate the language of ‘Soundbite’. And they renamed it ‘Pish’.

      Jim Murphy was part of that Blair administration. He thinks he still is. He has consistently refused to acknowledge, never mind adapt to this enlightened, engaged electorate.

      All the big NuLab players have gone off to bigger and better troughs but, like the last lingering guest at a party, he’s still hanging around, clutching an empty bottle. Go home, mate. You’ve outstayed your welcome.

    33. stephen says:

      Wonder why Jackie Turd didn’t interview Murphy she has interviewed every other party leader,perhaps she couldn’t face questioning the policies of her beloved party.

    34. Milady de Winter says:

      Board games..just bring in Kerplunk.

    35. Auld Rock says:

      If any of you take part in a phone-in over the next week make sure you mention your constituency and one candidate, they then have to waste time on their biased programmes reading out all the other candidates, LOL.

      Auld Rock

      PS As for Smurph, as my friend would say, “He’s a fanny”.

    36. Lesley-Anne says:

      What a MUPPET!

      He can not answer even the simplest of simple questions. I’m certain that if you asked him if he wanted a cup of tea or a cup of coffee you’d end up with a half hour lecture on why Irn Bru is, in reality, the best drink around without actually answering the tea or coffee question! 😛

      I just wish someone would, on TV, actually ask Jiminey Cricket what he is doing about the Labour members who are actively canvassing for candidates from other parties and also when he loses his seat on May 7th will he as is required by Labour rules stand down. There again best not bother … his response would send the whole country to sleep for 1,000 years. 😀

    37. arthur thomson says:

      Twenty thousand members. I think not.

      It’s only when I watch Nicola genuinely answering questions that I realise just how dishonest Murphy and his Westminster chums are. Not one straight and honest answer. When he goes he will be no loss to anyone. I so hope that he and the rest of the Slab mafia go down at the GE.

    38. Patrick Roden says:

      Oh my goodness!!!

      He waffles on and on, claiming the SNP will definitely have a referendum after they win a lot of seats, so Sally asks him if he thinks the people voting in these numbers gives the SNP a clear mandate, his answer?

      ‘Look, I don’t want to get into what will happen after the vote’!!!

    39. Mark Russell says:

      Laughter is the best medicine. Feel a lot better after that! Dear goodness, send for the gravediggers…

    40. desimond says:

      Sir..sir…Can Jim bring in his Celtic subbuteo?

    41. CameronB Brodie says:

      Trivial Persuites? 🙂

    42. Peter McLaughlin says:

      It’s almost cruel to watch a man who is so blind that he cannot see what everyone else can see.
      I suppose it takes a special kind of talent to attend university for 9 years and not get a degree, most people would have nearly enough degrees to start a band by that tine.

    43. Stoker says:


    44. Grouse Beater says:

      The Man Who Had Two Faces. Couldn’t bring myself to lose more of my life listening to his waffle. Life is too short.

    45. IvMoz says:

      I’ll really miss Mad Eye Murphy.

      I so so hope he does get on the labour list for 2016.

      Comedy gold.

    46. Name (required) says:

      40 seconds in, and BAM, classic Jim Murphy sports metaphor.

    47. McBoxheid says:

      I was thinking Scrabble, cos that’s what they will be doing to form a minority government, but now I thnk maybe The Hobbit-the board game.

      I don’t know if it exists, but if it does…
      the MSM want to be the TROLLS

    48. Braghadeanach says:

      Well, I’m no fan of Jim but I thought he looked healthy but a bit manic (ref comments re STV prog last night). He’s obviously perfected a technique to avoid problems in these interviews by talking at length and over the top of the interviewers. No-one seems strong enough to bring him to heel in these situations. His smirk at the end made him look as if he thought he’d won a kind of game, I’m sure he thinks he ‘won’ that encounter and Sally didn’t really lay a glove on him. But I think it’s a pyrrhic victory as his ‘sleekit’ style and aggressive approach probably alienates all but die hard supporters

    49. Geoff Huijer says:

      Jim doesn’t know the meaning of ‘honest’ nor the meaning of ‘self-analysis’.

      Good try Sally.

      Jim Murphy talking about the horror of poverty & foodbanks is just ridiculous when his Party have more than helped usher both in. And in the case of poverty, Labour have had a chance to do that in Glasgow & at UK level for decades.

    50. From Inverclyde says:

      Board Games to bring in as follows…..

      Don’t have a CLUEDO
      The MONOPOLY is Over
      OPERATION Failure
      Snakes and errm Snakes!

      Other fun games will include Pin The Blame on the Donkey (Everyone’s a Winner)!

      DVD’s will also be available with a special showing of The Walking Dead being up first.

      They can also dress up as Pirates for the next week. Arrr Jim Lad!

    51. Gary45% says:

      Jim “TheFUD” Murphy the inventor of shouty politics.
      Only 1 week to go.
      Tick Tock.

    52. ScottieDog says:

      “You can vote for one thing to get another”…
      Yet if we vote SNP we get tory.

      Good grief.

    53. Dr Jim says:

      It was the First Minister with the votes in the polling booth

      who killed Mr Dim

      Game over

    54. Thepnr says:


      He is now doomed. Second election beckons Lolololol

    55. Ian M says:

      I agree with this

      Adam Fitzpatrick says:
      30 April, 2015 at 8:13 pm
      It really pisses me off the way he talks over interviewers, particularly female ones, to avoid questions even being ASKED, never mind answered.

    56. Jim Stirling says:

      I see Miliband is now saying that he will not do a deal even if it means not becoming PM ?

    57. Dr Jim says:

      He’ll get a call from Ant and Dec

    58. Tackety Beets says:

      Milliblunder just about to give us our Freedom ?

      Wow he is squirming ?

    59. paul gerard mccormack says:

      From a straightforward anthropological critique of this human interaction, Sally Magnusson would have been well within her rights to give Jim a well-directed slap right on his choppers for his wilful, belligerent and persistent tactic of shouting over her questions. How rude. He may as well have said, ‘talk to the hand’. Prick.

    60. Not sure about Monopoly as a board game. How about Monotony?

    61. Dal Riata says:

      Sally Magnusson was surprisingly combative towards Murphy – well done her! Murphy was his usual evasive and elusive self, dodging answers like his life depended on it (his political life does, of course). His performance was absolutely abysmal and pathetic and at one stage Magnusson laughed at him as he waffled away refusing to answer anything.

      By the way, this latest let’s-stop-giving-Murphy-an-easy-ride style of questioning from BBC Scotland…

      Is this the BBC, such a unionist platform of Vote No-ness, turning on him for not delivering the Labour result they so wished for after the referendum, even after they have done so much to get him into the job of Scottish Labour’s leader: the get-Lamont-out campaign; the get-Murphy-elected in the Scottish leadership campaign; the eulogies; the halo pictures; the never-questioning-his-background omerta in print or in broadcast; the constantly-in-the-news agenda; etc?

      I sure do hope so… GIRFUYz!

    62. Dave the Squirrel says:

      Sturgeon at FMQs throwing Dugdale a bone (sic) by suggesting that she spends the last week propping up Labour, instead of staying the SNP-bashing course which has failed miserably.

      And Sally Magnusson doing the same for this gimp.

      Neither listens of course.

      They can’t be helped. They won’t be helped. They’re finished.

    63. Marie clark says:

      Oh good grief, roll on next Thursday put him out of his misery hopefully.

      Board game, Buckeroo anybody.

    64. forgotmath says:

      Oh dear.

    65. One_Scot says:

      I actually tried to watch the video clip, but as soon as I heard the BBC presenter promoting tactical voting, which is essential corrupt voting, then that was enough for me.

      Thank God my children don’t pay her wages.

    66. Robert Peffers says:

      @Diane says: 30 April, 2015 at 7:56 pm:

      “Actually found it hilarious! Go on yourself Sally. Shall now endeavour to think up a list of suitable board games for them to bring in!”

      No contest, Diane. Snakes & Ladders
      , (Sans Ladders); Noughts & Crosses, (sans Crosses); Kerplunk, (sand Plunk). Dominos, (sans doubles).

    67. Iain More says:

      Millibland is heading for a proverbial motorway pile up. Is the Murphy coaching him?

    68. Legerwood says:

      Mr Murphy’s interview was followed shortly afterwards by a piece about the polls which included a short interview with Professor Curtice. His message particularly about tacticalb voting did not contain any comfort for Labour.

    69. Arabs for Independence says:

      Jim’s boss on BBC right now is struggling. Ed has handed the keys to No 10 to Mr Cameron – Ed is not doing well

    70. JLT says:

      Question 1 ‘…why are you doing so dreadful in the polls?’

      And straight away …right into classic denial mode.

      Murphy must be wondering if in a parallel universe, he is actually campaigning to be announced as Prime Minister of the British Empire for a record fourth time.

      Because in this one, it can’t get any worse …can it???

    71. galamcennalath says:

      Thepnr says:

      There is no reason to believe London Labour are any more honest than the local branch!

      Will he really walk away from PM and government?

      If he gets most seats he will grab the reins with both hands,

      If he gets less than Cameron, Milliband has two choices. Accept loose SNP support, or support the Tories against the SNP. If he supports the Tories he will kill Labour.

    72. Robin says:

      That is unbelievably stupid by milliband.
      OK so a vote by vote arrangement will still work but he has painted himself into a corner as being more Red Tory than even his detractors were saying. His focus groups must have advised him to try and shore up the English vote as the Tories posters are obviously working.
      He has really shot himself in the foot in Scotland as there can now be no pretence that he has anything other than a right wing intention for the Labour party.

    73. Fred says:

      @ Juteman, Deariefuckinme indeed! 🙂

    74. Grouse Beater says:

      For two years of the Referendum Labour and the Tories complained that the SNP had put Scotland’s progress on ‘hold’.

      Now we have Labour and Tory putting Scotland on ‘hold’ as they try to argue the SNP has plans for another Referendum some time in the future.

      Do they really think the electorate are so dumb they can’t see the utter futility of that charge?

    75. Jimbo says:

      I’ll be glad when it’s all over. I’m sick to the eyeballs of listening to this mealy-mouthed fucker’s constant obfuscations, evasions and lies.

    76. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think everyone sahould just forget the board games idea … just give wee Jiminey Cricket a pack of playing cards and the set of rules for SNAP! I very much doubt Labour HQ can cope with anything that requires much more thought processing than snap. 😀

    77. Robert Peffers says:

      Question Time is hilarious but I’m away home now. My wee Pal has given me a headache shouting at the TV. I watched Cameron and Miliband but it’s pointless watching Clegg, he’s nae chance.

    78. Kevin Evans says:

      He just talks over everyone and everything – can you imagine the shite that goes roond his heed.

    79. Jim Stirling says:

      @ Thepnr If he didnt do a deal to form a government with SNP support and let the Tories in he would be dead in the water and it could well be a nail in the coffin of Labour. Though when the time comes I suspect he will change his tune

    80. Tinto Chiel says:

      As Thepnr says, Ed Miliband has just ruled out any deal with the SNP in tonight’s leadership debate. If he is telling the truth, it seems Labour and the Tories of every hue have made an arrangement to lock out the SNP by whatever means possible.

      In which case, end of union, and probably quickly.

      Of course, Ed could simply be telling porkies.

      (In Homer Simpson voice): “Porkies, eh? That gives me an idea!”

    81. Iain More says:

      The BBC editing team is going to be burning the midnight oil because they have a double work load tonight. How to make Millibland look good and Cameron look utterly dreadful. Cameron wins that hands down. Murphy definitely advising Millibland I think. It was total train crash and even more votes heading the way of the SNP.

    82. Can anyone think of a more pathetic attempt from a politician on air… anywhere, and, let’s say anytime since 1924 ?

      ( setting aside Labour corrupto, Jim Divine’s car crash expenses performance and the Toronto mayor guy )

    83. Charles Edward says:

      1000 new nurses..
      1000 GBP for new apprentices

      1000 legs on centipedes
      1000 children in Iraq

      Loads of stuff really..
      1924 and 1923 were years.

      I would walk 1000 miles, ah , and 1000 more .
      And other things.. (shakes head in indignant disbelief accompanied by surprised look and flash of rictus grin).

      Thinks is it over yet?
      It is now.

    84. Fairliered says:

      Privatised Monopoly
      Haven’t a Cluedo
      Shut the Ballot Box (after the postal votes are in)
      (Won’t be going to) Chequers
      Scrabble for votes
      That should keep them out of mischief for the next week.

    85. Alan McGregor says:

      Smith and Cook were the last people of note the labour party in Scotland produced.

      spud, keza, lamont, joyce, davidson, bailley and curran are the current crop, none of note, not even of councillor standard.

      There are no stars waiting in the shadows for labour in Scotland!

      Stuart’s point earlier today about the wasp banging its head on the window is well made, we should leave them to it, they need no help in self-destructing.

    86. Croompenstein says:

      Creepy Jim’s board game now has to be pocket battleships as Milibland has just blown him out the fucking water…

    87. DerekM says:

      dearie me Jim doesnt half talk some pish he is hard to watch with all his ramblings.

      Yea i heard Ed the red say that too Thepnr and thought well if you will not deal maybe someone else in labour will it doesnt need to be him ,Clegg would have worked with them if they had ditched Brown but how all that works i am not sure it would mean a leadership battle ,a new leader that wasnt even in the election as PM but it must be possible or why would Clegg try it.

    88. Fiona says:

      I believe him, Tinto Chiel. As I said elsewhere, I think Blunkett’s interview today on R4 was part of this.

      I think they may have left it too late to convince their own support of a crisis big enough to justify a “government of national unity”, but I think that is the strategy now.

      They will present it as saving the union: refuse a second ref which will be demanded when they reduce SNP MP’s to a second class: and wait to see what we can do about it ( assuming, as ever, that the answer is nothing)

      Hope I am paranoid.

    89. Iain says:

      She wasn’t hard enough on him, but I don’t think she’s used to slapping down evasive interviewees. Every time she tried to drag him back to the question, raising her voice, he raised his voice higher. She should have told him bluntly that he was not giving straight answers – what was there to lose? Merely the risk that he might complain and refuse to be interviewed by her again? He’s small fry – what loss would that have been to BBC news and current affairs? They’ve never been bothered about being antagonistic to Alex Salmond.

    90. Dal Riata says:

      The Guardian gets its knickers in a twist with Miliband’s latest fuckwittery:

      “Miliband rules out a deal with the SNP, even if this costs him the chance of being prime minister.

      That is the first proper news of the programme.

      Dimbley asks for clarification. What does he mean by “deal”?

      A confidence and supply arrangement, he says.”

      So Miliband will not even countenance a confidence and supply arrangement with the SNP…? He would rather *not* be the Prime Minister of the UK than have a condidence and supply arrangement with the SNP… Really? He actually said that in front of the UK electorate…?

      Then Miliband is an utter buffoon. And Labour are a busted flush.

      But, having said that, we’ll wait and see if he sticks to the same electoral bollocks-speak when reality slaps Miliband around the head like a wet haddock on the morning of the 8th of May and he needs the SNP to form a government… and for him to become Prime Minister… We’ll see where his principles lie then.

    91. ArtyHetty says:

      When I have the great misfortune to hear this guy, what crosses my mind, is that he has been employed to finish off the the branch off Labour North of the border.

      I would bet that this guy already has his plane ticket out for next Friday, a sunny holiday, not to be seen or heard of for some time, if ever again in Scotland.

    92. AlbertaScot says:

      More TV studio slap on his otherwise pasty face than Madonna usually wears.

      You gotta believe those Holyrood Slabers don’t want to go down with this floundering ship.

      The day after bloodletting is going to make a Rambo movie appear Disneyesque.

      You can almost feel a little sympathy for Deputy Dug at FMQs today being ordered to try and set up that bizarre Neverendum wheeze for Murphy’s last desperate, doomed election day push.

      I said “almost.” She’s done like a dinner too. You heard it here first.

      The gorgeous and pouting Jenny Mara must be positively radiant.

    93. Rob James says:

      Robert Peffers @ 8:53 pm.

      Dominoes? There’s a few double blanks at slab HQ and the rest are a’ chappin’.

    94. clochoderic says:

      One of the mistakes that Murphy has blundered into is worth a think.

      We all know that from the off he has boasted about SLAB being a separate party, yadda yadda, and that he is in charge of devolved policy.

      We also know that he has constantly sought to bring issues of Holyrood competence into the Westminster election, maybe to big himself up, perhaps because he does not understand how things work, or most likely he knew that he could not sell Milliband’s austerity with a sad face and a lollipop approach here in Scotland.

      If Labour in E+W are in a position to negotiate with the SNP next week any charge of hypocrisy against either party for co-operation after a SLAB bloodbath could be repudiated by reference to Murphy’s own words. According to Jim they are a separate party – we all know he changed “clause 4” so it’s got a constitution and everything – we think.

      For the SNP this gives them the whip hand in Scotland by forcing SLAB to make a decision – are they a real, separate party or not?

      Labour in E+W get to pursue aims more suited to their own electorate down south and lose an electoral liability. They would probably rather have slightly chippy clean and tidy neighbours than a table full of permanently pissed slob relatives sleeping on their living room floor.

    95. Gary45% says:

      Just watched this,
      Murphy has shot himself in the foot that many times he must be a millipede.
      This is a big IF.
      If he manages to hold onto his seat, Scottish politics will become a laughing stock.

      I hate to say it, Moan Lament was a million times better as a leader of SLab, and she was totally SH*T.

    96. CameronB Brodie says:

      Grouse Beater
      It would seem we are both a concern then for both the prospective First Minister (Lurch), and David Blunkett, who appears to expect the colonies to be waiting eagerly on London informing us it’s ‘rainning’. 🙁

      @ David Blunkett
      Do you disagree with the Dictionery of Human Geography’s definition of imperialism? Do you not agree that it perfectly describes the UK of GB & NI? How effective do you think British Labour have been in selling One Nation UKOK imperialism as being capable of promoting a more egalitarian social democracy? Sorry, I forgot the Fabian Society are liberal democrats, aren’t they/you?

      P.S. While I’m at it, I’d like to correct a statement I made previously, in relation to a certain individual who I reckon is possibly as glaikit as he looks. What I meant to say was, “finaly there is harmony between outer surface and inner substance, and balance in the universe. I think I put it the other way around previously. 😉

    97. call me dave says:

      Nicola Sturgeon on now for those who want it on the pc.

    98. Luigi says:

      Is the man, who was willing to destroy his bothers political career for a personal shot at the top job, really willing to walk away from a deal with the SNP that would give him the keys to No 10?

      He would never get a second chance.

    99. Balaaargh says:

      What about a nice game of Risk?

      Or he could play Fluxx, a card game where you change the rules as you go along?

    100. davidb says:

      @ Dal Riata

      Miliband wont be leading Labour in two weeks time. If he doesn’t beat Cameron he will get pushed out. We will be negotiating with the next holder of the one ring. And he or she will do a deal.

    101. Connor McEwen says:

      The shallowness of politics.Presentation over substance.

    102. Chris says:

      Just watched the question time special and stunned and outraged that the LABOUR leader said he would rather let the Tories back into govt. than work with the party Scotland has elected. The phrase ‘Red Tories’ seems apt right now.

    103. Fiona says:

      Did you doubt they are tories, Chris?

    104. Truth says:

      Thought Sally actually acquitted herself quite well there, and she’s worth a watching after her last election night performance.

      Though I note she managed to use the misnomer Scottish Nationalist Party, which is par for the course these days.

    105. Muncle says:

      Impartial audience? Then why does the guy with the striped shirt look so familiar? Is he not some kind of councillor?

    106. call me dave says:

      I see and hear Glen is his usual self and were stuck on a ‘will there be a referendum’again and again and again. 🙁

      I thought it was about the GE2015.

    107. Macart says:

      Dang, if that’s how the fella looks and performs after the easiest meeja ride in history. Just imagine how he would have looked had he faced the same media barrage as the FM over the same period. 😀

    108. call me dave says:

      Sturgeon doing a good job trying to …(aah! applause for her at last)…explain how WM policies are hurting the poorest in our society, but not all the audience are up to speed on that.

    109. Iron Man says:

      Nicola is doing brilliant against a obviously picked, biased audience and presenter. Ridiculous. Go on yirsel. And as for the referendum. You won, will you please get over it.

    110. CameronB Brodie says:

      Dave the Squirrel

      Sturgeon at FMQs throwing Dugdale a bone (sic) by suggesting that she spends the last week propping up Labour, instead of staying the SNP-bashing course which has failed miserably.

      And Sally Magnusson doing the same for this gimp.

      Neither listens of course.

      They can’t be helped. They won’t be helped. They’re finished.

      Are you not perhaps expecting too much from the gimp and his deputy? After all, they are only puppets controlled from London. They are neither independent in mind nor deed. 😉

      P.S. Scottish Labour does not exist. It is simply a brand name given to a Scottish front operation for British Labour. Some focus group probably found it would sell better to the natives.

    111. bugsbunny says:


      What about that 1980’s game DOWNFALL?


    112. garles says:

      Glenn ffs let the First Minister answer the questions

    113. Graham MacQueen says:

      Mr Murphy’s claim that Cameron ‘gets to hang on as PM because Labour losses seats in Scotland’ is simply ludicrous.

      Labour’s inability to convince voters both North AND South of the Border that they are the most suitable party to undertake the task combined with their constant spouting of untruths is what is costing them this election.

      This election ought to be a strong lesson to ALL of the neoliberal parties that the majority of the electorate DO NOT AGREE WITH SUCH POLICIES!!!!

      The ‘British Empire’ IS taking its dying breath…

    114. Iain More says:

      Glen Campbell is a waste of space. Does he ever shut the eff up? I hope the SNP wins every effin seat to see the look on his face afterwards. Is there any of them at the BBC that isn’t a card carrying New Labour hack?

    115. Sooz says:

      Of course Miliband will have a loose relationship with the SNP. If he’s seriously saying that Labour will never talk with the SNP in order to form a government, they’re in for years in the wastelands of opposition, because the SNP vote isn’t going away.

      Wait for the results, and then see him decide to talk to the SNP. If he hands this to the Tories there will be national outrage – not only from Scotland but across rUK.

    116. Andrew Morton says:

      Thank God! I never have to listen to this man again.

    117. Mealer says:

      I got another begging letter from Kezia Dugdale.She wants my help to win the election.She wants my money.
      I don’t know why she keeps pestering me.Ive been racking my brains trying to remember if I met her at a party whilst in a drunken stuper but I don’t think I’ve been to any such gatherings since before she was born.Mores the pity.I don’t get any emails from Action Krankie.Wee Wullie never calls or writes.Just Kezia.Its getting a bit creepy actually.So surely the creepster himself should be sending the begging letters.I bet the Labour Party in Scotland is in deep financial doodoo.Their support base has collapsed.They are left with mostly older folks who probably don’t have much spare cash to squander on such trivia.

    118. WRH2 says:

      Absolute torture watching that! I was waiting for him to start screaming or burst into tears! I’d just give up if I were him as he’s not even making sense any more.

    119. DonUnder says:

      If it’s Labour surely the only game they play is Hungry Hungry Hippos. It’s like training for the Westminster trough for them.

    120. EdinScot says:

      Murphy wittering on with his usual letting the tories in mantra is like a stuck record. If it wasnt for him and his red tory party siding with the blue tories less than 6 months ago, Scotland wouldnt be sitting here listening to his crap analogies. It was Labour that has been instrumental in keeping tory rule north of the border along with the biased unionist msm. No wonder his party is in freefall post referendum. Seems they have at least half a country itchng to get them back as they vowed (pun intended) they would. I hope him and his red tory party are smashed to pieces at the ballot box a week today. Fingers crossed.

    121. Lesley-Anne says:

      I hope this works. This should be a video clip of Milliband saying he’d refuse to work with the S.N.P. and basically see David Cameron back in power rather than work with the S.N.P. What an absolute incompetent imbecile!

      Once you’re on the page click the Key Video marker and the video is on the right hand side. 😉

    122. Free Scotland says:

      Murphy never likes to hear Scottish labour referred to as a branch office of the labour party. Who knows how he will react next week, when the Scottish branch office becomes Milliband’s broom cupboard?

    123. Tinto Chiel says:

      I’m not so sure, Sooz. There may already have been plans made to marginalise the SNP. The trouble is, I think a significant number of people in England have considered voting Labour, presuming they would come to an arrangement with SNP to push them leftward on issues such as austerity, welfare cuts and Trident.

      If Miliband is being truthful, he has made a dreadful mistake. “Even if I’m not in power.”


    124. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Did I miss anything from Mr Murphy…did he change his tune or was it the same old song-sheet?

      Just back from a hustings in Lanark where Jim Hood waffled like a walrus…”SNP bad”…the entire time.

      Response of the evening when candidates asked about potential or actual WM attendance: Jim Hood – “I turn up as often as most MP’s” – denying that he has an appalling attendance record.

      Eh, not what the records show Mr Hood

    125. Stuart says:

      How nice that Big Dim is proud of the 100s of thousands of trade union members who pay their political levy – without which the part coffers might find a note akin to the one the Tories were “allegedly” greeted with 5 yrs ago. How many of them know that they don’t have to pay it if they don’t want to (or like me cancelled it when they joined the SNP!).

      AND….1 week to go and he’s pegging his hopes on the 1 in 3 undecided’s to all vote Labour. Talk about flying by the seat of your pants….think the 54% (and probably rising by the day the way Dim is performing) of decided’s who are voting SNP might scupper that plan!

    126. Craig MacInnes says:

      When you make people angry at you you’re still in the game – when they start laughing at you it’s game over and there’s no way back.

    127. donald anderson says:

      Grizzle McPuss commented on The last day of term.
      ” … Response of the evening when candidates asked about potential or actual WM attendance: Jim Hood – “I turn up as often as most MP’s” – denying that he has an appalling attendance record.
      Eh, not what the records show Mr Hood

      Hoodie accepted £8,000 p0er year to find a site in his constituency to dump London effluence. London has been dumping on us for years with Labour’s help, but I doubt if they ever bought any collaborator so cheaply, or is Labour habitually doing it for nothing.

    128. Murphy stated that; ” you can’t get one thing by voting for another”. Head up arse the last five years then !

    129. Proud Cybernat says:

      It’s the shortest verse in the Bible: “Jesus wept.”

    130. Graham MacLure says:

      Slab worked on Buggins Turn in all things Scottish, You arse licked your way to a shop steward ,councilor, MP and then onto a real sinecure but
      Dim Jim held the parcel when the music stopped!
      “It wisnae meant tae be like this an naebuddy telt me so thae didnae! We were only telt how tae weigh the votes in buckets so we wiz and nane o’ this bein asked questions on TV that an answer wae even a midgies fart worth o truth in it wid hae head office in Lunnon tellin me ma erse is oot ra windae an that wee nyaff Joke McConnel writin frae the hoose o’Lords tellin me tae get ma erse intae gear an win mair seats or the nearest ah’l iver get tae ermine wud be ma erse stoatin doon ra road efter ah get ra bum rush so he did, an ‘at but by the way! It’s nae ferr ah tell yees!!!!!!!” Nae ferr!!
      Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow.

    131. iain taylor says:

      A record for a Creepy Jim interview. 40 seconds before I got the “life is too short” message and shut him off.

    132. Craig MacInnes says:

      Anyone else having trouble sharing wings content on FB? I keep getting the message that it is an unsafe link I’m trying to share.

    133. What right has Milliband to dictate who people in Scotland vote for? What right has he to insist we stick with the discredited two party system? If we vote SNP, then it is up to other Westminster politicians to deal with that.

      Maybe he is hoping to move some votes back to Labour in Scotland, but just maybe his boot on Scottish MPs will have the opposite effect. Let’s hope it does.

      Milliband is trying to sound tough. I suspect he doesn’t realise the backbone of steel that goes through our SNP leader and FM. And the backbone of steel that now runs through Scotland.

    134. Dr Ew says:

      Well, it was all far too little too late from the BBC, but fair play to Sally Magnusson for having a go at some informed journalistic lines of questioning. That’s all we ask!

      Aside from honorable exceptions Alex Thomson and Jon Snow at Channel 4 News, that kind of basic professional integroty has been sadly lacking in this entire campaign, south and particiularly north of the border.

      Kudos to Wings, Newsnet, Bella and others in the Fifth Estate for getting the counterbalance out there. Without you guys our democracy would be well and truly stuffed.

      You’ve really played your part. Let’s hope Nicola and the boys can bring it home.

    135. David McCann says:

      Murphy’s interview with Sally Magnusson reminded me of the famous Dead Parrot sketch

      “E’s not pinin’! ‘E’s passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the perch ‘e’d be pushing up the daisies! ‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the twig! ‘E’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!”
      How true!!

    136. CameronB Brodie says:

      Graham MacLure
      I’m in tears. 🙂

    137. Graham MacQueen says:

      Could it be the case that Miliband is ruling out cooperation with the SNP and implying that he would rather see Cameron back in No. 10 because they have already agreed to form a Con/Lab coalition?

      Would they try to justify such a move to stop the SNP breaking up the ‘Union’?

    138. Joe Ghandi says:

      An empty shell of a man ………Sad, so sad ….

    139. wee_monsieur says:

      What a fucking scheister. Wouldn’t trust him to run a bath.

    140. cearc says:

      ‘Look, I don’t want to get into what will happen after the vote’

      Is that not the whole point of an election campaign?

    141. David McCann says:

      I have put a link on FB, but it appears to be blocked.

    142. Doug Daniel says:

      I dunno if anyone else has picked up on this, but Murphy says two conflicting things about the SNP wanting a second indyref. (Okay he probably says more, but this one is quite interesting.)

      First he scoffs at the idea that the SNP’s “100,000 new members” (not quite Jim, but cheers anyway) will accept anything other than having another referendum as soon as humanly possible, making a reference to Jim Sillars’ recent comments.

      Then later on, he claims that a third of SNP members don’t want another referendum.

      So which is it, Jim? Do all the SNP’s 100,000+ members want another referendum as soon as possible, or don’t they?

    143. Helen Ross says:

      Jim’s game has been Strip Jack Naked. And he has steadily lost all his cards. Ed stole his last card tonight.

    144. So, Labour would talk to the SNP ? One last question, Jim – have you spoken to Ed Milliband about this ? Because he says he would rather have a tory government than talk to the SNP…
      Don’t let the door smack yer erse on the way oot!

    145. fletch49er says:

      Jim Murphy is like a broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record ….

    146. DickieT says:


    147. Tom Platt says:

      The man, a few years ago, was locally regarded as charming and highly personable. He has become an ill mannered disgrace to Scotland and East Renfrewshire. I attended a hustings in Neilston last night. Non-stop talking sunny Jim spent a huge amount of time starting conversations with the Conservative candidate sitting next to him and to his LibDem opponent on his other side whenever the SNP candidate (Kirsten Oswald), or, once or twice, even the UKIP candidate, was addressing the audience. At least he has toned down his volume from the shouting over the others that we saw in TV debates. He repeated his claim that, if elected, he would serve 5 years but did not say how he would ever be able to cope with being Scottish First Minister from Westminster or even continue as Scottish Labour Leader. Perhaps he has realised that Scottish Labour will not be wanting him to remain and he didn’t have to. The people of Neilston were too polite to press him further.

    148. donald anderson says:

      Wise Wingers Vs Murphy’s Mingers.

    149. GP Walrus says:

      Haven’t a Cluedo
      Scrabble for the door
      Dummy NOs
      and Oh Fuckarooo

    150. Grouse Beater says:

      Cameron B Brodie: While I’m at it…

      Read and understood! 😉

    151. Hugh Kirk says:

      I watched Smurfzilla,s last interview with Sally M. Holy Moly! What a knob! And as for Depty Dug’s performance at FMQs………It was beyond sadness. John Smith would be incandescent with rage at the antics of those two phonies.

    152. Chitterinlicht says:

      What a shambles

      Good try Sally M

      Can you imagine THAT as First Minister?


    153. Andrew Cook says:

      Why can’t he understand that Sturgeon won’t say the referendum is a ”once in a generation” thing, when all the Westminster parties have totally changed their tune from what they were saying before the referendum!?

      “Don’t leave the UK, LEAD the UK”

      They are all TUBES!

    154. gus1940 says:

      How the mighty has fallen.

      From being hailed as Scotland’s Political Messiah on his election to be leader of Labour’s North British Accounting Unit and being deified for months with wall to wall worship by our wonderful unbiased broadcast and print media Murphy is now an object of well deserved ridicule.

      Plus ca change.

    155. proudscot says:

      Chitterinlicht asks, “Can you imagine THAT as First Minister?” No I can’t, but if he ever did attain that position in a political nightmare apocalypse scenario, probably one of his first acts would be to cede ALL of Scotland’s waters to Westminster, in addition to the 6000 square miles already stolen from us.

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