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The journey

Posted on August 27, 2015 by



And now:


Keir Hardie would, we’re sure, have glowed with pride.

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284 to “The journey”

  1. blackhack says:

    I think he’s “selt the jerseys”

  2. handclapping says:

    The dropping of the Independent from the Labour Party marked its incorporation into the ruling élite.

  3. The Man in the Jar says:

    And the vermin in ermine are joined by the Ginger Rodent and Ms Mone. One huge slap in the pus for Scotland.

    I still can’t for the life of me understand why 55% of my fellow Scots actually voted for this. 🙁

  4. Onwards says:

    Well done Lord Darling.
    Big slaps on the back for doing the Tories work for them, and helping to prevent Scotland become a normal country.
    Another glass of subsidised champers?

  5. BrianW says:

    See when folk win the Lottery and they get photographed holding a HUGE pretendy cheque showing the obscene amount of money they’ve won for picking numbers at random..

    Do you thing Lord Darling will release a similar image in full Ermine Regalia holding a huge cheque with his Lordship expenses on it.. *the pop of champagne in the background* (doubt it would say “For a Workers Republic” on it though – trade descriptions and all that..)

  6. K1 says:

    For Sevices rendered, top prostitute Darling gets his 300 quid a day reward for sleeping with the Tories. Bugger!

  7. muttley79 says:

    Darling is a sell out, just another British establishment poodle Jock. Mone has got her reward as well, with the execrable Danny Alexander set to get knighted. Who is next for honours in unionist Scotland-shire? Dame Muriel Gray, Baroness Rowling of Barnton, Baron Alex Massie, Baron Cochers of Twattery, Lord Naughtie of Britnattery?

  8. Colin says:

    There is nothing one can really say is there?

  9. Fred says:

    “The Working Class can Kiss My Arse!”

  10. Hugh Mcmillan says:

    In the run up to the referendum I clearly heard Alistair Darling say on Radio Scotland that he wanted the House of Lords abolished, so I have to assume that he is planning on bringing it down from the inside like he has with the labour party

  11. gordoz says:

    Rewards for Britter together.

    Compare this clown with the talent, charisma and principles of a true Scot – Thomas Muir of Huntershill.

    Shameful just shameful (and the rest o’ them)

  12. Training Day says:

    Still, it’s what Labour No voters voted for.

    Isn’t it?

  13. Mik Johnstone says:

    what? where’s auld man Broon? lol

  14. One_Scot says:

    I honestly don’t know how these people sleep at night.

  15. Disco Dave says:

    Notice Hain is there as well, he who circulated the TV Studios during Labour’s election meltdown saying mainstream parties needed to “re-engage” and “new politics” was required. Obviously thought f**k that.

    As for Darling, said to me on a phone before the referendum that he “sympathised” with my view on HOL reform. He didn’t sympathise with it when in government so why would he now?

  16. Macart says:

    ‘For a workers republic’

    Uh huh!

    These are my principles and if you don’t like them… well I have others.

    Over to you Darling.

  17. Brian Powell says:

    All the Scottish ‘lords’ should go in solemn procession through George Sq so we can show our ‘appreciation’ for their ‘work’.

  18. call me dave says:

    Well we expected the other shoe to drop and it has.

    Nothing to do now except put our cross in the right box in the elections coming up.

    Onwards and upwards.

  19. asklair says:

    Darling never sold out, he just conned us, like most politicians. Change will only happen if we do it and not leave it to political Westminster tribes.

  20. Mark McGibbon says:

    I just feel these new Peer-asites are laughing at us all from their fur lined all expenses paid seats. In the 21st century we seem to have to endure the facade of classlessness while being patronised by the elites who continue to subjugate us as they have always done. I’m not saying that we’re slaves or that we can’t have our say but the point I want to make is that some things are never going to change unless we continue to expose their hypocrisy at every opportunity. The dream will never die……..and one day it will be reality.

  21. Dandy Dons 1903 says:

    We all now know who is “Better Together” but this gross spectacle and many others wont do them any favours when the next IndyRef comes along.

  22. Brian Powell says:

    Kezia, her MP and all her MSPs will be rushing to congratulate Darling, after all they campaigned for this.

  23. JayR says:

    The decent people of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland really do need to start taking to the streets. The elites just don’t get it…but they keep taking it!

  24. handclapping says:

    Anent Ermine is the new silver does anybody know how many pieces of ermine are needed for a Baron’s robe?

  25. Jack Murphy says:

    Another one!
    Danny Alexander,lately Chief Secretary to the Treasury to be created a Knight of the Realm.
    “For political and public service”.
    Was he not once upon a time MP for Inverness and Badenoch,but lost his seat? 🙁

  26. Valerie says:

    Principles for sale, ugh, makes me shiver.

  27. Bob Mack says:

    Scotland has a poor history of leaders who eventually sell out to England for one reward or another.This is just a continuation of that tradition,and only the people have the power to finally put an end to these sycophants being in a position to disenfranchise their own folk.

    Greed, lust for power, and opportunity is a heady mix to handle for most. For these narcissists it is manna from heaven.Damn them.

  28. pitchfork says:

    So Alistair’s paycheck arrived on time.

    Arise Lord Darling of Quislington

  29. Donald MacKenzie says:

    Ah, but it’s nice that Betty’s graciously pleased. It’s nice to be pleased graciously. It’s lovely to live in a meritocracy, isn’t it?

  30. Nana Smith says:

    Today we see the most corrupt entity in the british isles being stuffed with more corrupt people at our expense while the government kills uk citizens.

    This is what we are now told to accept by criminals overseeing a dictatorship because make no mistake dictatorship is what it is.

    Have the public really stooped so low and been so brainwashed by the media that they tolerate the murder of our country folk while the likes of darling and alexander are given awards for lying and being shit poor at their jobs.

    What is it going to take before we say enough and bloody well act on it. What the hell counts as ‘material change’

    I despair, I really do.

  31. frogesque says:

    Why the surprise, we all knew Darling was in for a gownie made from the stoat, (Mustela erminea), also known as the short-tailed weasel.

    Entirley appropriate

    The stoat (Mustela erminea), also known as the short-tailed weasel shamelessly filched from Wikipedia (wee smiley thingy)

  32. Iain More says:

    I cant bring myself to see the London born Darling or Alexander as quizzers because I have never viewed either of them as Scots. Not even the ginger heided one but then he does play cwicket and went to Oxfud.

  33. James Barr Gardner says:

    (Borrowed from Labour List, LOL)
    Tony Benn used to categorise politicians as either Signposts or Weathervanes. Signposts indicate the way ahead, resolute and unchanging in the face of criticism or challenge. Weathervanes spin on their axis, responding swiftly and unthinkingly to changes in the prevailing wind.

    Well I guess that sums up Flipper or is Spinner, think I like Blinky better due to the fact he lied through his teeth to the People of Scotland. I wonder what he’ll do in an Independent Scotland? Not a lot, yes your’re right again! He’ll feck off to London with the rest of the creeps and I do hope that door will skelp his erse on the way oot!

    BTW who the feck is Spencer Livermore? what fecking cupboard did they hide him in!

  34. Stoker says:

    Anyone asked the branch manager what’s her stance on accepting peerages? Is she for or against The HoL? Or is she waiting on further direction from her soon to be decided new boss?

    Labour Party members doing what they do best, double standards.
    Whilst conning you out of your support both eyes never leave the prize, that furry redcoat cape.

    Tell us, Dippy, for or against? Would you like to go 50/50, phone a friend? Or hold a debate on the matter? Hurry, Dippy, you must give us an answer, your time is almost up.

  35. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. Keir Hardie’s view on Lithuanian migrant workers (they had filthy habits, lived of garlic and oil and were carriers of the Black Death), I did suggest English Socialism has very ‘blood and soil’ roots. I thought Viscount Milner was the main miscreant in this, through the Fabian Society, but it would appear British socialism is nationalistic to the core. Go figure.

    Perhaps that is why young Trots grow up to aspire to ermine.

  36. Capella says:

    He gives tractors a bad name.

  37. Kevin Evans says:

    Makes me laugh when ya hear folk still claiming labour is the party of the workers and social justice

  38. Stoker says:

    @ Nana Smith & Valerie.

    Good to see you back from your hols Nana, good break i trust?

    And good to see you posting again Val, was just thinking yesterday how i hadn’t seen you posting for a wee while.

    Nothing has changed, the establishment continues to urinate on us.

  39. frogesque says:

    @ Nana Smith 3.20pm

    I’ll be in George Square on the 19th Sept. Never been on any demo before but this one’s too important to sit on my arse!

  40. Thepnr says:

    Lord Darling?

    Who gives a fuck?

  41. David Rowe says:

    With this latest bunch joining the house of Losers, does Labour now have more Lords or MPs on their books?

  42. Alan Stirling says:

    A wee suck o’ the Westminster tit. I’m glad my dad is dead, for what has become of his Labour party.
    Bastards, sorry, but it is true.
    When will this country, even this country of countries, wake up to the pish hand it is being dealt. Nothing like having 4 aces, then being told they don’t count in this game.

  43. Clootie says:


    The state certainly knows how to. Generate and convert people to be blind and deaf supporters of “The Empire”. Several hundred years of developing the skill set has proven effective.

    It is a pity 55 percent of Scots follow the same path without the ermine and 300 quid a day.

    …one day…one day…Independence will come.

  44. The Man in the Jar says:

    I hope its not too early for a link but Craig Murray summarizes the situation very well in his blog. “The UK Hits Moral Rock Bottom”

  45. Nana Smith says:

    Thanks Stoker, my blood pressure is rising after seeing the stats on the benefit sanction deaths. I wonder what it is that IDS has on Cameron and the rest when he is still in a job.

    Need another holiday now!

    @frogesque I went along to the bbc bias demo in Inverness last summer. Would like to get to Glasgow on the 19th but may be difficult due to relying on others for driving.

  46. The Man in the Jar says:

    It should be compulsory for all of these newly apointedd Scottish “lords” to parade themselves along the Royal Mile to Holyrood in order that the people of Scotland can show their “appreciation” for their good works and loyal service. 😉

  47. muttley79 says:

    How the fuck did Boothman and McQuarrie not get honours? What about Douglas Fraser?

  48. msean says:

    The peoples peers. I’ll bet not a lot of those marchers in the top picture thought Mr Darling would become a member of the house of lords. Democracy,eh? The lords now filling up with blue trots.

  49. Big Jock says:

    Bought and Sold was never so apt!

    Well Well!

  50. seanair says:

    The photo of Darling looks like it was taken in Pilton. Darling is the only man wearing gloves. Poor souls following him should have realised he was a toff. Took quite a long time before he was found out. Tory bastard.

  51. Joemcg says:

    Man in jar-what a superb idea! We all know what would happen there. If the majority think they are in the right there should be ticker tape celebration…no?

  52. Albaman says:

    Westminster and Whitehall’s final kick up the Scottish backside!.

  53. jimnarlene says:

    Thepnr says:

    Lord Darling?

    Who gives a fuck?

    My thoughts exactly. (Smiley thing that winks, or something)

  54. Brian Fleming says:

    Once a wanker, always a wanker. Al just blows with the wind.

  55. ahundredthidiot says:

    So THATS what a Soul’s worth these days

  56. Juteman says:

    I’ve said it before, but i’m convinced that Darling, son of a Tory MP, was ‘tapped’ by the security service while at University.
    He fits the profile of a sleeper agent, working first as part of the mob that destroyed the Labour Party, and latterly serving his masters during the referendum.
    He is now enjoying his reward for long service to the State.

  57. pitchfork says:

    The People’s Neck is Deepest Red

  58. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I never believed that Darling was a real leftie.

    A bit like Murphy, a sleeper guided through the political fog.

    His job was to fek up everything as he passed through to his Promised Land; promised by his Masters.

  59. Giving Goose says:

    What! No Wee Duggie Alexander? No Murphy? Come on, that’s not cricket!
    Arise Sir Danny…never mind about what the people of Inverness and surrounds thought about you. Stuff this democracy stuff, we’ll open doors for you by other means.
    I’m sure a Knight can name his fee to be on a Board of Directors.
    Just had a thought.
    Do all No voters qualify for £300 per day expenses?
    No, thought not. Mugs!

  60. Pam McMahon says:

    It seems a very great pity that there appears to be no way under Scots or English law to enable a citizen to withhold that part of his/her taxes which goes to paying for this House of Shite.

    I think that many of us across the UK, would rather have this section of our taxes diverted to the welfare budget, or to health, but there seems to be no system in place in the current set up to allow citizens to decide where their taxes are spent.

    So, we have to keep providing for the deid weasels, until the No voters of Scotland decide we don’t have to anymore.
    Dear God almighty; what a sad excuse for a demcracy.

  61. manandboy says:

    It’s just a gold rush – a race to the money. Thatcher was the starter with her gun held high. She pointed the way along the path of all-consuming greed and self-interest. She knew where the real money was; in the public purse and in state owned assets. She started a new industry based on picks and shovels. You picked your pile of taxpayers money, and you shovelled it into your bank account.

    Politicians, Directors, Bankers, Stockbrokers, Share Traders, Financiers and so on, all Tory supporters, getting rich beyond their dreams through siphoning off the wealth of the UK, and particularly Scotland with it’s huge natural resources. Awarding themselves lucrative contracts and huge salaries, expenses, bonuses, share options, and pensions, book-ended with substantial golden hellos and golden goodbyes. They all struck gold under successive neo-Liberal Westminster Governments with their deregulations for the wealthy and stricter rules for the man in the street.

    Meanwhile the House of Lords gets bigger and bigger, as those who always toed the Party Line and caused little trouble, were given a lifetime extension to their careers with a seat in the Lords. Salary, £1500 pwk plus expenses.

    As for Darling and Alexander and others, as Independence draws ever closer, they will hear the sound of ticking under them grow ever louder. Then they will get newer titles, like ‘Enemy of the State’ and perhaps one or two others I can think of. At that point, they might phone L’Oreal to find out if it was worth it. I suspect the answer will be an emphatic No. Apt, don’t you think?
    After the gold rush.

  62. green_pedant says:

    Well what you don’t realise is that what he meant by a “workers republic” was “elitist monarchy”.

  63. Joemcg says:

    Got told this wee story about the good lord by a retired steward on the east coast line before the vote. A young Darling just elected to Westminster 87 I think,was on the late train back to Edinburgh from London with loads of his labour colleagues. Back then they got a voucher each for food from the buffet carriage it was £20 or £25. As a gesture they all put their chitty in the tips pot. Not our bold Alistair he spent his on a bag of PEANUTS! Greedy bastard.

  64. Marie Clark says:

    Ah well, now we know what the price is for selling out your country and it’s people.Up from 30 pieces of silver to £300 quid a day.

    Bottom feeding scum. Would it no mak ye boak.

  65. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Nice to see self-confessed liar Malcolm Bruce also getting his ticket to the “Upper House”.

  66. ronnie anderson says:

    Thank fuck he,s consigned to wearing it in HOLs,wan thing for certain he,ll no be Stoatin aboot Scotland wearing it.

    Mr Taggart there,s been ah Murder,who is it ?, ah man in ah Rid Cloak N ah White Stoat Collar. Ah dont give ah Fuck as long as its no Santa Claus.

  67. Lollysmum says:

    Nicola Sturgeon being interviewed by Holyrood Magazine will make you smile 🙂

  68. NN says:

    There are always more people willing to take the silver and sell out any number of people to get it. They’ll always hold on to power over everyone as long as they can keep winning by doing this.

  69. Robert Louis says:

    Westminster pays up for the man who set out to prevent the independence of a sovereign Scotland. Now he gets his ermine robes in reward, while his fellow Scots are left to the mercy of a rabid, evil, uncaring, unrepresentative, London Tory Government, for whom he worked.

    Shame on him, shame, shame shame.

    Aye, Scotland needs people like Darling like a hole in the head. Turncoat and all that. Filth in common parlance.

  70. Well, Alistair, a stoat jakeit fir selling Scotland doon the Swanee………..wis it worth it?

    May you rot in Hell!

  71. Robert Louis says:

    Craig Murray has an excellent piece on these peerages, and he nails the corrupt nature of the Westminster political class squarely on the head. His last lines to the piece however, are worth highlighting, since they show up champagne ‘socialists’ (red Tories) such as Alistair Darling for what he really is.

    Quote “The conduct of the political class is utterly shameless. Meantime they indulge their fantasies of stripping workers of all protection and of stopping aid to the needy, and while the politicians gorge and gorge, the poor are quietly being slipped away to die.”


  72. Truth says:

    He’s actually from a long line of Tories.

    It was the natural destination for him.

  73. How many times are we going to lay back and let these people walk all over us? How many times have we tut-tutted when some celebrity or politician receives some sort knighthood or lordship. We lost the referendum so now we just bumble along hoping that the SNP will change things at Westminster.
    I,m afraid it just won,t happen. We can,t beat the establishment as they have the power and media to dictate the way the struggle goes. It is time that we took the fight to them by getting involved and deliver the message to the people of Scotland.
    Instead of just sitting at our computers reading WoS and Bella lets get out on the street and get the people informed of just what is happening. We must not accept the way that politicians treat the public. Let us get out there and tell them exactly what is going on

  74. Mealer says:

    Pitchfork 3.06
    Lord Darling of Quislington.Tory.

  75. Calum McKay says:

    He deserves it, order of the brown nose and selling your country down the river!

    He joins robertson, mcconnell, foulkes, sewell, liddell, reidd and of course watson, none with an ounce of shame!

    No doubt kezia and jim have their eye on this goal too?

    Workers of the world unite, not if it gets in the way of a peerage for the above!

  76. msean says:

    New overlord to be on news soon lol

  77. Bill Hume says:

    I would love dearly to comment on this, but my anger is so great, I can find no words.

  78. heedtracker says:

    Arise Lord Flipper of Inaudible Munbleshire

    He did do his bit to save England’s control over their Scotland region. And if you voted against, he says youre a Nazi. Takes you back

    NS: Salmond has successfully redefined the SNP as [representing] a civic nationalism . . .

    Darling: Which it isn’t . . .

    NS: But that’s what he says it is. Why do you say it isn’t? What is it? Blood and soil nationalism?

    Darling: At heart . . . [inaudible mumble] If you ask any nationalist, ‘Are there any circumstances in which you would not vote to be independent?’ they would say the answer has got to be no. It is about how people define themselves through their national identity.

  79. Robert Louis says:

    As others above have alluded to, the question needs asked, will Darling be a Labour or Tory peer?

  80. donald anderson says:

    He was member of the ‘International Marxist Group’, IMG, who supported a “Scottish Workers Republic”. Like many others, I could name, he made a career for himself in the Royal Labour Party and ratted on everything else he pretended to stand for.

    Mt wife said I should have stayed ibn the ING and made a career for myself, instead of living on a permanent overdraft.

  81. Sinky says:

    Quelle Surprise

    BBC having a feed link problem with Nicola Sturgeon’s speech on the Future of the BBC

  82. heedtracker says:

    Good Lord Flipper ProjectFearing it last year to NewStatestoryboy gits

    “When I started doing this two years ago I didn’t believe you’d be in a situation in a country like ours where people would be threatened for saying the wrong thing,” Darling says. “Business people keep telling me that it is happening as a matter of fact. They say to me, ‘We’d like to come out and support you but . . .’

    It’s not just the cybernats and what they do and the things they call our supporters. People in business are frightened to speak out. I was speaking to a senior academic who told me that he’d been warned by a senior Scottish nationalist that if he carried on speaking like this, it would be a pity for him. It’s a real, real problem for us. We ought to be able to express our views without fear of the consequences.”

    What actually happened?

    Pretty much like the BBC rage at horrid Scots bullies this week. Even Scots Police had to tell Flipper to tone it down.

  83. galamcennalath says:

    I have spoken briefly to John Swinney in a political context. I came across him and his family having some ‘quality time off’ – I didn’t approach him, leaving him and his family to some privacy and some well deserved R&R.

    NOW, if I we to come across Darling, or less likely Federal Brown, out and about, minding their own business – would I just let them get in with it and not intrude? As heck I would! I would like nothing better to corner Darling or Brown and express my opinion on their contribution to Scotland and democracy! I would be polite, wouldn’t swear, but I would pull no punches (verbally)!

    It won’t happen. No Massey Ferguson discussion will ever occur. I would be very surprised if Darling or Brown could ever get out and have a normal life. Someone, with feelings as I do, would give them a good talking to! Of course, others might not be so gentle. These people almost certainly have to hide!

    So how can anyone, who is thought of so poorly by so many, be ‘honoured’? The ultimate slap in the face to the rest of us?

  84. galamcennalath says:

    Lord Massey Ferguson?
    Lord John Deere?
    Or, Lord New Holland, perhaps?

    Now, I think I’m pushing my not really very funny joke a bit too far 🙁

  85. Jimbo says:

    James Keir Hardie, my grandfather and my great-grandfather would be disgusted at (what passes for) Labour politicians today.

  86. Joemcg says:

    galam-far be it for me to encourage the stalker in you but Toom Tabard Darling can be seen on occasion walking up morningside road. Felt like doing something I would regret a few times I can tell you that.

  87. Bill Hume says:

    I’m still furious, but remembered these words……

    “Wha will be a ("Tractor" - Ed) knave?

    Wha can fill a coward’s grave!

    Wha sae base as be a slave?

    They’ll have to do for now…….

  88. louis.b.argyll says:

    He’ll be neither Tory nor Labour…

    But a Fear Peer..

    …On the (watch your)
    back benches.

  89. G H Graham says:

    10th July 2012

    Alistair “Flipper” Darling voted in favour of reforming the House of Lords, introducing 15 year terms for most members and introducing an elected element.

    Obviously, he didn’t mean for himself to be adversely affected by this shift towards full 2nd chamber democracy.

  90. dramfineday says:

    Aye, Alistair Darling – Matthew 26:15 springs to mind somehow.

    Mind, it’s not without a touch of dark humour. His wife will be chuffed and I look forward to seeing the tasteless tweets and photos taken when they are posing alongside lady Mone, on the deck of her des res overlooking the Thames.

    “Workers Republic” indeed.

  91. Westie7 says:

    Malcolm Bruce.. Nuff said.. RAGING

  92. Tam Jardine says:

    For any Britnat trolls who’ve joined us, here’s a wee link to an interesting wee website with some images to get the inner subservient all flushed and excited- a bit of peerage porn.

    Check it out subjects. And if you can last till the bottom of the page you’re rewarded with Prince Andrew and the Duke of Kent looking just spiffing

  93. gerry parker says:

    Darling a Lord eh?

    Someone should start a petition to let him know how we feel about it.

  94. heedtracker says:

    UKOK spin hard core, from Pacific Quay

    Jakey Bird and what’s her face Magnuson must be spewing.

  95. Husker says:

    They’ll have to enlarge the membership of the House of Lords to a couple of million if they hope to win the next referendum. LOL.

  96. Tam Jardine says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    Re the Wikipedia entries – neither men are knights of the realm already to my knowledge. In my foolishness I imagine that the Queen performs this ceremony with a sword in a palace?

    Cheeky, presumptuous bastards claiming they were knighted today. This is beyond desperation. It’s disgusting.

  97. louis.b.argyll says:

    Jimbo says..
    James Keir Hardie, my grandfather and my great-grandfather would be disgusted at (what passes for) Labour politicians today….

    It is sad in a way.

    My grandfather was SNP back in the more difficult days.

    He saw and rejected, for example, the rural working class habit of freemasonary. Rising above petty patronage and misplaced respect, he would speak out.

    Listening to discussions back then though, was a more fundamental experience than today.

    Spinning webs of deceit and twisting the truth with journalistic compliance. Hard to believe it’s got so bad.

    Politics was politics.

    I don’t know what we have now.

    But my grandad would be ashamed of the place.

  98. Bill McLean says:

    Darling – just another self-seeking disgrace to humanity to join the 114 from November 1706!

  99. CameronB Brodie says:

    According to acclaimed historian of the Anglo-Saxon state, James Campbell, “there are two Englands and one of them is called Scotland.”

    I’m no historian but does this article from Tom Holland, from last year, perhaps overlook the cultural and sociological differences between societies dominated by Anglicanism and Presbyterianism? IMO, they are significantly more substantial than skin deep.

    Spoiler – fanciful Anglocentric One Nation UKOKery, IMO.

    Freedom of travel (without fear of arrest for alleged war crimes). This will of course be threatened for the likes of Blair and Netanyahu, if Mr. Corbyn is elected leader.

  100. donald anderson says:

    “Sleepers” are common in the “Labour Movement”, as in almost every other walk of life. Roary Murphy left the “Revolutionary Communist Party” after a six weeks visit to the CIA, sorry, USA.

    Some Irish journalists claim that Republican and Loyalist Paramilitaries were both under the control of British Intelligence, actively committing dark deeds.

    I came across many of these “Brussel Sprouts” (Touts), working for years in the wilderness trying to convert the Brit “left” to socialism and anti Imperialism.

    We could run a Roll of Dishonour, listing all those “Midnight Masses” (Grasses”), but when would it end?

    The lumpen Pairty is full of “Sandy McNabs” (scabs) and lumpen numpties, who would never notice the difference.

  101. Luigi says:

    It’s amazing, is it not, just how far a tractor can go in 30 years?

  102. Tam Jardine says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    In fairness Darling’s wiki page says nominated whilst Danny is already a fucking knight apparently.

    He must have conferred the title upon himself this very day. How endlessly idiotic.

  103. Dal Riata says:

    New peers appointed to the House of Lords include:

    Sir Malcolm Bruce – former MP for Gordon, and former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats

    “We’re sure readers will be greatly comforted by the fact that it’s okay for the Secretary of State for Scotland to tell a “brazen lie”, on the grounds that everyone else in the Houses Of Parliament is a liar too, and by the notion that a government minister who’s caught lying to the nation in order to undermine the democratically-elected leader of Scotland is an offence for which the culprit can simply decide their own punishment.”

    Rt Hon Sir Menzies ‘Ming’ Campbell CH, CBE, QC – former MP for North East Fife and former Leader of the Liberal Democrats

    2011 – [Rochdale MP] “Cyril Smith was one of the most remarkable people in politics I ever met. He was a big man, Cyril, but I think of him as a big-hearted man, because in everything he did it 105%.

    Michelle Mone OBE – leading entrepreneur and sits on the Board of Directors for The Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust

    “Honoured & humbled that PM has placed me into The House Of Lords.I promise to work V hard for our country. This one is for you Mum & Dad.”

    Born to reign over us, God save the Queen……..

  104. Aos says:

    Just had a ten minute rage after reading the full list. They just don’t care anymore, so long as they get their ermine after losing their seats, or donating a large chunk of cash.

  105. heedtracker says:

    They’ve allowed “comments”

    Christ knows why liggers of Pacific Quay have allowed comments on their web site of their Scotland region. Maybe its a special BBC UKOK treat for all their loyal readers to celebrate the Lordshipising of all the MP’s Scotland didnt vote for, kicked out, or the legged before May 7.

    Also very creepy, UKOK CiF allowed by BBC vote SLab Scotland all exactly match the same UKOK CiF that fills up all the UKOK newspapers that do deign to allow CiF in their vote NO and Scotland’s a crime racked shithole over run by vile sepratists.

    That really is UKOK spooky. All same CiF anti Scottish democracy rage on all CiF, cant be coming from same source surely?

  106. Paula Rose says:

    I’ve got an idea – let’s make every No voter a peer of the realm, they deserve it, of course they wouldn’t then be able to vote…

  107. Dan Huil says:


  108. Terry says:

    I’ve got a Clash lyric coming on –

    “They got burton suits, ha you think it’s funny,
    Turning rebellion into money”. White Man in Hammersmith Palais.

    Except it’s ermine, not burton.

    Users, hypocrites and ("Tractor" - Ed)s – not just to their country, but to their class.

  109. scottieDog says:

    Sentenceing the impoverished effectively to death and sustaining the unelected in office. When will enough be enough for people??

    So sad.

  110. Marie Clark says:

    Heedtracker, maybe the BBC have allowed comments just to see if anyone is watching or paying them any attention.

    Something sure has them spooked at the moment. Oor Nicola maybe.

  111. ross says:

    We’re getting angrier by the day! Ive noticed in posts and articles everyday. Theres only so many skelps tae the face you can take. Theyre humiliating us and doing it delibaretly. But what do we do????

  112. HandandShrimp says:

    It was an absolute stick on that he would get a peerage for his Better Togethering.

  113. chris kilby says:

    Hope Alistair enjoys his peerage. He earned it:

    Bought and sold for Tory gold –
    Sic a parcel o rogues in a nation!

    (Or was it silver…?)

  114. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tam Jardine –

    They must’ve heard you Tam – Darling’s reverted to being ‘The Right Honurable’. (Either that or someone’s done it for him.) When I posted the wiki-link earlier the same page was calling him ‘The Lord Darling’.

    Must go and check Sir Danny’s…

  115. gerry parker says:

    @ Ross.

    “But what do we do????”

    Don’t pay the TV license.

  116. Ian Brotherhood says:

    …Danny’s not having anyone fuck with his Wiki – still a proud Sir, beaming in his inimitable way.

    How proud we should all be, eh? There’ll be dancing in the streets of Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey…cue for a song from another famous Nawbag:

    David ‘Stay With Us Scotland’ Bowie and Mick Jagger, ‘Dancing In The Street’ –

  117. Lollysmum says:

    On Livestream now

    Solidarity Public meeting Kirkaldy with Tommy Sheridan

  118. Chitterinlicht says:


    This really is establishment trolling of the highest level. Surprised Gordon Brown is not included.


  119. Tam Jardine says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    Aye- straight in with the edit some 6 hours ago. Sir Danny. Couldn’t wait for the actual ceremony like a petulant bairn ripping open Christmas pressies on the 23rd December.

    If it is possible to knight oneself in this way, why stop at a mere knighthood. King Daniel. Or just God.

    I was trying to get a timestamp on the press release to work out how long between the nod being given and the wiki update at about 1.30. Mone tweeted about the same time so I suppose they just climaxed together.

    How wonderful for them both. One presumes that this is final proof that there is no God? Merely people who delude themselves into believing they are devine.

    All of this must end Ian. Or go on in our absence. To hell with the lot of them.

  120. heedtracker says:

    @ CameronB Brodie, thank you for that trip down Scottishy history from whoever Holland is.

    The teamGB border with Scotland is a giant one between the ears of our fellow UKOK subjects in the south and the further south you go, the closer you get to their power and the closer you get to their extreme wealth, the bigger that border gets.

    “Nevertheless, all those in the rest of the island who profoundly value their bonds of citizenship with the Scots, who would be distraught to see them become foreigners”

    Mr Holland sounds lovely. But bloody foreigners eh, none of them in Ireland or Norway or any other Scotland’s neighbours currently savaging the living shit out of Scottish Police right the now on Channel 4 news. Just as well the English police are so great and nice. Most dangerous women in teamGB very relieved for next elections, still v v bad news for sweaties as per.

  121. Davy says:

    Surely you did not expect Darling, Mone and Alexander to sell out their country for fuckall.

    They are now proud members of the “thirty pieces of silver” club, all fucking tractors together.

  122. David says:

    Moving on from the need to vent bile at AD. What’s the next stage? How do we get rid of this HOL anachronism and affront to democracy? Why is the UK full of mediocre “I’m alright Jacks” who let twats like this Lord it over us? Why is the threshold default imagination and courage of Britain so dire that it is almost non existent?

    I believe things are changing but I sometimes wonder if I have the durability that is required for this slow and painfully excruciating process.

  123. CameronB Brodie says:


    But what do we do????

    “We must, therefore, be confident that the general measures we have adopted will produce the results we expect. Most important in this connection is the trust which we must have in our lieutenants. consequently, it is important to choose men on whom we can rely and to put aside all other considerations. If we have made appropriate preparations, taking into account all possible misfortunes, so that we shall not be lost immediately if they occur, we must boldly advance into the shadows of uncertainty”. – Karl von Clausewitz


    “After we have thought out everything carefully in advance and have sought and found without prejudice the most plausible plan, we must not be ready to abandon it at the slightest provocation. Should this certainty be lacking, we must tell ourselves that nothing is accomplished in warfare without daring; that the nature of war certainly does not let us see at all times where we are going; that what is probable will always be probable though at the moment it may not seem so; and finally, that we cannot be readily ruined by a single error, if we have made reasonable preparations”. – Karl von Clausewitz

    …not forgetting…

    “The first and most important rule to observe…is to use our entire forces with the utmost energy. The second rule is to concentrate our power as much as possible against that section where the chief blows are to be delivered and to incur disadvantages elsewhere, so that our chances of success may increase at the decisive point. The third rule is never to waste time. Unless important advantages are to be gained from hesitation, it is necessary to set to work at once. By this speed a hundred enemy measures are nipped in the bud, and public opinion is won most rapidly. Finally, the fourth rule is to follow up our successes with the utmost energy. Only pursuit of the beaten enemy gives the fruits of victory”. – Karl von Clausewitz

    …most importantly though…

    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him”. – Sun Tzu

    …also comprehend…

    “If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is tempermental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected”. – Sun Tzu

    I think that about covers things. Hope it helped.

    P.S. Boycot the BBC, obvs. 🙂

  124. Faltdubh says:

    Notice the number as well.

    Yes, forty five of them.

    A knighthood, or an expense account in the House of Lords for keeping the Union together.

    Although how long will it last?

  125. Tinto Chiel says:

    “I despair, I really do.”

    Don’t, Nana . We’re closer than ever to our goal. The Honours System is an obscenity and constitutes two fingers to us but the times they are a’changing. Look on it as the last pay-off for the unionist shills and toadies: when it comes around again we’ll be off.

    Looking at the Rev’s wee foatie, I’m thinking John MacLean looks gey embarrassed: the only thing that’s right in the whole thing is the apostrophe.

    If Darling’s on a journey, it’s of the Klein Bottle kind. Happy landings.

  126. fillofficer says:

    the blue tories have infiltrated the labour party since it began & still do, as recent events have proved without shadow of a doubt. lord darling….jeez (posted this previously on wrong page…how did that happen, no schnapps yet !!)

  127. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

    We have left. The problem with Scotland is that there is not enough Scots. You know the archetypal kind, the ones that feel the slightest movement of the land and hear it whisper their name. Then there’s the hybrid Scot who may or may not have a Scottish surname depending on the sire, they sense there is something there but can’t quite put their finger on it. And then there are the others who will never feel or hear anything even if Scotland were to blow her ancient volcanic plugs and roar back into life.

  128. Husker says:

    In all seriousness though, this is another warning as to not get carried away with the hype involving Corbyn’s leadership bid.

    While it is exciting and exhilarating that somebody is getting airtime in the mainstream media to discuss something other than the usual neo-liberal rubbish, it needs to be kept in perspective that he is one man and he could be leading a political party that has totally bought into a system that buys loyalty with patronage.

    As I’ve been trying to get across in previous posts, these Labour MP’s and media journalists will never get jobs at the level of renumeration they enjoy now outside their respective fields. They are mutually dependent especially as their ideals are being made irrelevant by the right leading multinational press barons. They will do anything to hold onto the lifestyles they are currently enjoying.

    As I mentioned the multinationals are dominating the mainstream media and there is no place for liberal Guardian and BBC journo’s and not every Labour MP can get directorships in multinationals or go on the speech

  129. ronnie russell @5.11 pm.
    Don’t know about anyone else ronnie, but in our constituency we’re back out from next weekend. We overturned a large Labour majority at the G.E, and now we’ll be trying to increase our sitting S.N.P, M.S.P vote.

  130. Husker says:

    In all seriousness though, this is another warning as to not get carried away with the hype involving Corbyn’s leadership bid.

    While it is exciting and exhilarating that somebody is getting airtime in the mainstream media to discuss something other than the usual neo-liberal rubbish, it needs to be kept in perspective that he is one man and he could be leading a political party that has totally bought into a system that buys loyalty with patronage.

    As I’ve been trying to get across in previous posts, these Labour MP’s and media journalists will never get jobs at the level of renumeration they enjoy now outside their respective fields. They are mutually dependent especially as their ideals are being made irrelevant by the right leading multinational press barons. They will do anything to hold onto the lifestyles they are currently enjoying.

    As I mentioned the multinationals are dominating the mainstream media and there is no place for liberal Guardian and BBC journo’s and not every Labour MP can get directorships in multinationals or go on the world speech circuits.

    If it means selling out their principles to either change their political views in order to get a job in increasingly right leaning media landscape or take a peerage in order to keep the money rolling in, they will do it.

    That means if Corbyn takes over he will have a party machine that is resistant to change and will fight tooth and nail for the status quo.

    In light of this, we need to defend Corbyn the man and the ideas he conveys, not the party and political system he wants to be a part of.

  131. David says:

    Dissolution peerages, to create dissolute peers.
    I dissent.

  132. Macart says:


    ‘Gather your brows like the gathering storm and nurse your wrath to keep it warm’

    Ah’ll tell ye when tae despair and its no yet. 🙂

    The right folk are getting the right publicity for all the right reasons. Darling and Alexander holding their paws out for services rendered. That won’t be forgotten in a hurry and nor should it.

    Folk being sanctioned, hounded, starved and demonised by the most appalling Conservative government since the days of Thatcher. Scotland’s democracy, mandated representation, culture and people daily abused by the establishment politicians and their pet media. The culprits rewarded with dead stoat, knighthoods and a comfortable life. All of this to be laid at the feet of Better Together and the media. What we’re seeing is the fruits of their ‘Labour’.

    More to come too, but we stick together and help where we can. Folk won’t forget who helped them and who hurt them when the time comes to put a cross in a box.

  133. Cactus says:

    @ Chris Cairns ~

    Hi Chris, if you’re reading this article, any chance of a ‘Friday Special’ cairnstoon, re above.. capturing the moment an’ awe that, braw!

    “Tis the season, greedy HOLly.. “

  134. bugsbunny says:

    The working class can kiss my ass,
    I’ve got the Ermine Robe at last;
    If your out of work, and on the dole,
    You can stick your Red flag up your hole.

    So raise that Royal Banner true,
    That good old red and white and blue;
    For all the Unionists, they conspire,
    To piss on our freedom and saltire.


  135. Stoker says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood.
    There’s a link been left for you on the ‘Many a true word’ thread.

    gerry parker wrote @ Ross:
    “But what do we do????” – “Don’t pay the TV license.”

    You could also see what you can find-out about this:

    I think we should all bombard Glasgow City Council with FOI demands to make them think twice before doing this again. They are, after-all, our countries worst council for allowing sectarian parades to pollute our streets.

  136. r baxter says:

    55% wake up and smell the shit

  137. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tam Jardine –

    I’m not sure what the sketch is with starting to use their new handles – do they have to wait for Liz to give them a tap with the symbolic chib, or are they allowed to adopt them as soon as the list is published?

    In any event, he’ll still be regarded as a fanny by most folk – he’ll never be able to walk the streets anywhere in Scotland without running the real risk of having citizens lob dods of shite at his big heid.

  138. De Valera says:

    The House of Lords – the place where all good socialists go when they die.

  139. Grouse Beater says:

    The sheer brazen effrontery we knew would transpire – betrayers get a peerage.

    It should remind No voters they are second-class citizens and always will be.

  140. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Stoker –

    That’s the one! Many thanks – I’d forgotten to have a look for it. A great image.

  141. ahundredthidiot says:

    Cannot believe someone on here complaining about sectarian marching!

    Are you not a democrat Sir?!

    Those marches represent 55% of the Country!

  142. Robert Llewellyn Tyler says:

    “The Lords are an archaic anomaly which fuels disillusionment with British politics. It exists purely on a democratic deficit which has been allowed to evolve unchecked for centuries.” – Peter Hain MP for Neath, Wales. November 2014

  143. The Man in the Jar says:

    Do we now refer to Ms Mone as “Lady Bra Bra”?

  144. asklair says:

    Compare to how much those Lordships sponge of us to “Between December 2011 and February 2014 the equivalent of about 90 people a month died after their Employment and Support Allowance claim was ended.” why do we let this happen.

  145. Tam Jardine says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    Pretty sure Liz has to tap him with the chib first. ‘Arise Sir…’

    If he can just confer the title on himself without God’s chosen ruler granting it officially, it kinda makes the whole thing a bit redundant. If that’s the case, we might as well do away with the whole monarchy altogether, for goodness sake!

    Honestly Ian, sometimes I think you don’t take all these ceremonies seriously. They are not mere ‘traditions’ or superstitions to be mocked, man!

    The Right Honourable Daniel Grian Alexander (Right Honourable presumably because he’s in the Privy Council, the private advisors to the Queen) will have this great honour bestowed upon him by the Queen as an extension of the one true God.

    God wills it. Maybe we have discovered how the Wikipedia page changed immediately. A miracle!

  146. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tam Jardine –


    A proper miracle would be for him to walk the length of Argyle Street without getting his baws booted. (Or, come to think of it, Mitchell Lane.)

  147. Big Jock says:

    He has got one of those wannabe English Scots accents. You know people that pronounce the River Forth as For….Th rather than Fore…Th. On the make posh twit. Horrible wee man.

  148. heedtracker says:

    That’s weird, not a single tweet from the red toryboys out there congratulating Lord Flipper Darling’s reward for saving teamGB.

    Odd bunch red tories.

  149. heedtracker says:

    You’d think red toryboy silly old Dunc Hothersausage would have at least tweeted congrats to his shiny new SLabour Lord Flipper but again, nothing.

    Very odd bunch of britnat red toryboys indeed

  150. ScottieDog says:

    Good post. I have seen the odd retweet by some SNP MPs promoting some of corbyn’s ideas but I was disappointed that the SNP didn’t back up his ideas about monetary policy. Prof stiglitz is very quiet on corbynomics aka people’s QE.

  151. robertknight says:

    Nice picture Rev…. so that’s what became of “Oddbod” from Carry On Screaming!

    But seriously…

    “Lord Darling”

    Still has the ring of a ‘Blackadder’ character to it.

  152. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Here’s one of Sir Danny in action, at the height of his powers, when the prospect of being hoofed by his constituents was just a dim outline well over the horizon.

    There’s no ‘highlight’ here – from 2 mins onwards you can just dip in at random and watch the sheer quality oozing out of him. (Doesn’t help that he looks as if he’s been on the sauce the night before, but hey, that’s allowed.)

  153. heedtracker says:

    Not a peep about Lord Flipper ascension to the biggest trough in teamGB either, from all new and exciting SLab leader Kezia.

    More UKOK bettertogether oddness. Maybe noone has actually told anyone a SLab HQ.

  154. heedtracker says:

    SLab shadow something or other and Edwardian butchers boy impersonator, ALSO nothing on twitter, not even a “for he’s a jolly good fellow/lord” He did save teamGB for goodness. So ungrateful.

  155. Ian Brotherhood says:

    And here’s one for the ladies – Sir Danny in romantic mode:

  156. muttley79 says:


    Why is the UK full of mediocre “I’m alright Jacks” who let twats like this Lord it over us?

    I don’t believe that the UK is full of selfish people. I think over the last 30 years there has been an unfortunately very successful attempt to create and sustain a relatively small uber rich elite. Neo-Liberalism has been let loose with huge adverse social and economic consequences for the majority of people.

    The major power in the UK is concentrated at Westminster, Whitehall, the MSM, the City of London, and multinational corporations. It was thus no surprise last September when the bankers, big business, Westminster/Whitehall, and the UK MSM, all combined in the closing stages to unleash a shitstorm of fear and scaremongering onto the voters of Scotland. They did it because they saw their power in the UK being challenged.

  157. Big Jock says:

    Darling you saved the Empire, but you destroyed the economy. What the hell we gave one to that Bra liqidator. You can be Lord Darling of Beardsden. See what I did there.

  158. heedtracker says:

    Not even a congrats boss tweet from Lord Darling ‘s No.1 or was he Lord Flipper’s No.2?

    Maybe SLabour goon show’s just being modest.

    JK Rowling’s a huge hammer of the Scots so she must be tweeting congrats Lord Alistair like crazy, if a bit jealous of Lady Mone.

    JK paid Lord Flipper a million of your BetterTogether English pounds for gawds sake!

  159. Les wilson says:

    Included Spencer Livermore, senior strategist for the Labour party!!! EH?

    Now there is a conspiracy!

  160. heedtracker says:

    Nope. Not a tweet saying Well Done Lord Flipper, you saved the union and the rule of the Norman overlords over the cybernats, you deserve your Lordship as much future Lady JK Rowling, buy my next rip off/book of grot.

    All that money and no tv or radio news JK Rowling?

  161. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @heedtracker –

    They must have their own means of communication, passenger bats or suchlike…

  162. Robert Peffers says:

    There’s an afu sound o tractors aboot the noo.

  163. Paula Rose says:

    Seeing as it’s where he lives and where the Labour heartland is, I expect it to be –

    Lord Darling of Morningside.

  164. Still Positive. says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 10.26

    Jeez, that was painful and dire.

  165. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This may be a daft question, but aren’t there ‘health & safety’ concerns about the number of bodies squashed into the HOL when it has the State Opening etc? If it was a night-club it’d be shut down, surely?

  166. Stoker says:

    @ ahundredthidiot (9.19pm)

    Aye, yer well named my friend but with a good sense of humour.

    btw, folks, i’m sure i’ve seen figures in the region of £500m being quoted as the House of Lords annual cost to the taxpayer.
    Absolutely atrocious if true!

  167. Golfnut says:

    Cameron now under pressure to reduce the size of hol.

    He must know Scotland’s Independence,coming soon, provides a perfect opportunity to do just that.

    Outrage from the Daily Heil and briefed press pack, all those Lord jocks from jockistan sitting in their hol drinking their champers.

    Send those jockies back to jockland. Problem is they will not be wanted here, no £300 a day, viewed as lickspittals and sycophants, perhaps not even a title.

    Hmmm good.

  168. Dal Riata says:

    The title, House of Lords, is something of a misnomer as its membership consists of not only Lords (and Ladies). There are eleven methods of entry. To join this elite club, one should be the bearer of one or more of the following titles:

    Lord Speaker; Baron (Lord); Baroness; Countess; Duke; Earl; Lady; Marquess; Viscount; Archbishop; Bishop

    The modern peerage system is a vestige of the custom of English kings in the 12th and 13th centuries in summoning wealthy individuals (along with church officials and elected representatives for commoners) to form a Parliament. The economic system at the time was manorialism (or feudalism), and the burden or privilege of being summoned to Parliament was related to the amount of land one controlled (a “barony”). In the late 14th century, this right (or “title”) began to be granted by decree, and titles also became inherited with the rest of an estate under the system of primogeniture. Non-hereditary positions began to be created again in 1867 for Law Lords, and 1958 generally.

    And all this is still relevant in the UK today, the 27th of August, 2015… FFS!

  169. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Another highlight from the sparkling career of Sir Danny.

    On Question Time, getting his arse kicked (one at a time please…) by Dimbleby, John Sergeant, and an audience member.


    (It will be interesting to see, first time ‘Sir’ Danny crops up on QT, whether or not Dimbleby can introduce him with a straight face.)

  170. SOG says:

    I saw the name Peter Hain in the Rev’s list. I thought ‘THAT Peter Hain’?

    Assuming it’s the one I’m thinking of, rather wild in his youth, they’re in good company.

  171. Big Jock says:

    Ian if it was a nightclub it would be one of those seedy bondage clubs.:-))

  172. Dal Riata says:

    Interesting Wikipedia find:

    The mother of parliaments (expression)

    “The mother of parliaments is an expression coined by the British politician and reformer John Bright in a speech at Birmingham on 18 January 1865.

    It was a reference to England. His actual words were: England is the mother of parliaments. This was reported in The Times of the following day.”

    So, then, ‘the mother of parliaments’ is English… who knew?!

  173. Stoker says:

    These new HoL appointments have taken the total number of parasitical members to 826. So much for reforms, eh!

    It is also the WORLDS 2nd largest legislative house.
    Only China has one bigger!

    Shut the shithole down, scrap all our WMD and abolish poverty.
    Better still, lets get tae feck out of this abusive marriage.

  174. Effijy says:

    Those tough decisions that Cameron and Gideon have had to make just get tougher!

    In the depths of austerity, and ATOS killing 3 people per fortnight in order to save the public purse, for a fee, these politicians are driving the cost of an unelected house up to £100 Million per annum.

    There are only 2 countries in the world that automatically award “seats” to religious leaders, Iran and Briton’s HoL.

    Flipper Darling- £1,000,000 profit from flipping tax payer purchase property. £250,000 bonus for speaches leading up to the referendum, now a nice wee title and £300 per day on top of his MP’s pension. We really need socialists like him, Blair and Brown

    Now that Moan by name and by nature has been used to insult the Scots by being given her Ermine Rob, Can we also register that she again has lost her Knicker business. Does the case give credibility to “Fur Coat and Nae Knickers”?

    Fanny Alexander for only 10 years service as an MP before being kicked into touch by his constituents, a Knighthood for his services to being a Tory Lap Dog.

    Wee Malcolm another wee freebie for pitching in that Politicians are there to lie to you just like his bum boy Carmichael.

    On a positive note, how pleasant it will be when Scotland leaves
    the corrupt UK behind safe in the knowledge that these wasters
    can sponge of the English for decades to come.

    Please invite all of the Scottish Lords to a Lap of Honor around George Square in Glasgow one sunny afternoon.
    I and a few others would like to greet them!

  175. Ian Brotherhood says:

    A final snippet from the archives, and one which will haunt the hapless Sir Danny for the rest of his life.

    A complete pasting served-up by This Week, in which Senor Portillo looks phenomenally pished.

    ‘Sir Danny’s Lunchbox’ –

  176. Graeme Doig says:

    Ronnie Russell at 5.11pm and others

    It should all be more grist to the mill for us.

    Hoping for a good turnout on the 19th but probably more importantly thinking that the SNP should be getting us out delivering info regularly (maybe every 4 months or so). Just updates about the reality of this shitehouse of a union.

    Even more importantly i see no reason why a ‘Yes” campaign cannot be initiated. Doesn’t need to be full on but keeping a ‘Yes” profile going. Why wait for another referendum to be called?

    Plenty foot soldiers like myself sitting waiting for some leadership.

  177. Dal Riata says:

    Did you know that The Purring One is the Fount of Honour?

    The fount of honour (Latin: fons honorum) refers to a person, who, by virtue of his or her official position, has the exclusive right of conferring legitimate titles of nobility and orders of chivalry to other persons.

    “As the ‘fountain of honour’ in the United Kingdom, The Queen has the sole right of conferring all titles of honour, including life peerages, knighthoods and gallantry awards.”

    Aww, that’s nice, eh. The purring fountain of honour, sent by God him/herself…

    ‘… being by God’s Ordinance, according to Our just Title, Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England’

    “The connection between Church and State is also symbolised by the fact that the ‘Lords Spiritual’ (consisting of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and 24 diocesan bishops) sit in the House of Lords. Parish priests also take an oath of allegiance to The Queen.”

    … to order those rebellious Scots to “think very carefully about the future”…

    Rebellious Scots to crush, God save the Queen.

  178. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Stoker –

    826 of them?

    So, at £300 a day that’s, eh, £247,800 if they all turn up, which is (scribble, tap, tap, scribble…) £1,239,000 a week?

    That can’t be right. I’m crap with numbers…

    …nah, it can’t be right. If, for argument’s sake, they only ‘work’ for 40 weeks of the year, that’d be £49,560,000. And that’s before they even fill-in their expenses claims?

    Nah…it can’t be right…can’t be…(unintentionally fingers own eyeball, scratches ear for no reason, wanders outside wearing only one sock and a manic grin…)

  179. Mealer says:

    Ian Brotherhood 11.40,
    Aye,Mickey Portaloo looks like he should be making law in the House of Lords.

  180. heedtracker says:

    Rancid the Graun wind up another teamGB day of UKOK media SNP/Nic Sturgeon monstering-

    “Nicola Sturgeon sides with Salmond over BBC reporting spat
    Scotland’s first minister defends SNP colleague over row about Scottish referendum coverage by BBC’s Nick Robinson”

    Also all new exciting SLabour leader Kezia may be silent on Lord Flipper’s award for saving UKOK because the red toryboys have heard the blue toryboys are

    “David Cameron is preparing to back the introduction of term limits for peers following a deluge of criticism on Thursday over the rising number of peerages handed out to his close associates.”

    Oh no! What about future Lady JKRowling of Hogwarts and her million quid Bettertogether payoff. So ungrateful Lords of teamGB.

    I thought C4 tea time news were particularly repellent over Lords farce tonight, as they all got down on one knee and groveled to the Lords, then put the boot in to Nic Sturgeon over House quitting. If those creeps had any professional integrity whatsoever, they could have at least mention there are no SNP lords and the reason why.

    UK and integrity eh?

    Don’t have rule Britnatia nightmares.

  181. tartanarse says:

    Such is the bloated pathetic state of the place that the new peers won’t even be able to actually take their seats as there aren’t actually enough seats.

    Having said that most of them probably forget where they work and some are too far gone with kiddy fiddling to carry out their duties.

    Still that’s the price we have to pay for democracy.

  182. Robert Peffers says:

    @Paula Rose says: 27 August, 2015 at 10:57 pm:

    “Seeing as it’s where he lives and where the Labour heartland is, I expect it to be – Lord Darling of Morningside”

    Well, Paula Rose, I expect the bold Lord will now do his final flip and return to London, (would the be a back Flip)?

    You see he has to actually attend, at least long enough to sign in, in order to claim his £300 per day attendance money.

    Thing is, like most of them, if they have to go and sign in they may as well stay till lunch time and spend the time imbibing the subsidised champers until such time as they serve the subsidised grub.

  183. Tam Jardine says:

    Graeme Doig

    What I’d like to see Graeme is a big membership drive by the indy parties and Yes groups to follow up on the gains made and build the activist base. It’s all very well having large numbers of members on paper but we need to keep building support so when the next big campaign starts off we are ready.

    120,000 SNP members is great – but how many more could be attracted to join and get involved by May? And the same for the Greens and SSP, Solidarity, RISE, Women for Indy, Business for Scotland?

    Laurel resting is not good enough and we need to demand more of our political parties and ourselves in this respect.

    Cameron quotes further up the thread:”the fourth rule is to follow up our successes with the utmost energy. Only pursuit of the beaten enemy gives the fruits of victory”. 

  184. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Graeme Doig (11.40) –

    Hear hear.

    Here’s hoping the RISE getthegither in Glasgow this Saturday produces some positive news on that front – if ‘activist’ parties can’t come up with the outline of a campaign then we can’t really expect to see it appear from anywhere else.

    Hope you’re well mister. 🙂

  185. Phronesis says:

    On the road to perdition. Not sure it’s particularly cool to join the ranks of the upper chamber given the current and past scandals. The effrontery of those with personal financial interests who have ensured that state assets e.g. NHS England have been sold off to the highest bidder via an unelected political system working disproportionately in the interests of big corporations, wealthy elites…

    Still it will be a lovely ceremony- hopefully it wont be ruined by the sight of the young homeless and hungry- many are found in the burgh of Westminster. Terribly inconvenient to walk over them.

    Happily, Scotland is taking a journey in the opposite direction- away from Trident, austerity,exclusion politics,zombie economic policies. Electing a majority independent government in Holyrood will ensure that this hopeful forward looking YES Scotland will reach its intended destination.

  186. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Sadly, Sir Danny’s ennoblement renders this splendid wee tune redundant 🙁

    Danny Alexander (Feed Him To The Pandas) –

  187. Dr Jim says:

    Stuart Cosgrove

    On 2015 says Michelle Moan now has more say on the BBC than the Scottish Government

    Makes you think eh

  188. Graeme Doig says:

    Ian B

    Finally had back op 2 weeks ago and aiming for quick recovery 🙂

    Cheers Ian. Hoping the same for you and yours.

  189. Dal Riata says:

    Scotland will [if independent] save £60 million a year in paying Westminster’s expenses for the House of Commons and Lords. This may seem like a small number within a national budget – but over 5 years £300 million would be a significant sum of money for extra spending, lower debt and lower taxes.

    Michael Gray, Head of Research with Business for Scotland, 12.03.2014

  190. Dal Riata says:

    From an article in the Huffington Post, 16.08.2015

    “Peers claimed £360,000 in attendance fees and expenses over the last five years even though they failed to take part in any House of Lords votes, new research has found.

    The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) said just 10 members of the upper chamber were responsible for claiming £236,000 of the expenditure.

    The body, which is campaigning for a reform of the House of Lords, warned the institution was “growing out of control” and was “shockingly out of date and unrepresentative”.

    Peers are able to claim £300 for each sitting day they attend the House as well as limited travel expenses.

    The ERS analysis found that during the 2010-15 parliament £360,000 was claimed by peers in years they failed to vote once.

    In the last parliamentary session alone, more than £100,000 was claimed by peers who did not vote at all, the report said.

    The ERS said reported plans by David Cameron to appoint 50 more peers over the summer would cost at least £1.3 million a year in expenses and allowances.”

    Meanwhile, at a foodbank near you….

  191. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Rev Stu, in a recent post, used the word ‘vowtastic’.

    It’s a wonderful neologism, and deserves to be acknowledged as such, so I suggest that we submit it to the OED for inclusion when they next update their prestigious publication.

    However, we do need a definition to accompany the submission, so it’s over to youse…

    As and when we agree on a definition, I’ll happily use to do the whole petition thing…

    Positive action!

  192. notallusenglishareeejits says:

    Mornin’ all. Down here in the not so leafy cesspit that is Londinium, Mr Darling was known for nothing more than having werewolf eyebrows. As for Neo Labour functionaries slagging of the House of Coffin Dodgers then accepting a seat in the undemocratic gilded toilet, Mr Darling is not unique. A certain Baron Kinnock did exactly the same thing. Guy Fawkes had the right idea…

  193. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Further to my 12.16 comment, I should clarify that the idea of feeding Danny Alexander to Giant Pandas is not one which I would personally endorse. (Pandas are vegetarian, so the consumption of such material could cause them untold damage.)

    But tigers, lions and other large carnivores? I’m sure they wouldn’t turn their noses up at a dod of prime Scottish beef, magnificently marbled, with just a suggestion of ginger.

    Magnifique! Mwwaaah!

  194. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Ian B.

    I’m sure Lynx are carnivores – and there’s a few of them prowling their enclosures in the Highlands.

    Just a thought…

  195. osakisushi says:

    Ian Brotherhood@1:06

    I would hesitate before trying to feed a carnivore shite.

  196. call me dave says:

    Is this the job Nick want’s Salmon to give him a reference for?

    Pressures on then.

  197. call me dave says:

    dropped a ‘d’ there sorry!

  198. marcia says:

    Good comment on a article about Lady Moan;

    Most of the Lords are Ga Ga and here comes Lady Ga Ga.

  199. john king says:

    Tam Jardine says
    “In fairness Darling’s wiki page says nominated whilst Danny is already a fucking knight apparently.

    He must have conferred the title upon himself this very day. How endlessly idiotic.”

    Wouldn’t it be a wee shame if oor Quine told him he’s no gettin it fur bein a presumptious wee shite? 🙂
    Ian Brotherhood says
    “And here’s one for the ladies – Sir Danny in romantic mode:”

    He he apparently Paul Daker’s dads an arsehole,
    who knew? 😉
    ps mak mine a double and yer on big boy! 🙂

    Heedtracker says
    “They’ve allowed “comments”

    Christ knows why liggers of Pacific Quay have allowed comments on their web site of their Scotland region. Maybe its a special BBC UKOK treat for all their loyal readers to celebrate the Lordshipising of all the MP’s Scotland didnt vote for, kicked out, or the legged before May 7.”

    I wouldn’t waste my energy commenting, a robust silence will say far more than any critical comment we can make,

    To be honest I think the reason they have opened comments is to watch and laugh at the pointless railing against this disgusting insult to the WHOLE of Scotland not just the yessers!
    I think when we do gain our independence the first law that should be enacted is to make it illegal to receive or hold an honour from a foreign power unless the recipient changes their nationality to that country, lets see just how many of these little creatures the English public are prepared to put up with at their expense, they’ll be stateless
    never mind eh! 🙂
    Stoker @8.56
    Why are you archiving the National
    I thought they were on our side?
    Tam Jardine says
    “God wills it. Maybe we have discovered how the Wikipedia page changed immediately. A miracle!”

    Hallelujah praise the lord
    Robert Knight says
    “But seriously…

    “Lord Darling”

    Still has the ring of a ‘Blackadder’ character to it.”

    like this you mean?
    Big Jock says
    “Darling you saved the Empire, but you destroyed the economy. What the hell we gave one to that Bra liqidator. You can be Lord Darling of Beardsden. See what I did there.”

    run that by me again?
    Maybe if you wore gloves? 🙂

    I wonder just how proud those new lords will be when their standing in line behind the shapely arse of Michelle Moan who’s done the square root of fuck all to deserve her ladyhood other than look devastatingly sumptuous…..I think I need a shower…maybe make it a cold one!
    Heedtracker says
    “JK Rowling’s a huge hammer of the Scots so she must be tweeting congrats Lord Alistair like crazy, if a bit jealous of Lady Mone.”

    That’s what she gets for being a Labour party funder
    serves her fucking right!

    Ian Brotherhood says
    “A complete pasting served-up by This Week, in which Senor Portillo looks phenomenally pished.”

    Well bugger me, I never knew there was a bar on the fife circular from Waverley to Kirkcaldy! 🙂
    Greaham Doig says
    “Hoping for a good turnout on the 19th but probably more importantly thinking that the SNP should be getting us out delivering info regularly (maybe every 4 months or so). Just updates about the reality of this shitehouse of a union.”

    Its kinda hard to tell the Tories what a bunch of bastards they are when they’re holding you by the balls!
    Golfnut says
    “Outrage from the Daily Heil and briefed press pack, all those Lord jocks from jockistan sitting in their hol drinking their champers.

    Send those jockies back to jockland. Problem is they will not be wanted here, no £300 a day, viewed as lickspittals and sycophants, perhaps not even a title.

    Hmmm good.”

    damn those early nights. 🙂
    Does anyone know if there’s any truth in the suggestion that if Danny Alexander hears Flashman Osborne say “ASSUME THE POSITION” he drops his kegs and bends over? 🙂

  200. Scotspine says:

    Oh dear. BBC Scotsregion trying hard to keep their mates in Labour afloat with any kind of news now.

    Councillor Mathieson of GCC sounded like a jibbering idiot on the wireless this morning.

    Free publicity for Labour initiatives, but SNP bad all the way.

  201. gerry parker says:

    @ Stoker.

    Could do with your help over at the SNP site re using Archive.

    I’ve used the contact form on a number of occasions to let them know about it, and also point out that by using direct links, they are actually supporting the people who are against them.

    see this one where they direct people to “Scotland’s Champion”

  202. Tam Jardine says:


    I caught that report but missed the start so had no idea who was unable to describe the basic boundary of Glasgow City Centre. The leader of Glasgow City Council of course.

    Sounds like he’s frantically trying to put in place his ‘legacy’

  203. CameronB Brodie says:

    We’re all doomed. Doomed, I tell you.

    Modernity is post-traditional. A society can’t be fully modern if attitudes, actions or institutions are significantly influenced by traditions, because deference to tradition – doing things just because people did them in the past – is the opposite of modern reflexivity. Because of this, Giddens suggests that societies which try to ‘modernise’ in the most obvious institutional sense – by becoming something like a capitalist democracy – but which do not throw off other traditions, such as gender inequalities, are likely to fail in their attempt to be successful modern societies.

  204. gerry parker says:

    And here’s one where they direct traffic to,

    wait for it.

    The Herald, and the BBC.

    while all the time they could be using

  205. Oscar Dilettante says:

    We know the traditional pay-off to ("Tractor" - Ed)ous members of the Scots nobility is lands in England.
    I am sure I am not alone in feeling that Darling does not deserve a Scottish title fir selling out Scotland.
    My suggestion would be Lord Darling of Shitterton.

  206. Inky Pic says:

    Think of the people who voted for Darling or Foulkes. They were supposed to be representatives of the consistency & a voice for the people. It is just incredibly sad.

  207. mrthms says:

    The greatest SNP achievement is “Scotland: Food and Drink”.

    This is from their 2007 Manifesto –

    “Building on Our International Reputation

    Scotland is famous around the world for producing premium food and drink products.

    We believe that we can do much more. The SNP is impressed by Ireland’s Bord Bia and will discuss with the industry establishing a similar food and drink body for Scotland to work in partnership with Scotland’s existing overseas promotion network.”

    “Scotland: Food and Drink” was set up in June 2007

    This is their website.. share it!

    “The Industry Strategy was revised in October 2013, the strategy aims to grow the value of the industry to £16.5bn by 2017 through exploiting the growth markets of premium, health and provenance – view it here.

    Launched in March 2014, the Export Strategy outlines the plan to reach the new export target of £7.1bn by 2016. It identifies fifteen key markets that offer the greatest opportunities, in-market experts will be in post over the next three years.”

  208. Stoker says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood (11.53pm).
    LOL. Aye, the figures are seriously mind boggling, eh!
    Don’t know whether to punch a hole in the wall or hang my head in shame that we as a people allow this to happen.

    @ John King (7.33am).
    I only did it to prompt a mention from your good self John.
    Naw, i know they’re supposed to be on our side but archiving also prevents any later changes to the original article plus it gives a tidier link appearance on the compiled post, that’s all.

    @ Gerry Parker (8.10am).
    Just tell me what you want me to do Gerry.
    I’m about to go out but will help later if i can.

  209. Nana Smith says:

    Posted a few links earlier, seem to have disappeared. Trying these again.

    G A.Ponsonby ?author of London’s calling tweeted last night

    Did you know oil had its biggest price jump in six years today? Over ten per cent! Had it dropped ten per cent you’d have heard about it.

    Perhaps the other links I posted will show up sometime.

  210. john king says:

    Stoker says
    “archiving also prevents any later changes to the original article plus it gives a tidier link appearance on the compiled post, that’s all.”

    Fair point.

  211. X_Sticks says:

    @ Gerry Parker

    I had a go a Angus Robertson on twitter the other day for linking directly to the Herald. Added an archive link to my tweet. Maybe there’s some protocol in place about not using 3rd party links?

    For links to friendly sites the way to get a neat link is to use TinyURL

  212. pitchfork says:

    Dear Dave,

    I am writing to express my concern at what seems to have been an oversight or, surely more likely a clerical error, but Messrs Jack Straw and Macolm Rifkind appear to have been left off the announced list of dissolution peerages.

    Hopefully it is not to late to correct this inadvertency. We had the personal assurance of the two fine men in question that they were due for an imminent elevation to the House of Lords and some rather important international businessmen have laid out good money on that basis.

    If for some, difficult to comprehend, reason this has not been a simple error of omission, why then surely the least your government could do is refund the money invested by respectable members of the business community who it would appear had been mislead in placing their monetary investments in the character and prospects of the aforementioned Messrs Straw and Rifkind.

    Yrs in concern for our in-it-togetherness.


  213. call me dave says:

    Scottish first minister’s proposals are based on official BBC blueprint which was scrapped after the latest £750m funding cuts.

  214. louis.b.argyll says:

    …based on a comparison heard yesterday…

    USA upper house has about 100 members.
    for a 250 million population.

    CHINA upper house has about 200 members for a quarter of the worlds population.

    UK upper house has about 800 members for a population of 60 million, apparent idiots.

  215. Glamaig says:

    Did you know oil had its biggest price jump in six years today? Over ten per cent! Had it dropped ten per cent you’d have heard about it.

    Radio 4 this morning reported the 10 percent jump in oil price, while in the same sentence asserting it was still at rock bottom. Great news for UK Plc apparently, and Ian Wood was wheeled out to say the industry was doomed but not totally doomed. So I’m left confused.

  216. Hugh Barclay says:

    Wake up England FFS, The BBC and HOL both belong in the past, you are being treated like idiots, wake the fuck up.

  217. heedtracker says:
    Coffee time with rancid Graun UKOK punditry, its all the fault of the SNP you see, if they would at the very least try and get involved, The Lords really could be a lovely place for all teamGBists.

    “There would also be a slew of Scottish National party peers to reflect SNP strength in the Commons – but the SNP refuses to sit in the Lords.

    The net result of all these efforts is not better balance. Nor, sadly, does it ensure greater wisdom among our legislators, although any chamber that includes Alistair Darling, Menzies Campbell and David Willetts – all ennobled yesterday – is the better for their presence”

    Everything is better for the presence of Flipper Darling.

    “A Scottish National party that chose to embrace a strategy of nationalism within the union might be a very effective catalyst for such a rational outcome. One day, the House of Lords as presently constituted will have to be done away with.”

    Lord Flipper clearly wants to change the Lords from the inside. Red and blue toryboys are a hoot on a Friday. So come on vile seps, embrace a strategy of nationalism within the union, take your spot at the Lordships trough, just like radical and improving Lord Darling.

  218. bookie from hell says:

    louis.b.argyll says:

    28 August, 2015 at 9:52 am

    …based on a comparison heard yesterday…

    USA upper house has about 100 members.
    for a 250 million population.

    CHINA upper house has about 200 members for a quarter of the worlds population.

    UK upper house has about 800 members for a population of 60 million, apparent idiots.

    bfh–great stats–thx

  219. Capella says:

    LOTR version of England wakening up. Shame for poor Wormtongue the medieval MSM:

  220. john king says:

    BBC this morning asking for public feedback online so we’ve to go onto their website and tell them what we think and give them out name and address,

    I ok then my name is….
    oh wait a minute the zip oan the back o ma heeds come doon wait until a zip it up again,

    What next mirrors beads and firewatter?

  221. It’s no surprise to see all those unionist politicians in Scotland who served David Cameron well during the
    independence referendum campaign receiving their reward
    of a peerage.

    As for those so called socialists in the Labour party who
    received peerage and have spouted tripe about supposedly believing in and creating a more fair and equal society.

    The reality is you can’t have a more fair and equal society if you a class system of elites which consists of the queen and of lords and ladies.

    But then Labour politicians, activists and Trade unionists
    have always been able to justify this contradiction of accepting a peerage and being part of the class system,
    by claiming they are doing so in order to reform and democratise the House of Lords.

    Well it makes it sound better than the fact that you have simply been rewarded with a nice cushy number while at the same time able to line your own pockets at the tax payers expense and are democratically accountable to no one.

  222. msean says:

    To use a phrase that unionists seem to use often,I’d just like to say that these plastic peers don’t speak for all Scots.

    Do they still get London residence at the taxpayers expense even though they don’t represent anyone,being unelected? Just wondering.

  223. James says:

    Come on folks is that such a surprise? Seriously Alexander, Moone & Darling are the first intake for there part in the NO better together campaign. In January it will be Murphy, JK, Rowing & bruiser broon. Putting them all in right away would have been stupid. Unfortunately one thing the Tories are not is so stupid as we think. Look at it 1 Tory MP in Scotland so what did they do? That’s right got labour and the lib deems to do the dirty work. Result 1 Tory MP, 1 labour MP & one fat slab of a toad from Orkney. The fact is the Tories had nothing to lose labour and the dim libs had a lot more to lose and they have. Add to that the court case to remove the fat slobbering toad from Orkney, if he wins he is still there if he loses he will be Lord toad of toadhall come January. It’s the Tory party sticking their 2 fingers and up at Scotland and saying “screw you jockland” anyone who thinks differently needs to look at the facts. The did us over with lies scare stories and 55% fell for it hook line and sinker.

  224. GallusEffie says:

    Hi everyone, have been blogging of late about blue badges when they’re for children. Some very interesting responses.

    I’m looking forward to two carer’s events shortly. The Carer’s Parliament at which there is never a representative from the DWP to field questions or talk about the effects of Social Security reform ( hammering )
    and Fairer Scotland event being hosted by Carer’s Scotland.

    I want to know why someone like Mone or Alexander or Darling or nearly 900 other folks can birl up at the HoL where you and I have no say in the matter and in TWO WEEKS earn what I do in a year.

    Long to rain over us.

    Not a spelling error.

  225. gordoz says:

    Remember folks Prof Tomkins is not a Nationalist in any sense.

    He’s British you see; to the core (all inclusive / except the bad Brit stuff of course – No Iraq / Libya / Syria or Ireland).

    If your ‘Blinkered British daft’ your not a Nationalist at all.
    No… perish the thought.

    You are caring inclusive thinker, compassionate and right about everything because you have all the levers, wealth, breeding oh and the media + the academics with you.

    I mean look at Energy, GM crops & Immigration; what a nonsense Scot Gov stance is on that.

    Who would concur with such outrageous policies from rabid nationalists after the BBC / Press, Unionists & academia slammed recent announcements ?

    Who ? … Germany (Whit?) I ask you; all the nutters side with the SNP see!

    And where does Germany sit in the world ?

    Tomkins is an academic nutter (full of the usual contradictions contained within academics together) ready to deliver British values & ideas to the natives.

    Suspect Prof Tomkins has missed the boat.

  226. manandboy says:

    The battle for BBC Scotland has begun. Nicola points the way ahead, inducing the all too predictable defence of the Unionist status quo by the usual Unionist standard bearers including Ruthie and Silly Willie, for whom McQuarrie and Boothman are doing such a great job in providing local and balanced broadcasting to Scotland. A view in which the truth is relegated to the far distance, and hidden from sight. I refuse to mention the Labour perspective as it has become insignificant, at least, that’s the opinion of the electorate in Scotland.
    And while Nicola is clearly speaking of a serious and much needed upgrade, the Unionists, yet again, can only think about retaining power at all costs. Westminster power – in the lucrative Northern colony. Little change from the Unionists then.
    Meanwhile, ‘Auntie’ BBC has demonstrated very clearly that change is not beyond her as she flaunts her anti-Scottish hostility and proves beyond question that she has become a right bitch.

    Bitch Broadcasting – has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it.

  227. Dr Jim says:

    @Nana Smith

    Rabid Tory Tomkins

    Just replied to Mr Tomkins and expressed my eagerness to see him stand for Holyrood

    Also asked him to be sure to appear on TV after his incredibly heavy defeat and explain to we genetically inferior Scots what we did wrong in not voting for him

    Perhaps he’ll forgive us as we know not what we do

  228. Jack Murphy says:

    Craig Murray,former British ambassador and Yes supporter, has a word or two to say about the state of Peerages,ATOS,the Political Class,Labour and Alistair Darling.
    Extract:” It is worth remembering that it was the Red Tories who brought in ATOS, and Yvette Cooper, to be precise, who ordered the extreme tightening of the unfit to work assessment which has resulted in death for thousands and dreadful stress and misery for hundreds of thousands.”
    “Ian Duncan Smith may have also gleefully implemented it, but this particular horror was entirely inherited from the Guardian’s favourite leadership candidate.”

    “The House of Lords appointments are so horrible it is difficult to comment.”
    Well said Mr Murray.

  229. heedtracker says:

    “Sir Danny did not take offer of Lords seat” is the hard core blue Tory Press and journal headline for the hero of the union saving.

    P&J says Danny turned down peerage as he does not believe the lords should exist. Danny says his knighthood is delightful to him as it recognises his work in government.

    Lied to get into, groveled at feet of imperial Toryboy masters, shat austerity teamGB on his electorate, got booted by his electorate, gets a UKOK knighthood for his services.

    Danny ‘s fellow LibDem boot boy Malcom Bruce is also delighted to a Lord and Lord Bruce says it enables him to “maintain my connections with the political world in parliament which obviously I appreciate”

    Press and journal are fabulous bettertogether trolls in he North East but topping this is going to be difficult even for those sneaky shits

    “Congratulating Mr Alexander, who said he is still working out what he wants to do next, he added: Danny is a young man, unlike me. He clearly has got half his worling life ahead of him. I’m delighted he has got that honour , I’m sure he will find things to do. There is life outside poitics”

    It’s all a UKOK mystery wrapped up in a teamGB miracle.

    No mention of all new and exciting SLabour lords like Flipper again, which is also rather weird.

  230. Grouse Beater says:

    James: “Come on folks is that such a surprise?Alexander, Moone & Darling are the first intake”

    It’s not the surprise, lots of people predicted the result – it’s the brazen insult.

  231. JayR says:

    Re Adam Tomkins standing for the Scottish Parliament.

    I find it very enlightening that he states he basically didn’t give a shit about politics, public services etc. in Scotland until it was clear there was going to be a referendum. That’s the kind of true NATIONALISTS we’re up against. British nationalists like him who don’t care about health, education, crime, welfare, environment etc., but threaten their beloved “union” and the really get irrational and fight tooth and claw for it.

    Wonder if he’s gonna stand in Glasgow, you know, the city that overwhelmingly rejected his “union” and always rejects his party?

  232. handclapping says:

    @John King
    It simple John, you use my name and your address and I’ll vice versa and they’ll be none the wiser.

  233. heedtracker says:

    Press and journal also give a ful page to the above entirely unelected UKOK bettertogether henchman, who explains in full nothings how we are bettertogether. Baron Dunlop says its him that’s behind the City Deal scam that they’ve cooked up to try and bring down SNP, Holyrood and anything separatist at all in their Scotland region, leaving petty politics outside, vote on Scotland referendum clear, decisive, respect thst decision, work bettertogether and no you can’t vote for these deeply creepy Barons of GB.

    Baron Dunlop is entirely unelected and wiki says

    “Dunlop previously served as a Horsham District Councillor representing Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead Ward.[13] Appointed Minister for Scotland[14] on 26 May 2015 by David Cameron, he was created by Letters Patent as Baron Dunlop, of Helensburgh in the County of Dunbarton,[15][16] being introduced to the House of Lords on 28 May 2015.”

    So that’s UKOK nice. Baron Dunlop signs off his ful page P&J waffle of UKOK nothings with “bettertogether, as the saying goes…”

    Thanks again proud scot buts.

  234. Nana Smith says:

    @Dr Jim

    There’s a lot of nutters on his twitter feed. Crawling out from under their rocks.

    Another nutter who is organising the tattoo has plastered a massive union flag over the castle.
    Anyone got a flame thrower?

  235. Legerwood says:

    Jack Murphy @ 11.47

    Also worth remembering that it was the Labour Government that started the closure of the sheltered workshops for the disabled. A policy which the Coalition Government continued and extended.

  236. Capella says:

    Oops – link to LOTR England wakening up was wrong. Here is the one with Wormtongue whispering bad advice into the leader’s ear like an evil SPAD:

  237. gordoz says:

    You know the one thing re the indyref the YES side must envy about the Unionist politics is how even now, they have each others backs at all times and on all subject re the media.

    Like the wee ‘chipmonks or gophers’ (or what ever they are) at the funfair, that keep popping up to hog the media spotlight hurling brick-batts at the Scot Gov. (On random subjects without much success).

    Its not so much back patting, more like a tag-team from the old ITV sport wrestling days.

    Now who would be Giant Haystacks & Who Mick McManus ? (I can’t remember the rest).

    Tory/Labour or Labour/Tory.

    They’re still all at it online re the love in.
    I can’t understand how whenever wee Willie Rennie pops up, he isn’t hit with the question – You paid your £800,000 cops bill yet … Naw ? Then shut up ya wee ….

  238. Fireproofjim says:

    Twenty-six Church of England bishops sit in the House of Lords and can legislate on anything.
    Why bishops? What wonderful insight have they that could not be fulfilled by 26 cooks or street sweepers or engineers?
    Can you imagine any other country setting up such a system?

  239. mr thms says:

    The price of oil has had its biggest jump since 2008.

    A 10% increase on Monday’s price.. it’s now $48.

    While we wait for BBC Scotland to catch up, here is an oil price story they prepared earlier.

  240. gordoz says:

    I like the idea someone suggested that as part of the process all Scots Peers must agree to parade through the Streets of Edinburgh to show of their finery and to gauge public opinion prior to taking their seats in the H o’ Lords.

    (Something tells me they might need PPE or at least some protection when passing any greengrocers ?)

    Now I’d be happy to keep them going if that were the case and the new BBC Scotland channel could maybe film it as a new kind of “It’s a knockout” entertainment. (Sure its a winning formula Anyone else??)

  241. Mealer says:

    Scrap! Scrap! Scrap the House of Lords!

  242. woosie says:

    Daily Reword this morning expressing disgust at these comical appointments – but stopped short of saying “we shouldn’t have colluded with ukok”.

    O/T, caught a few seconds of gms this morning ( I swear I was searching for Celt FM! ). Wee Willie Rennie interviewed about Police Scotland CC resignation. He didn’t blame SNP quickly enough, so female interviewer ( proud to say I don’t remember her name ) butts in; “what about the government?”

    Shameful, amateur, and paid for by us!

  243. galamcennalath says:

    Fireproofjim says:
    “Why bishops?”

    Indeed. And, why “of England”?

    Why not Scottish cooks or Welsh street sweepers or Irish engineers?

    More proof, if it were really needed that the Establishment see WM primarily as the Parliament of England and allow a few representatives from else where on sufferance.

    And right now, of course, the are 56 there who they wish weren’t!

  244. Lochside says:

    These appointments to the House of Lords shows that the mask of democracy has truly been removed to reveal the corrupt face of the Robber Baron State that we are forced to suffer under.

    The question is: are the 55% Naysayers in our midst prepared to continue to remain blind in the face of this and the self same State’s deliberate murder of its poorest and most vulnerable citizens?

    Can they remain unmoved by vile ennoblement of place men and tr*itors who have done down their country at every turn? Whilst all the time the cruel and unnatural treatment of working people, the old, the disabled goes on unfettered?

    If they do then they are truly despicable slaves to their own pathetic existence.

  245. Lollysmum says:

    Independence Live broadcasting live now

  246. Capella says:

    Oh dear. English graffitist spelling is atroshus:

  247. Nana Smith says:


    From the above article….

    Their presence in the Lords is an extension of their general vocation as bishops to preach God’s word and to lead people in prayer.

    Bishops provide an important independent voice and spiritual insight to the work of the Upper House and, while they make no claims to direct representation, they seek to be a voice for all people of faith, not just Christians.

    Going by the antics of some of the lordlings I don’t think they are really listening to the bishops spiritual teachings, Lord Sewel being the latest miscreant.

  248. heedtracker says:

    It’s quite a bettertogether Baron line up slamming vote NO behind a never once elected henchman like Baron Dunlop, although Baron Dunlop was elected a town councillor in South east of England once upon a UKOK time.

    But you get your Bettertogether Baron Foulkes, Baron Reid, Baron MacConnel, Baron Robertson, who told the world last year Scotland running Scotland would bring down western civilisation as we know it, and enough cringers agreed with him. Now they have another SLabour hard man Baron Flipper although SLabour don’t seem to want to acknowledge Baron Flipper in any shape or form, which is also very ungrateful and usual very very creepy of them.

    There is Lots of Barons of BetterTogether who we can never vote for but the entry in on Baron Dunlop is funny, its completely empty. . It makes no UKOK though poor old Bliar Macdougall told the world last week that it was him what bettertogether won it, but he gets nothing at all. He be a great Baron too.

    Vote for Baron MacDougal, he saved teamGB and it must be true as Bliar never lies.

  249. Harry McAye says:

    Floella Benjamin sits in the House of Lords. Play School’s Floella Benjamin. Sitting amongst a load of Brian Cants!

  250. Petra says:

    @ Hugh Barclay says at 10:03 am ”Wake up England FFS, The BBC and HOL both belong in the past, you are being treated like idiots, wake the fuck up.”

    Spot on Hugh. We can all complain as much as we like but nothing will happen until 50 million plus English people see the light and take to the streets.

    MANY politicians have mentioned reforming the HoL’s over time including Cameron and a number of those who have now been newly appointed such as Menzies Campbell. You couldn’t make it up!

    I’ll help the hypocrites out. They should start by having them all clock in at 8am and clocking out at 5pm Monday to Friday. All sitting in the HoLs (two to a seat … ripping the ermine underpants (or bras) off each other to have Mone sitting on their knee), locked in other than having two 15 minute breaks a day, 45 minutes for lunch (fully paid for at London prices) and smoking, partaking of drugs and alcohol, as in all other workplaces, totally banned. Breach of any of the aforementioned will result in two verbal warnings followed by one written warning and then they’re out on their ar*e. Oh and eh they should spend from 4pm to 5pm on a Friday afternoon posting their weekly ‘work activity’ data online, although I’m sure it would only take them a couple of seconds or so to write ‘NOUGHT’.

    Give it a week and you’d find that they wouldn’t have to share seats. Two weeks and the House of Lords would be empty. Job done!

  251. john king says:

    “It simple John, you use my name and your address and I’ll vice versa and they’ll be none the wiser.”

    Noo why didnt I think o that? 🙂

  252. gordoz says:

    No chance that Tomkins will stand for a constituency (except maybe Edinburgh). None whatsoever period.

    But sure his ‘big heid’ would want to do the proper thing and stand against Ms Nicola Sturgeon in the YES capital; surely, since he detests all forms of nationalism .. er no I mean Scottish Nationalism.

    What’s that – chicken noises ??

  253. Nana Smith says:

    While we await the great chilcot whitewash lets see what else the britnats are doing.

    British Special Forces “Dressing Up” As ISIS…What Could Go Wrong?

  254. call me dave says:


    “How did it come to this?” I share your disappointment!

    But hey! You can put lipstick on pig but it’s still a pig. 🙂

    The race is still on. Never give up.

  255. galamcennalath says:

    OT The Tories MUST not be let off the hook and deliver less than Smith. The majority want more, but they have should have no excuse for delivering less! They signed up to Smith.

  256. heedtracker says:

    Greetings from BetterTogether Slovenia branch. Vote Prof Tomkins for never ever iScotland Tory FM because, deep breath and…rule Britannia, from Slovenia.

    “In response to Dave Harding
    Dream on. … The EU would promptly announce that Scotland could join the EU the instant they gained independence.

    You are the one dreaming here, and your dreams are based on total ignorance about the functioning of the EU and the very basic EU rules and delusions of grandeur of your nation.

    Have you followed closely any EU membership procedure? Do you know what it involves and what it is for?

    By they way, would you believe it, a state does have to have own currency with own central bank when it joins the EU.

    Which currency exactly will iScotland use?

    View discussion
    25 Aug 2015 10:15
    3 Recommend In response to Lentille
    it would be better for the UK and the EU if England left.


    I’m saying England, because Scots seem to be vastly more interested in staying in the EU.

    This is because the SNP have fed them shameless LIES about the EU for years during the Scotland independence referendum campaign. I think that the Scots are at present even more brainwashed about the EU than the English.

    The EU has been saying exactly the same thing in official statements for more than ten years (and also recently in official statements specifically about Scotland, and also in an official letter sent directly to the Scottish government): a newly independent state which separates from an existing EU member is out of the EU and has to apply for the EU membership using the normal procedure and can only join after if fulfills all the EU criteria and completes the whole EU membership process and gets consent from ALL existing EU members.

    But the SNP repeatedly LIED when they claimed that iScotland would become and EU member very quickly and would ‘automatically’ fulfill all the EU membership criteria only because the UK has been an EU member for a long time. This is not even REMOTELY true. The UK as a whole functions according to the EU rules. But a newly independent Scotland would lack many OWN institutions required for the EU membership, as well as OWN legislation (completely separate from the rUK) for all statehood issues.

    Scotland would first have to establish a fully functional independent state and then prove IN PRACTICE that it runs according to all the EU rules. It would take YEARS for iScotland to get the EU membership.

    I mean, Scotland does at present even not have any even remotely reliable data about its exports and imports. Whereas an EU candidate has to present full economic data for the last ten years (and much much more – many details about its legislation, functioning of its state institutions, international treaties etc. etc. etc.) before the EU even STARTS the membership process.

    The SNP have LIED to the Scots that iScotland would be able to keep ALL the UK’s present opt-outs (!!!!) plus get several MAJOR ADDITIONAL opt-outs.

    The SNP claimed that iScotland would not need to have own central bank and own currency, but would instead keep sharing the central bank and the currency with the rUK – which is against the very basic EU banking and currency rules. Etc. etc. etc.

    Actually, the SNP claimed that iScotland would keep sharing with the rUK a great many things, not only the currency, but also the pension system, the tax system (Scotland does not collect its own taxes), the vehicle registration system, the embassies, the intelligence system, the air traffic control system – the list of ‘shared’ things is endless. The SNP also claimed that millions (!!!) of Scots would automatically (!) get a dual rUK citizenship (there are 5 million people in Scotland).

    Overall, the ridiculous thing is that what the Scots call ‘independence’ is almost exactly the same thing as what the continental Europeans refer to as a ‘federation’.

    Do you really think that other EU members would allow iScotland to have a confederation with another independent state (the rUK) within the EU?

    Oh, and the Scottish SNP government also claimed (also in official documents) that iScotland would be able to keep the UK’s rebate without even asking (!) other EU members (who are in fact PAYING for this rebate) about it.

    The attitudes of the Scottish SNP government towards the EU are even more arrogant and anti-EU than the Westminster ones (hard to believe, but true). The Scottish SNP government keeps claiming that the glorious iScotland would NOT have to accept the EU rules and would be able to blackmail other EU members with its demands. Insane and completely detached from reality.

    So, you see, after several years of the manipulative independence campaign, the Scots do not even know which currency they would use if they become independent! The SNP government kept insisting on the idiotic pound currency union with the rUK (which Westminster rejected, by the way).

    Oh, and by the way, Scotland is also heavily subsidised by the rest of the UK. Scotland has more than 10% higher spending every year than the UK average, but it does not earn this much more money. Another thing that the SNP kept lying about. Scotland has a deficit larger than the rest of the UK, but this is not visible to the outside world because the UK rather than Scotland borrows the money.

    Had Scotland voted Yes a year ago, it would be heading rapidly the way of Greece, with an absolutely huge hole in its budget and huge borrowing rates, companies relocating to other parts of the EU, capital flight, bank run.

    Oh, and by the way, 66% of Scotland’s exports go to other parts of the UK and only 16% to other EU members! It is total insanity to separate from one’s so absolutely dominant shared market.

    View discussion”

    Heading rapidly for Greece, but It will be interesting to see if future Tory MSP and future First Minister Prof Tomkinski has time for all this sort of CIF thing.

  257. Terry says:

    @paula rose 6.55

    What a great idea to make all no voters peers of the realm. After all they support such a system and if they can’t vote – tough luck. Indy ref 2 – 100% Yes.


  258. Spout says:

    Interesting news on Adam “My country is Britain” Tomkins.

    Who is getting bumped off the Tory List for 2016 to make way for him?

    They will relish the idea of having a “heavyweight” at Holyrood…..and BBC North Britain will be salivating at the thought of having him on tap – to facilitate their bias and bile.

  259. dakk says:

    It would have been more honest and appropriate if Alistair Darling was marching and holding the banner for Maryhill Flute Band.

    Vile wee weed of a man.

  260. Fred says:

    Give them more rope!

  261. HandandShrimp says:


    I have noticed Albie’s recent contributions have been to say how utterly unwelcome the UK is in the EU and that we should leave.

    No idea if Tomkins is Albie (certainly the poster disappeared during the Smith Commission stint) but is he also a Tory Euro sceptic? I don’t follow his blog as I refuse to read something called North Briton 🙂

  262. heedtracker says:

    I for one welcome our imperial overlords like Prof Tomkins, from Kemt, boosted to Toryboy heaven by likes of above Toryboy Horatio Nelson, in conjunction with all the vote SLab reprobates at Pacific Quay, all the con artists in Scot Brit meeja, the OO, Lord Flipper types at the trough, Sir Danny of the Highlands that booted him out 3 months ago, even all the creepy Dr Scott Arthur thinks and Duncan Hothersall types too… All of them rule Britannia over Scotlsand, for the next 5 years.

  263. mike cassidy says:

    Did link to this in another thread a while back —

    but Darling is not the only shape-changing politician from that era.

    Hail, rooftop revolutionary Jack McConnell!

  264. Capella says:

    @ call me dave
    Wow. That is one determined athlete!

    But I do not despair. Scotland my be small, but as with David and Goliath – it was not the giant who won that contest.

  265. louis.b.argyll says:

    mike cassidy says:
    28 August, 2015 at 2:48 pm
    Did link to this in another thread a while back —

    Great pic..a great shame..

    Can make out Tattie-Head up there..

  266. gus1940 says:

    Whatabout The 3 Stooges of BT – Murphy, McTernan & McDougall – not so much as a single MBE between them – Shows just how much London Labour HQ appreciated the valiant efforts of these wall to wall heroes of the Scottish MSM.

    On the subject of BBC coverage our old pal that retired politician Broon got live coverage of the whole of his walkabout homage to Michael McIntyre followed by extensive coverage in all news bulletins and political shows while Nicola the elected First Minister of Scotland gets a few seconds of outtakes from her major speech on The BBC.

    Does anybody know the date of Baroness Mone’s Coronation?

  267. mike cassidy says:

    re my 2.48 link to the rooftop revolutionary,

    Is that not another famous shape-changer, George Robertson, standing two to the right of McConnell(whose at the mike)?

    He would have been MP for Hamilton for a couple of years by then, I think.

    Oh, I bet when they meet in the House of Lords they have a good laugh about the days when they were stupid enough to have values!

  268. louis.b.argyll says:


    that’s Robertson..went on to be…

    Fmr nato Warmonger General.

    Tattie-heid was the old nick-name.

    Now a dark lord like the others..

  269. Socrates MacSporran says:

    You have to admit, The Establishment is really taking the piss just now.

    Captain Darling – who at least went over the top in taking on AlicSammon, who is a Jambo and therefore, viewed as being at least half-way to a Hun, and gets promoted to Baron.

    Lord Melchett – who remained back in South Queensferry, well behind the lines, lecturing to invited other ranks at carefully-policed, high security events, is allowed to leave for America, but, doesn’t get a gong.

  270. shug says:

    it is quite sad really to see someone with a good background and talent being made a peer and not looking at how history will see him
    He will never be seen as a saviour of the country only as one who sold out for a peerage It will always be there as a stain on his family name
    Peers in England will always look at him as a good servant – knows his place = did a good job for us in keeping Scotland
    It is quite sad and strange at the same time

  271. Iain says:

    Welcome home, teenage rebel.

  272. James Baird says:

    Sm, I take exception to your Hun comment. It detracts from the point you attempt to make and as a Hearts supporter I find it rather pathetic and unnecesay

  273. Sandy Henderson says:

    Maybe Mone will be more successful now that she’s in HOL.
    Plenty of T***S to work on!!!

  274. Fred says:

    The baroness Mone of Lucky Knickers!

  275. Donald Marr says:

    All so predictable
    A self seeking no mark .

  276. Donald Marr says:

    £300 a day and he won’t miss out any expenses that are going ,you can count on that
    It used to be only thirty pieces of silver.
    My contempt for this man is infinite

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