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The Invalid Women

Posted on December 16, 2022 by

In February this year this site asked whether disabled children should be used as props to make men with sexual fetishes feel better. Just before Christmas, it appears the Scottish courts have indirectly given their answer.

An important ruling for women, girls and the disabled was passed in the judicial review of the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018. On the 13th December Judge Lady Haldane declared that men literally change sex if they have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

Next week MSPs will vote on the Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) Bill which will grant GRCs on the basis of self-identification, with no diagnosis, checks or safeguards of any kind, and thereby enable any male to claim he is female and should thus have access to female single-sex services and spaces. The bill is expected to pass comfortably due to the support of Labour, the Greens and the Lib Dems.

The new law is a predator’s pass: a permit for perverts. Indeed, on 15 November Social Justice Minister Shona Robison refused to back amendments specifically aimed at preventing the GRC being exploited by registered sex offenders.

Instead, incredibly, she proposed a system of men self-reporting their sexual offending to the police. This will have huge and grave implications for disabled women and girls in Scotland.

That means girls like Allan Petrie’s granddaughter, who is non-verbal with complex care needs. Mr Petrie has previously contacted Robison to explain the care needs of disabled children and raise the serious safeguarding risks the GRR introduces.

But his efforts have been in vain, because Shona thinks sexual offenders self-reporting will be enough to protect disabled women and children from their crimes.

The feminist and disability rights campaigner Henrietta Freeman, a 28-year-old woman confined to a wheelchair by an unknown complex progressive neuro-muscular condition (not dissimilar in its effects to ascending myelitis), recently described the reality for disabled women who require such care.

This is a day in her life.

“In the morning I have my ventilator taken off and am repositioned in bed. I have my drugs given through my PEG tube by my carer (normally Mum as I want someone I know, but sometimes my carer is done by agency carers who can nowadays be men). 

My drugs leave me zombied so you can imagine as someone who’s paralysed from the chest down with upper body weakness, I’m pretty vulnerable. If a carer was to be a predatory man, there’s his chance to take full advantage. Carers let themselves into my house whilst I’m in bed.

I have short-term memory issues, so if something were to happen I won’t remember until a few days after. Say a man sexually assaulted me or raped me, I wouldn’t know until heaven forbid, I ended up pregnant or unwell. (This has happened to women. It’s not a moral panic.)

Then it’s the washing – I’ll never get used it to after years of intimate care and knowing I’ll need it forever. You never get used to someone else washing your intimate areas. It’s the bit which really reminds me of my disability. Whilst I’m not embarrassed, put yourself in that situation.

I can’t feel anything from above my boobs and down. My condition is progressive. When I was able to feel it wasn’t as bad having someone washing me, as I knew what they were doing. Now, it’s 100% trust given over. I only have women doing this currently, but I know it could be a bloke who turns up.

Imagine the fear you might feel if you were expecting a carer, you know they have open access to your house and you know they could be a man even if you’ve requested same-sex care. I know disabled women who’ve had blokes turn up. Fortunately they can turn them away, but I can’t.

After my wash I am dressed and if I feel well enough, I am helped out of bed – again this is close contact. I have a catheter but require help with other toileting – if you’re squeamish I suggest you skip the next paragraph, but it needs to be told to emphasise the intimacy of care.

I use a peristeen pump (affectionately known as a poo pump). Basically it’s a catheter that goes up my bum, fills with water and allows me to go to the loo. Accidents are rare but it still happens, and this involves changing me.

Being changed and washed is by far the bit I find hardest. Why? Because this intimate personal care is a total giving over of trust and lack of dignity – even with women and my own mum I find it hard. However, I do not have the luxury of stepping away, it’s necessary.

I don’t pity myself because I’m fortunate compared to other women.”

In the evening, Henrietta experiences the reverse routine without the washing.

“My ventilator is put on, so that means I struggle to speak, and if a predatory male carer decided to do something, I’m in bed unable to defend myself or shout for help. In the night my catheter might bypass, which means changing me again.

I say this not out of wanting pity but to show people who decide to pass judgement on disabled women wanting same-sex care and call us bigots what it’s actually like for me and many other women. I hope politicians (looking at Scotland especially) read this and develop some understanding but most of all compassion.

If you’re a politician or a virtue-signaller, think of yourself in my shoes when you say “transwomen are women” or any other unscientific nonsense that you’ve chosen to believe. When you vote for self-ID you make it much easier for a predatory male to identify as female and do my intimate same-sex care.

Disability can happen to everyone and old age happens to us all. You may need intimate personal care one day. If you don’t care about what I’ve said, come back to me when you’re in my situation, it’ll be interesting to know what you think.”

The statistics on the sexual abuse of disabled women and children underscore that this is not an unfounded panic.

The proposed GRR legislation – the pervert’s permit – is causing rebellion in the SNP ranks. It’s deeply unpopular with voters and has generated strong criticism of the First Minister from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, Reem Alsalem, who we must assume is just another transphobic bigot.

Nevertheless, the desires of males to play out their fetishes on non-consenting women and girls is what Nicola Sturgeon has deemed more important than independence, women’s rights, gay people’s rights and disabled people’s rights. She says all their concerns are invalid. We do not agree.

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  1. robertkknight says:

    Words fail me. (One’s you could say aloud and within earshot of your Gran, that is).

    What I simply don’t get are the women who support this lunacy.

    Yet again, words fail me.

  2. Angry Weegie says:

    Shona Robison’s decision to reject amendments aimed at preventing sex offenders gaining a GRC tells them that SG actually approves of an action which not only gives access to vulnerable women but also wipes out their history of sex offending.

    A winning strategy for the sex offender and if a few women get hurt that’s just acceptable collateral damage.

  3. Chas says:

    If there is not an ALBA candidate standing, will you vote SNP at the next opportunity, in the forlorn hope that Independence is somewhere on their agenda?

    Labour will gain traction again in Scotland at the expense of the SNP. Is this a bad thing?

  4. Lorna Campbell says:

    I am not disabled in any sense that this young lady is, but my heart goes out to her, nevertheless. After cancer surgery to my pelvic area (female cancer), I have issues, but, for the moment, I can look after myself by sticking to a fairly strict regime of dietary and personal care. The insult I feel when men woman-face makes me so angry. It is precisely like black-face, and black women must feel doubly insulted. I can only imagine how insulted this young lady must feel.

    I have lost count of the number of people (usually women, but also men) who insist that they know ‘trans’ women and they are invariably lovely. I daresay they are, but that is to miss the point completely, and shows a total lack of compassion for all women and girls, but, especially, for women and girls in this young lady’s situation, and for Muslim women and Orthodox Jewish women, among others.

    The point is that we do not know who is ‘lovely’ and who is a predator, and we certainly do not know who is a heterosexual paraphiliac and/or fetishist, but how about 90+% of them? We do not know who will try to gatecrash our sports, our services, our female-only spaces and jobs. This Bill will allow those with a GRC to become women for ALL legal purposes, contrary to Lady Haldane’s ruling; in fact, her statement that the protected characteristic of sex would still apply in certain circumstances is negated by the fact that, if a trans identified man with a GRC becomes a woman for ALL legal purposes, how the hell can the protected characteristic of sex remain? The 2010 Equality Act will be undermined.

    What Lady Haldane did not take into account, apparently, was that the Act was specifically enacted to protect the characteristics: age; disability; gender reassignment; race; religion or belief; sex; and sexual orientation. All of these are threatened by the reforms, apart from gender reassignment. It is a legal, political and social disgrace and a breathtaking bias in law, and would never have been undertaken had it been men who would be impacted by this legislation in the same way that women will be. The ‘trans’ men will not be entering male spaces, services, rights, etc. in the same way that men will entering female spaces because women are, generally, no physical threat to men. They might well become a total nuisance and resented, of course.

    It is the self-ID aspect of this legislation that really rankles, and the utter laziness implied by the lack of thought for women, but also, the lack of imagination to create GRCs that give ‘trans’ people what is, essentially, an extension to their rights that goes way beyond anything anyone else can expect, but where the state retains all natal details, offences, etc., so that statistics are kept that actually reflect reality while affording the ‘trans’ person – and this will make women and girls laugh like drains – retaining THEIR privacy, safety and dignity.

    Above all, a strengthening of the 2010 Act is now imperative, or new legislation should be drawn up to create third spaces for ‘trans’ people and bar them from the spaces, rights, jobs, sports, etc. of the opposite sex. To boot, new legislation to protect females from misogyny and discrimination is long overdue. We are the only unprotected group not covered by the new Hate Crime law. Well, we can work out why, can’t we? What we need now is a legal definition of gender and of gender identity that does not impinge on sex. Perhaps Lady Haldane, in her infinite wisdom, could apply herself to those social stereotypes and delusions and find a legal niche for feelings in the individual head that do not exist in any tangible form? I’m sure that Stonewall would offer its services?

  5. Lorna Campbell says:

    Chas: I would abstain from voting for the SNP unless there is a united vote. I would also campaign against the SNP and encourage females of all ages to withdraw their vote and support. What is the point of independence for us if we are reduced to servitude and exclusion again? It is like saying that Afghan females are better off under the Taliban which refuses them open spaces, education, jobs, the means of living? Is this to be our future? I’d rather go out fighting. This from a person who has been an independence supporter my whole life, a long-time member of the SNP. I am unable to express my loathing and contempt for both this SNP administration, the Greens and the ‘trans’ lobby, not to mention Labour and the Lib Dems., on this issue. It would be well for Nicola Sturgeon and her cohort to remember that, without the female vote, both she and her party, the Greens and independence are all doomed. And daft wee lassies who are into virtue-signalling and cutting off their breasts will, one day, mature. The youth vote is only the youth vote till it ages.

  6. Chas says:


    I am not certain if you are similar to me, in that, during my teens/early twenties, I had some daft ideas about a lot of things.
    However as most people mature, as I did, their perspective on some issues changes, sometimes to the polar opposite of what they once believed.

    I genuinely worry about youngsters contemplating surgery for something they may, or may not, regret later in life.

    There are also individuals who wish simply ‘change gender’ to take advantage of a situation that presents itself. It may be easier serving your time in a female prison rather than a male one, with all the opportunities that may present themselves. I understand that they could also ‘re=change gender’ again at a later date without too much difficulty.

    What is proposed is easily open to abuse-but we all know that. The Supreme Leader has her agenda and she must be obeyed but the cracks are beginning to appear in her façade.

  7. Stuart MacKay says:

    Angry Weegie

    > but also wipes out their history of sex offending.

    Does this mean that offenders can have their slate wiped clean by changing, then with lots of crocodile tears and fake regret, change back?

  8. Alan Austin says:

    Totally agree the GRA bill is sex offenders
    charter to molest women and girls in women
    only spaces. We all know Scotland is totally
    f****d with the wierd SNP / Green Scottish government but they are there because a lot of
    wierd Scottish people vote them in. Our only
    defence is for the Westminster government to
    challenge it in court in the 28 days after it is passed. This behaviour loses any referendum
    on independence n the future.

  9. Liz says:

    The GRR as it stands is evil.
    No ifs, no buts.
    Sturgeon may have sold her soul for a post in the UN gender nuthouse but what about the rest of them?

    Why are they so deaf, dumb and blind?
    Sturgeon, if she gets her desired post, won’t look back and won’t give a toss for any of them.

    I don’t get older women like Christine Grahame, she must know the problems this will cause.

  10. David Beveridge says:

    This madness could be sorted soon enough if all those voting in favour agreed to be held criminally liable for any offences that take place, starting with Sturgeon and making the way down from there.

    Utterly horrific reading what that poor woman in the post above has to endure every day. 🙁

  11. DaveL says:

    There is no statute of limitations on perpetrators of sex crime or those that facilitate sex crime. Any and all of you who vote for this and your advisors better bare that in mind.

    These crimes happen to frequently already without you lot sticking your hands up to give them the seal of approval, because that is what you will be doing. We see it and we know it and we know you know it because you’ve been told, from all sorts of sources you’ve been told.

    You will be held responsible, you will be sex offenders, you will go to jail. Think on.

  12. Cuilean says:

    Have only ever voted SNP my whole life and I am now in my 60s. If this bill becomes law, that is me finished with the SNP. They are devolutionists anyway and ostensibly quite happy with the status quo. Scotland is their fiefdom where they can experiment on society (namely women and girls) anyway they please, we are just their lab rats.

    I will only ever vote Alba from mow on as they defend women’s rights and will risk all for independence.

    The SNP are simply pension junkies and have done f all to acheive indy. Hell mend them.

  13. Robert Louis says:

    I genuinely simply cannot believe that ANY sane adult could ever see this idiotic legislation as being a good thing. It is like the whole world has gone slightly insane. I think it is all just mad, really genuinely mad. All of it is just madness on stilts.

    This is what Sturgeon has put sooo much effort into? When cases like those in Brazil and elsewhere start happening in Scotland – and they will – what will the SNP do? Stand back and applaud as a 6ft ‘trans’ man with dick, balls and beard (who thinks he is, by magic, a ‘woman’), beats an actual REAL woman to a pulp in the ladies toilet, for ‘disrespecting’ him.

    It is the maddest, most outrageous, anti women and anti gay piece of legislation for a very, very long time. Quite, quite nuts. Truly makes no sense at all.

    And gay folk (I’m one) should wake up to just exactly how their identity is being removed, as it is with women.

    No good will ever come of this. I assume the nodding donkey SNP MSP’s will just vote for it anyway, regardless.

  14. Allan Faulds says:

    Self ID is uncontroversial in Germany for example where the three governing parties support it so why is there such a problem in Scotland?

  15. Gregory Beekman says:

    What if all men in Scotland get a certificate to say they’re female? That might make them see sense and undo this.

    Why don’t we all do it?

  16. Astonished says:

    The proposed ‘pervert’s permit’ is horrific legislation.

    Promoted and proposed by horrific people.

    They must all be voted out permanently, at the earliest opportunity.

  17. sarah says:

    @ all btl: copy this lady’s words and send to every MSP/MP.

  18. David Hannah says:

    I saw the David Bowie film Moonage Daydream earlier this year. Bowie cross dressed as part of his many personals like Ziggy Stardust.

    He wore skits, was bisexual. He did this, and was admired and adored by millions.

    The public don’t support gender self ID so the massive social change can only be coming from somewhere else. Pharmaceutical lobby groups and a professional management class bribed or frightened into silence and complicity, rebranded as equality and inclusion.

    Scotland’s lobby groups, who are they? TIE? LGBT youth Scotland?

    I think the main issue is actually with school curriculum encouraging gender ideology.

    No impressionable growing child should be told that their personality, sexuality or body in someway needs changing in order for them to be happy.

    They should be taught that they can be loved as who they are. You are a masculine girl. You are a feminine boy. You are loved.

    Differences such as autism of course is characterized by differences in communication, social skills, sensory processing, and repetitive behaviors.

    Different is neither better nor worse. Difference is difference. And difference can be extraordinary.

    Austerity social media has robbed generation Z of self worth, online pornography terrifies them and separates them from forming healthy relationships.

    Finding love is the best thing you can do in life. Everyone would agree.

    The Scottish Government should stop pandering to these pharmaceutical lobby groups who are hell bend on carving up vulnerable children so they remain on a medical pathway for life. Whatever issues they are dealing with that cause them to reject the body they were born in need full care and support from psychiatrists. Not an affirmation only approach to affirm a delusion. That starts in schools.

  19. Breeks says:

    When this abuse happens to somebody, either an assault on an invalid, or a prisoner in a Women’s prison, I pity that person for their avoidable degradation and humiliation at their assault and the profound effect it will have on their lives, but can we as a society do the ground work now, today, that will implicate Sturgeon and Robison personally as accomplices to the assault, making it possible, and actually see them put on trial, and physically standing in the dock beside the offender?

    Obviously they’ll be absolutely fine, no threat to their liberty if it’s Lady Dorrian or Lady Haldane presiding, especially once they’ve spiked the chances of a trial by jury, but if on the off chance it’s actually somebody sane and rational, they could go to jail, or at least be sued in a civil court by the victim.

    Why don’t we go the whole hog and bring back hanging? And maybe even give the likes of Dorrian and Haldane the actual power of life and death?

    Why not let everybody enjoy the “thrill” of a Kafkaesque Scottish dystopia where the “madness” comes knocking on your door at 3am to quietly “disappear” you in the middle of the night, and the Ministry of Truth erases the evidence that you ever existed to begin with? Won’t that be great?

    I “was” going to post a link to Sturgeon’s dystopian Big Brother Election ad from 2021, but for some weird reason the search engines can’t seem to find it. Ministry of Truth got there before me. Maybe I imagined it…

  20. David Hannah says:

    Ach I meant to add* Bowie didn’t need to affirmed into rejecting the body he was in, because he was more masculine or feminine. That was my above point. He was ziggy stardust, smashing gender stereotypes 40 years ago and still being a rockstar. He was encouraged to be happy in the body he was in.

  21. Luigi says:

    The lunatics truly have taken over the asylum. This is so clearly wrong, I cannot for the life of me understand why certain senior politicians (female ones at that) are doubling down on this. No point in asking if they think they are smarter than the rest of us (that’s a given), but surely they are aware of the dangers? After all, if I’m not mistaken, politicians also have mothers, sisters and daughters, right?

  22. Margaret L says:

    I’ve voted SNP since I could, voted for devolution in the late 70s, voted for independence in 2014, would have voted for it again ( if it ever would have happened) until 2019. That’s when i was peaked, by some wonderful women, Jonathan ( wax my balls) Yaniv, and Stu. As a disabled woman myself, I came to realise just how little the people we put our trust in to do the right thing, treat us with disdain, and pay absolutely no heed to our valid concerns. Not only did I peak, but my entire family did too, that’s 18 in total. 18 men, women and young people who no longer see independence under Sturgeon’s SNP as desireable, but totalitarian, and weirdly grooming. I’m in my mid 60s now, but i didn’t not believe there will be a vote in my lifetime, and I’d soon shite a colony of porcupines than vote for these horrors ever again.
    Alex Salmond should have stayed on after 2014. I realise he was doing the honourable thing, but who has he left who has honour?
    Anyway, I digress a bit. These men are not trans, unless a new lipstick or frock is the equivalent of long ago trans ( medication and surgery). They are men, and i find them as bloody offensive as blackface. Women, children, and the disabled hung out to dry.
    And if you’re reading this Murrell, I want my fucking donation to the “ring fenced independence fund” you received under false pretences.
    Thank you to this brave woman for her honesty. A damn brave piece. I wish her well.

  23. Republicofscotland says:

    The Perverts Pass, an apt name for the unamended GRR, my heart goes out to Henrietta, knowing that one day a predatory male claiming to be a female via the Perverts Pass (GRR) might show up as a carer for her. I hope it never happens

    The Greens and the SNP, and BLiS have a lot to answer for when it comes to the Pervert Pass, which will endanger women and girls and leave at the mercy of predatory males.

    BliS (The branch of London Labour in Scotland) the NuSNP and the Greens are now utterly unelectable, the Lib/Dems branch office at Holyrood answers to their London HQ bosses, as does the Tory branch office at Holyrood, the Tory ideology is one of complete austerity.

    Women MUST now vote for the Alba party at every turn, it makes sense, forget about the other parties, none of them have Scots interests at heart, and the Greens and the NuSNP no longer support Scottish independence.

  24. Ottomanboi says:

    Holyrood seems stuffed with certifiable sociopathic weirdos.
    Typical of the species, visionless as to how off scale weird they appear.
    Functionally atrophied in all major «parts» too.

  25. Mark Boyle says:

    The real tragedy in all this? Scots by and large don’t care. They never do – until it’s too late, the damage is done, then it will be ‘lessons have been learned’ and all the other old cliches.

    Before there’s any of the faux outrage to suggesting the blindingly obvious, in the light of all that’s been illustrated in the above article, how the hell did such a wilfully insane proposal get to first base, let alone this close to a home run?

    If it was something to do with the bloody Old Firm or their favourite telly show they’d care. They’d be raising merry hell.

    But real life issues that don’t affect them or anyone they care about directly at this point in time? Nah!

    We’ve had the devolution. We are long past the stage of needing the evolution to go with it …

  26. Ruby says:

    The only party I’ll vote for is the party that has ‘The Repeal of the Gender Recognition Act 2004’ in their manifesto.

    You can talk about reforms,gender dysphoria, medical diagnosis & living as a woman & all the rest but as long as you have a law that says a man can change sex then there will be problems.

    Lets stop calling it the ‘Gender Recognition Act’ There is too much confusion regarding the term gender. Lets call it the Sex Recognition Act and the certificate the Sex Recognition certificate.

    Maybe then more people will see how totally crazy this whole thing is. …. or maybe not.

    Keep signing:

  27. Tinto Chiel says:

    Mad and horrible: the Savilisation of Scotland approaches, and I’m not even sure the SNP has reached its nadir yet.

    How can women like Robison and Haldane take part in enabling such wicked nonsense?

    Have to say Sturgeon has “played a blinder” at destroying what was a joyous and hopeful movement, and probably scunnered so many people with the thought of independence under this lot of corrupt weirdos that the noble idea might never recover.

    The only slight hope is that Stu’s return is really kicking up dust which seems to be drifting in under the MSM door, whether they want to give him credit or not.

  28. David Hannah says:

    While sharing the concerns of this article. My personal feeling, when it comes to healthcare, specifically the NHS. Patients can have the certainty and knowledge that they will be able to consent to care from any member of staff. And that they would be supported in their decision.

    Patients and their relatives should be made aware of their choice to consent to personal care, regardless of sex. I do personally believe this is adhered to.

    Person centred care. Privacy and dignity should always be provided. This could even be added as a question on their admission forms perhaps to give patients that added certainty.

    I imagine, a transgender care giver who is male bodied would find it very difficult in a female dominated nursing profession like the NHS. They would have to explain themselves over and over again to tens of patients a day. They go into the job because they are good people caring people.

    I do share the concerns raised in this article, but I do believe that the people that work in the NHS are good people.

    Where I would have an issue is if a woman was accused of bullying a colleague because she believes in biology.

    Or staff being forced to wear pronoun badges for example when they don’t believe in gender ideology. It’s like forcing somone to wear a crucifix when they are Muslim.

    Or I suppose if patients were housed in a female ward with a male. The females should be informed. If anyone of them objects the male person should be moved and not the female. That’s the way it should be.

    I think that the main issue is the teaching of gender ideology in schools which encourages kids to end up on a medical pathway for live, later to be carved up for pharmaceutical profit instead of being told they can be loved as who they are. In the body they were born in.

  29. Geoff Anderson says:

    Labour, LibDems, Greens and the SNP are all pushing GRA through.
    I cannot vote Tory so for the moment I will stick with Alba as our Colony turns into a perverts paradise.

    We were once the The Centre of Enlightenment.
    We are now the Centre for Drag Acts, Perverts, Child mutilation, child sex propaganda agents and their Camp Followers.

  30. Garrion says:

    One of the most heartbreaking things about this whole thing is how it has effectively commandeered the conversation about what and who Scottish independence is for, and why it urgently needs to happen.

    This site has made forensically clear that the current SNP is a very effective mechanism who’s purpose is delay, obfusticate, derail and prevent any actual progress to independence, while appearing to support the opposite (like Bella Caledonia, only relevant and effective).

    It has to be seen as a sophisticated and subtle strategy to ensure that no progress is made, while appearing to show progress.

    The gender extremeism is a pillar in that strategy. I know everyone here probably knows this.

    There is no point in pondering what the SNP should do, it won’t, it’s a zombie party operated by cold and effective strategic thinking to prevent the inconvenience of Scottish independence.

    What I’m wondering is what one can and should do to somehow reignite a productive, positive, national conversation about independence, especially in light of the sad fact that as a country we have no shortage of cynical, selfish, duplicitous and occasionally (IMO) evil people who will willingly lie and act to prevent progress?

    Sorry this is long. Sometimes it’s just heartbreaking.

  31. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon raises the white flags on independence, it’s all over, until 2026, when it will be all over for the SNP.

  32. ClanDonald says:

    Medical science recognises that there are men who have sexual fetishes for disabled people as well as old ladies, menstruation, cross dressing, exhibitionism, nappies, women urinating or in a state of undress, voyeurism and, of course, children.

    Why doesn’t the Scottish government?

  33. Neil Mackenzie says:


    Any word on the de-platforming of Wings Over Scotland by Ko-fi? Does it mean the future funding committed to through the site will be or has been cancelled? — and if it hasn’t been cancelled, how does a punter who might want to drop out manage to drop out since WOS no longer shows up on their “Following” list?

  34. Smitty says:

    I had previously worked in the NHS as a nurse. During the years i worked there I had the misfortune to have worked with 2 care assistants who had gone on to rape women. One raped an elderly dementia patient and the other had raped a stroke patient. These men are predators and had put themselves into positions where they could sexually abuse patients for their own sexual gratification. They had no interest in care work, only interest in sexually abusing women who could not resist or have the capacity to remember or express their experience. There is no doubt there would have been many more victims prior to them being caught.

    There is no doubt that predators like these would use the new GR system to access vulnerable women. It will be illegal even to ask for a man to produce a GR certificate so they would not even require one, knowing they cannot be challenged. Previously a man exposing his genitals to women would be charged with indecent exposure. Not anymore. A man entering changing rooms to look at women undressing would be charged with voyeurism. Not any more.

    Nicola Sturgeon and every spineless or twisted MSP who votes for this is complicit. Emma Roddick stated that she would be fine with a trans women in the toilet with her. Maybe she can explain her continued extremely close relationship/friendship with the former Councillor Richard Laird who resigned for ‘mental health’ reasons but was actually caught sending explicit messages and dick pics to schoolgirls. She is not scared of predators as her best friend is one.

  35. Ruby says:

    Geoff Anderson says:
    16 December, 2022 at 4:27 pm

    Labour, LibDems, Greens and the SNP are all pushing GRA through.
    I cannot vote Tory so for the moment I will stick with Alba as our Colony turns into a perverts paradise.

    We were once the The Centre of Enlightenment.
    We are now the Centre for Drag Acts, Perverts, Child mutilation, child sex propaganda agents and their Camp Followers.

    Sorry to be pedantic Geoff but don’t you mean GRRB.

    The GRA was already passed in 2004.

    Sign here if you want it repealed:

    No GRA2004 no Sturgeon reforms. 🙂

    Scotland could be ‘The Centre of Enlightenment’ again all we have to do is highlight this madness and show the world that the emperor is naked.

  36. Ruby says:

    Proud Englishman finds out the meaning of the phrase
    ‘Pride comes before a fall’

  37. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi TC.

    You typed,
    “Have to say Sturgeon has “played a blinder” at destroying what was a joyous and hopeful movement, and probably scunnered so many people with the thought of independence under this lot of corrupt weirdos that the noble idea might never recover.”

    This is one of my favourite pics, that I snaffled off t’interweb. 5th October 2019. It was rather muddy in The Meadows that day.

  38. Alf Baird says:

    Many Scots rightly appear to be having great difficulty in trying to see how this weird ideology ‘fits’ with ‘Scottish culture’. Arguably it disnae fit at aw, which is why maist Scots reject it. But we hiv tae ken whaur its comin fae, an hoo oor bourgeois cless think hits sic a guid idea.

    It was the Western ‘humanist’, the ‘idealist’ philosopher and the ‘bourgeoisie’ of course that inflicted and still forces colonialism on the world, obliterating many cultures and nations in their wake, including ours. And what does postcolonial theory tell us of Western “bourgeois morals”?

    It tells us, according to Aime Cesaire: “that no one colonizes innocently, that no one colonizes with impunity either; that a nation which colonizes, that a nation which justifies colonization – and therefore force – is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased, which irresistibly, progressing from one consequence to another, one denial to another, calls for its Hitler, I mean its punishment”.

    Is this not what we see here, the ideology of “a sick civilization” that is “morally diseased”, and always keen to inflict its “punishment”? Easy to see, then, why so many national cultures formed over millennia rejected, and still reject, colonization (or neo-colonialism) and its immoral and wretched ideologies, dubious culturally assimilated values, and widespread negative consequences.

    Albert Memmi reminded us that the only cure for colonialism and its putrid notions and effects remains independence, and with that the ‘self recovery’ o yer ain fowks cultur.

  39. msdidi says:

    Ruby has been putting this link in the comments all week yet the total number signing is hardly rising. I too have been posting it on Facebook and Twitter every day. Most signing, so far, are in Scotland. Please sign it and share to help it grow. We need all the help we can get and if it is the repeal of the GRA by Westminster so be it.

  40. Geoff Huijer says:

    The lack of empathy shown by Government ministers and those supporting this Bill is staggering.

    This lady’s case just emphasises how selfish and unfit they are to hold any political post.

  41. twathater says:

    I just hope everyone pushes the link that Ruby has been pushing for days and gets ALL of their friends and relatives to sign up and get involved , if people think this reviled situation will ONLY happen in sturgeon’s lunatic asylum they had better think again, once this has been forced through in Scotland by a shower of deviant perverts and their accomplices this will become widespread in the rest of the uk ,the tories were supportive of this legislation until THEIR voters rebelled against them , starmer and the woke members of liebour which is most of them support this evil,and the lib dumbs are irrelevant

    The ONLY way for this to be halted is by the TOTAL REPEAL of the 2004 act , THIS lunacy is what happens when people are TOO focused on being kind and the predators and carpet baggers step in to take FULL ADVANTAGE of people’s good nature

    This lunacy is a mixture of people suffering from a mental illness, and predators , perverts and deviants manipulating the situation for their own reasons

    I wholeheartedly agree with breeks, IF anyone suffers sexual assault,rape,or sexual predation from the introduction of this reviled bill the VICTIM should have the ability to take out a civil action personally against the proposers of this bill and thereafter the vociferous supporters of this unmitigated disaster
    I would contribute to any crowd funder that takes sturgeon or robison to court for their part in this ,especially robison as she is a parent who supposedly is meant to protect children and yet is acting as a willing enthused handmaiden to sturgeon’s folly

  42. Ruby says:

    msdidi says:
    16 December, 2022 at 5:57 pm

    Ruby has been putting this link in the comments all week yet the total number signing is hardly rising

    That might not be because people aren’t signing.

    Just a thought!

    If we are not allowed to see a film do you think we would be allowed to have this sort of petition without interferrance?

    Keep signing & keep your email confirming you’ve signed.

    This petition doesn’t end until May.

  43. Ruby says:

    oops interference

  44. Playthesystem says:

    Obviously the Scottish Gov are not listening, perhaps every male in Scotland (or at least a significant number) should apply on day 1 to change gender. This would show support for the ladies in our lives and also flood the system and make it next to useless.

  45. Maureen says:

    Two thirds of voters oppose SNP’s gender reform plans

  46. Carolneill says:

    I’ve signed and passed it on but strangely it does not appear to be rising ……

  47. Shug says:

    The sheer extent of sturgeons betrayal of the independence movement beggars belief

    Abuse of power
    Gender arguments not needed
    Indy ref 2
    Maybes aye maybes naw

    It just does my head in

    She needs to go

  48. Linda McFarlane says:

    There is another petition that I think will be more successful.

    Update the Equality Act to make clear the characteristic “sex” is biological sex
    The Government must exercise its power under s.23 of the Gender Recognition Act to modify the operation of the Equality Act 2010 by specifying the terms sex, male, female, man & woman, in the operation of that law, mean biological sex and not “sex as modified by a Gender Recognition Certificate”

    It’s already at 43,000 signatures.

  49. panda paws says:

    “If there is not an ALBA candidate standing, will you vote SNP at the next opportunity,”

    Not a fecking chance. If no other indy party (ie not Green not SNP) stands I’ll spoil the ballot paper. Women fought to get me the vote, so I’ll turn up at that polling station and I’ll register my contempt.


    Have signed the petition and also the Sex matters one.

    I’ve seen Henrietta’s tweets and her story and can’t for the life of me understand WHY people refuse to listen to her and folk like her’s testimony about the dangers of self id. GRRB is an abomination on all levels.

    If a bloke in a dress is in the toilet, I’m walking straight out again. But Henrietta can’t and neither can women in prison or locked wards in psychiatric hospitals.

    When you remove the don’t knows from the last poll, a minimum of 75% of people are against this bill.

    Thanks Henrietta and Dr Em for your article and speaking out.

  50. Carolneill says:

    @linda,signed that one also , thanks

  51. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Maureen at 6:50 pm.

    You typed,
    “Two thirds of voters oppose SNP’s gender reform plans

    That link should be shared WIDELY.
    It’s obvious, from what’s happening, that the majority of Scotland’s politicians are totally on the wrong page from the majority of Scots.

  52. RantyFemaleYesser says:

    I am biologically female. I have no disabilities but (as has been pointed out in this blog) I may or may need intimate care before I die. I hope I am far away from that but I am at the opposite spectrum of what is discussed here. I can say, “No”. I can report an offence that happens to me. But I am of a generation that not so long ago, (maybe 5 to less than 10 yrs) could ask for a female doctor to take my smear test, for instance. I still think I should have that right. I still think anyone, male or female should be able to request whom is part of their intimate care. I want this for all women and I want this for my teenage son (he may wish male and that should be his right). I know not all males are predators. I know that the majority of males are good people. I also know that a minority of people are predators, more often than not they are male. I have never suffered rape or been physically, sexually assaulted but I have had more than one scarily close encounter with predatory males. Looking back I realise how lucky I am to be my age and to not have suffered this. Despite my ‘luck’, I believe strongly that we should ALL have choice when it comes to our intimate care (and I do not have the same barriers as a disabled person). Surely there are enough of both sexes within the NHS to ensure a patients needs/requests are met? Surely all nurses/doctors understand how their patients are likely to feel? Crucially, why would any biological male or female choose to impose themselves on anyone whom has requested otherwise? Isn’t it a red flag if they do? Why has validation for a tiny minority become more important than the needs of patients? The change has been scarily fast. This is my strength of feeling. Goodness knows how strong it would be if I was disabled or my son was. I am furious at the lack of thought, care and empathy for any patient but most especially for vulnerable people like Henrietta. Vulnverable people are targets. We all know that. Why have their safeguards been taken away and why has the SNP, the party of independence enabled this? Livid doesn’t cover it.

  53. KT Lorimer says:

    Some folk here seem to be a bit mixed up, for starters –

    Gender identity is like a religious soul – it is a matter of belief and should not matter outside the belief group.

    “Trans” has been hijacked it no longer means someone with dysphoria so leave them out of this.
    It is now a prefix for immaturity and deviancy.

    People with dysphoria are being harmed by this madness – many of you will remember Arbroath1320 a lovely clever commenter on this site – a dysphoric male – a person who is nothing to do with this insanity.

  54. George Ferguson says:

    Thanks to the authors of this article in providing an informative perspective of GRR. Scotland’s incarceration rate is 134.9 per 100000 inhabitants. And as an aside is the highest in the UK. This legislation as framed will lead to that rate increasing. I can see many future confrontations around safe spaces for our women and girls.

  55. Ruby says:

    Linda McFarlane says:
    16 December, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    There is another petition that I think will be more successful.

    Why would that be more successful Linda?

    I think it would be a lot simpler to scrap the GRA 2004 altogether and find a better solution for the problem of ‘trans’ whatever that means.

    Then you wouldn’t have to update anything because we all know what sex means.

  56. RantyFemaleYesser says:

    I need to add that I am firmly an independence supporter. Despite what the SNP, or should I say our FM has done, I will always be ‘YES”. I feel so let down by the SNP. On a lighter note, I wish to apologise for my typos.

  57. Merganser says:

    Is this whole gender nightmare being driven by Peter Murrell so he can call himself a woman?

    Was the £100,000 the price he had to pay to keep his dreams alive?

    Someone is twisting his wife’s arm to get this though come hell or high water. He is closest to her. What is known about his views on the subject, or is there some sort of order preventing publication on his personal peccadilloes?

    Do you have any information Stu.

  58. David Hannah says:

    I think scrapping the gender act 2004 would be right. That’s the transsexuals equal rights. Transexuals exist – Gender Dysphoria.

    Sturgeon wants Self ID. She seems to think a deliberately invasive, medical process of care giving from health care professionals is “traumatic” – that’s bollocks. That’s the line she’s hitting out with.

    Sturgeon has no regard for the wellbeing of transsexuals i.e. Gender Dysphoria.

    She wants to open the trans identity up to everyone. “Tonight Mathew, I’m going to be Cher!”

    Transvestites, cross dressers, flashers, voyeurs, whatever sexual fetish have nothing in common with a poor individual that rejects their own body, for example a teenage girl, horrified with the pressures of society as seen by social media. Yet grouped together under the same banner as Transgender when they are so clearly not the same.

    The real damage, is this is taught as gospel in schools, fact. And a whole generation of guinea pigs are put on the conveyor belt of pharmaceutical guinea pigs.

    ‘Assigned a sex’ ‘Cis gender’ the deletion of language. All bollocks. The only cis I recognise is sister.

    Good luck to the women, hopefully the SNP rebellion strikes this bill down.

    And Sturgeon goes by January.

  59. David Hannah says:

    *Ach jeeze. I need to read my posts before sending them. I don’t think it would be right to scrap the 2004 gender act, as that is the act for the transexual, gender dysphoria group.

    Self ID is the sexual deviant act. That should be struck down.

    Bring back traditional family values. And the LGB lessons that were absolutely fine the way they were before this gender madness.

    That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

  60. David Hannah says:

    Last post. Transgender gives everyone a shiny rainbow flag, and makes being heterosexual as boring.

    It undermines gay and lesbian’s hard fought rights and entire existence. Like women. I get it entirely.

    The transgender ideology has overtaken pride festivals and ruined it for everyone. It makes gay people feel uncomfortable. It’s not right at all. I actually saw a bunch of men in dog gimp masks walking around at Glasgow pride, which has now been completely commercialised and lost all meaning, with sexual fetishes thrown in the mix.

    Strike this bill down. It’s crazy.

  61. Maureen says:

    Maureen says:
    Hi Brian Doonthetoon

    I agree, the folk on the street can see it for what it is.

  62. Wilson McBride says:

    If AUOB organise a protest rally for outside Bute House, I’ll be first there in the morning of the rally.

    Sturgeon has had it too easy up until now.

    Protected from outside hostilities by her inner guard.

    She needs to hear us shouting at her Bute House windows, demanding her resignation.

    This coward has to be told to her face that she is detested by the true footsoldiers of the Scottish Independence Movement, and needs to move her lazy arse out of Bute House, quick style.

  63. Linda McFarlane says:

    Hi Ruby,

    Dysphoria is a medical condition. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition and the GRA requires a proper diagnosis etc. A person can’t get a GRC without it.

    Sturgeons GRRB seeks to do away with this medical diagnosis and open a GRC to any and all including the perverts who willl use it for their gratification.

    The GRRB will wipe out womens and girls rights laid down in the equality Act 2010 because of the conflation between Sex and Gender and, worryingly due to Lady (I’m a judge and know nothing of even basic biology).

    The Equality Act 2010 is a reserved matter. By amending the act to define that Sex means Biological Sex then job done. Because the Act is reserved Sturgeon can’t do a thing. Her GRRB will not be competent and Westminster will strike it down.

    (Never thought that I would want to see Westminster interfere but in this case I’d make a welcome exception)

  64. Big Jock says:

    The more you read about this. The more sinister it becomes. It may seem fantastical to suggest the Sturgeon cult and the SNP, is something akin to a masonic takeover. But it definitely feels like something evil.

  65. Stoker says:

    To Dr EM and Henrietta Freeman,

    Thank you both for a very interesting, illuminating and powerful article (as depressing as the issue is).

    Folks, quickly scanning the btl comments, i noticed someone (Sarah, i think?) urging folk to copy this article and send it to their MPs & MSPs etc.

    Yes, it’s worth a try i suppose, but i would also urge you all to print off the article onto (double-sided) A5 card and distribute around your own local areas to inform everyone how Sturgeon has hijacked the indy movement for her own pervy, and downright dangerous, interests etc.

    Cover as much ground in your area as possible between now and the next Westminster election. Sturgeon believes everyone else’s views and concerns are “not valid”. The best response to that utter ignorant arrogance is to demonstrate just how valid our views are. Talk is cheap! Get active! Spread the word!

    Oh, and while you’re at it, please sign this if you haven’t already done so: Can’t believe there’s only been around 2200 signatures in 3-4 days.

    And please sign this one too, folks:

    In other news, another slap on the wrist for Tories making misleading Brexit claim:

  66. Merganser says:

    Big Jock @ 8.49.

    I get how you feel. Something or someone is driving this. Perhaps they have had to swear oaths and tie ropes round their necks.

    But the masons are benevolent compared with this malevolent bunch.

  67. Merganser says:

    Big Jock @ 8.49.

    I get how you feel. Something or someone is driving this. Perhaps they have had to swear oaths and tie ropes round their necks.

    But the masons are benevolent compared with this malevolent bunch.

  68. McDuff says:

    Sturgeon seems to be so full of hatred and bitterness towards her own people that she is beyond understanding.

  69. Tommo says:

    What-in the name of the Tiny Little Man- have ‘you lot’ ( I generalise) done ?
    Effectively a dictatorship-riven by woke nonsense- this is not my mother’s Scotland nor one one I would wish to be part of and if you wish you separate from the rest of the UK (I am Welsh) then I think it might be to our benefit
    Guid luck tae ye

  70. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Self ID is uncontroversial in Germany for example where the three governing parties support it so why is there such a problem in Scotland?.

    What the fuck sort of argument is that? Politicians are useless cowardly shites. Tell us what the German PEOPLE think of it. Scotland’s politicians are refusing to represent the views of their people.

  71. Carolneill says:

    I shared this without permission , apologies

  72. George Ferguson says:

    Welt am Sonnetag reports the German people are divided on this issue. They have 3 categories of ‘gender’ male, female and divers loosely translated as ‘other’. Although there is a majority against younger people accessing these gender reforms. Interestingly German media are in favour of the reforms. So it’s not just politicians at play here. Which brings me to the BBC and the Scottish MSM. They protect special assets or favoured
    policies. An example I heard today. A prominent UK athlete is on EPO and seen a significant improvement in performance this year. It’s widely known this athlete is on the waccy baccy. Not reported by the BBC but everybody and their dug know it. Same applies to GRR. They have got used to manipulating the public and being successful in that aim. Troubles ahead.

  73. The Isolator says:

    “Politicians are useless cowardly shites” ooooft in a fuckin nutshell.

  74. Alf Baird says:

    McDuff @ 9:37 pm

    “to be so full of hatred and bitterness towards her own people that she is beyond understanding”

    Soonds like a ‘colonial mindset’?

  75. Ruby says:

    Linda McFarlane says:
    16 December, 2022 at 8:45 pm

    Hi Ruby,

    Dysphoria is a medical condition. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition and the GRA requires a proper diagnosis etc. A person can’t get a GRC without it.

    How do they prove the patient has gender dysphoria? Does the patient just tell the doctor they have ‘gender dysphoria’. Other than self-id how do they prove someone has ‘gender dysphoria’

    If they have ‘gender dysphoria’ surely there must be a better treatment than the one that is on offer.

    Isn’t it a huge lie on the part of the doctor to tell the patient they can change sex?

    Also isn’t it a bit weird to tell the patient to live as a woman for a year to prove they have ‘gender dysphoria’

    I would rather have self-id than doctors wasting their time diagnosing ‘gender dysphoria’

    It doesn’t matter if a person has a GRC or not unless they want to change their sex on their birth certificate. I do believe it says sex and not gender on the birth certificate.

    Take Eddie Izzard for example he doesn’t have a GRC but he seems to be able to enter women’s spaces and be referred to as she.

    My view is the only solution to all of this is to scrap the GRA 2004 act and put an end to all sex changes.

    You can’t change sex.

    The experts need to have a rethink and find a better solution to ‘gender dysphoria’ and the trans issue.

    Keep signing:

  76. highlander says:

    Chas says:
    16 December, 2022 at 12:14 pm
    I understand that they could also ‘re=change gender’ again at a later date without too much difficulty.

    how do you change a hysterectomy? 9 year old girls are getting this treatment in nickys nhs clinics now ffs

  77. Angry Weegie says:

    @Stuart MacKay
    12:46pm 16 December

    Does this mean that offenders can have their slate wiped clean by changing, then with lots of crocodile tears and fake regret, change back?

    If a man with a history of sexual offences (Fred Bloggs, say) gets a GRC and changes his name to Frederica Bloggs any search for the sexual offences history of Frederica Bloggs will draw a blank. If they decide to change back and change their name to Joe Bloggs, the same would be true.

    So Frederica Bloggs and Joe Bloggs, with no police record, would be able to walk into any job involving close contact with females.

  78. Whit Noo says:

    I find the seeming underlying assumption here that male carers are perverts and predators to be deeply disturbing. Evil in the care field knows no sexual boundaries. Just ask Lucy Letby.

  79. twathater says:

    Sent email to all my msp’s for Paisley North apart from ross greer and included the links to the WOS article and also the links from BDTT to the Times article re 60% of voters opposing the GRR reforms
    I requested that they read the links and remember that voters who are opposed to the reforms are watching and their decision may have an affect on their electability

  80. Susan says:

    I will always vote YES, but I can no longer bring myself to vote SNP. If there’s no Alba candidate I shall have to spoil my vote. I hate the woke bastards

  81. Susan says:

    In fact, I will go so far as to say that the wokists and transactivists are as evil as the Nazis. I wish them ill

  82. Patricia Spencer says:

    Thank you for this very candid and humble account of your day to day life. It is inhumane, negligent and abhorrent what this parliament are doing and who is it they are representing exactly?

  83. panda paws says:


    The ISP are also anti GRRB and pro-indy if you’ve a candidate.


    Over 4k signatures now and the map shows they are mostly (all?) in Scotland. There’s a chance you’ll get to 10k votes in Scotland for a government response but not 100k for a debate. Sex matters is nearly half way there.

  84. Karen says:

    More pressure on the NHS from women with bladder infections (from not using public toilets).

  85. Geri says:

    Maureen 6:50

    Thanks for that link.

    All the more infuriating that this pig headed policy isn’t supported by the general public but that it’s being forced through on the whim of a minority political party that was also rejected at the ballot box. (Greens)

    Absolutely sickening. What does Harvie have on her?

  86. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I find the seeming underlying assumption here that male carers are perverts and predators to be deeply disturbing.”

    Nobody said any such thing.

  87. Tam Norrie says:

    Rev. What is the situation with KO-FI?

  88. Susan says:

    Can I put it on record: Nicola Sturgeon is a pervert enabler, rapist and paedophile enabler with her GRA stance

  89. ScotsRenewables says:

    The question of whether transwomen match male or female patterns of criminality is specifically addressed by the 2020 FOI referenced by Fair Play For Women (who have submitted evidence to the Committee). This is first time there has been official data to compare the rate of sex offending in 3 different groups. Men vs women vs transwomen.

    MOJ stats show 76 of the 129 male-born prisoners identifying as transgender (not counting any with GRCs) have at least 1 conviction of sexual offence. This includes 36 convictions for rape and 10 for attempted rape. These are clearly male type crimes (rape is defined as penetration with a penis).

    Comparisons of official MOJ statistics from March / April 2019 (most recent official count of transgender prisoners):

    76 sex offenders out of 129 transwomen = 58.9%

    125 sex offenders out of 3812 women in prison = 3.3%

    13234 sex offenders out of 78781 men in prison = 16.8%

    From: Written evidence submitted by Professor Rosa Freedman, Professor Kathleen Stock and Professor Alice Sullivan [GRA2021] – Evidence and Data on Trans Women’s Offending Rates

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