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The framework of taxation

Posted on January 09, 2014 by

Chapter 7 of “The Claim Of Scotland”:


Quote Of The Chapter:

“A good man may learn to content himself with a modest estate. What he finds intolerable is that his estate should be mismanaged at great expense, and without any proper audit, by a trustee who insists on doling out to him his own money in small packages.”

Just imagine, eh?

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    9 to “The framework of taxation”

    1. Robert Louis says:

      So, right at the end, we see the quote from Sir Walter Scott, which hits the nail squarely on the head;
      “For God’s Sake, sir, let us remain as nature made us, Englishmen, Irishmen and Scotsmen!  We would not become better subjects, or more valuable members of the common empire, if we all resembled each other, like so many smooth shillings”
      This book is excellent, and in many ways demonstrates to some of our more moronic unionist Scots, that the problem with London colonial rule over Scotland is not new, and not a creation of Alex Salmond. 

    2. alexicon says:

      Sorry for the O/T so early Rev, but I’ve just received an email about having your site and newsnet added to the newsnow website.

      After I complained today about them not featuring yours and newsnet site, but featuring conservative home. I sent off an email and guess what? There going to feature both Indy websites.
      A copy of the email I just recieved is below.
      Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your feedback. An editorial decision has now been made on the publications you suggested and they have been added to NewsNow for scanning. The next headlines they publish will appear on NewsNow.

      The selection of sites is a subjective choice made by our editors with the aim of creating a high quality and balanced editorial experience for our readers. NewsNow operates an Open Content Policy and avoids distinguishing unnecessarily between authors or publishers with explicit or hidden biases, as well as authors or publishers that profess political motivations and those that profess to be objective, independent or unbiased.

      I hope this answers your enquiry and you continue to enjoy using NewsNow.

      Kind regards,
      Sorry for the intrusion, but I thought it is a positive.

    3. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “After I complained today about them not featuring yours and newsnet site, but featuring conservative home. I sent off an email and guess what? There going to feature both Indy websites.”

      Nice one! Cheers 🙂

    4. wullie says:

      This book is a must read, lets us see we have been well and truly rogered right up the jacksy since 1707. Crimes against the people surely.

    5. Lanarkist says:

      It seems to be very deliberately designed to fleece Scotland whilst at the same time hiding that very fact.
      The system described and still underpinning decisions and attitudes seems perfect for retribution in payment for having the audacity not to be conquered or subsumed, but for daring to negotiate on equal terms, equitable treatment under honourable intentions for mutual betterment… Ha ha ha.
      It becomes more obvious in the present than in the days described, added to by modern complexity and inter connectedness, ( why and how we are able to express our views and share knowledge now, ironically) that in issues pertaining to Scotland, it’s administration, resources and general taxation, we are dealing with a feudal almost medieval mindset and consequent governce interpreting and pronouncing on an enlightened mindset with consequent  requests for evolutionary solutions.
      Pity the medieval mindset still controls the levers of expenditure.
      The less it changes the more it stays the same.

    6. Lanarkist says:

      This book should be required reading in Scottish Secondary schools and handed out at Yes cafe’s, socials and meetings.
      The particulars might have changed, details slightly altered, but the undertone of malicious malevolence, deliberate destruction, obstructive procedures and generally dismissive and abusive attitudes still ring very true.
      I feel quite angry knowing that all of my life Westminster has been asset stripping my future chances and creating an environment that necessitates a choice between staying and struggling or emigrating or moving to London, as many of my contemporaries had to do.
      its more than money, splitting friends and family, removing opportunities to grow old amongst family and friends, not allowing our children to grow up with our friends children and their close relatives. The whole construct is designed to tear through all the Scottish cultural webs, undermining our ability to better our lives or even understand how to build a system to improve it, 300 yrs worth!
      Spitting feathers!

    7. msean says:

      How much is the money talked of in this chapter worth today? Looks like it is absolutely true,Scotland could pay her own way even before the discovery of oil.

    8. Les Wilson says:

      You can see in the book, that the Unionist mantra has been all along to fleece Scotland and use the money to enhance areas of England, some extremities but mostly, as now, the South of England. It is the same now as supported by Gordon Brown et al. The want to take money from us, and redistribute the money to poorer parts of England.
      However, how can this idea be right, or ever, have been right, when Scotland has big poverty problems of our own. We would not have it though if we looked after our own money, which the Union will never allow under their system of theft. The book shows it has always happened. So there we are, it is the English, who are subsidy junkies not us, but will they listen, er no!

    9. Xaracen says:

      The fact that things have changed so very little even now, and yet the bulk of people in Scotland have no real idea how bad it was and still is, is actually frightening, because there is still a real risk we may not in the end convince enough of them to vote yes and flush the whole sorry lot of these worthless self-important cretins into the cesspit of history.
      They won’t ever reform because they don’t feel the need, so Hell mend them!

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