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Posted on July 13, 2019 by

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    1. 13 07 19 08:56

      The Expert | speymouth

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    1. Bugger Le Panda says:

      You are remarkably restrained, today, Chris?

    2. winifred mccartney says:

      I cannot for the life of me work out why bojo is so popular with tory party members unless he is interviewing for their comedian-in-chief – he is arrogant, conceited, untrustworthy and so self-centred it is palpable. I am sure the tories will live to regret it if he becomes PM.

      Great cartoon and appropriate positioning of his wing man.

    3. Tackety Beets says:

      O my giddy aunt!

      No point in watching any J & H hustings as it’s clear they can bring nothing new to (the party) i.e. Brexit.

      As for the sidekick ……….well?

      Thanks for another “Rubens” Chris

    4. sassenach says:

      Where is Ross’ other hand???

    5. kapelmeister says:

      Boris with a Stars and Stripes lapel badge and Ross Thomson with his union jack lapel badge. Brings out the full meaning of the caption.

    6. dave says:

      this is all going swimmingly well for independence.

    7. jimnarlene says:

      The tail end of a fool conga,with Trump leading the way.

    8. Artyhetty says:

      Great image. It’s like some kind of dystopian nightmare, having to see and hear that pompous, over priveleged, jumped up arrogant turd everywhere. Definitely a selfservative.

      Only thing here Chris is the text, it’s far too coherent, Horace is incapable of making any sense at all it seems. Future PM, Trumps best pal, brothers in arms, utterly terrifying.

    9. Sharny Dubs says:

      I think it’s a case of that they know its only going to be a caretaker PM before an inevitable GE so any dickhead will do, and probably even better to get him out of the way.

      Then Labour can take over for a short time to take the flack for their disastrous mismanagement before they regroup and try and find someone who actually has some credibility.

      But then again typical Tory’s, like David “we’ll never have to face a referendum” Cameron and Teresa “we’ll win a majority” May, we will probably end up with this fool longer than they expect.

    10. Les Wilson says:

      Ain’t that just the truth.
      you are in a league of your own Chris!

    11. Achnababan says:

      Boris is such a balloon even one of Chris’s fab cartoons do not do him justice

      OT: The non-story about a ‘rumoured possible date’ for the Alex Salmond case has now been the lead story on BBC Scotland website for 19 hours !!!!

      I wonder why?

    12. starlaw says:

      Nice one Chris.
      The main attraction to Boris is that he promises to cut all foreign aid. I have had older people than me (70’s) tell me so, and this is the age group of most Tory leadership voters. The oldies telling me this are all Labour voters, unbelievable, but fact.

    13. kapelmeister says:

      The Plan B of Angus McNeil and Chris McEleny will not be debated at SNP conference. At a time when Westminster is gearing up to grab more and more powers from Scotland is it wise to dampen activists’ ardour and morale in this way?

      Does the Scottish Government have a more sophisticated strategy than repeatedly and politely requesting a Section 30? London will likely ignore the decisions of the vaunted Citizen Assembly same as they already ignore the pro-independence majority at Holyrood.

      Perhaps the SG cabinet have a clever plan worked out. The trouble is that keeping opponents in the dark often entails keeping your own rank and file in the dark also. Encouraging signals can however be given to the troops without giving details to the enemy.

    14. Abulhaq says:

      The Catamites or the Special Relationship.

    15. Morgatron says:

      Now imagine folks having that wee weirdo as your campaign manager in Scotland? Wow !. He could always hold his hustings in a phone box or public lavatory. Looks like Boris has got him literally in his back pocket!

    16. Ken500 says:

      Johnstone and Thomson self interest. Milking the public purse. Just a couple of criminals on the take. A couple of opportunistic liars who will be gone before too long. Just a couple of conceited, lying hypocritical clowns. Liars always get found out. The Tories are toast. They could not make a bigger mess. What a complete and utter shambles.

      They are a complete and utter disgrace. An international laughing stock. The useless imbecile unionists at Westminster. A shower of psycho bastards. Their own description, The Brexit chaos unbelievable, along with all the rest. Making people’s lives a misery so they can plunder the public purse.Shameless. People just look on in disgust at their useless incompetence and wickedness.

    17. Clootie says:

      I didn’t believe people would vote Trump. Even with that experience I struggle to accept that Boris will be our new PM (I know he will). Will the people of Scotland re-elect Ross?

      The choice is quite simple. We either become an Independent country or you accept the horror which is about to unfold

    18. Giving Goose says:

      Bojo is the false hope that BritNats cling to.
      A false hope anchored in dreams of imperial renewal, reinvigorated greatness, BritNat superiority and anti-johnny foreigner venom.
      Sad but true.

    19. Rick H Johnston says:

      Brilliant cartoon. Reminds me of spitting image when David Steel was in the pocket of David Owen. As for foreign aid, read reparation for past colonial exploitation.
      Maybe Scotland should apply post independence. Not surprised some older folk are against foreign aid. They were brought up in an age when the UK was ripping off the colonies.

    20. Abulhaq says:

      The next Brit régime will be more hard line than the last so this example of Stalinist suppression is unhelpful.
      Sturgeon’s roadmap of B roads needs an expressway.

    21. galamcennalath says:

      I will never understand the Tory mindset. Why would anyone consider Johnson for any job, far less the highest office of state? He can’t even lie convincingly! I am certain there are 100,000s of more capable people across the UK who are currently unemployed!

      Why would anyone have voted for Thatcher? Or why did Scots return 13 utterly useless Tory MPs in 2017?

      Oh, I understand why vested interests and the wealthy favour Tories, that’s obvious. Ordinary folks, nope.

      Most Tory members have already voted and most have voted for Johnson. In true Ruth Davidson style we already know the outcome. I don’t know why people become Tories, and certainly have absolutely no idea why that type of person in impressed by the likes of Johnson. To me, he is totally devoid of any skills a PM is likely to need.

      From a Scottish independence perspective, he seems the perfect choice! 🙂

    22. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Winifred McCartney @ 7.36am

      In his very-funny memoir: ‘The General Danced at Dawn’, George Macdonald Fraser offered the view that: “The Jocks would follow their ‘Ruperts’ (public-school educated officers) anywhere – usually out of a morbid sense of dread.”

      Since Boris is a classic “Rupert”, perhaps the pbi of the Toerag party are simply following the same habit.

    23. Effijy says:

      Heading to the Scottish Pen Golf in North Berwick today.
      Book d the earliest trains to make a full day of it.
      Having to use a taxi and a train to make Edinburgh Waverley
      Only to find their first train is cancelled at 8.40.
      It seems they have no drivers as if they work overtime they
      Fall into the 40% tax bracket?

      Who wouldn’t be willing to train for such a job with such pay
      And conditions. Lean on the handle to make the train move
      Forward and stop at red lights and stations.

      Even Bojo the Clown and Blasphemy Unt could do that!

      The 9.12 train is like something in India being packed to the gunnels.

      Not acceptable Scot Rail. Lots of tourists here to see the Biggest golf event in Scotland this
      Year and you haven’t worked out who would drive your train.

      Get it sorted!

    24. Breeks says:

      kapelmeister says:
      13 July, 2019 at 8:37 am
      The Plan B of Angus McNeil and Chris McEleny will not be debated at SNP conference. At a time when Westminster is gearing up to grab more and more powers from Scotland is it wise to dampen activists’ ardour and morale in this way?

      Utterly dismal and depressing, but Peter Bell had a very good critique worth thinking about. He applauded the initiative to do “something”, but cautioned that making a General Election a de facto Independence Referendum sees you competing for votes on a single issue ticket, whereas your opponents can conspire and contrive to defeat you across the whole spectrum of issues, and thus dilute your support. I wish I had the link, but if my memory is correct, it was a BTL comment in a blog, or a retweet.

      If Plan A for the SNP is a referendum in 2020, it will mean the SNP has led pro Europeans up the garden path for 3 years, when the SNP’s only plan for Brexit all along has been to navigate its way through Brexit, as if it was an interruption and distraction from the issue of Independence. All the rhetoric about EU Citizenship, and the opportunities presented by the brazen Constitutional Colonialism of Scottish Sovereignty being subjugated by Brexit will be utterly squandered without a metaphorical shot being fired.

      So I agree Kapelmeister. Let’s hope the Scottish Government does have a plan to deliver on it’s rhetoric that “Scotland will not be removed from Europe against its will”. There will be a heavy price to pay if they don’t.

    25. Brilliant but scary cartoon – even seeing it supposedly as a joke chills me. It could well come true.

      I’ve heard that some correspondent based in America has written that there is every possibility Farage will be the next UK ambassador in America!!!

      Who could have predicted events since September 19th, 2014?

      None of us would have believed where we are now – except perhaps the Rev.


      Just back from holiday.
      Been around France and Spain ( with a ‘SCO’ sticker on the back of the car) everyone assumes you are English until you start trying to speak their language, order their food – tapas not steak and chips – and most surprising of all – leave a tip!!!

    26. Bill Hume says:

      abulhaq at 8:55 am

      Stalinist suppression……lololololol

    27. Effijy says:

      If you have thoughts of going to North Berwick today forget it.
      Shuttle bus at station to golf course all arranged, NOT!
      2 Buses and 1.000 in the Queue.
      Some heading back to Edinburgh as it just isn’t happening.

      Disgraceful management!

    28. Richard Hunter says:

      I doubt you could have a more apt living metaphor of what yoons want the relationship between UK and Scotland to be than Boris Johnson and Ross Thomson.

    29. Col says:

      Sorry, that is such an obvious photo shop of Ross Thomson and Bojo . How disappointing, surprised you managed to catch the image none the less, I take it Ross came up for a breath of fresh air at that moment

    30. Terry callachan says:

      Some britnats blame the unemployed so they say let’s have more austerity

      Some britnats blame drug addicts so they say let’s have more sanctions and withdrawal of services

      Some britnats blame foreigners so they support brexit and Dungavel and and Serco evictions that make refugees homeless

      They say they’re taking all our jobs
      They’re crowding our schools and hospitals
      Taking up all our doctor appts
      Abusing the benefits system

      What a miserable way to live but the britnat way is all about kicking people when they are down they are not seeing that helping those that need help is the only progressive way to live and yes there will be a small number who abuse the assistance systems but it really is a small in fact a tiny percentage that cheat the system.
      I know this because I worked for DWP for decades.

      Tories want to get rid of taxation completely they hate it , they want to get rid of taxation because then they will privatise all healthcare education housing in fact all services including pensions and benefits will be privatised, there will be no local authority councils providing free services you will have municipal areas that charge for everything but only things you use, sounds good until you discover how much they charge and tot up what you use .
      The rich will become much richer the rest much poorer.
      The environment you live in will become a mess , a permanent mess.

      Then the tories will talk of charity.
      Sure some people will be charitable but inevitably it will never be enough for what is needed we know this because history shows us that the reason why services to help those who fall on hard times, self induced hard times or otherwise, was introduced is because society hit rock bottom with disease death robbery desperation ravaging every town and city.

      The rich and privileged have short memories , overconfidence , irrational loss of empathy for the less fortunate , history also shows that the rich and privileged died from the diseases robberies and desperate acts of the poor in times gone bye.

      Really , we DONT want to turn the clock back

      We need to help people addicted to alcohol drugs food etc and help those who don’t work for whatever reason and yes that means investing over and over again even when it shows little or no progress because changing most of these problems in a society does indeed take time and money invested continuously from one generation to the next so that the children of those unfortunates addicted or not working and their children too, see an improvement in their lives, an improvement paid for and provided by the rest of us if the actual parents cannot or will not do it themselves.

      Initially it may look as if it’s money wasted but it’s not, every baby every toddler child youth can be lifted to live a beautiful life , a life that is a world away from their parents drug alcohol food etc addiction or poor long term unemployed poverty but we must invest and plan and care closely about these families over decades to ensure that the children of the future don’t get caught up in the same traps , we can do it and what a marvellous transformation it will be.

      The Scottish government baby box , free prescriptions , free eye tests, free school meals, new social security benefits system , free bus pass and other social improvements is a good start on a limited budget.
      Just think what can done once we get back control of our country from England.

      I’m confident it’s going to happen and looking forward to the feeling you get when you know you are part of a truly good thing

    31. call me dave says:

      Plan ‘B’ not selected for debate at SNP conference says
      ‘The National’

    32. Terry callachan says:

      Whenever I see Boris Johnson being interviewed he always looks like a schoolboy up to mischief it’s as if he’s about to say something naughty and then run off to hide , only to reappear a minute later with a cheeky smirk on his face to say the opposite to what he had previously said !!

      He’s just unfathomable as a politician , unreliable for any serious meaningful proposals .

      Sure he’s clever has great knowledge but the imperfections are stark, he’s not a personality that you could trust to represent you in important negotiations.

      I’m sure he’d be fun at a midnight rave in the woods somewhere in deepest Middlesex for all the pot smoking cocaine sniffing Tory MPs but as a politician for the serious business of government…NO WAY

    33. frogesque says:

      The handmaiden’s tale getting a sneaky wee peek there

    34. kapelmeister says:


      I agree with yourself and Peter Bell that making a Westminster GE a de facto indyref would be a bit too difficult. However the SG could call an early Holyrood GE and campaign around the question of ‘Which is it to be, Scottish democracy or Scottish servitude?’.

      Since independence is the only way to keep Scotland in the European family and independence is now the only way to retain the Scottish NHS, the only way to retain a meaningful Scottish Parliament, then the single issue ticket would be a very broad and resonant one under these circumstances.

      The time for the cautious approach has passed. Labour could do nothing in 1979 to protect Scotland from Thatcherism because, unlike their party’s founder, they didn’t believe in Scotland being free. If the SNP plays within the system even just a fraction too much then they’ll render themselves impotent to stop Boris Johnson and the Britnat maniacs from wasting Scotland.

    35. A C Bruce says:

      Thanks, Chris.

      Chilling and laughable at the same time that Johnson will be PM in about 2 weeks. Oh, and then Westminster is on holiday until September, back for a week and off for about 3 weeks for conference season. English politics is a horrible farce – 3 years long and counting.

      As for Thomson as Secretary of State against Scotland – oh my aching sides. Watch those hands!

      @kapelmeister @breeks. If the link below works it’s Peter Bell on Plan B. (On my ipad so not sure if it will).

    36. Capella says:

      The Dream Team right enough, for us. I think Chris has captured the gravitas and vision that oozes from that pair like an oil slick.

    37. A C Bruce says:

      Peter Bell article. Increasing doubts about SNP’s Plan A.

    38. Dr Jim says:

      A lot of folk fretting over this section 30 thing because the UK politicians keep saying they’ll refuse the transfer of power when the time comes

      Does anybody really expect them to say any different, Johnson and Hunt ar vying for the leadership of their party so they’ll say anything to keep the troops happy in order to be elected, which it looks very much like Johnson more or less is the definite choice

      England has to be kept secure in the knowledge that their government rules the world and especially Scotland or they’ll lose confidence in their overblown selves

      So far a section 30 has not been officially requested, when it is they’ll make a lot of noise and pretend a lot of stipulations and say they’ve agreed many caveats and changed much of the detail and that the wording will be different or that piggies will fly over the skyline next to the cows, but the section 30 order will be handed over nonetheless and Scotland will have the referendum they’re legally antitled to as previously agreed upon in the 27th November 2014 Smith Commission report that they signed up to

      Or the UK government will have to go to court to overturn its own legally agreed legislation

      How do we think that’ll work out for them especially when their own shouty Attorney General admitted the same thing and agreed they could legally not deny a Scottish government demand for that transfer of section 30

      So when you keep hearing them saying NAW, why is it people are prepared to believe that yet believe and know they tell lies about everything else
      Tom Harris on Radio Scotland this morning tried to claim the British people voted for no a no deal Brexit and a woman slapped him around all over the place for making an untrue statement…..they lie and they lie all the time and hope the people will fall for it and just give up all hope and die, it’s how they’ve always done things

      Lie, cajole, threaten then win, but only if folk are soft enough to let them

    39. A C Bruce says:

      Re Section 30

      Westminster can stick its stipulations, caveats and restrictions where the sun doesn’t shine. Scotland only to determine details.

      No more interference from Westminster in Scotland’s affairs. They’ve got EVEL after all.

    40. kapelmeister says:

      Yes, a Boris Johnson government will be disastrous. However that does not automatically mean that he or his ilk won’t be in power at Westminster for a very long time.

      When the effects of a hard or no deal brexit manifest themselves – there’s not as much difference between hard brexit and no deal as many suppose – the brexiteers will be in full denial for years about their catastrophically bad choice. They’ll blame everyone but themselves. They’ll blame the EU, blame the Celtic nations. They’ll even end up blaming the Yanks too most likely.

      They’ll elect a Farage government to create the true little Englander heaven they’ve been prevented from getting. What remains of Scottish democracy will be a favourite target to take their frustration out on.

      The numbers of simpleton true believers are there to orient English politics to the xenophobic hard right for decades.

      We cannot assume Johnson as PM for a time will result in a resumption of sanity in England’s political scene and that there’ll be a second Edinburgh Agreement in a wee while if we wait and see.

    41. Dr Jim says:

      A C Bruce

      I did say they’d pretend

      They’ve got to keep their own supporters mollified by telling them lies too, it’s all about how they think they have to make themselves appear or their own media will point them out as fools, and things are bad enough for them

    42. A C Bruce says:

      I don’t think they’ll pretend at all. They can’t help themselves. They think they control us, and to quite an extent they do. They won’t leave us to it that’s for sure. Where’s the control in that?

    43. sassenach says:

      Dr Jim

      You’re on fire lately – well done. Thoroughly enjoy reading your stuff.

    44. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I have been saying on here for ages, the SNP is not acting correctly in making life difficult for the ruling Westminster government and their supporters on either side of the House.

      Robert the Bruce didn’t take-on Proud Edward’s Army head-on, instead he fought a fantastic guerrilla campaign, and won.

      Why don’t the SNP’s Westminster members do this. For a start, did Alex Salmond have the only copy of Erskine May, and did he take it with him when he left the HoC?

      Just as the English members have EVEL, then the Scottish ones have the Scottish Grand Committee (the SGC)O. Surely the SNP could have, at several points during the long, drawn-out passage of the Brexit Bill through the Commons, convened the SGC to debate the effects of the Brexit Bill on Scotland.

      For sure, they6 would never have got any of the SGC’s decisions passed by the whole House, but, by coming-up with amendments, by making the public aware – Scotland voted 62/38 to remain, they would have shown everyone in Scotland – that we are being ignored and dragged out without our co9nsent.

      They must take every opportunity to demonstrate how different Scotland is from England politically, and by demonstrating this, they will surely bring Independence closer.

      The SNP, being a membership-run party, more-so even than Labour, with the right tactics, run rings round the Unionist parties.

      Where is the tactician to organise such tactics?

    45. Dr Jim says:

      I swear sometimes it isn’t easy supporting Independence in Scotland when folk’ll believe politicians who they know are proven liars or newspapers who are the tools of the proven liars or even worse when big Tam doon the pub says he heard it and it’s pure defo true man so it is

      It’s funny, because one minute a newscaster presenter will say something and Scotland will laugh out loud at how ridiculous their statement was then the next minute they’ll say something else and people believe it, and to compound the issue then proceed to argue with each other over the lie because that lie seemed more believable than the one they told a minute ago that everybody knew was a lie

      I hear people say things like *we’ve got to convince* and I just think, stop right about there because nobody believes anyone anymore except for their best pal who knows everything who heard it in the butchers this morning

      Scotland is a society that’s riven with the exact same prejudices as Northern Ireland but here in Scotland we’ve gotten used to pulling the duvet over most of it with shaky heads and statements of *Aye but it’s no as bad here* I’m afraid it is and it’ll bubble right up when the time comes

      That’s one of the great concerns of the Scottish government , in how to win this thing but win it so big so as to not facilitate the grudge and grievance that would surely follow with only a narrow victory

      If this thing isn’t done right with all the care and attention to every detail and looking like the democratic process it needs to be seen to be, Scotland won’t be a happy country for a long while, so those folk in the NO camp who will always be in the NO camp have to see and be aware that the people of Scotland in the majority want this and that they can still be who and what they think they believe themselves to be and that the rest of us aren’t trying to make them the same as us, in that way we might achieve a more relaxed population and eventually the nasty passes and we get acceptance of something new

      Independence will win out this time, of that I don’t have a shred of doubt but before it does England will attempt to create the most enormous anxiety in the population it possibly can, and with that anxiety comes the seeds of doubt and that’s what they feed off, why should we offer them the plate to put it on

      Ignore the Bastirts everything they say is a lie
      You’d think we’d have gotten used to the same 300 year old lie by now

      The SNP are no doin this, they’re no doin that, they’re stringin us along, they’re too comfy in government, they’ve got nae plan B,

      Really? Really? Do the SNP want voted out because that’s what would happen if they don’t do it
      Folk would really be presuming the SNP are completely daft then to want themselves voted out of office

      The SNP urnae daft they’re just no tellin anybody anything, remember Alex Salmond (love the guy) he was brave and bold but talked too much and he lost, do you think Nicola Sturgeon wants to lose, I don’t

    46. Abulhaq says:

      England’s dysfunctionalism topped by a flaky Johnson premiership offers the best opportunity for the SNP to assertively press home Scotland’s case for independence. No more playing by their rules, no more procrastination waiting for something to turn up, for with Johnson it definitely has, no more timorous, cautious ‘Scotch lawyer’ attitudes, no more weird fixations with contentious anglosaxon, libertarian social engineering.
      Seize the Day is the ‘sluagh gairm’ and the SNP leadership needs to be prepared and alert to the psychological moment. Misjudge and the consequences, given the said dysfunctionalism, would be too horrific to contemplate. This is our do or die time. There may not be such a solid gold second chance.

    47. Jack Murphy says:

      galamcennalath said at 9-05 am today:

      “…….Most Tory members have already voted and most have voted for Johnson……..” Yes.

      Mish Talk quotes Conservative Central:

      “….And if the survey is correct, Johnson has won this contest already. Even if the entire 28 per cent of those who haven’t voted yet opt for Hunt, he cannot catch the front-runner.

      In conclusion, our surveys and YouGov’s poll last weekend are all singing the same song. Johnson has won……”

      OUT with the Tories ASAP.

    48. Dr Jim says:

      Aye all we need to do is hand them a big gun so they can blow both feet off at the one time

    49. Sarah says:

      @Terry callachan at 10.27. You are right – if people are well-treated they are happier, healthier, more confident and willing to do things. Mental health would improve and prison population decline since we know most prisoners have mental health conditions.

      It is common sense, really.

      I too worked in DWP and know most claimants were legitimate. I am horrified at the privatisation of DWP roles and the abhorrent treatment of claimants. The same applies to the Home Office.

      I would like to see Scottish Government challenging the treatment of people under human rights legislation. The mental cruelty inflicted on people in Dungavel, people threatened with deportation, or Universal Credit claimants without money for weeks – surely these are all rock-solid cases?

    50. Abulhaq says:

      If it were on offer, would the SNP opt for dominion status? The feeling that casting off entirely from Britannia is a consummation devoutly not to be wished continues to trouble. Thou shalt make no mischief it seems in these turbulent times.
      The Peter A Bell piece cited above suggests all is far from well in the inner court of the queen bee.
      Are we even seeing the shadow of a Fianna Fáil v Fine Gael replay?
      While we wait, Floreat Etona!

    51. Doug says:

      Apart from Trump the whole world kens Johnson and Thomson etc are numpties, and are only good for being laughed at.

    52. Derek Rogers says:


      A couple of days ago, the Co-operative Bank tried to tell me that ‘.scot’ wasn’t a valid email address. Bar-stewards! Closed my account on the spot.


      Buying online just now from, and their list of countries (where you give your postal address) offered ‘SCOTLAND’! Never seen that before! Things are looking up!

    53. SilverDarling says:

      Scotland is a whipped dancing dog happy to be loyal to any master who speaks nicely and promises the earth.

      Labour did it for 50 odd years, then forgot about us, took us for granted and ultimately betrayed us.

      We bit back and then went to a new master….who promised us the earth treated us nice with a few titbits and is now ignoring us and taking us for granted…

    54. Golfnut says:

      @ Albuhaq.

      The Scottish Government are constrained by the devolution settlement, which is what we sort of voted for in 2014, so demanding action out with their remit is counter productive to say the least. I’m sure they have plan, and they are right not to broadcast it even if it makes the rest of us kind of nervous. The Parliaments ours though because we democratically voted that back into existence.
      Any suggestions on how we make our Parliament work for would be welcome.

    55. geeo says:

      @Dr Jim.

      Absolutely brilliant posts today.

      Really shames indy folk who CLAIM to know better about the media and unionist politicians.

      7 odd years of Wings debunking unionist lies over indy/Scotland/generally everything, yet as you say, still happy to believe unionist pish to attack the SNP.


      “So when you keep hearing them saying NAW, why is it people are prepared to believe that yet believe and know they tell lies about everything else”?

      “Ignore the Bastirts everything they say is a lie
      You’d think we’d have gotten used to the same 300 year old lie by now

      The SNP are no doin this, they’re no doin that, they’re stringin us along, they’re too comfy in government, they’ve got nae plan B,

      Really? Really? Do the SNP want voted out because that’s what would happen if they don’t do it
      Folk would really be presuming the SNP are completely daft then to want themselves voted out of office

      The SNP urnae daft they’re just no tellin anybody anything, remember Alex Salmond (love the guy) he was brave and bold but talked too much and he lost, do you think Nicola Sturgeon wants to lose, I don’t”
      .. ……

      Some of the knicker wetting indy supporters on here should read that several times, dry their panties, and get a grip.

      As the moment of proof approaches, we need folk on point, ready for the battle to come, not crying in the corner.

    56. Republicofscotland says:

      Good one Chris, Boris, England’s version of Trump.

    57. Liz g says:

      Golfnut @ 2.35
      Exactly Golfnut…. We didn’t sort of vote to keep Holyrood locked into the devolution settlement in 2014 we actually voted to do so!
      While I’m all for finding another way of voting to end the Union if somehow another specific vote to do it is prevented.
      I must admit I thought that the motion for the upcoming conference was more playing politics than serious.
      It’s pretty safe to say that a motion like that would pass and be very popular so floating it was I think more an indication of what they will do at the spring conference if Westminster procrastinate over the proposed referendum and to create the demand for it!!
      Westminster know fine well the power to hold referendums is already devolved and the only reason for a section 30 is for Westminster to have to respect the result.They also know that they won’t get any input into a vote they don’t get on board with… So it is very unlikely that they will hold out for long.

      And here’s the thing…
      Why give soft No’s and the Yes movement the impression that we have another back up plan in place when we are a aiming for a “This is It” referendum ?
      Why give any comfort to the main Scottish Unionist argument that we can leave the Union any time we want we are not being held in it?
      We need to show that we are being held in it by subversion before introducing the notion that an election could be used..
      We are sadly not there yet!
      We can see the direction and the possibilities and they are indeed terrifying but they are not yet completely obvious to some of the people we need to wake up!!

    58. Liz g says:

      Me @ 3.24
      And not forgetting ….
      If Westminster don’t sign up to respect the result!!
      Then Holyrood doesn’t have to either and unlike 2015 wouldn’t be obliged to say the next election wasn’t about Independence.
      Westminster need to win a No with a section 30 if they were ever to any chance to “settle” Scotland for any length of time. .

    59. call me dave says:

      O/T Golf.

      Jings! Radio shortbread at the Scottish Open, no footie, well OK so this will be interesting…Oh but No!

      Waxing lyrical about everbody’ favourite Rory…FGS!
      Full coverage of Rory this and that etc.

      Dropped two shots not playing well “so sad” says commentator, “his challenge is over”. 🙁

      There are 3 Scottish golfers out there with a better or equal score on the course…. no sign or word about them.

      Funny Scottish old world!

      I mean I like Rory but what about it shortbread?

      Watching it on live stream too and it’s no better there really.

    60. Breeks says:

      Liz g says:
      13 July, 2019 at 3:32 pm
      Me @ 3.24
      And not forgetting ….
      If Westminster don’t sign up to respect the result!!…..
      Westminster need to win a No with a section 30 if they were ever to any chance to “settle” Scotland for any length of time….

      If a Section 30 Agreement is needed for the result to be respected, then where is the vital Section 30 Agreement between Westminster and the EU which “allowed” the Brexit Referendum to happen and the result to stand?

      One rule for some…

    61. Golfnut says:

      @ Liz g

      We are certainly being held by subversion and I think most observers outwith the UK can see that, but we are where we are.
      The FM stated that the next 6 months are going to be really tough, so the Westminster propaganda units are going to be on a war footing, and those demanding action
      are going to be a lot vociferous, the Yes movement needs to find a way, a peaceful way, of taking some of the pressure of the FM.

    62. Bill McLean says:

      o/t Anyone know anything about Robert P ?

    63. Arthur Thomson says:

      Johnson epitomises the Tory membership – bumbling geriatrics who have zero responsibility and an over inflated conceit. The London elite can’t help but big up his “intelligence” because they can’t face up to the reallity that they are being out witted by a half wit.

      Nobody has the remotest clue what is going to happen in the months ahead – least of all Johnson. For certain it is going to be interesting.

      I wonder who is planning what with Johnson as the glove puppet fronting their evil intent.

      Johnson wouldn’t even be a thing of Corbyn wasn’t equally dire.

    64. call me dave says:

      @Bill McLean

      Asked that yesterday… it’s been two or three days now.

    65. Essexexile says:

      You know when you just catch a snippet of somebody’s conversation?

      Well, I was in a pub in deepest blue Essex this lunchtime and on my way to the gents heard a lady of advancing years proclaim ‘Just you wait until Boris is in charge, THEN they’ll be sorry!’
      I sh*t you not.

    66. Bill McLean says:

      Thanks for response cmd – bit worrying. Who knows Robert personally? Maybe he has just given up as he has been taking a lot of flak recently. I hope not. Robert is an educator and we need him given some of the crap that others spout!

    67. Cactus says:

      Greetings frae oor sunny east coast, fine Scotland

      Let’s get up to sum mischief dis weekend

      Ahm awe IN

    68. Clapper57 says:

      Ross Thomson has gone rogue…Lol…the tank commander has lost contact with one of her stormtroopers and he is now active behind enemy lines and will more than likely go full commando ….apparently he now has ‘friends’ in higher ranking places ( emphasis on rank) and has sworn allegiance to the ‘English’ project currently being orchestrated by his new chief commander Bojo Blusterblob.

      Ross T, the fisherman’s friend , sees an opportunity to advance what would, could and should have been a lacklustre career into a position of chief dogsbody and lapdog with benefits…benefits mainly being unfettered access to the patrons of HOC bars….of which he is no STRANGER to….apparently…though the snail like investigating process with which the Tories in Scotland are dealing with a certain incident involving fanboy explains how we now see him rise to the stratosphere ( only in England) as the Scottish campaign manager to a candidate that most peeps in Scotland say would convert them to Yes should he, Bojo not fanboy, be the next PM Lol.

      This indeed is a match made in hells bells ,dumb and dumbass, blustering and blundering from one fuck up to another….the stars for Independence are indeed aligned though as this unsavoury combination are a perfect recipe, for Scots who were formerly unsure, to now surely concede the Union is indeed dead and beyond resuscitation….if this gruesome twosome are all that represent the future of UK(not)OK….Yes is quids in…or as Ross would say , being a fisherman’s friend, squids in.

      Bojo knows that Ross, the fisherman’s friend, is not the catch of the day and I am sure he will be tossed back to the depths from whence he came….a useful idiot blinded by his own greedy and needy ambition and (always) oblivious to the people he is supposed to represent…that is those ‘other’ people who are not the millionaires who own the fishing quotas/rights…..a minnow pretending to be a big fish…he came from a small pond and acts like he owns the sea…..does Toss.

      Funny how Ruth is all like full blown army while Ross T prefers to rule the waves….in the navy via a fishing boat…but both will bow down to he that could be the new ‘hammer’ of the Scots…’hammer’ as in I am sure he will manage to put the final ‘nail’ in the (non) Union even he no longer wants as is a niggling thorn in his side that he cannot be arsed addressing or caring about so will remove once Brexit mob in England tell him to let us go…Ross knows Bojo is a shark ( great white or rather blonde) but wee fanboy so loves to bask in his glory….. via association.

      Happily this will end badly for both of them….because c**ts eventually c**t up everything simply because of the fact that they are c**ts…and the bible says the meek shall inherit Brexit UK(not)OK not the c**ts…apologies to Christians and remainers for that but could not resist.

      Ruth must be raging….Ross has gone off message and she can’t do jack shit about it…..oh my what a shame…and he ain’t the only one of the maleficent thirteen whose left the parochial branch manager behind…some others have gone all metropolitan too L..O..feckin…L.

    69. Republicofscotland says:

      One of England’s propaganda news channels in Scotland, BBC Shortbread “news” is in the process of picking the new House Jock, to replace the old very obedient House Jock Jackie B.

    70. Artyhetty says:

      Re;Dr Jim@1.08pm

      Absolutely spot on Dr.Jim. If anyone were an SNP politician, and especially the leader of the party, to keep telling the opposition what your plans are, and how you are going to implement those plans, you’d be daft as brush.

      Surely yes, after 300+ years of colonial rule over Scotland in order to keep the people down, compliant and neutered, while removing, ( stealing ) their resources, land and revenues right under their noses, you would think that the people of Scotland would realise they are being lied to every time a Britnat politician opens their greedy mouth.

      The Britnats know how to play the people, and they have all of the levers of corrupt power and money to keep pulling the wool over the peoples’ eyes.

      SNP are keeping Scotland afloat, mitigating Tory attacks on the most vulnerable and also facing massive ‘budget’ cuts to our country. At the same time they are using strategy and tactics to restablish Scotland as an independent country, not one colonised and controlled by the evil corrupt, elitist, undemocratic people in power next door!

      ‘Slowly slowly catchy monkey’ as they say, some clever patience is required right now.

      Imagine, just imagine what Scotland would be like right now, if a Britnat party were in power at Holyrood, look what they didn’t do for Scotland in the 10 years Labour were cosily sitting in the most comfy seats at Holyrood, they did zilch, except plunge Scotland into billions of £’s of debt, for decades to come.

      A disgrace, oh and not to mention the £1,5 BILLION that Labour leader Jack McConnell sent BACK to WM saying, ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’. Not schools, not housing, infrastructure, health, social care, jobs creation, nope, nothing. Unforgiveable to say the very least.

      I will support and vote for the SNP because I want Scotland to have a government working for the good of all in my country, with independence as the ultimate goal, the icing on the cake.

      Crumbs sent back from Westminster, once they have removed revenues, will not keep Scotland from starving though, and I am sure the SNP are fully aware of that.

    71. Liz g says:

      Breeks @ 4.09
      As I understand it Breeks…
      There was a section 30 for the EU referendum.
      There is a section 30 for a General election.
      It’s a standard bit of legislation for the Westminster Parliament to acknowledge a vote , any vote.
      It wasn’t necessary for the EU to sign it,because they don’t have a say in whether Westminster will or won’t acknowledge a vote…
      Also the EU have article 50 the Treaty of the Union between Westminster and Holyrood obviously does not!

      But you have touched on the nub of the matter…
      The EU can disregard all the votes it wants to but if their member votes to end the current Treaty arrangements then the Treaty gets ended!!!

      We want a section 30 to smooth the way but we don’t need a section 30 and it most certainly isn’t required to make the referendum legal! As much as Westminster would like to pretend it did!!!
      The power to hold referendums is already devolved the only way to make a referendum illegal would be to remove the power from Holyrood to hold any referendums at all.
      What Westminster are pinning their hopes on is that because it’s about the reserved Constitution they are not bound to pay any heed to a Yes result…. Which is why the bigger the Yes vote the better is the way to go!!!

    72. Cactus says:

      How we doin’ Caledonia?

    73. Fairliered says:

      O/T our old friend HYFUD, who was chased back to Political Betting (aka Stormfront Lite) is now also a figure of ridicule there, due to his fandom of Boris. ?

    74. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      kapelmeister at 8.37

      Plan B at the moment is bollocks. Now is most certainly not the time for it. Plan A is just right. Go for a Section 30. Dare them to refuse (in front of the whole world)the essential tenet of the UN Charter to which the UK is an orignal signtory.

      Shouting for a Plan B is conceding on Plan A to the enemy. We can do without this stupdity and politcal naivety

      Let the enemy damage itself by trying to deny a Section 30. As Nicola says that position in not sustainable and hugely strengthing our support at the same time.

    75. Dr Jim says:

      It’s bad enough for one country to abuse another then to tell them it’s their fault that they’re losers

      Nicola Sturgeon is one of the people of Scotland no different from all the rest of us, and that makes her an abused woman, but there’s a difference with the FM, she’s an abused woman with friends education and a dirk

      The dirk’s in and they’re bleeding, it’s when she pulls it out they’ll start dying

      Some folk don’t agree with the FM and make a lot of noise about not agreeing with her, and that’s their right, she is a politician it comes with the job she chose, but what not one single one of those people have to do is put up with the massive amount of personal abuse the FM takes every single day, more abuse than I can remember any politician taking in my lifetime

      The FM could be your sister, your daughter, niece, cousin
      what would you do if one of your family was subjected to what she takes from some of the foulest mouthed Bastirts the Internet can dig up, not to mention opposition politicians, I bet you’d change your job

      She’s still here

    76. TD says:

      Liz at 5:54 p.m.

      That is not correct. “Section 30” refers to Section 30 of the Scotland Act 1998 which specifies the matters to be reserved to Westminster. Everything else is devolved. But under Section 30, Westminster can “unreserve” something – such as the power to hold a referendum. Section 30 is not exclusively about elections or referenda – it could be about any matter which is reserved being temporarily devolved.

      So there was no Section 30 for the EU referendum and there is no Section 30 for a general election. The EU referendum was provided for by the European Referendum Act of 2015 and general elections to the Westminster parliament are provided for by the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011.

    77. Bill McLean says:

      Nice one Dr Jim. Nicola is a great lassie and politician and knows what she is doing. She will get us there despite unionist malevolence and some gobshites who appear here regularly and know better than she does. Lucky them they don’t have to put up with the horrors thrown Nicola’s way every day. Where is Robert P?????

    78. Dr Jim says:

      Plan B is for people with no confidence in plan A, or for people to sew the seeds of doubt about plan A

      That’s what the opposition came up with in 2014 to undermine confidence and Alex Salmond fell for that one because he answered it, how many plan B,C,Ds do you need if you know the one you’ve got will work, and why would you tell anybody anyway if you did

      If you want to hammer in a nail you get one big bloody hammer and hit it, you don’t get lots of little hammers so everyone gets a wee tap

      Everybody wants to be the general

    79. Dr Jim says:

      @Bill McLean 6:25pm

      Robert’s probably fed up with the horrors being thrown at him every day by the same suspects, and quite heavily at times, It wouldn’t surprise me,
      Robert can be brusque but that’s his style and if folk don’t care for it they don’t have to either read it or abuse him for it, he’s not the enemy, just like the FM, some folk get confused over who they think they’re fighting against

    80. sassenach says:

      Agreeing, once again with your posts @ 6-16 and 6-28, Dr Jim.

      It’s worrying about Robert Peffers absence (following our other ‘stalwart, Nana having ‘hammers’!), and I hope it’s just a temporary respite for him, after some pretty nasty disputes recently.
      He taught me so much about Scottish history and it’s relevance to where we are now. Come back soon, if you are able, Robert.

    81. kapelmeister says:

      Dave McEwen Hill@6:02pm

      I wasn’t saying that I thought this Plan B was undeniably excellent Dave. I just think it’s not wise to close down debates or options. Why should consideration of a Plan B be conceding on Plan A to the enemy? I’ve always been instructed that confusing opponents is a sound stratagem. Then there’s the question of morale and not making the rank and file feel completely left out of the loop.

      As for faith in the U.N. Charter. It’s not quite as clear cut on the issue of self-determination as is sometimes assumed. There is undoubtedly a lot of sympathy for Scotland worldwide but that doesn’t guarantee an overwhelming degree of solid political support from foreign governments. As the independentists of Catalunya have rather bitterly discovered.

    82. Sarah says:

      @sassenach and others concerned about Robert P: the last time he was missing recently it was due to IT tech problems. Hoping it will be the same cause this time.

    83. Tartan Tory says:

      There’s a face I’d be happy to see under a bus……

      Of course, Boris is in the picture too!! 🙂

    84. Abulhaq says:

      Scotland is on its own in this matter. As is every ‘ethnicity’ attempting to carve out a place in the world. If you don’t ‘shape up’ no one will care. Beggars do not have friends. This is our particular fight. If we wish to be England’s plaything or we decide to give them a bloody nose that is our business.
      Scotland has been England’s subordinate for three hundred plus years, breaking the habit will take rather more than what is currently proffered by the nationalist establishment.
      There is no such thing as Scottish exceptionalism in this. As in the case of all colonial possessions the hard reality of the nature of the adversary has to be faced, challenged and overcome, regardless of ‘cost’.
      Many old school nationalists, unfortunately, do not have the nerve to do that.
      Like Scotland on the sportsfield, Scotland on the political field may be all initial tartan bravado followed by
      glorious, sentimentalized defeat.
      Scotland needs to play to win.

    85. Cactus says:

      Ah just asked a friendly neighbour…

      Did you vote for independence?

      She said “I voted to stay here”

      Correct answer

      Yes knows

    86. galamcennalath says:

      Thatcher’s antics played a big part in the huge majority for devolution and Holyrood.

      Johnson will complete the job and ensure Holyrood becomes a fully empowered parliament of an independent Scotland.

      When the history of Scotland’s move to independence and the breakup of the UK is written, I have no doubt the Tory party, it’s far right free market ideology, its embrace of English Nationalism, its lack of mandate to rule the entire UK, and the sidelining of Scotland’s will and expectations, will all be central elements.

      Thatcher, Cameron, May, and Johnson will be key players who contributed to the new order in these Isles.

      A controversial opinion – Scotland needs Boris Johnson as PM to act as a catalyst to complete the independence process. Everything about the man, everything he stands for, has Vote Yes stamped on it.

    87. Cactus says:


      Hey it’s Saturday nite!

      Up tae?

    88. Cactus says:

      Wella wella, AHM up tae nae good, one is not the wizard and neither the expert, but aye do try to do things…

      Good evening Cameron B

      What ye feelin’?

    89. Cactus says:

      Toon talk…

      Love the eyes Cairnstoon, U got em doon tae ah tea

      The Johnson is the Trash Heap:

    90. Terry callachan says:

      Plan A or Plan B or perhaps at some point Plan C ?

      At present we are kind of lucky here in Scotland because the Labour Party and the Conservative and Unionist Party are useless across the whole of the UK.
      That is an advantage the Scottish Independence movement have at present but may not have forever.

      People across the UK are unhappy with political partys in general and have shifted to UKIP then the Brexit Party and now the Liberal Democrat Party desperately trying to find a trustworthy honourable politician that will represent them but they won’t , the whole lot of them are corrupt self serving wasters…

      Why is Scotland lucky ? well it’s because this is the best chance we will ever have to achieve Scottish independence and all because those political party,s named above are so useless.

      They will not always be so useless , this kind of malaise in public office has happened before and will no doubt happen again.
      There will be a time at some point in future when the Labour Party and the Conservative and unionist party become efficient and effective again, when I say effective I mean effective in terms of introducing and carrying out policies promised to the electorate.

      I can remember times in my lifetime when these party’s did implement policies promised to the electorate it was a long time ago but it did happen

      We don’t have forever to bring about Scottish independence .
      Many voters on the fence would quickly switch back to Labour if they gained power and did things like nationalise the railways , reverse austerity and introduce policies that end the housing crisis and policies that see a considerable increase in living standards for the many.
      policies perfectly within the grasp of a Labour Party in power.

      I think it will be some time perhaps several years before Labour could ever stabilise itself in order to achieve an election win that would put them in government in Westminster but it’s certainly a possibility and should not be discounted as impossible.

      I’m not in favour of rushing in to having a Scottish independence referendum right now I don’t have the knowledge or expertise required to make a decision about when the right time to do it would be but I can appreciate that if we don’t do it at the right time and succeed it might be a long time before we get another chance and if you consider that we kind of consider the 2014 referendum to have been a shortish time ago it was in fact five years ago so if five years is a short time in referendum cycles what would a long time be ?
      Just ask yourself that question .

      I ask myself that question each time I hear a good and persuasive call for quicker action

      I ask myself that question each time I hear people saying that the SNP are too slow or have become complacent

      Then I see sense and realise that the people with the expertise and knowledge who can best make the judgement about when to hold the Scottish independence referendum are those leading the SNP

      I value the opinions of those who are calling for urgency and immediate action and an end to S30 requests but I value the opinions of those leading the SNP more, much more because I can see all the brave benefits they have brought to Scotland even with the persistent obstacles placed before them every day by people in Westminster and the House of Lords and people within our Scottish parliament and all their hangers on and lackies such as the BBC and the newspapers.

      The SNP took us on this most recent journey have faith now is not the time to abandon them.
      Support the SNP
      Support all who want Scottish independence

    91. Footsoldier says:

      Sassenach 6.39 – buy a few Scottish history books. Get a broad perspective on Scottish history.

    92. Cactus says:

      A good evening to you Terry callachan

      A good evening to you too Footsoldier

      What and how is your feel THIS fine here Samedi soir


    93. Ghillie says:

      Hey There Cactus 🙂

      Well said Terry =)

    94. North chiel says:

      Great post @ 0615 pm from “Dr Jim” . The Westminster establishment are in complete disarray . Bojo the new chosen “front man” is a desperate “ throw of the dice” . However if you think that Brexit will happen on Oct 31 st then “ think again” folks . With the parliament against Brexit ( far less a no deal Brexit) , Bojo will have to call a GE to go for broke ie He needs a majority in Parliament for his EU exit . Now either he gets a majority ( Tory landslide? ) or he doesn’t . If he doesn’t then possibly his premiership will be the shortest in history. If he gets his majority then his Brexit is a done deal and THEN and only THEN will the mandate of being taken out of the EU against the sovereign will of the Scottish people be “ in play” . The question is what “ further mandate” will our FM demand ahead of the expected SNP landslide win re this GE? How about “ immediate” negotiations to withdraw from the union treaty of 1707 if Bojo proceeds with “ any Brexit” to be ratified via referendum ?? Notwithstanding any refusal to negotiate would result in legal action to confirm the sovereign wishes of the people of Scotland to remain in the EU and simoultaneously withdraw/revoke the union treaty?? If Bojo is just a front to nullify any no deal Brexit then we may have to “ think again” . Remember both the Tory party and Westminster establishment are fighting for survival and the “ precious precious union comes first ( even ahead of Bojo).

    95. Muscleguy says:


      I suspect it could well be a good tactical move. If the Plan B is said to be before it is enacted then the Yoons are very likely to bring a pre-emptive spoiling judicial review of it.

      So just like you shouldn’t stop your enemies making their mistake we should not let the ‘enemy’ know our strategy.

      I’m as impatient to go again as the next person on here (in a heartbeat Nicola, a heartbeat) but getting the strategies and tactics right in advance without interference is necessary.

      Just like the criticism of SNP efforts to stop Brexit. We have to show the international community that we tried EVERYTHING to no avail and so ‘this’ is our only option. We will need international support for whatever it is.

    96. Bill McLean says:

      Dr Jim – thanks for response. Agree with you totally. Hope Robert is back with us soon. What is it with people who cant tolerate a different opinion and how many of them know as much Scottish history as our man Robert. Hope he’s OK!

    97. call me dave says:

      New post and a tiny sub sample figs poll. Plus ‘plan b’

    98. Cactus says:

      Howde Ghillie babe

      We are Scotland



    99. Cactus says:

      Hey 907

      William Wallace

      Aye summon thee…

    100. Thepnr says:

      The same people have been screaming for a second Independence referendum pretty much since Sept 2017 and again that it had to be held by September 2018.

      If Nicola Sturgeon had listened to them then the most probable result would have been another No vote and a third referendum would be a long time in coming.

      There is absolutely no one who could deny that a Yes vote in any upcoming referendum is much more likely to result in a victory for Yes than it ever was 9 months ago.

      The same people come on Wings everyday greeting and whinging about the tardiness of Nicola Sturgeon in failing to call for a referendum. They totally ignore the fact that she has been consistent in her statements of when she believed the next referendum should be.

      “When the terms of Brexit are clear” has always been her position.

      We’re almost but not quite there now and that is plain for everyone to see and so you have had a second statement that the next referendum will “most likely” be in the second half of 2020 and a referendum bill is in the process of going through Holyrood in order to put that in place.

      Nicola Sturgeon has been absolutely right despite those that come on here telling you she is wrong. If you can’t see that there is a greater chance of becoming Independent with Boris Johnson as PM then you’re either a liar or an idiot.

      Patience has proven to be a virtue, the best laugh of all will come when in all likelihood we are still members of the EU after Oct 31st. The gammon in England will explode into great big globby pieces all over out politics and it is then that Scotland will act.

      The moaners on here will still moan, fuck them we have our Independence to win and that means giving all the support you can.

    101. frogesque says:

      Plan B, ensure Plan A works!

    102. Ken500 says:

      Now is not the time for division or diversion. A united front is needed or the opposition will make trouble with it. The opposition are disintegrating. Coming apart at the seams. A total chaos. The case for Independence can only benefit. Thatcher held back Devolution for twenty years. Once the Tories are gone soon. Independence will follow. The time to have an Indy/Ref is when it can be won. Have a little faith and patience. Just keep on voting SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get another to vote. The tide will turn. Scotland can get an S30 in the Courts because of the way the Westminster unionists have treated Scotland.

    103. Colin Alexander says:

      Regarding the SNP having the expertise on strategy and not letting your enemies know what you are doing:

      Prior to indyref1 the SNP told the UK Govt their Pound sharing proposals long in advance of the indyref. The SNP working on the presumption of mutual co-operation and gentlemen’s agreement (The Edinburgh Agreement). We see how that went.

      Assuming co-operation from the UK state in Scottish independence was a blunder on a monumental scale. Sharing the Pound as a political campaigning strategy was also a huge blunder.

      I think it’s fair to say few could have expected the sheer flagrant bias and interference by the BBC and UK Civil Service. The Vow was a flagrant breach of “purdah” convention, as it involved David Cameron who was then Prime Minister.

      It’s basically the same people in charge (minus Salmond) at SNP headquarters / Scot Govt, as then. Is there evidence that the incompetency of the SNP in their campaigning strategies have been resolved since then? The most recent litmus test of this, the UK GE of 2017 was, in my opinion, the worst ever SNP election campaign.

      Some people believe the lack of revealed plans this time around means lesson learned: they have good plans but are not revealing their hand too early this time. However, that is an assumption.

      An alternative equally plausible explanation is: there was no strategy to reveal, no plans, no preparation; the SNP were totally unprepared for another independence campaign despite this supposedly being their whole reason for existence.

      What is the truth? I don’t know. Like almost every other commentator, I am left to speculate.

    104. Cactus says:

      One could soon be be swamped…

      Available options:

      – Climb into ah Strathclyde Regional Council grit salt bin
      – Drink
      – Chill

      The CHOICE is urs, Scotland

      Aye FUCKING aye

    105. Cactus says:

      Aweright Colin A on a Saturday night ~

      How ye dayin’, mate…

      Huv ye ever read The Digger?

      Aye have


    106. Thepnr says:

      What more evidence could you ever need hahaha.

    107. Liz g says:

      TD @ 6.25
      If you say so TD
      I only vaguely remember reading that section 30 orders were standard business for a plebiscite with Westminster and couldn’t argue it…
      But thanks for the information…

    108. Liz g says:

      Cactus @ 9.28
      Eh Cactus if your looking for a Strathclyde Regional Council bin ??
      Ye might be a while!!!
      In fact I’ll bet we have Indy before he find it 🙂

    109. sassenach says:

      Thepnr @ 9-13pm

      Well said, sick and tired of the moaners (who are really just about disruption and splitting our votes).

      We trusted Nicola to bring us this far, of course the BritNats, on here, would love to see us try and overthrow our FM, and so many repeat posts on here are suggesting this (or burning our SNP membership cards!!!).

      It’s so obvious a tactic, are we really so stupid that we don’t recognise the unionist themes? I don’t think so.

      Let Nicola finish the job.

    110. ben madigan says:

      I hope Robert Peffers is OK –
      His silence is strange –
      We all know his health is not the best.
      He’s lost his wife and son and maybe even his wee dog (AFAI can recall)
      He is an elderly man, living alone.
      Does any Winger know him personally?
      Does anyone live nearby and can go and check out that he’s OK?
      Sincerely hope someone can

    111. TD says:

      Ken500 at 9:23

      “Scotland can get an S30 in the Courts because of the way the Westminster unionists have treated Scotland.”

      No it can’t. An order under Section 30 of the Scotland Act is an order in council made by the queen on the recommendation of the Westminster government. The courts cannot make a Section 30 order.

      There could be a role for the courts in bringing about independence, but if there is I suspect it will be around the sovereignty of the Scottish people. I can see a legal argument which might go something like this:

      1. The Scottish people are sovereign as a matter of legal fact.
      2. Therefore if the Scottish people elect a government which is pledged to hold a referendum, then that is what should happen.
      3. Irrespective of S30 of the Scotland Act 1998, the Scottish people’s will must prevail.

      Each point in that argument would need to be argued in court and if we failed on any one, we lose. But if we win…

      Ironically, the more we try to get a S30 order out of the UK government, including if anyone tried to do so through the courts, that is an admission of the sovereignty of Westminster. If Nicola is successful in getting a Section 30 order for a referendum, that will be acknowledging Westminster’s sovereignty. But that doesn’t matter if we get the referendum and win. And of course the same legal argument could be used to go straight to independence – skipping the referendum. But that would be risky – it could and no doubt would be argued that the election result did not prove the majority will of the people – only a referendum can do that.

      All in all, it will be much simpler and probably quicker to ask for the Section 30 order. But we should only do so when we are as sure as we can be that we have the majority with us. The good news? It’s all moving our way rather nicely, even if a little slower than we would like.

    112. Iain 2 says:

      Most people in Scotland have faith in Nicola doing the best for Scotland.
      Any one else is sadly just a yoon, and the time of the English empire is over.

    113. Rick H Johnston says:

      Not debating is not the same as rejection.
      SNP leaders will choose the right time to adopt alternative strategies to get to Independence.
      Sure we’re all frustrated but showing our hand in public debate would suit London just fine.
      Time to keep a calm souch and realise with opinion polls showing SNP support rising, the UK is nearing its end game.

    114. Dr Jim says:

      The Queen and her power

      She has none, not even the power over a public lavvy
      The House of Commons (note: House of Commons and NOT Prime Minister) controls every public word she says and all documents deemed to be requiring her signature are convention for appearances only to give the masses the idea that somehow there’s some sovereignty involved in their lives but there isn’t, she goes where she’s told and she says what she’s told to say and signs what they give her whether she likes it or not

      Actually in some respects she’s got less freedom than any of us, at least we can say whatever the hell we like (almost) and at least the people of Scotland are sovereign whereas unfortunately the people of England are not (they just don’t know it)

      Some of our ancestors were quite clever that way

      It’s why the Scottish parliament must carry out the will of the Scottish people but Westminster doesn’t have to do that because Westminster is sovereign in England, not the people

      So all that guff about the will of the people is and was just that, guff (they don’t have to do anything the English population say, they can reject anything they want, they chose not to)

      She even has to negotiate the amount of her yearly Giro

    115. Lenny Hartley says:

      Dr Jim, was at a talk by Ken McDonald last night, he pointed out that every year in the lead up to Betty’s pay rise a photo of her in a huge room with a 2 bar electric fire appears in the press to show the peons how frugal she is with their money.

    116. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’d forgotten I had a working knowledge of how culture works. Bits of it are coming back though.

      Time for a paradox? We’re all individually special (some of us more than others 🙂 ), and none of us are special, as we are all “rights-bearing” human beings of comparable human ‘value’. Unless you are Bojo and a bit of a social Darwinist who links human value to intellect and utilitarian/economic potential. A bit of a biological deterministic and cultural chauvinist, frankly. A misogynistic nationalist, in other words.

      Being brought up to think of yourself as ‘special’, increases the probability you’ll turn out messed-up and self-regarding. The same can happen to cultural institutions and social cognition (see the full-English Brexit).

      Cultural transmission and social communication: a cognition and culture approach to everyday metaphor about knowledge, learning, and understanding


      Cultural transmission theory and methods focus on the qualities of cultural artefacts (e.g. religious beliefs, supernatural ideas, folk stories) to understand how and why some spread and last better than others. This epidemiological approach is part of a broader project, cognition and culture, which seeks to understand links between mind and culture. Cognition and culture is concerned with universal, recurrent cultural phenomena, whose developmental acquisition and patterns of distribution and variation may be linked to innate mental competencies.

      Anthropologists, ethno- and cognitive linguists, and cognitive and developmental psychologists have established that metaphor exhibits exactly these characteristics—universality, cultural variation, and developmental acquisition patterns. Yet, the cultural transmission of metaphor has not been addressed in the cognition and culture literature. This thesis proposes a novel application of an epidemiological account of cultural transmission to small-scale, linguistic, cultural artefacts-everyday, sensorimotor metaphorical talk about knowledge, learning, and understanding.

      Serial reproduction tasks, experiments, interviews, and metaphor analysis were used in a mixed-methods approach to investigate the use and transmission of metaphorical language. Three initial experimental studies, which aimed to investigate transmission advantages of metaphor, showed no statistically significant effects of metaphor on transmission fidelity of short stories across serial reproduction chains.Four further studies were conducted to follow up on these findings. Results of the first follow-up experiment, more sensitive to the agency of speakers in communicative exchange, indicated that metaphorical prompts to invent stories yielded more metaphors in the story endings and descriptions.

      Findings from experimental and conversation-based judgement tasks suggested that metaphorical language provided more inferential potential than non-metaphorical language to support assessments of the verbal material and inferences about the speaker. The final qualitative study revealed ways that metaphor is used to support social interaction and co-operation in more naturalistic conversation contexts.

      Overall, it was found that social and pragmatic aspects of communication, undetectable in traditional serial reproduction experiments, contribute significantly to the wide distribution, or cultural success, of metaphor. An account of the cultural success of metaphor based in inferential processes that support social interaction is proposed. Reflections are offered on its theoretical and methodological implications for the epidemiological view of cultural transmission and its generalisability to different types of cultural artefacts.

    117. Cactus says:

      Fuck you, you fuck…


      LOVE the FUCK

      Fuck knows

    118. Cactus says:

      Aweright Arran Lenny, Dr J knows

      Try me laters, watch the clock


    119. Cactus says:

      Now is the time to ESCAPE

      Fucking gospel Liz g

      Howde Liz babe

    120. Cactus says:

      Hey you et fuck you, iScotland is soon

      Cheers lurkers…

      Ye’ll B here soon

    121. Liz g says:

      How ye doing Cactus 🙂

    122. Colin Alexander says:

      Cactus, Good evening. Hope you’re having a guid yin the nite.

      No, haven’t read the Digger. What’s it about?

    123. Cactus says:

      Bonnie Liz babe….

      East coasting it

      Nae idea where aye ahm…

      HOW ARE YOU, BABE xx

    124. Cactus says:

      Fucking midnight and beyond Colin…

      Ahm still here


    125. Cactus says:

      The SRC salt bin is callin’ Lg…

      Aye have available options…

      What shood aye do?

    126. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m cooking with gas tonight. 😉



      In our attempts to understand the world around us and to navigate our way through life, we adopt a wide variety of beliefs, the content of which ranges from the mundane (the best brand of detergent, the most flattering hairstyle) to the profound (the meaning of life, the existence of God). One of the most significant characteristics of our beliefs is the degree to which we become personally invested in them. The attachment may be so strong that our beliefs feel as if they are a vital and indispensable component of our very identity.

      What happens, then, when our beliefs are challenged by new facts (such as research data)? Particularly those beliefs that we happen to like? Or those that we regard as important?

      Or those that we have come to accept as truths? If we were to respond to such challenges in a purely rational manner, we would simply detach our personal feelings from the dispute, evaluate the substance of the challenge as objectively and dispassionately as possible, and then, if appropriate, modify our beliefs accordingly. We would, in other words, accommodate the new information by modifying our preexisting schemas (see assimilation bias, p. xx).

      But we are not always so rational. In fact, sometimes we are not rational at all. Specifically, when our beliefs are being challenged, we are prone to feel that we personally are being challenged. When our beliefs are criticized, we feel criticized. When our beliefs are attacked, we feel attacked….

      P.S. this text is pretty much essential reading, if you want a concise ‘know-how’ of how culture and society work.

    127. Dr Jim says:

      I can’t even remember the last time I read the Digger it’s been ages

    128. Cactus says:

      Dj, twas reading earlier…

      It’s the conversation that counts, aye fuck aye

      Let’s FUCK like

      (for the people)





    129. Cactus says:

      Come in the Cam

    130. Cactus says:

      How ye doin Colin…

      One must find his way HOME…

      Can you help me Colin A…

      Have aye fucked you?

    131. Liz g says:

      I’m good Cactus just getting everything ready for the BBC Demo tomorrow
      Are you going?

    132. Cactus says:

      Nae chance…

      Ah only FUCK the birds

      Love the pussy

    133. Cactus says:

      Weekend demo lg…

      Yer fuckin right

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    134. Cactus says:

      Ahm in Crail, there are people awe aroon me…

      People are good


    135. Cactus says:

      My love…

      Fucksake Scotland

      Dr J dude knows

    136. Cactus says:

      Dude’s ahm on main street

      Love is sumfin’,

      Big headache ah comin

    137. Cactus says:

      Fuck the fuckers dj….

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      Go dj


    138. Cactus says:

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      Let’s see whit happens ra morra you FUCKING CUNT you

      Love the LOVE you cunty fuck and fuck U

      Mon the cunt

    139. Cactus says:

      Dudes, ah dinnae where ahm at like… Help m3

    140. Meg merrilees says:

      Interesting article in the Mirror tmrw. Seems the fragrant Isobel Oakshott may be involved in the leaking of the UK Ambassador to USA’s e mail. Seems the lady is also the lover of the Brexit Party’s chief and he has been calling for the UK Ambassador to be replaced with someone who is pro Brexit.
      Police and Official secrets concerns could make this quite an interesting development. Maybe she’ll have to miss some episode of Question Time. Cover blown now!

    141. Iain mhor says:

      I started commenting BTL a long time ago.
      I thought, why not, just occasionally, its not a high bar to clear… With a good run up I can make that.
      Then I began to think it was a relstively easy step over.
      I’m stubbing my toe on it now.
      That’s a pain I can do without.
      Shame really.

    142. Iain mhor says:

      Fitting there was a typo… The pointless concern for a small attention to detail. *Sigh

    143. CameronB Brodie says:

      And when you put all this ‘weird sociology’ stuff together, you get a left-field hypothesis of what sort of structural undermining of cultural identity, Scotland has endured. Remember also that the full-English Brexit is down to England’s perceived threat to ‘Britain’s’ cultural identity. To many who voted to leave the EU, the economy is a secondary concern, at best.

      One to cross-pollinate our understanding of culture and (under)achievement, both individual and cultural. Remember, England’s post-colonial malaise has a honkin’ whiff of (cultural) patriarchy about it. Bojo is just the man to revel in that sort of shit-show.

      Sorry Robert. 😉

      Interacting With Sexist Men Triggers Social Identity Threat Among Female Engineers

      Social identity threat is the notion that one of a person’s many social identities may be at risk of being devalued in a particular context (C. M. Steele, S. J. Spencer, & J. Aronson, 2002). The authors suggest that in domains in which women are already negatively stereotyped, interacting with a sexist man can trigger social identity threat, undermining women’s performance.

      In Study 1, male engineering students who scored highly on a subtle measure of sexism behaved in a dominant and sexually interested way toward an ostensible female classmate. In Studies 2 and 3, female engineering students who interacted with such sexist men, or with confederates trained to behave in the same way, performed worse on an engineering test than did women who interacted with nonsexist men. Study 4 replicated this finding and showed that women’s underperformance did not extend to an English test, an area in which women are not negatively stereotyped.

      Study 5 showed that interacting with sexist men leads women to suppress concerns about gender stereotypes, an established mechanism of stereotype threat. Discussion addresses implications for social identity threat and for women’s performance in school and at work.

      Keywords: social identity threat, stereotype threat, women in engineering, sexism, interactions

      P.S. An intersectional perspective does not deny biology, it recognises the interaction between the different ‘life roles’ that individuals performs in life, and how this intersection impacts and impinges on our personal well-being and life opportunities/fulfillment. In woke terminology it is ‘radical’, as it acknowledges sex, race, and class. The history of “Women’s Studies” indicates this perspective is supportive of women’s social position.

    144. Mary miles says:

      Hi from Tassie

      Just want to add my concern that Robert P is ok. Wings is the poorer without his input.

    145. Abulhaq says:

      All about the Great Leader and her aggressive pursuit of a social libertarian agenda. Independence?…go hang!
      The SNP had no right to interfere in this devolved NI matter.
      Westminster bait taken, hook and line.
      SNP strategy, toe the line, don’t complain and stuff your conscience. Those old Labourite factionalist habits die hard.

    146. Marie Clark says:

      Morning folks, I don’t comment so much on WOS at the moment, seems other regular posters are the same, as they have stopped posting.

      I always read the blog, but I too have noticed that Robert Peffers has not been posting. I hope that it’s his IT problems and not his health that’s causing the lack of postings. I know that he has been getting a lot of flack recently from certain other posters, so maybe he’s just having a wee rest like a few of us seem to be doing.

      If anyone has news of Robert a few of us here would be pleased to hear how he is doing? Anybody?

    147. Effijy says:

      The Rev is obviously the foundations for this wonderful bridge
      Leading us across troubled waters to independence and each day
      He supplies us with new steely spans that reach out far and wide but
      We can’t complete the structure without the nuts and bots that are
      Contributors like Robert P and Nana.

      Bolts can be oily and sloppy and sometimes the threads are skewed
      But we need them no matter what.

      I’m sure that all 3 would appear in a remarkable documentary on an
      Independent Scottish Television channel and be discussed by future generations.

      A combined strength greater than their individual components.

      The far bank grows closer every day.. let’s keep it all together.

    148. Breeks says:

      Fkn unreal.

      BBC Propaganda leading with Sunday Mail publishing UK Ambassador’s tweets, despite being warned not to by police. …So Sunday Mail as far as I can see is interfering with ongoing legal investigation, potentially putting it in jeopardy just like a certain Yaxley Lennon. Never mentioned of course…

      Then BBC Propaganda wheels out a media “Expert” who says while the police might pursue the whistleblower for breach of trust, it would be very unusual for the police to bring prosecutions against the publisher of leaked material. I’m guessing Julian Assange might disagree there. Again, no mention of Assange of course.

      That’s me watched about 20 seconds of BBC Propaganda and I’m already reaching for the sick bucket.

    149. Undeadshuan says:

      To those critising snp plans , read Sun Tzu

      “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt”

    150. Legerwood says:

      Abulhaq at 9:02 am

      Why would the SNP MPs fear de-selection because of their pro-life views? Has John Mason MSP been de-selected over his pro-life views?

      It was a free vote. The MPs were not whipped by the SNP into voting a certain way. They were allowed to vote according to the dictates of their conscience not the dictates of their party.

    151. Ken500 says:

      If an NI MP can interfere in Scotland. The SNP can support the principles of same sex marriage and abortion rights in NI. The considerable disproportionate funds being distributed in NI because of the illegal Partition and the inequality. The DUP want to be part of the UK but do not want to uphold UK/International Law. They are a Law unto themselves. Breaking the Law at every opportunity.

      The Scottish Gov can easily apply for an S30 through the Courts. Re Peat worrier. The Westminster Gov has judgements made against it, through the Courts every month because of illegal activities.

    152. Bill McLean says:

      Persuaded an uncommitted acquantance to read “Wings” if he wants to find out some truths about our situation in Scotland. I also had to assure him that there is no very little foul language – he’ll probably think i’m a liar now. Very sad!

    153. Jack Murphy says:


      “La Marseillaise”. July 14th, 1989. Jessye Norman, the famous operatic soprano at the Place de la Concorde,Paris.

      La marsellesa, interpretada en París en 1989, en el doscientos aniversario de la revolución francesa.


    154. Petra says:

      ‘’Strong and stable.’’ … ‘’Scotland needs the UK’s broad shoulders.’’ How is that working out for the Scots? Or the English for that matter.

      ‘These are the world’s most fragile states in 2019.’

      The Fragile States Index 2019 … ‘’Any UK citizens alarmed at seeing their nation ranked as the fourth most-worsened will find that three of the 12 indicators used to compile the index were largely behind the low score: the behaviour of ruling elites, social divisions and state legitimacy.

      The authors point to the influence of Brexit as a factor. But they say that long-term worsening of the UK’s score predates the country’s referendum on membership of the European Union. Even before 2016, the authors say the UK had the seventh worst trend for the same three indicators, and suggest the country’s problems are deep-rooted and unlikely to be solved by leaving the EU.’’..

      ‘Gripped by Brexit and dysfunctional, the UK is nearing failed-state status.’

      …”If you don’t believe me (David Pratt), listen to the global organisation whose task it is to monitor such things. Just a few months ago, the results of the annual Fragile States Index was published. Five countries made the rankings as this year’s “most worsened”. While Venezuela and Brazil tied for the undesirable first place, the others who performed worst this year were Nicaragua, Togo and yes, you guessed it, the UK.”..


      @ Bill McLean says at 10:58 am … ”Persuaded an uncommitted acquaintance to read “Wings” if he wants to find out some truths about our situation in Scotland. I also had to assure him that there is no very little foul language – he’ll probably think i’m a liar now. Very sad!”

      ”Very sad”, indeed Bill. I had to stop recommending the site quite some time ago. A real shame when you think that a tiny, tiny minority are actually undermining the contribution of decent posters. And why this is allowed to go on is beyond me.

    155. Petra says:

      Wings is an interesting wee site this weather with more and more genuine Independence supporters disappearing into the ether to be replaced by many who clearly don’t support Independence at all. Whilst posts like Nana’s, for one, were constantly being put into moderation the trash that we’re being subjected to through the night continues to appear on here unabated. No ‘’moderation’’ for them (him). We lose Nana whose contribution was absolutely invaluable to this site, for helping us greatly to acquire our Independence in general, whilst we promote comments that are at the very least off-putting. How on earth are posts like that going to garner support for our cause? If someone knows something that I don’t please enlighten me, ASAP. People are also allowed to come on and say what they will about other posters, such as in my case (which I have no problem with), but when a rebuttal is posted it is put into moderation and then removed altogether. Just wondering what exactly is going on … on here?


      The trans issue, linked to the Yes movement, continues to be a key subject on Twitter ..

      Stu: ‘’If you don’t think this affects you, or Scotland, or the Yes movement, you’re really *dangerously* wrong.’’


      Whilst the Scottish Government has kicked this into the long grass for now.

      ‘Gender recognition law will not be discussed at next SNP conference.’

      …’’Instead of pushing through a new Gender Recognition Act, the Government will now commission new assessments to ensure the new measures did not damage other people’s rights.’’..

    156. Liz g says:

      Ken 500 @ 10.47
      When women from N.Ireland can quite rightly access NHS Scotland for services…. Of course we should have a say.

    157. Andy says:

      Bill McLean says:
      14 July, 2019 at 10:58 am

      “Persuaded an uncommitted acquantance to read “Wings” if he wants to find out some truths about our situation in Scotland. I also had to assure him that there is no very little foul language – he’ll probably think i’m a liar now. Very sad!”

      While Cactus is quite entertaining, I think he should perhaps tone it down a bit. I know it’s not my place, I don’t have any hammers, but just a wee bit less of the Fs would still be just as effective.

    158. Cubby says:


      Great post.

      Only thing I would add is to your sentence ” either a liar or an idiot” OR A PHONEY INDEPENDENCE SUPPORTER. A SNEAKY BRITNAT.

    159. Clapper57 says:

      @ Meh merrilees @ 2.06am

      Hi Meg, unfortunately the wagons are being circled around Isabel and many are leaping onto the freedom of the press bandwagon.

      A couple of days after Darroch story broke Oakeshott was on Sky papers review…defending her position…so I think come September when QT starts up…she will be guest of honour.

      What seems to be more troubling to me is that she seems to be untouchable…and when one considers who she associates with you start to wonder whether, these associates of hers have certain Brexit Tory politicians connected with Leave EU , over a barrel….names/dates/places….this stinks to high heaven.

      Tice on Newsnight calling for resignation of Darroch ( before Darroch did resign) and he stated he thought a pro Brexit businessman should be the new UK ambassador to US….apparently he did not see fit to mention his relationship with journalist (hack) who broke the story…according to sources this relationship has been well known for over a year…but no one in media felt relevant to mention.

      So what else does the press know and are suppressing ?

      Remember Ruth Davidson has been justifying Brexit as a democratic exercise ….so if shit does hit the fan the SNP should be calling into question her judgement and indeed her fitness as leader of Tories in Scotland….no one who has promoted or accepted Brexit should come out of this unscathed…this is indeed a political coup and we all know who is behind it…as do the so called powers that be…so what is stopping them from pursuing this fully…May knows too but it is, as per, party before country.

    160. Arthur C says:

      @ ronnie anderson
      Your facebook link to “Independence Really Useful Fact Page”
      Says it is a closed group, so only members can see it, are you be ironic?

    161. Cubby says:

      At the risk of sounding like headmistress Petra I too think the time is right for Cactus to cut back on the gratuitous swearing posts.

      By the way I think both Petra and Cactus are both “good guys”. In their very different ways they are both strong independence supporters.

      So come on Cactus you can post better than that.

    162. Petra says:

      Professor John Robertson:- ‘One thing is certain in the polls – SNP support at 45 – 46%.’

      ….”You don’t need me to tell you what 45 to 46% means in terms of wiping out the opposition in all but a handful of Lib Dem redoubts.”..


      WGD:- ‘Not hating – what really drives the indy movement.’

      ….”In 2014, a majority of people born in Scotland voted for independence. According to a major survey carried out by Edinburgh University following the independence vote, 52.7% of native born Scots voted in favour of independence in 2014. However of Scottish residents born elsewhere in the UK, overwhelmingly in England, a massive 72.1% voted against independence. These votes were sufficient to swing the overall result to No. This survey was widely reported in the press when it was published in March 2015. For example, there’s this article in the Daily Record, not exactly a bastion of Scottish nationalism :

      The proof that the campaign for independence is not motivated by anti-English racism lies in the fact that despite a majority of native born Scots voting in favour of independence in 2014, this is not an issue in the independence campaign. You will not hear any mainstream independence campaigner or mainstream pro-independence party making the fact that native born Scots voted in favour of independence in 2014 a key part of this renewed campaign. However if the Scottish independence movement really was motivated by anti-English racism, then you might think it would be yelling to the rooftops about how we wiz robbed by English people living in Scotland.”…

    163. Cubby says:


      Sadly there are a couple of posters on wings who like to claim ” we wiz robbed by English people living in Scotland”. This is exactly what the Scottish (ha ha) Daily Mail said after the 2014 election. The paper that specialises in creating division and hatred. Except they didn’t say robbed they said won it for us.

    164. Joe says:

      Does this cartoon refer to the U.S or the E.U?

      In other news: Volvo considering moving its HQ out of Sweden (Gothenburg) due to high crime rates.

      Who’d have thought these good looking, cultured and intelligent Swedes who had one of the worlds most peaceful and prosperous countries would be such nutters and in reality are burning cars, robbing and raping and creating dozens of no-go zones that emergency services can’t enter without armed escort?

      You never can tell eh?

      With a Scottish government so very ideologically like that of Sweden I hope after we gain independence we Scots dont lose our minds also and turn our country into a total shithole and make women feel too unsafe to walk the streets by being violent barbarians. Because clearly – its something wrong with us.

      It must be in our Northern European genes or something? Or is it our culture? Patriarchy perhaps?

      Im not sure but I do know this – we need more left wing, more (fake) feminism, more gender activists, more woke apologists for dark age religions, more jumping onto progressive bandwagons, more woke climate posturing and more middle class, sheltered sensitive do-gooders

      That’ll help prevent it. It might help get us independent too at the same time eh? Somehow.

    165. Calum McKay says:

      Joe @ 12.02 you tories should stop believing what you read on alt right US. blogs!

      Crime rate in Sweden is minimal compared to the blood soaked streets of London where murders have rocketed!

      Have a nice day!

    166. SilverDarling says:

      It is the Rev’s site and the Rev’s rules. Posters come and go.

      For a while you could not breathe here for people telling us all to be positive about the SNP and that their ‘plan’ would emerge so we should all just shut up. Then people started answering back and were accused of being false indy supporters for voicing concern (and called concern trolls!) if they thought the SNP were not answering the questions they had over GRA reform and IndyRef2.

      The SNP members and supporters here, on the whole, maybe feel on balance the SNP represents them in more ways than just Indy. Others don’t feel that and have many questions for the SNP that remain unanswered.

      It seems difficult to explain to those who wholeheartedly support the SNP that you if don’t always agree in public with SNP policy, or lack of it, you should have the right to say so and that it does not negate your support for INDY.

      We were told for years there was no one else to vote for except SLab, there is a touch of that with the SNP support here – ‘ Who else will deliver Indy, who else can you vote for ?’ ‘Don’t split the vote’, ‘Don’t give the Yoons ammunition’.

      Independence and SNP support are not the same thing and it is conflated here far too often. Non SNP supporters should have as much say as others without being called Britnats or other stupid names. Maybe some posters should realise that berating and shouting at critics does not necessarily make you more sympathetic to their viewpoint.

    167. Petra says:

      ‘AyeMail aims to buy 5000 Yes flags for grassroots movement.’

      ”Pro-independence not-for-profit group ayeMail has started an online crowdfunder to raise funds to buy new Yes flags for the independence movement.

      The organisation based in the Scottish Borders has previously raised tens of thousands of pounds for independence campaign materials, and has already distributed over 20,000 flags, 3.2 million leaflets, and 300,000 Yes stickers….

      “The National Yes Registry estimates that there are over 200 such groups in Scotland, with most registered to communicate and co-ordinate using its IndyApp tablet and mobile phone app. ayeMail plans to use this network to distribute the new flags to groups, helping to identify the grassroots Yes movement with the new campaign for independence…

      A crowdfunder has been set up to raise the £8000 needed. Donations can been given at Each donor contributing £20 or more to the crowdfunder will be sent their own personal Yes flag by the second week of October…..


      @ Cubby says at 11:46 am … ”At the risk of sounding like headmistress Petra I too think the time is right for Cactus to cut back on the gratuitous swearing posts.”..

      What I find strange Cubby is this. Most Independence supporters are getting right into the opposition’s (Tory, Labour and Libdem) faces. Modern day warrior types in fact. Fighting for our Independence tooth and nail (mostly elsewhere) and yet seem to be cowed on here when it comes to dealing with someone who’s totally undermining our cause. Yes it’s Stu’s site, but it’s a two-way street as I see it. We’re nothing without him / his articles as his site would be totally diminished without his supporters (us) and our money for that matter. If we really value this site we should be fighting tooth and nail for it too. Nothing to do with anyone ”sounding like a headmistress”. Just genuine Independence supporters ”outing” people who are detrimental to the Independence movement, wherever we find them. On here or out there.


      ‘Scotland could become a world leader in biotechnology.’


      ‘One of the world’s top investment bankers backs independence.’

      ”One of the world’s top investment managers has backed Scottish independence and the Growth Commission’s proposals for the future of Scotland’s economy. Michael O’Sullivan, former managing director of Credit Suisse’s Private Banking and Wealth Management Division based in Zurich, says that Brexit has “detonated” history in these islands and that Scotland would be “better alone”…..

      “Scotland now has to choose at least two things. One is whether it needs to be independent so that it can better manage its affairs in a changing world, and second where does it want to sit in terms of where power and trade flow.

      “One last point is that the chaos of the Brexit debate, and the lack of real attention to Scotland during this, suggests that it is better alone.”

    168. Lenny Hartley says:

      Petra, Nana was asked numnerous times by the Rev not to duplicate posts that were held up in moderation. This site would not work without moderation, can you imagine the number of posts submitted that end up in moderation that the Rev has to go through manually and delete or approve.? That Nana ignored the insructions from the Rev and left in the Huff when he eventually got the hammers out is Nana’s perogative and nothing to do with this site.
      Like most I do miss Nana’s posts and wish she would come back but it really quite simple if something goes into moderation you do not keep repeating it in the hope that it will be ok.

    169. Jack Murphy says:

      The Scotsman TODAY on-line:

      ” Tory leadership: Ruth Davidson’s authority ‘shredded’ over colleagues’ backing of Boris ”

      “Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson faces her authority “being shredded by the day” as more of her party colleagues back Boris Johnson for Prime Minister and support a no-deal Brexit, an MSP has claimed………”

    170. Petra says:

      @ SilverDarling says at 12:26 pm …. ”It is the Rev’s site and the Rev’s rules. Posters come and go. For a while you could not breathe here for people telling us all to be positive about the SNP and that their ‘plan’ would emerge so we should all just shut up.”…

      IF that was the case, it looks as though it’s swung the other way now, lol. We can’t breathe due to many posters on here running the only party that’s going to get us our Independence down to the ground. Telling us to ”shut up” on a daily basis. Instead of telling us to shut up what about telling us, in public, who we should support instead? What political party do you think will help us to get our Independence?

    171. sassenach says:

      SilverDarling says @12-26

      Of course the SNP are not perfect, and AFTER we win Indy then you will be able to choose a party of your own choice – BUT before that, please explain what party I should vote for to GET that independence?

      If all the naysayers who come on here are to be believed, we can criticise and split the SNP vote with no consequences for independence?? Think about that. It’s a Tory wet dream!

      This has always been my ‘go to’ site for news and debate about Indy, but it’s becoming less welcoming (which is exactly what the Britnats want) as the weeks pass. Sad.

    172. Petra says:

      @ Lenny Hartley says at 12:41 pm …. ”Petra, Nana was asked numerous times by the Rev not to duplicate posts that were held up in moderation.”..

      Nana posted on this site for MANY years Lenny and had no problems at all. It was only latterly that she found that her links were being put into moderation and when she questioned it was told by Stu (not on numerous occasions) not to duplicate posts. Wondering why the ”duplicated” posts were not appearing on here in the first place.

    173. CameronB Brodie says:

      With regard to gender-ID, it’s not Sweden that are providing a guide for a balanced society, but Norway. They’ve recognised the importance of the role that men must play in achieving gender balance. You are a fan of equity between men and women, even though you are a man of the ‘right’?


    174. CameronB Brodie says:

      You’re not a fan of patriarchy are you? You do think a sustainable future is desirable? I know you don’t appear to be a fan of multicultural diversity, so what about reducing the need for migration into Britain, at source?

      Gender equality and women’s rights evaluation

      The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) has commissioned the Swedish Institute for Public Administration, with support from ODI and the Chr. Michelsen Institute in Norway, to undertake a results-focused evaluation on the effects Norwegian aid is having in terms of enhancing women’s rights and gender equality (WRGE) in Southern partner countries. The starting point has been that gender is more than just one among multiple competing priorities.

      Indeed, it is critical – both in terms of a rights perspective and with regard to contributing to Norwegian development cooperation’s ultimate goal of poverty reduction. The evidence that investing in WRGE makes good economic sense is now overwhelming (World Bank 2012). Norway’s prime minister also recently endorsed such a view (Solberg 2015).

      The evaluation builds on several earlier evaluations in the mid-2000s (NIBR 2005, 2009; Norad 2011), but brings a particular focus on results, including for the ultimate target groups – women, men, girls and boys in partner countries. Ultimately, it aims to identify lessons learned that can inform the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ efforts to strengthen its planning, organisation and implementation of future interventions to promote WRGE within Norwegian development cooperation….

    175. Clapper57 says:

      @ Jack Murphy @ 12.43

      Hi Jack….have they, The Scotsman, only just noticed ?….this is no surprise to anyone but deceitful Unionist rags…careerists one and all….represent Scotland ?…not a hell’s chance….and Ruth knew it too cause she too bows down to her masters at HQ….party and Union first…Scotland’s needs are and actually never have been considered….is the saviour of the Union about to be replaced to enable her to move onto pastures new ….HOL’s or safe seat darn sarf….who will save the Union ?….sure there will be many candidates only too willing to take that poisoned chalice…….the BritNat party’s Scottish (Un)representatives swear allegiance to their Party and WM only always have and always will….Bojo or no Bojo as PM.

      That’s what happens when you elect the runts of the litter…they demonstrate their weakness and prove to be so easily manipulated by their REAL masters… especially when a lucrative stint including expenses beckons ….money and power is no match against actually having any principles….why that would involve admitting the reality of Scotland being treated as the black sheep in their so called family of nations would it not…to hell with that…..there’s gold in dem seats at WM AND in the unelected HOL’s too…..come on The Scotsman stop spreading the shit and start getting real….we’re not ALL morons some of us have actually been observing and listening to these waste of votes grievance chimps with their SNPBAD on repeat in WM…keep up for God’s sake cause you are really justifying the criticism we direct at you…..newspaper Wahahaha there’s more reality and observations in the Dandy…and it’s more enjoyable and at least admits it’s a comic where as you lot are in constant denial Lol

    176. Petra says:

      VIDEO of liar Mundell, Westminster lackey being backed up by Scotland Office Director Gillian McGregor.

      ‘Scottish Affairs Committee.’

      ”Deirdre Brock MP has been doing a great job unearthing the amount of money being spent by David Mundell’s Scotland Office.

      The figures are vast and shocking and new, and signs of a new desperation … these are vast sums of money being ploughed into British propaganda …”


      Strange one! Why on earth was someone with her background parachuted into the Scotland Office in October 2017?

      …”Previous to that Gillian has spent the majority of her career in immigration and counter-terrorism roles in the Home Office in London.”


      ‘Mundell accused of ‘frittering away’ taxpayer’s money after spending reveal.’

    177. Cactus says:

      Afternoon all, aye it looks like ah got a bit carried away with the swearage last night, apols for the overuse of…

      That’s what being in messed up union can do to ye

      Still, it was good to get that release

      With love

    178. Petra says:

      Amazing how someone at the BBC seems to know when the Alex Salmond case will start. Learned from who? Heard next January and to be dragged out over the year with the MSM making a meal of it, no doubt, in the lead up to Indyref2.

      ‘Alex Salmond trial ‘will start next year.’

      ”The trial of former First Minister Alex Salmond on multiple charges of attempted rape and sexual assault will not begin until late January at the earliest, BBC Scotland has learned.”..

    179. Petra says:

      Amazing how someone at the BBC seems to know when the Alex Salmond case will start. Learned from who? Heard next January and to be dragged out over the year with the MSM making a meal of it, no doubt, in the lead up to Indyref2.

      ‘Alex Salmond trial ‘will start next year.’

      ”The trial of former First Minister Alex Salmond on multiple charges of attempted r*pe and sexual assault will not begin until late January at the earliest, BBC Scotland has learned.”..

    180. Clapper57 says:

      @ Cactus @ 1.34pm

      Hey Cactus….it is a good person who is man enough to apologise when sees others have been offended by their words…so good for you.

      Have a good day

    181. Lenny Hartley says:

      Petra, Somebody posted the exchange between Stu and Nsns, he said to her more than once do not post duplicates explaining the amount of work it gave him dealing with them. Its Stu’s site if you have issues with the way he is running it maybe you could contact him directly , you know like folk say to the SNP rather than bleating about it in public, like you know what I did in an email to the SNP in relation to mhairi Black’s Recent Video, not even a confirmation of receipt , they sure know how to piss off members thats for sure.

    182. Cactus says:

      Thanks Clapper57, Yes aye like and choose to push things but me early morning ones were far out man

      Have a good day yerself too

      Ahm awa ootside tae do some painting with brown paint…

    183. Clapper57 says:

      @ Petra @ 1.37pm

      Hey Petra , I read about this the other day and thought this would become an overblown issue in 2020….that is…. an overblown issue for the media and opportunist Unionist politicians and Unionist twitter twits.

      However Brexit , no matter how much they try to deflect, will be the defining issue that will tear their Pro Unionist country apart…most people in our country, Scotland, who have a brain, will realise what the REAL issues are and will have endured a Bojo PM and right wing Tory government…aided perhaps by the Brexit party….and nothing but nothing will surpass the awfulness of that …..the scandal mongers will try…aided of course by their media accomplices….but the game will be , I am sure, well and truly over for them…and only those who already have sworn Union uber alles allegiances will stir the pot….as sure as day becomes night.

      Perhaps a certain Brexit political coup will come to light and that will blow everything out of the water….rubs hands in anticipation that many will fall…if not onto their own swords then one wielded by another.

      Softly softly catchee monkey…or in this case monkeys !

      We ARE on our way to being free from all of this.

      Have a good day

    184. Dr Jim says:

      Look how far we’ve come:

      Left wing, right wing, morally outraged wing, now we have Woke wing

      They all used to represent different things now they all represent the same thing, and that’s vociferously shutting up all the people who aren’t in their *wing*

      If you’re not FOR something then you must be against it, no grey areas

      Reason seems to have departed and been replaced by angry self righteous noise mostly in the wake of the Internet because it gave extremists of every cause a space to shout louder and reach out to others who wanted to shout back, and now it’s been normalised as what society thinks by the mainstream media in order to give them stories to report upon, in turn feeding the frenzy of the extremists to shout even more

      Somebody must be making money from all this, one wonders who it could be Hmm

    185. Petra says:

      @ Clapper57 says at 2:01 pm …. ”Hey Petra , I read about this the other day and thought this would become an overblown issue in 2020….that is…. an overblown issue for the media and opportunist Unionist politicians and Unionist twitter twits. However Brexit , no matter how much they try to deflect, will be the defining issue that will tear their Pro Unionist country apart…most people in our country, Scotland, who have a brain, will realise what the REAL issues are and will have endured a Bojo PM and right wing Tory government…aided perhaps by the Brexit party….and nothing but nothing will surpass the awfulness of that …..the scandal mongers will try…aided of course by their media accomplices….but the game will be , I am sure, well and truly over for them”..

      I would imagine that even the most fervent of Unionists in Scotland will see through this sham Clapper … have a brain. I’m just hoping that Alex’s legal team will tear them to bl**dy shreds and then go on to sue the whole nasty and corrupt kit and caboodle. No matter what they try to do now the Union is going through its death throes and not before time. Three hundred and eleven long, long years overdue.

    186. Terry callachan says:

      There is only one political party in the world committed as its first and main priority to gain independence for Scotland and that is the SNP.

      You may dislike some personalities in the SNP
      You may dislike some or all SNP policies
      You may think the SNP are not acting quickly enough to get Scottish independence
      You may think SNP do not battle enough with the BBC or newspapers for an equal representation

      When it comes to Scottish independence if it is your priority if it is what you want most of all from politics , for yourself your children your grandchildren , for friends and relatives and others
      Then you have to support and vote for SNP
      SNP are the only political party in the world that will ever get Scottish independence

      Shelve your other issues with SNP
      Support SNP simply because they are the only ones who are going to get Scottish independence for you

    187. Golfnut says:

      @ Silverdarling.

      Thats not true Silverdarling, I’ve been coming to this site almost daily since 2013, there have always been posters on here trying to undermine the SNP/ SG and the Yes movement and they have always been ‘ getting telt ‘.

    188. Dr Jim says:

      Alex Salmond will be guilty even if he’s not guilty

      The media have had plenty of time now to put together the full history of Alex Salmonds life and times including all the interviews with all the *relevant* people throughout his entire history from his schooldays right up to the present moment in what’ll be no doubt deep and probing documentaries presented by someone like Kirsty Wark (because she’s legitimate y’know) a respected *journalist* and pillar of the BBC, so whatever she says will definitely be correct

      Expect to be enraged no matter what the outcome of the trial, because the trial itself is the least important event now, the necessary resultant destruction of the man who represents an idea is the imperative

      What’s true and untrue is of no account and will be rewritten to suit, will they break the man, I doubt it, will they kill his name, I doubt that too, will they kill Scottish Independence, not a chance in Holy Hell

      It won’t stop them trying though

    189. Doug says:

      Independence, first and foremost.

      Can’t be said often enough.

    190. Breeks says:

      Petra, you don’t seem to understand why some of your own posts end up in moderation, so dare I suggest you’re hardly a reliable arbiter on the subject. It seems “everybody” is on a very tight leash with you. Suffer a little doubt about SNP policy, and you’re automatically a heretic in need of a good burning at the stake.

      Besides your personal endorsement of course, you know what would really help AyeMail and Rev Stu’s next wee Book? Some inkling about what was actually going to happen and when, so that plans could be made, and preparations made solid.

      You tell me Petra, how long do you think is takes just to run off and distribute say a million copies of Wee Books? What’s your idea of “lead-in” time? When do you commit yourself to go to print? What do you use as your cut off point for last minute edits of content and proof reading? What’s the optimum timescale between the production of wee books, distribution, and seeing them beginning to have an influence in the polls? And don’t you think something which proved so powerful and influential in 2014 has the right to know what’s happening so the production wheels can be timed to maximum effectiveness ?

      Far from gratitude for the 2014 Wee Blue Books, you actually get the impression the Scot Gov might even resent them. Talk about a thankless task. Why isn’t the Scottish Government working hand in hand on the next Wee Book? You know? A coordinated campaign?

      Same goes for flags, badges, and general fund raising items. Ian Blackford says Scotland will not be removed from Europe against its will. So, presumably, that means something momentous is about to happen before October 31st. So is now the time to press the emergency button on Wee Books and Flags? Or are folk still meant to hold their fire and wait for 2020? Do what? Toss a coin? Consult a witch-doctor? Or do we deny our campaign this resource?

      These are OUR troops being left to mark time in total darkness Petra. Our Yessers don’t know whether to buy a flag with Euro Stars on it, or one without, because it will obsolete after October. They deserve better than this.

      108 days to the Brexit Deadline. So you tell me Petra, is Ian Blackford telling porkies about No Brexit for Scotland, or do we have a window of 108 days to print off and distribute such an avalanche of YES 2019 merchandise? Or is it the plan that none of this will be necessary anyway? It’s DIY leadership, and everybody takes their chances?

      We are already losing immigrant new Scots, we are haemorrhaging EU citizens, EU businesses, we’ve lost the EU Commission, we’re slowing losing pro Indy blogs because some people cannot afford the luxury of never-ending resource and patience without some kind of political sustenance and hope. Their time has expired. Their decision was made for them and taken out of their hands. These people were believers, committed to Scotland, and we’ve given them nothing. Nothing! Nothing but nice words and platitudes.

      You come on here Petra, bold as brass telling Rev Stu how to run his blog, to castigate doubters who have genuine misgivings, and denounce anybody who doesn’t buy “SNP sunshine” as fake Indy supporters and enemies of the cause. Instead of defending our Constitutional Sovereignty and securing our Independence as any Scot has the right to expect, we’ve had the undying soap opera of England’s Brexit rammed down our throats for breakfast, dinner and tea, but three years of political famine in Scotland, when our enigmatic leadership has never gone anywhere it wasn’t led, and has folded its hand before every challenge that’s been set. We have all to believe in a secret plan which only hobbles our own horses.

      It’s all very well demanding people keep the faith, but that “miracle” we’re all trying to keep the faith with, just get’s bigger and bigger… And what’s especially exasperating is that it didn’t have to be like this.

      If I hear one more quote from Sun Tzu about keeping the enemy guessing as an excuse for doing nothing, I’m going start swearing in Chinese. It didn’t receive the same exposure, but Sun Tzu also said when there was disagreement in the camp, it meant the General was weak.

    191. Golfnut says:

      @ Sassanach.

      ‘Of course the SNP are not perfect’, its an interesting phrase and of course is absolutely true, but what would make them perfect and is it possible for them to ever achieve that goal.

      The answer of course is no, you can’t ever be all things to all people, governments and political party’s always have opponents. Better to just compare their achievements against the so called mother of all parliaments. What you have with the SNP/SG is a ‘perfect ‘ example of how governments should aspire govern.

    192. Clapper57 says:

      @ Petra @ 2.11pm

      Yes Petra I know they, the “fervent” Unionists will indeed see through this….but that won’t stop them promoting it as SNPBAD if they think it will deflect away from the mess the Tory party have created ….and another weapon to try and save the Union…warped logic I know….and yes it would be foolish for any to indulge in misinformation and biased observations while a case is ‘live’…hopefully some will walk down that road and regret it…Alex and his team will, I am sure, be well prepared and ready for the predictable onslaught.

      Hey Mrs you cheeky wee monkey….nowt wrong wae my brain…grey matter still functioning….it’s my mental health that’s at risk not my reasoning…..

      Have a good day

    193. Golfnut says:

      @ Dr Jim.

      Typical tactics of the Brutish state, can’t play the ball, so get the man.
      I’m looking forward to the day when our new broadcasters and media expose better together, the BBC and all the rest of the rag tag so called respected journalists in all their malicious and dishonest glory.

    194. Thepnr says:


      “108 days to the Brexit Deadline”

      So you say, without even a hint of embarrassment and despite having a previous countdown to the last deadline of March 29th. In your opinion it was declared as “impossible” for the EU to give an extension, you were talking crap.

      Top analysis there then?, you give every impression of wanting to leave the EU on 31st Oct just so you can shout “see I was right SNP BAD!”

      I’ll say it again, your posts are monotonous as well as pathetic in their repetitive SNP BAD bullshiting.

    195. JMD says:

      breeks 9.05

      “That’s me watched about 20 seconds of BBC Propaganda and I’m already reaching for the sick bucket.”

      Doctors and psychologists recommend strongly that you watch/read/listen to absolutely no more than 5 seconds max.

      Of course best of all would be to give up altogether.

    196. sassenach says:

      Thepnr says: @2-52pm

      Absolutely correct, “With friends like that who needs ……..”!!

    197. Ken500 says:

      Aye aye. The total doubters who expect 120,000 SNP members to do the heavy lifting. While they sit on the sidelines totally criticising. In ignorance and arrogance while getting the benefits, because a couple of e-mails went astray. Instead of giving a hand. Pathetic.

    198. Ken500 says:

      Always getting the crystal ball predictions wrong again.

    199. Ken500 says:

      Alex Salmond is not guilty of Dean’s copped up charges. It is more likely the ‘trial’ will collapse. The nonsense that surrounds it. Dean has been destroying the relevant e-mails. The Police are constantly putting people in cells on ‘charges’ that cannot come to Court. Arresting innocent people on malicious complaint. This will be another one. Alex Salmond will be cleared with damages. it is a disgrace the way it has been handled.

    200. Petra says:

      “OUR troops are being left to mark the time in total darkness” due to the Westminster shambolic fiasco Breeks, not due to anything that Nicola Sturgeon has done / not done. She and we still have no idea of what is going to happen next .. Deal, No Deal or No Brexit. Do you really think that this is how she wanted this farce to progress? If that’s the right word! She’s not in a position to stand up and, say compare one outcome with the benefits of Independence, because she doesn’t know what that outcome will be. YET. Or do you think she should move forward now and say “well if it’s a no deal Brexit versus independence this is what’s going to happen now. This is your choices. Then again if it’s no Brexit at all this is what we can do or alternatively if the UK agrees to X, Y, Z deal in the future let’s compare all of them with our country being independent.” Do you think that would work? More than anything I don’t see it happen but what if we don’t pull out of the EU at all?

      As to the wee blue books. Well Stu is in the same position. He can’t finalise anything until he knows what’s happening with Brexit.

      “Why isn’t the SG working hand in hand with the wee Blue book?” What about having to distance themselves from Stu who’s proven to be a bit of a loose cannon? Then again they’re going to be sending out their own leaflets to every household in Scotland. That’s been held up too no doubt due to the Westminster bourach.

      Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear that when Brexit is clarified she’ll announce her plans for Indyref2. The bottom line, as you well know, is for us to support Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP until such times as that’s accomplished. Coming on here on a daily basis with your Nicola Sturgeon / SNP Baad posts just smacks of someone who clearly recognises that she’s “the most dangerous woman in Britain ….the greatest threat to the Union”, IMO.

    201. Thepnr says:


      I’ve read Breeks posts for years and he only has two. They are never on the article in question but are about sovereignty or the EU.

      It doesn’t matter which version of post he puts up and often both sovereignty and the EU can feature in the same post, he will throw in an SNP BAD. It’s what he does, day after day after day.

      I’ll give him this the writing is good, never a spelling mistake and perfect grammar, very “professional” indeed. I just wonder why he never changes the record? You’d think after 1000’s of SNP BAD posts he might have something to say on the article written by the Rev.

      After 6 years of this I doubt he will ever change, he’s on a mission and it’s not about gaining Independence for Scotland. He has his own agenda. Isn’t that right Breeks hahaha

    202. Petra says:

      Oh and I forgot to add that you come on here as bold as brass Breeks, use this site, to constantly inform everyone as to what Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, should be doing. Implying constantly that she’s been doing nought. The term bold as brass with “delusions of grandeur” comes to mind. You wouldn’t last five minutes if you were given the opportunity to hold her position. Easy, peasy to just sit and carp from the sidelines.

    203. frogesque says:


      Cricket – yeah, I know!

      ‘Mon the Kiwis!

    204. sassenach says:

      The accusation about the “SNP not keeping the troops informed of their plans”…..

      I wonder if Churchill personally told every ‘Tommy’ the exact plans for D-Day? Of course not, only a fool would have risked the plan getting into enemy hands.

      Nicola knows what she’s doing, some on here are up to no good.

    205. Thepnr says:

      Regarding printing of the Wee Blue Book, this took place only weeks before the referendum. There were 300,000 printed in about a week and distributed in just a couple of weeks.

      Three months notice of another referendum date is more than sufficient though for the life of me I can’t believe any announcement of Indyref2 would give less than 4 to 6 months notice unlike the more than 2 years notice we had last time.

    206. Dr Jim says:

      There is a pretty simple way of looking at Scotland’s position, and it’s this…

      Who has been the best person politically and done the most societally for Scotland in the last 300 years

      FM Nicola Sturgeon MSP

      It takes a certain amount of naivete or downright lack of generosity of spirit not to have noticed that, even the rest of the world recognises she’s pretty historical

      You’d think we’d be proud eh, I wonder why some aren’t

    207. manandboy says:

      For Scotland’s electorate, the choice we are moving towards is Indy or Colony. The Tories know that already, while the Scottish Government swithers and dithers over Brexit, car parking and trans gender.

    208. Thepnr says:


      Brexit was and is owned by the Tories. Car parking charges are a Green party idea that any council is free to choose to implement or not to implement.

      The transgender issue would be an issue for whatever party was in power in Holyrood and we know that ALL the opposition parties broadly support this and there is little difference between them and the SNP.

      Why then would you choose to make any of these issues all about the SNP? Clearly they are not and the Scottish government is not swithering on anything whatsoever even though you say so.

    209. Undeadshuan says:


      You might no like Sun Tzu, but his book is and always has been relevant. If you have a plan why on earth would you make it public so that your enemies know and can adapt to it.

      If I were snp leadership only trusted few at the top would be told of plans and only discussed in room which is a faraday cage with no phones etc allowed in the room.

      But that’s me if you think the plans should be blabbed to all and sundry to satisfy your not being happy with the snp leadership not revealing said plans then you sir are a numpty!

    210. Calum McKay says:

      Anyone who thinks the SNP are perfect is an idiot!

      Anyone who thinks that Scotland will gain independence without the SNP securing that goal, is an idiot!

      So with both these in mind, anyone who wants independence for Scotland and constantly criticises the SNP is an idiot!

      How many times do some folk need need to be told united we stand, divided we fall?

    211. Dr Jim says:

      Oliver Mundell says he’s been listening to his constituents and so is backing Boris Johnson for Prime Minister

      Which constituents would those be then, considering every single constituency in Scotland voted resoundingly the opposite, and to reject the entirety of the Boris Johnson clan and all that they stand for

    212. Cactus says:

      Hey Liz g, did ye make it along to the bbc demo, any feedback?

      Aye, that was a cracking game of megatennis

      NB Painting is fun 🙂

    213. Capella says:

      SPORT: I’ve just listened to Radio 5 Live’s commentary on the Wimbledon men’s final. So bizarre how partisan the commentators were. They and the crowd were rooting for Roger Federer for some reason. So naturally I hoped Novak Djokovic would win.

      It’s not just the Scots they dislike.

      The Kiwis may also win the cricket, which would make this a good day for sport. Not that I like sport. It’s the politics that interest me. They kept going over to the cricket in between tennis games and talking about cricket over Djokovic’s serve.

      Happily, Djokovic won.

    214. Colin Alexander says:

      As “sovereign” UK Parl (via the unelected Lords) has already just recently rode a bulldozer through the devolution agreement by robbing the Scot Parl of devolved powers, What’s to stop them just doing more of the same?

      It will be interesting to see if the “sovereign” UK Parliament just goes ahead and suspends Holyrood or simply removes referendum powers from the Scot Parl / Scot Govt ( if the referendum bill is eventually passed to give Scot Govt ministers powers to hold referendums).

      The SNP’s only mandate is to hold an indyref via the Scot Parl. Remove the ability of Holyrood / Scot Govt to hold referendums and the SNP’s indyref mandate is extinguished.

      So much for keeping the enemy guessing: The SNP had already boxed themselves into a corner with their 2016 manifesto.

    215. Cactus says:

      Just watching the news round-up there on a guest tv…

      They introduced the cricket with a graphic of the UK flag

      Hmmm, ah didnae realise it was the UK playing the cricket!

    216. Thepnr says:

      There we go again, get in there with a giant MOAN, doesn’t matter if it’s real or not just pretend that it is.

      Project Fear by the usual suspects right here on Wings.

      “It will be interesting to see if the “sovereign” UK Parliament just goes ahead and suspends Holyrood”

      Just let them try and that will end the Union in a heartbeat, they might be daft but they’re not insane at least not yet before Johnson takes over.

      We’re having a referendum next year, that’s 100% certain. Westminster is powerless to prevent one, best of all we’re going to win it.

      You lot that keep trying your best with the negativity are on to plums, like the boy that always cried wolf I doubt many are listening. You’re a busted flush.

    217. HYUFD says:

      According to John Curtice while 51% of Scottish Remain voters now back Yes to independence, 64% of Scottish Leave voters still back No. So even if we do get PM Boris finally delivering Brexit, even a hard Brexit, that does not guarantee a Yes vote, as while Remain voters have narrowly shifted to Yes, Leave voters are still firm Nos.

    218. geeo says:


      Yet another unadulterated steaming pile of shite.

      I was playing poker the other day, i slow played trip Aces on the flop and hit a full house on the turn, then flat called a small, raise, then cleaned up when my opponent bet large on the river card and re raised me all in after he hit a flush on the river.

      At what point do you reckon I informed my opponent of my winning hand ?

      After the flop ?

      After the turn card ?

      After the river card ?

      After he made his final play and I knew i was winning every chip on the table ?

      Now ask yourself, WHY did I win?

      Was it..

      A) because i gave him advance notice i had a great hand ?

      B) because i let him think HE was winning ?

      Take yer time champ.

    219. sassenach says:

      It does seem the’naysayers’ are out in force today on here, but it’s good to see them being confounded by actual indy supporters.

      They will keep trying, I’m sure’ but at least it’s becoming clear who the ‘pretend’ indy people are – no hiding place now!!

    220. sassenach says:


      Nice poker story!

      And ‘Fud’ has allowed us to get a ‘full house’ of Britnats today – yipee!

    221. Thepnr says:

      Poor HYUFD still smarting after losing an election to his local parish council by 2 votes, he feels the need to come on Wings to troll the Jocks. I guess he’s seeking solace and something that might make himself feel useful.

      I’m hearing that you’re a big Boris fan too now, is that true?

    222. Thepnr says:


      Now I know how you play Poker I’m looking forward to the chance to play you 🙂

    223. HYUFD says:

      Given the Brexit Party beat the Tories in Scotland as well as England and Wales in the European Parliament elections how could I not be? Boris is the only candidate who will get most Brexit Party voters voting Tory again

    224. geeo says:

      @huffy the failed cooncillor

      64% of 38 is 24(.32)

      So, if the rest vote Yes, we are home and hosed.

    225. geeo says:

      Thepnr: “bugger”!!

      Thepnr again: Huffy claims he lost by 2 votes (epping, was it not)?

      He also says he got 670 votes or around that.

      However, in ALL Epping wards, parish cooncil or otherwise cooncil, only ONE candidate lost by 2 votes but only won 501 votes.

      I posted it on another thread but buggered if i can find his name.

    226. Thepnr says:


      Take it you don’t care much for the Union then? Boris is a gift to the Yes movement and I’m with you. Lets elect Boris the buffoon as Prime Minister and have the whole world laughing at the state of the UK with him as leader.

      I’ll tell now he will be the shortest serving Prime Minister ever.

    227. jfngw says:


      Cherry picking again, you Tories and your cakes!

    228. Colin Alexander says:


      We’ve already seen BJ threatening to suspend UK Parliament and Gina Miller again threatening court action as she says the Supreme Court has already ruled UK Parliament has the final say on Brexit and UK Parliament is “sovereign”, not the PM.

      That same Supreme Court has already ruled on the Sewel Convention – which is the basis of devolution – as a legally worthless guarantee.

      So, legally, there is nothing to stop them.

      They wouldn’t dare rob Holyood of referendum powers?

      Is that like they wouldn’t dare make the most blatant bare-faced lies about devo to the max only to completely betray the electorate by doing the opposite and robbing powers from the Scot Parl?

      There is no depths of dishonesty and deceit and abuse of power that the UK state won’t sink to, if it has to.

      Robbing referendum powers from Holyrood is small fry compared to what has already gone before.

      What’s the worst that could happen? The end of the Union?

      If the UK state seriously believes they’re gonnae lose a fair indyref, then they’ve nothing to lose by preventing an indyref or rigging it. The worst that could happen ( for the UK state) is the same result anyway – the end of the Union.

      They got away with it in indyref1, so I can’t see why would anyone believe they wouldn’t cheat again.

      As the head of the civil service at the time admitted: when the UK State is threatened there are no rules, except do whatever it takes to save the UK.

    229. Thepnr says:

      Klaxon Alert!!

      More fear mongering Unionist bullshit infection detected on Wings.

      Has now been quarantined and you can safely ignore.

    230. Bob Mack says:

      Elmer Fud or Hy Fud. Which is the dumbest? That’s all folks.

    231. Dr Jim says:

      It’s the Cowards of the county again back with their greatest shit

    232. robertknight says:

      HYUFD @ 8:28

      “According to John Curtice while 51% of Scottish Remain voters now back Yes to independence, 64% of Scottish Leave voters still back No.”

      Let us check the figures out of curiosity…

      2016 total votes: 2,679,513 (67% turnout)

      Total ‘Remain’: 1,661,191 (62%)

      (Curtice %… 51% ‘Yes’: 847,207 / 49% ‘No’: 813,984)

      Total ‘Leave’: 1,018,322 (48%)

      (Curtice %… 36% ‘Yes’: 366,596 / 64% ‘No’: 651,726)

      Totals (Curtice %)

      45.3% ‘Yes’ (1,213,803) 54.7% ‘No’ (1,465,710)

      Therefore we can deduce that it is possibly the lack of a ‘Brexit Bounce’ which accounts for the SNP not rushing headlong into IndyRef2.

      2014 total votes: 3,623,344 (85% turnout)
      2016 total votes: 2,679,513 (67% turnout)

      2014 (actual) totals: ‘Yes’ 45% / ‘No’ 55%
      2016 (Curtice) total: ‘Yes’ 45% / ‘No’ 55%

      Perhaps ‘wait ’til they see just how bad No Deal will be’ is the only strategy that’ll give us the 6% swing needed.

    233. Terry callachan says:

      To Cactus …your post at 7.45pm

      Yes I noticed that too.

      BBC news this evening decided that the first and most important thing to be on their news tonight was that England won the cricket World Cup
      Second was Donald trump not liking Obama
      Third was a story about reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s if you eat good food and do exercise
      Fourth was who won Wimbledon

      England winning the cricket obviously thought to be more important than the winner of the Wimbledon men’s final between federer and djokovic

    234. robertknight says:


      “Total ‘Leave’: 1,018,322 (48%)” should of course be (38%)

      Apart from that I think the remainder is ok.

    235. Simon Curran says:

      Terry Callachan@9.41
      Don’t begrudge England their victory and its understandable it’s the lead news item. Wimbledon comes round every year, cricket world cups every four. Anyhow last time Scotland played them we won!

    236. Terry callachan says:

      Robert Knight ..your post at 9.39pm

      Your brexit total remain added to your total leave amounts to 110% ?

    237. TheItalianJob says:

      @Thepnr & Dr Jim

      Keep up the good work of debunking the usual suspects here on Wings.

      I know you both like a lot of others here put a lot of good work into the Independence cause.

    238. Terry callachan says:

      Simon Curran

      I don’t begrudge england their cricket win ,great stuff for them
      I don’t find cricket interesting right enough
      But given that many many more people in the UK would be interested in the Wimbledon men’s final result between two of the three best players in history than the cricket World Cup final result
      I was just pointing out that BBC report for and about England first

      If Scotland had won the cricket World Cup you can be sure that it would not have been the first news report ahead of the Wimbledon men’s final

    239. Effijy says:

      No it’s not paranoia!

      I what the Glastonbury Music festival on TV a couple of weeks back and a common theme in the audience was to take a flag from your home country or your own message to let your friends watching at home to look out for you.

      There were flags from many of the corners of the globe.
      The poles they flew on just got larger and larger with some maybe 20 feet high.
      In a moment when the camera man forgot his instructions, there was one solitary sighting of a Saltire that was front and centre but never seen again?

      I’m watching the transmit music festival from Glasgow on TV right now and pleased to see so many saltires and lion rampant flags in the arms and shoulders of the audience, but it appears obvious they were not allowed anything to fly them on like their English counterparts?

      One performer wore a Saltire from the crowd and wore it proudly while singing. Camera man then closes in on a shot of the one Union Jack in the crowd.

      FFS The extend co-ordinated media propaganda programme knows no limits.

      PS No reports of any incidents or issues with the flag poles at Glastonbury so why a problem in Glasgow, because its in England’s Scotland.

    240. Famous15 says:

      Cricket is a foreign ,nay alien game. Why does it lead awesomely in MY news bbc?

      Ho hum,suck it up Jock.

      Ok now we look at possible war in the gulf.

      Through the looking glass.

    241. Dr Jim says:

      The England team won the cricket sports game so well done to that team

      But why were many of the supporters waving the political flag of the United Kingdom and not the flag of their actual country

      And that dear friends should tell you everything you need to know about who they think they are and who they believe Scotland is not

      Is there anybody still not getting this yet

    242. Thepnr says:


      Thanks for that wee bit of support. If you want the truth I was becoming despondent, I felt like giving up as the negativity on here from certain posters was relentless and it is designed to wear you down. It did bother me.

      I’ve changed my mind totally now though and will fight back, we are getting to the crux of this matter and after all this time I’m staying until we win. It’s as simple as that.

      All you lot that post on here either attacking the SNP or attacking those that support the SNP are going to have your posts highlighted. I’ll be on your back because when you attack the SNP you are attacking the chances of Scotland becoming Independent.

      I refer you to a good post by Calum McKay earlier today.

      “Anyone who thinks the SNP are perfect is an idiot!

      Anyone who thinks that Scotland will gain independence without the SNP securing that goal, is an idiot!

      So with both these in mind, anyone who wants independence for Scotland and constantly criticises the SNP is an idiot!

      How many times do some folk need need to be told united we stand, divided we fall?”

    243. HYUFD says:

      geeo You obviously have not checked the Epping St John’s figures then. I got 673 votes, the current Mayor got 675

    244. Petra says:

      BBC news:- Cricket World Cup … cue a mention of the 1966 World Cup … Again. Yawn. And, eh, hate to tell you folks but we’re all going to be reliant on Boris the Clown resolving the US, Iran issue. Let’s hope that someone has hidden the nuke button from him.


      @ Thepnr at 5:02pm ….

      Spot on. EU and sovereignty tommyrot on a daily basis being used to mask the real agenda. And thanks for outlining the time that it takes to print off and distribute the wee blue books. A few short weeks! Put paid to another load of convoluted guff.

    245. HYUFD says:

      Thepnr As Robert Knight showed Brexit itself is not necessarily decisive in terms of producing a majority for Yes, give the strong Leaver opposition still to independence and only a narrow Remainer majority for. Boris similarly would make little difference beyond boosting the Scottish Tories and winning back voters lost to the Brexit Party.
      Charismatic populists are currently in charge or winning in plenty of places from the USA, to Brazil, to India to Italy etc so Boris would be no different

    246. Dr Jim says:

      A wee Homage to Robert Peffers: The Saltire!

      Approved as Scotland’s badge or statute in 1388 The Saltire is one of the oldest flags in the known world although it does date even further back than that, to 832 AD in fact when Scotlands Pictish King Angus 11 led his troops into battle led by the Saltire against King Aethelstan the leader of the Angles and Saxons that was later to become the joint country of England instead of the regional fiefdoms that it had hitherto been hence England as was had no National flag and only identification banners of each local ruler

      So it’s kinda no wonder the UK Guv makes sure they avoid any exposure of the Saltire to people just in case English folk begin finding out the truth about who and what Scotland actually is and what that Saltire flag actually means and how it predates any other flag in these Islands because contrary to what those folks think, we’ve been around a lot longer than them and Scotland’s history is truly International

      And will be again

    247. Lenny Hartley says:

      Thenpr Alex you better get ready for the Hammers 🙂 Calling the Rev Stupid is probably not the best way to go!!!

    248. Capella says:

      OT – some spectacular Irish dance. 2 mins:

    249. Lenny Hartley says:

      Alex Sorry idiot not stupid!

    250. robertknight says:

      Terry callachan…

      I flagged my error 10 minutes before your post. Good spot however.

    251. Dr Jim says:

      David Lidington blocked the release of a UK Guv poll on Independence paid for by the tax payer

      The SNP demanded the publication of the Polling results because it was tax payers money, David Lidington on behalf of the UK Guv refused giving the excuse that the results were not in the public interest

      Then came the rumoured leak from his office of 57% YES to Scottish Independence, and when asked David Lidington said he would neither confirm or deny the figure

      What we do know is if the figure had been low it would have been published on the front pages of the Mail and Telegraph

      So given that we also know that England’s politicians can’t open their mouths without the foul stench ofm liquid excrement and lies spewing forth then even getting that wrong, they chose the great English cover up and denial that is already stinking up the place

    252. Thepnr says:

      @Lenny Hartley

      You might want to read my post again Lenny, I haven’t called anybody an idiot. At least not yet!

    253. Petra says:

      Great to see Paul Kavanagh producing articles, myth busters, that he’s going to include in his Ginger Book. The latest is ‘Pensioning off the pensions scare story.’


      “When you attack the SNP you are attacking the chances of Scotland becoming Independent.” Right down to the nitty gritty Thepnr and if people can’t see that they need their heads examined.

    254. Dr Jim says:

      England’s news outraged that post Brexit France will control the port of Calais

      My head’s swiveling around in different directions now, eh eh ? like they really didn’t know that before, what? I mean did they think? are these people bonkers?

      Dear England Calais is in the country of France, big place through the tunnel over the sea,lot of people there? Eiffel Tower, different language, French!

      Still Non?

    255. ben madigan says:

      @ Capella – that vid came out some time ago – It was shot in University College Cork (the rebel county!). The modern building is the new Cork national Art Gallery which was built in the University parkland. I agree the dancers are spectacular!

    256. Capella says:

      @ ben madigan – thx for info. I ended up on an Irish heritage site because TV has broadcast the story of the Irish famine which shocked viewers. So it’s all over twitter. Links led to the dance routine.

    257. Capella says:

      Re Calais – I think the current arrangement is that the UK operates the port because the UK is paranoid about immigrants sneaking in on lorries.

      However, after BREXIT, France will “take back control” to coin a phrase.

      Probably it’s a dog whistle to the Tory xenophobes terrified of the barbarian hordes queuing up to invade England.

    258. Liz g says:

      Cactus @ 7.29
      Hey Cactus,sorry for the delay,I was out for the evening and I’m only just catching up 🙂
      I made it along to the Demo.
      It went well although not a large gathering ( 50 ish ) it was a really good atmosphere.
      They did an open mike sort of thing and the speakers were brilliant and as usual right on point!
      You would have enjoyed it 🙂

    259. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Colin Alexander at 6.44pm

      “the SNP’s indyref mandate is extinguished.”

      The scottish Government has the legitimacy to go for a referendum any time it wants to. It’s called “democracy”.

      Which identified mandate did the UK government have to achieve to have the Brexit referendum? None whatsoever.

      Can you maybe dig up a coherent post.

      Here’s some simple English that actually blows away even your boring nawbag position.
      ” a significant change of circumstance SUCH AS being taken out of the EU against our will….”

    260. Cubby says:

      “We were told for years there was no one else to vote for except Slab”

      1. There never was a Slab only British Labour in Scotland.

      2. Don’t know who this “we” is but no one ever told me that and I never voted for British Labour in Scotland.

      So kindly desist from your inaccurate comparisons between the British Labour Party in Scotland and a genuine Scottish political party – the SNP. It is not the SNPs fault that some voters were taken in by the Fake Scottish parties.

    261. ben madigan says:

      For your information!8 ways scottish independence will cause headaches for the rest of the UK – Nothing really new – but all in 1 place!

    262. Cubby says:


      Fair enough Cactus. Good man.

    263. geeo says:

      Hi fuddy, (simon)

      I stand corrected, not the best info graphic layout so mis-read it.

      However, you STILL lost and 6 were elected ahead of you.

      Anyhoo, SCOTTISH independence is fuck all to do with you, of course, your party will be left to cope with the grave economic consequences of losing Scottish assets (£200bn/year) and explaining to English voters why their energy supplies are intermittent.

      Perhaps YOU as a prospective TORY politician, could explain where WM will find £200bn post Yes vote ?

      Actually, lets be generous, they will not need to find all £200bn.

      £30bn block grant, and say, £70bn for EVERYTHING ELSE we need/get, presently.

      So, where will WM find £100bn /year ?

      Meanwhile in Scotland, we will have a £100bn SURPLUS bonus upon indy.

      Enough to build 66 Queensferry crossings EVERY YEAR after everything else is paid for to run Scotland.

      I know which future I prefer !

      It’s NOT your one.

    264. Lenny Hartley says:

      Thepnr, same as Boris publishing that Anti Scots poem mate 🙂 you reposted Calum Mckays post saying that if you constantly criticise the SNP your an idiot. Think you will find that Stu has form in that regard. Btw i think constructive criticism is healthly. I have been a member of the SNP on and off for nearly forty years and for most of that time i have not had much to complain about. i will not say anything Except that I mostly agree with the Rev on his criticisms.

    265. Lenny Hartley says:

      Geoo, 200 billion a year was Gdp not tax earnings.

    266. Cubby says:

      Dr Jim@5.49pm

      “…I wonder why some aren’t.”

      That’s an easy one to answer. They are bloody Britnats thats why.

    267. Cactus says:

      Hey, well ah did suggest getting up to some mischief at the weekend and now it’s Monday, think ah’ll try an experiment and limit meself to one fuck per article for the unforeseeable future… and there we have it 😉

      (Disclaimer: The above is subject to periodic review)

      NB As you know, dat doesn’t necessarily mean it’s necessary… only choice

      Good to hear the BBC at the Quay got ah rumble, Liz g xx

      NB2 Toon talk: That Ross Thomson is beginning to morph into both the Mundell junior and senior… wait ah minute… is it Mundell junior efter awe?

      That’s the word

    268. Cactus says:


      ayeMail 5,000 new Yes flags:
      £5,575.17 of £8,000 to date

      iScot fundraiser:
      £5,364 of £60,000 to date

      Phantom Power fundraiser:
      £2,404 of £20,000 to date

      Aye understand The Wee Ginger Dug fundraiser has been achieved

      Just under 2 weeks NOW left to go…

    269. Cactus says:

      Some more wisdom from The Trash Heap…

      Cast your cares away!

      NOW for some Uriah Heep:

    270. Cactus says:

      To follow the Heep… howsabout a bit of Reet Petite

      # “Oh oh oh oh”

    271. Cactus says:

      After ra Petite may we go for The Sweet…

      Bob Holnesses song

    272. Cactus says:

      Mornin’ Terry, aye earlier on the television yesterday, they flashed up a union flag graphic as the intro to the cricket scores on the evening news on ah guest tv

      Ah didnae realise that the UK was batting against New Zealand

      The order of their news was disorderly

    273. Cactus says:

      Tis ah full moon tomorrow night people

      Moon: 96.9%
      Waxing Gibbous (that means it’s getting bigger)

      22:38hrs ra morra nite for totality again

    274. Cactus says:

      A Wings twitter retweet:

      Ah bit like this like:

      Funnyness in Italian

    275. Liz g says:

      It’s not the word’s… And there only word’s.
      As I think You know my friend!!
      It’s what you were using them words to say??
      But ye saw that …. and ye said so..
      Therefore we’ll say nae mair aoot it … aye??
      Except when I.C.U. then we wull .. debate this thing.
      And.. Truth be told.. We wull,as usual agree.. I kid ye not?
      Let’s do it 🙂

    276. Hamish100 says:

      Re England and Calais, ?? Havent the English thought that part of France is there’s! Anglo saxons , the normans always liked claiming other peoples lands.Its what they believe is a entitlement.

    277. Hamish100 says:

      So cactus believes he is entitled to effin and blindin on a post. Unfortunately it will turn off posible bloggers or more important possible independence voters. Sad all round

    278. Liz g says:

      Hamish 100 @ 7.57
      I have no way of knowing, if what you say is true..
      But I’m as certain as as I can be..
      Neither do you.
      Whits yer point Hamish ???

    279. O/T. I saw a few days ago some enquiries as to Robert Peffers.

      Has he been in touch, is all well?

    280. galamcennalath says:

      Yes, I was wondering about Robert Peffers too. Hope everything’s ok.

    281. Abulhaq says:

      The Scotland Office said the UK Government is “leading the way in regional regeneration”.
      Better moniker would be North Brit House.
      Ultra modern? Depends on your aesthetic sense.
      Besides, India got New Delhi in the imperial twilight years, we get bog standard British design and build. A blight on that score alone Satrap Mundell.

    282. galamcennalath says:

      Re Elizabeth Queen of Scots House …

      ” … will bring together around 3000 civil servants from a range of UK Government departments. These include the Scotland Office, HM Treasury, HM Revenue and Customs, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Office of the Advocate General.”

      Sounds like preparations for independence where all remaining WM functions will be taken over in Scotland for Scotland. A’ had ma doots that’s the way the Tories see it !

    283. Colin Alexander says:

      Dave McEwan Hill

      Democratic mandate is a convention. The UK state operates on the principle of the sovereignty of the Crown (of England) in Parliament, not by democracy or the (Scottish) principle of the sovereignty of the people.

      Holyrood is a devolution parliament: it does operate on the basis of the sovereignty of the people; it’s power to legislate is loaned from Westminster’s Crown sovereignty principle.

      I fully agree the SNP / Scot Govt have a “triple lock” democratic mandate for indyref via the democratic will of the sovereign people, (not forgetting the vote of Holyrood also endorsing an indyref). But, how do they put that mandate into effect if UK Govt neuters the ability of the Scot Govt / Scot Parl to legislate for an indyref?

      The UK Govt might simply move the goalposts again as they did with the Continuity Bill to prevent an indyref. It seems the obvious answer to thwarting a winning indyref vote.

      For surely there MUST be international observers brought in to monitor the referendum process, especially for bias and interference by the UK state and its state propaganda media, the BBC, if another indyref goes ahead.

    284. winifred mccartney says:

      Mundell just being helpful to give us new offices for indy and we can rename it Winnie Ewing House.

    285. jfngw says:

      @HYUFD @10:39

      We are not targeting the hard leavers (max 38% or possibly 26% in latest elections) but the soft remainers (Labour & LibDem) that have to make decision, a market of 3 or a market of 27 (plus all the trade deals outside the 27).

      The Tories and the Brexit company are basically targeting some who see an advantage for themselves and the extremists of the OO, they can never win anything in Scotland targeting this market.

      Your election result is not easy to find as St John did not appear in my browser as a listed ward, could only find by typing it into google. So either my browser is flaky or the Epping website is not too hot.

    286. galamcennalath says:

      winifred mccartney says:

      new offices for indy and we can rename it Winnie Ewing House.

      Excellent. I’ve always thought it would ideal if the government departments being repatriated from WM were located about Scotland.

      I propose the new Department for Culture and Media be located in Bathgate in a building aptly named Stuart Campbell House 🙂

    287. ronnie anderson says:

      I’ve run my race its time for a rest .

      Yesterday I attended the Bbc Bias Protest , ironically one of the very practices we were demonstrating against AIRBRUSHING of the Independence movement .

      Bill Glen (Admin ) on Sat evening put up a post on the Spider Principle a video of the Auob march in Glasgow whereby the Britnat protesters shouting abuse at the marchers at George Sq , he was accused of breaching group rules ( he himself never used any profane language ) as a result David Milligan removed him as a Admin & later removed the post ( witch he denied to Bills face yesterday witch proves the point also Christians DO LIE ).

      David Milligan posted that private conversation on the Spider Principle last night omitting his conversation with myself ie the is a ugly face on the road to Independence that needs to be exposed & those people called out .

      Long story short Im not going to be a party of any group that dont face up to the realities of the Good the Bad & Downright Ugly parts that we are confronted with on the road to Independence .
      Therefore I need to take time out from all groups , so its a Goodbye from me Dear Wingers ..

    288. Golfnut says:

      @ Colin Alexander.

      The UK operates using smoke and mirrors and a complicit legal system providing opinions, note opinions, regarding Westminsters sovereignty.

      Neither English or Scottish courts can change the Acts of Union and therefore the Treaty of Union. Westminster is signed up to both Scottish and English Constitunional law, its presumption of UK sovereignty is based on an opinion that Scots send their sovereignty to Westminster via their elected MP’s. There is an obvious admission staring you in the face with that opinion.

      Scotland didn’t get a vote on the devolved powers, it voted for a Scottish Parliament, the Parliament was democratically reconvened by the people of Scotland, not Westminster.

    289. Petra says:

      @ ronnie anderson says at 10:23 am …. ”I’ve run my race its time for a rest….. Therefore I need to take time out from all groups , so its a Goodbye from me Dear Wingers” ..

      Auch Ronnie really sorry to hear that. I can see that you’ve done your utmost to deal with the ”ugly face on the road to Independence”, between one thing and another, so well done to you. You must be totally disillusioned by now. Take a wee rest and then consider getting back on here. We really need you.


      Meanwhile has anyone heard from Robert Peffers? Does anyone live near him? If so, would they consider paying him a wee visit to see how he’s getting on?

    290. Petra says:

      ‘Gina Miller launches legal fight to stop no deal Brexit.’


      Indycar Ross 14th July. Corbyn, Alex Salmond, Brexit, Plan B, Iran, US, keep the faith, The Bruce, trust your leaders.


      ‘Have Scottish Lib Dems drawn another blank as they reveal ‘astonishing’ fall in prison staff assaults?’

    291. Republicofscotland says:

      I’m fumming that another building in Scotland has been named after a foreign queen namely Queen Elizabeth (England’s current Queen) again.

      The Hub in Edinburgh is in my opinion set up (only cabinet office outside London) with the intention of seizing powers from Holyrood after Brexit.

      The 3000 staff (Why so many one has an inkling) move in next year again very convenient timing. As well as Mundell’s Fifth Column the Hub will house quite a few other departments.

      Will the oncoming snatch and grab by Westminster after Brexit leave Holyrood powerless and Stormont like?

    292. Petra says:

      @ galamcennalath says at 9:15 am … ”Re Elizabeth Queen of Scots House …… will bring together around 3000 civil servants from a range of UK Government departments”..

      FGS, Elizabeth Queen of Scots House, can they not come up with anything else? It would also make you bloody laugh adding the ”Queen of Scots” part. What’s she ever done for us? And where will the 3000 civil servants be coming from? Scotland I hope, but won’t be holding my breath on that one.

      One thing for sure is that we should hold a referendum on the monarchy following Independence and if they are oot scoot every last piece of infrastructure, street etc, with Royal connections should be renamed. Renamed after our multitude of inventors, philanthropists, and so on,.


      ‘Poll reveals that only 11% of Scots trust Johnson as next PM.’


      ‘Brexit news – live: Boris Johnson’s plan for US trade deal with Trump ‘would breach European law.’

    293. Capella says:

      A video about how Icelanders went about democratising their community after the 2008 crash. 1 hr

      @ ronnie anderson – you’ve put in a lot of time and effort for the cause ronnie. Hope you come back soon after a break.

    294. Dr Jim says:

      Folk are going on and on about the section 30 thing again

      A section 30 order has NOT been blocked because one hasn’t been requested yet

      Just because some opposition politicians say a thing or write a thing doesn’t make it so

      The UK Government has already agreed to Scotland’s right to hold a referendum on Independence whenever it so chooses and it agreed to that on 27th November 2014 in the shape of the Smith Commission, signed off by Lord Smith of Kelvin and the then Prime Minister David Cameron and they know they did but they hope most people don’t know that in order to sew discontent in Scotland, so to refuse a section 30 order, should that happen means that the UK would then have to go to court to overturn its own legislation

      Are they prepared to do that, well they might be but they’d lose their own argument and how stupid would that make them look, so no it’s not likely they’ll flat out refuse because that would cause two things, one, support for Independence would go up because of their arrogance, and two the Scottish government could then take the UK to court and overturn the decision citing the Smith Commission as the precedent

      The UK Government is at this moment putting aside Scottish tax payers money to the tune of tens of millions of ££££s to fight a referendum as admitted by David Mundell so that doesn’t sound like they intend to try to refuse a referendum

      Tory support for keeping the Union together is only around roughly 37% and as we know from previous polling the good people of England have made it pretty clear they’d rather have Brexit than Scotland

      So take a hint Scotland they don’t want us anyway, continuous Westminster governments have told them Scotland is a burden so they want rid of what they believe is that burden, so in the light of that why would anybody in Scotland want to be a part of a Union where the largest part can’t wait to be shot of us for financial reasons

      So they really don’t love us at all do they

    295. Marie Clark says:

      ronnie anderson @ 10.23,you’ve done so much in the indy cause, a helluva sight more than most of the moaning minnies that seem to be cloggin up the sight now.

      I think a lot of us feel much the same way as you ronnie, going by the amount of regular posters who are missing now. I get fair scunnert wi’ it a’ at times. No indy of course, just the unrelentless drivel that seems to be coming at us. I find a wee rest away from it helps me, so have a good rest ronnie and please come back to us when you feel ready. We really do need you here.

      It’s getting a bit worrying now that no one seems to know whether oor ain RP is all right. I’m in the southwest so nowhere near Fife where Robert lives. So as ithers say, is anyone near where he stays that could maybe find out if he is okay.

    296. Petra says:

      @ Republicofscotland says at 11:12 am …

      ”The Hub in Edinburgh is in my opinion set up (only cabinet office outside London) with the intention of seizing powers from Holyrood after Brexit…. Will the oncoming snatch and grab by Westminster after Brexit leave Holyrood powerless and Stormont like?”

      Looks as though that’s their plan RoS. A War Cabinet, with Gillian McGregor leading the cabal, that will be used to undermine the Scottish Government, in a multitude of ways, by taking control of (EU and the rest) powers and having direct contact with Councils leaving the SNP sitting powerless in the middle.

      I don’t see them ”shutting down” Holyrood as that would result in thousands taking to the streets, just a drip, drip, drip (or torrent) of activities (e.g. terrorist networks exposed, etc) attempting to turn the populace against the SNP followed by a vote on the Parliament’s continuation.

      They won’t win, that’s for sure, and we’ll be left with a spanking new building.

    297. call me dave says:

      Mr Anderson sorry to hear about your decision to stand down for a while.

      I’m sure that I speak for many wingers and other visitors to the blog why I express my thanks to you for your efforts over a number of years towards Scottish Independence.

      It’s a been a hard time waiting for a clearing of the fog on Brexit and we are all anxious to move to an independence referendum .

      Particularly sad now to see You and Nana go from the blog and no news of Mr Peffers just adds to a really shitty last few days.

      (excuse my French!) 🙁

    298. gus1940 says:

      It’s great to see The National and the rest of the Scottish based blats ignoring that cricket match.

      Still it won’t stop the english media doing another 1966 job ad infinitum.

    299. gus1940 says:

      Re QE House why do government offices most of which have no public counters always have to be smack in the middle of cities in the most expensive area?

    300. Robert Kerr says:

      Petra at 11.43

      Thanks for the link.

      Yet another House Negro to add to the list.

    301. Cirsium says:

      @Abulhaq, 8.47am
      Thanks for the reminder about New Delhi being built in the twilight years of the Empire. It puts Mundell’s “Queen Elizabeth House” in context.

      @Petra -thanks for the links. Food for thought. Interesting to note the Agents of Influence in key positions – Gillian McGregor (MI5) in charge of David Mundell and Neal Stewart (MI6) acting as adviser to the SNP MPs at Westminster

    302. A C Bruce says:

      “A section 30 order has NOT been blocked because one hasn’t been requested yet”

      I’m not sure if Westminster can ignore a formal request for a S30 but they would try to – we have heard the ‘there is no demand’ mantra from Hunt et al recently. We could hold one without agreement but they would ignore the result (unless it was a no, in which case they would be falling over themselves to recognise it).

      If they come out with the ‘now is not the time’ in response to a formal request, what steps can Scotland take to force the issue?

      Does the new Referendums Bill help Scotland in that regard?

    303. robbo says:

      O/T but needs saying.

      Piers Morgan grinds on me- I never watch his shit programs.why anyone thinks moron will stop talking about this cricket crap for months needs medication .

      Same goes for the other tossers like, Clarkson,Penfold Franquios or whatever he’s called,or those deranged women Oakshott or HOPKINS

      They’ll all be at over the next few week/months, fecking years!

    304. Sinky says:

      Why is BBC Radio Scotland fixated over a foreign country (in sporting terms) winning a trophy while ignoring Scots athletes winning gold medals European Under 23s championship as did the bulk of the Scottish press (including The National).

    305. Robert Kerr says:


      Because British in BBC trumps Sotland every time.

    306. Dr Jim says:

      A C Bruce

      I believe they might try the *now is not the time* ploy but won’t defend the position if the Scottish government demand the transfer of power because then the constitutional mess rears its head and I don’t believe the Westminster lot want anything to do with that at the moment because any chance of being bested in court by the Scottish government would be abhorrant and terrifying to them given the UKs rapidly diminishing popularity around the world where they’ve already lost to the UN over the Chagos affair and their human rights record

      I definitely believe they’re going for a full on defence of the Union referendum and when Deirdre Brock SNP MP qestioned David Mundell at the Scottish affairs committee and quoted the figure of £100 million to be set aside to fight a Scottish referendum Mundell replied *I don’t recognise that figure but it certainly will be in the tens of millions*

      Theresa May at PMQs replied to Ian Blackford very angrily saying *The SNP are planning a referendum within the next 18 months* that doesn’t sound very much like Westminster is going to attempt to say just NAW!

      Because I think they know they can’t and the reason they don’t know where they are on this is because Nicola Sturgeon is keeping her mouth firmly shut on what the Scottish governments moves are likely to be, and while that might be frustrating to many of us it must be driving Westminster daft

      Alex Salmond laid out everything he was planning and repeated it often and Westminster kept coming up with garbage to thwart him like *What’s your plan B* and Alex fell for it and came up with one, handed it to them on a plate and they set about rubbishing that too

      The current FM is keeping whatever she’s planning as secret as a dead man’s thoughts

      People say she’s got no plan, I say does she want voted out of office, because if she doesn’t deliver Independence she might well be, so she’s got a plan

      Nicola Sturgeon intends to be around for a long time, she’s a history maker on a mission and I believe she believes that so let’s hope it’s a winning mission this time

    307. Golfnut says:

      Can’t stand cricket, so don’t understand the rules. England 281 – all out, NZ 281 for 8 and I think one over left, how did England win.

    308. Robert Kerr says:

      Ursula von der Leyen ( link first came to my attention in a piece in Der Speigel when she visited the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan.

      Now she is moving on.


      and Link

      Read the wiki entry and be impressed. One formidable lady.

    309. Abulhaq says:

      The BritState plans for regional hubs reflects the notion of ‘power devolved is power retained’. Devolution was/is a Westminster scam, the illusion of power without the thing itself. Westminster, as we know, is still the master who pulls the strings.
      Pulling back those miserly devolved ‘powers’ is probably the next step for the Tories. Devolution with its bothersome legislatures was not their baby. The current situation in Northern Ireland indicates direct rule still has much useful life left. Why should not Scotland and Wales be brought back into ‘the family’?
      Paradoxically the SNP did make devolution work, something certainly not envisaged by the designers. Unfortunately, devolution has effectively taken the SNP’s mind off its founding purpose.
      The myth of the ‘restoration’ of Scotland’s parliament after 300+ years has gained political traction. traction it does not merit. A subordinate assembly with heavily circumscribed functions is merely a Westminster bestowed toy. Perhaps we need to chuck this diversionary plaything out of our pen and return to that first principle, the one beginning with I.

    310. Dr Jim says:

      They always ask the same question over sport *will you be supporting the England team* and expect us to say NO while at the same time demanding the opposite because we should love them

      It never seems to occur to them that if Germany wins a sporting thing they don’t expect the French to support or love them for it, they’re quite confident enough in themselves to not go around the place demanding love from other people

      All the statistical and polling figures show graphically that England does not love Scotland

      Are they so insecure they constantly insist and demand that others love them when it’s patently obvious they don’t love anybody else who’s not them

      The English passeth beyond their own understanding

      Or in another way *I’m cutting your wages now tell me you love me or I’ll cut them some more*

      Love hurts

    311. Hamish100 says:

      liz g– read again and you can work it out for yourself.


    312. A C Bruce says:

      Dr Jim @ 1.13 pm

      Thanks for laying out your thoughts on the S30, etc. You’re quite right about giving away too much information which can be rubbished. That would be very demoralising.

      The wait is very difficult at times.

    313. Dr Jim says:

      A C Bruce

      It sure is and we’re all just guessing, but so are they

    314. galamcennalath says:

      Petra says:

      FGS, Elizabeth Queen of Scots House, can they not come up with anything else?

      That was me being sarcastic. It’s worse. It’s Queen Elizabeth House.

      Pure BritNattery. If the naming of building was left to ordinary folks here I have no doubt NOTHING would ever get named after royal.

      So many Scots have done so much. There are oddles to choose from.

      Elsie Inglis (1864–1917) is an obvious.

      Betty Windsor?

    315. Ghillie says:

      Haste ye back Ronnie =)

      Have a lovely rest and remember you are well loved 🙂

      You and all our other resting Wingers.

      We will be very busy again very soon!

    316. Cactus says:

      Sounds good Liz, looking forward to our next date 🙂

    317. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Thepnr comes back, Ronnie leaves, Smallaxe isn’t around, nor Nana, RP is awol…

      Stick any number of folk in a waiting-room or leave them hanging about an airport lounge for months, years on end with no departure time? They’ll start falling out, some will leave, others will stay but get sick of the sight of each other. And some will keep their headphones on and say nowt.

      So it goes.

      Commenters here are just the tiniest tip of a very big iceberg and there’s always plenty more to replace any who feel like bailing out. The British State, meantime, has a fuckin huge oil/gas/fish/water-shaped reason to grind us into submission.

      It’s becoming pretty obvious, even to bookmakers, that that’s not going to happen.


    318. Capella says:

      @ Golfnut – judging by twitter comments, the runs were equal, NZ won on wickets but the decision was to count the boundaries. England had more. Don’t know how many more. Maybe they made up that rule on the spur of the moment.

      It’s a bit like the USA winning the World Series in rounders (baseball). Nobody else plays. Nobody else is interested – apart from a few former colonies.

      They’re desperate for “glory” though.

    319. winifred mccartney says:

      To the missing – take whatever time you need to recoup, to find your bearings again and come back when you are ready. Remember divided we fall and united we stand – the empire menatlity was very good at divide and conquer – we will not allow it but if anyone needs to take time out, take it and when you are ready you will be welcomed back with open arms. Everyone of us needs time out sometimes.

      If someone knows whereabouts of RP can you let us all know how he is and wish him well from all of us.

    320. Republicofscotland says:

      “I don’t see them ”shutting down” Holyrood as that would result in thousands taking to the streets, ”


      I would think that they wouldn’t need to shut Holyrood down. Westmister in my opinion could find ways to communicate with the new Hub, (How many times do Tory ministers ignore requests from Holyrood MSP’s to attend an inquiry or meeting etc) that bypasses Holyrood. Certainly the hub will be used in someway to undermine Holyrood and ergo the SNP government.

      The British government will use the hub as a staging post to thwart independence, and much more. Boris Johnson who looks likely to win the two horse race to become PM will deny outright any consent in any form to hold a referendum, I hope Sturgeon can counter, and hold a indy vote next year, regardless of who becomes PM.

    321. Jack Murphy says:

      Ian Brotherhood said above at 2:09 pm:

      “…..Commenters here are just the tiniest tip of a very big iceberg……”

      You are certainly right.
      I got a big surprise when so many otherwise quiet readers actually posted on Wings Over Scotland for probably their first time on the ‘The Screw’ 8th July 2019.

      There are more of us about than people think. [ wink wink emoji ]

    322. geeo says:

      AC Bruce@12.35pm

      Dr Jim has brilliantly explained everything re:tactical nous of the FM/SNP on the indyref issue.

      It has been explained literally hundreds of times how WE DO NOT NEED A S.30 to hold an indyref.

      It has been explained many times over, that since Scots people ARE LEGALLY SOVEREIGN, then the result of ANY indyref, with or without a S.30 is the expressed sovereign will of the legally sovereign Scots People.

      And as you should know by now, Sovereignty top trumps what WM thinks, what Holyrood thinks, and what anyone outside Scotland thinks.

      If WM tell unionists to boycott indyref2, good, as we will win by absolute landslide.

      If sovereign Scots decide not to express their sovereign voice, that is up to them, but it does not legally negate the expressed sovereign will of those who DO express that sovereign will.

      The result is a decision of the sovereign people of Scotland.

      Do you think if labour did not contest the WM GE and no labour supporter votes in that GE, then the result will be declared as null and void, and the tory majority gov of say, 400 odd, will be denied 5 years of government ?

      Tories tried that by boycotting a labour motion and later claimed the vote result had no validity, but Bercow soon shot them down in flames by saying ANY vote in WM is an expression of the will of parliament.

      Now, all this is not news on here, yet still people come on asking stuff already explained to the nth degree.

      Either they cannot comprehend simple concepts, or have questionable motives.

    323. A C Bruce says:

      Geeo @ 2.50 pm

      My post clearly wasn’t addressed to such as you. It was polite and uncontentious. I got a polite, expansive answer in return and my thanks goes to Dr Jim for that.

      As for you, take a hike.

    324. geeo says:

      Coco back slavering his pish again.

      Always know british nationalists are desperate when this one appears.

      But wait, tomorrow he will be pro indy…shh…nobody will notice his dribbling pish from today though..!

    325. Colin Alexander says:

      @Ronnie Anderson

      We haven’t always seen eye to eye on political things but, wish you all the best in your personal life and your health.

      If you feel up to it and are happy to do so, it would be nice to see you involved in things again.

      Mr Robert Peffers is also someone I have had debates with but, also wish him well and hope he is doing okay.

      As far as I’m concerned, we are all on the same side, despite our personal differences of opinions on some matters: we all want an independent Scotland.

    326. CageyBee says:

      disn’t ev en wait till the next day we must be seen as lacking cause a few regulars have had a rest.

    327. Legerwood says:

      Dr Jim @ 1.13 PM

      Always useful to remember that it was Ms Sturgeon* who was largely involved in drawing up the Edinburgh Agreement so she knows a thing or two, or more, about how Westminster operates in these situations. Hence the cards close to the chest which is no doubt driving the Unionist side crazy.

      * Bruce Crawford and Michael Moore were also involved.

    328. Dr Jim says:

      In countries with smaller populations contentousness can rise more quickly as it has always done in Scotland, but historically Scotland never had a one country modern government to address this contentiousness as quickly as it arose

      A modern Scotland with it’s own Independent legislature can be a more nimble and effectively governed country than others with a much larger population

      The success of even the smallest of nations like Iceland disprove totally the notion that bigger is better when it comes to the societal issues of governance

      The UK Government will always argue size because what they have in mind is to scare the population into believing that somehow small means defenceless when of course the opposite is true, the small state has less adversories because it doesn’t threaten the security of others therefore has less need of adversarial defences and as we all know nobody wins wars, everybody loses them, nobody ever came to an amicable agreement with anyone by killing their population, the agreement is arrived at after the conflict by people agreeing not to do it again

      So in effect the pen is mightier than the sword

      Scotland as an Independent country can be a mighty advocate for peace and prosperity in the world and we have the talent and people to do that instead of waiting around for a UK government at the will of the American blunt force object for the next war with whomever that administration decides to elect to have one over what is usually money that the peoples of both our *countries* never benefit from anyway

      The joining of the European project for Scotland is a no brainer, many countries together each with a single vote no matter the size or population is as democratic as it gets, something Scotland will never have as long as we are tied to this antiquated empire thinking Union of the UK

      In this Union we are not and cannot ever be equal when equality is based on population numbers and not merit

    329. John Jones says:

      Tat for tits
      or return fire as I prefer

      Why bow down to mongrels
      Who lie and cheat and steal
      They treat you like a serf
      Begrudge you every meal

      Where’s our pride and nation
      Trampled under foot
      Thought too very stupid
      Only good for loot

      Owning all our grouse moors
      We’re good enough to beat
      To carry all their golf clubs
      It is a special treat

      Tugging on our forelocks
      To the mongrel race
      Time to call a halt
      And show we know our place

      We’ve done the lordships bidding
      For far too very long
      Time to lift our backs up
      And sing the Corries song

      Will we let a Boris
      Ex editor of a mag
      Or take an order from
      An ex Eton schoolboy fag

      God was good to Scotland
      To stop us being too proud
      We’ve mongrels for our neighbours
      But don’t say that out loud

      The nobs think they are wonderful
      And brag of pedigree
      In history they’ve been mounted
      From all across the sea

      Scots have been the backbone
      From which the English grew
      We’re looking to the future
      And winning with Indyref2

    330. Dr Jim says:

      John Jones

      That’s a smashing poem John

    331. geeo says:

      @AC Bruce

      Thats what they all say to me.

      I merely pointed out the stuff Dr Jim has been explaining (brilliantly) recently, is not new.

      So it seems reasonable to ask why someone is STILL questioning that same content months and indeed, years, later ?

      What more possible clarity could you need?

      What on earth will you actually listen to and believe ?

      There are many on here that are never quite convinced, always seek ‘further clarity’ and they are oh so ‘concerned’ about stuff debunked a thousand times already.

      And how odd, telling even, how they get all uppity and mock offended at the slightest questioning of their motives.

      So, what will convince you, AC Bruce, today, that you have not heard a thousand times before ?

      Anything ?

      Nothing ?

    332. Ottomanboi says:

      ITV @ 10:45
      At last something worth watching on old fashioned TV.
      How the Chinese deal with their minority ‘problem’….and get away with it.

      [Courageous covert filming shows the extent of the police state in north-west China’s Xinjiang province. The indigenous population there is seeing its culture, language and religion erased by Chinese authorities, while around a million Uyghur Muslims have been imprisoned in detention camps for what is officially “education and training”.

      Some of this has been reported before, but sequences here reveal the scores of surveillance cameras on city streets. We also meet a Chinese official who, when asked about breaches of human rights, jokes that Uyghurs don’t have human rights to violate. Personal stories of exiles with relatives in prison round out a dismal picture.]

    333. Terry callachan says:

      To geeo your post at 2.58 today about coco

      I don’t know who coco is

      But see you , you are such a fool always blathering a load of hateful nonsense accusing every other person of being a british nationalist you yourself by doing this are the busiest bee for the britnats get a grip

    334. Golfnut says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Well said.

      @ Capella

      Thanks, kind of similar to golfs odd rules, though in golf if there is a draw, the best score on the back nine wins.

      @Republic of Scotland.

      Westminster won’t close Holyrood, they will wait till they get a majority of unionist MSP’s and get them to legislate its closure, or maybe they will hold another referendum. Whatever the plan, its to late. Scotland awake.

    335. Ian Brotherhood says:

      While we’re all squabbling amongst ourselves, why not chuck in a wee bit of Peter A. Bell to spice it up?

    336. A C Bruce says:

      geeo @ whenever

      To ensure that you fully comprehend my meaning – In your own words – “dribble your pish” at someone else.

      Is that clear enough for you.

    337. Terry callachan says:

      To Ronnie Anderson your post at 1023am

      Please don’t get downhearted
      I understand completely what you are referring to.
      There are a great many Indy supporters who still think the road to Scottish independence will be free of trouble and violence .
      I do not believe that myself.
      There won’t be war but there will be trouble because there will still be a sizeable portion of people against Scottish independence after a majority vote in favour of it and with the help of England they will cause trouble in our streets.

      However there are no countries in the world that have gained their independence trouble free without violence

    338. geeo says:

      @AC Bruce.

      I shall post whenever and whatever, i choose.

      Feel free to scroll past, as is your choice to do.

    339. Sandy says:

      Children, children, share the toys.

    340. geeo says:

      Callachan the anti English bigoted racist@ every other post.


      Fooling nobody pal.

      Away and prepare yourself for the end of your precious union.

      Once independent, you lose all reason to exist to actual indy supporters on here.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish day, coming soon.

      And English people for Yes will stand side by side with their fellow Scots, doing it.

    341. Terry callachan says:

      To geeo…

      You being rude and insulting to people on here doesn’t help Scottish independence
      Telling people to just scroll past your rude insulting comments doesn’t cut it
      You said you were gonna be a good boy

    342. Terry callachan says:


      You having a bad day today
      Have you taken your tablets ?
      Remember and stay off the sauce too looks like you forgot again

      You are insulting and being rude to people L R and Centre
      A bad look
      You help the britnat cause doing this

    343. geeo says:

      Callachan, the piss stain you find underneath the piss stain.

      I can invent stuff about YOU callachan.

    344. Merkin Scot says:

      Terry callachan says:

      “However there are no countries in the world that have gained their independence trouble free without violence”
      Nonsense. Simply nonsense.

    345. Petra says:

      I see that Sam Miller (Macart) isn’t covering for WGD whilst he’s off on holiday. I’ve noticed that he’s not been posting on here recently. If you are reading Sam I hope all is well with you X

    346. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Pity we cannot have Indyref2 on Thursday. The way the BBC is going on about that jammy, erroneously-awarded win yesterday, the Yes vote for Indy would be about 90%.

      I know, the Prou8d Scots But would still vote No, but, the way the BBC goes on, Yes would walk it.

    347. ben madigan says:

      @Petra – I seem to remember that after Macart last minded the WGD shop, he said he wanted to take time out. Like yourself, I hope he’s OK and doing well

    348. Thepnr says:

      @Terry callachan

      “However there are no countries in the world that have gained their independence trouble free without violence”

      As Merkin Scot has already pointed out you are talking absolute nonsense.

      You talk guff often so it’s of no surprise to find that you are ignorant of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Norway to name but four who have all became Independent without violence.

    349. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Seeing as so many of us are grumpy, why don’t we have a day off and let lurkers have a go until the next post appears?

      Just a suggestion!

      *ducks for cover*


    350. Thepnr says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Piss off! 🙂

    351. North chiel says:

      Another fine post from “ Dr Jim @0402pm . He has really been “ on the ball” these last few days .

    352. galamcennalath says:

      Just reading about Johnson considering proroguing Parliament so MPs won’t be able to stop a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Astonishing stuff. Like something from the English Civil war many centuries ago when there was no remotely meaningful democracy.

      A PM assuming a dictatorial position to bypass Parliament. How did things get so ridiculous?

      Gina Miller and John Major both threatening legal action to ensure it doesn’t happen.

      England is going to Hell in a hand cart. We need to be walking off in another direction.

    353. Effijy says:

      ITV Evening News Headline coverage about England Cricket win.
      Mid programme feature- English Cricket fans an clubs.
      Final segment English Cricket – how the kids will be inspired?

      They forgot their star player was the thug who made fun of 2 gay men outside
      A nightclub before battering them. The footage condemned him, English court didn’t.

      New Zealand lost on the last ball of a tie breaker and 2 freak circumstances
      Came England’s way to steal the trophy.

      This of course doesn’t matter as it proves England are a supreme and superior race?

      Let’s hope Scotland leaves these people on their fantasy island retreat.

    354. Petra says:

      Thanks for the info Ben (6:14pm). I fairly miss Macart and his brilliant posts. Yeah let’s hope all is well with him.


      BBC propaganda doesn’t seem to be working, lol.

    355. Colin Alexander says:

      Dr Jim

      Credit to you for admitting Alex Salmond made mistakes in Indyref1. Was the SNP a one-man show? Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney were also key players. I hope they have learned from their mistakes.

      Printed well in advance of the referendum vote, the Scot Govt White Paper was then used to beat the YES movement over the head.

      My hope is that despite the faults of the SNP then and now, that enough voters who voted for NO in 2014, will see they were deceived by the even more incompetent UK Govt and will no longer rely on UK Govt predictions / Project Fear.

      Instead they will decide that Scotland should be governed by the governments the people of Scotland vote for.

      Scotland should have the policies the people of Scotland vote for.

      That Scotland’s future whether as part of the EU or outside the EU will be decided by the people of Scotland.

      No longer will Scotland’s future – and our futures – be decided by unelected Lords and MPs from England, Wales and N.Ireland.

      There should be only one main policy: The people of Scotland are sovereign: Scotland’s people should decide Scotland’s future.

    356. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Your frustration is palpable @ronnie anderson says at 10:23 am

      You do more than your fair share and have been sniped at fairly recently by gypes re: the WoS Stall.

      Take the time, Recharge your batteries and we’ll catch you when you feel up to it again.

      I think it’ll be fairly short, sharp and demanding after the IndtRef2 announcement happens so make sure you’re up to it ‘cos we will need you.

    357. Petra says:

      The Queen Bessie Hoose, Edinburgh. Well worth a read plus comments.

      Richard Murphy:- “It seems the end game has begun.”…

    358. dramfineday says:

      Anent Ronnie Anderson at 10:23.

      Many thanks Ronnie for all your hard work and I hope to hear and see you again sometime in the future.

      Kindest Regards


    359. jfngw says:

      Just bought a new cover for the rotary dries, please note that I have named it the Queen Elizabeth Rotary Cover for anyone that wishes to reference it in future. It’s function is to cover over the mechanism of operation that you don’t want the public to be aware of.

      I was going to call it Mundell’s Folly but who will know what that reference means in a few months. No doubt soon to be given the resignation pistol and leave claiming his integrity is intact, as a mighty roar of laughter is emanated from Scotland.

    360. jfngw says:

      I here rumours that Jeremy Hunt is talking about Charisma, now I had a few LP’s from that record label myself but it’s been defunct for a long time now. Bonzo Dog & Monty Python label I believe.

      Grief! I think he’s talking about his own charisma, I not sure what his definition of delusional could possibly be going by this.

    361. Joe says:

      @ Colin Alexander

      The thing im struggling to understand is why the polls for independence dont show higher support. At this point i must presume is that the cause is down to the overly ‘progressive’ ideology of SNP and greens being unpalatable for many. I think people rightly fear their B.S

    362. geeo says:

      @joe the joker

      Maybe because THEY DO NOT PUBLISH THE POLLS showing indy miles ahead, eh ?

      Appealing to coco !

      Clearly you have no shame.

    363. North chiel says:

      Just thought I would try the new BBC Scotland “ nine” channel . You couldn’t make this up . First article at 2145 the England cricket World Cup win !! What’s the point of “ BBC Scotland???””. Forget it switched off ! For good !

    364. Elmac says:

      I have been a lurker for many years and have learned from, and enjoyed the posts of, stalwarts such as Ronnie Anderson, Robert Peffers, Ian Brotherhood, Macart and many more. I realise that the fight for independence takes a toll and there will be casualties along the way whether through exhaustion or simply the ageing process, but I am concerned that the current political lull may be promoting some discord and disillusionment.

      The prize is near at hand. We are all tired of waiting for matters to come to a head and many criticise the apparent inaction of the Scottish Government. We must trust in those we elected to strike at the right time. Do you honestly believe that the prime objective of the SNP leadership is anything other than independence at the earliest opportunity? They have the facts at their fingertips, the rest of us only know a few crumbs of the full picture. Now is the time to stay focused, strong and united. We WILL achieve independence from this disgusting regime and it will be soon and hopefully in time for all the older wingers to see the fruits of their labour.

      Come on people – come together, stop bickering, believe and push harder. Ignore the proliferation of trolls on this site. Look upon it as a backhanded compliment to the power of Wings and the fear this blog engenders in the establishment. The trolls have sold their souls. They are scum and post independence they will be unemployed.

    365. Sarah says:

      Does anyone know how the BBC bias protest went yesterday?

      {Ronny Anderson – sorry that you feel you must withdraw from Wings. I hope you come back full of energy before too long.]

    366. Dr Jim says:

      Scotland’s wind power, who would have thought we’d even use a phrase like that, however

      Scotland’s wind power electricity generation exceeded Scotland, by up to 180%, 180% and you know what we didn’t even get a Bullys special prize for it

      Scotland’s achievement in this area of being the fourth largest electricity generator in the entire world has gone completely unnoticed by the UKs media even though apparently it was Scotland who enabled the lights to be on in the North of England so that the power for their Tellys to be on would have made it easier for them to receive all the transmissions needed to see that wondrous news so the people down south could marvel at what us supposed subsidy junkies in the North with our Mickey Mouse parliament and our bad SNP Government are doing with our time

      Of course that’s never going to happen is it, the UK media aren’t going to tell English folks stuff like this because they might begin to realise that maybe they’d like a total loser government like wot Scotland’s got instead of the efficient strong and stable Trump bollox holders they already have

      Sky news did mention a couple of dozen climate protesters glued to a boat in Glasgow though, oh along with Glasgow being the drug death capital of the world, I think that was the phrase they used, and they did it all through the medium of TV y’know the thing we invented for them to use to rubbish us on, but still no mention of the electricity we generated for them to plug into that allowed them to do that

      Now you know why the UK considers *Broadcasting* a *power*, and now you know why the UK refuses to devolve that *power* to Scotland’s parliament to make use of,
      because if they did the next thing that might happen is Scotland’s total loser bad SNP Mickey Mouse parliament would licence other broadcasters to come into Scotland thus undermining all the good work the UK Trump bollox holding government have done in not informing and misinforming the people of Scotland about what was happening right here in River City in their own country

      Next time you’re ever talking to foreign folks on holiday here in our beautiful country tell them about how in Scotland we are not *allowed* or *permitted* by the UK government to have our own broadcaster

      Then stand back and watch the look on their faces

      I have!

    367. Golfnut says:

      @ Elmac.

      Well said.

    368. Golfnut says:

      I see the bbc are making a 3 parter series on universal credit on behalf of the UK gov starring Amber Rudd, she has apparently selected top class assessment centres which all work wonderfully, staff won’t be allowed to speak to the reporters, but everything is wonderful so no worries. These puff programs are all about explaining how wonderful the system is even though it has apparently managed to engineer 130,000 plus premature deaths, obviously a mistake there and the academics of 3 world class universities are wrong.

    369. Cubby says:

      Q. What do Trump, Bojo and Callachan have in common?

      A. They are all idiots and bloody racists.

    370. Fireproofjim says:

      Ronnie Anderson
      Missing you already. And Nana. And Robert.
      Please don’t go.

    371. Colin Alexander says:


      On a positive note: It’s amazing support for indy has remained consistently so high considering the almost complete abandonment of ANY campaigning for independence by the SNP over the last five years, while they have pushed other agendas.

    372. Dr Jim says:

      I have another wee gem

      This morning on Radio Scotland there was as part of a phone in about the *free to air BBC* and of course as you’d expect a gent immediately phoned in to inform the BBC that in fact the BBC is not *free to air* because folks are forced to pay a licence fee whether they like it or not

      Now we all know that but the presenter wasn’t finished, oh no, she replied after the gent was off the air by saying this *Yes you do have to pay for a TV licence but that also gets you access to Channel Four*

      So me, jaw boing floor

      Now I won’t do all the history of channel four here but even kids know channel four is a commercial channel with advertising revenue to pay for it and everything, and if they benefit from licence tax payers money it’s the first time in my life I ever heard of it

      I even looked it up and No, no mention of licence tax anywhere involved

      So why would a BBC radio presenter say such a thing live on air, couldn’t be because they can get away with saying anything they want could it, because if you complain about them saying stuff they shouldn’t they tell you it was just a mistake then quote a million rules as to why you were wrong to complain about the great service and caring institution that they are so F off and die pleb

      Or other words that sound like that and mean the same

    373. Thepnr says:

      @Colin Alexander

      You just can’t help yourself criticising the SNP, can you?

      That makes you of no use whatsoever to the Independence cause because without the SNP there is NO chance of Independence ever. Or Maybe you know better, if so tell us.

    374. Cubby says:

      Q. What do Joe and Colin Alexander have in common?

      A. They are both bloody idiots and blame the SNP for everything.

    375. Lenny Hartley says:

      Dr Jim, as Auld Bob has told us many times, the licence fee is to allow reception of live tv signals whether they be BBC, ITV , Channel 4 , Sky or live programs via Internet , so the BBC Presenter was accurate for using Ch4 as an example. The Licence fee does not pay for the BBC who’s funding comes out of general Taxation (propaganda account)
      Having said that I still dont pay my propaganda tax 🙂

    376. CameronB Brodie says:

      See all this finger-pointing at folk and accusing them of all sort of horrible things. Time for some stuff? Remember, the full-English Brexit is driven to a large extent by (white) British nationalism. The New Right knew exactly which buttons to press in order to encourage cultural self-harm. Subsequently, the full-English Brexit was largely driven by English/British xenophobia or racism, and will harm public-health and social sustainability in Scotland.

      N.B. Britain has a problem with structural racism which undermines the capacity of the public and our institutions to avoid shaping public policy based on cultural prejudice, rather that empirical evidence (see the full-English Brexit).

      Do you remember me mentioning the “biopsychosocial model of health”? Well, you must reject this medical best practice in order to justify the claim that trans-women are women.



      Racial minorities bear a disproportionate burden of morbidity and mortality. These inequities might be explained by racism, given the fact that racism has restricted the lives of racial minorities and immigrants throughout history. Recent studies have documented that individuals who report experiencing racism have greater rates of illnesses. While this body of research has been invaluable in advancing knowledge on health inequities, it still locates the experiences of racism at the individual level.

      Yet, the health of social groups is likely most strongly affected by structural, rather than individual, phenomena. The structural forms of racism and their relationship to health inequities remain under-studied. This article reviews several ways of conceptualizing structural racism, with a focus on social segregation, immigration policy, and intergenerational effects. Studies of disparities should more seriously consider the multiple dimensions of structural racism as fundamental causes of health disparities.

      Keywords: Racism, Discrimination, Health Disparity, Race, Ethnicity, Immigrant, Social Determinants, Inequity

    377. CameronB Brodie says:

      It’s just as well I know a bit about critical race theory and stuff, as Britain is sleep-walking into new territory. Public policy has never been so explicitly linked to xenophobic right-wing English culture, at least since the end of WWII. This ain’t going to end well for Scotland, if we continue to allow ourselves to be abused by the Tory party.

      “It Depends How You’re Saying It”:
      The Complexities of Everyday Racism

      While racism is widely recognised as a complex social phenomenon, the basis for defining and identifying everyday racism from a lay perspective is not well understood. This exploration of factors used to frame everyday racism draws on seven cognitive interviews and four focus groups conducted in November 2010 and January 2011 with Australian adults predominantly from Anglo ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

      The study reveals lay theorising centring on tropes of intentionality, effect of speech, relationality and acceptability. Participants were more likely to think of racism as having negative, overtly offensive and emotional connotations. Racialised speech that was not considered to be blatantly racist was more contested, with participants engaging in complex theorising to determine whether or not such speech constituted racism.

      The study also highlights the potential of qualitative research to inform survey development as an unobtrusive method for in-depth participant reflection. The ambiguous nature of everyday racism demonstrated in this paper indicates a need to foster more nuanced lay understandings of racism that encompass the subtle, rational and complementary expressions that can be situated within institutions and society.

    378. scunner says:

      Watching the horrific documentary recounting the ’90s VCJD outbreak. The unexpected fruit of a Pursuit of profit.
      The Tory government of the time completely inept.

      It has taken a steady flow of continued ineptness in the years since (plus copious EU-blaming) to finally push the Brexiteers over the edge. Farage tries to sell the notion that his party (HIS party, just like UKIP were) are for overturning the establishment politics.

      If they were given the opportunity:
      Meet the New Boss – Same as the Old Boss (TM The Who).

      We could be operating a system of governance the antithesis of that which continues to mismanage the UK. This is what the NO vote stole from us.

      Now they are stealing our EU identity.

    379. CameronB Brodie says:

      With regard to the indy debate and those who you suspect of racist intent, it is probably not accurate to use the term “racist”. For one thing, it isn’t strictly accurate when discussing Britain as we are broadly of the same ethnic background, largely. Then, of course, there’s not much chance for constructive dialogue afterwords, so it is a bit counter-productive if you’re looking to encourage folk to vote for self-determination. Our differences are more of a cultural nature, so the correct term is “cultural chauvinist” (see the Tory party). 🙂

      Solidarity in diverse societies: beyond neoliberal multiculturalism and welfare chauvinism

    380. CameronB Brodie says:

      Give the Tories a chance and they will obliterate any potential for Scots to access inalienable human rights and democratic AGENCY. Such is the “just” practice of constitutional and Treaty law in Britain, and the complete failure to ensure natural justice between the nations. Telt you Tory philosophy rejects natural law. 😉

      Cultural Identity

      Ethnic identity is defined as a sense of belonging based on one’s ancestry, cultural heritage, values, traditions, rituals, and often language and religion.

    381. Dr Jim says:

      The TV tax is a wealth tax to provide the UK government with funds for whatever they want to spend it on, it certainly has zero to do with TV or the recieving of it or the UK would be making a charge to the people of over 190 countries the BBC is watched or heard in but those people benefit from our *generosity* of spirit by providing the money for them (worldwide propaganda)

      The BBC is a commercial company making money through advertising and the sale of its product to TV companies worldwide, only now is it being handed over to the BBC because the UK government are found out in many of their descriptions of what taxes are used for

      Car road tax is the same thing, a wealth tax, like cigarette tax sod all to do with anyones health, or fuel tax

      Tons of invented taxes rather than just one income tax because that would be too noticable and rich people would have no loopholes to avoid paying it, Tory world both red and blue

    382. CameronB Brodie says:

      Of course, I’m not suggesting that all those who voted to leave the EU did so out of racially motivated concerns. However, it can’t be avoided that Scottish ‘nationalism is supportive of multicultural tolerance, contemporary English/British “nationalism”, not so much. It is peak cultural chauvinism to impose English cultural prejudice on generations of unborn Scots (see the full-English Brexit). Time for some ethics and brain science on the connections between culture and how we relate to Others?

      Ethical Issues in Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology

      Clinical neuropsychologists who assess patients from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds face unique ethical challenges. In this article, we address 4 critical questions relevant to ethics of cross-cultural neuropsychology: (a) Should culture or race be considered in neuropsychological testing? (b) Should race- and ethnicity-specific normative data be used in the clinical neuropsychological evaluation? [c] Who is competent to design and translate tests for ethnic minority groups and non-English speakers and who is competent to administer and interpret them? and (d) Are neuropsychology training programs adequately preparing clinicians to be competent in the assessment of cross-cultural groups?

      The overall aims of the article are to highlight the complexity of these clinical and ethical issues, to provide comprehensive and balanced information to help guide clinician choices, and to stimulate future research
      in this area.

      Key words: neuropsychology, race, culture, language, norms, ethics

    383. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Multiculturalism is over, done, dead. But I don’t suppose that matters when you’re being paid to spam, you spooky psycho. Dear me.

    384. CameronB Brodie says:

      Reluctant Nationalist
      So sharing educational material is considered spaming, where you come from? Takes alsorts, I suppose.

      For someone claiming a PhD in Psychology, you appear rather prejudiced against those who don’t originate from Britain. What about some evidence to support your assertions against multiculturalism? Or is your world-view and brand of nationalism simply an expression of blind prejudice leaned through the consumption of dodgy media?

      Motivated Cognition: Effects of Reward, Emotion, and Other Motivational Factors Across a Variety of Cognitive Domains


      A growing body of literature has demonstrated that motivation influences cognitive processing. The breadth of these effects is extensive and span influences of reward, emotion, and other motivational processes across all cognitive domains. As examples, this scope includes studies of emotional memory, value-based attentional capture, emotion effects on semantic processing, reward-related biases in decision making, and the role of approach/avoidance motivation on cognitive scope.

      Additionally, other less common forms of motivation–cognition interactions, such as self-referential and motoric processing can also be considered instances of motivated cognition. Here I outline some of the evidence indicating the generality and pervasiveness of these motivation influences on cognition, and introduce the associated ‘research nexus’ at Collabra: Psychology.

      Subject: Psychology
      Keywords: motivation, cognitive psychology, goal-oriented behavior, emotion, reward

    385. CameronB Brodie says:

      Reluctant Nationalist
      So what exactly is your beef with post-modern ctitical social theory?

      Future Identities: Changing identities in the UK – the next 10 years

      DR9: How Might Changes in Political Allegiances
      Affect Notions of Identity in the Next Ten Years?

      4. The Electoral Growth and Potential of the Radical Right

      Anchored in a tradition of Euroscepticism, the UK Independence Party emerged out of the anti-Federalist League and is not an ideological member of the extreme right party family. However, recent studies point to significant overlap in the policies and electorates of the extreme right BNP, and the radical right UKIP. At the 2010 general election, UKIP offered citizens a combination of nationalist, xenophobic, Eurosceptic and populist policies.

      Similar to electorally successful radical right parties in Europe, UKIP demanded an end to mass ‘uncontrolled immigration’ and pledged to regain border control, expel illegal immigrants, remove benefits for remaining immigrants, repeal the Human Rights Act and ‘end the active promotion of the doctrine of multiculturalism by local and national government and all publicly funded bodies’ (UKIP 2010).

      The party also stressed other radical right issues, calling for an end to political correctness, urging citizens to recognise ‘the numerous threats to British identity and culture’, advocating a ban on the burqa in public buildings and inviting the populist Dutch politician Geert Wilders to show an anti-Islam documentary in the House of Lords.

      Aggregate research provides evidence of high correlations between support for UKIP and the extreme right BNP, suggesting both parties have similar social bases of support. John and Margetts (2009: 501; Borisyuk et al. 2007) have observed how the BNP and UKIP adopt similar discourses on issues of immigration and national identity, and for this reason media and voters often perceive the two parties to be ‘part of the same phenomenon’. This has been supported by subsequent empirical research on the drivers of support for UKIP. One study of UKIP at the 2009 European elections found that while its main driver of support remains Euroscepticism, the party has rallied a wing of working-class supporters who tend to come from Labour-voting backgrounds, are deeply hostile towards immigrants, politically dissatisfied and strikingly similar to supporters of the BNP.

      These findings led to the conclusion that – for a significant section of the electorate – UKIP may well be seen as a ‘polite alternative’ to the right-wing extremist BNP (Ford, Goodwin and Cutts 2011). Indeed, the appeal of UKIP among women and also the middle-classes would suggest that the party is better positioned than the toxic extreme right to recruit a broad coalition of voters, though clearly much depends on the outcome of the Eurozone crisis (Ford, Cutts and Goodwin 2011; Goodwin and Evans 2012).

    386. Cubby says:

      The BBC giving it big licks about Scotland and drugs. Scotland and drug deaths. Dundee in particular about drug deaths. Same old same old running down Scotland.

      On the other hand all the knife crime/deaths are all UK.

      And of course England has won the World Cup – no not football just cricket. The sport like baseball that hardly any other countries in the world actually play. They always forget to mention that it is the England and Wales Cricket board. Wakes just ignored.

      What an obnoxious Union the UK is on all levels.

    387. Phronesis says:

      What does racism sound like, what does racism look like?

      ‘ not only is Trump rekindling a nasty historical talking point about immigrants, he’s apparently otherizing brown-skinned members of Congress by implying they are foreigners…That’s an incredible sentiment from the president of the United States, and it’s pretty unmistakable’

      ‘ it is worth pausing to recognize the racist shibboleths in Trump’s tweets, ones that have been used to justify other shameful moments in our history’

      ‘The continued normalization of Trump’s version of “politically incorrect” ideology and language both on and offline can lead to increased racial violence and the continued creation of neoliberal policy with racially disparate impacts… backstage, or overt, racism and bigotry can be communicated with an illusion of subtlety by white citizens in the public frontstage of social media and political discourse’

      Trump’s tweets are overtly racist, there is no air of subtlety. His political ally here uses language that is frequently racist, but there is a belief that he is clever and subtle. Both white, wealthy males who do not possess the cleverness required to lead and unite nation states.

      ‘Johnson is laying the groundwork for the triumphant elimination of racism, through the sophisticated articulation of a worldview that only a few fortunate white men who went to Eton have the benefit of accessing: a worldview in which large swathes of the world — Africans, Muslims, poor and working class people — are self-evidently and inherently inferior, barbaric and prone to violence: unlike the funny, clever, wealthy white men like Boris Johnson…If only liberal anti-racists woke up to this reality, their cause might be greater served’

      It is time to unite to protect Scotland’s democracy, institutions, economy and jobs, the spirit of citizenship based on human rights and dignity. Scotland will unite against who and what will be foisted on Scotland against her will – when we unite, we win.

    388. sassenach says:

      Cubby says:@ 11:48 pm
      Q. What do Joe and Colin Alexander have in common?

      Same IP address, perhaps?

    389. Welsh Sion says:


      Re: The cricket. I have it on good authority that the ECB [sic] (i.e. the England and Wales Cricket Board) only had the ‘Wales’ bit added, but still omitted from the acronym, when pressurised to do so by a Member of the now defunct Welsh Language Board, who was also a friend of mine.

      And as to ‘the nation celebrates’ – What ‘nation’ would that be? EnglandandWales?

      I think the National should run the headline:

      11 Men Win a Ball Game

    390. galamcennalath says:

      Robert Peston – ” Johnson said …. The backstop had to go altogether. Hunt concurred.

      Most EU leaders will see that shift as the official moment the Tory party became the no-deal party – because EU leaders have consistently said the backstop cannot and will not be dumped. “

      Rhetoric to impress their loony far right members, or have they genuinely lost the plot?

      There will be a constitutional crisis if they attempt ‘no deal’, yet they appear to be closing all other doors. Both do claim they can renegotiate which seems highly improbable.

      Polls suggest that Scottish Leave+No voters haven’t shifted on either position. The lunacy of the Tories hasn’t effected their views.

      It’s a recurring figure, around 25% of Scots, who seem unflinching in their BritNattery. Their UKOK could do nothing, it seems, to shake their loyalty.

      But Hey Ho, the other 70+% are all potential Yes voters.

    391. Abulhaq says:

      @Terry callachan @4:48
      The notion of Scots ‘wha’s like us’ exceptionalism applies here. Scots may have to face a situation vis à vis the English establishment demanding a steeliness not so far manifest. If we are serious about wanting independence it is simply ours to take. The means of the taking is a mark of our political resolve. In this, the means does justify the end.
      Those who balk at means not according to the Westminster rule book, the ‘for publication’ one, need to examine their conscience on this matter. How sincere are they?
      Scotland, as a territory and as part of the so-called island of Britain, is vital to the status of those leading the British state. A diminished presence would be damaging. Consequently, it will not be given up without a fight and using the full resources of that state in the process.
      British colonial history tells us what might be in store.
      Scotland is divided 50/50 on independence, that’s a good start for state mischief….already set in motion. Scotland, drug capital of the universe!!!! Too poor, too weak, too small, too wasted.
      This cultural character assassination has to be stopped.
      Are we truly prepared?

    392. Ken500 says:

      Drug funding was handed down to Councils under social care. The (unionist) Councils are not providing proper total abstinence, one chance drug rehabs. Much cheaper than prison. Facilities are closing.

      The Councils are spending money on grotesque shops, offices and under occupied hotels sitting empty. Instead of building schools, funding education and providing proper essential services. It is a scandal. Wasting £Millions/Billions of public money. An absolute abuse of public money.

      Every Health Board provided funding for proper total abstinence rehab. Except Grampian which would not fund primary care. It was funded privately by individuals and insurance cover. The local services are often inadequate. People are kept too long on methadone. Instead of proper rehab counselling. All the drug deaths in Scotland are related to people on methadone who then take other substances. Many Doctors will not prescribe it because people die. People with a problem or friends and family should approach AA or NA for information and help. The best way forward is to seek help.. Even professionals can be uninformed. Healthcare workers can be ignorant.

      The Scottish Gov has brought in minimum pricing etc to cut the abuse of alcohol and severe admissions have been falling. People are drinking less because of health reasons and consumption of alcohol is falling.

      Trump is outraging twitter but has not been bombing other regions. A propaganda twitter response or a hail of bombs. There is a balance response. Sticks and stones or name calling. The PC parade have been bombing the world to bits forever. Gie’s a bit of peace. The Americans were sick of it. Trump is a migrant family, representative of the US. Trying to negotiate with other states. Or illegal war.

      The Tories will be gone before too long. Their antics and behaviours are an absolute disgrace. A total embarrassment. Into oblivion. They will be gone. What will take their place. Another IndyRef.

    393. Clootie says:

      Independence – It is just common sense

    394. call me dave says:

      Poll by ‘Hope not Hate’ charitable trust reported in this morning’s National.

      Wipe out for better together parties with SNP going on near 55 seats with rest Lib-Dems.

      Also rumours of Brenda demanding Boris to call a GE and maybe a government of national unity!

      NicolA(anagram) and Joe playing doubles together again and there a few more hovering in the wings. 🙁

    395. galamcennalath says:

      OT Scotland’s most dangerous roads revealed amid mounting fatalities

      Some of our trunk roads need investment.

      However, I reckon the vast majority come down to two things. Drivers with poor overtaking skills and judgement. Drivers who don’t readily facilitate safe overtaking by others who clearly want to pass. The two combined are literally fatal.

      In the past there used to be public information ‘ads’ on TV explaining good driving practice. That stopped decades ago. Clearly, there are folks driving who either never had the skills and knowledge, or have forgotten. A bit of education would go a long way.

    396. ScotsRenewables says:

      {rant mode}

      How depressed am I ?

      After the refusal of the SNP to even discuss alternatives to a Section 30 order . . .

      After the reply I received today from the Scotland Office re. the petition for a Section 30 order . . .

      After the insane dragging grind that is Brexit now going on for three years and ruining me and my partner’s plans to spend a substantial portion of future years in Europe . . .

      After getting my new driving license with the Union Jack on it . . . .

      After realising that the lunatics really ARE in charge of the asylum this time . . .

      After seeing the departure of Nana and Ronnie Anderson from this site and elsewhere . . .

      After being banned from Stu’s Twitter account for a studiously neutral comment on the gender issue he – and the SNP – seem to be becoming obsessed with . . .

      After seeing all the stupid infighting and the attempts to split the independence movement and the independence vote . . .

      After creating – at considerable time and cost to myself – a great highly functional website for an indy organisation (United4Yes) then have them not even deign to answer emails

      Well, I am depressed enough to let my (ridiculously expensive) .scot domain name ( lapse, because I don’t see a future for it or for Scotland as an independent entity any more.

      We are fucked, doomed, and it is entirely our own fault. Scotland, you are pathetic.

      {/rant mode}

    397. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Aye, but bearing in mind that the UK is a Unitary State, which nations “National Unity” are they interested in? @ call me dave says 16 July at 10:04 am

      Would the dissolution of Holyrood and the refusal of IndyRef2 be considered in “The National Interest” of this “Government of National Unity”?

    398. marydoll says:


      Just heard the BBC News . How dare they? Scotland now has more drugs deaths than USA – which was once thought to be the drug capital of the world? Quickly followed by how eveybody’s wages are rising! The war chest is certainly being opened already!

    399. ScotsRenewables says:

      Woohoo . . . . unblocked on Twitter. Maybe the tide is turning and we are on the road to normality after all.

      On the other hand . . . FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK

      Let’s get Boris in and get on with whatever it is we are going to be getting on with. Before we all go quietly mad and disappear up our own hypothetical arses.

      Think I must have been drinking Cactus Juice.

      Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of Indy. Show us yer cunning plan Nicola, please . . . . pretty please . . . .

    400. Colin Alexander says:

      I’m not here to be an SNP propagandist. If you are, that’s fine by me. Live and let live.

      I, and others, have every right to criticise the SNP whilst also supporting independence.

      A MAJOR reason I support independence is to enable us to hold politicians and govts to account, (including SNP ones). We cannot do that when the decisions are made for us by the politicians of England, Wales and N.Ireland (including Lord unelected by anyone).

      The campaign for independence is NOT a pro-SNP campaign.

      The SNP Scot Govt mandate is: “We believe that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum…

      The Scottish Parliament is NOT the SNP.

      The SNP, and its supporters, do not have a monopoly on the belief, or the campaign (what campaign from the SNP?), that Scotland should be independent and able to exercise her sovereignty the same as other sovereign nations.

      I disagreed with anti-Tory chants on one of the AUOB marches. Independence can be supported by those who favour Conservative policies (minus the Unionist bit). Likewise, Labour voters etc and those who hold no interest in party politics.

      There should be NO conditions attached to supporting independence, such as also supporting the SNP.

      Independence is for ALL of us, SNP or no SNP.

    401. Thepnr says:

      @Colin Alexander

      Same old same old, absolutely nothing to offer other than SNP BAD. Change the record FGS and maybe now and again have a good moan about the Tories or Labour. How about some encouragement for all Independence supporters. How about some good news?

      You won’t do that though will you? Your anti-SNP agenda is blatant.

    402. Cactus says:

      Mornin’ ScotsRenewables, it tastes mighty fine yeah

      Just add a few cubes of ice

      Serve chilled 🙂

    403. Essexexile says:

      A truly world class piece of ‘Scotland baaaad’ journalism front and centre on the BBC website at the moment.
      So Scotland has the worst drugs death rate in the entire world, worse than even Trump’s USA.
      Not attempting to trivialise what is a serious problem but, the stats show that the majority of the deaths are in the age group 40-60. Long term addicts with serious health issues. Scotland’s Thatcher generation.
      So, yes, as with pretty much every piece of bad news in the world, we can blame the Tories.

    404. Confused says:

      bloody bbc bias again – check this out –

      “Drug death rate in Scotland highest in EU”

      then there’s a photie of a teaspoon and cooking up …

      – why not – turn that frown, upside down


      – I’ve had my fun, and that’s all that matters (god rest brendan grace/father stack)

    405. sassenach says:

      Colin “Coco” Alexander, again blackening the SNP yet (supposedly) wanting Indy (yes, we all REALLY believe you, Coco!!).

      How do we ever achieve that Indy if the only vehicle to getting it is derailed by clowns like you, Coco? Another Party, split the vote, just like your colonial masters want?

      Disapprove of “Tories out” shouting at marches? Again we all REALLY believe you, Coco. And we all zip up the back of our heads, as well!!

      Gie us peace!

    406. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      BBC “Scotland’s Shite, ‘cos EssEnnPeeBaaad” message promotes sense of worthlessness and hopelessness.

      Scots were no different to other indigenous populations within the Empire.

    407. Petra says:

      ScotsRenewables I’m sure that we’re ALL feeling pretty depressed right now, although you seem to be suffering in particular, additionally, with your website / domain name issues. Really sorry to hear about that.

      Research findings show that this Brexit fiasco, alone, is creating depression and anxiety right across the UK. We in Scotland, Independence / Remain supporters, are getting a double whammy not least of all due to the biased media. On top of that, we on Wings are no doubt feeling down, I reckon, due to losing some great contributors (hopefully temporarily) whilst the site is chockablock with many individuals who don’t want to see us achieve our Independence … all using their “differing wee strategies” to bring us down.

      We know that we can’t let this happen. We’ve got FAR too much to lose now, more so than five years ago. We knew this wouldn’t be easy, so there’s nothing else for it than to pull together and get on with the job. It would also help if genuine Independence who visit the site, but don’t contribute, thought of doing so now. We need you! Most of all we need you Nana. Please remember the Bruce and spider story (if it’s true lol). It would also help if Stu could put up a new article. Something to give us all a boost even if it’s an old article, say reminding us all of Scotland’s wealth or whatever.

      Anyway sorry to hear of some of the additional “points” that you’ve made in your post SR, which should give us all food for thought.

      We’re close to winning now with at least 50% of Scots wanting out of the hellhole. Westminster continues to destroy itself from inside out with the next few weeks being especially crucial for us all. Nicola Sturgeon won’t let us down. Don’t let those who want to divide us win on that one.

      We’ll get our Independence, rid of the Westminster nutters, our Scottish passports and you’ll get your house in the sun, SR.

    408. hackalumpoff says:

      @ScotsRenewables 16 July, 2019 at 10:57 am

      Although Nana has departed this blog, she is busy with other Indy projects and in the near future intends to bring you links via an alternative route.

      So bear with us while we get things organised. We have a plan but like all things, plans take time to put into practice and there is some learning about running blogs ongoing.

      Don’t let the barstewards grind you down !

    409. Petra says:

      Oh I’ve just read your latest post (11:18am), SR. GREAT!


      The BBC seems to conveniently forget to mention that Westminster has control over the drug policy in Scotland. Another wee “piecemeal power”, judicial only, devolved to the SG to ensure that they’re seen to fail. Add to that their day and daily bombardment of Scottish doom and gloom news, most of it a load of old guff, enough to drive people to taking to drink if not drugs. When we get our Independence people like Professor John Robertson should be in charge of the news.

    410. misteralz says:

      Gala @ 10:54

      Scotland’s roads are appaling, and I never really realized before living in Europe. And that SNP response about ‘let’s stick more cameras up’ depresses the hell out of me. Granted while Scotland remains a colony there’s not much you can do about driving standards as taught, but you can design roads to be safer. Or just add really simple things. Like what, I hear you ask? Well, let’s get rid of dual carriageways for a start. Why? Because when you stop to think about them, they’re ridiculous. Same speed limit as a motorway, but you can cycle on them. If where you want to go to is on the right, you have to get into the overtaking lane, slow down, and then do a standing start crossing traffic coming towards you at 70mph. Fucking idiotic, and they exist nowhere else on earth. You know what does? Underpasses and overpasses.
      Crawler lanes? Yep, they’re great for getting past tractors, lorries, caravans, all that slow shit. Y’know what would be even better? Knowing how long they are, rather than having a sign saying they end in 200 yards when you’re alongside two lorries… Denmark and Sweden do this really well. They also do two lanes then one then two then one in both directions every 5km or so on the busier countryside roads. Germany has farm traffic specific roads. The Netherlands and Denmark have bike specific ones. I’d like to think Scotland will get there post Indy. We’ll see.

    411. Dr Jim says:

      Nothing personal:

      The SNP promised so much but they only delivered most of it and they still refuse to fix the world of everything

      I run a focus group specialising in the problems experienced by shoeless mice, I’ve emailed the First Minister on numerous occasions and still she refuses to answer my concerns, leading to mental health problems for me and my family yet still no help comes

      Scotland was supposed to be a welcoming new place for people but obviously not for these seriously affected mice some of whom are european mice with nowhere to turn, and how can they with their feet so badly injured

      Many people are now questioning the SNPs motives and intentions in regard to this supposed new and inclusive Scotland, we have the three legged dog problem, no help, cats with more than one owner and distressed at not knowing which to go to, the system is failing and still the SNP only focus on building houses, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges what good is all this if our mice are suffering

      I voice the genuine concerns of all citizens of Scotland

    412. Petra says:

      Professor John Robertson:-

    413. Thepnr says:


      That’s great to hear, please give Nana a wee kiss on the cheek from me 🙂

    414. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Re the Rev’s twitter feed.

      To a degree, Rev, your “It’s 1966 all over again” tweet, in respect of England winning the Cricket World Cup is wrong.

      The Swiss referee in 1966 made two clear errors:

      1. The free-kick, which led to West Germany’s last-minute equaliser in normal time was the wrong call.

      2. The third England goal in extra time was again a wrong call – although he was backed-up by our Azerbaijani “Russian linesman.”

      So, one wrong call benefitted West Germany, the other helped England – so they cancel out. England therefore still scored three not-disputed goals to West Germany’s one.

      At the cricket on Sunday, the umpires’ mistake on the overthrows incident, signalling six runs rather than five allowed England to draw level with New Zealand during the special over, and handed them a victory which ought actually to have gone to New Zealand.

      The great Chris Brasher had to go before a tribunal, which took five hours to adjudicate, before he was correctly awarded his 3000 metres steeplechase, in the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne – 63 years later, with the help of 21st century technology, New Zealand still could not get the victory the umpires’ errors denied them. And they call that progress.

    415. skintybroko says:

      I lurk on this site everyday and am sorry to see the level of debate dropping and great posters such a Nana, RobertP and Ronnie leaving.

      I like to remind myself from time to time why am still committed to independence and re read the post from Macart below

      Based on an article by Samuel “Macart” Miller Posted 18/03/2016 on Wee Ginger Dug

      Unlike David Mundell, I believe Scotland is a country in its own right.

      I firmly believe that the population of a country are those best placed to make decisions about their own needs, governance and future.

      I believe the electorate of a country should expect to elect and be governed by the party of their democratic choice, one that will reflect and administer for their priorities, their particular needs and their aspirations.

      I also believe in personal and collective choice, democracy and responsibility.

      To quote Abraham Lincoln, I believe in a “government of the people, by the people, for the people …”

      I don’t consider myself superior to anyone else, but I’m damned sure I won’t be considered less than anyone else because of my country of origin, or because I wish to see that country exercise its democratic rights on its own behalf.

      I believe stewardship and governance of a country is all about the future, the next generation and that it is the present generation’s duty to act as caretakers of the country and custodians of that future.

      I also believe in interdependence, NOT DEPENDENCE, that Scotland rejoining the family of nations and adding its own distinctive voice would be a friend to the world and a source of strife to none.

      Quotes from the Wee Black Book prepared by Wings Over Scotland and released on the 24th March 2016 on what should have been Scotland’s Independence Day

      “It is only here in Scotland that we pirouette on the head of a pin over patriotism and nationalism. Who else have you ever met who boasted:

      “I love my country but don’t want it to govern itself. I much prefer it to be in a minority in another parliament where it can always be outvoted and where parties we don’t support will dictate our budget and policies. I don’t think my country should have independence because it really wouldn’t be able to do the job properly.”

      Most foreign listeners would reply:

      Then it’s not your country at all. You can’t care enough about it to call it your nation. You may call yourself Scottish but you are in fact British. Britain is your country.”

      Derek Bateman, former BBC journalist

      “Laws which govern citizens in this country are decided by politicians from other nations who we never elected and can’t throw out.
      But by leaving… we can take control. Instead of grumbling and complaining about the things we can’t change and growing resentful and bitter, we can
      shape an optimistic, forward-looking and genuinely internationalist alternative.”

      Michael Gove, Edinburgh-born Conservative politician – talking about the EU Referendum – he campaigned for Scotland to remain part of the UK and clearly doesn’t recognise the irony!!!

    416. Breeks says:


      It seems a trying time to launch a new pro Indy website given the famine of political initiative, but what would it take to create a resource website for Scotland’s Constitution? Next year is the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, and it seems lacking that we don’t already have such a thing.

      Such a website could dissect the Declaration of Arbroath and codify what it actually means for modern, everyday life in Scotland.

      With good resources and thorough fact checking, it could be a worthwhile resource to have maintained… especially if it could be recognised by Scottish Historians, Lawyers, Politician’s and Constitutional experts, but distills the issues into every day language that’s easy to digest.

      While you’d think such a thing would inevitably be pro Indy, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t present the Unionist perspective on the UK, and even do it fairly, if only to demolish the fallacy.

      We could also “invite” the EU to submit it’s own perspective on Scotland’s constitutional position. I don’t think they would, but we could ask… It isn’t really their business, but every incremental step towards recognition is surely a good thing.

      To sustain decent traffic, it would seem most site’s need to support a blog, and maybe a it might borrow a feather from Rev Stu’s cap, and the SNP.

      Rev Sets out to debunk media distortions, the SNP at least talks about a fact checking and rebuttal service, though I’ve yet to see it, but suppose we had a blog that filtered topical and unfolding political developments through a rigorously Constitutional perspective? These Tory hustings would have been a constitutional bloodbath…

      Maybe we could approach Andrew Tickell, Tom Divine, and various other experts in strategic fields, and invite them to contribute opinions and articles without the chore or responsibility of maintaining a blog or website.

      Ironically, maybe it should try to dilute the political entrenchment of views, and perhaps, let me stress perhaps, try to hook up with the citizens assembly idea, and promote a notion of constitutional accuracy that is absolute, apolitical where that’s possible, and not subjective but factual and undisputed.

      Maybe, let me stress maybe, we could steal another of Rev Stu’s initiatives and have a “Wee” Constitutional Book that ‘s punchy and informative like Rev Stu’s Wee Books, and easy to push through a letter box…

    417. Joe says:

      Just want to point out – the Tories are c**ts. Lying, greedy c**ts. White supremacists etc are terrible. The (real) far right are detestable.

      Its not them that would-be Scottish indy supporters are wary of. Its the deranged twisted, authoritarian left in our own country that keeps them uncertain.

    418. Thepnr says:

      @Dr Jim

      *&(*^%*^^*(*(*)(*)! 🙂

    419. Joe says:

      Oh addendum:

      Many Scots are not stupid and ill informed enough to want us going headlong into the EU either. So thats 2 sticking points.

      Honestly people, get a grip.

    420. Dr Jim says:

      There are thousands of NO voters who use the internet every day but never read a blog or look at a website, they only talk to each other through Chatroom sites, they have no idea what’s going on in Scotland and they don’t care anyway because all they know is the SNP are bad and anti them

      These Chatrooms are filled with unquestioning and un inquiring no voting dolts who only believe each other because they all belong to the same societal demographic and I know this because I have a close relative who was one of them, this group in our society are also the high drink drugs consumers and their age range is mid 30s to mid 40s

      I managed to open her eyes to the truth but when she tried the same thing within this group using the Chatrooms she was shunned and abused by those within it, this is no small group either, these are thousands

      Now I don’t know how you manage to inform people like this using the Internet when they don’t and won’t read it or believe it anyway, and to be one of these people you pretty much just have to be one of those people

      They do have one thing in common though, football, even although most of them don’t actually go and watch it, their particular football religion totally forbids them to believe anything else other than the hate stuff, and for them the SNP are the focus of that hatred

      These people are like Scotland’s ISIS we’ve seen on countless videos shouting absolute nonsense and bile at cameras while waving Union flags, the same people who launched the attack on demonstrators and police in George Square, these are mindless thousands

    421. Breastplate says:

      Joe, the average IQ in the YooKay is 100 meaning about 50% of the population’s IQ is in double digits.
      There are still too many stupid people in Scotland, running at 55% in 2014. One can only hope that has changed for the next referendum.

      Unfortunately Joe, I have read many of your posts and like you, don’t spend a much time thinking about them.

    422. geeo says:


      “I like to remind myself from time to time why am still committed to independence”

      Really ?

      I have never ever doubted for even a nano-second why I am committed to Scotland being independent.

      Scotland being run FOR Scots, by politicians from within Scotland, with policies in the best interests of Scots and Scotland.

      Politicians and governments we can replace if they fail to deliver for Scots and Scotland.

      There are a plethora of other things, but the above is the primary driver.

      As i write, Alison Thewliss has just been invited onto Politics Live, to be attacked on the drug deaths in Scotland figures.

      Now, Alison has just stated it is amongst decades long drug abusers where the deaths are coming from, due to long term health issues.

      Coburns response: “what is Scotland getting wrong”!!

      Not even listening to the answers given to her, straight to “essenpee bad”.

      Alison goes on to explain how smoking and alcohol policy is yeilding good results, but Scotsgov DOES NOT have control of drug policy as it is, reserved to WM which limits what we can do in Scotland.

      Coburn: “essenpee bad bad bad…”

      Tory twat guest: “same drug laws in England and Scotland, essenpees fault”

      Again, Alison explains again, that the CIRCUMSTANCES of drug abuse is different in Scotland so needs a different approach.

      Anyone listening ?

      Nah, course not, coburn shouting essenpee bad over every thing she says.

      Of course, we knew how this was going to go when the graphic came up at the start.



      Absolutely disgraceful and blatant dog whistle attack.

      The only thing missing was Coburn outright asking if anyone else wants to have a go at the essenpee.

      One guest actually stated the WM gov should devolve drug policy to Holyrood so the Scottish government could “EXPERIMENT on behalf of the United Kingdom, i think that would be FANTASTIC” !!

      So there you have it, another example of why my resolve for independence will never, and has never, wavered even by the tiniest degree.

      Mark Harper (tory guest) basically saying that drug deaths are perfectly acceptable in Scotland, if it means that the Tories can use those deaths to attack the essenpee.

      Sky News article at least admits a new strategy is needed, and mentions how WM refuses to devolve the powers to Scotland.

      BBC still top trumping the essenpee hate stakes.

      Scummy bastards, too thick to realise that more people are questioning their ever more obvious bias.

      And that means more support for Yes.

    423. Brian says:

      The drugs deaths in Scotland are due to people having no hope of a decent future and are locked in a downward spiral given the squeeze on funding from the imperial masters.
      The drugs deaths in England ( quite considerable in number) are in the main hooray henrys with privileged lifestyles and money to burn. A tale of two countries rather than a tale of two cities.
      One group deserves our empathy the other….. who cares?

    424. ScotsRenewables says:



      If Nana or the consititional debate need a website then happy to provide the server, tech and design skills. Just so long as it gets used.

    425. Dr Jim says:


      My frustrated reply to the myriad minutiae of mostly moronic nothingness that people invest their time in inventing to complain about just so they can complain, instead of focussing on getting the power to fix the roof first then you can make a start rebuilding the foundations that you never had the power to do anything about before

      It’s as though people demand the near perfection of Independence now to prove it’ll be absolutely perfect after you get it or Ahm no votin fur it

      Hence the sore footed mice

      I know, I know, sometimes I confuse myself

    426. geeo says:

      Joker Joe@12.46pm

      “Many Scots are not stupid and ill informed enough to want us going headlong into the EU either”.

      When you say “many” you mean 38% ?

      However, 62% is a higher number, and polling has Remaining IN the EU is closer to 70% now.

      Maybe you meant to write, “a 2 to 1 majority of Scots completely reject leaving the EU”.

      Any witty comedy gold comebacks, joker joe ?

      C’mon, we like a laugh on here.

    427. Sarah says:

      @hackalumpoff: thanks for the good news that you and Nana are working on building a blog. Well done!! What a hotbed of activity over in Easter Ross [and in Cromarty!].

    428. Skintybroko says:

      Geo, yes occasionally I need to remind myself when I see all the negative shit posted on here and elsewhere – tends to get to the stage where I wonder if am in the minority and is it all worth it – which is exactly what the naysayers want hence I look at old uplifting posts so if that’s not good enough for you, so be it.

    429. Petra says:

      @Hackalumpoff says at 12:15 pm ….”Nana will bring you links via another route.”

      BRILLIANT news Hackalumpoff. I for one will be visiting that “blog” on a daily basis. A big kiss on the cheek for Nana from me too, plus a great big hug.

      Nana? Proof that you can’t put a good (and smart) woman down.

      Just thinking that if you’ve not decided on your alternative route, maybe Scottish Renewables could help you out? I’m sure that many on here would donate to that. It’s clearly time for us, between one thing and another, to have an “alternative route” now. The more the merrier, eh?


      Politics Scotland with Jo Coburn and lo and behold an SNP MP is invited on to discuss …… drug deaths in Scotland. Alison Thewliss was confronted with the “fact” that drug deaths are three times higher in Scotland than in England, the worst in Europe with some Tory guy chipping in that it’s even worse than in the US. SNP Baad all the way via Coburn and the Tory lackey. Alison Thewliss pointed out that control over policy remains with Westminster and got backing from others on the panel who said that the power should be devolved to Scotland and if it worked could be rolled out across the UK. Not exactly what twisted mouth Coburn wanted to hear. Alison Thewliss also pointed out that the death related figures are collected differently in England. I would love to know more about that. Then they went onto the SNP (Nicola Sturgeon) refusing to consider the plan B route to Independence. Alison Thewliss dealt with that effectively too.

    430. Thepnr says:

      @Dr Jim

      I actually thought the “sore footed mice” was a brilliant post and it had me lost for words, hence the cryptic reply lol.

    431. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m certainly not trying to sort all the world’s ills before indy, nor undermine the SNP or the indy cause. Neither am I trying to undermine our group confidence or resolution to bring about positive change for Scotland.

      I can’t help it though, if I understand a bit about the cultural symbiosis of racism and sexism. I’m also largely blameless in understand that an atomistic view of society, as favoured by traditional left-wing utilitarians, isn’t up to the task of defending human rights from the forces of globilisation and the ‘rational paternalism’ of modern cultural patriarchy (see the full-English Brexit). Subsequently, I also understand that “womanhood” (like being Scottish), is more than a identity, it’s a biopsychosocial condition that will never be fully understood by approximately half the global population. Ergo, trans-women are trans-women, so do not have an automatic right to women’s rights.

      Human rights matter, including women’s sex-based human rights. Sex and gender are not the same things, one is biologically grounded, the other an expression of the imagination. Conflating them undermines the potential for social equality and is harmful to social coherence and social solidarity, mk. 😉

      Racism, Sexism, and Colonialism
      Impact on the Health of Aboriginal Women in Canada

    432. Clydebuilt says:

      Irn Bru

      Heard the Scottish owner of a resturant / Fish and Chip shop in Melbourne Australia saying Original recipe Irn Bru is on sale in Melbourne.

      (Call Kay’s Morning Moan In yesterday)

    433. Petra says:

      Just waiting to hear that Stu will be taking off, ASAP, for Melbourne, Clydebuilt.

    434. sassenach says:

      BBC criticised for lack of SNP guests on programmes – so it seems the plan now is to introduce one for a few minutes, let Coburn launch the attack dogs, then say “Thanks for coming on”, Alison!!

      Stats will now show more SNP representation on BBC, job done, win-win for the BBC. Disgraceful.

    435. SilverDarling says:

      Compare the coverage of the Scottish Drug problem versus London’s Knife crime problem:

      Essentially two devolved bodies trying to deal with historical demographic problems, poverty and the suffocating policies and legacies of consecutive UK government – one gets hand wringing and we must learn, how did it get like this?

      The other gets how did you make it as bad as this?

    436. Dr Jim says:


      Ta for that I thought I’d gone too far

    437. Clydebuilt says:

      Jeremey Vine BBC Radio 2 . . . Trump’s Racist Tweets

      They had to go all the way to Skye to find a racist (with a Scottish accent) that supports Trump.

      Apparently no one in England supported Trumps racist views.

    438. Republicofscotland says:

      London Labour branch office lackey in Scotland Monica Lennon on radio giving a concerned opinion on the drug deaths in Scotland. Whilst her branch office in Scotland does everything it can to halt any progress by the Scottish government to help reduce such deaths.

    439. Dr Jim says:

      *Lord* Don Bertie Armstrong of the Fishing Mafia graces our Tellys and lies through his teeth yet again even though every piece of evidence points him out as a liar

      Y’see if Scotland were Independent we’d have our own patrol boats out there catching and fining these exterminators of fish stocks, they’d soon be stopping their bad behaviour then

      Let’s all sing *The bonnie shoals o Herrin* altogether now

      You too Bertie, c’mon

    440. Republicofscotland says:

      I hope Sturgeon knows what she’s doing with regards to a second indyref, no point in building peoples hopes up and then fail to follow through.

    441. Brian says:

      Look forward to bojo or hunt imposing direct rule on northern ireland

    442. Joe says:

      @ Clydebuilt

      Im Scottish, with an accent, and I like a lot of what the Trump admin has done and plans to do.

      Why? Because the MSM doesnt drive my thinking. Im not trying to win a popularity contest with my thick progressive mates either

    443. call me dave says:


      Smiled when I read about your ‘mice and socks’ analogy. 🙂

      Good to see Thepnr posting again too.

      Iron Bru sales down news. Scotland bad on everything, radio 5 with solemn sincerity says… its the ‘drugs’

      £ down 1.107 against Euro but markets up… Beam me up Scottie!

    444. Joe says:

      I also support the notion that people who dont like the foundational laws of a certain country can be invited to leave for places that suit them more. It just so happens that countries with policies like that of leftist us democrats are utter shit holes. No coincidence either

    445. Dr Jim says:

      The SNP don’t represent Scotland, they only represent misguided troublemakers in Scotland, because the real people of Scotland think just the same as the people in England

      Look it doesn’t matter that people voted SNP, they clearly keep making the same mistake over and over again, alright they’ve been doing it for years but still it’s not true that the SNP represent anybody at all and the real figures clearly show that the minority of Scots are actually the majority and all the indicators point to that fact

      What on earth is wrong with the people of Scotland not understanding this, we’ve been telling them they’re the same as us for three hundred years, it’s a fact, now will the SNP just stop this and give up on this idea that they represent the majority when BBC figures show that’s not the case

      The BBC has been to Scotland and we saw some people and we spoke to a man, and a woman, and neither of them liked or supported the SNP, what more evidence do you need

      The BBC has aired a documentary on this very subject presented by the very popular and respected newscaster Jackie Bird and when interviewd many of the English people in Scotland said they felt the same as the English people in England so it’s an indisputable fact that the SNP are indeed not popular, and stop speaking to me in that funny slang sounding accent, y’see this is another part of the problem up there

      Speak English for goodness sake

    446. Scozzie says:

      I can’t speak for others, but I believe criticism of leadership, in general, is not a bad thing as it keeps leaders grounded – working for the people.

      Some independence supporters, myself included, are becoming despondent over what appears to be lack of action.

      I am unclear as to what makes the latter part of 2020 the ideal time to have a referendum – what is being seen in the crystal ball that makes this the ideal time?

      If anything, it has many unknowns as it’s so hard to predict what will be the state of affairs 12 months down the track.

      The current status is BoJo as PM, a potential no deal Brexit or possibly a GE – and with that a potential hung parliament resulting in a coalition of Tories and Brexit Party – to force through the hardest of Brexits!

      Why are we sitting back allowing this slow motion catastrophe? We all know that we get the government that England votes for, well this is very likely the government that will get in!

      So under this scenario why do we continue to wait and wait and wait?

      When Donald Tusk said ‘don’t waste this time’, perhaps he might have also been signaling that comment to us Scots too.

      I think we’re being a little ambitious to assume another extension will be granted by the EU, I’m sure they’re looking on with utter dismay to how this 6 months extension has been handled. I don’t believe Macron will have changed his position in any way given he was very reluctant to agree to the initial 6 month extension.

      The UK doesn’t hold the poker cards and it doesn’t seem that Scotland is willing to play its hand. But as in poker and politics you sometimes have to take your chances and play the cards you’re dealt. Perhaps we need to grasp the nettle and make a bold push – in politics the stars never align completely, there is never an optimal time. It simply takes bold leadership and to carry the troops through to victory.

    447. RobertTheTruth says:

      @ Dr Jim 12.23 pm

      Petty and snidy post unworthy of you.

      Your ‘The world according to Dr Jim’ posts are occasionally amusing, even informative, this was neither. Just playing to your gallery and predictably those who like it are those who belong to the ‘If you criticize the SNP’ you are not one of us.

      All you do is put people off the SNP with posts like that. Are you typical of your branch? Do you dominate the agenda and put down people who bring up topics you deem unworthy of discussion?

      Do you tell people ‘Nicola’ has better, more important things to do than listen to your worries and complaints? Never mind your real world concerns, when Independence is delivered by ‘Nicola’ there will be time to listen to everyone then?

      What party would ever want to be known as one that thinks people’s real life concerns are too trivial to bother them?

      As for focus groups, there are loads of them employed in determining the SNP’s current rudderless strategy so maybe you should pay more attention to them…

    448. Petra says:

      @RoS says at 12:48pm ….”Monica Lennon … drug deaths.”

      Seemingly the individuals who have died are, in the main, long time drug users. Research may find that they actually started taking drugs when her own party, Labour, were in power.

    449. Petra says:

      Ooops “was in power.”

    450. mike cassidy says:

      Joe The Troll getting really desperate now as he claims to have an accent.

      Shouldn’t somebody tell him everybody who can talk has an accent.

    451. uno mas says:

      @ Dr Jim

      You´re on fire today doctor, so much so that you´ve attracted the attention of……… them!!

    452. Dr Jim says:


      Aye but you’re an Arse son eactly as described

      Was that amusing enough for you, it was certainly meant to be more direct than snidy so I do hope you picked that up clearly and it wasn’t too cryptic for your level of comprehension

      I endeavour to persevere

    453. Gfaetheblock says:

      Brian @ 1.19

      Can you provide links to the demographic and social data that back up your point.

      Or is it just racist pish?

    454. Dr Jim says:

      @uno mas 2:31pm

      Ta for that

      What’s life without whimsy, if only the scarecrows had a brain

    455. Thepnr says:


      There we go again. We all appreciate your words of wisdom hahaha.

      You lot really are thick eh! Total tosspots that think we’ll all fall for your doomsday anti-SNP propaganda shite!

      Yes shite! For that’s exactly what it is that spews from your mouth. Gies peace from your diarrhetic dribbling’s FFS.

    456. Marie Clark says:

      Dr Jim, by jings, you’re fair gon yer dinger sir. I liked your sore footed mice, but I see now that if I liked it, I must be one of THOSE.

      Anyway, keep up the good work, it’s helping some of us who have had a bellyful of all the negativity floating around here. It used to be fun, but we seem to have lost a lot of good people, and folks who actually had a sense of humour, not so po faced as some seem to be now. Sigh.

      Cannae even visit OT now, where it appears to be a one man band, in spite of some of us asking politely to geez a brek from some of the heavy stuff. Oh well, here’s hoping when the indyref2 campaign actually gets underway, these good folks will return to the fecht, cause they’re a’ needed.

      Still no word from RP, I know he does not keep good health, and I hope that he is all right. It’s not like him to be absent for so long.

    457. sassenach says:

      Gfaetheblock @ 2-40pm

      “Or is it just racist pish?”

      Would you be inferring that “hooray henries” are a race in themselves?
      Where does this ‘racist pish’ of yours actually come from?

    458. Golfnut says:

      Whatever the SNP/ SG have done, not done, forgot to do, not done to everybody’s satisfaction and of course failed to reach the dizzy heights reserved only for the SNP, remember what they have never done is set out with malice aforethought to target the most vulnerable in society, the sick, disabled, single parents, terminally ill, deprive them of the funds they need to care for themselves, nor have they hounded them, even on there death bed. That would be Westminster. The bbc are apparently making a 3 part series on how successful it is. I suppose if you set out to cause the premature death of 130.000 + people, you could call it a success. I wonder how many of the unfortunate deaths of drug users were down to universal credit.

    459. CameronB Brodie says:

      Marie Clark
      Perhaps I just know a bit more about this sort of stuff than your average punter, perhaps I appreciate in full clarity the sort of danger Scotland faces? Ever considered that or that keeping this insight to myself would not be ethically rational social practice? Btw, I could be a lot ‘drier and nippier if I really put my mind to it. Full text.

      One with Joe in mind. 😉

      Populist referendum: Was ‘Brexit’ an expression of nativist and anti-elitist sentiment?


      Was the outcome of the United Kingdom’s ‘Brexit’ referendum to leave the European Union a visible and consequential manifestation of right-wing populism? After all, skepticism in the UK towards the EU predates the recent rise of European right wing populism. Original survey data show, however, that the interaction of nativist sentiment and anti-elitist attitudes, the cocktail of right-wing populism, led to widespread support for Brexit, even while controlling for other factors.

      Although hostility to immigrants was an important factor, nativists were particularly prone to vote ‘leave’; if they also did not trust political elites, a crucial element of populism. Further underscoring this explanation is the conditional effect of anti-elite sentiment. The relationship between anti-elite sentiment and support for leaving the EU only exists among those with high nativist sentiment; among those low in nativist sentiment, anti-elite feelings did not increase support for Brexit.

      Brexit, populism, public opinion, referendum voting

    460. Joe says:

      @Dr Jim

      Good piece of satire

      The BBC covered for Jimmy Saville for ages. Before the Scottish Independence referendum i was telling friends that ‘you absolutely cannot trust the BBC or any mainstream media for that matter’.

      They shrugged off my concerns. The rest is history.

      Ive sat at a table with a group of English people talking about how Scottish Independence supporters are probably Nazi sympathizers because the media in England was hinting at this. It was like being in the twilight zone.

      What disappoints me is that many pro indy people will listen like obedient puppies to the BBC and other MSM outlets when it comes to people whose politics they dont agree with.

      Steve Bannon comes to mind as a perfect example of that.

    461. Marie Clark says:

      Cameron B. There’s no need to get drier or nippier. My point is OT was kept for just that, OT.

      It used to be fun, where we could exchange a bit of banter and some music.

      It ain’t fun anymore, with the exception of an odd poster, it’s now as dry as dust.

      You post a lot at times, and it can take over, but you don’t
      seem to be aware just how tedious it can become, or perhaps you don’t care. Yes I can scroll by, but have you noticed how much scrolling that needs to be done at times.

      I have no intention of getting into a scrap with you, there is no need for that. I’m a reasonably intelligent human being and can make my own mind up, I don’t need to be lectured day and daily.

    462. Petra says:

      @ Golfnut at 3:29pm …

      Excellent post Golfnut. It just makes you wonder with so many, Labour, Tory, Lidem, atrocities to complain about some people choose to target the SNP. Pretty telling don’t you think?

      And great posts Dr Jim. You know you’re doing a good job on here when the Unionists start hounding you. Woof, woof to them.

    463. Colin Alexander says:


      I’m not trying to get rid of the SNP. Feel free to sing their praises and point out the good things they have done. Likewise others too. I have no problem with that.

      However, I represent my own views, not the views of the SNP. There’s a number of things I like about them, some things I don’t.

      I don’t agree that we must love and support the SNP like our children: unconditionally.

      Now the Indyref mandate has been established, Voting YES is more important than voting for the SNP or any other political party.

      It is foolish to split the potential YES vote over political party allegiances.

      Abuse and insults against anyone who dares to criticise the SNP or its policies does nothing to encourage a Labour or LibDem voter to vote YES. It potentially drives people away from YES.

    464. CameronB Brodie says:

      Marie Clark
      “I don’t need to be lectured day and daily.”

      So the full-English Brexit isn’t fast approaching? Minds still don’t need to be opened up to ethical reason?

      The way I see things, Scotland is fast approaching an existential crises. One created by English Tories. As far as I’m aware, the corporate media appears to show little concern for this predicament. It’s not my fault that Scotland’s political rationality is totally messed up, and that I just so happen to know a bit about post-modern critical social theory and stuff. Yes, I’ve been trained to sort this sort of cultural shit out.

      I’m not stopping others from posting, intentionally anyway, but I post as I feel my insight might help our cause. Apparently you feel my contribution has no positive value. Have you actually read anything I’ve posted and have you not spotted any relevance to Scotland’s predicament?

      Perhaps I should disengage, or perhaps I should expound on the method of cultural critique, through the application of value theory? Care to remember who were the contributors who encouraged the Rev. to created a ‘free space’, additional to quarantine?

      Reply if you like, I feel I’ve already had to say more than was needed.

    465. Thepnr says:

      @Colin Alexander

      I freally couldn’t care less about the SNP or Nicola Sturgeon come to that. But that’s just me.

      They are a means to an end, constant criticism of the main party that support Independence and it’s leader does not help the cause for Independence in any way.

      I’m absolutely certain though that YOU know this.

    466. Ealasaid says:

      In the absence of Nana, here is the link for today’s IndyCar Gordon Ross if it has not already been posted.

    467. Golfnut says:

      @ Petra.

      1800 possibly preventable deaths is appalling, but it pales in comparison to the misery and premature deaths inflicted though Universal credit. Drug policy is reserved to Westminster, despite repeated attempts by the Scottish Gov to have it devolved to Holyrood the media are now trying to lay the blame at the SNP’s door. Wicked and cynical.

    468. Cubby says:

      Q. What do Trump, Bojo and Callachan have in common.

      A. They all think they are not racists.

    469. Gfaetheblock says:


      Can you really not see how that is racist? Of course hooray Henry’s are not a race, he was saying the English don’t deserve sympathy as they are wasteful rich, but Scots are the deserving poor.

      Racist – adjective
      showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another

      Is the comment below not an example of the definition above

    470. CameronB Brodie says:

      Gfaetheblock @8:12pm
      “…saying the English don’t deserve sympathy as they are wasteful rich, but Scots are the deserving poor.”

      No I don’t think it is. Scottish and English people are not separate races, we are broadly from the same ethnic background, i.e. white Europeans, largely. Our separate cultures reflect our historical ethnic differences though, which aren’t sufficiently significant to be considered racial. To consider Anglo-Scots animosity racist, undermines the significance of real racism. That doesn’t negate the prejudiced and exclusionary nature of it though.

      As I’ve pointed out before, Terry’s argument is irrational and prejudiced against English people. It’s a form of counter cultural chauvinism. It is definitely hostile to Others and has no positive value for our cause, IMHO.

    471. RobertTheTruth says:


      Dr Jim knows that post was poor and as satire falls very flat.

      However, as his ‘hot takes’ are very important to him now that he, like many of the prolific posters on here, no longer has any status in the real world, I felt he needed a critical friend. Acknowledgment of their existence is very important to the lonely, elderly and infirm – even if it is from anonymous internet entities.

      I think you like fighting with people on the interwebs. Your hostility and aggression is unnerving.

      Huzzah for the SNP!!!

      Is that better?

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