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The easiest job in Scotland

Posted on January 28, 2014 by

There’s been a nice graphic going round social media this afternoon. It’s a map of Yes Scotland activist branches across the country, and it’s pretty impressive.


So for tonight’s And Finally, we thought it’d be a chuckle to compare it to the nearest “Better Together” equivalent, which has a rather less nationwide coverage.


The image above is what we got from the No campaign’s “Events” page yesterday. At maximum search radius and going all the way up to the referendum in September, it listed just SEVEN events (no “rallies”), of which four were taking place in the Dumfries area, which is already heavily No-leaning.

But we’re conscientious professionals here at Wings Over Scotland, so before we wrote this article we went and double-checked our facts this evening, whereupon we were startled to note that the BT schedule had grown exponentially overnight, with a whopping 77 “events” now being undertaken by their massive activist base.

A closer inspection told a slightly less inspiring story.


Because no fewer than 56 of the items on the list might more honestly have been described as a single “event” – namely “The Day Of Leafleting Train Stations”. All taking place this coming Friday, BT’s enthusiastic footsoldiers will be standing somewhere near railway platforms and ticket offices across Scotland (but not actually in them, as ScotRail forbid campaigning on their property), handing out wee bits of paper warning commuters that they’re too poor and stupid to run their own country.

(One of these “events” took place when we were home for the independence rally in September. It comprised a solitary wee middle-aged woman standing on the pavement by Bathgate station car park with one of those old-lady shopping trollies on wheels. She stuck it out for the morning rush-hour before vanishing.)

To add further comic value, alert readers may have spotted that the list identifies leafleting a station in the morning and in the afternoon as two separate “events” in order to pad out the activity list a bit. After Saturday, the entire “Better Together” campaign comprises just 24 events in seven-and-a-half months, and even then it has to count some of them twice for no immediately apparent reason.


We’ve no idea how much Rob Murray, BT’s “National Campaign Manager (Grassroots)” gets paid for somehow managing to orchestrate this chaotic frenzy of operations, but we congratulate him on evidently having found a very rich vein of old rope.

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    115 to “The easiest job in Scotland”

    1. jingly jangly says:

      Should that not be Raleigh as in a bike, we will give them some slack and allow a tandem!!!

    2. Diane Sutherland says:

      Might have to take a wee trip to Haymarket or Waverley on the way to work on Friday just so I can tell them where to stick their leaflets!

    3. Seasick Dave says:

      I’ll take the bus, thanks.

    4. Calum Craig says:

      No, I’m sure there’s no connection to the sudden burst of events and you Tweeting the seven events thing. Honest…

    5. Better Together St Kilda says:

      We have been keeping our alert readers up to date with the plethora of events being organised by Better Together. At all events (as our facebook page points out) we tell our supporters not to stray onto Scotrail property, and that each event will have the support of seasoned campaigners.

    6. An Duine Gruamach says:

      To be fair, most of their activists are probably concentrating on their heroic work winning the online propaganda war against the Horrid Vile Cybernats. (BTW, isn’t it endearing to know that some people still use the word “cyber”?) Take the sterling work that’s gone into Labour Hame, for example. OK, they may not have had any posts there since before St Andrew’s Day, but I assume that means they’re preparing an almighty long post in the near future that they’ve taken almost two months to write. I hope their server can handle the file size.

      Or Tory Hoose – that vibrant, vital contribution from Scotland’s centre-right, which we’re always being told has such potential in Scotland. They must be doing… something.

    7. Truth says:

      Might I suggest that if you see anyone handing out BT leaflets, take plenty and ask for more for colleagues etc.

      Then unceremoniously dump them in the most convenient recycling bin.

    8. Andrew Morton says:

      OT, anybody got a link for the Scotland’s Smoking Gun documentary on BBC2 tonight?

    9. SquareHaggis says:

      “The day of leafleting Train Stations” 😀

    10. BuckieBraes says:

      I for one shall be quite happy – where appropriate – to retain the best of British terminology after independence; so is it not a railway station?

      ‘Train station’ – grrrr! These Better Together folk are throwing away all we hold dear!

    11. Defo says:

      Great idea, but for a comic twist,why not pop into the station loo, and leave a few in the cubicles for appropriate use.

    12. Craiging_619 says:

      On the plus side, the northernmost pin on that second map has whetted my appetite for what appears to be the launch of Better Together Lochnagar.

    13. Jiggsbro says:

      There are multiple BT events every day. You can find them in any Scottish newspaper or on the BBC.

    14. Davy says:

      But at least with train stations they should be able to find them as they are rather static very much like their campaign.

      But I am a little bit confused about the BT campaign anyway has any one actually seen any of their activists or had one of their leaflets through their door ???

      Or is the only way to get a leaflet is to go to a train station once in a blue moon. Or do I have to wait for a YES rally and then join a line in a quiet back street and have a leaflet conveniently handed to me?

      Any ideas.

    15. Alex Grant says:

      Yes should arrange to leaflet at all of the BT venues. Wouldn’t take long?

    16. Michael says:

      Drem, North Berwick, Ayr. Hohoho…….

    17. GP Walrus says:

      Next month – BUS stations!!!

    18. Sandy says:

      Well, we are not all raving BritNats in the south. Check Facebook for Radical Independence Dumfries and Galloway, Yes Stewartry, Yes Wigtownshire, Yes Moffat, Yes Annandale, Yes South Annandale and Yes Dumfries, and Yes and Galloway pages. Plenty likes !

    19. David Smith says:

      @BuckieBraes. Thanks bud, I was going to moan about that one as well.
      Just like the use of ‘train tracks’ instead of railway line.
      One of those infantilisations of every day speech that really choke ma dug!
      Anyway. When are all those events in Dumfries meant to be going on?
      There’s a big Rangers/Right Wing/Military element round there from what I can gather.
      Pretty embarrassing really.

    20. Sandy says:

      Ps Brian Taylor’s Big Debate was in Dumfries last Friday. I was there. At the end he asked for a show of hands. Roughly 3 way split between Yes, No and undecided. So no ‘BritNat’ majority here.

    21. Jamie Arriere says:

      Maybe the second “leafletting” in the day is to collect all the leaflets they dished out in the morning (lend them out like a library). Must be short of leaflets or their printers are buggered.

      Watch out for the late return fees!

    22. Big Jock says:

      sorry you missed out the meeting they have every week night with BBC Newsnight.Or is that just me being paranoid!

    23. Sandy says:

      Better Together event in Dumfries was attended by 10 people, 2 of those being local Labour ‘couldn’t be arsed to vote against the bedroom tax’ scumbag Russell Brown and Elaine ‘my Scottish sister in England wont get a vote, bleat , bleat’ Murray. Hardly a great turnout for a town of 40,000. There are virtually no Bitter activists on the ground down here,most leafletters are local Tory party members and cronies of David Mundell. The Yes campaign has 6 active groups,don’t believe everything you read about D&G

    24. Arbroath 1320 says:

      I have checked the listing of Better Together “planned” events up till September 18th and am over the moon. Why might you ask?

      Well it’s simple. They, Better Together, are coming to my village/township and it will allow me to take our truck out for a wee spin. :- Nothing wrong with that you might think. However it’s not just taking out the truck that is important it’s WHERE it’s going. 🙂

      The truck, for some inexplicable reason, is covered in YES stickers.;) I have a feeling that our truck may very well be following Better Together round when they come to visit. 😀

      Hell I may even get out and ask some pertinent questions! O:):)

      Apologies if all these emoticon don’t work Stu, I found a site that give information about emoticons in HTML so thought I’d try a few out. 🙂

    25. I do hope MacDougall is paying Murray appropriately. After all it must take a real astro-turfing marketing genius to work out that after 5 years of falling incomes, the one thing bleary eyed commuters will want as they set off for the last working day of the fiscally longest month of the year, in the depths of winter … is a Better Together leaflet telling them how ticketyboofeckingtastic it is to live in the UK.

    26. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Damn these typos. O:)

    27. Marcia says:

      As most of these BT ‘events’ are not public meetings, they seem to do a lot of leafleting stations. Perhaps they may attract Yes leafletters as an antidote. At least our lot are putting items through voters doors on a regular basis.

      I wish the Yes people could give us newspapers that don’t make your hands black when we are folding them for distribution. Back to folding more tomorrow. The only time you wash your hands before going to the loo. 🙂

    28. Dcanmore says:

      Nice to see my wee toon on the YES chart. Let’s face it if there isn’t a Co-Op in your vicinity then you ain’t going to see BT leafleters. Any update on the supposed BT unionist rally in Glasgow recently, anything? … Anybody?

    29. AnneDon says:

      We did a counter leafleting at Edinburgh train stations in September. It let us hand out more indy rally leaflets. 😉 there were two young guys there for a while from Better No. However we’ve loads of stuff coming up in Edinburgh, so we’ll set our own timetable!

    30. Doug Daniel says:

      Hold on, June? Better Together D&G have a leafleting “event” for JUNE?! That’s hilarious!

    31. Better Together St Kilda says:

      Remember – Better Together leaflets have a pre-paid postage, if you agree with them, send it back so the leaflet can be re-used.

    32. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

      @ Sandy

      Thanks, I wondered what his reaction was all about at the end of his roadshow. The cheeky wee joker never bothered to tell us.

      I’m betting he’ll not bother asking for a show of hands next time, or ask better togethers to raise theirs twice, once as Scotch, and once as Nutcases.

    33. Taranaich says:

      So despite being ahead in the polls and commonly cited as the “majority opinion,” the number of Yes Scotland events positively dwarfs the number of Better Together events.

      How can one side be the top dog and the underdog at the same time?

    34. Ronnie says:

      @Andrew Morton

      It’s on again tomorrow at 11.20pm.

      My advice, remove from vicinity of your TV all items of a throwable nature.

    35. kendomacaroonbar says:

      ahem…Surely the Station Managers should refuse BT the right to leaflet on their property if there are no YES campaigners in attendance too ? just saying like/

    36. davyb says:

      … I’ve walked/driven/biked passed about 4 of their listed events around Edinburgh recently. No-one was there. No-one. Phantom events.

      Closest they have is Mike Crockart using his taxpayer funded office as a base for BT activities.

    37. Marcia says:

      o/t oh dear – just post on UK Polling;

      Tonight’s daily YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 34%, LAB 37%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 12% – so a second YouGov poll with a somewhat lower Labour lead than of late. Again, could still be margin of error, or perhaps we are seeing the lead narrowing. Time will tell.

      Labour should be polling in the high 40’s at the mid-term stage.

    38. ronnie anderson says:

      Well they never mentioned Airdrie,ah did the last one, 4to1

      one wins stood beside them again on the Sat Main St, they geid up.

    39. Arbroath 1320 says:

      kendo there is NO leafleting permitted at all by any one on Scotrail property. I sort of sent them an e-mail about an ‘event’ Better Together had managed to get into the local Annandale Observer claiming to have done leafleting at Annan station. Scotrail confirmed this is not allowed on their property.

      One of Better Together’s ‘events’ coming up shortly, well May actually, is at Lockerbie railway station so needles to say another wee e-mail is begging to be sent. 🙂

    40. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      YES Bute has just contacted me to point out that YES Bute is not on the map. They are very active

    41. Murray McCallum says:

      What a sad excuse for an activity map that better together one is.

      Must be embarrassing when UKOK heads have to explain use of funds to donors.

    42. BuckieBraes says:

      Um, Rev [clears throat, fumbles nervously] – the plural of ‘trolley’ is ‘trolleys’.

      ‘Trollies’, on the other hand, is possibly a term of endearment for what you get here sometimes.

    43. cath says:

      Ach leave them be. The politicians, media and Better Together themselves are worthy of all the ridicule in the universe. But I feel a bit sorry for the wee wummin with trolleys and the people who, for whatever reason feel some affinity for the union (other than just they’re Labour drones).

      They’re being badly let down by their own side and possibly aren’t even engaged enough to know it. If it’s a yes in September some of them will be lost for a while and genuinely terrified. And again that’s their own side doing it to them. But they must be noticing the lack of engagement and lack of arguments. It can’t be any easier for your sweet auld woman who loves the Queen and union Jack right now than it is for us “cybernats”. We’re all being let down by the same folk who’ree in it for themselves and will be okay whatever.

    44. Jimbo says:

      Did anyone ever find out, where was the Better Together rally that wee Dougie was supposedly speaking at?

    45. Ray says:

      The description in some of the Facebook versions of the “events” make clear that it is not permitted to be on Scotrail property.

      For example, in Aberdeen “they” will actually be meeting across the road outside the Station hotel – a regular-sized pavement with a permanently homeless man on it.

      It’s a good spot actually because that’s the main walking route from the train station to Union Street for many. Hence the homeless man.

    46. msean says:

      Telly tonight seems to be an “uncertainty” special.

    47. Jim says:

      Yeah. They’re obviously standing outside a railway station for a while before they rush to catch their train. A BNP stranger used to do the same at Clydebank Central.

      Did anyone see the article in the Metro yesterday about Better Together setting up call centres in England and Wales to “convince” the Scots to vote No? They also intend to bus people in to Scotland from south of the border for a weekend in March!

      How desperate is that? Panicking they are!

    48. Tasmanian says:

      “Seasoned campaigners”? Do you rub some salt and cumin on their heads before they go out?

      If the leaflets are anything like the BT leaflets shown on this site a month or two ago, Yes should be preparing to quickly produce a rebuttal leaflet showing exactly how BT’s leaflet is bogus, ready to print and distribute at the same stations a week later. Does Yes Scotland have that logistics capability?

    49. Ray says:


      The call centres have been “up and running” for a while, even down in London – that’s their ‘Blether Together’ thing.

    50. Arbroath 1320 says:

      The call centres have been “up and running” for a while, even down in London – that’s their ‘Blether Together’ thing.

      I’m dying for them to give me a call. I can’t wait for the day the phone rings and I find it’s Better Together on the other end. Oh wait a minute that won’t work will it, I’m X directory, damn and here’s me begging to have a wee ‘blether’ with them as well. 🙂

    51. Jim says:

      Their call centres and bussing in people from south of the border had no effect at the last Scottish election. They are now dealing with a much bigger movement that is beginning to laugh at them. I was just saying!

      It will begin to haunt them before they start!

    52. Les Wilson says:

      Well I guess they will never knock on my door while canvassing,I have a YES poster on my front window. They might push something through the letter box though, then run!

    53. call me dave says:

      Copied from a tweet: Good result in Perth tonight.

      #indyref debate in #Perth for BME & migrant communities was

      Yes 51% No 22% DK 27% at start &

      Yes 60% No 19% DK 21% at end.

    54. Les Wilson says:

      The YES map IS impressive,BT will be shaking in their boots.
      Also could not find Dunoon there, the hard working guys there will be disappointed.

      Does anyone else think that Blair McFuddle was distinctly uncomfortable in last nights interview on STV with Blair Jenkins?

    55. Seasick Dave says:

      I see that Brora has gone off piste.

    56. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      It’s OK. Dunoon is Cowal YES

    57. Morag says:

      We’ve got both Yes Tweeddale and Yes Peebles and I’m never quite sure which I am. Yes Tweeddale I think. And Yes Borders. Hey, maybe there are only five of us altogether!

      I wonder about the BT lot having all these events on the same day. Can they staff them all? Wouldn’t they be better off staggering the dates and spreading the effort?

    58. TYRAN says:

      There seems to be a few BT on the border, likely as they have activist from England that can come across relatively easily for the day without much travel.

    59. Morag says:

      I’ve got a friend lives in Longtown, a mile south of the Border, but he would be a Yes if only he had a vote. So it doesn’t always follow.

    60. Andrew Morton says:


      Perhaps we should offer to help them out. We could offer leaflets to passers by and urge them to send them in with, ‘Vote Yes’ scrawled on them.

    61. Chic McGregor says:

      Jings! What did Dumfries do to deserve that wee cluster? Or are the ‘reivers’ fae ower the Border?

    62. Hetty says:

      here is the latest from the conservatives…

    63. David Smith says:

      Sandy. Thanks for the reassurance. I’m concerned because I might be living in that area in a few months if plans bear fruit!
      PS. Sorry about the layout of my previous post, Stu. Input via mobile which seems to have made each sentence look like a paragraph. 🙁

    64. Neil MacKenzie says:

      BT advertised street work in Forres a couple of months back and the postcode for the local organiser were in an industrial estate. The street work didn’t happen. I doubt if many if any of the leafleting they advertise will happen.

    65. I live in Castle Douglas in Dumfries and Galloway. I have been leafleted by both Yes and No. The No leaflets were delivered by an elderly gentleman who I know also delivers election material for Alex Fergusson our Tory MSP- and has done so for the past ten years. In contrast the Yes leaflets were delivered by a group of six Yes Stewartry (Kirkcudbrightshire) campaigners, with only one a familiar local SNP face. So even here in the Tory heartlands, Yes have more boots on the ground than the Noes.

    66. call me dave says:

      Most impressive map indeed and some still to go in. Just proves that it is a grassroots up force for independence.
      Looking good.

      AS meeting today on currency talks. Cochrane sounds worried.

    67. Gin says:


      having quickly looked at what Mr Charmichael(sic) has posted as he looks to contribute to improving the White Paper I had to respond to the Key Feedback question [as on all good Web pages] Is there anything wrong with this page?

      I couldnt resist telling them … perhaps you might like to do the same

    68. call me dave says:

      Carmichael’s a bit slow,two months, why darling read and rubbished the whole thing in 10 minutes on publication day.

      Warships! Research! and all have been debunked. He’s running on empty,marking time before he retires for pastures new as he said a few days ago.

    69. call me dave says:

      Topical new book recommended. I’ve ordered a copy sounds good. Previewed it on kindle first.

    70. Barontorc says:

      There’s 8 months to go and BT are so really poor that something will have to be introduced to spice up their campaign.

      Now what can that be? The unionist politicos are a well spent force. The press is so distrusted they have little impact left, the BBC and STV are not respected. So what is next to come on the scene – big time?

      The UK puppet-masters will be involved, the US strategists, who are already in place, will be involved, the loads-a-money wheelers-n-dealers will be throwing money at it, the UK’s finest, M15 and MI6 will be challenged to shape opinion and not to forget the celebrity love-bombing heading our way.

      Even Dr Who’s got a newly prescribed BBC blue crombie coat with fetching red lining and a pristine white shirt underneath and Il bet Peter Capaldi shudders each time he slips it on.

      You really couldn’t make this stuff up!

    71. ronnie anderson says:

      @Gin1.02,left a comment, on what went wrong,(no truth)

      Wings over Scotland ( information highway to Independence)

      pity so wee plooky researcher will read it.

    72. stone says:

      I didn’t see Kinross on this list. There’s a YES branch there, too.

    73. Oneironaut says:

      I expect so. I imagine it’ll give them some legal ability to harass grassroots movements (since it targets whatever they define as “non-political” campaigns, a definition that seems to have been left suspiciously vague).

      Can’t help wondering if this is why they’ve been desperately trying to force this new law through so badly in recent months. I mean it’s been knocked back a few times since last year, but they refused to just let it drop.

    74. ronnie anderson says:

      See this sleep deprevation thing wie me,an ahiv a

      appointment with the ATOS medical examinors at 10am,if Im

      not back on here today, watch the news, medical examinors

      take flight from loony Winger,fell to their death from a

      third floor window in Argyle St Glesga,Winger last seen

      loop the loop,above the building.

    75. john king says:


      Sky news have it on good authority that Mark Carney is coming to Scotland today to tell those chippy Scot just what the real “consequences of (separation) are and and to complete the insult they had their ahem artist draw a comedy Scottish pound note,

      So basically are already admitting defeat on the “no sharing the pound” pish but it’ll be an effing car crash if we do.

      Next up much more sinister
      “It is reported that the Ministry of Defence is to hand over the management of its entire military estates to a private firm.

      The Financial Time claims that
      “A number of sites on prime property will be sold off in an effort to meet budget targets”

      Anyone smell a rat here?

      Anyone else think Sky news’s Washington correspondent Amanda Walker is thinking mans totty?

    76. john king says:

      “Or do I have to wait for a YES rally and then join a line in a quiet back street and have a leaflet conveniently handed to me?

      Any ideas.”

      Do you think they hand them out to just anyone?
      first you have to learn the walk (which is an alert to the canvasser that one of us is coming)
      then you give a cheesy line like
      oh imagine that just as I was thinking of how bad a yes vote would be on of my patriotic compatriots has kindly given of his precious time to remind my of what a foolish idea it would be (straight to camera) ala Ronald Villiers (chewing the fat.

      Only then if your lucky will the canvasser give you this precious gift of enlightenment. 🙂

    77. mogabee says:

      ronnie anderson

      Good luck for today.

    78. john king says:

      “Must be embarrassing when UKOK heads have to explain use of funds to donors.”

      The’ll be keeping the money for their quick exit after a no vote,

      Maybe they’ll start a colony in Panama 🙂

    79. Juteman says:

      Good luck Ronnie.
      At least you have a good chance of being ‘cured’ at that ATOS/Lourdes meeting.

    80. JLT says:

      So, BT’s idea of getting their message out there, is to stand for an hour outside train stations handing out leaflets.

      On analysis, this can work both ways. Yeah, they are passing out their message. The problem is if folk do take a leaflet, then either they glance at it, fold it up, and put it in their pocket and thus forget about it, or they just toss it into the bin twenty yards down the road.

      At those times of the day (8am and 4pm), most folk just want to get to work, or better still …to get home from work. Even if BT decided to stop them to have a chat, the last thing most folk would want at those times of the day is to be stopped to discuss politics in length. They have priorities at those times. Speaking about the Union would not be one of them for the vast majority of people.

      People at 8am or 4pm just WANT to get to work or go home.

      So, are BT going to succeed here? Doubtful. In my opinion …it is actually a very lazy way of canvassing.

    81. JLT says:

      Sandy says:

      Re : Brian Taylor’s Big Debate last Friday.

      Cheers mate. Me and my workmate, Pete were listening to it when Brian did a wee poll within the studio. He finished off with ‘That’s interesting …so, goodby from here at Dumfries.’

      Me and Pete just looked at each other and went ‘Well, what did he mean? What was the outcome of the vote?’ Bloody annoying!
      So, now we know. It was a 3 way split, which basically ties in with the Poll from last Sunday (that Yes and No are really neck and neck).

      Not really a big fan of Mr Taylor. He just seems to keep things back when it comes to offering any good news for the ‘Yes’ campaign.

    82. john king says:

      Keep the heed Ronnie, don’t say anything daft and give those bastards an excuse.

    83. Wp says:

      O/T How did Bathgate go, anyone attend ?

    84. Gin says:


      You asked about last weekends BT ‘rallies’. Pics were posted online : they were activist meetings Sat in Edinburgh, Sun in Glasgow. I’d estimate from pics around 30 to 40 people @ each.

    85. ronnie anderson says:

      @JohnKing,nae much sleep john strees level,s very high,disna take much tae git me rantin,but thanks oonywie

    86. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Juteman, Luords, luords yeah know ahm fae lanarkshire,

      carffins nearer, but thanks anyway

    87. ronnie anderson says:

      @mogabee, thank,s pal,say a prayer fur them lol

    88. McHaggis says:


      Compare and contrast the BBC headline with The Herald, refrring to same report today –

      Incentives Call as Drilling ‘Falls’

      North Sea Fields in Startup Boom

      Very subtle, but the BBC chooses the only mildly negative element to the whole report (a small year on year drop in exploratory drilling) as the focus for the headline…

    89. Dave Lewis says:

      There is also a Yes Clacks team we are out and about everyweekend. Have had two public meetings ALVA in excess of 250 people attended. Alloa 100+. PS BT have a public meeting on Saturday AllOA Town Hall 10:00am – 11:00am.
      OT One Show last night just sent off an email to them asking for a apology on tonights show.

    90. Gin says:


      Could you post any details of #Yes Kinross thanks.


      tks for the message to Chamichael :-] Hope all goes well today – c how many of the inteviewers u can pursuade !!!

    91. Macart says:

      If they’re not sweating yet, they really, really should be soon.

      Grassroots has been slower than media carpet bombing, but way more effective at putting friendly faces on the door step. Face to face is making distinct inroads at engaging people and dispelling fear and myth and so it should. Scratch up two more nos to undecided just this week in the workplace. Its take a wee while but worth the patient approach. Just getting people onto Wings or slipping them a pdf of the white paper abridged version and quietly talking them through their fears on a one to one works wonders.

      We’re within an ace of turning this on its head.

    92. Greannach says:

      I tried looking at the NO Better Together website to see where their grassroots groups are but there was no mention of them. I wonder why they don’t show how widespread their support is at local level.

    93. ronnie anderson says:

      @Gin,sittin here day efter day hour efter hour month efter month, antbody like tae share

      whit the fuck am ah talkin about am invited tae a day oot
      wull a tae a wee rifle whey me,thanks Gin

    94. westie7 says:


      We all know how effective Carpet Bombing was against the North Vietnamese Army!

    95. call me dave says:


      SG visit Bathgate answering questions in public. Longish but pleasant intro, some nice glimpses of Scotland, worth it.

      Starts 2min 30secs in for those who have seen all of Scotland #:o)

    96. gerry parker says:

      @ Ronnie, hope you can make it to the Airdrie Stadium Thursday night.

    97. desimond says:

      All that talk of ‘local people’ makes me realise that Better Together really would fit in quite well with folk in Royston Vasey from The League of Gentlemen.

      Coincidentally, The preceding radio series On the Town with the League of Gentlemen was set in the equally fictional and almost identical town of Spent

    98. Harry Shanks says:

      I observe BBC Scotland are heavily trailing the Mark Carney meeting today with AS.

      We are told that, after the meeting, Carney will treat us to a “speech” where all will be revealed. Presumably that’ll be the speech Blair MacDougall knew the content of 3 days ago then – so unless Carney is planning to rewrite it, the meeting with AS seems a little disingenuous does it not, and we already know what he will say.

      But let’s be clear what is happening here – an unelected official has been dispatched by the British Govt to tell the restless natives up in Jockland what they can and cannot do – all with the connivance and approval of Labour, Liberal, and even the 1 Tory MP elected to actually represent the “natives”

      When exactly did the Scots have their collective backbone removed?

    99. desimond says:

      Australia lead the way in calling out their biased media…come on Eck…get into BBC Scotland

    100. Dal Riata says:

      Compare and contrast the two images at the top of this article – says it all. That is people power in action right there. On the 18th of September the people of Scotland will show that *they* are sovereign, and with the power to change history will give a majority vote for ‘Yes’ to an independent Scotland.

      @Rev Stu

      [Cough! Cough!] Emm, is that a zero (0) we see before us instead of a capital ‘o’ (O) in the word “N0-leaning [sic]” above? We know you love your pedantry, so I thought I would just point out your mild infraction…! (Runs for cover. Expects to be banned sine die!)

    101. Feil Gype says:

      ahem …Huntly and Turriffs nae on the Yes map ….lots o activity in that area ana ….

    102. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      There is a YES Oban and Lorn organisation and a YES Kintyre organisation to go with the YES Bute organisation which don’t appear on the map and they’ve all been active and a YES Mid Argyll is being formed this moment.
      Who is responsible for the map so we can let them know

    103. rabb says:

      Who’s all going to the Airdrie stadium on Thursday? I’m going to try and be there myself.

    104. Macart says:



      Sometimes being the nimble and highly adaptive underdog with a shit load of determination makes all the odds. The networks of YES support are all there throughout the country, people on the street and people on the doorstep. Independence support pretty much own new media and the whole thing is self perpetuating.

      BT and Westminster, for all their power and influence couldn’t shift our presence now with weapons grade draino.

      We just need to keep doin’ what we’re doin’. Get the message out, keep it clean, keep it positive and we can win this.

      Since Mr Woollacott in the Graun fancies himself a Buchan man.

      “We can pay our debts to the past by putting the future in debt to ourselves.”
      ? John Buchan

    105. Kev says:

      I see Blair MacDougall’s latest lie that “Norway can only afford its oil fund cos its taxes are dead high” has been slapped down quickly and firmly by the Norwegians.

      Their oil fund is now a colossal $930bn, and has risen by 50% since 2012 – it won’t be long before it equals the size of the UK debt!

    106. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Ach, give them time. Better Together keep in touch via Friends Reunited.

    107. Jim Mitchell says:

      Hoi, what happened to YESClacks?

      Heads will roll!

    108. Wp says:

      Call me Dave. Thanks mate.

    109. X_Sticks says:

      Hey Ronnie – orrabest for today!

      Dinna be too hard on them, eh! They’re just barstewards trying to to a jobby for Osborne and his pals 😉

    110. jingly jangly says:

      Harry Shanks
      I think mr Carney will be more diplomatic, I would imagine there will be a joint statement saying that talks were productive and will continue.

      The last thing the UK wants to do is spook the markets, they have already one of the worst balance of trade deficits in the world, the markets are already looking for higher rates for UK Bonds. Basically it is in the interests of both to use a sterling zone.

    111. kininvie says:

      I reckon they squeezed in every Yes group they could manage, but eventually the designer said ‘That’s it, guys – any more and it won’t be legible.’ Leaving several people asking WTF?

    112. Roberto says:

      To dismiss better togethers canvassing would be a mistake.Better to concentrate on making sure that the Yes campaign get their independence message across.

    113. gerry parker says:

      I’ll be there.

    114. bjsalba says:

      Re Norwegian Sky-High tax rate: I heard that there is no council tax, and that taking that into account, their overall taxes are not much higher than ours. Is that true?

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