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The Clypegate Files

Posted on June 27, 2015 by

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the document at the heart of this insanity has been leaked, so you can now see it for yourself. We’ll have more on it later.

EDIT 12.55pm: File now deleted, mirror here.

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123 to “The Clypegate Files”

  1. indigo says:

    Wow… *speechless*

  2. heedtracker says:

    Desperate and tawdry end of era politics from Labour and the Heil. How much damage to they intend to cause before its all over.

  3. Colin says:

    So calling someone a ("Tractor" - Ed) is very bad, but being called a Nazi, or likened to a religious cult is OK? I am confused and I hope someone will be able to publish a similar report documenting all of the Labour supporters abuse.

  4. The Hairy Caber says:

    Scottish Labour, should be prosecuted for making someone compile this pile of drivel; surely it’s inhuman and degrading. Bet some low paid, zero hour contract intern got that job. Still, it’s nice to know that Scottish Labour aren’t holding onto grudges and moving on with their annihilation in the GE.

  5. Ken500 says:

    Thousands of Nationalist supporters are being cyberattacked by porn.

    Wonder who orchestrated that?

  6. Calum Craig says:

    “Davy” is a confirmed SNP member?? Really??

  7. Roland Smith says:

    Rev check out the Britnat bot which operated between January and September last year. 6400 abusive unionist tweets.

    Sadly whoever it was stopped it running on Sept 17th. It would be really good if we could get it started up again our crowd funded someone who knows how to create the same filter on Twitter.

  8. Charles mc says:

    How much cash have better together still got left over from last September?

  9. Giving Goose says:

    This whole exercise has similarities with events in Nazi era Germany where people who were Jewish were publically identified by the wearing of star of David badges.

    It is sinister in the extreme and very clearly shines a light on the dark places at the heart of Scottish Unionism as well as the utter nastiness that corrupts the Labour Party.

    I’ve said this before on Wings, but Labour were taken over by gangsters in Scotland and elsewhere in the British Isles and those gangsters, still present in the Scottish branch, are all Sociopaths.

    At this rate it is a membership of Labour that is going to be regarded as a badge of shame. What right thinking person in a democracy can justify such a bitter and, frankly dangerous exercise in sheer hatred for those who disagree with them.

    This is “Othering” on a grand scale.

    Yes, we can look at it and laugh at the sheer stupidity and pettiness that lies behind it, but Labour are now moving into dangerous waters.

    What next, organised pogroms against Independence/non-Labour voting/Yes supporting people?

  10. steveasaneilean says:

    Won’t be long before someone produces similar lists of “confirmed” Labour, Tory, LibDems members me thinks. But will that get the same publicity? I doubt it.

    For sure I think the SNP should drop these “members” but will Labour, Tory or LibDem do the same when their “abusive members” fall out of the woodwork?

    Honestly, is this the best that Labour can come up with? Where’s the policies to win people over? Why aren’t they taking on this grossly unequal society of ours or the big businesses and the banks whose treatment of the people of this country has been far more “abusive” than some sweary Twitteratti?

  11. heedtracker says:

    Its highly iffy that they have such good photos of membership cards but they spent time and energy recording abusive twitters about Margaret Curran MP who stated publicly that should Alex Salmond get run over by a bus, would anyone ask who did it.

  12. Niall D says:

    Just looked at the first one. “Xenophobic scrotal abcess”… Disgraceful …….although a remarkably good vocabulary…Speaks volumes for Scotland’s education system .
    You could look at any Britnat site and get hundreds of tweets that would beat this hands down. Oh well if all the unemployed Slabs have nothing better to do at least it is keeping them busy and stopping them licking the windows.

  13. Nana Smith says:

    Weak & utterly pathetic, so just like the labour party itself.

  14. Croompenstein says:

    Why are Slab peeved at a cybernat calling the Big Burd a cow? Pretty mild if you ask me, of all the farm machinery at the EBC they find one wee insult to the Big Burd worthy of inclusion in the pamphlet of pish

  15. JaMur says:

    What a load of pish.

    Brown is a ("Tractor" - Ed).

    Murphy a ("Quizmaster" - Ed).

    No thanks/better together/union all cunts.

    Is that clear enough?

  16. caz-m says:

    Was Blair McDougall at the back of all this?

    I suppose him and Dougie Alexander have to find something to fill the time with.

    As mentioned before, Dougie tried this tactic with (the very intelligent) Mhairi Black’s Twitter account and we all know how that ended up.

    Can someone from Scottish Labour explain what you expect to gain out of all this?

  17. Snode1965 says:

    After a quick look through, most seem pretty tame to me. It looks like Slab HQs main gripe is the use of the term Traitor.
    Traitor; one who is false to his allegiance….hmm. Perhaps the Party should reaffirm to whom they owe their allegiance.

  18. Paul Steele says:

    In 8 years as a party member I’ve never come across these people. Somebody at Labour branch office must have had a lot of time on their hands to scour the internet. This is not the day that the Labour party died in Scotland, it’s the thrashing out in death throes of a party that comitted suicide some time ago.

  19. G H Graham says:

    This silly dossier is an attempt by Labour’s North British Accounting Unit, to recapture some of the ground it lost during the general election blitzkrieg.

    A few survivors have begun to emerge from the bunker. But bereft of leadership & principle & armed only with shallow political rhetoric, it is entirely dependent now on wince inducing propaganda, aided by its publishing agents in the British Establishment; the BBC, The Herald, The Daily Record & the beautifully quaffed dandy, John Barrowman.

  20. Training Day says:

    Ah Labour, the 21st Century reincarnation of the Junior Senator from Wisconsin.

    Whatever happened to free speech, ‘comrades’?

    And working hand in hand with a paper with a history of supporting Fascism.

    That is the Labour Party of today. A rotten, corrupt mafia acting on behalf of the rotten, corrupt British State.

    Let us remove their malign presence from Scotland completely.

  21. Linda McFarlane says:


  22. DorothyDevine says:

    Wow Doug! That should be sent to all Scottish labour MSPs and Scottish Labour MP.

  23. Clootie says:

    Is hat the best they can come up with

  24. caz-m says:

    Catching up with all the new terminology.

    If a Scottish Labour Party member is called a (“Tractor” – Ed), does that mean that they are a Traitor?

    And am I also right that they sometimes get mistaken for the Tories?

    And so to identify one from the other, they are coloured, Blue and Red?

    So, could a Scottish Labour Party member also be known as a, “Red Tory Traitor”?

    Yes, I like the sound of that.

  25. Wulls says:

    That is, at the same time, the funniest and most pathetic attempt at a smear I have seen…….ever.
    Words fail me.

  26. Fran says:

    That’s it? Worse things are said in work places every day.

  27. G H Graham says:

    According to the Document Properties Tab of the PDF file, the author is McDougall B (Blair).

  28. skooshbag says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have never seen anything quite as pathetic as that.

  29. caz-m says:


    Armed Forces Day!

    Did I miss something, is there a William Wallace anniversary march on today?
    Or is it because of the 701st anniversary of Bannockburn?

  30. Ben says:

    So around 45 ‘confirmed’ SNP members out of the 100,000 or so? 0.045%.

    Hardly top notch journalism too. Let’s see what PeatWorriers investigation comes up with. I am willing to bet its worse than this.

    I think for the tiny minority of those on the pro indy side who are abusive its through frustration at not having much of a main stream voice. When you feel like your views aren’t represented it can be upsetting. Some people cant deal with this and it comes out in abusive tweets, the only power they feel they have as individuals. But I think I should leave the head shrinking to the professionals.

    As a gamer, online gaming is loaded with a lot worse. I’ve seen people tell others to “get cancer” and terrible terrible things about my mother. Point is, this is the internet, and until kids are taught from an early age that you should show the same manners online as you do in person this will continue.

    I think the pro independence side of things are remarkably democratic, calm and rational. I think this bodes incredibly well.


  31. heedtracker says:

    Bloody hell, they’ve even picked out some individuals and formally described their twitter crimes. its actually deeply worrying that SLabour have sunk so low with the Heil. What next, formal submission to the Police then door to door arrests, with Heil/Express creep show photographers.

    Fear is not the way forward SLabour types out there. You cannot frighten and threaten Scottish people into voting Labour.

  32. Paula says:

    I don’t think I have encountered something that both so LOLz-worthy and frightening at the same time. While we can a’ laugh at SLAB collecting a list of names of folks on twitter that have said “bitch” or “("Tractor" - Ed)” (oh the horror) at the same time, this is a “name and shame” witchhunt. A new kind of McCarthyism in Scotland is a scary prospect.

  33. desimond says:

    I would ask the last person left in Scottish Labour to close the door and turn off the light but its clesr they already prefer the dark ages.

    This isnt even worthy of a jilted teenager in a bad crime drama.

  34. galamcennalath says:

    I’m underwhelmed.

    Calling people silly abusive names is just part of life in a heated argument, on or off line.

    When a person is really really angry with someone else, calling them a b**ch, or a c*w happens. I personally wouldn’t, but an awful lot of folk would!

    Calling people T** or Q**, well, in a good few cases I don’t see that as abusive, I see it as genuine appraisal of someone’s behaviour regarding their country and it’s interests. Don’t get me wrong, Unionists are entitled to their views and entitled to express them. However, self interest, lying, cheating, undermining democracy and unfounded fearmongering deserve the T & Q labels in my opinion.

    Where is the STRONG stuff? The death threats, the mention of firearms, the hanging from trees we have seen from Unionist idiots? Where are the messages which constitute something actually illegal? Unpleasant, yes, illegal?

  35. Robert Louis says:

    Can I seriously ask an important question. There is much condemnation of using the word ‘tractor’, but what if all the facts point to a person actually being a ‘tractor’ by any reasonable understanding of the definition.

    Is that not important? Serious Question.

  36. galamcennalath says:

    … from above. Page 37 does indeed mention hanging individuals. That’s going well over the line in my opinion.

    That said. It’s not a threat to carry it out!

  37. The UK Labour Party official anthem contains the epithet `Traitor`,numerous times.

    The people’s flag is deepest red,
    It shrouded oft our martyred dead,
    And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
    Their hearts’ blood dyed its ev’ry fold.

    Then raise the scarlet standard high.
    Within its shade we’ll live and die,
    Though cowards flinch and ("Tractor" - Ed)s sneer,
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here.

    Sung by all UK Labour party officials and apparatchiks at their party conference.


  38. John says:

    Anything about it on the Britlab Broadcasting Corporation?

  39. Robert Louis says:

    I was just thinking about the Scots word, ‘clype’. It is simply perfect, in the way it sounds. It really sums up the essence of what a clype is.

    Scotland invented many things, including the best word possible for grasses, or tell tales. Clype.

  40. ScottieDog says:

    They’re resorting to the kitchen sink now!

  41. Orla says:

    Can’t help but suspect the main aim is to distract everyone from the Scotland Bill to be debated in the House of Commons on Monday and Tuesday. People will be busy reading this list, not the bill and its amendments. Hence the planned embargo until Sunday.

  42. Karmanaut says:

    Alan Milburn and John Hutton are “("Tractor" - Ed)s” for speaking out against Ed Miliband, according to the editor of Labour Uncut.

    He hasn’t made it on to the dossier, though, for some odd reason.

  43. george says:

    wow. i’d never read a collective suicide note before

  44. frazer allan whyte says:

    These busy whiners seem to be in need of an English lesson – calling Gordon Brown “a self-serving moron” is not abuse but a very concise and apt description of the man… and definitely not a view held only by SNP members.

    Secretly carving off a huge chunk of your country’s marine area and secretly assigning it to another country would be considered treason and ("Tractor" - Ed)ous all around the globe.

    Some of these cybernats have hit the nail on the head directly and accurately – let’s be thankful for the recently unemployed Slabbers for this very useful collection -obviously a Labour of love.

    Could somebody please come up with a “best of” so we don’t have to read through the boring parts?

  45. Bob Mack says:

    I have heard worse from comedians on stage I really cannot get my head around someone organising this insanity Wow,just wow.
    Labour are finished,and the Union will be on a shaky peg.This will rebound on them big time.

  46. Dan Huil says:

    The National today is outlining the online abuse suffered by independence supporters.

  47. Gerry says:

    Hi, I strongly object to the idea that a labour supporter is called a tractor.

    A tractor is a very useful thing, worthy of much respect!

  48. geeo says:

    I knew this was going to be pathetic but did not realise it was going to be THIS pathetic !!

    Words almost fail me, apart from this.

    Labour must not be allowed any

  49. Joannie says:

    Most of those comments seem mild enough to me. They’re certainly no worse than some of the tweets I’ve seen directed at Andy Murray and Nicola Sturgeon, and none of them are as bad as Margaret Curran’s disgraceful comment about Alex Salmond being run over by a bus.

  50. geeo says:


    Labour must not be allowed any political power until they sort this sort of repressive nonsense out.

    I can see this blowing up in their faces, even their media must be shaking their heads at this surely, hence using a fascist minded right wing rag as the delivery vehicle.

  51. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Haud oan, keep the heid.

    When, as we are now seeing, sworn enemies such as the Conservative and Labour Parties and the Daily Heil, getting together to find common cause against an external threat – then the supporters of that threat know, we’ve got them worried and on the run.

    We on the Independence side know, internet trolling and vile cyber abuse is not a one-way street; but, our side will never be given a hearing – as far as the Unionist side and the Daily Heil and Torygraph are concerned – it is SNP bad, end of.

    But, the insiders at Westminster, the people who know the figures and are aware of just how much we Scots contribute to the UK exchequer CANNOT open the books and let it be known that we are subsidising them – they have to stick with the lie that the Sweaties are subsidy junkies, taking money from England.

    Eventually, they will be found-out. The tangled web they have woven will unravel, and we will be free. Actually, the more they lie and the greater these lies become, the sooner it will all unravel for them.

    We can urge caution in what we tweet and post, but, some will still get angry and give the Unionists ammunition, this is inevitable.

    But, if we keep the faith and if our 56-strong Praetorian Guard stand firm – SCOTLAND WILL BE FREE – sooner rather than later.


  52. Robert Whyte says:

    Traitor is a view point. Take out those messages and the biggest beaf is with Curran. Well she is a piece of work.

  53. Capella says:

    Almost all of the tweets are from new members who joined after the Referendum. They are mostly young and enthusiastic. Labour want to intimidate them into keeping their mouths shut. I do hope they learn to be more subtle (by observing Westminster politicisns). But I also hope they keep on tweeting.

    It does have the hallmarks of a Blair MacDougall farce. The word ‘("Tractor" - Ed)’ obviously stings, as does bitch, cow and fat.

    Not nice but I’ve heard worse.

  54. The unionists like dishing it out, but they don’t like being on the receiving end of a mild dose of their own medicine.

  55. The Scottish Inquisition!

  56. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Does this mean we got our own Area 51?

  57. HandandShrimp says:

    I recall many individuals on the Unionist Facebook pages calling for SNP tractors to be shot, hung and otherwise eviscerated (in direct contravention of the “8 I really rather you didn’ts”)

    I appreciate the scale of the May defeat may only just be sinking in and blind rage is now coursing through veins but really peeps (that means you too Blair) get a grip.

  58. Valerie says:

    As at 12.22 the link is not working, saying file maybe deleted

  59. Jim McIntosh says:

    That ‘dossier’ looks like it was put together by a 10 year old. I would be embarrassed to send that to anyone.

    I went back to it to count the number of times the word ‘("Tractor" - Ed)’ was used and the page has disappeared. Oh dear, someone isn’t happy 🙂

  60. Macart says:

    Oh good grief.

    Labour’s ‘operation olive branch’ doesn’t seem to have lasted long then.

  61. Nana Smith says:

    Slab should look at their own behaviour and heed the lesson ‘physician, heal thyself’

    Labour councillor slammed over ‘autism’ tweet

  62. Ellie says:

    Just clicked your link above – and Google says

    “Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.”


  63. heedtracker says:

    A lot look like plants. “Great to join the SNP, lets hang unionists” is highly suspect.

    Its even more suspect on their list alongside a confirmed member, selfie with his toddler and Sturgeon waving, then his only incriminating tweet is “Jackie Bird is a cow, end of!” after a Salmond BBC interview.

    Whoever’s compiled it, they are some really creepy characters.

  64. YESGUY says:

    Stu where’s the link.

    It says page doesn’t exist ?? Clicked on blue links and nowt 🙁

    Anyone copy it for us late arrivees. I had to dry my eyes and stitch up my side after reading the comments on the last post.

  65. Nana Smith says:

    Shocking and all labour’s fault

  66. Capella says:

    File now missing but Rev will have archived it. I still have it open in a tab.

  67. Colin says:

    The file seems to have been removed now, at least the link isn’t working for me anymore.

  68. fred blogger says:

    imv, labour are now officially a non-entity.

  69. HandandShrimp says:

    Perhaps we should have a wee whip round (behave Paula) and send Blair a thank you card for giving us a really good laugh.

  70. Anne Bruce says:


    Your link to the dossier is not working or the file has been deleted. I’ve tried to access it a few times.

  71. thedogphilosopher says:

    Watch out working class people of Scotland, with your frightful banter and uncivilised crudity, the Righteous and Holiest of Branch Units is coming so as to save you from yourselves and deliver your wayward souls unto the goodness of Her Madge of the Blessed Ukania.

    Hallelujah brothers and sisters of the Right!

  72. MolliBlum says:

    Oh, my — that was quick! Looks like somebody has removed it / blocked it….

  73. Heather McLean says:

    They’ve obviously nothing better to be doing than compiling a list of folk exercising their right to free speech! I’ve heard worse abuse from the kids in the school playground!
    Scottish Labour really need to get their priorities right, if compiling a list of folk whose comments they object to, is more important than listening to the electorate and formulating actual policies which reflect the wants and needs of the people of Scotland, there is certainly no hope for the future of the Labour Party in Scotland! Certainly their behaviour with regards to the so called
    # Clypegate is juvenile playground stuff and wouldn’t be tolerated were they children in school telling tales!

  74. @Robert Louis

    Did Union Jack Murray,who represents the socialist heartland of Morningside and The Grange , not clype to `The Speaker` about SNP members tweeting in the Backbenches in parliament.

    Bet he was the school clype.

  75. HandandShrimp says:


    You were not wrong 🙂

    Once on the internets and all that.

  76. Jeanette says:

    I have it downloaded.

  77. gus1940 says:

    While I condemn the use of foul language when voicing criticism of The Guys In The Black Hats I find it disgusting that all Cybernats are being tarred with the same brush.

    It couldn’t possibly be because when it comes to the on-line world BT are slaughtered and are trying their utmost to shut down on-line comment to leave the field open to their tame fan club at The BBC and the rest of the MSM.

    I think that most us who comment here and on other sites are proud to be Cybernats and would be quite happy to be identified as such.

    Given that there were several excellent humorous Cybernat figures such as Cybie produced during the ref campaign how about producing Cybernat Lapel Badges and Car Stickers for sale on Wings along with the other products.

    I suppose Armbands would be going a bit far but the way we are being attacked in the media it’s a bit like the situation in 1930s Germany.

  78. Nana Smith says:

    dossier saved …

  79. Lochside says:

    So BT are still paying Blair McDougal’s wages?….
    People on this site who have been viewing and contributing for the past few years will remember pre-Ref the Daily Mail targeting contributors who had used their real names.

    Doorstepping and photographing individuals…many of whom who had said nothing abusive or threatening, yet this malicious rag went out of its way to intimidate and frighten our countrymen and women.

    This is a vain attempt to do the same. As I recall, many then bravely took the ‘I’m Spartacus’ route of self disclosure. The campaign finally fizzled out for the same reasons…that of universal disgust at sewer tactics.

    Yet again, as if we needed reminding, SLAB have no principles, no vision, and no loyalty to this country or to its working people. They cling like the lice they are to the body politic of the UK State. There parasitic bites are becoming more weaker and desperate as we move forward inexorably to Independence.

    Jackie Bird fronted the latest BBC/BT agitprop on how to save SLAB’s existence. It revealed no insight, no understanding of the collusion by SLAB in the crimes being committed by the Tories against the poor, the disabled and in particular..Scotland. This latest witch-hunt proves it.

    These cowardly betrayers of their class and country deserve to challenged and disowned of any credibility in regard to their pathetic attempts to silence democratic debate. The SNP must stand up for the rights of our citizens to express themselves freely within the laws as they currently stand.

  80. Brian Powell says:

    So, has the Labour Party stopped singing this at the Labour Conference?

    “Though cowards flinch and ("Tractor" - Ed)s sneer, we’ll keep the red flag flying here.”

  81. DerekM says:

    If they hand this list in to the FM she should tear it up in their face.

    So whats next Labour do we all have to wear saltires to show we are Scots,then is it mass deportation to concentration camps,maybe you idiots should think very carefully about the ground you are treading and you have the cheek to call us Nazi`s.

    So Labour what you are saying by doing this is that Scots are not free to express their opinion in this UK and you think that will somehow make us change our minds,yes it has now we think you are not just hopeless but are very poor losers as well,and i have breaking news for you not all cybernats are SNP members and if you think a list is going to stop us keep dreaming muppets.

  82. JillP says:

    HandandShrimp, if a whip round is needed try @RealNatalieRowe ‘s Whipping Up A Storm. We’ve all seen the photo of George Osbourne and his line of cocaine. This is the book it features in. But Chapter 27 tells about John Whittingdale’s exploits. And he has the audacity to stand up at the despatch box and lecture about the need for austerity!!!!

    Many a famous parliamentarian is mentioned in the book. Very strange that none of them have taken action against the author, though they did try to stop the publication. Now it has been published they have become strangely quiet on the issue.

  83. Joannie says:

    Not sure why my last comment wasn’t posted, there was nothing controversial in it.

    Anyway, why don’t Labour have better things to do?

  84. JillP says:

    Please tell me I just imagined that dossier.

    THAT is their dossier of vile cybernats?

    I have 1 conversation (re Ian Murray’s complaint to the Speaker) where I was called a lovely list of names. It was laughable. Then when Mrs Alastair Darling’s good friend Historywoman joined in it became even more abusive. Maybe they’d like me to send that for publication too.

    Have they got any idea how ridiculous they are?

  85. Richardinho says:

    The obvious elephant in the room in all this is that the English media and political establishment (let alone random Twitter users) routinely spews out anti-Scottish bigotry yet the Labour party says nothing. I’m sure there’s a word for people who attack their own people and never defend them…

  86. galamcennalath says:

    Nana Smith says:

    Thanks. That hits the nail nicely.

    It’s an asymetrical contest. The old powers are relying on old media and hate the effects of new media on them. They have lost control of the world as it now is and are struggling hopelessly to turn the clock back. Back to the days when ordinary people got their world view from newspapers and TV (and voted for UK parties) – that’s history now, going if not already gone.

  87. Mealer says:

    Labour are a laughing stock.

  88. joseph simpson says:

    Labour clype ode “Tell tale tit, yer mammy cannae knit, yer daddy cannae go tae bed withoot a dummy tit”. Will that get me on the list?

  89. Simon says:

    Comedy Gold.

    “Pictured with Sturgeon” that was my favourite.

  90. thedogphilosopher says:

    re Nana Smith 12.40

    The real sinister side to this is the aspect of ‘throwing a bone’ to those Union Jackers who view the cause of Scottish Independence in the same light as the Irish struggle.

  91. ronnie anderson says:

    And to think we actually paid for a TV licence. Money well spent on funding WOS & all at the users leisure, day after day, after day,after day, rite who,s goat the Trifles ( mines ah Strawberry wan thanks)

  92. Capella says:

    @ JillP
    Do you mean this Natalie Rowe?

  93. Harry McAye says:

    Some of the more innocuous ones are the ones where they’ve been pictured with either Nicola or Alex and they’ve obviously thought “pay dirt” yet they are not abusive in any way! Idiots. But I do hope the papers print the one where the guy is railing against Donald Dewar giving away large chunks of the Scottish sea bed to the English. I’ll bet that will come as news to many, many Scots. Probably leave them thinking, he’s right, Dewar was a fucking t……!

  94. Shona Duncan says:

    I am one of the people who has been put on this list for using the word ("Tractor" - Ed) & have been described as abusive.I am a retired nurse who has spent 35 years caring for others which is also why i joined SNP after the ref due to the fear of Better Together who tried to scare us regards our pensions.I used the word Traitor against someone who i feel spun me lies & broken promises before the ref & will always think same.

  95. Kenzie says:

    I just cannot escape the conviction that this has Murphy’s paw prints all over it.

  96. chris kilby says:

    Do you think this made the list…?

    # The people’s flag is deepest red,
    It shrouded oft our martyred dead
    And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
    Their hearts’ blood dyed its every fold.

    So raise the scarlet standard high,
    Beneath its shade we’ll live and die,
    Though cowards flinch and TRAITORS sneer,
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here #

    Just wonderin’, like.

  97. Anagach says:

    If “bought and sold for English gold” makes the new dodgy dossier, then is rabbie burns also on Labours “list”.

  98. Anagach says:

    I think that the Labour Party are onto something here – should we create a counter list – just from their elected MPs, MSP and party functionaries ?

  99. chris kilby says:

    Reminds me of Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List.” And a certain Senator McCarthy, of course. The Scary People’s Party…

  100. Stoker says:

    I’ve got to laugh whilst shaking head furiously in disbelief.
    These Red Tories being all mock offended at being called names.

    Aye, the truth hurts!

    I can assure them 100% they are being called a helluva lot worse in the swamplands which i frequent.

    The swamplands i affectionately refer to may also be recognised as good old fashioned working class housing schemes. Full of unemployed people who, along with their forefathers, at one time where considered to be the backbone of our country.

    Good, honest, reliable, straightforward, hard working folk who find themselves thrown on the scrapheap through no fault of their own by a society who looks down their UKOK noses at them.

    Slabber will be very familiar with these people because they are the folk which Slabber abandoned long long ago.

    These very same people are now spitting and dancing on the grave of Slabber.

    We don’t frequent your modern trendy “gastro pubs” for we are more at home in the old traditional spit & sawdust environment and we call a spade a spade.

    No amount of dictating how we should speak will change that.

    Aye, being called a TRAITOR should be the last of their worries.

  101. peekay says:

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so pathetic in my life and from a *cough*professional political party too. It almost reads like a document the SNP would have produced(i.e. underplayed it a bit) to show just how mild most of this ‘evil cybernat trolling’ is(i.e. underplayed it a bit) yet this is the best Labour can come up with in an attempt to show how bad it is.

    The mind ferr boggles!

  102. Lesley-Anne says:

    I’m p****d!

    No I mean I am REALLY p****d!

    I mean if a superstar such as what I am can NOT make the grade to be included in the Dodgy Dossier what hope is there for humanity? 😀

    Let’s face it if I can achieve the unthinkable, namely having a tweet read out live on SKY News by Kay “there’s a helicopter taking off and they can be quite noisy so we’ll keep quiet for now” Burley, then surely I am deserving of a top slot in the Dodgy Dossier! 😀

  103. Lesley-Anne says:

    In the interests of fairness 😉 I have just tweeted wee Kezia and asked her if is included in her Dodgy Dossier. I have also tweeted Nicola suggesting the next time Kezia brings up cybernattery she throw the BritNatAbuseBot back in her face. 😀

    Of you all realise it was done in the “best possible taste” 😀

  104. Wee Jimmy says:

    As another commenter on one of the other threads had said; if you look at the document properties of the downloaded file, in the ‘Author’ field you will see the name of one Mr Blair McDougall.

    I can’t quite believe this!

  105. Kevin Evans says:

    It’s like something you’d get in trouble for at school

  106. Craig Macinnes says:

    I find this whole thing astonishing and heartening in equal measure. Astonishing in that I would have imagined the Labour Party branch manager team in Scotland would have had more pressing issues to address and heartening in that it seems to me that they are so bereft of ideas that they are thrashing about in desperation rather like a drowning man going down for the third time. Keep it up Labour. With each ridiculous initiative you hasten the demise of your rancid party which will finally remove the stench of rampant corruption so associated with your people.

  107. Andrew Haddow says:

    The lady at the very end got in for criticising the Scottish parliamentarians of 1707.

    So why’s King Robert “Wha will be a ("Tractor" - Ed) knave?” the Bruce not in there too?

  108. chris kilby says:

    Why is Labour so prickly and defensive about “The ‘T’ Word” anyway? Touching a nerve, perhaps? Protesting too much, by any chance…?

  109. Andy-B says:

    Who in their right mind could ever take the Labour branch office in Scotland seriously after this debacle.

    What kind of clown sits down a thinks oh! I know lets publish a document on Twitter swear words from SNP supporters.

  110. gus1940 says:

    Given his disgusting attack on Cybernats on Friday’s Daily Politics and obvious interest in the subject can we expect Brillo’s observations on this sensational report on tomorrow’s Sunday Politics.

    Isn’t it odd that all the forces of evil in The BBC, the print media and assorted politicos are mounting a concerted attack on Cybernats simultaneously – one would be tempted to imagine the involvement of some sinister controlling and coordinating organisation.

  111. David says:

    When there are no policies and no leaders the only means to fight an election is to concoct a bit of cybernat character assassination. Was there a brain involved in choosing this idea or was it all decided by the leftover rump of something that used to be a political party.

  112. Brian MacLeod says:

    As far as I am concerned any Scottish politician who puts England’s interests before those of Scotland is a ("Tractor" - Ed).

    And any Scottish politician who campaigned in the referendum to ensure Scotland remains under the colonial yoke of Westminster is a Quisling.

    Do I have to apply to get on their list?

  113. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Are they suffering from the delusion that any sensible person reading all those tweets won’t agree with most of them?

  114. Jimbo says:

    Well, just read the Labour Party’s dossier of shame – shame on Labour that is. It’s absolutely pathetic and puerile that a major political party embarks on such a childlike witch-hunt in this manner.

    I think that with this stunt we now have Labour in Scotland hammering the final nail in their own coffin. This is going to backfire on Labour big time. It’s going to be all over the social media. Labour in Scotland have just made themselves the UK’s biggest political laughing stock.

  115. fletch49er says:

    Outraged from Scotland

    I wouldn’t even wipe my botty with this dossier

  116. Guardianista says:

    I just wanted to share one of the most despicable and threatening comments I’ve come across yet from an anti-Scottish (also anti-SNP, I infer) poster, posted tonight on a Guardian article. Make of this what you will:

    Link here

  117. Will says:

    Just seen the list and me old dad is on it… Confirmed member? Because they copied a post in which he said he was a member (him and most of those in the dossier) … Would love it be able to disprove even one of these as being a member! I’ve regularly tweeted saying I’m aember, but my membership expired last year and it wouldn’t let me renew online and I’m still awaiting a reply to my contacts…

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