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Are you now or have you ever been?

Posted on June 26, 2015 by

No hiding place.


Because no matter how mad it sounds, this is a real thing that’s happening:


The dossier everyone’s calling “#Clypegate” is embargoed until Sunday.


Mark it in your diaries as the day Scottish Labour finally died.










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256 to “Are you now or have you ever been?”

  1. Restlessnative says:

    Mentalists.Sorry,fucking mentalists.That is all.

  2. turnip_ghost says:

    Maybe we’ve got it wrong….Maybe the 51 pages is just Ian Smart and this is their report on their investigation of him?

  3. muttley79 says:

    I wonder who has made it into SLAB’s fucking ridiculous cybernat dossier from this website? 😀 😀

  4. stuart says:

    Cant wait to see if I’m on the list

  5. Peter says:

    I’m confused
    What word are you MEANT to use for a party that BETRAYED the working class , BETRAYED the poor and BETRAYED every core value they had in a cynical attempt to gain power?
    Is TRAITOR not appropriate?

    Fair enough , let’s rewrite the language , from now on the word is MURPHY

  6. Dave the f***ing Squirrel says:

    Kez and the Thought Police are coming.

    ……baaaahabahahahahahahaha jog on, sore loser clowns. Absolute travesty of a political party.

    Don’t forget to tell on wee Smartie too.

  7. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Hmm…how many Wingers will appear in that file?

    Methinks BDTT may soon be working on a very limited edition badge…‘I’ve Been Fingered By SLab!’

  8. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I’ll be very disappointed if I am not on that fekin list.

  9. heedtracker says:

    Best header for a whilee and you can just see it now, Daily Heil/Express reprobates chair the Committee on Bettertogether UnBritish Activities to order, Macarthy style. Lord Foulkes and Andrew Brillo Neil would be great cybernat hunter generals.

  10. ahundredthidiot says:

    Shit – I’m off to Lanzarote 10 years earlier than planned

  11. Midgehunter says:

    They could have done a version on a toilett-roll, a “Tweet a sheet”. 🙂

    At least that would have been useful..

  12. Training Day says:

    Nah. They’ve just been wiped out everywhere except in their heartland of Morningside, and they have some poor sap trawl Twitter for this? Whuuh?

    Is there a formal handing over of the dossier from Jim Murphy to the Mail on Sunday?

  13. Jim Thomson says:

    I’ll be seriously disappointed if my household membership doesn’t feature.

    I mean, what does one have to do to get noticed by such mind-numbingly, crass, low IQ, irrelevances? Don’t they have a party to rebuild? The more time they spend pratting around like this, the greater their irrelevance becomes.

    I can’t even be arsed spending the effort of adding a chain of worthwhile expletives. They’d just be wasted.

  14. Robert Unwin says:

    Fight fire with fire I say. Someone should set up a catalogue of Britnat twitter abuse.

  15. Soda says:

    “Fuck this bollocks, i’m so cunted by these cockmunching loyalist royalist fucking britnat tools over all these bastard smear attempts that i think i’ll go out and punch a Rangers fan”…. is what i was about to say but i fear i may be reported to the Daily Mail and bundled away in a dawn raid or something that i’ve decided to say fuc… nothing at all.

  16. Grouse Beater says:

    As far as I am concerned a cybernat is a person who cares more about his country’s democracy than his own safety.

  17. Stoker says:


    Right, folks, enough is enough, i’m starting a massive campaign of non payment of the CDV Licence fee.

    And lets make Cybernat Detection Twigs illegal.

    If we fail to take action now it will be the end of our movement.

    Spread the word far and wide.

    Lets immobilise these Unionist threats.


  18. clashcityrocker says:


  19. Jim Thomson says:

    @Grouse Beater – shit, NOW you tell me it’s dangerous ..

  20. The Moidart says:

    And how much will said expose cost i wonder?? While children starve. Thank fuck I never swear. Oops.

  21. muttley79 says:


    I’ll be very disappointed if I am not on that fekin list.

    I will be as well.

  22. Brotyboy says:

    I like the headline.

    My dad told me about ‘Tailgunner Joe’. And I still have respect for Sam Wanamaker.

  23. geeo says:

    I am utterly FURIOUS at this dossier of vile and abusive twitter cybernattery.

    I mean, REALLY ???

    Ido not do twitter, i feel so left out !!!

  24. Gaavster says:

    It’s official…

    If anyone finds a plot on their travels please return it to John Smith House…

  25. Brotyboy says:

    @ Peter, write as if an undecided voter is reading.

  26. Dinnatouch says:

    Time to dig out my Proud Cybernat badge again.

  27. Effijy says:

    I’d rather be sworn at than Lied, Deceived, and Mugged.

    That’s why Red & Blue Tories are marginalized for ever in Scotland

    Sticks and stones may brake my bones but it’s Westminster bile
    that really riles me.

    Go and take a right good ***** to yourselves!

  28. Stephen McKenzie says:

    Right that’s the “Proud to be a Cybernat” badge back on tonight so the Mail can find me a hurry.

    I am also available for self-confessions, bar mitzvah’s and Gala Day openings. I have my own Irn-Bru crate..

  29. Harry McAye says:

    Training Day – It’ll surely be Oor Kez making that not had a decent dump in four days face, handing it over. C U Next Tuesday, Scottish Labour.

  30. Brotyboy says:

    @ Robert Unwin

    It’s been done on Twitter.

    The @BritNat Abuse Bot recorded many hundreds of such tweets in the run up to the Indyref. He suspended the account on the 22nd September 2014, but the tweets are still there to be viewed.

  31. Proud Cybernat says:

    Ok. Let me just say a few [bleep] [bleep] words about these [bleeping] [bleeps]. For [bleeps] sake! How can anyone [bleeping] take these [bleeps] seriously for [bleeps] sake? I mean, if I was to [bleep] on a [bleep] when there were many [bleeping] [bleepers]how the [bleep] would anyone known what the [bleep] I [bleeping[ bleeping about?


  32. gillie says:

    Data Protection Act.

  33. Davy says:

    Please, fucking let me be on it, my wife will be so proud as she hates the red tories as much as me.

    Oh fuck I don’t tweet does this mean I’m out, what a bugger.

    The real reason for all this shite from the red tories is they have nothing to offer on social media, their sites are shite and they can’t hide their barefaced lies on it, like they could with a compliant MSM. fuck them.

  34. Jamie Arriere says:

    What is it with Labour and dossiers?

    This reminds me of trying to go back to the days when you couldn’t say ‘bum’ on the radio.

    The temptation to resort to constant swearing now is just about overwhelming – but I’ll try and keep a f*cking zip on it. It doesn’t help matters if I degenerate into a foul-mouthed c**t of a b*stard.

    I’m away for the f****** weekend

  35. Training Day says:

    Prospective Labour candidates: hear my confession.

    I once pulled a face at the TV when the Milky Bar Kid was on.

    I throw myself upon your mercy.

  36. Murray McCallum says:

    Has Scotland 2014 or 2015 ever had a finer speech than Peat Worrier?

    “We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bams” as literary folk like to say.

  37. David Smith says:

    Well, if my ‘weapons grade fucktrumpet’ isn’t in there I’ll be devastated…

  38. fionn says:

    This isn’t real. It’s not possible to be that foolish.

  39. turnip_ghost says:

    “Effijy says:
    I’d rather be sworn at than Lied, Deceived, and Mugged.”

    Now, wouldn’t be nice if there was a dossier made up of all the lies and deceit that politicians had used against the people and then it featured heavily in a paper?

  40. Grouse Beater says:

    Somebody tell Labour to go fuck themselves.

    Who’s next? Every stand up comedian talks dirty on every television station and chat show from here to Timbuktu.

  41. Proud Cybernat says:

    Okay Stu–why not [bleeping] tell us why the [bleeping] antenna on that [bleeping] Commer van is shaped not too unlike the [bleeping[ WoS logo? I mean WT [bleeping] F?

  42. Fran says:

    And they expect this type of pish to save the union when the country is about to get humped??

    Please remind me again why less than a third of the country voted Sleazbour?

  43. donald anderson says:

    Labour crumbled from within. No, backbone, no guts, no socialism.

  44. gillie says:

    1. The Data Protection Act

    The Data Protection Act controls how your personal information is used by organisations, businesses or the government.

    Everyone responsible for using data has to follow strict rules called ‘data protection principles’. They must make sure the information is:

    used fairly and lawfully
    used for limited, specifically stated purposes
    used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
    kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary
    handled according to people’s data protection rights kept safe and secure
    not transferred outside the UK without adequate protection

    There is stronger legal protection for more sensitive information, such as:

    ethnic background
    political opinions
    religious beliefs
    sexual health
    criminal records

  45. Andrew Wilson says:

    This is probably the most pathetic thing I’ve heard for years. 51 pages of people fed up being used, treated like shite, taken for granted, oppressed by unionist parties while our country is raped and pillaged for it’s natural resources.

    Labour have been key, in cohorts with Torys, in keeping this country downtrodden and nothing more than a cash cow for the UK Exchequer. They not only deserve every expletive flung their way but should be chased out the country for being ("Quizmaster" - Ed) ("Tractor" - Ed)s, abandoning the very people who made them what they became, the once great Labour Party is just a cesspit of Tory wannabes.

  46. One_Scot says:

    Is this what the Labour party have now been reduced to. I’m actually ashamed that I once voted for these people.

  47. Lesley-Anne says:

    I actually have a number of queries over this 51 page dossier, no seriously I really do.

    Query #1
    Will this *ahem* dossier be in alphabetical format?

    I sincerely hope it is done in alphabetical order cause then I get to be top(ish) of the list otherwise I’m left floundering aimlessly mid dossier! 😀

    Query #2
    Will the *ahem* dossier be presented in date format?

    Query #3
    If the dossier is presented in date format will it be earliest tweet first or newest tweet first?

    Query #4
    Is this going to be a single issue *ahem* dossier or can we look forward to further *ahem* dossiers?

    Query #5
    If, as we all can suspect, there will be future volumes then surely they should cease to call it a *ahem* dossier and start calling it something like “Encyclopedia Profannica Caledonia!”

  48. Donald MacKenzie says:

    You mean I can’t be on it if I don’t tweet? That’s discrimination. I want to be on it.

  49. Wulls says:

    muttley79 says:
    26 June, 2015 at 8:58 pm
    I wonder who has made it into SLAB’s fucking ridiculous cybernat dossier from this website?

    So far I have never directly called anyone from the BT lobby by any of the really bad words.
    Allow me to correct this glaring omission.
    This assanine attempt at smearing others while ignoring their own supporters behaviour is
    the work of cunts.

  50. gillie says:

    Data Protection Act

    3. Make a complaint

    If you think your data has been misused or that the organisation holding it hasn’t kept it secure, you should contact them and tell them.

    If you’re unhappy with their response or if you need any advice you should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

    ICO helpline
    Telephone: 0303 123 1113
    Find out about call charges.

    The ICO can investigate your claim and take action against anyone who’s misused personal data.

    You can also visit their website for information on how to make a data protection complaint.

  51. Rob Outram says:

    I’m sorry, but what the f*@k! Will it include Labour members?

  52. Iain More says:

    Hello my name is Iain and I am (bleep) I have used the words(bleep bleep bleep bleep) quite often. It is impossible not to use them since they are a bleeping accurate description of the bleeping of Scotland.

    I confess to thinking and saying that bleep bleep bleep bleep is a bleeping bleep bleeping.

    I don’t think I am on the list yet since I got banned from every bleeping Brit Nats site there was in the run up to the Referendum and they couldn’t take a bleeping joke either.

    Oh and I don’t bleeping tweet either.

    Can somebody tell me when the next gathering of Cybernats Anon is? I canny help myself when I see bleeping bleeping bleeping everyday on the BBC and STV and I have to pass news stands several times a day. Bleeping bleeping bleeping.

  53. Lesley-Anne says:

    I feel the urge … the urge to design a new T-Shirt! 😀

    “Are you in the Dossier yet?

    the LABOUR dossier! ”

    😀 😀 😀

  54. No no no...Yes says:

    Is this for real and not just another McDougall wind up?
    If for real, perhaps the Daily Mail and Labour are working as a team, sorry,having a Better Together last hurrah.

    Surely the National or Sunday Herald would be included in the circulation? Embargo my foot…

  55. Jim Thomson says:

    O/T – if any of you want to play a new game, try the “hunt the fake MP website” game.

    My first candidate is none other than the redoubtable Brian Donohoe. He’s still masquerading as the MP for Central Ayrshire.

    I will be contacting OfCom when I can be arsed.

    I might make a list and send it to the newspapers. That seems to work.

  56. Rock says:

    They can’t even spell ‘tractor’ correctly.

    Won’t find anyone from this site.

  57. Gordon says:

    Damn I missed the list as I very rarely use twitter. Do you think if I start now I might get on the next one? I will ensure I circulate this around Australia so that the whole world can share in what a bunch of idiots SLAB are….and laugh at them uncontrollably.Maybe they will include all the JK Rowling ones that she suggests she gets… hang on they can’t that wouldn’t be fair there would only be a page left for the others…..

  58. gillie says:

    “Though cowards flinch and ("Tractor" - Ed)s sneer” – Red Flag, which is sung at every Labour conference.

  59. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This is surely SLab’s equivalent of the 8-ft ‘Edstone’ which had Labour spads screaming hysterically when they saw it being unveiled via the news.

    They’ve maybe left it too late to avoid inclusion in tomorrow’s papers, but what’s the betting that release of this ‘dossier’ will be scrubbed by SLab so that the Sunday heavyweights don’t have to tackle it? (Don’t take no John McTernan to work out the accompanying spin – SLab is just doing the decent thing in withholding the damning dossier because they ‘…don’t want to compromise freedom of speech and/or ‘finger’ individuals in the same way that The Vile CyberNats do on a daily basis…’ etc etc.)

    Oh, and didn’t someone mention that a date has been fixed for the Carmichael court hearing? What were the details again? Couldn’t quite concentrate with all this palaver going on. 😉

  60. Valerie says:

    Words fucking fail me.

    Now we know what is left of Slab, talk about when they meet in that telephone box.

    I REALLY am finding this hard to believe. I know, I know…

    I just hope the HQ at SNP is fully staffed up on Monday to deal with the onslaught of membership applications.

  61. Stoker says:

    Effijy wrote:
    “I’d rather be sworn at than Lied, Deceived, and Mugged.”


    “Go and take a right good ***** to yourselves!”

    I second that…with a great big GIRFUY’ on top!

  62. john j says:

    Fucking Arseholes.

  63. caz-m says:

    “Who ye gonna call? Natbusters !”

    If you suspect a “Nat” is operating in your area, then call Dugdale of Scottish Labour.

    She will pass on your details to their paper of choice, the Daily Mail, who will in turn, tell the world that you type sweary words.

    They’re coming to get us.


    Anybody up for another protest at Pacific Quay. Scottish Labour, MSM and the BBC are starting to lose the plot again.

    How about September?

  64. Ken500 says:

    A list won’t save them. Non existent Scottish Labour. 2016 A Unionist rout.

    Are the swearing Royals, Cameron and Major on the list? Major called the Tories ‘bastards’. Get him off the list. Davidson was mis-calling Murphy and Murphy was mis-calling old ladies. It didn’t work out. It can be expensive to call the cops ‘Plebs’.

  65. Pete says:

    Iv’e never been signed up to twitter but tempted to now just so I can tell SLAB and the MSM to go F*** themselfs.

  66. dakk says:

    What do Slab or any other pseudo Scots think people who are against their country being independent should be called ?

    This Stasi like action will only increase people’s determination in not being silenced and assimilated.

    Calling things by their real name and telling the truth is something they should hold dear if they were democrats.

    But then,they are just showing themselves as the establishment,imperialist,authoritarians that they are.

    Bring it on.

  67. DerekM says:

    Its no fair i want to be infamous but i cant stand twitter oh whats a want to be cybernat to do,you have my name already Labour just check under torn up memberships you will find me,oh and i swore a lot when i was with you losers as well,mainly fucking blairite neo liberal right wing scumbags what the fuck are they doing in my party and since you did not listen i thought i would start swearing for a new team 🙂

  68. paulTgeist says:

    This 51 page dossier, is it from Area 51 by any chance?

    And i’d like to say hello to my relation “turnip_ghost”.
    Just remember, you’re below me in the rankings, you’re just a ghost.

  69. Pentland Firth says:

    This should be help to secure the return of Ian Murray as MP for Morningside in 2020. Unless, of course, the bold lad has expressed himself too freely at Tynecastle and ended up in his own party’s dossier.

  70. JLT says:

    Stuart says:

    Cant wait to see if I’m on the list

    Well, to be quite honest, I think we’re all thinking like that! LOL

    Ah well, let’s see if we all made the rogue’s gallery …though I do believe I have never used the word ‘("Tractor" - Ed)’, nor ‘("Quizmaster" - Ed)’ on anyone. However, who knows what words the Scottish Labour Party have decided to use in condemning us all in this farce of a Kangaroo Court.

    Yep! The British Empires Justice System of the 19th / 20th centuries is alive and well… it’s just a pity there are no more colonies to ship us off too …oh wait! We are one!

  71. Croompenstein says:

    They are just taking their lead from their wee tell tale tit grassing fucker Murray who did a please miss please miss in the HoC please miss the SNP are tweeting on their phones.

    How long are they going to flog this horse FFS.

    I once farted just before I walked out a lift and two old biddies got in as I left. This was after I read Wings and became an evil cybernat bastard.

  72. yesindyref2 says:

    51 pages? One for every US state. Unfuckingbelievable.

  73. Thepnr says:

    Yes 2007 was disappointing but we will listen to the voters and will change. Yes 2011 was very disappointing but we are listening to the voters and will definitely change.

    Yes, Yes 2015 was an absolute disaster but we are determined to listen as we heard what the people of Scotland have said and we are very very determined to change, promise this time.

    Let’s print this 51 page dossier of twitter crap and show the Scottish public we have changed. Eh! good idea.

    Dumb Fucks.

  74. Mokum says:

    Another classic example of how today’s main stream politicians don’t understand the power of social media…. Numpties

  75. George S Gordon says:

    Who ever said Twat is a bad word, eh Sarah?

  76. frankieboy says:

    There is no such thing as a a Scottish Labour Party. For fuck’s sake, they can’t even tell the truth about that.

  77. Brian MacLeod says:

    I won’t swear, but Labour is a bunch of Darling Browns.

  78. Bob Mack says:

    We have half filled it with this thread alone.
    What a shower of arseholes they really are.

  79. yesindyref2 says:

    Whatever twat researched that 51 pages, should have gone to personality savers.

  80. James Sneddon says:

    I’ve got my badge from Wings telling me ‘I’m on the list’ i should be on it because Carmichael complained on TV about me calling him a numpty
    ‘Death to the west” labour spokesman says….according to a source. That should get labour on the CIA list.

  81. David Smith says:

    Hang on. Didn’t they come out with some shite like this last year?

  82. JLT says:

    Wait! I don’t use Twitter ….ah bugger!!!!!!! I won’t be on it!

    Well, that’s ruined my weekend….

  83. G4jeepers says:

    They need to sit down and listen to “CRITICS” by Derek & Clive, that should enlighten.

  84. Lesley-Anne says:

    Donald MacKenzie says:

    You mean I can’t be on it if I don’t tweet? That’s discrimination. I want to be on it.

    Well you could always tweet them to complain Donald … oh that’s right you said you don’t tweet do you? 😀

  85. yesindyref2 says:

    For the Labour party in Scotland it seems Friday is just another day in their coffin. Luckily for them the nights are getting longer or they’d be turning on themselves.

  86. Bob Mack says:

    The principles of North Korea are alive and well at North British Labour.
    Unbelievable. These people call us Nazis. whilst collecting dossiers on those they consider undesirable. What next? Internment?

  87. Clootie says:

    I really don’t want to swear on line and I don’t use twitter. However I’m not going to be left off this list so I suppose I’ll have to open an account – shall we go for 500 pages?

    Do Labour just object to being called ("Tractor" - Ed)s or do they deny it?

  88. fred blogger says:

    no the date is june 26.
    very few times in my life, do i experience jaw dropping moments of disbelief.
    you cannot be serious.
    this surely is a wind up, even labour can’t be this far out of touch with reality?

  89. Clootie says:

    I don’t know how ("Tractor" - Ed)s became tractor-Ed ?????

  90. caledonia says:

    dossiers are for tossers
    that is all

    That’s me on the list

  91. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @caz-m –

    Another PQ getthegither?

    I’m up for that mister.

    Just checked the diary – Saturday 19th seems the most obvious.

    Anyone else? It’s only ten weeks away…

  92. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Since I don’t tweet, use Twitter or Facebook, I confidently expect not to be on this dossier.

    In any case, Labour has an excellent record when it comes to their dossiers blowing-up in their faces, so, I suspect this will simply be one more nail in their coffin.

  93. caledonia says:

    Remember the 1000 more nurses from labour

    Well what about getting 100 page dossier on britnats sweary words

  94. jimnarlene says:

    Eh?, whit?, but? Ah wait, no sorry?!
    Whit the feck?, are these numpties on? Since when is it illegal to swear?
    Fuckwittery of the highest order, that’s the only thing Labour excel at.

  95. Petra says:

    Is this a joke or what? If not let’s play them at their own game. Become proactive and put together our own dossier of vile anti-SNP comments. I reckon we could fill 51 pages with threats and abuse directed towards Nicola Sturgeon alone.

    Additionally have they actually ascertained that everyone on their list IS an SNP supporter? He / she could be an MI5 agent or a Labour, Libdem or Tory supporter hiding behind a pseudonym. They may not even live in the UK at all.

    Putting together a list of names, with relative vile comments, and stating categorically that these individuals are SNP supporters with no evidence at all to support their claim could get them into REAL (legal) hot water.

  96. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    They really aren’t very bright, are they?

    For example, should enough people retweet the words of Simon Danzuk (Labour MP for Rochdale) describing Ed Miliband just how much of a laughing stock would that make of their ‘list’? 😀

    So when somebody hears a politician say that, you know what they think, if you pardon the language: ‘what a fucking knob’. That’s the reality of it.” – Simon Danzuk Labour MP on Ed Miliband

    Of course for tweeting purposes it could simply be shortened to “what a fucking knob” – Labour MP Simon Danzuk describing Ed Miliband

    Does that pass Labour’s thought police test and should we expect Danzuk’s resignation next week?

    LOL 😀

  97. Finns says:

    “don’t tell him your name Pike”


  98. Paul says:

    Awfurfucksake, eh dinnae dae thon twitting thingy. Soonds too much like knitting fur meh likin 😀

    More seriously, aren’t people who use the odd industrial phrase every now and then not considered to be more honest individuals?

    *opens up new window, intent on starting a twitter account…*

  99. Simon Curran says:

    Sadly I doubt I’m on the list but it’s pathetic from Labour. Wish they’d put as much time and effort into being a credible opposition whilst the poor and the vulnerable get hammered by a bunch of self serving rich Tories. Difficult to believe this is the same party Keir Hardie founded.

  100. ben madigan says:

    @ gillie at 9:55 pm

    sadly the Red Flag hasn’t been sung at labour Conferences for a long, long, time . it was stopped by tony blair – Comparing then and now you can see the dfference it made in labour policies!!

  101. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I just posted this, a wee while ago, on another page, far, far away…
    Well, next door…

    “Je suis un proud cybernat!

    Robert Unwin says at 9:13 pm

    “Fight fire with fire I say. Someone should set up a catalogue of Britnat twitter abuse.”

    Here you are…


    Ian Brotherhood…

    ‘I’ve Been Fingered By SLab!’

    I’ll work on it!

  102. Mealer says:

    I called Margaret Curran an “old bag” some time ago on this very site.I’ve since apologised and am hoping they’ll let me off.

  103. Dr Jim says:

    Whatever happened to “I don’t agree with the Shite you talk but I’ll defend your Bastirtin right to say it”

    Does this make me as bad as Robert Mugabe
    Or David Cameron or indeed anyone in the Conservative and Nasty Party

  104. John says:

    If there’s a blacklist I wanna be on it.

  105. yesindyref2 says:

    Ah wondered what happened to my avatar, I typoed my email addy wrong. Thought I was going animal crackers there for a minute.

  106. jimnarlene says:

    Swearing, in Scotland; shurley thersh shcum mistake?

  107. Shex says:

    Hopefully this dossier will be “sexed up” also.

  108. Tom MacGregor says:

    Think I might get myself a twatter account now

  109. osakisushi says:

    My initial thought was of that classic Dads Army thing,
    the one where Mainwairing says “Don’t tell him Pike” in a reference to someone taking names for future retaliation.

    Then I got thinking – is this a terror tactic for very real bullying? And if so, it’s reprehensible.

  110. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Two members of Slab, discussing an experience on Twitter…

  111. Iain More says:

    Fit div yis mean I can only be on it if I bleeping tweet. Am no a bleeping budgie!

  112. yesindyref2 says:

    Don’t tell them your name Pike!

  113. G H Graham says:

    I confess.

    I may have told someone to “fuck off” once, somewhere on-line. I really can’t remember.

    But it was only a proposal, not a contract. Because they didn’t show any intent to accept my terms. I kind of guessed that when they told me to “fuck off” too.

    Does that mean I’m not in trouble then? Or will Labour be sending someone to the house to check? And my cat didn’t eat his Temptation Treats tonight. Salmon flavour. They’re his favourites.

    Does that make my cat a dissident?

    So worried.

  114. Tam Jardine says:

    On a day when the world news features people being shot, stabbed, decapitated and God only knows what else labour are scouring twitter for tweets to be offended by.

    How truly dismal. I never refer to scripture but there is a guid bit in Matthew:

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

    Matthew was not aware of the work of Britnatabusebot otherwise he may have given that as a further illustrative example.

  115. Brian McMillan says:

    Wonder what font and point size it is to keep it to only 51 pages

  116. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    The cat’s an insurgent!

    Help ma boab! Call the polis!

  117. morgatron says:

    Wow. Gee whizz , thought they might have dropped me in the pooh pooh and snitched I had left wing tendancys and mistaken me as a communist. Sounds to me like a nat witch hunt.

  118. cirsium says:

    O/T – Prime Minister Tsipras is addressing the Greek nation on television calling for a referendum on membership of the euro.

  119. scotsbob says:

    Lost every seat in Scotland bar one, without a leader and all they concern themselves with is people who swear. Desperate times.

  120. Truth says:

    I’m sure fascists and Nazis like to compile lists of people they don’t like.

    Next slabber will be suggesting we should all be held in concentration camps.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

  121. ronnie anderson says:

    Diz fuck you, fuck you ,fuck you, count & whit number diz Jim Murphy come in at,or diz the corridors of power no qualify for scrutiny.

  122. KenC says:

    I make a point of not swearing. I’d better start now or I’ll be left out. :/

  123. Shex says:

    Wonder if this dossier will also be “sexed up”??

  124. galamcennalath says:

    Data Protection Penalties

    Today, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has several options when it finds an organisation in breach of the UK Data Protection Act:

    Monetary penalty notices: fines of up to £500,000 for serious breaches of the DPA.

    Prosecutions and possible prison sentences for deliberately breaching the DPA.

    I hope everyone who is planning to blatantly breach the DPA has very deep pockets!

  125. Noel Chidwick says:

    I’ve never sworn on Twitter. Now I feel all alone…

  126. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah canny wait tae Sunday & Lobey Dosser reads oot they names.

  127. Heather McLean says:

    This is a wind up – right? Seriously! You’d think they’d have something better to do than compile a 51 page dossier of people who swear on Twitter – like maybe formulate some actual policies for instance?
    How about elect a half decent new leader for their Scottish branch or maybe even engage and listen to people for a change?

  128. Stoker says:

    G H Graham wrote:
    “I confess. I may have told someone to “fuck off” once, somewhere on-line. I really can’t remember. But it was only a proposal, not a contract.”

    All the very best for your trip to the States. Hurry back.

  129. desimond says:

    First Ed had a big stone..and voters who wouldnt stick

    So names will never hurt us

  130. cearc says:

    Heather McLean,

    I don’t think their delicate little ears would be up for listening to their ex-voters.

  131. Iain More says:


    Is this why the Brit Nats are pissed at the fact that Network Work Rail has cocked up its modernisation programme and thus the trains will not run as fast as they want.

    Does this mean that the Brit Nats will have to delay issuing contracts for the construction of the camps and the ovens?

    They do have historical form for building concentration camps! It was the Brits that invented them in the Boer War!

    I think I might have just got myself added to their hate list again.

  132. G. Campbell says:

    Acme Cybernat Industries provide the ultimate in online security for the discerning abuser of journalists.

    What a [37] that Alan Roden is. I remember when he appeared on Sunday Politics Scotland just before the referendum. [79], [58], [52], [16], [88]. [72], I said to myself. I don’t pay my licence fee to see this [56] [80] with his “better together” [39]. Even the presenter looked like he wanted to [46].

  133. Mosstrooper says:

    Why only 51 pages? why not 56? After the May 7 result I think we are getting short changed.

    Ohh! Just SEX and Travel, you golden shower of botty bumping lady parts.

  134. Fiona says:

    Is this true?

    If it is, it is beyond parody.

  135. ronnie anderson says:

    @ BrianDTT you hud better tell Pete tae make mair Proud Cybernat Badges fur the 4th July Hollyrood.

  136. Les wilson says:

    I guess this is all part of the Mail/labour/Media conspiracy.
    This has been planned and BT are in it up to their necks.
    Probably with Westminster’s nod.
    I smell McTernan too.
    All part of the anti Scot campaign, shites, I hope it blows back on them.

    Labour are due their coming wipe out in 2016, and so it will be,
    They are dead here from now on, and they deserve to be “for a generation”. They are lower than a snakes belly.

  137. dakk says:

    How will Slab calibrate the list ?

    Will my own personal favourite jibe ‘Uncle Tom’ be proscribed.

    They should issue a public information bulletin on the State Broadcaster so that we know how to avoid infraction.

    Erich Honecker’s greatest achievement – Scottish Labour 🙂

  138. Daisy Walker says:

    Daisy Walker says….

    hash/tag:NiceCybernattery….I like Jim Murphy – he’s always kind to Popes

    hash/tag: NiceCybernattery… I like Mags Curren – I have a very sweet nature and a trusting disposition

    hash/tag: NiceCybernattery… I like public car parks, my friend Mr Matheson, he likes them too

    hash/tag: NiceCybernattery… I like Dugdale, such intellect, and what’s the word…presence?

    hash/tag: NiceCybernattery… I like labour lords… if only for the irony, only joking

    hash/tag: NiceCybernattery… I like tractors… but 51 pages of them seems a bit excessive

    hash/tag: NiceCybernattery… I like OO Marches, its that fresh smell of stale whiskey, as they fall off the buses in their ill fitting trumpton uniforms, such self depreciating humour, My friend Mr Matheson likes them too.

    hash/tag: NiceCybernattery… I like young Scots and New Scots, but not enough to allow them to vote, and I cannot understand these nasty SNP/Yesser types insisting that they get to vote, Fascists.

    hash/tag: NiceCybernattery… I like Wings Over Scotland, shhh, dinnae grass me up

  139. Macandroid says:

    Meaner @ 10:43

    She’s not that old…

  140. Robert Peffers says:

    This brings to mind when Flanders & Swann were taken to court for performing on stage this little Ditty. Pity I couldn’t find a video of the performance for you : –

    Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers

    By Flanders and Swann

    Ma’s out, Pa’s out, Let’s talk rude!
    Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.
    Dance round the garden in the nude,
    Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.
    Let’s write rude words all down our street,
    Stick out our tongues at the people we meet,
    Let’s have an intellectual treat for
    Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.

    Sunday again on CBC,
    Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.
    And Norman Mailer’s coming to tea,
    Pee Po Belly Bum Pants!
    Alan Ginsberg reads on and on,
    But we’re having a happening when he’s gone,
    Come to the party in the John,
    Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.

    Disney’s planning a double bill,
    Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.
    Christopher Robin meets Fanny Hill,
    Pooh Bear Belly Bum Drawers.
    On stage and screen we all work hard,
    Throwing toilet rolls in our own backyard,
    Who’s afraid of the avent garde?
    Pee, Pee, Po, Po, Belly, Belly, Bum, Bum, Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.

    What gets prizes and wins awards?
    Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.
    What did prince Phillip tell the Lords?
    Well, never mind that.
    At Oxford and Cambridge, and Yale and all,
    At Berkely, they really have a ball,
    ‘cos the higher the brow, the harder they fall,
    Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.

    (Originally from the album ‘Tried by the Centre Court’).

  141. thedogphilosopher says:

    They have a strange take on what constitutes the moral high ground.

    Sweary words versus an illegal war that has so far cost thousands of lives and whose effect is still being felt today.

    The Imperial Labour Party of Great Britain (and its parochial sub-branches) needs immediate psychiatric help.

    This is not a jest.

  142. Les wilson says:

    I wonder if MI5 is deleting many thousands of really vile Britnat abuse as we speak. Just so the media can say ” us, show us where!”
    As no doubt will many of the media will be quickly deleting their comments columns.

  143. Daisy Walker says:

    Dear Rev,

    you never publish my comments, ya bam, and just sometimes they’re funny. and I bought your book. Bet you don’t publish this one either – ya fucker

  144. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    I really hope that@jefforbited makes it into the dossier. That would be hilarious if Kezia’s dad was on the list.

    However, it is not about swearing or on-line abuse. What it is about is that the establishment has lost control of the media in Scotland and they do not like it.

    The GE result was a huge shock to them so this will run and run promoted by MSM and BBC.

  145. Cactus says:

    Help ma boaby! Is that the ever-decreasing Labour party getting their red carpet out for the premier of the 2015 Cybernat Awards.. do the nominees have to wear a robe/hat and will they receive their certificate of achievement? (on parchment paper.)

    Also, I recently took a crash course in Italian (courtesy of The Sopranos) and have learned a new word.. ‘pucchiacca‘.

    All is explained below (from 1:15 to 1:50)

    The Sopranos ~ Season 2 / Episode 7 / D-Girl

    Bada-Bing 😉

  146. Alastair says:

    Traitor used in political terms – Wikipedia

    At times, the term “("Tractor" - Ed)” has been used as a political epithet, regardless of any verifiable treasonable action. In a civil war or insurrection, the winners may deem the losers to be ("Tractor" - Ed)s. Likewise the term “("Tractor" - Ed)” is used in heated political discussion – typically as a slur against political dissidents, or against officials in power who are perceived as failing to act in the best interest of their constituents. In certain cases, as with the German Dolchstoßlegende, the accusation of treason towards a large group of people can be a unifying political message.

  147. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Daisy Walker.

    I’m seeing your posts ok. Maybe you shouldn’t have installed that ‘Daisy Walker filter’ Firefox add-on from that Labourhame web site?

    Disable it…


  148. Taranaich says:

    New Labour don’t deserve to be called “T” words or “Q” words. People who commit treason at least have guts. People who commit treason at least want to change things, to shake things up, to make things happen. People who commit treason are usually doing it for a cause.

    What “cause” is there in compiling a list of cybernats? What great movement is this in the name of?

    s/" rel="nofollow ugc">"Tractor" - Ed)s/

    George Washington committed treason. Thomas Paine committed treason. Mahatma Gandhi committed treason. Do not sully the name of treason by applying it to New Labour in Scotland.

  149. Capella says:

    Does that count? Or do I have to spell it out?

  150. Petra says:

    IF this is only about swearing (which I doubt) can you imagine what the last of their LABOUR supporters will make of this? Yeah that they’ve finally flipped and lost the plot.

    I’ve got a VERY long list of the names of Labour councillors and politicians who are on the Sex Offenders Register. Swearing versus paedophilia? Time for them to get real.

  151. John Lowe says:

    WTF have I missed worked my 8 hour just above minimum wage job went to the movies Minions very funny. Then the pub several pints and Juras. Red Tories(Scotland) have a 51 page dossier on Traitors and Swearers. I will be in it. They betrayed everything they stood for and then wonder why us very street smart Scots swear at them and call them Traitors. LOL

  152. Dal Riata says:

    Nana Smith mentioned this BTL the previous article and I thought that it couldn’t be right and it was some kind of mistake – and, well, fuck me with a barbed-wire fence-post, whadyaknow, it *is* true, and Scottish Labour are now proving themselves as well and truly a great big fucking mistake for a political party!

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! What a bunch of useless Scunthorpes!

    (Hi there, Scottish Labour’s dossier compiler! There are two definite swearies in the above and possibly, just possibly another one somewhere. See if you can find it, swear word list-compiler. Oh, and please, please, please add me to your list!)

  153. captmaxspacecat says:

    Ahh senator McCarthy would be proud .Got to go check for nats under the bed now

  154. dakk says:

    Just had a dwalm of Kezia in a Stasi uniform berating and correcting my social digressions.

    I can now see this Slab project has some merit through the perspective of my severe mid life crisis.

  155. Naina Tal says:

    Coorse yir aw jist makin fun cos yer aw feart. Same wey ye aw laucht it yon big chiel wi the egg stained shirt. Ye were feart o him an aw. Hoo did that work oot again?

  156. Dal Riata says:

    ‘Did you hear the one about Scottish Labour who thought it was a good idea and all important and stuff to compile a thing they called a dossier about Scots who swear?’…[Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!]… ‘I know, I know!’… ‘And be all proud about it because it consists of 51 whole pages!’… [Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!] ‘I know… 51!!’ [Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!]

    ‘Hands up all you Scots who have never sworn?… [Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!] ‘Exactly!’ ‘There’s what, an adult population in Scotland of about 4.3 million or there abouts… Fuck me, will they be supplying microscopes so people can read their… [loud and extremely important-sounding voice]… 51-PAGE DOSSIER ?’ [Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!] …… (and etc.)

  157. osakisushi says:

    Maybe Xmas is early

    Ve are making a list
    Ve are checking it twice
    Ve are going to find out
    Who’s been naughty or nice
    Slab An Tories are going to grind you down

    They screw you when you’re sleeping
    They screw you when you’re awake
    Better never, ever, use the word
    Tractor for Ducking sake.

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, just another Slab folly

  158. BuckieBraes says:

    Well, it looks as though minced oaths are going to have to be the order of the day.

    What a blooming carry-on. It’s flipping ridiculous.

  159. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    Hypocritical bastards. I’m sure it will be printed in full in the Daily Mail.

  160. Cadogan Enright says:

    How do we get on the list? Does Facebook count? I really don’t want to use Twitter !

  161. Capella says:

    Do you remember the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn last year on c 24th June? Stirling Council (Labour), decided to hold “Armed Forces Day” on the same weekend.

    Gordon Brown set up Armed Forces Day in 2009 so that we can all support our armed forces.
    But this year they (who they?) have managed to find a neutral date, time and place. That’s good.

  162. Dal Riata says:

    How will this dossier by Scittish Labour be presented, then? Will it be a points-based, graded system, where English swear words are awarded points, from what is deemed to be the strongest receiving the maximum number, down to the weakest receiving the minimum?

    For example:

    cunt – 5 points
    fuck (and its many variants) – 4
    wanker; prick – 3
    dickhead; arsehole; bastard – 2
    pish; shite; fanny; tit; bloody; hell – 1

    And what about swear words from other languages other than English?

    Will the instances of swear word usage be collated? Will there be a numbered list of the sweariest people starting at no.1? Will the number one swearer get some kind of award, or national, even international recognition? If not, why not?

    So many fucking questions, and, as yet, no bloody answers. (That’ll be 5 points accumulated right there!)

    Can’t wait for the big reveal… and it better be good, FFS! … Oh, yes, and what about abbreviations, then?….

  163. Taranaich says:

    Sorry I mucked up the site’s formatting, Rev (didn’t realise the T word applies to hyperlinks, it seems, even when I’m explicitly saying someone is NOT a tractor). Just go to the home page instead, should be the first post:

  164. Wee Jimmy says:

    Lolz! I’m reminded of Danny Bhoy’s routine about the no swearing rule in Qatar – and how it would affect world cup fans in 2022.
    “Oh it’s so hot! This is fatherless child hot! Referee, you’re a – a – um – you’re a bad man. A very bad man!”

    Is “feck” allowed? How about “frickin”? Seriously my wee boy says frickin all the time and i never know whether i should give the frickin little fecker a row for it.

  165. Richardinho says:

    I’m gonna be pissed if I’m not on this list. Is it too late to call Jim Murphy a ("Tractor" - Ed)?

    Oh yeah, and by the way, Harry Potter is a load of rubbish!

  166. Richardinho says:

    Is this more or less ridiculous than the infamous Ed-stone: the heaviest suicide note in history, or what about the wreath laying ceremony the SLP were going to have for the miners?

    It’s as if the Labour party have hit their peak but they’re never going to come down!

  167. Grouse Beater says:

    You should have read the abuse mail I received in support of the fragrant Ms Rowling-Innit for daring to question her integrity.

    The worst part was not the ‘vile’ profanity and cursing, nor the homicidal aggression, but the non-existent grammar that shocked.

    Her fans might well be able to read but they can’t construct a sentence for toffee.

  168. theehips says:

    There are 45 people named and “shamed” (although I suspect most of them will be absolutely delighted)in the dossier. Out of a membership of over 120,000, 45 is less than half of one percent. If you’d asked me yesterday what percentage of SNP members were tools, I’d have probably said 3-4%. Thanks to McDougall’s sterling work,I now know that I’ve been judging my fellows too harshly.

  169. Richardinho says:

    I do hope Labour follow through on this. They copped out of the wreath laying ceremony for the miners (as far as I am aware) I’d be gutted if they don’t cough up the dosier and make themselves a total laughing stock over the weekend.

  170. The Isolator says:

    The Labour party in Scotland can get tae Ecclefechan.There I said it,shouldn’t have but I did.

  171. Almannysbunnet says:

    Is this what Murphy was working on in the 30 days between resigning and actually leaving? Maybe we should do a dossier of the people who used Vow, Patriot, faster better stronger, pooling and sharing etc etc. It could be called the tosser dossier.

  172. The Isolator says:

    The Labour party in Scotland can get themselves tae Ecclefechan.
    There I said it,shouldn’t have but I just did.

  173. john king says:

    I have read every post and all I can say is
    Im shocked guys,
    no really the language on here is truly shocking and you should go and wash your mouths out with the biggest fucking bar of fucking carfuckingbolic you can get in those fucking filthy fucking gobs forfucksake
    No look what you’ve made me go and do!
    Im mad now
    I’ll have to sing my anger management song now, it makes me look like a total twat 🙁
    (that one’s for oor wee flower Sarah Smith)

    I swear to GOD
    if I end up on that fucking list I’ll hunt you all down you Bastards
    and now for some music

    “I actually have a number of queries over this 51 page dossier, no seriously I really do.”

    Dont you effin start, it was all you and your effin filthy language that started it effin all! 😉
    Ian Brotherhood@10.33
    “@caz-m –

    Another PQ getthegither?

    I’m up for that mister.

    Just checked the diary – Saturday 19th seems the most obvious.

    Anyone else? It’s only ten weeks away…”

    Count me in. 🙂
    “‘I’ve Been Fingered By SLab!’

    I’ll work on it!”

    we need rules
    you cant just have one o Brian’s badges (cost £5.00) just to pretend your a big man, you have to prove you have indeed been fingered, so I would suggest some criteria,
    1 who did the fingering
    2 when did they finger you
    3 how did it make you feel when you knew you were being fingered
    (we cant have people who enjoyed it, you have to have been traumatised)
    4 now that you have been fingered, would you do it again?
    Mealer says
    “I called Margaret Curran an “old bag” some time ago on this very site. I’ve since apologised and am hoping they’ll let me off.”

    Dont worry Mealer, I had your bag… eh I mean back. 🙂
    GH Graham says
    “Does that make my cat a dissident?

    So worried.”

    Dear worried
    worry no more your cats not a dissident he’s just a little shit. 🙂
    daak says
    “How will Slab calibrate the list ?

    Will my own personal favourite jibe ‘Uncle Tom’ be proscribed.”

    its uncle Jock I should know it was me who used it first.
    Ronnie Anderson says
    “@ BrianDTT you hud better tell Pete tae make mair Proud Cybernat Badges fur the 4th July Hollyrood.”

    that’ll make mine a first edition,
    it’ll be worth a fuckin bomb
    anybody ken whaur the next antiques roadshow is? 🙂
    @ Daisy Walker
    It doesn’t count cos I have it on good authority it was past your bedtime. 🙁
    Buckie Braes says
    “What a blooming carry-on. It’s flipping ridiculous.”

    Where do you think you are pilgrim?
    Keep that kind of language for doon the pit where no decent church goer can hear you!
    osakisushi says @ 1:10 am
    Maybe Xmas is early

    good one. 🙂
    Dal Raita
    “How will this dossier by Scittish Labour ”

    That wasnt a typo was it?
    like it, Scittish Labour
    nae wonder they’re havin the scitters!
    Wee Jonny
    “Is “feck” allowed? How about “frickin”? Seriously my wee boy says frickin all the time and i never know whether i should give the frickin little fecker a row for it.”

    A skelpit erse would be in order, as for the wee man ,gie him a pound fur sweeties

  174. Juteman says:


  175. The Moidart says:

    Bad news guys.. Just heard that Hans Blix and Kofi Annan are in charge of this dossier. Hope we all suit shaved heads and orange jumpsuits…. Lol

  176. Anagach says:

    Another Dodgy Dossier from Labour, who handed them that shovel ?

  177. Stoker says:

    Slabber are just a bunch of Massey Ferguson muck spreaders.

    There, hopefully that keeps me within the rules.

  178. dennis garden says:

    What happens when someone up in court has to (Swear)to tell the truth.Will they be on Labours list.LOL

  179. Philip Allan says:

    I would find this cybernat detection funny, but considering that it coincides with cyber attacks teargeting pro-Independence and SNP members, it takes on a more sinister aspect.

  180. Kelly Macdonald says:

    Well Labour can taigh nam gasta ort agus póg mo thóin. Alba Gu Bràth

  181. john king says:

    Richardho says @5.46
    “Is this more or less ridiculous than the infamous Ed-stone: the heaviest suicide note in history,”

    Whoohahahahaha love it!
    Grouse Beater @6.10
    “Her fans might well be able to read but they can’t construct a sentence for toffee.”

    Oh my god,
    I just relieved myself…
    in sheer terror that I may have inadvertently split an infinitive somewhere at sometime in the past, just hope you wont start compiling a em dossier,
    eh ah’ll jist get ma black gown.

  182. Marie clark says:

    “Clypergate” really. Ha ha ha ha!

    Whit, in the name o the wee man, are these eejits thinkin aboot.

    I won’t be on the list either as I am not on facebook or twitter. Shame that really. Never mind, (pettit limp trembling), I think that I’ll survive.

    It’s all right us having a laugh and making fun of this claptrap, but really, Labour. Have you not got some more serious issues to deal with, like electing a leader.

    And this lot expect us to vote for them. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

  183. Luigi says:

    If they weren’t such nasty characters, I would feel sorry for them.

  184. Stoker says:

    Marie clark wrote:
    “It’s all right us having a laugh and making fun of this claptrap, but really, Labour. Have you not got some more serious issues to deal with..”

    Aye, like starting to make up for being behind hundreds of thousands of murders of innocent Iraqis.

    And yes you filthy Slabber lot are responsible because not one of you stood up and told your fellow warmongers Blair, Brown, DimJim & Co to GTF, NOT IN OUR NAME.

    Slabber hands are well and truly caked in the blood of innocents.

  185. Wallace Dempster says:

    Beware Mr Davidson will be out with his bayonet to eliminate all ("Tractor" - Ed)s!

  186. Kenzie says:

    I’m glad I logged on this morning. That’s the best laugh I’ve had for a wee while. My first reaction was that they are surely not serious, then I realised it’s the Labour Party we’re talking about here. Truly, a long-spent force.

  187. Dorothy Devine says:

    51 pages eh? How very precise of them.

    Is it me or are they really a ” suitable case for treatment”?

    Being a non Tweeter I will not be on the list – though I did wonder who benefits from increased Twittering and whether they are ready for a huge influx of new Twitterers, a Microsoft plot mayhap?

  188. Snode1965 says:

    Preemptive strike from The National this morning.
    SNP / YES supporters Facebook accounts are being hacked by vile CyberBrits! The Empire Strikes Back??

  189. Steve says:

    I have tourette’s and i swear if i appear on this fucking list some fuckers for the fucking cunting high bastarding jump.ARSEBISCUITS!!!!

  190. frogesque says:

    Since Gordon Mathieson is standing down as heed honcho at Glasgow City Council I hear they are going to name a car park after him.

    Jings! Help ma boab! I didn’t even have to swear once.

  191. Naina Tal says:

    Heard some of the dossier has been redacted. Aye 5 pages worth. They didnae want it to add up to the magic number.

    Hoo mony pages will we make it?
    A big number!
    Mair nor 50 then?

    Imagine their chagrin when it wis actually 56 pages!

    Ya huur! Get ridd o some o it!
    Tak oot some o the stuff wir ain side dun!
    52 pages!
    Naw! number o weeks in a year! Thae nationalist will be able tae yaise that somehoo.
    51 then?
    Diz that divide by oanythin?

  192. Les Wilson says:

    Someone should compile a dossier of a thousand of their’s.
    Then get it out across the social media.

  193. Alibi says:

    Have Labour not noticed that the word ("Tractor" - Ed) is used in the lyrics of “The Red Flag”? Is the Labour Oarty on their own list?

  194. Nana Smith says:

    Well thanks all, my side is now aching and my eyes are red raw from all the laughing and snorting my way through this thread and as for John King at 7.25am he gets the comedy award.

    I did say slab could sink even lower. Can’t wait to see who is handing over the dossier and to whom. Is there to be a ceremony somewhere with a 45 minute warning? Perhaps the Marr show on Sunday morn will be worth watching for once.

  195. De Valera says:

    Here is the worst swear word for Labour – socialism. There I’vd said it, it’s a fair cop.

    Here are two more – anti austerity.

    I will stop before I get into big trouble.

  196. Now's the Hour says:

    Do foreign language swearies count?

  197. chris kilby says:

    Seriously? No, but seriously? Clypegate noo is it? You’re pullin’ ma plunger. Sad, sad, sad. What a bunch of complete fucktards. Shitpissfuckwankcuntbollocks!


    (If ah’m no’ on their wee list now, ah’m gonnae be pissed-aff.)

  198. bugsbunny says:

    “Scottish Labour have just sent out a 51 page ‘dossier’ to the press with names and tweets of people who’ve used the word ("Tractor" - Ed) or swore”.

    TRAITOR, TRAITOR, TRAITOR, TRAITOR, TRAITOR, TRAITOR, TRAITOR, BUGGER, ARSE, FECK, C@NT, BUMHOLE, TWAT, and the worst swear word of them all that also contains the word ("Tractor" - Ed), TRAITOR NO VOTING SCUM.

    As Wendy the Mooth used to say, “BRING IT ON”.


  199. bugsbunny says:

    P.S. Who here had a early morning call with such stirring tunes as Johnny comes marching home again, by the members of your local Better Together Orange Band?


  200. chris kilby says:

    Who are they sendin’ this “51 page dossier” to? The polis? What are they going to do? Round up everyone in Scotland who voted YES!/SNP? Let’s face it, it’s the only way the useless, clypin’ feckers’ll EVER get elected again. This would be sinister if it wasn’t so comically inept. Does rather make me wonder what Kezia Pinochet would really do if she had the power and could get away with it…

    Keystone C***s!

  201. Kevin Evans says:

    Fuck, shit, piss

  202. James Westland says:

    Sorry if its been posted before. According to a posting on Scot goes Pop this is the dossier:

    Its on Google Drive, a PDF file. Download at own risk, but seems OK. As for the content…..

  203. Almannysbunnet says:
    51 pages 41 names. If this is it well tickle my arse with a feather.
    I’ve blushed more listening to my grandchildren, and they can barely speak.
    I got so excited I might have posted this twice.

  204. chris kilby says:

    Keir Hardie must be SO proud…

  205. bugsbunny says:

    Instead of using the T word, Tra@tor, use the word Quisling instead. As in Murphy is a Quisling, Brown is a Quisling, Darling is a Quisling, and don’t forget a swearword, Milliband is a Twat.


  206. chris kilby says:

    Sorry. I must admit, I’m having trouble processing this so early in the morning.

    Just what does Labour hope to achieve with this obvious stunt which is a whole new definition of risible and desperate? Naming and shaming? Inadvertently making collateral damage of Iain “Nazi Scum!” Smart, arguably the biggest troll of all thus nullifying their own argument? Or something more sinister, however inept?

    I can’t help noticing this comes hot on the (shit)heels of the English Tory press’ hitting the panic button and turning the “Evil Cybernat” hysteria up to eleven. A coincidence? Opportunism or collusion? If so, just who exactly are the “("Tractor" - Ed)s” in this farcical scenario…?

  207. donald anderson says:

    Constant foul language shows an inability of proper language usage. It has gone too far on this of all sites and reached the depths of an old firm facebook. You are giving the Pom Fits a stick to beat you with and it is all so unnecessary and takes the spotlight away from false media and their dupes. The MSM does not have to swear to cover their obscene lies.

  208. chris kilby says:

    Speaking of ("Tractor" - Ed)s, I hear Alistair Quisling’s finally got his peerage. Sorry, Darling!

    (Oh, hang on. There’s someone at the door. I think it’s the Thought Police…)

  209. chris kilby says:

    Scottish Labour can eat the peanuts oot ae ma shit. And the sweetcorn. That is aw.

  210. chris kilby says:

    @ donald anderson:

    Feck off! This lot would make a saint swear. Jaysus!

  211. Karmanaut says:


    It’s all getting a bit Stasi, isn’t it?

    Don’t swear, or Scottish Labour will give your details to the Daily Mail.

    The creepy fuckers.

  212. chris kilby says:

    I am reminded of a line from the greatest TV drama ever made, Edge of Darkness: “That assh*le thinks he has to kill a million people to make the the area safe for democracy.”

    And not in a good way. I mean, WTF!?!

  213. James Westland says:

    Yes indeed 51? Why 51? Connection with Area 51 perchance? Mulder and Sculley onto this? 51st State?

    Or was it supposed to be like the Iraqi deck of cards of “most wanted” but they lost one of them? Or couldnt find enough and had to stop at 51?

  214. Fiona says:

    @ donald anderson

    No it does not show an “inability of proper language useage”, though that phrase does.

    If you cannot swear you cannot speak a language fluently, IMO.

    We have discussed the question of swearing on this site before, and many agree with you that it may put people off: and so be counter productive.

    Fact is that it does not, as the visit figures show. Those who claim that this site is abusive etc are usually those who have not read it because they “know” this to be true cos they were told by unionists. Such smearing does not rely in truth, and it is effective for some. There is nothing we can do about that

    What words are you prepared to self censor? I see that “cow” is on the list: that is an insult but it is not abuse on any definition I can imagine. Context is all: there are no words which are always and everywhere abusive. Ask “Niggers with Attitude”, or those who say their pal is a “funny cunt” when he has just made a particularly lame joke.

    I am not prepared to allow my opposition to determine what I may or may not say. It is as simple as that

  215. G says:

    One guy is on it for quoting Burns!

    I’ve always wonded why we don’t publish the names of the bigots on the Orange Walks. It’s not like it’s a moment of madness to get dressed up and go out marching and rehearsing. It’s premeditated, deep-seated bigotry.

  216. Linda McFarlane says:

    @ Dave the f***ing Squirrel says:
    26 June, 2015 at 9:04 pm
    Kez and the Thought Police are coming.

    Kezia & Thought. Hmmmm.

    Aren’t the two mutually exclusive????

  217. Fiona says:

    @ Linda McFarlane

    Yes. But that is the problem. She wishes to ban anything she cannot do.

  218. Cadogan Enright says:

    That was pretty tame – why don’t we compile a real dossier and send it to the same papers?

    When the dont publish it we can name them and shame them

  219. Roland Smith says:

    The Britnat Bot on Twitter sadly closed down on September 2014.
    Between January and September it documented 6400 abusive unionist tweets.

    You can still look at them all and if anyone knows who used to run it maybe they could be convinced to start it up again or the Rev could investigate how it’s done.mwe could even crowd fund it if necessary.
    The media and Labour want the use of the social network to be closed down to independence supporters as this is the boy way we discover the real story.
    Having said that independence supporters who use offensive and abusive language do us no favours.

  220. Fiona says:

    You cannot shame MSM, Cadogan Enright. They have no shame

  221. Grouse Beater says:

    Donald Anderson: The MSM does not have to swear to cover their obscene lies.

    That’s an uncharacteristically naïve remark from you.

    We’re discussing ‘supporters’ not key politicians, and in any event enough here have pointed out Murphy’s tirade in the corridors of power which, I assure you, is not a unique instance by politicians at Westminster.

    Things are different – unless Murphy – when addressing someone face-to-face.

    The other problem is identifying the degree of ‘abuse’, and identifying whether it comes from an SNP member, an SNP supporter, a troll or spook, or merely somebody upset at the viscous tirades from the MSM and UK government.

    What we are subjected to daily, that’s the real brutality.

  222. Patrick Roden says:

    @ Petra:
    ” I’ve got a VERY long list of the names of Labour councillors and politicians who are on the Sex Offenders Register. Swearing versus paedophilia? Time for them to get real”

    Good point Petra, can you copy this list onto this thread so that we can all forward it to the MSM and Labour party, for feedback or comment.

  223. Grouse Beater says:

    For those avoiding ‘swear’ words who seek a higher plane:

    PS: If you dislike profanity steer clear of every comedy show or chat show on television!

  224. Alisdair says:

    Chris at 9:54

    Please can I use that on my facebook page?

  225. The Moidart information says:

    Donald…. I agree. The fornicating illegitimate sons and daughters/mamarian protuberances can stick said urine and excretion embedded document up their posteriors. Better??? ????

  226. As someone who does not use twitter or facebook, what actually defines a cybernat?

    Because as far as I am aware many of those who indulge in online abuse hide their real identities by remaining anonymous and may not be members of the SNP?

    Also I suspect if a dossier was to be compiled of all the abuse by unionists including Labour politicians thrown at the SNP and those who support it would certainly contain a lot more than 51 pages.

  227. Grouse Beater says:

    John King: I may have inadvertently split an infinitive

    Split away, John. No harm done. Split infinitives arise in English because there are none in Latin construction, so you’re free to make it a preference for it isn’t a rule.


  228. Dorothy Devine says:

    What about the pleasantly plump Labour MSP of Dumbarton?
    Was her expletive ridden delight at the other MSP with the brain the size of Uranus being found innocent of off shore excessive donations OK?

    F^cking marvellous! One rule for them and another for Yessers.

  229. Nana Smith says:

    Irvine Welsh ?@IrvineWelsh · 10h10 hours ago

    “From Red Clydeside to Dead Clype snide: The Scottish Labour Journey.”

  230. Fiona says:

    @ Peter McCulloch

    As far as I can tell, a cybernat is someone who speaks english; does not agree with the unionist position; and does not pretend that every unionist is a model of courtesy in debate.

  231. ronnie anderson says:

    I agree wie Nana, John King 7.25 Komidy central

  232. Sorry the last part of my post should have read as those who support independence

  233. Phronesis says:

    They are clearly struggling with the power of the information society which is critical, multiculturalist and multiperspectival. Definitely a challenge if you are a monolithic structure that only thinks in 1 dimension (notably SNP bad).

    We should re-define what constitutes a swear word specifically the sound-bites slogans and stock phrases that politicians use to promote toxic ideologies and otherness (and borrow from each other because they are so ideologically similar).

    ‘Victorian values’- beloved of Thatcher- the moral imperatives of the establishment- aggressive foreign policy, reliance of charity to manage social problems, the economic exploitation of the colonies. Presumably she and her party also approved of the by-products of Victorian ideologies-the extremes of wealth and poverty ,the use of children in cheap labour in industry and considerable moral hypocrisy.

    ‘British values,good old British values, our values, our traditions,our history’ – Blair-used throughout a speech to justify unpopular social change and of course this thread is picked up by the current UKOK establishment. The juxtaposition of soundbites within the same speeches amplified within a compliant MSM to reinforce the notion of the deserving and undeserving-family values vs nanny state/leafy suburbs vs sink estates/ responsible citizens vs anti-social youths/ hard-working families vs problem families.

    The use of these soundbites should be regarded as swearing- their role in ideological manipulation is more offensive- the list will need to extend by quite a bit.

  234. TYRAN says:

    Scouring millions of messages on Twitter to find someone one time happened to have said Brown was the c word. Gee… :-/

    Reminds me of The Young Ones where Mike ask Vyvyan to swear on it and he replied “big jobs”.

  235. bugsbunny says:

    I know a lot of swear words.

    God save the Queen, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Better Together, Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, Westminster, No Borders, Orange Lodge, Rangers/Celtic, ATOS, BBC Scotland, STV, Daily Record, Sunday Mail, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Sunday Post, 55%, The Vow, Alistair Darling, Gordon Brown, Jim Murphy.

    I feel dirty. I need to buy some carbolic soap to wash my mouth out with.

    BTW I forgot another trigger word, TRAITOR, and FECK.


  236. As far as I can tell, a cybernat is someone who speaks english; does not agree with the unionist position; and does not pretend that every unionist is a model of courtesy in debate.

  237. Stephen Miller says:

    As a rule i don’t swear but I’ve come to the conclusion that the Scottish Labour Party are a bunch of Jobbies! (will that count?)

  238. Jack Murphy says:

    I expect the Labour Party to include a geographical map naming and shaming the cities,towns,villages and hamlets in Scotland.
    Swears per head of population is essential.
    My money’s on Ecclefechan,with my Gran top of the list. 🙁

  239. YESGUY says:

    I love Wings.

    Can’t move for my split sides. Comments are superb, bravo folks.

    John King- Champion stuff from our resident joker. Never fails to lift you from the gloom. 🙂

    As for LIEbour. What do they hope to gain from stuff like this ? Joke party without the laughs , ok they do make us laugh granted but wheres the new approach to “listeing” ?

    Surely a friend of family member would pull them to the side and explain they are off their trolly’s with this stuff. No debate or policies. Nothing but “playing the victim”…. does that work ??

    A bully finally dealt with making a come back as a victim … who’d have thought they would end up this low.

    I am so happy about that. Flipping cheering about it…

    Roll on SE . Time for the bleach . Clean out our parli of any of the dregs.

  240. Peter McCulloch says:

    Thanks for explaining that a a cybernat is someone who speaks english; does not agree with the unionist position; and does not pretend that every unionist is a model of courtesy in debate.

    I regularly write letters to my local newspapers criticising unionist politicians and policies.

  241. Blair paterson says:

    I feel like. Swearing Darling is not a ("Quizmaster" - Ed) because he is English born in London I have blogged this time and again but I am amazed at the people on here who do not know this

  242. chris kilby says:

    @ Alisdair:

    “Chris at 9:54

    Please can I use that on my facebook page?”

    It’s all yours. Enjoy.

    (If “enjoy’s” the word…)

  243. T222Deracha says:

    The compliant Scottish media will pander to the wishes of the “Scottish” Labour Party and promote whatever they decide to put into the public domain.
    Labour may have only one MP in Scotland but there still exists a vast party machine, which is unwittingly supported by the financial power of the trade unions.
    There will be no limit to the lengths “Scottish” Labour will stoop to in order to discredit the SNP.
    The majority of the Scottish population rely on the BBC and the newspapers as their sole scource of information and the Labour mob are fully aware of this fact.

  244. chris kilby says:


  245. maureen says:

    Can I just say thank you to all wingers for never losing their sense of humour in the face of continued negativity from slab. I have barely read 20 comments so far and I am in bits!

  246. Grouse Beater says:

    I can’t claim this conjunction as mine; I’m think I’ve seen it written, but I’m beginning to favour describing the Scotland-democracy haters as ‘union supremacists’.

    It’s certainly a title they deserve.

  247. Alisdair says:

    Chris at 1:34

    Thank you very much. Never have I come across a comment so beautifully or eloquently put, it’s a definate enjoy! 🙂

  248. Ghillie says:

    Is this like Santa’s Naughty List? : (

  249. Andy-B says:

    This is truly stark raving bonkers, London Labour in Scotland have completely and utterly lost the plot.

  250. The Rough Bounds. says:

    I don’t have a twatter account.

  251. highseastim says:

    Will Labour now publish a much longer list of the thousands of innocent women and children who were murdered in Iraq thanks to their voting strategies, maybe they could add the poor women and children from Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc and also the poor folks that were murdered on 7/7 and now on a Tunisian beach which can in part be traced back to Labour/Tory voting strategies!!


  252. donald anderson says:

    Reply to highseastim
    highseastim says:
    28 June, 2015 at 9:15 am
    Will Labour now publish a much longer list of the thousands of innocent women and children who were murdered in Iraq thanks to their voting strategies, maybe they could add the poor women and children from Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc and also the poor folks that were murdered on 7/7 and now on a Tunisian beach which can in part be traced back to Labour/Tory voting strategies!!

    Will the shameless ones apologise for the countless deaths caused by Labour’s division of Palestine, India and support for dividing Ireland, all caused by their Imperial policies? Labour actually stood and cheered in the House of Horrors at the news of James Connolly’s death by firing squad, wounded and strapped to a chair. Will they apologies for zero per cent Labour Pay freezes under Lords Wilson, Callaghan and Tory Blerr? Will they apologise for the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer under each Labour Government?

    Will they apologise to Keir Hardie for fattening the House of Lords and jingoising WWI, which he opposed, by creating Armed Forces day on the anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and ratting on his Home Rule aspirations?

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