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The cliffhanger

Posted on May 05, 2016 by

Polling day is here.


But there’s more to today’s election than the fate of Kezia Dugdale.

In what by any standards has been a boring campaign, the media has focused (when not just pumping out its usual diet of SNPBAD) on the battles for 2nd and 4th places. But there could yet be a spectacular story leading the press 24 hours from now.

Despite all that’s been said, it’s by no means inconceivable that the SNP could lose their majority at this election. Five years of essentially unopposed government have caused a surprising number of people to forget just how difficult majorities in the Scottish Parliament are to achieve, by design. What was universally deemed to be impossible before the 2011 vote is now almost as universally deemed to be inevitable.

Nicola Sturgeon’s party currently nominally “holds” just 64 seats out of 129. When the Parliament dissolved a few weeks ago, the SNP in fact did NOT have a technical majority. (It retained one in practice only because the deceased independent MSP Margo Macdonald’s seat remained vacant. It will be filled today.)

The margin for error, then, is slim. To secure a majority on constituency seats alone the Nats need to GAIN a total of 12 that they don’t currently hold. Most would have to come from an ailing Labour Party that nevertheless looks like holding onto around 70% to 75% of its 2011 vote.

Of the constituency seats that were already SNP six weeks ago, 10 have majorities of under 1000 (the narrowest was won by just seven votes) and could be vulnerable to either Unionist tactical voting or Green candidates who didn’t stand in 2011 splitting the pro-independence vote and letting Labour or Tory candidates come through the middle to win.

(As happened in 2015 where 839 Green votes were enough to stop the SNP from ejecting David Mundell in Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, where he hung on by a majority of 798. A split pro-independence vote also allowed UKIP to sneak in and narrowly win a Scottish seat at the 2014 European election, giving David Coburn a voice on Scotland’s airwaves ever since.)

So let there be no doubt – despite a huge nationwide poll lead, there are at least 15 seats and perhaps more where the SNP face the prospect of a serious fight. That could leave them as many as 10 seats short of a majority, and if their supporters have chosen to indulge smaller parties with their regional vote, there’s no guarantee that the shortfall would be made up with list seats.

While the odds still favour another term of majority government for the Nats, it’s nowhere near the foregone conclusion that both the Unionist media and the ambitious smaller parties of the left have painted it as, for their own reasons.

That’s because the Scottish electoral system hates majority governments. It strives very hard to avoid them, and the SNP know that well, which is why they’ve spent as much time pushing the “#BothVotesSNP” message as the media and opposition parties have spent saying their majority is guaranteed.

If the party’s supporters are complacent or simply stay at home, they might yet wake up on Friday morning with a dreadful hangover.

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271 to “The cliffhanger”

  1. Chris F says:

    Sobering but true.

    Just imagine living through 19 September 2014 again …

  2. Ken500 says:

    The only way to wipe out Westminster intransigence is voting SNP x 2. Even for those who support the Union. FFA/Independence.

  3. heedtracker says:

    Its a nail biter! It’s testing two fundamentals of life in Scotland-

    1. How effective is relentless tory BBC led media SNPbad attack propaganda?

    2. Has The Vow really been delivered?

    3. Is Scotland still on the way to becoming a nation state or a remaining a region run by England.

    That’s three tests:D

  4. gordoz says:

    Not sure if Bella Caledonia and Common Space support this radical view !!

    Best check first ? 😉

  5. Robin Barclay says:

    As I have said on numerous forums, I have gone with SNP x 2.

    We cannot let our push for Indy be derailed by complacency

  6. Greg Beekman says:

    As Leicester showed by winning the League, anything’s possible. To use an old quote:

    “Don’t count your chickens until they’ve hatched.”

  7. Merida says:

    Have started to feel slightly sick, can’t go through that feeling again!

    Let’s hope the media haven’t won another round.

  8. Fergus Green says:

    Been, gone and dunnit – SNP/SNP

  9. Joemcg says:

    Another triumphant Brit Nat yoonfest like the 19th would be horrific. Everyone get out and vote please. SNP X 2.

  10. KenC says:

    Worryingly correct, Stu.

    I’ve been banging just this point in, to all I know who were being seduced by the idea of splitting their vote.

    Anything less than a majority will be trumpeted by the unionists as a defeat for the SNP.

    Scots will learn that the strong opposition Davidson promised was in fact strong opposition to our hopes and aspirations.

    The spectre of tram fiascos, bridges unbuilt, shoddily built schools, and much, much more await us in such a grim future.

    However, if we are suckered again, it may trigger another another ‘Evel’ moment and open eyes still blind to the perfidious nature of those who continue to rule us.

    Ever the optimist!


  11. Proud Cybernat says:

    Get the vote out.

    Get the vote out.

    Get the vote out.

    We can’t slip up now. Not at this stage. We are so close.

    SNP BOTH VOTES for a proven, competent Government that won’t bend over for London.

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    If Labour gain seats by default you can envisage tomorrow’s the front pages:

    “Labour Triumph – SNP in Disarray”


    “Voters Turn Against SNP”

  13. mr thms says:

    The possibility of a majority of unionist MSPs for the next five years does focus the mind on why it must be both votes SNP

  14. Kennedy says:

    SNP x 2

    I am biting my nails today.

  15. NeconNat says:

    Rev, I totally agree that a majority is far from certain, and I expect that the SNP will win “only” 55 constituency seats meaning they need 10 from the regionals. What’s worrying is that we are up on the constituency votes according to polls and down on the list votes.

    But let me cheer you up. I just had an argument with a RISE kid at the polling station. I gave him my view that RISE could potentially deprive the SNP of a majority by splitting the vote and deprive it of the moral authority of claiming to speak for the majority of Scots.

    He took it on the chin, despite trying to argue at first that a lot of SNP votes would be wasted because of the d’hont divisor mechanism. Blah Blah blah. I pointed out that a vote for RISE would much more straightforwardly be a wasted vote since they aren’t likely to even reach the required threshold.

    Anyway that’s when he said something that cheered me up, something I didn’t foresee and haven’t heard anyone suggest.

    He said in his experience of campaigning they were winning a lot of support from disgruntled Labour supporters rather than SNP supporters. If that’s true, we could see RISE and Labour weaken each other and in Glasgow at least that could be important.

    We tend to see RISE only as a threat to the SNP but I should thank the guy for enlightening me; RISE are also a threat to old Labour types.

    SNP x 2

  16. Linda McFarlane says:

    First in at my polling station this morning.

    Both votes SNP

  17. Kate McLaren says:

    I’ve voted. SNP 1 and 2. Hail Alba!

  18. heedtracker says:

    BBC 24 tv news isn’t even giving election day a mention, which is extremely creepy even for that crew.

  19. gordoz says:

    Never underestimate state controlled media. They will massage and distort information to WM ends.

    They have a proven track record.

    Many new to the YES side (media particularly) have already been seduced by thoughts of ‘sharing and fooling’ (sorry pooling) and all that guff.

    Stay the course stay true to the cause. SNP x 2 (till the end).

  20. Skintybroko says:

    4x2x2 SNP votes from this house, Shirley-Anne Somerville for Constituency lets dump that useless Hilton woman, all my neighbours doing the same we are doing our bit and encouraging as many as we can to go and vote- if you don’t vote you can’t complain- though it doesn’t stop a lot from doing so!

  21. Marco McGinty says:

    Anything less than a SNP majority will not only see triumphal unionists attacking the SNP, but such a result will also be used by rancid unionist politicians and journalists as a clear rejection of independence, which of course, would be utter nonsense.

    However, such is their hatred of their own country, the attacks will be neverending.

    As others have commented, I don’t want a repeat of 19 Sep 2014, but I would happily accept a similar experience to that of 8 May 2015, so get out and use your votes wisely.

  22. bobajock says:

    Complacency, reliance on continued pressure. Anyone wonder why the SNP are firing everything for this, and need to fire more for the duration of the independence push?

  23. Dunks says:


    I have said it on other posts over the past few days and I will say it again today people.

    Today is going to see the biggest mobilisation ever seen in Scotland’s history transporting older yoon voters to the polling stations. These are the over 65 year olds, the same ones which cost us our freedom in the referendum in 2014 and there are thousands of free lifts pre-arranged. This is fact, not fantasy and it is all being kept under wraps.

    The Tories especially, are targeting SNP seats with smaller majorities and it is crucial we stave off this evil party.

    Apathy will kill our movement stone dead. So, if you know of any SNP voter who for whatever reason cannot be bothered to vote, cajole them and offer them a lift, especially older voters. If you don’t want that 19th September feeling again then please please please pick up your phone now, go through your contacts, and get phoning.

    Every vote counts so get of your collective arses, for one day put aside your differences on here, and convince as many people as possible that SNP x 2 is the only game in town. Your countries future is in your hands, and NOTHING is settled till all votes are counted.

    A psychiatrists couch is waiting for me tomorrow, please help me cancel the appointment.

    SNP x 2

  24. Inverclyder says:

    heedtracker says:

    5 May, 2016 at 10:35 am

    None of the channels should have any Election information on them until 10pm tonight in case they are seen to sway the vote.

    It’s a law I believe.

  25. Malki says:

    A “split independence vote” only exists in the heads of loonies. People vote for what they believe in. I myself “lent” my constituency vote to Nicola in lieu of a Green candidate. In my experience that is FAR more common than the other way round. The SNP 1&2 mob are in danger of scaring away voters with their zeal.

    In the electoral math above we see that we are supposed to be voting for a hegemony. I thought we just got rid of the last one? Mundell didn’t win because of Green votes, he won because there are more Tories (and other unionists) in Dumfriesshire than pro-indy supporters. Coburn didn’t get in because of Green votes, he got in because enough people are that daft. I thought we were for a fairer Scotland? I am, that’s why I chose to vote the way I’ve voted since the first Scottish parliamentary election. The way I wanted to.

  26. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    In an other place Christian Wright, sometimes poster here, suggested a very sobering thought?

    What is the Unionists could get an overall majority, form an alliance to be the Scottish Government and with Kezia out on her ear, Anas Sarwar becomes F M.

    Next step would be to create and vote through a new Act of Union, tying Scotland to the U K forever?


    SNP 1 and 2

  27. katherine hamilton says:

    You are so right. My deed’s done. Bought the National which has a lot of SNP stuff in it, obviously but they are studiously sticking to their “diversity” line in their editorial and on the front page. (Nice that).

    Some quotes-
    #8 “To do so it needs a majority at Holyrood and it is with a heavy heart we must admit to reservations at recommending any vote which risk that majority.” and

    at the end “we believe that the best result in today’s election is as powerful an SNP majority as possible…”

    Hmm. Can’t bring themselves to say the word “overall”? Just too hard? We all know anything less is a backward step.

    Naw, they won’t do. Hardly a rallying call for Independence which they claim to support, on this day of all days, when we can consolidate the gains of the referendum and GE 2015.

    On a brighter note your caveats re the results of 2011 are well made, but things have changed since then. I take heart and confidence in the swing to the SNP since then and believe it will result in a majority government tomorrow.

    If it’s not I’m going to slit my wrists. Not having 19th September again.

  28. Clive Scott says:

    Just back from a stint as polling agent in Falkirk. Lots of thumbs up, handshakes and smiles. Finished my stint in a better mood than when I started having become anxious with tortuous late poll analysis and fatuous posts on Bella and elsewhere about lending votes to tosspot parties. SNP x 2.

  29. think again says:

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory does not even bear thinking about.

    We would do well to remember Labour lost in part due to complacency and any SNP supporter seduced by the thought that we are onto a sure winner is seriously deluded, possibly misled by the unionist commentariat.

    It occurred to me at the weekend when I was out leafleting that I started on this journey before Nicola was even born. I still intend living in an indepent Scotland but I might not have the legs or the puff to climb too many steps to leaflet come the next election.

    So can we get a move on please?

  30. galamcennalath says:

    Good appraisal.

    I’m optimistic. However …. to continue the analogy of cliff hanging, Scotland’s future is in the balance today.

    Too many negative factors …. Apathy with poor turn out, complacency that the SNP have it in the bag, gambling with the regional vote, SNPBad has finally had some impact.

    And the Greens. IMO they cannot be trusted to back the Indy cause. Green voters are split evenly on Indy. I expect members are the same. So often the Green party is described as pro Indy. They were during IndyRef, but are they really now on side?

    The Green’s buzz word of the election has been ‘bold’. For me this means prematurely radical to the extent of endangering progress towards Independence.

    If your priority is the environment and attempting to be radical inside the UK, then the Greens are probably right for you.

    If your priority is moving to a better Scotland through independence, the Greens appear to be pulling in a different direction. SNP+SNP should be your choice.

  31. heedtracker says:

    Inverclyder says:
    5 May, 2016 at 10:43 am
    heedtracker says:

    5 May, 2016 at 10:35 am

    None of the channels should have any Election information on them until 10pm tonight in case they are seen to sway the vote.

    It’s a law I believe.

    Its against the law to mention election day in their regions on BBC live tv news?

    Its online

  32. Macart says:

    Pretty much.

  33. One_Scot says:

    ‘Today is going to see the biggest mobilisation ever seen in Scotland’s history transporting older yoon voters to the polling stations’

    It’s funny you should say that. I usually go to the polling station in the afternoon and there is usually only one or two people there, if that.

    Today I went around 10.00am and to my surprise there was a lot more cars there and a group of around 20 older people probably aged 60 to 70 plus, just standing around in the car park as if they were about to go on some trip.

    The first thing that went through my head was that’s a bit weird, and then I thought, I bet they’re not voting SNP.

    So you could be right.

    We really do need to get that SNP vote out, or we genuinely could be looking at the end of a dream.

  34. gus1940 says:

    I never fail to be amazed at the tightly organised Unionist Cental Command’s ability to set the common agenda to be followed by the dead tree press.

    The word had obviously gone out and has been followed by the whole lot except The National that they should lull SNP supporters into compacency so that they stay at home instead of voting.

    They are all plugging away telling their readers that an SNP majority victory is inevitable – it’s so blatant what their devious game is.

  35. ScottishPsyche says:

    Just voted SNP x2. Only the SNP on show at the polling station. Quite a flat atmosphere although the Tories usually emerge at sundown.

    Popped over to Bella Caledonia. I cannot read anything there anymore without hearing it in the voice of Limmy’s creation Malcolm Malcolm.

  36. heedtracker says:

    BBC 24 news now reporting election day, ticker tape etc. If BBC do pull this off and its SNP minority, it will be a massive win for them. But they’ll have used every dirty trick in the book and then invented some more.

    Just saw that huge vote Sturgeon Daily Record front page top of a Sainsburys news stand. What an extraordinary pack of shysters UKOK hacks are.

  37. HandandShrimp says:

    The last minute YouGov poll shows just hwo close it is going to be.

    What is noticeable in the poll is that the Tories and Labour are still neck and neck way down on 20% mark. It is the others that seem to be benefitting from the small but still significant drop in the SNP vote. We should be thankful I think that the media did not latch on to the SNP/Green thing until really late. They waited too long before deciding to throw Kezia under the bus.

  38. Helena Brown says:

    Been up to our polling station and would say that the Tory vote is out, but I would say that is normal. Big houses here. No great signs for Labour, just one poster, but then only Seen one other SNP one than ours. Let’s pray we make it, no complacency please.

  39. scotsbob says:

    I’ve just done my bit, SNP 1 and 2.

    Now It’s going to be a long, nervous night in front of the TV

  40. Matt Stewart says:

    I hope for a SNP majority government; I will be positive about a ‘Independence minded’ parliament. Anything else will depress me for a day or so and then it’s a kick start for the engine and race forward again with the roar of learn important lessons to address for the future.

    As an old saying goes…”The best way to eat an elephant is a bit at a time!”

    We’ve already bitten the elephant of unionist privilege on the arse and now it’s time to go for something a bit more vital and life changing!

    As for those who wish not so much to remain in the union, but whose priority is to see the SNP and Indy supporters in general suffer a set-back, their delusion strains the imagination as they take the concept of the Pyrrhic victory to a new level.

    Traditionally such a triumph was of course where a battle was won at such great cost to the victor that it is tantamount to a defeat. Unionists and their ilk seem to have redefined it to mean where the concept of winning is no longer required, and they sing and dance in celebration of a loss, staggering and stumbling across the wasteland of dismembered manifestos, rattling their mortally wounded policies and whispering their dying lying vows as a final epitaph to their lack of vision.

    Pyrrhic with Christmas light on it!

    It is a strange world indeed, but let us hope they continue on this gadarene path. Today’s youth, straining at the reins with their pens in hand, rehearsing the next election’s ‘x’ for independence are waiting their turn, forming an orderly queue just around the corner.

    Listen…I can hear them…can you?

    Those in favour of the status quo can’t; the murmur turning to a roar is a mere irritant to them.

    ‘”Stick our fingers in our ears chaps….it’ll stop soon enough” they attempt to drown out reality beneath the raucous songs celebrating defeat!

    But they can’t do that for long.

    Because today’s imaginative, ambitious and fantastic children who come from every corner of the earth and will continue to do, know so much more about what’s possible.

    They’ve seen what happens when you leave things to those ‘who know best”, they’ve watched the utter insanity of trying the same thing over and over and over again; they’ve listened to fairy tales of sows’ ears silken purposes and somewhere over the friggen rainbow!

    I can tell you ‘They are not happy’ and irrespective of what happens to day….It is but a matter of time.

  41. crisiscult says:

    I’ll be raging if my only insurance policy against separation (EU Brexit) is pulled from under me, considering Lib/Lab/Con seem to be fighting over themselves to be the no surrender to another referendum party.

  42. Onwards says:

    “If the party’s supporters are complacent or simply stay at home, they might yet wake up on Friday morning with a dreadful hangover.”

    That’s the big danger now. I’m nervous precisely because of all the propaganda saying a win in the constituencies was in the bag. Based on NATIONAL polls which don’t reflect local factors such as popular local personalities, personal support, and tactical voting.

    There are huge tactical voting campaigns underway, which we never saw in 2011. Ten seats where the SNP has small majorities, and this time Tories are voting Labour, Labour are voting Tory..
    Just to stop the SNP.

    SNP support is down to 48% and 41% in the last poll, which means their majority is under severe threat.

    One things for sure. The list vote can no longer be used for tactical voting to get *additional* pro-indy MSPs.

    With SNP support down, the very best it could do is replace SNP MSPs with a few Greens. I would like to see a few more Green faces, but definitely not for them to have the balance of power and drag the SNP to the far left. That would be a disaster for the cause of independence.

    Taking no chances – SNPx2
    It got us a referendum last time.

  43. HandandShrimp says:


    Voted SNP 1 & 2 at 7.30am


  44. Onwards says:

    Right that’s me off to vote.

    Making a stop at the local supermarket for a pint of milk and to put the National front page in full view. They redeemed themselves with that one it has to be said.

    SNPx2 !!

  45. John says:

    I have been saying this for weeks , I do not think the SNP will walk this at all , although I hope I am very wrong . Between all the MSM and the BBC ,( I would say especially the BBC ) SNP hating has been relentless .People must have been influenced by it . Bella Caledonia did not help in this election at all , trying to get people to split their votes .If the SNP fail to win a majority it will be a sad and probably game changing day for Scotland . If there is one thing you MUST do today it is vote SNP X 2 .

  46. The Rough Bounds. says:

    My anxiety level has just moved from red to vermillion.

  47. heedtracker says:

    Just had phone poll and everyone in Aberdeen is SNP x 2, bar a tory, but we love him anyway.

  48. MJT says:

    About 8.30am this morning, outside Lorne St polling station, a man points a stick and says, ‘I hate SNP, I hate that woman (Nicola). You’ll never get independence, there’ll be a war, the Orangemen will never allow it.’

    If you’re voting SNP in Glasgow today, say hi, grab a badge, a pen, a sticker…a nod, a smile, a quick word makes the day go sweeter…and it’s always nice to see the badges and stickers worn.

    Chilly in parts, the sun cannae make it’s mind up. Shining over Govan the now.

  49. The Rough Bounds. says:

    I doubt if I will get much sleep tonight. My anxiety level has now gone from red to vermillion.

  50. Inverclyder says:

    With the posts above it could well be…

    Greens jump into bed with the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems and Ukip to form a majority.

    First Minister Davidson and Deputy First Minister Sarwar.

    If that happens you wait and see the propaganda machine kicking in for the EU Exit and everything done to destroy Scotland.

    I’d give that shower 6 months before it collapses.

    On the other hand SNP Supported by the Greens could make enough for a minority SNP Government.

  51. K1 says:

    Thpnr…noo i’ve goat a touch o’ the panics! Was nervy last night, Rev’s just confirmed why…we better get over that line…sigh…aff tae vote SNP x 2 in the name o’ god please let’s not fuck this up Scotland!

  52. Lenny Hartley says:

    Patricia Gibson put this on facebook this morning.

    Just hearing reports that Labour chapped doors in Kilbirnie and told SNP voters that they were not allowed to give both votes to the SNP and that the constituency vote had to be ranked 1, 2 & 3 in an attempt to invalidate SNP votes. If these reports are correct it is electoral corruption at its worst!

  53. Big jock says:

    MJT – “the Orangemen will never allow it.” and I thought Tommy Sheridan was pro indi! Maybe worried about tax on tanning salons.

  54. K1 says:

    The Rough Bounds…gies a shout when it goes from red tae brown…then we’ll know we’re in the shite 😉

  55. Marie Clark says:

    A proud moment for me this morning . Just been to vote with 16 year old grandaughter voting for the first time. Boy was she excited.I have high hopes from our younsters.

    So that was SNP X2 from granny and the wee yin. Yes.

  56. ScottieDog says:

    Don’t shoot me down in flames but I think the SNP are gong to increase their majority in Scotland much to the displeasure of the unionists.

    Poor kez, I really don’t envy her life. Hope she can get some peace after the election – from her own party.

  57. gordoz says:


    See MSM have no qualms about a Yoon Nutter brandishing a bloody Union Jack for Christs sake getting 5ft from the FM.

    Security ?? No security questions ??

  58. Tony Little says:

    I don’t think I’ve been this nervous about an election in my life. Is the Corporate Brit Media and the BBC about to show how propaganda works ins in a supposedly democratic country?

    Is it true there is NO exit poll in Scotland? Is that the same in Wales? I also understand the Postal Vote was in the low 60% of take up, is that true?

    I can’t help but feel this is September 2014 all over again. I hope we haven’t blown it.


  59. ArtyHetty says:

    As much as I want independence, I am voting SNPx2 to carry on living in a country where the party in power, continues to work incredibly hard for the people against the odds.

    Out and about yesterday, mixed reception here in Edinburgh new town. Some SNP voters, asking if it is essential that they give SNP their two votes. Many though, absolutely aware of the gravity of the situation.

    SNPx2 in our household, we can’t be taken backwards now, we have come too far with so much more to do, and we all know who the unionists would punish and who they would reward. They would lay waste to Scotland, in which case we are ofski, sadly.

  60. dakk says:

    I too noticed mostly very elderly voters when I voted in Knightswood around 9.

    Although there was no Labour presence at the station(only SNP),I have been bombarded with high volumes of Labour leaflets over the past few weeks despite having SNP posters in my windows and door.

    Bill Kidd and Nicola got 3 votes each from my household.

    Fingers crossed,bit nervous.

    Could be that the Daily Record front page may inadvertently get SNP over the line.It may be that close.The irony.

  61. Joemcg says:

    Well reading this thread has not done much for the old confidence at ALL! Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Please, not that Scottish trait again.

  62. Craig P says:

    Shirley-Anne Somerville. Would be great to get her back in Parliament 🙂

  63. Smallaxe says:

    Job done! SNP X 2.

  64. scotspine says:

    My wife and I both voted SNP x 2 by post a couple of weeks back as we are on holiday this week.

    Is there any mechanism after today to check whether our votes were counted?

  65. T.roz says:

    Let’s care for the young and needy, let’s educate our children, let’s get our land under control, let’s have a fair banking system, let’s stop promoting war and bombs, let’s be a normal country. Get your shoulder to the wheel and for now, vote SNP x2.

  66. Matt Stewart says:

    Today I am voting and hoping for a SNP majority government.

    Failing that I will be positive about an ‘Independence minded’ parliament. Anything else will depress me for a day or so and then it’s a kick start for the engine and race forward again with the roar of learning important lessons to address for the future.

    Sometimes as an old saying goes…”The best way to eat an elephant is a bit at a time!”

    We’ve already bitten the elephant of unionist privilege on the arse and now it’s time to go for something a bit more vital and outlook altering, both for us and painfully so for the elephant!

    To those perched on the howdah of Westminster and media incomprehension, it really does seem that the promotion of positive slants on Unionism (I could come up with more than you have) is a second priority to seeing the SNP and Indy supporters in general suffer a humiliating reverse.

    Trust me, your delusion strains the imagination as you take the concept of the Pyrrhic victory into a new dimension.

    In the real world, such a triumph is of course where a battle is won at such great cost to the victor that it is tantamount to a defeat. But that isn’t enough for Unionists and their ilk!

    Winning in any shape or form is no longer a necessary ingredient in even this pointless sort of campaign; Royalists/loyalists/corgiists/westministerists are incomprehensibly preparing to sing and dance in celebration of a LOSS!

    The self-delusional vanquished are hoping to celebrate their trouncing (I think that’s the first time I’ve ever used that word) by staggering and stumbling across the wasteland of dismembered manifestos while rattling their mortally wounded policies and whispering their dying lying vows as a final epitaph to their lack of vision.

    Pyrrhic with Christmas light on it!

    It is a strange reality indeed, but let us hope they continue on this delusional gadarene path. For lining that road and cheering them on to the edge of oblivion are today’s youth, straining at the reins with their pens in hand, rehearsing the next election’s ‘x’ for independence.

    And waiting their turn, forming an orderly queue just around the corner are tomorrow’s youth.

    Listen…I can hear them…can you?

    Those still hallucinating in the trip-lik status quo can’t; the murmur turning to a roar is a mere irritant to them.

    “Hey man, stick our fingers in our ears chaps….it’ll stop soon enough” they attempt to drown out reality beneath the raucous psychedelia and chants celebrating defeat!

    But they can’t do that for long.

    Because our imaginative, ambitious and fantastic children who come from every corner of the earth and will continue to do so, know so much more about what’s possible.

    They’ve seen what happens when you leave things to those ‘who know best”, they’ve watched the utter insanity of trying the same thing over and over and over again; they’ve watched as insularity has fragmented humanity and they are sick of being lectured by charlatans spouting fairy tales of sows’ ears, silken purses, Midas and somewhere over the friggen rainbow!

    I can tell ‘They are not happy’ and irrespective of what happens today….it is but a matter of time.

    And that is my reality.

    Right, off to the polling station….Who to vote for? Who to vote for?

  67. K. A. Mylchreest says:

    Doesn´t it make you nostalgic for FPTP 😉

    Seriously though, the constituency vote is at best a gamble, unless these FPTP seats fall to the SNP like ninepins then THE LIST VOTE DETERMINES THE PARLIAMENT, as indeed it´s supposed to. In no way is it a ¨second vote¨ think of it as your ¨FIRST VOTE¨!!!

    You all know what you´re up against. Do the right think folks!

  68. Robert Louis says:

    I would echo those posting above. The media wants you to believe the result is a foregone conclusion, but it most certainly is not. Remember the mainstream media is NOT our friend.

    Imagine waking up on Friday, to the smirking presenters on the EBC, gleefully telling us that SNP support has fallen, after they failed to get a majority, and how it means there cannot be another referendum for the next five years or longer. Can you imagine the rubbish that will be in the English run/owned Scottish ‘news’ papers.

    Seriously, such a nightmare is enough to make sure anybody who really supports independence to vote SNP x 2.

    Get out and vote, make sure everybody you know does so. Every single vote will count, including list votes.

    If you can help at your local SNP hub, then please do so, even after work tonight. Lots to do, and it will all count.

    If you want to keep the indy dream alive, vote SNP on both papers. SNP X 2. Tell everyone, until their ears bleed.

    A very anxious night awaits us all.

  69. pitchfork says:

    Strawpoll of half a dozen of us at teabreak (NHS lab workers). No Labour voters including prev die hard union rep (“not after 2014”). Everyone 1st SNP only variant was 2nd vote SNP or Green – some still undecided still to vote.

    But I don’t think any (including myself) were SNP x2 last time, and at least 1 snp/green had never voted snp before for sure (long term lib dem then for ian Murray in GE15, immed regret after cuts abstention).

    I’m rambling, but this perked me up a bit I’ve been worried all week.

    I’ll be voting late tonight (polling station opens after I leave for work) SNPx2 for the first time.

  70. Giving Goose says:

    It would be interesting to speculate what the Loyal Yooners would do if they collectively gained a majority at Holyrood.

    They would definitely legislate to change the voting system to ensure that there would be no more SNP Governments.

    They would probably amend the voting system to ensure greater representation of MSPs from Yoon parties.

    There would be no further votes on Indy.

    And they would probably sign away Shetland and the entire North Sea as a mark of their loyalty to their London Masters (Gongs and Titles in the post)

  71. galamcennalath says:

    K. A. Mylchreest says:

    In no way is it a ¨second vote¨ think of it as your ¨FIRST VOTE¨!!!

    Very true, indeed.

    I read somewhere that the split in constituency/list and the system, was a Labour LibDem creation,

    Labour wanted more FPTP because the felt it would benefit them.

    LibDem wanted more PR list seats, because they supported full PR. AND they wanted to avoid expected Labour domination.

    The final balance was a compromise.

    Interestingly, it seemed to be about curbing Labour power, rather than SNP who were also rans in the 80s.

  72. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dunks says: 5 May, 2016 at 10:43 am:

    “Today is going to see the biggest mobilisation ever seen in Scotland’s history transporting older yoon voters to the polling stations.”#

    Lay off lambasting the older generation you bloody bigoted idiot. There wouldn’t be an SNP but for we older people who have suffered a lifetime of disappointments at the polls yet kept on fighting for independence.

    In the first place there is no way any party can tell if the persons they transport to the polling station will vote for them.

    In fact to make it a condition that they vote for any particular party when taking a person to the poll is illegal.

    As is the once common Labour Party practice of taking them for tea and biscuits after they vote.

    If you have knowledge of such practices then you have a duty to report it to the Police.

    Now get a grip and stop niggling we older voters. In any case your contention that it was older people who lost the referendum for Labour is utter bullshit. The fact is a look at any photos of Tory or Labour party meetings will show, beyond doubt, that their membership is almost always confined mostly to an older generation.

    Thus it is evident there are unionist party members, and their families, with a personal interest and family connection to former and current unionist party officials.

    In this village, when I first came here, it was very hard indeed to meet anyone who was not connected to a Labour Party family.

    In fact a former Labour Councillor used to often use this phrase, “In Kelty thir aw Labour earsehole connections”.

    His meaning was not that they were all blood relations but that either by their own marriage, or by direct family intermarriages, the entire village was connected in some way to the Labour party, The Co-op or the Trade Union movement.

    We incomers found that out all too soon if we attempted to get on the council housing list or were looking for any other council help with anything.

    It is now quite a different matter and we have one of the strongest YES movements around Scotland. Not an easy thing to do in a constituency that provided a Labour Party UK Prime Minister/Chancellor.

  73. Papko says:

    The Yoon Press (that no Scot reads ) are at it again , lulling Scots into a sense of false security by assuring them of an inevitable SNP victory .

    Its the same tactics they employed during the indy ref (look at the ref turnouts in Glasgow and Dundee , lowest in Scotland )

    If its wasn’t for the MSM Scotland would of voted out this iniquitous Union , in 1707 .

  74. IcySpark says:

    That final YouGov poll shows that an SNP majority is most definitely under threat:

    It simply needs to be SNP x 2. I for one am not willing to gamble with my country’s future!

  75. crazycat says:

    @ galamcennalath / K A Myclchreest

    In the 1999 Holyrood election, the list vote was referred to as the “first vote”.

    The Greens kept all their posters, exhorting “First Vote Green”, and re-used them in 2003 to save money.

    Except that by then the list had come to be regarded as the second vote, and they weren’t standing in any of the constituencies…..

  76. Marcia says:

    Voted earlier this morning X2. The weather is far better this year than 2011 when it rained most of the day.

  77. heraldnomore says:

    Two more votes for the good guides just recorded out here in the sticks.

    Driving along the Irvine Valley a little earlier, great show from the local SNP, with no one else around.

  78. Greannach says:

    Judging by the cartoon, it looks like Ruth Davidson’s let herself go a bit. Must be the pressure of sitting astride all those tanks and fantasising about campaigning in the Falkland Islands.

  79. Stewart Glendinning says:

    Do we have a list of those 15 constituencies, or a link to a list, so that we can keep an eye on them as they come in?

  80. jackie says:

    saw this on SNP Stirling facebook page 🙂

  81. Pat Carroll says:

    Postal voted SNP X2. Here’s hoping we get a clear majority.

  82. Kevin Evans says:

    Let’s not be complacent folks.

    But also lets not underestimate the labour exodus.

  83. Al urquhar says:

    Is that adrenalin I’m smelling , or did I stand in something?

    Maybe Buffalo gal’s aboot ??

    Calm down folks, Anas the Saviour is on his way.

    SNP. 72
    CON. 22
    LAB. 22
    LID. 4
    GRN. 9
    YUK. SFA

    Jobs-a-good-un ??

  84. Angus Gother says:

    Firstly, a big thank you to Wings and wingers for helping me with my political education.

    I didn’t realize how ignorant I was about UK and especially Scottish politics until I started following Wings about the time I decided to vote Yes. That was 4 weeks before IndyRef day.

    I voted SNP/SNP in 2011. That was the first time I had ever considered voting SNP since I came to Scotland as an immigrant from South Africa in 2001.

    In 2011, I voted for Brian Adam in the constituency because I was acquainted with him at church. I then looked at the SNP record a little, and decided to vote for them on the list because I was appalled at the poor quality of opposition that the other big parties had offered during the previous 4 years.

    I had always considered myself to be a floating voter and had previously voted either LibDem or Labour.
    Following the conduct of Better Together, I couldn’t vote for any of the Tory parties, and am a member of the SNP until we have an indy Scotland. I am attracted to the Greens but feel that they lack something.

    I was glad to vote SNP/SNP today, and am now as nervous as hell.

    Wasted 65p on the Record, just to read the article that went with the front page. It was written to encourage complacency in SNP supporters, and indirectly attack the SG record while calling on Nicola to use her greater mandate to improve education in the next five years for the sake of our children’s future. I will confess that I didn’t have the patience to read it properly and skipped to the end after realizing what it was up to.

    I hope I get a chance to help get the vote out after work today. My better half says we had a lady at the door getting the vote out for the SNP, so that gives me some hope.

    If you haven’t voted yet, please consider voting SNP x 2, if you haven’t already decided to do so.
    Otherwise, I will always respect how others choose to vote.

    After all, a better multi-party democracy is one of the things we want an independent Scotland for!

  85. David Sillars says:

    In the event of the SNP losing its majority, what is the possibility of the unionist parties combining to form a government?

  86. Big jock says:

    I think we are nervous for the second vote. However I think we will do so well on the first vote that it will nullify any loss there.

    I reckon we will lose two first seats in this election. The rest will all be SNP on 51% share.

  87. Macart says:

    @Angus Gother

    Its what Wings is all about.


  88. call me dave says:

    Two old dears this morning (older than me even) both tottering to the polling place and both with SNP yellow badges… Bravo!

    There you go. 🙂

  89. Grey Dug says:

    I voted by post, and I’m not telling anyone how I voted.

    “Hello everyone, Ruth here – he voted SNPx2.”

  90. Paul Wilson says:

    Just voted SNP 1 and 2.

  91. dakk says:

    Forgot to say,nice cartoon Chris 🙂

  92. Flying Scotsman says:

    I’m much more nervous today than I expected I would be.
    Can’t help thinking about the terrible fate that will befall us if we don’t get another majority.
    Heading out to vote right now, SNP X2 of course.
    I had hoped to wear my wings badges with pride on this day of days,but they still haven’t arrived. 🙁

  93. John says:

    David Sillars says
    Don’t think that will happen , more likely to be the SNP and Greens would form a coalition to make a minority government . Westminster would be happy enough with that , after all the Greens are not specifically a Indy party , they are a uk party . puts the chance of another Indy- ref. well out of reach .

  94. Proud Cybernat says:

    Well said, Mr Peffers.

    SNP BOTH VOTES Young uns, middle uns and old uns as well. We need EVERY vote today people.

  95. mr thms says:

    #David Sillars says:
    5 May, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    “In the event of the SNP losing its majority, what is the possibility of the unionist parties combining to form a government?”

    I think that if there is no majority, there would still be a minority SNP government with regard to Scotland only issues..

    However when it comes to constitutional issues like the Tory plan to repeal the HRA and replace it with a UK Bill of Rights, I think they would use their majority to get their own way in much the same way as they did in Westminster with the passage of the Scotland Bill..

  96. Valerie says:

    Welcome to Angus Gother. Hope you can hang out and contribute some more, always interested in folks journey!

    Nice dry but windy in Cumbernauld. Twitter looks upbeat. Also saw a great Q & A on the FB SNP page. They did a sterling job answering.

    Out later to get the vote out.


  97. MJS Dundee says:

    Was quiet when I did the needful at about 8:45 this morning, no other voters in sight.

    What I did notice however was Jenny Marra’s poster outside (SNP had 2, one with Nicola, one with Joe), with Jenny’s poster saying “Re-elect Jenny Marra for Dundee West”.

    ‘Elect Jenny Marra for Dundee West’ would be ok

    ‘Re-elect Jenny Marra’ would be ok

    But ‘Re-elect Jenny Marra for Dundee West’ is wrong, she’s never been elected for Dundee West, only as a NE list msp.

    They just can’t stop trying to mislead people. No possibility to do so is walked passed, however minor. And they wonder why they’re unelectable?

    When the terminally dim treat those rather less so as gullible idiots, there’s a predictable outcome. We’ll see that about 6am Fri morning I expect.

    Just praying now that enough of us get out there for a 2 x SNP – and enough of the others stay at home feart of the hiding they’ll take either way – to ensure that IndyRef #2 is another step closer.

    If not now, then when … ?

    Let’s do it!


    Tomorrow’s song?

    – Good Morning Yooniverse, how are youse today? : )


  98. Dr Jim says:

    I’m disappointed I was looking for the “Ruth Davidson for a strong opposition and NO to another referendum party”

    But it wasn’t on the ballot paper

    So I was stuck with voting SNPx2

    Buffalo gal won’t ya come out tonight, come out tonight come out tonight and dance by the light of the moon

    There should also be less Lib Dem postal votes this time round I managed to keep Jo Swinson out of some of the care homes on my patch Tee Hee Hee

  99. stonefree says:

    @John 1:30 pm
    I take your point but the Scottish Greens are a stand alone party, more left than the Greens in England and Wales who on the surface are conservative . I wouldn’t bet against a SNP/SG being too bad ,
    The prospect of Anal and Tank Wumman scares the crap out of me.
    They’ed start a war in an empty house

  100. heedtracker says:

    Election day lunch time comedy, from rancid The Graun what detests everything about Scottish democracy,

    Jump in anywhere, SNP bad, too many seats won, ERS’s has lots of stuff on how to stop this awfulness of democracy.

    “Labour in its years in power did nothing to repair a broken electoral system, left the unelected Lords in place and failed to reform corrupt party funding. The Lib Dems stupidly accepted a token referendum on an inferior minor reform. Without securing Cameron’s support, they allowed the Tory party machine to kill it.”

    “but they know in their bones our electoral system is warped. Research by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) shows 2015 produced the most disproportionate result in history: 74% of votes didn’t contribute to electing an MP. The SNP won nearly all Scottish seats on half the vote.”

    Dem bones dem bones SNP bad, now hear the word of our imperial masters.

    Is it even worth asking monumental lying hypocrites and liars like old rancid Graun, why SLabour’s 70+ year domination of their Scotland region was all fine under FPTP Westminster and now, democracy has GOT to be changed?


  101. dramfineday says:

    Following our download last night from Cybernat control, the drams are SNP x 2 x 4. Oh-ER how clone like.

  102. Mick DIAMOND says:

    I think if there’s another britnat yoonfest, i’ll never go back to scotland again.

  103. David Smith says:

    I have to say I’m keeping my expectations low for the good of my heart.
    Not relishing the thought of a new 9/19…

  104. I have never taken anything for granted and that’s whatI

    really do hope
    that tomorrow we wake up to a majority SNP Government.

  105. tartanarse says:

    I was moaned at before for berating the selfish old No voting cunts.

    If they still haven’t learned then fuckem, I’m glad they’ve not got long left. We will be better off without that generation.

  106. If the SNP lose their overall majority they cab thank the Sunday Herald and the National or campaigning for the half hearted “Independence” parties. The meejah will soon forget about them when they are crowing an SNP loss.

  107. Free Scotland says:

    Aiming to visit the polling booth in Prestwick about an hour from now to vote SNP X 2.

  108. K1 says:

    Coverage for tonight’s count from IndependenceLive at the Emirates in Glasgow…

    Bookmark fur later:

  109. Dunks says:

    Robert Peffers says:
    5 May, 2016 at 12:42 pm
    @Dunks says: 5 May, 2016 at 10:43 am:

    “Today is going to see the biggest mobilisation ever seen in Scotland’s history transporting older yoon voters to the polling stations.”#

    Lay off lambasting the older generation you bloody bigoted idiot.

    Calm down Robert..I am of the older generation myself and am in no way bigoted. My apologies if I offended you are anyone else on here. I was merely imparting overheard information I heard a few days past.

    If you check the voting statistics from the referendum I think you will find by excluding the over 65’s vote, the result would have been 55% YES and 45% NO.

    SNP x 2

  110. winifred mccartney says:

    Someone I know voted SNP this morning for the very first time and in Anniesland where majority was 7 last time. Here’s hoping-
    SNP X 2
    SNP X 2

  111. DerekM says:

    4 out my 7 indy votes had already voted ,2 more used postal votes and the last one is waiting for me coming around later to take him to vote before we go fishing together all night.

    And no it not because i cant watch im living up to a promise ,i will vote SNP if you take me fishing ,he`s a crafty one as i know he was voting SNP anyway lol

    So best of luck Scotland and i hope for good news when i return from the banks of a bonny Scottish river 🙂

    Oh and of course i voted myself 🙂

  112. IcySpark says:

    I have just created a list of the most contested (top 50) constituency seats ranked by majority vote.

    This could be very useful tonight

    Here’s the link:

  113. Mick DIAMOND says:

    My 84 year old mum just phoned me, she’s just back from the polling station snp 1 and 2.

  114. Flower of Scotland says:

    Standing outside a polling station, a so called friend, shouted at me that he was very ashamed to see me standing there with an SNP rosette!

    Bittertogether folk!

  115. Broch Landers says:

    Daily Record editorial today very entertaining.

    The usual SNP BAD hatchet job was very obviously re-nosed as something more SNP friendly for the first few paragraphs and picture captions; ie, the bits most people read before moving on.

    Wonder what’s going down?

    (Other than the Daily Record’s readership)

  116. heedtracker says:

    Donald Anderson says:
    5 May, 2016 at 2:13 pm
    If the SNP lose their overall majority they cab thank the Sunday Herald and the National or campaigning for the half hearted “Independence” parties.

    Its part of a plan for independence. See below.

    I hope they’re right, drawing in the NO vote, whilst boosting young tiny left parties, then at the end, BIG full on vote SNP front pages, like the Daily Record’s.

    Cynics might doubt their plan, endless full on monstering BBC style on Sturgeon/SNP, then today tell Scotland its already an SNP win, voters don’t bother voting, less is more for yoonster power in their Scotland region

    We now live in a regional democracy where our noble and honest tory BBC led media really get behind the far left, meanwhile raging at Sturgeon for not hiking their taxes, which probably isn’t fooling anyone … but we’ll know tomorrow.

    Dave McEwan Hill says:
    4 May, 2016 at 10:49 pm
    heedtracker at 8.47

    As I joined the SNP as I left Holyrood SS in 1959 I have had over 50 years of watching a conversion exercise going on.
    A CONVERSION EXERCISE that only happens if those you want to cross over are led to the case you believe in.

  117. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    Just voted SNP x2 .

    Live in East Ren. Hearing it’s neck and neck between us and the tories. Low turnout.

  118. Donald says:

    It’s going to be horribly tight.


    All SNP members on here can use to that.


  119. Andrew McLean says:

    Flower of Scotland says:

    Actually your friend is correct!, Be ashamed
    its SNP x2 so where was your other rosette?

  120. Jamie Arriere says:

    List of constituencies won in 2011 by other parties :

    Coatbridge & Chryston LAB
    Motherwell & Wishaw LAB
    Uddingston & Bellshill LAB
    Glasgow Maryhill & Springburn LAB
    Glasgow Pollok LAB
    Glasgow Provan LAB
    Rutherglen LAB
    Orkney LD
    Shetland LD
    Edinburgh North & Leith LAB
    Cowdenbeath LAB
    Ayr CON
    Dumfriesshire LAB
    East Lothian LAB
    Ettrick Roxburgh & Berwickshire CON
    Galloway & West Dumfries CON

    If SNP take a few of these tonight, I’ll maybe breathe a bit easier

  121. In my area, Labour used to bus elderly voters into the polling stations from old folks homes.

    I haven’t seen Labour doing this for some time now, probably because they don’t have the numbers of activists that they used to have.

  122. Proud Cybernat says:

    The signs are looking good.

    Scotland has just been voted the most manly nation on Earth. German second and Russia 3rd.

    Wallace and Bruce held up as examples. (I think the poll might have included some of our women as well but hey-ho).

    England came 5th.

    Just make sure MEN and WOMEN get out and vote SNP BOTH VOTES today.

  123. Stoker says:

    We’ve just done our bit: 4 x SNP.

    BTW, good toon and article!

  124. Papadox says:

    How important is Scotland and our national election to the all mighty impartial and fair (to a fault) ENGLISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION.

    They pay more attention to the BRITTISH local elections.

    Any Scot who wishes to belittle Scotland and think they are respected by the good old EBC and the establishment in Londinium really neads to waken up. Don’t believe there were to many slaves of Great Brittain who boasted about it, yet our lachies do. Unbelievable.

  125. NeoconNat says:

    This isn’t a good day to be arguing on here about who is to blame for 2014… nudge nudge. We all have our theories.

    Whatever happens with this election, I’ll support independence tomorrow, next week, next year and for as long as I am able and required to.

    Anyone who thinks Scotland can’t do better than it is doing now just needs to look at the growing problem of child poverty, food banks, the black hole we call an economy, unemployment, and the hopelessness in the eyes of so many, particularly young people.

    Then there’s those disgusting nuclear weapons so many miles from where our kids live and sleep. Can you imagine what those Tories in the South-East would say if we parked that crap on their doorsteps?

    Grow a pair — SNP x 2

  126. Bob Mack says:

    Lovely sunshine today. Me and family going out tonight to vote.All SNPX2.

    I have faith in the people, and I am sure they will do what is right.

    Hoping, no believing, John Swinney will win here.

  127. Tam Jardine says:

    A long, nervous day. My friends- please remember, if you are feeling as anxious as I am, the unionist parties are staring at a fairly ominous election night themselves.

    If we fail to get a majority and end up needing green msps to form the government it would break my heart but let’s face it- a win is a win is a win.

    Let’s not hear any of this “that’s independence off the table for a decade” crap. We keep getting cornered into agreeing to their rules.

    The unionist press and the green/rise campaign for the list will have depressed the SNP vote by, I dunno 5 – 10%. We have to get over it and move forward.

    Let’s be confident and enjoy the next 24 hours. Whatever the result it will be painted as a bad result for the SNP as the unionists have set expectations high on our side and low on their side for that reason.

  128. Proud Cybernat says:

    The vote today is as much a vote AGAINST the print and broadcast Colonial Media in this country–the unofficial opposition. We have to WIN to show them that their number really is well and truly up; that their decades of controlling how we think and vote in this country are now well and truly over. What a right kick in the goolies it would be to them for Scotland to INCREASE the SNP majority in spite of years of the anti-Scottish propaganda they have pumped into our living rooms.

    Come on SCOTLAND – kick the BritNat Colonial Media where it hursts. In the BALLOT BOX.


  129. heedtracker says:

    Can you imagine what those Tories in the South-East would say if we parked that crap on their doorsteps? Grow a pair —

    Says a tory. Whatever next. Also, some tories would look a bit odd if they do actually grow a pair.


    Regular BBC politics torygirl doesn’t like National front page

    Merryn Somerset Webb ?@MerrynSW 3h3 hours ago
    Merryn Somerset Webb Retweeted Kevin Hague
    Hmm. this has to make more than 50% of Scottish voters feel uncomfortable.. surely..

    Merryn Somerset Webb ?@MerrynSW 5h5 hours ago
    .@LiamHalligan And just too terrfiying to leave UK and EU at once. Vote Brexit to save the union..

    So there. This BBC tory dispenses finance advice which if you followed, you’d be bankrupt.

  130. R-type Grunt says:

    For the first time ever my wife and me are not voting. We moved to sunnier climes just before last Christmas and i doubt we’ll ever come back. Its bloody awful watching what i believe is going to be a disaster unfold over the next 24 hours.

    I detest the Tories but i despise RISE even more. We had a chance & I fear theyve blown it for us. I wont foget them if they do torpedo Scotland.

  131. Robert Graham says:

    Well gee wiz on here looking for a wee boost , and what do I see lots of folk as jittery as me fairly bloody cheered me up ha ha.
    Anyway just supposing our concerns are justified and the SNP do lose over all control with no majority because of the unionist vote split aided by some short sighted YES supporters , who’s at fault the Unionists or the misguided fools who fell for a obvious trap ?
    I read a post years ago it might even been on here , Where a contributor said they thought a lot of Scots are simply to stupid to vote for Independence , well they received all sorts of abuse for that . If disaster happens Tonight as it very well could , I think I would echo the sentiments that were ridiculed, if you can’t see what’s staring you in the face ,then you are dumb and stupid not my fault yours , it’s a pity their stupidity will have consequences for everyone not just them .
    If it goes badly tonight the last one out turn of the lights cos we are f/kd .

  132. Big jock says:

    R – Type – Don’t despair the polls are often wrong and people say one thing and do another.

  133. Colin Mccartney says:

    Voted SNP x 3 ( I also have the pleasure of replacing shouty wee Gordy Matheson with someone who actually lives on this planet )

  134. damjambo says:

    Big day today for my 16 year old son. First exam and first time voter. He has assured me that he and his pals are all voting SNP x 2. Hopefully the majority of youngsters will be doing the same

  135. Robert Peffers says:


    The point, Dunks, is that this perceived bias against the older voters is just one more unionist ploy to divide and conquer.

    I was one of the kids, pre-11 plus, chosen to test if 10-11 year olds were able to go on to Secondary Education. I joined the secondary school debating society barely 11 years old. I’ve been an SNP supporter and political anorak ever since. I’m talking late 1940s here.

    Now I’ve probably seen all the unionist tricks long, long before most Scots even new they were being tricked and this, “It was the old folk that cost us the referendum”, is just another unionist inspired bit of propaganda.

    Have a wee thought about it and it becomes obvious that as the younger Scots are now far more politically aware they are more inclined to vote SNP. It must also be seen that as the unionist parties are losing support from those more politically aware younger voters that their remaining party members, and their families, will be increasingly drawn from the more elderly.

    If you need proof of that fact, consider this. Which party is it that has startled Westminster with the exceedingly high quality of their younger elected members?

    I’ll put that another way – these people are not voting for unionist parties simply because they are the older generation. They are doing so because they are actually what remains of the loyal unionist party membership.

    It’s a case of pittin the cairt afore the cuddy.

  136. NeoconNat says:

    Robert Graham, you seem to be holding people responsible for something that is in a future that we haven’t reached yet. It’s like the script for the next Terminator movie.

    Have a cup of tea and relax.

    No matter what happens we fight on, for as long as it takes.

  137. Loyalist says:

    Just back in from spending several hours at a polling station. Local MP was passing by. While the SNP has volunteers at every polling station, the other parties have none – the local Tory boy scuttled along the road, obviously trying to find the polling station, stuck up a couple of posters and ran off.

    Two most frequent questions: what’s the turnout like? and what’s happened to the rest of them?

    Out there, it didn’t feel like we’re losing.

  138. heedtracker says:

    The state of this, two ferocious red tory yoons bullshitting for their UK. If this kind of shyst doesn’t work, they’ll both be disappointed spivs, among many. From farting out that historic The Vow fraud to telling us to seize the day, its a miracle of yoonster hackdom.

    John McTernan Retweeted
    David Clegg ?@davieclegg 15h15 hours ago
    Record View: It’s time to seize the day, Nicola – don’t let Scotland down

  139. One_Scot says:

    heedtracker, here is the archive page for the Daily Record

    We wouldn’t want to be giving them revenue, would we.

  140. NeoconNat says:

    Robert Peffers: ““It was the old folk that cost us the referendum”, is just another unionist inspired bit of propaganda.”

    Exactly what I have been arguing for the last few weeks.

  141. call me dave says:

    Something to eek out the time while your waiting.

    Phoning and e-mailing round all the family and friends to check that they are voting, I don’t need to ask who for.

    Sorting out my odd sock drawer and defrosting the fridge/ freezer generally getting grumpy as time slows down to a slow crawl. 🙁

    Watching the grandchildren today as well but not really able to concentrate much on the intricacies of a vicious game of ludo. Two men still at home and getting generally thumped! 🙂

    In the last GEs I was always putting up the SNP posters really early about 01:00am at 3 polling places to get the best spot and usually last man to the count after going round to take them down at the end.

    This time planning to get to bed about 7pm after I’ve finished my chores and ludo and emerge about 10pm refreshed in time for whatever way the dice fall.

    Double six and an extra turn for the SNP. 🙂

  142. heedtracker says:

    This is very mean

    Buried in the time table.


    The first results should come in from Scotland, with Cunninghame South, East Kilbride, Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, Na h-Eileanan an Iar, Rutherglen, Uddington and Bellshil all due to declare. With the exception of Rutherglen and Uddington and Bellshil, the SNP won all of those seats in 2011, but expect those two Labour seats to turn a pleasant shade of yellow.

    There should be better news for Labour in Blaenau Gwent in Wales, which is also due to declare.”

    Englopocalypse now, in their Scotland region, hopefully:D

  143. Robert Peffers says:

    @Tam Jardine says: 5 May, 2016 at 3:09 pm:
    ” … Let’s not hear any of this “that’s independence off the table for a decade” crap. We keep getting cornered into agreeing to their rules”.

    Nah! Tam, I’ve been getting my independence hopes dashed since the late 1940s. I have never listened to the unionist propaganda – and I’m not about to start listening now that we are inching so close to total independence that I can smell, taste and feel it.

    The more tall tales the unionists tell the more certain I am that we are very, very close indeed. Thing is that when I first began fighting for independence the buggers just ignored us and laughed at the mere idea of an independent Scotland –


  144. heedtracker says:

    MacTernan RT’s this dude, who thinks Sturgeon is Stalin now. Wish they’d make their minds up. Can you be Stalin and Hitler and what’s his face Kim Il-sung, for not voting unionist red and blue tory? At least Kim’s a girl’s name.

  145. twathater says:

    My boss (wife ) and I just voted SNPX2 at Paisley, the only one there was the wee labour guy who you very seldom see , on passing him he said ” hope yer voting labour ” we replied ” no thanks ” my wife has thankfully a very calming influence on me otherwise I would have elaborated , no I have had enough of labour’s PFI , corruption ,nepotism ,lies, self serving troughers, I am about to vote for a party who cares about Scotland and the Scots. Hail Alba Gu Braith

  146. Flower of Scotland says:

    @Andrew McLean,
    Ha,ha! Thanks for that! I’m jittery. Who wouldn’t be in Rennie.s backyard?

    I could wear the rosettes hanging from both ears!

    The majority of activists here are in the older category! We tramp the streets, and some are at it every day! Good on them! Where are the younger ones, when it comes to hard graft?

    Well, just been out to knock up voters, and going back to the polling station for another stint.

    My dream will never die!

  147. Robert Kerr says:

    6 Votes for Scotland.

    Lots of SNP presence and one Old Labour stalwart at the polling.

    Saltires being given out to weans.

    I told the SNP they were brainwashing our weans.

    Quick retort. Naw it’s for their sand castles! I like the SNP style.

    I hope tomorrow is the first day of Nicola’s first Five Year Plan.

    Now for Europe!

    Off to Edinburgh to sample the latest offerings from the Scottish Malt Whisky Society.

  148. Papadox says:

    What we must all remember is the electoral system was imposed on us because it makes it very difficult for one party to gain an overall majority unless you have a “one party state” like SLAB used to have, hence the reason they chose it. So it is ment to be very difficult unless you can get the constituency vote and the regional vote. Hence the attempts to split the vote by any means fair or foul. The Nats were never imagined to ever be in that position. Hee, hee, hee!

    So if we get an overall majority the writing is on the wall for this despicable corrupt and unfair Union and I sincerely hope we do, with all my heart.

    If we don’t we pick ourselves up dust ourselves down and advance, NAE turnin back the tide is with us.

  149. Gary45% says:

    Another classic Chris,
    Should have had Waterfall by the Stone Roses playing in the back ground, but it would be a waste of a song being linked to Max Wall.
    Tomorrow morning will either be tears of extreme joy, or tears of not sadness but extreme anger.
    If the SNP do not win by a landslide, questions will be asked.
    I have some friends who will not vote for the SNP, no credible reasons just the usual brain dead answer, Alic Samin, Nicla Sturjin.
    I have asked them about the policies of the other parties, they all agree the SNP are running the country well despite the constraints from Westminster, they all say the rest are clueless, and a waste of time, but will vote for anyone except the SNP, they will just tick any box?!?!
    SNPx2at 8am, also the wife.

  150. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Where are the younger ones, when it comes to hard graft?”

    Some of us are at work. Voting tonight. Mind you – by the time I retire there won’t be any auld yins at the polling stations either because they’ll have moved the retirement goalposts up to 80 by then. And then we’ll be really screwed at the canvassing.


  151. Cherry says:

    Woke up today, the sun shining, my heart full of hope and willing my fellow Scots to get the vote out there to let it be known that WE are not going back in that bloody union infested box.

    I read the last posts from yesterday’s thread and still felt quite hopeful…after reading this blog from the Rev I’m now back in full will we won’t we mode!!

    In the wee small hours I wandered over to read WGD, it was all about our beautiful magical Unicorn and our dream of setting her and her people free from the chains of this union. The Unicorn of Scotland would rather die than give up the dream of hope.

    We are what keeps her alive, WE are the life blood that flows through her veins. Without US she will die because without US there is no HOPE of a better future for the people. As WGD says the Unicorn of Scotland is in all our imaginations and she runs free within our hearts and minds. Our future generations are counting on US to set her free.

    We are a canny people, we always feel for the underdog, maybe because we know the power and cruelty of the bully. We are a peaceful race of Celts we don’t feel superior to others, we are inclusive in our dealings with others…it’s our big heart that is our biggest obstacle. So what is it I’m trying to say? It’s this…believe in the Unicorn of Scotland she is waiting to see her people free from this oppressive union…the only way is to vote SNPX2 today,it will loosen those chains that bind us and move us to the next step of Independence.

    Come on Scotland set our Unicorn free SNPX2 you know it makes sense.

  152. Big Jock says:

    Robert – I know brainwashing kids into being Scottish and waiving their own flag, how dare the SNP! LOL

  153. Paula Rose says:

    It’s up to all of us now – ask everyone you meet or know “Have you voted yet”, get the vote out of whatever shade – we need a high turn-out.

  154. Mick G says:

    Unfortunately I am in Coatbridge and Chryston which makes it very difficult to vote for the SNP candidate. I expect Labour to retain the constituency seat because of this

  155. Nana says:

    Voted snpx2 on the way to hospital this morning. Polling station was very quiet but to be honest I’ve never seen it busy. Most folk go after work.

    Met a lovely physio originally from Derbyshire, loves living here and will be voting SNP. Sickened by the tories assault on the NHS down south. Hopefully more folk are feeling the same way.

    The tory hastag on twitter is not going as Dodgy Dave had hoped. If you want to click on the hashtag in the article to see some more.

  156. Roughian says:

    My wife and I were in Seattle last year for the GE so missed all the excitement on the ground.

    The TV coverage we got was pretty poor as I was hoping with the 8 hour difference that we would catch all the results as they came in and still be in bed by midnight.

    Anyway we did see our pal John McNally win Falkirk West and got the gist that it was nearly a clean sweep for the SNP.

    I really hope we get an overall majority. I’ve seen no evidence of Labour in Denny when you used to see banners all over the town.

    Off to do a stint at the polling station now.

    We will do it!!

  157. Swiss Perspective says:

    Reading this blog from outwith Scotland (and rUK) I feel like a bird with its wings clipped. I voted SNP for WM last year and wish I could today, but as an exile-Scot British voting rules prevent me from voting in the national election that really matters. But I’m hoping right there with you all.

  158. Big Jock says:

    Swiss is that u Michael?

  159. Macnakamura says:

    Big jock says:
    5 May, 2016 at 3:19 pm
    … say one thing and do another

    That sounds like a slogan for Lib Dems.

  160. Another Union Dividend says:

    Labour throwing everything at Edinburgh Southern with squads of students out knocking on doors. Why don’t the SNP target resources better?

    Meanwhile I read that BBC is paying £10 million to cover another four years of Sportscene. How wonderful until you compare it to the recent Norwegian football League TV deal.

    Norwegian clubs are getting a 6 year contract worth $278 million from Norwegian TV. Similar population and similar attendances excluding the Old Firm.


    “Discovery Networks Norway has acquired the domestic media rights to Norway’s top two soccer divisions in a deal reportedly worth just over US$278 million.
    The media and communications company will broadcast matches from the top-tier Tippeligaen and second-tier OBOS-ligaen competitions across its TVNorge, MAX and Eurosport channels between 2017 and 2022.
    The six-year deal, signed with the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) and Norsk Toppfotball, is worth some NKr 2.4 billion (around US$278 million), according to Sportcal.
    Reports in Norway say the contract is the largest broadcast rights agreement in Norwegian sports history.”

  161. Liz Rannoch says:

    Well that’s that. Done and dusted SNP x2 x3 for Shirley-Anne Somerville.
    Have managed to keep away from the ‘news’ so far. Hope I can keep awake tonight. Guts churning.

  162. Luigi says:

    That’s oor hoose voted. SNPx2x4 = another 8 yoon votes neutralised.

    With a fair bit of tactical list voting (futile IMO), it will indeed be very tight, but hopefully we will get over the majority line tonight. 🙂

    Good luck, Nicola. Good luck, Scotland.

  163. Ghillie says:

    Oh Rev! My butterflies are turning into great wallopping bats!!

    The Scots have never shyed away from a hard battle.

    Folk on the SNP side have worked and worked and canvassed and leafleted and talked and debated and encouraged and have individualy and collectively worked so hard to deliver!

    Some folk may be in for a nasty shock if they see their tactical voting has allowed their rivals to get through. But everyone has the right to vote as they choose.

    BUT anyone who wants Independence for Scotland has to think long and carefuly about the power of their own vote. And place it well.

    SNP and SNP for Independence!


    SNP and SNP = )

  164. Eddie Munster says:

    Just in from voting with the wife, SNPx4.

    Sunny day in Dumbarton with a chilly wind. Only the SNP were represented outside the polling station by us in bellsmyre.

    Unusually there were no political signs outside the school, mind you most of the SNP ones in the area back in 2011 were stolen en masse overnight.

    Anyway I’m away for a sleep to stay fresh for what ever happens tonight.

    Has Ruthie given a prediction yet?

    (By the time I have written this and checked and rechecked it, it’s now cloudy)

  165. Andrew McLean says:

    Another Union Dividend says:5:03 pm

    “Labour throwing everything at Edinburgh Southern with squads of students out knocking on doors”.

    The law of diminishing returns springs to mind, 99% of people who have made up their mind will not be swayed by a lot of young people turning up, especially if they are young and cheery students from Edinburgh north.

    Red Tory’s, are still Tory’s and even if they have squads, we have Nicola, they have Kezia. I would have those odds every day of the week and twice on Sundays

  166. Andrew McLean says:

    Actually do you know what, you are supposed to be a bunch of vile cybernats, and here you are shaking like a bunch of leaves in a gale! FFS Man up! Any more of this nonsense and I will personally come round and give you all a good talking to!

  167. Colken says:

    Hangover from hell this morning so didn’t make it to the polling station in Renfrew till 11am. Place was deserted and very few votes cast by that time. SNP were the only party with any presence outside. Suspect a low turnout is likely.
    SNP X 2 regardless

  168. Good Luck to all in Scotland for Votes 1 & 2. Haven’t been able to vote for years in Scotland (sob)as overseas. Thank you to all the door chappers. Was an activist in Dundee at age 13 so when looking at where the SNP has come since 2007, it has has been really amazing. Proud to be a (disenfranchised!) Scot. Thank You All

  169. K1 says:

    I’ve found out today that at least three of friends pals have voted either SNP/RISE or SNP/Green…i’ve nothing to say to any of them…nothing.

  170. call me dave says:

    Children away home to their own hoose… Bless!

    Some news to pass the time.

    Tories must reassure voters they did not “cheat their way to power” in light of campaign spending claims, says SNP

    Campaign established for new Holyrood oath of allegiance – to Scotland, not the Queen

  171. Fran says:

    Just back from polling station

    SNP x 2

  172. ScottishPsyche says:

    Just reminded my offspring to vote and encouraged them (although they did not need it) for SNP x 2.

    Like many here, I have a fair bit of anxiety for the result but I’ve decided I am in this for the long haul. Many Independence supporters have been doing this far longer than I have and are well seasoned in the ups and downs of campaigning.

    Nothing worth fighting for comes easily. We will take it whatever comes in our stride. It may be a wake up call for the instant gratification generation who want everything now without working for it or earning it.

  173. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Andrew McLean @ 17:31 said:

    Actually do you know what, you are supposed to be a bunch of vile cybernats, and here you are shaking like a bunch of leaves in a gale! FFS Man up!

    Well said, there!

    The list is a (deliberately) imperfect process, but the basic support remains strong, so why worry?

  174. John says:

    Andrew McLean
    I wish you would come round and give me a good talking to , and K1 didn’t help me feel any more confident ! A friend of mine has just done the same thing , voting SNP 1 , GREENS 1 ! .

  175. Juan P says:

    Voted first thing this morning. SNP x2

  176. heedtracker says:

    Not much event wise for tea time. Far right toryboys say don’t vote if you don’t want to

    euan mccolm ?@euanmccolm 6h6 hours ago
    by way of balance: the right not to bother voting is also part of our healthy democracy.

    Why not voting is healthy for a democracy, only toryboy world can say. Its probably just a really witty toryboy joke. But their confusing over Record’s flip flop or flop flip isn’t genuine. They tried to pull voters away from SNP x 2 to Green etc and then they’ve tried to make voters think its not worth voting today. And UKOK will rule the Scotland region again, sooner rather than later. Its for our own UKOK good you see.

    euan mccolm ?@euanmccolm 6h6 hours ago
    euan mccolm Retweeted The Daily Record
    in the name of the wee man, why?

    euan mccolm added,
    The Daily Record @Daily_Record
    Watch First Minister Nicola Sturgeon cast her vote in the #Holyrood2016 elections #SP1

  177. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Andrew McLean 17.30 Here Mr enough wie the abuse Vile Cybernat , the bloody cheek of ye, we,ve worked long an hard for years & earned the rights to call ourselves Vile Vile Vile Cybernats.

    The head Cybernats watching aw the time, an he,s really Vile ,dey yey no uas twitter .

  178. Clydebuilt says:

    Aye so the National comes out in favour of an SNP majority today after pushing the Greens for 2 months.

    The front cover states the Paper supports an Independent Scotland, really? For weeks leading up to the vote the paper gives support to the Greens ….. But today’s says Independence needs an SNP majority. Well from the Rev.’s analysis (above) the party’s majority is precarious …… So ask yourself has the paper helped to achieve an SNP majority…… Or has it encouraged
    SNP voters to split their vote

    Having said the above , I’ll continue to read the National, less stressful than other papers. And there are some good articles

  179. carjamtic says:

    Had to explain the voting system, on the way to vote, to my 16 yr old first time voter son,thanks to WoS,I made a decent job of it.

    Explained why the Red/Orange Tories designed it like this,the moving of the North Sea maritime boundaries and McCrone report.

    He sat his English exam today,updated him on PFI schools/hospital situ.(hope the kids Edinburgh are all ok with their exams).

    On the way back,a wee chat about,MSM/BBC bias,just told him the facts/truth,they all have all totally earned his disgust….it’s good to talk.

    Maureen Watt – SNP x 2 from him/us, total of 6 and at least we don’t have to wait until August for the results.

    All crossed 😉

  180. John Moss says:

    Jurt done my two votes SNP.

    There’s no way I want Labour getting to traet me like a cash cow to tax as they spend, mismanage our public services and burden us with debt (£30 Billion for PFI).

    As far as I’m concerned, those days are over.

    I like a governement that balances the books, can manage infrastructure projects – new Forth Road crossing will be a £1 Bn under budget – and takes a pragmatic view of managing public services.

    Here’s to a better future for us all!

  181. Deontas says:

    Sorry for this but maybe just my mad mind.

    When I was marking my 2 SNP votes I thought the orange/peachy coloured paper with small party logo’s on it would have been a nightmare to see for anyone with sight problems or not concentrating.

    Anyway at 17:30 the polling station was as busy as I have ever saw it in the past, hopefully many SNP X2ers.

  182. Is there a link to the leaders debate from last night on stv?

  183. heedtracker says:

    Aye so the National comes out in favour of an SNP majority today after pushing the Greens for 2 months.

    The front cover states the Paper supports an Independent Scotland, really?

    Rancid The Graun doesn’t like it much. “Sturgeon-fest” sums up that Britnat tory crew’s campaign in their Scotland region. Perpetual Sturgeon monstering probably does get a surprise when they see papers that for once dont.

    David Torrance Retweeted
    Libby Brooks ?@libby_brooks 2h2 hours ago Glasgow, Scotland
    At paper shop, realised non-Scotland-dwellers will have missed this Sturgeon-fest of front pages. So here you go.

  184. starlaw says:

    cast my votes this morning, only SNP at polling station and only saw several SNP cars, no sign of any other parties in Livingston north

  185. Cuilean says:

    My daughter registered to vote in Glasgow, as a student, for the General Election last year. She discovered, too late, that she had been removed from her Glasgow electoral roll, under new regulations.

    However a poll card for her arrived at her island home addresss. So she had to take a day off her course, then a long train ride last night, then a long ferry ride, then a bus for the last bit!

    She voted first thing this morning then repeated it all in reverse order, to get back to Glasgow for an exam.

    No-one was going to stop her voting SNP/SNP, which my whole family have done today. T

    There was a nice, smiling SNP lady at the polling station but no other parties present and lots of SNP signs up. Farmers have very large wooden SNP signs up in their fields.

    I am feeling steadily resolute as people, Scottish people, are no daft.

    EVEL, steelworks closed, no Govan frigates, work begun at Govan, HMRC offices closed, Scottish regiments cut to the bone, the Tories trying to strongarm us out of £7 billion (of our own money), etc. etc.

    Christ! Just think if the Yoons DID win a majority! No-one would be more surprised than them! They’d have to enact all their daft manifesto policies! That really would be the Yoon’s last nail in its coffin.

  186. One_Scot says:

    OMG, the amount of voters on Twitter spoiling their first vote does start to give some weight to the ‘too stupid’ theory.

  187. call me dave says:

    You-Gov poll completed by my partner a wee while ago

    Who did you vote for this time?
    Who did you vote for last time?

    Off for a sleep catch you all up about 10:30pm.
    Tooodle ooo the Nooo!

  188. Dr Jim says:

    I’m sad to see on Twitter and other places some of our new first time voters being proud of spoiling their ballot papers for the most ridiculous of reasons and then bragging about it as some kind of achievement

    They don’t seem to understand the importance and the privilege they’ve just been given in a democratic country that they wouldn’t be afforded in many other countries

    I hope there aren’t too many of those young people, or any age really

  189. Inverclyder says:

    Wonder what the announcement will be on ITV tonight after 10pm.

    At the GE 2015 they announced the poll findings that the scum Tories would win.

    2014 Buffalo Gall announced that they had been looking at the postal votes for weeks.

  190. heedtracker says:

    Another valedictory thing from end of era SLabour, maybe. How many valedictory thingees do SLabour unionists need and will Wilson make a come back if SLab make a come back?

    News Politics Holyrood Election
    Holyrood election: Giving the next Scottish Government something to think about is in best interests of democracy
    09:38, 4 MAY 2016

    SNP’s iron grip on Holyrood is a recipe for the abuse of power says former Government minister BRIAN WILSON.

    Well he should know. The long goodbye.

  191. John from Fife says:

    Moved home in March and had my mail redirected but guess what my postal vote package did not arrive so we had to do a 200 mile round trip to vote in Glenrothes. SNP x 2

  192. dakk says:

    My gut instincts on human nature suggest to me that having been told by msm it’s a done deal SNP win,then the potential Yoon voters may be more likely not to participate as people don’t like to be on losing side.

    If it is a low turn out as some are suggesting then SNP voters would hopefully be the more motivated to vote.

    Hoping to catch second half of Liverpool game after work tonight to keep my mind off the building tension.I think we’ll be OK though.

  193. G H Graham says:

    If the SNP lose their majority as a consequence of voters tactically voting for RISE or the GREEN party, it suggests this much; industrial scale pro BritNat propaganda still works.

    And as much as it pains me, I will make arrangements to leave Scotland for good if the evidence shows that it is still, overwhelmingly populated by weak kneed citizens who prefer being ruled by a corrupt, sleazy, racist government based in another country.

  194. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dr Jim said:

    I’m sad to see on Twitter and other places some of our new first time voters being proud of spoiling their ballot papers for the most ridiculous of reasons and then bragging about it as some kind of achievement.

    Yes, I agree. I was impressed by how young folk reacted to the indyref so it would be a definite setback if they are now seen either to fail to turn out sufficiently or (even worse) to actively rubbish the electoral process that our forbears so sairly won for us.

    As the saying goes, “You may not take a [serious] interest in politics, but it may well take a [serious] interest in you”.

  195. ArtyHetty says:

    Well just back from polling station duty. Knackered.

    Hmmm, a huge mix, but plenty of very, very old folks being dropped off, not saying all tory, but you can tell by the look they give how contemptous they are (mostly) towards SNP. Not as many young as I would like to see, ie first time voters.

    I sincerely hope what people are saying about some spoiling their papers is not a trend. A couple of years ago, my cousin said that her daughter in NE England, had said that it was becoming an actual trend for younger people to actually behave and want to appear really thick!

    If this extends to politics, I would definitely say their is a deep and dangerous madness, stemming from what I don’t know, fizzy drinks, fast food?!

    This of course in no way implies that all young people are like that, many are wonderful, intelligent, caring and thoughtful.

    Still nervous…

  196. ArtyHetty says:


    Also the opposite could well be the case, with plenty of yoons in their hoards turning out, because of their pathological hatred for the SNP, what I saw today suggests that may be the case. it is going to be very close.

  197. louis.b.argyll says:

    UK-wide, Labour have lost a generation’s worth of activists.

    Serves them right for selling out their values.

    New Labour..?

    Spew Labour, more like.

  198. George Wood says:

    @Dr Jim 7.42pm

    Spoiling your ballot paper is a lot better than not voting.

    Spoiling your paper says you want to vote for somebody, but there is no candidate or party that is worthy of your vote.

    Not voting is not a protest vote, as it means you don’t mind who wins.

  199. Kevin meina says:

    I have been on West Kilbride polling station A lot of big houses posh elderly voters all Tories.Most under 50s voting SNP didn’t feel like we were losing either just a touch of pre match nerves I hope.

  200. Robert Louis says:

    Looking at some of these folks spoiling papers for the daftest of wholly unfounded reasons, it strikes me there has been an active campaign to sow the seeds for such behaviour.

    Strikes me those folk are being duped by people tweeting and pretending to be on their side, but with the actual intention of destroying support for the SNP. It’s quite sad really.

    Make no mistake, this has Westmidden written ALL over it. It’s what they do with their colonies.

  201. Tempus says:

    Just back from my station here in north east fife, SNP x 2

    They reckon turnout about 65% at 8pm. But then that was just to two old boys behind the desk scoring people’s names off the list so it’s a pinch of salt that one.

  202. Proud Cybernat says:

    Deed done. Another 4 votes for SNP in the bag. Spoke briefly with Nicola outside the polling station. She didn’t want to make any prediction but quietly confident.

  203. Inverclyder says:

    Imagine this…

    Tomorrow we have Ruth Davidson as First Minister with Labour and Lib Dems, UKIP propping her up.

    Imagine how happy the blue rinse brigade will be along with the knuckle draggers when she brings in prescription charges and everything else in her twisted mind although puppet strings are being pulled from that there London.

    Yes Mrs that’ll be £15 for your this weeks supply of tablets. Oh, the doctor has given you 3 prescriptions. That’ll be £45 thanks very much. Oh, you can’t afford that? Don’t worry you can go without! Oh, you need them for your heart? It’s still £45!

    Then there’s the EU Vote. After this it will be a low turnout in Scotland as voter apathy will kick in big time.

    EU Exit and Boris the new PM. ‘A pound spent in Croydon is far more of value to the country than a pound spent in Strathclyde’. He’ll work wonders for Scotland!

    Throw in Trump as President and we might as well all join the Orange lodge and get a season ticket for the newest team in Scotland. Where’s my butchers apron!

  204. galamcennalath says:

    Second session outside the polling station. Last man standing, even the Tories have given up. No one has seen a Labour or libDem activist all day.

    Hope there are enough SNP SNP votes!

    Nervous four hours or so to go!

  205. keaton says:

    @G H Graham

    If the SNP lose their majority as a consequence of voters tactically voting for RISE or the GREEN party, it suggests this much; industrial scale pro BritNat propaganda still works.

    And as much as it pains me, I will make arrangements to leave Scotland for good if the evidence shows that it is still, overwhelmingly populated by weak kneed citizens who prefer being ruled by a corrupt, sleazy, racist government based in another country.

    So you didn’t leave when Scotland explicitly voted against independence, but if we vote for pro-indy parties which aren’t the SNP, you will? Oh well, I’m sure you’ll be missed.

  206. Inverclyder says:

    Postal votes being counted in Inverclyde.

  207. heedtracker says:

    So you didn’t leave when Scotland explicitly voted against independence, but if we vote for pro-indy parties which aren’t the SNP, you will? Oh well, I’m sure you’ll be missed.

    If you’re one of those pro indy parties, who are you and you’ve played like suckers by yoon tory press.

    We had on a National dude yesterday who explained that maybe they had given tiny far left parties a lot of boosterising but its all to the good of Scottish independence you see. It was the same with SNP he said, long time ago.

    Its probably not.

  208. NeoconNat says:

    Yes, well, thanks for those insights, Inverclyder. Capital.

    My neighbour and I had a chat there and he says turnout seemed good.

    I’m just looking forward to ten o’clock so that I can stop being nice. How do people live like this?

  209. Tempus says:

    Also like to add. My Parents have both voted SNP x 2. They’re both retired wealthy middle class. Going against the grain 😀

  210. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Went to vote at the Marryat Hall around 4.30 this afternoon. One Jenny Marra placard, one Joe Fitzpatrick and one Nicola. No activists.

    I’d hate to go to bed around 6.30 tomorrow morning, feeling the same I did on 19th September, 2014. Hopefully, results will reinforce the idea that Scotland is no longer a Labour fiefdom – we Scots have woken up.

    Any reduction in the SNP voting numbers and/or seats will be siezed upon by the BUM. I hope enough of us have made the right SNP x 2 decision.

    Tonight, instead of watching the BBC results programme (no ads), I’ll have STV on my TV, BBC Wales on one computer monitor, with the Wikipedia page about the 2011 election results on the other monitor, along with the graphic of the 51 constituencies with the lowest majorities from the 2011 election.
    Thanks to whoever it was who uploaded that graphic to Imgur.,_2011#Result

  211. K. A. Mylchreest says:

    Proud Cybernat says:

    ¨Spoke briefly with Nicola outside the polling station …¨

    Where else but in Scotland? (Assuming you´re no-one special … well everyone´s special, that´s the whole point really) 🙂

  212. K1 says:

    Are we getting an exit poll tonight?

    Sorry if I’ve added tae the jitters…keeping the expectations in check, cause this is a different ball game from last May, the name of this thread isn’t ‘cliffhanger’ fur nae good reason. I’ll be up the night watching it…all.

    *casually lights up 5 fags at once*

  213. Tinto Chiel says:

    Came on here after a day spent knocking up (non-sexual) to find Despair Writ Large! Zut alors, as we say in Lanarkshire, along with Haud a dod!

    I’m with dakk on this one. We have the motivation.

    ArtyHetty: dinnae fash yirsel! Me and my rabbit friend Harvey are sitting up for the count, ready to turn the map of Scotland yellow.

    Gosh, this Night Nurse is strong stuff…

  214. Karmanaut says:

    My local polling station (very Tory area) close to 60% turnout a couple of hours ago. Also, hearing stories of very low turnouts in former labour strongholds/mining towns. The bulk of those voters switched from labour to SNP, so the apathy is among labour and SNP voters. But is this mostly labour voters saying “what’s the point?” Or mostly SNP saying “it’s in the bag”?

  215. deewal says:

    I’ve already posted that we were going to lose seats because of complacency a few weeks ago but was given lots of abuse ( because it was going to be a walkover ) so it wont surprise me if it’s a disaster.

    I think it was in a thread concerning Harvey the Plant.

    I’ve voted SNP X 2. Medium turnout.

    The Greens are going directly for the Constituency. They have no list candidate.

    The Lib Dems are working with the Cons again.
    The whole of the North East looks very precarious.

    Word on the Street. Remember ?

  216. Inverclyder says:

    K1 says

    *casually lights up 5 fags at once*

    Amateur! I’m on 6 fags at once, nicotine patches and gum!

  217. Tinto Chiel says:

    @K1: Let Capstain take the strain…you’re never alone with a Strand….

    FFS, you’ve got me going now!

    Gold Flake, ah need a Gold Flake!

    If I could get ma hauns on yon D’Hont guy…

  218. heedtracker says:

    UKOK mind games. It is exciting.

    Wonder what noises this NOT tory, NOT unionist in particular has heard. Having told his employees he’d leave Scotland if they voted YES, its probably great news. Well done Greens, RISE etc

    Kevin Hague ?@kevverage 4m4 minutes ago
    I’m hearing some encouraging noises from those “on the ground” – may be a few surprises ahead #sp16

  219. Andrew Mclean says:

    Back from two polling stations, one just on SNP girl, next one SNP guy and two labour women, to be fair to one of the labour ladies, as I had to assist my elderly father she rushed to open both doors, same on the way back even though I had a very conspicuous I am with Nicola badge. The SNP guy I had to say hello to, to generate a response.

    Anyhow mum and dad were both firm no, but mum voted SNP last year for the very first time, 83! Dad at 80 voted SNP for the first time in his life. So all bets are off, the OAPs are in revolutionary mode, to be honest the doctors strike in England has worried my mum, she said Nicola can be trusted.

    Turn out was repeatedly good to high, the voting sheets were pretty well marked.
    Given the relentless SNP bad by the trusted state broadcasting device, if the SNP do well, it would be curtains for the other party’s if we had a fair press in Scotland.

    Not long now. Steady,

  220. G H Graham says:


    Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

    But if it’s shown tomorrow that Scotland still prefers governance from Westminster, especially after all the bullshit promises that were broken since the independence referendum, I can find no convincing reason to remain.

    On the other hand, a clear majority for the SNP tomorrow strongly suggests that the majority of the electorate have lost all hope for this British political union because it is out of date, out of touch & beyond repair.

    I’ve lived in other countries before so it’s not a big deal economically but I was hoping to arrive at my retirement age in my own sovereign independence country.

  221. Robert Graham says:

    thanks to tam jardine for the information on the Alien act 1705.

    One thing that stands out, Lord Godolphin said to the house of lords the act contained some undesirable elements ,but it was essential any threat to englands safety should be neutralised,it was far better to bring union upon the scots through economic pressure, this was when the english army was being readed to invade .

    So thats your Union take it or we crush you by sheer weight of numbers , looks like a good deal eh ?

  222. One_Scot says:

    I’ve been holding back but I can’t take it any longer, just about to crack open the first can. It’s gonna be a long night.

  223. Andrew Mclean says:

    Another thing, the whole vote is structured so that it’s impossible to have a clear majority, so don’t try and find a comparison with Westminster. If we get a majority is outstanding!

  224. Meindevon says:

    Right ok, been to the polling station and voted Green and independent! Now before you all have a coronary remember I live in deepest, darkest Devon, my lovers!

    Not sure I’ve done the right thing as Labour ( who run the council) have upset lots of locals by spending, sorry overspending on a new swimming pool project that lots of folk want, but in a place that nobody wants and at the cost labour are prepared to pay. It smacks of backhanders galore and it’s not just me saying that. Apparently the Tories will do the ‘right thing’ and save us all from Labour mismanagement. Yeh right! I know several Labour stalwarts that are going to vote Tory.

    So, after threatening to do it for years, and with no SNP on my long list of folk I’ve never heard of, I voted Green. It seems I could have voted three times for three different councillors if I wanted but as it would have meant a choice between labour or Tories I opted out.

    My independent vote unfortunately wasn’t for the SNP, it was for our police commissioner. The Tory one that was in place has opted not to stand again as he is so disgusted with Tory cuts to the Police Force he has even cancelled his Tory Party Membership!

    Hope I don’t waken up tomorrow with a Tory run council.

  225. Andy.D says:

    Back from the polling station SNP x2 from me, SNP rep there saying very slow today and not many smiles from voters ,oh Christ who are they voting for. Very nervous about the final outcome, the MSM and the BBC I believe have definitely damaged the SNP with crap for months. I feel so sorry for the people of Scotland if the labour and tories get their way they will destroy Scotland and blame it on the SNP. I sometimes wish lets give them the seat at the top and just watch……

  226. Mick DIAMOND says:

    Inverclyder 8.23pm. I always said this. When tory boris j said a pound spent in croydon was better than a pound spent in strathclyde. I thought surely to god no voters in scotland will see these people do not have scotlands interests at heart., but unbelievably like lemmings they still line up to be abused, i dont think sigmund freud could explain these peoples thinking.

  227. Effijy says:

    SNP 1 and SNP 2
    Labour are Dead
    and the Tories are through!

  228. Clootie says:

    …will you lot calm down you are making me nervous.

  229. Jamie says:

    If in the 2016 election the SNP lose their majority because supporters or former supporters have given their vote to a socialist party on the regional seat it will be the SNP’s own fault for becoming the populist New Labour type beast that it now appears to be. No one else. This election has exposed them to be unimaginative and lacking in ideas. I just hope that by 2021 they are not exposed as liars too by allowing fracking to go ahead. The next 5 years will tell us a lot.

  230. Ian Murray says:

    The Voting will look after itself.
    If the SNP are losing voters what is happening to the Unionist parties.
    It is time to exhale

  231. Al says:

    Reports of sub-40% turnout here in Glasgow. Not sure who that favours. I did my bit with my SNPx2 but its squeaky bum time now.

    If you haven’t voted SNP with both votes yet, get out and get it done before 10pm.

  232. andy smith says:

    SNP x 4 from the Smith household, includes two first time voters.
    Cuilean,reading about your daughters’ journey to cast her vote gives me renewed hope for next Indy vote, with youngsters like these we can’t fail !

  233. Robert Louis says:

    Just been to one of the polling stations in the deepest darkest heart of Red/blue Tory morningside, and it was pretty busy.

    Let’s hope things will be ok, and the SNP can pull off another miracle and manage a majority. If not ,despite how we might be feeling, let’s not start ripping into each other on the pro indy side. I firmly believe the extreme nuttery behaviour we have seen online is the minority.

    Has to SNP x 2, if we want the indy momentum to continue.

  234. Tinto Chiel says:

    Jamie, are you NCN in disguise?

  235. heedtracker says:

    When tory boris j said a pound spent in croydon was better than a pound spent in strathclyde

    Far right UKOK, say Boris is the head of state of the Republic of London but that’s a good thing. They also say D’Hondt was picked to protect our UKOK liberty, that the EU threatens, or something.

    Nice Daily Heil boost for not red tory Dugdale too.

    Its just another neo fascist in his Scotland region foaming at the mouth but RISE and co should read it, they’re next.

  236. Alistair Grapevine says:

    At a polling station in Livingston, just over 50% getting nervous for the list vote.

  237. Phydaux says:

    Deontas 7:07

    I also found the orange/peachy ballot papers to be very similar in colour.I found it difficult to distinguish between them, depending on the light.I don’t wear glasses.Why on earth were there not stronger contrasting colours or one white and one coloured?

    Our voting system is confusing enough.Are they specially designed to confuse us even more?

    Looking forward to all the action as night falls and hope we get there.

  238. One_Scot says:

    We don’t need an exit poll at 10.00pm, we only need to get a look at Ruthie Tank commanders coupon to know what the result is.

  239. Robert Louis says:

    If you haven’t voted SNP x 2 yet, you still have time. If you run. Every vote counts.

  240. Onwards says:

    Al says:
    5 May, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    Reports of sub-40% turnout here in Glasgow

    If it ends up in the 40s, I think there are 2 problems.

    1. Media coverage painting a picture of having it in the bag. Both on the unionist side and our own side. Part of the strategy of list tactical voting has been to spread the news the SNP vote is safe.

    2. Green/Rise/Solidary supporters shit talking the SNP all over social media for not being ‘radical’ enough with limited income tax powers, that would disadvantage Scotland. Because the SNP didn’t want to fall into the Tory trap.

    3. The Sun endorsement was maybe a misjudgement. Again a lot of the flak came from ‘radicals’ on the far left, for whom you would think would get their priorities straight. Isn’t being able to escape from remote Tory government from London more important ??

    Still time enough to get to the polling stations, if anyone knows an indy-supporting friend or relative that hasn’t voted yet.

    Every vote counts.

  241. Ananurhing says:

    Off to the pub now for a lock in with my Tory spotting T shirt on.

    Sorry, I don’t do twitter, but Julia Hartley Brewer is making a tit of herself with Scottish 16 and 17 year old voters at the moment. One of her pieces was used in todays English Higher exam. Apparently her 8 year old has as much right to vote as our 16 and 17 year old young people.

  242. jockmcx says:

    Not nervous at all,whether it,s a good or bad night for the

    Scotland will be independant either way,and soon.

    Because of YOU!…..theres no going back ever.

    So on we go…….. till we win.

  243. Ruby says:

    My guess is that those people who are not turning up to vote would not be SNP voters.

    SNP voters/activists seem to be very enthusiastic and more likely to turn up to vote.

  244. Bill says:

    I said for months, go on I dare you. Split the SNP vote and kiss goodbye to independence.

    Friday we may have a Tory/Labour coalition, and you know what you’d deserve it for being too stupid.

    Today, the Yoons sent the Police to my door with accusations of threatening to bomb some guy! A made up story from a convo 3 months ago on Twitter, they are desperate.

  245. thomaspotter2014 says:

    SNPX2 done for my part.

    Only SNP guy at Poll station in Broxburn.

    He reckoned its good for SNP,quietly confident,that’ll do for me.

    Can’t do the doom and gloom stuff.

    Come on Scotland.

    Butterflies in ma belly lol.

  246. One_Scot says:

    Well, that’s it, what’s done is done.

  247. Inverclyder says:

    Polls closed. Now we wait.

  248. yesindyref2 says:

    Well, the polls are shut.
    Can’t think of anything else to say.

  249. A2 says:

    judging by the crossings off on the sheets at 9.45, turnout at Hillhead about 50%

  250. Al urquhar says:

    First glimpse of glen Campbell’s coupon at 10.02.
    Grey, not quite ashen ?
    Happy days

  251. mike cassidy says:

    BBC 10.00 tv news.

    Not even a mention in the ‘headlines’ of any of the elections taking place.

    Even Liverpool’s match, and an interview with the owner of Leicester were included.


  252. ronnie anderson says:


    39/40% turnout, so lets hope we have a SNP Gov majority tomorrow.

  253. Thepnr says:

    I guess I’m just naturally optimistic and believe that the SNP will have a majority tomorrow after the votes are counted.

    Labour will narrowly beat the Tories for second and Greens will overtake the Lib Dems.

    Wee Willie Winkie will lose his place at Holyrood. Here’s hoping anyway 🙂

  254. dakk says:

    ‘Kevin Hague ?@kevverage 4m4 minutes ago
    I’m hearing some encouraging noises from those “on the ground” – may be a few surprises ahead #sp16’

    Hopefully our Petshop Boy was alluding to Blue Tory taking from Red Tory and nothing more.

  255. K1 says:

    Wee reminder IndependenceLive…starts in just over 40 minutes:

  256. heedtracker says:

    Next up Brexit! Where we can all sit back and let England decide what happens to Scotland, again. They love Scotland just hate Scots democracy. Look at the low turn outs, our noble and honest media will explain.

    Its a straight SNP win or an SNP minority, either or, Scotland is still under the control of toryboy world, in London.

    Cant wait to see my Slovene girlfriend make her inaugural Holyrood speech in perfect English

    Adam Tomkins Retweeted
    Eddie Barnes ?@EddieBarnes23 13h13 hours ago
    Voted @ScotTories for many reasons but mostly because @ProfTomkins and @AnnieWells12 will make bloody brilliant MSPs #SP16

  257. Big Jock says:

    Sarah Smith looks gloomy! ALL Good!

  258. Glamaig says:

    I’m just in from a 13 hour day completely Fcuked. I must admit I was feeling nervous today and getting mixed vibes. Just hope its ok.

    Radio Shortbread talking amongst themselves with reps from minor parties, nobody from SNP. Not exactly representing the nation!

    At least the talking heads are reassuring me the SNP will walk it, cant detect any smirks or bravado.

  259. HandandShrimp says:

    I’m hearing some encouraging noises from those “on the ground”

    Having spent the last three hours on the ground I can confirm that there were no others on the ground at my polling station.

    Turnout at this station was about 52%. No idea what that does to the numbers once the postal votes are added but it seems a lot less than the pollsters were suggesting. I would say comfortably 50%+ were giving me the thumbs up, stopping to chat etc., I feel quite chirpy by the end. However, that is just one polling station. I have no idea what the picture overall is.

  260. Fran says:

    Off to bed up early for work, wonder what I will wake up to? Wonder if I will sleep?!

  261. Andrew Mclean says:

    Ronnie Anderson,

    I had it higher, anyway for a start, if it’s bad news so what, lift up your eyes, see the bigger picture, Scotland is on the move, it has been since the parliament was reconvened. It’s only a matter of time. There is an absolute inevitability now, the unionists lost the war, probably long before the referendum. All that was is their Dunkirk moment, from now on its Danegeld, look at it this way, the last big attempt at kidding on the public was spy catcher, now they pretend no one knows who the celebrity thresome is, or the famous actor who hired a call girl, so we all pretend, even me right now, you know, I know, the judge knows, the actor knows and the woman knows, but still we pretend, we play the game.
    The could hide the Report about Scotland succeeding as an independent country, that took little effort, now you can’t hide anything. So we have the newest game in town. The actor the celebrity the call girl and some oil!
    Ok you’re banned from saying it, but hold on one second.

    Ok I am back just posted on a website laughing at the stupidest law ever made the super injunction, I posteded as a French man, living in Singapore on an American newspaper.

    There that took your minds of the election.

  262. John Sm. says:

    @ HandandShrimp

    Similar vibe from my we polling station in the Mearns. Over 50% turnout before postal votes and overall very good vibes for the SNP.

    Also feeling chirpy 🙂

  263. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Andrew McLean My eyes are never downcast,whatever the results I,ll still be looking forward. The road to Independence was never going to be easy but Onwards & Upwards.

  264. Robert Peffers says:

    @John from Fife says: 5 May, 2016 at 7:48 pm:

    “Moved home in March and had my mail redirected but guess what my postal vote package did not arrive so we had to do a 200 mile round trip to vote in Glenrothes. SNP x 2”

    Hi, John, I sent in my postal vote here in Fife and it took them a very long time to acknowledge receipt of my papers. In fact it was only yesterday the pireturn website showed my papers were received and scanned in.

    I just hope that Fife Labour are not at it again for it was only after I emailed pireturn they acknowledged my papers and the date given on the site for getting my papers was 29 April. Just how long does it take a letter to get from Kelty to Glenrothes?

  265. Valerie says:

    Twitter saying all 5 seats in north lan should be SNP, as opposed to only 2 last time.

    Can’t believe Fibdems kept Orkney!

  266. Onwards says:

    LibDems seem to be confident in NE Fife and Edinburgh Western.
    That would be the 2 Glasgow gains neutralized.

    Think they are getting a lot of better together tactical votes.
    Looks like Willie Rennies BBC rant helped him consolidate the London Rule vote.

    Chalk one up for the BBC.

  267. Grouse Beater says:

    Edinburgh West is my constituency – their election material was full of lies, SNP Bad, and not a single policy other than ‘beating’ the SNP.

    No LibDem dare show his face at my gate!

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